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2K Games, Inc. (shortened as 2K) is an American video game publisher that develops games for PC, gaming consoles and smart phones. Notable titles include NBA 2K, WWE 2K, Top Spin, Bioshock, Borderlands, Civilization, Grand Theft Auto, Max Payne and XCOM.

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  • GutierrezMccord hype (@GutierrezMccord) reported

    @nxphelitee @Sxpremium I’m speaking facts buddy the way he saying DF on top and he claiming he godlike its 2k19 this 2k has tons of exploits and paint defense is terrible u really think a sharp defender should of made a contested layup on a 7’3 99 glass hof rim protector no 19 is broken

  • Eriickk_7 Erick (@Eriickk_7) reported

    Me every time I lag on 2k 🤣

  • matty_0000 Matty (@matty_0000) reported

    @lottyburns @citizen_watch the repair of this style watch would be a 2k view youtube video. Service and clean needed 💜

  • HFilthyyt i took ur wall buddy 😡 (@HFilthyyt) reported

    @Mehtrc if ur ankles get broken in 2k u just suck

  • KamChanceIIor 🥶 𝘋𝘔𝘰 🦍 (@KamChanceIIor) reported

    @JackHatesChris Bro I was a 6’6 pg lockdown max defense rebounding and etc and I was still speedboosting and posterizijf and doing post moves. The game is trash. The last good 2k was 16 or 15 before the demigod glitch

  • thatyasstho YSMN💫 (@thatyasstho) reported

    @_Mbennett8 Okay but you still suck at 2k I can fix my problem can you fix yours 👂🏽😂

  • 0riiginalGaming 0riiginal_GamingYT (@0riiginalGaming) reported

    I dopped my phone on the floor today... The screen is half-broken. If this continue i will have to call my Iphone Matt Hardy tho 😪. No but for real. I have to take care of it otherwise their will be no @2K videos anymore. Pray for me fella’s 😂 @YouTubeGaming

  • _rx_amil J Amil (@_rx_amil) reported

    @MacsRevenge 2k be bullshtting I got mad I bought 2k19 shit was telling all my jumpers were late & it be lagging smh

  • MileyTeam_23 Slide Away OUT NOW (@MileyTeam_23) reported

    @usayitsbadkarma @MonsterBedir @1989deluxee @poppredictors That’s the problem henny. They won’t promote her album & it will debut with 2k sales.

  • stephuhhneee S T E P H A N I E (@stephuhhneee) reported

    @aaroncarter Help me fix my car. I need like to 2k to fix my front end!

  • juiceboxmisha ascension (@juiceboxmisha) reported

    “Buy him 2K and suck his ****.” “Fold his clothes and suck his ****.” “Suck his **** and suck his ****.” Shut y’all asses up please. Y’all sucking all this **** and still single and ring less. It’s not working.

  • sinatra___ Sinatra /// FJdiazphoto (@sinatra___) reported

    kuzminskas in 2k was a glitch from 3. Lmao

  • kaywawice 𝚔𝚊𝚢𝚕𝚊 (@kaywawice) reported

    @AdventurerBilbo apparently in the midst me being stressed trying to figure how to commute to my 2 jobs and figure out how to pay for what could be a $2k fix, I didn’t ask nice enough :-)

  • WesWarlord Wes Dye (@WesWarlord) reported

    @LeakyPandy Lack of features should make it completely irrelevant so they spend their Fortnite $$$ on exclusives. Not working to cater to your avg. consumer vs publishers like 2k sets a bad precedence I won’t give them a cent of my money and I doubt they put a dent in Steam’s business

  • JackyLovet Jacky Lovet (@JackyLovet) reported

    @2K20Leaks One HUUUUGE QUESTION. will 2k fix the lagging problems in the park. I’m saying 5 years in a row with lag problems when will it end

  • konoline edelgard’s footrest (4 days) @ fe3h (@konoline) reported

    me: im mad silver snow was this bad me, hatewriting 2k words in an afternoon: im going to Make My Own Fix It

  • 2K20Leaks NBA 2K20 NEWS 🅙 (@2K20Leaks) reported

    @JitImHaze 2k Trying to fix it

  • JenkoIsBack Jenko (@JenkoIsBack) reported

    There is absolutely a player there, you just put up almost 30 a night in college and rightly selected first to just turn into a irl 2k glitch at the free throw line

  • CmgHarold CmgHarold💰 (@CmgHarold) reported

    If I gotta buy 2K myself it’s going to be a problem🥳

  • Bdaash 3 (@Bdaash) reported

    @AKGaming25 Na I’m a content creator, that Pro shit dead. I only stopped 2k cuz I couldn’t get wit 18 and 19. Too broken

  • ThePhillyPod The Philly Special Podcast (@ThePhillyPod) reported

    This year’s madden actually isn’t bad imo. And 2k will decline if they don’t fix the push for microtransactions.

  • Goin_Suppa laflarè (@Goin_Suppa) reported

    If you been making all your shots in the first half. 2k got this secret glitch that make you brick everything in the 3rd quarter

  • mctague Tracey McTague (@mctague) reported

    @bryanl Good on you! I started selling off personal items to pay for my estrogen. Last month, my kids pooled their paychecks to buy it for me. After a lifetime of employment and two years of COBRA at 2k a month, no health insurance. America is broken.

  • Sam54020187 Sam (@Sam54020187) reported

    @LaramieMarcus @xCPGAMERx @Borderlands @2K @AdmiralBahroo People who want to feel good about having a self-perceived moral high ground and screech about issues that have nothing to do with them...

  • _Javonne RocketBoy… 🚀 (@_Javonne) reported

    2k gonna 2k, it aint exciting anymore. That game will never be great until they fix server issues (they never do)

  • JoPaWrites JoPaWrites (@JoPaWrites) reported from Jasmine Estates, Florida

    @omgcornholio @jameswerk That I absolutely agree with creators and it definitely could have been handled better. 2K/Gearbox probably won't ever fully comment so we'll get the one side. But if you don't see as a creator that showcasing unrevealed information is a problem, then thats another story.

  • Niggachin99 ❄️🥶 (@Niggachin99) reported

    @SLAMftw @TtTyree I gotta sit with 2k so I can finally convince them to fix their servers

  • YetiiR6 Yeti 🦁 ✈️ Raleigh Major (@YetiiR6) reported

    @tabwire @AutumnMaeTV I’m only sad in the 2k I’m going to have to come up to fix my ******* teeth D:

  • TGE1987 T.G.E (@TGE1987) reported

    @Lesnodocephale @vijeuedy @DATDropCSGO It's not my first time bruh ! Look at @DrewBills_ he is getting often sponsored and he has over 2k subs. I play every day on @DATDropCSGO but the problem is i don't have so much time to stream. Now its up for them if they accept my request.

  • Samalamadrama 🤬🇬🇾 (@Samalamadrama) reported

    @Ronnie2K why do you continue to find new things for 2k when theres still a huge lag in the park.....t dont even match the mycareer games.

  • kamar5247 Abdul Kamar (@kamar5247) reported

    @FBN_help @dellydex Good day @FBN_help, I noticed some errors in my account yesterday. I withdrew 375000k yesterday and had a balance of 3k. Someone transferred 2k for me, and I received an alert balance of 5k. Later yesterday night, I checked my app to see balance of -9234. Now, it changed to N313.

  • rbesprit 👒Rebecca B (@rbesprit) reported

    @MaryBSonnier @PaulMcRambles Have a wonderful RE agent. Trust him 100%. But nothing NOTHING is playing out. It is either in a bad flood zone, needs work (to the tune of min $100-2K), or tax issues are a potential problem. Tired of it. All.

  • KingTay215 KingTay (@KingTay215) reported

    @2KSupport The other person's inactivity or fouls against you are now counted as loss. please fix this issue on 2K19 it is very crucial. I have received numerous losses in games that would have been wins, due to this issue. #2ksupport #NBA2K19myteam

  • BuuPhanDac Phan Đắc Bửu (@BuuPhanDac) reported

    @pantango67 @pcgamer Everytime people keep saying Hope Ea and 2k goes bankrupt because of their scuminess, guess what you're part of the problem

  • Rolfpau3 Rolfpau3 (@Rolfpau3) reported

    @DBGyt_ Yes and then its a problem that 2k need to fix instead of putting in posotion locks for MYteam. It will make a fantasy mode more strict that real life. In 2k19 you can get Durant up to the same ball control as kyrie Irving (99). That is a problem

  • DBGyt_ DBG/BBALL Daily (@DBGyt_) reported

    @Rolfpau3 Nothing to do with small players being better. In real life if every 6 foot 8 player could do the same things as Steph Curry does (which is the case in 2k) then small players IRL wouldn't be good. Giving 6'7+ players the stats and animations of smaller players is the problem

  • cloneinvestor The Rational Cloner (@cloneinvestor) reported

    @rajendraraghave @dmuthuk Very true. If I were to addend my quote I would replace 50k to 1.5K-2K And add that it is true that you can do just fine with your own ideas. But for me personally, investing is extremely hard. I like the idea of possibly reducing my error rate by cloning.

  • Hoodie_Milly ⚡Hustle Chefbrook⚡ (@Hoodie_Milly) reported

    A ticking bomb waiting to explode. The dev's will continue to tweak the game to increase ingame spending while not addressing any of the actual problems in the game. And of course we all will keep buying it anyway because there is no competitive market to keep 2k In check.

  • kuicpet Kingsley (@kuicpet) reported

    @FirstBankngr can you guys explain to me why my account balance is -3441.81Naira,a negative balance,is this an error,because I made a withdrawal of 3k,got my account balance of 2k,later checked my account balance to see -3441.81pls @cenbank @Gidi_Traffic ,@AkureHowFar retweet

  • jordan_lind10 Jordan Lind (@jordan_lind10) reported

    @Brody_Hillman24 I don't think anyone discussing the goat is mentioning Zion. Josh smith had some problems off court and wasn't as personable as Zion is. That's partially why Zion gets so much exposer. Also smith was very inefficient his entire career. But I will admit he's very good in 2k 😂

  • abuuwh Abu 🇱🇰 (@abuuwh) reported

    2k$ as residual income is something that I can be proud of worked my arse out to get there and still people say that I'm well settled that I have lot of money **** y'all losers if you can't make that sort of money the problem is with you,

  • Rudikinsss Rudy Lopez (@Rudikinsss) reported

    I’ve quit 8 games of 2k in a row because charter sucks ****.. yet I keep trying like the lagging is going to end. Lol

  • RageGhostGamer Rage (@RageGhostGamer) reported

    @PowerGotNow @YT_Solo @RisKKOnTop This is true, but u know 2K, there’s always gonna be an OP thing or broken thing that someone’s gonna find, so even with all the info we have there’s no telling how 2K10 will be, it could be great or it could be trash, it’s jus a waiting game now, WERE IN THE ENDGAME

  • oxqsednqc OxqsednqC (@oxqsednqc) reported

    @2KSupport As I said with my second clip, the game refused inputs after both times I recorded issues, and I therefore had to quit out, losing progress. My point is this seemed to be a bug, and I have no way of knowing if clearing the cache helped.

  • PathIncoherent Sweeping Perception (@PathIncoherent) reported

    Come on 2k fix your game

  • amirstankdaddi YNW VaultBoy3.0 (@amirstankdaddi) reported

    Somebody need to buy me 2k or its gone be a problem

  • Egyptian_Princ3 The Black Prince (@Egyptian_Princ3) reported

    Or ladies don’t buy your man this bullshit if he plays 2k that ***** problem stupid anyways

  • Renni76229455 Renni (@Renni76229455) reported

    For those @Borderlands fans out there, I want to make a quick note of the issue with Take 2 and 2k as well as the Epic Games store fiasco as i'm really disappointed in the community. First of all 2k is a publisher not a developer. Second Epic Games store isn't that bad so DWI.

  • Inked_villain Kaneki ™ (@Inked_villain) reported

    @2KSupport It's not working I don't have the option to do live chat off my phone

  • MikeBlack114 Mike 'Readiness' Black (@MikeBlack114) reported

    However, in Desert Storm these 2K lbs penetrators barely scratched the paint on some of Saddam's most critical bunkers. Thus a crash program was undertaken to develop a weapon for when you absolutely, positively, had to ensure penetration

  • artytsunami A R T S T E V E N S (@artytsunami) reported from Everett, Washington

    Aye bruh **** 2k, **** Ronald, **** Mike ****, fix yah damn game. I deadass lost by one from a heavy contest😡 in the rec. Heavy bruhhhhhhh. This .44 bout to go off

  • tamiiz211 tamiiz21 (@tamiiz211) reported

    @2K20Leaks Bruh troydan just frustrated cus he scared he will get problems with 2K

  • DZdryluk David Zdryluk (@DZdryluk) reported

    Hey @2KSupport , I have a problem regarding your myteam servers. I sold a few players and didn't get any of the MT I sold it for. Help!

  • TrashTheSeagull Mr. Trash Man (@TrashTheSeagull) reported

    @BigGiantCircles @Borderlands I would be, but all the terrible shit and developer issues going down with 2k and Gearbox employees is a major deal breaker and I'm just gonna prefer to pretend like the game doesn't exist and the series got cancelled and shelved after The Pre-Sequel.

  • victorbevine Victor Bevine (@victorbevine) reported

    @Airbnb @AirbnbHelp Nightmare experience! Tried 8 TIMES to book a property using 3 different cards, always got “processing error” and GOT CHARGED EVERY TIME! Over $2k in bogus charges! Customer service has been useless so far!

  • JamesWiercinski JDub (@JamesWiercinski) reported

    @2K fix your servers

  • jazzyjsmoov jas (@jazzyjsmoov) reported

    females be beggin for manis & pedis every other week but now that dudes just want 2k once a year its a problem

  • Sattman2003 Martin (@Sattman2003) reported

    @RenaultAU Anyone considering buying a Koleos, be aware that the ‘fixed price servicing’ is effectively a scam. There are well documented cases of this being a common issue - all pads / rotors will need replacing from about 20000 kms and will cost up to $2K. 3 months with no reply from RA

  • RoySmi03 Roy (@RoySmi03) reported

    @2KSupport I still cannot play myteam with a line up filled with opals. Spent too much time and money on this game. This issue needs to be resolved.

  • Carl98985088 SNTS_Sniper (@Carl98985088) reported

    @NBA2K I am playing my team unlimited and this guy paused the game 5 times so it gave me the option to leave and get a win I did that then I got an error and received a loss @2KSupport help me