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Apex Legends is a 2019 online multiplayer battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts.

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October 16: Problems at Apex Legends

Apex Legends is having issues since 12:20 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Fort Benning Matchmaking

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  • TheJaviXx03 Yeivig (@TheJaviXx03) reported

    @PlayApex please,fix your game instead of making events with 7€ packs.

  • leon07378830 MIXER_LEON (@leon07378830) reported

    @PlayApex Fix shadows ther to op nerf them the damge and the footsteps i wanna get the devoshon skin legandry

  • Randum_T Randum_T (@Randum_T) reported

    yo fix the frames on shadowfall shit is awful when there are a ton of zombies @PlayApex

  • DeadGazeS Alex (@DeadGazeS) reported

    @PlayApex And fix the audio issues. With headphones I hear steps from people who are behind me but the audio says they are in front of me.

  • alurveu andrew lurvey (@alurveu) reported

    @PlayApex Would it kill you guys to fix the battle pass mine on Xbox one is so messed up I'm at least 10 levels behind what I've learned I even have videos

  • NoahWilliams54 Noah Williams (@NoahWilliams54) reported

    @PlayApex fix your final circles😐

  • Jose93249919 Jose 🤪😋😛😝😜🥶🥶❗️❓❗️❓😇😎😈 (@Jose93249919) reported

    @PlayApex Apex and plz fix my game

  • NoisyBoi87 Noisy115 (@NoisyBoi87) reported

    @PlayApex I get shot through walls and closed doors all the time, fix this shit!

  • ss12233710 s s (@ss12233710) reported

    I guess you guys will never fix the audio issues huh ive been telling you this since week 1 haha sucks that this isnt a major issue to most people but to comp players, it is. @PlayApex

  • KeeSr_ H.I.M. (@KeeSr_) reported

    @PlayApex fix that banned shit I shouldn’t have to wait for 45 min cause I quit on some trash ******

  • Ilkkuuww Ilona Pylsy (@Ilkkuuww) reported

    Okay so I just died second time to the zone because it teleported straight to the dome when the countdown stopped....... @Respawn plz fix 🙏 #ApexLegends

  • CaptnGngrBeard CaptainGingerBeard (@CaptnGngrBeard) reported

    @PlayApex 6 shadows behind me and I can't hear can come up with new Legends, weapons, LTM'S but can't sort your audio issues you have had since day 1 of release....yea you really "listen" to the fans don't you.....#ApexLegends

  • HYDR0_GAMING patrick mason (@HYDR0_GAMING) reported

    @Respawn Fix your servers! Your game servers suck 25 squad kill game last player servers disconnect us thanks for nothing! Useless company

  • L3Aff L3AFF (@L3Aff) reported

    @PlayApex so when the he'll are you gonna fix the bullet Reg problem

  • Luukario_ Luukario ♠️ (@Luukario_) reported

    Fix the Charge Rifle, there’s no way to survive when you have no cover near you. Thanks @PlayApex @Respawn

  • tayler5678 tayler mcardle (@tayler5678) reported

    @PlayApex ya'll need to fix this out of a sync with server shit u guys are coasting me point in ranked like wtf

  • MagoDelBalon10 Mago Del Balón (@MagoDelBalon10) reported

    **** @PlayApex and their code 100 error, it happens way too often ffs @EA

  • Dark2Tyler Dark2X (@Dark2Tyler) reported

    @PlayApex fix ur game i won my first game on it was not that gay fight or fright it was a normal squads game i had 6 kills didn’t get no XP at all @PlayApex i’m getting on @FortniteGame

  • SHANEBANE15 ❌❌❌ (@SHANEBANE15) reported

    @PlayApex please fix y’all servers I’m tired of dying when on my screen I’m clearly around a corner

  • KieranVKurenai [SDHR]KieranVKurenai (@KieranVKurenai) reported

    @PlayApex Fix your game, In the normal game mode a clip of Peacekeeper rounds can empty a purple shield and then knock the person down. In your event it don't even do that to both normal players or kill zombies. Stop screwing with things

  • SaVaGeGuY1990 Savage (@SaVaGeGuY1990) reported

    @PlayApex LOL the hit markers on the zombies with barely any health, this is the most toxic broken game it’s actually worse than it’s ever been smh. Only hope is cross play or solo ranked.

  • BrayanS55447907 Brayan Soto (@BrayanS55447907) reported

    @PlayApex you literally didn't learn your lesson from the last event. Nobody is gonna pay 700 apex coins for ONE pack. Where they might not even get a skin for their character. And on top of that the shadowfall gamemode is garbage. Can y'all like fix it. It's too hard. Greedy MFs

  • DemonicTimTTV DemonicTimTTV (@DemonicTimTTV) reported

    Can we just fix this the game before releasing more content. Id love you forever @PlayApex @DKo5

  • Jay26313509 Jay (@Jay26313509) reported

    @PlayApex when will fix you the damn auto switch when yiyouu run out of ammo! Atleast speed up the dang animation!

  • Martin40792670 Martin (@Martin40792670) reported

    @PlayApex Nice update, but please fix the problem of connection in PS4, everytime i start the game, it goes error.

  • GrimxReaperx101 Frank the R3AP3R (@GrimxReaperx101) reported

    Ok @PlayApex you seriously need to fix this damn game mode you dont say to survive as a legend for the damn devotion skin even though the mode said I won as a legend. im starting to lose faith in this game.

  • soejuustuburks su ema günekoloog (@soejuustuburks) reported


  • vh_Serg1vratar Segr1vratar.vH (@vh_Serg1vratar) reported

    @xMikka31 probably your phone turned on Sharing of Location Function. Or the you have put it some bad place. Same issue when you are installing updates. Yeday there were @PlayApex update.

  • WolfBeppino Marco G (@WolfBeppino) reported

    19 kills, 5 squads left. And my Application crash 😭😭😭😭 are you kidding me right now! @PlayApex GIVE ME A BREAK

  • LZsembery Lachlan Zsembery (@LZsembery) reported

    @PlayApex Shadowfall, great game mode. One change: Make it so you don’t have to rely on good RNG to find Blue armour or better so you don’t get one punched. 150 damage per punch is way too much. Fix it.

  • OffenseStrictly StrictlyOffense (@OffenseStrictly) reported

    @PlayApex please please please fix this new major rubber band issue! I feel like I'm playing on servers from Mars. Can't leave either or i lose 96 RP and have to be on a timer to play again! Already 4 ranked matches today where I can barely move

  • RivZviR DvL RivZviR (@RivZviR) reported

    @PUBG season 5 looks solid @FortniteGame Chapter 2 is solid af @PlayApex season 3 is solid @riotgames doing big things all around What I’m saying is go play good games and leave the broken ones. I hope it gets fixed but I really have no expectations @GearsofWar

  • WayneMJBeetison Wayne MJ Beetison (@WayneMJBeetison) reported

    @PlayApex Doesn't matter what maps or features you add, if you never fix pathfinder the game is just broken, 20 pathfinder every game, whether team or solos all with terrible hitreg.

  • green_jizzle GreenJizzle (@green_jizzle) reported

    @PlayApex please fix some lagg apex my internet is great just checkt it. it is the game :(

  • KBouhelouf Dz (@KBouhelouf) reported

    @PlayApex fix your shity servers wtf !!!

  • epicmafiagamer #ThankYouPewDiePie (@epicmafiagamer) reported

    @PlayApex The scariest thing in this even is the fact that you made the event somehow worse by not giving us any free loot boxes. Last time you at least gave us 2. And i'm pretty sure you promised not to do this anymore. Besides the errors this is the only thing wrong with the game.

  • shemissedaspot Larissa (@shemissedaspot) reported

    @PlayApex the update still didn’t fix the issue on PS4. The location of the ship is visible to the shadows even before it lands. It makes the event pretty much pointless to play because the shadows swarm the area before The ship even lands

  • B4STIx92 Basti (@B4STIx92) reported

    @PlayApex please fix the problem with the i7 9700k prozessor !!

  • XboxMannysun Manny (@XboxMannysun) reported

    @PlayApex fix your servers in tired of my shadow getting shot when I'm already around the corner. Bullets should not slow and low profile shouldn't exist or make it apply only at a certain distance.

  • calebsterlingg 𝐒𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐨𝐧𝟏𝐖𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐦𝐚𝐧🎃 (@calebsterlingg) reported

    I dunno how many more times I can take getting killed by a Pathfinder making NO NOISE right behind me before I quit the game. @respawn PLEASE fix this. Y'all have released SO many patches since this became a problem and still nothing.

  • AdamUpN0rth Adam (@AdamUpN0rth) reported

    Fight or Fright is a riot. Really creepy & fun! Well done @dko5 & @PlayApex . But you gotta fix that outrageous $18 skin cost. IMO, that's just unreasonable. I did buy both $5 skins last event. I want to support the team...but not get bamboozled. 😉

  • tbg4lyfe Curtis Jackson (@tbg4lyfe) reported

    @PlayApex the shadows know the extractions point as soon as the live legends do. Please fix this.

  • xTheDarkReapers nate fleming (@xTheDarkReapers) reported

    @Respawn please fix the new mode, it's no fair that the shadows can see through buildings. I was hiding inside one and Bam some guy automatically knew I was in there.

  • LunaTTV_ Luna. (@LunaTTV_) reported

    The errors are getting to be too much, I keep losing RP because of the BS @PlayApex

  • Zola__Jr ZJ (@Zola__Jr) reported

    @PlayApex Please fix your footstep audio. There’s been multiple occasions where opponents are sprinting at me and I don’t know they are there until I’m being shot!

  • Chris9Johnson Chris Johnson (@Chris9Johnson) reported

    @PlayApex fix your loot distribution it is complete trash. Walk through a whole section of the map and find NO shield... next game find 3 blue and 3 purple shields... NOT a hot drop zone... fix your shit. #dobetter #dissapointed

  • swiggityjames__ James Baumgartner (@swiggityjames__) reported

    @PlayApex fix the damn charge rifle or remove it. Jeez.

  • Adonis45107719 Adonis (@Adonis45107719) reported

    @PlayApex I found a game breaking glitch that allows you to get ez victories I have it recorded on xbox but Idk how to port a video from xbox to twitter

  • JeromeBrule Jerome Brule (@JeromeBrule) reported from Castlegar, British Columbia

    @PlayApex @EAHelp - FIX YOUR GAME!!! SO MANY CHEATERS in Apex its INSANE…. Teaming up is cheating!!!

  • SageFowler ⅁loomstone (@SageFowler) reported

    @PlayApex @Respawn Pretty solid call on pushing the event patch through before the error code fix, the charge rifle nerf, pathfinder footsteps not existing, crypto buff that’s are needed. C’mon guys...

  • FbAftermath Terron F. Beckham👹 (@FbAftermath) reported

    Yo **** this abandoned shit I died cause this glitchy ******* and left ...... @PlayApex I couldn’t even shoot this dude ... need to fix that sht

  • chaoticspree Azra (@chaoticspree) reported

    @Respawn boys we have a problem teamers are really common in freaking fight or fright .

  • JackGibby Jack Gibby (@JackGibby) reported

    @PlayApex Everyone is getting the 20 kill badge. Fix that please, some people have grinded that...

  • wbpFPS wbp (@wbpFPS) reported

    @PlayApex **** your game mode i love this game but yeah ppl a teamup other are just camping with watson you cant do anything please fix that shit

  • BathBombBetta Buns (@BathBombBetta) reported

    @PlayApex Cool as hell but i cant even play cause either severs and/or wifi cant seem to run the game since season 3 started 😞 lag and rubberbanding like crazy i can barely loot let alone fight 💔

  • AndyMertens ShmandyShmertens (@AndyMertens) reported

    @PlayApex y’all really gotta fix this game over screen bs

  • Sweetbbycakes26 nervoussgoblin (@Sweetbbycakes26) reported

    I really wanna play @PlayApex new event but my game is not letting me login at all😭😭

  • WhisperX8 WhisperX (@WhisperX8) reported

    @PlayApex YOUR GAME IS ******* TRASH IM NOT ******* PLAYING IT UNTIL YOU ******* FIX IT

  • Amwhoiam2 Amwhoiam (@Amwhoiam2) reported

    @PlayApex For anyone having issues winning just run pathfinder 17 wins with pathfinder so far all you have to do is drop anywhere in circle, either fling yourself or drop zipline that easy, boring really

  • Talentwonderzz Talent Wonderzz (@Talentwonderzz) reported

    @PlayApex ya have to fix that damage on the zombies. One hit is all it takes and it doesnt matter if you have blue, purple, or gold shield you cant hear them when they coming to you.