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League of Legends is a fast-paced, competitive online game that blends the speed and intensity of an RTS with RPG elements. Two teams of powerful champions, each with a unique design and playstyle, battle head-to-head across multiple battlefields and game modes.

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October 16: Problems at League of Legends

League of Legends is having issues since 10:40 AM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • notnepsi Jennacide ✨ (@notnepsi) reported

    @RiotSupport the error pops up and theres no time inbetween me closing the pop up and being able to hit the x to be able to attempt to log out. the client is fine on my laptop but not desktop

  • aziractive Rexa (@aziractive) reported

    @Almighty__Cod @RiotSupport Ended up finding a weird solution. But I pressed X on the client when it said I couldn’t login, and then signed out. Signed back in and the game was good again

  • HickoryTV Jackson Hughes (@HickoryTV) reported

    @darkzgouv @keinenbockmehr @LeagueOfLegends It's gonna be funny when people start reading the numbers. The execute will probably be a net loss in damage. Elder gives absurd stats right now that most people don't even recognize. If a Twitch can't 3 shot a Lulu by 35 minutes, you're team has bigger problems than elder.

  • peterbourbon2 peterbourbon (@peterbourbon2) reported

    @iam8bit @riotgames Yeah, unfortunately your shopify configuration is broken.

  • Scott_V98 Scott V (@Scott_V98) reported

    @RiotSupport Your automated emails are not working to yahoo servers. I cant access my League accounts settings on the website because I can't receive verification codes

  • abdullh1369 عبدالله الخالدي (@abdullh1369) reported

    @GooglePlay @riotgames @LeagueOfLegends The application will be downloaded by more than 15 million people for a sum of money and the ability of 10 riyals in order to provide a particular service benefit from any query on the private.Note anyone has a ready application can add this service and is the race for it

  • Spagbong_Ains Feet Police (@Spagbong_Ains) reported

    @riotgames fix ur game cretins

  • actualbigguy big guy 💮 (@actualbigguy) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends cool now fix the launcher

  • zacki07 Zack♠️♥️#magic (@zacki07) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends I remember that I knew this Lol game because of my brother then I tried to play It on my old laptop bit I couldn't then I got this Idea that I login from my acc on his lap to lower the settings then it worked out this was my gaming experience on 2014-15 then that laptop burned

  • RealAquious Aquious (@RealAquious) reported

    Im soo sick of people complaining that instead of nerfing Vlad or fixing bugs or fixing client issues, that @riotgames is adding new map effects. As if one singular team does all of those things. If you think like that you are sooooo disconnected from how games are actually made.

  • toothwave Spookwave (@toothwave) reported

    @AYYLAM0 @SebbAV1 @zephiK0 @verge @riotgames @PlayRuneterra @BlizzardCS @Blizzard_Ent @PlayHearthstone Crazy thought, some people didn't find this out until these issues with Blizzard censoring players happened. It's fine. You can withdraw dollars and support whenever.

  • jtmaynard_ Jason (@jtmaynard_) reported

    @riotgames y'all broke Garen...can you fix him please

  • SebbAV1 SebbAV (@SebbAV1) reported

    @zephiK0 @verge @riotgames @PlayRuneterra @BlizzardCS @Blizzard_Ent @PlayHearthstone Yee if you have issues with blizzard for their actions (that might be due to tencent pressure) why go with a company owned by tencent lol

  • MakoNoctis Mako (@MakoNoctis) reported

    @RiotSupport I'm having an issue logging into my PBE account. It's giving me the error of "Your login credentials don't match an account on our systems" When I send a "Forgot my password" request the email doesn't get sent. :( It's been an hour and I've also checked spam

  • RiotSupport Riot Games Support (@RiotSupport) reported

    @_Braedin_ @riotgames That was likely due to the Server Issues that took place yesterday. They have since been resolved, but if you're are still having issues make sure to reach out to me and I'll work to assist you. ~Tacun

  • fads70 Adam Taylor (@fads70) reported

    @RiotSupport If we gave you our passwords could you login then, or are you just not allowed to.

  • _im_nemo_ Nemo (@_im_nemo_) reported

    @RiotSupport I keep getting an unexpected error with the login session when I start my client. I'm on NA.

  • BenikageAsashin X - Benikage Asashin (@BenikageAsashin) reported

    Project A has huge potential and can really be an Overwatch competitor. I think it will do well. Riot’s fighting game I’m much much less optimistic over. Has the potential to have the same problems that plague League from being a good game. #Riot #League #LeagueofLegends

  • FlashGamer57 Florian (@FlashGamer57) reported

    @RiotSupport Hi, I can't play because I have an error critical and a black screen. Everything on my PC is updated so i don't know what to do now

  • LampiShu LampiShu (@LampiShu) reported

    @RiotSupport Hey I recently requested my Data for league, and i wanted to know how i can read the Date Time for my logins. My first login would have been "dateTime" : 1387103396000, but i dont know what that means

  • __viangy grimm (@__viangy) reported

    @riotgames fix your servers, we loosing points for beign “afk” when it’s not our fault

  • yasumitodaka Coffee Addict Yasumi ☕ (@yasumitodaka) reported

    @MushmaIIow @G_mizada @HugoHenrique097 @BloopGG @LeagueOfLegends @fercardenete Then she'd be literally a broken Bard (DnD terminilogy thingie) or even a Cleric in this case

  • jishokoi Alethia (@jishokoi) reported

    @RiotSupport @Art_ismyvoice tagging you too! For anyone that needs it, the issue above is what the RiotSupport twitter was posting the solution for, so when the client finishes loading up, there's a black screen for a few seconds-- just hit the "x" to close the client and then click log out!

  • JoshuaMGroff Joshua Michael Groff (@JoshuaMGroff) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends Thankfully, it hasn't been Lag of Legends for years. I'm glad all that money us Skin Fanatics have spent on Cosmetic Overrides has been put to good use.

  • Krayvern Krayvern (@Krayvern) reported

    @JQHWlGAycqdj08l @blackflepLOL @LeagueOfLegends Still won't fix the few seconds of torture they'll put me through. It's been 10 years without it, if rather have 10 years more without it. Also, it'd be kinda difficult to try and punish people using it to flame their team mates. We don't have the tribunal anymore.

  • OnsetMTH Onset (@OnsetMTH) reported

    @TheSimms @riotgames The fact they were so upfront about this in the first release video shows they must have confidence in their systems to work around ping issues. Excited to see how it performs.

  • DarrMakesGames Andrew Jung is Spooky (@DarrMakesGames) reported

    @PleasantKenobi @riotgames Nah I get what you are saying. In general, what I have understood from what I have read is that they did not respond well and it has not changed enough. As to the source being Kotaku, I do not know what the issue is there, but I would suspect that the article about 1/2

  • WraithwaterPyke Rob (@WraithwaterPyke) reported

    @RiotSupport @RiotSupport It's still not working, I downloaded the old client and it works.

  • zxckzell Zack Zell (@zxckzell) reported

    @TheTrueCarry @riotgames Actually looks like at the end they’re doing a kick glitch 🤔

  • aziractive Rexa (@aziractive) reported

    @RiotSupport I can’t login to the game. “There was an unexpected error with the login session. Please try again.”

  • ssbroadWayy Jona (@ssbroadWayy) reported

    @riotgames when I try to connect my twitch account to my riot games account, it just gives me a blank white page with one line {"error":"Bad Request","status":400,"message":"Bad Request"} I'd really like to get a chance to play LoR, so this is kinda frustrating :'(

  • zoom_zoom77 Miituq (@zoom_zoom77) reported

    @boosted_woowoo @LeagueOfLegends but i can login, i just can’t play any games.

  • HLKS_TV Spooky Ougi (@HLKS_TV) reported

    @Lcgg13 @riotgames EU problem, Using a VPN works fine!

  • DavescomDE David (@DavescomDE) reported

    @Imaqtpielol @riotgames @RiotSupport Please fix this!

  • Ali_A_Syed Ali (@Ali_A_Syed) reported

    Although @riotgames is releasing a new games I'm s sceptical because they cant seem to balance even one. #League10 Fix the bot lane and make ADC relevant again.

  • Str8razorMike Mike Glover (@Str8razorMike) reported

    @riotgames Hit box corrections, lag issues and hackers have plagued FPS's since the beginning of time. I am truly looking forward to see if you can/have solved these problems. If you have - you can TAKE my money right now!

  • stickboy24 stickboy24 (@stickboy24) reported

    @RiotSupport Are the account recovery links/ services having problems. Ive been trying to get my PBE account info after a long time not longing in and i cant get any of the recover emails

  • iArseeel Si, soy yo (@iArseeel) reported

    Please, look at the private messages. I had a little problem @RiotSupport

  • icevsfire721 King of the brotherhood (@icevsfire721) reported

    @SenorStruts @NinjaMuffinLive @tejasfps @JoshuaC78853024 @riotgames Still doesn't fix the problems cs has till this day.

  • HyperP3 HyperP (@HyperP3) reported

    @daystrict @LeagueOfLegends correction: the gift has a hud every day just login and click on the gift and get that for free!

  • Sylyfsy Sylyfsy (@Sylyfsy) reported

    @riotgames Pls make it so that people on garena servers can login with their garena account

  • ndru_t Andrew Tynefield (@ndru_t) reported

    @RiotSupport Looks like they only replied with exactly what you reply with. Still having the same issue 8 hours later. I looked at the HRT logs, they're basically pointless and empty. I thought it would collect logs FROM league, no it creates its own "log".

  • dizziless tranceplant (@dizziless) reported

    @Gibbsatron_ @riotgames @ProtomCannon @Pond3r I couldn't even give one **** about fighting games. This is about Riot continuing to avoid addressing the main problem with their main game.

  • BrokenTh3 Th3BrokenBlade (@BrokenTh3) reported

    @riotgames Hey riot maybe before you start making new games fix the game you already ******* have. I assume lol id garbage now because you spent more time developing this rather then balancing and adding good content to league of legends.

  • rabilia109 Rabilia (@rabilia109) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends I have a question though if i miss a login what would happen like i didn't login for a day would i miss a reward or does it stack up

  • TheRealZeMedic ZeMedic (@TheRealZeMedic) reported

    @TomoSZN @Aldozy @SivHDtweets @riotgames Problem is, overwatch is just op ability combos rn and it is slowly dying because blizzard cant ******* not add another ****** cc ability

  • ElonHuskar Gym-going Waifu ;–3 (@ElonHuskar) reported

    @WitnessDaphne @LeagueOfLegends n0 problem, man, any time ;3

  • godx_law Law (@godx_law) reported

    @riotgames Stfu and fix league ty

  • RivZviR DvL RivZviR (@RivZviR) reported

    @PUBG season 5 looks solid @FortniteGame Chapter 2 is solid af @PlayApex season 3 is solid @riotgames doing big things all around What I’m saying is go play good games and leave the broken ones. I hope it gets fixed but I really have no expectations @GearsofWar

  • ValentinStoilov Valentin (@ValentinStoilov) reported

    @RiotSupport Except the page is fully loaded mate and I don't have a problem loading any of the other features

  • saatanakana Hämäviita (@saatanakana) reported

    @animturnbull @LeagueOfLegends When urf was extra broken and me and my brother played kayle sona botlane. Pushed to their inhibitor in 10 mins and they didnt even notice.

  • GriizzR6 Griizz (@GriizzR6) reported

    @SkinnyLeak @Arclegger @riotgames @redfoxlabs_io you cant blame arc for h1's problems he was a dev not the Ceo of daybreak nor was it his soul decision to push all updates

  • Heisenbeck Heisenbeck 🎮🎸 (@Heisenbeck) reported

    At first glance there is nothing innovative on Legends of Runeterra however #LoL/#RiotGames are huge brands and as it will be available on mobile it can potentially hit hard on Magic. #WotC needs to hurry up to fix the most critical bugs on #MTGA and port it to mobile.

  • Visca12321 Visca (@Visca12321) reported

    @acandelario62 @NameIsRobo @LeagueOfLegends I think hes referring to the issues that league has and no one is fixing them more than that he has a problem with TFT

  • calebDZN caleb (@calebDZN) reported

    @riotgames Really hope it involves actual aiming skill and that was a flick not a character ability. as long as character abilities are good but not broken i’m excited to play!

  • HeyIamAriana Ari (@HeyIamAriana) reported

    @riotgames Ambitious with hopes for servers when you can't even keep login servers working under load for league nor have you figured out how to get clash to not break servers while running in every region yet.

  • PayneFPS PAYNE 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@PayneFPS) reported

    @dctzr @NEWZUH @JaspersPlays @riotgames @ThatGuyMoles I've had my heart broken too many times

  • gsck_mp4 Ben (@gsck_mp4) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends Once senna gets released its going to be preseason, can't wait for 2 months of broken champ

  • ForTheGamers1 All Things Gaming (@ForTheGamers1) reported

    @riotgames Project A (which is the name of the game) will also have a network tech that Riot claims will solve or eliminate peakers advantage, games like Rainbow Six Siege that has these problems and im my opinion can be very annoying to deal with so fingers crossed.

  • ForTheGamers1 All Things Gaming (@ForTheGamers1) reported

    @riotgames But they have spoken about some details that they want to solve the problems of FPS which is network latency and cheaters. "We've put anti-cheat at the forefront of our development, and we will do whatever it takes to preserve the integrity of your matches,"

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