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2K Games, Inc. (shortened as 2K) is an American video game publisher that develops games for PC, gaming consoles and smart phones. Notable titles include NBA 2K, WWE 2K, Top Spin, Bioshock, Borderlands, Civilization, Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne and XCOM.

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Mexico City Hacking / Cheating
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Mexico City Online Play

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  • JuniorMontanaa NOV.2Oth 🦂 (@JuniorMontanaa) reported

    @zSwantzYBabY @LD2K @Beluba FIX 2K MAN

  • Famousx1K 𝐹𝒶𝓂𝑜𝓊𝓈💫 (@Famousx1K) reported

    Holy sh*t Fix 2K.. #NBA2K20

  • kyle12watkins Kyle (@kyle12watkins) reported

    @Ronnie2K @WWE fix 2k

  • dr_tblake itristnn (@dr_tblake) reported

    @Ronnie2K @WWE Fix 2K

  • Mar_Mar_Gaming Marmar (@Mar_Mar_Gaming) reported

    @ItsShake4ndbake i replied to this tweet by 2k about the patch notes and half a day later and i got almost 800 likes. 2k still wont fix their horrible ways even if we tell it to their faces

  • PBR_Shell Big Shell🐚 (@PBR_Shell) reported

    Trae a problem on 2k too. I get busy wit my hawks on 2k

  • AZenGuy Mayank (@AZenGuy) reported

    @UZingAName @YESBANK Not required for NFC chip transactions up to Rs 2k. RBI allows it. No security issue as such.

  • DjinspirationJc Jaime Castillo (@DjinspirationJc) reported

    @2KSupport @Sebasti57786409 Get on with it and stop directing people to pointless crap. The blog has no purpose, just fix your damn game!

  • abdulah73538673 abdul ahmed (@abdulah73538673) reported

    @2KSupport you need to fix ur game because this patch is ruining 2k

  • PorterMentality Porter (@PorterMentality) reported

    @LakeshowBambino But look how long it took to be fixed. And knowing the 2K community, someone gonna find another glitch by tomorrow.

  • turboahoe turbo❄️ (@turboahoe) reported

    @2KSupport no fix your trash ass game tf

  • PorterMentality Porter (@PorterMentality) reported

    @LakeshowBambino I'm just doing what's right for me and sanity. The game is broken. The community is overrun by cheaters and the 2K devs don't do anything about it.

  • turboahoe turbo❄️ (@turboahoe) reported

    @2KSupport I keep changing my jumpshot to my custom & it does not go through. It goes to a BASE jump shot. Pls fix your game...

  • PorterMentality Porter (@PorterMentality) reported

    @killahqb It's gone bro. I can't sit back and just play a broken game that's full of cheaters and glitchers. The 2K devs don't care about the real gamers.

  • MathieuSkibo Mathieu Bussiere (@MathieuSkibo) reported

    @2KSupport My ps4 name is KingSkiski I just submitted a request as you requested it’s a huge error I can’t even play how I want to play because I’m stuck on a set shot after the new update

  • TommyVille815 ABM Tommy G (@TommyVille815) reported

    @ill_illah @xxmikenovaxx @SH00T_ @NBA2K Been playing since the first 2K im 30. And no the game hasn’t been as broken as it has the last 3 years. All these big updates to fix exploits and people who play legit cant use their own jumper. Cant justify this

  • TubbyEmu Tubby Emu (@TubbyEmu) reported

    I trust Jinx. He's my guy. I wanna give WWE 2K benefit of doubt. Look at Game Freak/Pokemon news. Both took major risks, seemingly is rough waters. Me, Personally, I will give 2K a chance to fix this. After next year though, if it's not there. I'm gonna fully hang it up.

  • 94_SEALS RIP94 (@94_SEALS) reported

    Every time 2k patch another goofy glitch

  • ColtonCruise Colton Cruise (@ColtonCruise) reported

    @2KSupport Everytime I try to download caws off Community Creations on WWE 2k20, it doesn't work, it loads all the way and it just stays there fully red bar for a very long time, I waited thirty minutes for it to stop loading and it never did and I gave up, please fix it!

  • MachoDadness MachoDadness (@MachoDadness) reported

    @RKO_JPL7 @WWEgames @2K My Universe mode is also a broken mess after spending hours setting it up. #fixwwe2k20

  • AnklesOnEbay 🏀AnklesOnEbay🏀 (@AnklesOnEbay) reported

    Somebody lmk when 2k fixes this jump shot glitch, I might reinstall. Doubt it tho @NBA2KLeague @NBA2K_MyTEAM @2K

  • BayAreaMind Jason🧘🏿‍♂️ (@BayAreaMind) reported

    @MeBroShow sold my PS4 because 2k wasn’t it for me this year for various reasons and I’d rather not waste my time anymore won’t be buying it next year either unless they fix it. Only way I know how to do things as a consumer is don’t give em money.

  • CPCJuiceBox CRZY_PSYCO_CHICK (@CPCJuiceBox) reported

    @CSturgis @coolmyeyes @HumanistReport @cenkuygur @BernieSanders The problem is...even 2k won't stop 1 mil+ medical bill and Yang isn't for wiping out the private insurance industry only a public option which keeps predatory private insurance and high prices if he was for wiping out priv insurance id be all for it. M4A helps every American too

  • Viral_Madara Corey Harper (@Viral_Madara) reported

    @anime_tay1 i wish a good and realistic sports game would be made 😭😭 cant enjoy 2k or madden franchise cuz they both broken

  • VinceSage DJ Chark on Da 1’s and 2’s (@VinceSage) reported

    Been watching videos on people talking about 2k and having problems with people who cheat to get logos

  • b1s BigHecMoney (@b1s) reported

    @UniqueMazique @Forbes Thank you for putting this out there Mr. Mazique. The community feels a huge disconnect with 2K and the grumblings are getting louder and louder. They patched the demi glitch but didn’t want to talk about it. Seems like they don’t want to acknowledge they’ve made errors

  • Cesium137 Constantine (@Cesium137) reported

    @ComplexMinded OC Center 95 was dev wiped and now they are using aimbot to re-take the ice cave.. Would be nice to have some enforcement take a look. 1.2k dura flak helmet instantly broken and killed by level 86 character with 4 boxes as the name.

  • YoutbeItsFusion ItsFusion (@YoutbeItsFusion) reported

    Just played a 2k game kid got banned middle of game because he did the badge glitch smh

  • SPLASHx412 SPLASHx412 (@SPLASHx412) reported

    @2KSupport How long is it going to take to fix the problem

  • MeBroShow At Me Bro (@MeBroShow) reported

    I don't know this for sure, but I liken it to Street Fighter V and Tekken. Those games launched with built in lag so that the online experience wouldn't feel as bad. I think that's why 2k is a trash competitive game. It's a sacrifice for online, imo.

  • idontknwo7 i dont knwo (@idontknwo7) reported

    @NBA2K @Ronnie2K @LD2K @Beluba this new patch is ruining 2k this is the most trash patch ever in 2k history mike **** please fix this bro please

  • FinessedWhore STARLORD🌟 (@FinessedWhore) reported

    @zSwantzYBabY Forget cod , why can’t I change my jumpshot on 2k this shit is broken

  • RoMemphis10 Memphis Mamba 🐍 (@RoMemphis10) reported

    At this point ion kno were to go from here ...felt like I gave it my all this year I have no drive in 2k 😕 I let a glitch break me down to pieces .....

  • JinglesWrld JinglesWRLD (@JinglesWrld) reported

    It looks so weird, it looks like he’s lagging in a 2k game and hes holding down his jump shot too long lmao

  • 1youngmil NICETOWN (@1youngmil) reported

    my 2k not working i’m getting mad

  • Resplex darvin (@Resplex) reported

    myself @ShaneThor, @NickDiamondzz are a TO3 for the 2k and Minnesota. Looking for two players that can bring all the passion. We Placed T32 last 2k. other two teammates had scheduled issues and vibes were shit after the 2k.

  • weapon187 Weapon X Lions (@weapon187) reported

    @Beluba @brutalsim @LD2K @Ronnie2K One of two things is true: 1. 2K won't fix demigods 2. 2K CAN'T fix demigods Either way it's pretty obvious that demigods are permanent. Your options as a player are either cheat, quit, or deal with it. But they're permanent

  • weapon187 Weapon X Lions (@weapon187) reported

    @IGN @Beluba @brutalsim @LD2K @Ronnie2K One of two things is true: 1. 2K won't fix demigods 2. 2K CAN'T fix demigods Either way it's pretty obvious that demigods are permanent. Your options as a player are either cheat, quit, or deal with it. But they're permanent

  • 1youngmil NICETOWN (@1youngmil) reported

    bro i’m 2k not working i’m getting irritated

  • SONZofRUSS X Dan Hjalmur X (@SONZofRUSS) reported

    @NBA2K Such a broken POS Hall of Fame centers move like molasses.... Garbage never ever again will I put money into 2k this is my last year.

  • TommyVersucci Timmy Harden (@TommyVersucci) reported

    @NBA2K You can’t do shit @2KSupport, stop replying with the same copy & paste message. Everybody got the problem with their custom Jumpshots. #newpatchnewproblems #jumpshot70

  • xsno__ Ari (@xsno__) reported

    @2KSupport after your update 1.08 everyone’s jump shot broke, my voice may mean nothing to you but a fix would be gladly appreciated

  • Goes32Ahead Stands with a Fifth (@Goes32Ahead) reported

    @2KSupport fix where my jumpshot doesn't change every game smh

  • Scrubbbbz Bruh Moment (@Scrubbbbz) reported

    @WWEgames @2K issue with Universe Mode: can’t edit 14 matches on PPV, can only edit up to 10

  • 4DaGloryGaming Darius Dawkins (@4DaGloryGaming) reported

    @XboxSupport @XboxP3 @NBA2K I want a refund for the money I spent on nba 2k’s broken and I can’t play it

  • Tyler61952448 Tyler (@Tyler61952448) reported

    @NBA2K Nobody wants to play y’all game anymore y’all need new people on y’all team we tryna have fun on 2k wit tha glitches n stuff how bout do a patch where the demigod glitch only work for mycareer not online Y’all gota think goofies 🤡🤡🤡

  • greiginsydney Greig Sheridan (@greiginsydney) reported

    New Ribbon SBC 1k/2k firmware just landed: v8.0.3 b533. @JohnACook - here's the fix we've been waiting on: "REST returns 0 for all instances of rt_CPUUPTIME". I'll get it running at home tonight and check it for you.

  • DcuoClockwork Dw (@DcuoClockwork) reported

    @2KSupport Newest patch didn't fix the subbing issue it just made the whole game worse

  • itsjvstbrandon itsjvstbrandon (@itsjvstbrandon) reported

    @2KSupport WWE 2K20 crashes a lot when playing online. Mostly in a elimination chamber match. Please fix this.


    @ayeePrecise 2k always fix something that ain’t broken

  • BucketBolton94 Bucket bolton (@BucketBolton94) reported

    @2KSupport now y’all got this jumpshot glitch y’all are literally the worse gaming franchise ever

  • AboveAveRageNY DoubleAA (@AboveAveRageNY) reported

    @QuincyShinault @NBA2K @2KSupport When u find the fix lmk

  • Scott_Swindell Scott Swindell (@Scott_Swindell) reported

    @HugS86 @PaperRuby2 @tafokints @HugS86 nah the problem was that he said lud is more valuable than the number 1 player. The comparison could be between mango when he was #1 and a 2k streamer at that time. Obviously tafo was wrong and rerouted lol.

  • IVANFCB17 IVANFCB17 (@IVANFCB17) reported

    Fix your ******* damn game @2KEspana @2K @Ronnie2K @Beluba

  • RAY2Ko_0 _InsaneTriller_ (@RAY2Ko_0) reported

    @TrippinVivid_ @NoLimitChrisYT @STEEZO_THE_GOD It aint his connection my g , im getting the same issues , its 2K themselves .

  • Tonydk82 Antonio Kurtz (@Tonydk82) reported

    @NBA2K My jumper keep changing to shot 70 come on 2k. Yall fix one thing and break something else.

  • DaJour_Taylor Big Duke 💯 (@DaJour_Taylor) reported

    @2KSupport Still having the same problems need more help my mycareer is still having the same problem and is now not letting me even load any players I have. And now even in play now all players feet are invisible

  • JoeyJeezus Joelle (@JoeyJeezus) reported

    @2KSupport @ShelovesIsaiah_ Why do y’all comment with these stupid long ass ticket responses when you know the problem is wide spread , JUST POST A DAMN FIX INSTEAD OF COMMENTING WRITE A TICKET. Nobody wanna go through y’all long ass ticket process

  • Ronnie2Kock Ronnie2K (@Ronnie2Kock) reported

    @AhmerzDFS You will be banned in the next 24 hours if you have an issue message @2KSupport.

  • fearthestutter corey nutter (@fearthestutter) reported

    @NBA2K Really 2k no Demi god glitch patch no booster patch that’s cool so you guys just saying **** it I hope everyone starts doing it then hahah what a joke