Is TikTok down?

TikTok is a video-sharing social networking service owned by ByteDance, a Beijing-based company founded in 2012 by Zhang Yiming. It is used to create short lip-sync, comedy, and talent videos.

 Problems detected at TikTok

TikTok problems in the last 24 hours

TikTok Outage Chart

April 08: Problems at TikTok

TikTok is having issues since 06:40 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in 41.67% Sign in
  • Glitches 29.17% Glitches
  • Online Features 18.23% Online Features
  • App Crashing 7.81% App Crashing
  • Microtransactions 3.13% Microtransactions

TikTok Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Tijuana Online Features
Tlaxcala Sign in
Puebla Sign in
Tijuana Glitches
Tegucigalpa Glitches
Cali Glitches

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TikTok Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • raychiruu 𝖗𝖆𝖈𝖍𝖊𝖑 (@raychiruu) reported

    @linabugz @limecrime i went to look for it after i saw someone on tiktok use it and was HEART BROKEN it was sold out 🥺

  • tylinaneuaone Tylina (@tylinaneuaone) reported

    Is it just me or is TikTok being SLOW 😫🙄

  • gare_le David Le Gare (@gare_le) reported

    @JaysonWaller If you use TikTok your part of the problem.

  • joonshalo carol⁷ (@joonshalo) reported

    saw a tiktok on how poc were seen as "immigrant job stealers" just a few months ago and now they've promoted to "essential workers" 🥴 i don't think those ppl realize that the majority of individuals working for this country are immigrants lol they're not ready for that convo

  • clickbaitcit citlalli (@clickbaitcit) reported

    when will i learn that lighting a candle and scrolling through tiktok for hours will not solve my problems

  • chuwanningism lia 🌨️🌙 (@chuwanningism) reported

    “mmh, i can feel you still working,” mo ran mumbles into his hair, already half asleep. “it’s late. rest, wanning.” “one more,” chu wanning answers softly. he squeezes mo ran’s hand, reassuring, then closes his eyes and resumes the tiktok he was watching

  • jayinpainn jay (@jayinpainn) reported

    someone on tiktok gonna do "how NBA Youngboy fans drive a car" and then crash into a tree

  • jayinpainn jay (@jayinpainn) reported

    Someone on tiktok gonna do "how NBA Youngboy fans drive a car" and then crash into a tree

  • livanab_ 🧚🏾‍♀️ (@livanab_) reported


  • CrypticNo incognito user (@CrypticNo) reported

    Someone on tiktok gonna do "how NBA Youngboy fans drive a car" and crash into a tree

  • hayleyleavell Hayley Leavell (@hayleyleavell) reported

    here’s the problem: nicole convinced me that i could be funny on tiktok but i have already made so many promises to this world that i wouldn’t go down that road - much to think about

  • therealDaniT Daniela (@therealDaniT) reported

    I just saw a Tiktok of s Mexican mom comforting her daughter after a break up and I’m iglú crying bc i never had that level of care when ever I got my heart broken. Even this last time I went through the pain alone (besides one person who checked on me) and it’s so sad that my

  • habitiana likkle bit 🦋 (@habitiana) reported

    Tiktok will deffo crash when we can go back outside

  • tosin_beasley Tosin Beasley (@tosin_beasley) reported

    @soultiller If she can put it on TikTok then there should be no issue with it being on Twitter

  • dakotaaraamsey dak (@dakotaaraamsey) reported

    My mom has been having hip problems so she bent over to stretch ig and kinda made a moan sound. Tell me why I looked at my sister and was like “I should call him”😂💀 #tiktok

  • venusblxssom ana 🦔❤️ (@venusblxssom) reported

    ignoring klaus isnt working so imma try the 'talk to them until they get annoyed' technique i saw on tiktok

  • embaembaa emba (@embaembaa) reported

    being a dancer as a child didnt only leave me with lasting body issues but with what the girls of tiktok are calling an "Expert level" back arch. you win some you lose some xx

  • whore_tingzzz whore (@whore_tingzzz) reported

    @madeeeesa Hi, I noticed you messaged me on tiktok. Just wanted to let you know my messages on tiktok haven’t been working

  • yosabethz alexis ♡‧₊˚༉ (@yosabethz) reported

    Bro I saw some tiktok and I wanted to send it and I realized I have no one to send it too .. heart broken

  • AllyssaAnn2 Allyssa Wadsworth (@AllyssaAnn2) reported

    Wave of severe anxiety... no problem now thanks to Animal Crossing and TikTok. Let’s catch some fish and learn renegade. 😬😭

  • only39angels 𝐤𝐞𝐢𝐫𝐚 (@only39angels) reported


  • sournlemon oof (@sournlemon) reported

    anime fans on tiktok decide older males = daddy issues when liking hot older men who look young ≠ daddy issues what its more like is justifying, figuring out why they do what they do and loving anime men who are called bad fathers = daddy issues obviously everyone is different

  • jxnn_cnz jennifer (@jxnn_cnz) reported

    @jamescharles PEOPLE ARE SOOO ******* SENSITIVE nowadays. i don’t get it almost all of tiktok has done it and they decide ONLY to bash you. if they didn’t like it the could’ve just blocked you and left it at that and minded their business. people make everything a problem now.

  • AllyBurnett Ally Burnett (@AllyBurnett) reported

    Someone on TikTok asked me to do a pantry tour & for a moment I felt like Monica Gellar with her junk closet. It’s the one part of the kitchen that the remodelers didn’t really bother with. After almost 2 years in the house, I have decided it’s time to fix it!

  • Kpop_mindset AustinB (B for blanky) (@Kpop_mindset) reported

    i didnt feel like working out today so i just watched pretty girl tiktok compilation and now im filled with enough incel rage to lift a ******* ton dude

  • TakerRoom 𝐀𝐢𝐥𝐚𝐧𝐚 (@TakerRoom) reported

    So..... Ive never watched Star Wars, or anything related.... But.... I read Fix Your Aditude because of tiktok.... And I just might have too........ I..... I think I also discovered some new things about myself......Holy fricking shit....

  • _lucyy_lu LuzClarita (@_lucyy_lu) reported

    Damn maybe it’s only me and I need to fix my glasses or some of these people on tiktok need to have several seats and focus on something else. But then again it is a way to keep them busy.

  • ashleyylangis Ashley (@ashleyylangis) reported

    @webbersoftie @golbrockbbys @brocksweetheart i was going to but hesitated lol. FR we’re allowed to show off our bodies, it’s the guys problem for not controlling themselves. everything about his tiktok is disgusting

  • AmzLJL Amz (@AmzLJL) reported

    There’s a trend on TikTok where people are posting their fake “mugshots”, I legit wish I could see what my one looks like. I was covered in broken glass and looking ming. I bet it’s ******* hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂

  • SaraAdenLong Sara Aden Long (@SaraAdenLong) reported

    I’m really out here trying to become tiktok famous and it’s not working. UGH

  • devascy Cason Ryder (@devascy) reported

    I have never broken my morals and followed the general public when it comes to anything. Until this moment. I have failed myself and likely my friends and family, by going ahead and making a TikTok account. May God have mercy on my soul.

  • TimYandel5 Tim Yandel (@TimYandel5) reported

    If you have a TikTok please follow me. I’m about to post my first one. Unfortunately no babies or dogs yet but working on it. TikTok is Timyandel5 like and share tell your friends.

  • jennabegon jenna (@jennabegon) reported

    my sister is working out to tiktok music i hate it here

  • d1orsbabe kat🍾 (@d1orsbabe) reported

    personal tip: don’t get your heart broken by a tiktok boy bc he’ll end up going hollywood on you and forget about you and find someone else and you’ll cry the whole night and hate everything

  • caoilin_cav Caoilin (@caoilin_cav) reported

    @billboard @lelepons who cares about tiktok right now y’all are being so immature just address the issues and FIX THEM #BillboardRecalculate #BillboardAddThe10k #billboardspeakup

  • goodnightngohes kenya (@goodnightngohes) reported

    if y’all don’t stop calling dojas music tiktok music we’re gonna have a problem...

  • AlexCartaz Alex Carter 🤷‍♂️ (@AlexCartaz) reported

    Search on TikTok feels pretty broken. So does passive discovery for anything outside of main feed (which of course is secondary). Like you can’t query user + sound, it appears. Or toggle top videos for a specific sound. It’s weird

  • annikatamkus annika (@annikatamkus) reported

    @stvckyrogers eh, not really. james posted his with absolutely no context. some/a lot of his followers are not tiktok users who weren't aware of the trend, so I completely understand their side of the argument. while I can see james's view, no one is simply "searching for problems"

  • ittspaigee paige westgaph (@ittspaigee) reported

    if i get another tiktok tarot card reading pop up on my page telling me that this mf misses me and wants to fix things i think i might just have to delete tiktok. he’s blocked. on everything. and staying like that. cut that shit out 😐

  • Timefor27274827 Time for tea (@Timefor27274827) reported

    Everyone’s way to harsh on James Charles yes he’s done bad things in the past, i understand if some people haven’t forgiven him but all he did was post the mug shot trend on tik tok nobody had a problem with it until James posted it #jamescharles #mugshot #tiktok

  • hasssanrehman hassan/conscious hulk hogan (@hasssanrehman) reported

    the issue i have with tiktok is that i haven’t unlocked black tiktok yet

  • woIdiye woIdi the phoenix (@woIdiye) reported

    franky looks like a tiktok user i cant explain it but i know hes doing the say so and savage dance challenge when he tells the others hes working on the ship or a new weapon

  • noorziaw noor awad (@noorziaw) reported

    @rahafrtx and I used TikTok for a physiology college assignment... Modern problems call for modern solutions lmao

  • ElijahHasFace Elijah,,, Squaring up for battle (@ElijahHasFace) reported

    I like to imagine the entire night shift out doing TikTok stair challenges when inside the phones ring ceaselessly as someone’s house is broken into

  • MykaiE Mykai Eastman (@MykaiE) reported

    @squiddythekiddy Has broken me and I finally became slightly addicted to TikTok.

  • andrewshaoo Andrew Shao (@andrewshaoo) reported

    @jamescharles its honestly so stupid... literally everyone on tiktok is doing tht and when it gets posted on twitter..yall dont seem to hv a problem w fact yall might even jump in the trend too..yet when it comes to james..literally if he breathes..yall get so aggressive & manipulative

  • Dunnaworld Podb Diago (@Dunnaworld) reported

    Drake drops a dance track for TikTok then turns around and goes live at 3am playing big heat letting the critics know that he got heat coming and he in the number one spot still working hard man shit motivation

  • BeccaPiano Becca Piano (@BeccaPiano) reported

    "I inherited a bad economy, bad tests, bad genes. Sorry tremendous, tremendous genes. But I inherited such a bad, really terrible app from Obama, the TikTok app, which he left broken & unreplenished and not even born here, as Frederick Douglass and Civil War pilots can attest to"

  • CharlesKelsie kelsie charles (@CharlesKelsie) reported

    I have come to the conclusion that many TikTok stars are very broken but are very good at hiding all their problems.

  • SubstanceXLR S (@SubstanceXLR) reported

    @Jagmeetsingh13x @uwlexi @PinoyPuting @MrBeastYT @Casey TikTok's growth has surpassed any app on the Google play store and Apple App store. People are just trying to drag their name in the dirt, but then it's working in TikTok's favor 'cause they keep growing. I'm being realistic

  • c_swanndog Christian Swanner (@c_swanndog) reported

    I have officially broken and downloaded tiktok, this is was quarantine has brought me to

  • shipcadameo Cadameo; (@shipcadameo) reported

    (I’m back and I apologize for all the typos, i hate it here) Meanwhile, Izuku was working on a new dance with his friends at home when his phone started pinging with mutuals tagging him on a video. He opened his tiktok to see that one of his favorite health influencers +

  • zfree freeznutz (@zfree) reported

    @EssenceGU @GodisRivera @theestallion @billboard Gotta get these content creators to start building platforms like TikTok...being creative is great but if it’s making others billions and you online-famous there’s a problem

  • doublethetease 💖Sweet lil Baby💖 (@doublethetease) reported

    @LittleMami96 I would have in a heartbeat if I was single🥺 TRUST ME done did that before (not the tiktok) but kisses another close friend of mine and instantly it never led anywhere and we went to sleep. Sooo trial and error i guess 😂

  • healyswhore69 cig e-bitch (@healyswhore69) reported

    so much shit to do but here i am working on matty’s birthday tiktok LMAO im such a simp for that man

  • mstwonkostor mortimer (#amber lynn) goth (@mstwonkostor) reported

    Me working from home: Also me working from home: *checks to make sure no one is looking so I can practice tiktok dances*

  • AlMaruf94 Al Maruf (@AlMaruf94) reported

    It ain't a SE Asian tiktok if they ain't walking in slow motion to bhangra.

  • celinaaohman celina (@celinaaohman) reported

    i’ve been trying for hours to do tiktok transitions and it’s not working

  • LindseyMaths Lindsey Hassan (@LindseyMaths) reported

    3 things I’ve achieved in ‘lockdown’ - 5 Tiktok dances with my daughter - Beat my son at FIFA - Started learning guitar (to support daughter) Things I haven’t achieved: - Working from home - A spotlessly clean house or any decorating - A wine-free day (this is not the norm!)

  • Carolin42365352 Caroline (@Carolin42365352) reported

    @multiverse8_ @RobBrady3 Lmao, it doesn't impact ppl post tiktok or share info in WeChat or weibo. Yes, government sometimes censor and delete posts. But ppl are aware they're doing it. Ppl are not fool. We do screenshots and keep posting before they delete. I also don't like it but it's a separate issue