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World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the fourth released game set in the fantasy Warcraft universe, which was first introduced by Warcraft: Orcs & Humans in 1994.

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  • _spacewine Texts from Matt (@_spacewine) reported

    @WarcraftDevs paying full 60$ price tag for a game and 15$ a month and that game has severe server stability issues as well as bugs that have been being reported for over 7 months and instead of fixing those you release toys as a microtransaction. What ARE YOU DOING...

  • Ahmed43339571 Rat (@Ahmed43339571) reported

    @Warcraft giving you sub money is like throwing money to the garbage can raids wont fix the game

  • nanocyde Nanocyde (@nanocyde) reported

    @NVIDIAGeForce Pretty sure that is a GTX 295. I bought one when I replaced my BFG 6800 Ultra OC. Took me what felt like forever to save up for that card. But the upgrade was worth it. I stopped lagging in Warcraft raids.

  • JacksonStarship jackson Starship (@JacksonStarship) reported

    A lot of people wrongly blame Chinese gold Farmers for the economic problems of Warcraft, to be honest there were the only ones offering a solution. It was gold Traders and auction house jockeys I were ******* up the prices of everything and creating false scarcity

  • NetherlordEded Netherlord Eded (@NetherlordEded) reported

    @BlizzardCS Not sure if you're aware, but for a while now, I've been unable to use the in game Twitter function and send out tweets from the game. It always gives me the "Failed to send Tweet" error message every time. This makes it less easy to send Tweet and such. #Warcraft

  • Wyattorc Wyattorc (@Wyattorc) reported

    @KolbyPanda @WarcraftDevs They will fix it Soon™

  • _Keshi_ Keshi (@_Keshi_) reported

    Hey @BlizzardCS @BlizzardCSEU_EN @WarcraftDevs please fix the leech exploit it makes world pvp impossible ok thanks bye

  • Kjellamann Kjell-Åge Børtveit (@Kjellamann) reported

    @Warcraft so. It is time to get your servers up and going. This lag issues is atm making the game so darn shitty and that is not cool since i do like the game, and i have played since 2006 and hoped for more years. But as of now many in guild are thinking this is the end.

  • Rawr_Beast17 Kerri Gahn (@Rawr_Beast17) reported

    Problems with the current state of wow #Warcraft @BlizzardCS : 1. No mythic + punishment implemented. We are still dealing with issues addressed in Legion about people leaving in the middle of runs, yet our voices have been pushed aside, again. Please add something-

  • Zekki_Doom Christy Plantholt (@Zekki_Doom) reported

    @KolbyPanda @WarcraftDevs Error #5839374: Blizzard buddy messing with you.

  • Hobobuster shawn dunn (@Hobobuster) reported

    @KolbyPanda @WarcraftDevs that would be the #justblizzardthings error

  • Jygga4 Gnomish Gaming 2.0 (@Jygga4) reported

    @Flanageddon @SaltyTyrman @SiccoThermaplug @Warcraft Herein lies the issue with that, Moira and her dark irons biggest offense against us was her pushing us out of ironforge, which I'm personally grateful for because we did the damn thing in OP: Gnomeregan.

  • Durly_ Durly (@Durly_) reported

    I take less issue with the biases and far more issue with the responses to the interview and the development philosophy since Legion. Its disheartening that some @WarcraftDevs are dropping the ball as pertains to the role of M+, Azerite, Emissaries, and Class Balance/Talents.

  • Fleksmage Flêks (@Fleksmage) reported

    Please fix the memoryleak before progress - its beyond disgusting that we currently have to restart wow every other hour to avoid stuttering and microlags Its been a thing for weeks please dont let us progress with this. @WarcraftDevs

  • mjammzor mj (@mjammzor) reported

    @Warcraft Fix the game!!!!!!!!!!

  • JamesToombs3 James Toombs (@JamesToombs3) reported

    And still nothing from @WarcraftDevs what crappy service I pay for

  • TheNiNjawesome Ronaldo Pablo (@TheNiNjawesome) reported

    Okay, it's 03:00 in the morning. But I must finish this book. It's getting so good. I guess I'll just fix my sleep tonight and go to the gym tomorrow instead. #WorldOfWarcraft #BeforeTheStorm is gooooood. 😮

  • P__WalleyXx Walley P Gs (@P__WalleyXx) reported

    so my sindragosa dragon went threw the wall multiple times in waycrest +13 which the mobs ended up pulling me threw the wall or pulling an wiping us thanks @Warcraft @BlizzardCS @WatcherDev fix it an remove tyrannical being every second week while ur at it

  • bunlengthfranks TWO WIENERS (@bunlengthfranks) reported

    @coll_wade @Warcraft Then ppl like you are part of the problem. No wonder the game has gone off the rails so badly since Cata.

  • PrestonDvorak Preston Dvorak (@PrestonDvorak) reported

    I figured out my issue with Battle of Dazar'alor not showing up in DBM, it was disabled in my addon profile. So DBM settings will be showing up on the guides now! #Warcraft

  • bunlengthfranks TWO WIENERS (@bunlengthfranks) reported

    @Its_SallyS @Warcraft I hope to follow your lead when my current subscription expires this Spring. Played WoW since 11-2004 and I've never seen the game as broken and the GMs/Devs as out-of-touch as they have been of late.

  • bunlengthfranks TWO WIENERS (@bunlengthfranks) reported

    @Warcraft Fix your horribly broken game.

  • Net_Navigator Netscape Navigator™ (@Net_Navigator) reported

    @Warcraft 's biggest issue with PvP is not knowing proper class synergy. They focus too much on trying to make each class instead of focusing on how they'll work with other classes. This is why there are such hardcore metas, such as 2 ret paladins and any healer in a 3v3.

  • TheRippedGeek Pain 🇨🇦 (@TheRippedGeek) reported

    @Redpower_ED @Warcraft They said Esport, Lag scale isn’t sport. It would require skill.

  • Redpower_ED Red Power (@Redpower_ED) reported

    @Warcraft Too bad you can't show off that lag free large scale world PVP >.>

  • Deontto Brandon Andrews (@Deontto) reported

    @WarcraftDevs's hoping you guys will take pvp balance way more seriously in season 2. And not take forever to make changes to obviously super broken classes. I understand wanting to wait a bit but after 2-3 weeks it's time to pull the trigger(hello boomkins all of season 1...)

  • romsyeon mark (@romsyeon) reported

    @Warcraft Fix the game

  • NikolaVint Никола Тодоровић (@NikolaVint) reported

    @Warcraft Fix the game

  • GerardStadalius gerard stadalius (@GerardStadalius) reported

    @Warcraft Get all the bugs and disconnections sorted first instead of adding more problems

  • iamintfriend Ivan Chistyakov (@iamintfriend) reported

    @Warcraft Well you guys stopped giving players some free days to play, guess I’m not playing WoW anymore, because I can’t login and farm a token as I planned.

  • YanigDed Julbar (@YanigDed) reported

    @Warcraft Fix the game

  • FangbladesCAV Fangblades (@FangbladesCAV) reported

    @Warcraft Hey fix your servers and stop memeing

  • alperozkan21 Alper Ozkan (@alperozkan21) reported

    @MystyVander They have never been to a Warcraft Game where a player casts "War Drums" and actually uses the table as a drum for 10 minutes. It shouldn't be a problem if you are able to communicate with the table. If it is a character trait, adds flavor and it's not too hard to work it in.

  • dreamsxwow Cole Evans (@dreamsxwow) reported

    Just did a tol'dagor where i got launched through the floor on the 2nd boss when he cast Flashing Daggers @WarcraftDevs fix your game

  • RutaoRuta Ruta (@RutaoRuta) reported

    @MrNuxus @Wowhead @BlizzardCSEU_EN @Warcraft Think this merge will fix it.

  • cyrix45 instängd i mig själv (@cyrix45) reported

    @Warcraft all of my characters were like level 30 at the time of vanilla, I was 7 y/o and barely knew how to play so it wasn't much of an issue to reroll because I had no progress to begin with

  • Lokimiri Dustin Windes (@Lokimiri) reported

    @WarcraftDevs I can slightly understand why Arathi and Darkshore WQ don't count towards the World Quest weekly event but if I am completing an INVASION in Zul'dazar, then I should get credit because these are WORLD QUESTS in ZANDALAR during the weekly event. Fix your crap now.

  • PBnJusticeTV PBnJustice 🍻 (@PBnJusticeTV) reported

    @BBull300 @_jermzzz @PoorHooligan @WarcraftDevs The entire point of this thread is that it's not a real fix, its half assed. A real fix would be just awarding residuum on kill separate from azerite pieces.

  • ljgard84 Lachlan (@ljgard84) reported

    @WarcraftDevs Invasion World Quests not counting for the Weekly 20. needs a fix

  • cabbageOpt Cabbageman (@cabbageOpt) reported

    @towelthetank @WarcraftDevs A Classic example why people cant stand the game anymore, take the time to do Assaults, turn in quest, and get a Intellect reward for a Feral loot spec and form and still the Devs are too lazy to fix these easy to spot errors..waste of time.

  • leanxyz alex (@leanxyz) reported

    @WarcraftDevs fix ur shit game

  • Trevor_Echo Trevor (Echo) (@Trevor_Echo) reported

    @Asmongold @WarcraftDevs this is what happens when you improve netcode and make servers worse but then add sharding to bandaid fix... this is gonna have to be fixed for classic

  • SpaventosoWoW SpaventosoWoW Loa of Offrealm Potatoes (@SpaventosoWoW) reported

    @evilelbi @BlizzardCS @WatcherDev @BlizzardWatch @WarcraftDevs @devolore // well there was some dude in the general chat who we thought was working with Horde. Not against terms of service but certainly turning me off from the game if they have spys on both sides pulling strings. Not ethical or fair or fun IMO.

  • 1Nixie Di Brown (@1Nixie) reported

    @ooopsybear @ZuraJanai77 @Warcraft People complained endlessly about the wait - Bliss *was responding to player demand. Imho the error was in using the BG queuing code (b-group) as a base. If they had limited it to current realm, where you might meet/need those folks again, civility might have survived.

  • Userpwns Useralits (@Userpwns) reported

    @Warcraft that the game didnt suck like now, fix the game

  • BBull300 TheBull (@BBull300) reported

    @PBnJusticeTV @_jermzzz @PoorHooligan @WarcraftDevs Thats not a fix either though. What if spmeone else gets it this week and then yrades it to you next week. Legit trade not stacking. Now you have a item that you cant gail that 12 residue from because it was traded to yoj

  • barkflight 17 Angry Hamberders (@barkflight) reported

    @Rebdul @WarcraftDevs Nah I've had the same issue, normally running at ~ 70 ms.

  • asphodell3 पिडित ठुले (@asphodell3) reported

    @WarcraftDevs Turn off the vendor for the new items until Mythic World First is cleared. Problem solved.

  • SykoChii Syko (Chii) Chiwowah (@SykoChii) reported

    @WarcraftDevs I can’t tell if this is actually a “bug fix” or just an excuse. Honestly, the lack of communication prior to these “fixes” is just getting ridiculous 😖

  • Durly_ Eric (@Durly_) reported

    @WarcraftDevs The game is still designed around M+ instead of raiding with azerite system in place while talent trees and class balancing remain at a low point. There has been little acknowledgement of these problems or significant steps taken to correct them for years. #BfA

  • theABATman_ Jaco Abat (@theABATman_) reported

    Am I really reading a Warcraft 3 forum post on how to fix my sleep schedule

  • papajimb0h Papajimb0h (@papajimb0h) reported

    @Asmongold @WarcraftDevs You don't even need that many people to hit lag now. Sometimes it feels like the servers need to be plugged in and charged daily and sometimes someone borrows the charger for their laptop and forgets to charge a server so it's ***** for a while.

  • duckchute Marcus (@duckchute) reported

    @Warcraft Heroics when they first launched and were basically broken bc they were so hard, but beating them in that state was SO much fun

  • smugmegu Smugumin (@smugmegu) reported

    @Warcraft When druids were broken and my friend took down 4 horde by himself :)

  • Laytis1 Laytis (@Laytis1) reported

    @ChristieGolden You're not wrong. The worst part for me is that it isn't a specific issue like "Warcraft is broken" or "Story is bad." When it honestly isn't, Its a Current-Age-Trend, Everyone just wants to devalue and attack these days.

  • Thugsbunny13 Thugsbunny (@Thugsbunny13) reported

    @Warcraft Probably the entirety of mount hyjal was my favorite tbc moment. One of the only raids that I never burned out on since watching idiots dying due to not using tears on archi and blaming it on lag or something else 😂

  • TurkiAlSubaie16 Turki Al-Subaie (@TurkiAlSubaie16) reported

    @Warcraft Fix your game

  • SolomeOU Cameron (@SolomeOU) reported

    @Warcraft The massive server issues that caused the world server to reset over and over for two hours but the instance servers were fine. So it was a mad dash to get in a dungeon every reset but never could get there in time before next reset.

  • realWindrunner The Ranger-General of Silvermoon (@realWindrunner) reported

    @Warcraft I actually quit the game with around 60 guildies because Blood Elves went to the Horde, and only came back myself after MoP. It’s probably time to fix the mistake made for The Burning Crusade and let the Alliance play High Elves.

  • Raist14 Brian (@Raist14) reported

    @Warcraft Tired of all these negative comments. There are problems with the game right now. Everyone knows. Blizzard knows. The complaining at every possible moment is annoying.