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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Qun Tim (@Qun) reported

    @der_rod @MasterDalK And that's even after Twitch helped Elemental fix a lot of their encoder quality issues. It was even more of a joke a few years ago.

  • austin_VMX Maya Angelou (@austin_VMX) reported

    @Olumuyiwa__ Interesting. The idea of clean energy is always savoury. But the cost, made my eyes twitch. There lies the problem

  • Twitch_MC27 MC (@Twitch_MC27) reported

    I’m going to lose my mind. Trying to convert my after effects project from MOV to a WebM so I can put it into my twitch BUT I can’t find ONE SINGLE TUTORIAL TO MAKE IT TRANSPARENT! Anytime I convert to a WebM file, it adds a black background to it. Please someone help me!!!

  • jasonparkin7 Jason Parkin 😜👋 (@jasonparkin7) reported

    @Twitch @R6esports It would be nice that if when i change my name on twitch you don't reset my followed count for all the people i have been following for years. Now it says i've only been following for less than a month since i changed my twitch name. FIX PLEASE

  • xeridanus Xeridanus (@xeridanus) reported

    @CANCEL_SAM @shoe0nhead The worst part is this was on Twitch and he could get banned for that.

  • LawrenceFriday_ Lawrence Friday (@LawrenceFriday_) reported

    @CaseyExplosion Hey! Apologies for the time delay. I'd love some recommendations for technical issues. I've done very little Twitch streaming and zero charity work, so

  • FancyRedScone Lilianne - 🐀 (@FancyRedScone) reported

    @Bibococo1 @RiotAzael @RohnJobinson Twitch chat in LCS is toxic, disgusting, and full of just incorrect ideas about the game. Twitter is a much better source of content. If I’m watching on twitch I’ll actively hide the chat it really is awful.

  • me_melivy Melivy (@me_melivy) reported

    @GeefShout Oh shit! Didn’t even know you streamed. Scratch what I said, lemme fix my dog and parrot a twitch account too! We’ll get you there, bud

  • StarlightSerene LIGHT OF SHINY THINGS (@StarlightSerene) reported

    @Dacii_Arslan @dearDEERE @Twitch Nah dude. You stright up took the gun and SHOT you foot off. If you didn’t have a problem with it. YOU WOULDNT HAVE MADE THE COMMENTS

  • FloBot11 Flores173 (@FloBot11) reported

    Well apparently I need a new hard drive or to reinstall windows on my pc, thanks for the help everyone, I’m going to put in the work tomorrow afternoon #pc #gamingcommunity #twitch #twitchaffiliate

  • mrskiman1 mrskiman (@mrskiman1) reported

    It's my birthday but can't stream if I want to God dam back issues so can't sit for long hopefully better soon miss you all twitch peeps

  • Elseebbas seebbas :D (@Elseebbas) reported

    @TwitchSupport help :(

  • bdu_art DUAЯTH (@bdu_art) reported

    @_BLUU_YT @Ubisoft @SpacestationGG I don't know what happen to mine, I linked the Ubisoft with Twitch before the first livestream and watched most of them from start to end (but 0 drops)... @TwitchSupport @UbisoftSupport Help me :(

  • MickeyxStar Mickey Star (@MickeyxStar) reported

    @ChickenChan1043 If you have the game up on the side it shouldn't be an issue but Twitch has been weird about categories in the past. Don't know many cases with art streams but twitch has never been the most reliable with rules

  • BlameltOnTheLag BlameItOnTheLag ™️🏴‍☠️🇵🇷 (@BlameltOnTheLag) reported

    After a lot of painful trial and error. I’ve decided that it’s best I stream directly off my PS4 and not remote play as the audio is just too much of a pain with having to switch it with each game. Will be getting a capture card next week. #twitch #twitchtv #gaming #Streamer_RTs

  • SenpaiWappo wäppö (@SenpaiWappo) reported

    I feel like imma start my own team/group but it’ll be a full team of YouTube creators/ twitch streamers. Like a community where if someone needs help there’s more people to help that or there’s someone to stream with. Or something like that

  • DANO299 DANO299 (@DANO299) reported

    So I started a donation goal to help with the cost of sorting out a new GPU for stream as my pc has crapped out. any donos and #twitch payouts are going towards this goal until JUNE when I have to give my boss his gaming PC back. I'm borrowing it while he is on holidays

  • KoriGlazialis KoriGlazialis (@KoriGlazialis) reported

    @jerrytrainor Yooo if you were on twitch i'd try to see every stream despite problems with time zones xD

  • 6Streaty Jarrod Streaty (@6Streaty) reported

    @JawsOCE @whoms_jdn @Strat0s_CS @WolfyeeDoo @LetsPlayLiveHQ @thamcsgo okay but it wasnt as prevalent of an issue before people started downloading and using akros. it's not be the only thing connecting them but akros is the outlier in a sense that they were cs players, steam users, twitch watchers before and didnt have issues up until akros

  • IceStormYeti Tristan (@IceStormYeti) reported

    @TwitchSupport It says on the Cod Account that my Twitch Account is linked but when I watch streamers it says below streams Enable in game drops with Account link and when I watch The stream for over am hour I get no free loot how do I fix this

  • IceStormYeti Tristan (@IceStormYeti) reported

    @TwitchSupport Need help I linked my cod Cod Account with my Twitch and it says below streams enable drops with Account link but it says my cod Cod Account is glitched

  • rrowChief Arrow➡️🎂🎉(21 days) (@rrowChief) reported

    @Slasher The worst part is that they're literally the reason smash can't grow as an esport. 3rd party companies like twitch or redbull can't even run tournament series because Nintendo will block them on grounds of IP ownership. They really are the Disney of video games.

  • dexefur 💗 dexe 💗 @ riku is the light (@dexefur) reported

    On the topic of spooky tropes. I love glitch effects that make things twitch or look wrong

  • Unresponsive20 Colby Alvarez (@Unresponsive20) reported

    @CallofDuty Twitch drops are not working

  • needto_diequick Cleetus McAlberto (@needto_diequick) reported

    @BethesdaSupport i cant link my twitch and bethesda account and i dont know why. it tells me to try again or call customer service. i have not previously linked these accounts. Help Me Please My Bethesda Account name is: CleetusL0L

  • needto_diequick Cleetus McAlberto (@needto_diequick) reported

    @BethesdaSupport i cant link my twitch and bethesda account and i dont know why. it tells me to try again or call customer service. i have not previously linked these accounts. Help Me Please

  • Json_Blob JsonBlob (@Json_Blob) reported

    I have to bite my tongue really hard when I'm in a twitch chat and everyone raging that a game's poor quality is always QA's fault

  • KYT_ThatsME K. Taylor, Ph.D. (@KYT_ThatsME) reported

    I really just sat here trying figure what platform twitches was on for a whole hour like it’s not a Dcom and clearly on D+. Whew fix it Jesus. I must be tired.

  • MisterFoxGuy Mister Fox Guy (@MisterFoxGuy) reported

    @KimBarboo No, I don't think it is. I've been feeling the slow onset of this for well over a year. I thought streaming on Twitch would help, but it didn't. Likewise, it didn't accelerate it either. It just is what it is.

  • UltraRanger UltraRanger (@UltraRanger) reported

    @Jolteoff @Slasher They have people spamming “switch to twitch” in chat today and I can’t even mute them. A large part of video game streaming is about the live interaction, between users and broadcasters or among users themselves and YouTube is still terrible at that part.

  • SlamSHADYSSB Danny (@SlamSHADYSSB) reported

    @SSBCUSH Don't know my twitch login on this computer but I'm jamming out to your bangers lmao.

  • jeffr3yyy Jeffrey🦾😼 (@jeffr3yyy) reported

    @layziepac @dellor @Twitch @YouTube @WatchMixer The problem is how he can’t play with the other streamers or else the other streamer would get banned too for playing with a banned streamer.

  • OhHeyMarc Dummy - ☁️ 53 Days (@OhHeyMarc) reported

    @WarPoodle2600 I was playing it on Twitch today so I had some help from the audience, but on my own I’m helpless. It doesn’t help that everything scares me and I scare so easily.

  • sidekick456 Chris (@sidekick456) reported

    @ATVIAssist having a problem with the twitch promo drops watched well over the 1-4 plus hours and i still have not gotten my last drop help please

  • CollinsLaatsch Collins (@CollinsLaatsch) reported

    @PlayApex I’ve been trying to get the twitch prime rewards for a month now and haven’t gotten any help from EA’s support. This is the only account I’ve ever had trouble linking.

  • lord_sauron__ Mairon {Naga} (@lord_sauron__) reported

    @DhuBlath Inhales sharply. Eye twitches. DontKillHerDintKillHerDontKillHer- "I-I will boil your teeth and chew your kneecaps." His voice is shaking with how hard he's trying not to yell. ANGER ISSUES.

  • Lion_Ohhh Sensei (@Lion_Ohhh) reported

    Who the hell is trying to sign in to my twitch account lmao

  • AffinityForBlue Joey Pasco (@AffinityForBlue) reported

    Crap. I missed the last hour of the Worlds broadcast, so I tried to go back & watch it & avoid spoilers but as soon as I opened Twitch I hear "—VITOR DAMA DA ROSA!!! Day9 is standing there on stage. So I'm pretty sure I messed up the "no spoilers" thing with my terrible timing 😆

  • d45tv D45TV (@d45tv) reported

    @ToKeNasty I need help on twitch 😞

  • SFiddleston Sir Hubert Fiddleston (@SFiddleston) reported

    To anyone who may have received roughly 6 Twitch notifications about me going live in the past hour, I apologize. But know, that I have fixed my stream issues that have made it unwatchable the past month or so and thus we can totally hang out this Saturday 😘

  • JoshLavis Josh Lavis (@JoshLavis) reported

    @deaco_n Because, quake champions has been abandoned a long time ago now, and is such a joke of a game. The real issue is not only the people who constantly watch it on twitch, but the mindless sheep who still login and play every day. If anything the pros should revert back to quake live

  • RAAW69 Michael (@RAAW69) reported

    @ATVIAssist I'm not receiving the drops in Modern Warfare. I've watched for 4 hours of drop enabled streams on Twitch HELP!

  • nicolemalonso Nicole M Alonso (@nicolemalonso) reported

    @TwitchSupport I am having an issue where I can't go LIVE from my iphone. It says I am LIVE but it's not actually on my page and when I end the stream the video is not in my videos library.

  • THATguyPaddi Paddingten (@THATguyPaddi) reported

    Maybe we should stop giving money to @Twitch till @TwitchSupport chooses to fix the situation. Instead of subbing or bits viewers should donate/tip directly to streamers. Streamers can stop running additional advertising on their channels.

  • JBellsGems JennCreation (@JBellsGems) reported

    @TwitchSupport @Twitch you need to reverse this ban and fix your problems with these bans on body painters. @ForkgirlCosplay was within TOS and ALWAYS follows the rules. DO SOMETHING.

  • liqm_0 liam (@liqm_0) reported

    @UbisoftSupport I’ve not yet received any of the rewards from the division 2 twitch drops. I watched both streams for 3+ hours and no rewards. Please help.

  • PapyrusSemi The Depressed Mess @ 160 DAYS (@PapyrusSemi) reported

    @Hans5958 @VioletGanache42 @is_spinel @nintendo_plush @MrWarNoob @lukaselinpelai1 @WE_LIVE_SOCIETY @kezimtakdo [A fish is kicked through one of the Thug Tug windows and lands next to SpongeBob and Patrick, with many broken bones. His leg twitches.]

  • noisiz noisi (@noisiz) reported

    @AimerJenji EASY TWITCH VIEWERS, did you fix your pc

  • azuritereaction AzuriteReaction (@azuritereaction) reported

    @theofficiacloud Hopefully not because YouTube is awful nowadays, better to become twitch famous

  • jasjanae Jasmine Janae (@jasjanae) reported

    Look at this terrible CGI 😂 #twitches #BlackWizardHistory

  • byronholmes28 Byron A. Holmes (@byronholmes28) reported

    @play_pso2 I love the game, but am I the only that's having a hard time playing anything else after the closed the beta. I mean come on (twitches) where's my pso fix lol...

  • txdemforever txsnakelady🐍❤⚖#KHiveForever (@txdemforever) reported

    I've seen skin sloughed off babies. I've seen broken legs. Horses with muscle twitches & seizures. I became disabled and am now breeding snakes. Sadly it's not different than horses. Babies born without eyes. Snakes with serious neurological issues. People will do a lot for 50G.

  • MoonWuff Fat-Ass Alpaca: Rei (@MoonWuff) reported

    @PsiNei No its twitch its utterly awful with playbacks

  • PrimzTV WBG_Primz 🇨🇦 (@PrimzTV) reported

    @r0tteNburq @DanoHeh @CoachWolfy @Twitch Ppl really think this will be good there’s 5 devs man they don’t have ressources all they will do is piss off the player base because they won’t fix stuff in time that’s the feeling I’m getting

  • RAAW69 Michael (@RAAW69) reported

    @ATVIAssist I'm not receiving the drops in Modern Warfare. I've watched for 4 hours of drop enabled streams on Twitch help please

  • sniperscoven sniperscoven (@sniperscoven) reported

    @ATVIAssist please please please fix these twitch drops or just remove them entirely. It's beyond disappointing continuously reconnecting and disconnecting my linked account for nothing. Watched 20+ hours and 0 drops ;( I'm trying to collect everything and this happens...

  • ZabluDoki ドキドキ (@ZabluDoki) reported

    I’ve been thinking I should stream my process on twitch or some other platform. Two problems though I don’t know how to set up OBS or anything, two I don’t even know what to put as rewards for subscribing. I think I would just stream for the fun of it and interacting with y’all.

  • Frankie_ios Frankie ios (@Frankie_ios) reported

    Anyone INSANE help me 2v2 this console kid on twitch(its a wager) got clapped by him

  • PVrohi Peftei Vrohi (@PVrohi) reported

    It is most likely neurological damage which causes involuntary twitches after surviving distemper making it look like it's dancing. It's very sad and if left without treatment, the poor dog may suffer cardiac issues, seizures and painful muscle contractions. Not at all funny. 😪

  • infamous1242 Dane Ryan (@infamous1242) reported

    @mia_nagatoro @Croz69400868 @Insane_Roy @bstategames If you left it'd free up space for the original community that never had problems playing until all you twitch lovers showed up :D

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