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Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers.

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August 19: Problems at Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is having issues since 09:40 AM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • SingularlyI singularly-ian (@SingularlyI) reported

    The improvements to support @SingularityApp in Batch Shipyard include the ability to use SIF™ container images and integrated support to pull SIF™ container images from @Azure Container Registry via ORAS.

  • JazonTWong nameless (@JazonTWong) reported

    @TechieLass @jasonhand @Azure Datastore - I love that it has a free tier and can scale down to 0 costing me nothing. Similarly *** standard has a pretty good free offering as well.

  • iVimalPandey विमल पाण्डे | Vimal Pandey 🇮🇳 (@iVimalPandey) reported

    @AmazonHelp @MicrosoftIndia @chriscapossela @_MAnant @JeffBezos @awscloud @amazon @amazonIN @Azure @satyanadella @Microsoft @OfficeOfRSP Pl note -this BOT based Enagagement may help U comply with TICKS on process - BUT it’s not helping the Customer NOT adding any value to BRAND. @JackWelchMBA can help U with 6Sigma understanding of your process. Dr Chua-can If Jack wants. Still suggest-a call can solve faster.

  • TechTrainerTim Tim Warner (@TechTrainerTim) reported

    @richorama @pluralsight @Azure Richard, I've promoted your site to thousands of people, and never thought to investigate authorship before this morning. Sorry about that. ;)

  • TechTrainerTim Tim Warner (@TechTrainerTim) reported

    @TechieLass @Azure Service Health/Resource Health

  • JuanDiStinson JuanDi Stinson (@JuanDiStinson) reported

    @AzureSupport @Azure Hi @AzureSupport, last friday there were some problems in South Central US (@tonydoval) and we continue with problem after because It changed our services

  • andreujuanc Juan Carlos Andreu (@andreujuanc) reported

    @Azure @AzureSupport HELP D:

  • dustinmoris Dustin Moris Gorski (@dustinmoris) reported

    @Azure 1. Microsoft Azure let's you successfully deploy a config which takes down the entire app. WAT 2. Microsoft Azure only shows a tiny tiny little almost unnoticeable popup if the ENTIRE APP is down 3. Microsoft Azure even knows why it's down, but didn't think to auto rollback

  • sqltomato Thomas Sykes (@sqltomato) reported from Edinburgh, Scotland

    @TechieLass @Azure Free app service tier is pretty cool

  • bobharrisuk Bob Harris (@bobharrisuk) reported

    I’d be interested to see how that 95% figure changes if only security failures down to @Azure, @awscloud or @GCPcloud are considered. I suspect it increases significantly! #Cloud

  • shehackspurple Tanya Janca (@shehackspurple) reported

    @AlaricAloor @MicrosoftSec @msftsecresponse @MsftSecIntel @MSCloud @Office365 @azuread You certainly get at LEAST one high five from me the next time I see you! I do not have the power to give shirts, but I feel like there's a chance something might happen. Stay tuned for more silly photos of me in this shirt, fighting for better login security for all! 💪

  • _jfeldman Jonathan Feldman (@_jfeldman) reported

    @mthiele10 @zehicle @ellenfeaheny @furrier @matteastwood @dhinchcliffe @sarbjeetjohal @awscloud @rwang0 @thomaspower @mdkail @AkwyZ @MarshaCollier @profgalloway @stu @efeatherston @evankirstel @Scobleizer @APGuha @TheCloudand_Me @NeilCattermull @Azure @googlecloud @IDC Just because you’re an AWS customer and have made investments in the stack doesn’t mean you think they can do no wrong (hi! 👋). As we used to say about the OS wars, they all suck, just in different ways, but you better pick one and stick with it til you can’t; be open to change.

  • dcallahan2 dcallahan (@dcallahan2) reported

    @rwang0 @psalvitti @Microsoft @Azure For years #cloud vendors (especially #AWS) shrugged off worries about #lockin & bad behavior: “Oh no, we would never behave like, say, #Oracle ". Taken with new AWS policy banning #multicloud word for partners, we should be more lucid about how vendors really will & do behave

  • HalbaradKenafin Chris Gardner (@HalbaradKenafin) reported

    @tomgarrity @Steve_MSFT @sassdawe @MrThomasRayner @TechTrainerTim @Azure Other than security fixes (and maybe one accessibility fix) there haven't been any new versions of PowerShell.exe and there won't be going forward either.

  • ConsciousAIHQ Conscious AI (@ConsciousAIHQ) reported

    @Azure Yet Azure UI sucks! And prices are a Bang!

  • evanburness Evan Burness (@evanburness) reported

    Bucket list to have Dr. DK Panda and his team optimize MVAPICH for our @Azure H-series VMs for HPC. 1.35usec latency, 100 Gb, and scalable to tens of thousands of MPI processes so customers can solve really big problems at scale.

  • mdkail mike d. kail (@mdkail) reported

    @JonMitt @OracleIaaS @Azure @Equinix I hope that they understand that the #security responsibilities fall squarely upon them and #cloudspreading isn't going to help with that. #cloud #CIO

  • Steve_MSFT Steve Lee (@Steve_MSFT) reported from Issaquah, Washington

    @MrThomasRayner @TechTrainerTim @tomgarrity @Azure Probably, can’t really remove a feature customers depend on. Maybe someday AzAutomation will support #PowerShell7 :)

  • Teck923 Ricky TG92ZSB5b3Vyc2VsZi4= (@Teck923) reported

    @KendallRoden @Azure Wtf thank you.

  • neeraj Neeraj Mathur (@neeraj) reported

    @efeatherston @dhinchcliffe @waynesadin @sarbjeetjohal @awscloud @furrier @rwang0 @thomaspower @mdkail @AkwyZ @mthiele10 @MarshaCollier @profgalloway @stu @zehicle @evankirstel @ellenfeaheny @matteastwood @Scobleizer @APGuha @TheCloudand_Me @NeilCattermull @Azure @googlecloud Nah, they will blame it on some #Marketing person down the line for that call and move along. Do another press-release and come up with a new fancy term/reason and still do the same. #AWS.

  • tim_mcbreen Tim McBreen (@tim_mcbreen) reported

    @dhinchcliffe @efeatherston @sarbjeetjohal @awscloud @furrier @rwang0 @thomaspower @mdkail @AkwyZ @mthiele10 @MarshaCollier @profgalloway @stu @zehicle @evankirstel @ellenfeaheny @matteastwood @Scobleizer @APGuha @TheCloudand_Me @NeilCattermull @Azure @googlecloud I guess AWS didn’t leave their egos at the door. I hope they get killed by that marketing strategy. Customers usually don’t like being told what they can or can’t do by a SERVICE provider. Microsoft strategy should be what will AWS ban next.

  • jboarder79 JB III (@jboarder79) reported

    @AzureSupport @Azure “Your organization has deleted this device. To fix this, contact your system administrator “

  • joelcochran Joel Cochran (@joelcochran) reported

    @danielbartley_ @StackOverflow @Azure @AzureSQLDW @KromerBigData @AndyLeonard If I was developing this process, the next step in the pipeline would be focused on addressing this issue, either via Data Flow or Stored Procedure. These tables need to be transitional.

  • RaphaelLiming Raphael Liming (@RaphaelLiming) reported

    @Azure And when I specify the latest one (2018-11-01), I get the same issue.

  • ElvenSpellmaker Jack Blower (@ElvenSpellmaker) reported

    @AzureSupport @Azure Thanks, we'll open a Support Ticket now. As a mitigation step we've redeployed the app (a WebApp) with a key that has all permissions so that the processing may continue and our on-call member isn't hounded every few minutes. Not ideal, but better than a broken application.

  • dolkensp Peter Dolkens (@dolkensp) reported

    The @Azure / @azuread PIM offering really is a steaming pile of garbage. Imagine charging £££s for a solution that doesn't support some of the core features of your product (e.g. web apps) without making itself obsolete. Even their own @AzureDevOps integration is buggy.

  • dolkensp Peter Dolkens (@dolkensp) reported

    @Azure @Office365 Haha - The code finally arrives. I enter the code and it informs me that the code is invalid, then progresses to the next screen anyways. I think your robots are broken @Office365

  • Chris_Mayer Chris Mayer (@Chris_Mayer) reported

    @alexanderb @AzureSupport @Azure Support is telling me I need to renew MY cert and I'm trying to explain that it's their cert and will impact a substantial number of customers.

  • VBierschwale Virgil Bierschwale (@VBierschwale) reported

    @yakovlevyuri @Microsoft @Azure they did the same to me - I will NEVER use them again

  • yakovlevyuri Yuri Yakovlev (@yakovlevyuri) reported

    @AzureSupport @Microsoft @Azure The link asks me to login, but I don’t have any MS account

  • SteveLasker Steve Lasker (@SteveLasker) reported

    @sajaya @TheAzureGuy007 @AzureSupport @Azure this was a gap, we’re hoping the app service team will fix. We are adding repo scoped tokens that will make the experience more complete. For now, enable admin account, configure web app, replace with so, disable admin :(

  • ADataGman Aaron Grossman (@ADataGman) reported

    @geo_walters @SQLPedro @Azure @SQLServer @AzureSQLDB @DBArgenis @SQLGoddess Those coming in for the first time need that business case front end. I'm solving a problem using this. The next layer down in your case is how you want to solve it, trade cost for complexity. The third layer is your pick tech. Then configuration. Search is key for power users.

  • MrThomasRayner Thomas Rayner 👨‍💻 (@MrThomasRayner) reported

    @thedevopsdiva @Jaykul @TechTrainerTim @Azure God, It's Terrible (From A UX Perspective)

  • theseanodell Sean O'Dell ☀️Texas (@theseanodell) reported

    @tcrawford @virtualsheng @awscloud @Azure @googlecloud @VMware @virtualsheng I had to agree to disagree with @tcrawford. It is very misleading. While there is no mention of vendors in the blog, he does mention vendors in the tags and picture. But he has owned it and doubled down. More power to him.

  • theseanodell Sean O'Dell ☀️Texas (@theseanodell) reported

    @tcrawford @virtualsheng @awscloud @Azure @googlecloud @VMware @virtualsheng. I had to agree to disagree with @tcrawford. It is very misleading. And pictures are very powerful and he knows it. But he has owned it and doubled down. More power to him.

  • freestylecoder Chris Gardner (@freestylecoder) reported

    @gbworld @Azure I mean, if we're going to be exact, it's a project with pages and an API calling a separate project in a separate App Service with only an API (except one hidden status page.)

  • hash_karthik karthik subramaniam (@hash_karthik) reported

    @Azure @AzureSupport couldn't able to add a function to a function apps. Clicking more templates keeps loading for sometime and nothing happens. Even if I try to create one with webhook + api (that creates function at least) it is broken. I got hell lot of errors in console.

  • Thegreyword Exceptions (@Thegreyword) reported

    @Azure you guys really need to do better with your documentations. Good products, poor documentation.

  • BusinessPvt Business Intelligence Professionals Pvt. Ltd. (@BusinessPvt) reported

    @AzureSupport @Azure @markrussinovich There is absolutely nothing. When the DB is down and cannot be accessed, how can we implement anything

  • BusinessPvt Business Intelligence Professionals Pvt. Ltd. (@BusinessPvt) reported

    @AzureSupport @Azure @markrussinovich Support team, the same ticket has been re-opened. Need your urgent help pls.

  • BusinessPvt Business Intelligence Professionals Pvt. Ltd. (@BusinessPvt) reported

    @AzureSupport @Azure @markrussinovich It's the same ticket. But we cannot continue like this. Pls. understand the emergency. We have taken managed service just to avoid these scenarios. Pls. escalate it ASAP

  • BusinessPvt Business Intelligence Professionals Pvt. Ltd. (@BusinessPvt) reported

    @AzureSupport @Azure @markrussinovich Dear Azure team. After 2 days the same issue has again re-surfaced. This is really an alarming situation. We are almost certainly going to lose our customer because of this. This is going to cost us at least a million dollar. @markrussinovich request your intervention pls

  • ADataGman Aaron Grossman (@ADataGman) reported

    @SQLPedro @geo_walters @Azure @SQLServer @AzureSQLDB @DBArgenis @SQLGoddess I can read and understand what's there, but I have to pay that understanding tax up front instead of as I go along. As a simple consumer, I want you to help make getting my work done easier. Instead I feel like I'm doing work on your behalf.

  • ADataGman Aaron Grossman (@ADataGman) reported

    If there's this many guides from @azure on how to pick the right SQL Server offering, there's a serious marketing problem here. Especially when there's been so many renames.

  • DareDevelOps DareDevelOPs (@DareDevelOps) reported

    @TechTrainerTim @Azure *** with it.... *** er Done .... *** on Down Here😆

  • freestylecoder Chris Gardner (@freestylecoder) reported

    @AzureSupport @Azure The quick answer is it doesn't help because I'd have to burn the time to get powershell setup, but, also, none of the things in the document seem to apply, anyway.

  • HalbaradKenafin Chris Gardner (@HalbaradKenafin) reported

    @TechTrainerTim @Azure It's also the incorrect way to write it, it should be *** or *** but never ***. I've had to correct that in colleagues docs before.

  • NiKhil_Kanotra Nikhil Kanotra (@NiKhil_Kanotra) reported

    @gunnarmorling @AzureCosmosDB @Azure So issue i am facing is 1) am able to register cosmos mongo API fine, 2) debezium is also creating topics with respect to selected db, 3) once time all topics are getting documents names but aftrr that no changes are getting reflected

  • NiKhil_Kanotra Nikhil Kanotra (@NiKhil_Kanotra) reported

    @mathieuisabel @AzureCosmosDB @Azure @rimmanehme Thanks for replying , i did raise this suggestions but no luck so far, Basically i need change feed support which is not available for Mongo API in Cosmos in 3.2 version which apparently was released in 2015 was looking for any alternatives for the same

  • PhishingAi Phishing AI (@PhishingAi) reported

    Heads up @AECOM your webex and okta credentials are being targeted in a spear phishing campaign. The domains (registrar: @godaddy) aecom-okta[.]com signin-aecom-webex[.]com are hosted on Microsoft @Azure here:

  • DragonBe Michelangelo van Dam (@DragonBe) reported

    Dang! Never thought it was so hard to find a decent implementation of @Azure AD OAuth in #php.

  • jasonertel Jason Ertel (@jasonertel) reported

    @yaronidan @Azure @AzureSupport Yes, I'm experiencing the same issue and it's been going on for over 30 minutes.

  • viralpatel110 Viral Patel (@viralpatel110) reported

    @Azure are you having issues. I can't deploy ARM template in UK South. Keep getting below error Error: Code=InternalServerError; Message=Encountered internal server error

  • aki_atoji Aki Atoji (@aki_atoji) reported

    @AzureSupport @Azure Opened a case and was promised refund which never showed and you guys quit responding. There’s a new ML ws charge but I have no ML WS and have to open a new case.

  • aki_atoji Aki Atoji (@aki_atoji) reported

    I am having an terrible time with @Azure billing. I should have cancelled when first billing support call ended up crap. Now there’s a new charge I’ll prolly have to dispute.

  • devgummibeer Tom Witkowski (@devgummibeer) reported

    @BradKilshaw @taylorotwell Just call it via Artisan::call() from queue job which also creates the DB and seeds it with initial data. This isn't this magic. It was a bigger problem to find afast and secure way to store all the credentials. We ended with @Azure key #vault 🔐

  • norzechowicz Norbert Orzechowicz (@norzechowicz) reported

    I also wanted to give a try to @Azure app services with #PHP. Defining deployment workflow with kudu is terrible, I ended up on windows app service (linux does not even have a way to change entry point path) but it took me around 1 hour to go through docs and deploy working app.

  • Deathstranger Anthony (@Deathstranger) reported

    @CallumConway7 @DaddyonTop_ @LegerGiasson @Xbox @Microsoft For one thing good #XboxLive servers as even @Sony wants their help with their @Azure #technology

  • pigol1 Piyush Goel (@pigol1) reported

    Had to loop in the Critical Situation Response team for the investigation and resolve the issue. Total Resolution Time: ~32 hours. @Azure @AzureSupport #poorcustomerservice

  • rupe_nash Rupe Nash (@rupe_nash) reported

    @nothing_counter @adrianjhpc @HPC_Guru @Azure @AMD @mellanoxtech @evanburness Don’t forget IO and network costs!