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Amazon ( is the world’s largest online retailer and a prominent cloud services provider. Originally a book seller but has expanded to sell a wide variety of consumer goods and digital media as well as its own electronic devices.

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February 26: Problems at Amazon

Amazon is having issues since 04:40 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Amazon Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • TeeheeHaley haley teehee. (@TeeheeHaley) reported

    Someone make me get off Amazon. I have a problem

  • Kynsik Eat.Sleep.Compound (@Kynsik) reported

    @Rick_Pescatore @amazon @eBay Yeah... compounding pharmacist here. Really need the masks to protect my people from hazardous drugs. Please calm the crazy down!

  • Channel33RPM Channel 33 RPM (@Channel33RPM) reported

    @1972GoBlue @OzzyOsbourne @amazon oh wow... that's terrible

  • 1972GoBlue TravelingHiker (@1972GoBlue) reported

    @Channel33RPM @OzzyOsbourne @amazon I didn’t order this record but have had issues with amazon shipping records in general. I received a KISS Dynasty album that was shipped in only the shrink wrap that comes on the record and the shipping label attached to that 🙄

  • Coachable_ Liam | Coach (@Coachable_) reported

    No video tomorrow at this point. my mouse is pissing me off. I cant ****** zoom in with pressing down on it like the ****** hulk, i'm so mad. All i want to do is record and i cant even get a new mouse from amazon because they is on the fucke US website. Its ****** great man.

  • bemittal Pawan Mittal (@bemittal) reported

    @AmazonHelp @amazonIN @amazonhelp @amazon Thanks a lot. Finally, pick is done and I received my money back. 👏🙂 Please make the experience seamless in the future, so no one needs to post the issue on social platforms.

  • Channel33RPM Channel 33 RPM (@Channel33RPM) reported

    @Jbones72 @OzzyOsbourne Yeah lots of complaints about this pressing. I filled in the Amazon return. Will give it one more shot, then buy the CD if there are still issues. Never had so many issues with a record before.

  • PidgeisFem Pidge! 🚩🏴🇮🇪🇵🇸🇭🇰🇫🇷🇺🇦🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@PidgeisFem) reported

    @sconekitty Babe if you wanna watch two heroes I can give you my amazon login

  • Epcyclopedia Sam Eagle (@Epcyclopedia) reported

    @AmazonHelp I just want the bad listings pulled and a limit on who can sell the masks to protect the public. Sent the form to make sure it’s noted as an issue in the system.

  • TheEloquentOg baby yoda stan acct. (@TheEloquentOg) reported

    @OhSoRayy Amazon creates hoarding problems 😭

  • GamblingHurts Tony Franklin (@GamblingHurts) reported

    @levaingames @Apple @amazon @Google @Microsoft Shut down time.

  • GamblingHurts Tony Franklin (@GamblingHurts) reported

    @levaingames @Apple @amazon @Google @Microsoft Lottery scam. Sped up play all day product, scratchcard, keno destroyers, false promises and lies. Shut them down.

  • Kkmcky Jam-Mek-YahQueen (@Kkmcky) reported

    Yes Sah.... Amazon is planning to shut down every "physical store" it seems...

  • ItsNotCiera 🌻 Ciera 🌻 (@ItsNotCiera) reported

    @amazon has lost like 6 of my packages from the past 2 weeks my heart is broken smh

  • Rick_Singa Rick Singa (@Rick_Singa) reported

    @ohioaflcio @flux_nomad The real problem is people buy on Amazon with no regard as to the impact on society whether it's jobs or the environment.

  • Jean37272517 Jean (@Jean37272517) reported

    get closed. Amazon seems adds intereatbon interest like click buster videos long time ago. Even if videos returned didn’t get credited that had to talk to people. If amazon carelessly doesn’t close account even if I call that’s their issue but since that company is big they just

  • carrievaldezmd Carrie Valdez, MD (@carrievaldezmd) reported from Township of Genoa, Michigan

    @EAST_TRAUMA @scrubbedin @ldallan @mflannagan12 @LibbyMD823 @pferrada1 @JJcolemanMD @najsw @elliotthaut Every week, I set aside 2-3 hrs for personal admin time - emails, stitch fix, Amazon orders, family schedule review. I keep a Google Keep list of to-dos ... If something starts to worry me, I say, "Not now, I'm taking care of that on Thursday."

  • Epcyclopedia Sam Eagle (@Epcyclopedia) reported

    Ugh @amazon - you need to limit which sellers can list and sell N95 masks. There’s rampant fraudulent listings stating products that are not N95 masks are N95 in the product listing. Selling these fake masks will result in injury and death. Fix it.

  • 28versxx salvagex (@28versxx) reported

    @DLPHILLY4 Somewhere in between Amazon / Standard issue 🍑

  • Missmistery9_ 👑Queen of ball crushing👑 (@Missmistery9_) reported

    @dreamcastnerd 😂😂😂😂 I need my disney fix lmao im tied into my Amazon prime hulu and Netflix though

  • brogram_ brogram_ (@brogram_) reported

    @AmazonHelp I’m not reaching out for personal support, I’ve learned to always double check, but I’ve had 2 friends mention similar issues and terrible support when trying to alter it after the fact, so I want you to improve the user experience for everyone else. Cheers.

  • Jon_Aldana Jonno (@Jon_Aldana) reported

    The ability to go on Amazon and buy any random thing I can imagine on a whim is a problem.

  • MSMileenaa Ms. Mileena 🧛🏽‍♀️ (@MSMileenaa) reported

    @chuche17 I'm going to pin this down to one Tweet: The economy is not going to be ****** up by the end of the year, so that's a bad plan to bank on. VAT: Bezos gave up 32.7 billion dollars (a quarter of his Amazon stocks) to his ex-wife. The vast majority of his money is in stocks.

  • nordicheat906 Snowmeiser (@nordicheat906) reported

    @AmazonHelp Its happening when its not in use throughout the night. Ill try that too but unfortunately i do not even want to operate that unit while it does this until there is a fix. There seems to be a problem with a certain hd fire 8 according to a reddit thread.

  • ShaftBoogie Shaft Boogie (@ShaftBoogie) reported

    @lizkupcha @amazon This happens much more often than you’d think. I got so sick of their concept of guaranteed delivery. I have that problem, exact scenario, rather frequently. Even worse when it’s Lasership, then it’s crapshoot if anything even shows up.

  • wphsu Will Hsu (@wphsu) reported

    We have externalized these societal and environmental costs to others and subsidized Amazon to do so. I am part of the problem as well.

  • sashiebgood Empathy for the Devil🌹 (@sashiebgood) reported

    @kevinbaker @Chinchillazllla Also betting that all the suburban yoga moms who refused to vaccinate their kids for measles will be banging the doors down to get their hands on the Covid19 vaccine. If it ever comes out. They're 100% the ones causing the price gouging of facemasks on Amazon right now.

  • giss_on_me Gisselle Morales (@giss_on_me) reported

    My mom has been home sick. So she’s Amazon shopping, problem is it’s on my account 😑

  • ModernDairyMom Hannah Worden (@ModernDairyMom) reported

    @AmericanDairyNE @amazon Perfect, the baby is down so it's time for me to get to bed! #DairyFAN

  • jaylewisstl Jay Lewis (@jaylewisstl) reported

    @taraskaduk It would yield similar results, but I feel like it has less chance for human error on ballots than ranked choice because of its similarity to the process everyone uses on Yelp/Amazon/etc.

  • asajohnson asajohnson (@asajohnson) reported

    @SoniaCuff When I worked at Amazon, they had a similar issue - their women in tech group had been all SDEs, then got flooded with IT and other tech roles as it grew. Then, people felt it wasn’t helpful and started a tense inclusivity argument (or to spin up different groups) to sort out...

  • findyoukihyun Rachel ᵗᵒᵖ ⁵ ♡ Misses Monsta X (@findyoukihyun) reported

    amazon prices may vary, and we all know amazon shipping is ,,, terrible. Prices also may vary in store vs online idk how naver smart store works

  • MrBAAD Tash di Top Off Boss (@MrBAAD) reported

    I ordered a box of biscoff cookies off amazon and the actual biscoff cookie butter from Walmart. I might have a slight problem

  • SoloCamo SoloCamo (@SoloCamo) reported

    @Logan_RTW I bought one off Amazon and one recently off the store. I abuse the crap out of mine and it's' held up better than any other mouse I've owned, including my trusted G400. Replaced my CM Storm Recon which started having issues.

  • UncleRico77 Uncle Rico (@UncleRico77) reported

    Hunters on Amazon is a terrible show. Sorry.

  • nordicheat906 Snowmeiser (@nordicheat906) reported

    @AmazonHelp Hey whats going in with the kids amazon fire tablet. It ate just about 1 tb of data in a few weeks and im getting voicemails from Comcast that I am gonna get charged for extra data next month. Is there an update coming though to fix this because this is ridiculous.

  • ambailey97 Alyssa (@ambailey97) reported

    @upsidown @RidleyPearson Same. The seller apparently took it down... idk why but the amazon host that I talked to was super nice and told me that amazon would let me know when it was back up if it gets put back up

  • tarasmommy1123 Kelly Mitchell (@tarasmommy1123) reported

    I am a HUGE Amazon fan, however, I am disgusted by a return issue I just encountered. The customer service was a big disappointment.

  • DoyleRudolph Doyle Rudolph (@DoyleRudolph) reported

    @eddiekavanagh @tristandross Exactly. I contracted for Amazon Flex for a few months last year while between jobs (thanks for turning over your store staff, Staples, it didn't fix the problem) and wound up realizing I was paying 2/3 of my earnings right back into gas and maintenance. I lost money some days.

  • dinok1975 Dino (@dinok1975) reported

    @jmbwithcats The vast majority of funding for the UC system came from the state and local government... I have no problem complaining about how government spends its money but the bottom line is because of Amazon more taxes get paid per year than otherwise would have

  • NavnMuthvrapu Naveen Muthavarapu (@NavnMuthvrapu) reported

    @PrimeVideoIN @thetest_amazon I just cannot wait for this. I very honestly believe this is what I need in my life right now. But, there's a edit error with the Amazon logo in the end. But I honestly cannot wait. :)

  • prncessdiaries 𝐚𝐲𝐚 / check 📌 (@prncessdiaries) reported

    @angelsfilms so a disposable camera for as nice as they are are actually terrible for the environment and plus in the long run the few places that develop film for you will charge a hefty fee. polaroids are pricier initially but if you buy film in bulk off amazon or other —

  • CastilloDarian Darian Castillo (@CastilloDarian) reported

    I don't understand why @amazon will partner up with a company like @lasership they have terrible service why even have a same day option and not fulfill it #verydisapointed

  • Mohzaic1 Double-Wide Surprise (@Mohzaic1) reported

    Look up Amazon’s “Hunters,” peep the number of dislikes, and tell me that white nationalism isn’t a problem 🙄

  • jmbwithcats Jonathan (@jmbwithcats) reported

    @dinok1975 My concern is that so many like Amazon buy wholesale from China and mark it up and small business owners shipping goes up and up, Amazon pays no fed tax, so all the money is going out, and nothing coming in, while wage mobility is down, so things are harder for the little guy.

  • dinok1975 Dino (@dinok1975) reported

    @jmbwithcats In all honesty a lot of what I see on Amazon is priced in the ballpark of what I can buy it for down the street when I try the shop as often as i can... But boy is Amazon easy.. And they make it simple to return goods...

  • Marty4MCNAK Marty (aka "RB") (@Marty4MCNAK) reported

    . @amazon sucks shit from a customer service standpoint. When things work correctly - no problem. But when they don’t there is no number to call or any easy way to resolve things. The government needs to slap 10 tons of regulations on them.

  • kdavidg1980 KristopherDG🐻 (@kdavidg1980) reported

    @AmazonHelp Iv never had any luck communicating wish @USPS on any issue! Wish @amazon would stick with @FedEx ! Never have issues with them!

  • Marty4MCNAK Marty (aka "RB") (@Marty4MCNAK) reported

    @amazon sucks shit from a customer service standpoint. When things work correctly - no problem. But when they don’t there is no number to call or any easy way to resolve things.

  • Brynstar7 Ellie B (@Brynstar7) reported

    @1demerith I picked Bryn for my middle name kind of as backup in case I decide down the road that I want something more neutral and partly because, as a 6'3" Amazon, having a name that means "hill" amuses me, especially since my deadname means "little".

  • tschwarzstory tobias (@tschwarzstory) reported

    Hunters on Amazon. After the opening I already wanted to switch off, but for curiosity sake I forced myself to watch at least the first episode. Terrible wrong in so many ways. Not only for the cinematography….

  • dmvsredbonerebl ✨ ℌ𝔢𝔯𝔟𝔞𝔩 𝔗𝔢𝔢 (@dmvsredbonerebl) reported

    @YellaSunshine Amazon never let my ass down

  • JaWoodle JaWoodle (@JaWoodle) reported

    I have finally deleted the US Amazon Wish List. It was a broken mess and didn't work, apparently America just hates Australia haha. There's a Aus Amazon Wish List instead, which does work, so use that one instead of the old US list :)

  • HookingSlabs Rogue Ninja (@HookingSlabs) reported

    @MNVikingZombie ALEHORN search on Amazon... reviews aren't terrible

  • loukotaa15 alyssa loukota (@loukotaa15) reported

    Today I thought “I need a trash can for the cricut room” and I got on amazon without a second thought. This is when I realized I have a problem.

  • DemonKrauser Krauserzero (@DemonKrauser) reported

    @mrhaboobi @amazon Mine wasn't damaged. I did day i was lucky mine wasn't damaged. I did still make a point of damaged games arriving due too Amazon's terrible decisions on what should be boxed and what should be in bubble mailers

  • iamshief Chris Sheffield 🧢 (@iamshief) reported

    opp "To reinforce that message, he made the company be frugal with everything, down to his employees' ten-dollar desks. Both cultures work. Apple designs dramatically more beautiful products than Amazon, while Amazon's products are dramatically cheaper than Apple's." @bhorowitz

  • SKCCEDRIC Cedric Fullard (@SKCCEDRIC) reported

    on a motion detector that will activate a recorded voice requesting the packages to be left at the carport. This must end. I am not requesting a link. Please DM me with a contact email address for her to resolve this issue. Her first name is Carla. @amazon @alexa99 @amazonnews

  • PSchurmann Peter Schurmann (@PSchurmann) reported

    @dnepstad1 @csmonitor Efforts to slow Amazon #deforestation cannot happen in spite of the people there. They need to be part of the process.

  • ElizabethMarter Elizabeth Marter (@ElizabethMarter) reported

    @AmazonHelp I keep trying to contact our USPS hub, but usually have to wait for over an hour before getting to a person. I've made the same complaint successfully a few times including one in December but they haven't resolved the issue. They also mark packages "deliver" and won't deliver

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  • a network error has occurred
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  • app store error
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  • download error
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  • kindle boot error 200
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