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Smite is a third-person multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • bird_cosplay Drunken Bird Cosplay (@bird_cosplay) reported

    @SMITEGame there's a glitch with Kali where if you die and you're selecting an item while dead but don't finish before respawning Kali becomes unplayable and the user has to de-sync to play again

  • OilyButter OilyButter (@OilyButter) reported

    @RaevickVA @OfficialRWBY @SMITEGame @Smite They better not be character they will lose players if they are, i am not the only person that would have a problem with them if they realeased futeristic "demon" killers into smite along with the gods

  • arcadehime 🌙 Luna 🌙 (@arcadehime) reported

    @ChaosKitten09 Depends on which gods they end up being skins for. I also haven't played smite in like two months since the game is basically unplayable and they refuse to fix it 😅 I've been playing TFT in League LMAO

  • AronDautaj Aron Dautaj (@AronDautaj) reported

    @SMITEGame I got a serious issue. I cant see my friend in the friendlist on smite Ps4 and he cant see me. Nor can we join through party itself or party invites. Help Please

  • biteals poptart (@biteals) reported

    Hate when i get spam pinged but my ping is @ 400 and i thought my jungler was across the map still and it looked like he just TP’d to bot lane even tho he has smite and im just hella lagging god i LOVE my laptop

  • LunarPanda_ Panda (@LunarPanda_) reported

    There are so many problems and legit reasons to quit Smite, but because a show you hate is getting skins is such a petty reason.

  • ohsnapkline Mid Tier 🔥😼🔥 (@ohsnapkline) reported

    @berdyaboi They were pretty fun and BBTAG. Not sure if they can fix the constant rage quiters and report trolls in smite though

  • Horserax ❄️Waifu💀Hoarder🌹 (@Horserax) reported

    @Vuptre honestly pick the game up again, the smite devs have been trying VERY hard lately to communicate more with the player base, and more quickly and effishently adress issues the community has. Smite is in the best state it has ever been and it keeps going up hill!

  • Vuptre Attention,,, I need it (@Vuptre) reported

    As a person who played smite before: If ymir is still a broken ass op ass piece of ******** ***** its not worth it, yall are going to get an aneurysm i swear to god

  • MichaelFederer6 Michael Federer (@MichaelFederer6) reported

    @SMITEGame so when I disconnect loading into ur game it’s my fault therefore I lose a ranked game because they opposite solo gets 3 lvls of the beginning.

  • melaniesstream 🏳️‍🌈Melanies_stream🏳️‍🌈 (@melaniesstream) reported

    @mikeyperk @SMITEGame @mouth13442 @ItsjustChawgs I've tried it but having problem learning the controls on the switch version

  • mikeyperk Mikeyperk (@mikeyperk) reported

    Live right now with @mouth13442 Playing some @SMITEGame Tech issues free!

  • phantumviper PhantumViper (@phantumviper) reported

    This one time, we were having a pretty good stream on @smitegame.... And then I got Chartered... @GetSpectrum internet cut out completely. Modem is less then a year old. It's okay though, last time I had issues it took 1.5 months for Charter to fix it and almost ruined my ... 1

  • cozmic_waste no. (@cozmic_waste) reported

    @HiRezStudios don’t you love it when you make a game called smite and it’s just a broken not fun game

  • emtragon Emtragon Emtix (@emtragon) reported

    @jamarhero @SMITEGame @IGN @PlayStation Last I saw they ready and waiting it's a PlayStation problem

  • Messejajs the most hated (@Messejajs) reported

    @Tent_LoL @kihlaman11 midlaners will take your raptors no problem but when i smite cannon they spam ping and ff vote

  • DFrebin Drank Frebin (@DFrebin) reported

    @margarethodge You have invented a problem and are claiming to be working on the solution. Someone you don’t like is gaining popularity because of honesty rather than lies. That’s something you can’t really understand and so you publicise untruths to smite him. You are a worm

  • Percdye Percdye7 (@Percdye) reported

    @TitanCupcake_ I got "Login to Smite" & "Fix Sleepschedule"

  • PerrineDakotah Dakotah perrine (@PerrineDakotah) reported

    @SMITEGame Why dont you all fix your crappy ranked mode. I'm playing against diamond and plat and I'm silver 3. Then I move up 1 division at a time

  • query9302 9302 (@query9302) reported

    Hey @HiRezAjax , central european here, on any game with EU servers my ping averages sub 20ms, meanwhile on Smite if Im lucky I get a 50ms server instead of a most likely 80/100ms one, most people I know across EU have pathing issues. Please address this, for us and for SMITE!

  • query9302 9302 (@query9302) reported

    Hi @TitanPonPon , central european here, on any game with EU servers my ping averages sub 20ms, on smite if Im lucky I get a 50ms server instead of a most likely 80/100ms one, most people I know across EU have pathing issues. Please address this Pon, for us and for SMITE future.

  • query9302 9302 (@query9302) reported

    Hi @homeworkfairy , central european here, on any game with EU servers my ping averages sub 20ms, on smite if Im lucky I get a 50ms server instead of a most likely 80/100ms one, most people I know across EU have pathing issues. Please address this Pon, for us and for SMITE

  • escapefromspace lion @ home (@escapefromspace) reported

    @catboywaver oh god spelling error pls dont smite me

  • seiji_mari Seiji Mari (@seiji_mari) reported

    @KiwaQeen @Wraithyn1 Lol had one buggy patch. But they will probably fix it within a few days. We dont have to defend smite when known bugs are there since a few seasons and are still not being fixed. This game just needs competent game coders

  • DeclanFlannigan Declan ♛ (@DeclanFlannigan) reported

    @SMITEGame Does your report system actually work cause I've reported too many folk and it's still giving me them in games maybe fix that before releasing God's people don't want and that are, well, trash #realtalk

  • brown_rayshaun Vanns321 (@brown_rayshaun) reported

    @SMITEGame I was in the character select screen of conquest and as I was renting geb I was lock unable to pick a god and I was suspended for 1440 mins out of smite can you fix this please psn:Vanns321

  • ZeusPanda88 Zeus Panda (@ZeusPanda88) reported

    @SMITEGame can y'all please add a region lock option. I'm sick of playing with people in Brazil with their lag, makes the game literally unplayable because I can't not lag all over the place. I don't mind longer que if it means better matches. Sick of losing due to Brazil Lag

  • Husky_Torchiks Torchiks (@Husky_Torchiks) reported

    @SMITEGame @IGN A friend telling me about the game and it finally dropping on Switch Also, can you guys please fix the issue of auto skill turning off mid match, seriously annoying

  • AngryCripple_ST Sean (@AngryCripple_ST) reported

    @EricCGinn From your tweet, it’s kind of a introduce Role selection, Smite, smite did the same thing and it caused a lot of issues. Not with getting into a match, but more people not getting the rolls they wanted and then leaving the match or sabotaging a match.

  • WorstPlayer22 Claude's Husband (@WorstPlayer22) reported

    @SMITEGame @IGN >:v fix your damn steam launcher (sorry social media guy but i contacted support and they dont give a f)

  • jflo4940 Jon (@jflo4940) reported

    @SMITEGame Cool fix Ranked

  • FatSadBear Fat Sad Bear (@FatSadBear) reported

    @SMITEGame Fix the damn frame rate bug.

  • kahnerfisher k (@kahnerfisher) reported

    @Chinumon @etsukiie @ErikaaBreigh Both always toxic, both make everything about them , both are terrible at smite but complain about everyone else like they aren't the problem. 😂

  • SiilanPie Siilan (@SiilanPie) reported

    @Levoski @Wraithyn1 Yeah, but you get these ignorant fools shitting on Smite for being "the most broken game they've ever played" and it's just like, bruh.

  • katystar85 Katy Hoshi (@katystar85) reported

    @Todesberg @HirezOps @SMITEGame Both, but I play Xbox more frequently. It fixes itself after I log out and back into the game, but this is annoying as hell and their customer service is terrible

  • xPROxCrucifier xPROx Crucifier (@xPROxCrucifier) reported

    @SMITEGame @HirezOps can’t log-in to Smite on Xbox one. Says can’t connect to server. Please fix this issue

  • SirWaffles_x Sir Waffles (@SirWaffles_x) reported

    So smite is 100% a complete game with no issues... Especially in spectator, couldnt fault a thing xD

  • Wraithyn1 Wraithyn (@Wraithyn1) reported


  • Demonzerg5 Demonzerg5 (@Demonzerg5) reported

    When people complain that smite patches are broken @Wraithyn1. Look at all the issues in this list for league of legends. You don't need to understand what they do to know how bad it is

  • asstinvalencia austin valencia (@asstinvalencia) reported

    @SMITEGame why do I dc every conquest game with good ******* internet. Don’t have this problem with any other game just the shitty smite servers👌🏼

  • hornsburger47 Dan Hornsby (@hornsburger47) reported

    @TheTweetOfGod Just fix the Scrooge-like attitude of Mike Ashley at @NUFC and all will be forgiven. Oh and @BorisJohnson & @POTUS , smite those ***** too

  • DooleyE16 Adam Doolan (@DooleyE16) reported

    @riotgames the death recap is so broken, keeps telling me im dieing to my own teams 1700 damage smite :/

  • NotNiceRacist my whore mom keeps throwing away the cereal prizes (@NotNiceRacist) reported

    @DoomPilled Ye but I think it’s only cuz her brain is so small cuz all she did was play Minecraft and smite, that God had to make up for that problem somehow

  • thestag0 Stag (@thestag0) reported

    @SSG_POOKIE Smite leads to anger! Anger leads to broken keyboard ....yoda2019

  • Kunuckles Dr.Lol (@Kunuckles) reported

    @Yisus1v9 Looking like Smite is gonna be the only moba I’ll play frequently. Well, there’s also the part where my computer has mouse lag issues so I can’t play league reliably xDDDDDD

  • garbonzobeanz Garin (@garbonzobeanz) reported

    @SMITEGame @SavvySquints @Flareb00t @Warchiwar @TShword @Kitten0fDoom @TrelliRelli @TheWildTwitch @Wraithyn1 @Fro_Double_G Can you ask them why the new item trees are so stupidly broken ty

  • kovi2772 G&Kjo (@kovi2772) reported

    @SMITEGame what about the headset unplug make crash bug it been years and it still unfixed is there anything ongoing for that

  • KingAdrien1 King Adrien (@KingAdrien1) reported

    @SMITEGame time to uninstall since 0 bug fix

  • KingAdrien1 King Adrien (@KingAdrien1) reported

    @SMITEGame ok now wtf another crash 1433min deserter 😑 great system 0% bug fix 100% of not letting u play 😑😑

  • rds20003 Dave S (@rds20003) reported from Washington, D.C., District of Columbia

    @TheTweetOfGod Your problem is you seem to have forgotten how to smite. Give me your powers for a week...I’ll fix it.

  • MccoyKeelin Keelin McCoy (@MccoyKeelin) reported

    @HoneyDa38766505 @HassanAly001 @CallMeMast One, HiRez no longer has anything to do with the making of Smite. They publish but they do not develop. Two, if you would bother to check but logs, Olympian updates or hot fix notes then you would know that they fix far far more bugs than they create.

  • Logical_UwU Logical (@Logical_UwU) reported

    Hey guys! Im gonna make a SMITE tournament and im gonna name it the EXACT same as another tournament, then im gonna get super defensive when I get called out on my bullshit and write a 5 page essay about issues that are unrelated to me stealing your tournament name :)

  • ImmoralGenius dvante (@ImmoralGenius) reported

    Smite on console probably super broken rn, it's like 3 times now I been disconnected from a match and instead of being able to rejoin it makes me start a totally different game

  • annietomytitan Annietomytitan (@annietomytitan) reported

    @SMITEGame Yo hirez I was in mid match and the game out of nowhere sent me to the menu screen ( not the login screen). I couldn’t even join back can u please look into that

  • KingAdrien1 King Adrien (@KingAdrien1) reported

    @SMITEGame my game crash like 3 times today and now i have 190mins deserter.... why report for crash when nothing is fix

  • AngelHunterGT AngelH (@AngelHunterGT) reported

    @SMITEGame Oh when the issue has to do with the shop it is resolved within the hour

  • MurdongNippals I Wish Overwatch Was Good Again (@MurdongNippals) reported

    @SMITEGame I’m still deserted because of the issue but ok

  • Qiaowee Brad (@Qiaowee) reported

    @SMITEGame The issue is king arthur and he seems to be still busted

  • Alex98811760 Alex (@Alex98811760) reported

    @SMITEGame Now if you can also fix the random blue and gray screens of death/freeze then unfreeze after 10 seconds that would be great

  • DominikFranz16 Dominik Franz (@DominikFranz16) reported

    @HiRezStudios @SMITEGame Your Shop on the PS4 has a issue its froze the Game every time i go in there 🙄

Smite Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0001
  • 0xc00007b
  • 10011
  • 30005
  • 5001
  • 5001
  • 5006
  • clr20r3
  • d3d9
  • d3dcompiler_43
  • d3dx11_43
  • msvcp110.dll missing