Is 2K Games down?

2K Games, Inc. (shortened as 2K) is an American video game publisher that develops games for PC, gaming consoles and smart phones. Notable titles include NBA 2K, WWE 2K, Top Spin, Bioshock, Borderlands, Civilization, Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne and XCOM.

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February 26: Problems at 2K Games

2K Games is having issues since 06:20 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • HellcatPerez Michael (@HellcatPerez) reported

    I know 2K usually shuts down the servers for the previous year’s game around this time of the year. I would think they’d keep 2K19 up for a little longer because of so many people avoiding 2K20. Probably the least they could do after all the problems they’ve had.

  • verifiedbullock Andrew Bullock (@verifiedbullock) reported

    Guest complains saying that his PS4 won't connect to our internet and as I was trying to explain to him how to fix it cause I know exactly what he's going through, he spazzes out and screams "TECH SUPPORT!" Dude, relax, Fortnite will be around and 2K isn't getting better.

  • julyavery lulu , tpwkaverys (@julyavery) reported

    3.2k is NOT easy to get and the fact i’m gonna have to do it all over again since twitter doesn’t wanna fix their email system sucks :/

  • x7nathaniel nattee (@x7nathaniel) reported

    @t2_trent Nothing a lil henny and 2K can’t fix

  • gravitymp3 gina has died¹²⁷ (@gravitymp3) reported


  • DirrtyGamer DirrtyGamer (@DirrtyGamer) reported

    @2KSupport Added to already existing ticket #5338823. 4th issue in 7 days nothing “rest assured” about this since nothing has been fixed. Everyday this game is broken. So in total so far this makes 1 flash pack, 1200 mt tokens, and 3 my team tokens not added properly to my account.

  • alanklement Alan Klement (@alanklement) reported from Manhattan, New York

    I pay about $2k per month for health insurance for my family I recently took my daughter to the emergency room (she’s ok) Got a bill for $1900 Health care in the US is broken @BernieSanders

  • quaaee Quae💚 (@quaaee) reported

    They still got my boy Westbrook at a 89 overall on 2k plz fix it !!!

  • hotwings1024 BLAKE THE ASSASSIN (@hotwings1024) reported

    @2KSupport @KNICKSxMETS My 2K been down since early December and no matter how many request I’ve made y’all ain’t do nothing to fix it

  • atantum99 Alex Tantum (@atantum99) reported

    @espn This some 2k glitch tho

  • KeithLopez_ Keith Lopez (@KeithLopez_) reported

    @2KSupport NBA2k20 I just lost all of the MyTeam team cards, in my collection, above saphire!!! Fix this now! Dozens of diamond, pink diamond, opal cards gone!

  • Spkiy . (@Spkiy) reported

    @2KSupport fix y’all servers gah damn

  • dlinebass5 Matt (@dlinebass5) reported

    @BL3_Community @DuvalMagic @Borderlands @2KSupport @2K @GearboxOfficial This simple issue still has not been solved, and the support team has simply told me they can't help me, and closed the ticket. Not only is this not an acceptable resolution, it's unprofessional.

  • PaAnnouncer1 ImAnnoyed (@PaAnnouncer1) reported

    @2KSupport when I quit a game or practice in MyLeague Online it freezes every time and nothing saves. Didn’t have this problem until today. Help please

  • 2kclipsYT 🥺 (@2kclipsYT) reported

    @TEXASFOLK @2KSupport this shit cruced bro howd you fix this shit

  • realCodieHEEL Codie Hale (@realCodieHEEL) reported

    Also relevant to 2K19 users (so mostly everybody): the Stage Animation portion of Codie's entrance is supposed to be AJ Styles, but because 2K never fixed the Styles download glitch I had to change it. If you want her correct entrance, just go into Advanced and change it back 👍

  • plainanon Queen in the North (@plainanon) reported

    I havent cried yet despite everything literally going wrong. My electric brake system is wrong, no one knows how to fix it. It may cost me 2k to fix it at this point. I just bought the trailer yesterday I feel ripped off. They are keeping my car. My pizza had chicken on it.

  • blessed_boyz bloody$hun (@blessed_boyz) reported

    @2KSupport aye i keep getting lagged out in 2k everytime i play on the park whats the problem i paid good money for this game

  • buzzdixonwriter Buzz Dixon (@buzzdixonwriter) reported

    @DawnXianaMoon The problem is number of people infected. If 10% in a city of one million are infected w/2% fatalities = 2K dead; if 25% infected, 5K; if 50% then 10K Current US death rate is 1.5% so this would be >additional< fatalities over baseline of 15K for entire city in one year

  • JaySteelo_ Jo (@JaySteelo_) reported

    @HoesYellESCO My shit broke 😓 if u see I’m on 2k it’s a glitch

  • LordRoyalGaming LordRoyalGaming (@LordRoyalGaming) reported

    @2KSupport Please fix this. I've been jumping through hoops to get this fixed, and have been waiting 24 hours in-between responses #5344866

  • SammyGeroulis Sammy Geroulis (@SammyGeroulis) reported

    @DellCares @Dell after useless customer support attempts and two months of issues, I can confidently say that I hate your company and specifically hate my useless $2k XPS 15 9560 which was literally manufactured from the cheapest components possible.

  • AGuyNameReggieB Visuals By Reggie B. (@AGuyNameReggieB) reported

    I could get my car fixed for less than $2k but I rather buy a new car. I have trust issue. Lol

  • kindheart1527 Kindheart (@kindheart1527) reported

    Jim Cramer ,( stock analyst) and Straus Zelnick CEO recent conversation reflected 2K stock prices decreased 12% first week Feb, the first problem reconized was 2K, made some in game changes that didn't go as planned, LMAO....Really, maybe that's why it's down even more, Ya Think

  • a_breaking_news Breaking News (@a_breaking_news) reported

    Bitcoin Price Won’t Fall Below $8.2K During This Crash: PlanB – Bitcoinist

  • Bunley24 B U N Z O (@Bunley24) reported

    I’m begging you to fix 2k ***** @Ronnie2K

  • FootballHenson John Henson (@FootballHenson) reported

    I've said it before, say it again...2k is the worst sports game...******* fix your damn game @NBA2K...making me push the damn 'A' button (button mashing when I'm mad) to skip the intro and halftime crap is bullshit

  • mattborzillo Matt Borzillo (@mattborzillo) reported

    @ZachWWMovies God no,so many people are just one lost paycheck away from completely being screwed and on paper they make decent money. When your making close to 100k and you cant afford let's say a 2k medical bill somethings wrong/broken.

  • DeOmarre Bam MAGIC fanboy (@DeOmarre) reported

    @BR_NBA @ShamsCharania @Tjonesonthenba I believe in Conley fitting with the Jazz...I won a title on my 2k with this same team so it's not the fit that's the problem..2k myGM never lies

  • BobShoe16 Bob Shoe (@BobShoe16) reported

    @2KSupport everytime I load nba my jumpshot gets switched to 63 can you fix this please, I’ve never purchased this animation @NBA2K

  • KavarionCollin1 F̷u̷e̴g̵o̸🙌🏽🐐🔥🚀 (@KavarionCollin1) reported

    @2KSupport I typed in the Kobe locker code and it gave me a card with nothing on it can you possibly fix this

  • SiCKOChipper Cj (@SiCKOChipper) reported

    2k is so broken man...

  • Huspex Ryan (@Huspex) reported

    I was just in a full 2k lobby in 3s and won it and gained 1 point and the opponents lost 1 point aswell like I don’t care about the points or whatever but @RocketLeague please fix this game like WTAF IS GOING ON and there is many more flaws aswell :)

  • YeaupK yeaupKAY (@YeaupK) reported


  • mjbostick23 rainnin (@mjbostick23) reported

    @2KSupport Unfortunately your guys website is malfunctioning and when I chick the sign in button nothing happens so I can’t sign in

  • mum_ofboys Michelle (@mum_ofboys) reported

    @_Andrew909 @Bipolar_Shrimp You flash bang so much I thought Arics cod had a glitch. Don’t you worry @_justineee8 vouched for you on 2k lol

  • BarbaricHanna HannaBarbaric (@BarbaricHanna) reported

    @2KSupport @thisgrilledchee I'm having the same issue uploading images...

  • V1XCY_ VIXCY ! (@V1XCY_) reported

    @pantherwtf i paid 1.2k for it but it has issues

  • oTHUMPYo othumpyo125o (@oTHUMPYo) reported

    @pulte I found out about what you do recently and I really admire it. I'm not wealthy or anything, I'm active duty Army. I cant go out and give people money, but I do give people happiness. I have over 2k hours of community service.

  • _oWiLL2k WiLL (@_oWiLL2k) reported


  • Wilfredrwodzi31 Kalashnikov (@Wilfredrwodzi31) reported

    @Wezi25593218 For Thandeka l can pay even 20k Palesa is not worth 2k😂but her ****** issue she can prevent pregnancy by taking contraceptive in time

  • thedorkygirl thedorkygirl (@thedorkygirl) reported

    I could cry. The dentist told me that the people who did my original front tooth veneers in 2005 did a horrible job. He's going to fix them for under 2k (before insurance) and said I don't need implants.

  • roy650 Roy Abitbol (@roy650) reported

    @daskarov @YallaIsraelSUN Not sure the late front push was the issue.. it seemed like the right side of the peloton was a wrong selection... At about 2K they nearly hit a sidewalk... Later they got pushed to the barriers over and over and finally it meant a poor exit from the final left hander

  • B_Baldus1975 Brett Baldus (@B_Baldus1975) reported

    @Bhangra94877286 @OmegamanX44 @KingEmpire345 @Joe_Coffey @0PERRIER0 @m_coffey90 @rjvicich No it's not working still its been down since like 4am ..its bull!! I have images to upload too, made them jerks at 2k a not so kind service ticket

  • rjvicich rjvicich (@rjvicich) reported

    @2KSupport I nor anyone are going to be patient game has been broken too long fix it now

  • andrewrestless andrew (@andrewrestless) reported

    @3DAuroraRL I don’t like ranked either, the skill level in ranks is way to wide, but it’s not an easy problem to solve. If people are grinding up to 2k MMR they should probably make ranks up to 2k MMR

  • jfberke Jeremy Berke (@jfberke) reported

    On Australis Capital call: "The bottom has dropped out of the CBD business." Says kilo of CBD was selling for $11-12k last year, it's less than $2k this year. Mentioned problems with operators in the space, including Gencanna's structured bankruptcy.

  • rjvicich rjvicich (@rjvicich) reported

    @2KSupport fix logo website now for wwe2k20

  • IAMBOWS Ryan (@IAMBOWS) reported

    @ImNotArcher @UrAvgConsumer well I think the big issue is we have no idea what hes possibly going to do with the pc, like if hes doing a ton of editing and recording/streaming, id say get a $2k, if its a test or something, then go cheaper.

  • SamBlak91589185 Sam Blake (@SamBlak91589185) reported

    @_Kenziepuff Six meals can work to help folks cutting back not be hungry throughout the day and then overeat at mealtime. But the big issue is these folks are still eating 3k calories or more a day when they should be between 2k-2.5k to lose some weight

  • ipodkingcarter iPodKingCarter (@ipodkingcarter) reported

    @LD2K if anyone had this type of money glitch in 2K they would get banned... 😩

  • BlvckFrozen Your Cousin (@BlvckFrozen) reported

    I need 2k to fix my phone, khanenzeni guys😭

  • LaLeche1227 Mokachuu (@LaLeche1227) reported

    I’m so proud of my husband 🥰We’ve been having some pretty bad car troubles but he managed to fix it without any help. What should have cost us atleast 2k ended up costing maybe $500.

  • MoscowBot3000 Bleep Bloop (@MoscowBot3000) reported

    @PeterHamby @guypbenson I mean it's not really a conspiracy, tickets were in excess of 2k a pop. The people who could afford to be there are not working class people. They are people who can flush two grand down the toilet to watch a two hour debate.

  • BJG_18 Brian G 🏌️‍♂️🏒🏈 (@BJG_18) reported

    @TornShaun @BKiley10 @UmbraBear @mariokarttourEN My problem was that I was trying to do the stupid level up challenge of getting either a 5 or 6. I kept having to buy the peach parasol at 2k to get it to a 6. Stupid game. It’s like an addiction wanting to keep pulling and buying stuff.

  • YBC_15 YBC (@YBC_15) reported

    I really don’t know how I haven’t broken a controller playing 2k yet this year.

  • ThePumpkinMan2 The Pumpkin Man (@ThePumpkinMan2) reported

    @1stPlayerz @pcgamer NBA 2K has the problem of 2 hour long unskippable cutscene that last over 2 hours. Many believed that this was a way to get around the 2 hour wait for the steam refund system. If you ctrl alt delete you get sent back to the first cutscene. 2 hours is sometimes impossible.

  • haydenmscott Someone Random (@haydenmscott) reported

    @pulte I could really use like $2k to fix my truck...but I just keep moving on the shoe leather express. I’ll eventually have the money. I just keep trying to put my pennies away. 😁

  • breezyman315 Jeremey Shaw (@breezyman315) reported

    @ItsShake4ndbake Happened a bit back in 2k19 on TTO last year pestered 2K support about the issue too which they denied until I started sending in video footage and a few days later got a reply saying they’re looking into it then waalah few days later gameplay felt like you were playing off line

  • DatGuyBigMike my name jeff (@DatGuyBigMike) reported

    @Beluba why tf y’all do big men so ***** this year I get blocked by pg consistently that shouldn’t happen this has to be the worst ******* 2k y’all put out fix this trash ass game we don’t get another one till September mf this shit not fun @Ronnie2K @LD2K @CallMeAgent00 @NBA2K