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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • creabealounge Demi🧡⚙️💙☂︎Creabealounge (@creabealounge) reported

    @Twitch I send you a support ticket. I AGAIN can't watch @BryanDechart stream live. It keeps giving me errors and loading screens. Please fix this for me. I'm a subscriber and for a reason...

  • SwarlesBarkley9 🎃SwarlesSpookly🎃 (@SwarlesBarkley9) reported

    @Twitch please fix your servers. People in Canada and all over Europe can't stream right now.

  • rileywithani Riley (@rileywithani) reported

    I can't wait until either Wednesday or once @TwitchSupport sees my help tickets. Literally been playing games and been like "I should stream this... Oh wait." 😂 Can't wait until I see all of you in chat again 💚

  • suzuchanlawliet suzu 🧡⚙️💙 (@suzuchanlawliet) reported

    @BryanDechart @telltalegames @AmeliaRBlaire @skyboundgames @Twitch Hopefully I can stick around for the whole stream xD had some health issues but now I'm better harrharrharr

  • EmmieEverlove 💙Emmie Everlove🔑 (@EmmieEverlove) reported

    @AdrianM35628401 It probably doesn’t help, but days I’m not on Twitch I’m resting and letting my eyes relax! They just strain more and more recently, even before I stream.😅

  • MikeNoXious Mike The Lightbender (@MikeNoXious) reported

    @MrFunkEdude @Twitch Yea I don’t see that button anymore either which I don’t mind too much.. but I use the dashboard on my phone to see notifications because I stream directly off my Xbox.. hope either @Twitch of @TwitchSupport can help

  • MostVertProduc Vertical Savior: Lord of the Primates (@MostVertProduc) reported

    @Speedkicks Twitch chat for real is the worst thing of all time.

  • SwarlesBarkley9 🎃SwarlesSpookly🎃 (@SwarlesBarkley9) reported

    @ShawInfo I'll pin this on @Twitch too. Fix your servers please. People are trying to stream😀

  • chumunai Chumunai (@chumunai) reported

    finally done blocking all my co-workers on my twitch instagram account so god help me no one finds me online

  • EthanHCollins30 Ethan Collins (@EthanHCollins30) reported

    @adamskee5 Here here..... I had an awful twitch as he was pouring it

  • Ginnokage Ginkage (@Ginnokage) reported

    Please bear with us, Twitch is 'twitching' and stream is having issues.

  • itsDoubleDime Rated R | DoubleDime (@itsDoubleDime) reported

    Brawlhalla chat, per capita is the worst most demoralizing chat in fighting games holy. Reading some of that twitch chat was unbearable.

  • TeamYouTube___ TeamYouTube (@TeamYouTube___) reported

    @c_a_s_i_o @TeamYouTube Please do that, we despise all of our content creators and it would help a lot if you don't support both them & us with advertisements. Go to twitch or somewhere else.

  • Killst3rGaming Killst3rGaming #twitchStreamer (@Killst3rGaming) reported

    @TwitchSupport i need your help urgently

  • SaintsVisualart Saints_VisualArt (@SaintsVisualart) reported from San Diego, California

    @TwitchSupport can you fix twitch whispers on mobile app they are so lagging when I’m trying to send a message it’s goes in jumping mode

  • tvppeD tappeD (@tvppeD) reported

    Petition for me to get the @Tapped on @Twitter & @Twitch Sign in the comments

  • Drewzpher Depressed Drew (@Drewzpher) reported

    This error #2000 on @Twitch is killing me I’ve done everything to fix it and it keeps coming back.

  • PimpCynaammon 👸🏿Cynaammon (@PimpCynaammon) reported

    @britneybernard @Chef_Kdollarzzz And would not twitch an eye to help it if something happened.

  • Tickl3Slip Brandon St.Mire (@Tickl3Slip) reported

    Several 'people' reporting that the lowered #lurks are not working via a known 3rd party website that was being used for this purpose, but does in fact work if you do it the right way via #twitch directly. It's okay that you weren't really that popular to begin with, just deal.

  • ReddSSBM Redd (@ReddSSBM) reported

    .@WeAreEnthusiast Your twitch chat has had NO mods all weekend. Chat has been really really awful and at one point I'm pretty sure a staff put on emote-only mode to get people to chill out. How does this still happen in 2019 lol

  • OpticJadson OpTicJadson (@OpticJadson) reported from City of Westworth Village, Texas

    @TwitchSupport I need help. I checked my bank account and saw 3 charges that I didn’t make. Weird thing is that all 3 dates are for tomorrow

  • RutterCorey Corey Rutter (@RutterCorey) reported

    @jhagg719 FITE. Which usually I don’t have an issue but all glory on twitch last night lost the stream and the whole show was streamed off a cell phone

  • HobbitMy MyHobbitHole (@HobbitMy) reported

    @RampageGames_CN I'm just hopeful that your team is aware of the issue and working to resolve it. I would like to be able to play the game again. thanks. 😀 #Genesismoba #Moba #Ps4 #Twitch #TwitchTVGaming

  • chlooeeeexo Chlooeeeexo (@chlooeeeexo) reported

    @RaveNecro818 @Twitch @TwitchSupport So I should be on about 5k.... but I’m sat on 22k here. @Twitch please help me here. 😭

  • RaveNecro818 RaveNecro (@RaveNecro818) reported

    @chlooeeeexo @Twitch @TwitchSupport Mine was fixed in mins without ever submitting anything, please help her out!!

  • jcx1987 j_c_x_[TSAN][B42] (@jcx1987) reported

    DETUNE FOR PARNTER!!! @TwitchSupport please fix for this god of a man. Thanks 😀

  • X_HDMG HDM-Ghastly (@X_HDMG) reported

    @Djcasso123 Ive sent 2 now at this point @TwitchSupport please help

  • LotsOfTHC Chris (@LotsOfTHC) reported

    @Cherfy @TwitchSupport help this man out

  • MrGMYT MrGM 🔜 EGX (@MrGMYT) reported

    @TheLBLWay Yeahh I know! I’m just curious if twitch would have a problem with that 🙄

  • CommonGround84 DanDudeAmiga (@CommonGround84) reported

    As I continued to research to see how Twitch can upgrade my stream quality choices...I discovered that they set my original channel back to one. I am VERY disappointed on their action & execution for small streamers like me to help reach out to my audience. (more)

  • georgetuitavake georgetuitavake (@georgetuitavake) reported

    Im so sorry i didnt went live yet on twitch i was busy of my sleeping schedule but im trying to fix it rn but glad that im back tonight im almost to ss1 on nba 2k20 grinding is real on this game

  • YankeeSkidKid Jon L. (@YankeeSkidKid) reported

    @lexweeb @elgatogaming @amazon @USPS @AmazonHelp help this @Twitch streamer out.

  • EPiQ_cR Chris Ragan (@EPiQ_cR) reported

    @HexorMarhetbar @TroubleTruck Totally. I don’t have any goals to become a FT streamer, but for the sake of education I’ve spent a few months doing restream to different platforms simultaneously to compare each. Twitch > Mixer > FB > Steam From a quality and engagement standpoint twitch falls FAR behind.

  • Andrew32323232 Andrew Drewmaster (@Andrew32323232) reported

    @Twitch I suggest introducing two streams on one stream, one for the game, the other for the webcam. This solves two problems at once: 1. Bad webcam due to the game (bitrate). 2. The ability to transform and scale the webcam to viewers.

  • dr5bludgeoning i_amJeremy (@dr5bludgeoning) reported

    I think i could be good ad twitch streaming I can play games and go on rants about how the penny is terrible and it's abolishment is only being impeded by a small group if people that profit off of it and do so in funny voices

  • Geoberos Geoberos (@Geoberos) reported

    Dimmed he lights and people last to crash around 6am. I did so too, but then I heard activity 9am. So 3hrs sleep, got up and continue behing host and now 5 of us just chilling on Twitch streams while 7 others still knocked out. Tryna run on adrenaline. Think it's working so far.

  • Moshcrates Moshcrates (@Moshcrates) reported

    @TroubleTruck Another way to put this is that it rewards the best community supporters. I don't think that directly correlates to quality for sure, though I don't think it's a negative. I would also argue that twitch doesn't reward quality either, rather they are closer to RS system.

  • Akaraien Akaraien 💪 (@Akaraien) reported

    @TroubleTruck but tbh I think a community on Twitch that focusses on pushing people with good content would actually be really good It would finally give people a traffic source who have been underrated but even than quality content is subjective

  • promit_roy Promit Roy ⚡ (@promit_roy) reported

    @RoboDaydreams I’m not sure what the problem is here. Amazon owns Twitch and is simply granting its members the ability to watch shows on another website in another context.

  • TroubleTruck TroubleTruck (@TroubleTruck) reported

    @EPiQ_cR It's a hard issue to solve, I don't think Twitch isn't interested- I think they're worried about putting out systems like this.

  • Killst3rGaming Killst3rGaming #twitchStreamer (@Killst3rGaming) reported

    Alright, since i lost my phone number when i came back to India. I can't Authenticate my identity from the phone. So i wrote a mail to twitch support regarding this. They required some info which i provided, been on twitch for bout 2 years. Response : Can't help ya 👏👏👏

  • SHUK20_ Shukri Altameemi (@SHUK20_) reported

    @TwitchSupport I'm trying to upload new sub badges using Google chrome and nothing happens at all. I used a different browser and it says "Upload took too long. Please try again" Please help.

  • joshua_eardley (ICN)Joshua_Eardley (@joshua_eardley) reported

    @tasnimkhan2411 @TwitchSupport @ThatGuyGreys help the guy out u understand what to do

  • TheAdamBomb90 Adam (@TheAdamBomb90) reported

    @MrJacobCohen Impact having their worst produced Twitch special, along with it being the most fun one they've had

  • AlsoShoe ShoePak (@AlsoShoe) reported

    @EchoFlexx When twitch cucks you out of all your hard work and doesn't help you fix it.

  • elstoleno Rachel Bell (@elstoleno) reported

    Tried deleting and reinstalling Instagram, but rather than fix the upload issue it just deleted my 28 time lapse drafts *eye twitch*

  • Ares_CVR Ares Goddess Of Spooks (@Ares_CVR) reported

    @Delta5561 They will take forever to remove them, as I still have my there, so Id say just make it 250 more, to make it fair. As twitch didn't help me much either, and I went from 300 to 1000+

  • blamet3x TexicanOlive[ZXG] (@blamet3x) reported

    @chlooeeeexo @SGH_RTs @Twitch @TwitchSupport I had this same problem with being viewbotted at one point. I was pissed as twitch only responded with "don't worry about it" If nothing is done your only choice would be to either just ignore it or start a new account...

  • McS432 McS432 (@McS432) reported

    @curethewounds Was a good night until twitch started acting up and I was exhausted so I just shut it down. Gonna stream this evening.. no problem though fam! 🧡

  • farhad_hashmi Farhad Hassan Hashmi (@farhad_hashmi) reported

    @Twitch Absolutely trash streaming, man. Please have the damn option for a buffer. You can't watch anything unless you have a great internet.

  • GhostyVolatile Derp_Ghosty (@GhostyVolatile) reported

    @chlooeeeexo @Twitch @TwitchSupport @Twitch please help out this is a recurring thing

  • DragonLordZ_FGC DLZ @ Arc Revo (@DragonLordZ_FGC) reported

    @MissusJimmy I mean, sure, we should all be better but twitch chat, unless its sub only mode will never be better than it is due to the nature of literally any free online function, reducing the quality of your mental state based on something like that makes no sense, friends opinions matter

  • IrishSoul81 RachGhoul 👻🎃🎮 (@IrishSoul81) reported

    Having issues broadcasting to Twitch from my PS4. No idea what's happening with it! Everything is linked and it says I'm broadcasting but...nope...nothing. I'm trying to fix it 😅

  • MissusJimmy Emma Beard @HCL (@MissusJimmy) reported

    Okay so half the replies are 'get a thicker skin' or 'you shouldn't be on the internet if this upsets you' Speaking as a twitch mod I don't care, you say awful things that make people cry in chat, you get banned. Being on the internet is not a free pass to be an *******

  • BobbyJaniec Bobby Janiec (@BobbyJaniec) reported

    @MacShady1 In about 45 minutes I’ll be live on Twitch if you need another fix 👍🏻

  • alexand29626755 alexandra (@alexand29626755) reported

    @NickEh30 Im trying to be like nick! Can u help my channel grow my twitch is Xx25reconxX i sont stream a lot but i will when i get my pc in 1 month or 2

  • CoconutBaby_ 💎 (@CoconutBaby_) reported

    @AmeliaBea_ It’s not just men😂 I have this problem. I twitch in my sleep looool

  • KylarAlice Kylar Alice 🇦🇺 (@KylarAlice) reported

    Brawlhalla Twitch chat is terrible wtf

  • theknightednerd Jesse Oak Rise (@theknightednerd) reported

    Yeah, you might talk to them on Twitch, Youtube, or their Discord. They might like or retweet the things you say, or even respond to your tweets. That doesn't make them beholden to you. If you think it does, then I seriously suggest you seek professional help.

  • MistaPixels 🦇 MistaPixels 🎃 (@MistaPixels) reported

    @OMGTazzie @Twitch As much as this is a solution that would help I'm not sure how they would get round people that watch streams but not make accounts to chat with.

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