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For Honor is an online action hack and slash video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (39.53%)
  • Matchmaking (25.58%)
  • Game Crash (18.60%)
  • Online Play (11.63%)
  • Glitches (4.65%)

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  • ryanprecious4 Ryan (@ryanprecious4) reported

    @ForHonorGame @toxictvYT I think you guys seriously need to look at the amount of light spam. I'm not talking about PC because on there is no problem, but on console at 30FPS it is absolute hell! Characters like Nuxia and orochi are getting boring to fight even high rep ones just light doam for easy wins

  • batman4467 Nicholas torres (@batman4467) reported

    @ForHonorGame @toxictvYT How about that oroich light spam when’s the fix

  • KhangJordan Jordan Khang (@KhangJordan) reported

    @Ubisoft @ForHonorGame sooo every time im loading into a game... it goes error, ok then, but it glitches out my game and freezes/crashes it... help plz

  • bjarnimar02 Bjarni Már (@bjarnimar02) reported

    @ForHonorGame Why ******** does this happen, whenever my friends search the get in to the game but I can't get in, **** YOU AND YOUR STUPID BROKEN GAME YOU UBISOFT *****

  • daytonbrokensha Dayton Brokensha (@daytonbrokensha) reported

    @ForHonorGame is in need of a huge update/patch. Stuck on loading map, kicked from breach into menu glitch, falling through the map, friends getting replaced by bots and being told the "game is full", game says there are new items but there are none... The list does on @Ubisoft


    @ForHonorGame I think the main problems with vortiger is the light bash light combo, no free GB on whif, and the range if his bash is more than conquer with no indication it's coming other than the color orange. (Unlike conq and the doge showing before)

  • Minion2Minogue Itz Minogue (@Minion2Minogue) reported

    @MrPope @ForHonorGame dead lobbies are back. Everyone is ready and the game will not load and when we back out and hop on we get into the same lobby. We even tried swapping to another 4s mode and then put in the lobby again. Thought id let u guys know so u can work on a fix.

  • locoXD500 Locoxd500 (@locoXD500) reported

    @ForHonorGame Fix the menu, when I play with a friend, I look for a session and send me an error and the menu stays stuck.

  • SeppaSamu Samu Seppä (@SeppaSamu) reported

    @ForHonorGame please fix your ******* servers

  • snarkyboy1198 Carlos A. Hidalgo (@snarkyboy1198) reported

    @ForHonorGame hey ubi, i've been trying to get in the game for 4 hours! Once I log in, I'm locked in all game modes! wtf is this. I love For Honor fix this shit asap!

  • Gio_Nova IK TEA🍃™ (@Gio_Nova) reported

    @ForHonorGame Your game has so many broken characters and it’s time to fix them Shoguki Centurion Berserker

  • BushingtonYT Bushington (@BushingtonYT) reported

    @ForHonorGame I've been getting this error code named 2-00002911 for maybe two weeks or so. It started when I just finished the update for the new Black Prior event. I have tried resetting my Xbox One and I've tried everything that was stated on the support website. Please help.

  • gohstkid4 gohstkid4 (@gohstkid4) reported

    @classicbaum @No1starwarsfan7 @ForHonorGame Yup they need to fix that light spam

  • Fatalitymma6 Dennis Fisher Jr (@Fatalitymma6) reported

    @ForHonorGame yall gotta this lagging shot man..

  • simonpe57590874 Pass the Doobie (@simonpe57590874) reported

    @ForHonorGame Who cares! Fix the new bugs that appeared After the new Update.

  • srrydari 🕴🏾 (@srrydari) reported

    @YoureASHy @ForHonorGame most fye fighting game out rn, i dnt see the problem

  • ImScoutingHere The Scout (@ImScoutingHere) reported

    @ForHonorGame stop making new characters and fix the ones you have, that's what everyone wants.

  • _Lpdp_ L.P.D.P (@_Lpdp_) reported

    @Ubisoft @ForHonorGame Every other match I play, mostly breach, the game just crashes. No internet errors or server errors, just a freeze. The only way to get out is task manager....

  • I3uttKnocker The Unoriginal Hacks (@I3uttKnocker) reported

    @ForHonorGame #ForHonor Love the game level 114 and would pay 60$ all over again! My issue is with balance but its NOT what you think!!! Lol. We have hit a point where 3-4 of one character in Dominion or Breach breaks the game due to repeated stuns, etc. please make it 1 of each.

  • FHisLifeBro J’metUnFakeNomTavu (@FHisLifeBro) reported

    @JerseyFinFan @NamderKcaj @ForHonorGame And then, when the game came out, the mix of issues (servers, bugs, balance..) and incomprehension from some part of the public (not expecting that, not getting that its a fighting game, not being good enough to enjoy playing ...) just got the hype down really fast. That’s all.

  • JoocyMr MrJoocy (@JoocyMr) reported

    @ForHonorGame hello im havng an issue where when i try to look for match says im not group leader im not in group

  • xxmadmanleoxx Leo A Reyes (@xxmadmanleoxx) reported

    @Dommimick @NAlhagwi @ForHonorGame no he broken and only noobs who have no skills play him and only use his lights

  • BeastlierWheat7 Jesse (@BeastlierWheat7) reported

    @ForHonorGame I am having troubles getting into the game it's giving me errors what can I do to resolve this issue. Thank you

  • NamderKcaj NonceHunter (@NamderKcaj) reported

    @FHisLifeBro @JerseyFinFan @ForHonorGame Thank you for verbally destroying yet another person who thinks they can just ‘fix’ a game. For honor for me and thousands of others is the game we want it to be. If you want to completely change it, get lost and go do it from scratch

  • Julio31p2 Júlio C. de Oliveira (@Julio31p2) reported

    @ForHonorGame Get back to p2p, trash servers favours laggers. At least when there was laggers on p2p the match would disconnect when there abusers would get nothing. Most of times you played fine, with a much better connection.

  • Screwcapit4lism Daddy_Delsym (@Screwcapit4lism) reported

    @ForHonorGame encountering a massive bug preventing logging on and I can't contact support because I have failed too many times logging in because of the issue (pc)

  • SrToxinGaming OneAutumnLeaf (@SrToxinGaming) reported

    @PatchesTheTrusy @SektorLkt @ForHonorGame Yeah bp isnt nerfed he can get his damage off WAY to easy. And not to mention he is a more canxer version or sheild bash spammers. His kit overall is broken no to mention his all block counters EVERYTHING.

  • kuramauwu kuяama (@kuramauwu) reported


  • kvng_vxnce Vincent Castejon (@kvng_vxnce) reported

    @ForHonorGame The only good memes on this game are about how ****** broken it is

  • APansby Zey (@APansby) reported

    @ForHonorGame I keep getting the error code 2-00002911

  • Rashdx4 不注意 (@Rashdx4) reported

    @ForHonorGame Fix the arcade

  • Rashdx4 不注意 (@Rashdx4) reported

    @ForHonorGame Fix your arcade

  • pearsonjord167 pearsonjord167 (@pearsonjord167) reported

    @ForHonorGame I've been wanting to play For Honor since the new event but it keeps come by up with "live update error" [2-00003801] I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling it several times as well as hard restart my Xbox... Plz help, pretty boring over here. Thanks.

  • Sodukos Sodukos (@Sodukos) reported

    @_GMSloth_ @ForHonorGame I had my eye on the game at launch, then they had server issues so i didn't. Then the game as you stated started doing hats, so i never bought it. I got it for free a few months ago and have completely lost interest in it. Too much sillyness. Im glad i have my own opinions.

  • Wk_Moll Walker Moll (@Wk_Moll) reported

    @ForHonorGame Please, PLEASE FIX THE DEFLECTS!

  • FeeshTonk Feesh_Tonk (@FeeshTonk) reported

    @Azrin11707 @_GMSloth_ @ForHonorGame I know that’s why I’m not gonna get tilted over a game so I ain’t gonna play it, so no problem

  • James78406021 James (@James78406021) reported

    @ForHonorGame Damn if this game wasn't so broken you wouldn't need to do all this maintenance 🤣

  • Gio_Nova IK TEA🍃™ (@Gio_Nova) reported

    @ForHonorGame fix your ******* servers can’t make a private match

  • connor32288678 connor (@connor32288678) reported

    @ForHonorGame i keep getting kicked out of games and i tried everything to fix it so in this maintenece can u pls fix it thank you and the error code is 0006000139

  • AlexxxThomson Alex Thomson (@AlexxxThomson) reported

    @ForHonorGame ******* hell!! fix Shugoki!!!

  • TTVtyl3rplayzz Tyler (@TTVtyl3rplayzz) reported

    @ForHonorGame yo my friend is having trouble signing into for honor on Xbox one he receives this Error code 2-00002911 every time any help would be great.

  • C4ptain0bviou5 CaptainObvious (@C4ptain0bviou5) reported

    @Konaplayer @ForHonorGame Google Stadia apparently will solve your issues

  • _GMSloth_ The GMSloth (@_GMSloth_) reported

    @Sodukos @ForHonorGame An improvement from last season's where they didn't fix much and just did it all on the new season

  • Rashdx4 不注意 (@Rashdx4) reported

    @ForHonorGame Fix the arxede

  • TheG0DofThunder Jāsön (@TheG0DofThunder) reported

    @ForHonorGame Fix revenge please

  • comicbooknerd23 Anthony (@comicbooknerd23) reported

    @ForHonorGame fix your servers got disconnected on breach lost all the things I was going to earn and it kills the game for me and my friends

  • Just_A_Gamer149 Reuben (@Just_A_Gamer149) reported

    @Sa4Mohamed @its_joseph12 @ForHonorGame The game is dying man, they can’t fix a shortage of players sadly

  • Geranthrimin Jason (@Geranthrimin) reported

    @ForHonorGame @UbisoftSupport I hate using the words ‘Over Powered’ cause it’s usually just a technique issue. That said, the Shugoki is over powered. I know I’m not alone with this conclusion and I’m also aware of the increase of that class being made since recent updates. 🤨

  • Sa4Mohamed M O •• (@Sa4Mohamed) reported

    @its_joseph12 @ForHonorGame I agree .. also plz fix the reps match making thing.. we need the little balance with match maknig

  • simonpe57590874 Pass the Doobie (@simonpe57590874) reported

    @ForHonorGame Instead of new anima Outfits you should better try to fix the Servers.

  • classicbaum Unlustiger Name (@classicbaum) reported

    @nfkrz_is_god @ForHonorGame They wont fix it... sadly

  • bin_r0 R0BIN (@bin_r0) reported

    @ForHonorGame any fix for console light spam yet

  • P1azmaBurst Nerf Centurion (@P1azmaBurst) reported

    @atmaawakening @Queer23390554 @ForHonorGame With feats he gets 100+ on most punishes. The only problem is that you will never land them due to no mixups at all

  • kvng_vxnce Vincent Castejon (@kvng_vxnce) reported

    @ForHonorGame Now if only y'all would fix actual issues instead of adding ******* birds :)

  • HarryNisser hn (@HarryNisser) reported

    @ForHonorGame Fix Wu Lin on console for god's sake, you must be absolute lunatics for thinking that reacting to their lights (WITH CONSOLE INPUT LAG) is even possible, PLEASE START PLAYING THE GAME YOURSELVES

  • HarryNisser hn (@HarryNisser) reported

    @ForHonorGame You guys ******* suck, fix wu lin on console you god damn grouo of halv time developers

  • nfkrz_is_god Give warlord better full block stance (@nfkrz_is_god) reported

    @ForHonorGame This is nice, but I prefer warlord full block fix

  • nfkrz_is_god Give warlord better full block stance (@nfkrz_is_god) reported

    @ForHonorGame I can't send you meme so instead I'll send you request to fix warlords full block stance

  • ForHonoraddict Max Lester (@ForHonoraddict) reported

    @ForHonorGame also fix the shit that needs to be fixed before introducing anything else because every time you guys introduce something you guys introduce a million other problems plus you guys said you were fixing the glitch where the attack warning disappears wheres that fix.

  • hi_uh6itsmason (@hi_uh6itsmason) reported

    @ForHonorGame PS4 servers crashing every match and kicking everyone i met in matches! Its unplayable please fix!

For Honor Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0002000115
  • 0002000115
  • 0002001512
  • 0006000018
  • 0006000037
  • 006000043
  • 006000044
  • 3--2147221502
  • 4000004
  • 4000008
  • 4000019
  • 4000021
  • 6000018
  • 6000021
  • 6000037
  • 6000039
  • 7-00000002
  • 7-00000004
  • 7-00000005
  • 7-00000005
  • CE-34878-0