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Battlefield V, also known as Battlefield 5, is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Battlefield V is the sixteenth installment in the Battlefield series.

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  • Derek_SCO Derek 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@Derek_SCO) reported

    @Tek0486 @mrav_ @xMusti070 @Nigel_Anderson_ @kevinmasterr @smk_gaming_ @matze385er @Cylon_VE84 @BCITW @Battlefield Thank you Tek, and no problem. Sorry my German isn't so good either 🙈

  • LYRCMck Jon 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@LYRCMck) reported

    @grenjirofl @ITalkFortnite I think the main issue with stretched was that only PC players could do it. Most games have FOV sliders on PC, the only one on console I can think of is Battlefield. If they added an FOV slider to PC, then i think they should then off forced crossplay

  • FeelDaSpeed FeelDaSpeed (@FeelDaSpeed) reported

    @ProYamYamPC @GamesRadar Not even close.... and thats still the case if BFV where minus all its bugs and performance issues 😀

  • therealPaulTyre PaulTyre - Gaming (@therealPaulTyre) reported

    @HighlandGrizzly got new broadband, so now he won't look like this moving through a building in #BattlefieldV. @Battlefield #BFV #Lag #GamersUnite #Gamers #XboxOne

  • ABODJABALI عبد السلام محمد (@ABODJABALI) reported

    @EAHelp ive got a new problem with my battlefield v after formating my ps4 i reinstalled the game and it works before the update 1.30 normally but after i had updated the game i couldn’t start the game anymore it starts with the background then i get the black loading screen!

  • PButterface PuRDy.BuTTeRFaCe (@PButterface) reported

    @Mikmaq72 @BernieSanders He could come back and talk to us. He's chalked this up as a win and he won't revisit this battlefield if he won't hear us. Pleading for @berniesanders to help us, thousands of people in one city. Fix the legislation so it cannot continue to be perverted.

  • badgolferbob ❌ tired of the Dem BS- Cult 45 member ❌ (@badgolferbob) reported

    @JonahDispatch My siblings and I could turn the game of Sorry into a battlefield. Monopoly was less of a problem when I could read the rules myself. Risk was great, my siblings didn’t play it so I could play it with my friends.

  • TravisKole Michigan Born Sports (@TravisKole) reported

    @SW_RevanX @vexer4000 Bf2 was the loot box fiasco like hardcore mode. The problem with bf1 was just that they were charging high prices for very little content.

  • ReadOnl18696469 ReadOnly (@ReadOnl18696469) reported

    Been playing for about an hour and so far I have seen the infinite bleedout bug twice. Dice and EA need to fix their shit #BattlefieldV #BF5 #BFV #Battlefield5

  • nexomimichan neko-nim | AUNTY-L 축하합니다 우리 종대 ♥ (@nexomimichan) reported

    and long story short boom he's in the middle of a battlefield, or, remnants of what appears to be a town. the mirror is right in front of him as broken as it was when he last saw it in the house, with the same bullet hole at the same exact place but it's different, somehow

  • BobOxler111 Combat Desert Vet (@BobOxler111) reported

    @Adrienne7755186 @IlhanMN Mayor Pete was a reservist... Although he served, his life was never in danger, and he wasn’t on the battlefield like me or many others. He uses his military service to campaign on because most people think Active duty and Reserves are the same thing. They are not

  • AKA_ART_ Art (@AKA_ART_) reported

    @StodehTV I think we do have some of that in BF5 but it's hidden away. I want the return of battlelog but also, it had so many issues. DICE have such a tough job with that one.

  • gtoast99 Gtoast99 (@gtoast99) reported

    @cryogen_mtg @I_AmOzymandias @Frosty_mage @SheldonMenery @KelzamGaming @Hitzel89 @MTGCubeCats @tobyelliott @JqlGirl @FoolhardyMTG @JK__27 I think you missed the point. Broken cards CAN be played fairly. That doesn't mean they don't deserve a ban. Heck, I'd RATHER flash let it stay on the battlefield. With hulk or rector, you need it to both enter and die. Flash does both (un-interactable once resolving) for 1U.

  • ZeeTeeAy ZeeTeeAy (@ZeeTeeAy) reported

    @WilliamShatner @screenrant 2/ ...usually flattens characters, for fear of 'humanizing' the bad guys, and in this way lacks nuance, and is as boring as any other public service announcement. This is actually why L Nimoy said he didn't care for 'Let That Be Your Last Battlefield.' A bit too 'on the nose'.

  • ________Brian Brian (@________Brian) reported

    @MrProWestie DICE need to come out and say so then. A comment on tank body customisation wouldn't go astray either. They are quickly becoming an embarrassment as a studio in the way they handle these issues. BF5 is a shit show and they've got their hands full, but come on.

  • Dal282 Dale (@Dal282) reported

    @MrProWestie Dices live service is equivalent to early access. Tried playing bfv today. Absolute frustration. Planes constant killing one shot. Tanks unbreakable.

  • michaelaagent47 psn agentfoxy47, assassin 47 (@michaelaagent47) reported

    @SQUiD_1337 Bf1 is neglected now too, love it but so many problems still

  • RoKrs KRSRoB (@RoKrs) reported

    @Mightymushr00m @AzuraProds I disagree. Before 5.0 you simply could not turn a tank turret fast enough to engage infantry making pushing impossible. Every prior battlefield did not limit this at all, it was fast as you can flick a mouse. This was an absolute problem. It is not one now.

  • pxndxntion pxndxsos (@pxndxntion) reported

    @GetGoodGuyYT No problem I know battlefield is in bad moments hopefully we can get better videos of battlefield but if you choose to play another game I would also watch am also looking for some other games to play as I don't play bf5 no more

  • Bigg33D ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (@Bigg33D) reported

    sidenote: i don’t know what’s better to use a blade blunt object or what but i usually go with a broken bottle in battlefield

  • TheOGMotion Motion🇨🇦 (@TheOGMotion) reported

    I’m hoping that Dice can turn BFV in to a decent shooter game at this point it’s too late for a full recovery but I know that the people who are still playing will play more and actually want to play if some of these big issues are fixed

  • Standingfast85 [501] Standingfast85 🎮 (@Standingfast85) reported

    @KonteDraco BFV dude. I've literally been complaining about the same issues since 5.2.2

  • Eviltwin0111 Eviltwin011 (@Eviltwin0111) reported

    @EAHelp your game is broken. Playing battlefield 5 bouncing Betty's are not going off when enemies run over them. Die and it wont let me spawn in the game hit detection is not working. What a joke.

  • Kaleb216 Polor_Void (@Kaleb216) reported

    @EA_DICE it would be really nice if you would fix the shitty ******* swbf2 servers since I can't play a single game without being frozen and lagging even though I have good connection

  • Benja35286075 Benja (@Benja35286075) reported

    @LevelCapGaming I really dont care about bfv comeback or not, the whole game just not feel like a ww2 game and just a mess to me no matter how they fix it. I rather have a dice comeback with a modern warfare bf🤤

  • Scoped777 Scoped777 (@Scoped777) reported

    @InfinityWard It seems they're going the battlefield route of updating their game, fix 5 bugs and create another 20...

  • Nippy2x11 Nippy2x1 (@Nippy2x11) reported

    @InfinityWard There was a time when the title modern warfare meant good things in Call of duty. Now it means bastardized battlefield, broken mini map, SBMM, hokie pokie game modes and worthless updates that break more then they fix And a dev team that shows they don't listen or care.

  • Scoped777 Scoped777 (@Scoped777) reported

    @InfinityWard It seems they're going the battlefield 5 route of updating their game, fix 5 bugs and create another 20...

  • Prof_WNC Walter Clark (@Prof_WNC) reported

    @GOP @Jim_Jordan I wish it was Dem hysteria driving negativity; unfortunately, POTUS is inflicting harm on Americans. He is asking another government to interfere in the election; he has lied about service members being injured in Iran attack; he has left an ally on battlefield alone.

  • MamaBea60049450 Mama Bear 5 (@MamaBea60049450) reported

    @jaketapper @gtconway3d My daughter had 3 concussions by the age of 15. The cognitive issues are real and disturbing. I can’t imagine what damage is caused by those on the battlefield. 🙏🏼

  • gavinahamat gavinahamat🔪 (@gavinahamat) reported

    @g9james_ @utkarshwatchdo1 @JulioCesar_503 @NeedforSpeed If it isn't working the way they wanted to then the problem is the in-game engine itself. I mean Frostbite is a good in-game engine but it was made for Battlefield games. What NFS really needs is it's own in-game engine. Although it'll probably take years to develop.

  • s3n0rac Miguel Carones (@s3n0rac) reported

    @MrProWestie I mean its like all the problems of the game dont bother u that much or else u would be playing bf4/bf1/bf3

  • ThrownIntoSol Andrew "BATHROOMS HATE HIM" Davis (@ThrownIntoSol) reported

    Same problem with Battlefield.

  • gameshed_ big john (@gameshed_) reported

    @LYRCMck exactly, games like battlefield 5 and battlefield 1 also have similar systems and they run just fine, not to mention the fact that epic has been testing this system for a while now, i'm sure it won't have that many problems on consoles/mobile on launch

  • lonestarag05 lonestarag05 (@lonestarag05) reported

    @agfiji @brhodes I don't think anyone is equating concussion to losing a limb. But these injuries r taking troops off the battlefield same same. The issue I take is w/ the lack of gravity being shown re the attack. It was a matter of luck & military acumen that we avoided severe injury/KIA.

  • PeteMos06914904 Pete Moss (@PeteMos06914904) reported

    @mtracey here, these types of issues are not immediately apparent and would not be included in normal battlefield triage

  • JasonCTucker [TGW]sgtpoliteness77 (@JasonCTucker) reported

    @smk_gaming_ @PlayStation The only issue she had was with Battlefield. I have to wear a headset so I can't talk and just got mad at it. Once I quit playing that all time she had a lot more fun. She did enjoy watching Firestorm though.

  • Creativ08555908 Creativity (@Creativ08555908) reported

    @TheSkipboy @LevelCapGaming I bet what you want that a year from now BFV will be in the same state it is now but with an underwhelming vehicle body customization, still the ttk we don't want, 5 more maps than now and some more weapons, the same underwhelming cummunity games & the same problems it has now

  • ArmoredGeneral 𝗨𝗿𝗮𝘆 𝗥𝗲𝘆𝗮𝗿𝗱 (@ArmoredGeneral) reported

    @StarsOfTheAngel The time soon came when Uray was going to have to put down his shield. Without looking, he could feel that Angel was close to him. Being next to her, even on the battlefield, was the best feeling he could've had. The only issue was... he may brew forced to leave her side again.+

  • Bogd_nM Bogdan_M. (@Bogd_nM) reported

    @BFBulletin There needs to be a new military franchise that sticks to realism like Battlefield did back in the day. It seems their just catering to newbies and balance issues these days and lost their way. I love this franchise but it's not the same as it was.

  • iamkaenopi Quentin (@iamkaenopi) reported

    @EAStarWars @EA_DICE Please fix Battlefront2. It's not normal I'm at 6fps in the menu, that I'm at 100% memory usage when it's not the GPU's or CPU's case. It's unplayable, and I just want to ******* play with friends and stream it..

  • edgeofmind Two Cities (@edgeofmind) reported

    @NiklasAstrand @DANNYonPC I never quite understood, particularly in 4, why the windows never lined up with a players view. They were either too short for a standing position or too tall for a squating position. BFV does them well but we still have that overly bright saturation issue looking out windows.

  • ratzuu93 Ratzuu (@ratzuu93) reported

    @PlayTemtem Currently I am having a problem that I cant leave a battle. My Temtem survived with 1HP but I cant let it fight. I restarted the game after that and now my second Temtem is still in fight alone in the battlefield and I am stuck

  • Ragnarok013 Ragnarok013 (@Ragnarok013) reported

    @SirUruk @DANNYonPC I understood and yes some people are just negative but BF5 has had so many dev and game issues in 14 months that I think 5.2 was simply the last straw for many people and they aren’t giving DICEor BF5 any more chances.

  • SpikeUracil Spike Uracil ⚔️🛡️ (@SpikeUracil) reported

    @MrProWestie i would buy the next battlefield immediatly even if it's 100% the same as V with one exeption the plane crash needs to be an animation when hitting solid ground like a real heavy crash into the ground

  • mailibradley Maili Bradley (@mailibradley) reported

    @MarshaBlackburn His leg was blown to bits on a battlefield—to give you the freedom to say this awful thing about him. If you can’t give a baseline amount of respect to another human being, at least respect what his service affords you personally. Or just don’t say anything at all.

  • Caddieblues Philippe Chaize (@Caddieblues) reported

    @KhaibarOmar1 @pcgamer You rent the Hardware, but you own your games. All my Steam library, same for Origin, GoG etc. No shared CPU like stadia, and you can install whatever you need to. No latency or input lag. Playing BF5 all maxed out on 28”FHD. Give it a try;)

  • venturi_max Somebody somewhere (@venturi_max) reported

    @EA_DICE battlefield 5 is unplayable. Fix this piece of shit !!!

  • chasedkb Benefitz (@chasedkb) reported

    @Indigowd @StodehTV Engineering resources seem to be lacking in the BFV team according to one of the CM's. BFV's ribbon system had been broken since late December 2018. In late 2019 when I asked if it would ever be fixed, PartWelsh told me the team didn't have the engineering resources to do it.

  • GetGoodGuyYT GetGoodGuy (@GetGoodGuyYT) reported

    @ImraanKnight Yes I get that a lot. I take massive issue with a lot of BF5 but some only see that as “hating”. Whereas some people enjoy the game and others act as if that’s “wrong”. A real shame.

  • DelayCreations Delay.C (@DelayCreations) reported

    Modern warfare is a ******* joke I have a 12 and 9 gb updates now I give up on this game please @EA_DICE please help this joke of a company fix there file sizes

  • CJbladesUk Chris (@CJbladesUk) reported

    @InfinityWard The more you update us the less of an issue it becomes so where is an update last one was a day ago if you cannot fix this in a small time period people would rather know than sit there wondering when things will be sorted. Shame as this is my first CoD Game ever. Back to BFV

  • MarkBobd606 RD (@MarkBobd606) reported

    @AndyNetherwood @guzzler79 About right unless the proposal is to issue soldiers bicycles to get to the battlefield instead

  • kakashidragon Matthew Nemitz (@kakashidragon) reported

    @thetangymango @EA_DICE @Battlefield Yeah having the same issue as well. I got like over 30 kills with it so far and nothing.

  • abhrankashdas Abhrankash🇮🇳 (@abhrankashdas) reported

    @ExSecular He can give free power and water to Delhi people only but during BJP rule they have to pay. Delhi may turned to be a battlefield still as far as my knowledge is concerned about Delhi they want free stuffs not the governance nor the quality of service.

  • JorgeLamboglia Jorge Lamboglia (@JorgeLamboglia) reported

    @KonteDraco @BALANCE_BF @AzuraProds @BFBulletin Its a problem more of BF1/ BFV rather than any previous game in which slowdown was more consistent and less annoying

  • barlow18338 genevieve barlow (@barlow18338) reported

    Bottom feeder - Put her ass on the battlefield. Must never had a family member in the military. That’s a problem -people like her disrespecting and taking our veterans for granted.

  • Battlefield0923 Battlefield's Soldier (@Battlefield0923) reported

    @GameSpot I was close to switching back to COD after almost 7 years, but I saw this reset bug and that I.W. doesn't have a fix for it. Must be a sign that I should stick to Battlefield lol.

  • ScribeUndead Poe's Law = Intellectual Dark Weeb 🔞 (@ScribeUndead) reported

    @ScarletSurviver She punched out Hitler in front of Captain America on a random WWII battlefield after time traveling back there for no reason too. In her first issue.

  • ltischler Lisa DiCerto (@ltischler) reported

    @MarshaBlackburn You are an embarrassment to all those who are in public service. When you have bled on the battlefield for this country then you can judge another purple heart recipient.

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