Is Battlefield V down?

Battlefield V, also known as Battlefield 5, is an upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by EA DICE and published by Electronic Arts. Battlefield V is the sixteenth installment in the Battlefield series.

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December 12: Problems at Battlefield V

Battlefield V is having issues since 05:00 AM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Pekoneko117 Eneko (@Pekoneko117) reported

    @MrProWestie The problem with all the dmg changes is that now it seems every gun is intended to be played at ~20m. That is not realistic in a battlefield map gunfight, especially in the new pacific maps, where you are never within 20m of the enemy, or have large open sections

  • ohplease_DEAR Drive-Thru Attendant (@ohplease_DEAR) reported

    @Battlefield "Here's a dumb ass map for you stupid ***** to play with a broken ass ttk and bs spotting." **** your players as long as the money comes in.

  • jonnydougle Jonny Douglas (@jonnydougle) reported

    Unlocked the new LMG on Wake Island and unless @EA_DICE sort the balance issues, I’ll not be revisiting the Island.

  • SaintLedgewood Saint Ledgewood (@SaintLedgewood) reported

    @EA_DICE What is the deal with the report fetching issue. Please address this.

  • TBagGamingYT TBAG (@TBagGamingYT) reported

    Yo wtf! I'm not trying to beat a dead horse here... but I literally cant enjoy bf5 anymore. I'm not even talking about the stupid ttk. I'm getting horrible stutter issues, insane input lag, cant aim down sight sometimes... like really game breaking stuff RIP👍

  • SaintLedgewood Saint Ledgewood (@SaintLedgewood) reported

    @Battlefield Please address the report fetching issue. Silence is never good PR.

  • Thornado1 Thornado (@Thornado1) reported

    @Battlefield Not fun. Still got the "Could not fetch your report" error after every match. Pls fix 🔧

  • Sgt_Markassius If only I knew better (@Sgt_Markassius) reported

    @Battlefield Ttk old or new. But the wall hacking and aimbotting is spilling over from the asian servers into the european servers. Please fix THAT ASAP.

  • Jak0TheShadows bregh! (@Jak0TheShadows) reported

    @Battlefield Fix the TTK dummies

  • simbo74 Simone (@simbo74) reported

    @JasonVoorheesV @Battlefield @EAHelp i dont agree, i prefer now, the real problem is not the ttk, is balancing weapons. I dont want anymore smg that are able to shot people at more than 100 mt and if this means different ttk, ok.

  • mdm1971 mike (@mdm1971) reported

    @Battlefield Had a lot of errors last weekend all the text was listed as code instead of the actual words

  • 22Garebear Garrett Bradley (@22Garebear) reported

    @Battlefield The spotting is broken, the TTK sucks and I can’t get an after action report to save my life. They had all this great momentum with the Pacific and now it’s gone. I hope trying to appeal to 12 year old CoD players was worth it because you pushed everyone else off.

  • EdSheahan Ed Phatnutz420 Sheahan (@EdSheahan) reported

    @Battlefield Not until you fix this horror show

  • HeatherBrouill2 🌲🌟 Honeybee Heather ☃️❄️ (@HeatherBrouill2) reported

    So my plan for streaming is to be a variety streamer. I'll play certain games on certain days. Example: Monday would be Battlefield and Tuesday would be Destiny 2. The biggest issue is setting up a good game lineup, since I really don't wanna be boring.

  • Thesapphire101 TheSapphire103 (@Thesapphire101) reported

    @EAHelp im lv 14 with assault on bf5 but the stg wont unlock its says that i need tho be lv 13 for it tho unlock how can i fix this

  • PsychBees Bees (@PsychBees) reported

    @Battlefield Fix your ******* game

  • kEricProulx Eric Proulx (@kEricProulx) reported

    @GearFox42 @DottorHealer @Battlefield It's getting harder and harder to defend them.They did The same last year , reverted it And promise they would never do it again.Last month reveal 5.2, majority of the community tell them no, don't do it...... still does it and keep avoiding the issue.

  • nilfisktun Nicolai Høyer (@nilfisktun) reported

    @Battlefield Revert 5.2 and we will come back. And fix the none-existing team balancing and anti cheat.

  • nilfisktun Nicolai Høyer (@nilfisktun) reported

    @PartWelsh @Battlefield Revert 5.2 and fix team balancing and anti cheat.

  • BoxingFreak85 Jordan Regan (@BoxingFreak85) reported

    @Battlefield ZzZzZzZzZzZzZz.... new map, same broken patch

  • KEITHpne1 (OSG) (OSG V) ODIN88osgUK (@KEITHpne1) reported

    @jimimanovsteel @sluggishgotty @EA_DICE now it tells you that your spotted isn't a problem. The thing it does is actually makes your realise just how many times you were spotted before the update without realising it. Nobody can go through a game & not be spotted. Nobody is invisible

  • WolfgangZahrer Wolfgang Zahrer (@WolfgangZahrer) reported

    @Battlefield "loading your report is not possible" Pleas fix it.

  • Hassanissa47 IIAMM_H (@Hassanissa47) reported

    @TownshendSmash @Battlefield I tried it nothing changed still same problem even if u reinstall it

  • WolfgangZahrer Wolfgang Zahrer (@WolfgangZahrer) reported

    @arniexi @albertoc1999 @Battlefield I had the same problem. And "score could not be loaded" fix this pleas!

  • RockyLazytail Rocky Lazytail 🦝 (@RockyLazytail) reported

    @Michael36055781 @luisjorgeCA @Braddock512 @EA_DICE @Battlefield The fix is called revert those changes back to pre 5.2!

  • pagess6 pagess- (@pagess6) reported

    @OmgItsUnknown_ @albeeshry @MrProWestie @EA_DICE ah yes, the twitter posted videos are generally atrocious I do agree. The stuttering issue has been in this game for some time but it doesn't affect everyone. There are a few videos about it from the usual content creators

  • SmallsyTalls SmallsyTalls (@SmallsyTalls) reported

    @xXChampersXx @BattleDogs_mxr @EAHelp @EA_DICE @PartWelsh @JaqubAjmal ahhhh right, tried to see what it was in relation to, just assumed it would be the rendering issue. Could not fetch isn't really an issue for gameplay, just irritating, we just want to play a game that works

  • OmgItsUnknown_ Unknown (@OmgItsUnknown_) reported

    @pagess6 @albeeshry @MrProWestie @EA_DICE Yeah well not once did he state the issue, he also posted the clips in a tweet about ttk, and in both of the clips he was trying to shoot an enemy. I have not played bfv after the update so i did not know about the stuttering issue, i was just assuming it was some twitter issue

  • ClappingNews Clapping News Network (@ClappingNews) reported

    A update will be coming to the H.E.C.S with more game modes later, still cant do settings since.. BFV is broken. @MilsimNews @Central_MN

  • TrueVult Dieu et mon droit - Dave Wills (@TrueVult) reported

    @The_BERG_366 @Battlefield PC there are plenty of rush and tdm servers. Was playing last night no problems

  • BassHeavy3 Bass_Heavy (@BassHeavy3) reported

    @LindaL16 @briangukc @Albion_Rover @CTyrants What was unusual was having cameramen, and emergency service personnel hanging around weraing zero protective clothing. Bet that never happens 'on the battlefield'. Massive BS. 🤥

  • _LakeEffect_ Lake Effect (@_LakeEffect_) reported

    @Battlefield New patch is shit. Fix it.

  • DMK86177808 Dominik (@DMK86177808) reported

    @Battlefield Since start of pacific,i never set foot on land only Planes cuz they Are Broken

  • kaveckis_vadim Vadim Kaveckis (@kaveckis_vadim) reported

    @ThePollus @Vinnybot343 @Zen_Shot @Battlefield Exactly. It's so broken. Dice said they've tested 5.2 extensively. Another lie.

  • Seemeonlan Ky (@Seemeonlan) reported

    @Battlefield Fix gaem pls

  • PsychBees Bees (@PsychBees) reported

    @Battlefield Fix your ******* game

  • xsdcx123 matt taylor (@xsdcx123) reported

    @Battlefield Fix fetching your report bug

  • SteelQuest Steel Quest (@SteelQuest) reported

    @Battlefield Is anyone else having the problem that none of your stats are counting after finishing the round Since the 5.2 update. Playing on PS4.

  • the_patcher77 the_patcher77 (@the_patcher77) reported

    @Battlefield Revert the TTK and remove passive spotting. Improve anti-cheat and introduce proper team balancing. The „live service“ is a lie - you are not able to fix EndOfRound screen for a week!

  • Gpoptosis Gpoptosis (@Gpoptosis) reported

    The lawyers are going to have a problem treating their wounded, that's my battlefield analysis.

  • PaKoNeroAzzurro Pako 91 (@PaKoNeroAzzurro) reported

    @Kalcired @BFBulletin 2/2 And if you think I can't play, I have a k / D of 3.89 only infantry with 450 hours of bfv play. Try again you'll be luckier, for me the patch is good, you have to fix something, but I personally like spotting and ttk

  • VielenDankGott Noah Fence (@VielenDankGott) reported

    @Gen_Spartacus_ @EA_DICE @EAStarWars You play 45 minutes and then 5 minutes later into the last bit of action on the last defend point, they disconnect you lmao... and you paid good money just to continuously not receive points for playing but also no points received for elims and gameplay.

  • _shadowkage Shadow Kage (@_shadowkage) reported

    @LewdMox @PocketMonkeys09 @Zwooogy And that’s why he kept them away from the battlefield. Furthermore, one of his right hand man was Kagami who was a trustworthy Uchiha. The Uchiha clan was always dangerous and untrustworthy and Tobirama cares for other clans and Konoha. I honestly don’t see the problem

  • jayyylala Jewel ☻ (@jayyylala) reported

    How long till they fix the id Sparta bug on battlefield V 🙄🙄

  • Wanh3daSkairipa PROXIMA B (@Wanh3daSkairipa) reported

    @Battlefield I can't play @Battlefield because of some stupid ID_SPARTA_ bug.....fix yall broken ass game

  • SoggyGod2 Soggy (@SoggyGod2) reported

    @critical_kitcat I mean depends what is considered progressive. I'm not against many things. I more dislike how something that can be seen as progressive is used as a shield of criticism when it could he portrayed better. (Ex. the battlefield woman issue)

  • Threedawg747 Cameron Smith (@Threedawg747) reported

    @Battlefield Fix your game dumb *****

  • MadBlackPoet Locs & Brews (@MadBlackPoet) reported

    .@Battlefield y'all need to fix the end of round stats report error. It keeps saying could not fetch report. 🙄🙄🙄

  • Mojave_Sean Sean Kelly (@Mojave_Sean) reported

    @RepJayapal @jamma54 In the US, the phrase "the ultimate sacrifice" is used to mean dying on the battlefield in service to our nation. Seems you don't share my values.

  • luisjorgeCA Jorge castaneda (@luisjorgeCA) reported

    @Michael36055781 @Braddock512 @EA_DICE @Battlefield Is very clear he can’t change the TTK, but as a community manager he can deliver the massage. As per giving constructive criticism, fix the ttk is pretty self explanatory, Since is obvious the game is now broken.( I have filled out multiple surveys btw)

  • Michael36055781 Michael Kolodziejczyk (@Michael36055781) reported

    @luisjorgeCA @Braddock512 @EA_DICE @Battlefield Instead of saying fix this or it that you should fill out the surveys and give Constructive feedback, just saying fix it doesn’t help at all. Point out what u don’t like and say how it could be changed and anyways @Braddock512 is just a community manager he can’t change the ttk.

  • cparisi94 cp (@cparisi94) reported

    @Battlefield Fix the GD game

  • truthcontractor 💥John💥 (@truthcontractor) reported

    Listen @LevelCapGaming just becouse you & others cant run around & shoot 50 people a game anymore, or you have to actually work harder at being more accurate isnt @Battlefield or @EA_DICE Problem. There 50% of people that dont mind it. BABY pants OFF, MAN pants ON Dude. #PUSSAF

  • Lovebreed48 Mitchell Breedlove (@Lovebreed48) reported

    @EA_DICE Please fix the weapon unlock bug...

  • Kuartazona Colista de la B (@Kuartazona) reported

    @Battlefield Nobody: @EA_DICE : "hey guys, the game is running great, decent lag, decent amount of glitches, everything looks OK! Why we just launch a new map and a new actualization and SCREW ALL OUR GAMERS AND ****** UP THE THE LAG IN THE ENTIRE GAME!!" 👌

  • captcrunchbarry Barry Woerner (@captcrunchbarry) reported

    @CedricAPhillips i can't tell you how many times i've played a 9/8 split on sources in draft and end up with x/xxxxx on the battlefield or vice versa. the problem comes when you keep a hand with one color on the draw and dont draw your other source.

  • ionicfire666 ION666 (@ionicfire666) reported

    @Battlefield Still no hardcore. Call me when you fix the game.

  • jason4es Jan Forchert (@jason4es) reported

    @PartWelsh everyone is upset about the new ttk... but for me the biggest problem is, that I don't receive any weapon unlocks or company coins for leveling up since update 5.2 @EA_DICE @tiggr_ @Braddock512

  • jonhenriksen Jon Henriksen (@jonhenriksen) reported

    @Battlefield Fix the game, its flooded with cheaters and ****** up ttk after patch. No need to redraw patch, but fix it. Game was perfect before patch, not fun anymore after. Cheaters on EU server's are more visible now after patch, since they use hacks like no recoil/aimbot/wall

  • AliFishh JellyfiishxX ☃️ (@AliFishh) reported

    Ever since they messed up my favorite game I've lost the want to stream. @EA_DICE @Battlefield please fix your game it's all I want to do right now and I can't 😭 #twitch #BattlefieldV #bringbacktheoldttk

Battlefield V Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 15
  • 2000
  • 80029564
  • CE-34878-0
  • CE-377332-2
  • DirectX