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Level3 Communications offers telecommunications services to business customers. Level 3 services include internet connectivity and managed services such as VPN, collaboration, voice and video.

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from Birmingham, Hilliard, Philadelphia, Emmaus, Orlando, Brooklyn, Newburgh, Metairie, Melbourne, Cupertino, Pittsburgh, Dallas, Webster, Magdeburg and Newark.

Birmingham Internet
Hilliard Total Blackout
Philadelphia Phone
Emmaus Internet
Orlando Internet
Brooklyn Internet

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  • ShaunRoethlisb2 im on one (@ShaunRoethlisb2) reported

    @SeeSeanWHat If your not a level3/tier 3 and off parole or probation minnesota isnt bad at all

  • Catchpoint Catchpoint (@Catchpoint) reported

    As the issue progressed, we saw the traffic pass through Level3 and Century Link. Eventually once the issue was resolved the new path was through Century link. Verizon was able to fix this issue by changing the network peering. Ty @tweet2navya for analysis.

  • tomm3h Tom Hill (@tomm3h) reported

    @Raithtech_UK It actually looks as if Cloudflare are blaming Verizon. Poor Level3.

  • CheshireC13 Cheshire (@CheshireC13) reported

    @ThreeFDDI One of the last places i worked, they level3 person there would hold onto tickets for months until the customer complained enough up the channel to have someone else look at it, and 90% of the time, the entire sum of the ticket: "I tried to ping and Nothing happened"

  • allhazardsblog ALLHAZARDS.NET (@allhazardsblog) reported

    Problem with Level3, Cloudfare and AWS causing outages for some users

  • DashieSystems Sausage Patty (@DashieSystems) reported

    @discordapp I'm seeing a return of services across my end of services now that CloudFlare and Level3 have (supposedly) restored service on their affected network range and service seems to be restoring within a few Discord servers.

  • minhdotdot Minhdotdot :] (@minhdotdot) reported

    So... Verizon is down and then Cloudflare and then Level3. Also AWS is down too... So what now...

  • Litoralis2018 Litoralis/Litt 🔜 GuardianCon (@Litoralis2018) reported

    Level3 (tier 1 backbone provider) is having some issues, which is causing lots of problems. #level3 #discord

  • UseTheThuumLuke Luke, it's David! (@UseTheThuumLuke) reported

    Update: the Level3 outage which is causing issues on Discord may also be affecting the PSN. The storm here may have just been a coincidence...

  • presjpolkrta Neil Stevens (@presjpolkrta) reported

    @pldUnderscore Level3 had a routing issue this morning.

  • JohnWheat28 John Wheat (@JohnWheat28) reported

    @suckmytoast Its been down for almost 50+ minutes before it finally popped up on trends. Its a Level3 issue which is a level 1 internet backbone provider. Tons of stuff effect

  • Mxdir Mxdir (@Mxdir) reported

    @discordapp looks like Level3 are having issues.

  • the_ilude The Ilude (@the_ilude) reported

    @N1CKSH0T @discordapp Yeah - Level3 (backbone provider) is having some issues, which is causing lots of problems.

  • biffbiffbiff 🛡️ B i f f ³ (@biffbiffbiff) reported

    Also looks like Level3 and Cloudflare are having outages as well. So even if you don't have Verizon. If you are on Eastern part of US you're probably gonna have a slow or sad internet experience this morning.

  • StrikeVixen S T A R W I N D (@StrikeVixen) reported

    @SolarHeart21 @kernelDecoy I believe Cloudflares Level3 has shat itself. And caused major outages and issues globally.

  • StrikeVixen S T A R W I N D (@StrikeVixen) reported

    10 people just disconnected from Discord all at once. In a channel Level3 Cloudflare issues have had significant impact globally.

  • MSTRMN_ George (@MSTRMN_) reported

    UPD: It's actually an issue at Level3, not Cloudflare.

  • keiadenee devil (@keiadenee) reported

    im glad to be done w school mind, but im really not looking forward to college. i dont even wanna do my level3 course. buuut i really wanna go uni, away from uk. like, ive had NYU in my head the past coupla weeks but,,, i know i could never make NYU if i tried :((

  • BrewtBlacklist Brewt.Blacklist (@BrewtBlacklist) reported

    I must say, that the companies that employ automated attended voice system hell to cut down on the human costs of having a real live person answer the phone lose every dime they save when I call, as I require level3 support, and oh, the eap costs of the managers whose ears I burn

  • desesparimusic 🌟HEARDVOiCE Σ:⌂ ⚡️ ♋EVAH♋ ♡Love Family♡ Coppin (@desesparimusic) reported

    Canada/level3+BellCloud have no problem, so far.

  • renehoehle René (@renehoehle) reported

    @brokenpromithes @EE @TIDALSupport I had the same problem with my provider before some weeks. I made a "mtr" and have seen that a router in the middle had a big paket loss. So the provider changed the Level3 carrier to another and it was working fine after some days...

  • cuzimacheater cuzimatweeter (@cuzimacheater) reported

    @kumailn @gamesyouloved Could never get past level3 of Little Nemo.

  • 0x6772 gr (@0x6772) reported

    @VerizonSupport Your support call center provided an ETA of 08:15 US Eastern. That seems bonkers to me unless, like, Level3 and Comcast were having similar issues, but it doesn't look like they are, so I presume 401 N Broad didn't fall into the ground.

  • kartiksaysnow Kartik S (@kartiksaysnow) reported

    @moviesnowtv Houston, we have a problem #GameOver #GameOverWithMN #GameOver #Level3 #GameOverWithMNHint #GameOver

  • shad0whunter Andi (@shad0whunter) reported

    TIL: the bad peering between Telekom and Level3 in Berlin results in relevant packet loss to the VPN of my employer, so I have to route that through my vodafone uplink

  • ImVickyKumar Vicky Kumar (@ImVickyKumar) reported

    @moviesnowtv #GameOverWithMN #Level3 James Bond: Do me a favor. Throw that down the toilet. Cut out the middle man - GAME OVER

  • CryptoShark Crypto Shark (@CryptoShark) reported

    @CryptoCelt1 @BitrueOfficial There was a major outage at Level3 which is a tier 1 connectivity provider so it would make sense the house of cards starts tumbling considering how much of the market they have

  • iThinkiWin 🅶🅻🅸🆃🅲🅷 (@iThinkiWin) reported

    @BlizzardCS "June 7th: Level3 is having issues since 4:01 PM EDT."

  • desesparimusic 🌟HEARDVOiCE Σ:⌂ ⚡️ ♋EVAH♋ ♡Love Family♡ Coppin (@desesparimusic) reported

    Return of DATA is important onto Internet Spying, because client have the right to know where the leak occur. Thank you Virgin (not a problem) This occur in Level3 and Videotron as well.

  • DarcyRdSurgery DarcyRoadSurgery (@DarcyRdSurgery) reported

    @bestpracticesw Problematic unresolved slowness issues with our system since march and indigo SP1 update. We've been going in circles with support. Case needs to be accelerated to Level3 and developpers. Please advise how to enforce that.

  • augieharrigan Augie Harrigan (@augieharrigan) reported

    @Level3 If you'd like to know why I responded with such poor marks on your recent Business Relationship survey, feel free to DM.

  • lepoussinfluo Coco (@lepoussinfluo) reported

    @snavemarc @Quad9DNS @Cloudflare In Finland, it is worst, I have 35 ms with, the @Quad9DNS servers seems to be connected via level3 (slow apparently)🤪

  • AmineKechroud1 Amine Kechroud (@AmineKechroud1) reported

    most of google's services are stable now, with the exception of @googlecloud and a couple more other entities which are still getting reports of denial of service, in the mean time Level3 are still having issues #googledown #YouTubeDOWN #snapchatdown

  • theironotis The Iron Otis (@theironotis) reported

    @Blvck_Ranger Nope! @Level3 had a network congestion issue that majorly affected the services they provide for Google. We monitored cyberthreat maps throughout the attack and saw no cause to suspect a targeted DDoS or related attack take place. -Editor-in-Chief

  • duniel_pls Daniel Isaksen (@duniel_pls) reported

    @VessOnSecurity Level3 is crap here in Europe too. If something connected over the internet is slow or *****, I always check if it's routed via L3 - and for some God forsaken reason, it often is.

  • carb_uncle burny sandals (@carb_uncle) reported

    Goddammit it kinda wrecked my whole afternoon though…**** whomever is ddosing level3 right now

  • snakefightingpb Baby "super sunshine" Peanut (@snakefightingpb) reported

    @chad_fullerton The @CenturyLink (@Level3) went down.

  • bobpoekert hello (@bobpoekert) reported

    @patio11 I wonder if this is related to the Level3 outage

  • a_alice_nsfw 🔞 #4189 Astrid Alice 🔞 (@a_alice_nsfw) reported

    @Q3w3e3 @Flea seems like a rolling CDN issue. Google rolled their own, so it really shouldn’t affect much else, unless it’s a purely Level3 issue.

  • twenty20sight Twenty (@twenty20sight) reported

    @MissByx If it is, it hasn't made it to CO yet. (There's a massive outage affecting Level3, which apparently Google relies on heavily.)

  • simonwaight Simon Waight (@simonwaight) reported

    @jrhunt Seems like it might be related to Level3’s ongoing issue.

  • AmineKechroud1 Amine Kechroud (@AmineKechroud1) reported

    Level3, an ISP is the probable origin of this outage #outage

  • techjltr Josh Ryan (@techjltr) reported

    I spoke to soon! Larger issue, level3, etc.

  • __josh __josh (@__josh) reported

    @TrueFactsStated Level3 outage affecting multiple services.

  • PasokonGal Hime (Secretary) (@PasokonGal) reported

    @XylariaVG FFXIV servers relied on level3's routing, and in 2016 caused service outages that Square Enix couldn't fix.

  • mlp_starhammer Starhammer (@mlp_starhammer) reported

    // If anyone's still online reading this, it's not just you, one of the internet backbone pipes, Level3 has broken. Again. This is affecting Discord and Youtube as well for areas of the US. Apparently it's being worked on. I don't have any useful information aside from that.

  • mlp_starhammer Starhammer (@mlp_starhammer) reported

    For some reason, he's over in the fourth wall land of trailers while the stage has become suspiciously empty. He's talking to a network specialist for the area. "I guess cloud servers are hard to maintain or something. Give my regards to Level3 or whoever's responsible."

  • XylariaVG Xy (@XylariaVG) reported

    This is that level3 outage.

  • XylariaVG Xy (@XylariaVG) reported

    Interrupting the memeing for a second, this is a pretty damn massive outage. Level3 is a backbone provider for a lot of big companies - Google in particular.

  • snakefightingpb Baby "super sunshine" Peanut (@snakefightingpb) reported

    @SwiftOnSecurity There was a Level3 outage.

  • yurimg Yuri Galliett (@yurimg) reported

    @lookner Looks like it's a problem with Level3 cloud that's affecting a lot of services.

  • saurabh11282496 saurabh bisht (@saurabh11282496) reported

    @atytse @IndiaPOCO @PocophoneGlobal @pocophoneID U didn't provide level3 camera 2 api support even redmi 7,y3, 7s,note 7 pro has it. Please provide it or u forgotten about POCO f1 due to k20pro

  • WolfenWingsShop 🐺WolfenWings🐺 🔙 🔊🎮MAGFest🎮🕪!! (@WolfenWingsShop) reported

    @SoulRokkuman @CrimzonShooter To uh, say the least- my husband here had to deal with a VERY SQUEALING, NOSEBLEEDY WOLFEN during the MvCI dev cycle! And when the demo dropped... guess who had the bright idea to turn the music down so we could hear all the voices.. And then we hear X PANTING AFTER HIS LEVEL3

  • BramSniekers Bram Sniekers (@BramSniekers) reported

    @beatport why wont my checkout via PayPal payment work. I have a level3 code to claim! Help!

  • IL360 aieru (@IL360) reported

    currentry rerolling update is epic fail. it is easy to make level3. terrible game balance #dotaautochess

  • bitburner B̤̿it̺̕B͓̚ur͍̒neȑ🔥 ŽØΜβƗ€ ŁØΔĐ€Ř (@bitburner) reported

    @JackDobbyn Shouldn’t be ruled out. But my guess is some backbone isp like level3, alternet and or sprintlink is having hardware issues. Which can change routing paths temporarily around downed hardware causing slowing globally affecting edge ISPs as networks react to the change.

  • CosmicColly Colly☆ (@CosmicColly) reported

    I finally figured out what LEVEL3 means and I am freaking OUT it's good shit

  • i3enedek UTF-8 or death (@i3enedek) reported

    I swear to god, the moment I spin up an instance as a hoping off point to get around a broken level3 peer, they fix it.

  • DheerajMoolya Dheeraj Moolya (@DheerajMoolya) reported

    @SamsungMobile WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!!!..called 4 times to replace my faulty galaxy bud and always I get the same reply stating that level3 support team is looking into this. It's almost 2 months now,I called up the promotion customer care and my reference numbers are - 114514, 332360.

  • HarveySlave THE FREEDMEN’S TORCHLIGHT (@HarveySlave) reported

    @courtmouse2003 @oldtiredfeminis A person that doesn’t have to see or understand how the common person lives ,won’t . And it’s in my opinion) rediculous to expect any millionaire to function in a public service capacity . Nor do the rich have the capability of dealing with someone who comes from street level3