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  • KoleBigEars Kole A Myrick (@KoleBigEars) reported

    Why is the world server down @BlizzardCS :( (I'm trying to log in to Icecrown-NA)

  • benpwalker Ben (@benpwalker) reported

    @BlizzardCS I was dropped 100 points in skill rank in Overwatch because your stupid ******** program decided to glitch up and all the sudden decide I can’t join a game, **** yourselfs you stupid ass piece of shit company

  • _Andy_JT Andy (@_Andy_JT) reported

    @BlizzardCS Can I just check, I've had some problems with my NVidia drivers resulting in the "lost rendering device" error, resulting in hard crashes tonite. Will these issues result in future punishments as they are outside of my control and I've never had these problems before

  • KeianTahamut Istoc (@KeianTahamut) reported

    @BlizzardCS I'm getting consistent WOW51900319 errors every time I actually connect to my server. I have no latency or internet issues on my end. Please assist.

  • Kingdubs01 Ibrahim 🏳️‍🌈⃠ (@Kingdubs01) reported

    @TaiDaisuke @BlizzardCS There’s a fix for it on YouTube

  • Wyrd5 Shanye West (@Wyrd5) reported

    @BlizzardCS Thanks for the reply. I did clear my cookies and tried a different browser (Chrome, currently, and tried Edge). Did not work, same issue

  • ndnblood75 Joseph (@ndnblood75) reported

    @BlizzardCS I'm having issues with my kul tiran mount. I have the mount in my bag I click on it and it says already known. I look in my mounts and it's not there. Please help

  • Baruto2 ZCarmine (@Baruto2) reported

    @BlizzardCS hello blizzard just writing again to let you know that my country for Blizzard Entertainment is not working and it is really disheartening to see. Please fix soon don't want to miss Baptiste and other new Heroes in the Storm

  • Xodriac Kevin Bautista (@Xodriac) reported

    @BlizzardCS Noticed that it happens on evenings (my time GMT+8) I was able to login fine on mornings before going to work. I'll check it out with my ISP.

  • SplashyTheGreat SplashyTheDifiler (@SplashyTheGreat) reported

    @BlizzardCS - Currently having connection problems here. I was able to play for an hour or so and I and the clan that I am with are doing a raid and when we were close to finishing it I got disconnected. More people here in my country is having the same problem too.

  • Wyrd5 Shanye West (@Wyrd5) reported

    @BlizzardCS I can log into Bnet when not in the forum. But if I log in and the go to the forum and click into the Technical Support section, I hit "New Topic", it prompts me to log in. I hit "Log In", and I get cycled back to the front page of the forum. Same with login option top right :(

  • Wyrd5 Shanye West (@Wyrd5) reported

    @BlizzardCS Thanks for replying! I've tried, but I can't login to the forum. I hit Log In the first time, it has me fill my user/pass. Then it cycles me back to the page, where the log in button is still there. I click it, it cycles me back. Never logs me in :( I can't post on the forum...

  • Janot70 Janot B. Audette (@Janot70) reported

    @BlizzardCS I'm having some issue with accessing the guild vault, i tried the UI reset and still nothing, removed all addon too

  • jakeonthegreen jason (@jakeonthegreen) reported from Markham, Ontario

    @BlizzardCS Yeah, still can't login

  • ClockBlockerX ClockBlockerX (@ClockBlockerX) reported

    @GreenDumplingTV One would think the CS person would at least show sympathy, if not empathy towards people who are upset about their (if not) reality at least perception in regards to issues with the reporting system. Ultimately @BlizzardCS really only cares if it affects revenue.

  • demonyena hyena @NFC (@demonyena) reported

    @asavoy938 @BlizzardCS I am having the same issue. When I run underrot the game will randomly freeze up and even had it where it crashed yesterday. I have also seen other players in the same instance with me have the issue.

  • dessyaps Dessy Amalya P. S. (@dessyaps) reported

    @BlizzardCS The other problem that has been happening is everytime join bg/arena, i get stuck on the loading screen, already 4 characters.

  • lobstarooo Lobstarooo (@lobstarooo) reported

    @BlizzardCS @PeterGodmez Aka we dont feel like doing anything about it so fix it for us by reporting it yourself. Blizzard died long time ago, I do t know who these moneygrabbers behind now are

  • treksinscifi Rico (@treksinscifi) reported

    @BlizzardCS Seems to still be a problem to me as of right now.

  • copperfangs Maggs (@copperfangs) reported

    @BlizzardCS I'm not dumb. All other websites are working. Flushed dns too, renewed ip, restarted actual modem and computer. Can't go to your site, can't login to battle net launcher, signed out of server from OW.

  • Faulafine (@Faulafine) reported

    @BlizzardCS it says windows cannot detect proxy settings. but i can connect to the internet except server connection to blizzard. im also having problem accessing ur website.

  • CheckOnIt__ (@CheckOnIt__) reported

    @BlizzardCS Still not working on my end... i got this code BLZBNTBGS80000011

  • Cookiesthetics Cookie (@Cookiesthetics) reported

    @BlizzardCS I can't login. 😭 But my internet is fine tho. I can't seem to access the Blizzard forums as well.

  • Lu_ri88 Guadalupe Rios (@Lu_ri88) reported

    @BlizzardCS Well not sure, I got the message and basically gave up on playing the game for today. Just plan on playing tomorrow and hoping I don't have any issues. I was playing in the morning, while my twins were still sleeping haven't tried logging in since earlier today.

  • asavoy938 Failga21 (@asavoy938) reported

    @BlizzardCS im having issues with WoW in the middle i will freeze while playing Raid or dungeon and then after like 2 secs it on freezes

  • xXLegend27Xx xXLegend27Xx (@xXLegend27Xx) reported

    @BlizzardCS I can't log into battlenet account. I've tried entering my password multiple times and it denies me entry and says "Please enter your password". I've tried resetting my password but it doesn't fix the issue.

  • Urza024 Kevin (@Urza024) reported

    @BlizzardCS so the Dark Portal in Blasted Lands is not working at. Can't progress my character

  • elmunstro Matt Why (@elmunstro) reported

    Hello, I keep getting the "please wait for game mode download" bug. I've tried everything except logging out of the game itself and logging back in. However when I try that I get an error and then disconnected for Blizzard services @BlizzardCS

  • jrobzzs John Roberts (@jrobzzs) reported

    @BlizzardCS I cannot login. The blue play button isn’t there

  • rana_hardeep Hardeep Rana (@rana_hardeep) reported

    @BlizzardCS still unable to login error 51900101

  • DemoseAries Huskey Bearded Vermonter (@DemoseAries) reported

    @BlizzardCS Was literaly just informing you of a glitch, that wasn't really effecting me, but may cause issues for people, as the launcher seems unable to track actual download transfer speeds from your servers.

  • MrsChibs M.J. Canada (@MrsChibs) reported

    @BlizzardCS Having the same issue. Oddly enough, after the little update for my log in attempt there was a WoW splash screen with Arabic writing. 🤔

  • harleyangel212 Harley (@harleyangel212) reported

    @BlizzardCS Cant log into wow and get error code says wow51900101

  • systemspo 🌏🌷👁 (@systemspo) reported

    @BlizzardCS @Steven47565935 Also getting this problem

  • blueyez3745 Kathy Van Nocker (@blueyez3745) reported

    @BlizzardCS Been about 3 weeks now with consent issues. Just sat down to play after working all morning and just wanna relax. Now can’t even get to the login screen. Get disconnected (wow51900319). Sooooo very frustrating 😑

  • DrasticPaladin Drastically (@DrasticPaladin) reported

    @BlizzardCS Looks like people are having issues logging into the Garithos server, I noticed it when trying to look at some old characters on another account that was reactivated with the weekend.

  • Avedori Sara Salley (@Avedori) reported

    @BlizzardCS Haven't been able to login for over 30 mins now. Oddly enough, I logged out to RESUB, lol.

  • jessncoty Jessica (@jessncoty) reported

    @BlizzardCS repeated failed logins!!!! please fix asap PLEASE!!!

  • splash1701d Steven L Helling (@splash1701d) reported

    @BlizzardCS @I_always_know You have been disconnected from the Blizzard services. Error WOW51900101

  • omarham54993378 omar hamed (@omarham54993378) reported

    @BlizzardCS After every patch I disconnect. (Can’t enter game) I think something’s wrong with the game itself

  • jkcoates Kevin Coates (@jkcoates) reported

    @BlizzardCS There was a forced disconnect and patch right before it happened.

  • wowplayah2017 Miguel Andrew Bobb (@wowplayah2017) reported

    @RyanBechtle @BlizzardCS Same here. I'm playing and sudden lag and drop

  • Rhordric Rhordric (@Rhordric) reported

    @BlizzardCS Someone's mad they got put in time out so they decided to ddos

  • minefrier Minefrier (@minefrier) reported

    @23chaotic @BlizzardCS Same here. Login attempt from New Zealand.

  • Nextwarbr Nextwarbr (@Nextwarbr) reported

    @BlizzardCS O get a Disconnect error as soon as I try to enter the game WOW51900101

  • ReturningA ReturningToAlaska (@ReturningA) reported

    @BlizzardCS @I_always_know Same issue as me, tried two different accounts.

  • Schnapel Dennis Snaples (@Schnapel) reported

    @BlizzardCS I am getting wow51900101. Is this an issue on Blizzard side or do I need to continue investigating on my side

  • KnotyTV Knot (@KnotyTV) reported

    @BlizzardCS Same error code - can't log in

  • omidtj777 Omid TJ (@omidtj777) reported

    @BlizzardCS I did several times, my friends can't login too

  • omidtj777 Omid TJ (@omidtj777) reported

    @BlizzardCS hey, after the recent update, can't login to server (wow51900101)

  • HeartOfCygnusX1 Cyg (@HeartOfCygnusX1) reported

    @BlizzardCS Trying to switch realms to Smolderthorn & Mok’Nathal, and every time I click on the realm I immediately disconnect. I got error message WOW51900101.

  • Linmoriel Errin P (@Linmoriel) reported

    @BlizzardCS We can't log into WoW - getting "Disconnected from server" or "Disconnected from Blizzard services" errors. I see others are having this problem too.

  • bb_wolf7 Peter Capplin (@bb_wolf7) reported

    @BlizzardCS Getting WOW51900101 when trying to log into Bladefist. Everything was fine last night, but now I can't even get past the login screen. Keeping the faith though.

  • Madkixxx Jon (@Madkixxx) reported

    @BlizzardCS @Agameniz also unable to login WOW51900101

  • D0dzy David (@D0dzy) reported

    @BlizzardCS is there a outage goung on i keep tetting disconnected from the game with a wow error code i have the lastest patch installed always up too date and i cant log in

  • MalifaxVader Malifax (@MalifaxVader) reported

    @BlizzardCS @bgboydphoto Getting WOW51900101 error now but was working a few hours ago.

  • Agameniz Andres Olalde (@Agameniz) reported

    @BlizzardCS @bgboydphoto Having the same issues 51900101

  • Vanthica Chris Weidner (@Vanthica) reported

    @BlizzardCS @bgboydphoto I also got a mini patch download after being disconnected... and I can't even log in now because I keep getting disconnected with the error WOW51900101.

  • DanMckeown81 Dan McKeown (@DanMckeown81) reported

    @BlizzardCS @bgboydphoto Replying to the "ISP" issue, I've tried 3 different providers, not an issue on the ISP side.

  • tralf2009 Tralfaz Wizard (@tralf2009) reported

    @BlizzardCS I play HS on an iPad. I can't do anything new until Blizzard releases a patch to fix HS on iOS. The current version is broken.