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  • Gamingdudexdow1 Gamingdudexdowner314 (@Gamingdudexdow1) reported

    @BaconatorCJ @MSCloud But wait it’s dead because it ended support over 5 years ago

  • echo5juliet Jeff Johnson (@echo5juliet) reported

    @jbgeorge @HPC_Guru @cray_inc @Azure @FujitsuHPC @HPE_HPC Nice try though, might've caught <insert pronoun> with <possessive pronoun> guard down.

  • Come_take_them_ ♠SupportTheSecond🐘🦅❌ (@Come_take_them_) reported

    @Azure Rip off!!! Way too expensive for what you get. Then when I tried to cancel, a bunch of foreigners gave me the run around on the phone. My rep basically told me to **** off.

  • Cheyenne621955 Cheyenne ❌ (@Cheyenne621955) reported

    @MSCloud Windows 10 is a fricking nightmare. Stay away from it. Worst thing Ive used thru microsoft. Got a new laptop as a gift with windows 10. Labored thru it few months and then shelved it. Went back to my 7.

  • pickabetterhand [name_here] (@pickabetterhand) reported

    @PervezR2 @MSCloud Historically, Microsoft supports their OSes for 10 - 15 years. Any time you buy a windows pc or install windows, you should expect support to end within that long. 7 was no different

  • pickabetterhand [name_here] (@pickabetterhand) reported

    @Link01T @MSCloud As far as practical upgrades go, new DirectX and new .NET frameworks. As far as why MS is killing support, it's just not cost effective for them to continue to push out security fixes and updates for OSes that only a small number of people still use.

  • Transmokopter Magnus Ahlkvist (@Transmokopter) reported

    @SQLZelda @Azure @Microsoft I once changed email on one of my MS accounts. I'm still, years later, picking up pieces from it. Many MS services seem to _authenticate_ with LiveID, but identify me by mail. Leaving me with "you haven't registered on XYZ service". Seems a bit unpolished.

  • jmezach Jonathan Mezach (@jmezach) reported

    @nikmd23 @Azure @AzureSupport I created the support request just now.

  • sergey_kri Sergey Krivchenko (@sergey_kri) reported

    @StCyrThoughts @RamseurANANT @TechGuilds @Azure @sitecoretweet 1 - indeed, but steel very exciting; 4 - the graphic would help a lot; 6 - so true! #SitecoreSYM

  • torimandyfoote Tori resisits (@torimandyfoote) reported

    @MSCloud Windows 7 is the only platform you've ever built that really worked. Everything else has been buggy junk. Removing support so you can sell new products is chicken crap. I guess I'll switch to Linux.

  • ChrisShort Chris Short (@ChrisShort) reported

    @IkeTheDev @jldeen @Azure There’s not gonna be a single streaming service that actually works for an 80% use case.

  • jimbobbennett Jim Bennett (@jimbobbennett) reported

    Seems @disneyplus is struggling and I can’t download shows from Netflix. I wonder who their cloud provider is and if they need help porting to @azure... 😜

  • jldeen Jessica Deen (@jldeen) reported

    @IkeTheDev @Azure So far, I've had access to it for about 15 minutes & while some services are down, I'm impressed. Just installed it on the (almost) 9 yr old's phone (bday present) since there's different categories for kids. (Princesses, Cars, Nature) if you have VZ I hear you get 1yr for free.

  • Sethran Chris Green (@Sethran) reported

    Hmmm....wonder if they asked @Azure to help. Maybe they should have.

  • IkeTheDev Napoleon 'Ike' Jones (@IkeTheDev) reported

    @jldeen @Azure I'm torn on subscribing my son loves Cars but I really wish we could settle on a single streaming service.

  • nikmd23 Nik Molnar (@nikmd23) reported

    @jmezach @Azure That *definitely* sounds like a bug. Please open an issue at the link @AzureSupport mentioned (they can help rectify errant charges), and our team will look into this right away.

  • chezdon1997 Chezdon Mitchell (@chezdon1997) reported

    @joetidy @joshaaronr Old Dell workstation with a public facing IP addy targeted by denial of service attack. The asset was hardly on @awscloud or @Azure the headline should be Labour can't manage their own IT, have a laugh if they had a say in secure govt IT infrastructure! 😂

  • InConWeTrust 𝑀𝓇 𝒲𝑜𝓃𝒹𝑒𝓇𝒻𝓊𝓁 (@InConWeTrust) reported

    @Azure I thought this was saying about “Undertaker” the wrestler . Shut this shit up

  • Pawp81 Pawel Partyka (@Pawp81) reported

    @ffforward @JCyberSec_ @Office365 @Google @Azure @dave_daves @malwrhunterteam @JayTHL @PhishingAi @Spam404Online Yes image based phishing becomes to be a problem

  • uMelf Molese Kekana (@uMelf) reported

    Hey @Azure we need to talk about naming here: @awscloud =VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) @GCPcloud = VPC Even @IBMcloud =VPC But you decide it's Azure Virtual Network (VNet) #cloud #vpc

  • justinw01530298 cryptoAnthony (@justinw01530298) reported

    @sunshinelu24 @Azure Everyone’s excited but once vet retraces 50% down to 0.004 everyone’s gonna be sad..

  • jfarrell Jason Farrell (@jfarrell) reported

    Learning that if you standup @Azure with Terraform and then immediately destroy it, Azure gets cranky. Its ok, interim step, wont be an issue once I finish what I am working on

  • RealDangerYT RealDangerYT (@RealDangerYT) reported

    @lunusT @MSCloud It never showed that

  • jdgregson Jonathan (@jdgregson) reported

    The @Azure interface is really nice and I want to love Azure. But the more I use it to host $5/mo instances, the more I realize that Microsoft doesn't care about long-running instances in this size and they never will. Stick with @awscloud.


    @NASA @Microsoft @MSFTnews @Windows @onedrive @Azure The ones that do bad are equal with the one that doesn't which is their master

  • jlengrand Julien Lengrand-Lambert (@jlengrand) reported

    @AzureSupport @Azure Most likely, because I used some of your cognitive APIs in the past. Though when I log in using my microsoft account, I cannot create any app service and get redirected to the sign up page . . . The email address is my mail microsoft account email

  • TheStarlightGa1 Imagine Gamer (@TheStarlightGa1) reported

    @MSCloud Windows 10 has given me problems only rivaled by the issues I had with vista....they really need to stop ending support for things and actually fix their current ones, and to stop with the forced updates

  • alonisser Alon Nisser (@alonisser) reported

    @adotfrank @Azure I suspect all of those referred the PS support. But I might have wrongly understood. Anyway I'm very happy to see it supported correctly now

  • Sam_Hodgkinson Sam Hodgkinson (@Sam_Hodgkinson) reported

    @patrik_hansson @StanZhelyazkov @MrTaoYang @adotfrank @alonisser @pzerger @Azure I agree, I spent a day build some Ansible playbooks, never again.

  • calinrada Calin Rada (@calinrada) reported

    @gitlabstatus Maybe you should switch to @Azure or @amazon . The last 4 weeks were just awful !

  • JamesR2020 JamesR (@JamesR2020) reported

    @stephencarlin @googlenest I talked to @googlenest . They said they servers are down..... how does a company that runs a cloud business not be reliable. @GCPcloud @Google You all should just move with the pentagon to @Azure

  • StanZhelyazkov Stanislav Zhelyazkov (@StanZhelyazkov) reported

    @MrTaoYang @adotfrank @alonisser @pzerger @Azure I didn't want to say that as there are a lot of yaml lovers and it is ok for some to love and some to hate. At the end it does not resolves the problems that ARM has. It might even create more.

  • alonisser Alon Nisser (@alonisser) reported

    @jorge_cotillo @Azure And generally, I wouldn't write a big public piece based on my assumptions. You're just assuming this isn't true because this didn't happen to you. Not sure how to treat this kind of comments

  • alonisser Alon Nisser (@alonisser) reported

    @jorge_cotillo @Azure This is what support also wrote me :( And then I've showed them an easy way to recreate. For example, try deploying greenfield aks with SLB api 01.08 depending on standard public ip in the outbound config, where those are also defined in the same template (but not created yet)

  • alonisser Alon Nisser (@alonisser) reported

    @adotfrank @Azure I'm happy to hear about comments support. But until you treat Linux as first class resident (and no powershell doesn't count as such, because using preview extensions etc doesn't work in linux) in azure, then "supporting" in powershell doesn't count as support for me

  • alonisser Alon Nisser (@alonisser) reported

    @adotfrank @MrTaoYang @pzerger @Azure I agree it's the resource API issue, but as a user it's an implementation detail for me (how MS works) . ARM team shouldn't allow not Automatically tested versions (and yes, that includes redeployment scenario)

  • StanZhelyazkov Stanislav Zhelyazkov (@StanZhelyazkov) reported

    @adotfrank @MrTaoYang @alonisser @pzerger @Azure And to put fuel to the fire YAML will not solve the problem. ARM as language has been supporting comments for quite some time just not many people were aware, Azure CLI was not supporting for some reason (not it is), tools were not supporting it (now they are)

  • tnlthanzeel Thanzeel Jalaldeen (@tnlthanzeel) reported

    @AzureSupport @Azure @smarterasp the issue is at @smarterasp , please help them

  • tnlthanzeel Thanzeel Jalaldeen (@tnlthanzeel) reported

    @AzureSupport @Azure @smarterasp the issue is @smarterasp , please help them

  • tnlthanzeel Thanzeel Jalaldeen (@tnlthanzeel) reported

    @Azure , please help @smarterasp to bring their servers up #smarterasp

  • TZoningHard TZoningHard (@TZoningHard) reported

    @SwiftieLOdown @Gwar56 @MSCloud Microsoft after they keep ******* up my PC with updates that I dont want. Know how many times I got forced updates in the middle of important shit or the times I went with out sound for days after each update. Also win 10 is spyware. Its my computer not microsofts.

  • DonovanBrown Donovan Brown (@DonovanBrown) reported

    @phillipsj73 @Azure It does not have to be that involved. You can get zero downtime deployments with a single app service and two deployment slots.

  • TZoningHard TZoningHard (@TZoningHard) reported

    @MSCloud **** windows 10, That shit always be breaking. The layout is trash. The MS bs is too invasive. After every update its a 50% chance my PC is going to have a software issue. I wish I was still on Win 7. I Would be using linux if I could play all games on it.

  • cbornet_ Christophe Bornet (@cbornet_) reported

    @pascalgrimaud @github @Azure @avdev4j @juliendubois @jhipster And with Webflux/reactive support !

  • HMSheets HMSheets (@HMSheets) reported

    Welp I have fallen down the rabbit hole that is @Azure

  • mgnoonan Matthew Noonan (@mgnoonan) reported

    @DonovanBrown @Azure When I worked for a credit union, their backend system was down 3 times a year for tax and regulatory updates. From the web side, there was nothing we could do but throw up the maintenance page.

  • jusme1233 Jus me (@jusme1233) reported

    @MSCloud If having someone in India mumble non understandable garbage across the phone is support we are truly doomed

  • alonisser Alon Nisser (@alonisser) reported

    @Matthias_DE @neumanndaniel @david_obrien @pzerger @MrTaoYang @Azure @adotfrank Also only powershell support. So no go for me yet. But yes. This would allow a much better validation ezlrienxe when actually rolled out

  • adotfrank Alex Frankel (@adotfrank) reported

    @MrTaoYang @alonisser @pzerger @Azure For better or worse, it is important to understand what Tao's saying. Because it's a resource's API issue, it's very possible that the same issue will manifest no matter how that API is called (portal, ps/cli, tf/pulumi) To your point, API changes need to be thoroughly tested .

  • colindembovsky Cσʅιɳ DҽɱႦσʋʂƙყ (@colindembovsky) reported

    @DonovanBrown @Azure Yep I totally agree. I saw a message on a site saying, "There is a problem and we're fixing it." 2 days later the message was still there. #DevOps ensures that you never have to let customers down like that!

  • david_obrien David O'Brien (@david_obrien) reported

    @pzerger @neumanndaniel @MrTaoYang @alonisser @Azure Exactly what we tell all our customers. Native first, if that doesn't work, look around. I believe we're saying the same thing, I was just responding to Daniel. Plus, if there are shortcomings in the native tools then we're in a great position to help getting them addressed

  • pzerger Pete Zerger (@pzerger) reported

    @neumanndaniel @MrTaoYang @david_obrien @alonisser @Azure Since we're speaking to issues in Alon's post - triggers to bring TF into the pic would be 1) Azure DevOps tooling can't do it or 2) Multiple cloud platforms. Neither is true in this case. And TF does not solve provider-specific idempotence issues, so in this scenario, I'm out.

  • pzerger Pete Zerger (@pzerger) reported

    @david_obrien @alonisser @AdinErmie @MrTaoYang @JFE_CH @neumanndaniel @Azure @PulumiCorp And most of the same drivers of TF would drive bringing PulumiCorp into the picture. Doesn't belong in this discussion yet, as the problems raised can be solved with native tooling, expect provider-specific idempotence challenges, which PulumiCorp will also not fix.

  • david_obrien David O'Brien (@david_obrien) reported

    @alonisser @pzerger @AdinErmie @MrTaoYang @JFE_CH @neumanndaniel @Azure TF is not real code. My biggest issue with it. Things like loops or conditionals are not straight forward or if you're still on 0.11 non existent. TF also can't build docker images unless you use local exec which isn't great. Real code, like @PulumiCorp can do all of the above

  • pzerger Pete Zerger (@pzerger) reported

    @AdinErmie @MrTaoYang @alonisser @JFE_CH @neumanndaniel @david_obrien @Azure Yes sir. However, triggers to bring Terraform into the picture would be 1) Azure DevOps tooling can't do it or 2) Multiple cloud platforms. Neither is true in this case. And Terraform does not solve provider-specific idempotence issues, so in this scenario, I'm out.

  • alonisser Alon Nisser (@alonisser) reported

    @brendandburns @adotfrank @Azure @AzureSupport @satya_vel Which is the main point of this post. Infrastructure as code is the future, and so is k8s (at least they are the current future) Having such a broken exprience makes it hard for me to choose Azure for new projects

  • alonisser Alon Nisser (@alonisser) reported

    @brendandburns @adotfrank @Azure @AzureSupport @satya_vel I don't need to engage multiple support crews (some very knowledgeable, some less, usually blaming me for a few days until it's understood there is a problem in MS side) + the revered AKS principal engineer to have this working. It's a broken exprience

  • alonisser Alon Nisser (@alonisser) reported

    @brendandburns @adotfrank @Azure @AzureSupport @satya_vel But didn't check it yet, because I also got this info from support last week and it was wrong :( . The bug was plain wrong validation in AKS with new SLB (vallidating against existing ip addresses only instead of the template AST) and still not fixed, only manual workaround

  • alonisser Alon Nisser (@alonisser) reported

    @brendandburns @adotfrank @Azure @AzureSupport @satya_vel I'm sure all good intentions here. But it really feels like AKS team doesn't have a CI process deploying new ARM versions, I've currently hit 2(!) real bugs in the latest aks arm api. One blocked me completely for 2-3 weeks redeploying aks clusters (got news a fix was rolled)

  • alonisser Alon Nisser (@alonisser) reported

    @adotfrank @Azure The talk is interesting with what you are adding to vs code. and full support of comments (which I understand was supported by tooling was broken around it). It doesn't address my main concerns - paramertitis, idempotency and being fragile in certain contexts