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Battlefield V, also known as Battlefield 5, is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Battlefield V is the sixteenth installment in the Battlefield series.

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  • sadochistjotun 〄 𝐋𝐨𝐤𝐢 (@sadochistjotun) reported

    He wiped the corner of the Asgardian lips with his napkin and the rest of his lips. The Asgardian was a eating mess and he had to fix it. "You go to the battlefield but not now... Now your training is another."

  • reproutopia sophie a. lewis (@reproutopia) reported

    Oh shit, all hell has broken loose, and I need a loo break. My gf tells me some of the current weapons being used - items of automated housewifedom +domesticity e.g. microwaves + blenders - are callbacks to a previous Gremlin battlefield. These are definitely feminist entities

  • PermaConfused David (@PermaConfused) reported

    @Braddock512 @MightyQu1nn75 @Lady_Arsenic_ @ni_oldskool @czeLasty87 @Battlefield @PartWelsh @Silly_Sunday @xXChampersXx @AmoMostofi @OfficialPTFO @OfficialHvsZ @DIVISION_722 @OSGHQ @BrizzWayGaming @EvilBeastLord @Evildacat @goodness_gaming Exactly. I don't have a problem with it. I like seeing the BCITW emblem on the back of my tank or side of my gun. I'm usually pretty busy looking at other things in-game, though...

  • bilalwaqar111 Muhammad bilal (@bilalwaqar111) reported

    @Battlefield hey why u don't fix the bugs this game is worst u created that's why call of duty bang u all the time u just shit

  • Rotmm Darren Allez l'OM ⚪ 💙 (@Rotmm) reported

    @PlaystationBrah @ThePSBrahs @The_BRAHVerse @ThePSBRAHcast @TehGamingMemeZ1 @DeepSouthGamin1 @TheBRAHdaddy @insomniacgames @Battlefield Hey Brah, no problem. Glad they have found a good home.... especially the Spider-Man one 👍

  • Baztoon101 BASIL #722 🇬🇧 (@Baztoon101) reported

    @Battlefield @dice @JaqubAjmal @Braddock512 Server disconnect half way through a match this is getting so hard to actually keep playing! 😤

  • illusPlatypus Platy (@illusPlatypus) reported

    @ZehalZ Instant kill probably wouldn’t even be that broken outside of EZAs and maybe battlefield, especially if there’s a health restriction Something like “enemy under 30% HP after 4 turns” would be nice

  • malec2b Alec S. // Tales of the Renegade Sector Games (@malec2b) reported

    @fablepaint And, the drive for photorealistic games is, in large part, driven by the marketing from AAA studios, because it's a battlefield on which they can just throw money at the problem, which gives them an advantage over smaller companies, but it has come back to bite them in the ass

  • CurvyMermaid617 Alissa (@CurvyMermaid617) reported

    I'm quitting the Battlefield Franchise. Do a happy dance all you want, but I could care less. I have been a horrible piece of garbage, but the way the franchise has gone is more my problem. CoD is coming back swinging for the fences with Modern Warfare, & I hope they succeed.

  • beringorca Bering (@beringorca) reported

    @SagarYogendra Indians looking for USC should serve a min 2 year US military service. Go to battlefield and protect our nation.

  • Animal_Mother85 💥Aηïmαレ_M⊕†hεr💥 (@Animal_Mother85) reported

    So having had a broken knuckle, fractured hand, and damaged ligaments I'm really struggling to game these days. My aim is getting worse and my reactions have slowed down I dont wanna stop but some day soon I'll have to! #Battlefield #BattlefieldHardline #Battlefield4

  • KnollwoodRoad Knolly (@KnollwoodRoad) reported


  • GreaseMonkey29 Aksher (@GreaseMonkey29) reported

    @AKA_ART_ @D4RTHV3DA I feel like there are a few other things on Battlefield V that too have been changed for the sake of change... (service stars, weapon progression tree style of selecting an upgrade)

  • PrxCy_ Empire.ψηξρφθς🇬🇷 F/A (@PrxCy_) reported

    @_Ubi_mT @Rainbow6Game Firstly EA is worse,battlefield has same problems. Also, ubisoft hear us, but fans of reddit....

  • P_Kwaz PJ (@P_Kwaz) reported

    @verittaholloway @goldbergjamess @lew7915 @WestPoint_USMA 2/2 ... service academy, recruitment is not an issue. All he did was take a slot from a possible future leader. And no, football is not war, the field is not a battlefield, and a football “leader” cannot compare to a real world leader. And he will seriously claim VA disability

  • bryochemist Bryan Christian (@bryochemist) reported

    @xD1x @Starman_Silver @keiththehuman Yeah I figure this out quickly. Been bopping Heroes on Battlefield all day. Now what they DO need to fix is how fast he regains MP (especially from attacking shields and parries).

  • TBWanderer John Doe (@TBWanderer) reported

    @Losssyy I have this conspiracy theory that there's a huge group of trolls dedicated to just spike the online discourse of this game with toxicity and discord. I mean, for sure the game has issues, but if I hated something as much as some people hate BFV, I'd stop talking about it at all.

  • KrampusxGaming Krampus (@KrampusxGaming) reported

    That is so true....only when new content is dropped, the game becomes even more broken. Lol 😆 #battlefield #bfv

  • JoseDom61193 IDecaiidI (@JoseDom61193) reported

    @Losssyy I honestly think BFV is a great game, the problem was I feel like EA sorta rushed Dice product, yea the bugs right now are vicious but look at BF4 back in those times.. god it was rough but now it’s smooth. I believe BFV will turn out the same throughout time.

  • quinn_walker82 Hieronymus Bosh (@quinn_walker82) reported

    @LiverPunch0351 YouTube comments never fail to amaze: Jacob Hay 6 minutes ago Weak personality for combat . Had no business being on the battlefield of the many flaws of the military Draft system is recruiting unfit persons for service

  • PillzSufrie suf (@PillzSufrie) reported

    @Gav261 You were blessed with BF1 for being one of the most stable BF launches ever, which is why BFV feels so broken in comparison (which isn’t unjustified, it really is broken for most people).

  • Gav261 Gav of House Baratheon 🇦🇺 🇹🇭 (@Gav261) reported

    @PillzSufrie Unfortunately I wasn’t around for BF4, I joined in BF1 but I’ve heard stories about how bad it was at launch and how it took a while to fix it. But this game has been out for almost a year at this point and still feels like some pre alpha buggy mess

  • azerty15 Captain Twy #bel (@azerty15) reported

    @Gav261 @PillzSufrie Fact is. If the big patch breaks the game more... Bye Battlefield. If the Big patch don't breaks the game. Ok keep this kind of updates, quality. No more update that takes the game back to the past issues.

  • PillzSufrie suf (@PillzSufrie) reported

    @Gav261 It may be me being too optimistic, but I remember the time when I felt like I was the only one who believed in BF4 when it was broken to shit and it did indeed make a glorious comeback in 2015. The difference is I didn’t enjoy BF4 as much as BFV at its worst times.

  • PillzSufrie suf (@PillzSufrie) reported

    @Gav261 The problem is it’s a game I enjoy but has the potential to be WAY better than it actually is, plus there really isn’t any other game like Battlefield.

  • KaiserBF Mister_Kaiser (@KaiserBF) reported

    @crooKkTV Lifespan except the first couple of months and it never really felt stale even with some issues. You could grind service stars or try different varieties of guns. Rsp really helped that I think because of the infantry only maps after apoc dropped. But still with bfv I'm bored.

  • GlodChip Patrick (@GlodChip) reported

    @JanDavidHassel Causal reminder not to trust DICE (in BFV) with trailers and a live service.

  • TheGoodSoldier2 GencyFan23 (@TheGoodSoldier2) reported

    @Losssyy To be honest, I hate when people do that. I know it their opinion but it like bullying a guy with disabilities or a broken leg. Yes it had problems but there are some things Battlefield V has done right.

  • large555 [RSG] Sharptooth1990 (@large555) reported

    @DavidHA12890507 I found out yesterday that i got blocked by a Battlefield player who i had no problem with, because i said that i enjoyed playing Hardline more 😐

  • virdinliatyler4 Tyler Virdinlia (@virdinliatyler4) reported

    @Hakim23Shepherd @AppleJacksRLit @Carl_28T @Battlefield Welcome to real life. They had a shorter timeline to make the game so they couldn't finish it. I'm defending a game dev team that wants to do what's right not the corporation. The dev team are trying to fix what they can and produce more content at the same time

  • DanMinigun DanMinigun🍍🍍🍕🍔🍍🍍 (@DanMinigun) reported

    @azerty15 I would rather not have too many hold over maps but at this point, BFV is drier than the Atacama desert so :/. Then again, that game has more pressing problems than just content.

  • the_patcher77 the_patcher77 (@the_patcher77) reported

    @BFBulletin TBH I hope COD will put a lot of pressure on EA/DICE so the Live Service for the next Battlefield will improve - this means we will get more content (maps... not skins) and overall better quality.

  • Anthony14604788 Anthony (@Anthony14604788) reported

    @NiklasAstrand I am getting sick and tired of being kicked from servers for absolutely no reason...its plain battlefield bs...that makes me wanna not play this game anymore.....Dice please fix this issue...

  • VighneshKurbet Vighnesh (@VighneshKurbet) reported

    @braydoesnt @Prinjuvaidyan @ImAFilmEditor @Avengers @IMAX @MarvelStudios It's definitely not an error. It would make sense for him to go and help in the battlefield, since it's an all hands on situation plus they can use a really big hand. He just hot wires it and goes to the battlefield to fight.

  • Choco_Cat267 choco-cat (@Choco_Cat267) reported

    i have broken earphones and i’m listening to bob on battlefield and it’s switching from ear to ear i hate it

  • JordanMuscles Jordangerously Cool (@JordanMuscles) reported

    @EterniaSonata @GungHo_America Well, PS1 would play a sound effect and transition into the battle bgm as soon as the battlefield/enemies appeared, but HD is instant as soon as you touch an enemy. It's really not a big deal, was just something I noticed. Main issues would be the flicker and music loop stutter.

  • ToshiroAki ToshiroAki (@ToshiroAki) reported

    @JayzTwoCents that red devil 5700xt by powercolor looks insane for the price... personally rather have the better image sharpening and anti lag that ray tracing. i dont even own battlefield 5


    @TheBrokenHelmet @Braddock512 @Battlefield @EA_DICE I’ve been trying the middles as well. Good luck broken!

  • AmoMostofi RockMeAmodeus 🏕🔛🏝 (@AmoMostofi) reported

    @joppedeluxe @HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN @mirrorsedge @EA_DICE @EASPORTSFIFA I have the same issue. I see t-shirts that I had in pictures and have zero idea where they have gone. Stalkers stealing them...

  • skipperdog106 skipperdog (@skipperdog106) reported

    @ni_oldskool No problem its an amazing achievement fair play...i just cant get into bf5 i dont think its a bad game i just cant get into it.i tried

  • Ben8D8over Viking Extraordinaire (@Ben8D8over) reported

    @twlch63 @twausd @tricodon @EA_DICE I had no problem killing players in it, I just didn´t have any fun. I´m sure you´ll start making those kills if you stop thinking about you´re not getting any kills, you have to get that out of your head in order to get the kills going :)

  • EricHagmo Eric, you don’t need to know the rest..... (@EricHagmo) reported

    @MrProWestie @DANNYonPC Me and my gang quit playing, it is too late to fix this giant ****. We had such high hopes and the game is a giant let down. #BFV

  • yh_99m1 يحيى بن سالم، (@yh_99m1) reported

    @Battlefield Yeah another skin and another knife what f** we need just play without any glitches and fix zoom guns iron like Battlefield 1 What you think we have 👎falcon eyes

  • azerty15 Captain Twy #bel (@azerty15) reported

    @KaiserBF @LevelCapGaming Sinai in bf1 is amazing. I played it waaay more then anything else. Btw, 5v5 aint bad. Its just with all fps issues and instant random framedrops and lagg each time you go into a gunfight.. they gotta fix these issues first..

  • DMK86177808 Dominik (@DMK86177808) reported

    @Battlefield Fix the game not suck on your mothers tits

  • cozboi124 Corey baker (@cozboi124) reported

    @SoulArrow @fire6336 @iinsxnityy @GenesisMOBA Okay dead by daylight on console and call of duty ww2 had server issues for over a week or 2 FIFA 18 EA big company they had issues for 3 days and yes battlefield and for your information fortnite did have issues for weeks so I ain't wrong look up old post both BR and campaign 😊

  • luh747 LuH (@luh747) reported

    @yang1332 @dameassx @lynmlioy I think those men in white T-shirts were arrested. I remember I saw the news few days ago. But anyway, violence only exacerbates problems rather than solving them. I really don't want to see Hong Kong become a battlefield. Pray for peace.

  • azerty15 Captain Twy #bel (@azerty15) reported

    @LevelCapGaming No1 signed up for a 5vs5. It all depends. If they fix the framestutter and fps issues AND invisible player issues. But still, battlefield is big conquest maps Not small cod maps.

  • Freebooted Mat Westhorpe (@Freebooted) reported

    @wartzilla Haha, yes exactly - I kept getting flashbacks to late night Battlefield 2 sessions. I now wish I'd moonwalked into a wall for comic disconnect GIFage.

  • Hakim23Shepherd zzzz (@Hakim23Shepherd) reported

    @virdinliatyler4 @Carl_28T @Battlefield Looooll you’re ******* deluded and playing right into their hands, they make an incomplete game, then drip feed content and you think they’re doing us a service as “free content“. How incredibly naïve of you.

  • virdinliatyler4 Tyler Virdinlia (@virdinliatyler4) reported

    @Hakim23Shepherd @Carl_28T @Battlefield Yeah content that your getting for free though. If you paid 100 at release you got 100 worth of content and this is a live service game. If everything was paid for this would be different but it's all free for every single person that picks up the game

  • LevelCampGaming LevelCamp (@LevelCampGaming) reported

    Time to work in the new objects in the theme of these things that are some BFV are garbage and TTD Fix, Battlefield titles

  • andyparsons2999 AKA - Frank—uk (@andyparsons2999) reported

    @MrPhilipOldham @MarkAvery Oh dear, I think I’ll leave you to save a bird (which is nice with seasonal veg) & ignoring the real problems in the world, I wish I knew the word “numptiness” in the battlefield - would have got me out of a few scrapes with Mohamed, hope you find what you are looking for.

  • Standingfast85 [501] Standingfast85 ➡️ Downtown (@Standingfast85) reported

    @Braddock512 @EA_DICE @Battlefield That's the issue. It won't let me copy pasta just one code lol.

  • Ben8D8over Viking Extraordinaire (@Ben8D8over) reported

    @ColonelNoob @EA_DICE The main problem in that one nowadays will be finding a Air Superiority server, that could be a tough one🤔 But if you find a server, just practice, practice, practice and watch some YouTube videos about "BF4 flying tips"

  • discjockey24 RD (@discjockey24) reported

    @Battlefield thanks for ruining this franchise with this shotty netcode. Game is unplayable on every map server game mode etc. Nonstop rubberbanding, lag, frame drop. Looking forward to 64 player @CallofDuty on their new engine. Ps. I want my money back.

  • ElyasSaman GHOSTRECON YT (@ElyasSaman) reported

    @Braddock512 @Battlefield @EA_DICE Problem is that we need to copy a code and redeem it on EA. There is no time.

  • OxxINFAMOUSxxO 🏴‍☠️INFAMOUS🏴‍☠️ (@OxxINFAMOUSxxO) reported

    @ROGUEGAMINGUK @EA_DICE @LevelCapGaming @jackfrags Trial and error pretty much and nearly 3000 hours of nothing but sniping. Lol

  • sam__alk Sam Alk (@sam__alk) reported

    PS1: crash PS2: resident evil PS3: gran turismo PS4: battlefield

  • ZBOSWISH SWISH the 6 god disciple (@ZBOSWISH) reported

    Please make Battlefield playable again so I can play with my brothers again @EA it was so buggy we all agreed we had to stop until the problems were fixed Please I miss it :(

Battlefield V Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 15
  • 2000
  • 80029564
  • CE-34878-0
  • CE-377332-2
  • DirectX