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  • EJSweetz Em🌙 (@EJSweetz) reported

    @PaFia_ @goosed22 @BlizzardCS The 16.2 version isn’t even in the App Store. Idk if apple and blizzard are having a communication error or what but it’s not there.

  • Lerthyr Alex (@Lerthyr) reported

    please fix this @BlizzardCS

  • BrianAppleGuy 🇰🇷BrianTheAppleGuy🇺🇸 (@BrianAppleGuy) reported

    @BlizzardCS Ny’alotha raid keeps lagging when fighting trash mobs. Have to keep restarting game. Solutions please.

  • twiggielove Twiggiella (@twiggielove) reported

    @BlizzardCS But what about the auction house mail issues. 400k gold in limbo. Sucks

  • NoahWoof Noah Woof (@NoahWoof) reported

    @BlizzardCS can you fix hearthstone please. I can’t log in on pc or iOS I’ve re downloaded on both devices. It’s a joke.

  • TheUdoran Udoran Yoko (@TheUdoran) reported

    @BlizzardCS There's another issue with the request of my government id to verify me. NONE of my information will match because when the account was made, all fake information was used because this was a game account.

  • brooklynxmama Meli Flickinger (@brooklynxmama) reported

    @BlizzardCS how about you fix the Mac users crashing and freezing issues or refund us our subscriptions until it has been addressed. 8.3 is virtually unplayable in this state.

  • shade_vaper Dallas (@shade_vaper) reported

    @BlizzardCS @Blizzard_Ent @Warcraft Another fixed the issue

  • goosed22 CJ (@goosed22) reported

    @BlizzardCS Yes. Still not working

  • shade_vaper Dallas (@shade_vaper) reported

    @BlizzardCS @Blizzard_Ent @Warcraft @BlizzardCS DO NOT TRY TO SAY TRY AGAIN I HAVE AND THIS ERROR You can't submit this ticket. An error has occurred. This may be a temporary error, so please try again later. Keeps Coming Up

  • shade_vaper Dallas (@shade_vaper) reported

    @BlizzardCS @Blizzard_Ent @Warcraft -- Not Only cant I submit a ticket through the Website I get the blasted Error BLZBNTAGT00000840 -- That the Websites walk through DOES NOT Fix the Error Thanks for NOT Trying

  • rcurtissjr Richard Curtiss (@rcurtissjr) reported

    @BlizzardCS @ryantoy25 In other words...they don’t even know how to fix it.

  • Chaoticskillz22 ChaoticSkillz22 (@Chaoticskillz22) reported

    @BlizzardCS Iv been looking through twitter and others seem to have the same issue and apple has no recent updates for the app.

  • Tihealy Tihealy 😷 (@Tihealy) reported

    @BlizzardCS It probably doesn't help if i run a scan of WoW while palying hearthstone ,,, but it's still not normal to see this massive lag that i never seen before. Probably a coincidence

  • Tihealy Tihealy 😷 (@Tihealy) reported

    @BlizzardCS WoW decided to give me an update and ran repair and still show teh same error. Hearthstone is UNPLAYABLE due to MASSIVE LAGS

  • HamiNars Nars (@HamiNars) reported

    @BlizzardCS And since I lost 2 ranks because of game bugs there’s no way you can even send me 2 horrific cores I don’t know why and not I have to wait to get caught up with everybody please fix

  • HamiNars Nars (@HamiNars) reported

    @BlizzardCS Did a horrific vision with the quest I still didn’t get my horrific core I still can’t see my mythic key dungeon and the lfg isn’t working properly i thought there was a hot fix today

  • Rafalko81 K.Rafalko (@Rafalko81) reported

    @BlizzardCS I am done, I am now fighting for a refund since I can not longer play after 8.3 made it impossible to play on Macs. Half way though a 30 day paid sub and it is unusable now. Great service.

  • scott93090624 scott (@scott93090624) reported

    @BlizzardCS you guys have left hundreds of paying customers now for the past 8 days without any way to play the game world of warcraft taking there money and not offering to reimburse them or letting them know when the game will be fixed get ur act together guys an fix this mess

  • CalebKesler Caleb (@CalebKesler) reported

    @BlizzardCS please fix the WoW freezing/crashing while playing on Mac. Can’t play the game other than questing and even that sometime causes my computer to freeze.

  • itsneryssa Neryssa @ Wowhead (@itsneryssa) reported

    @BlizzardCS Hopefully the bug fix means my Mementos are refunded, because this is *very* discouraging. I don't even know if I can run Horrific Visions while I wait for a solution.

  • Rafalko81 K.Rafalko (@Rafalko81) reported

    @BlizzardCS Yes, 8.3 is still not working for Mac users!

  • scott93090624 scott (@scott93090624) reported

    @BlizzardCS @Infinite_Wi5dom no because ppl are getting ignored on your forum its been 8 days now an people are unable to play u guys messed up stop hiding behind forums and fix your mistake people deserve to know the issues an bad way u have been treating ur paying customers

  • BlackAmberMae Amber Falgout (@BlackAmberMae) reported

    @BlizzardCS For awareness: the recent hotfix did not fix stuff. Hoping we can get a fix soon as it’s been 8 days for a lot of us

  • Ellumii1 Ellumii (@Ellumii1) reported

    @BlizzardCS PLEASE fix the Mac issue!

  • MarkShell19 Mark Sheldon (@MarkShell19) reported

    @BlizzardCS I have resigned myself, I will die of old age before the mail issue is resolved.

  • kaseyelizvbeth K🎄S E Y (@kaseyelizvbeth) reported

    @BlizzardCS you SAID HEROIC WARFRONTS WOULD BE OUT TODAY. You LIED. Stormrage alliance has darkshore up but no quest, fix pls

  • BadPandaPlays OneBadPanda (@BadPandaPlays) reported

    @PlayOverwatch @BlizzardCS please consider my solution, or make your own. You certainly pay people to solve these kinds of problems. If you don't, I'm unemployed. Act like a AAA game developer, please.

  • idntfxnkno im fine 🙂 (@idntfxnkno) reported

    If @BlizzardCS could fix the problems with Mac, that’d be fantastic. This is ridiculous.

  • chasehavel chasehavel (@chasehavel) reported

    @BlizzardCS just lost a horrific vision due to combat not dropping.... really hope you guys fix this, getting kinda old with these reocuring bugs...

  • austinjamesgetz Austin Getz (@austinjamesgetz) reported

    @BlizzardCS @Godlyk1987 I’m from the Americas and am experiencing this issue I can’t stay connected and my internet is running fine

  • omegaspur Thomas (@omegaspur) reported

    @BlizzardCS looks like emissary quests are broken..... no drop from completing 4 Order of Embers today, only got Order of Embers supply from completing 10k rep. Alphaomegaa-Frostmourne

  • Ronin_HFX Brian Ronan (@Ronin_HFX) reported

    @BlizzardCS @Ilikesafin Seems like a lot of the responses to that update indicate the problem remains, fix didn’t take (and in some cases they say the fix made it worse).

  • AeYarsa AEYarsa (@AeYarsa) reported

    @BlizzardCS It would be nice if someone addressed the Mac issue with 8.3... Or at least a more recent update and the fact that your Mac users are being acknowledged would be fantastic!

  • emanueol Emanuel Oliveira (@emanueol) reported

    @BlizzardCS Im not able to login with classic, getting error WOW51900102

  • NormanJay3 Norman J (@NormanJay3) reported

    @BlizzardCS Your EU CS team is driving me crazy! Ugh. I moved overseas and now I’m stuck with terrible customer service. No consumer protection what so ever! So much for spending $100’s of dollars on your games.... 15 years of playing wow just came to an end. 😡

  • Godlyk1987 Sam (@Godlyk1987) reported

    @BlizzardCS Hmm your realms are not up 😕 I can’t login as I keep getting an error code

  • GerardStadalius gerard stadalius (@GerardStadalius) reported

    @BlizzardCS why for the last hour we cannot even login to the game it keeps erroring after logging into the game server which just doesnt happen,the famous error "you have been disconnected wow 51900102"making the game completely unplayable.Get it fixed this is unacceptable.

  • drspib drspib (@drspib) reported

    @RealKraftyy @BlizzardCS An absolute failure of game management and customer service. You did nothing but talk positively about @BlizzardCS's WoW, and they banned you and haven't responded adequately to you. We all watched your stream and saw that you are not, in fact, a bot. I hope they do right by you.

  • CaramelGurl2000 Dee (@CaramelGurl2000) reported

    @BlizzardCS Ok thanks. I believe the issue is with my router.

  • Science_FTW_ Science FTW (@Science_FTW_) reported

    @BlizzardCS Any idea when the AH issues are going to be resolved. I haven't received a single copper piece from my sold items.

  • t_logsdon Tyler Logsdon (@t_logsdon) reported

    @BlizzardCS There is no “discussion”, it’s all of us telling you there is an issue; then no response from you, which is what would be needed in order for it to be a discussion. This is rediculous that this has not been addressed and communicated to your customers. What a waste.

  • srnaegel ☀️Summer (@srnaegel) reported

    @TBearTexas @BlizzardCS I just gave up. The lag is horrific

  • t_logsdon Tyler Logsdon (@t_logsdon) reported

    @BlizzardCS ADDRESS AND FIX THE ISSUE FOR MAC USERS. WE CANNOT PLAY DUNGEONS, BGs, OR HIGH ACTIVITY AREAS. All you do is direct people to forums, work on fixing the issue instead.

  • genekurtz WizeGuy Gaming (@genekurtz) reported

    @BlizzardCS Yeah...I quit WoW until the issues with AH are fixed. Don't need the grief right now. Hoping it gets fixed soon.

  • foxysmallz Tyler Fox (@foxysmallz) reported

    @BlizzardCS This is ridiculous, as a multi boxer I rely on the gold I earn to pay my subs.. I am missing over a million in gold since 8.3, pretty soon people are going to stop selling and then Raiders who don’t farm will be in trouble. Please fix this!!

  • HoxtiBoi Hoxti (@HoxtiBoi) reported

    @BlizzardCS Hi Blizzard! I'll be submitting a ticket on this as well, but the quest "Scouting Report: Hostile Natives" on Horde side in The Jade Forest is broken as of this patch and isn't a listed known issue. No interactables are present.

  • pink_xi_gaming Papa Pink (@pink_xi_gaming) reported

    @BlizzardCS I've tried this multiple times for hours now, this is not working.

  • Rafalko81 K.Rafalko (@Rafalko81) reported

    @BlizzardCS We are working on a fix for Macs, we have have found a way for it to work but we here at Blizzard don't really care so we will wait a month before doing it.

  • xJennTonicx Blume Katze (@xJennTonicx) reported

    @BlizzardCS getting world server down errors on character select.

  • justix1183 Justix (@justix1183) reported

    @BlizzardCS I got a 455 cloak in my chest and my heart has NEVER been filled with more rage. This sucks so bad. I hate that you didnt fix that.

  • mech3003 Matthew Hayne (@mech3003) reported

    @BlizzardCS World server is down on ravencrest. Can log in to the list but not into the world getting world server down error.

  • Adumbobi Adam bob (@Adumbobi) reported


  • southcarolinawx South Carolina Weather (@southcarolinawx) reported

    @BlizzardCS @Robert_Sharonii Becoming apparent that the gold/sales might have been "lost" in the mail and the fix includes running accounts against the database of sales records to get everyone their gold. But what do I know...

  • FatherNerdsBest Scott Posey (@FatherNerdsBest) reported

    @Eravia24 @BlizzardCS Seems like it. Just a lot of people reporting the issue with no fix in site. It's kind of crazy something this big was released to ****. I know little issues will of course slip through, but something like this seems like it should have been caught during smoke testing.

  • thepcmonkey81 Sal Aniceto (@thepcmonkey81) reported

    @BruinsRay @BlizzardCS they didnt order you to do anything. they suggested that if you're having an overheating issue, follow the steps to troubleshoot. your comment, on the other hand, is outright "why dont you do this instead of..." big difference. if it doesnt affect you, ignore and move on.

  • JamesVanrooy James Vanrooy (@JamesVanrooy) reported

    @BlizzardCS Just want to say thanks and would much rather lose 4 hrs playtime than leave an issue that loses much more

  • Eravia24 Taylor 💚 (@Eravia24) reported

    @CattitudeTV @BlizzardCS I have a feeling it won't since they posted a day ago that they are "aware and looking into the problem" seems that after 5 days they still don't know what is wrong

  • DkfromeplM hobba (@DkfromeplM) reported

    @Horseman3Dawg @BlizzardCS Play pc problem solved

  • Ilikesafin SZB (@Ilikesafin) reported

    @Noktakk @BlizzardCS Dude there are thousands of people posted this issue on the blizzard forum regarding 8.3 within the last 7 days