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World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the fourth released game set in the fantasy Warcraft universe, which was first introduced by Warcraft: Orcs & Humans in 1994.

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  • WhatIFTheories1 What If Theories (@WhatIFTheories1) reported

    @SwiftyiRL @Warcraft @Twitch Swifty, there is a warrior charge bug. It is on the DR table for stuns. However it wasn't changed till patch 4.06 to share DR's. I submitted a bug report maybe you got some more pull though as an Iconic Warrior :) This is big for PvP. Needs a fix.

  • sklivvz Marco Cecconi (@sklivvz) reported

    @sunglassesface @WarcraftDevs One single change by an eager developer fixes the problem for millions of customers. This is how awesome products are built.

  • Parasite159 Parasite (@Parasite159) reported

    @JesseCox @Warcraft I had to read this tweet twice because my brain automatically read "Pat Nagle" the right way, and I wondered what the problem was.

  • Shurigin23 Tracy Bennett (@Shurigin23) reported

    @Warcraft are you guys ever going to fix tyrion in the SW garden on Bigglesworth server been broken all day

  • VultureLive Rogue Vulture (@VultureLive) reported

    Yo @PGE4Me my power has went out twice and I have been in que for @Warcraft for 4 hours fix your shit.

  • Necrovore666 Haggard Rambler (@Necrovore666) reported

    No @Warcraft Classic or new for me for awhile. PC died after five years of service. Rest well, PC.

  • AthenahWinters 𝓐𝓽𝓱𝓮𝓷𝓪𝓱 𝓦𝓲𝓷𝓽𝓮𝓻𝓼 🔞 (@AthenahWinters) reported

    41: was a shoplifter in my youth, was never caught. 42: I play both factions on World of Warcraft, US/WrA 43: I don't like hospitals, I will go out of my way to not set foot inside one. 44: I have anger issues 45: I've always wanted to see the ancient sites of Egypt.

  • cloud_hide Dhong Brush-Blossom (@cloud_hide) reported

    The Zandalari Troll Wars When the rebels overthrew their mogu overlords, little did they know the Mogu had made promises, forfeiting land to the trolls. It was one broken promise that would send these two neighbors into open hostilities. #Pandaren #Pandaria #Zandalari #Warcraft

  • CanadianBsmt Canadian Basement (@CanadianBsmt) reported

    @Warcraft Get on thwt re-release train yet it's not remastered it's the same broken mmo we all fell in love with

  • musicita Musicita (@musicita) reported

    @malckoume @wrongomens I had to go the post office once to pick up a package sent to my Warcraft character’s name and ended up having to show them my WoW armory page on my game app to prove it was me. They laughed about it though, so wasn’t a huge problem.

  • JosephR98626972 Joseph Rosales (@JosephR98626972) reported

    @GamingGainzz @Warcraft People are ddos'ing the servers and taking them down. The internet is a scummy place

  • SpursRusty RustySpurs (@SpursRusty) reported

    @Elmondo96 @Kaka791999 @Dylshyy @Warcraft Either way if you can't afford it you have more pressing real life issues than paying for a game.

  • ShoesRogue ShoesRogue (@ShoesRogue) reported

    @WatcherDev @holinka @WarcraftDevs Dance as just another phase of the rotation is boring and mundane. Non-Dance gameplay without the Rogue toolkit is utterly stupid and pointless. Fix these problems.

  • omsign °msign (@omsign) reported

    @TheoWainhouse @SavantOfficial i stopped playing probably three years ago bc of the rage-inducing matchmaking. i just play WoW and warcraft 3 now, and get my dota fix there.

  • TsarDragunov Nikolai Dragunov (@TsarDragunov) reported

    Half my time on @Warcraft is staring at my login screen not knowing what to play. Maybe one day Class fantasy will come back.

  • Noumenal_Angel Noumenal_Angel (@Noumenal_Angel) reported

    Level 20 in @Warcraft Classic! Now I am starting to get cool spells. Only problem is now that everywhere I can level I need to be in a group. Not good for someone who knows no one on WoW. :P

  • Quest_Over Quest_Over (@Quest_Over) reported

    @CORSAIR hi guys there is a problem with your icue software, causing CPUs to run high and GPUs to have FPS issues (for example World of Warcraft classic running on max settings at 15 FPS) if software is disabled FPS go’s up to 160

  • saibothero Jeremy (@saibothero) reported

    @WarcraftDevs shadowlands with no necromancer is just a sign of disconnect from the community. Dont fail the gift u were given

  • TheGodCowTV TheGodCow (@TheGodCowTV) reported

    @Warcraft No offense, but R/M/X isn't arenas. You have to fix PVP in 3s.

  • PandarenRebel Susan (@PandarenRebel) reported

    @Warcraft As a rogue in Legion....this was never a problem! I would constantly jump off high buildings just because I could! Oh, how I miss catlike reflexes.

  • shan_the_druid Shanzie 🌍 🏳️‍🌈 (@shan_the_druid) reported

    @Warcraft Not a problem for a druid. 😁

  • Gallien62 Gallien (@Gallien62) reported

    @Warcraft @WarcraftDevs Is there plans to change or somehow fix the problem that in most cases, PvE gear is strictly better than PvP gear in PvP.

  • SpursRusty RustySpurs (@SpursRusty) reported

    @enjoylncubus @Warcraft You could probably build a decent computer for $400-500 that would run WoW no problem.

  • Marty_MacPhail Marty MacPhail (@Marty_MacPhail) reported

    The problem is that Blizz is catering their fight design towards people who are already really really good at the game, and they're packing fights with a shitzillion mechanics, which is exactly the type of shit that people who suck struggle with #Warcraft

  • spritesdotcom Polygon_eBooks (@spritesdotcom) reported

    World of Warcraft users flocking to premium browser is still working on fixing subscription problems

  • DatBoiEnlok Classic-Boii Enlok (@DatBoiEnlok) reported

    @WarcraftDevs There is like 20+ Threads on this ******* issue and it does not get adressed even once meanwhile the Warrior Thread about Demo Shout gets a reply after 1 ******* day. This is honestly so ******* dumb

  • SeekersEON Seekers (@SeekersEON) reported

    @Warcraft where is the refund for all the sever problems

  • TraduNaCl Tradu (@TraduNaCl) reported

    @WarcraftDevs Please fix LoS on Azshara. There's no universe in which I should ever be LoS of the Hulk in P1 as melee in melee range *in the middle of the room*. Also never make a garbage fight with LoS as its core mechanic again, it's about as "fun" as the fog garbage.

  • kmap_ kMap (@kmap_) reported

    Gout out of anesthesia today told my anesthesiologists how to pull dungeons in @Warcraft I think I have a problem

  • LoaOfAnxiety Momo Lopez 🌙🌿 (@LoaOfAnxiety) reported

    My premium snapchat is mostly me crying crying about the lag in Ashran and screenshots of my dps. I charge $69.99 #Warcraft #snapchat

  • dr_eandra Tom/Drea - Hydraxian Waterlords EU 🔻 (@dr_eandra) reported

    Issue with this is it is locked behind a 12 month pay wall, which some players will commit to gaining extra cash for investors.... Make these rewards earned in game! #Warcraft

  • NicaraoGaming NicaraoGaming (@NicaraoGaming) reported

    @KrestoTheArtist @KittyCatKissu @Warcraft ... however, if you start printing your art on t-shirts and sell it with a Warcraft logo on it, there is were you may run into legal problems (selling "IP-Related Products"). By making fanart itself, posting it on the web, even you get paid for it by commissioners, is no problem.

  • Xale1212 Eva Fallstrom (@Xale1212) reported

    @Warcraft My subscription renewal has been broken for two day. Off work today unable to play. Customer service call back still not available. Please tell me how I can speak to someone who can fix the broken system. Two transactions locked in and blocking all renewals

  • Mk9X11 MK9X11 (@Mk9X11) reported

    @Warcraft @ATVI_AB Get your chat ban right before I go after a customer service rep because you’re all cowards who let guys make derogatory comments about females but only punish men who make those same comments about men... grow a spine

  • qungpoop quang (@qungpoop) reported

    i never went to the hospital after my car crash so i could be dying.. and i would go right now but my world of warcraft character wont hit lvl 60 by itself !

  • Kowwastaken Kow (@Kowwastaken) reported

    @Riddlesmk I hope this wasn’t me cuz I was downloading world of Warcraft while playing elite smash and it made my shit lag HARD LOL

  • WrecklessEating Wreckless Eating (@WrecklessEating) reported

    Having issues with twitch. Should hopefully be resolved in a few days. Good chance tomorrow's World of Warcraft stream will be on youtube instead. Will keep you all updated.

  • AntonioJ31 CHOWDUKE (@AntonioJ31) reported

    @hannathenarc Yeah no problem would love to see some of my World of Warcraft characters in your style so added you to my commission list. :-)

  • SoakzyXD Soakzy (@SoakzyXD) reported

    @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev actually 3/2 can I get my 3 months of gametime money i used to progress this raid just to be unusable on last boss back into my bank account for subbing to your ******* garbage game that you refuse to fix or communicate about because youre too busy ******* whelps on classic ty

  • Jsargely JaySar (@Jsargely) reported

    @BlizzardCS @Warcraft if I get disconnected one more time during a 10 minute span while not looking at my pc (and quickly taking care of house stuff, etc) and have to sit in login q for classic, y’all gonna know about it.

  • bodkonian the great (@bodkonian) reported

    @sawftytweets @WarcraftDevs this happens a lot! so my fix was, stay out of the game for 5 to 10 min.

  • SoakzyXD Soakzy (@SoakzyXD) reported

    @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev so ontop of the fact you absolutely neglect any feedback on how to fix enhance shaman. You also just decide to make it so that the best talent in a row of our pos spec that synergizes with our best azerite trait breaks cc on the hulk randomly 1/2

  • GrimDrobot GrimDrobot (@GrimDrobot) reported

    So there's a problem with my World of Warcraft account apparently blizzard does not want to take my money. I do have a ticket sent into them. So until that is resolved tonight stream will consist of Apex, and new Frontier. That is unless I get the account fixed

  • FlowInTheDarkXX ☢️💩DaFlowage💩☢️ (@FlowInTheDarkXX) reported

    @paulaptlb @UnderCoverLeft @thehill @DanCrenshawTX It’s an absolutely WORTHLESS attempt to solve a problem. NO ONE that wants to kill a bunch of people for publicity/terror is going to be like “welp can’t get an AR...I guess I’ll just sit at home and play Warcraft.”

  • Piju_OV Piju (@Piju_OV) reported

    @KleptikRNG @Warcraft I haven't been able to use it since Sunday. Not sure when the DDoS attacks started. I can get to a character list, but always disconnect when it tries to log in to a specific toon and has behaved the same way since Sunday.

  • techmomme Tech (@techmomme) reported

    @Warcraft DDoS. Oh, and starting the rogue poison quest.

  • Quest_Over Quest_Over (@Quest_Over) reported

    @WarcraftDevs just got to stranglethorn and the lag is unreal #WoWClassic

  • LSquares22 LeastSquares22 (@LSquares22) reported

    @SoulsOfThunder @Warcraft @Blizzard_Ent @WarcraftDevs Same problem, can't log in since last weekend

  • fureeous_gaming Fureeous (@fureeous_gaming) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN @WarcraftDevs WOW companion app is still not working in EU since Sunday. Unable to get past character selection screen. Other members of my guild have the same issue.

  • Eren63643320 Eren (@Eren63643320) reported

    @Warcraft No i am not fighting.Offline mod problem and website not opening...Maybe ip ban i dont know.when ddos come i coundt play wow or d3 thx blizzard.

  • ZMcmanama Zebulon McManama (@ZMcmanama) reported

    @Warcraft fix the dumb shit. mostly the spawn timers. i don't need to be running around for an hour trying to grab 10 seeds with 400 other people.

  • Abyssalwave Abyssal (@Abyssalwave) reported

    @WarcraftDevs I just wana play classic without dcs/lag, pls

  • PaigeBaggins 제시카 🐻~ In Azeroth (@PaigeBaggins) reported

    At this rate I'm not going to sub to World of Warcraft anymore at all. They had a chance with classic servers. I was so excited. But all i've seen are 5 hour queues and constant dc's once in-game. Then i get placed in another 5 hour queue. Please fix your servers Blizzard.

  • Finalslash1 FinalSlash (@Finalslash1) reported

    @Warcraft We’re all fighting the login queues.

  • ShotssWoW Eric (@ShotssWoW) reported

    @trellsky @WarcraftDevs All this feedback is nice and all but it assumes the devs care/still play their own game. Bc seasonal affix is seasonal, they will just let it go til season end. Why fix something that’s temporary. Can’t believe I still give these kooks money

  • sharptweetz Sharp (@sharptweetz) reported

    @BlizzardCS I know the @WarcraftDevs dont care, but there is a major tank shortage in LFR queues for the past few weeks. Its an easily fixable problem, but like I said, nobody seems to care. Its unfortunate that devs are instructed not to communicate with the playerbase.

  • Pastorianus Opa (Mike) (@Pastorianus) reported

    @Waj_BF @NocteDK @WarcraftDevs I like the idea of no tier sets honestly. I don't like raiding any more. Had a ball in *** but otherwise, nah. Removing tier sets means I dont feel compelled to either raid or unsub. The problem I think lies in the difference between the viability of traits.

  • WolfKnightKhan 🐺 WolfKnightKhan 🐺 (@WolfKnightKhan) reported

    Having a little nvidia update issue. Trying to hurry so I can start my #Warcraft stream. #mixer #mixerstreamer #mixerstreamersunite

  • Cmaknze Callum Mackenzie (@Cmaknze) reported

    @Warcraft The login queue boss!

  • JanjaapStruis Janjaap Struis (@JanjaapStruis) reported

    @WyntirNox @BlizzardCS @Warcraft It’s been a terrible few days, world servers down, error after error, i’m at a point where i wouldn’t mind a few days of gametime back!