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  • PostGay
    Post Gay (@PostGay) reported

    @ForrestGamez 2007 White Plastic MacBook had a screen that kept dying on me. Screen was replaced twice, not to mention cracking on the plastic around the screen. Mid-2010 unibody MacBook Pro. Apparently there was a known issue with the graphics card IDK. Apple store told me I was SOL.

  • RJalnawala
    Rushil Jalnawala (@RJalnawala) reported

    @AppleSupport Hi yes this is the second brand new phone that I have gotten from the apple store which has some sort of quirky problem in this case my battery percentage is stuck at 80 and after restore stuck at 83

  • paige_bending
    Paige (@paige_bending) reported

    Called Apple to see what to do about my phone and the cheapest way to go about getting it fixed. They suggested I go to the store and get it fixed. Made me an appt for Friday afternoon. They then told me to stop using my phone immediately due to safety concerns with broken glass

  • sp0ka
    swedish fright light 👻🏮 (@sp0ka) reported

    Feeling very vindicated by the Apple store employees recoiling in horror at my terrible iMac

  • JessFromBristol
    Jessica Lucy (@JessFromBristol) reported from Timsbury, England

    @SummerSuvs_xo @ffslib Take it to the Apple Store and see what they say, and see how much they think it’ll cost to fix x

    JOKER-_-KILL3R (@JOKERKILL3R) reported

    @Gasmimo14465050 Create new Apple id via safari and then login with it from Apple store

  • ImMichaelXOXO
    Michael (@ImMichaelXOXO) reported

    @Zuks696 @H_Swazi @mashianejt @HermaineM Go to the apple store and try it out just see if you won’t feel as though you’re leaving the love of your life behind when you have to go, just right after you figure out how to navigate the home button issue 😉

  • jiminsrise
    mr fairy month (@jiminsrise) reported

    my mom phone is literally broken and my parents wont take me the stupid apple store so im on my ipad rn this is annoying

  • weno_k
    Wenona Kulendi (@weno_k) reported

    @misboxie @Apple Exact same thing happened with my laptop and Apple ID for the whole of last week. Ended up having to go to an Apple store and it started working and then stopped again. Thankfully it started working again this week and haven’t had any issues since

  • pkedrosky
    Paul Kedrosky (@pkedrosky) reported

    Some Apple Mojave bleats, a few weeks in: • The app store is pointless minimalism • Dark mode is shades of not-white mode • The app update screen is whimsical, hiding and showing things at random • The user login is crazily zoomed Other than that, I don’t entirely hate it.

  • realawright300
    💸 A™️ (@realawright300) reported from Lowell, Massachusetts

    Went to the Apple store today and they saying my microphone is broken and might have to get a new phone ... lmaoooooo i ain’t shit

  • Lindsssss_g
    ℓιи∂ѕαყ (@Lindsssss_g) reported

    Phone broke this morning, the Apple Store said they had to wipe out my phone to try and fix it and I refused because I have so many new pics of Ant that have been sent to me. The guy restarts it to try one last time and boom it works perfect. Thank youuuuuu 😅💕

  • GMVPM9
    Gabriel Murillo (@GMVPM9) reported

    @ashleyymata we don't have a apple store down here....

  • VivKJean
    Viv Jean (@VivKJean) reported from Manhattan, New York

    @JSibille42 @verizon My biggest issue was that the @verizon employee didn’t offer ANY help when @JSibille42 asked what her options were since the iPhone 8 (64GB) was out of stock and the employee just shrugged and said to either get a more expensive phone or go back to the apple store...

  • cacemi00
    MBC (@cacemi00) reported

    @AppleSupport Wife was hoping to call her relatives the day my son was born last Sunday but she got the Audio IC issue on her iPhone 7. Phone was well taken care of but Apple store was not empathetic and wants us to pay for a replacement. Ridiculous to pay for crappy assembly.

  • MoSkrillz
    Skrillz (@MoSkrillz) reported

    @AskCitizensBank Sometimes it works a lot of times it does not. Many ppl who have left reviews in Apple App Store or in Android App stores have given similar feedback. This isn’t a new issue. It’s been like this for for a couple years now. You guys need to fix the bugs with your product!

  • stephmo1024
    stephanie brooks (@stephmo1024) reported

    the British lady beside me in the Apple store is so mad about her computer not working and she keeps talking about it and it’s so fun to listen

  • alesbellotti
    Ales Bellotti (@alesbellotti) reported

    @MaticBitenc @Thomasbcn @sarahintampa @drbarnard @johnkoetsier @pschiller It’s kind of odd that Apple doesn’t do more about this since I know for a fact that they refund you such subscriptions with no question asked. 🚨 should be ringing. At the end it is a bad UX and trust between user and App Store can be broken once user gets such subscription!

  • JackDDelehanty
    Jack-O-Lantern (@JackDDelehanty) reported

    Laptop wouldn’t turn on, took it to the apple store and found out the problem was way worse than I thought it was and I’d probably need to just get a new one. Then I had a dream that it miraculously turned back on and then woke up and was like :-/

  • Stace8432
    🌸 Stacey 🌸 (@Stace8432) reported

    @MJTroyGD I can’t explain why the update has ruined your phone even more why don’t you take it into a Apple store and complain to them big time about your issues!! I haven’t had any issues with the new update.. I’m sorry you have to put up with that crap!

  • EverywhereTrip
    Gary Arndt (@EverywhereTrip) reported

    @xericdesign I am having some very serious issues with EarthDesk for the Mac. There is no support form or email I could find on your website. I purchased it on the Apple App store. I cannot get it to recognize my Apple ID. Works fine when I download the demo version.

  • TheReal_Crayon
    Crayon 🌪️ (@TheReal_Crayon) reported

    @defangolives @YouTube youtube was down - thought it was my browser- uninstalled the startpage app - reset my phone, tried to download the app from apple store, but it was doing the same thing youtube was doing - could see the site, but not my stuff - couldn't get around it - it worked this morning

  • iTibz
    Thibault Lemaitre | 🇫🇷⚽️⭐️⭐️🇪🇺 (@iTibz) reported from Dublin City, Leinster

    Omw to the Apple retail store to fix that MBP display issue. Wish me luck!

  • FrD1996
    Francis Dalton (@FrD1996) reported

    @ThreeUKSupport Hmm yeah other people I know on 3 have the same issues. I’ve tried my sim in another phone and it’s the same. Also been to the apple store and everything passed the diagnosis. So basically I pay you guys to have no signal. 😒

  • sikachu
    Prem Sichanugrist (@sikachu) reported

    @MichaelSteeber Kawasaki would work too, yeah. I remember going down there and there were a lot of people during the weekend There are a few malls down there that could host an Apple Store too. Would be nice for people south of Tokyo not having to come all the way to Ginza.

  • tonyvitti
    Tony Vitti (@tonyvitti) reported

    Recently, after seeing a video from @BBC about a guy repairing a macbook pro for free when the Apple store told him it would cost over $1,100, I decided to roam forums to see if I could find an answer to the problem of my mom’s old iMac.

  • PederMannerfelt
    Peder Mannerfelt (@PederMannerfelt) reported

    @patchdkeyes Oh no... But I must add to apples defense, I felt almost immediately that there was an issue w the battery of my new comp. Took it to the Apple Store and walked out with a brand new one. They were actually super nice and helpful!

  • Afrowave
    Afrowave (@Afrowave) reported

    @muteezy Niliona. We don't yet have these first world problems here where is an Apple store. If you buy Apple here, it will be repaired. Hakuna otherwise.

  • mmgmakaveli
    Shah Kenya Oasis Lewis (@mmgmakaveli) reported

    Apple store not working...

  • Ninanoel88
    Marina (@Ninanoel88) reported

    @ipast0re when i use the ipa store windows version I login with my apple id and try to click download ipa and install button but nothing happens I am on ios 12 ipad mini 2

  • 0li0s
    🕷👻 0000li0s! 👻🕷 (@0li0s) reported

    My Dad finally caved to getting an Android next after he got sick of me telling him "I can't help you with your iTunes problems." My sister is still on the edge. She hates Apple, but doesn't want to learn how to use a different Application store and home menu.

  • jackovitchblake
    Blake (@jackovitchblake) reported

    So a few months ago I was watching YouTube and my new MacBook Pro was plugged in to the charger. Randomly it died. I took it to the Apple store and it was “broken”. I am writing this again with the exact same scenario surfacing................... From a different brand new MBP

  • normal_ness
    Vanessa Smith (@normal_ness) reported

    I went into an Apple store to briefly chat to staff member about my hardware issue on my laptop. They told me to contact my telco #WTAF 😂

  • Yourstrulynada
    Nada (@Yourstrulynada) reported

    When ur grandma tells you to make her an Instagram and you’re down but my uncle won’t give his mom the apple store password. Smh.. we just trying to make big moves.

  • SparagusReAnn
    🙋🏽‍♀️Sarah💕🐒🐸 (@SparagusReAnn) reported

    Got the new iPhone. Screen completely blacked out. No one at Apple or the cell store could fix it. I did the 15 day store return. Spent 5 hours there. Only to be 3 days later still with no phone, because they can’t get their head out their ass. But hey, husbands phone works

  • gabrielnaks
    Gabriel !! (@gabrielnaks) reported

    @AppleSupport i went to apple store and called u guys today, u guys didnt even tried to fix my problem (my phone still in warranty)

  • Bmerlan
    Bmerlan ♥️ (@Bmerlan) reported

    Never going to fix my phone screen thru someome again.. from now on just going to apple or an electronic store.. my phone has liked a persons pic while lurking, made a call to my ex, and now went off in class 😒

  • BigsB43
    Brandon Walker (@BigsB43) reported

    Bought a 2017 MacBook Pro a year ago, it doesn’t work now. Took it to a Apple store they said the logic board and ssd are bad and it’s a common issue with my gen laptop. They said they could fix it for $600 WTF @AppleSupport

  • silverlocke
    silverlocke (@silverlocke) reported

    @jamesthomson don't want to give it up long enough for them to fix or replace it. i'm 200 miles from an apple store. i tried again, it couldn't be more stuck. setting up apple tv 4k. very nice. sure wish i didn't have to bounce back and forth to play my dish non-premium channels though.

  • _taylor_TJ
    Taylor (@_taylor_TJ) reported

    As soon as I walk into the Apple Store my broken MacBook (hasn’t turned on for 3 days) all the sudden works

  • davemurdock
    Dave Murdock (@davemurdock) reported

    There‘s an outage in at least North America for all Xbox Store bought content being unplayable right now and the @XboxSupport account is silent. Imagine if all apps on iOS stopped launching & the media firestorm that would ensue if this happened to Apple & they were silent.

  • cbee
    CB  (@cbee) reported

    @blankbaby Had same thing happen to me. Brought it to Apple’s attention at store and support person said it was a bug in software between case and iPhone/iPad. Also, I started charging AirPods in case every night and have had no problems since started doing that.

  • livvecchio
    liv (@livvecchio) reported

    Im so on guard im da sitting at the apple store on MY actual laptop and im convinced someones gonna run in and rip it out of my hands bc its not bolted down like the rest of them

  • emmy_rosee
    Em☀️ (@emmy_rosee) reported

    150% sad I have to go back to the shit show/apple store in Seattle tp@fix my phone but on a happier note @ASHASAIDWHATTT is back for the new part of the Shane doc...LES GET IT ***

  • iTwEeT_sUpErBlY
    ✨Terasha✨ (@iTwEeT_sUpErBlY) reported

    DO NOT let a rooty poot store fix it.. take it to Apple..

  • RWilliams977
    Riley (@RWilliams977) reported

    Fixed my own MacBook for $12 instead of getting robbed by the Apple store for hundreds of dollars to fix the same problem

  • makayla_natalia
    nat (@makayla_natalia) reported

    @typicaliman i just got back from the apple store and said it was broken forever!! so basically i have to buy a whole new phone :-) dm me tho

  • tgmgrg
    tamara 🌻 (@tgmgrg) reported

    I had a terrible dream that I cracked my screen and broke my back camera.. and I was in the car on my way to the Apple store crying my eyes out hahaha so extra

  • xuzaxuza
    🎃🐐 XUZA 🍂🌰 (@xuzaxuza) reported

    @ThunderySteak It didn't actually take forever to download, the problem is that it keeps crashing midway through the installations. We'd take it in to get installed by someone else but the closest Apple store is... 3.5h away :')

  • kspicknell
    Keith In Full Fear🎃🧟‍♀️🧙‍♀️💀 (@kspicknell) reported

    My 3 year AppleCare for my iMac 5K expires today (or soon). It’s had issues getting stuck mid-restart, but that seemed caused by 3rd party software. I don’t ever wish to take it into an Apple [store] (after working there) or to call AppleCare, unless totally necessary.

  • reynosotavarez1
    Gregory Reynoso (@reynosotavarez1) reported from Westmere, New York

    @IPhone user should not update they’re phone to the new #IOSoperatingsystem, My phones did the update this weeks and both of then are going totally crazy. The lady at the apple store try to charge 300 plus to fixe the issue they create #amazing

  • ultflwrs
    ㅤً (@ultflwrs) reported

    @gothrapline thts happenedto me before!! go to the Apple Store and they can fix it for free hope this helps

  • mbstrube
    Not Scooby Doo (@mbstrube) reported

    @DanWolken @Twitter Fresh twitter app update in apple store today, could be a new bug. I have new update on iphone with ios 12.0.1 with no issues

  • SaloniHebron
    saloni hebron (@SaloniHebron) reported

    the towson apple store is terrible

  • gothrapline
    minie is ia because his phone is broken pls help (@gothrapline) reported

    currently using my Hacker Skills to try and fix my damn phone but i already went to the phone store and called apple support and they were all like yeah idk man sorry

  • Camilliganaire
    Caleb Andrew Milligan (@Camilliganaire) reported

    @SweetlandDRC @LE_Scrawls @JeremyDigitalus @L_A_Malone @MakingArguments In addition to creative works (videogames/related media), I analyze digital rhetoric at work in the places we access those texts, like Steam messageboards, Apple App Store reviews, and media archaeological evidence (dead links, 404 errors, etc.) of webtexts no longer available.

  • jencouldrey
    Jen Couldrey (@jencouldrey) reported

    @erinbury They ended up being able to resolve it when I went into the apple store. Were threatening $500 to fix, thankfully ended up being free.

  • Cooktherice
    Cooktherice (@Cooktherice) reported

    While I’m on the topic of AirPods, if you see me on the front page of The Evening Standard with the headline “young man breaks down in Apple store due to losing one Airpod”, don’t you dare @ me

  • Phathu_tshedzo_
    SmileSoGenuine❤ (@Phathu_tshedzo_) reported

    It’s because people don’t wanna consult their maker 🤞🏽 honestly, when your phone breaks down, you wanna take it to Apple Store, but when you fall apart you want abo “my friend” to help fix you, honestly, only the manufacturer of life knows how to fix us, only God 🤞🏽

  • TabfordRN
    Tabitha (@TabfordRN) reported

    @Apple my iPhone 7 says no service. I went to apple store to repair it they had it for 5 days and gave it back. It still is not working!!!!