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World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the fourth released game set in the fantasy Warcraft universe, which was first introduced by Warcraft: Orcs & Humans in 1994.

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  • skribbz14 skribbz14 (@skribbz14) reported

    @WarcraftDevs the past 3 purchases of Relingquished Azerite Chestpiece's have all been the exact same item...please fix this in #Shadowlands

  • xXRariiXx Rarrii Katya S (@xXRariiXx) reported

    remove ashran from the rotation till you can fix the lag plz @Warcraft @WatcherDev @BlizzardCS

  • MysticalOS 🧔🏽Adam (@MysticalOS) reported

    Orgrimmar Vision with these affixes, is a complete and utter joke. Like, I’d have to fall asleep at keyboard to **** it up. There is just no comparison between stormwind and orgrimmar. Some serious balance issues #Warcraft

  • xenoram Xenoram (@xenoram) reported

    @Warcraft @Miss_AlexMarie Fix your game.

  • chrissyxchi chrissy⁷ 🥀 (@chrissyxchi) reported

    really missing the pvp world quests from Legion. i’m struggling to get Marks of Honor to fix my warlocks clapped transmog 💀 #Warcraft

  • FrenzyheartPlay Brandon B. (@FrenzyheartPlay) reported

    @WarcraftDevs @BlizzardCS The portal to Darkshore for Alliance is definitely broken. As soon as I load, I start falling through the world and get disconnected. When I try to log back in, I either am falling through the world and get DCed again, or if I'm lucky ported to Felwood.

  • Emperor1G The Lake Effect (@Emperor1G) reported

    @BlizzardCS Maybe fix the game crashes on Warcraft 3 after your "patch' went in.

  • altercrowns 𝐫𝐞𝐞𝐝 🗡 (5 days !!) (@altercrowns) reported

    the warcraft movie had this problem too like that is........the point! thats just how warcraft is!!!!!! if you want a super serious epic high fantasy warcraft is Not the franchise you are looking for

  • SanatanaMishra Sanatana Mishra (@SanatanaMishra) reported

    They absolutely need to revert the game to original Warcraft 3 and give everyone a forced refund, if I submitted something this broken to a non-production branch the team would be at my desk within 5 minutes demanding I revert, let alone releasing it to the public and charging.

  • CBearCircl3 Circa SeaBearCircle 又 (@CBearCircl3) reported

    @Felaryn Got a beta invite for Warcraft 3 Reforged however, couldn’t play it due to pc issues :x

  • Veronica_Lush Veronica Lush (@Veronica_Lush) reported

    @Atacamitee @WarcraftDevs BFA isn't very alt friendly until we get account wide essences. It's seriously miserable grinding out all that content again, and again... I know I have a problem, I am an altoholic.

  • Lame_One Lame One (@Lame_One) reported

    @PadaPwet @MethodRoger @WarcraftDevs There being bigger problems doesn't mean this isn't a problem. By your logic, we shouldn't even be talking about balance in a game because global warming exists.

  • XinYenFon Mert (@XinYenFon) reported

    @InNeedOfBeer @MethodRoger @WarcraftDevs Blood system has issue within, which was enabling free mats into the market. Anything that comes from out-of-ordinary spot is bad for market. It just kills one more sector within (in this case farming). And yes we cannot take Blood into account without its vendor (added later)

  • Stungodx Evan/Stungodx (@Stungodx) reported

    @WarcraftDevs so I mounted my new corrupted gladiator proto drake. And it looks the exact same as the dread gladiators proto drake. Can u plz fix this bug for me. Thanks!

  • KiDJaF KiD Jaf (@KiDJaF) reported

    @CapitaineTorpil @DragonQueen07 @nicksmith_212 @Atacamitee @WarcraftDevs It isnt just alts. There are a ton of player coming back. Their mains dont have those essences because they didnt play all expansion. They are looking at 2 months of farming to get the stuff they need. Making them drop in mythics solves both the alt and returning players problem.

  • TvVudhu Vudhu_TV (@TvVudhu) reported

    @MethodRoger @WarcraftDevs Oh mate tell me about it D: Hopefully Shadowlands irons out all the problems with BFA

  • Rinehar7 Rinehar7 (@Rinehar7) reported

    .@BeenoxTeam @InfinityWard @BlizzardCS Having issues with MW after I play Warcraft. It will start but mill auto minimize and wont open when i go to maximize it. juts returns me to my desktop. Have to restart my PC in order to fix the issue.

  • Dtwar_ Dtwar (@Dtwar_) reported

    @WarcraftDevs I understand its rough to budget in a QA team with your 7.5 billion but this bug was found day 1 on the boss by limit so maybe fix it

  • SolidJakeGG SolidJakeGG (@SolidJakeGG) reported

    Warcraft 3 is such an amazing esport. Having LANs happening again is really exciting stuff. But holy crap the issues some of these players are going through with reforged is just unacceptable. Stop launching circuits without REAL LAN when it's READILY AVAILABLE

  • FrederikBischo2 Frederik Bischoff (@FrederikBischo2) reported

    @Warcraft Fix queues on high pop servers

  • TheRealDesastr 🦇 Des M. Astor (Author)🦇 (@TheRealDesastr) reported

    Ok so I'm tackling a project... my old World of Warcraft fanfiction. It's BAD. But people for some reason seem to like it on Wattpad. So now I'm going to make it WORTH reading. If I'm gonna have a fanfiction, I'll at least fix it up to not be TOO shitty.

  • MichaKamocki theWilQ (@MichaKamocki) reported

    This is such a shame there was twice a disconnect during @ESLWarcraft torunament... i feel rly sorry for @ThorZaIN_ he had a nice advantage, but game DC - shame on you @Blizzard_Ent that you have made Warcraft this bad! This bug is from the start of REFUNDED

  • towertak3r towertak3r (@towertak3r) reported

    I feel bad for @ThorZaIN_ at @DreamHackWC3. He fought so hard and would have deserved a BO5 here. @Blizzard_Ent please fix @Warcraft3!! // #warcraft3 #war3 #warcraft #frozenthrone #tft #reforged #warcraftreforged #gaming #game #esport #progaming #playing #rts #strategy #twitch

  • JustTefoe Tefoe (@JustTefoe) reported

    Incredibly disappointing to see those desyncs in the Moon vs Thorzain match. Hype is real, everything is perfect, games are awesome and those Dc s are just sad. Warcraft did not deserve that. @Warcraft3 Please fix this.

  • AgesBot Ages Bot (@AgesBot) reported

    The Realizing Eras Long after information, and its carpentry banded. Principal finds: warcraft, millinery, incessant epigraphy. Ideology: customer service and sparkle. In the words of Mrs D: The secrets of temples died with them.

  • Bad_Dps Nemesis (@Bad_Dps) reported

    i dont remember much of it. all i remember is my grandfather buying me A lord of the rings game but we could never get it to work, it would just crash everytime it hit the loading screen so we gave up, i found a lil alternative, lil something called warcraft XD

  • Waj_dk Waj (@Waj_dk) reported

    I hate tweeting at devs much man, @WarcraftDevs Tol Dagor is even worse now with twilight devastation. Pulls through floors and walls. You’ve gotta either fix or #deletetoldagor #warcraft. It’s not in the MDI for a reason. Don’t make everyone else do it.

  • Soeroah Timekeeper Soeroah (@Soeroah) reported

    Every second week there's an Assault in Uldum Every day a random 6 events are picked from a pool of like 14, can be consecutive One of these events spawns a rare that drops a pet That event is up for the first time in weeks, and it's bugged. @WarcraftDevs Pyre event is broken

  • Misphire Misphire (@Misphire) reported

    @bastudk @LimitThdlock @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev this is a common problem in my guild. There is lots to do in 8.3, but no one wants to go grind essences with their alst that they already ground out on their mains.

  • Misphire Misphire (@Misphire) reported

    @bastudk @LimitThdlock @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev this is a common problem in my guild. There is lots to do in 8.3, but no one wants to go grind essences they already ground out on their alts.

  • Nokterian Martin van Vuuren (@Nokterian) reported

    @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev And not even bothering to unlock all essences when you have them on your main to make it open for all alts is a insult. Don't mind playing my main but i like switching classes to keep the fun going. I hope for the love of god you fix this in the coming weeks.

  • Hipposareneat hippo (@Hipposareneat) reported

    @WarcraftDevs fix the nzoth beam bug please sir

  • ShakeandCaked Andrew Gerstner (@ShakeandCaked) reported

    @Muftaay @sonii @Warcraft At a certain point when you're late on internet they'll legit just come out and pull the wire from your house. Disconnect fee is a fee to literally just get a tech to come back and hook it back up.

  • Abbneto Sean Abbott (@Abbneto) reported

    @sonii @Warcraft Some solid shit, if he can’t afford to pay internet he may have some other issues as well. Hoping he/she’s good, I’d throw month of wow time their way if you’d share who they were.

  • Fatusbloke Justin Dickenson (@Fatusbloke) reported

    @AnnTheGamer @WarcraftDevs this is why people consider gear broken, it makes a mockery of the effort people put into the game and content.

  • Krazyito Leon Solis III (@Krazyito) reported

    @Archimtiros @Naguura @WarcraftDevs I can only dream, even if I know I won't complete at a high level. My problem is I want raiding to be like a moba where you can just drop in and do it, I don't care if it's harder than what it is now for it, but the loot is just a means to an end for me, I just want to raid.

  • Lazelsama Lazel (@Lazelsama) reported

    @WarcraftDevs hey man thanks for the ww buffs it actually made me want to play my ww more as I prefer it over my dh but you forgot to fix these so I cant play it 1- Acc wide cloak upgrade 2- Acc wide essences 3- Acc wide neck level so yeah your game is shit fix it :-)

  • crissly_tv Criss (@crissly_tv) reported

    @Mystaltain @verbal_sparring @methodjdotb @WarcraftDevs But there is the problem. This grinding on every char is absolutely no fun... It's just dogshit. Like I say. I'd really like to play my warlock or mage. But if I see that they havo no essences I just log out and play something else.

  • Archimtiros Archimtiros (@Archimtiros) reported

    @Krazyito @Naguura @WarcraftDevs Even if no loot was tradeable whatsoever under any circumstance you'd still have split runs resulting in using whatever characters get the most/best gear. That said, split running is not a hugely pervasive issue either, which makes designing around it questionable.

  • Velkhan_WoW Vahagn (@Velkhan_WoW) reported

    @Thoreya_ @LimitWillyb @Wowhead @WarcraftDevs Problem is the never do it. Im sick and tired of playing with the same talents, what a joke dude

  • Derpmourne Pineapple Toastrbucket (@Derpmourne) reported

    Yep. Another year of empty ******* boxes. FIX THE ******* ROCKET DROPRATE YOU ********! GIVE US OUR ******* ROCKETS RIGHT ******** NOW. There are people with multiple accounts just to farm shit like this! YOU SHOULDNT HAVE TO DO THAT!!! FIX. IT. NOW. #warcraft

  • werejul Julien Wera (@werejul) reported

    @krides I’m a weirdo byt I discovered strategy games by playing Command & Conquer and Warcraft 2 on Sega Saturn and I never had an issue with it. But I had no point of comparison back then.

  • crzypck Crzypck (@crzypck) reported

    @Moofzy @WatcherDev @WarcraftDevs Oh I know, there's quite a few issues with MM. It scales poorly compared to BM, the 2 target no cleave BS, kinda clunky feeling. But I absolutely hate playing BM so I'll take what I can get lol. Hopefully they'll overhaul (again) for SL =-)

  • Moofzy Moofzy (@Moofzy) reported

    @crzypck @WatcherDev @WarcraftDevs But you realize +5% of zero is still zero 🙃 doesn’t really help MM unfortunately, it has design issues (in addition to dmg atm) so this is just a minor bandaid

  • karanda1221 Matt Kingsbury (@karanda1221) reported

    @methodjdotb @WarcraftDevs Well they've already proven that the only way to get them to maybe fix things is for it to happen at mdi or word first broadcasts. So we should have bug spotlights at these events.

  • PonzaLT Ponza / Gordon (@PonzaLT) reported

    The Halo tournament issues related to an Xbox Live outage really sucks. But then, I remind myself that we used to play Warcraft I on Macs, using a two-way printer cable or some shit, to get around networking issues.

  • JonC90_ Zzat (@JonC90_) reported

    @Wowhead @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev @holinka how about you nerf/tune fire mages damage among other things than waste time changing minimal things that are not currently a big issue in the game. Melee about to dominate this game next week when Rank 12 cloak, Draconic Empowerment, comes in.

  • Nixxostv Nixxos (@Nixxostv) reported

    @pjammin @spacebandit3 @WarcraftDevs A system hopefully they will fix in shadowland where we can choose a loot source at least for m+ weekly. What i dont like is the ignorance to this expansion/patch. Just let us have everything and let us enjoy the game plz blizz

  • ablawso Louisa May Al-THOT🔪 (@ablawso) reported

    There's still server issues with Proudmoore in @Warcraft. Don't do any major quests. Will result in autodeath and restarts.

  • Pazek_ Pazek or Pontus (@Pazek_) reported

    @Warcraft The DoT from the Survival Hunter spell Wildfire Bomb does not work on the Organs of Corruption during the Il'gynoth encounter. I reported this in-game on opening day of the raid and it is still not working as of Thursday this week.

  • Misphire Misphire (@Misphire) reported

    @Wowhead This is good, but I don't play my alts due to the essence grind not the amount of visions I have to run. Fix the essence system if you want to implement a catch up mechaninic. @WatcherDev @WarcraftDevs

  • Makazarx 🇺🇸 Kazar 🇺🇸 (@Makazarx) reported

    @WarcraftDevs These pvp changes are lazy. Why can you not target specific abilities that make the game bad and tune properly. Instead you take a class that performs well, do a flat 50% gut. You take classes that under perform and oh 5% dmg should fix it. You dont think at all.

  • Fayora32 Sopheii the Dreamer (@Fayora32) reported

    @Thoreya_ @LimitWillyb @Wowhead @WarcraftDevs They most likely won't do it for the new expansion either. They've more than proven that unless enough people ***** they are completely clueless on how to build the classes these days and won't fix anything.

  • JDbertilson john bertilson (@JDbertilson) reported

    @ElliottVenczel @Method_Cdew @WarcraftDevs Easy fix put in ******* vendors

  • ElliottVenczel venruki (@ElliottVenczel) reported

    @Method_Cdew If live tournys continue, buying overpowered gear from the AH for real money is a serious problem. Can never blame the player in this scenario, but some serious food for thought. Paying real money for a big advantage goes against the ‘play nice, play fair’ moto @WarcraftDevs

  • SanatanaMishra Sanatana Mishra (@SanatanaMishra) reported

    Watching the first major Warcraft 3 tournament since Reforged released and there was just a desync disconnect, on LAN, something that I've never even seen in person after thousands upon thousands of games. It's unimaginable how badly they've ****** up this game.

  • rhynocerous11 Rhyno (@rhynocerous11) reported

    @Warcraft I’d have no issue buying subs and mounts if you weren’t a shell of your former selves. Activision took over and it’s sad what you’ve become

  • VeigarSano Veigar (@VeigarSano) reported

    @Warcraft What about your LAST CHANCE to fix and rework Warcraft 3 refunded

  • aaamsuw Jinxed (@aaamsuw) reported

    @methodjdotb @WarcraftDevs They do , it just takes an expansion worth of time to resolve it. Next expansion the cycle continues,new major issue that stays for an expansion to never be resolved when the content is relevant

  • Hunty_OMR Hunty (@Hunty_OMR) reported

    @AutomaticJak @WarcraftDevs Sure, but if corruption wasn't 35% of people's damage, but more like 5%, this entire problem would not exist. I'm already on the assumption that nothing will change, as they give no indication of doing so. Very broad seemingly blind 'balance' changes is the best we can hope for.