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  • averyshmavery jack is king (@averyshmavery) reported

    @jonahsfedora Best: unbelievable Worst: trust fund baby, it’s such a “not like other girls” anthem and really generalises a lot of feminine traits as being bad, and that mentality is part of the overarching problem of society’s poor view on girls, thanks for coming to my ted talk

  • juleannwakeman Jule Ann Wakeman (@juleannwakeman) reported

    @stephaniehdray Sadly, not really. But I think it's a cultural disconnect more than a linguistic one. The Canadian national anthem, for example, has two completely different sets of lyrics, and the French version is much more militant and religious than the English.

  • Jogban J.U ²³¹. (@Jogban) reported

    My brother if she says she wants Brazilian hair this Xmas, no problem but before you give her the money...first ask her to sing Brazilian National Anthem bcos me I hate nonsense🙄😔

  • rameshbabuchilk 🇮🇳 Ramesh 🇮🇳 (@rameshbabuchilk) reported

    The bigger problem is that the # Converts are distancing themselves from being Indian, forgetting their ancestry, disliking their heritage even National anthem, moreover associating with everything that's foreign including Anti national

  • _jbradley idk, my bff jo•na•than? 🐍 (@_jbradley) reported

    Joyce Manor opening for Against Me! and Fake Problems opening for Gaslight Anthem — both times I had no idea who the opener was, got their record after seeing them.

  • ehdecker Ethan Decker (@ehdecker) reported

    @Masterplan_Mktg Yes! But it’s also horses for courses: people who like making anthem ads should do that, while people who like segmentations should do that. Same for research, packaging, UX, pricing, SEM, etc. It’s only an issue when a CMO thinks there’s only one P, not 4.

  • nabilasulaiman_ Muggle 🦋 (@nabilasulaiman_) reported

    SNSD even didn’t win any trophy on Mcountdown during GEE promotion due to SM-Mnet issue, eventhough GEE are certified as KOREA NATIONAL ANTHEM. They started to get their trophy back during The Boys promotion after the Issue has been solved. Snake Mnet😏

  • blacktalkradio If the #fakenews label fits, we must convict! (@blacktalkradio) reported

    @KyleBaileyWFNZ After firing Rivera, who wrapped himself in his father's military service & never supportive of players protesting on sidelines during anthem, Tepper should bring in @Kaepernick7 as a back up to Cam. He's throwing 60-yard bombs from a 3 step drop-in 3-secs.

  • CruzanTom Tom Cruzan (@CruzanTom) reported

    @majornelson @XboxP3 Hoping one of you can help. I bought a Xbox One S bundle from the Microsoft store as part of a Black Friday sale that was supposed to come with a promo code for Madden 20. I was sent Anthem instead. Support has refused to fix the problem because the promotion

  • omniczech Mike, Cubesatz Haderach (@omniczech) reported

    @UsmanTheRad @phizzled Also I'm now realizing that adventures could have fixed the issue with all those etb anthem creatures by not making them cost 4+ Mana for the anthem 😭😭😭

  • TustinSamantha samantha lee tustin 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@TustinSamantha) reported

    @piersmorgan Personally @jeremycorbyn I don’t care if you watch the Queen or sing the anthem please just fix the country 👍🏻

  • o0alchemist0o cake over everything (@o0alchemist0o) reported

    @Arekkz For real, then look at pish like anthem that dont even fix their game

  • Jameron4evaSean Sean Clevenger aka Scorpio Assassin (@Jameron4evaSean) reported

    @CobaltRedeemer @Kneon Anthem of all Customer Service and Retail associates.

  • YourCrunkness KTTG (@YourCrunkness) reported

    @briansob @TurtleEatsLeafs @ksatnews Taking the knee was at the suggestion of a soldier that took a little issue with Kaep's original form of protest, which was to just sit outright during the anthem. He said a talking a knee showed respect to the fallen, hence, the knee everyone loved to hate

  • Ilufemiloye1st Fémi Bello (@Ilufemiloye1st) reported

    @aedcelectricity That has been your anthem each time I report this issue. You guys are not living up to expectations at all.

  • vsvitrix Vibecheck Anywhere System (@vsvitrix) reported

    Hour and 45 recorded of anthem and I can say definitively that I felt nothing but boredom during the act of playing it and active disinterest in any of the story beats. It plays slightly better than warframe but has the same problem of you being unkillable and boring.

  • Garrett8Rickman Garrett Rickman (@Garrett8Rickman) reported

    @EYX77954949 @Whosteeny That is not the reason Kaepernick or Reid gave when they chose to kneel for the National Anthem. They chose to kneel to call attention to the problems with racial inequality and police brutality. The only time I’ve ever kneeled in a sport is when another player gets injured

  • bunbunwolf Bunnie (@bunbunwolf) reported

    @RavenRosegate Lol seems like an interesting man. Mine would just spill his pipe everywhere and sing the marines anthem loudly randomly. Always fix or redoing stuff around the house so grandma would leave him alone. Lol

  • ericburin ericburin (@ericburin) reported

    The problems with National Anthem Policy 2.0--problems that stemmed from the league's unwillingness to consult other interested parties and/or their inability to envision the perspectives of those parties--ultimately lead the league effectively scrap the policy.

  • AustinHoughTGN Austin Hough (@AustinHoughTGN) reported

    We had technical issues with the national anthem, so we just did the pledge of allegiance instead. I can’t tell you the last time I had to stand for the pledge of allegiance. Proud I still remembered all the words

  • drogerninus Drogerninus (@drogerninus) reported

    @USlawreview @RLTW14 @vitriolicgoy You're both right and wrong. America isn't a cohesive, coherent nation. It's an empire, with one group, whites, still loyal to America. Whereas the rest... Not so much. The problem isn't the anthem. It's the end of America.

  • yeongwonhi25 Az 👑 GD&TOP Vol II 2020: Chimaek! (@yeongwonhi25) reported

    I don't know what's going on rn on my TL but here is my country's NYSC (national youth service corps) anthem for you.

  • Sir_Bay_Raider Haze🇵🇦🇺🇸 (@Sir_Bay_Raider) reported

    @Liberty_Raider YES!! The whole Anthem protest issue. Man after that, it was all bad..Hell DJ Swearinger was on that team and even said, the raiders looked lifeless

  • HeyItsKrissy_K karissa !! (@HeyItsKrissy_K) reported

    I’m trying to memorize the short kind anthem 😎😎 so far not working @katiskooI

  • MikeTheFinger Mike The Finger (@MikeTheFinger) reported

    @Remember_Roar I know. My friends have the same problem. And most times the seat goes empty. I go an Im in a section with people during the anthem who just stand there. What happened to the old days in the old stadium when everyone went nuts for the anthem.

  • USlawreview Legalman (@USlawreview) reported

    @RLTW14 @vitriolicgoy well if it's not required, then just stop playing the anthem and problem solved.

  • DianeSorensen12 Diane Sorensen (@DianeSorensen12) reported

    @RVAwonk "Anything for a buck" continues as the real national anthem I see. Couching it as a first amendment issue doesn’t hide that simple fact.

  • Ninjajordan_ Jordan🎮 (@Ninjajordan_) reported

    @thebajan Oh bro, it's the whole business model of the "games-as-service" model. There was actually a glitch in Anthem that gave people tons of loot that EA "fixed" and everyone hated it XD

  • mtcristi03 Wicked Lips (@mtcristi03) reported

    Iggy , i mean today i woke up straight at 6 am to be ready to listen to the new EP and I WAS LEFT SHOOK when I heard Personal Problem for the first time !!! MY BOP FOR DECADES FROM NOW !!!! UGH , AND THE GIRLS , THE BRAZIL ANTHEM !!! Not Important a ************* bop ! 🤪

  • Goodnews_CJ The Explorer. (@Goodnews_CJ) reported

    Lol, 'that guy/girl no get problem' is the anthem till the day they're ready to use the niceness to wipe the floor..

  • judi_sutherland Judi #FBPE 🖤 (@judi_sutherland) reported

    7. So the danger of a trade deal with the US is not really that drug prices might go up - although that could happen - but that the NHS will be turned into an insurance-based service, and US giants such as Kaiser Permanente, United Health, Humana, Anthem, will be providing it

  • rehemakariuki a decent human (@rehemakariuki) reported

    @velvetsno The national anthem slaps the country is the problem.

  • JonasMa65503953 Kronkerman (@JonasMa65503953) reported

    @AlterSchwedee @kyle___scott @noespanoltrick @benshapiro yeah it is. It's a jerk move to do it during the anthem. And it didn't fix anything.

  • dariowaldorf Wicked Lips (@dariowaldorf) reported

    Personal Problem is like « Im that ***** » anthem 🤯#WickedLips @IGGYAZALEA

  • godspeedkjm dyanna (@godspeedkjm) reported

    ****** problems was the national anthem i ain’t forget

  • ryoskitt smiler !! (@ryoskitt) reported

    i know all i talk about is snickerdoodle but . her anthem is literally the ‘i think i will cause problems on purpose’ meme

  • heelnxt HeelNXT (@heelnxt) reported

    @LilianGarcia @NXTCiampa Stopped listening after your rant about taking a knee during the US anthem. Speaking on an issue that could never affect you. Couldn’t continue listening after that

  • DouglasEBlake Douglas Blake ⚾ (@DouglasEBlake) reported

    @MavrocksGirl Part of the problem is the @NFL sees taking a knee during the National Anthem a more serious crime than animal abuse.

  • 50shadesofcage rigor morris (@50shadesofcage) reported

    If I got millions from not working and had a ******* national anthem named after me I’m sure as hell I’ll make it 200

  • semihyde_ dunder milfin (@semihyde_) reported

    @Stryko2 @SimMattically @NeilSimming EA overall has gone downhill in game development over the last few years, especially with the Sims. To me their biggest issue is not acknowledging what WE want, in addition to rushing products to fit a deadline (ahem, Anthem) and not delivering what was promised to be in game.

  • ADetailedHouse ADH (@ADetailedHouse) reported

    @RawStory So butchering and making a mockery of a national anthem is perfectly acceptable, but sitting quietly or kneeling to bring awareness to an issue (that has been widely lost in translation, misunderstood, & changed to evoke hatred).

  • bajanking43 Bruce Phillips 🇧🇧 🇧🇧 (@bajanking43) reported

    @mousephantbooks @realTuckFrumper Ted Nugent will be singing Anthem I hope he's gotten over his defecation issues, that helped him avoid being drafted

  • SoundofSoumu SouMu's Child 💭 (@SoundofSoumu) reported

    "gFrIEnD lAcKs iNfLueNcE aNd rePutatiOn" bruh the girls are charting well against big time grps, widely known in korea their songs are basically sk's national anthem, they are well established. The problem is, they're from small agency, another thing is, they're a girl group.

  • Knot415Sf On another level‼️ (@Knot415Sf) reported

    @jilevin This the same broad who grabbed her lower hole and spit right after singing the national anthem...but kneeling was the issue, 👌🏽

  • Prolifico96 PUBLIC ENEMY #1 (@Prolifico96) reported

    The same whitefolks that hate @Kaepernick7 , are the same ones that supported and defended @TimTebow when he kneeled during that SAME anthem. Their problem is blac, they can give a *** about the flag or Veterans... Shit, half of then still wear a rebel flag.. #MakeItMakeSense

  • nanazirtaeb anna gosta de queijo (@nanazirtaeb) reported

    N - national anthem A - any colour you like N - nervous young inhumans A - another brick in the wall Z - zombie I - ivy R - ride T - telescope A - a certain romance E - endless love B - boulevard of the broken dreams

  • Pupwheein619 Rein (semi ia) (@Pupwheein619) reported

    "mamAmOo lAcKs iNfLueNcE aNd rePutatiOn" bruh the girls are charting well against big time grps, widely known in korea their songs are basically sk's national anthem, they are well established. The problem is, they're from small agency, another thing is, they're a girl group.

  • mmoises1213 Lisa Fischer Queen of Vocals (@mmoises1213) reported

    @chartdata Gangnam Style Party Rock Anthem Where Have You Been Love You Like A Love Song Smile I’m Into You Oath The Way Problem Roar Hello Lucy All In My Head Splinters Sweet but Psycho With You Rainbow Million Reasons I Really Like You We Can’t Stop Let It Go Timber Promise Born to Die

  • suckmyjunhui ᴏʟɪ ♡ sᴠᴛ (@suckmyjunhui) reported

    @multifan_bitch i lowkey have a problem standing for the national anthem every morning but jdndjf

  • AlanInRaleigh Alan (@AlanInRaleigh) reported

    I have 0 issues with losing to UNC tonight. What I do have issue with is the idiotic and disrespectful “red” that’s yelled by Wolfpack fans during the National Anthem at all NC State home games.

  • hocke1 x - Kathi Bilbrey (@hocke1) reported

    @StLouisBlues She was great we need her and the retired service man( cant think of his name)sing the anthem full time.

  • xAunaRAGE xAuna (@xAunaRAGE) reported

    @deject3000 They are saying they are going to make some kind of “Anthem Next or 2.0” to fix it all but I’m not optimistic. 😔

  • MurphyBruno The Real MurphyBruno (@MurphyBruno) reported

    @AHume92 The SBA is supposed to be the Vatican of hockey, but our anthem singer is showing up dressed like a cheap **** on a red light street. Shanny needs to fix it.#FireOrtizLouis

  • realnlj Norma Jenkins (@realnlj) reported

    @AGutiGarcia @BreitbartNews The greatness of this country - we can disagree at any time on any issue. I believe protesting the National Anthem is wrong - has nothing to do with the police. A few bad police does't justify the reactions. Almost everytime, the perp refused to do as told after he broke the law.

  • UnfunnyDeadpool PrOmArE (@UnfunnyDeadpool) reported

    @bioware will this overhaul of Anthem fix the horrible connections, stopped a week after release due to the massive problem yet two days ago I tried it again and the problem was still their, but even worse.

  • STLMattinals Mattinals (@STLMattinals) reported

    @DanielleBeeson5 If I’m any place doing the deed and the anthem comes on, we got a problem.

  • JoeRyland Joe Ryland (@JoeRyland) reported

    @TheNozzerator @mikeinvek It's the British anthem, I don't think it would be such an issue if England didn't use it for sport.

  • gregoryh325 Gregory Hatfield🌈🇺🇸 (@gregoryh325) reported

    @roper_93 They have a problem with people kneeling during the national anthem (which isn't against flag code) but then they wear clothes with the flag on it (which is against flag code)


    @LabanZReeves @JourdanRodrigue @JasonLaCanfora The NFL took the stance of how dare you. Then making the narrative about the flag. When in reality they knew the truth. Miltary sponsorship; Thus their problem with him. The national anthem anthem is it disrespect to all so called Blacks in America.

  • myaltacct2019 Beth Long (@myaltacct2019) reported

    @SpunkyAlternate @Terrilltf I personally know more female soldiers than male. Of those 5 women, 1 served in Afganistan and the other in Somalia. Using the older version of the anthem shows a complete lack of respect for those service personnel. I would hope that the #UPC would understand that.