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World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the fourth released game set in the fantasy Warcraft universe, which was first introduced by Warcraft: Orcs & Humans in 1994.

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  • Allrunes Count 🌧️ 🌧️ (@Allrunes) reported

    I wish I could get into World of Warcraft properly, it's outrageous how much you gotta pay to play that game, and it sucks because it's a really good MMO. I always have this issue, I want to get into an MMO and stick with it. ESO was so close to being that for me but I find-(1/2)

  • PennyRush #TeamAurasBlessingsSeals (@PennyRush) reported

    The adds on Radiance are pretty dumb. They shouldn’t be meleeing for unblockable Nature damage. Pls fix. @WarcraftDevs

  • sx6_rook ️️️rookere (@sx6_rook) reported

    @WarcraftDevs @Ohriginalx @JagexAsh Mod ash i know world of warcraft isn't your area of expertise, but the devs over here are useless and won't respond to this so if you can fix my queue that would be awesome :)

  • ZachSharpes Zach Sharpes (@ZachSharpes) reported

    Level squishing and stat squishing doesn't fix the issues with World of Warcraft. Stop wasting your time on meaningless surface changes. Fix the core aka the reason why WoW Classic is so hyped. @Warcraft @Blizzard_Ent

  • MCFWKellermann M Kellermann (@MCFWKellermann) reported

    @tobystyke74 I bet "World of Warcraft" was down due to server problems.

  • Kevinly17 kevinly17 (@Kevinly17) reported

    @WarcraftDevs @BlizzardCS i was just leading a raid in a winning shard in battle for nazjatar and in the middle of the battle that we won it ported my raid to a shard losing a battle. that was very disappointing and I sure would like you to fix it

  • miesotarianin Some guy from the internet I guess (@miesotarianin) reported

    @SirDemiface @MichaelShooterz My issue with the movie was the same as with Warcraft - it was too short for the amount of the world building it was trying to contain which led to the cuts which led to the whole thing being a bit of a mess with off timing and being too focused on the main character.

  • Makazarx Makazar (@Makazarx) reported

    @WarcraftDevs @ckaleiki Hello. Going to be polite this time. Can you please do something about DK DH. Nothing on the teams take dmg. Demons doing 20k DPS, Metad the entire game and doing enough leech to never be viable targets is a major issue. Also DK. lmao

  • Tdogsmth Tod (@Tdogsmth) reported

    @DeanKnoxx Lol I remember world of warcraft couldnt play for weeks ...all games that are online gonna have problems plus who know how many are trying this even all the haters like yourself !!

  • young_booga skrrt skrrt (@young_booga) reported

    @ChuckDewland @WarcraftDevs there is another broken trinket like that from 2nd boss in new raid LUL

  • ArtuniasDPS Artunias (@ArtuniasDPS) reported

    @Evoleaf @Shapingus_ @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev @nite_moogle That's a problem with sockets though, which I said the system is terrible. Not really ya problem with the benthic system.

  • CarrieLynne2323 Carrie Lynne ☀ (@CarrieLynne2323) reported

    @GwendlynD @WarcraftDevs Yes, bag space is a huge problem right now. Same with the reagents bank, there is not nearly enough space at this point.

  • ItechGD Gavin Davis (@ItechGD) reported

    @Warcraft i need to get a new login as i cannot access my email

  • floridaboundlov Lilmiss (@floridaboundlov) reported

    @BlizzardCS Could you do something about the massive amount of lag in World of warcraft its been stupid laggy since last maint on tuesday 7/16 its to the point its unplayable. It doesnt matter if im on a 120 or a lvl 40

  • RobHartog79 Rob Den Hartog (@RobHartog79) reported

    @Warcraft I like my heritage armor to not require me to be rep gated on an alt when i already did everything on my main. 😅 will take longer but wasnt an issue with my belf heritage armor

  • BirleED Birle/Budden the Unsubbed (@BirleED) reported

    @WarcraftDevs do your job and not put out a shit patch and then "fix" your mistakes. Ion is killing the game, I bet yall lost 300k subs this patch.

  • Shomeurcrits Megan Ames (@Shomeurcrits) reported

    @WarcraftDevs any idea why I am getting tremendous amounts of lag in all the zones I encounter. I play on US Servers and in the Est time zone! Lots and LOTS of lag

  • AndyColeTSN Andy Cole (@AndyColeTSN) reported

    @WarcraftDevs often when in Nazjatar and Mechagon I am "in combat" when I am nowhere near a mob and have not otherwise engaged one. I know this is a bug as old as WoW itself, but it seems particularly bad this patch in these two zones. Only way to fix it is fully close the game.

  • wedgemccloud Wedge McCloud (@wedgemccloud) reported

    On top of that, 2/2/2 is just going to cause all the same problems role queues have had in Warcraft for A LITERAL DECADE. BGs and Dungeons/Raids alike have this problem. Tanks/heals are roles with more pressure and expectations and people don't like playing them for this reason.

  • TimBBaker1 Tim B Baker (@TimBBaker1) reported

    @WarcraftDevs Getting random lag spikes where my world ms shoots up (home remains a stable 30 for me). Mostly when I engage some mobs or bosses in dungeons/raids. Been happening last two days.

  • J___0___N J o n (@J___0___N) reported

    @Kim_WuRS @Warcraft @Warcraft fix your shit game

  • chromedonut24 Chromedonut24 (@chromedonut24) reported

    @watchtimmyjoe @LisaSu @Radeon No matter what I tried the clock speeds seemed to be locked at 100mhz. Also any game I tried to launch besides World of Warcraft would crash my system.

  • DcmComputers Dcm Computers (@DcmComputers) reported

    @Warcraft WTF is with the 62 seconds of lag on the servers around the dock area, Cant even use the ship or HS to get out the area all the guild have the same issue

  • komic111 MUSTACHETAKEOVER (@komic111) reported

    @WarcraftDevs i feel let down every time i get a 430+ item. Knowing that a easy to get item known as Benthic sims better with right enchantment. This is wrong and puts down raiders and others :/ please fix this #WorldOfWarcraft

  • plisken1 Keeper Of Time (@plisken1) reported

    @anniefuchsia @Warcraft #classic will fix this 🤔

  • Baphometmom Conspicuous Goat (@Baphometmom) reported

    I sometimes think about resubbing to @Warcraft, but then I remember the dev teams rage ***** for making problems to fix rather than creating something new. Mount equipment is proof you can engineer problems before you sell the solution.

  • yvalaresistance 🐍 Carol Danvers Stan Account (@yvalaresistance) reported

    Cancelled my #Warcraft sub. I know they just did a big content patch but it doesn't really fix what I don't like about the game right now. I've only logged in once or twice since April. May resub in the winter when I'm bored, idk. BfA has been a garbage expansion and I'm over it.

  • MMOSimca Simca (@MMOSimca) reported

    @WarcraftDevs K.U.-J.0. in Operation: Mechagon is pretty horribly bugged. Sometimes he doesn't drop a crate. Also, in Hard Mode, Noxious Stench is no longer removed when activating Furnace Flames. My group ended up 2-healing and ignoring mechanics since they were so broken. (1/2)

  • TrueBlueA101 Aaron (@TrueBlueA101) reported

    Yeah, a lot of the flak Warcraft is getting for its design decisions is justified, but hating on it blindly with no thought because "ITS WARCRAFT ECKSDEE" is so ******* stupid tbh. XIV aint ******* flawless either. Its still got a lot of issues.

  • tirelth Ainyan (@tirelth) reported

    Dear @WorldofWarcraft, when my Demon Hunter is sitting at full 385+ gear except a single ring, in which she still wears an /heirloom/, and the last seven Tortollan Stocks she has made have all been, not only trinkets, but a SPECIFIC TRINKET, there is a problem with your RNG.

  • Sideswipe713 Sideswipe (@Sideswipe713) reported

    @GundamIsHere You should see her boyfriend Asmongold hes the top World of Warcraft streamers, she raged out on him over a game of Apex legends the rumor was at that time they had broken up. However seeing him in that conversation apparently not she even did a poolside stream with him lol.

  • Oswi_ Oswi Rodríguez (@Oswi_) reported

    World of Warcraft, Crash Bandicoot y Altered Beast *Destiny 1 de pilón.

  • mesugo Melissa Gordon (@mesugo) reported

    @Warcraft Getting some really awful server lag on Lightbringer right now, mostly in Mechanar and Nazjatar. Like, really bad.

  • hayter_sam Sam Hayter / Vanta (@hayter_sam) reported

    @PixelTwitchTV Easily World of Warcraft, nothing came close to pure enjoyment than learning that game by trial and error for me. Now it's just dull and dusty, can't bring myself to play it anymore. Maybe when WoW classic comes out. :(

  • dankwownames1 dankwownames (@dankwownames1) reported

    @WarcraftDevs please fix pvp ladder! We love playing even when it’s terrible but it doesn’t even reflect the AWC which is supposed to attract people to play pvp .

  • aboutnicholas nicholas john wheelock (@aboutnicholas) reported

    $100,000,000.00 Ideas d Movie - Dancing The Night Away In Vegas New $1 million idea World Of Bitcoin an mmorpg like world of Warcraft based solely on the purchasing and distribution of bitcoins New $1 million dollar idea an 24/7 website monitering and investigation service

  • GrimTka 君莫笑 (@GrimTka) reported

    @rylen_ @Shadow_ISR @Herotherogue @WarcraftDevs You had two freecasting warlocks, and by your own example, you were at 60%. I'm not saying it's a fun comp to fight, or that its fair in this season, but in that example, dying right there is a player error.

  • BillyBobCahill1 Billy Bob Cahill (@BillyBobCahill1) reported

    @NVIDIAGeForce I installed your newest drivers for GeForce I was running low 30s on latency for World of Warcraft now after they are high 40s low 50s wit bad lag. Internet connection fine other pc is fine just your driver is bad!!!!

  • JussieHoax JussieHoax (@JussieHoax) reported

    @Asmongold @Warcraft #streamerprivilege has always been a problem

  • That1rpgdude Kyle (@That1rpgdude) reported

    What needs changed in #Warcraft to make it feel like a great MMO again. Remove Titan forging. Remove LFR. Remove Sharding/layering and upgrade server tech. Fix leveling so every alt levels faster with each maxed char. Account wide reputation.

  • sweatpantsboii Rick (@sweatpantsboii) reported

    @CourtneyAdoette @Warcraft Thats not a problem, Im happy to pay a sub for classic:-)

  • Max_NeoS N (@Max_NeoS) reported

    @WatcherDev @WarcraftDevs @Warcraft @azgaz How can you not have fixed the server lag yet. Its absolutely unacceptable

  • BirleED Birle/Budden the Unsubbed (@BirleED) reported

    @WarcraftDevs @Flintshot_WoW Reasons I unsubbed yall aren't an indie company. You all need to fix shit before releasing content. All that is supposed to be fixed during the beta of a patch instead you release a polished ****. It's still a ****.

  • GeekyEnthusiast Geeky (@GeekyEnthusiast) reported

    Classic comes out in 41 days and I have yet to decide what I'm going to main... This is a problem #warcraft

  • EpicstyleZ_TV EpicStyleZ (@EpicstyleZ_TV) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent @Warcraft Please for the love of god, the blink casting from mages is retarded yet you lowered healing on druids by 10% because we are the broken ones.

  • RRMeanNVicious Ambitiouslyawesome (@RRMeanNVicious) reported

    @TripleSixGod U cant fix stupid...this what happens when u give a nerd that never had any 🐱..his 1st job with a gun after being stuck in his mama basement at 35 yrs old playing warcraft and eating hot pockets never seeing a black before

  • z3bro1 z3bro (@z3bro1) reported

    @WarcraftDevs fix the game

  • sharptweetz Sharp (@sharptweetz) reported

    @WarcraftDevs I dont understand how you let Alliance lose so much in every single BG. There is no balance. I want to enjoy PVP, but we lose 9 times out of 10 no matter what. Its depressing & hopeless. There are ways to fix this, but you seem unwilling. Its really not fair.

  • HermitPurpled 🌈🏳️‍🌈🌈 pride hermit 🌈🏳️‍🌈🌈 (@HermitPurpled) reported

    @WarcraftDevs ion please fix the fact that my little blobby friend from my azerite essence is inting in PVP and getting me found when i'm in stealth please and thank you

  • JustGeekingBy Heather @ Just Geeking By (@JustGeekingBy) reported

    It's ridiculous how many hotfixes @WarcraftDevs are throwing out yet they still haven't fixed the mining rank 2 drop boss Avarius. Topics on forums are just going ignored, yet random issues no one has even heard of keep being fixed in hot fixes.

  • wrobexee1 Mike Weir (@wrobexee1) reported

    @WarcraftDevs how about you fix the bug in Mechagon where is you complete the first 3 bosses one night and go back the next, the trogg has respawned with the suppression unit. according to forums and reddit was reported in ptr.

  • CaseyWillhite Casey of the Earth Kingdom (@CaseyWillhite) reported

    @WarcraftDevs Guys, come on.....the night elf-themed weapons in Darkshore have a WAY too low drop rate. If you wanted them to be pvp weapons, you should've just kept them that way. Fix it, please.

  • Games4Kickz Kickz (@Games4Kickz) reported

    Thanknyou for hanging out tonight and sorry for stopping the #WorldOfWarcraft #Twitch stream so suddenly. Router keeps dropping internet and reconnecting. I have to check with @VirginMediaIE support on the stability issues we get every night :/

  • Dopameanx DopameanX (@Dopameanx) reported

    @LlaroldLive Idk who at @WarcraftDevs we need to talk to, but this UI not being able to be brought up in combat change HAS TO go. Its horrible. And breaks everything. Idk what exploit this was intended to fix, but fix it another way imo.

  • KevinBey0224 Kevin Bey (@KevinBey0224) reported

    @Archer9009 @WarcraftDevs The fact that this simple typo took you all week to fix is mind blowing. Get your shit together. So many people wasted time they otherwise wouldn't have because you had an official support article giving out wrong information.

  • OrbOrbea Orb Orbea (@OrbOrbea) reported

    @blissfulvanilla @Warcraft @BlizzardCS Forget the ticket system. There is a chat service as well which is near instant

  • blissfulvanilla Missus W. (@blissfulvanilla) reported

    Seriously. I am about to scream. I have been trying submit a support ticket to @Warcraft via their @BlizzardCS customer service/ticket/contact support area FOR AN HOUR. Can't submit anything b/c the submit button doesn't work. All I want is to chat w/someone for disconnect issue

  • doogmcnoog Duncan Rice (@doogmcnoog) reported

    @WarcraftDevs some of the WQ spawn rates are broken, fix pls

  • Blaup6608 help the 3rd world (@Blaup6608) reported

    @BlizzardCS Hi blizzard. i have before made more Complaints, About world of Warcraft About Not working. or down For Maintenance. Why Shod we Users Pay for your Downtime, That affects all us Players Playtime. and We Pay enough to just play. How about giving Me Somthing back !!!

  • KAVKIboi Jake @ Eitrigg ❤️🏳️‍🌈 (@KAVKIboi) reported

    Now that I have flying, I’ve started leveling alts. The only problem is ... well, flying. I seem to be much more prone to swoop through the jungles of Zuldazar going oooooooh pretty instead of doing useful things... @Warcraft your art team NAILED it.