Is Star Wars Battlefront 2 down?

Star Wars Battlefront II is an action shooter video game based on the Star Wars film franchise from 2017. It is the fourth major installment of the Star Wars: Battlefront series and seventh overall, and a sequel to the 2015 reboot of the series. Available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows.

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Most Reported Problems:

  • Online Play (50.26%)
  • Matchmaking (36.92%)
  • Sign in (8.72%)
  • Game Crash (3.08%)
  • Glitches (1.03%)

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  • DarkAlphaKnight Michael (@DarkAlphaKnight) reported

    @EAStarWars It's not working

  • TheScoobyDoom 💀Doom of The #NerdBlitz🃏 (@TheScoobyDoom) reported

    @EAStarWars I've been a huge supporter of this game for over a year, but you guys have got to fix the matchmaking. This is nuts.

  • EDomjahn Eric Domjahn (@EDomjahn) reported

    @EAStarWars Wow yet another event i wont be able to do due to the same matchmaking issues that have been going on for months in Australia. So @EAStarWars When are you going to fix these issues so i can actually play a game mode that isn't galactic assault. Please Fix This Issue

  • Jandro_Gaming Jandro_Gaming (@Jandro_Gaming) reported

    @EAStarWars Please fix the vanguard because there are instances when I shoot someone with it and they don't even take any damage.

  • MegafanNba Lonzo is a Bust (@MegafanNba) reported

    @EAStarWars @icysolez23 It always takes these clowns a month to fix their garbage apparently they’ve never heard of hotfixes

  • Mikeikex90 Mike (@Mikeikex90) reported

    @Injustice2Go You and @EAStarWars both must be siblings. Both of you do not know how to run a game, ignore the community, and think of ways to ONLY bring more money to yourselves! Fix the damn game already.

  • James51996 James (@James51996) reported

    @EAStarWars Triple xp is still not working in hero mode!

  • nba87 TaReK J FCB (@nba87) reported

    @EAStarWars Couldnt find a match for an hour. Pls fix the servers

  • iLaNiS78 iLaNiS (@iLaNiS78) reported

    @SouthernBassist @EAStarWars @icysolez23 i have the problem too.(PC)

  • TheOncleGeorges Oncle Georges (@TheOncleGeorges) reported

    @EAStarWars Triple xp not working on hero starfighters on ps4

  • BK_Fisher12 Brandon Fisher (@BK_Fisher12) reported

    @EAStarWars Can you please please fix collision detection! It makes starfighters so frustrating to play!

  • VulptexFollower J.R. Howlett🦉(GT: KnightoftheOwls)🦉 (@VulptexFollower) reported

    @GalaxyOfHeroes1 @SickSaiyan @EAStarWars I don’t get this person’s problem other than playing on normal speed. I didn’t see any “Hack”

  • geegee01925 Grant (@geegee01925) reported

    @EAStarWars fix that stupid ******* over powered specialist melee !!!!! #whatsthepointinevenplaying #battlefront2

  • Ryan_Ralosky Ryan T. Ralosky (@Ryan_Ralosky) reported

    @Spidercolt @EAStarWars @Disney @EA Exactly. At release, it was a broken game with half of the content promised. Then they take 2 YEARS to release NEW content for it. Lol ridiculous. Its a fun game now, yes. I agree completely bro, strip them of the license! Give it to @RockstarGames @Disney @EAStarWars

  • instain_mother マクロス instain mother (@instain_mother) reported

    @EAStarWars @EA_DICE When are you going to do something to fix team balancing. I come in first and lose virtually every match because of whatever algorithm you use to build teams between matches

  • Bigjamesstorey BigjamesStorey (@Bigjamesstorey) reported

    @EAStarWars @EA_DICE there are glitches in the game, it’s lagging really bad when I was playing GA on tattoine

  • PurplePedialyte Cody (@PurplePedialyte) reported

    @EAStarWars please fix disappearing crosshairs with dc15 le. Sometimes shows up as circle, sometimes shows up as crosshairs, both disappear when zooming in.

  • daltonsantos717 Dalton (@daltonsantos717) reported

    @EAStarWars Can u guys pls fix the issue w lightsaber heroes whenever they cannot block... it’s really irritating and frustrating when ur holding the block button and they don’t react to it.. ruins my killstreaks

  • Tokyo187 James Williams (@Tokyo187) reported

    @Mr_TGR @XboxSupport @EAStarWars Error message trying contact to bop4 and nothing happens on @EAStarWars battlefront 2 just load screen with profile select but gets stuck

  • Tokyo187 James Williams (@Tokyo187) reported

    @XboxSupport @EAStarWars My battlefront II won’t load stuck at sign in screen.. digital copy of game and was working last night Help!!

  • KCheddah Karl (@KCheddah) reported

    @EAStarWars Fix Obi Wan. He’s the only force user where his powers can’t be used unless he’s been standing still for 5 seconds. Everyone else works no matter what.

  • nigel_forshaw Nigel Forshaw (@nigel_forshaw) reported

    @rubberduckedup @EA_DICE @EAStarWars @XboxSupport @Xbox @StarWarsUK Yes there was a service issue. I was referring to your "live has been somewhat shakey of late" statement.

  • nigel_forshaw Nigel Forshaw (@nigel_forshaw) reported

    @rubberduckedup @EA_DICE @EAStarWars @XboxSupport @Xbox @StarWarsUK I would ask your ISP for a line check, takes at least 24 hours and will show any drops in service or their equipment failures. My connection via BT is rock solid.

  • ItsPeaches95 Mistopher Christopher (@ItsPeaches95) reported

    @EAStarWars fix your broken game already.

  • Scotty0015 Scott Debusschere (@Scotty0015) reported

    Wow @EAStarWars yet again needs to fix the game. Been getting more than3 kills per game for their challenge blaster brain and only have 2 kills counted makes me want to keep playing this terrible broken game

  • ItsSaltyGinger Salty Ginger (@ItsSaltyGinger) reported

    Hey servers are down in east US region seeing reports in comments as well. @EAStarWars @BenWalke error code 1,017

  • IlluminatiBest Keenan (@IlluminatiBest) reported

    @rubberduckedup @Xbox @EA_DICE @EAStarWars @XboxSupport Same for me error code 1,017

  • rubberduckedup Rubberduckedup (@rubberduckedup) reported

    @Xbox @EA_DICE @EAStarWars @XboxSupport ok so who broken it this time #xboxlive #broken #awful #battlefront2

  • zforzeddd Zedd (@zforzeddd) reported

    @EAStarWars can you please explain why I keep getting “Error code 1,017” every time I try and load into a game. It also says that my friends are offline And seen as it is 3x XP it is quite infuriating. -Thanks

  • CCizzle25 Christian (@CCizzle25) reported

    @BenWalke @EAHelp @EAStarWars help! Out of nowhere battlefront won’t match make! ERROR Code: 1017. I restarted the game, restarted my Xbox. No luck.

  • CoZEProductions CoZe Studios (@CoZEProductions) reported

    @EAStarWars Playing triple points weekend on #xboxonex and getting error 1017. Can’t play! Missing out on bonus points!!!!!!

  • ImperialAce1985 Ed J. (@ImperialAce1985) reported

    @ArthurT53184671 @T0Biest @EAStarWars Considering the spike in playerbase (250k on PC alone) I think the game should be supported for many years before the license expires in 2023. Can't imagine how big the game will be if content arrives past the service life.

  • PatHealey007 R u Kidding Me? (@PatHealey007) reported

    @EAStarWars Can you douchebags fix the ******* lopsided HvV matchmaking

  • EDomjahn Eric Domjahn (@EDomjahn) reported

    @EAStarWars This is yet another event i would love to participate in yet cant as it seems the connection and matchmaking issues for Australians still Have not been fixed so @EAStarWars Please can you fix these issue that have been going on for months now. Thankyou

  • JeffFolken1 Jeff Folken (@JeffFolken1) reported

    @ssccoottttyyy @NI_Kogaz46 @EAStarWars No problem with Clone Wars heroes from the movies--Padme, Mace, Ki Adi Mundi, Kit Fisto, Jango, + I guess you could throw in the Separatist leaders as heroes to balance all the Jedi out. Never cared for or watched the Clone Wars cartoon, so heroes like Ashoka mean nothing to me.

  • n_pimms Nicolas (@n_pimms) reported

    @EAStarWars are the servers down cant get online and play on both SW battlefronts.

  • NHLDuckCharlie Charlie (@NHLDuckCharlie) reported

    @EAStarWars Fix heroes and villains !!!!!!!!! Geez

  • chadkerychuk Chad Kerychuk (@chadkerychuk) reported

    Played @EAStarWars #BattlefrontII on @XboxCanada One for 1st time since moving in May. After multiple, slow updates, I get 2495 error after Heroes. ‘Sorry, We couldn’t grant your reward...’ - @EA_DICE really needs to bugfix! Also, onscreen type is still way too small! #StarWars

  • ImperialAce1985 Ed J. (@ImperialAce1985) reported

    @BicMitchum969 @EAStarWars You suggested a good idea to stop churning content and concentrate on fixing gameplay core issues because there's many and my love for this game vanishes everyday.

  • JimRacer_77 Jim, when the walls fell. (@JimRacer_77) reported

    @lukedog501 @louietheskater @EAStarWars Exactly … I have no problem finding a full match on PC

  • ImperialAce1985 Ed J. (@ImperialAce1985) reported

    @EAStarWars Bug fixes, broken lightsaber mechanics, AT-ST unnecessary weapons nerf, AT-TE broken motion animation, Obi-Wan sound bug, ion turrets firing for long distances, flight ceiling problems for pilots, Yoda broken health cards...Time to put these CW on hold until the fixes are done.

  • Odinsonmp3 Odinsxn.mp4 (@Odinsonmp3) reported

    @EAStarWars Fix bugs

  • throwaw99550068 Señor Droolcup (@throwaw99550068) reported

    @Cipote_Verde @EAStarWars They have a team dedicated to providing support for this game thru 2019. It is not even close to being dead. I’m on Xbox and have no issues finding matches, on any game mode. Please stop spreading misinformation and gather reliable resources before to making these claims. (2/2)

  • knockemdead27 devon (@knockemdead27) reported

    @EAStarWars @EA Why cant I sign in to EA servers on ps4 and on star wars

  • htwn23 J🦁 (@htwn23) reported

    @EAStarWars it’s sad cause your game is still broken 🙃

  • Eeni_Thesian Eeni Thesian (@Eeni_Thesian) reported

    @EAStarWars Can we stop with all these events and fix the damn bugs. If nothing is fixed then Dooku will be as Buggy and Obi-Wan

  • ChiwiF1 Chiwi (@ChiwiF1) reported

    @EAStarWars This event is shit cause you didnt add more levels since the launch of the game :). AND FIX THE ******* BOBA FLYING ALL THE TIME ON THE MAP OF YAVIN IN HvsV

  • DeamunBrimstone Deamun Brimstone (@DeamunBrimstone) reported

    Wauw Star Wars Battlefront 2 is now a complete trash game, all game modes are broken and the same goes for the hero and villain characters... Why bother to make dlc if you dont fix your game @EAStarWars @EA_DICE #brokengame

  • CoolerGuyJohn 𝕁𝕠𝕙𝕟 (@CoolerGuyJohn) reported

    @EAStarWars you're breaking my heart with how unbalanced and broken the heroes and villains are in Battlefront 2

  • Free_Walker1 Will Long III (@Free_Walker1) reported

    @TyTyger626 @KontrolFreek @EAStarWars Any answer given to the question that is not the correct answer to the question is wrong. Silence is wrong. "I don't know" is a concession to being wrong. Only emotion makes the issue gray, but correct & incorrect are black & white.

  • JamesPyett James Pyett (@JamesPyett) reported

    @EAStarWars on battlefront 2 I am never the villains on heros vs villains. So much for the name it should just be called heros. Plz fix

  • gamernerd210 Mason Hall210 (@gamernerd210) reported

    @EAStarWars fix stun locks from lightsaber hero’s,ty

  • Toomadtoplay1 Toomadtoplay (@Toomadtoplay1) reported

    @CloneCommando74 @EAStarWars wow, scraping bottom of barrel for issues

  • AAckbar131 AdmiralAckbar131 (@AAckbar131) reported

    @EAStarWars This one hit melle for specialist is ****** bull shit. The fact that you can pop a shield and run at someone with full health is just stupid. You need to fix that now cause it makes the game not fun at all.

  • ClintonSThomas Clinton S. Thomas, Th.D. ✏️ (@ClintonSThomas) reported

    Okay fifth time kicked is the charm- I’m done- thanks for no time to unwind - now fix your dumb servers @EAStarWars @EASPORTS

  • arts_stark Not A Muggle (@arts_stark) reported

    @BenWalke @EAStarWars @theStarWarsHQ in Battlefront 2, if Obi Wan and Boba fett are both on the field, Obi Wan calls him a mandalorian, Boba isn't Mandalorian. Is this an error or something we haven't come across yet in the lore.

  • JamesLHardenIII James L. Harden III (@JamesLHardenIII) reported

    @EAStarWars Fix Yoda’s Unleashed ability! It doesn’t work a whopping 80% of the time!!!

  • DarthHamilton Darth Hamilton (@DarthHamilton) reported

    @EAStarWars I've had this bug since the game was first released, that hasn't been allowing me to access crates, do any timed challenges and only lets me purchase heroes at random times. I was womdering if there was anything that could help me get rid of this problem.

  • Thorbyhealer Buddha (@Thorbyhealer) reported

    @EAStarWars on Yavin 4 - The Great Temple I've been noticing players glitching into a specific part of the temple where other players can't get in and kill them this is a issue for Heroes Vs Villains considering how there are specific players you have to kill please fix this

  • malle_victor Victor Lalle (@malle_victor) reported

    @EAStarWars fix ur game