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Battlefield V, also known as Battlefield 5, is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Battlefield V is the sixteenth installment in the Battlefield series.

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  • HappyOSRS Happy 🔜 #paradiso2019 (@HappyOSRS) reported

    @EA_DICE in the squad spawn there is a bug which causes flashing lights and rapid movement until you return to the overhead spawn map. This could cause seizures in epileptic patients and I was wondering if there was an ETA on that fix.

  • socialconcern1 socialconcern (@socialconcern1) reported

    @DBA_MS @jocelyne @Knauth4Knauth @TonyOrtega94 Asimov was great. Battlefield Earth on the other hand translated into one of the worst movies of the last century. Specifically #16 of the bottom 20. Innumerable continuity errors abound.

  • Darkreaper31 C Napes (@Darkreaper31) reported

    @Salt1estGaming Anyone that has issues with the loading need to try a Battlefield Game. They will make you feel better about Anthem 😂. Demo was ridiculous but since they feel like normal loading screens.

  • KushKings710 Dr. Gonzo (@KushKings710) reported

    @dazlad12345 @Battlefield Not everyone did but hopefully they will fix it

  • Gh0stivan1 Gh0stivan (@Gh0stivan1) reported

    @matthewpelling Since they changed the netcode I've been lagging on BFV. But I'm also lagging when I try anthem, BF4, star wars battlefront 2 but I'm fine if I play online on any other game

  • FightingAxles Eric Ritchings (@FightingAxles) reported

    @Notanapplefan1 I also was stable with better numbers on Heaven and then BF5 would crash constantly. Sorry I'm a noon with this shit and thanks for the help

  • Maxiter94 Maxiter (@Maxiter94) reported

    @sage_russell @16Jacksprat @JaqubAjmal @Battlefield Well, you said "5 maps, and half the guns are from BF1" which, because of a bad punctuation and shit is confusing. Use proper English if you want to be understood correctly. Also, this part "and the problem is that I “bought” it TWO TIMES" and now you state you haven't bought it.

  • bikwin5 pik (@bikwin5) reported

    in medieval times a common problem among knights on the battlefield is that they would run up to their opponent and accidentally kick them instead of swinging their sword

  • ButchDawsonG Butch Dawson 🇨🇦 (@ButchDawsonG) reported

    @Therion256 @Battlefield I did dm them like 2 weeks ago because I have an issue with the last tiger skin award as well. Sent video evidence of what was showing and they didn't even look at that. Thanks for the heads up I'll check it out

  • sage_russell sage russell (@sage_russell) reported

    @Maxiter94 @16Jacksprat @JaqubAjmal @Battlefield My issue is the fact that I have to buy it after earning it twice, not that I can’t buy it, and I said WEAPONS ARE FROM BF1 not maps. The maps are bad because there’s 5 maps and one of them is just split in two, reread the thread before completely switchingto the opposite problem

  • 0rochi Ade T (@0rochi) reported

    @BigZombieMonkey Game is fun, but broken as all hell. The day one patch on Xbox made the game worse. Game locks up, random EA server disconnects. And HDR was working before the day one patch. I've not seen a game launch is this bad a condition since battlefield 4.

  • Skiiryne Marquita Ellie (@Skiiryne) reported from Houston, Texas

    @Pianomover @jjmacnab As my father would say, “There is only one color on the battlefield and that 1 is called blood .” But I will say it seems strange that a growing number of marine vets seem to have issues. MK Ultra maybe. Worth a note to research.

  • AKA_ART_ Art (@AKA_ART_) reported

    @SQUiD_1337 I mean, it may have been announced as part of the full game on release but as with most things in BF5 it was potentially delayed. Either way they have always maintained it would be part of the main game, whether on initial release or part of the live service.

  • iStricer Ohad Vance/Vallon (@iStricer) reported

    My only real problem with Anthem is that it's an EA game. Everything about it looks good and promising, but with EA at the helm of it I'm legitimately scared for its, and Bioware's future. This the company that said "7 million copies of Battlefield V sold is disappointing."

  • Warrior_12z Jason (@Warrior_12z) reported

    @FlakfireGaming @MrProWestie @p1anetmatt @DRUNKKZ3 "New" content that most of us miss is the old days when Battlefield use to be "Battlefield" Expansion packs with loads of maps, new vehicles, and weapons being handed to us constantly. BC2/BF3/BF4/BF1 did it right. I despise this live service. Stretched out. Lack of content..

  • bashdash4 Bashir I, the Code Caliph™ (@bashdash4) reported

    @MrProWestie @p1anetmatt @FlakfireGaming @DRUNKKZ3 I'd argue that with a live service like this, the creation of a CTE would actually be as useful in BFV as it was in 4 or 1.

  • HormigaZYT HormigaZ 🇪🇸 (@HormigaZYT) reported

    @Deity7 Again, I answered to Jack and a direct answer to me, never to you. And you did jump in. And yes, big gamemodes with chaos and big maps are exactly an antithesis to what I like and my issue with you not even being open on the idea that Battlefield isn't just that. But you deny it.

  • Jlinz20 Jlinz20 (@Jlinz20) reported

    Finally fixed the lag issue that was preventing me from repairing my planes in BFV. No wonder i was getting my ass kicked. Not very efficient constantly flying around with broken wings lmao.

  • sage_russell sage russell (@sage_russell) reported

    @Maxiter94 @16Jacksprat @JaqubAjmal @Battlefield Everyone who tried their customer support fix never actually got the tank, instead they were asked to redownload the whole game. I said my friends don’t have a whole week.and the problem is that I “bought” it TWO TIMES, using my time which is just as valuable as 100 magic numbers

  • goodness_gaming Warlust_gg (@goodness_gaming) reported

    @FlakfireGaming I think once BFV has Boins then it will be at the tipping point for the better relating to dev time adding and polishing content, whatever is causing cc issues and tracking i “think” this is what has and is hogging dev time. Boins have been kept back for obvious reasons, tracking

  • philthegreek76 Fila (@philthegreek76) reported

    @ButchDawsonG @Battlefield They have made available to buy for only 100 coins, due to that issue. After a week it will go up to 2500

  • MrCarlosMendoza Carlos Mendoza 🇺🇸 🇲🇽 (@MrCarlosMendoza) reported

    @ButchDawsonG @Battlefield I'm also having the same issue.

  • DanThedanruddy Dwayne Haskins = 🐐 (@DanThedanruddy) reported

    @FlakfireGaming Comparitively, at this stage in SWBF2s life, the live service was horrendous. Now though, they are doing really good work. Hopefully bfv gets to the really good stuff sooner rather than later.

  • AtifNL AtifNL ◢ ◤ (@AtifNL) reported

    @bradkiid977 @WATKINSGLX16 @FlakfireGaming battlefield is already pretty long lasting with premium. look at how long battlefield 4 gor updatss and content. this whole live service is bs

  • yondermail Jose (@yondermail) reported

    @Battlefield @Th3_Extreme Please, fix the tank that most of us haven't received yet.

  • DANNYonPC DANNYonPC (@DANNYonPC) reported

    @DanMinigun @DRUNKKZ3 @FlakfireGaming @MrProWestie it still plays like the Battlefield 3 version (i did fix up some stuff)

  • BenjaminJDaley Ben Daley (@BenjaminJDaley) reported

    @MrProWestie Disagree completely. Attacking is awful in the entire operation. DICE is still just applying a bad Grand Operations setup to a new map. If it ain't broke don't fix it bring back Battlefield 1 Grand Ops and maybe we'll have something.

  • Pra_kn Pradeep Gupta (@Pra_kn) reported

    @Maria_Memon Yes it's True bt Indian's are happy no more Visa to any Pakistani may be for whatever reasons. As far as Olympic committee is concerned One call form PM Narendra Modi will set it right bt obviously after settling Issues on battlefield.

  • Flowers4Apes Blank Face Goon (@Flowers4Apes) reported

    @OneAngryGamerHD @JpegYakuza Both of those are insane reaches. BFV was decimated during it's Beta release and never recovered, due to EA bullshit. Agents of Mayhem was the 3rd reskin of dated Saints Row gameplay and had poor marketing. You can't ignore more relevant production issues to fit your narrative

  • IepicgammesI Lowee #ChromosomeCrusaders (@IepicgammesI) reported

    @OSM__RL @camo_scout @AshBoio @ArtOfWinters @Matar0701 The problem is the lack of legal background checks and the american mentality. We don't care until our yards become the battlefield. If you were to take guns away, they would end up on the black market. More and they would be too easy to get. It's a double edged sword now

  • DanMinigun DanMinigun 🇪🇺 🇲🇹 🍌 (@DanMinigun) reported

    @azerty15 @FlakfireGaming As much as the term 'fun' is subjective, I really find BFV to be just that, fun. That just makes me even angrier that EA keeps shoveling out stuff. (Anthem seems to have the same problem) And yes, I got roadkilled by a plane whilst trying to land my own plane :D

  • theron_la hello darkness (@theron_la) reported

    @FlakfireGaming I can honestly say that I have been disappointed with battlefield V .... and it is a great game...but the all the cons out weight the pros....maybe they will fix it ...hopefully

  • Bob_Lawblaw Bob Lawblaw Esq. (@Bob_Lawblaw) reported

    @DANNYonPC @p1anetmatt @ekolimits @FlakfireGaming By the same token, single player modes as flimsy and weak as bfv wouldn't be enough to warrant a full price, there's a disconnect

  • johncardillo John Cardillo (@johncardillo) reported

    Something more sinister at work here. MLFA lawyers know that intel collected against ISIS bride Muthana typically cannot be used in court, and battlefield evidence poses chain of custody problems. Good chance of acquittal in a U.S. civilian court, that further emboldens ISIS.

  • johncardillo John Cardillo (@johncardillo) reported

    Something more sinister at work here. MLFA lawyers know that intel collected against ISIS bride Muthana typically cannot be used courts, and battlefield evidence poses chain of custody problems. Good chance of acquittal in a U.S. civilian court, that further emboldens ISIS.

  • PiterSati PiterS (@PiterSati) reported

    @FlakfireGaming Live service failed in SWBF2 and it look like its going to fail with BFV. I am not going to get fooled for the third time..

  • 40_40vision 100% battery (@40_40vision) reported

    @FlakfireGaming It seems with every patch to fix a bug it creates a new one.. I hope they learned from BFV. There’s no way the next battlefield game can be bad.

  • Maxiter94 Maxiter (@Maxiter94) reported

    @16Jacksprat @JaqubAjmal @Battlefield You aren't paying anything for it, you got plenty of stuff from ToW challenges. Additional skins, assignments. Don't forget we get some stuff along the way. Also, it's possible it's the only ToW reward that's this cheap. It's only because of the glitch.

  • Maxiter94 Maxiter (@Maxiter94) reported

    @XTobinator88 @JaqubAjmal @Battlefield Lmao. I did this challenge and I couldn't care less about them allowing people to buy it for 100cc. Not my problem you're so sensitive it makes you feel bad. And no, I won't be quiet because some kid wants to whine.

  • Maxiter94 Maxiter (@Maxiter94) reported

    @XTobinator88 @JaqubAjmal @Battlefield Lmao. I did this challenge and I couldn't care less about them allowing people to buy it for 100cc. And if you didn't do it right, well, not my problem. Do it right next time.

  • WATKINSGLX16 Harry Watkins📷 (@WATKINSGLX16) reported

    @AtifNL @bradkiid977 @FlakfireGaming Yeah Same here I've tried to stay positive and up-beat about bfv but literally it's really difficult to stay positive now after issue and bug and I've gone back to bf1 and previous titles now because of it

  • AtifNL AtifNL ◢ ◤ (@AtifNL) reported

    @bradkiid977 @FlakfireGaming live service can be good, look at rainbow six siege. bfV is just shit and they probablt don't know how to handle it🤔

  • BarnyAmurao Arnold Amurao (@BarnyAmurao) reported

    @JordanH89806216 @AngryJoeShow I uninstalled the game. It introduces technical problems for me after the patch. Only tried ea premiere access for a month jst to see what's the fuzz is all about. At least i got to play bfv and finished darksiders 3. Never again EA

  • Blacktearsred Drak Woodcrest (@Blacktearsred) reported

    @Maxiter94 @JaqubAjmal @EA_DICE The issue I have is they released a challenge that was broken. the number of credits there asking for does not matter. I draw issue with is the fact they're asking people to spend crew credits for an apology for there **** up. The correct thing to have done is to make it free.

  • calle79 King Carl (@calle79) reported

    @AKValkyrin @PainkillerQ8 @GameSpot I agree on that. Many games got lots better after time. The Division 1 and Rainbow six siege to mention a few. But i feel that Anthem is flawed to its core and was released to soon. I would also say that BF5 was a half done game. Live service my ass 🍑

  • Blacktearsred Drak Woodcrest (@Blacktearsred) reported

    @JaqubAjmal @EA_DICE you realize they put out a challenge that was broken, not allowing players to unlock it, and they're asking you to use crew credits to unlock it instead of doing the decent thing and making it free to get for a week.

  • GarethAJackson Gareth Jackson (@GarethAJackson) reported

    @JeremyPenter Having played through some really rocky games at launch (looking at you Battlefield 4), I won't be rushing into getting any game anymore. In the case of Anthem, the concept seemed solid, so I may give them a few months to fix it and pick it up after a price drop.

  • astrid_lil Astrid (@astrid_lil) reported

    The shotguns are broken on battlefield 5 if you use a whole mag it doesn’t kill them like what.


    @DanielMShick1 @Battlefield Ya they have to fix that foolish bug like the players in plane show as British troops then once you jump from door your magically changed into German troops lol like wtf 🤔

  • The_realest84 Joe (@The_realest84) reported

    @BattleNonSense @NerdMetalchic4 @p1anetmatt @jdbelcher1998 @bfadwenture No security controls. No increased CQ ticket rounds. Plus give us more content with a full package at launch like past titles with everything! The lack of content, streched out poor live service content and poor map quality in BF5 is beyond frustrating.

  • kylemarin4 Kyle Marin (@kylemarin4) reported

    @GamesRadar Well someone has to say it, people whining about games such as BFV is a serious problem, Battlefield 5 wasn't a catastrophe like everyone that it was

  • dezmondOliver Dezmond Oliver (@dezmondOliver) reported

    @Battlefield PLEASE FIX THE CONTROLLER VIBRATION ISSUE!!! I still refuse to play grand operations til you fix it!

  • Threedawg747 Cameron Smith (@Threedawg747) reported

    @Battlefield Why doesnt the spitfire have air radar but the bf 109 g2 does. Fix it. Unfair advantage to axis team

  • Thinwhytduke Ray Not Donovan (@Thinwhytduke) reported

    @vic_casal @EAHelp They get a high volume in messages as the game is broken and dealing with the mess that is the development team @EA_DICE is more than a fulltime job. You have to feel sorry for those at @EAHelp . @Battlefield needs to be sold to a different developer.

  • xxTFR84xx Tom🔜PAX East (@xxTFR84xx) reported

    hey guys , sorry short stream , internet was action weird , plus i cannot deal with the shuttering effect that happens while playing , @Battlefield , please fix this :(

  • BirdUnleashed Joshua Olcott (@BirdUnleashed) reported

    @RealRdub @EAHelp @anthemgame @bioware I heard problems with BF1 on AMD chips were running like shit at launch if my memory serves me correctly

  • BearsFanInCltNC Michael Oddo (@BearsFanInCltNC) reported

    Cancelled Anthem Pre-Order. See ya when your 29.99 in 2 weeks. Too many issues and bad reviews. I’m learning from battlefield V price drop and fiasco! @EA @anthemea

  • RoKrs KRSRoB (@RoKrs) reported

    @Kenturrac @ulfplayer I think a basic problem is its an old school battlefield map, but we don't have old school battlefield transports/mechanics. So anyone without a tank suffers much more then they would before. Vehicle exit animation problem rather then a map problem.

  • OldGrimeyGaming OLD GRIMEY GAMING (@OldGrimeyGaming) reported

    @DogGunn @Kenturrac I think this is a problem in every attack & defend mode in BFV. The soldiers all run at Olympian speeds and the defending teams have little to no time to set up for the next attacks.

  • Jack64789 Jack647 (@Jack64789) reported

    @HailNuke No 😂. I've actually had less problems with Anthem than BFV. Don't know what's going on here.

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  • 2000
  • 80029564
  • CE-34878-0
  • CE-377332-2
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