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 Problems detected at Twitch

Twitch problems in the last 24 hours

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October 17: Problems at Twitch

Twitch is having issues since 03:00 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Buffering (36.71%)
  • Playback Issues (29.11%)
  • Crashing (17.72%)
  • Sign in (10.13%)
  • Video Quality (6.33%)

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Twitch Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • TrippinAlien
    trippinalien (@TrippinAlien) reported

    Been having some issues with twitch and obs. Hopefully we can get this resolved soon and I can get back to streaming.

  • omgfloofy
    Floof @ #100DaysOfGaming (@omgfloofy) reported

    Dear @Twitch - I would actually pay to get a guaranteed transcoding slot for when I stream on your site. I hate losing 80% of my viewers because they can't view at the quality I generally stream at. :( kthx

  • omgfloofy
    Floof @ #100DaysOfGaming (@omgfloofy) reported

    Dear Twitch- I would actually pay to get a guaranteed transcoding slot for when I stream on your site. I hate losing 80% of my viewers because they can't view at the quality I generally stream at. :( kthx

  • Mind1essnobody
    Mind1essNobody (@Mind1essnobody) reported

    @twitch FYI there is an error when changing your password. @TwitchSupport

  • PROPANDA8676
    A_Person (@PROPANDA8676) reported

    @lifted_trees @itz_wolfff @Twitch @FortniteGame So yeah they are broken

  • WhoisNAL
    Nicholas Andrew Louie (@WhoisNAL) reported

    @ohnips If that doesn't say "watch me make quality content on twitch" then I don't know what does! Instant click.

  • xnattyskillz
    xnattyskillz (@xnattyskillz) reported

    Day 3 of @AuthyHelp @Authy not changing my phone number so I cannot log into twitch smh... seems like a years gone by 😩 feelsbadman when all your problem is, is a phone number change so you can receive a text with a code.

  • SirSquirteOBSD
    Luke Smith (@SirSquirteOBSD) reported

    @TwitchSupport hi, I need help regarding the twitch website. I’m following you and it isn’t letting me dm you.

  • asedensky
    Andrew Sedensky (@asedensky) reported

    @Ikuorai @SwainDiizzle @redbullesports @Cloud9 @blaberfish2 @Jensen @Sneaky @Licorice @Zeyzal @C9Goldenglue @C9Westrice @Reapered @C9Svenskeren Also. Jatt on live cast during summer split called the goldenglue svenskeren being subbed in vs TL an awful move and reapered told him to shut up in twitch chat

  • zescht
    Vincent Talmon-Gros (@zescht) reported

    @KorixxZ @DotEsports @RyanAtRBM I imagine it's about the topic that women, who are easy to identify as those due to their picture or display name, can't raise their voice. In general, twitch chat is probably the worst place to EVER raise your voice, but I get the problem with it.

  • Deerlinquent
    big man zaveid 🦌 (@Deerlinquent) reported

    Maybe one day I'll be able to watch twitch streams at a quality above 360 but today is not that day

  • mizu_ishi
    Ishi Mizu (@mizu_ishi) reported

    @TrueTwoFace @MoonPieLost I cnt. Plus no one but you and ryan I talk to social wise. Dapper and I talk of mod central stuff or if need tech help. And pippy and I talk of twitch help stuff. Sorry bro. Sigh. But I miss all of spaces community and him. <3 loves to lyon pride. :D

  • Txvaci
    Txvaci (@Txvaci) reported

    @TwitchSupport i need help with something and dont know exactly how to contact you guys.

  • EzRa_seandavid
    David gillet (@EzRa_seandavid) reported

    @OpTic_Crimsix Only tabs that are working on your twitch is subs and donations please fix the rest I wanted to go to your youtube.

  • lysia_mariah
    elysia (@lysia_mariah) reported

    My eye twitches when I start to get stressed . I need help

  • Xxoanna
    Joanna (@Xxoanna) reported

    Legit laying in bed watching twitch because this head-cold is awful. Sorry for the grumpy tweets.

  • sspidermonkeyy
    Sspider (@sspidermonkeyy) reported

    @AndiLivia @XboxSupport Try another Twitch account first, if that doesn't help try a different xbox account.

  • ramenfoxgaming
    Ramen Fox Gaming (@ramenfoxgaming) reported

    NO! This is the worse thing possible. This only allows fake and bot accounts to more easily create accounts and run around on twitch. Considering how well that issue is handled now, i doubt its going to get better.

  • Villain_ChrisK
    ⏳😈🚬Villainous_ChrisK🍷😈⏳ (@Villain_ChrisK) reported

    @twitchartiiz @TwitchSupport Don't provide much support by opening a ticket, either. Opened a support ticket, and provided the info requested by their auto responder. Still No Resolution to my issue.

  • BTSGoDz
    David Parker | Godz (@BTSGoDz) reported

    @WagaGaming @TwitchSupport Same problem for us :)

  • ThePontoonLive
    The Pontoon (@ThePontoonLive) reported

    @Novaleesi Wish there was some way I could help. You and your sister are 2 very bright shinings lights in the world of twitch and it hurts seeing this happen to such wonderful people. If I could give more than my support and positive vibes, I would. Best of luck to you. <3

  • IlyonMTG
    👻👻 Millenials 👻👻 (@IlyonMTG) reported

    @nostrangenames @wooberg @Twitch Yeah, this is still different too, because Canada has it legal federally. They might not make a statement and just wait until there's a problem and then ban. It's not really been done before, so it really makes things awkward, I'd guess.

  • Justin86853033
    Justin (@Justin86853033) reported

    @donkeeny @Twitch No problem I'm not sure when you will have a sub button but I hope I'm the first to sub literally love your content and I know it will only get better the more you stream

  • danshinmachine
    Dan 👻🎃🤡💀☠️🧛‍♀️🧙‍♀️🧛‍♂️🧟‍♂️ Shin (@danshinmachine) reported

    Which of you cowards will help me create the Marketplace Twitch channel, if WaPo can do it so can we damnit

  • OtapopPlays
    Otapop (@OtapopPlays) reported

    @Twitch @FortniteGame Fix twitch on xbox

  • Casual_Gamer111
    Angel Alicea (@Casual_Gamer111) reported

    hey guys im looking for someone to make me some channel art for youtube, panels for twitch, etc im still thinking of a concept but i would really appreciate if anyone can help me out im still how much i can pay max but hopefully it will be enough to pay for someone's services

  • TillyWoden
    Kristian Fischer 🏳️‍🌈🦋 (@TillyWoden) reported

    .@katestark just had a fatal crash of CoD Blops 4 within 10 seconds of telling her Twitch chat that the game was "stable and functional". Yep, it's a PC CoD.

  • Lambo805
    ✈Mike Lambert✈ (@Lambo805) reported

    @Twitch you need to fix yourself. I'm not going to watch if every so often I'm forced to sit through an ad. I'm already supporting the streams I'm watching, I don't need to be forced to when I pay extra for prime just to not watch ads. #StopTheAds

  • Soycrates
    💀 Trick or Soycra-treats 🎃 (@Soycrates) reported

    @johnhupp @Supatease The way twitch handles other things that don't technically amount to a lot in terms of resources makes me feel as though they would mishandle this. I enjoy the platform and their strengths, but when dealing with reporting/punishing problems presented by streamers, its abysmal.

  • loveandmusings
    Ami (@loveandmusings) reported

    Oh also, My twitch is kaminarimori lmao, that would help people find it 😅

  • goldeneye545
    josh mandel (@goldeneye545) reported

    I am having issues with twitch and haven’t gotten no response from them on twitter for any of the issues . Help.

  • YunoiLy
    Yuno 🍙 (@YunoiLy) reported

    @TwitchSupport can i get some help with authy i have a new phone number and i cant change my number to the new one

  • gobeavos
    Chad Morton (@gobeavos) reported

    @dwightjaynes Clown is looking down at the bag and the ankle,,,, if Machado is not athletic enough or have the fast twitch to NOT kick the ankle then he has bigger issues. Bush League and I would put one in his ribs next time up.

  • adambarken
    Adam Barken (@adambarken) reported

    @aysrick That’s funny. We were talking in the writers room about what to do when the Peak TV Crash comes, and my idea was going on twitch as “Middle Aged Dad Who Doesn’t Play Very Good but Tells Stories About TV”

  • digits_tv
    Digits (@digits_tv) reported

    So I took my twitch kitty Jimothy to the vet today for his sneezing blood issue. Vet informed me he is about 4 years old, and has feline aids. He is a sweet heart, and needs a family with no cats that want a full-time indoor cat. He's in Norman, OK.

  • lifted_trees
    Sean Garcia (@lifted_trees) reported

    @PROPANDA8676 @itz_wolfff @Twitch @FortniteGame Just because they're not as strong as they used to be in the game doesnt mean shotguns are broken.

  • NiteApollo
    Apollo (@NiteApollo) reported

    @TwitchSupport hi I am trying to get my twitch going on my Xbox so I can post some clips and videos and stuff can u help me I get this when I try to broadcast it says broadcast fail wer sorry something went wrong with ur broadcast

  • HdNarco
    ᵀᴬᴾˣ ᴺᴬᴿᶜᴼ (@HdNarco) reported

    @N8ify_ @TeamBeyondnet @ASTROGaming @Twitch @eUnitedgg Still don’t have to the game Brodie system is broken

  • Mstlbluesfan03
    Matt G (@Mstlbluesfan03) reported

    Maybe I should start a Twitch channel where I play online games. That way people who think they suck can feel better about themselves. I legitimately try but I’m just really, really awful.

  • _Jessie_Omega
    Jessie Omega (@_Jessie_Omega) reported

    So the past few days my twitch mobile has been acting up with the audio and the video not syncing up. I wonder how long it'll take them to fix it

  • sweet_kernel
    real housewife of poughkeepsie (@sweet_kernel) reported

    slowly establishing myself as the resident expert on the worst realms of pop culture at my internship, a few weeks ago i had to explain to a social worker who xxxtentacion was and today i had to explain gaming culture to someone whose client is obsessed with twitch

  • Behzerkk
    Behz 🌊 (@Behzerkk) reported

    @TwitchSupport I submitted a ticket 2-3 days ago and haven't received a reply, can you help me on this please

  • DxRobertaTwitch
    The Red Beard (@DxRobertaTwitch) reported

    Twitch app is giving me issues, Lord give me strength

  • ImMafiaOrg
    Immortal Mafia (Coming Soon) (@ImMafiaOrg) reported

    Help support our founder. @SixGBP over on @twitch

  • TTV_Truwize
    Leroy Dobbs (@TTV_Truwize) reported

    Hey guys can someone help me. I hit twitch affiliate but on the royalty tax information it waits a few days then says failed u tried 6x I keep help please!! #twitch #twitchelp

  • FTToasty
    Kay Marshall (@FTToasty) reported

    @Keihaos @NaomiSuave @MPerceived @JasonRuchelski @Twitch Yes, but they don’t have to take their problems out on the people supporting them.

  • Keihaos
    Kei, like that letter, K (@Keihaos) reported

    @FTToasty @NaomiSuave @MPerceived @JasonRuchelski @Twitch I'm not saying they're in a healthy relationship; but I am saying that just getting out of a relationship with problems isn't as easy as just getting up and walking out and never looking back. I dont know what's going on with their relationship I don't think anyone does.

  • LesWitDaBag
    Les 🤟🏽🎒 (@LesWitDaBag) reported

    Someone help me set up a twitch account 🎮

  • Shaun_Henesy23
    Shaun Henesy (@Shaun_Henesy23) reported

    @IzzyGoneCrazy The twitch app is broken.... I'll try and watch if it starts working

  • alanaevansxxx
    Alana Evans (@alanaevansxxx) reported

    yesss.... got the streaming software working and tested me audio/video connection... all good! Now let's hope it doesn't all crash out before tomorrow's #twitch stream

  • SwInD420
    Josh (@SwInD420) reported

    @EdgarAlanBro724 My only issue with the change is they said that the streamers were getting the ad revenue from people who owned twitch prime anyway, but in their post they said something opposite. I would have to reread the post but I recall something like that

  • veterangamer007
    veterangamerdave (@veterangamer007) reported

    Twitch still not working I’ve tried everything and it just won’t work ugh !!!

  • Twitch_CesarB
    Cesar #Positively (@Twitch_CesarB) reported

    @Sean_Robs25 My day was worst, I know I didn't got anybody to watch on twitch, my car ran out of gas and I forgot to put the gas Galloon on the trunk 😂

  • Satoriezui
    奈良啄む. (@Satoriezui) reported

    @HimitsuNoChou Couldn’t help the slightest twitch at the corner of her lips. More so directed at the choice of inquiry... “ You’ll never guess. I’ve kept on top of my paperwork.” Both in the sense of completion, and in the ways of the occasional nap. Occasionally... “ And, with the ~

  • mikehopeUX
    Michael C Hope (@mikehopeUX) reported

    @btcread Mostly terrible traders on CT though, let's be honest. I only trust the opinion of maybe 3 or 4 'OGs'. The main man (Kaz) is barely here these days, I pay to hear his opinion on Twitch. Most of the rest are absolute pretenders.

  • CT_Chibo
    Chi-AHH! 😱 (@CT_Chibo) reported

    @_OHKO @Twitch Emailed partner help

  • IttyBittyBex
    Bex (@IttyBittyBex) reported

    @JoeyyPlays Mine did this for over a day once, and I hit stop streaming and unplugged my computer but all it streamed was a black screen, I assume it’s a twitch glitch

  • BenFischerSBJ
    Ben Fischer (@BenFischerSBJ) reported

    @Slasher But anyway, you're right that the problem is Facebook/putting your entire strategy in the hands of a notoriously flightly platform. Not video per se. People love Twitch/YouTube, but there are still lots of news stories best presented with a few paragraphs of text and a picture.

  • Topher_55
    Chris (@Topher_55) reported

    @ivanlapanje @_TomStokes One of the devs just confirmed with a twitch streamer that the pass and shoot animations are taking longer than they hoped and plan to address it. They said that's likely the issue with AI defending.

  • Jznuaftw
    Jznua (@Jznuaftw) reported

    @Dysmo @YouTube Stream on twitch Dysmo, YouTube is broken

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  • 0x103311b3
  • 0x10531192
  • 0x109311f2
  • 0x2000000b
  • 0x20B31181
  • 0x30231107
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