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Anthem is an online multiplayer action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts. Anthem is available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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February 22: Problems at Anthem

Anthem is having issues since 12:00 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (47.98%)
  • Online Play (17.94%)
  • Game Crash (17.94%)
  • Glitches (9.42%)
  • Matchmaking (6.73%)

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  • xBlackcat__ Michael St Julien (@xBlackcat__) reported

    i would stream anthem but as per the servers crash and you just randomly get disconnects. Kinda get the fact that plenty people playing but ******* hell it's actually bad atm...

  • galaxygoon818 galaxygoon818 (@galaxygoon818) reported

    @EAHelp i had this pop up 2 times now connection problem (error retrieving anthem live service data) my net all good love this game and im pretty bumed about this

  • vinnyrodrigue Vincent Rodrigue (@vinnyrodrigue) reported

    @EAHelp anthem stupid connexion problem at startup 😣😠😡

  • DreadfulSanity 𝔇𝔯𝔢𝔞𝔡𝔣𝔲𝔩 𝔖𝔞𝔫𝔦𝔱𝔶 (@DreadfulSanity) reported

    So, my potatoe pc can run #Anthem pretty good now that the heat problem is solved. I'm just not sure yet. Okay, I'm only an hour in, but I'm not hooked yet. 🤷 Switching games for now. Having a slight headache and the game with its flying somehow makes it worse. *sigh*

  • Jessinthewoods_ Jess (@Jessinthewoods_) reported

    Loving the error messages, must have been disconnected about a thousand times now😒 #Anthem

  • Bluemoxie2 Blue_moxie (@Bluemoxie2) reported

    @jacktyrrell1997 @Gothalion I agree Jack, but it is what it is. Anthem is VERY fun to play, and while it would be nice if it dis not have issues, and we should expect more for our money, I just want this game to succeed at this point. It’s so promising.

  • fivesixfive John Radford (@fivesixfive) reported

    @EAHelp Anthem Servers Down. And there are still issues since Pre-Launch Week. Still havingissues with lost loots when being disconnected after hour of game. There are a lot issues that make the player waste a lot of time.

  • tumnas33 Tom Brooks (@tumnas33) reported

    @DMC_Ryan @IGN @ThuggnDuggn Very well-written article, although these games-as-a-service must be interesting to review at launch... knowing that in 6 months Anthem will probably be a completely different game. Just curious to see how @IGN would review future Anthem 2.0, or 2.5, 3.0, etc, etc.

  • Kite170 Kite (@Kite170) reported

    @EAHelp I keep getting error 4445 in Anthem.

  • Dahkoht Dahkoht Lewin (@Dahkoht) reported

    @Nick_Shively @Grummz Problem is, they've implied Anthem will have a good storyline with their marketing. They haven't tried to damper that at all. So they set their own expectations and failed to live up to them.

  • ryanneathery30 Ryan (@ryanneathery30) reported from Burleson, Texas

    Really error problems with anthem already

  • niels79897413 niels (@niels79897413) reported

    @EA how can you release anthem with your servers who can't handle shit i bought your game for 65 euros and i can't play why because your servers are shit fix it otherwise you are scamming people do you realise that.

  • jsanchez5811 Jacob (@jsanchez5811) reported from Peralta, New Mexico

    @EA why on anthem do tye servers crash every 45 seconds

  • AzakiusLIVE Dan B 🎮 (@AzakiusLIVE) reported

    Finished a side quest on Anthem, loading back to the results screen and it kicks me all the way back to the login screen! *sigh*

  • He11zWolf He11zWolf (@He11zWolf) reported

    So #Anthem will not be added to my roster of games to stream sadly as it seems I can not stream and play it at the same time with out stuttering issues happening :( RIP the dream.

  • Vtekpunk ME (@Vtekpunk) reported

    @EA fix anthem it keeps crashing my ps4.

  • Alpha2k3f jhnsjn (@Alpha2k3f) reported

    fix ur Server, releas Date and no one cant login... #Anthem

  • Vtekpunk ME (@Vtekpunk) reported

    @bioware anthem keeps crashing my ps4. Please fix.

  • skythrock Levi Throckmorton (@skythrock) reported

    Welp. #Anthem seems fun so far, as long as the game doesn't crash out on me, which it has now done three times 😫

  • Bmnboy1 BmnGameBoy (@Bmnboy1) reported

    I've been getting connection errors on anthem alot also got 2 crashes

  • benhumpert Ben Humpert (@benhumpert) reported

    @Jacksonreid25 I get the "welcome" screen and I press SPACE, then I see a loading screen and in the middle I get an error, either Live Data or Pilot Data. Sometimes it says I should restart Anthem. Doesn't help. I now restarted my PC. If that doesn't help I'll restart the next power plant ...

  • EricBuksa116 Eric Buksa (@EricBuksa116) reported

    @EAHelp in anthem getting stuck loading after mission completes just like the demo and ea servers having problems connecting. Unable to connect.

  • ivansingleton1 ivan singleton (@ivansingleton1) reported

    @Darokaz what is goin on with the ea servers i keep getting kicked with the error retrieving anthem live service data

  • BrownPuns16 Scott Brown (@BrownPuns16) reported

    @EAHelp I’m unable to access Anthem to my 2nd PS4. Will not connect to servers. Had this issue during demo as well.

  • BuddyCashXO ☃u♪♪y (@BuddyCashXO) reported

    Anthem servers down. Apex it is.

  • Zanigma OHBABYATRIPLE (@Zanigma) reported

    @GambleMike I was playing with a friend today and when the mission ended we got disconnected and I lost out on my first epic gear piece 😢 idk if this is a known thing but pls fix. I wanna kill scars and skorps in style #anthem @anthemgame

  • RoyB_Dontdie Roy Brewer (@RoyB_Dontdie) reported from Amherst, New York

    Going to stream tonight hitting Anthem still need to decide which service I will use for the stream. Stream starts in 6 hours. #AnthemGame #gaming #streamer #Xbox #mixerstreamer #twitch

  • DerWaffleMous Der Waffle Mous (@DerWaffleMous) reported

    I feel like it says something that a common thing with Anthem is that, like actual mechanical issues aside, a lot of people have no confidence that EA will give Bioware the time or resources to iterate on it into its Taken King phase.

  • YlisseMorgan Supportive Morgan (F) (@YlisseMorgan) reported

    >Really really wants to play Anthem, but wants to at least finish Conquest first >Likely constant negative coverage and time needed to fix day 1 issues will make the game drop in price >Also has a gift card // All according to Kakusei. ...Wait that's Awakening-

  • Safiya_Darkwood Safiya Darkwood (@Safiya_Darkwood) reported

    @Bones_CR The mental image I get is that of somebody sitting at their keyboard with all of their fingers broken trying to play Anthem while smiling through the pain going I'm having a good time despite wanting to internally scream

  • NutriGee Gary Smith (@NutriGee) reported

    @EAHelp issue with repeated exiting of game. Getting "error retrieving anthem live data."

  • mando_magoo mando.magoo (@mando_magoo) reported

    @EAHelp im loving the game anthem but it either crashes or ea connection lost or both plz fix this

  • albanianator albanianator (@albanianator) reported

    @anthemgame Error retrieving pilot Data. Please restart Anthem. This is after a game crash and app restarting on PS4 I'm just trying to get past the NPC dialogs and it crashes.

  • Aidan54244654 Aidan (@Aidan54244654) reported

    @GambleMike I have completed Anthem. My game is now broken. I have restarted the game and the console many times. It's permanently on infinite loading when I press A to go into the game. I'm hoping this is reported for a fix. Not happy. Bravo to the games campaign..Thank you..

  • Edvoli Magdalena (@Edvoli) reported

    @EAHelp Crashes when Talking To Max about getting the Tapes from Antium. I choose I owe you and It totally crash and closes. #Anthem

  • amazingfenomena Roberto Caetano (@amazingfenomena) reported

    @EAHelp i keep getting the message saying that the anthem service is unavailable.. please, help me..

  • riunie Riunia / 聖花 (@riunie) reported

    Error Retrieving Anthem Live Service Data great game

  • xupye ×üp (@xupye) reported

    I picked anthem up just for my power brick to be broken and not have 70 dollars to get a new one

  • joni_suonpaa joni suonpää (@joni_suonpaa) reported

    @BelleDreamer7 @Timcast I like destiny 2 but not getting anthem why broken full of bugs But getting division 2 and shekiro 😃👍

  • lastliphe last (@lastliphe) reported

    @jjmahoney3 I cant find one positive review on Anthem. Its buggy, long loading screens and broken quests.

  • Ianholley OgreSavage (@Ianholley) reported

    @EAHelp hi just loaded up anthem legion of the dawn on Xbox to be told my account is suspended. No idea why also I can play other ea games no problem. Please help

  • ioveyx hatsune peekink (@ioveyx) reported

    @AGayGuyPlays Anthem will probably be rereviewed whenever it releases its first expansion, and we can assess whether its gotten any better then. I could care less about a games "live service" status. If I'm paying 60 dollars, I'd better be getting a 60 dollar product from the outset.

  • b4lderm Valerio (@b4lderm) reported

    Can't play #Anthem right now, keep getting an error about "anthem live service data" not being available

  • funDAnon D-Anon (@funDAnon) reported

    @EA Launched anthem, got banned. FIX THIS

  • Aadrian1234 Chandler (@Aadrian1234) reported

    I get all of Anthem's issues, but anyone saying it's Warframe x Destiny has clearly never played any of those games for more than a few hours or is severely discrediting Anthem's core gameplay behind all the bugs and issues.

  • TahukanTV Dying Content Creator (@TahukanTV) reported

    Don’t buy Anthem right now unless you’re open to waiting while they fix it and get it to what they’d advertised it as. The gameplay loop is good but the game has a lot of glitches (crashes, server disconnects, lag) If that’s not your cup of tea wait till summer.

  • GlaceNeo Glace (@GlaceNeo) reported

    @EAHelp I played Anthem in the beta and parts of my hud couldn’t be seen since there isn’t an option to adjust screen size, the problem still hasn’t been fixed for the full game and it makes it a bit harder play

  • RyanRickson_ Ryan Rickson (@RyanRickson_) reported

    @anthemgame People who are saying Anthem is a crap game or its garbage haven't played more than 10 mins and have no patience for patches to fix problems

  • Genitive_Case Genitive Case (@Genitive_Case) reported

    @AGayGuyPlays I suppose if Anthem was free to play people would excuse lots of its issues, but paying 60 dollars rises expectations as to the quality.

  • jamieharvey00 Jamie Harvey (@jamieharvey00) reported

    @AnthemBioWare any ideas as to why it keeps kicking me off the game or not even letting me load up the game, keep getting the Error retrieving anthem live service data

  • allthat30 joe (@allthat30) reported from Green Bay, Wisconsin

    @Kotaku you people hating on anthem if you have such a big f****** problem with the game in general then do us all a favor shut the f****** quit bitching and don't play it that simple

  • Nayana_Jaz Danny Schee (@Nayana_Jaz) reported

    Just in case anyone has the same problem as me, I've found the culprit...finally! I deleted 3 files BootOptions, ProfileOptions & ProfileOptions_profile (MyDocuments/BioWare/Anthem/settings) and my loading screen freeze was history. #anthemgame #bug

  • CarlosAKABabyJ Carlos AKA Baby Jesus (@CarlosAKABabyJ) reported

    @EAHelp Honestly getting sick of getting kicked now. An hour in free play lord knows how many medals and I get kicked to main menu telling me error retrieving live data. Come one anthem.

  • brymazz1 Bryan Mazzucco (@brymazz1) reported from Olympia, Washington

    FIX Your SERVERS! @bioware @anthemgame #Anthem

  • SplattrCatGames Splootercat (@SplattrCatGames) reported

    Interestingly I think the problem is that the game doesn't feel excited about itself. Other open world mmo-lite shooters drink their own koolaid and really sell the universe well because of it. Anthem seems like it's just not excited about itself narrative wise lol.

  • quickslanding Quicks ❌🇺🇸⚓️🌵 (@quickslanding) reported

    When you disrespect our country national anthem and the America flag you disgrace fathers and mothers defending our country’s democracy. They risk their lives for our country, it disgraceful not showing respect for what they fight for. Thank you to all veterans for your service

  • Genitive_Case Genitive Case (@Genitive_Case) reported

    @AGayGuyPlays Comparing Anthem to Warframe is unfair. Warframe is free to play and was essentially crowdfunded. When it was released it also got mixed reviews. Anthem costs 60 dollars, took 6 years to develop, and still shipped unfinished with technical issues that shouldn't exist.

  • stephtacular_ Stephtacular 🌸🌱🌿 (@stephtacular_) reported

    I really enjoyed what I played of Anthem last night. I may have unknowingly saved myself because it sounds like the pc port is a mess, which I really hope they fix up, but on PlayStation I’m having a really fun time with the game. Now patch pc, and bring on cross play. #Anthem

  • SolarQuiet Solar Quiet (@SolarQuiet) reported

    @EAHelp Anthem keeps disconnecting me from online service on xbox. I had the game crash earlier and I havent been able to play since. My region is Europe.

  • redrocketpanda 📚 Avery (@redrocketpanda) reported

    Great... subscribed to #originpremier to play #anthem only to not only be able to play the damn game. Looked online and it's flooded with people having the same issue as me. Not a good look for #AnthemGame