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Smite is a third-person multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Smite. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (46.58%)
  • Online Play (20.55%)
  • Matchmaking (13.70%)
  • Glitches (9.59%)
  • Game Crash (8.22%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (1.37%)

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Smite Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • dushball Armando Fuentes (@dushball) reported

    @SMITEGame I wish I could enjoy everything that's going on with Smite, but sadly it just keep sending me to the login screen. I already uninstalled and installed the game 3 times on xbox. Fix this issue.

  • VidGameDude_ VidGameDude (@VidGameDude_) reported

    Hey @SMITEGame Your chat's not working, been pairing with 2 teams today, none of us could speak, in lobby before or after matches. Not even clan chat is working. preciate if you could check it out.

  • BrodyRoze Brody Roze (@BrodyRoze) reported

    @smitegame whenever I ult into Merlin as the Morrigan on switch it says the software was closed because an error occurred. And kicks me

  • LynX_TTV TheTrueLynX (@LynX_TTV) reported

    @SMITEGame Peanut labs doesn’t give me anything, I think I wasted my time for about 2 hours yeasterdsy, sent reports for it not working and still got nothing, big rip bois

  • dohboyy51 eG Critical (@dohboyy51) reported

    twice this week ive had error code:10011 fir smite not being able to open wtf happened this recent update to make this like this, easy anti cheat gave me no useful info and forums from 2015 have told me to fix it by uninstalling and installing some programs again...**** is this

  • Chris_enigma chris (@Chris_enigma) reported

    @DukeSlothTV Duke I know you don’t work for Hirez but you are the only one that actually helps... do you know how to fix the issue with Getting not responding 64 bit when launching smite .. it does for pts also

  • thegr8emanuel Lord Emanuel of House Targaryen (@thegr8emanuel) reported

    @BoatsJulian But I took smite vs a champion who is broken 😯 and I still clapped in lane and the people u laned against are actually bots or something

  • J_Doodler Panic (@J_Doodler) reported

    @thelunchbauks Yeah it completely me out of smite and my stream just now. Oddly enough there are complaints of coop not working on WWZ. We didn’t seem to have any issues lol.

  • Brosephheald23 Joseph Heald (@Brosephheald23) reported

    @SMITEGame fix chat on xbox one bums

  • GotFriction not tyler (@GotFriction) reported

    @SMITEGame fix your trash ******* game and hire a team of people that actually have brains to work on it thanks

  • Zechs00GT Zechs (@Zechs00GT) reported

    @DukeSlothTV I voted for both because I want T5 to be for a god I don’t care about. If it ends up being sol then I would have to spend money on smite and I won’t do that again until they do more than throw skins at it instead of fixing issues.

  • rickytekidd RickytheKidd (@rickytekidd) reported

    @SMITEGame NERF KING ARTHUR. So many players hate playing against this broken character yet all he is getting is BUFFS. The stats show how broken he is and he is literally broken, the amount of health and protections he gives just doesn’t compare to other warriors

  • drkshadowed dewodahskrad (@drkshadowed) reported

    i feel like i can be so much better at smite, every game i play i see so many little mistakes i can fix

  • LordTekron Lord Tekron (@LordTekron) reported

    It's come to my attention that I clearly didn't do enough shameless tags to get public attention for the contest. I shall now fix that (and for those complaining about copy right issues, Smite has Not-Sephiroth :V) #Paladinsart @PaladinsGame @ThunderBrush

  • Close2remedy Close2remedy (@Close2remedy) reported

    @SMITEGame fix your damn match making in ranked. It's hot garbage.

  • IPOT1776 IPOT (@IPOT1776) reported

    @AprilDRyan "No problem, but if you threaten another living being again, I'm gonna smite the crap outta you." - God

  • thawrastler Rookie (@thawrastler) reported

    @VogueAlan Lmao that’s all ****** up but bellona is honestly THE BROKEN GOD of smite

  • FateOfSilver Travis #SmashBrosU (@FateOfSilver) reported

    I'm getting to the point I'm gonna take another hiautus from #Smite until Arthur gets a REAL nerf. This god is absolutely brain dead broken.

  • ortiz_roland Roland ortiz (@ortiz_roland) reported

    @SMITEBlitz so as of today smite blitz is pretty darn fun, yes there are issues with launching but its whatever its a technical beta for a reason. But i would like to state some of the way the gods look this game is really cool, as mentioned before this game is great if it runs.

  • RaxoSwalas Oskar Swälas (@RaxoSwalas) reported

    @SMITEBlitz @SMITEGame Got it to launch, stuck at the login screen. So far, what I've seen from the pictures is awful gods. Thry should resemble the ones in Smite more. Alliances is a lame idea as well.

  • AtroxInvictus AtroxInvictus (@AtroxInvictus) reported


  • ozzie_111 Ozzie ॐ (@ozzie_111) reported

    @LucasO3o @SMITEGame No problem!

  • willnap82 WILLNAP82 (@willnap82) reported

    @SMITEBlitz @JulioDHH @DukeSlothTV @TitanPonPon @TitanIsiah @HiRezAjax @SMITEGame it does not fix anything. now YOU get off your ass and fix this so we can play

  • Puffyeato_RBLX Puffy (@Puffyeato_RBLX) reported

    @SMITEGame its still not working for me

  • RobertJ11515287 Robert Jones (@RobertJ11515287) reported

    @smite can you please fix the bug we’re if I buy a relic it makes me use it before I activate a move I’m

  • RobertJ11515287 Robert Jones (@RobertJ11515287) reported

    @SMITEGame Can you please fix the bug we’re every time I buy a relive it makes me use the freaking relic be for a activate a move

  • auverin SkillshotAuvey (@auverin) reported

    @SebbyGordon @SMITEGame @SmitePro There may have been an issue with the VOD processing so I'm gonna try to get them up on YouTube soon.

  • hoshi_nendo hoshi2425 (@hoshi_nendo) reported

    I finally have a new job 💪 in a few months I can finally get a new laptop 😭so no more crashes when I stream 👀 and I can finally play games on stream rather than just drawing 😄🎉 and no more lag playing smite... 😔

  • AgentShitpost Agent Shitpost (@AgentShitpost) reported

    @SMITEGame I’m not going to sign in to vote 😂 ******** You thinkin

  • Kirito_Saber SaberKirito (@Kirito_Saber) reported

    @kahnerfisher @DoctorNorse Geez. I'm a changed man since I stopped playing smite. Haven't broken anything or raged...not depressed. It changes everything XD too bad I'm coming back when horus drops. Wanted him in the game since beta.

  • BrentLoncher Gangster Caillou (@BrentLoncher) reported

    @rams_ryan @SMITEGame I agree with you and I even tried sending in a report ticket and they did absolutely nothing to fix it. Smite is just a waste of my time. What a great game, LOL not!

  • Jumpahhh Frank 🐢 (@Jumpahhh) reported

    @emisutori @Coilsslumpgod It's believable Ymir is free 2 play and everyone thinks he's broken when they first play smite because they don't know what beads are

  • Irexmaed Irexmaed (@Irexmaed) reported

    @JakTheEnderman @SMITEGame Typically if that's a problem I like to build movement speed but that's not always viable so I see your point.

  • TheOtherFrost The Frost Experience (@TheOtherFrost) reported

    @Elision_x Yeah. I think I accidentally erased my EAC because I tried to launcgh Dead By Daylight as well and got the same error. But I verified DBD and it worked fine after. Smite took more time

  • 292kmartin1 K (@292kmartin1) reported

    @Christ_Activist @An0nAKn0wledge You should pray when my hand was shook by a service member and I was thanked and told God Bless You Ma'am. That wasn't smite. Yet I guess being an ignorant disrespectful hypocrite isn't hard for you.

  • SmiteDatamining Smite Datamining🇪🇸 (@SmiteDatamining) reported

    @GamaTommyGG @Adapting @SmiteSpain Anyway that's only my point of view, of course. But that's pretty much every other's opinion from people I know always I asked why they didnt follow smite competitive. So that has to be a common issue.

  • SmiteDatamining Smite Datamining🇪🇸 (@SmiteDatamining) reported

    @GamaTommyGG @Adapting @SmiteSpain That's half part of the problem, I already said it in the first coment and have been saying it during years. They literally killed any hopes of competitive during 2014-2017 years because they wanted to centralize everything on them. They didnt let communities grow and spread it.

  • Kamijokkujin Kamouh (J Kam) (@Kamijokkujin) reported

    nvm.... smite blitz not working for me :(

  • JVLasterz Realist E-Talk (@JVLasterz) reported

    @serialnotcereal Uzzy taught me to exclude easy anit cheat from my windows defender so far i dont crash anymore while playing smite i still lag though cuz my wifi is shit but smite even starts up faster now

  • TheCrazyDuckl CrazyDuckGaming (@TheCrazyDuckl) reported

    This is PC window 10 he has reinstalled hirez service and reinstalled smite additionally this is through Steam.

  • SorryImToxic J (@SorryImToxic) reported

    I just got highest priority queue for 12 minutes (3 re-queues) FIX IT. @SMITEGame

  • JewBacaTheFirst Micah Kaplan (@JewBacaTheFirst) reported

    @joshking9595 @MadKingGustav @Ninja Well, hey, when I fix my stuff maybe I’ll hop on with you! 😁 But I also partake in that smite time with Gus, so 😏

  • hemlawke Finn is a Dirty Little Clown (@hemlawke) reported

    i am too nice sometimes but tonight i have snapped and will smite someone who has ****** me over two to many times on amazon. if it was over like 10 dollars i wouldn't care but it was like 70$ and like... phones shouldn't come broken thats just the tea.

  • 3bdullah_Al9ba7 Susano (@3bdullah_Al9ba7) reported

    @Titan_Kabir @HiRezAjax After playing PTS on steam. I don’t have permission to play normal smite. The launcher says “Access denied” “error 10011”

  • DukeSlothTV DukeSloth (@DukeSlothTV) reported

    @Adapting fact that 3rd person view was removed once again and match IDs (afaik) aren't publicly available, when watching smite "over the shoulder" of a player could be nicer for many. Last but not least the exports website had a large amount of issues in the past that make it harder to

  • aguirremiguel41 Miguel Aguirre (@aguirremiguel41) reported

    @SMITEGame I have the god pack, but when I logged on today about half of the gods were grayed out and it says I need to buy them again. Fix this please

  • Mahiroo13 Mahiroo (@Mahiroo13) reported

    @BitchAssBowie Artemis from smite I see no problem

  • BIGbst05 T H E A N D R O I D S E N T B Y C Y B E R L I F E (@BIGbst05) reported

    @RealmRoyale @TwitchPrime @SMITEGame And fix ur hit boxes!! Seriously!

  • Hagreto Reto Schneeberger (@Hagreto) reported

    @SMITEGame could you guys finally fix the reporting system & btw the blocking system isn't working either.... please fix..

  • NanoisKawaii Nano The Robot (@NanoisKawaii) reported

    @blueamcat Like really strange all across the board issues from Party chats to slow loading dashboard, messages and I dont even have access to those little featured clips. Creating a lobby in smite. All the smite glitching happened to both of my friends aswell who are not on the same IP.

  • CostanSequeiros Costan Sequeiros (@CostanSequeiros) reported

    @SMITEBlitz with today's patch I've been able to play and it's fun so far. But I get a couple errors: first game seems to freeze and continuously show a blue smite lighning likre it's trying to load something. And also says sometimes account is active when it's not.

  • BlancmarkN7 Blancmark (@BlancmarkN7) reported

    Stayed up for 1 match of @SMITEGame to relax after a rough night. 49m difficult Clash ending in a server crash, booted me to main menu. No leaver penalty. Counts as loss, no worshippers, no nothing. Just a waste of time. Feels really bad.

  • UnpureApostle UnpureApostle (@UnpureApostle) reported

    @SSB_BAC @darkkai3 @Pixiekittie_ @FuckUnicornlml @SMITEBlitz @Flareb00t Finally someone not just clout Twitter chasing. But actually using the resources at hand. I've had no issues with smite this season unlike seasons past. At least they've dedicated this season to bug fixes and such. We need more who actually report.

  • SMITEBlitz SMITE Blitz (@SMITEBlitz) reported

    @JulioDHH @DukeSlothTV @TitanPonPon @TitanIsiah @HiRezAjax @SMITEGame Hey Julio, we are aware of this issue. To solve it go to settings>apps>smite blitz and give permissions to the game. This should work, but in case it doesn't please contact us so we can further investigate.

  • Purrloxx Blue Thorpe (@Purrloxx) reported

    @TitanPonPon You guys still haven't fixed Kali, if the T screen is open on console smite when she respawns the t screen and target selection clash and you can't do ANYTHING I had to reset smite mid ranked match. Can you please fix this I would've done a ticket but they're pointless

  • lostbeltsaber 💙 (@lostbeltsaber) reported

    Getting tired of portrayal that karna and arjuna will never get along have my fix it where they get along like normal brothers and Karna is about to smite the ******* whos into arjuna

  • SMITEBlitz SMITE Blitz (@SMITEBlitz) reported

    @Konstantins10 On android go to Gplay store and to the SMITE Blitz app page. On iOS, go to the testflight app and update the game there. If you are getting the black screen in android, go to settings>apps>smite blitz and give permissions to the app. We are working on an easier fix for this.

  • SSB_BAC SuperSonicBlur (@SSB_BAC) reported

    @Pixiekittie_ @UnpureApostle @FuckUnicornlml @SMITEBlitz yep thats smite. as i dont play paladins i cannot answer for that but i do know of the infamous Grover Crash

  • dylanjfinch Dylan Finch (@dylanjfinch) reported

    @SMITEGame Please fix the level up rewards. It doesn’t register me trying to select different rewards and also claims I used the coupons when I haven’t. Also fixing the broken gods you added last time would be great as well

  • JulioDHH Julio Peña (@JulioDHH) reported

    @DukeSlothTV @TitanPonPon @TitanIsiah @HiRezAjax @SMITEGame Is there a reason for Smite Blitz not working on my S9+ I downloaded it yesterday and all I get is a black screen

Smite Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0001
  • 0xc00007b
  • 10011
  • 30005
  • 5001
  • 5001
  • 5006
  • clr20r3
  • d3d9
  • d3dcompiler_43
  • d3dx11_43
  • msvcp110.dll missing