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  • ilyawhite12
    ilya white (@ilyawhite12) reported

    @TwitterSupport quit slow playing re activating my old account. It’s been over 4 months. I’m 20 years old..smh

  • SilveryAmazon
    Madeleine Bull (@SilveryAmazon) reported

    @Shpanky24 @instinctnaturel @braun_fay52 @JayTJay76 @gun_ways @JackLamb1957 @GhostOfTick @Shaun_Girk @esta_joy @MikeSchmidt62 @TruthPipe @EAGLESAurelius9 @Jdubsteg @carlvegaaa @enterprise1054 @dillzilla99 @ScotStah @DanFoc77 @joanne48640679 @SwettmanF @brodymccain @hrt6017 @Vncenza2 @WhatAboutBob7 @A113Blue @aleeyun_nvaazun @Brian_Kitchener @Kiwegapawa @lostandlovinit @SmelyDeplorable @chrisoplorable @diane_keniston @us_poll @TommyEnan @kann_van @tinkr333 @IVotedBlue @Diaper777 @50YearOldGamer @Big_Chill53 @TheJoshHarmon @KJ54290723 @DEEplorableinWV @AgainstSage @Sammy0015 @MajGaryNichols @LaurieSpoon @don85375 @ShannonTtexas @TwitterSupport No. Those laws are used across many types of cases mainly to protect victims and ensure a fair trial. They are a good thing not a problem.

  • cltassy
    (@cltassy) reported

    @TwitterSupport Helo, my main acc (@gqurl)'s mention did'nt show up at the other notification tab. Please fix it asap. Thankyou.

  • NTFxG
    NTF (@NTFxG) reported

    Here yall go with this glitching not loading shit, just fix your app man please @Twitter @TwitterSupport

  • Shpanky24
    ❌Another Deplorable by the name of Jason (@Shpanky24) reported

    @lostandlovinit @Shaun_Girk @brodymccain @JackLamb1957 @carlvegaaa @enterprise1054 @TruthPipe @JayTJay76 @dillzilla99 @ScotStah @MikeSchmidt62 @DanFoc77 @joanne48640679 @GhostOfTick @gun_ways @esta_joy @SwettmanF @hrt6017 @Vncenza2 @EAGLESAurelius9 @Jdubsteg @WhatAboutBob7 @A113Blue @aleeyun_nvaazun @Brian_Kitchener @Kiwegapawa @SmelyDeplorable @chrisoplorable @diane_keniston @us_poll @TommyEnan @braun_fay52 @kann_van @tinkr333 @IVotedBlue @Diaper777 @50YearOldGamer @Big_Chill53 @TheJoshHarmon @KJ54290723 @DEEplorableinWV @AgainstSage @Sammy0015 @MajGaryNichols @LaurieSpoon @don85375 @ShannonTtexas @TwitterSupport @BetteMidler @POTUS Sounds like you're scared of the real law. I have no problem paying money to prove a point over a coward that lives in hypocrisy and denial if just only to make them the disgusting ***** matter they truly are.

  • BlueZeena
    Smart Mouth, Sharp Mind (@BlueZeena) reported

    Dear @twitter @TwitterSupport I'm not receiving any mentions. Please fix problem. Thank you.

  • GageAntonioM
    Gage Antonio (@GageAntonioM) reported

    @TwitterSupport My main account was deleted for apparently being under thirteen at the time of creation. This is absurd. I am 21. I have filled out the form to no avail. Fix this.

  • Shpanky24
    ❌Another Deplorable by the name of Jason (@Shpanky24) reported

    @ScotStah @carlvegaaa @JayTJay76 @lostandlovinit @Shaun_Girk @brodymccain @JackLamb1957 @enterprise1054 @TruthPipe @dillzilla99 @MikeSchmidt62 @DanFoc77 @joanne48640679 @GhostOfTick @gun_ways @esta_joy @SwettmanF @hrt6017 @Vncenza2 @EAGLESAurelius9 @Jdubsteg @WhatAboutBob7 @A113Blue @aleeyun_nvaazun @Brian_Kitchener @Kiwegapawa @SmelyDeplorable @chrisoplorable @diane_keniston @us_poll @TommyEnan @braun_fay52 @kann_van @tinkr333 @IVotedBlue @Diaper777 @50YearOldGamer @Big_Chill53 @TheJoshHarmon @KJ54290723 @DEEplorableinWV @AgainstSage @Sammy0015 @MajGaryNichols @LaurieSpoon @don85375 @ShannonTtexas @TwitterSupport @BetteMidler @POTUS Not surprisingly this statement comes from #StolenValor. An officer in the U.S. Army that lied..all Mueller needed was a confused reply or retraction of an error. Funny that his lie was so bad it cost his career, home, financial wellbeing but wasnt enough for jail. Disgraceful

  • lostandlovinit
    American Woman (@lostandlovinit) reported

    @Shpanky24 @Shaun_Girk @GhostOfTick @hrt6017 @JackLamb1957 @Vncenza2 @MikeSchmidt62 @DanFoc77 @EAGLESAurelius9 @TruthPipe @Jdubsteg @esta_joy @JayTJay76 @dillzilla99 @ScotStah @joanne48640679 @gun_ways @SwettmanF @brodymccain @carlvegaaa @WhatAboutBob7 @A113Blue @aleeyun_nvaazun @enterprise1054 @Brian_Kitchener @Kiwegapawa @SmelyDeplorable @chrisoplorable @diane_keniston @us_poll @TommyEnan @braun_fay52 @kann_van @tinkr333 @IVotedBlue @Diaper777 @50YearOldGamer @Big_Chill53 @TheJoshHarmon @KJ54290723 @DEEplorableinWV @AgainstSage @Sammy0015 @MajGaryNichols @LaurieSpoon @don85375 @ShannonTtexas @TwitterSupport @BetteMidler I proved both your assertions wrong. Not my problem that you're not smart enough to understand when you are wrong. Since I have tested students for reading comprehension for years (Reading Specialist certification), I can assure you that your comp skills are not collegiate.

  • shushuburger124
    폼폼 (@shushuburger124) reported

    @TwitterSupport @TwitterKorea Plz unlock my accounts. Many people can't receive my mention and retweets. please solve this problem as soon as possible.

  • FrNickOFMConv
    Friar Nick (It's Advent, I'm not tweeting... Much) (@FrNickOFMConv) reported

    @TwitterSupport @lapittenger Laura, thanks for posting about dorks like this. It's terrible they are still doing what they do, but you've made people more aware and that's good. Sorry this guy is still going after you and others.

  • kjixzel
    JFB? zel (@kjixzel) reported

    Hello @TwitterSupport, my account ( @hafneuI )'s mention didn't show up at the other notification tab. Please fix it ASAP. Thanks

  • tamfvan
    jfb? rezel (@tamfvan) reported

    Hello @TwitterSupport, my acc ( @hafneuI )'s mention didn't show up at the other notification tab. Please fix it ASAP. Thanks

  • DesignationSix
    Secret Agent Number Six (@DesignationSix) reported

    @jjsmokkieBOY57 @Twitter @TwitterSupport @jack If you are on a computer you hold down the left click on your mouse and move it across what you want to copy to high light it. Once you have done that use the right click to open the menu and pick copy. Then go to where you want to paste it and open the menu again and hit paste.

  • lonjuwn
    LONJUN LIMIT DM (@lonjuwn) reported

    @TwitterSupport Hi, I'm user of acc @lonjuwn. My account has been limit direct message. Please fix it ASAP, thankyou.

  • phadw
    Sereen Zevach (@phadw) reported

    @AlanaKStewart @Twitter @TwitterSupport I had a whopping 90 followers down to 87.

  • PatGregg2
    PFG (@PatGregg2) reported

    @peterstocking @grantstern @kevinomccarthy Forgive the errors folks. Darn it @jack @TwitterSupport edit button.

  • snortingirwin
    hannah ❄️ (@snortingirwin) reported

    @TwitterSupport do yall wanna fix yall shit so i can have my account or 😌😌😌

  • Shpanky24
    ❌Another Deplorable by the name of Jason (@Shpanky24) reported

    @hrt6017 @JackLamb1957 @Vncenza2 @GhostOfTick @MikeSchmidt62 @DanFoc77 @EAGLESAurelius9 @Shaun_Girk @TruthPipe @Jdubsteg @esta_joy @JayTJay76 @dillzilla99 @ScotStah @joanne48640679 @gun_ways @SwettmanF @brodymccain @carlvegaaa @WhatAboutBob7 @A113Blue @aleeyun_nvaazun @enterprise1054 @Brian_Kitchener @Kiwegapawa @lostandlovinit @SmelyDeplorable @chrisoplorable @diane_keniston @us_poll @TommyEnan @braun_fay52 @kann_van @tinkr333 @IVotedBlue @Diaper777 @50YearOldGamer @Big_Chill53 @TheJoshHarmon @KJ54290723 @DEEplorableinWV @AgainstSage @Sammy0015 @MajGaryNichols @LaurieSpoon @don85375 @ShannonTtexas @TwitterSupport @BetteMidler @POTUS Honestly the government involvement in anything with respect to their own possible election is and always will be a disaster. Most government functions should require an unelected "jury" to oversee them. Continuing to hand all the power to the govt is the problem,not the solution

  • naqyeorn
    24K. cojung🌻, ᵈˣⁿ (@naqyeorn) reported

    @TwitterSupport Helo, my main acc @irsrene mention did'nt show up at the other notification tab. Pls fix it asap. Thanks

  • ftbllJordan
    Jordan (@ftbllJordan) reported

    @TwitterSupport why are you so slow at helping me

  • RealFrankLittle
    Frank P Little (@RealFrankLittle) reported

    Sure wish @TwitterSupport would let people know when they take down a #Bot that was in their followers. And they should be a bit more lenient when people are venting about international tyrants.

  • SexLoveAndOJ
    #TheRealHer😎 (@SexLoveAndOJ) reported

    @TwitterSupport my account keeps telling me I have a DM when I don’t can y’all fix my shit thank you

  • its_me_1881
    Moayad Alharbi (@its_me_1881) reported

    @TwitterSupport i cant login to my account need help please

  • Osakwavy
    De infallible preence of de lineup (@Osakwavy) reported

    My mute button not working @TwitterSupport

  • icarusflicker
    a loves z (@icarusflicker) reported

    fix it @TwitterSupport

  • Shpanky24
    ❌Another Deplorable by the name of Jason (@Shpanky24) reported

    @Shaun_Girk @brodymccain @JackLamb1957 @carlvegaaa @enterprise1054 @TruthPipe @JayTJay76 @dillzilla99 @ScotStah @MikeSchmidt62 @DanFoc77 @joanne48640679 @GhostOfTick @gun_ways @esta_joy @SwettmanF @hrt6017 @Vncenza2 @EAGLESAurelius9 @Jdubsteg @WhatAboutBob7 @A113Blue @aleeyun_nvaazun @Brian_Kitchener @Kiwegapawa @lostandlovinit @SmelyDeplorable @chrisoplorable @diane_keniston @us_poll @TommyEnan @braun_fay52 @kann_van @tinkr333 @IVotedBlue @Diaper777 @50YearOldGamer @Big_Chill53 @TheJoshHarmon @KJ54290723 @DEEplorableinWV @AgainstSage @Sammy0015 @MajGaryNichols @LaurieSpoon @don85375 @ShannonTtexas @TwitterSupport @BetteMidler @POTUS And again you miss the ENTIRE point while you cling to your obvious and noted errors. 1. You cant secretly record someone without consent or a court order 2. You cant be named as an unindicted coconspirator without Grand Jury testimony, again Cohen plead guilty no Grand jury

  • FargoDb
    GoFar (@FargoDb) reported

    @twitter @TwitterSupport @jack Please make the video player have the option for full screen to be played as landscape. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say we don't all keep our phones on auto orientation. It gets annoying when you put your flat and it flips upside down. Thank you.

  • LunarSkye
    ♦♠♥♣LunarSkye♣♥♠♦ (@LunarSkye) reported

    Twitter ain't showing me all the replies in my mentions. Fix it. @TwitterSupport

  • Mario_haslaN
    Mario Mtz~ (@Mario_haslaN) reported

    @TwitterSupport hey dudes, your 2FA system does work like trash. Fix it plz. I can't add a new 2FA Software, it says Invalid Code all the time. Your support direct messages don't solve the issue. Any help would be apreciated.

  • realShelleyC
    Shelley Campbell (@realShelleyC) reported

    Maybe when @jack comes down from the mountain or whatever...@Twitter @TwitterSupport

  • monsoon2112
    Bob ... more than 400 flipped seats ... Berry (@monsoon2112) reported

    @richmondrquette @MarvinKey74 @NanInKansas @gwiech @king_of_bob @dooglives @DumondKd @JeffHarperArt @PanderingBernie @scaredpair @LouiseMensch @briancheeek @jmjlyons @Williamkellehe4 @ActifyPress @coffee_minion @shuboogie @010_10_101 @cj_beckerman @EmirSejdik @torrentprime @FBI @DHSgov @TwitterSupport @kahuna754 @Menso_Ocasio @FBIWFO @SenSanders @ninaturner no one ever said they were. you clowns, like bernie, reduced hillary down to just being a woman, just like berne did about obama jut being a charismatic black man. bernie, the most useless do nothing congressperson in the past 40 years has to reduce others, to elevate himself.

  • lexcr14
    Lexi (@lexcr14) reported

    @chrisdabear @munk_craig @weatherchannel I sent you a text with the info. @TwitterSupport needs to fix this crap

  • lord_dopehat
    lord_dopehat (@lord_dopehat) reported

    @TNF_13 @wierstamann @TwitterSupport @Twitter @jack Yes @jack please fix this....boot the pedos from this platform

  • DollyKostka
    Dolly ❤️ (@DollyKostka) reported

    @TwitterSupport are not listening to @Sunnyclaribel who is trying to verify her identity asking them to use alternative link ! How easy is that to actually provide a human to sort out issues just once in a while! This lady has been our only support at one point, she is our hero

  • BlastBoxxTV
    BlastBoxx Podcast (@BlastBoxxTV) reported

    @Not_So_Fabuloso @TwitterSupport They're only adding gas to the fire as users are making videos of their issue on other platforms.

  • captaitn
    lock uname (@captaitn) reported

    My acc jeundral's follow's notification can't been seen on other mention's tab please fix that problem asap @Twitter @TwitterSupport

  • nayasala
    Mary Wollstonecraft (@nayasala) reported

    @TwitterSupport the following DM was sent re a tech issue I was inquiring about: "I'm not sure what you mean. Try selecting one of the options from the list below in order to get started." This DM was sent 3x regardless of my reply & there was no list below #NotAHappyConsumer

  • Karlo______
    Karlo (@Karlo______) reported

    @MrBakbanaan @TwitterSupport Fix your shit lazy *****

  • MrBakbanaan
    Carlos 🎅 (@MrBakbanaan) reported

    @TwitterSupport fix yo stupid ass group dms on the android app, this shit hella laggy

  • Lexlexolexiee
    Morgan Alexis 🥰 (@Lexlexolexiee) reported

    @marwanyousry1 @einfachzusuper @Sabahmbm @Juicevibe1 @mikeymorris97 @TwitterSupport @kaitlinn_____ Yo @TwitterSupport ARE YALL GONE FIX OUR ACCTS OR WHAT.

  • vands_GS
    Vural Şahin #Galatasaray (@vands_GS) reported

    @TwitterSupport Hi, you suspend my account: . I am sorry for breaking rules. I accept my mistake. I won’t break rules anymore. I will be very happy if you give me permission to login my account. 👉 @vuralsahin

  • Shaun_Girk
    A Casual Observer (@Shaun_Girk) reported

    @Shpanky24 @EAGLESAurelius9 @ScotStah @carlvegaaa @enterprise1054 @TruthPipe @JayTJay76 @dillzilla99 @MikeSchmidt62 @DanFoc77 @joanne48640679 @GhostOfTick @gun_ways @esta_joy @SwettmanF @brodymccain @hrt6017 @Vncenza2 @Jdubsteg @WhatAboutBob7 @A113Blue @aleeyun_nvaazun @Brian_Kitchener @Kiwegapawa @lostandlovinit @SmelyDeplorable @JackLamb1957 @chrisoplorable @diane_keniston @us_poll @TommyEnan @braun_fay52 @kann_van @tinkr333 @IVotedBlue @Diaper777 @50YearOldGamer @Big_Chill53 @TheJoshHarmon @KJ54290723 @DEEplorableinWV @AgainstSage @Sammy0015 @MajGaryNichols @LaurieSpoon @don85375 @ShannonTtexas @TwitterSupport @BetteMidler Fifth time you've avoided the issue

  • Shaun_Girk
    A Casual Observer (@Shaun_Girk) reported

    @Shpanky24 @Jdubsteg @esta_joy @MikeSchmidt62 @GhostOfTick @JayTJay76 @TruthPipe @EAGLESAurelius9 @carlvegaaa @enterprise1054 @dillzilla99 @ScotStah @DanFoc77 @joanne48640679 @gun_ways @SwettmanF @brodymccain @hrt6017 @Vncenza2 @WhatAboutBob7 @A113Blue @aleeyun_nvaazun @Brian_Kitchener @Kiwegapawa @lostandlovinit @SmelyDeplorable @JackLamb1957 @chrisoplorable @diane_keniston @us_poll @TommyEnan @braun_fay52 @kann_van @tinkr333 @IVotedBlue @Diaper777 @50YearOldGamer @Big_Chill53 @TheJoshHarmon @KJ54290723 @DEEplorableinWV @AgainstSage @Sammy0015 @MajGaryNichols @LaurieSpoon @don85375 @ShannonTtexas @TwitterSupport @BetteMidler Fourth time you've avoided the issue

  • Shpanky24
    ❌Another Deplorable by the name of Jason (@Shpanky24) reported

    @Shaun_Girk @EAGLESAurelius9 @ScotStah @carlvegaaa @enterprise1054 @TruthPipe @JayTJay76 @dillzilla99 @MikeSchmidt62 @DanFoc77 @joanne48640679 @GhostOfTick @gun_ways @esta_joy @SwettmanF @brodymccain @hrt6017 @Vncenza2 @Jdubsteg @WhatAboutBob7 @A113Blue @aleeyun_nvaazun @Brian_Kitchener @Kiwegapawa @lostandlovinit @SmelyDeplorable @JackLamb1957 @chrisoplorable @diane_keniston @us_poll @TommyEnan @braun_fay52 @kann_van @tinkr333 @IVotedBlue @Diaper777 @50YearOldGamer @Big_Chill53 @TheJoshHarmon @KJ54290723 @DEEplorableinWV @AgainstSage @Sammy0015 @MajGaryNichols @LaurieSpoon @don85375 @ShannonTtexas @TwitterSupport @BetteMidler I would rather just keep showing repetition of trying to beat a story into someone. Let me know when the indictments and convictions come down and I will be happy to read the evidence and judge him accordingly. Hypothetical hypocrisy doesnt work for me.

  • Faze__Hat
    The King Panda (@Faze__Hat) reported

    @TwitterSupport Are you guys going to address the pedophiles that are swarming here because of the tumblr incident, there so many of them, you guys have to fix it.

  • brodymccain
    brody mccain (@brodymccain) reported

    @JackLamb1957 @carlvegaaa @enterprise1054 @TruthPipe @JayTJay76 @Shpanky24 @dillzilla99 @ScotStah @MikeSchmidt62 @DanFoc77 @joanne48640679 @GhostOfTick @gun_ways @esta_joy @SwettmanF @hrt6017 @Vncenza2 @Shaun_Girk @EAGLESAurelius9 @Jdubsteg @WhatAboutBob7 @A113Blue @aleeyun_nvaazun @Brian_Kitchener @Kiwegapawa @lostandlovinit @SmelyDeplorable @chrisoplorable @diane_keniston @us_poll @TommyEnan @braun_fay52 @kann_van @tinkr333 @IVotedBlue @Diaper777 @50YearOldGamer @Big_Chill53 @TheJoshHarmon @KJ54290723 @DEEplorableinWV @AgainstSage @Sammy0015 @MajGaryNichols @LaurieSpoon @don85375 @ShannonTtexas @TwitterSupport @BetteMidler Libs listen to MSM an industry reporting white is black & black is white, up is down & down is up & where THE MOST TRUSTED NAME IN NEWS is anything but what they're selling MSM an insane factory where they've turned telling untruths into a daily assembly line & the product SUCKS

  • mattezai
    Kahekili (@mattezai) reported

    @godfatheriv @Twitter @TwitterSupport They don’t shut down accounts based in DC if they’re reported by plebs in a 3rd world country.

  • TomDeutschComic
    Tom Deutsch (@TomDeutschComic) reported

    @StevenGJones12 @ida_skibenes @TwitterSupport @StevenGJones12 is harassing @ida_skibenes. This man is vulgar and aggressive and should be banned from the platform. SHUT HIM DOWN.

  • itsWanda
    Wanda (@itsWanda) reported

    @AquamarineSteph @TwitterSupport Still a bug that notifications doesn't refresh without a full timeline refresh, and they should still fix it ; )

  • pgallagher72
    Patrick (@pgallagher72) reported

    Hey @TwitterSupport - I’ve had a constant DM notification for days, but no DMs or requests. It’s a torturous bug, please fix! Using Twitter for iOS

  • falconhamada_90
    Falcon Hamada 🇮🇶 (@falconhamada_90) reported from Baghdad, Muḩāfaz̧at Baghdād

    Please solve the slow Twitter problem so that I can quickly browse #Twitter @Twitter @TwitterSupport 😔💔😢😭🙏🌷

  • cntryMikeMonroe
    Mike Monroe (@cntryMikeMonroe) reported

    @TwitterSupport just got locked out of my account after commenting on a trans issue. If you read my actual comments, I support trans people.

  • chunkysmommy
    laura green (@chunkysmommy) reported

    @TwitterSupport need help getting someone to stop following me reporting/blocking not working

  • MikeShouldersOK
    I’m Michael Shoulders (@MikeShouldersOK) reported

    Still not sure what the issue is here @Jack @twittersupport @Tweetdeck @Pizzahut routing #; 000766965222580 Account#: 46554688637430086 But please get it resolved asap, gonna buy a lifeboat on Thursday

  • KyloRen_Hux
    🌟Kylo °Bear° Hux🌟 (@KyloRen_Hux) reported

    @TwitterSupport Sort your app out. My DMS are struggling to load. In fact everything is taking time to load. Also the floating error message boxes are still being a pain. It's only been like TWO MONTHS and they're still popping up. Thanks Yours, flabbergasted

  • us_poll
    TJ007 GenX SE 🇺🇸 (@us_poll) reported

    @Shpanky24 @ScotStah @MikeSchmidt62 @GhostOfTick @DanFoc77 @EAGLESAurelius9 @Shaun_Girk @TruthPipe @Jdubsteg @esta_joy @JayTJay76 @dillzilla99 @joanne48640679 @gun_ways @SwettmanF @brodymccain @hrt6017 @Vncenza2 @carlvegaaa @WhatAboutBob7 @A113Blue @aleeyun_nvaazun @enterprise1054 @Brian_Kitchener @Kiwegapawa @lostandlovinit @SmelyDeplorable @JackLamb1957 @chrisoplorable @diane_keniston @TommyEnan @braun_fay52 @kann_van @tinkr333 @IVotedBlue @Diaper777 @50YearOldGamer @Big_Chill53 @TheJoshHarmon @KJ54290723 @DEEplorableinWV @AgainstSage @Sammy0015 @MajGaryNichols @LaurieSpoon @don85375 @ShannonTtexas @TwitterSupport @BetteMidler @POTUS If someone doesn't know the difference nor the problem with making allegation/accusations without proof & thinks they have a case based on words alone I don't know what to say....Maybe they should take some Xanax2chill out. Either way we R dealing with people w/ Mental blocks!

  • TheLWA
    Julian Young (@TheLWA) reported

    @David_shapira @TwitterSupport @GnasherJew @LabourAgainstAS Come on @TwitterSupport - you really must respond to this urgently. This really is not an issue which you can ignore.

  • MnsAbo
    الراقي (@MnsAbo) reported

    @TwitterSupport @TwitterSafety @jack PLEASE REINSTATE @alflak2007 🇸🇦🌹 It has never broken the terms and the twitter’s rules. Please get this account back

  • Mr_Tee_Kay
    Mr.T (@Mr_Tee_Kay) reported

    @TwitterSupport stop the automated messages and some human being just start chatting instead to resolve an issue