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Apex Legends is a 2019 online multiplayer battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts.

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Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (56.20%)
  • Online Play (17.27%)
  • Matchmaking (12.87%)
  • Game Crash (8.32%)
  • Glitches (4.87%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (.47%)

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  • birdiebangs Buster Struggs (@birdiebangs) reported


  • fvckjxcob snow soldier (@fvckjxcob) reported

    @Respawn stop nerfing guns and fix your ******* game

  • Lexx090 Lexx (@Lexx090) reported

    @PlayApex @WetaWorkshop Fix the ******* audio

  • NicklausCraig Naive Zertix (@NicklausCraig) reported

    played four games of apex tonight got to last squad twice both games the last squad was hackers with aimbot... please fix this... @PlayApex

  • rodimus_prime89 Rodimus_Prime (@rodimus_prime89) reported

    @Respawn fix your audio issues with @PlayApex

  • Cellycell_ Mercutio (@Cellycell_) reported from Elmira, New York

    Fix yall audio. Smh @PlayApex

  • Cynguy1 Cynguy (@Cynguy1) reported

    Apex fix the ******** lag in your game and the lame ass noise distortion before attempting any other updates.. kind regards a person who loves the game when it doesn’t lag! @PlayApex @Ant1Apex

  • Anonymo221102 Anonymous (@Anonymo221102) reported

    @PlayApex pls fix the laggy slowmotion server

  • dhooks0923 D-Hooks (@dhooks0923) reported

    @PlayApex need to fix the broken audio and laggy servers... EA makes some of the best games but run on the worst servers... I have a couple hundred hours in apex(xbox one) and still cant hear footsteps when an entire squad runs up on me SMH

  • LoubeenLit King Louie (@LoubeenLit) reported

    @PlayApex fix your ******* servers.!!!! Your costing me money with all these weak ass disconnections and this ******* audio glitch.! FIX THE SHIT. You have one job to so on an update and you guys spend to much time nerfing guns instead of making the game better

  • notyb813 (@notyb813) reported

    @PlayApex please fix xbox one servers. #shittymctitties

  • xCheyGamingx 𝒞𝒽𝑒𝓎 (@xCheyGamingx) reported

    @Fisher_LFC @PlayApex YES! More than 2 squads in one spot is like a recipe for disaster. Can’t hear shit cause the audio ***** out, and then the lag 😩 ugh it’s horrid

  • jester_440 Dave (@jester_440) reported

    @Respawn Apex needs Lifeline’s drone. It’s on life support since you clowns will not fix the lag or the ****** up spawn loot since you added more energy ammo. You almost made a great game.

  • kyri_leon ToxicEnraged (@kyri_leon) reported

    @Respawn im pissed off at how i go and get twitch prime, get the omega point skin. after 2 hour of playing your video game its removed. I spent 1 hour of my time trying to get this skin because of your horrible linking system. Tomorrow is the last day to get it! Fix your game!!

  • Callmeloliii jordon ewart (@Callmeloliii) reported

    I am beyond tired of not hearing footsteps in @PlayApex it's sooo stupid but let's fix the weapon balance that no one cared about

  • RealWhity_82 Andrew Taylor (@RealWhity_82) reported

    @PlayApex FIX YOUR ******* GAME

  • H2O_W_ XSBX Mimic (@H2O_W_) reported

    Tell me what on earth happened to @PlayApex Played my first game since the day season one started and I got in a lobby with ONE OTHER PERSON! And, that server was the laggiest thing I’ve ever played on, and trust me, I know lag, I used to have .03kbps internet speeds.

  • Sleezzyy24 Sleezy24 (@Sleezzyy24) reported

    @PlayApex please fix the audio on console. I can never hear anythinggggggggyggg

  • jdgee02 Joshua Gee (@jdgee02) reported

    @PlayApex Jesus Christ ffs fix your slow server problem it’s been long enough, seriously the amount of times I die because of it is ridiculous

  • Muadwhynot Muad (@Muadwhynot) reported

    @PlayApex fix pathfinder hitbox plz

  • joepasta joseph pastorelli (@joepasta) reported

    @PlayApex a lot of server issues today when dropping in high drop areas.

  • RafaelR60684126 Rafael Rodriguez (@RafaelR60684126) reported

    @PlayApex There is a bug that if you down an enemy and he leaves the match doesn’t count the kill please fix it

  • EdwinFranz1 XXProGamerYEETXX (@EdwinFranz1) reported

    @LLocos89 @Alienware @PlayApex If you're having connection issues turn off hardware accelaration (or whatever its called) in the shark settings

  • A_Face_Camper montana martin (@A_Face_Camper) reported

    @Respawn is possible to region lock apex i just got put on the worst server iv ever played on and both of my teammates were Australian so im to assume i got put on a Australian server between the awesome servers and pathfinders ridiculously broken hitbox dont even want to play

  • ICGaming123 ICGaming🎮 (@ICGaming123) reported

    I’m ******* going on strike until you fix your game epic no more Fortnite until revert and fix glitches. Who wants to play apex. @FortniteGame @PlayApex

  • Josh_Patzen Josh Patzen (@Josh_Patzen) reported


  • DevotedGinger Devoted_Ginger (@DevotedGinger) reported

    @PlayApex FIX THE LAG!!!@!@@!@!@@!@!@!@!@

  • JTKAG_ JTKAG (@JTKAG_) reported


  • 20mike08 mike taylor (@20mike08) reported

    3 perfect shots at short range and no damage with wingman, the game is broken @PlayApex @TitanfallBlog

  • Temperistic Nick (@Temperistic) reported

    @PlayApex not working. Getting 404 error

  • TheRealLIlWick Lil Wick (@TheRealLIlWick) reported

    @PlayApex Hey can you ******* fix the hold Y to cancel using meds and then it forcing you to pull out fists.

  • derHorstor Horstor 👔 (@derHorstor) reported

    @Respawn @PlayApex i think if youre still hittable and standing still, it shouldnt be abusable. maybe im missing something. pubg was reluctant to add it at first aswell and now its hard to imagine it without reconnect. it would buy you time to fix the crash problems. i fixed mine by downclocking

  • ImRyanBoddy Ryan Boddy #insulin4all (@ImRyanBoddy) reported

    Apex. You gotta fix the guns on drop. I will tweet this until I, or this game, dies. It’s the biggest problem in the game. @PlayApex

  • WhiteHammerTV EMPIRE WHTV_ (@WhiteHammerTV) reported

    @PlayApex Fix Pathfinder hit box this is ******* ridiculous.

  • SaVaGeGuY1990 Savage (@SaVaGeGuY1990) reported

    @PlayApex @Respawn @TitanfallBlog seriously, your game ******* sucks. If you land 2 point blank headshots with a peacekeeper, just remember, it won’t kill them. This games hit marker bullshit is so ****** and you lame asses won’t fix shit for another month #DyingGame


    @PlayApex FIX THESE ******* LAGGY ASS SERVERS!

  • PacmanTheKing_ Pac Daniels (@PacmanTheKing_) reported

    @PikaSoFly @TheGorillaF @MikeyTheBoy_ @ApexlegendsT @PlayApex Broken

  • Tahakioa HEY! TAKI ~ (@Tahakioa) reported

    @PlayApex There are many players, I include myself, who are not playing your game for many reasons, the team game is fine but you have to give the option to play at least in solitary, improve the servers and fix the audio please...

  • ThatOneAviation Gtaenthusiasts (@ThatOneAviation) reported

    @TSM_THump @PlayApex Lmao first of all, H1Z1 has less players than Apex. Second of all, you should probably fix yourself if you are getting eye aneurisms. Third of all, Apex is pretty well balanced.

  • B1indsided B1indsided (@B1indsided) reported

    I'm dropping @PlayApex until you guys fix this 0 sound bull shit. Nothing matters in the game if you can't hear ppl right on you. #ApexLegends

  • ThaatDude Tyler Cortez (@ThaatDude) reported

    @PlayApex fix your game!

  • ZoK3R R. (@ZoK3R) reported

    So many times have I been killed casting Wraith's ability it's just ridiculous. It takes so much time to cast, much more if you have the knife (issue known from the start but still hasn't been patched/acknowledged). @PlayApex

  • VazhGameplays Vazh (@VazhGameplays) reported

    @PlayApex Your servers sucks fix it pls

  • MrSciFy SciFy #1Lgrind (@MrSciFy) reported

    I have spent the better part of the last two days researching and testing streaming @PlayApex and I still can do it. If anyone knows a fix to this issue please let me know!

  • ConorT4L ConorT4L (@ConorT4L) reported

    If @PlayApex don’t fix the servers and bugs this will die a very fast death! This crap is getting old fast. #apex #apexlegends

  • korbin_shipp k.shipp (@korbin_shipp) reported

    @PlayApex will you ever fix your severs it’s be a few months now come on

  • RobertJSchuster Robert Makes Games (@RobertJSchuster) reported

    @TheMikeRobles @PlayApex The problem is not where to drop. We religiously follow the "Dropmaster is Driving and WHAT I SAY GOES I WILL TURN THIS DROPSHIP RIGHT AROUND SO HELP ME GOD"

  • MikeyXCIII Mikey [Team Viking] (@MikeyXCIII) reported

    Unpopular opinion #BattleRoyale addition: BRs need regular content updates. @PlayApex has ONE game mode, the battle pass was below average, still having server issues because of @EA just being EA, and no communication. I love Apex but, @Respawn is dropping the ball hard.

  • ShishkaTweets Chad Armstrong (@ShishkaTweets) reported

    @_AVMR_ @PlayApex @VinceZampella @TitanfallBlog @Respawn Sorry, I can't commit to when it's going to get fixed. I've made sure the team is aware of the issue, though. Thanks for your help! =)

  • TreyStolemybike Treyvon Spirlin (@TreyStolemybike) reported

    @PlayApex y’all gotta fix those damn automatic energy weapons smh. I die to them every damn time 😭💀💀

  • wantmy4skinback correl bufford fan account™️ (@wantmy4skinback) reported

    Yo @PlayApex can you fix the ******* gun twirl, just let me take out my secondary weapon normally

  • AndrewReyes3 Mitch C137 (@AndrewReyes3) reported

    @PlayApex @Respawn @WetaWorkshop Nobody is gonna want a figurine of dead game... the lag and the game breaking bugs are gonna do you in... So sad, such potential!... oh well on to the next BR plenty to choose from

  • MarqueRobinson G.H.O.S.T! (@MarqueRobinson) reported

    @PlayApex y’all gotta fix that random delayed sound that happen in the game.

  • Threshi1337 Sozial-Schmarotzer 🌻 (@Threshi1337) reported

    @PlayApex Fix ur damn Server

  • _mitchhctim Mitch. (@_mitchhctim) reported

    @Respawn @EAHelp no problem, will send them the same info, thanks

  • HeliumFN HeliumFN (@HeliumFN) reported


  • Nomo_xb Jevue (@Nomo_xb) reported

    @PlayApex are you going to fix the lag & unplayable sound glitch happening at the beginning of a lot of matches or is that not a priority

  • TeeQiw Garbage (@TeeQiw) reported

    Fix pathfinder @Respawn @PlayApex

  • willard_lee lee willard (@willard_lee) reported

    @PlayApex @WetaWorkshop Crap game just feels broken inconsistent crap

  • BruFi_JDXD Mans not Royal👑 (@BruFi_JDXD) reported

    @Respawn fix game sounds in apex instead of nerfing a wingman or buffing a fat indian ****