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TikTok is a video-sharing social networking service owned by ByteDance, a Beijing-based company founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming. It is used to create short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos.

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February 25: Problems at TikTok

TikTok is having issues since 01:00 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • A_Gon007 Antonio 🚀 (@A_Gon007) reported

    Dude I saw a tiktok where it was like “ when you see a little boy and you realize how hot he’s gonna be when he gets older” or some shit and people have no problem with that

  • whitfiiieeld tyler (@whitfiiieeld) reported

    I downloaded tiktok to annoy B and get her off of it. I think it’s working

  • TianaKnows RIP Roofadoof (@TianaKnows) reported

    Adam could make the best “I’m working *****” tiktok about me bothering him all day except he hates tiktok

  • OrlandoBrant Orlando Brant (@OrlandoBrant) reported

    Instagram thots really be on TikTok saying "I'm a bad ***** lmaooooooo." No dumbass, you're not a bad ***** , you're some spoiled brat with daddy issues and unpaid college tuition.

  • mxgxlclt joe mama (@mxgxlclt) reported

    @AppValley_vip TikTok is not working

  • mssrfcali Stephanie (@mssrfcali) reported

    @danicamckellar @tiktok I’m not on it & won’t be. Everyone just seems to get on the latest fad. Seems more for millennials & kids. Also I read they have security issues with the app. No thanks.

  • mfn1124 FN (@mfn1124) reported

    @butterclaws @theadrianangel @ElyzabethCV @raniajunee @sadsephardi @palomitamalita @bundlebottom @Almighty_elias_ ROSA is a CHARACTER. THIS IS HOW TIKTOK WORKS! Like wtf y’all there’s real problems out there and you’re getting your ******* in a bunch over a Snapchat he made referencing a tiktok. GET OVER YOURSELVES AND MOVE ******** ON AND QUIT YOUR CRYING

  • sapphicIyonne cameron ⚢ (@sapphicIyonne) reported

    @thesharpestgays I literally try and make tiktoks like that every other day its a problem JDBDKJSJS i have to accept that being a famous tiktok ******* isnt my fate!

  • MalachiLui station to station is the proto-yeezus (@MalachiLui) reported

    annoying tiktok girls in my class telling each other they should listen to 'the slow rush.' i'm not gonna comment in person but yall know what i think of that utterly boring hour of generic rich coachella kid music.

  • alrightel f m el xx (@alrightel) reported

    thinking about that tiktok where it goes ‘if i killed myself then technically.... technically the problem would go away’

  • bertha729 Bertha 🇭🇳 (@bertha729) reported

    I don’t like him but he’s literally just mimicking a tiktok so what’s the real issue

  • PeachyTChal Little Women (2019) (@PeachyTChal) reported

    I would like to issue a cease and desist to that guy on tiktok who thinks he looks like Timothée

  • RohitRaja__04 RohitRaja_04 (@RohitRaja__04) reported from Mumbai Suburban, State of Mahārāshtra

    Dear tiktok team my followers has been low. you solve my problem otherwise I will complain on tictok team. my user name @Rohitraja_04 please give me repli dear tiktok team @tiktok_us

  • _Gutierrez14 D🦋 (@_Gutierrez14) reported

    Work has been so slow today 🙄 I’ve just been watching TikTok videos all day lol

  • SunnyLeaAngst shunny. (@SunnyLeaAngst) reported

    i watch so much tiktok that it might be becoming a problem........

  • spideyholland_x Don’t shout at Tom Holland (@spideyholland_x) reported

    @agavedelacalle I dont get what the problem is, hundreds of people do this on TikTok, yall just wanna keep hating on James... im not a huge fan of him but yall are obsessed

  • miss___tintin zikomo (@miss___tintin) reported

    so today i thought i lost my coursework that i have really been working really hard on (deadline is also fast approaching)so here i was panicking sitting next to my “friend”, i tell her what’s going on and sis was NOT phased. she proceeds to show me tiktok videos from her phone.

  • julesmaysmith Jules (@julesmaysmith) reported

    I say just ban TikTok forever and ever amen. There I fixed the problem of stealing content.

  • itscxroline caroline 👼🏼 (@itscxroline) reported

    the answer to your problems is tiktok

  • lulu_lipstick lipstick lulu (@lulu_lipstick) reported

    @jakesoflyy @bIondiewasabi Its not a straight or gay issue, gay couples adopt all the time you just have to be in a committed enough relationship. Plus ive seen gay people do this tiktok trend. Its just people in general are all equally ******.

  • NovaMusicCovers NovaMC (@NovaMusicCovers) reported

    Update on @DAGamesOfficial TikTok issue. The user impersonating DAGames has taken the account down after some convincing. So as of now Will is scot free of this issue 😊. (P.S. The user has already apologised for the issue, keeping in mind that impersonating is never ok) #lol

  • chloechmaxwell chloe (@chloechmaxwell) reported

    being sad = tiktok to fix it

  • sydvixious_ S/Y/D/N/E/E (@sydvixious_) reported

    whenever someone emails me about something else when i’m trying to finish something they already asked me to do, i can only think of the “i’m working *****” tiktok audio lmao

  • cyanidebassface Destiny⚢ ♑🔜Jauz🔜Excision Day 2 (@cyanidebassface) reported

    @brainwxrms Download tiktok, easy fix

  • levantguy رجا 🇵🇸 ‏ܪܵܓ̰ܐ (@levantguy) reported

    Dude on tiktok they be disrupting Palestinian pride chains and saying “where my Jews at let’s fix this” whilst they dance to ******* Arabic music lmao.

  • love_pyscho LovePsycho (@love_pyscho) reported

    That issue is named Jalaiah Harmon; she is the fourteen-year-old creator of the Renegade who has yet to see a dime Baby Ariel Stole the Dance did it on TikTok, and now she has a net worth of 1 million dollars.

  • katiebergl katie bergl (@katiebergl) reported

    things i’m currently blaming on mercury in retrograde: 🔘me convincing myself that nobody likes me 🔘my computer working slow despite the 91 tabs i have open 🔘the feeling of my brain melting inside my head 🔘my tiktok videos not going viral 🔘any small minor inconvenience

  • wartwinks John 🍃STREAM CAPE GOD🍃 (@wartwinks) reported

    Someone on TikTok said I looked like James Acaster and anyway any body image issues I may have had are now cured

  • ardah_dana Dana ardah (@ardah_dana) reported

    @saadqatawneh Still trying to figure out what’s the problem in this tiktok w don’t you think enak zawadetha shway like trust me wla 7ad jabrak t7ebhom bs kaman no need to post it on twitter and express your hatred towards them

  • BrookeBarret Brooke Barret (@BrookeBarret) reported

    Y’all have GOT to stop this and mid your own business. cancel culture SUCKS. Have your issues w/ him WHATEVER but this video is LITERALLY A TIKTOK. He is LITERALLY JUST REMAKING A TIKTOK WORD FOR WORD. VERBATUM. OH MY GOSH STOP TRYING TO BRING OTHER PEOPLE DOWN EVEN IF THEY SUCK.

  • jordannmckynzie GLOCK!ANA 🦋 (@jordannmckynzie) reported

    i got a tiktok problem 🥴 im finna learn all the dances bye

  • rjd989 Rae (@rjd989) reported

    Someone on tiktok with a female service dog please make a video using that working ***** audio, in tbe situation of people asking to pet her.

  • sister_insight Sister Insight (@sister_insight) reported

    @JeffreyTowson Actually they’ll both be shut down in the west due to NS concerns. ..can’t have a CIA operator’s daughter/son making videos on tiktok 2000 Interviews haven’t changed the fact that Huawei is a CCP organization, can’t be trusted, non transparent, and liars.. Problems porblems

  • mutablerising 🪐 (@mutablerising) reported

    working in fast food + tiktok have destroyed the rest of attention span i had left... and i did not have much

  • stfuduff big man becky (@stfuduff) reported

    does still the one ever sound far too slow to anyone since it's been on tiktok

  • robinchachacha naebor (@robinchachacha) reported

    ******* be on tiktok 25/8 to distract them from their own problems. i am *******.

  • reigndowwn abby 🌺 74 • 120 • 128 • 143 (@reigndowwn) reported

    tw suicide lol remember that tiktok sound that was like “if i kill myself then technically the problem will be solved”...yeah that stuff’s hittin me in the feels right about now


    i’m trying to be a tiktok queen it’s not working

  • 7fineline 𝒌𝒆𝒆𝒏.⁷ (@7fineline) reported

    my cousin knew tbsl from tiktok.... damn the promo on that app be working doe

  • kikicruor kiki cruor ☾ oct 21 ♀️♎ (@kikicruor) reported

    after i fix my computer this weekend i'll be uploading speed paints to instagram, tiktok, here, and full versions to my patreon! sorry for the wait, i can't do anything with a faulty computer 😬

  • saltybaekhyunie Scarlet⁷ IS ON (@saltybaekhyunie) reported


  • whoa_its_niko Niko (@whoa_its_niko) reported

    these dads on tiktok really show me just how bad my daddy issues are yikes

  • syuhadaadrs Syu (@syuhadaadrs) reported

    The boys criticised my tiktok while they posted their slow mo tiktok girls vids 🙄 ur girl aint that pretty. Same level as me meh

  • marrisa_evans Marrisa (@marrisa_evans) reported

    @Bifrozt @organicplays_ I feel that you have issues with the ol tiktok...

  • gomikaitie kaitie (@gomikaitie) reported

    @Troyyxy He’s just doing a TikTok reference I don’t get the issue here.

  • al3xanderdyke alexandyke (@al3xanderdyke) reported

    Imagine working in a garage and you're taking the plug out of the bottom of an oil pan and your mate goes "wait let me tiktok it"

  • eastononi_yt Easton🤟 (@eastononi_yt) reported

    Things I plan on working on in the next two-three weeks -Instagram return -YouTube return -Podcast return -MineRifts Reunion Announcement -Mystery gaming video -TikTok -Byte -@no_context_mike

  • isaacnath_xin 𝐻𝑒𝑟𝑚𝑖𝑡 𝑐𝑟𝑎𝑏 (@isaacnath_xin) reported

    omg twitter messed the audio up but it's ok the point of the vid isn't that, ifff (self promotion upcoming) you want to see the vid without the audio problem follow my tiktok hehe

  • isaacnath_xin 𝐻𝑒𝑟𝑚𝑖𝑡 𝑐𝑟𝑎𝑏 (@isaacnath_xin) reported

    omg twitter messed the audio up but is ok the point of the vid isn't that, ifff (self promotion upcoming) you want to see the vid without the audio problem follow my tiktok hehe

  • paradisechae bridget (@paradisechae) reported

    im trying to make a thread of pretty tiktok girls but twt is so slow at uploading videos so its gonna take some time 😔✋

  • maxxloveridge M4X LxV3R1DG3 (@maxxloveridge) reported

    @tiktok_uk my account was just permanently banned for no reason.bplease fix this ASAP. This is a 90k follower platform please help #tiktok

  • kkayleighxx21 kayleigh (@kkayleighxx21) reported

    Never in my life has sleeping been a problem for me. i can sleep/stay in bed all day and then watch tiktok all night like it’s no problem.

  • DeenaKhadeeja Oblivy (@DeenaKhadeeja) reported

    Am I the only one who doesn't care about being a tiktok star bcs we're all going to die due to climate change bcs none of these ******* are going to fix that anyway.... Iykyk😂😂😂

  • cristina_lee_ Cristina Marvelli (@cristina_lee_) reported

    @CNN If you work for TSA and this TikTok thing is an issue for you, then find employment elsewhere. Chinese are huge thieves on many levels, technology, fashion label knockoffs, hacking. So no, don't give them access to a Federal Agency.

  • Ms_A_New P. Panther🏁 (@Ms_A_New) reported

    I have no problem dropping both of you. Tiktok and Amazon Prime will quickly become safe spaces

  • rvchelll 贾利什 (@rvchelll) reported

    haZysh I can't even post a TikTok na I like becuz I know people hnnnng issue nasad

  • adibfazzz CEO of ugliness (@adibfazzz) reported

    @mairarosss urghhh theres nothing wrong pun main tiktok buT SHE NEEDS TO CARE ABT THE CURRENT ISSUE AND BE WORRIED FOR OUR COUNTRY. At least show some respect and patriotisme. uncultered swine.

  • poobadazz_ ..ayanaaa💘 (@poobadazz_) reported

    im really up tryna learn slow all these damn tiktok dances 😂😂

  • savanasavage36 🎃SavanaSavage36🎃👑 (@savanasavage36) reported

    So I'm on #TikTok and there's this female who backs up Male's. Its clear as day this ***** has daddy issue's and clearly hates her mother and resents her. She has trauma no **** and no vagina can fix lmfaoo she clearly needs to mentally heal💯

  • carleywaitee carleyb (@carleywaitee) reported

    Tiktok, whatever is going on with my fyp where all these people from my area are popping up.... fix it. I do not wanna see these weirdos.