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October 17: Problems at Twitter

Twitter is having issues since 03:00 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Errors (33.33%)
  • Sign in (20.00%)

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  • debiowens
    🇺🇸Rise Up & Resista Sista🇺🇸 (@debiowens) reported

    @Jack @Twitter @twittersupport Please reinstate @nicoxw1 He's suspended which we feel is due to an oversight, error, or false report. He's a peaceful resister here to help amplify our cause & lift spirits. It's been >1 week since he appealed with 0 response. Please reconsider it.

  • ellasgross
    ㅤ🌙 (@ellasgross) reported

    Dear @TwitterSupport my main acc @duyeot 's mention did'nt show up at the other notification tab. Please fix it asap. Thankyou

  • aetrahce
    Phin, of the Deepest Blue (@aetrahce) reported

    @Xaosopher @Twitter @TwitterSupport @jack Can confirm. Glob, please fix this.

  • purelifetennis
    Tony Kendig (@purelifetennis) reported

    Hey @TwitterSupport These npc bots are getting out of control. Any help taking them down since this is like against #toc

  • DannyTeri
    Teri & Danny Shelby🇮🇱🇺🇸🌟🌟🌟 (@DannyTeri) reported

    @twittersupport Am not gettiing an of notofications please dix. And i am not getting notifications to some when I got them everyday! Please fix.

  • prismltm
    han(nibal) (@prismltm) reported

    @orgerl @TwitterSupport fix this please

  • therealJFKFAN
    JFKFAN (@therealJFKFAN) reported

    @TwitterSupport like for almost 10 years I've asked if you guys can fix my counter , I know you guys are busy but... Thanks

  • RonSupportsYou
    RonSupportsYou (@RonSupportsYou) reported

    @TwitterSupport The issues that people on Twitter have are not limited to the relative few that you ask people to choose from. My issue yesterday and today concern being rate-limited. Please correct your menu of issues, and please correct the rate-limited bug.

  • Kixx_0716
    HARLEY KIM (@Kixx_0716) reported

    @TwitterKorea @TwitterSupport Plz unlock my accounts. Many people can't receive my mention and retweets. please solve this problem as soon as possible.

  • bronnks157
    Joao Victor (@bronnks157) reported

    @TwitterSupport My name is joão victor I'm from Brazil and today twitter blocked my account because when I created my account it was very few months before I was 13 and I was so anxious to have a twitter account that I did not expect and I created it, I apologized I assumed the error was mine

  • jconnor19662
    John Connor (@jconnor19662) reported

    @lisa_alba @MellowOchre @frederickone @bezz100 @GoldenOldieC @4bins @1humanagenda @BsaFriend @StillonthatWall @rextyler2 @pierre2pierre @MogridgeSteve @wilde @EmBrown37 @Alanlsg @CTWarriorMonkey @awaitinggaia @Paladin333 @HeikkiOjala @ksnfnfu37 @DJSiri @SlickTrick14 @Prezbyter @esamawuta @ssbn601 @YouTube @interest @ForBritainParty @UKIP @ConHome @UKLabour @afneil @IainDale @JuliaHB1 @KTHopkins @TonyParsonsUK @patcondell @NickFerrariLBC @ukcolumn @21WIRE @BBC @LBC @mrjamesob @Twitter @TwitterSupport Face book purge, youtube down last night, missing followers hmm

  • tdhross
    Jonathan Ross (@tdhross) reported

    @Anonymu63772507 @cbcnewsbc @surreyfirst @Twitter @TwitterSupport @TwitterSafety This is once again another post with a minor showing baseless, false attacks; this is illegal and Twitter should be taking this down immediately

  • dazzz0753
    Sharyn (@dazzz0753) reported

    @jack @TwitterSupport There just really needs to be a thumbs downs choice right beside the heart for liking. Seriously, just hitting a thumbs down would be so much better than to have to leave a message to a tweet that is just too ridiculous to answer. PLEASE...SOON.

  • MckillopTy
    Ty Mckillop (@MckillopTy) reported

    @Twitter @TwitterSupport @twitter I’m trying to verify my phone on iOS but I’m not getting the sms or receiving calls how do I fix this if anyone knows pls send me a message back

  • Kixx_0716
    HARLEY KIM (@Kixx_0716) reported

    Plz unlock my accounts. Many people can't receive my mention and retweets. please solve this problem as soon as possible. @TwitterKorea @TwitterSupport

  • wingdingsphil
    aliyah (@wingdingsphil) reported

    @TwitterSupport let me fix my ******* header cowards

  • RonSupportsYou
    RonSupportsYou (@RonSupportsYou) reported

    @TwitterSupport I start tweeting again at 4 pm every day. Yesterday I brought the rate-limited bug to your attention. This morning I could tweet again with no problem. About 5 minutes ago I got a second rate-limited announcement. Please fix this quickly and let my tweets be seen.

  • swisschoc
    Stephen Margolis. (@swisschoc) reported

    @dbongino Of course its a violation of Twitter policy. Calling Jews insects is no different than what the Iranian regime calls the Jews apes and pigs. Time to have a looksee @TwitterSupport since you have clamped down on fake Iranian journalists..

  • Right2LeftUK
    Right2LeftUK #PCPEU #GTTO (@Right2LeftUK) reported

    @NeilClark66 @Twitter @TwitterSupport A lot of my tweets disappear down a black hole. Trying find a pattern

  • captainspicks
    The Captain (@captainspicks) reported

    My followers list is plummeting; down about 25% in last few days. #MAGA, #TCOT complain about this a lot. Asking @Jack, @TwitterSupport: please tell me what views I'm allowed to hold, whom I'm allowed to follow, etc. I promise to be a good pod person...

  • bai49376821
    bai (@bai49376821) reported

    @MichaelsJames3 is a fraudster trying to get people to give him their account info. @verified @TwitterSupport shut down this guys account!

  • AranKirostok
    Aran Kirostok (@AranKirostok) reported

    @Twitter @Boogie2988 I'd be sweet if @TwitterSupport stopped ignoring me and help me resolve an issue I have dealt with for almost a year now. Apparently I'm too unimportant for you to give a shit.

  • bleachadss
    pepperoni pizza 🍕 (@bleachadss) reported

    @hoezuna @TwitterSupport which is your problem 😠

  • iPad27823539
    iPad (@iPad27823539) reported

    @shaina_mc @TwitterSafety @TwitterSupport And a dislike a broken heart, or a middle finger.

  • bellamagick315
    JoAnn Black (@bellamagick315) reported

    @Deborah32314612 @TwitterSupport My notifications keep getting shut down 5 consecutive weekends lasting fri-mon.

  • swingles
    Swingles (@swingles) reported

    @TwitterSupport I'm trying to follow back everyone who has followed us over the last 4 days and I'm getting an error that I'm rate limited. I don't know why this is coming up.

  • EmmaL3anne
    Emma-Leanne Rosemarie (@EmmaL3anne) reported

    @realjoshualloyd wants his account back @TwitterSupport please fix this!! 😩😭 @lilcdesigns 💕💕

  • PicardMMonster
    Picard🏳️‍🌈🇨🇦 (@PicardMMonster) reported

    Looks like @Twitter, @TwitterSupport is coming up with another bad idea that makes things even easier for white supremacists and troll accounts, which they still refuse to take down. This is a very bad idea that the trolls will abuse.

  • JoshuaLloydNo1
    JoshuaNo1 (@JoshuaLloydNo1) reported

    @TwitterSupport I need @realjoshualloyd in my life and you have cruelly taken him from me as you have unjustifiably suspended his account please fix it asap x

  • Kixx_0716
    HARLEY KIM (@Kixx_0716) reported

    @TwitterKorea @TwitterSupport Plz unlock my accounts. Many people can't receive my mention and retweets. please solve this problem as soon as possible. **** Twitter fuckkkk Twitter

  • JoshuaLloydNo1
    JoshuaNo1 (@JoshuaLloydNo1) reported

    @TwitterSupport please fix @realjoshualloyd account there's no genuine reason for it to be suspended please fix it x

  • ServusPecum
    Servus Pecum (@ServusPecum) reported

    @TwitterSupport 73 Invisible Unfollowers. If this is not a censorship action, which I can no longer exclude, because its in the Hundreds the last week, than please Fix your Software Problem. @privacyfirst @privacyint

    Sam Johanson (@OGHARIT) reported

    @NeilClark66 @Twitter @TwitterSupport No. I mean real bots. Twitter is cracking down on those. Millions were removed in the last few months, I hear.

  • HardRightCross
    CAPS LOCK IS ON! (@HardRightCross) reported

    @twitter @TwitterSupport Anytime I reply to a tweet, I get "Cannot load properly" error. My tweets aren't threading. I want my account released now!

  • Sierra_Oracle
    J White (@Sierra_Oracle) reported

    Twitter aborted with a dump. Also still getting blurred images-please fix. Taking extra time to load them impacts ease of use. @TwitterSupport @jack

  • Deborah32314612
    Deborah Simmons (@Deborah32314612) reported

    @bellamagick315 @TwitterSupport Think there is something up. My numbers (although a small account) goes up & down but doesn’t match w my follower list. Notifications don’t always show, or show up twice for the same post. I don’t know. Something is glitchy.

  • feliciab86
    Felicia Stewart (@feliciab86) reported

    Hey @TwitterSupport I mean she's straight up threatening with a gun here. Maybe shutting this idiocrasy down early is the best way to prevent escalations.

  • mrblakmamba
    beta boy (@mrblakmamba) reported

    @TTBT_HOOKEM @caromero0101 @P1Hood86 @TwitterSupport Oh I think deep down you know who the true coward in this conversation is. You're the coward who defends online creeps. That makes you as sick and pathetic as him.

  • Blu3berriMuffin
    Jintastic 💜 citifield GA (@Blu3berriMuffin) reported

    wow my notification is going crazy it keeps going back and forth with yay message and then back to no message =__= @TwitterSupport please fix this it's annoying me

  • KristineAz
    𝓐 𝓬𝓱𝓲𝓬𝓴 𝓽𝔀𝓮𝓮𝓽𝓲𝓷𝓰 🐦 (@KristineAz) reported

    This is so effing disgusting. THIS is why Right-leaning people have a problem. It's fine to have rules & standards, but NOT if they aren't applied equally. WTF @Jack @TwitterSupport @TwitterSafety @Twitter #FreeGayPatriot

  • Anewhomestar
    Just A Russian Hack (@Anewhomestar) reported

    Ironically, I bet @TwitterSupport would shut me down if I compared Calypso Louie to an animal

  • thedavidseth
    Unreliable Narrator (@thedavidseth) reported from Baltimore, Maryland

    .@jack @TwitterSupport this is ******* ridiculous. Fix it or die of books.

  • BTSOT7jinstan1
    KM💜7AwaketoEpiphany (@BTSOT7jinstan1) reported

    @jinKissLetsgo The warning is off, your account, hope this means @Twitter @TwitterSupport @TwitterSafety has resolved the issue and you are getting your full account back 👍

  • TheoCampos
    Theo Campos (@TheoCampos) reported

    @TwitterSupport Please @TwitterSupport answer me solving the problems that @TwitterBrasil is causing in my account @TheoCampos while aggravating fascists recidivists in @Twitter.

  • Austin67234104
    Austin Horres (@Austin67234104) reported

    @kellengoff @TwitterSupport This is actually an intervention. Kellen, we need to talk about your problem

  • treat3d6
    SPOOPY TREAT 🎃 (@treat3d6) reported

    @N4keZer0 @Fortnitee_Leaks @TwitterSupport his account was taken down but he’s getting it back

  • sjens188
    Samuel Taylor (@sjens188) reported

    Really wish there was a way I could never see sports on @Twitter. I hate all sports and hate when it is on my feed & trends. No matter who or what I block, it always pops up. Wish @TwitterSupport could fix this.

  • hardyjohn
    John Hardy (@hardyjohn) reported

    @georgegalloway @TwitterSafety @TwitterSupport @metpoliceuk You lie down with dogs George....

  • xxbombcreeper
    🎃xxVampcreeper🎃 (@xxbombcreeper) reported

    @MuzYoshi @DairisekiMBL @DekuDeluxe @TwitterSupport This happened to me as well. Now my birth date is...well yeah. It took a week for them to fix it

    MG WELLS (@MG_WELLS) reported

    @Oldbrookender See this @TwitterSupport MANY are NOT Receiving Their NOTIFICATIONS! Please Fix ASAP. Thanks SO MUCH! 🐦

  • letmmmlive
    Zai (@letmmmlive) reported

    Why won’t twitter let me say “I don’t like this tweet” anymore wtf how else am I supppsed to get boys off my TL now fix this @TwitterSupport

  • Nintend0m
    💀Demonic🎃👻 (@Nintend0m) reported

    @TwitterSafety @Twitter It would be nice if y'all took care of the suspension problems @TwitterSupport @Twitter

  • RudolphMachube
    RTM (@RudolphMachube) reported from University Park, Florida

    @TwitterSupport you genuinely need to fix your search option. If I type something specific (A name) don’t give me half of it and then show me things that have no relation to that. Like honestly. Don’t care bout no lion, I’m looking for Simba 😑 as in Crisps

  • 141Layla
    سفيرة الإسلام (@141Layla) reported

    @TwitterSupport @TwitterSafety @jack PLEASE REINSTATE 👉🏻 @Amal30k It has never broken the terms and the twitter’s rules. Please get this account back

  • FightBenFight
    Ben Peters 🗿 (@FightBenFight) reported

    @EmJayHix @jimmyyadig @SuperkickSavant @TwitterSupport I don't give a shit about how many guns she owns. She can own an armory. I am for the 2nd amendment. My issue is the blanketed threat of violence while brandishing a weapon on a social media platform. That is dumb as **** as a "responsible" gun owner.

  • grngegrl
    spøøky rinn (@grngegrl) reported

    @TwitterSupport having to login out of all other devices and apps every other day is getting boring

  • OmoobaDafidi
    Prince David Adetula (@OmoobaDafidi) reported

    It is important everyone knows that this is a parody account. I implore @Twitter to take down this account before another precedent of "I didn't promise this, I didn't promise that" is set. @TwitterSupport, kindly take down this fake account for the sake of Nigeria's stability.

  • atjordanyo
    aaron (ʸᵘʰ) (@atjordanyo) reported

    why does my twitter mobile app only show two hours of tweets and refuse to show anything prior to that fix it fat @TwitterSupport

  • lejindaryworld
    leJINdary✨ (@lejindaryworld) reported

    To @TwitterSupport and @Twitter. Could you solve the problem with the account of @jinKissLetsgo She did not do anything, or upload any kind of inappropriate photo, Just share beautiful photos of Jin. Can you please help. Thank you.

  • imajinarygalaxy
    imaJIN 🎃 (@imajinarygalaxy) reported

    To @TwitterSupport and @Twitter. Could you solve the problem with the account of @jinKissLetsgo She did not do anything, or upload any kind of inappropriate photo, Just share beautiful photos of Jin. Can you please help. Thank you.