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  • crgentle
    Chris Gentle (@crgentle) reported

    @robbieg8s I strongly suspect it, but Apple support said it's not a model or batch with known problems. Now I have the wheel of pain to clone to my backup MBP, erase warped MBP, then take it to a store.

  • jules_rowan
    Julian Rowan (@jules_rowan) reported

    Every new **** dispensary in this city has the exact same aesthetic as like an Apple store, the only difference is their Genius Bar is just one guy named Travis who keeps telling me the only way to fix my problems is by using CBD

  • fusepark
    Lorelei Armstrong (@fusepark) reported

    So I took my computer to the Apple Store. They fixed it. The fix lasted a half an hour. I can try again when I'm back in town in June.

  • BrownWomanKing
    John Love: Last of the Celestials (@BrownWomanKing) reported

    This would explain why Venom had a Macbook computer instead of one of those wack Sony computers. But Apple must be expecting to shut down the Apple Store & go entirely streaming

  • ianthompson_
    Ian (@ianthompson_) reported

    I’m so pissed I just wasted my time, energy, and gas going to the Apple Store only for them to say they can’t fix my screen today...I’m not making an Appointment. It’s not a car. It’s a phone! I’m tempted to take this shit back and get an Android.

  • robot_pie
    The Cardsharp (@robot_pie) reported

    @xemilyp Nope. I’ve had two iPhone 6+s; this one was traded in at the Apple store a couple years ago under warranty because my first one was bent which affected the touch screen (typical iPhone 6+ issue). So I’m sure this is a refurbished.

  • VDubbb87
    Victoria (@VDubbb87) reported

    @AppleSupport anyone who has an issue such as a random burn that happened after 2 years of wearing an Apple watch, don’t waste your time. Especially if you don’t want to cry at the Apple store!!!

  • J_Faith_23
    Jocelyn Faith (@J_Faith_23) reported

    It’s crazy how my phone battery just expand so much that it piped apart the screen disconnected from the back of the phone and the battery it was a 5c from this little store they buy electronics fix them and resell them mostly Apple products sometimes Samsung phones...

  • Lani_Vazquez
    LeiLani. (@Lani_Vazquez) reported

    Just spent 3 hours at the apple store for them to agree my brand new phone is a piece of shit and not working and replaced it within 5 minutes of me talking to an actual person. 3 hours for 5 minutes of work

  • BenLin2015
    Ben Lin (@BenLin2015) reported

    @AppleSupport Finally an Asian guy, a worker, at your store help me solve the problem. It is so easy. But the stupid tech support woman at Apple store is arrogant.

  • FBIhelpME
    @FBIhelpME (@FBIhelpME) reported

    I'm on my way to Georgia mall Apple store my appointment was after 6 I hope and pray they fix my husband's software in his iPhone he was always an Android user I just recruited him a few months ago with Sprint special

  • BenLin2015
    Ben Lin (@BenLin2015) reported

    @AppleSupport Hi,I am at Topanga mall Apple store. Your store tech support is really stupid. I ask her why my safari bars turn to black, & every time I login my email, it logout automatically after i close the website. She didn’t know how to shovel it, & her attitude is quite unfriendly.

  • thevarunraja
    varun raja (@thevarunraja) reported

    @kevin_vangelder @AdamRackis The other thing is the customer support. Apple Support is much better when compared to Microsoft(if you have any device issues, you can go to the nearest apple store and get it fixed). I don't think there is a way to extend your manufacturer warranty with Microsoft products

  • Bitte__B
    B⃟I⃟T⃟T⃟E⃟ 🇸🇪🎙💖 (@Bitte__B) reported

    @JonathanRamen @SpicyFiles Still is. Most morons that make virus still target Microsoft/PC and when it comes to apps, Apple check their apps and don't let just anyone upload an app to their App Store. Different with google etc where apps can be virus or simple not good. I know Apple has turn down apps

  • kimmiemunster
    Little King Trash Mouth (@kimmiemunster) reported

    @blanquitayaneth Please save me. I’m at the Apple Store now trying to get them to fix it.

  • WriteorDieG5472
    writeordiegrl5472 (@WriteorDieG5472) reported

    @trishapaytas Always get the insurance. Thats worked for me, but I always have Samsung. If not, repair places can help fix it. If its under warranty Id contact the store and/or Apple📱📲📱📲

  • VitoTrup
    Vito (@VitoTrup) reported

    @ucf_problems @Spotify would win hands down if they released an app for the Apple Watch that could store playlists for off-line use and stream. Get it together Spotify.

  • jrollans
    Jonathan Rollans (@jrollans) reported from Trinidad, Colorado

    So the AMD Link app is allowed in the App Store and it is capable of streaming PC games to an iOS device, but the SteamLink app is not allowed even though Valve took steps to fix the issue Apple had with it. Hopefully the AMD app works well and it doesn’t get pulled. #technology

  • ioxwave_02
    KILLFRENZY (@ioxwave_02) reported

    How to fix an iPhone 101 1.take it to the nearest Apple store guy says it’ll be 600 to replace your cracked screen. 2. Tell him; no thanks **** you. 3. Google electronics repair shop down the street 4. Chinese guy says that’ll be 20 dollars. 5. Drive home flip off @AppleSupport

  • sachinrekhi
    Sachin Rekhi (@sachinrekhi) reported

    @dwr @jamiequint @ilyasu Apple has been heavily promoting VPN apps in their App Store and 2 VPN apps are in the top 10 productivity apps right now. Apple will be slow to build their own because doing so in China would put them in hot water with the government, though it’s one of the biggest vpn markets

  • wsrphoto
    Scott Knowles (@wsrphoto) reported

    It's a bad idea for Apple to make IOS App store only available on Internet via wifi and not LTE. If Internet is down via wifi, the store is unavailable, even if LTE is up and connected to Internet.

  • LifesADance44
    Allie 🕷 (@LifesADance44) reported

    @trishapaytas Weve had to exchange iphones several times because of issues. Apple should just switch it out for you at a local store.

  • Leomarieeee
    Nailz&Ting$🦄 Free @TrellyJr_ (@Leomarieeee) reported

    @PFK_DuWop Yea you gotta take it to the Apple store smh. I just read how to fix it

  • ek_johnston
    EK Johnston (@ek_johnston) reported

    It's just not a big enough problem for me to go to the Apple store about it (because, like, my computer has to be ON FIRE for that), but it's also annoying.

  • GatienGHEZA
    Gatien GHEZA (@GatienGHEZA) reported

    @AppleSupport This is about the SSD program, can't take any appointments! Site is down, can't take by phone but they told me that in Apple store they can give appointments. We're working during the days guys! Either don't give a website and a phone if it's not possible...

  • UngoogleableMan
    Ungoogleable (@UngoogleableMan) reported

    @ohubaut @JakeWharton That's what I'm saying, developers, community, should report these issues. But we shouldn't get Apple-App-store-like bureaucracy

  • princepankaj80
    pankaj sharma (@princepankaj80) reported

    after ios 12.1.1 software update, lots of issue in my iphone 6s, like icloud not login through my mobile data, whats up not running through mobile data, apple store updation issue.. @AppleSupport

  • awhawkeye
    Andrew Wright (@awhawkeye) reported

    .@AppleSupport @tim_cook RIP $1000 iPhone due to admitted iPhone X screen issue. DSM Apple store won't cover because of tiny 10 mo old crack in very bottom of screen. Fully understand how warranties and phys damage working but the goal posts moved with this issue. Please help.

  • Thabo_Maubane
    Thabo Maubane (@Thabo_Maubane) reported

    @OddeOmontle @AppleSupport Don’t start, I am dealing with an issue with my phone and was transferred to some foreign guy. Had to walk to Apple store and still no help.

  • redsweater
    Red Sweater (@redsweater) reported

    The Mac App Store edition of @FastScripts 2.7.4 has a bug that prevents the system from authorizing it to send Apple Events, limiting its scripting usefulness. An updated 2.7.5 with fix was just submitted and waiting for review by Apple. Hang tight!

  • magnusbicon
    megan 🎁 (@magnusbicon) reported

    @scarletscarves the fan has been broken since like may hdksgdkd i finally dropped it off at the apple store to be fixed and the estimated pickup time is the 16th

  • bieberhails
    Rachel (@bieberhails) reported

    this guy at the Apple Store had to take down a description of me so the next worker could find me more easily and my mom goes "just put that she's cute" ....***** why is she like this

  • eqneto
    NETO (@eqneto) reported

    @AppleSupport my Apple Watch has a broken screen, but it did not crash, crash or anything like that ... in the Apple store I was told it could not be changed. This is boring.

  • TimeofRevealing
    Jason Perreault (@TimeofRevealing) reported

    @mcm_ct And Apple stores are among the busiest retail outlets there are too. Don't even go near a Sears store horror show. Could shoot a cannonball down any aisle safely with little chance of injuries

  • diana_the_ghost
    diana 🕸 (@diana_the_ghost) reported

    ACTUALLy everyone please send me innocuous and wholesome texts because my recent texts I've received are ratchet as **** and I don't want to explain a ton of weird texts that I can't clear to the apple store employees when they assess my broken screen

  • denizyurtbay
    deniz (@denizyurtbay) reported

    After terrible apple store support experience i went to T-Mobile store. It took 5 minutes them to figure out that the problem is about sim card not about phone. #apple #applesupport

  • meredithhopping
    Meredith Hopping (@meredithhopping) reported

    At the STL Apple Store. Just looked down and saw I have Cheeto dust on my thumb. Looking around for a good time to inconspicuously lick it. #wastenotwantnot

  • BenJarso
    Ben Jarso (@BenJarso) reported

    @GaballaDavid @UChicago **apple store. Gimme some more good 'ole nuclear bunker Reg A level 2 am problem set sob sessions

  • MsJuicyJam
    MsJuicyJam (@MsJuicyJam) reported

    Listening @Nonso_A songs thru #Beats headphones is 🔥 jamming while waiting at the apple store to have a battery replaced only fi dem tell mi there’s none in stock #iphone problems 😫

  • dbsmasher
    Silvia Botros (@dbsmasher) reported

    Hey @ruppebot I was in the apple store today and the guy who helped me took down fee name of the backpack. So you are now a trendsetter. 😄

  • heathborders
    Heath Borders (@heathborders) reported

    It's not all roses on Android though: the emulator is much worse than the iOS simulator. It's slower, has worse platform integration. However, it is a full Google Play Store client, so you can do proper *** testing. *** with Apple is terrible. Ask @RevenueCat for details.

  • Manimal_Prime
    grinchimal_prime (@Manimal_Prime) reported

    For all my issues with Apple (and there are many) at least I could go to a store by now, have the phone looked and replaced by now. I love @Android but this horseshit isn't worth the effort.

  • static_v0ices
    olivia ♀ (@static_v0ices) reported

    my phone is broken again so guess who is at the apple store!

  • josephragan3
    JMR3 (@josephragan3) reported

    I’m at the Apple Store in FW. This place is packed!!! Hopefully, I will get some answers for my computer problems...

  • 232677lauren
    lauren 🦃 (@232677lauren) reported

    @ccameronfullerr Apparently if you take it to the Apple store they fix it for free

  • twicetheMF
    tweeting while black (@twicetheMF) reported

    @Just_JD38 @_Shafe_ Dawg. I remember I had just paid to fix the broken front AND back of my iPhone, the vibrate switch quit working so I go to the Apple Store. Chick in front of me literally said she dropped her phone in the toilet and got a free phone. I'm thinking I'm gucci

  • HouseofRamjohn
    Andrew Ramjohn (@HouseofRamjohn) reported

    Eurekaaaaa!!! Guys I convinced the apple store to fix my laptop for free because it’s their fault! #igotthemagicccc

  • sdevos16
    Sander de Vos (@sdevos16) reported

    @mkuegi @shellbryson @ow Mainly because there hasn't been an issue (at scale) on mobile operating systems. Google/Apple scan apps on weird background behavior before adding them to the app store.

  • marleyschultz10
    mar (@marleyschultz10) reported

    going into the apple store w a shattered iphone, a dead apple watch, and a broken and dented macbook really shows how clumsy i am w expensive things ://

  • seanchandler067
    sean chandler (@seanchandler067) reported

    @AppleSupport I'm trying to organize my iPhone 7+ properly before I do a backup before going to the Apple Store to buy an iPhone XR - having some issues with iTunes !!

  • OluseyiSonaiya
    Oluseyi Sonaiya (@OluseyiSonaiya) reported

    Where I take issue with the iOS App Store is with Apple's insistence that your app not "link to an alternative online store," and its claim that it should receive 30% of your content *** for select categories, like ebooks (Kindle) or SVOD, that it doesn't host or deliver.

  • n_thina
    thinaN (@n_thina) reported

    @JioSaavnCare I am subscribed through Apple Store and PayTm. Kindly cancel my apple store subscription and issue a refund please.

  • MysticJypsie
    J (@MysticJypsie) reported

    I am not sure what to say about this entire fiasco including violating anti trust, digital trust, trust of any kind of nonsense including the Apple store in Stonebriar Mall on record agency information and let me tell you straight up this is a TICKING PROBLEM. Tool oh yes tool

  • racheI_ac
    ranch (@racheI_ac) reported

    ALSO im going to the apple store today to possibly fix my phone or get a new one (apparently it’d be free since this one is jacked up)

  • FerolusD
    LV-426 (@FerolusD) reported

    Lest anyone think I never criticize Apple, I'm about to. Having the iTunes store, Apple Music, Apple Podcasts, & the App store be 4 separate apps is ******* ridiculous. This I believe was in response to valid complaints about iTunes being a mess. You don't fix a badly 1/

  • JonyIveParody
    ᴺᴼᵀ Jony Ive (@JonyIveParody) reported

    @9to5mac @MichaelSteeber Atlanta doesn’t deserve a new Apple Store until they solve their traffic problems.

  • jed_mosely
    Skeeter Valentine (@jed_mosely) reported

    Hey @ariannameli which Apple store do you work because I’m having a problem with my phone.

  • cert_e_support
    Call Certified eSupport for Help With Dragon (@cert_e_support) reported

    FYI: @OlympusAudio is planning to release a fix for the ODDS iPhone iOS 12 issue. Look for it at the end of next week, pending Apple store vetting. Please reach out to your friendly neighborhood CES tech with any questions.

  • TheBlindMan12V
    Feliciano Godoy (@TheBlindMan12V) reported

    If your Apple iPhone is randomly shutting down, you may be eligible for a free battery replacement. Make an appointment at your local Apple store or certified repair center. #iOS #Recall

  • UAhmed
    Usy (@UAhmed) reported

    @HannahKAlli @GizmodoUK There's Samsung stores as well, not sure how their service is but there's at least two in Manchester that I've been past. The only thing I like about apple is the ease, go into store if you have a problem & they more than likely will just replace it if under warranty. So easy.