Is Battlefield V down?

Battlefield V, also known as Battlefield 5, is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Battlefield V is the sixteenth installment in the Battlefield series.

 Problems detected at Battlefield V

Battlefield V problems in the last 24 hours

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December 14: Problems at Battlefield V

Battlefield V is having issues since 06:40 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Online Play (54.60%)
  • Sign in (18.36%)
  • Matchmaking (13.15%)
  • Game Crash (7.31%)
  • Glitches (5.85%)
  • Hacking / Cheating (.73%)

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  • splashfox77
    SplashFox77 #NotMyTTK (@splashfox77) reported

    @tonny_3629 @tiggr_ @exFilip @TreeSappling @EA_DICE What I think needs improved: Put TTK to original values, fix all loading & spawn bugs, put the new map front & center on the UI, Allow us to rotate guns & vehicles when looking at skins, Allow us to use our stuff in PR, Force new players to play a multiplayer tutorial mode, ..

  • splashfox77
    SplashFox77 #NotMyTTK (@splashfox77) reported

    @tonny_3629 @tiggr_ @exFilip @TreeSappling @EA_DICE ...copy-pasted UI since Battlefront, white subtitles on a snow story mission where character don’t speak English, poor info on air drops, hard to view customization items, & huge TTK problem.

  • ryebreadiest
    Grungy Poseidon (@ryebreadiest) reported

    @Battlefield DICE can’t fix their buggy netcode full of 1 frame deaths so they gotta “improve” one of the best parts of the game

  • Thomas76518909
    Thomas (@Thomas76518909) reported

    @0Zaseka0 @DRUNKKZ3 Correct! It feels Like BF1 again...which i didnt enjoy because of that! @DRUNKKZ3 please change the TTK back to before this patch😭 and take care of the 1 frame Kills, which are cleary a netcode issue. Like in every other BF Game since BF3

  • Gamerben111
    Ben 🐸👌❌ (@Gamerben111) reported

    @Dethandgaming “Gamergate is still a problem” OH NO! HOW DARE THEY HELP DESTORY MICROTRANSACTIONS AND BFV! THE HORROR

  • cooksey_ben
    Ben Cooksey (@cooksey_ben) reported

    @AskPS_ANZ I’m trying to accept the Battlefield 5 50% off offer that shows up when loading BF1. I get taken to the store but the discount is never applied so charged full price if I confirm. Contacted EA and they said it’s a PS issue.

  • cooksey_ben
    Ben Cooksey (@cooksey_ben) reported

    @PlayStationAU I’m trying to accept the Battlefield 5 50% off offer that shows up when loading BF1. I get taken to the store but the discount is never applied so charged full price if I confirm. Contacted EA and they said it’s a PS issue.

  • _ethan_cohen
    🇮🇱 Ethan Cohen 🇺🇸 (@_ethan_cohen) reported

    @Battlefield @PartWelsh @SQUiD_1337 @TheTacticalBrit @Twitch How about fixing the bugs that cause my game to crash rather than mess with a TTK that the community was openly okay with. DICE you will never learn!!!

  • ThomascoolEbook
    THOMAS COOL EBOOKS (@ThomascoolEbook) reported


  • BSkrebs14
    BSkrebs14 (@BSkrebs14) reported

    I'm really trying to give @Battlefield a shot but holy hell is this game broken. I get dropped from the server every other match and then load back in to a black screen. One of my favorite franchises totally went to shit

  • smallworms1991
    David St-Pierre (@smallworms1991) reported

    @dan_mitre @Battlefield Fix the ******* netcode not the TTK ! :O

  • JeanMieses
    Jean Mieses (@JeanMieses) reported

    Ok guys It been more than a day since the update, and you guys haven't said anything to us the community. I rarely complain about anything. I actually supported this game, but I am not playing it until you guys decide to fix this mess. #NotmyTTK @Battlefield @EA_DICE

  • The_Nerio
    Eduardo Nerio (@The_Nerio) reported

    @Battlefield Just fix the issue with getting stuck on the loading screen, ttk was good also don’t f**k the game!!!!!

  • ivrynite
    Tony Kwiecinski (@ivrynite) reported

    @Battlefield @PartWelsh @SQUiD_1337 @TheTacticalBrit @Twitch Hopefully it's broken for them so they can realize it and fix it for the rest of us who can't progress. Wasted all day making zero progress towards Tides of War. #NotMyTTK #BrokenField

  • ivrynite
    Tony Kwiecinski (@ivrynite) reported

    @Battlefield @PartWelsh @SQUiD_1337 @TheTacticalBrit @Twitch Hopefully it's broken for them so they can realize it and fix it for the rest of us who can't progress. Wasted all day making zero progress towards Tides of War. #NotMyTTK #BrokenField

  • MrStructureDude
    Kyle (@MrStructureDude) reported

    @EA_DICE @Battlefield fix your TTK or you’re seriously going to lose a large chunk of your base for this and the next BF guys. Don’t be like the other companies(cough* @bethesda ). Add recoil, fix other issues, don’t make this change permanent. #Notmytkk #NotMyTTK

  • SuperLiam5000
    Liam Ryan (@SuperLiam5000) reported

    @Battlefield Right, there's a glitch that almost makes the game unplayable. When going into the menu ingame the screen will come up with the blured effect but you can't get out of it unless you close the game. This is completely random and needs to be fixed

  • Jiveturkey34
    Jive_turkey34 (@Jiveturkey34) reported

    @dan_mitre @Battlefield TTK was perfect where it was but who cares, fix the planes already!!!

  • Jiveturkey34
    Jive_turkey34 (@Jiveturkey34) reported

    @Battlefield Fix the planes!!

  • HHamii_
    Hamii (@HHamii_) reported

    @Battlefield TTK isn't TTD. Good job, fix it. Sincerely, the community you ignore.

  • thegr33ncrayon
    Abram Bales (@thegr33ncrayon) reported

    @Battlefield y'all need to fix this damn overture stuff I can't get off the first mission cause it won't register my buddy revives

  • TylerDa71891659
    Tyler Davis (@TylerDa71891659) reported

    @Battlefield @PartWelsh @SQUiD_1337 @TheTacticalBrit @Twitch Your game is broken and you keep breaking it even further

  • SeAbzIsBae
    SeAbz #NotMyTTK (@SeAbzIsBae) reported

    @EAHelp hi in #Battlefield the assignment for the Assault Mastery II is bugged. It wont let me complete the one with 7 kills with explosives in a round. Please fix this thanks.

  • MrStructureDude
    Kyle (@MrStructureDude) reported

    @tiggr_ Sir.... this update LITERALLY ruins the game. Please fix it. So many of us were THRILLED with a lower TTK. Don’t forget your fans who have been with you through the debacle that was this release. @EA_DICE #BattlefieldV

  • thegr33ncrayon
    Abram Bales (@thegr33ncrayon) reported


  • HurleyxB
    Jøsh (@HurleyxB) reported

    @Kotaku @Battlefield Please fix this mess before I get it for Christmas. Looking at you too @EA

  • Micheal89203193
    Micheal Carter (@Micheal89203193) reported

    @EnzoRaggi @Battlefield @PartWelsh @SQUiD_1337 @TheTacticalBrit @Twitch I find it sad that they **** up the game so bad that a serious issue like the chat log not showing up is less important

  • RenatoEFDV
    Renato EFDV (@RenatoEFDV) reported

    @Battlefield @PartWelsh @SQUiD_1337 @TheTacticalBrit @Twitch Omg fix the goddam server filters, i cant play conquest core because i cant find a server to play, it keeps placing me on empty south american servers, that sucks!

  • georgeheathcote
    George Heathcote (@georgeheathcote) reported

    @Battlefield FIX THE BLOODY TTK. It was fine before

  • GeezerGimpy
    GimpyGeezer (@GeezerGimpy) reported

    I feel like the inability to climb over even the smallest of obstacles in BFV makes the TTK2 issue miniscule by comparison! #BattlefieldV

  • nypdwhistleblow
    #pennystockInvestor (@nypdwhistleblow) reported

    @Battlefield please fix the request for rocket strike on ps4, pressing numerous times after points are acquired and nothing happens

  • zezzej
    jesse nyholm (@zezzej) reported

    so BF V it is game with problems but i was rely liking it so far the gun play was simply close to perfect and that kept me playing it almost every day now after TTK update i can rely play only core conquest and that gets boring after 2-3H. @DRUNKKZ3 @Battlefield @MrProWestie

  • KyleDoman
    Kyle Doman (@KyleDoman) reported

    @Battlefield Semi automatic rifles are useless now. Fix it. #notmyttk

  • MitchConners
    Mitch Connor (@MitchConners) reported

    @Battlefield Please fix the Tides of War reward issue. I have syringed 30 plus teammates as media and it never counts. My buddies are right next to me in the same room leveling their ToW and I’m not getting any credit. Please please fix.

  • BrettBob50
    Brett Bingham (@BrettBob50) reported

    @Battlefield Also, suffering matchmaking errors... 😩

  • Skeezbo86
    Mario Sanchez-Diaz (@Skeezbo86) reported

    @Battlefield @PartWelsh @SQUiD_1337 @TheTacticalBrit @Twitch Fix.. the damn.. ttk. #notmyttk

  • ther3n3gad3
    r3f1cul (@ther3n3gad3) reported

    @MrProWestie @SQUiD_1337 so many people have no ******* idea what TTK, TTD, tickrate or netcode even mean but yet they will defend BFV and dice with every decision they make and swear the problems everyone is having isnt happening to them. the power of ignorance is strong i guess lol

  • EthanDunman
    DaibolicEman10 (@EthanDunman) reported

    Why can’t bf5 just fix their glitche

  • CheeverJared
    Jared Cheever (@CheeverJared) reported

    @Battlefield @PartWelsh @SQUiD_1337 @TheTacticalBrit @Twitch #NotMyTTK I mean you guys have to respond to this issue, look at this factual outrage and please at least have an option to play the 2 different versions, you really need to step it up, coming from a loyal fan and supporter

  • PrimeTime846
    PrimeTime846🌐 (@PrimeTime846) reported

    @EAHelp Hey EA why was I stuck in another black screen in BF5 😂 I thought an update just came out you guys need to fix this and prevent it 😂😂

  • RuiFigueirinha
    Rui "meh!" Figueirinha (@RuiFigueirinha) reported

    @Sirdiealot53 @tiggr_ @scarecrow443 @EA_DICE One extra bullet to kill did not fix the problems the game had.

  • StevenHornyak
    Steven Hornyak (@StevenHornyak) reported

    @Battlefield @PartWelsh @SQUiD_1337 @TheTacticalBrit @Twitch Would be nice if Tides actually worked as designed...too bad your tracking system is broken & challenges dont work

  • Dxxbox
    Zxi (@Dxxbox) reported

    @MrProWestie I support you! I am the only one stay with BFV, my friends left not because of ttk or ttd, but issues mentioned in your video. I dont think they will come back, because I am leaving as well.

  • ArplabBZH
    arplabBZH (@ArplabBZH) reported

    @EA_DICE hello I have a problem with my game BF1 I can not download it again without having to pay back while I had the total game and pass premium

  • Floris_93
    [SAP]Floris-93 (@Floris_93) reported

    @Ben8D8over @EAHelp @EA_DICE @Battlefield Hope they wil fix that soon, before the week is over. Tell me when it works for you again please. :)

  • RightByTheSea
    David (@RightByTheSea) reported

    @itchynose82 @Battlefield I’m go with my 30 years of gaming perception. After a night of playing nothing changed for me. Did week 2 unlock in 2 games. The majority of players that call themselves “veterans” should play less passive. I see that as a bigger issue over ttk. People don’t ptfo correctly still

  • darrenrusk6
    darren (@darrenrusk6) reported

    @Battlefield @PartWelsh @SQUiD_1337 @TheTacticalBrit @Twitch Fix the ******* ttk. It was perfect before. Should of fixed the ttd

  • StickBoomer
    Stick_Boomer (@StickBoomer) reported

    @Battlefield @EA_DICE don't turn your back to your community, we have been very vocal and clear,the ttk is not the problem, it's the ttd. We still keep dying in one frame and bugs keep appearing. Fix it don't kill it. #BattlefieldV #notmyttk

  • e_dubbs97
    Erik Wells (@e_dubbs97) reported

    @Battlefield Fix the glitch where you can’t complete all of the War Story objectives

  • uprrp0943
    Héctor Camacho (@uprrp0943) reported

    @Battlefield @EA_DICE please fix the ttd not the ttk. That is the problem with people dying to quick. Listen to the community that has been here since day 1. #bestttkever #listen

  • xXmsharyXx
    Renard. 🎄 (@xXmsharyXx) reported

    @Battlefield Game is always crash while loading or quitting fix it ( ps4 )

  • JAWSGames
    JAWS (@JAWSGames) reported

    Battlefield V TTK video is going up I promise, but the internet gods have not been with’s been uploading since 2 but is still 30 minutes away. I would blame it on the 4K but I’ve never had that issue before.

  • rion198376
    Daniel Göransson (@rion198376) reported

    @Battlefield @PartWelsh @SQUiD_1337 @TheTacticalBrit @Twitch Revert back TTK. Fix netcode with one frame kill bug TTD. #NotMyTTK #Fixnetcode

  • aKaBeerthirty
    aKaBeerthirty (@aKaBeerthirty) reported

    I need #Battlefield fix for the day.

  • deny_03
    Den (@deny_03) reported

    @Battlefield @eahelp @bf5 @playstation Omg! Fix this game. I've completed the damn look up challenge and it still shows that I haven't done it. Not even one kill. I have the freakin video of me doing it and it says double kill. Wtf!!

  • Jer63230662
    Jer (@Jer63230662) reported

    @Battlefield @PartWelsh @SQUiD_1337 @TheTacticalBrit @Twitch stop working on dumb shit and fix the time to kill!

  • stonerforlife77
    THC9-DELTA (@stonerforlife77) reported

    @EA_DICE. Dudes, somebody has broken my @Battlefield game while I was sleeping..I WAS hyped that this could be new +1200hrs BF game for me .Only spent 1/4 "+Alpha and Beta" of that with BF1, #MBGA Make Battlefield Great Again,. And stop pleasing of shitty players

  • howdy72_captain
    🇬🇧 captain_howdy72 (@howdy72_captain) reported

    @Blakemcloughlin @EA_DICE It’s broken

  • Kieron24120883
    Kieron spiteri (@Kieron24120883) reported

    @HippoZoned @EA_DICE @DICEfigge Hippo I agree with you plus they need to fix that war story bug in the last tiger cuz 1 of the challenges dont work still

  • akaZoom_
    Zoom (@akaZoom_) reported

    @Battlefield @PartWelsh @SQUiD_1337 @TheTacticalBrit @Twitch Well is Dice LA taking over, so they can actually fix the game.

Battlefield V Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 15
  • 2000
  • 80029564
  • CE-34878-0
  • CE-377332-2
  • DirectX