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World of Warcraft is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game released in 2004 by Blizzard Entertainment. It is the fourth released game set in the fantasy Warcraft universe, which was first introduced by Warcraft: Orcs & Humans in 1994.

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  • midnight_te4 Midnight Bea (@midnight_te4) reported

    I think my main problem with Metzen's writing (Warcraft/Starcraft) is that he has a thing about dramatic conclusions with huge character transformations or sacrifices... that are either totally unearned and sometimes just flat out "WHAT". It's very hit and miss with him.

  • Aafronaali AfroSpaceFox (@Aafronaali) reported

    The problem with today's #WorldofWarcraft is that it's barely an MMO anymore. I can't name a single player outside of my guild whom I've interacted with in the game during the last 3-4 expansions.

  • Herjeee Herjeee (@Herjeee) reported

    @thomusus @treckiewow @WarcraftDevs It was more an answer to Treckie's "no" to my opinion. I don't rly see why you would wait that long to interrupt her. Blizzard and AB do make it messier than needed. I agree that the invisible ABs would need a fix though.

  • thomusus Thomusus (@thomusus) reported

    @Herjeee @treckiewow @WarcraftDevs I reckon you've simply misunderstood the message. You're trying to solve the problem which is kind. However this post is probably to ask the question "Should you be able to see this mechanic" as opposed to "How can I kill Mythic Jaina." Get better advice giving tactics perhaps.

  • Herjeee Herjeee (@Herjeee) reported

    @treckiewow @WarcraftDevs My guild killed it for the first time this week. She uses Blizzard + AB to hinder ppl from killing elemental completely without having to interrupt her. I don't see the issue.

  • DeadOnToilet BOfH's Demon Spawn (@DeadOnToilet) reported

    Dear @WarcraftDevs - fix your shit in BfA so epic world PvP like what we just watched on Classic @EsfandTV @Asmongold @TipsOutBaby @SavixIrL can happen on retail. The inability of your tech to keep up at scale is pathetic.

  • Cherryblosom013 Cherryblosom (@Cherryblosom013) reported

    Hoping and wishing is not working for this summoning of a @Warcraft beta invite, Ill have to try reupping someone elses sub I guess... mine was not enough T.T Hope everyone is having a good night so far and is ready for tonights night stream after GOTs. cya then TreeFam.

  • _Rinehart_ [🔴 LIVE] Rinehart (@_Rinehart_) reported

    Hey @warcraft @BlizzardCS Getting some nasty Server lag... but my home and world MS is at no more than 20ms

  • Phearaldrood Phearal (@Phearaldrood) reported

    @Sivation @WarcraftDevs I’ve given up on it. Unless they fix things I have no chance of soloing it.

  • TacSquatch Da Squatch (@TacSquatch) reported

    @MarkstromTV @Warcraft I don't get why they give absolute sub 60 people beta keys who report issues that aren't issues and not original vanilla players that can actually aid in bug reporting.

  • Micah_Jewel micah jewel (@Micah_Jewel) reported

    @Garrett_Paull Honestly guys im not kidding when i say this. Everyone needs to have customer service like world of warcraft. At&t you suck

  • Garrett_Paull GP (@Garrett_Paull) reported


  • SCDigerati Digerati (@SCDigerati) reported

    @WarcraftDevs [Classic] I'm not sure this is a problem but the 8.0 API might allow 'LFG' and 'Gear Score'-type addons to be created.

  • DJHeavyCritz DJHeavyCritz (@DJHeavyCritz) reported

    @Walllbang @Nightmar3_real @TheAnimeJoker @RockstarGames When people play World of Warcraft, they pay 60 bucks for the game. Then at least 100 bucks a year for the online service. THAT is paying for online. BlackOps 4 is ONLY online. So yes. You paid for that online. You didn’t pay for Red Dead Online.

  • DeacineW Deacine (@DeacineW) reported

    @Sivation @WarcraftDevs And while you are at it, please fix the Xhul'Horac door bug 👌

  • MomsBankAccount Locked Credit Card (@MomsBankAccount) reported

    Hey @Blizzard_Ent @Warcraft , this guy is the King of Dlive, a hotblooded newly rising streaming service, give him an invite to the classic beta for free advertisement

  • b_mcnett Brian McNett (@b_mcnett) reported

    Aw, C'mon, @WarcraftDevs. We're going on fifteen years of gnomes not being able to sit in chairs. Fifteen years and I haven't once been able to properly sit on a proper char ANYWHERE. FIX THIS!

  • missing_feral ♡ Sweet the Feral (@missing_feral) reported

    So much for raiding right now. Seems blizzard is having instance issues. No one can zone in #warcraft

  • binkyville binkey (@binkyville) reported

    @BlizzardCS @WarcraftDevs Garrisons are broken on WrA - US. Cannot use hearthstone to get there and toons that are parked there log in outside of Garrison.))

  • theaubunbourbon K-Mills (@theaubunbourbon) reported

    @vr_mama @Warcraft Definitely, it was only a small issue back then so it shouldn't be any bigger when it's released

  • BlackListFurby ChrisFleury (@BlackListFurby) reported

    @12thBattalion @Thyst03 @WarcraftDevs Troll toes have had problems since vanilla, quit with the end times BS

  • craznar Christopher Burke (@craznar) reported

    @Warcraft Hoping to be stuck on the login screen trying to login - just for old times sake :)

  • JackHWilson JACK 🦈🐬 (@JackHWilson) reported

    This is your Wack Jilson public service announcement Less than 100 days till world of Warcraft classic goes live

  • Sleepypan Sleepypan (@Sleepypan) reported

    @PRYNNiboy @WarcraftDevs Gave up on Blizz fixing bugs long ago. Unless something is a bug that makes the game fun/enjoyable/easier they wont fix it.

  • KateVsTheWorld 🏳️‍🌈 K a t e (@KateVsTheWorld) reported

    Instead of constantly trying to keep World of Warcraft going and making it worse with every expansion to the point you have to re-release classic. Why not just make a World of Warcraft 2 and fix all the problems with what you've learned. Oh right that would take effort.

  • MistyDragon kayla houston (@MistyDragon) reported

    @BlizzardCS There is alot of lag in World of Warcraft. It’s just not me. My wow buddy, Starrlin’s getting tons of lag to -_-;

  • thekazeblade TheKazeblade (@thekazeblade) reported

    The Warcraft movie came CLOSE. But it ran afoul of this issue: trying to adapt too much. A scale way too huge and way too faithful than could be shackled to one film. Prince of Persia came close too, but for the inverse reason: relying too heavily on contemporary film trends.

  • LambbChops LambbChops (@LambbChops) reported

    No. Seriously. @BlizzardCS @Warcraft. First BlizzCon scalpers and now you don’t even announce the effing collectors edition the correct way. You just kind of throw it up there. I’ve seen them already on 3rd party sites for astronomical amounts of money. Make more. Fix your shit

  • ShamirahZ Saolyra (@ShamirahZ) reported

    @WarcraftDevs There's a GAMEBREAKING bug on my bnet.... I don't see any WoW Classic on it ! please fix it ! <3

  • north_easton North Easton (@north_easton) reported

    Classic #Warcraft sucked. (Nuance: It was better than other MMOs available when it was released, but had substantial quality-of-life issues that were corrected over the following decade.)

  • Simbolish Michael Diaz (@Simbolish) reported

    @Warcraft still missing my beta access please fix

  • RatonBroyeur Iketatesh (@RatonBroyeur) reported

    @Warcraft Guys. i think there is a problem with you new beta assignation system. I still don't have receive a key...

  • nikkiluvsbooks Nikki 📚☕️ (@nikkiluvsbooks) reported

    As a World of Warcraft fan...I’m embarrassed to say I haven’t seen @Warcraft yet. Today...I will make amends and fix it 😆

  • CtrlDKhayos CtrlDKhayos (@CtrlDKhayos) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent @BlizzardCS @Warcraft @WarcraftDevs and if beta invites are really truthfully being done by an automated system, you need to fix it, since it is not pulling from the total pool. It is only pulling a handful of months from the beginning of Vanilla WoW.

  • Dinosrule4life Reptilian Reflections (@Dinosrule4life) reported

    @ZarsenaultZach @WeissBlitz @Diablo Fair enough. I find playing with a mouse painful opposed to a controller. I’m legally blind too and so playing on a big 4K screen is much better than a tiny monitor. I wish some kind of console Warcraft game was around. My pc also just died too. Always have had issues with pc.

  • Opztimis Lachlan Opz (@Opztimis) reported

    To whom it may concern @Blizzard_Ent @Warcraft i have been playing your game since late vanilla and there seems to be an issue where i have never been invited to any beta version you have released, could you please correct this by giving me an invite to the classic beta thanks.

  • Zaichi5 Za_ichi (@Zaichi5) reported

    @spectissa All i can say youtube streams as unlisted. Loads of world of warcraft players used to do that to the devs of the game so they could watch bugs and errors in hard bosses. All i can say. If u have trouble setting it up watch a youtube vid on how to do it.

  • FoxieLoL FoxiieeeLoL (@FoxieLoL) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN Hello blizzard! i recently baught the world of warcraft deluxe edition, but.. i have a problem. So when i try to boost a character it says Internal Error and none of my buddies can send gold to my account because its a "trail account" pls help

  • LegacyAuthor Jerry Welch (@LegacyAuthor) reported

    @Ipheli @Warcraft Again, remove either of the horde factions and you stop the main storyline. Remove the Alliance and the main storyline continues. That is what I have a problem with.

  • AzraScorpion AzraScorpion [Dumpling Tribe | Sensei eSports] (@AzraScorpion) reported

    I might have a problem. Me: I should level my Druid. Also Me: Or my monk. Or my pally. Or my death knight. ALSO ME: I really want a shadow priest. And a hunter. It's official: I'm a #worldofwarcraft altoholic...

  • Buuloki Anastasia/Buuloki (@Buuloki) reported

    @itsneryssa @WarcraftDevs Yeah, seems i'm not the only one atleast. Bunch of others on the forum having the same issue :(

  • Chris_X_200 ChrisX (@Chris_X_200) reported

    It's funny that I thought Warcraft is just dead, but the sight of Thrall coming back to fix things gave me a slight ray of hope on fixing things. Green Jesus is exactly what Azeroth needs.

  • NerfThatNerd NerfThatNerd (@NerfThatNerd) reported

    @EsfandTV @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev Problem is that if they extend to 40 people will ask then to extend to 50 and then to 60. Not sure if they want that. Also before raising the cap they should let more people play the beta

  • count2classic Countdown To Classic (@count2classic) reported

    @jayjackson85 @WarcraftDevs It’s never been a problem before!! 😂😝

  • ZeJaded L. Jade S. (@ZeJaded) reported

    Goodbye, #WorldofWarcraft. I’ve been a subscriber since vanilla and I am done as of today. The #Sylvanis story line is a deal breaker. Unless you fix this dumpster fire, I’ll spend my $15 not being disappointed with lazy writing.

  • nalipls nali (@nalipls) reported

    @MercurioBlue @Warcraft i just wish they would fix the pve gear in arena

  • LegacyAuthor Jerry Welch (@LegacyAuthor) reported

    @ArtofDanO @WarriorBand98 @Warcraft They need to do for the Alliance what they once did for the horde, but they won't. BGs are broken; look at the horde queue time...and that's WITH merc mode! Their own game is telling them that it's broken and they use bandaids instead of fixing the real problem: FACTION IMBALANCE

  • LegacyAuthor Jerry Welch (@LegacyAuthor) reported

    @ArtofDanO @WarriorBand98 @Warcraft EXACTLY! At one point, the Alliance were beating up the horde, so Blizzard gave the horde OP racials and for those who didn't like the horde aesthetic, gave them a pretty race (Belves). The problem is that they didn't stop and the majority of Alliance talent rerolled horde.

  • Boogiewookee Chooî (@Boogiewookee) reported

    @dire_wolfff @EsfandTV @WarcraftDevs @WatcherDev Yeah, terrible idea to show 15yo content that everyone and their mother have seen countless times already. Lots of surprises to be had. Please don't fix bugs in high-end content so we don't kill the hype.

  • saikosu Jamie (@saikosu) reported

    @Warcraft @HeftyXDXD could be a problem there

  • CZiegenhagel Chris Ziegenhagel (@CZiegenhagel) reported

    @ProfessorGrains @Warcraft My only problem is I didn’t end up sleeping or didn’t until like 5 am lol

  • MalamuteGamer Chelsey Rose Brown (@MalamuteGamer) reported

    I've played WoW for almost a decade and I've never felt less invested in the game. I'll be trying classic and hope I enjoy that more. Blizzard, fix your damn classes. They feel bad. Go back to the drawing board and stop building classes around an expansion gimmick #warcraft

  • Ftbubblerxd Ftbubbler (@Ftbubblerxd) reported

    I've been playing @Warcraft since the beginning - 14 years on and off. I've been hacked, and had my characters stolen. Run into multiple bugs/ had various other problems. Out of the ~50 tickets I've sent, I have only been helped by @BlizzardCS ONCE. (1/2)

  • Metal_Ninja MetalNinja (@Metal_Ninja) reported

    I'm really gonna have no life other than gaming this year 😂 - recently become obsessed with @SeaOfThieves - Crash Team racing gets a re-release soon - @Warcraft is incoming - MCC is coming to the PC! Looks like this will be the last the wife sees of me for a while!

  • edgeofmind Two Cities (@edgeofmind) reported

    @fluffigator You'll note, sometime in the last decade we moved away from unique storylines into nothing but Southparks "Remember Berries" fan service plot lines. Its everywhere. I dont even play Warcraft.

  • LeisvanCordero Leisvan (@LeisvanCordero) reported

    @KnightZork @Warcraft That's a good sign. The alliance isn't broken.

  • BrockH93 Brock (@BrockH93) reported

    @nikhtv @Warcraft @Blizzard_ANZ Don't want to be rude here but there is something wrong with my account also I wasn't selected! I understand we make mistakes but its how we fix them, Kindly flag our two accounts. Thank you

  • footpicdealer Thotticus 🍒 (@footpicdealer) reported

    starting a petition for Activision-Blizzard to fix the game "World of Warcraft: Battle for Azeroth." I would kindly request that we bring Arthas back and make him single and hung like a horse.

  • canibeyourbabyg RASTAMONDAY (@canibeyourbabyg) reported

    Wish WoW azerite system was easier to farm than anything. metzen plis fix @Warcraft @WarcraftDevs

  • awake283 J (@awake283) reported

    @WarcraftDevs "This looks good, but it's... wrong. Broken. Falling apart. Just like our game."