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Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a suite of cloud-computing services that make up an on-demand computing platform. They include Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud, also known as "EC2", and Amazon Simple Storage Service, also known as "S3".

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  • MovarTechnology Movar Technology (@MovarTechnology) reported

    @awscloud Making a new Template through #EC2 console, and the selection process for an #AMI is terrible. I want 'debian 9 stretch', type that in and expect quick & close match. No, #Google #Chrome is loading up all 8 Cores to > 50%, with no result, then blanks. All but useless 😡

  • SierraIguana Sierra Iguana (@SierraIguana) reported

    @rubicon59 @schaudenfraud Amazon is giving massive freebies on AWS bills to help keep customers alive so they can try to keep that revenue stream alive down the road.

  • Crypto_Minion Crypto Minion (@Crypto_Minion) reported

    This is why decentralized networks are needed for mass adoption. And if you mine/stake, but the “CEO” can just take down the network or tell the exchange to stop trading; NOT DECENTRALIZED. @awscloud is better than that, and with much higher TPS

  • mikegcoleman Mike Coleman (@mikegcoleman) reported

    @iamkarmenk @AWSSupport The limit on instances is 20, so there is something else going on. I have seen customers run into this problem, but it's "a bug not a feature" Karmen - DM me and I'll see if I can get you sorted out.

  • mainframed767 Soldier of FORTRAN - 💀 M▼INFR▼MES 💀 (@mainframed767) reported

    @voretaq7 @hacks4pancakes @JohnDBrowne @havochaos @ddskier @chrisculling @MobilizeNet @zarchasmpgmr @bigendiansmalls More realistic: Congrats, you lifted and shifted your entire COBOL repo to AWS running COBOL. Except now when it breaks in spectacularly fashion you'll have to rely on Amazon for a fix, which i'm sure they'll prioritize.

  • MarketDave David E. Peters (@MarketDave) reported

    @FLDEO Trying announcing you created a new SIMPLE one-page form. Less than 10 damned questions! Host it on Amazon AWS or Google Cloud all in less than 2 hours! I've run 3 ISPs, and 2 hosting companies, it can be done! Tie the results into your terrible system later!

  • NBomb_Plus Nick - BUCKS OF YOUTH (@NBomb_Plus) reported

    @AWSSupport Hi guys. I'm having trouble logging in to my AWS console. The login page is doing something where the login form shows for a split second before it disappears behind a marketing ad. This happens in multiple browsers, on multiple independent computers.

  • JuanInBerlin Juan González (@JuanInBerlin) reported

    @ryanbigg @github @awscloud You timed that well. Github Pages is down 😭

  • Prajwal32888870 Prajwal Kulkarni (@Prajwal32888870) reported

    @awscloud @AmazonHelp @amazon @amazonIN @AmazonStudios Please see this issue

  • MovarTechnology Movar Technology (@MovarTechnology) reported

    @awscloud Took me 59 minutes to login to my new EC2 instance; SSH instructions for Linux were incorrect; the default $user should be 'admin' not 'root'; had to add a 'TCP 7713' rule to the Security Group and the listed order of the command parameters was off too.

  • Arjun_Kava Arjun Kava (@Arjun_Kava) reported

    @awscloud Sorry to ask you here guys, but AWS sign in page is loading infinitely and I'm not able to post issue on forum because it also requires sign in.

  • pgawarle Prateek G (@pgawarle) reported

    @awscloud unable to login my account! Internet is good but AWS login page is timing out..

  • kevindixon Crypto Kevin (@kevindixon) reported

    @malcolmkey5 @jchatterleyCNN @awscloud @cajunbanker @ConsumerBankers At least someone understands the shaky foundation that we are on. Time to bankrupt the Federal Reserve & issue gold backed Treasury Notes. This Keynesian experiment is failing under the weight of it's own debt.

  • JETurp Jacob Turpin (@JETurp) reported

    I love the idea of the @awscloud #DeepLens camera. But, I swear that I’m spending 5x more time fixing silly environment issues than using it to actually develop models.

  • K_singh_P Prabhat Singh (@K_singh_P) reported

    Just found out that #Zoom is hosted on AWS. No wonder they've been able to scale up so much, so fast. Amazon has deep issues as a company but it can't be denied that they do amazing work.

  • dwightwalker Dwight Walker (@dwightwalker) reported

    at last @telstra did #whitelist of my #domain of my #mail #server after I emailed them a request so my #emails to #bigpond no longer #bounce and #mailq is empty of deferred emails for past 5 days or more - @awscloud #AWS #EC2 no longer source of #block like before

  • Franck_chester Franck (@Franck_chester) reported

    @riferrei @apache_pulsar @awscloud @confluentcloud In the context of my mind exercise, i believe my requirements are mostly hot. In fact, having read about pulsar brokers write and read caches and its tiered storage, they answers what I believe/decided to be my problem

  • Franck_chester Franck (@Franck_chester) reported

    @riferrei @apache_pulsar @awscloud @confluentcloud In the context of my mind exercise, i believe my requirements are mostly cold. In fact, having read about pulsar tiered storage, it answers what I believe/decided to be my problem

  • riferrei Ricardo Ferreira (@riferrei) reported

    @Franck_chester @apache_pulsar @awscloud @confluentcloud Rather than a "service" that simply spins up a bunch of EC2 instances behind the scenes and ask you to size the amount of disk per server and which AMI to use. You're right, with MSK doesn't seem easier than managing yourself (4)

  • riferrei Ricardo Ferreira (@riferrei) reported

    @Franck_chester @apache_pulsar @awscloud My first instinct is always double-check if my understanding of the problem has enough details that will help me in selecting the appropriate technology. If not, I would stop right there 😉 (2)

  • riferrei Ricardo Ferreira (@riferrei) reported

    @Franck_chester @apache_pulsar @awscloud @Franck_Chester, if I may, I think the challenge here is because you're evaluating technologies for a problem that you don't seem to have yet. For instance: "I don’t have long term event persistence requirement just yet" (1)

  • _ArDy18_ ArDy - Tamizhan (@_ArDy18_) reported

    @argamingpakist1 @ZombienNoid @FleaYT @markimbriaco @DonaldMustard @evankinney @nickchester @awscloud Ya , but I meant it that the Server Addition or Removal is the task of these Devs .. If these Devs asks and pay for server , @awscloud just give them .. It still needs Devs decision and it matters alot .

  • kennu Kenneth Falck (@kennu) reported from Helsinki, Uusimaa

    Debugged for a few hours why Amazon API Gateway binary media types didn't work and pictures were broken. Turns out AWS CDK doesn't make a stage deployment when you change the binary types of the RestApi object. Had to trigger a deployment manually from AWS Console.

  • rahdilarum Murali Behara (@rahdilarum) reported

    Glued my seat for a whole day, I struggled with @streamlit to pass a plotly chart (#HeatMap); after several trials & errors, I finally decided to start with a clean #RHEL7 VM in @awscloud (instead of an AMI with Python2), installed #Python3 (& the pip) & was able get it working!

  • dwightwalker Dwight Walker (@dwightwalker) reported

    I will never use @telstra after they screwed up my #mail #server by blocking #email from my @awscloud server to #bigpond #corruption #fraud - they never checked my domain #spam #whitelisting on many #blacklist sites - totally stupid company #networking - I am #migrating server

  • dwightwalker Dwight Walker (@dwightwalker) reported

    I have #ipaddress of all the problematic #bigpond #mail #server that are blocking incoming #emails from my mail server on @awscloud - still in my mailq after 4 days - @telstra is doing nothing - big monster

  • argamingpakist1 AR Gaming Pakistan 🇵🇰 (@argamingpakist1) reported

    @_ArDy18_ @ZombienNoid @FleaYT @markimbriaco @DonaldMustard @evankinney @nickchester Server responsible is @awscloud AWS

  • entornoint (@entornoint) reported

    @awscloud Please Help. We are receiving a Ddos Attack from this server from Germany. Thanks.

  • MatejZerovnik Matej Zerovnik (@MatejZerovnik) reported

    @abperiasamy @ruanbekker @CloudNativeFdn @PrometheusIO @awscloud @ThanosMetrics @Minio We had a chat on slack and I think I also opened a github issue where the end result was that the performance drop was expected due to erasure coding and network transfer.

  • MatejZerovnik Matej Zerovnik (@MatejZerovnik) reported

    @ruanbekker @abperiasamy @CloudNativeFdn @PrometheusIO @awscloud @ThanosMetrics @Minio When using Minio, don’t use distributed minio as it is too slow. We needed to run single instance for it to perform close to prom speed, otherwise it was 200-300% slower.

  • dwightwalker Dwight Walker (@dwightwalker) reported

    migrating away from @awscloud because they or @telstra will not fix problem with #email from #AWS #EC2 to #bigpond being blocked because of being on #AWS and nothing else - #corruption #fraud

  • ShayNehmad Shay Nehmad (@ShayNehmad) reported

    @sbesser @awscloud >> S3 buckets to avoid some of these issues, but these are two moving parts which can't be tested in one place (unless you do what I did, which is test both of them in the same python project)

  • dwightwalker Dwight Walker (@dwightwalker) reported

    I have to hunt down all #spammers #ipaddress on @awscloud and report them to #AWS then they take them down then @telstra unblocks entire remaining #ipaddress block and stop blocking email from #AWS #EC2 being sent to #bigpond purely because it is on AWS not because of #spam

  • delay_fifa FifaOnesidedDelay (@delay_fifa) reported

    @EAHelp From my testing your game server host has had more problems. @awscloud . You know you have too much traffic entering at certain entry points forcing them to traffic manage. ie...UDP will be kicked for some but not for others...ONE SIDED DELAY.

  • dwightwalker Dwight Walker (@dwightwalker) reported

    to stop #email #bounce from #bigpond @awscloud must clean up their #network and remove all #spammers or #blacklist them on #spamhaus etc - a big job to stop @telstra #blackmailer blocking all email going from AWS EC2 based server to #bigpond

  • ejcx_ evan j (@ejcx_) reported

    Called my credit card company and told them block all charges to @awscloud that appear on my statement. I've tried cancelling my accounts, I've tried filing support tickets, I've tried everything, and every month I get three charges. $1.25, $1.26, and $1.27. Impossible to fix

  • jfigueredo Jose V Figueredo (@jfigueredo) reported from Aventura, Florida

    @RepDWStweets @FLDEO Not enough, call Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure teams and get some real technical expertise behind this issue, DM with any questions.

  • IanSeggie Ian Seggie 🅙 (@IanSeggie) reported

    @LorrieForseth @amazon @AmazonHelp @alexa99 @awscloud Placed the order anyways (couldn't source it anywhere else online) and see what happens. A friend messaged me with a similar issue it item arrived in a few days. I'll give it a week, if not, I'll try and find it locally. Don't like going out much if I don't need too.

  • dwightwalker Dwight Walker (@dwightwalker) reported

    it is surprising how many #bigpond emails I have to #email and they all are blocked because I host my server on @awscloud #EC2 and @telstra #rejects them #error 554 5.5.4 all as #spammers unless on #ipaddress #whitelist despite #PTR and #reverse #DNS #hell #networking #business

  • dwightwalker Dwight Walker (@dwightwalker) reported

    it is surprising how many #bigpond emails I have to #email and they all are blocked because I host my server on @awscloud #EC2 and @telstra #rejects them #error 554 5.4.4 all as #spammers unless on #ipaddress #whitelist despite #PTR and #reverse #DNS #hell #networking #business

  • dwightwalker Dwight Walker (@dwightwalker) reported

    it is surprising how many #bigpond emails I have to #email and they all are blocked because I host my server on @awscloud #EC2 and @telstra makes them all as #spammers unless on #ipaddress #whitelist despite #PTR and #reverse #DNS #hell #networking #business

  • EvanLowenstein Evan Lowenstein (@EvanLowenstein) reported

    @IBMWatsonMedia provides our video streaming and they have now told us that they are experiencing issues with audio getting to viewers on ios devices (iPhones/iPads). @awscloud blocked our emails because the increase in volume triggered SPAM alerts (mostly fixed now)

  • astutegraphics Astute Graphics (@astutegraphics) reported from Herefordshire, England

    @AWSSupport Thanks - but the enquiry is directed to @awscloud (#AWS) fit their cloud server charges, not home shopping.

  • navdeepsoni Navdeep Soni (@navdeepsoni) reported

    @ribiy3 @YourStoryCo @vivekgca @LiciousFoods @VenturesStride @awscloud Good. Unfortunately not in Pune in my neighborhood and area. It's an issue with things like fruits, vegetables where there is no such thing called MRP

  • reverentgeek David Neal 🥓🥑 (@reverentgeek) reported

    @theinfamousrj @awscloud @Netlify I guess all the Node.js frameworks I’ve used over the last 6 years I’ve never had to think about. It just works. The “internal server” error did not help. It was all unexpected.

  • _davidtucker_ David Tucker (@_davidtucker_) reported

    @AbulHLakhani @awscloud Not a problem! Glad to help.

  • _vilmara paredao (@_vilmara) reported

    @awscloud We had seriously problem with workspace in region sa-east-1. The return of the support was not satisfactory.

  • philsweeney Phil Sweeney (@philsweeney) reported

    @QuinnyPig @awscloud Tried to use it recently to debug a route 53 resolver problem (given there are no logs).. your comments make me want to go check the billing!

  • janafisher47 JanaFishy 🍭🦄👁🐕🌻📸🐠 (@janafisher47) reported

    Busy busy day today, I did yoga, pulled weeks in yard, then spent 2 hours on Amazon buying accessories for my new Apple watch given to me, 2 weeks old, all I had to do was fix screen. See, Very busy day 😬😏Selling other one, like new shape with extras! S3 fyi #CoronaQuarantine

  • MajorPaynEX Whiskey Wisdom aka FupArmstrong (@MajorPaynEX) reported

    Sidebar... connecting an on prem Oracle Pentaho server to an Amazon AWS server via VPN should NOT be this ******* difficult

  • Wearetalent1 POTUS' sweat beads (@Wearetalent1) reported

    @HurdOnTheHill @CTATech @AmericanTelemed @awscloud You know you could have had him removed. You will NEVER live that down...never

  • roebuk Kristian Roebuck (@roebuk) reported from Boultham, England

    @jowoseph @backlon “The recordings are apparently named in “an identical way” and many have been posted onto unprotected Amazon Web Services (AWS) buckets, making it possible to find them through an online search.” That’s the ******* problem.

  • JasDnldTerry Mind Scourge (@JasDnldTerry) reported

    The stability of AWS versus Azure’s problems is probably good news for Amazon’s challenge to the JEDI award to Microsoft.

  • buggymcbugfix ∀ilem (@buggymcbugfix) reported

    Another day, another @awscloud non-sequitur: > Step Functions automatically triggers and tracks each step, and retries when there are errors, so your application executes in order and as expected.

  • dwightwalker Dwight Walker (@dwightwalker) reported

    found #bounce #error for #bigpond #email was missing #PTR #record and #reverse #DNS #record for @awscloud #EC2 instance on #mail #server

  • dwightwalker Dwight Walker (@dwightwalker) reported

    found #bounce #error for #bigpond #email was missing #PTR #record #DNS for @awscloud #EC2 instance on #mail #server

  • josh_robb Josh Robb (@josh_robb) reported

    @QuinnyPig @awscloud It's the ones that go the other way that are the real problem

  • KicksSirguac SirGuac (@KicksSirguac) reported

    @awscloud Your system sucks. I terminated my AWS server account last month and just got a charge for 45 dollars. I have 0 servers running and I don't even have an account anymore. Fix your shit system

  • acontios_net Clément Cavadore #JeResteChezMoi (@acontios_net) reported

    @rmaunier @awscloud Hopefully the customers realize that even them, can have issues. Like Microsoft Azure in EMEA...

  • michelem Michele Marcucci (@michelem) reported

    @AWSSupport Thanks, today it seems the download speed issue is gone and we can use S3 as usual.