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Amazon ( is the world’s largest online retailer and a prominent cloud services provider. Originally a book seller but has expanded to sell a wide variety of consumer goods and digital media as well as its own electronic devices.

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March 18: Problems at Amazon

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  • Gregory9 Gregory9 #NeverAgain (@Gregory9) reported

    @BrianLeeOkert @xxjennacorbittx @GigiEdgley @CreatureShopTV @farscapenow @farscapefriday @watchfarscape @farscape_one @NERDSLIKEUS @LegionMOfficial @TrekContinues @DragonCon @WonderCon @SD_Comic_Con @Comic_Con @FeudFX @GeekFilmFests @BenBrowder_Info @WanderLandTime Don't get too excited yet, There's that pesky International Distribution Rights issue & It may Only Be Amazon Prime in the states getting to see it. The rest of us using Amazon Prime's international Counterparts Might just be shit out of luck

  • ThumperWabbt K.A. Thompson (@ThumperWabbt) reported

    Yes, Amazon, I really wanted to spend my day tracking down typos that aren't typos and reformatting two books. Yep. #iwouldratherbecleaninghouse

  • swanscribe Susan Swan (@swanscribe) reported from Toronto, Ontario

    Well there used to be a market for CanLit before Amazon, big box stores and algorithmn feedback loops started discriminating vs Cdn books. Cdn market share is down from 27 to 13% as a result.

  • jesuusch98 Jesus (@jesuusch98) reported

    @Jade_Stone @kurdts @FaceForwardSkin @TeaSpillYT Idk why he hasn’t taken down the videos, maybe he lost the password for his old account. As for the merch, idk, I can’t defend him on that. Someone who has a big reach should talk to him about it. Maybe Amazon are the ones who won’t allow him to cancel selling the shirts.

  • guppiesz guppies-commissions open!! (@guppiesz) reported

    work is so slow I literally have 10 tech decks in my amazon shopping cart

  • tkinsel1 Stacy (@tkinsel1) reported

    @askjillian It’s fine to complain..I’ve been thru it and it’s terrible. Go on Amazon and get one of those automated foot massagers-the pressure helps. My pain was in my back..All will b well..u won’t even remember it soon! Xo

  • anon_mommy13 🐉 𝔪𝔬𝔱𝔥𝔢𝔯 𝔬𝔣 𝔡𝔯𝔞𝔤𝔬𝔫𝔰🐉 (@anon_mommy13) reported

    WOW I have a serious amazon shopping problem

  • chic619 chic619 loves her Vortx (@chic619) reported

    @FroppysHusbando @KickstandTV @MommaCurly @Twitch @TwitchSupport @amazon @ebonixsims This is not a joke & no one is being sensitive about it. I endured this for 1 whole hour on Friday, only to go I to a stream for the 1st time on Sunday & see it happening to someone else of color. This isn't a joke not is it funny! Your part of the problem.

  • Carin_McLeoud M🖋Kistulot (@Carin_McLeoud) reported

    Been on hold for Amazon for awhile trying to sort out a cover issue... Their hold music is murder.

  • everdead @™️ Bomb (@everdead) reported

    @dcexaminer @AndrewYangVFA @amazon i already get a slice of amazon’s transactions... they deliver the things i order quickly and economically. don’t fix what isn’t broken.

  • MBWorkhouse Mason Bushell (@MBWorkhouse) reported

    @PaulSaylorWOI No, you have love what you wrote to do that. Reviews and help made me hate my work to a point where I can't even look at it. Even if I find a way I need a fortune to fix it and have it amazon ready. It won't happen for me.

  • SmurfHana Midori_Hana 🔜C2E2 (@SmurfHana) reported

    @chic619 @Twitch @TwitchSupport @amazon @ebonixsims @ebonixsims your face is life though! Keep that high head and don’t let them see you sweat sis! Hopefully twitch will crack down on this. I am sorry you had to even experience this

  • DengekiMatsuko ロバート (@DengekiMatsuko) reported

    I travel over 30 miles to Amazon's warehouse in Salt Lake, did the new hire orientation and drug screening, just to get an email two days later saying that I need to go back and do the drug screening again because of some unknown error.

  • Barneybalboa Gary (@Barneybalboa) reported

    @AmazonHelp The issue i have is, Prime isnt giving ANY advantage over non-Prime in terms of delivery. So there is no incentive for me to continue Prime at all. Also, the item I ordered is limited, and now shows "dispatched in 1-2 months" so I am concerned I will miss out on this.

  • DeplorableMe77 Nationalist🍀Housewife (@DeplorableMe77) reported

    We won't be renewing our Prime membership with #Amazon. Their delivery problems and the botched ending of Catastrophe really pissed me off. #MondayMotivation

  • andersonlail Anderson Lail (@andersonlail) reported

    @msdanitweets @BioTecIsFuture @dcexaminer @AndrewYangVFA @amazon VAT is a killer. It will increase the cost of products across the board and devalue the purchasing power of the stipend he wants to hand out. Terrible idea.

  • realjohnmonarch John Monarch (@realjohnmonarch) reported

    @mdudas @evan_van_ness @danheld It's not comparable. Amazon developing Amazon Logistics is basically creating an entirely new business model to fix a bottleneck, whereas minor tweaks to core are not really improving transaction throughput for instance

  • liamcpfc10 liam cpfc (@liamcpfc10) reported

    @Hermesparcels you company is terrible sent item on Sunday last week for a return 8 days later still not with Amazon sort you company out useless piss takers

  • thespaniard9_18 Sofia Veronica (@thespaniard9_18) reported

    Stop ordering things on amazon that you can find at the store down the street! The amount of packaging and overall carbon footprint of getting that from a warehouse to you is way higher and costly to the environment than the 5% you saved on its price.

  • shellldorado shelly (@shellldorado) reported

    I’m sorry but these small businesses have terrible customer support services and it just makes me wanna order from amazon then trying to support a small ******* business

  • JRBatch James 🇬🇧 🇪🇺 (@JRBatch) reported

    The death of the high street is down to poor retail service. The internet (amazon) is my last resort. So frustrating.

  • PMK_Gato PeopleMustKnow (@PMK_Gato) reported

    @AmazonHelp No it wasn’t it was closed my the account agency because the name was related to someone else’s account which got shut down. Other support pretty much said I’m banned from amazon for life cause of this

  • daisygguk 💖💖💖💖 (@daisygguk) reported

    @B7SX3 No problem~ Try looking in other places aside from Amazon and ebay cause I saw a couple SLA SA sell for less than $100 recently

  • atulkanswal Chowkidaar Atul Kanswal (@atulkanswal) reported

    @paytmmallcare @vijayshekhar Website like you have made shopping experience terrible never ever should purchase from @Paytm, even @amazon has 10 days replacement

  • hhhhhh9998 Octavia Thunders (@hhhhhh9998) reported

    @AmazonHelp I can't get into my account to raise futher issues, I'm not getting my orders, I've had my cradit card company fax you the information a week back, And the charge was sitting in the account since the 6th despite it being canceled.

  • samsworldmarket Sam's World Market LLC (@samsworldmarket) reported

    Good news! You can now login and pay with your Amazon information on @samsworldmarket #Amazonpay @amazonpay

  • TheStuko Jahlyn (@TheStuko) reported

    @_saintcola I've had an elgato for 5 years now and haven't had any major problems with it Check amazon its usually on sale

  • SimplexBull209 Carlos Powell (@SimplexBull209) reported

    @SheriFlanders @sandybayes1 @32BJSEIU Illegal. But now you’re allowed to buy your competition and/or shut their organization down. Without businesses competing for labor the value of labor drops Significantly. And vice versa. Amazon came to Stockton pays 15 now all the surrounding factories raised their pay.

  • hhhhhh9998 Octavia Thunders (@hhhhhh9998) reported

    Hey @amazon So I've been having an ocean's worth of problems with you and I'm tired of it I had an order 2/3rds canceled because I was for no reason flagged as not the person to make that order, and when I brought it up with your customer service Literally all of it got canceled

  • littleho_song James Sun (@littleho_song) reported

    @RedDogT3 @amazon @JeffBezos down facebook

  • RandollPoffo Marinesfortrump (@RandollPoffo) reported

    @AOC your approval ratings are, like down...also, I like think you misunderstood the Amazon deal..

  • baalor_club Balor (@baalor_club) reported

    @EnriqueQuique2 @OnePerfectShot @amazon It is slow compared to most horrormovies. But i loved it a lot:)

  • GLR3TX Tre (@GLR3TX) reported

    @dcexaminer @AndrewYangVFA @amazon Two issues: A value added tax (VAT) that targets a specific company would be unconstitutional and VAT is paid by the buyer

  • richardsonstep Step Richardson (@richardsonstep) reported

    Just found a bug in amazon music: Grayed out songs that are "no longer available", but when I check the album there is a second copy of the song and I have to add again. (Note: PLEASE don't fix by auto removing, that would be worse.) @amazonmusic @AmazonHelp

  • TonyN1965 Tony Newbolt (@TonyN1965) reported

    @BonnieBew @Tholgrin Since I use the Fire app to run my Amazon tv shows there will be issues. I will wait for the next big thing.

  • fns88 Fenton (@fns88) reported

    @AmazonHelp It says to link provider and when I select optimum from the list it doesn’t take me to the login page. No error message. No you click on it and then it looks like it’s loading with the 3 dots but it never loads. Nothing wrong with my wifi and other apps work fine. Help please.

  • Rooster5591 DRG (@Rooster5591) reported

    AOC is an absolute disgrace to the USA. She acts like a spoiled teenager. New York, you did this to the country and you should be paying the price. Somewhere down the line you will. Oh wait, I forgot, she already caused Amazon to leave. That's only round one.

  • davidplazas David Plazas (@davidplazas) reported from Brentwood, Tennessee

    The timing is interesting as it comes before a Metro Council vote tomorrow on incentives for @amazon - labor groups like @StandUpNash & @NOAH_Action had long put the COLA issue top of mind, be it with incentives or Nashville not raising the property tax rate last year. \

  • LauraPa63946795 Laura Pate (@LauraPa63946795) reported

    @DritaDavanzo #yes! My boxes looks like they took a #beaten!!! Fix it #Amazon!!!

  • SamarydMk2 The Delightful Samantha (@SamarydMk2) reported

    @SonyUK Hi. Model is KD-43XF7093 running software version v8.764. I can access apps menu, select (eg) Amazon, browse to what I want to watch. Will then get message 'Insufficient bandwidth: Your bandwidth is too low (etc)'. TV connected to router via Ethernet, no problems elsewhere

  • DOfaquarius DOfAquarius (@DOfaquarius) reported

    @AmazonHelp The update also changed the default subtitles from medium sized (which are readable) to MICRO sized - completely UNreadable. The new interface is horrible. It's completely removed the formerly easy to use fast forward/rewind options, & there are many, many other issues.

  • jimog Jim O'Grady (@jimog) reported

    Reports have Amazon on the verge of acquiring YES Network, which carries the Yankees. Prediction: Bezos and Amazon execs will attend a game in the Bronx, hear a smattering of boos after an error, then promptly move the team to Northern Virginia.

  • COMbetvet IRAQVET OIF08-09 (@COMbetvet) reported

    @ChiSportsHomer @DroppinTheMitts @Velokx @dcexaminer @AndrewYangVFA @amazon Go to an amazon fulfillment center and tell me you dont see robots and when tou get to the point of needing UBI it will be to late to be effective you must get ahead of the problem on this one cause doing it to late means collapse

  • vkaul Vkaul (@vkaul) reported

    @AmazonHelp Yes missed it by miles. order placed on 22nd Feb, somehow got the delivery date as 4th March and yet to recv. Bigger problem is how little control Amazon has it on its sellers to drive quality and experiance it promises

  • ChiSportsHomer DigintheCrates (@ChiSportsHomer) reported

    @COMbetvet @DroppinTheMitts @Velokx @dcexaminer @AndrewYangVFA @amazon When machines eliminate scarcity such that most people don't need to work, UBI might be a good thing to consider. But we're very far away from that point. You're worrying about a problem that doesn't exist. More Americans are employed now than ever in history

  • Jake15_02 Jake (@Jake15_02) reported

    @TwitchPrime India is a Huge Country but Why TwitchPrime is not available in India Where There is Amazon Prime! Please pay Attention to our country as well And Create A server for it too! We Indians Really Want This to happen! 🙂

  • RosBing Patricia A-P (@RosBing) reported

    @AmazonHelp I've had so many problems with deliveries in Portugal I don't really know why I keep trying

  • Gryffindor_1212 Paige (@Gryffindor_1212) reported

    @nailogical I got the Ünt peel off base coat that you use off of Amazon and it doesn’t peel off like how yours does, it’s more like a flexible film than a solid peely. Can I fix that or is that how it’s supposed to be

  • SnowSassy21 K (@SnowSassy21) reported

    @AmazonHelp Yes I’ve gone over your guidelines. I’ve used #Amazon since 1989 with 2 Prime accounts! I’ve done nothing in the guidelines to prevent me from reviewing. 1 angry seller from China I wrote a bad review on who asked me to take my opinion/ review down that’s it!

  • JPearlAZ Josh Pearlman (@JPearlAZ) reported

    @kentsomers @amazon And think of all the boxes you haven’t had to cut down and put in the recycle bin

  • sneakpeekpress SneakPeekPress (@sneakpeekpress) reported

    @lark_lexi Yup, amazon can be a pain at times. If a book gets hit with the “adult” label it won’t come up in searches. They still sell it it’s just hard to find. I think maybe that happened. If so I will have to take it down and adjust the description and put it back up. Grrrr

  • ronyt061 Rony Thomas (@ronyt061) reported

    @AmazonHelp How can you not understand what I am saying is sir. I have enough internet bandwidth ,there is no bandwidth issue! The app is made by retards. It doesn't Identify my phone has the DRM certificates and let me watch videos in HD, I even said I can stream Netflix in HD..............

  • OrsonWellesGuy dancing israelis (@OrsonWellesGuy) reported

    @dcexaminer @RyanGirdusky @AndrewYangVFA @amazon Pay us now @Amazon! You’ve shut down all the small town mom and pop businesses. Give us back our money!

  • DiaMissLovesyou 💜 Beautiful Brunette 💜 (@DiaMissLovesyou) reported

    Could totally use an Amazon gc today, if your feeling like trading gc for videos, I am down. I would totally appreciate it, need laundry detergent pods and TP lmao

  • DiaMissLovesyou 💜 Beautiful Brunette 💜 (@DiaMissLovesyou) reported

    Could totally use an Amazon gc today, if your feeling like trading gc for videos, I am down. I would totally appreciate it, need laundry detergent pods and TP lmao

  • MrBCWalker Bradford C. Walker (@MrBCWalker) reported

    @LumLotus SJWs Always Lie SJWs Always Double-Down SJWs Always Project Those are the Three Laws of SJWs. Literal books on them are on sale at Amazon. That these liars project hard enough to send rockets to orbit should surprise no one now.

  • augieray Augie Ray (@augieray) reported

    @vassko @amazon I canceled. Unplugged my Firestick. Replaced my Alexa w/ Google Home. Powered down my Kindle and deleted the Kindle app on my phone. And let my Prime expire. I have asked @AmazonHelp dozens of time why Amazon continues to support Infowars, and they won't respond. So I responded.

  • caesar_ramirez Christian Caesar Ramirez🇺🇸✝️✡️☮️🗽🦅 (@caesar_ramirez) reported

    @NYDailyNews I mentioned Ocasio's name since she elected to around 5 people 3 of them for sure in tech industry. One didnt know her and other 4 thought she should not have gotten involved with the Amazon issue. All had unfavourable opinions.

  • dmacklam1 dmacklam (@dmacklam1) reported

    @WadeAndersonPT I saw on Amazon that some people had corrosion problems due to dissimilar metal between the cover and valve stem. The cover corroded to the stem and had to be cut off. Costly replacement of pressure sensors was the end result.

  • ticks7 Ticks and TBP's (@ticks7) reported

    @sarah_romanes In these cases we use the cloud computing of Amazon. Just install Linux, R, upload the scripts and run. You can configure the RAM and the processors of your virtual machine. Lots of speed. ...or use RStudio server...

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