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2K Games, Inc. (shortened as 2K) is an American video game publisher that develops games for PC, gaming consoles and smart phones. Notable titles include NBA 2K, WWE 2K, Top Spin, Bioshock, Borderlands, Civilization, Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne and XCOM.

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Most Reported Problems:

  • Online Play (61.84%)
  • Sign in (18.42%)
  • Glitches (7.89%)
  • Matchmaking (6.58%)
  • Game Crash (5.26%)

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  • I_Legally_Blind
    Emil (@I_Legally_Blind) reported

    @2KSupport ruffles lagging lile hell and we were leading 18-0 and we got disconnected please ***

  • Mrbigshot_ent
    Tott *Bigshot* wilson (@Mrbigshot_ent) reported

    @2KSupport im having issues with making my rebirth build im not getting the option to use my 1.5mill points towards the player im trying to make

  • brock_miles
    OsoKountry F2R (@brock_miles) reported

    Smh fix ur game 2k

  • GrampaSplash
    GrampaSplash (@GrampaSplash) reported

    Hopefully 2k looks at these lag out I’m lagging out off of dunks.....

  • Mackblack_4
    Mackenson Sauveur (@Mackblack_4) reported

    @2KSupport Can y’all fix the screen keep getting illegal screen when not moving as well as the ball going out when running towards the corner with the ball

  • stayfr0stie
    Stay Frosty (@stayfr0stie) reported

    @Fallout Look... make the stash 2k. Reduce some weights a bit. Then with the rest who abused the system... give everyone one week, if their stash is over 100 weight of limit, wipe. Problem solved. Also, let us see if we actually own a plan before buying it... a star...something.

  • Corinthian1212
    In Plain Sight (@Corinthian1212) reported

    @2K should just make their game a subscription service and stop with the micro transactions. We get it y’all are greedy too, just stop letting that mess with our game play. Make everyone same rating, and make the incentives based on game play ONLY, no VC superstars! #2KLCombine

  • DangarousP
    DangerousPERSON (@DangarousP) reported

    @2KSupport Ive followed these steps several times before, this never fixes the issues the @2KSupport. Send me something useful next time please

  • bc9fb4f706b84bc
    FALOYO SUNDAY BANKOLE (@bc9fb4f706b84bc) reported

    @myaccessbank I was debited 2k for a cable TV service via access mobile since yesterday but I was informed they didn't receive the money 07063114549

  • ad_gunn
    christmas kebab wanter (@ad_gunn) reported

    @fpsFrisco @rubyinnes oh yeah i had the same problem of a bunch of garbage shit which caused my grades to plummet; at this point i only have like 2k HECS left though since i dropped out so early but after that all my debt is gone

  • M1Nio
    #IWantMyPSNBack (@M1Nio) reported

    @GodCannonPSVR @2K @GearboxOfficial @Sony @PlayStation @yosp this is frist banned since 2011 and it is permanently. I can't believe I gave them proof and I'm waiting 39 days now I can't forgive playstation I lost everything I can't sleep fix your bad system respect your loyal players

  • M1Nio
    #IWantMyPSNBack (@M1Nio) reported

    @GodCannonPSVR @yosp @2K @GearboxOfficial @Sony @PlayStation ps3 & ps4 have many problems,a right for the customer to play without any errors.This gap cause a problem for all of us.fix the voucher.we got banned permanently for no reason respect your loyal players looking for their satisfaction #نطالب_بلايستيشن_برفع_الحظر #IWantMyPSNBack

  • suffocates2k
    Suffocates™️S4G🐺 (@suffocates2k) reported

    @2KSupport Sent in a support ticket! Please help fix this, I'd appreciate it. Put so much time and effort into this combine, these simple server issues are killing my stats and record.

  • The_Mad_Dem
    Stronger Together (@The_Mad_Dem) reported

    @2KSupport Can you tell me what the error code is

  • Gr1ffinOP
    Griff (@Gr1ffinOP) reported

    @Ronnie2K @2KSupport fix myleague online offseason you clowns

  • Sickofitall66
    Fielding Mellish (@Sickofitall66) reported

    @NPR Good let’s move on from this 2k page pile of smelling shit and get serious on this issue.

  • SauceUchiha__
    Ook (@SauceUchiha__) reported

    2k needs better security within their servers bruh, how y’all let ****** come in and crash shit with ease

  • FaithfulTravon
    Billy Badass (@FaithfulTravon) reported

    2k is so aggy with the shot meter lag LMAO

  • Rengar_RK
    Rich K (@Rengar_RK) reported

    @2KSupport I had 6 games in the combine 4 of them directly in a row games that it never even started the game for me that counted for losses and 0 points accross the board. Please look into this and fix it. Xbox GT: Rengar

  • Rengar_RK
    Rich K (@Rengar_RK) reported

    @2KSupport I had 6 4 of them directly in a row games that it never even started the game for me that counted for losses and 0 points accross the board. Please look into this and fix it. Xbox GT: Rengar

  • Pistuul
    EJordan (@Pistuul) reported

    @2KSupport hello I'm still waiting for my issue to be solved

  • WyattGOAT
    WYATT💧 (@WyattGOAT) reported

    One thing about Epic Games is that they listen to their community and quickly admit and fix their mistakes. Wish I could say the same for Madden and 2K

  • NateFromPeak
    swaggy p (@NateFromPeak) reported from Rockford, Illinois

    2k really isn’t fun anymore, this game is absolutely garbage and keeps getting worse. please fix this garbage ass game @Ronnie2K

  • Boston_Boy34
    Taylor Schaeffer (@Boston_Boy34) reported

    @2KSupport Ive tested my internet and everything. Its a combine issue. I can get into pro am and rec center games but when im searching in combine i cant find 10 players. It gets stuck at 6 or 8 players then i have to back out and search again with issue repeating

  • PersonKiel
    Nino Durant (@PersonKiel) reported

    @2KSupport So can u fix my pro status for pro am rec Its not my internet my connection is great it's your game cause it lagged 3 people out on my team and 4 on the other team

  • UnderratedPG_
    Vector (@UnderratedPG_) reported

    @NBA2KLeague @2KSupport this is actually a joke. I can’t get in a game! I sit in a searching for players screen forever then quit my app and go back in and I have an added loss on my record with no stats in the game. Fix your combine because there’s no way you can draft players

  • PersonKiel
    Nino Durant (@PersonKiel) reported

    @2KSupport can yall please fix the pro am lag out the shit is ridiculous I got more than enough losses I shouldn't have cause of a lag out and just got error messages and more can u please fix it I cant keep taking losses and it's not my fault

  • Young_tiller204
    IC3Y TRE (@Young_tiller204) reported

    @2KSupport once again y’all took my rep away from being a pro do amateur y’all gotta fix it my *****

  • Tonewest7
    Tone🌊 (@Tonewest7) reported

    Good luck to all my guys on their Journey to the 2K League. but I'm calling it. Can't keep playing this combine on this bad connection I called my internet service provider out 10+ times..played 14 games and was delayed every game can't do it no more

  • zoe18791929
    zoe (@zoe18791929) reported

    @FortniteItmShop I don’t no if this is a glitch or something but I need my 2k vbucks back

  • bryanjoelll
    bejay (@bryanjoelll) reported

    @2KSupport @2KSupport I have a problem with my player

  • Soullesskassidy
    Kassidy Loren Hayes (@Soullesskassidy) reported

    @WWEgames Hopefully yell at 2k for how broken this game is but not likely

  • gaurav04
    Gaurav Tripaathi (@gaurav04) reported from PETROL BUNK ORR, State of Karnataka

    @BrandFactoryIND @Paytm I don’t what’s going on between you guys. I lost almost 2K. Brandafactory outlet said de are hvng issue with paytm. So I paid by card to them.But paytm you are showing in your app option to buy brand factory coupons. Tax invoice no 2490016000006204

  • Baaasic_Gaming
    BTU x Baaasic (95/99) (@Baaasic_Gaming) reported

    @2KSupport tf is wrong with your ruffles servers omg 3 games 3 lagg out and don’t think about linking me connection issues shit

  • Kraest
    Kraest, Illustration BSc (@Kraest) reported

    I'm so ******* sick of this ******* garbage apartment. We're paying almost $2k a month for this ******* ******** that's full of so ******* many issues that have been plaguing is for so ******* long that have never been fixed.

  • snxgrr
    𝖘𝖓𝖝𝖌𝖗 👹🎄🎅🏻 (@snxgrr) reported

    Ruffles in 20 mins gl everyone, you would think 2k would have fixed all the event issues by now but we’ll have to see

  • kkerri35
    🤔😳 (@kkerri35) reported

    @PigbirdJetFan @thecjpearson @axios I’m in position I can help him. Many are not. My 26 yr old can’t afford 2k 1 bedroom apt with insurance & utility rates. Our country has huge issue not dealing with! But supporters of left don’t see us. My income stretched to limit due to tax I have to pay to house all.

  • MarkBaker6060
    mark from gastonia (@MarkBaker6060) reported from Gastonia, North Carolina

    The refs and Knicks d is play like 2k with a glitch

  • jimmy2KKinG1
    jimmy 2K KinG (@jimmy2KKinG1) reported

    @2KSupport It doesn’t let me sign in says email and password are incorrect

  • blackops267
    Wolf2Cold (@blackops267) reported


  • acampbell1211
    acampbell1211@yahoo. (@acampbell1211) reported

    @2KSupport I have been having issues with my team loading and with the auction house. It freezes up or sometimes it says that I lost connection altogether.

  • JMRGonzales14
    Jorge Ricaldi Gonzales (@JMRGonzales14) reported

    @RobertW_01 @EddieLikesStuff @Defract @BigChrisSpirito @WWEgames @2KSupport @2kdev @SmackNetwork @TheSDHotel @NickBreakerNCO @Bhangra94877286 @theryeedee I had the same issue, but just erased like 2 or 3 alt. attires i had and now i have already downloaded like 6 more caws without problems

  • AStackzYT
    AStackz (@AStackzYT) reported

    Error code 4b538e50 NBA2k19 it won't let connect @2KSupport

  • MarkAnt84002798
    Mark Anthony (@MarkAnt84002798) reported

    @2KSupport you guys have no problem taking our money, plz fix the errors and glitches on myteam

  • Caesargangtv
    Psn:Cj_isHigh (@Caesargangtv) reported

    @2KLeagueMD im still having this issue it has not been fixed and im missing out on schedule games. I sent in 2k support tickets and everything please help

  • Caesargangtv
    Psn:Cj_isHigh (@Caesargangtv) reported

    im still having this issue it has not been fixed and im missing out on schedule games. I sent in 2k support tickets and everything please help @NBA2KLeague @2KLeagueMD I qualified and i still dont see the tab please fix this

  • bluntbrownskin
    Success H. (@bluntbrownskin) reported

    The person who made them damn 2k games must got his heart broken now he want every dude to ignore their girl 😪

  • fix2kservers2
    fix2kservers (@fix2kservers2) reported

    @Ronnie2K @NBA2K @2KSupport Still getting kicked from park games, fix the servers

  • DKalamity
    Kalamity (@DKalamity) reported

    F/A for the 2k on Sunday I can run anything better than anyone but if I could run crash with a maddox/saug you don't even need to spawn in. RT Homies

  • StreetWearChef
    Pollo Lo$o (@StreetWearChef) reported

    @A_Geechi When 2k glitch

  • 2kJEEZus
    2kJEEZus18 (@2kJEEZus) reported

    @2KSupport What about the game not letting me play mycareer not giving an error message or anything

  • JuanPee24
    #SwaggyPee (@JuanPee24) reported

    @NBA2K Wow snow ... lmao **** outta here 2k how about you FIX REC ... how about you allow me to leave the lobby when I get matched with FOUR 75 overalls with 1-80 records

  • Dymeboy2k
    DYMEBOYPIO (@Dymeboy2k) reported from Bronx, New York

    I trash talk after a comp game . reason I didn’t post the win was cuz **** was lagging the whole game! so I’m not that type !! My team was rotating, **** was left on the island , we the most competitive Centers on 2k ! To really try and discredit us over one game isn’t smart !!

  • TH3_D4NG3R_W0LF
    🎆R4V3N TH3 D4NG3R W0LF🌌 (@TH3_D4NG3R_W0LF) reported

    @JakeTheFluff @Splinter_Fox @2MischiefMakers No problem, but yeah. I agree. One full digitigrade from Splinter Fox is $2K. In my opinion it’s not THAT expensive for a digi, especially compared to some other fursuit makers.

  • AjJohns45536698
    Aj Johnson (@AjJohns45536698) reported

    @2KSupport We're not getting error codes or lagging it's just not finding games we been sitting in the gym over 15 min

  • DisMyDaddyHous
    BeClear (@DisMyDaddyHous) reported

    Fellas we supposed to be at the bowling alley on every third Thursday, helping eachother fix up sport cars and ride around the city twice..etc. We still complaining about how ole girl won’t shut up about you playing 2K 😂😂

  • JayCapers24
    Saint Pablo (@JayCapers24) reported

    @stanb93 Shit insane bruh I actually love 2K this year gameplay feels fluid for the most part Live has a lot of problems but the online play the worst I’ve ever played

  • nickmurrell3
    sadboy (@nickmurrell3) reported

    @2KSupport HOW BOUT YALL FIX ME LOSING MY 93 and being a 92 now

  • TeaWhap
    truly .b tea 👳🏿‍♂️| (@TeaWhap) reported

    if anyone knows how to fix this error code on 2k and if you do ill give money or a prize or gfx #nba2k19

  • pinkkristn
    Kristen Ingold (@pinkkristn) reported

    @TeamYouTube Someone please help me! I have lost 2,000 subscribers and I believe this is a glitch!!!! No way 2k of my dubs are spam!