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World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the fourth released game set in the fantasy Warcraft universe, which was first introduced by Warcraft: Orcs & Humans in 1994.

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  • HydroseTV Hydrose (@HydroseTV) reported

    VENTHYR IS BETTER FOR MY SPEC IN PVP AND KYRIAN IS BETTER FOR MY SPEC IN MYTHIC+. WHEN I PLAY DIFFERENT CONTENT, I WANT TO BE AT MY BEST FOR THAT CONTENT! This will be the reason people quit playing a few months after release. Fix this before it's too late @WarcraftDevs

  • Skoll_Shorties Skoll Shorties (@Skoll_Shorties) reported

    @Clovened @valarynn We typically don't ever fail in World of Warcraft. That's kind of been the staple of the franchise for a while. And when we do fail it's very brief (Ex: Broken Shore).

  • AramyxTalks Aramyx (@AramyxTalks) reported

    The comparisons/critizism about Suramar and the Venthyr is absolutely warranted. The resource might be different and have a different nature but that's besides the point. The society problem/structure is what is the same and is what matered in the Suramar story anyway. #Warcraft

  • TrueMadival Edwin Juengel (@TrueMadival) reported

    @The_Axik @Warcraft The same pugs ask for item level 475 for 15s and ios 3000+ for 10s. It isn't a lack of ability or 6% dps but people **** perception. The issue isn't a game one, but a community one.

  • senileyoungster bella 🩸revendreth gang🩸 (@senileyoungster) reported

    @PaulMal21 @Warcraft also now that the helm of ********** is broken and theres no more lich king will DKs just cease to exist? 👀

  • PantherGryphon Czewy (@PantherGryphon) reported

    @Warcraft If I'm going to be stuck with the tree from the poll for which mount you guys will develop and give us in Shadowlands... Can you PLEASE at lease make it like the sandstone drake where we turn into the tree? I play taurens... I have enough trouble with doors.

  • Minpojke_ Jon (@Minpojke_) reported

    @ZapGG_ @WarcraftDevs The fix itself is really easy, I just wanted to share this crucial feedback with them but I'm concerned that they had no intentions of making PvP trinkets stronger than PvE ones.

  • Minpojke_ Jon (@Minpojke_) reported

    @ZapGG_ @WarcraftDevs The fix itself is really early, I just wanted to share this crucial feedback with them but I'm concerned that they had no intentions of making PvP trinkets stronger than PvE ones.

  • I__Jedi Jedi Lukee (@I__Jedi) reported

    @GamingwGeeks 4 hours, Warcraft 3... I had a problem back in the day...

  • Bosslobster84 Fredrik Svensson (@Bosslobster84) reported

    @watcherdev @warcraftdevs If you really wanted to stop m+ infinite gearing you could do something like "X items will drop at HC ilvl and any further drops will be at Y ilvl". Only problem I can see with that is spamming a select dungeon for a chance of heroic ilvl specific item.

  • sx6_magnusz magnusz (@sx6_magnusz) reported

    @majinshiv @Anboniwow @WarcraftDevs not seeing the issue

  • PandaTVoce pandatv (@PandaTVoce) reported

    @FatSomalian @Warcraft @Blizzard_ANZ you understand these are extra beta generated keys right? these are taken away from anyone.... these are extra keys to get more people in to test? how could you have an issue with this lol

  • elyenthia Ely (@elyenthia) reported

    Just tried to login and saw maintenance and for a split second I was like omg is @Blizzard_Ent giving us the gift of #prepatch?! I know it's not. but for a split second I got so giddy b/c i was so excited to finally make my main look the way i've always dreamed! #WorldOfWarcraft

  • FoxZer0G FoxZer0G (@FoxZer0G) reported

    @Minpojke_ @WarcraftDevs Oh! Even worse! Especially for healer since their is some godlike trinkets. I feel like this "fix" was a quick fix and they could of made it better by adding actual PvP set, have 1 set for one season and another set for another season but you could wear both like legion

  • hottiewabodyxo BestPallyUS (@hottiewabodyxo) reported

    Problem w/downing mythic gear is some ppl dont have 4hrs+ straight to dedicate to raid. I come home from work, eat shower, put on pajamas. By that time its already 8pm & I only have 3hrs to play before I go to sleep 4work. Think about us smalltime wow players @WarcraftDevs

  • majinshiv AleksSawg - Shivlol (@majinshiv) reported

    @zaitohro @Sinistartko Imagine queing in full boosted 120 greens and getting 2.2 @WarcraftDevs fix this pls

  • MacGruner Pete (@MacGruner) reported

    @Minpojke_ @WarcraftDevs Thanks for your consturctive feedback. I am sure they will get right to it due to your elaboration on the issue mentioned.

  • revan_bane Revan (@revan_bane) reported

    @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev Fix M+ ilvl. Return drums to give same %haste as they did. Return scrolls. Give more classes dmg taken debuffs. Stop destroying preferred end game content for many players. #Shadowlands

  • feelingbluuue synth (@feelingbluuue) reported

    @Ask_Spectrum Can’t play World of Warcraft without having 3000ms latency in game and lagging.

  • majinshiv AleksSawg - Shivlol (@majinshiv) reported

    @sx6_magnusz @Anboniwow @WarcraftDevs Theres only 1 problem with this. Getting the rating is no longer a problem or a grind. You can literally keep replacing your LFG partners for t1 comps until you find decent enough players to carry you an extra 100-200 rating. Ditch them for better players. Rinse and repeat.

  • i_am_anDe anDe (@i_am_anDe) reported

    @LimitGoop Why wont they just let us be furries!? make convoke 12 spells on a 1.5m CD (so it lines up with CA/incarn). I get that it's broken for resto, but just cap the amount of healing spells it can do or something. I love that button so much. Please let me have it! @WarcraftDevs

  • ArtyParty1901 Arrtyy (@ArtyParty1901) reported

    Please fix tank threat on beta. It actually feels so horrible for almost every tank class right now that isn't overtuned on damage. @WarcraftDevs

  • ArtyParty1901 Arrtyy (@ArtyParty1901) reported

    Since I was able to access the Niya soulbind as a Kyrian about an hour ago and can't now, I'm hoping you're working on a fix for this? @WarcraftDevs

  • wowbbr Jay (@wowbbr) reported

    @Real_Gigabear @Warcraft Don’t think too hard about it mate. Alt Draenor was a fan service. The lore around it is murky at best. Just think of it as a uh blip.

  • Cyranis Cyranis (@Cyranis) reported

    @WarcraftDevs ilvl from content left skewed. Participation in that content right skewed. This mismatch is a huge problem. It screws over pvp and ever other metric, especially satisfaction.

  • Jinsk73074076 Jinsk (@Jinsk73074076) reported

    @ckaleiki @WatcherDev @WarcraftDevs why nerf rapid contagion when the problem is with malefic rapture? Also, where is the survivability buff? Rogues self healing is better than affliction warlock. Nice

  • Bigziggyy Big Ziggy (@Bigziggyy) reported

    God shadowlands just needs to get here already! I need my WoW fix! #Shadowlands #worldofwarcraft

  • IraklisL Iraklis Lymperopoulos (@IraklisL) reported

    @Xaryu @WarcraftDevs Why do you find this good?? Still the PvE freaks will log in arena and **** ppl lawl...Mythic gear>All @WarcraftDevs Fix the game dont slack

  • Theunwow Theun (@Theunwow) reported

    Hm, Torghast seems to be broken (cannot enter) which means you cannot complete any of the Campaign quests for any Covenant. I even tried the portal in The Tremaculum (north part of The Maw) @WarcraftDevs

  • ZarrettED Zarrett (@ZarrettED) reported

    So to recap, when you die in the warcraft universe you either become a slave to service, drafted into the military, fed to plants, or **** tortured to feed rich vampires