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Apex Legends is a 2019 online multiplayer battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts.

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December 08: Problems at Apex Legends

Apex Legends is having issues since 06:00 AM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • CarperMini MINI CARPER (@CarperMini) reported

    @PlayApex Fix the bullshit SBM I'm getting apex predators in my lobby

  • BeaMirage MirageIsBea (@BeaMirage) reported

    I think I’m gunna take a brake from apex until you remove or fix sbmm @PlayApex

  • RobertS11845521 ONI IC3MAN (@RobertS11845521) reported

    @PlayApex Please fix your servers keep kicking teammates out

  • apologies SXRK (@apologies) reported

    @PlayApex your game is trash fix pubs

  • bongo3699 shaun (@bongo3699) reported

    @Respawn how is it a game starts out great but continues to go down hill do you even listen to the community because you obviously don't play your own game or you would be more inclined to fix it

  • apologies SXRK (@apologies) reported

    @ForeverShreded8 @PlayApex fix it

  • crowcrowded CrowCrowd (@crowcrowded) reported

    @GlobalLoot @PlayApex No CrowCrowd Junior stream, tech problems 😥

  • GoJMe GoJMe in Osaka (@GoJMe) reported

    @Iction_Esports @WACKOFPS @PlayApex looks fun but is not fun when all the other people are aware of how to glitch the 3rd person view perspective :D

  • _iixLuke_ ⓁⓊⓀⒺ☂ (@_iixLuke_) reported

    @PlayApex I wish you would fix the wingman.

  • Seth_Addicott Nitro (@Seth_Addicott) reported

    @PlayApex Great now fix Gibraltars stupid ******* hand shield It shouldn't have that much health I shouldn't have to put an entire clip of my gun into that thing to break it. It's essentially like having 2 body armors on its bullshit.

  • RealRazzeu Razzeu (@RealRazzeu) reported

    @TSMViss @PlayApex @Respawn Fix issues/SBMM/Audio and SO many things > Content I mean, @TSMViss, I get what you're sayin' but I think they should prioritize into FIXING the game instead of adding more content. I'm sure, even the leaked Train event won't have audio.

  • TlMMYS TLMMYS (@TlMMYS) reported

    @Ego_EU @PlayApex I got that advice a while ago. Got good but still get shit on by 3man stacks cause SBMM and glitches/bugs/faults in the game that should be fixed within maybe a few days time. THIS HAS BEEN AN ISSUE FOR 2 SEASONS NOW!

  • TlMMYS TLMMYS (@TlMMYS) reported

    I'm sorry. I tried to stream but Apex is so unenjoyable at this moment. Fix your core gameplay. I'm sick of getting shot in the back by a kid that has his shotgun up my ******* but for some reason i couldn't hear him run up with my sound all the way turned up. @PlayApex


    @ItsJealous @fpsnoted @PlayApex @Respawn High skill players are forced to only player other high skill players. At that point what’s the point of ranked. Casual games should be casual. I keep saying that because for the past season they don’t feel that way anymore. And that’s a problem

  • Chikannooo Miguel Gomez Jr (@Chikannooo) reported

    Lmfaooo play @EASPORTSFIFA disconnect 2nd half on a match @PlayApex disconnect 5 times cause of ******* servers top 3 squads and now @CallofDuty disconnects me off 3 straight matches wow way to waste my time on top 3 trash games of the century bro!!!!!!!!


    @PlayApex please fix the current SBMM issue :( , Im not that skilled that i can fight whole predator squad in public match its not happening for the first time i played alot now im frustrated with this at the end its your game and its dying check the statistics #ApexLegends

  • xgalacticoni Aeson furman (@xgalacticoni) reported

    @PlayApex What is it gonna take for you to fix it ******* ring it does way too much ******* damage

  • BaidenRees 𝖇𝖆𝖎𝖉𝖊𝖓 𝖗𝖊𝖊𝖘 (@BaidenRees) reported

    @PlayApex Hi, could you please fix or make a change as a suggestion to the in-game chat.. It's that bad I can barely hear my own squadmates talking in the game due to the constant shooting and different game sound effects while playing.. I think something should be done about it.

  • andreas45293641 andreas (@andreas45293641) reported

    @PlayApex @EA go **** yourselves you dumb sons of *******!!!!cant ******* fix your ************* servers,and after all that,my account gets banned and noone cant let me know why...great job ea,keep up the good work,******* ***** ass company...

  • NZitalian Matteo (@NZitalian) reported

    Nah iv had enough @PlayApex fix your ******* game you absolute fuckinf braindead *****. Peacekeepers are NOT snipers you shitheaded game developers

  • ItzPurpleHayes PurpleHayes (@ItzPurpleHayes) reported

    @Respawn i take it all back… This game is trash. I’m sorry guys… But you guys released a broken game. Extremely long load times, terrible gaming mechanics... deleting this from my console immediately. I’m done.

  • David_ftw1 Dave (@David_ftw1) reported

    @PlayApex Also if you could also look into the glitch/bug where when throwing ordnance the blue arc line won't appear so it's harder to see where your throwing

  • hanky991 hanky99 (@hanky991) reported

    @AkiyamaBS @PlayApex Bro I was just having a pathfinder vs pathfinder fight in firing range yesterday lmao, I had no issues taking him down or connecting shots. I was using g7 scout, r99, wingman, no issues there.

  • J2h_just_better J2H Just Better (@J2h_just_better) reported

    @PlayApex fix your ******* game or your going to lose the people that actually play it on the daily I’m sick of this shit

  • johmny20 johmny (@johmny20) reported

    Well today I stoped playing apex I uninstalled it bc of a couple things and ima go ahead and tell them to u bc I know there are people who still play that have issues with it sbmm/ and aim assist need to be taken out this game all ima say but ima done @PlayApex

  • FlawRebel Flaw Rebel🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@FlawRebel) reported

    @Respawn @PlayApex fix you’re game it’s making me wanna uninstall

  • melaniebestmod melanie (@melaniebestmod) reported

    @PlayApex pls fix the audio ugh 😭

  • apologies SXRK (@apologies) reported

    @sh1ftygg @daltoosh @Tollis_ @GATE_RELENTLESS @Lyrical_sF @IAmNavyDude @cruz_m8 @PlayApex fix your game it’s so unplayable

  • casual_b6phil Phillip Price (@casual_b6phil) reported

    I wish @PlayApex would fix the bug where I only see the skins I own during character select. I haven’t seen other player’s skins in sooo long.

  • GaelleBarron Gaelle Barron (@GaelleBarron) reported

    @TSMViss @PlayApex @Respawn First they need to fix the footsteps, the PK, the no-fun SBMM, and the option to choose your three fav legends. Everyone using the same weapons over and over its sooo booooring.

  • JoshuaH25922659 Joshua Harrington (@JoshuaH25922659) reported

    @PUBG @PUBG_Support fix your damn game. It’s starting to crash as bad as it used to. @PlayApex doesn’t have this problem!

  • Emiwenis Emily (@Emiwenis) reported

    @PlayApex Fix your ******* game. I still die in loot boxes from being shot and not being able to exit the death crate. Like every game.

  • TenMinutePlease TenMinutePlease (@TenMinutePlease) reported

    @PlayApex Please fix Mirage Stealth ability. It is completely useless. Literally every single time I use it I am seen and shot. It serves no purpose other than a speed boost.

  • DonutMonkey_YT 🍩🐒 DonutMonkey 🐒🍩 (@DonutMonkey_YT) reported

    Dear @PlayApex , fix your matchmaking system, fix the crashing problem on pc, I'm literally about to uninstall.

  • killerwaddles Dad Of All (@killerwaddles) reported

    @PlayApex pls fix the annoying glitch on ps4 where you cant see the arc of when you’re about to throw a grenade

  • ImRob_ Rob (@ImRob_) reported

    Please fix whatever you changed with Matchmaking recently, this sweaty 60 player matches every single time is getting so irritating I just don't want to even bother anymore, if I wanted that I would play ranked, casual matches shouldn't be SBMM @PlayApex @Respawn

  • stizzym1guel Miguel Rodriguez (@stizzym1guel) reported

    @PlayApex I hate the fact that how you cant fix any bugs like i recently got out from the ranked mode and switched to play apex and it still took me into ranked like please fix this its annoying and i lose rp for playing with retards

  • _Skyills Skills (@_Skyills) reported

    @Overpowered @Chrismbb For sure he is goona flip in game, soon after he gets 165 to death by PK. Don’t talk to noobs @Overpowered. @Respawn really needs to fix that damage multiplier.

  • torstein_miner Torstein Miner (@torstein_miner) reported

    @PlayApex fix SBMM you ******* retards

  • DanielC50598806 Daniel Contreras (@DanielC50598806) reported

    @PlayApex i usually agreed with the changes of the game, the 5% incoming damage is bad for gameplay in my opinion, i use te wattson and now it feels too fragile, i cant defend myself even with full amore and weapons, and is not too hard to get shot with her, fix it pls.

  • ilunatik_esport Knighton (@ilunatik_esport) reported

    Aight. Cool. Now can everyone freakin drop the subject and start pushing @PlayApex to FIX THEIR GAME AGAIN.

  • Void_Silence Void-of-Silence (@Void_Silence) reported

    RIP wow what a glitch @PlayApex @TitanfallBlog @Respawn @That1MiningGuy

  • wangeltmg wangtg (@wangeltmg) reported

    @PlayApex fix sbmm trash pls!

  • I_Am_Esfan doomer npc (@I_Am_Esfan) reported

    @PlayApex please, and I cannot stress this enough, review your SBMM algorithm. 1 game I’m put in the WORST of the WORST player’s lobbies, and the next game I play I’ll have a champion with 20kill badge and like 800 season 3 wins. I’ve never dropped more than 16 kills. PLEASE FIX

  • BrsprPSN Brspr (@BrsprPSN) reported

    @IsN_Bazooka @insane_sport @Respawn @xuunis Glad someone made this, I was top 80 and now I’m I’m stuck around 115 becuase people just do this. I have never done the glitch and it sucks seeing people ahead of me that I kill all the time in pred lobbies.

  • Regitark regittark (@Regitark) reported

    @PlayApex hey so... not trying to offend anyone. but hangs buggy as heck since last patch. plz fix

  • ChrisTurner330 CrewDog (@ChrisTurner330) reported

    @PlayApex PLEASE just fix footsteps already. So sick of dying from people literally running right at me and not being able to hear them.

  • dkhscorpion Steve 'Scorpion' Garnier (@dkhscorpion) reported

    @TSMViss @PlayApex @Respawn My main issue with this new season, is mainly the map. It just didn't click with me. It's soulless. Kings Canyon had that otherworldly feeling, like being on Tatooine. I loved it. Also, the lack of game modes and spice overall is killing the game.

  • Yakiniku_Party Yakiniku ❆ Christmas ❆ Party (@Yakiniku_Party) reported

    @mtmt82 @TSMViss @PlayApex @Respawn That said, they also didn't say they were taking away content. Losing Kings Canyon as an option, limited time duos and solos instead of persistent options are considerable. Paired with the neglected issues since launch and no communication, I can see where the exhaustion begins.

  • Jordan_Hayes296 Jordan James (@Jordan_Hayes296) reported

    @PlayApex I’ve had (and seen others with) an issue since the recent patch where about 50% of the time, the trajectory arc on thrown equipment won’t show up and instead it’s only the landing point. This isn’t a problem at close range but makes long range throws almost impossible.

  • MMannoying MMannoying (@MMannoying) reported

    @PlayApex I hope ya’ll are working for a fix with the sound bug. You literally can’t here someone in the same room walk lock and load until they headshot you. Inexcusable bug for an FPS

  • UBezerk 👹 sʜᴏɢᴜɴ üʙᴇᴢᴇʀᴋ 将軍 (@UBezerk) reported

    @PlayApex Fix yah gun damage lol 2k damage 1 kill.

  • PreshaPoint1x Presha (@PreshaPoint1x) reported

    why does @PlayApex still not work on my playstation. every time i try to play i get an error 100 code. i want to play the game but the bs makes it not even worth the effort

  • rbradt1 Guy Hutookatit (@rbradt1) reported

    @PlayApex jsyk there’s a glitch in the character select screen that shows your selected skins on your teammates, instead of their actual skins

  • UnaBra Unaturlig (@UnaBra) reported

    Please fix melee damage so it is less than shots. It makes no sense. @PlayApex

  • PaulPerezInk Paul Perez Ink (@PaulPerezInk) reported

    @PlayApex I looted 3 Buildings in Skyhook and only got a p2020..... fix your game and prices then we'll talk.



  • DanRatajczak Dan Ratajczak (@DanRatajczak) reported

    Full purple shield and I get downed in 2 shots by the peacekeeper @PlayApex please fix it

  • feelherbustsize torpedo belly (@feelherbustsize) reported

    @PlayApex wtf is wrong with y’all bro every ******* time you update this stupid ******* game it gets worse and I’m so ******* sick of it I can’t play this stupid ass game for 5 ******* minutes without a **** freeze or glitch you got 3 days you ***** fix it!

  • D_Shadow317 David (@D_Shadow317) reported

    @TRIPTAMIN_ @JufAura @PlayApex Yep and gonna continue until they fix the SBMM.