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Apex Legends is a 2019 online multiplayer battle royale game developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts.

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  • Lomms_ Y x m x t o...💤 (@Lomms_) reported

    @PlayApex Good job u Killed apex with this event.. 200 Dollars to have some Skins , jesus boys u got some fckin problems💤

  • Miberz1 Miberz (@Miberz1) reported

    @PlayApex Played from day one, just uninstalled. sick of the laggy servers, it’s like I’m playing on us server and I’m from the uk, 20 bomb and 4K on all legends and this lag has ruined the game rip

  • KiltedKraken Kraken 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🐙🦑 (@KiltedKraken) reported

    Ok...I admit it...I have a problem. Just PAID...******* PAID!!! For all the Iron Crown stuff in @PlayApex. I feel *****. But I love them too....**** you @EA u make me wrong inside!

  • XboxMannysun Manny (@XboxMannysun) reported

    @PlayApex fix your tired of getting shot around corners. I have a slight delay before my shots hit. You need some better west coast servers.

  • AFlyingModem Kinzell Miguel (@AFlyingModem) reported

    @PlayApex @VinceZampella The iron crown event should have been a lot more like the LH event but harder to obtain the items for free, packs shouldn't cost 700 apex coins, when @EA or @Respawn is putting them up for individual buy at $18. Other free to play games have daily login reward. why not put packs

  • AFlyingModem Kinzell Miguel (@AFlyingModem) reported

    @PlayApex @VinceZampella This isn't good enough, AT ALL. My biggest problem with the event is there is no way to obtain these items for free after you get your 2 packs for free, you also have other items locked behind a second paywall(crowns) the legendary hunt was done right, but was a bit to easy.

  • MBakerjayy MPN_Bakerjayy (@MBakerjayy) reported

    @PlayApex fix you wait times for leagues it sucks!

  • stereomike11 Imbecil Fernandez (@stereomike11) reported

    Fix the ******* connections #ApexLegends @Respawn the game absolutely sucks after the update.

  • kctheslumpgod senor goteo 🥵 (@kctheslumpgod) reported

    @PlayApex fix sounds in game

  • Gremlin_horde Trevor (@Gremlin_horde) reported

    @PlayApex fix your ******* game its insane how long has it been out now.

  • Cmurphy_55 Colin Murphy (@Cmurphy_55) reported

    @PlayApex @EAHelp please fix the reporting system on #ApexLegends for PS4, I've been killed multiple times today by teams on solos with no way to report them.

  • AlacKarr XxOmegaProXx87 (@AlacKarr) reported

    @PlayApex instead of coming out with new skins why not actually fix shit like coming out with an anti hack system. Tired of all the modders and hackers on both console and pc shit needs fixed or "your" apex community is going to die in the near future because it's getting bad.

  • NickRlr13 NickRLR13 (@NickRlr13) reported

    @PlayApex Been trying to play your game with my friends for the past hour and I can't because no matter which game mode I choose and no matter how many people are in my party it says that party isn't ready. I'm done trying. You guys have a lot of stuff to fix before I try again.

  • Denvyy_ 🌊Denvyy (@Denvyy_) reported

    @PlayApex why did I lose 8 points for getting a top 3 in diamond lobby and didn’t aboned my teammates. FIX THE ******* GAME YOU IDIOTS!

  • Denvyy_ 🌊Denvyy (@Denvyy_) reported

    @PlayApex FIX THE ******* AUDIO!

  • Untried_Genius Blvck Evolution (@Untried_Genius) reported

    @PlayApex I never really had a problem with some events having things that you can only buy. The game is free so all the content doesn't have to be.

  • WildzzTV Wildzz (@WildzzTV) reported

    @PlayApex How about you fix your severs and give back my point for dcing me :)

  • BigBabyJune BigBabyJune🤷🏾‍♂️😋 (@BigBabyJune) reported

    @PlayApex the servers are kind of shitty today, please fix it 🙏🏾

  • omara_4555 Omara_45 (@omara_4555) reported

    @BookkieWilson @HillCalder @OneTakeJack @HMB_Billings @dellorlol @PlayApex Yeah but how about the leakers and YouTubers who based their whole brand on fortnite, if they keep crying bout it it’ll make more issues, that’s why happy power is trying to unite everyone to stop because if this keeps going on most leakers/content creators will be in danger

  • IndoorHeroes CT (@IndoorHeroes) reported

    @thisiscrispy @PlayApex Hyperoptic. It's not the. Though, this is the only game where I have server connectivity issues.

  • rodrigue_ff It's Rods (@rodrigue_ff) reported

    @playapex please fix your spectating screen, it’s too hard to diffirentiate between dead and squad eliminated, and abandoning match by mistake

  • Callum_TMac Callum 🐺 (@Callum_TMac) reported

    @PlayApex @Respawn can you guys do something about these servers man! My internet is fine, on all other games no lag at all...but this is unplayable, what did you guys do with this event!!!

  • Inphamuz1 1nphamuz (@Inphamuz1) reported

    @G1gabitGaming @Twitch @PlayApex @Respawn That's exactly what I messaged him and he said no one lag switches anymore It's not a thing and that me and my whole team were just bots

  • TonyTintheplace Antonio Moore (@TonyTintheplace) reported

    @PlayApex I still can't link my EA account with PS4...still a problem. There's literally no way to do it on PS4...Whats the point of promoting these packs

  • KeithDixon_ Keith Dixon (@KeithDixon_) reported from Columbus, Ohio

    @PlayApex for love of God please fix your servers. How much more money do y'all need.

  • Marcelo_Chavez7 Marcelo Chavez (@Marcelo_Chavez7) reported

    @JamesJ1492 @Undertheh00d @Kal2Fresh @PlayApex I guess countless squads suck if it still seems like such a good weapon. Just because it isn’t braindead broken doesn’t mean it ain’t a solid or good weapon

  • ChemBruh Kaizah (@ChemBruh) reported

    @Bangalorde @LEADERSnBEST88 @Foxy_HP @PlayApex This tweet defending Respawn for their incompetence. Explain to me why they haven’t fixed a bug that constantly disconnect players, been in the game since they released season 2. This is proof Respawn is more about money than the game.

  • jordanisroyale Jordan Royale (@jordanisroyale) reported


  • YFR_Life Brijun Baker (@YFR_Life) reported

    @PlayApex y’all gotta fix your ******* game this solo shit were they keep teaming up is trash.

  • Kyron9282 Kyron Sr. (@Kyron9282) reported

    Just got killed by two people playing solos helping each other @PlayApex we just not gone fix that huh

  • iszy220 Alex Iszler (@iszy220) reported

    @PlayApex fix ur shit. This game and the servers are shit. Fix them

  • Derpy_Guy78 Elvis Alic (@Derpy_Guy78) reported

    @PlayApex The problem with this now is that there is still no way to get crowns...

  • EMWdemon EMWdemon (@EMWdemon) reported

    @PlayApex So now you can get the skin you want but for more than double the price......yea that totally fixed the problem 🙄🙄🙄. I'd rather play to earn the packs and play my chances on getting the skin I want and if not I might buy it.

  • csamra51 Chris Samra (@csamra51) reported

    @PlayApex Fix your game first. Lag and code leaf worse than before.

  • dont_worrrrrrry ... (@dont_worrrrrrry) reported

    @GaVin_KiNgGaMes @_DEAL3R @EpicGames @PlayApex yeah a rocket launcher that has 10 rockets which each deal 50 damage each isn’t broken against a person who can only have max 200 HP, people appreciate what epic do, they don’t appreciate stupid shit, you’re literally the biggest fortnite fanboy ofc it’s fine to you 🤣🤣

  • Bangalorde Bangalorde (@Bangalorde) reported

    @JimothyHalpurt @Urkel_Grue_ @MidThatStreamer @ChefBoyettardee @PlayApex Not all business ventures are smart, and they will never be 100% positively received. Its about trial and error. EA doesn't learn from their mistakes which is why they have become a stigma. Respawn has a chance to change and I believe they will. Its all love. <3

  • simmonsronnie26 SPxArty (@simmonsronnie26) reported

    @RabbitOnStrike @Drithos @Bullbatroneum @PlayApex Never said only my opinion matters more I said I don't have a issue with the prices and if you do it sounds like a you issue cause it's just cosmetics they literally do absolutely nothing you can't even see them 90% of the time ... literally nobody cares if you have them or not.

  • ApexBrismas Brismas (@ApexBrismas) reported

    Is the robot still broken lol every ******* player in solo is robot spam crouching, ban these losers with extra button controllers @PlayApex

  • Llama9Stoned StonedLlama9 (@Llama9Stoned) reported

    @PlayApex This is the saddest excuse for a fix I’ve ever heard......... straight cash grab from the community that actually supports this game..... gg’s to your game

  • bconcial Brent Concialdi (@bconcial) reported

    Bump. @PlayApex just got lagged and booted from server again. Xbox. Iowa data center. For the love of Christ, fix the servers.

  • _DEAL3R DEAL3R❌ | Services & Gifting (@_DEAL3R) reported

    Worst season by far @EpicGames #removethemech I redownloaded @PlayApex because I’m so over this game . Fix your game before you lose your community.

  • cgibsoniii Charlie Gibson (@cgibsoniii) reported

    @PlayApex The PK is broken

  • daviewz Daviewz (@daviewz) reported

    @PlayApex fix that shit where i am trying to do all my ******* dailys and i cant because i dont have the character (octane, mirage, caustic or wattson)

  • RonSwansonFPS RonSwansonFPS (@RonSwansonFPS) reported

    @Rampage12K @PlayApex Easy fix would be to allow more kills the higher you rank up. By the time everyone is in diamond and up it shouldn’t matter because everyone is supposed to be good. If they aren’t, then the ranking is pointless.

  • BillNyePB Bill Nye the Paintball Guy (@BillNyePB) reported

    @AdrianFilth @PhantomV20 @getgamerd @frostysnuffle @PlayApex Imagine not having to worry about drivers, overheating, compatibility issues and constant Steam and Win10 updates


    @PlayApex they are just putting this up because they know they went overboard and got greedy. This is no fix at all. What about the players that splurged and still got screwed out of what they wanted. This is BS in the highest degree.. Reminds me of Activision in COD

  • ApexBrismas Brismas (@ApexBrismas) reported

    How does your game even get this many errors @playapex

  • ZeroEffortGiven ALEX (@ZeroEffortGiven) reported

    @Xb1GameStreamer @PlayApex Yah that pissed me off about crash team racing... one skin was unlockae by doing time trials but the rest were in the games store... I love the grind & being able to flex when I have a hard to get skin

  • marodr_ ban (@marodr_) reported


  • MartinC63401587 Martin Copeland (@MartinC63401587) reported

    @PlayApex I’m deleting your trash game if u don’t fix your ******* trash games lag and crashing everyone game u dumb *****

  • Jeremia41372506 Jeremiah (@Jeremia41372506) reported

    @PlayApex Unlock, is to spend money. Naturally, as a free to play service, there must be a significant amount of income from cosmetics, so it should be an extreme grind for anyone who wants to earn everything. However, the average fan who plays Apex everyday should be able to unlock their

  • JimothyHalpurt jimbo (@JimothyHalpurt) reported

    @NorthWestClass @Urkel_Grue_ @MidThatStreamer @ChefBoyettardee @PlayApex 3) exacerbate the problem because you’ll open your wallet and your ******* any time EA asks you to do so. Fortnite charges less than $10 for TONS of cosmetics and they make hundreds of millions. Don’t tell me they haven’t examined those metrics. They have. They just said “nah,

  • Jeremia41372506 Jeremiah (@Jeremia41372506) reported

    @PlayApex The biggest issue with their current way of doing things is that there is no way to earn cosmetics for those hardcore fans who put a significant amount of time into the game. These players should be rewarded, and they are not. The only way to get good cosmetics, the only thing to

  • HillCalder Calder Hill (@HillCalder) reported

    @omara_4555 @OneTakeJack @HMB_Billings @dellorlol @PlayApex That is how the community gets the developer to fix problems. It certainly won't get fixed if the community doesn't ***** about it.

  • Fishk33per Fishkeeper (@Fishk33per) reported

    @Sethlyy @PlayApex @Respawn You're a shill. A 'Content Creator' that already bought the whole event, and are encouraging others to do so regardless of it being bad practice and terribly overpriced. Don't defend a response that promises a 'fix' which in actuality fixes nothing.

  • PrincessRebel01 💙Rebellion❤ (@PrincessRebel01) reported

    @jackoallan @PlayApex Yeah me too. Hope they fix it soon

  • Dank_Meme69 Garrett (@Dank_Meme69) reported

    @FokarnAPEX @PlayApex You deserve it. You are the problem the gaming industry has right now. Well hey, at least you get to flex on all those "broke" people now.

  • G1gabitGaming G1gabitGaming (@G1gabitGaming) reported

    @Inphamuz1 @Twitch @PlayApex @Respawn Good old fashion lag switch.

  • BigBossGun Apex Lengend O.R.G. (@BigBossGun) reported

    @PlayApex Now you offer skins for $18 instead of loot boxes. The loot boxes aren't the problem, the ridiculous pricing is. The loot boxes should be $4 and the straight buy should be like $7. To pay $18 or gamble on $7 a loot box shows how out of touch you guys are with your audience.

  • dannih9000 Danni_Hansen (@dannih9000) reported

    @CallumCaloc @HMGShow666 @AngryJoeShow @EA @PlayApex Wich is sad, of Apex just had cosmetics we could buy directly and at a fair price. None of this would be an issue