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Smite is a third-person multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Hi-Rez Studios for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Smite. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (63.77%)
  • Glitches (13.04%)
  • Game Crash (13.04%)
  • Matchmaking (5.80%)
  • Online Play (4.35%)

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  • Bombing_Viper
    Alissa Michelle (@Bombing_Viper) reported

    @HirezOps The mute is broken on Smite Xbox... I have someone spamming VGS every chance he gets and I can't mute him! Look into it please! Very annoying!

  • ReconVanUSMC
    Recon Van (@ReconVanUSMC) reported

    @SMITEGame Kind of shitty that you take the servers down for 24 hours and you reset the daily rewards... Thanks for not allowing me to get my day 7 reward. #yourock #cancelthat

  • Princess_Glace
    Elsa❄️ (@Princess_Glace) reported

    @Nofa_Distrum @Christian_20131 @SMITEGame They doubled login rewards and some people don’t spend money so those gems are 👀

  • WorldWydeAgent
    Ian Smith (@WorldWydeAgent) reported

    @SMITEGame why is spectate still broken on console🤔🤔

  • Lefty3213a
    Lefty3213a (@Lefty3213a) reported

    Get deserter in @SMITEGame because the buggiest of buggy games decides to crash, so I go to log into an alt account and oh wait @HiRezStudios GOT RID OF THE LAUNCHER SO I CAN'T EVEN LOG INTO ANY OF MY ALT ACCOUNTS :D Guess I wasted my money on those god packs

  • Darklurkr23
    🎅🎅Red Z🎅🎅 (@Darklurkr23) reported

    I had 21K ish and i HAD THE ORDER ON SCREEN. to get my 1500 xbox gems. but i was like naaaa i'm saving up for that hyerpx headset they don't have in stock i have 10K smite gems. **** XD Stupid ass site fix yo shit i wont have to play those other ass games

  • Darklurkr23
    🎅🎅Red Z🎅🎅 (@Darklurkr23) reported

    See i KNEW I shouldn't hoard points on #FACEIT Never know when youll be banned for stupid reasons. Maybe when I get back in a month they'll actually fix Smite and have some shit restocked. XD

  • Dominic__Norris
    Dominic Norris (@Dominic__Norris) reported

    @SMITEGame shitty lag since you guys merged 👎👎👎

  • younenkinoowari
    Lance ✨ (@younenkinoowari) reported

    really, seeing that specific file and my reaction being "althena is going to smite me" after acknowledging that i have a Problem I Need To Face that i became aware of because of these files is.... not good progress

  • HomunculusLust1
    Michael (@HomunculusLust1) reported

    When you lose your login bonus due to server maintenance....... @HiRezStudios @SMITEGame #SMITE

  • EAcortez
    EA XuX (@EAcortez) reported

    @TheBarcs @SMITEGame I have the same problem but 20k less than you

  • MrSphere32
    Hayden Jackson (@MrSphere32) reported

    @SMITEGame trading and rerolling are broken in assault, feels bad man😓

  • HG_MamaKitty
    Kitty (@HG_MamaKitty) reported

    @SMITEGame Issue with the downtime is we all lost our daily reward, idk about some of you guys but I lost out on gems due to this cuz it was my 6th day in a row in which I had no access to servers in order to claim it.

  • Punisher_Dave
    Dave G (@Punisher_Dave) reported

    @SMITEGame seems to be a problem on Xbox one on normal assault, I cannot assault 5v5 swap with other players for their God’s it doesn’t register a swap

  • Brandon_2020_
    Brandon S (@Brandon_2020_) reported

    Is there a problem with the redeeming code section of @SMITEGame because I enter a code and nothing happens at all. No confirmation or fail message . Just nothing. @HiRezAjax @TitanIsiah . I tried restarting everything. Nada

  • Koujaku123
    Vantroba15 (@Koujaku123) reported

    I'm so upset since the servers were down for smite yesterday I couldn't get my daily login for it so I couldn't get my daily in smh @HiRezStudios I want my 35 gems xD

  • TakodaLandreth
    Takoda (@TakodaLandreth) reported

    @SMITEGame Can you apply a hot fix for the mute function on console because the people I mute I can still here them with vgs

  • Suntouchh
    Sunelf🎅🏻 (@Suntouchh) reported

    Issues with smite currently 1. Spectator doesn’t work 2. No bank time in custom games 3. Discovered last night you now can’t trade in custom games 4. Tech skins LUL

  • NerdyBett
    Beetrees (@NerdyBett) reported

    @camvincente @snake_angelboy @SMITEGame I remember the first time that happened. Took them a few days to fix it. Skadi is still more fun to play than Loki, but Sylvanus is better than both of them. 😃

  • SehostXer
    Sehost (@SehostXer) reported

    @vandavey No I mean like support tickets so they can help fix an issue related to smite, it's ridiculous how long it takes. Sometimes they don't even answer at all and you're stuck with a bug or something that stays for months on end.

  • NerdyBett
    Beetrees (@NerdyBett) reported

    @camvincente @snake_angelboy @SMITEGame They never fixed the glitch that prevents the swap God menu to reopen once you accidentally back out of it, or if you have the menu open, it closes if someone wants to switch with you, then you can't open the menu again.

  • Prince_Hamlet_I
    Hamlet (@Prince_Hamlet_I) reported

    @HAVOKgg @beam_tyrant @AdoboRelTV @RubyRedTwitch @MillsGamingTV @DasMudkip So I got a godsyclla code from you yesterday but it’s not working. I’m not sure if it’s the code or a smite maintenance bug that’s preventing it from being redeemed

  • Sr_SmileZ
    ZeusKNG (@Sr_SmileZ) reported

    @KimJeongBro @SMITEGame I have the same problem

  • AaronBaxter4
    Aaron (@AaronBaxter4) reported

    @SMITEGame can you please fix the queues on xbox i mean its just stupid now i cant even play my fav gamemode because of it

  • francecabinetry
    Chris France (@francecabinetry) reported

    @ivancrojas @SMITEGame Same problem

  • BearieShort
    Mari J / maribearie 🎄 (@BearieShort) reported

    @DanteHowl @SMITEGame no problem

  • S2Creed
    Creed (@S2Creed) reported

    @HiRezSupport who can I talk to about getting some long needed rewards on smite for buying the HotG founders pack over a year ago... yes my accounts are linked and I've submitted multiple tickets on the issue

  • S2Creed
    Creed (@S2Creed) reported

    @HiRezStudios who can I talk to about getting some long needed rewards on smite for buying the HotG founders pack over a year ago... yes my accounts are linked and I've submitted multiple tickets on the issue

  • Nofa_Distrum
    Brad~ (@Nofa_Distrum) reported

    @Christian_20131 @SMITEGame It’s just a login 😂

  • vectheseventh
    ɥʇuǝʌǝs ǝɥʇ ɔǝʌ (@vectheseventh) reported

    @SMITEGame No problem

  • Asenasgrr
    athena (@Asenasgrr) reported

    @SMITEGame still broken

  • sphinxlord945
    James Miller (@sphinxlord945) reported

    @SMITEGame please fix the stupid xbox big that prevents me from muting all these annoying trolls.

  • Prince_Hamlet_I
    Hamlet (@Prince_Hamlet_I) reported

    @SMITEGame I’m trying to redeem a code but it’s not working

  • HannaJEdwards
    Hanna 'Jean Edwards. (@HannaJEdwards) reported

    @Navarone115 Just reset my pc..... trying to solve some problems xD so gonna have to install smite and everything again D:

  • WhopperJrDeluxe
    WhopperJrDELUXE (@WhopperJrDeluxe) reported

    @SMITEGame Thanks Hi-Rez now I can get double gems tomorrow since I got the login before it reset :)))

  • Christian_20131
    Christian @ No Life (@Christian_20131) reported

    @SMITEGame Finally I can get my daily login before I go to bed 😭😭😭😭💙

  • desertfury50cal
    John smith (@desertfury50cal) reported

    @SMITEGame Wtf why am I getting invalid Id or other similar error when I sign in with facebook

  • desertfury50cal
    John smith (@desertfury50cal) reported

    @SMITEGame It says my login is invalid

  • mikhailwastaken
    Mikhail (@mikhailwastaken) reported

    whose willing to bet they'll put smite up after 24 hours and it will have a gamebreaking issue

  • Nonosaka1
    Nonosuno 🌪️ (@Nonosaka1) reported

    I hate to say this but... Why are smite servers down for a day.

  • AggressiveCrit1
    Aggressive Critter (@AggressiveCrit1) reported

    @SMITEGame Will I lose my daily login because I was about to get my gem logins

  • Stizzy611
    Slaughterhouse Gaming (@Stizzy611) reported

    @SMITEGame Finally downloaded this on my new PC ..used to play alott on console. I see a 24 hour maintenance..but I need my fix now...

  • Kowalski_Masn
    Mason Kowalski (@Kowalski_Masn) reported

    @SMITEGame Soooooooo.... what about daily logins, Today was supposed to be login day 7, and I need those gems before the skin prices increase.

  • Navarone115
    iNavarone (@Navarone115) reported

    @Chinumon Work. Dinner with a friend THEN SOME SMITE 😎 if it's not broken after maintenance... *fingers crossed*

  • AndrewHnt
    Andrew Hunt (@AndrewHnt) reported

    @SMITEGame won't lie, not too happy i can't login and collect my gems today... 15 today 35 tomorrow. only needed 50 more gems to get the chest i wanted and now i have to wait a whole week for 100 that i would have gotten just by logging in today tomorrow and then for another week...

  • Stxpyou
    “YouDidntStopMe” (@Stxpyou) reported

    If they don’t fix the ******* no bank time in custom games on smite I am probably going to do nothing about it because I can’t because hirez doesn’t listen to shit

  • Lemrekt
    Lemrekt (@Lemrekt) reported

    If any of my @SMITEGame fam want to save money on their phone service and get a new phone too HMU. DMs are opening. US residents only unfortunately.

  • bmuratovic
    benjamin muratovic (@bmuratovic) reported

    @UnpureApostle @SMITEGame Well idk about that they had issues before with matchmaking and never even responded to my messages so now that there is gonna be crossplay it is gonna be harder to get to master than it already was i think

  • lukas18632368
    lukas (@lukas18632368) reported

    @SMITEGame I have a problem with my game, I did all available Hera quests and bought all of the odyssey items and unlocked the Nox skin, and I was 1 point away from getting 150 points for the ares skin, after I played one game my odyssey points went down to 80/150 and they won’t go back up.

  • UnpureApostle
    UnPureApostle (@UnpureApostle) reported

    @bmuratovic @SMITEGame They said it was gonna be a 24 hour update. Also crossplay will help match making. For match making. You need more people in queue. So instead of being broken up between 4 platforms. It will be down to 2.

  • tareqtiger1
    tareqtiger1 (@tareqtiger1) reported

    @SMITEGame i hope you fix the random crashes too i just hope i dont think you fixed it am just gonna hope you did been 3 months and cant play this game since the odyess came out game crashes always

  • darknuno14
    Darknuno (@darknuno14) reported

    @RiotSupport Yes I did :\ My friend has the same problem, so I am not a single case ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I am tired of this probably since the change of autopicking smite on junglers

  • lil_glam
    ethan (@lil_glam) reported

    @SMITEGame Can y’all fix the lobby chat on PC pls

  • cranderson28
    Chris Anderson (@cranderson28) reported

    Smite servers down all day :(

  • MagniDjurhuus
    [FO-DK] U.N.D.E.A.D (@MagniDjurhuus) reported

    @Quedakid1 @SMITEGame Well double login should be for a whole week so instead of 50 gems you will get 100, not a bad trade

  • ChrisKrazor922
    chris (@ChrisKrazor922) reported

    @SMITEGame can we bring the servers down during the much less amazing gem storms then the double everything... cucked us so hard on 2/3 of the time, at least 1/2

  • Joshua64300513
    Joshua (@Joshua64300513) reported

    @SMITEGame So when can i get my login cause yall screwing me outta some gems that i need

  • mekesksk
    Jaska (@mekesksk) reported

    @SMITEGame Are we getting the next patch update in 13 december, because I cant wait to play the pve. I loved the first one, second one was awesome too, only problem was that it was little bit too grindy. I hope you guys could make more pve to smite in future, they are so fun to go through.

  • The_Real_Ket
    ⭐ Giovanni Mauro ⭐ (@The_Real_Ket) reported

    @TECHN0313 @playvs @SMITEGame @RocketLeague @LeagueOfLegends Im pretty sure the idea is that players already have the game and all they need to do is sign up if interested. It's not a game provider service as far as I am aware of.

  • LogicSmite
    Smite Logic (@LogicSmite) reported

    @SMITEGame @HiRezStudios was just playing some Smite and my keyboard shut off again (it happens frequently and it's very irritating.) I tried sticking through the match to see if I could fix it (I've never found a solution without hard restarting my laptop)

Smite Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0001
  • 0xc00007b
  • 10011
  • 30005
  • 5001
  • 5001
  • 5006
  • clr20r3
  • d3d9
  • d3dcompiler_43
  • d3dx11_43
  • msvcp110.dll missing