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League of Legends is a fast-paced, competitive online game that blends the speed and intensity of an RTS with RPG elements. Two teams of powerful champions, each with a unique design and playstyle, battle head-to-head across multiple battlefields and game modes.

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  • leixo3 leixo (@leixo3) reported

    @RiotSupport hello. I would like to ask if will I get banned if I used wooxy. Because I want to install the 4x4 map for my pc. It's pretty lagging even in the lowest settings. Thanks in advance

  • pskinner11 Preston Skinner (@pskinner11) reported

    @RiotSupport That still does not make sense at all. If it's an "investment" issue, then the risk of losing it because of behavioral issues is still there. Doesn't make sense to allow people to circumvent punishments on the chance they'll offer a "positive" experience by ruining lower elo.

  • aleyshen Aleyshen (@aleyshen) reported

    Sylas is broken...... I’ll just leave it at that. #game #LeagueOfLegends #league #twitch #eSports #LCS #midlane #gamer #eguy #streamer #riot #stillnew #trying #youtube #LoL #talon #Shen

  • LunaZ21_ Luna Z♈️ (@LunaZ21_) reported

    @RiotSupport same issue still.. :(

  • __yume1 (@__yume1) reported

    I think there is serious fps problems in this patch for bad pc players, my fps go down between min 10-25 or so EVERY GAME, this didn’t happen last patch. It’s so hard to play with 20-30 fps when i usually play at 50-60. If the problem actually exists fix it please @RiotSupport

  • Omega_Macling Macling (@Omega_Macling) reported

    @RiotSupport Aight managed to fix it somehow

  • Omega_Macling Macling (@Omega_Macling) reported

    @RiotSupport Yo fams help I got problem, my league client didn't load into game, it was stuck on a blackscreen loading screen, then I logged out my pc and logged back in and when I opened league again it reverted back to patch 9.5 but it won't patch for 9.6 and won't open anymore

  • 8oh81 8oh8 (@8oh81) reported

    @RiotSupport A little while back, me and hundreds of people I’ve played with had a very bad client issue that you guys couldn’t help me with. I spent hours on computer and I found the fix to it. Please dm me and we can talk!

  • 1v9top pat (@1v9top) reported

    @RiotSupport broken soloq sir

  • semendemon_mp4 Semen Demon (@semendemon_mp4) reported


  • Tsuchiyomi Tsuchiyomi (@Tsuchiyomi) reported

    @riotgames with the lack of care or any effort by your balance team, you should really allow 2 bans per player so we can ban out all the shit you refuse to fix.

  • javoxdd True Bob (@javoxdd) reported

    Stop ******* releasing broken champs that are mainly played in top when this lane has been irrelevant for 3 seasons in a row. Its starting to feel unpleasing when legit ANY reworked champ is braindamaged and decides to fck top meta SMH @riotgames

  • Armxgeddon zelloggs (@Armxgeddon) reported

    @RiotSupport you guys are a ******* boosted shit company cant even fix your launcher holy **** just ******* bring the old one back idiot shit company

  • tzabalala Thanos Iliadis (@tzabalala) reported

    @RiotSupport There is a problem with players on EUNE who after leaving from their custom game(everyone left) , they arent able to reconnect/join another game.

  • Mirbs_lol mirbs (@Mirbs_lol) reported

    @GG_Poro @RiotSupport Its so stupid why not just fix it like previous seasons..

  • OneOfTheMean Ivaylo Ivanov (@OneOfTheMean) reported

    @riotgames Fix ur shitty Game !!!!!!

  • Horrrified Horrrified 💀 (@Horrrified) reported

    @RiotSupport there's a bug with urgot rn, hes got infinite W and its being abused in solo Q. please fix asap

  • D_E_Gamerr Dark Emperor Gamer (@D_E_Gamerr) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends The garena app magic spin is not working anymore. the prizes i get from the spin does not register into my account. It also take so long to update match history. please update the app to address the issues. It's a dead app atm and i hope you can do something.

  • pkellss two seven (@pkellss) reported

    @RiotSupport solo que makes me want to KILL MYSELF FIX THIS SHIT IT SO SO CANCER JESUS CHRIST

  • iWycked Wycked (@iWycked) reported

    @RiotSupport I figured it out. Had to find every single bit of league and uninstall/delete it from the PC. Reinstall on a different drive. IDK why it's always an issue or why it does it in the first place. But luckily it worked this time. Thank you for trying to help, appreciate it 👍

  • FallenTurtle FallenTurtle (@FallenTurtle) reported

    @RiotSupport agent mumbino should be disciplined as he continues to use racial slurs when dealing with an issue and believes that animals are racial slurs.

  • pkellss two seven (@pkellss) reported

    @RiotSupport @riotgames fix your shit game every single ranked match i have someone int or rage quit, the XP distribution is ****** . This game makes me want to kill myself. Fix it.

  • Insoylol Insoy (@Insoylol) reported

    @RiotSupport Makes sense then actually, i had 300lp 3-4 weeks ago and in random day i started getting -20/25 +13/14 and now even in d2, seems like i have to drop to d4 to fix it i guess :)

  • vi6tim suicide (@vi6tim) reported

    @RiotSupport fix it please

  • Moonbray Ash (@Moonbray) reported

    @RiotSupport @TheMrMuni Same issue here! We're 5

  • TheMrMuni Ole 👨‍🎨 (@TheMrMuni) reported

    @RiotSupport We have 4 different providers, so this might not be the problem.

  • Spadur_LoL Théo "Spadur" (@Spadur_LoL) reported

    @RiotSupport @Farrhell_ @Luxnocif_ No. Not everyone is checking opgg before a game. When there is a GOLD 1 player getting matched versus a DIAMOND 4 player, trust me the problem isn't just "Because you're still fixating on the outcome of the match before the game even started[..]" These players shouldn't be there.

  • grenvallion grenvallion (@grenvallion) reported

    @RiotSupport No problem. This game was infuriating since I couldn't even bubble anyone as it got removed instantly. Sadface

  • UchihaSasuke169 Jonovan Dotson (@UchihaSasuke169) reported

    @RiotSupport CAN YOU GUYS MAKE THE GAME NON DEPENDENT ON ONE PERSON. if the team does well and one person throws the game is over. please fix how that works

  • X_Hearthless 𝘌𝘝𝘐𝘓-𝘔𝘐𝘕𝘋𝘌𝘋 (@X_Hearthless) reported

    @RiotSupport Not lagging, the ping was 50 as usual

  • nakedbrainn mike (@nakedbrainn) reported

    @Shafulyn @FrostedADC @riotgames @RiotSupport Riven is broken ffs

  • isdemacia Isdemacia (@isdemacia) reported

    Pls @RiotSupport fix your indie game, all bad

  • HelloAndy HelloAndy (@HelloAndy) reported

    Omg @riotgames pls. I never left a game intentionally ever. The client crash one me and still I'm the one who get punished with 5 minutes ban. :-/

  • messner_marius Leutnant (@messner_marius) reported

    @yPho3nix @RiotSupport I think the real problem was Olaf

  • SweeneyJason Jason Sweeney (@SweeneyJason) reported

    @redbullesports @LeagueOfLegends I would win as Poppy, no problem.

  • Amermito Sithy (@Amermito) reported

    @RiotSupport can you fix your after game screen about 80% of the time i have wait 5+ mins before it loads.


    @RiotSupport Hi friend... I’m having high ping issues for 3 to 4 months. My normal ping is on 110ms and now my ping always on 170ms it is really annoying to deal with the lag. I tried to repatch the game but the same + tried using lol tech software it telling me i should have

  • DeeElEye DeeElEye (@DeeElEye) reported

    .@riotgames fix your ******* matchmaking, you illiterate company. Do something with all your money instead of just making new skins for champions that don't matter. You're the most worthless company i have ever seen do anything.

  • DeeElEye DeeElEye (@DeeElEye) reported

    .@riotgames fix your ******* matchmaking, you illiterate company. Do something with all your money instead of just making new skins for champions that don't matter. You're the most worthless company i have every seen do anything.

  • madmanadam1996 Adam Ward (@madmanadam1996) reported

    Love to know when @LeagueOfLegends will fix matchmaking cause it is trash

  • Lian56589827 Lian (@Lian56589827) reported

    @riotgames Fix your ******* game you apes

  • calmnpeaceful52 Calvin (@calmnpeaceful52) reported

    @RiotSupport Hey I have the error unable to connect to login queue. I tried every solution on your website, I'm trying to make a ticket but riot support website isn't loading for me

  • Notaa_ (@Notaa_) reported

    @RiotSupport please fix normals me so I actually have a chance to play the game does it really take someone with a doctorate to tell you to just put people in games with their own elos

  • FallenTurtle FallenTurtle (@FallenTurtle) reported

    Love it how someone calls me a racial name in #LeagueOfLegends ,but i call them a racoon and I get a 14 day on my main account. @riotgames @RiotSupport seriously has an issue with their punishment system.. even when the email admitted it wasn't bad that I recieved.

  • DekuYiffsSquids +Deku Scrublord (@DekuYiffsSquids) reported

    @Alienware @riotgames My dude, you could run LOL on a calculator attached to a broken toaster. An alienware is just excessive.

  • castingslays Castingslays (@castingslays) reported


  • Ryokishine Nicholas Williams (@Ryokishine) reported

    @LilyPichu @themattcastro @Kin_FANTE @RiotGames Pretty please. Sick of people flaming me just because the previous game I played w/ them we had a disagreement. Is not just a streamer issue.

  • CMistikka Afrodita Calva (@CMistikka) reported

    @riotgames fix matchmaking

  • stridro stridro (@stridro) reported

    @realBamBamxD @RiotSupport Bam I had to disconnect my modem from isp for like hour than connect it to get new ip which work

  • RobMezeii -mez- (@RobMezeii) reported

    @RiotSupport there should be a bigger penalty on afking games. Especially when it's evident in chat that they intended to disconnect. I just lost 3 games in a row due to afk players who weren't doing well in their lane.

  • double700 DiceKingSnakeEyes (@double700) reported

    @RiotSupport crashing bug is back again, getting critical errors when I'm the middle of the match

  • MadDeal_YQ MadDeal_YQ (@MadDeal_YQ) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends fk u riot stupid system always give low rank player serious noob player fix your game mother fker company!!!!!

  • MadDeal_YQ MadDeal_YQ (@MadDeal_YQ) reported

    @LeagueOfLegends fking riot fix your fking game your rank system suck to the max why cant you make every game at least have one or two better in the team and promotion always give me fking serious noob player this is why player cant even climb rank cause of your fking system!!!!!

  • TheSatrim Satrim (@TheSatrim) reported

    @RiotSupport Why would I be happy with the accept screen putting me in lobby and staying there not letting me ban. Ofc I'm unhappy. I'm directly connected to my Internet no firewall issues I played a game literally 5 secs b4 that

  • BweezLoL Bweez (@BweezLoL) reported

    @riotgames y’all did it again.... fix it

  • rollingsevans Evan (@rollingsevans) reported

    @RiotBlaustoise @riotgames @RiotJatt Considering CN looks like they dislike supportive or sustain champs they probably dont see damage as an issue. They probably also care to play a team game rather than the prevalent selfish "solo carry" attitude in NA

  • SoaresLeosoares LeoArtz - イラストレーター (@SoaresLeosoares) reported

    @RiotSupport XD there is no problem with my internet conection sir... I have a solid fiber connection :D My game had alot of dumb bugs today after the patch I did today. I went to make my game this randomly happend now I'm tilted cause it was a promos match.

  • ZUKROS ZUKROS ◟̽◞̽ (@ZUKROS) reported

    @RiotSupport run into the same issues, day in and day out, and nothing seems to be done to improve this aspect.

  • ZUKROS ZUKROS ◟̽◞̽ (@ZUKROS) reported

    @RiotSupport This has been a consistent issue in lower elo games. I'm just wondering why when I tell a player that they "******* suck", I get permed, but when Yassuo (the streamer) does it or other high elo players, they don't receive punishment. Same goes with people inting.

  • AceWindstorm AceWindstorm (@AceWindstorm) reported

    @RiotSupport can you guys please fix the bugs with warwick q,w,e, and r because its really really tilting that my performance is being affected by seemingly random bugs where abilities fizzle, buffer inconsistently, self disarm, or whatever else because its just awful

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  • 004 7.6
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