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Battlefield V, also known as Battlefield 5, is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Battlefield V is the sixteenth installment in the Battlefield series.

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  • OldManRenz OldManRenz (@OldManRenz) reported

    So, I'm giving @Battlefield a try with the new update. WOW, the hit reg on @Xbox is a nightmare. Played with a friend and we were blown away. When is the patch to fix the update ;)

  • Flintstone_JFK John Flindt (@Flintstone_JFK) reported

    @Braddock512 @Battlefield @EA_DICE So when is a fix ready for earning company coins, also since patch I cant progress my active assignment, meaning it resets after each round.

  • brandonreed13 Brandon Reed (@brandonreed13) reported

    @CrafterYTube Premium gave plenty of bang for your buck and we knew what we would be getting. Now in BFV we get nothing for content and we have no clue that we are getting past this fall. This live service is a joke but people got what they asked for.

  • AnXboxJourney AustinSoprano 🎮 (@AnXboxJourney) reported

    Number one on the scoreboard. Well over 5 tanks killed by my hand so far, 34 and 13, just got enough points for smoke and V-1 Rocket drop..... Lag out of game again. Thanks guys! @battlefield. At least I got some good content. But really may have to stop the battlefield for a bit

  • RawkStarGaming1 RawkStarGaming (@RawkStarGaming1) reported

    @Beta_Shades @Xbox Used to be. Until @EA_DICE @EA ruined Battlefield with terrible latency issues, terrible netcode and worse than par hit boxes. But... I has PC now and made many a friend on XBox. Some of them who I call family. Cheers to @Xbox for that 👍

  • stefan_26_05_86 Stefan Karl Schwarz (@stefan_26_05_86) reported

    @JulianJanganoo yooo J. quickscoping folks again! @EA_DICE fix the damn audio, please!!

  • Neonhackerx3 ○ᒪIᐯIᗩ ᑕ○ᒪ○ᗰᗩᖇ (@Neonhackerx3) reported

    @DeadlyGenetxcs "That is why Reyes is always passing out on the battlefield!" She yelled, realizing the error of her ways. EXPOSED!

  • TFS_Pun Pun, The Frugal Streamer (@TFS_Pun) reported

    Great stream tonight! Thanks all who came to hang out. Sorry about the BFV crash. I've noticed it happens whenever there's explosions or AA etc that I'm near. Weird, but other than that, the game ran rather well.

  • TravisAlten Travis Altenburger (@TravisAlten) reported

    @EA_DICE pls fix your anti cheat

  • NotMarkrsd1 Markrsd1🎲 (@NotMarkrsd1) reported

    @DiDz_83 @BFEEcommunity @Battlefield @jourdanYNWA It's not a "glitch" LMFAO that doesn't even make sense. This is a Easter egg they added that can now be uncovered on a couple maps.

  • NolanP_YT 5IV3Z (@NolanP_YT) reported

    I love how inconsistent the hero abilities are, I was playing as Anakin and was using his Retribution and an B2 was standing right beside me and it didn’t even register him and so he wasn’t even affected by it, like ffs @EA_DICE fix your god damn game.

  • II_JumPeR_I Patrick K. (@II_JumPeR_I) reported

    @dwgamingonyt @EA_DICE @FlakfireGaming @TheTacticalBrit @MrProWestie @BattleFieldVtm @XB1C_Community @SixtiethTiger1 @DrizzlyBat @CopeIsaiah @prime_ttv @CMPFever @Darren3685 After how broken the new patch is i doubt it

  • Tweettmesohard Yummi (@Tweettmesohard) reported

    @EA_DICE when its come to battlefield V please fix your buggy menu it is infuriating sincerely everyone. 🖕

  • Jiveturkey34 Jive_turkey34 (@Jiveturkey34) reported

    @JaqubAjmal @MtO_Shifty @Battlefield And the plane hit box issue, but leave the dumb wing getting shredded off out of the game

  • TooMuchCyanide TooMuchCyanide (@TooMuchCyanide) reported

    There was a period in BF4's life cycle where I basically went "**** this shit" and didn't play for a solid month or two because of the constant issues. I feel I'm nearing that same situation with BFV.

  • jddorley Jerry Dorley (@jddorley) reported

    @TheWhitneyBrown The only place the language is accetable would be battlefield situations thus demonstrating the problem: many police forces have been trained to behave as a militia force.

  • rubberduckedup Rubberduckedup (@rubberduckedup) reported

    @EAStarWars @EA_DICE you are aware that on Naboo when you go to the droids ship as a clone it crashed the game @XboxSupport @Xbox #broken

  • decs_mr MrDecs (@decs_mr) reported

    @BrokenMachine @Battlefield Not too powerful. Very hard to use aggressively, which is why most players sit and wait for you to push or sit and camp in a corner or something. Problem is you get too many people using them on focussed modes like breakthrough, and fortress. Then in turns into a campy mess...

  • B_Van_01440 Brian V (@B_Van_01440) reported

    The planes in @Battlefield v are so bad right now please tell me there is definitely a issue @JaqubAjmal @NiklasAstrand

  • enriqueyegros Enrique Yegros (@enriqueyegros) reported

    @MrProWestie The current state of the game itself is a joke, worse than a beta, each update fix one thing and break another 10, particularly I think I leave BFV until new factions and maps arrive where I guess the game will be better.

  • jonjones2142 Jonjones2142 (@jonjones2142) reported

    @JaqubAjmal @namh582 @DRUNKKZ3 @tiggr_ @EA_DICE @JaqubAjmal don’t try to feed me that BS your game is broken and this dev team sucks! Bring back the old dev team that made BF3! Make a great game like bf3 and bf4 and maybe like bf1 then we will stfu this is COD version of battlefield! #Brokenfield

  • SkirmishX Agentmns (@SkirmishX) reported

    @StevenAscher Crash Bandicoot, Club Penguin, Battlefield 3, Minecraft

  • stauner42 Mike Stauner (@stauner42) reported

    @FaTed_X_RaTed @ImperialAce1985 @BFEEcommunity @Battlefield Their patches have been like this for literal years now. Always breaking more shit than they fix. Welcome to an @EA_DICE game.

  • xRicardoA Ricardo Schvartzaid🌹🇧🇷 (@xRicardoA) reported

    @Braddock512 @EA_DICE @Battlefield 😭😭😭 matchmaking for SA servers is broken! Help us Offers the option of choosing which server to play because matchmaking for South American players does not work Please, help us! I love this game but i can't play 😭😭😭😭

  • Markotiq057 Markotiq (@Markotiq057) reported

    @BFBulletin fix the invisible players pls @Battlefield @EA_DICE

  • DRUNKKZ3 Florian - DRUNKKZ3 (@DRUNKKZ3) reported

    @ROBHUG74 @SgtDangerCow Even more so when most of that has nothing to do with what you personally work on. You seem to be a Battlefield fan and i'm sorry that you are annoyed with the various issues with the game but come on, i hope that you can understand this :)

  • thefixedhammer TheFixedHammer (@thefixedhammer) reported

    @BrokenMachine @Battlefield Of course Broken, they are destroying the game

  • hejustgotchad Weeb hater (@hejustgotchad) reported

    @FabianChills you should try out the back to basics gamemode in bf1. its bolt action sandard issue weapons only

  • ComplainerMr Jeff (@ComplainerMr) reported

    @Battlefield im getting a new glitch that is force closing my game as i load into a match,really tedious to boot the whole game up multiple times just trying to play

  • stauner42 Mike Stauner (@stauner42) reported

    @Battlefield @EA_DICE You guys are pathetic. You implement this stair building easter egg and a literal finger gun esster egg meanwhile planes are broken, tanks are broken, the patch has screwed up more than it's fixed. But thank GOD you could fix your cosmetics in ~1hr

  • NewWorldShogun NewWorldShogun (@NewWorldShogun) reported

    @TheTacticalBrit Ah yes. The invisible player glitch. BF1 was plagued with them too the point I stopped playing.

  • TFS_Pun Pun, The Frugal Streamer (@TFS_Pun) reported

    @GamerMikeH @JaqubAjmal It's for BFV crash dumps, not Windows.

  • NoNameTemper The dude (@NoNameTemper) reported

    @JaqubAjmal @namh582 @DRUNKKZ3 @tiggr_ @EA_DICE I was having this problem b4 the update and i have a constant 40 to 60 latency

  • DANNYonPC DANNYonPC (@DANNYonPC) reported

    @1AGRESSOR @Braddock512 @Battlefield @EA_DICE I had no problems in BF3 to be a more attacking tanker Combo of Reactive, and good movement That got ruined for a bit in BF4 due to self locking rifles, and rockets you can move AFTER it was shot.. (but still decently) BF5, lol.

  • DANNYonPC DANNYonPC (@DANNYonPC) reported

    @TheKnappen @Braddock512 @Battlefield @EA_DICE Problem with BF1 was that the AT rockets NEEDED to be bipodded, making you a super easy target To be fair, planes and heli's did the same in BF3/4 and 1 too :p

  • ryanriver4 RyanRivera (@ryanriver4) reported

    @EA_DICE fix this, when I’m reviving someone in BF V, I can’t because I keep picking up teammates weapons when they die. Fix that, I’m tired of dying because the game thinks I’m wanting to switch weapons over reviving my teammates.

  • theRaccoonSlick theSlickRaccoon (@theRaccoonSlick) reported

    @Zashalamel91 @MrProWestie This isn’t BFV’s launch though. This is eight months in, and there’s still huge issues like this with every patch.

  • darkseidx92 TC (@darkseidx92) reported

    I can't think of a more broken and shitty multiplayer game this gen than Battlefield V. Still trying to get my money's worth but it's just so ******* unbalanced and boring

  • 40_40vision 50% battery (@40_40vision) reported

    @BrokenMachine @Battlefield Yeah, they need nerfed. Personally a bigger problem for me is AA.. reaching you from the other side of the map while flying is as bad as it is in game right now ishorrific.

  • B1GTRAIN B1GTRAIN (@B1GTRAIN) reported

    @Battlefield You think you could fix the game to fix how long it takes to load into a match in between matches and how long it takes sometimes to find a match..

  • nikolai260981 niko (@nikolai260981) reported

    @Battlefield you have to do better with firestorm to mamy glitches. Constantly got big glitch pixelations from start to first wave.

  • jourdanYNWA JFT96 (@jourdanYNWA) reported

    @DiDz_83 @BFEEcommunity @Battlefield Think it was a glitch from.yesterdays update mate

  • BosnianLord Patton (@BosnianLord) reported

    @SixtiethTiger1 @EA_DICE Oh they listes to select few, aka, sellouts like Westie, who them self have no idea how community thinks but is only interested in being close to dice and ea. Literally lol right now. Game is been broken since launch, and this mayhem they introduced yesterday is just bonus.

  • ionizzata Bar (@ionizzata) reported

    MMGs were implemented to solve a problem that never existed and now these morons on Reddit ******* defend them because it's ''''''realistic'''''' (even though BFV fails at even immersing the player at basic ******* levels) and encourages you to play ''''''defensively''''''.

  • lukegindahouse Luke G (@lukegindahouse) reported

    This is before I had a chain of server kicks and crashs #EA #dice #BFV #bfv #updates #Broken

  • uprrp0943 Héctor Camacho (@uprrp0943) reported

    Congrats @EA_DICE @EA for breaking #BattlefieldV once again, constantly crashing, disconnected from servers, planes broken due to not registering hits, invisibility or,but not limited to unrendered players killing you from nowhere. Well done. Keep it up!!

  • RyanMalkin97 RyanMalkin97 (@RyanMalkin97) reported

    Seriously @EA_DICE why is it that every single time you do an update for #bf5 there is multiple bugs & issues.. you are killing the franchise! SORT IT OUT!!

  • Michaeljai michaeljai (@Michaeljai) reported

    @EAStarWars @EA_DICE @BenWalke Naboo is broken!! And kicking people out of matches or not loading at!! Please fix this 😐🙄🙄

  • WARgenSLi robert schoeneman (@WARgenSLi) reported

    I have a fix to it all shut down bfv and put out 2142 or 2143 we have all been waiting on get tired of a rank 1 coming in and having a 50 -1 kd more than just the bugs you have listed

  • _jjju_ Julian Manolov (@_jjju_) reported

    @_hO0chie_ Sorry. The watch here ended with BF4 and BF1. Not running the live service for BFV :P Now I am just watching and enjoying what others release while eating 🍿😎

  • _jjju_ Julian Manolov (@_jjju_) reported

    @_hO0chie_ Sorry. The watch here ended with BF4 and BF1. Not running the live service for BFV :P

  • ICarpophorusI [𝔉𝔬𝔄𝔪] [SCO] ICarpophorusI (@ICarpophorusI) reported

    @JaqubAjmal @MtO_Shifty @Battlefield hopefully a quick hotfix can sort it,from what ive seen of it in game i think it's a rendering distance issue,as up close the invisible soldier "loads in" normally

  • rainiernqc Nino Rainier (@rainiernqc) reported

    @Battlefield The assigments are not tracking properly and the MAB Mastery V is completely broken. Both requirements keeps reseting every round.

  • Homeinthe_760_ Chris Brooks (@Homeinthe_760_) reported

    @y2k2y Both are good weapons but on an actual battlefield I would take a sword over a spear personally spears are good when working within a group but during the chaos and heat of battle once the line has been broken and your fighting shoulder to shoulder I’m pulling out that sword

  • nikoszades Nikos Zades (@nikoszades) reported

    @namh582 @JaqubAjmal @DRUNKKZ3 @tiggr_ @EA_DICE Man the game works great the problem is your internet connection 😂😂😂 I am joking of course

  • Carl_28T Carl Emil Petersen (@Carl_28T) reported

    @AKA_ART_ This game is unplayable (stuttering, Lag, bugs everywhere and all the time) - not mention: no real new content in 6 months and a piss poor live service - and you have spend real money on reskined cosmetics. BFV is and will always be a true failure of a game.

  • TheTacticalBrit TheTacticalBrit 🇬🇧 (@TheTacticalBrit) reported

    Little Battlefield video today. I'll be honest, I'm struggling to enjoy it with so many bugs each patch and the performance issues. Expect a few other shooters on the channel soon.

  • NOOBoiii_ UBoiii (@NOOBoiii_) reported

    @JaqubAjmal @namh582 @DRUNKKZ3 @tiggr_ @EA_DICE it's yellow, meaning that it's just a warning and it has not, yet, reached a critical level (85ms ~ 120 ms) I believe and should not impact the gameplay experience. I live in Morocco thus I usually get around 90 ~ 100 ms ping & never had a single problem with the latency.

  • Commander1563 Angel Mendoza (@Commander1563) reported

    @Battlefield Sometimes my shots do not register. While I'm on the ground as infantry in conquest I got several shots into some guy and it showed them bleed but they received no damage. No I was not lagging my internet connection was perfectly fine. I am on Xbox one X

  • vikramteja143 vikramteja (@vikramteja143) reported

    @JaqubAjmal @U_SAF @namh582 @DRUNKKZ3 @tiggr_ @EA_DICE But u people wont wanna agree problem is from ur side no matter what

Battlefield V Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 15
  • 2000
  • 80029564
  • CE-34878-0
  • CE-377332-2
  • DirectX