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Snapchat is a mobile app that allows users to send and receive "self-destructing" photos and videos. Photos and videos taken with the app are called snaps. The sender of a message is able to determine the period that a message can be viewed by setting a limit between one and ten seconds.

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  • MaeganChavez Maegan Chavez ⚽ (@MaeganChavez) reported

    @ImsuberG Contact snapchat support and tell them there was a glitch that wouldn't let you send a snap and they'll restore your streak. Did that for Nate and I once 💀

  • cassianlynne Cassian 🎄 (@cassianlynne) reported

    @amanda_stuff @clif_turner All I can think about kids having Snapchat is SHUT IT DOWN (and in my head I hear it specifically in Amanda’s voice, actually)

  • yessy__xo Yesennia (@yessy__xo) reported

    @GlambyCandy Yoo on her Snapchat “rant” she said “oh Maria brings her mans to help her out” PEROO Candy wants to bring her children into this, gross, sis think before you talk, what you said last night didn’t even make sense. Pero okay you do you honey 😂😚🤧 #candycloutchaser

  • sanamerijaan Garima (@sanamerijaan) reported

    @PujaMahajan14 Wo snapchat story ko they are saying it’s broken heart quotes lol she just posted a picture from I internet some fan would have written it

  • TheGreighCanary Daniel (@TheGreighCanary) reported

    @AeonLucid I’m having issues getting it to inject into Snapchat.

  • ForceBlash ForceBlash (@ForceBlash) reported

    @snapchatsupport just lost a ton of streaks that shouldn’t have been lost. Please fix :)

  • alyssaverwoert LYSS (@alyssaverwoert) reported

    just found out people still do streaks on snapchat.. i would rather get run over than talk to sumone every single day but that might b my commitment issues talkin

  • Stifluh StifleR (@Stifluh) reported

    @snapchatsupport please help me, my account was terminated for no reason over 10 days ago. my life is on there and i did nothing wrong i have sent emails but get no reply please

  • GiscomJr AJ GetsBuckets🏀😍 (@GiscomJr) reported

    @Snapchat I waited 24 hours to log back with the same password I used and still can’t login and I. Did like Customer support said u guy’s @snapchatsupport should have a phone number for people to speak with someone live

  • FalconWingFail Barnacle Bill (@FalconWingFail) reported

    Seeing more pics of dead bodies lining the streets in China. Friends w/ friends in Wuhan are telling me that social media posts are getting pulled down soon after they're posted. Snapchat videos are leaking out that don't support a 1% death rate. 1% is 10x higher than flu btw.

  • memecutions Eddie Smith (@memecutions) reported

    @ThatMumboJumbo Sounds like standart iPhone user problem with focus, try using snapchat and save photos to device works sometimes. 😅

  • Mkpanezai Mousawir khan (@Mkpanezai) reported

    Help me get some new snapchat people 😊

  • LaurenAlexa84 Lauren Dominick (@LaurenAlexa84) reported

    @JustTries_ I do still use Snapchat! I feel like it was really popular over two years ago and now it is dying down a bit

  • autumntowe a (@autumntowe) reported

    this boy made me mad I turned around and tried to fix the fact that he felt bad now he on Snapchat saying ******* toxic lmao 🥱

  • gaganuppal_12 Gagan uppal ❄️ (@gaganuppal_12) reported

    @snapchatsupport I accidentally lost my snaps I didn’t back them up can you fix it please

  • gaganuppal_12 Gagan uppal ❄️ (@gaganuppal_12) reported

    @Snapchat I accidentally lost my snaps I didn’t back up them can you fix them please

  • snipun753 Devil😈 (@snipun753) reported

    @MadhavSheth1 my Snapchat is not switching in dark mode in realme 3 pro help

  • __Cloudia Cloudia (@__Cloudia) reported

    Start-up idea: Slack but like Snapchat (Snapslack). Forces people to discuss issues face-to-face by design. Slogan: Snapslack: Avoid the next slack slap.

  • Lindsay4dice Linds (@Lindsay4dice) reported

    My Snapchat is not working with Abby it just says she opened my snap and didn’t reply then randomly the next day I get a snap from like 22 hours ago🙄🙄🙄

  • EllsanaDestiny Pre │ Ellsana 🌺 (@EllsanaDestiny) reported

    I tried eyeliner for the first time turned out absolutely terribly but I was proud ok. Like it could’ve been worse. It’s the tiny things that make me happy. Add me on Snapchat and hype me up for my terrible makeup ok ty 🥺

  • BooraArminder arminder (@BooraArminder) reported

    My Snapchat’s so dead that my best friends lists gone down to 5 😂💀

  • Ninjastoppel 𝙉𝙞𝙣𝙟𝙖𝙨𝙩𝙤𝙥𝙥𝙚𝙡 (@Ninjastoppel) reported

    my instagram and snapchat are all the way ****** up. both completely broken. ******* hell

  • UAEpro Mayed Abdulla 💻 🅙 (@UAEpro) reported

    @ryanwetwilly @snapchatsupport this is a problem I didn’t think about 😂

  • MegannThompson9 Megan Thompson (@MegannThompson9) reported

    So apparently cos this year is a leap year, that means Snapchat won’t show your memories from Saturday for four years and honestly that is not something I need to know, my behaviour is already out of order, never mind on Saturday when I won’t be reminded about it on snap, help me

  • Bl4Cc4t Bl4Cc4t (@Bl4Cc4t) reported

    @TheRealXauk I don’t see a problem with that. Onlyfans is just like Patreon. You get exclusive content and support people you like. I don’t use Snapchat myself and I don’t really get the concept behind not being able to save images/videos, so that platform is pretty pointless for pr0n imo.

  • sambradbury2 The Mandalorian (@sambradbury2) reported

    Heard a snippet of @m1llionz on Dave’s snapchat months ago and straight away I made sure my mates listened to him, told them 2020 he’s gonna blow and he’s not letting me down.

  • AmoahGabrielle Gabrielle💋 (@AmoahGabrielle) reported

    @Snapchat Can’t login !!!

  • oscargodson Oscar Godson (한글 학생) 🍌 (@oscargodson) reported

    I sure would love .9% of Spotify, Snapchat, Google, Dominos... List goes on. I owned less than a percent at Simple and I made enough from that to put a down payment on my home and start a company. Sounds more like an excuse to not share ownership with employees reading this.

  • koolhakine snapchat superstar (@koolhakine) reported

    @snapchatsupport please help me right now I’m not myself my life is ruined

  • BitchLewd ♡That Lewd Bitch♡ (@BitchLewd) reported

    It's payday and your cute high seller is feeling down Someone buy some content, my Dropbox is currently going at $21 (£15) My Snapchat is going for $20 lifetime I'm also selling nudes, videos etc ALSO ITS BUY ONE GET ONE FREE So hurry and cheer me up

  • 6abygvrl S🥀 (@6abygvrl) reported

    if u think not being able to edit tweets is bad, I’ve had to remove at LEAST 5 snapchat stories this WEEK because of typos/misspellings. truly first world problems

  • Dana_0079 دانه العُمَري..🖤 (@Dana_0079) reported

    @snapchatsupport I have a problem with snap not accepting add -one and not adding add ons

  • _geckoh_ Geckoh 🦎 (@_geckoh_) reported

    SALE!!! SALE!!! SALE!!! my 2 year anniversary is approaching, im having a sale on my snapchat. $12 for the month of march! or 2 months for $18 all content saved to snap DMs. dont miss this sale and help me celebrate my 2nd NSFW anniversary 🥰🤪

  • cypriot_mus cypriotmus (@cypriot_mus) reported

    @snapchatsupport snapchat fix the issue with thr iphone xs max camera on snapchat l. Its too zoomed in been like this for months now. I don’t use snapchat no more for this reason

  • tel_ryder tel ryder (@tel_ryder) reported

    @snapchatsupport helloo. it says there’s still something on my story after i deleted it. please fix.

  • Jackie_Sosa19 Jacqueline (@Jackie_Sosa19) reported

    Listen yall I have terrible memory so if you want to hold an actual meaningful conversation with me you’re going to have to text me and not Snapchat me.

  • marrow_tia Tia Marrow (@marrow_tia) reported

    @karina_ryan4eva @Steph94M @butterflyangie4 @BramtyJuliette Watch Maria’s Snapchat story because she explained the whole thing. Apparently Candy was the one who was upset about the whole room, because someone was smoking in it, & she wanted to leave, so Maria offered to leave with them but ended up dealing with the room issue herself.

  • DaddyVert24 DaWorst 🦥 (@DaddyVert24) reported

    @Snapchat fix the bug!!! Whole time I thought it was my phone but the videos don’t start right away!!!! They freeze!! 🥶

  • jo_alexandrei Jsh Alxndr Sumaoang (@jo_alexandrei) reported

    @jvlxvx Hunny, snapchat support can't even help me

  • jo_alexandrei Jsh Alxndr Sumaoang (@jo_alexandrei) reported

    I can't motha fcking sign in on my snap. @Snapchat please help

  • AceonHopkins27 ACE🖤 (@AceonHopkins27) reported

    Exposed myself on Snapchat the other day really help me 😂

  • rileysklo riley 🌻 (@rileysklo) reported

    @Corona_stan_ the real problem is you leave everyone on delivered when it comes to snapchat

  • codygaszak918 Cody (@codygaszak918) reported from Woodcrest, California

    Im over seeing this ugly ass Javelin on my snapchat. I love javs but this thing is terrible

  • immersedlaugh Anonymity v1.1 (@immersedlaugh) reported

    Snapchat telling you when someone is typing is the stupidest notification. Hands down/the ******* stupidest.

  • almondbimasakti babydoll (@almondbimasakti) reported

    my spotify and my snapchat is not working istg bodo la can this day get any worse

  • boo7732 dLJ (@boo7732) reported

    @snapchatsupport help me my account has been hacked

  • boo7732 dLJ (@boo7732) reported

    @Snapchat I need ur help I been hacked liza78

  • Areliloccs Areli (@Areliloccs) reported

    @_mariaestella_ Everything is going down on Snapchat rn!!!

  • TJNovak TJ Novak (@TJNovak) reported

    @Ellie_Idol @iWantClips Not sure if I still have a Snapchat login.

  • DavidWaskiewic1 David Waskiewicz (@DavidWaskiewic1) reported

    Im really trying to draw connections between Snapchat & Tik Tok to academics and academic writing. I get both could be useful at times but I feel like majority of the writing within each space is not necessarily “academic.” Maybe Im wrong but hopefully someone can help!#engl318mu

  • nohelysaldana20 Nohelymorenosaldana (@nohelysaldana20) reported

    @snapchatsupport is there any way I can get my old account back because I forgot my email to reset my password I can not reset my password with my phone number because it says it's a error please help me!!!!

  • jmuniz__ la jasmen (@jmuniz__) reported

    Snapchat gotta fix its Shazam feature already 🙄😤

  • jodieegrace jodie (@jodieegrace) reported

    I can’t believe the solution to all of my problems with dating emotionally unavailable men who hurt me was to just date a guy who doesn’t have a snapchat

  • samiragif make his pockets hurt (@samiragif) reported

    Nothing triggers me more than my Snapchat memories. Even if it makes me wanna curl up in a ball n cry I can't help but not watch it.

  • TerraGravity TerraGravity (@TerraGravity) reported

    If anyone is interested in what actually happens in Syria, get out your Snapchat map and go look at what's posted in the area of Idlib. Shit is going down.

  • jadeelunaaa Jade lunaa (@jadeelunaaa) reported

    @snapchatsupport Tried everything still not working

  • saucyfellowmols mols thomas vs the world (@saucyfellowmols) reported

    update i got left on read and our 12 day snapchat streak was broken

  • msk2marra Marra 🤩 (@msk2marra) reported

    @Snapchat fix the glitches 😔 y’all deleted a damn gem smh

  • tacosdecanasta_ LongLiveX🖤 (@tacosdecanasta_) reported

    Snapchat is down againnn

  • rondog5 Nick (@rondog5) reported from Ballarat North, State of Victoria

    @MarioLuigi1400 @snapchatsupport Same problem for me