Is Snapchat down?

Snapchat is a mobile app that allows users to send and receive "self-destructing" photos and videos. Photos and videos taken with the app are called snaps. The sender of a message is able to determine the period that a message can be viewed by setting a limit between one and ten seconds.

 Problems detected at Snapchat

Snapchat problems in the last 24 hours

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March 18: Problems at Snapchat

Snapchat is having issues since 11:40 AM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • App Crashing (22.58%)
  • Messaging (19.35%)
  • Multimedia (15.05%)
  • Connection (15.05%)
  • Glitches (15.05%)
  • Sign in (12.90%)

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Snapchat Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • tatianatmac Tatiana Mac (@tatianatmac) reported

    Last night, two drunk people joined my Lyft. A cyclist crashed—my instinct was to roll down the window and ask if they were okay. Meanwhile the guy in the front seat laughed at them and took video. I confronted him about it and he lied to me (I know Snapchat UI brah). 1/

  • oomrpieoo Mr Pie (@oomrpieoo) reported

    @jfirthlufc @dhunts0102 @Rendle_Only1 Completely fabricated story. Took an image from his Snapchat story (available to everyone) and made out like it was aimed at a young girl. The lad even confirmed he'd made it up later down the line.

  • Master_Lamalas Lamalas (@Master_Lamalas) reported

    @ItsAnAmerican @KCStar The kid doesn't have a broken arm. He was on a Snapchat the night before the story broke (Thursday) dancing with no signs of injuries. The police report and verified this by stating it was a minor injury like a bruise.

  • NinMar92 ninmar (@NinMar92) reported

    my snapchat memory from 1 year ago today was me turning down Caleb and saying I didn’t want anything. Lol LOOK AT US NOW

  • brandonz_kc Brandon Zamorano (@brandonz_kc) reported

    all I know is... had I been at the George concert last night, I would have put my phone down instead of making sure the WHOLE show made it on my Snapchat story.

  • MrsEvraNo3 Elizabeth (@MrsEvraNo3) reported

    @Snapchat I’m absolutely horrified at the service I’ve recently received from your customer service department

  • soIotrivia nessa𓍯 (@soIotrivia) reported

    remember when twitter+lawyer contacted me cos I uploaded a snapchat video with solo running in the background, telling me to take it down or they're gonna sue me akksksks

  • JessJordanXXX JJ (@JessJordanXXX) reported

    lmfao got a new phone an had to make a new snapchat account because I can't even remember the name to login let alone the password hahahahah

  • ItsTheSunbro Meowie🐱☠️ (@ItsTheSunbro) reported

    It would be pretty ******* swell if @Snapchat can fix the zoom issue on the front facing camera for the iPhone X and Xs . It’s only been a problem for the better part of a year now...

  • darkmaulerio Aljawn Jeffery (@darkmaulerio) reported

    Made my name longshlong23 down senior week in 2012. There’s a reason why I rarely use Snapchat....

  • tayfehrenbach tay (@tayfehrenbach) reported

    literally no worse feeling than accidentally snapchat facetiming someone when you’re looking down at your phone with a double chin

  • jenntait_ jenn (@jenntait_) reported from Toronto, Ontario

    @snapchatsupport yo please help i just lost a 977 day streak can you please do me a solid and bring it back for me

  • K_Thorpe13 Kenzie Thorpe (@K_Thorpe13) reported

    This iPhone issue is really starting to irritate me. @Snapchat step your game up. I want to be able to use the front camera on my XS 🙄

  • Max_is_sad 𝕄𝕒𝕩! (@Max_is_sad) reported

    My mom's using snapchat rn oh god it's horrible she's trying all the filters help

  • BlackByPplrDmnd a.🥝 (@BlackByPplrDmnd) reported

    @snapchatsupport i need help getting my account back

  • AmyLoui33900067 Amy (@AmyLoui33900067) reported

    @snapchatsupport hi my snap chat keeps crashing and I don’t know why can you help me with it please

  • swag_central2 Ned Stark’s Bastard (@swag_central2) reported

    Why does everyone that goes to Auburn repost someone else’s Snapchat story when there is 500 names mashed together on the top and the quality is terrible. Just talk trash on twitter like a normal person

  • WithLoveMandie Mandie (@WithLoveMandie) reported

    My man may or may not hate me after today because I keep sending him messages and snapchat even though I’m fully aware he has no service 😅😅😅

  • _adrianna_q Adri 🍒 (@_adrianna_q) reported

    Over the weekend I was hanging with my friends after the club and someone from my Snapchat I’ve never spoken to messaged me asking me if I was down to party (they saw I was close on the map) and I said yeah and they actually came over 😭😂😂thank god they weren’t murderers lmao

  • veteranwook Gawlayy 🌦 (@veteranwook) reported

    @WhitedsWife I love sending Snapchat videos of them to my brother or my friends and I realize I sound like a dumbass talking to them but I can’t help it THEYRE SO CUTE

  • fuuturdean meredith (@fuuturdean) reported

    @DallonWeekes it’s okay. i’m 19 and i still don’t understand what half the people my age are saying, doing, or listening too. the other day, someone had to help figure out how to use snapchat. sometimes things don’t make since to me.

  • tianaamari18 Bad Bitch T (@tianaamari18) reported

    I'm about to delete snapchat. I havent been able to watch someone's stories in days. Nothing loads. It's been like this since it rained I am convinced the government is shutting down the internet or st

  • simsian Simran (@simsian) reported

    @Snapchat fix your app so it’s doesn’t look like iPhone XS Max users take their pics on a ******* calculator pls

  • oshunsveryown Keiara (@oshunsveryown) reported

    @hepbvrnn This was me! Even the Snapchat filters didn’t help me figure it out

  • _ellaax E L L A 🌙 (@_ellaax) reported

    Blocked someone on Snapchat like 3 years ago, he’s made 6 new snapchats since and I’ve blocked them all, today he’s made a 7th... wtf 😥 help

  • taylorksheriff TS (@taylorksheriff) reported

    One thing that brings my confidence down the most is when I’m clicking through snapchat and I see my reflection in my phone screen

  • VanityLeshae noʎ†ʞɔnɟ ♌︎ (@VanityLeshae) reported

    I’m watching all my videos on Snapchat from last year & low key Global was lit 😩 I did have like three different wrist bands tho so I guess that could help 😂😭

  • jenna_crowson Jenna Crowson (@jenna_crowson) reported

    @Lil_Doee You can report it on Snapchat and say you lost service and it will come back

  • idoheartfailure Ifixbrokenhrts (@idoheartfailure) reported

    @D_ManicHispanic Manic I’ve been stalking Snapchat!!!!! How did you get to her! Lol you’re so good. Well next time I’m on my period or fall down on the floor from my lupus attack I will make sure to remind myself it’s ok to insult an entire culture.

  • hazarkilxni هَزار (@hazarkilxni) reported

    @noufebanoffee Problem is that he has a huge following on Snapchat, regressive like him should not being given such platforms.

  • larsiboioioi Lars Aaby (@larsiboioioi) reported

    @snapchatsupport Have tried that also, alongside uninstalling and reinstalling, clearing data AND cache. When this problem occurred I was using the snapchat beta, and tried to uninstall and leave the beta and install the official version instead, and still struggling.

  • Jawnsky_ Jawnsky 🌤 (@Jawnsky_) reported

    @Snapchat you took away my snapstreak when I had sent multiple snaps/received in 24hrs!!! Help!

  • larsiboioioi Lars Aaby (@larsiboioioi) reported

    @snapchatsupport Snapchat is up to date, OS is up to date, switching connection does nothing except "loading" the snap, and then leaving me with the same issue.

  • kash20002 kash (@kash20002) reported

    @DrivingGuild Lyft is a worse IPO than snapchat. Transportation sector is down across the board for quite sometime.

  • jeffsmudde jeff 📷 emo (@jeffsmudde) reported

    Using your phone to record a few parts of the concert is okay (such as insta stoeis or snapchat) — but using your phone to record a large portion of the concert is disrespectful. Put ya dam phone down and experience it, but still show it off to your friends now and then.

  • kenzilynn12 kenzie nova meehan (@kenzilynn12) reported

    Remember everyone would have like 20-30 streaks on Snapchat what kind of glitch in the stimulation was that

  • chim_kimick Kim (@chim_kimick) reported

    All the Snapchat updates and they still can’t fix the zoom issue with the new iphones lol

  • aquelaerica erica (@aquelaerica) reported

    ***** u ugly something Snapchat can’t fix

  • Jayasberry Jay Asberry 💘💵 (@Jayasberry) reported

    If you hold down the Snapchat and the blue arrow doesn’t pop up it’s private there you go ladies 🙂

  • udhasss ⁿᵃᶦⁿᵃ™ (@udhasss) reported

    @snapchatsupport my mans has turned off his location and i want to know where he is but i dont want to request him for his location, can you pls help me and give me his current location without letting him know.

  • heartofmarais Rose ♡ COLD IN LA 97 (@heartofmarais) reported

    I love how I dropped my phone down the stairs just because of @LeviJones snapchat I don't know what to say about it

  • YxNG_GxD ÅLL HÅIL (@YxNG_GxD) reported

    @snapchatsupport so I updated and everytime I upload a video it just plays the 1st video multiple times. Yes I tried reconnecting to different Wi-Fi, Yes i restarted my device multiple times. Yes i logged out and logged in, yes I uninstalled and reinstalled, and still a problem.

  • _Valentina74_ Val🥂🎉 (@_Valentina74_) reported

    i will never understand people who post nearly a whole concert on their snapchat, if i wanted to see it i would have bought a ticket, like put your phone down and enjoy it

  • pinkslingshots J҉e҉l҉l҉y҉b҉e҉a҉n҉ (@pinkslingshots) reported

    @delicatetempest Jellybean🍬 is typing... Snapchat from jellybean🍬 {Please. We need all the help possible.}

  • LoomisEmm EmmLoomis (@LoomisEmm) reported

    Models out there! How are yall promoting your onlyfans off of snapchat cos im desperately looking for a way around this terrible app. Lol

  • AngryBritNurse Angry British Nurse (@AngryBritNurse) reported

    Public Service Announcement: When your age no longer starts with a "2" you are too old for Snapchat filters.

  • JusAire Keith Nelson Jr (@JusAire) reported

    @DontHateBeHated Snap just announced a new gaming service coming to Snapchat and their ad business is making moves. Snapchat could be in line for a 50% + increase by the end of the year

  • alexandranoelk Alexandra (@alexandranoelk) reported

    @TayluhBailey I can’t help it It’s like word vomit but Snapchat vomit

  • ikooko_official ikooko🐺 (@ikooko_official) reported

    @techinsider I don't quite buy that it's a case of "developer's laziness". There have been several third party apps i.e. Casper for Snapchat by @liamcottle, that have solved these issues.Instead of integrating these solutions, Snapchat served then a cease and desist and their solutions died.

  • dougiemcnulty7 Dougie McNulty (@dougiemcnulty7) reported

    getting snapchat memories of mantra warehouse last year , that should defs never have been shut down some gaf

  • e_s8er89 E. Skater (@e_s8er89) reported

    @hc_cruzzer @Mel_Cruz97 It's beginning to die down...moving more to snapchat now I believe

  • _ahmedabdi Ahmed Abdi (@_ahmedabdi) reported

    Snapchat needs to fix up. These ads need to **** off especially the one with the 2 guys kissing

  • MPWpoland Michael (@MPWpoland) reported

    I really feel depressed like hell. Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram. I don't care to talk to people. I just feel down and not needed But hey, that normal for me Add this all to my daily drama

  • GemmaGilsonn kid dynamite. (@GemmaGilsonn) reported

    @snapchatsupport my Snapchat account has been locked on a day I actually need it. Could not unlock it online. Please help.

  • 1of1Ari 1of1 💎 (@1of1Ari) reported

    Imagine talking to someone and everything is cool and then u wake up to messages on Snapchat from they ex 😐 like whyyyyyyy I already have trust issues and this just the beginning.... now I have anxiety

  • TherealMsL0ndon Ms London (@TherealMsL0ndon) reported

    Anybody who’s on Snapchat all day, obviously has never been stalked down by a super fan before. 😂 and you need to work harder. I can’t even filter my location.

  • grayxsondxlan J O S I E 🎗 (was dxlantxwins) (@grayxsondxlan) reported

    Guys help a guy just asked me out over Snapchat and then dipped WTAF 😂

  • afnaaaannnnnn99 Kayszerzach (@afnaaaannnnnn99) reported

    I installed Snapchat again, just for fun to play around with my mates and I found a video of him. If I was still a semester 1/2, I legit might've broken down watching it again..but it seems so far know..the pain plus the memories..

  • BbwNerdy NerdyNCurvyBBW (@BbwNerdy) reported

    @travis_boyland You’re in luck. Sign up for my premium Snapchat and we will fix that 💋

  • MadayGarcia_ Maday Garcia (@MadayGarcia_) reported

    I was scrolling through the “for you”section in Snapchat until I saw the thumbnail of a video of a dude with a giant assssss centipede on him, like literally the thing looked as big as my dog, and now I’m currently laying down with the lights on bc OMG! 😫😫😫😭