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Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a suite of cloud-computing services that make up an on-demand computing platform. They include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, also known as "EC2", and Amazon Simple Storage Service, also known as "S3".

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  • DrZeeshanZia Zeeshan Zia (@DrZeeshanZia) reported

    @pejmannozad @facebook @Airbnb @Uber @Dropbox @Google Sounds like an insufficient data problem, that Amazon (with AWS) maybe able to crack.

  • JustinF85619175 Justin (@JustinF85619175) reported

    @Cyber__Republic @mr_pachhai @Elastos_org @amazon @awscloud 🧐 I believe it would be a good idea to have a quota of active supernodes that are not reliant on AWS or any cloud server. They add an unecessary level of centralistion.

  • harshap Harsha Purasinghe (@harshap) reported

    @sanjiva @anushwij @awscloud Spot on @sanjiva across the regional orgs we work we see huge issue with data. Without tons of clean #data applying #AI is meaningless. Maybe this is referring to specific market ex; US.

  • mrloo 🍕Mark William Lewis (@mrloo) reported

    @ospadano @mjasay @awscloud The terms are practically meaningless as "cloud" basically just means "not a server in your closet" nowadays.

  • wim_vds Wim Vandersmissen (@wim_vds) reported

    @7php @mikegcoleman @brandonsavage @digitalocean @awscloud No problem, I should check if it still works though, been a while since we needed it.

  • FBIhelpME @FBIhelpME (@FBIhelpME) reported

    This has no business on my account @AWSSupport because he's in my device and has my emails on his server I'm not getting help in real time.

  • DigiTubbs Sean Tubbs (@DigiTubbs) reported

    @andy_singh01 @awscloud Fine really. Only had a few buckets in old regions so just tore them down, built new ones and reconfigured everything else using them. Slight annoyance was when you delete the old bucket, the same name is not available in the new region for up to an hour or so.

  • capajj Jiří Špác (@capajj) reported

    @benawad97 @awscloud They have an official app, but it's quite limited in features and looks terrible.

  • jonmasters Jon Masters (@jonmasters) reported

    @cypou @paulrteich @awscloud @Azure Catapult is great! (Hi Doug!) But it isn't designed to do node management. It does networking and acceleration. Nitro makes x86 a peripheral to another server that does the work, thus allowing a customer the whole "machine".

  • bu3ouf91 Abdulrahman (@bu3ouf91) reported

    @awscloud how about Middle East Fortnite server

  • macphisto96 Jeffrey Rickel (@macphisto96) reported from Le Mesnil-Amelot, Île-de-France

    @rodtrent @googlenews Wait until AWS has major downtime due to their "efficiencies". I know Amazon has cheaper out on some major infrastructure for the sake of profit. That could bite them down the line.

  • DamningLibel Damning Libel #googlyeyes (@DamningLibel) reported

    @verizon @Cloudflare @awscloud @discordapp @VerizonSupport the brass ***** to say this: "There was an intermittent disruption in internet service for some [Verizon] FiOS customers earlier this morning. Our engineers resolved the issue around 9am ET." after you just knocked out a chunk of the internet by accepting dodgy BGP routes.

  • RaulManish Manish Raul (@RaulManish) reported

    @amazonappstore @AmazonHelp @awscloud @amazon I order an item with order id : 221668177747 , I received an out for delivery message but without OTP , due to this the parcel is not delivered to me , pls help me out in my issue , your online services is not helping me out .

  • shivexports18 Sharmil Mangukiya (@shivexports18) reported

    @amazon @amazonIN @AmazonHelp @awscloud Hello I Order apple iwatch From Amazon then Dilevred A wrong Product But Amazon Customer Care Didn't Solve My problem they say you receive right product but i didn't recive orignal please action i want refundthis my mobile is +918460191818.

  • centerant Ken (@centerant) reported

    @nflnetwork @NextGenStats @awscloud Something legitimate to talk about with the cowboys . I bet you guys came down both legs. If only there was some way to talk about Aaron Roger's in the same story. Multiple!

  • jody_lecompte Jody LeCompte (@jody_lecompte) reported

    Amazon allowed me to pay my bill for AWS, then when I go back to see if my DNS is working again so I can receive emails for first time in 5 days and they've suspended my login. So now I'm not really sure what to do because I can't login to my domain provider without my email.

  • voicethreadIT VoiceThread Status (@voicethreadIT) reported

    Slowness experienced by some users today was caused by an AWS hardware issue. Amazon was able to rectify the issue, and VoiceThread is working normally now.

  • LinuxyDEV Linuxy (@LinuxyDEV) reported

    @amazon @awscloud You never let your back down on customers... but to linuxy the "hacker" you let your back down. prepare for your loss of not one but thousands of customers of you did to me. is unremoveable. Bunch of lies on the phone..... btw i am a backend developer.#AWS

  • gmorellp Gabriel Morell (@gmorellp) reported

    @AWSSupport yea, nah, look. This is the second time in many months I find a support forum thread from _8_ years ago that has marked it as E_WONT_FIX even though it's horribly broken. Yall need to spend a sprint or ten fixing all of this. I'm available for #devex consulting.

  • D_Fitzpatrick ~~~ ßÌGG †¥MÈ ™~~~ (@D_Fitzpatrick) reported

    @joelockhart @newtgingrich I find it funny how European countries have figured this out a long time ago. Weird. FTR I called Amazon AWS server support last night, spoke to a super nice, intelligent lad from Africa, not Kentucky.

  • dnanian Dave Nanian (@dnanian) reported

    @jcscaliger I’d stop it, quit and restart SD. The download comes from Amazon S3, so it shouldn’t be too slow…

  • howisthecloud howisthecloud (@howisthecloud) reported

    AWS: Service is operating normally: [RESOLVED] AWS Site-to-Site VPN Connectivity Issues We have resolved the connectivity issues affecting VPN connections in the AP-SOUTHEAST-1 Region. Connectivity to and from the Internet, within Amazon VPC, and over DirectConnect was not a…

  • monkchips this is who we are (@monkchips) reported

    @QuinnyPig @awscloud AWSCloud - everything else is a rounding error.

  • Hell_Mogambo Chowkidar Mogambo💿 (@Hell_Mogambo) reported

    @AmazonHelp @amazonIN @awscloud @amazon I ordered Skybags Rubik Polyester 78 cms Blue Softsided Check-in Luggage. I received my parcel without box. It was only wrapped in a very thin plastic. Locks of the bag are broken. Customer care executives are not taking my call.

  • sahilgurdaspuri sahil mehra (@sahilgurdaspuri) reported

    @AmazonHelp @amazon @awscloud @AmazonHelp your team doesn’t know technologies like “Mobile Phone/ landline or email thru which they can connect internally with amazon teams to get customer issue sorted

  • howisthecloud howisthecloud (@howisthecloud) reported

    AWS: Service degradation: AWS Site-to-Site VPN Connectivity Issues We continue to work towards full recovery of the network connectivity issues affecting VPN connections in the AP-SOUTHEAST-1 Region. Connectivity to and from the Internet, within Amazon VPC, and over DirectCo…

  • ShaneDRosenthal Shane Rosenthal (@ShaneDRosenthal) reported

    @christopherdosi @taylorotwell For those that don't follow along, Vapor is @taylorotwell's secret project he had been working on for like 8 months. He will likely unveil it @LaraconUS in July. It is like a paid product and might have something to do with micro services or server infrastructure on @awscloud.

  • howisthecloud howisthecloud (@howisthecloud) reported

    AWS: Service degradation: AWS Site-to-Site VPN Connectivity Issues We have identified the root cause of the issue affecting network connectivity for some AWS Site-to-Site VPN connections within the AP-SOUTHEAST-1 Region. Connectivity to and from the Internet, within Amazon V…

  • ap_southeast_1 ap-southeast-1 (@ap_southeast_1) reported

    [UPDATE] VPC: We can confirm network connectivity issues for some AWS Site-to-Site VPN connections within the AP-SOUTHEAST-1 Region and continue to work towards resolution. Connectivity to and from the Internet, within Amazon VPC, and over DirectConnect is not affected by (1/2)

  • jasonadyke Jason Dyke @ re:Inforce (@jasonadyke) reported

    @fernomac @AWSSecurityInfo @AWSSupport Thanks. Client-side because AWS does not store or know anything about the DEKs.. that leaves Server-side..

  • fernomac David Murray (@fernomac) reported

    @jasonadyke @AWSSecurityInfo @AWSSupport Server-side I *believe* it’s one DEK, although I’ve never seen it publicly documented. Client-side definitely one DEK.

  • ap_southeast_1 ap-southeast-1 (@ap_southeast_1) reported

    [UPDATE] VPC: We have identified the root cause of the issue affecting network connectivity for some AWS Site-to-Site VPN connections within the AP-SOUTHEAST-1 Region. Connectivity to and from the Internet, within Amazon VPC, and over DirectConnect is not affected by this issue

  • sudoludous Rare Materials ⬡ (@sudoludous) reported

    It's really cool my dude, we can just SPIN UP an @awscloud server, hook up this IoT sensor to my **** and based off of external data feeds, our contract will pay you 100k if I don't eat my **** should $LINK fail to reach $XRP's ATH MC by 2020

  • iseff Ian Sefferman (@iseff) reported

    In a billing support inquiry with AWS where their best solution is for me to call my CC company and tell them to issue a chargeback. Against AWS. This is not the same Amazon customer-centricity I'm used to.

  • natomicswap Natomic Swap (@natomicswap) reported

    AWS took the whole internet down and people are over here arguing about whether Amazon is a monopoly lmao

  • TommyThornton Thomas Thornton (@TommyThornton) reported

    Our systems work off Verizon Fios and AWS. Amazon confirmed connectivity issue.

  • FarooqAhmedE Farooq Ahmed (@FarooqAhmedE) reported

    Amazon AWS is down, bitcoin never goes down @APompliano long bitcoin, short the banks 🏦😉

  • _tomGER tomGER (@_tomGER) reported

    @thomasnet_mc Are amazon really hosting their status page on a freaking amazon server. That's 500 IQ, omegalul Weird though, visited a aws hosted site and it worked. Might have been cached I guess.

  • TechSquidTV TechSquidTV (@TechSquidTV) reported

    @SlackHQ and @discordapp are down but @awscloud as always claims no issues. Update your status page @awscloud !

  • Arturkre Artur Kre (@Arturkre) reported

    @awscloud whats going on with the networking, all my servers across all zones have some heavy networking issues !!!!!

  • bradleysalmanac Brad Squirrels (@bradleysalmanac) reported

    Yes, Amazon is down hard this morning. Their main website, mobile app, Alexa functionality, and even many hosted AWS sites are all impacted. #amazondown

  • unspunreality unspunreality (@unspunreality) reported

    @AmazonHelp Amazon is down for me too. The various amazon sites. And discord, and a bunch of other aws websites. Amazon Mechanical Turk is dead, etc. Seems to be a down server somewhere.

  • jolyon_russ Jolyon Russ (@jolyon_russ) reported

    @jxman @newrelic @AWSSupport ya - just saw AWS's status page is down. I guess all we can do now is pray to the great Sysadmin in the Cloud 😬

  • CrayonBytes Akshay Anand (@CrayonBytes) reported

    @awscloud nice strategy - take down every monitoring service so no one can tell if it's an outage :) @downdetector


    @AWSSupport Thanks for your reply. Unfortunately the issue hasn’t been solved by reinstalling the app. I’ll figure it out during the event.

  • GPSTrackedKnife Anonymous (@GPSTrackedKnife) reported

    @awscloud Attended your #Awsomeday event, or rather tried to (the streaming broke) so now I'm trying to watch the videos 'on-demand' but er.... it's broken. This... does not inspire confidence in your platform. 😟 Come on guys... don't make me go Microsoft.

  • JosefMcBradyy Josef (@JosefMcBradyy) reported

    @IsChinar @awscloud Yea because the Chinese government wants to know your every move down to when you take a shit

  • MrDPAQ Don Paquette (@MrDPAQ) reported

    @FoolMCochrane @AustinLieb @ZMeasho @geekwire @awscloud @Azure @GCPcloud $29B Not a problem at all

  • vaibhav_twitt Vaibhav Kumar Chaudhary (@vaibhav_twitt) reported

    @awscloud I am trying to run ubuntu 14 LTS instance on my Linux machine, but after connecting it is showing Ubuntu 16.04.5 LTS, What is the problem here

  • simi_parekh Simran Parekh (@simi_parekh) reported

    @spiffy__missy @Shakti_Shetty @amazon @awscloud @AmazonHelp @JeffBezos These corporations (@awscloud, @amazon) feed off from trusted sellers like you and feed off from temp job workers. Truly hardworking people putting their sweat and blood to fill @JeffBezos evil pockets. And he never addresses these issues truthfully. 4/n

  • ZgrodekKaren karen zgrodek (@ZgrodekKaren) reported

    @AbsentiaSeries @1WonderFeminist @primevideouk @ShowcaseTV @Stana_Katic @mattlenevez @SPTV @PrimeVideo I am able to fix a toilet, fix my electric sockets, fix a flat,fix a clogged sink, just not very well. 😂😂and away go troubles down the drain!!!! Waiting for s3 of Absentia, come on Amazon, announce it please!👀💗

  • mattbeckman MΛTT BΞCKMΛN (@mattbeckman) reported

    @blockchainchick Hold up a second... this isn't Amazon. It's the AWS Marketplace. Self-service listing for companies that want to list custom built server images (AMIs). Perhaps there is more to it, but feels like GXChain intentionally misrepresented their relationship with Amazon here.

  • LSusornesen Lone Sorensen (@LSusornesen) reported

    @AWSSupport Yeah, I cannot log in and your support only will call me or let me chat after login in , great solution...

  • arch_update_bot ArchLinuxUpdateInfo (@arch_update_bot) reported

    minio 2019.06.19-1 (x86_64/Community) "Object storage server compatible with Amazon S3" <2019-06-22>

  • gadams999 Gavin Adams (@gadams999) reported

    @QuinnyPig @awscloud There are only three problems in computer science. Caching, naming things, and P-NP billing.

  • LSusornesen Lone Sorensen (@LSusornesen) reported

    @awscloud Weeks ago I messaged your support and nobody got back to me. I need urgend help and your website doesn´t offer any solutions for my problem! My clients can´t access our membership site and I´m losing money and customers! Help NOW!

  • sreeram_gupta Sreeram Gupta (@sreeram_gupta) reported

    It is being ages to provide refund for the transaction that is made in Swiggy using Amazon Pay. Cannot believe even @swiggy_in @SwiggyCares @awscloud @amazon @amazon cannot resolve the issue even after 3 weeks.Swiggy Order#: 41929582660 Order Date: May 26th

  • schizamp Jason Schamp (@schizamp) reported

    @QuinnyPig @AndrePreoteasa @packethost @MongoDB This is precisely what i tell customers. The issue is if Amazon steps I to your industry. Honestly Amazon needs to spin off aws. It's a real problem.

  • RTaylor05 Ryan Taylor (@RTaylor05) reported

    @vanjaime @PermissionlessM @AmandaB_Johnson @eduffield44 @Node_40 @awscloud @digitalocean DCG is a contractor to the network. We don’t operate any part of it. We can be fired and replaced at will. Dash can’t be shut down regardless of what happens to DCG. You might as well argue that the government could shut down BTC by closing Blockstream or jailing its CTO.

  • bennettpompi Bennett Pompi (@bennettpompi) reported

    @Darakmoto @albiononline lol bro aws is like the single largest handler of web hosting its not an amazon problem