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  • Zachsdad88 Justin Vandevander (@Zachsdad88) reported

    @NFL your officials are a ******* joke! Fix this shit fans are going to eventually say enough all together quit watching! You lost enough viewers over your National Anthem Bull Shit! Your refs just robbed the @HoustonTexans of a TD! @nflcommish is running league in the ground!

  • AakashPachauri aakash pachauri (@AakashPachauri) reported

    @diku5sep @Satyana18275216 @LegalKant If so u say this that they chose India over Pakistan than why they have a problem to say jai hind or singing national anthem

  • VIPHELPDESK TechSupport (@VIPHELPDESK) reported

    @EA @bioware Really should make ANTHEM opensource. Let fans fix what mismanagement could not.

  • Care2much18 Danny Boy (@Care2much18) reported

    @MiguelDelaney @OwenCallan @JFLUSR @EwanMacKenna Oh and here's another one for you - the entire Irish support sang the Italian national anthem for the Italy game in 2016. The words were on the big screen. I'm sure you have a problem with that too, seeing as you have a problem with Irish fans not being miserable abroad.

  • Doku05469642 Doku HL SD (@Doku05469642) reported

    Yet people still do "Please yes sir let me work and take a portion of my wages so the government can give it back to me while I also fund your public service salaries!" The anthem of the meek, weak, and utterly brainwashed sheep Pathetic and pitiful the lot of em

  • FEkevere Francis Ekevere (@FEkevere) reported

    @vanguardngrnews @vanguardngr Is this the Nigeria problem. What is national anthem to a dying people. Nigerians are suffering

  • ShawnPuggerWill Shawn Williams (@ShawnPuggerWill) reported

    @ArashMadani Exactly Arash. He's same type of person who would say Colin Kap was dishonouring military. My late Dad served 🇨🇦 for 23 yrs in RCAF/CAF and guy sitting down for Nat. Anthem in of all places, HoC, dishonours service of my Dad and those with and before him. #ShameOnScheer

  • jose25620 azael (@jose25620) reported

    @EAHelp so like I gave Anthem a chance and I’ve deadass been waiting over an hour just to get past the loading screen🙃 not implying that I got to actually play it cuz apparently there’s a connection problem this all happening while the screen continuesly freezes

  • DylanMatthews91 Dylan Matthews (@DylanMatthews91) reported

    @TheVenomousRose Oh absolutely however I find it a tad hypocritical for someone not to sing the anthem yet have no issue in playing for the country and receiving a massive pay day from it. It’s hypocritical

  • et_mortuus_est Timothy Farris (@et_mortuus_est) reported

    @EAHelp So I cant connect to any ea games. I keep losing connection. I've checked my stuff multiple times and reset everything multiple times so it ain't an issue on my end. Battlefield 5 and anthem keep doing it. I'm on xbox.

  • karinannr karina r (@karinannr) reported

    They took the big foot Java out and put anthem ); my heart is broken

  • asmith906 Adrian Smith (@asmith906) reported

    @TrevorDame I really don't know how they haven't sorted all these production problems out yet. Why doesnt anthem/axs tv give them an actual production team. I like impact but this is just embarrassing. You wouldn't know they've been doing this over a decade with all the mistakes.

  • David747Heavy David Ricardo Veloz (@David747Heavy) reported

    I rather have a single player game with a bad ending than live service disaster like #Anthem.

  • TheRedPlague66 Dylan Moran (@TheRedPlague66) reported

    @melaytonmiller1 @nickscoffin @halo57634 @FortTarsisHub @SavageDad84 @anthemgame @EAHelp There’s absolutely nothing wrong with expecting your money’s worth from a product. Anthem didn’t deliver in that field. If you think it’s entitled for the astounding amount of dissatisfied customers to voice their issues with the product then idek what to say to you.

  • tups234 Me (@tups234) reported

    @LeighCaffyn You’d have hoped so when they only go live with seconds before FO. That’s why other teams let you watch warm up and the anthem to allow for errors to be corrected

  • J0rdon987 Jordon Pope-Stannard (@J0rdon987) reported

    @anthemgame @bioware Im glad I gave this game a go again. The game feels a 100% more better than what it did at launch and the loot issues have been resolved in my opinion. Well done #Anthem #bioware

  • J0rdon987 Jordon Pope-Stannard (@J0rdon987) reported

    @AnthemGameHub @bioware Im glad I gave this game a go again. The game feels a 100% more better than what it did at launch and the loot issues have been resolved in my opinion. Well done #Anthem #bioware

  • josh_brunson21 Josh “spook-em-up” Brunson (@josh_brunson21) reported

    ALSO I loathe all these always-online live-service titles like Destiny, Anthem, The Division & what it looks like the Avengers game is gonna be. Give me a game I can FINISH, not some buggy unfinished crap with a “10 year roadmap” #MyUnpopularGameOpinion

  • xoxoxxoxoxoxxox Katie Fitzmaurice (@xoxoxxoxoxoxxox) reported

    @hurrohana No problem with haka or think it should be gotten rid of but for Ireland we don't get to use our actual anthem cos we have two (to do with the north and our history) but we only are aloud to use 1 so that's where my issue is , why should ye have the time for both when we don't

  • BikeRocketCom Sarah's Bike Repairs (@BikeRocketCom) reported

    2) This from a person with dual citizenship & is registered 4 USA selective service. Calls himself an insurance broker with 1 out of 4 courses completed. Would have to fact check him all the time. These facts aren't as important as fact he omitted them & didn't stand 4 anthem.

  • sakrullahir Prince Ademola Ajayi (@sakrullahir) reported from Ikorodu, Lagos State

    @MedallionDGreat No problem... We will even sing barca's anthem on that day...

  • momma72of2 Kelly🇨🇦 (@momma72of2) reported

    @CTVNews How gross the CPC have become. How they lie, spread fear, dismiss real issues, how the leader doesn’t stand for our anthem and thinks that it’s ok. How they had to hide Doug Ford because of what a train wreck their policies are. Turning point for me. I’ll never vote CPC again.

  • _kanibe_ Nègre et vert. 🌺🌵🎍 (@_kanibe_) reported

    The problem I might have with it, is that if we do black culture question, then it might single out the rest of diaspora. Idk Southern Black American Anthem, but I know mine. And I doubt yall know mine. But it will be a cool exercise to set up!

  • ThatDud71595419 That Dude (@ThatDud71595419) reported

    @ChuckModi1 F*** Kap. Let the half breed learn what happens when you disrespect our country’s anthem. NONE of you would have anything if it weren’t for what our PATRIOT’s did to the British b*****s,so recognize and stand the F up. Ur parents didn’t want you, so what,we’ve all got problems 🙄

  • RobSutton22 Rob Sutton (@RobSutton22) reported

    Irish fans singing over the anthem, always gets media attention when England do that at Twickenham. Let’s see if it’s an issue when Ireland do it. #NZLvIRE

  • indiana747 Don (@indiana747) reported

    Finished Anthem campaign last night & erm, yeah, that game still has problems. Multiple crashes to dashboard, loss of rewards, freezing so i have to reset. This along with compulsury freeplay missions where you are required to co-op with randoms or do tedious farming to progress.

  • Ivy182 Ric Drake of the BatFam (@Ivy182) reported

    @LoriHyrup @DreTop1a @GailSimone Anthem was also EA's big triple A game as a service that dropped this year and it failed because the player base had been dropping fast. Probably one of the most dissapointing games to have come out considering how big it was supposed to be.

  • McFistCC Cory - Disco Elysium Fanpage Now (@McFistCC) reported

    Two CTD, one 'Lost Connection to EA Servers' mid-freeplay, which did not crash the game but launching another expedition when I reconnected does in fact lead to the third CTD. Sound broke when entering a Contract mission. Tonight's Anthem score: #BiowareMagic/10

  • mehmetao Mehmet Ali Özdemir (@mehmetao) reported

    @implctt @onlmaps There is an error there. Spanish anthem is not vocal.

  • Laughing_Quinn { Alanna } De Trebbond } (@Laughing_Quinn) reported

    @BlackTKN @anthemgame Totally would if Anthem wasn’t as broken as several dropped wine glasses

  • korrupted Marcellus King (@korrupted) reported

    @waynenj7 @bycharlescurtis Antonio Brown had very little to do with race, if at all. He was just an A-hole. Marcus Peters for example, the reason why he was traded away from the Chiefs was due to the anthem issue. And there are plenty of race based issues in the NFL. You just gotta stop being blind.

  • AethyrUlf Aethyr | EXTRA WOLF (@AethyrUlf) reported

    @guscraw EA seems to have this thing where a game will be awful in some way at launch, but some time later most issues will be fixed, by which time the price will have dropped. SW Battlefront 2, Anthem, and ME Andromeda are good examples but I'm sure there are more

  • TheAverageMike Michael (@TheAverageMike) reported

    @andrewcarry1 @andymcgeady They know, it would just be ludicrous to allow the opposition team to have 2 anthems in your stadium, no other fan would accept that. Also if people don't want to support a team because of an anthem then that is their problem, inclusion matters more.

  • field701 Field ❌🌊🇨🇦 (@field701) reported

    @MarcMillerVM @MarcGarneau I didn't know credentials meant that you couldn't be wrong on any issues. He sat because they were changing the anthem. Our veterans died for their rightful place in the anthem. With Scheer 100% on this.

  • iykkman Otunba Olu (@iykkman) reported

    @todayng I bet you that even our No. 1 cannot. It is the least of our problems. The 100m+ Nigerians who go to bed hungry couldn't care less about some anthem somewhere. They are too dehumanized to care. Solve the hunger problem, get our kids into functional schools and see the change.

  • iykkman Otunba Olu (@iykkman) reported

    @todayng I can bet you that even our No. cannot. That is the least of our problems. The 100m+ Nigerians who go to bed hungry couldn't care less about some anthem. They are too dehumanized to care. Solve the hunger problem, get our kids into functional schools and see the change.

  • PapaBlessYT PapaBless (@PapaBlessYT) reported

    Sold pretty well actually. But a big reason it didn’t sell as well as you’d expect is due to marketing. You’d hear all over about the game and developmental issues and bugs etc. the marketing wasn’t good for Anthem.

  • CoolFactsPosted Built to Spillionaire (@CoolFactsPosted) reported

    Trying to use my work-provided @AnthemBCBS insurance for the first time. Walk downstairs to the clinic beneath my workplace. They can't tell me if I'm in network or what it'll cost. The Anthem and Sidney apps do not work and say the service is unavailable and to try again later

  • stevetallent Steve Tallent (@stevetallent) reported

    @ThorogoodWorld @HumbleSatBoy @hotstreak567 @TIME For those people, the same issues are at play, disrespecting and abandoning American values and traditions. Kap disrespected the flag & anthem saying he couldn't respect a country that did X, while simultaneously saying he wasn't showing disrespect.

  • WorldofMrGrey Daniel Jackson (@WorldofMrGrey) reported

    @Sulyspa Have no problem being British, but at least include my godamn national anthem in this map, all I’m asking lol

  • zuer1985 Scott Parker (@zuer1985) reported

    @GameSpot It was fun to mess with when it wasn't glitch as hell, but that wasn't often. It seemed like a bit of a catastrophe. Not quite Anthem, but close.

  • spayer spayer (@spayer) reported

    @SSTWTS2020 @HarveyStaub1 ... and an expectation that someone is going to fix your life for you, without you doing anything to EARN it, does not get covered by putting up a flag and singing the National Anthem.

  • HeroAustinV SpookstinV⎊ (@HeroAustinV) reported

    Games that people were hyped about but died the same month: Astral Chain Gears 5 Borderlands 3 Anthem Jump Force Crash Team Racing Sonic Racing Game Kill la Kill IF Catherine Full Body Killer Queen Black Overwatch

  • ndschultz042 Norman Schultz (@ndschultz042) reported

    @ChuckModi1 Greed created this problem. NFL wanted government $ by promoting flag waving and the military. Teams hadn’t been on the field for the anthem much or at all before then. Hope Denver’s losing $ with these loses.

  • jdweinstock Josh Weinstock (@jdweinstock) reported

    I don't have any problem with Kap's anthem protests, I just don't think he's that good. And he hasn't played in years, so I would imagine there are better options.

  • Shawn22760947 Shawn (@Shawn22760947) reported

    @DuvalMagic I and all my friend are deleting this game you have basically made it into Anthem with all the nerfs and balance changes .... fix it and we may reinstall until then the game is trash

  • aadipa aadipa (@aadipa) reported

    @kalpik Crazy rules. I have no problems standing up myself, but ultimately it is individual choice. And most cinema halls still show national anthem even though its no longer mandatory, just to avoid any issues from those who want it.

  • muheeb_salami salami muheeb (@muheeb_salami) reported

    @Naijapals With all the issues facing this nation as we speak. Issue of who and who can recite national anthem we should be talking about. Not even ashamed of telling this to the public.

  • SupaStarDad NuKoresh333(Black Mr. Rogers) (@SupaStarDad) reported

    @sdaddy101269 Idk I think deciding to take it from Charlotte was part of Adam Silvers "woke" movement that he & LeBron spearheaded when they tried to piggyback on the Anthem Controversy & overtake NFL in popularity by insinuating that they care so much more about these issues than the NFL does

  • PaulALeroux Paul A. Leroux (@PaulALeroux) reported

    @ThatsMrNeil I am not fan of Scheer. But I back him in his support to protest the anthem. And I also back him on this issue. The changing of the 🇨🇦 anthem was the dumbest thing ever.

  • dantereallydoe Dante Gambino (@dantereallydoe) reported

    Congress should be arguing over real problems like why isn’t she wolf by shakira Columbia’s national anthem yet

  • RedsReporter Steve 🇬🇧 #BritishIndependence 🇬🇧 1 of 17,410,742 (@RedsReporter) reported

    @sdjohns @Auchinstarry @ByDonkeys @BorisJohnson It’s not the trade deals that I have problems with, Simon. It is the restrictive practices that prevent us freely trading with the world, the loss of our fishing grounds, the ‘Empire-building’ (Anthem/flag/Army etc) and free movement that I object to. Nothing to do with trade…

  • sandysp4u संदीप पांडे (@sandysp4u) reported

    @TrikonGaruda8 @Mohansinha @tavleen_singh I never said anything I just posted my conditional view's I have no problem if there is 1 or 10 songs as National Anthem or National song I will sing all.

  • 10Broderick James Broderick (@10Broderick) reported

    @edjenx @IPMT1990 some don't like it as they think its a rubbish song and some don't like it as its not the irish anthem and they don't give two 💩💩 about the likes of R Best. If there is to be a UI those folk are as big a problem as the DUP

  • Rudray_namah Bhakt mahakaal भक्त महाकाल।। (@Rudray_namah) reported

    @BDUTT Agar vande mataram se problem hai to lab pe dua se bhi problem hogi.. indians Really dont care of hindostan hamara is removed.. v care abt out national anthem n national song

  • seanxnthony 𝖘 𝖒 𝖔 𝖔 𝖛 𝖊 🏁 (@seanxnthony) reported

    “Watch out for the big girls” was a Jersey anthem.. This aint a problem.

  • Drichbeauty Doreen Richardson (@Drichbeauty) reported

    @MarcMillerVM @MarcGarneau Scheer lies about being an insurance salesman! Marc has been such a beacon of service to our country, and filled us with such pride along the way. This is so Jealous, Resentful, and Disrespectful! IF SCHEER WANTS TO LEAD THIS COUNTRY, HE BETTER STAND AND RESPECT HER ANTHEM!

  • hebrideann Ann Callon (@hebrideann) reported

    @CTVNews Well there you go! That clip has just revealed the root of the problem with Scheer. HE TAKES NO LESSONS! It’s the not knowing better that must be the reason for his endless lies & lack of respect for all that our anthem represents.

  • CoachesHotSeat Coaches Hot Seat (@CoachesHotSeat) reported

    Ole @Kaepernick7 career clearly going down when he started kneeling for National Anthem but then Bozo the Clown be better Flacco so Kap be as well! Problem for Kap he thinks every American responsible for bad cops and we Combat Vets not supporting those bad cops..Kap saying we do

  • d_shames BigDakEnergy CowboysNation✭ (@d_shames) reported

    @ianhendrix13 @slipper26116816 @ShannonSharpe Correct. There’s a time and place to stand up for social issues. It’s not at work during an anthem that represents the country u live and and make millions of dollars in to play a game. He’s also not good enough to attract negative attention. He’s where he beolongs. Unemployed.