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Snapchat is a mobile app that allows users to send and receive "self-destructing" photos and videos. Photos and videos taken with the app are called snaps. The sender of a message is able to determine the period that a message can be viewed by setting a limit between one and ten seconds.

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At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Snapchat. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

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Frankfurt am Main App Crashing

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  • DiyariSalh diyari salh (@DiyariSalh) reported

    @snapchatsupport hi i have iphone x why i cant take photo full screen ratio 9:18 only take 3:4 how fix it

  • DiyariSalh diyari salh (@DiyariSalh) reported

    @snapchatsupport hi i have iphone x why i cant take photo full screen ratio 9:18 only take 3:4 how fix it

  • meganvandamm meg (@meganvandamm) reported

    i haven’t slept at all. @snapchatsupport please help me. i’m begging you.

  • AStudyInBPD Borderline Inspired ✨ (@AStudyInBPD) reported

    I highkey cant post photos without Snapchat filters on them anymore and I know it’s an issue’s scary... I feel like I got myself into something and before I even realised it i couldn’t go back & Its not like I can’t take nice photos of myself; I just can’t share them :/

  • WhitelawLouize Louize (@WhitelawLouize) reported

    I have a bad habit of replying to snapchats when I’m asleep and I think they are hands down worse than Snapchat’s when I’m drunk 😶😶

  • Lynx_Ajax Lynx Ajax (@Lynx_Ajax) reported

    @snapchatsupport hey so I need some help it says I’ve been temp banned but i don’t know if it’s a temp or permanent ban

  • allliecaat ᴀʟᴇxᴀɴᴅʀᴀ (@allliecaat) reported

    Y’all really love coke 😭 some people to obvious about they drug problems on Snapchat lol

  • Ankit_bhardwaj_ Sim Reaper (@Ankit_bhardwaj_) reported

    Sorry I'm not trying to be rude, but I'm not able to comprehend why so much fuss about an app in these media houses yet no one has a problem uploading all their personal photos and videos to Twitter, Snapchat & Facebook. @ABPNews @RubikaLiyaquat

  • 90sReject jeffrey. (@90sReject) reported

    According to my snapchat flashbacks, on this day two years ago I had a drinking problem and I was a chain smoker. Today I only have a drinking problem. Progress >>>

  • trophyho hoes it goin (@trophyho) reported

    @snapchatsupport my friends account has been hacked, its been reported for months now and nothing has been done. since april this hacked has had control over this account doing terrible things. do something about it

  • realjayelaine Creative Hustlaa 💸 (@realjayelaine) reported

    Just went down memory lane on Snapchat and man my hair came a LONG way.

  • ImNotYasmeen Yasqueen (@ImNotYasmeen) reported

    My snapchat login was signed out for some reason, did i get hacked again bruh wtf

  • dahumancartoon dahumancartoon (@dahumancartoon) reported

    @RobAnderson2018 Snapchat is just terrible.

  • ForMilesAlways Pharah (@ForMilesAlways) reported

    @Snapchat @snapchatsupport & I would like my snap back I have pictures of my family and friends in memories & I would like it back You guys customer service was not helpful

  • ForMilesAlways Pharah (@ForMilesAlways) reported

    @Snapchat @snapchatsupport Hello Snapchat I’ve been trying to contact you guys all morning, I hav a issue where my Snapchat has been hacked & I tried 2 reset it but I forgot the email I set it up with so I created a new snap a long time ago and my old snap added me on the 15th

  • carlkalu Nashit Fatai (@carlkalu) reported

    Goodmorning ... I don't understand how a black when I mean black I mean black girl will now now start claiming #brownskingirl .....snApchat filter won't help you! Oloriburuku

  • HitesKieara Kieara Hites (Baker) (@HitesKieara) reported

    @snapchatsupport hey... instead of ignoring people why don’t you do ur job and help @meganvandamm so no one comes and kidnaps her or does something even worse. her account was hacked and her privacy was violated and ur doing nothing to help

  • jasgasms JK (@jasgasms) reported

    My Snapchat views are down to a quarter of what they usually are wtf man

  • meganvandamm meg (@meganvandamm) reported

    the person who hacked my snapchat is now sending people my nudes. snapchat still has yet to help me. i can’t ******* do this.

  • multidaisies ₄₁₂₅ (@multidaisies) reported

    If anybody is down idk maybe we can add each other on Snapchat idk 🥺 👉👈

  • FeodalDe Château de Fressin (@FeodalDe) reported

    @snapchatsupport snapchat i have a big problem with my account

  • NFLFan1811 NFL Fan (@NFLFan1811) reported

    Feeling so horny 😩😍 Girls add me on my Snapchat if you wanna watch me stroke my hard, throbbing **** and shoot a big load of *** for you! Down for anything though 😏 My Snap user: dan_11506 #Snapchat #SnapMe #Horny #***** #Nudes

  • HillKatlyn katlyn (@HillKatlyn) reported

    nate just sent me a snapchat on bentley’s phone of him and bentley hanging out of yonelle’s car swinging nunchucks and screaming going down what I can only assume is tennessee st. 😂

  • tompol401 Tom (@tompol401) reported

    @snapchatsupport It unlocks and every time I log in on my phone, it locks again. But only when I use my phone. My ipad i can login fine. You aren’t understanding what I’m saying apparently.

  • 50shadesofmood 👨🏾‍🚀🧡 (@50shadesofmood) reported

    i don’t text slow... snapchat is just broken

  • jimmyfo90839526 Cyberking (@jimmyfo90839526) reported

    Send me DM If you’ve any account which you’d like to access to login anytime you want #Facebook #Twitter #instagram #SnapChat #Gmail #yahoomail #WhatsApp and also if you want to read your partners phone to know if your partner is faithful to you or not.

  • S_I234 kaam 25 hai par game over bhi/ angsty YA novel (@S_I234) reported

    I really miss Snapchat bc it was the OG finsta but then they also had that terrible streaks feature to keep ppl hooked so I'm not really complaining

  • mikeyydos evelyn (@mikeyydos) reported

    Snapchat said that a year ago today I didn’t give a **** what was in my system unless I was stupid drunk lmaoooo your girl was so heart broken 🤣

  • issaclauds Claudia 🥳 (@issaclauds) reported

    Snapchat really played me bc I thought this cute guy left me on opened but it was just a glitch smh

  • Plague71180986 Plague (@Plague71180986) reported

    @Snapchat and @instagram you guys need to fix your video calls, it’s shit right now to be honest!!!

  • daniiiiimals Danielle (@daniiiiimals) reported

    Is my Snapchat broken orrrr

  • Reese_lamping Reese (@Reese_lamping) reported

    Is anyone else’s Snapchat not working or is my phone messed up pls reply

  • Crippletoee Lorenzo (@Crippletoee) reported

    @lunamosity_ @VirtualQuery @chloespencee 2/2 I'll wait for the day you have to rely on Snapchat or patreon selling your washed up nudes. you are still young and life has not caught up to do. Get a tit-job , fix your face hit the gym and start making that moolah. HMU I'll give u a generous donation. 🏃

  • adventurebabe22 alex b. (@adventurebabe22) reported

    my snapchat memories just reminded me that this time last year, my face was literally broken out in hives from stress and anxiety and i remember being so confused about why lolllllllllllll

  • rubyyytuesdayy erinruby_ (@rubyyytuesdayy) reported from Sunshine Coast, State of Queensland

    @runningdreamz I’m back to giving up on men after what I woke up to on Snapchat 😂 My Mum had a stressful week so I kidnapped her and went down to the other end of the coast. Weather is sooooo good!

  • MazzieBae Mazzy star (@MazzieBae) reported

    Fun fact. I actually really dislike Snapchat. I only like it for the memories & sometimes the filters. Other than that it just causes problems.

  • cbsfinest540 Casey Johnson (@cbsfinest540) reported

    @snapchatsupport Can you fix it so I don't see the snaps I already saw over and over again when I try to see the new ones I'm subscribed to.

  • whyconoclastic @whyconoclastic (@whyconoclastic) reported

    deleted snapchat because I already have short term memory issues and who needs THAT kinda drama trying to remember who the hell you are

  • iiiD7oOoMiii ﴿ عبدالرحمن ✦.. (@iiiD7oOoMiii) reported

    @snapchatsupport I'm having trouble signing in from my phone, I have a message saying my account has been temporarily suspended, and when I sign in from another phone there's no problem! Please Help

  • NISHAluvzYUUUU2 #Nisha💞U2 💋 (@NISHAluvzYUUUU2) reported

    ****** be looking better on Snapchat ***** sit tf down 🤣🖕

  • Harmanjot__ Harman (@Harmanjot__) reported

    Snapchat really needs to fix its camera quality for iPhone X’s smh

  • ebasith 🌻🌹eba🌹🌻 (@ebasith) reported

    this is @ all you android users on Snapchat, if y’all don’t fix yourselves up and send your videos in order plsss I am tired of playing build a story with your jumbled up snaps

  • soniia_h Sonia (@soniia_h) reported

    im forever judging people who snapchat the wheel of the car they're driving.. even if it's a toyota, stop it, get some help u beg. cringe

  • firelnourhearts A💫 (@firelnourhearts) reported

    This hair 😍 his style during this era 😍 him being the only one to use cute Snapchat filters for fan service 😍 the end of 1d is near glow😍 Liam Payne 😍

  • marj_44 marji grace (@marj_44) reported

    @snapchatsupport hey I need help logging into my account. I logged out and I cant log back in because Idk my password and when I try to reset my password by phone number it says the number isn't verified but thats the only number ive ever used so I know it is verified. -marji

  • victoriattran29 victoria (@victoriattran29) reported

    The ******* that tell their whole Snapchat/fb/Instagram their life story/how they doing “ so good” and getting paid “so good,” are the same annoying ass ******* that ask for help and claim they’re “self-made.”

  • iiiD7oOoMiii ﴿ عبدالرحمن ✦.. (@iiiD7oOoMiii) reported

    @snapchatsupport My problem is that I can not sign in on my phone I see that my account has been temporarily disabled, while I can log in to my account from any phone other than my phone Please help

  • MichiChar27 Wayward Michi (@MichiChar27) reported

    @lydrewsmom That's thanks to the filter 😂😂 I'm messy af without it! Seriously could not picture without the help of Snapchat tonight, but then this particular filter was too perfect 😁

  • Ariesbbyy1 Miaa💋 (@Ariesbbyy1) reported

    Snapchat gone die down by 2023 or 2025, Instagram never going away until something better and newer come out, twitter never going away period 😂

  • RealShimmerWolf 🌸 Shimm 🌸 (@RealShimmerWolf) reported

    If anyone wants to make a group chat on snapchat or discord to talk about things that are hurting them rn lmk because Talking out your feelings help and I feel like shit!

  • haichap Hailey Chapman (@haichap) reported

    I wish Snapchat had the feature where instead of telling you the name of songs you could hold down and it tells you the name of the person whose name you’ve forgotten within 5 min of meeting them

  • imnotnicolass nicolas♜ (@imnotnicolass) reported

    bruh my Snapchat must be broken, it won’t let me send anything and I’ve already re downloaded it 3 times

  • MuhammadDioman1 Muhammad Diomandé (@MuhammadDioman1) reported


  • denversuit ava (@denversuit) reported

    before i go if anybody could find this edit for me i will give u a fruit’s like he starts texting u and he’s like look at this triller i just made :) and then it goes onto like snapchat and shit yeah idk but help >:(

  • cloudysav savannah (@cloudysav) reported

    Every time I slide up to take a quiz on those Snapchat stories, it always shuts down before I finish and I just want to know what Disney princess I am 😤

  • Bubba16ST Brian (@Bubba16ST) reported

    @snapchatsupport No, it did not resolve my issue. I am still experiencing issues. I even uninstalled and reinstalled my the app.

  • cbsfinest540 Casey Johnson (@cbsfinest540) reported

    @Snapchat Can you fix it so my subscriptions don't show the snaps I've already seen every time.

  • CoreyILife Corey H 🌴 (@CoreyILife) reported

    @snapchatsupport If I have her create a Twitter account will you help her because she’s trying to recover her account before they blackmail her.

  • kloee11179109 kloee (@kloee11179109) reported

    @Snapchat I want to add @ColbyBrock’s Snapchat but it won’t let me is there any way that you can help me with this issue... I’ve tried multiple times

  • CoreyILife Corey H 🌴 (@CoreyILife) reported

    @snapchatsupport I sent a DM about this to you please help when you get a chance.