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  • Sign in (5.88%)
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  • draconian_rain
    Laura Sulter (@draconian_rain) reported

    Before my pc sucked then my graphics card was the issue. I have been modeling so much on my twitch that there is some interest in commissions but of course no one actually wants to pay

  • LethalPrime
    LethalPrime (@LethalPrime) reported

    @TheyCallMeDSP @TwitchSupport Probably just a glitch, haven’t heard anything about a removal. I still see other channels private chats.

  • CryoShotz
    CryoShotz (@CryoShotz) reported

    I see all these support and follow posts with tons of likes, retweets, and comments but... no one actually follows back or follow on twitch. It’s a waste of time everyone. It doesn’t help. Connect and network with each other to build your community. Get to know your followers!

  • HimeOVA
    Hime (@HimeOVA) reported

    Twitch is the worst platform in the world.

  • NiloxofAsgard
    Nilox Kazi (@NiloxofAsgard) reported

    @Pokket worst thing, i remmeber when @Twitch said they will be fair with ToS and punishment and to watch them, since then all i've noticed is the same old smaller streamer getting 30day or perma banned while some popular and well known ToS breakers getting 1 day or 7 days at best

  • KING_MadMiggy
    Miggy The Mad One (@KING_MadMiggy) reported

    So obs gave me issues yesterday with fortnite so gunna try to go live today with #RainbowSixSiege hopefully it works if not back to ps4 streaming 😀 oh well time for pc upgrades 😶 be live at 9 am guys @TwitchTBD #HellzArmy #WeAreHive #twitch @OfficialHatsOff

  • dogetdm23
    Dat Boi Nub Christmas Special (@dogetdm23) reported

    Wow When I Was On Twitch Today And I Went To Watch Some Ssbu it was all Spanish not like I have a problem with that or anything but I'm just like wow

  • LinkOfTruth
    ALinkBetweenTime. (@LinkOfTruth) reported

    I’m sad that my final video from Birth By Sleep 💤 won’t upload to YouTube from twitch but every other video does. #Glitch. Sad Lion

  • bruin_samuel
    s w d b (@bruin_samuel) reported

    @TwitchSupport hi, I've still got an issue with my Amazon and twitch prime accounts not linking after a few phone calls to Amazon. Apparently it's on your end with my card jot being verified (even though it is) my last contact was Friday (7th Dec) and still no response

  • Dedigitized
    Dedigitized (Deployed) (@Dedigitized) reported

    My latest frustration was learning that my sub streak to @parkerontwitch was broken because I deployed and couldn’t regularly access my Twitch account. Freaking blows! I was up to 14 months, too.

  • isserly1
    isserly (@isserly1) reported

    The Prey(2017) play through continues. Hoping to fix my no ammo situation. #twitch 😅

  • alannahwho
    Stephanabelle (@alannahwho) reported

    @LdyLoneWanderer I have a habit of being in twitch chats and talking to streamers about common problems streamers have, but then I feel awkward when people are like “DO YOU STREAM TOO” and I’m like “yeah but that’s not the point I’m making” Makes me feel really awkward.

  • DarksydeTweets
    Phil (@DarksydeTweets) reported

    LethalPrime TwitchSupport Nope, same exact issues on the mobile app as well sadly

  • Dante27974376
    The hopper (@Dante27974376) reported

    @TheyCallMeDSP @TwitchSupport *insert glitch emote*

  • ncarvern913245
    Nathan Carver (@ncarvern913245) reported

    TheyCallMeDSP: LethalPrime TwitchSupport Nope, same exact issues on the mobile app as well sadly

  • TheyCallMeDSP
    Phil (@TheyCallMeDSP) reported

    @LethalPrime @TwitchSupport Nope, same exact issues on the mobile app as well sadly

  • siraBtwisted
    Sira (@siraBtwisted) reported

    Apart from the obvious issues with this whole MrDeadMoth Twitch stream business(i.e. domestic abuse), the arsehole is Australian... Bloody national embaressment...

  • realspyshadow
    Spyshadow (@realspyshadow) reported

    @JohnMckinnon01 @TwitchSupport @XboxSupport Hello have you tried restarting the app, uninstalling and re-installing, and running a power cycle on your console. These are first steps to see if it fixes the problem -Spy #XboxAmbassador

  • rmeas002
    RM (@rmeas002) reported

    @CoxHelp I'm paying for the internet plan that has up to 30mbps upload speed. I tested it earlier today and it was that fast. Just tested it again when having problems streaming on Twitch and it's down to 4mbps

  • ToriGamez
    Tori (@ToriGamez) reported

    @DesireAnne_ That kind of sounds like me lol thats why i want to stream via twitch because i dont have to record or edit anything. I no im terrible

  • jonnybo68766947
    jonny boy (@jonnybo68766947) reported

    @JagexHelpChow @JagexSupport (1) It was literally hacked from me and then banned from a stupid Twitch stream. Please man.Please i'm begging you help me and look into this. Just take 5 minutes and you will see there are different IP addresses on the account when its stolen and banned...

  • Remix__Angel
    Angel (@Remix__Angel) reported

    His twitch name is @ObsidianLite if u wanna watch a good quality war frame stream hit him up

  • yssaduha_
    yssa canama (@yssaduha_) reported

    Muscle twitches the worst

  • KosmicKait
    KosmicKait (@KosmicKait) reported

    911 operator isn't a game on twitch to stream under...uhhhhhhhh @AvgNickk help

  • slumpjulie
    Julie 🥨 (@slumpjulie) reported

    I just got my heart broken and all I want to do is laugh and watch @Lunaa stream on twitch 😔

  • lynnwalker330
    ImpeachTrumpNow (@lynnwalker330) reported

    @Twitch please tweet about #RatifyERA now, my #millennial son doesn’t believe there is a wage gap! I’m f*cking at my wits end. Maybe you can help

  • tylegn
    Tylegn (@tylegn) reported

    @real_iraceaquad @TwitchSupport They’re not going to help in support either. I had same issue and had to figure out a work around .

  • DTeeLace
    DTeeLace (@DTeeLace) reported

    @AdamRubinNBA Yeah that’s what I was thinking too so I wanted to go down the route of uploading best/worst games to twitch so I can show film but not risk lagging and throwing my play off.

  • warriorgleek444
    Ari Nstuff (@warriorgleek444) reported

    @Pegsicle @Twitch Suits are being filled against him, and hopefully some sort of equivalent of child protective services can help the children out. I linked a video on my page to a guy I watch a lot, who explained everything.

  • Dan11045703
    Dan (@Dan11045703) reported

    @Twitch how come I can’t comment on one stream but I’m allowed to comment on other streams help me please

  • Dan11045703
    Dan (@Dan11045703) reported

    @Twitch I’m watching a live stream and I’m unable to comment on chat please help

  • AlolanMeowth
    Elia Cat (@AlolanMeowth) reported

    ok nvm twitch is asking me to verify via phone but my phone only works on wifi now bc its broken lmfao so i think if it works i might periscope but just be...idk... sanding my rock project and being a drunk ***** i guess

  • SpartanGames8
    Spartan Games (@SpartanGames8) reported

    Due to streamlabs closing out my stream and not being able to load back up tonight's stream got cut off early. I'm sorry for this technical issue and it will be fixed for tomorrows stream! @ProSilver808 @ZNeutgens #twitch @SupStreamers @streamlabs #live #NeverStopDreaming

  • x_kortz
    x Kortz (@x_kortz) reported

    @YouTube @YouTube this YouTube rewind was terrible because you didn’t actually include what really happened such as -World Cup 2018 -Modric winning Ballend’or -Pewds vs Tseries -Fortnite success -ProAM -Ninja and Drake breaking Twitch -Fortnite Skirmish And many more I can’t think of.

  • ReneeAutumn_
    Renée Poliquin (@ReneeAutumn_) reported

    @TwitchSupport ever since the twitch update on the xbone I cant watch high viewed streamers, such as @timthetatman. This upsets me because I have to close out of his stream, reload it and watch 2 ads. Every 30 seconds. Please fix this. 🙂

  • PineapplesGG
    Pineapples🎅🏻🎄 (@PineapplesGG) reported

    Hey @TwitchSupport can I trade yall my twitch username (ttv/Pineapples) for ttv/Christopher Send help I dont wanna be a fruit anymore

  • earthtomallory
    mallory lane 🥝 (@earthtomallory) reported

    @agentplatypus23 I really like twitch. It just breaks my heart to see videos like that because it’s live so you really get a glimpse into who someone really is and when they do/say awful stuff it’s so hard to watch.

  • earthtomallory
    mallory lane 🥝 (@earthtomallory) reported

    @agentplatypus23 Joke. A lot of streamers got in trouble not too long ago for saying the N word. Which they deserved to be taken off twitch. But I’ve seen two videos today of streamers beating their wives/kids. Both terrible and twitch is just getting worse.

  • ACGDecsent
    Decsent (@ACGDecsent) reported

    @theRSSfeeds please man you must be able to do something for me I’m frustrated that I can’t get into my account and it’s been three months with no help I even asked amazon customer support which I know sounds dumb but since they own twitch I thought I could get help please help

  • chocoboylol
    Chocoboy (@chocoboylol) reported

    @Artemis_TB @PayPalAU Its 50/50 tbh. Just gotta ring them and see what they say. Having the usual chargeback disclaimer in your dono panel on twitch can help a bit.

  • ACGDecsent
    Decsent (@ACGDecsent) reported

    @theRSSfeeds @TwitchSupport I’ve done the support ticket so many times and I’m just getting automated responses over and over again I really need help from a human

  • theRSSfeeds
    RSS (@theRSSfeeds) reported

    @ACGDecsent @TwitchSupport The team does not offer support via DM. If you have an open ticket with support you can reply to that, or if for some reason it’s not working you can file another.

  • ACGDecsent
    Decsent (@ACGDecsent) reported

    @theRSSfeeds I’ve dmed you and I really need help @TwitchSupport won’t get back to me and I saw in your bio you work in customer service stuff at twitch I’ve been needing help for over two months almost three please respond

  • dacy_rose
    Dacy_Rose (@dacy_rose) reported

    @commandantscifo Then I'd keep doing it till either a tail twitch or a growl, then jump ship. haha I know it's not wise to tease cats but sometimes you just can't help it.

  • LordNeon
    Zettabyte (@LordNeon) reported

    Wish @twitch would fix their #TwitchMachine getting unplugged all the time. And no, it's not my connection

  • FuckOffGaron
    ᶜᵒʳʳⁱⁿ ; 《 # ⁶ ² 》 (@FuckOffGaron) reported

    @_WhatTheBook A twitch of her ears and her attention was immediately turned to him. " Robin! " She said, a bit happily and rushed over to him. Corrin was indeed happy to see his face again, but she couldn't help but feel a bit awkward. After all, her plan did get him into trouble...

  • P4TTYC4KES11
    Patrick (@P4TTYC4KES11) reported

    I REALLY hope @ESLCS goes back to twitch. Facebook is not an esports streaming platform and going there for some quick cash is terrible for the scene. I'm glad they seem to finally be realizing it. #CSGO

  • emmaskyeward
    Emmaskyeward (@emmaskyeward) reported

    I wish @Twitch drops for @PlayWarframe weren't broken for me. I'd be more inclined to play the game more if I got a single drop after watching 40 hours of Warframe streams. I'm still a fan of the game and the platform but its frustrating when all my troubleshooting fails.

  • TippyToesCole
    JessieCole (@TippyToesCole) reported

    @PhillyD I would have just liked more of a warning about what's in the twitch clip before it happened. I have no issue with reporting on it, I just want prepared for the footage.

  • KristopherVideo
    Kristopher (@KristopherVideo) reported

    I don’t know what it is but when i stream everything works fine but my video it’s laggy but I have it running on all settings I used to have it can someone please help me!!!!!!! @twitch

  • Grandpadeath72
    Grandpadeath (@Grandpadeath72) reported

    Well it seems between streaming issues on twitch and movement issues with either keyboard or controller, I won't be streaming tonight.

  • BenBertsch_
    ben (@BenBertsch_) reported

    @afcMitchell DMs are AWFUL. there's so much rockhood makes fun of me for tho :( he won't tell me how to type in color in twitch chat until i watch the film space jam

  • BenBertsch_
    ben (@BenBertsch_) reported

    @afcMitchell DMs are AWFUL. but there's so much rockhood makes fun of me more :( he won't tell me how to type in color in twitch chat until i watch the film space jam

  • RakkoTV
    Rakko (@RakkoTV) reported

    TwitchSupport: RT TwitchDesktop: 📢 In light of WoW 8.1, we've pushed an update. Please update to the latest version to avoid issues. • Some users may need to manually re-add their installation • Users with addon sync enabled need to rejoin their profile • Users with cus…

  • _Sycamori
    Mistlehoe (@_Sycamori) reported

    @CDRomatron Here's hoping I can catch the start then! Can't login to twitch at work so I'd just be a lurker :)

  • alejogrant19
    Grant1912 (@alejogrant19) reported

    @juansolon @Gothalion @Twitch Dreigon orbs* we don’t want any legal problems Kappa

  • JoshDil11627756
    Galaxy bloo (@JoshDil11627756) reported

    @Ninja can not do 90s for shit console players build better then him if he didn’t have good aim he would be the worst streamer on twitch he gets more than 60,000 viewers on twitch somehow he is not even a fun streamer

  • lvndrface
    Libran Receipt Queen (@lvndrface) reported

    Just to be clear, Mr Deadmoth (Fortnite wifebeater) had streamed over 1,000 hours on Twitch and only averaged 17 viewers per session and the sessions went from 3-9 hours (and sometimes 24 hours with only 500 views total)... He was not working, he was a loser that ignored his wife

  • MitztheKat
    Mitz (@MitztheKat) reported

    @TwitchSupport rather than delete spoilers i think it's more used for regulars who step a little too far over boundaries. or bots that don't like capslock. *COUGH MY PROBLEMS THAT I DO*

  • dankwookie
    Bob. (@dankwookie) reported

    Can you please explain to me why I'm not getting my drops on twitch I watched for 8 hours Saturday the tournament watched tonight no drops Yes I linked account but it errors on account link page says its linked in twitch @ @EASPORTS_MUT @EAMaddenNFL @EA

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