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August 17: Problems at Twitch

Twitch is having issues since 01:00 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Cergy Crashing
Pereira Buffering
Puebla Buffering
Miami Buffering
Santiago Crashing
Lima Playback Issues

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • MageeTommy Tommy (@MageeTommy) reported

    @AngelMelly Because watching ***** rolling on a twitch live stream is quality content to the point that watching fresh brushed paint on a wall dry seem like a Christmas activity at Disney world

  • alexblqze19 Alex Blqze (@alexblqze19) reported

    @KEEMSTAR @Twitch Imagine working and not getting paid in a year and 3 months. I think ******** not. Twitch fix your shit

  • ItsNem Nem (@ItsNem) reported

    @Twitch These are cool and all but can we talk about the massive issues on the platform involving vague TOS, streamers not getting paid, biased moderation, and more :)

  • ItsKyle123 FookinBuzzinLAD (@ItsKyle123) reported

    @KEEMSTAR @Twitch He should try yeeting his cat, that might help

  • XionLighty [Cursebreaker] XionLighty (@XionLighty) reported

    Because one of my plans is to move, not going to tell where just yet, and actually trying to go back to school to fix the mess that I made a few years ago thanks to my stupidity and depression. Saying that, I'm still having the dream about YouTube and Twitch!

  • UnAssign3d UnAssigned (@UnAssign3d) reported

    @TwitchSupport why can i not get a name that no one on the website has.....i search for the name and who streams with it but no one is listed. Please help

  • TheRealMrSteez Speedy boi Steez (@TheRealMrSteez) reported

    @TwitchSupport I just looked at my channel and it seems that I'm getting followed botted. Almost 25 accounts with random names. Please help

  • Jamperl26 Jampy26 (Jacob Brinkley) (@Jamperl26) reported

    @TwitchSupport for the past 7 days i haven't been able to watch ads for bits on Twitch please help

  • JeffThrow JeffThrow (@JeffThrow) reported

    @asvpXVIII Ignore it and let twitch figure out their own platform problems.

  • SimAurax Sim Aura 🌌💜 (@SimAurax) reported

    Most likely going LIVE in about an hour! Help I've been bitten and I can't get up, but I don't want to 😜 Twitch dot TV slash SimAuraX 💜

  • SorryMeat Marc (@SorryMeat) reported

    @TwitchSupport I have been attempting to join the affiliate program for literally 2 weeks now. I always fill out my info correctly and everything is consistent amongst the forms. But after a couple days it always comes back failed. Please help

  • TeenyWeeny_01 TeenyWeeny1 | IRL Stream Manager (@TeenyWeeny_01) reported

    A safe way to start considering the IRL backpack is have at least 1300-1500 Twitch Subs regularly always subbing to that number for at least 4-6 months. Dont let the HD quality be the only hook, develop your content. Hence why new outdoor IRL streamers out there, don't get this!

  • BudsGame AlanStarWarsFan (@BudsGame) reported

    @solid234snake sorry bro i have no more use of twitch so i figure my anniversary is the end of Twitch for me. I'll be in mixer when ever you come and ill help u out

  • AlexFysh alex fysh (@AlexFysh) reported

    @RockstarGames my penthouse has not reimbursed for 4 almost 5 days since I used my twitch prime need help I’d like my million and a half back

  • korr_imperium Korr (@korr_imperium) reported

    @TwitchSupport connectivity issues for broadcasting. My internet upload is 20+ mbps. Trying to use the LA server at 750 bitrate. Still having atrocious frame drops. I can usually stream at 3K bitrate with zero issue. FYI. #twitchtv

  • rednight_76 Arran (@rednight_76) reported

    @virginmedia you need to fix up on your servers because there are some people out here who stream on twitch of your services and they are lagging like crazy so sort your services out i am really annoyed that i’m getting crappy wifi tonight

  • 1908Parabellum mondaymurder (@1908Parabellum) reported

    @NK_BlackWolf @romanklan lol and that's why your a peasant even worst a corporate slave and we don't need you or another console peasant to play these games because we have millions of PC gamers doing that unlike the games you have listed not one of them is being played on twitch lol

  • Jo19Peachy peachyJo19 (@Jo19Peachy) reported

    @galahadenough @saraannmoviefan 😆 Whenever someone mentions that title, I can’t help but think of the band Editors lyric “it kicks like a sleep twitch” which instantly makes me chuckle cos hubs is always singing it...badly

  • N3wari_G4G N3wari (@N3wari_G4G) reported

    @MonicasmGaming @SivHDtweets @TwitchSupport Yeah, don‘t expect anything from Twitch Support. Received an email yesterday regarding a ticket I made THREE MONTHS AGO. They asked if the problem solved itself now and if not, I should write them. @TwitchSupport Nice joke from the worst support doing the worst job out there

  • GetSplit Gifted (@GetSplit) reported

    I still wanna dream anyone know how I can fix the error I get when I try and connect my twitch account with my elgato they got rid of the old stream key and you have to login it just freezes up for me even made a new account idk what to do

  • cm_zon cm_zon (@cm_zon) reported

    @rakuenCallisto @nyislesfan13 It is a business after all. Obviously we want them to help the small streamers as possible but with the amount of streamers and income they bring twitch only has so many eyeballs. Don’t get me wrong some of thoes eyeballs are stupid and mixer seems to have better support

  • SithisPlays 🎮Sithis Plays👾 (@SithisPlays) reported

    @TwitchSupport My channel is hosting reruns by error. Really want that to stop, thanks.

  • Cynical_Media Cynical Media (@Cynical_Media) reported

    @TwitchSupport Almost two months without a response on why I dont get my twitch prime sub added. I've even contacted amazon and was told to speak to you. No one is helping me so unless I receive the help im canceling my twitch prime. Please help me.

  • dansgamingshow Dan's Gaming Channel (@dansgamingshow) reported

    unfortunately due to technical issues there will be no twitch stream tonight. Sorry

  • Warpageee Jake (@Warpageee) reported

    @nataritzy That's terrible! She got in cuz she's been apart of the gaming community for years and streams on twitch. Way to drag someone down who's just tryna get back up.

  • ChrisWhittakeri chris (@ChrisWhittakeri) reported

    @Pokay__ honestly, I’m scared to go to twitch con. with how many problems there’s been recently and now mad people have been, I’m scared a shooting could happen. that’s why I’m not going

  • Anubis2k15 Anubis2k15 (@Anubis2k15) reported

    @Babz_Channel @Twitch No problem x

  • codewithanthony Anthony Sottile (@codewithanthony) reported

    stream quality was awful today so I'm ending early to try and debug my connection with twitch :(

  • mooseandyy moose (@mooseandyy) reported

    @ItayKir @Twitch @TwitchSupport Been an issue in the Runescape section for so long, Twitch doesn't care lmfao.

  • AxelHeart10 Yusuke Kitagawa (@AxelHeart10) reported

    @AhrenGray Man I really need to start watching your streams again but twitch is just so terrible on my phone

  • ArdaReformed Arda (@ArdaReformed) reported

    @ItayKir @Twitch @TwitchSupport no bro people showing minecraft skins are the actual problem they have more important jobs

  • mskah_t mskah🔞 (@mskah_t) reported

    @Anonybritishkid Every time R's ******** to twitch, E can't help but move. That's right:)

  • WiseWoodrow Maxwell_Edison ✌ (@WiseWoodrow) reported

    somebody program/help me figure out how to program a twitch extension with me thanks

  • AmazedGamingHD Oliver Scargo (@AmazedGamingHD) reported

    @DisguisedToast You can filter everything in a youtube video, with twitch there is no filter at all. But youtube you need to have a bit more quality to stick out from the rest. Both aren't easy to say the least

  • NorthZelion NORTH ZELIONˢ⁷ - Lead (@NorthZelion) reported

    @Ragebtw @itsVeedoh "YOU DONT KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE LIVING WITHOUT TWITCH!" well if you werent stupid and get banned it wouldnt have been an issue LMAOOO

  • MrFlabyo Glen Watts (@MrFlabyo) reported

    And the worst thing is... I have gamepass already. The advert is pointless to me, it’s just wrecking my ability to use twitch. Heh.

  • KevzzDZN Kev (@KevzzDZN) reported

    @TwitchSupport Hello, I need help

  • Surfnboy Misfits Surfnboy💎 (@Surfnboy) reported

    @MercuryFN_ @duckybtw I do this for a living and twitch is my main source of income. That would be a terrible decision in my position right now.

  • awtumnxo Caitlin🚀⭐ (@awtumnxo) reported

    biiiiiiiiiiitch i've forgotten my twitch login XD I stg if I have to make a new account

  • CrusaderTwitch Crusader - Commissions Open (@CrusaderTwitch) reported

    @Vibronium @jadahawk This is why competition is good. Twitch suffers severely from mass lurking and this being a highly requested feature would help fix that. Amazon probably had to figure out the return of investment from implementing such a system to twitch

  • SonictheHammons Sonic the Hammons (@SonictheHammons) reported

    See now I'm trying to decide if I should post it to YouTube now or just leave in on Twitch. It's been almost half a year help

  • 4robertanderson Robert Anderson (@4robertanderson) reported

    A full restart of the Xbox did result in getting the stream to mixer working. The game ran bit better than my twitch stream, but the stream quality was much worse. Capture card is probably the best way to handle console streaming.

  • pentax47 mags (@pentax47) reported

    @lofgeezy @Twitch if you have problems getting your notifications, make sure you have smart notifications turned OFF bc they're actually not smart at all. they are dumb. also have the discord alerts for the live channel on as backup. and twitter for backup backup

  • greenynexus Luke Greenaway (@greenynexus) reported

    @Knightenator your everything wrong with twitch. Your terrible role modal for kids

  • griev0r Patrick Spence (@griev0r) reported

    @CasproMusic On twitch, I haven't used the mic for awhile cause I dont have a boom stand for it and it picks up the keyboard clicks. But testing it, it was super good quality. Think I paid like 120$ for it

  • streamlabs Streamlabs (@streamlabs) reported

    @yamalight We will report this to our developers as we experienced some interesting behavior with this, but you would be best suited to update your title, game, and tags from the prompt in Streamlabs OBS instead of Twitch to temporarily circumvent this issue.

  • NafiTheBear Nafeon (@NafiTheBear) reported

    @alkraas_art @Minecraft Try downloading the launcher again. Try running in administrator mode. If you have twitch desktop app use that one instead. My first suggestions. If you have time until tomorrow I could try help over discord or teamviewer.

  • SmithAJ277 Aaron Smith (@SmithAJ277) reported

    @TwitchSupport I’m having problems with the Twitch app on PS4. It takes really long to log in and then I get a blank black screen where everything on the home screen is supposed to be. I’ve tried deleting the app and redownload for it but nothing works.

  • Thunderb87 ThunderBlunder (@Thunderb87) reported

    @WBBMNewsradio I wish you guys would've used twitch to stream the air show. Facebook live is awful. Impossible to watch a steady stream. 🙁

  • TravisShreffler Travis (@TravisShreffler) reported

    I have some issues with the Mixer platform. I have MORE issues with the Twitch platform. But saying things like "Mixer streamers support EACH OTHER, not just people in the same games" and other things that people have said to me recently is not true of either Mixer OR Twitch

  • brandykins1982 snikydnarB (@brandykins1982) reported

    @SkylarSkynyx And also, yes. If Mixer becomes as big as Twitch they will see the same issues.

  • Pixelgeddon Wykstrom (@Pixelgeddon) reported

    @badnewsbaron @AznGlomp @Twitch This is just virtue signalling garbage of the worst degree. @c0ff33wh0re is good people.

  • RealziesCuts Realzies Cuts (@RealziesCuts) reported

    @XeroCreator @YTmrJ0k3r @AwezomeC For now my issue is streaming from the #Xbox I’m locked in 1080p on #Mixer unable to offer other settings with trans coding like I can on #Twitch with #PC I use #Streamelements #OBS Not #SLOBS

  • ignHopez Jo. (@ignHopez) reported

    @Pikaclicks @NotNico that is true yes. i legit wish i could do youtube/twitch and gain a slight following so i can maybe get little donations to help with it

  • brandykins1982 snikydnarB (@brandykins1982) reported

    @SkylarSkynyx Agreed. If people had problems with growth on Twitch Mixer isn't going to immediately fix things. Me personally, I don't want to leave Twitch but this is just a day when I was getting introspective and thinking about things.

  • niksasic123 azzuly (@niksasic123) reported

    @LEC Can we get a higher video quality on LEC twitch channel TY

  • nicestboi eelis (@ Kingdom) (@nicestboi) reported

    @___simo i seriously hope mixer gets bigger so twitch will actually start to care about the quality of their site

  • AustralxV AustralxVoid (@AustralxV) reported

    Confusing and weird network issues going on. Stream currently delayed. Stay tuned. #twitch

  • TheCheapShowPod CheapShow Podcast (@TheCheapShowPod) reported

    @PaulGannonShow is going to try and @Twitch around 2100 GMT. He has no plan. Only wants to an hour. And is open to ideas. God help us all

  • MindlessPuppetz MindlessPuppetz || Sean (@MindlessPuppetz) reported

    The move to twitch means good quality, reliable stream. I have basically guaranteed clips and vods. And my true community members will follow and support me where ever I land. This wasn't a last minute decision. We've been discussing it internally for a few months now.

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  • 0x30231107
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