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TikTok is a video-sharing social networking service owned by ByteDance, a Beijing-based company founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming. It is used to create short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos.

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January 19: Problems at TikTok

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  • diniarts diniar (@diniarts) reported

    Oh no im addicted to tiktok this is serious problem.

  • mariyam_ahmedd ‎ m (@mariyam_ahmedd) reported

    Tiktok is the reason why I cant fix my sleeping schedule

  • TheReve48125749 The Revenger (@TheReve48125749) reported

    @GoldballFN @FortniteGame @tiktok_us I made one tho, problem is. i cant film it because i dont have tiktok

  • ripkryx kryx (@ripkryx) reported

    @FortniteGame @tiktok_us Stop worrying about tiktok and fix ur game


    ok i used to wonder why does a group named "magcon" even exists but now i just miss their era... me being so young and me having no major problems and the legendary vine pls bring it back **** tiktok

  • dumbassfknbitch barcode (@dumbassfknbitch) reported

    if tiktok tells me one more mf time to “slow down” and that i’m “tapping too fast” istg i will open the gates of hell

  • Dvekmr Dave Kumar ❁ (@Dvekmr) reported

    Tiktok hearts and fans both not working @ViptoolsStatus please update it ASAP

  • supswaggysarah $arah (@supswaggysarah) reported

    ever since i linked my ig to tiktok, i’ve been more active on ig as expected, but now i’m facing an issue where i’m insecure bc i feel like i’m expected to post pics on ig but i haven’t had any ig worthy pics since college started -

  • itssynecdoche Tamanna 🏳️‍🌈 (@itssynecdoche) reported

    Jio internet hasn't been working since yesterday. I am so dependent on WiFi. Haven't been able to spend any time on TikTok this weekend.

  • imsuperbored16 Josh Mattoon (@imsuperbored16) reported

    You know it’s become a problem when you start speaking fluent TikTok

  • meegwelito Miguel (@meegwelito) reported

    my tiktok app is broken, i’m sad.🥺 i had about 100 drafts too 😔

  • cheolfrappe 💐 (@cheolfrappe) reported

    i care about zico, the softhearted artist that he is. imagine being him, working your ass off to release a bombass song and creating a tiktok challenge, eventually going viral, only to see such a headline, MAN that must've suck

  • RozehnalMd Resus Cric Superstar (@RozehnalMd) reported

    Was worried I hadn't thought hard enough about the issues to wade into Big Medical TikTok Debate, but here the actual BBC didn't notice that the one with "when you give us a stool sample, we all LAUGH at how your smelly poop smells like a butt" was satire.

  • myMaEeverything [합작모집중] Ma-E / 김마이 / マイ (@myMaEeverything) reported

    I caused an electricity outage in my entire house by watching too much tiktok and now I don't have wifi

  • DiscoverManisha M A N I S H A (@DiscoverManisha) reported

    @Vijju40304340 @krownnist @free_thinker There's no DEEPER MEANING needed. It's just wrong to to present that as favourite look in tiktok... its just wrong. There's nothing to go deep about BEAUTY.. Problem is with THE MENTION, not the intention

  • groonk Hubert Motley, Jr in 2020🎉🥂🥳 (@groonk) reported

    @scottEweinberg Hm. I'm getting most of my comedy from TikTok now. But The Try Guys have their moments. It's weird. A lot of the comedy channels I followed either started working in Hollywood and so had to stop YouTube or they just stopped for no reason.

  • ConnorPL96 Connor Leslie (@ConnorPL96) reported

    TikTok is becoming a problem

  • chicacoldplay Partícula naranja (@chicacoldplay) reported

    @pakejatton @longneckedbeck Nah, I doubt that's true. Tiktokers love to say "I got expelled for doing this, don't let it flop" and stuff like that. They "always" get in problem because they did a tiktok so you "have" to like it. 🙄

  • fluffyoce fluffy (@fluffyoce) reported

    game decides not to give me audio 2nd game mayhem gs @FortniteGame fix your shit instead of making the game a joke by partnering with tiktok

  • britneyrivaaas BRITKNEE (@britneyrivaaas) reported

    my tiktok is broken.. i’m going to cry

  • kirkins Philip Kirkbride (@kirkins) reported

    @snazzymcgoo @MamaDoctorJones @BinJinKen I think she agrees that abstinence can prevent STDs. Only issue is something about abstinence only education which I'm not promoting and I don't think the woman in the Tiktok video ever mentioned.

  • kushibo your plucky guide to the parody alternate universe (@kushibo) reported

    @kirkins @MamaDoctorJones @wombservice1 @DrLeslie_MD The protective effects of abstinence stop working when you are no longer abstinent, and abstinence-only education does not actually work to keep people abstinent. That’s the problem with such a naïve approach. Not to mention that her tiktok also came across as judgy and preachy.

  • leylxn_ 𝘭𝘦𝘺 ⁷🦋 (@leylxn_) reported

    I’m so embarrassing bro..I saw these tiktok boys and causally said “hey” (in a flirty way) as they passed by while I was working

  • joeyminchin joey minchin (@joeyminchin) reported

    Just found out about tiktok and think I have a problem...

  • xShawnThomas SHAWN THOMAS (@xShawnThomas) reported

    @blakeir my only issue with it is that the emote is only Pokimane because they said so. it's not something that if you saw without a tiktok of her next to it that you'd recognize as hers (like a reference to a big video of hers, or a stream)

  • darrynmuaa darrynmua (@darrynmuaa) reported

    Yo I need to stop complaining about these tiktok whites boys getting all the clout cuz I FOLLOW THEM ALL. IM A PART OF THE PROBLEM

  • hvnzmt hannah (@hvnzmt) reported

    well i've been trying to learn this tiktok for hours and it's just not working... so i've come to the conclusion of what i've known but have been trying to avoid... oh right I CANT DANCE😔😔

  • traurigonzo Annasui (@traurigonzo) reported

    i shouldnt even be thinking about all this cause it’ll make me even more sadder than i already am rn but i don’t have anything else to do. If i go back on tiktok i’ll see sad videos again about abandonment issues and anxiety in relationships and shit and i’ll relate too much so

  • ryindavidson ryindavidson (@ryindavidson) reported

    I think that there’s no problem with doctors being on tiktok. it’s all helpful info! if anything the more doctors on the app the better it will be!

  • leavesanddust Stand with Iran and Iraq against Amerikkka (@leavesanddust) reported

    LMAO what ******** is your problem. Yeah tiktok hates gay people which is why uh all the gay videos are demonetized and gay content creators stalked online. Wait, no, that's YouTube

  • frogervik 𝓬𝓻𝓪𝔃𝔂 𝓼𝓸𝓯𝓽 𝓫𝓸𝔂 🐰🌸 (@frogervik) reported

    second tik tok uploaded 👌 this one I think was slow #EmoteRoyaleContest #Fortnite #tiktok

  • poutygirlxoxo pouty girl ✨ (@poutygirlxoxo) reported

    I saw a tiktok that said if you’re attracted to Damon Salvatore, Joe Goldberg, Hardin Scott, or Christian Grey you have daddy issues... .... I have never felt more ATTACKED

  • nightsmaren nights (@nightsmaren) reported

    i zone out every 2 seconds doing literally anything i was in the middle of doing a tiktok and my brain just stopped working

  • taylarsutton taytaystweets (@taylarsutton) reported

    I was talking to this guy at one point but stopped talking to him bc he replied slow, turns out he’s TikTok famous...bby come back i know now that you were just making quality tiktoks :/

  • MetroManTO Pedro Marques (@MetroManTO) reported

    @Alicedkc I’ve tracked over 50 apps that support Sign In With Apple including popular apps like Dropbox, Adobe, AirBnB, FourSquare, Giphy, Houzz, Kayak, Pocket, TikTok, Wordpress and more. It’s finally starting to pick up traction.

  • jooncutiie evie⁷ (@jooncutiie) reported

    straight tiktok girls r like ‘oh haha jawbones nicotine problem curly hair the loml uwu heehee’

  • QueeeeenBeeee ℬ♚ (@QueeeeenBeeee) reported

    @kimsteinhart I was slow at work tonight and one of my associates was teaching me TikTok dances 😂😂😂

  • jaden6789998212 resident bird queen (@jaden6789998212) reported

    @WHATEVERLAVINIA tiktok is prolly my fave way to avoid my problems

  • hana_sedlock Hana Sedlock (@hana_sedlock) reported

    If @_catcampbell doesn’t follow me back on TikTok... 😤😤😤 gonna have problems & @mckenzhmcguire... rude

  • o_red2 Red2_o (@o_red2) reported

    @FortniteGame @tiktok_us Forget the tiktok and fix your damn game

  • Adamonfilm Adam 🪐 (@Adamonfilm) reported

    @snowbabyfresh by the time i got to watching it the link i had stopped working, and the tiktok is perfect

  • KimmiBooxX Kimmi (@KimmiBooxX) reported

    @NyleDiMarco It’s a TikTok challenge not them being offensive they just forgot to add the emojis. Even if they did try to learn sign language I don’t see how that would be a problem because that just means they can communicate with their deaf fans because they definitely have them.

  • gthomassr1 Gretchen T 🧢 (@gthomassr1) reported

    @davidktian Download TikTok, say your over 30 with a grad degree and let your feed fill up with a bunch of nerds with gangster voice-overs. It’s a real confidence booster. Serious. It’s working for me. And my resume is about as bad arse as yours.

  • DieKrissi1 DieKrissi (@DieKrissi1) reported

    Hey TikTok Team, I've problems with my login - i can't remember my PW & E-Mail -.- @tiktokhelp pls can you help me 😥 i missing my TikTok profile! (TikTok-Name: diekrissi)

  • skylurpaige 🔥sky (@skylurpaige) reported

    yes im working on my degree in respiratory therapy no i will not turn into one of those weird evil tiktok nurses i promise

  • Iotustea quynh (@Iotustea) reported

    maybe povs by nice woke tiktok boys will fix me

  • whinycnc زوجة. (@whinycnc) reported

    mfs go on tiktok and do the egirl aesthetic but think their grades will fix themselves lmao

  • Mr_Lawrence4 Mr Lawrence🇬🇧🇬🇩 (@Mr_Lawrence4) reported

    DUMBING-DOWN effect is working well I see.🤢🤮 #TikTok

  • DrHowardLiu Howard Liu, MD MBA (@DrHowardLiu) reported

    Wise TikTok Rules via @StuckonSW: 1. Use your expertise to make engaging content about evidence based practices. 2. Got a problem, create content about the solution. 3. Continue to preserve the dignity and worth of your patient. 4. Have fun 5. Don’t shame patients #SoMe

  • raychay_ rachel (@raychay_) reported

    I was crying and while that was happening I got an idea for a tiktok and I made it and I'm not crying anymore I think I have a problem #tiktoktherapy

  • seouIara ara⁷ (@seouIara) reported

    ok i’m slow and i keep getting distracted by tiktok but still..

  • tommycarrotfly Carrot Fly (@tommycarrotfly) reported

    @AsyFN_ tiktok itself isn't the problem, it's the community. same goes for fortnite.

  • DavidAnalyst Danalyst (@DavidAnalyst) reported

    @elonmusk okay, twitter, I'm kinda pissed that i continued the lyrics, and made them applicable by finding one of the dinosaurs that survived the comet. If you don't fix this, I'm going to tiktok permanently

  • gaytrashfelix 🦇 felix 🦇 (@gaytrashfelix) reported

    bro i just wanna login to radiero cult's tiktok and insta but these ************* are not working

  • triciavaladez tric 🦋💫 (@triciavaladez) reported

    my mom in her 20’s: *going to school, working full time, married, pregnant* me in my 20’s: “mom, dad, look at the tiktok dance i just learned”

  • triciavaladez tric 🦋💫 (@triciavaladez) reported

    my mom in her 20’s: *going to school, working, married, pregnant me in my 20’s: “mom, dad, look at the new tiktok dance i learned”

  • Expergefactor2 Expergefactor (@Expergefactor2) reported

    I think the issue is fixed now...🤔 #Fortnite #TikTok #battleroy #esports #gaming #GamingNews #FortniteArt #Trending #ad #Update #SaturdayVibes

  • DearAnnexo 𝕭𝖗𝖎𝖙𝖙 (@DearAnnexo) reported

    @thefreckledfox_ This is becoming a huge problem on tiktok and like..... THEY KEEP MAKING VIDEOS

  • Lewis_Ryan321 Ryan Lewis (@Lewis_Ryan321) reported

    @unrealizzztic @TNaddy_Daddy @tinderdistrict Two is more than once... you’ve proven my point... you wanna keep being stupid for the sake of being “woke” go for it, the adults will be over here handling real issues, not a kid making a dumb tiktok without telling his teacher.

  • TimGodbout Tim G Productions (@TimGodbout) reported

    Working on more tiktok videos