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June 27: Problems at Twitch

Twitch is having issues since 08:20 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • CapnMeow Captain Ameowica (@CapnMeow) reported

    Sweet. All those awful Twitch streamers and Youtubers are less likely to procreate.

  • Grumperis Andrea (@Grumperis) reported

    @tjsmith @Twitch I mean if you just refuse to see that's your problem, not like leagues like owl and now LoL have started putting stuff behind paywalls too

  • JosayyLmao Jose 🌹 (@JosayyLmao) reported

    @shoe0nhead @KyleKulinski @YTCreators Stream on twitch. A **** ton of people streamed it over there with 6-9k people in chat and there were no issues. YouTube sucks complete shit regarding live-streaming.

  • Shamar_333 Shmeez :o (@Shamar_333) reported

    @Twitch having trouble with the mobile Twitch app streams wont play and its not just me have this problem

  • Jori_repike Jori (@Jori_repike) reported

    @Twitch Awful idea

  • princessC4T ♥ grandma bug ♥ (@princessC4T) reported

    dang @MediacomSupport u really out here playing more games than a twitch streamer losing followers faster than you can fix this outage #smh

  • BrittannyRenea Britt 🖤🌼 (@BrittannyRenea) reported

    @Twitch and @TwitchSupport your Mobil app has been down all day it seems like and no ones said anything. Please help fix the issue

  • Lord_Mangoat Mangoat (@Lord_Mangoat) reported

    @Twitch I’ve also heard: “Subs need more perks.” From what I see, streamers tend to not even use sub-only chat anymore, unless backseating becomes an issue. If anything, follower-only mode is often used for such a case.

  • ThunderPhat ThunderPhat (@ThunderPhat) reported

    Loads of people complaining about BFVs bugs and more broken stuff. The stuttering was the worst thing for me. And its pretty bad when DayZ (once said to be a total failure) runs better and has 20 times more viewers on twitch.

  • TermitesRGood Termites (@TermitesRGood) reported

    @TwitchSupport Someone subed to me this wasn't Credited am guess there is a glitch somewhere this was on 6/25 2019 my username is Termitesrgood. Thanks

  • NoahBrookz Noah Brooks (@NoahBrookz) reported

    @Twitch Literally worst idea ever

  • BabyLuvSniper BabyLuvSniper ➡️TwitchCon2019 (@BabyLuvSniper) reported

    @FoRoxane Okay thank you for your response. I am done with that situation Thankfully i only had that one emote done by her. So it doesn't affect my others. I just meant its the artists who should have been confronting one another about the issue. The emote is gone from my twitch from today

  • ttvfluffyrainbo tyler kramer (@ttvfluffyrainbo) reported

    @MrBeastYT yo man i need twitch followers so i can get affiliate plz help

  • D2AYR DΛYR 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@D2AYR) reported

    @RoboDanjal it was a @twitch error they mentioned it last night

  • HermesDigital_ 18114425 (@HermesDigital_) reported

    @TwitchSupport fix your goddamn app

  • brittsbackalley Brittany Jackson (@brittsbackalley) reported

    I apologize to everyone for missing my stream again tonight. I have been dealing with some personal issues. Please be patient with me. I should be back on tomorrow. #Twitch #Stream #PS4 #RoadToAffiliate

  • GREYFOX_910 Austin Haynes (@GREYFOX_910) reported

    Well due to technical errors with my PlayStation(having to redownload borderlands2) I wont be streaming tonight but i will be on first thing 2mar evening after work around 6 please come and watch and support then hope to see you there sorry for the inconvenience. =/ #twitch #

  • Massadonious Anthony Equila (@Massadonious) reported

    @MCCLAiN142 @burning55963534 @Mlodypl123 @Twitch I was at last year's BlizzCon and I have been to 4 total including the first. It was absolutely the worst one I have ever been too. The only announcement worth anything was War3 remastered, and the only Blizz IP that didn't get shit on was Overwatch.

  • RinneganTV Ronnie (@RinneganTV) reported

    Sub only is probably the worst idea @Twitch had ever, I never felt any streamer put out content that is worth the subscriber money but I always subscribed to streamers to support and not to exclude ppl and be part of some wankers club #twitch #subonly

  • Oddball20007 Oddy the Bard (@Oddball20007) reported

    @GGDuaneSRL The primary benefit of twitch is tuning in live, and communicating with the streamer. Locking that behind a paywall under the guise of reward is only self limiting especially when sub only chat already exists for same quality but can also boost follows, views and new subs.

  • Tom_Var Tom Var (@Tom_Var) reported

    @AmazonHelp @TwitchSupport there has to be a way for me to submit a report about a stolen account without me having to login to the stolen account

  • Psyco_Blood .Saku//bo (@Psyco_Blood) reported

    gamer mcfeet is the worst tho, all he does all day is stalk women and do overwatch twitch streams all day

  • Flash1tv_ Flash (@Flash1tv_) reported

    @AmazonHelp This is the same response you have been giving me for like 5 times already. Twitch support does NOT work through cases at all. Please help me as you've helped others.

  • Chaosforged Chaos Forge Studio (@Chaosforged) reported

    @BarmaidAlexis @ZoeCatfu If it’s revenue that goes to the Streamer themselves, then honestly suck it up, they do this for a living to entertain you, just deal with it. On the other hand if it’s just more revenue to Twitch itself solely then that’s another issue.

  • MilGoon_SSB Hope you're at peace, Desmond (@MilGoon_SSB) reported

    @MusicaSenpai @TwitchSupport Im having issues too. No stream I check into actually loads

  • JacobCrafton1 Jacob Crafton 🔜 RTX (@JacobCrafton1) reported

    @incorrectpeach @megturney @Twitch ... just to help grow that aspect of her platform. Ir really any streamers, any streamer who decides to use 100% is asking for there platform to stagnate or just disappear. Just like every other tool, one needs to know when to use it.

  • Devon69475245 Devon (@Devon69475245) reported

    @Joltzdude139 @Ki11ersix Can you guys help me i was watching mopiod on twitch and I was trying to talk in chat but it said I was permanently banned from talking in chat and this was the first time I said anything please help

  • The_Wanderer805 Robert Swan (@The_Wanderer805) reported

    @Twitch @TwitchSupport please fix the mobile app. It keeps buffering the stream but I can still read chat. Even if I'm subbed or not. It won't load any stream. Please help.

  • NillerMedDild Niels Pilgaard Grøndahl (@NillerMedDild) reported

    @lothrazar I'm encountering it as well, I've reported the issue to Twitch. I think it's a download error on Twitch's side, because the link works just fine.

  • Jared_Spl Jared♪(ジャレド)@ ?? (@Jared_Spl) reported

    @dp2469 @watson7950 @Ordinary_GbK @cozmicSPL Yea i think people are overblowing especially when people went into his twitch chat and started harassing him lol. Im only triggered atm because people are bringing etika into suicide being a problem but for the longest time it has been a big thing.

  • fatalsilence88 TFX FatalSilenc (@fatalsilence88) reported

    Clearly asking what to stream on Facebook also was a terrible idea, the post was spammed with TFX members requesting a **** stream yelling at me to "take it off" 🤣 #TheFallenXiles #gamingcommunity #XboxOne #LiteEmUp #TeamRise #RoyaleStreamers #twitch #xboxcommunity

  • WoundGod Milly Rock Bobby Brown (@WoundGod) reported

    @Crislex No problem I don’t watch twitch too much but when I do I try to support the black folk streaming

  • PeterCa47514315 Peter David Carter (@PeterCa47514315) reported

    @LtVic @Twitch Sub only streams, on the other hand, are not a punishment for an interaction, but a reward for loyalty and contribution. I totally get why Twitch made this decision and see no issue with it.

  • seanhweb Sean (@seanhweb) reported

    @DNsilent @TwitchSupport Searched Twitter to see if I was the only one, having the same issue :(

  • EmperorMoley ZF Moley (@EmperorMoley) reported

    The only issue I have with the subscriber only Twitch streams is making sure he's available to watch when I get round to it.

  • Mushmouthtv MushmouthTv (@Mushmouthtv) reported

    @ashnichrist @AngelGamerStar @Twitch As a partner streamer myself. I really don’t like it but we would see what happen. They should fix squad streamer for everybody and not just for partners

  • summerdru (^з^)-☆ (@summerdru) reported

    CAn someone help me with twitch sub emotes 😭 idk what I’m doing

  • Big_D_Squirrels NUTS|Big D Squirrels (@Big_D_Squirrels) reported

    @Twitch that sounds awful

  • Mendinso John Paul (@Mendinso) reported

    So, to my artist followers, I'm looking to want to make icons for my Twitch Subscribers, but as it stands, I'm not good when it comes to this. I'm willing to pay for a couple icons (I don't have a lot of money, but we can negotiate that in DM or something), but any help would>

  • RustySP4G Use Code “Sky” (@RustySP4G) reported

    Hey @TwitchSupport I am soo tired of twitch not responding to my problem please help I have not received my payout since April even though I am a partner & crossed the threshold by miles could I please get a response if I am even going to receive my money from the past 3 or not..

  • PharaohVisions Jared | VISIONS (@PharaohVisions) reported

    HELP... please lol I need to convert a AVI file thats 2.3gb to webm for a twitch alert.

  • chrisjames19981 Chris James (@chrisjames19981) reported

    @fernspell_ I don't want to alarm you, but I've heard of medical cases where a broken back that needed medical attention was ignored and ended up becoming paralysis after an awkward twitch or fall. 1 in a million chance though....

  • UncertainSound Uncertain Sound 🇨🇦 (@UncertainSound) reported

    Be careful if you're going to be using the new subscriber stream feature for Twitch. You might be violating the terms of use for specific games and could face legal issues. 👇

  • specscientia michi 🍭 | STRANGER THINGS S3 (@specscientia) reported

    Twitch is being terrible so I cannot watch my boys :<

  • plodski2004 Salaciously Spiritual Plod (@plodski2004) reported

    @Nam3roF The problem is will people be able to view you being live and then sub or is it like hidden from the twitch browsing selection

  • TilPlays Til Plays 🎮 (@TilPlays) reported

    .@Twitch/@TwitchSupport should have a system in place for this and have a list of games that are approved or forbidden from being used for sub-only streams or have a warning or check in place when you select a game category. This could solve this issue. 4/4

  • TilPlays Til Plays 🎮 (@TilPlays) reported

    My thoughts on the Twitch "Subscriber Streams": I'm fine with it. I don't see an issue with people providing additional exclusive content to loyal supporters. This is not a new thing. What I DO have concerns with is the violations of legal terms for streaming certain games... 1/4

  • devralts Devin/Smeargle #FreeTheGuys (@devralts) reported

    crazy how twitch tries to fix revenue problems by introducing a feature that will alienate potential viewership

  • Legacy9412 Legacy 🏳️‍🌈 💙 (@Legacy9412) reported

    -Has been the most unhelpful company I've ever worked with when I've had an issue. As much as I want to watch the streamers on twitch like I did before I will not make a new account, if I want to stream I will find a different platform and I implore creators to do the same. 4/

  • Legacy9412 Legacy 🏳️‍🌈 💙 (@Legacy9412) reported

    But twitch isn't clear either. I have tried multiple times to get in contact with support and have my account fixed. They won't respond. This has been an issue since 2017 with them. I want my account back but there is no way to get it. The email was changed and @TwitchSupport- 3/

  • MrFrs0t Mrfrs0t (@MrFrs0t) reported

    I need help setting up my twitch 😪😪 #twitch #streamers #StreamersConnected H.E.L.P lol

  • dkidayoutubet FBI_obviously (@dkidayoutubet) reported

    To all my twitch followers I won't be streaming for the time being due to you guessed it my microphone is broken again. I can't catch a break

  • GamesWithJohn John A (@GamesWithJohn) reported

    @RokuHodo @CodyHargreaves I can see part of this specific issue being that Twitch has a bad habit of giving preferential treatment to some people to regarding their own TOS, and either being naive or ignorant about their own rules and their enforcement.

  • HemoValencia Hemo Valencia (@HemoValencia) reported

    @TwitchSupport It took me straight to my affiliate dashboard page. I still can't email the support team on the help site because the submit button stays greyed out/unusable after filling out everything and using the captcha.

  • RobbieHamburger RobbieHamburger! (@RobbieHamburger) reported

    @DisdonnPlays @Twitch @TwitchSupport Just got another email that says it was an error and it's because I haven't streamed 90 days yet. Tomorrow is my year affiliate anniversary though so maybe I'll do something tomorrow idk

  • AstraeusLoL Jeremy (@AstraeusLoL) reported

    @chhopsky @NEACETWEETS I mean im not a twitch expert but I found neace while scrolling twitch and would of never stopped by if it was on sub mode so i am talking about my own experience and i don't think it is awful to assume other people have the same experiences as me

  • JessicaReXxx Jessica Rex (@JessicaReXxx) reported

    TWITCH SUPPLIES COMIN NEXT WEEK 🙏🏼👏 it might not be the best quality I wanted but I gotta stop procrastinating and just do it even if it doesn’t start off perfect I’ll get better equipment in the future

  • realalexish Lexicon but now even more gay 🏳️‍🌈 (@realalexish) reported

    @shoe0nhead @TeamYouTube YouTube seems committed to killing streams of live events. I saw a similar wave of bans go out during E3 this year and last year. This is a known issue and seems to get worse every year. I recommend hoping on Twitch because at least they don't mind streams of live events.

  • Pixzelgg Pixzel (@Pixzelgg) reported

    @jackzillaUSA I like many others found melee during a top 8 twitch stream, putting that behind a paywall seems like a terrible idea it not only stunts the growth of the community it will make the community even smaller. Terrible idea all round I think

  • GEOO714 GEOO714 (@GEOO714) reported

    @TwitchSupport still having issues watching channels on mobile i have restarted my phone and uninstalled and reinstalled app still buffers cant watch any channel #Twitchisbroke

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