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  • GHSTlordlambert
    christopher lambert (@GHSTlordlambert) reported

    @BlizzardCS hi im having a slight problem opening overwatch I could play it fine the day before yesterday but now when I open the game it doesn't open and when I click it to show me the game it flicks back to my desktop and I have no idea why I've reset to default and repaired it

  • TurtlePlayDrums
    Tyler (@TurtlePlayDrums) reported

    @BlizzardCS Seriously, you ******* people need to fix the remove-a-player system in ******* island expeditions. People are abusing it. You sucked at designing it.

  • dracophile42
    Malcolm's Discarded Leather Jacket (@dracophile42) reported

    Jesus, Blizz. Your updater is flat-out broken. Now not even updating at all, no matter how many restarts. Weak as. @Blizzard_Ent @BlizzardCS

  • dracophile42
    Malcolm's Discarded Leather Jacket (@dracophile42) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent @BlizzardCS Fair ****, you guys. The updater downloads like about 3%-5% before stopping. Having to kill the app and restart it 20 times just to get it updated sucks bricks through small animals. Please fix it. @Blizzard_Ent @BlizzardCS

  • gioslippin
    jr (@gioslippin) reported

    @BlizzardCS FIX YOUR ****** SERVERS THEY ARE SO TRASH I love the game but now I decided to quit my WiFi is excellent, I play comp and I logs me out the 2nd or 3rd game I’m done with this

  • meow51211294
    meow (@meow51211294) reported

    @BlizzardCS alright I have the same problem with the other dude. I never set the Authenticator on my account so

  • meow51211294
    meow (@meow51211294) reported

    @ashleythaqueen @BlizzardCS They ****** us. I have the same problem

  • SvintGeek
    SΛINT DUΛRTE (@SvintGeek) reported

    @BlizzardCS I was kicked out of a game and was given an error message and I was in the title menu trying to rejoin match in comp.

  • theVidy2
    Who tf put this parabola here 😂😂😂😂 (@theVidy2) reported

    @BlizzardCS why does overwatch crash now if i alt tab lol

  • bolts834
    DrJerryTheSquid (@bolts834) reported

    @BlizzardCS is there any fix for this nonsense of getting connection interrupted every game of blackout I play, this makes the game literally unplayable and it only happens on your game

  • Boltinqt_Vindi
    Bolt (@Boltinqt_Vindi) reported

    @BlizzardCS I can’t log in though because the Gm working with me is recreating the issue with my account on their end, so my password is changed currently.

  • zlpor2002
    Sean hutchinson (@zlpor2002) reported

    @BlizzardCS y'all need to fix the drop rates on Diablo 3 on the consoles atleast. Don't know what it's like on PC but it's horrible on console. I've been grinding for 4 days. Gotten like 3 set items and 1 legendary. The rates is so bad. It's annoying me.

  • Its_a_Kris
    Subway Will End the Console War (@Its_a_Kris) reported


  • GeekyEnthusiast
    Geeky (@GeekyEnthusiast) reported

    A fair amount of people sharing their good experiences with @BlizzardCS which is great, but for those that had problems in the past. Doesn't hurt to try again and see if they can do something now. I didn't think this would work and it did.

  • Rig2K
    Rig2Kane (@Rig2K) reported

    @BlizzardCS my character is stuck in kings rest and auto dc auto login. what can i do

  • LifeontheMesa
    AnalyzingEverything (@LifeontheMesa) reported

    @BlizzardCS Thank you kindly. I want to apologize for being irritated and nasty. The problem has since resolved by something Blizz did . This morning we can log into accounts. I will wait a couple days before bothering if it happens again. TY

  • HornyNihilist
    Nihilism Wow (@HornyNihilist) reported

    still bugged in HOTS @BlizzardCS FIX YOUR SHIT!

  • IronMask75
    IronMask75 (@IronMask75) reported

    @BlizzardCS That's still not going to fix the lag in BFA zones while looting, talking to NPC's or vendoring items.

  • therealjpow
    Jeremy🐝 (@therealjpow) reported

    @BlizzardCS done. still getting the same issue. the website finally loaded where i was able to type in my info, but when i hit finished, it never saved.

  • therealjpow
    Jeremy🐝 (@therealjpow) reported

    @BlizzardCS my individual issue is adding a new payment method. website is just stuck loading and pc app just returns with a error saying try again later.

  • therealjpow
    Jeremy🐝 (@therealjpow) reported

    @BlizzardCS having shop connection issues in app and on the website...

  • Aveelo
    Keven (@Aveelo) reported

    @GeekyEnthusiast @BlizzardCS Be lucky ppl in East having lag for 5 day now and no fix #warcraft #blizzard

  • Blacktitannuck
    The Truthful Troll (@Blacktitannuck) reported

    @GeekyEnthusiast @BlizzardCS Did the same for me with a ten year account. Awesome service

  • ninimoose
    nidia (@ninimoose) reported

    @GeekyEnthusiast @BlizzardCS meanwhile me: *kept getting error trying to purchase via blizzard store* CS rep: just use amazon. lolokay ☹

  • gtvezina
    GT QcNumber1 (@gtvezina) reported

    @PlayOverwatch @BlizzardCS issue with a Highlight POTG in my top 5 not saving it stays stuck at 20% I have check the forums but nothing is said to how to fix it

  • W1nn1ng1
    W1nn1ng1 (@W1nn1ng1) reported

    @BlizzardCS Direct line...may be an ISP issue. Will update if problem persists. It was happening with other services as well, not just OW

  • CosplayCanada
    🍁Tony the Canadian🍁 (@CosplayCanada) reported

    @BlizzardCS Okay. Well I might now in 2 more hours on if the issues been solved as now been watching her for 2 hours now

  • LifeontheMesa
    AnalyzingEverything (@LifeontheMesa) reported

    @BlizzardCS I need to contact your company. I wrote a post on the tech forum but this lack of personal service when there is an issue is astounding. I still have 4 months of paid game time and I am LIVID at this stage. btag Cinque#1659 Have them call me.

  • LifeontheMesa
    AnalyzingEverything (@LifeontheMesa) reported

    @BlizzardCS It's still a mess. Today we are unable to connect . Stuck at Connecting to servers. Pathping with lookingglass shows errors in #9 Chicago hop on all reports. Unable to access your help online so I am here. CS refuses to give me phone # to call.

  • LifeontheMesa
    AnalyzingEverything (@LifeontheMesa) reported

    @BlizzardCS My son can play other games. He plays on Steam and no issue. I only play Wow Since 07

  • LifeontheMesa
    AnalyzingEverything (@LifeontheMesa) reported

    @BlizzardCS I live in Moriarty, NM. Century link is my provider. I have a 5 mg dedicated DSL line . Nothing is wrong with my line. I want to send these reports to you to prove it. Your site is broken at this time. I need to talk to someone on the phone now please.

  • SkidHash
    Matt (@SkidHash) reported

    @GravityBrewCo @BlizzardCS I noticed some weird audio issues on PC too, had to change all my audio settings just to get the sound back to a semblance of what it used to be. Had to crank up my Voice Chat volume just to hear anybody, and the audio was pretty garbage tbh. Who knows what happened

  • LifeontheMesa
    AnalyzingEverything (@LifeontheMesa) reported

    @BlizzardCS I really dislike Twitter.. Poor way to communicate but your site is not working and I would like an 800 number to call asap please.

  • LifeontheMesa
    AnalyzingEverything (@LifeontheMesa) reported

    @BlizzardCS Pathping states Chicago hop is basically broken and not responding. Its a server issue on your end. I have 2 gaming systems brand new that cannot connect today .

  • LifeontheMesa
    AnalyzingEverything (@LifeontheMesa) reported

    @BlizzardCS YOUR SUPPORT PAGE IS BROKEN!! CANNOT SEND ANYTHING IN ANY WAY .. PAthping failing at chicago hop #9 .. Unable to contact you through your site. UNABLE TO LOG IN. Yes, Im pissed it has to be this broken by Blizz.,

  • ShandieeWoW
    Billy Calohan (@ShandieeWoW) reported

    @BlizzardCS That also did not work. Have tried on my iPhone as well and get the same error there.

  • MannyVillegas4
    Manny Villegas (@MannyVillegas4) reported

    @BlizzardCS Can you fix the bug that the daily vendor doesn’t appear for void elf’s. The vendor is the one for the 14th anniversary of wow

  • Noel_Strong
    Noel Strong (@Noel_Strong) reported

    @BlizzardCS Still having issues playing OW post patch. Worked perfectly fine before. Now it loses connection when I try to log in or it freezes the tab. When I close the client bc it's not working it says OW has crashed. Please help, I put so much time & money into this game.

  • MrFKNSunshine
    MrFKNSunshine (@MrFKNSunshine) reported

    Hey @BlizzardCS #Warcraft 14th Anniversary world bosses are giving worthless Wakening Essence from Legion on bonus roll fails. Please get @WarcraftDevs to fix this.

  • Greenwolf1369
    Lula Tate (@Greenwolf1369) reported

    @BlizzardCS i have an install issue with the blizzard app and need help getting it reinstalled on my pc now

  • SpoofzG
    Spoofz Games (@SpoofzG) reported

    @blizzardcs yesterday the lag on wow wasnt to bad but it spiked back up around 11pm and hasnt stopped and at some points higher than all week. I also put countless hours in to seeing what the problem is and it looks like it maybe a routing problem.

  • SpoofzG
    Spoofz Games (@SpoofzG) reported

    @Spencer_Downey @JinxsoMc @BlizzardCS From what i'm seeing Bell is fine its routing us eastcoasters to the west side causing lag.

  • Spencer_Downey
    SpencerHD (@Spencer_Downey) reported

    @BlizzardCS Hey, just here to say it’s still a problem. Hope this gets resolved soon.

  • SpoofzG
    Spoofz Games (@SpoofzG) reported

    @BlizzardCS Still have server lag , its been a little over a week, from all the cmd commands it looks like it might be a routing error , i'm on the east coast but i get the numbers of what i normally have on a west coast server

  • SamiDarwish_
    Sami (@SamiDarwish_) reported


  • eXiledSC
    eXiled Gaming (@eXiledSC) reported

    @graycarries @BlizzardCS Random people whining about an unrelated issue on an unrelated game, I feel bad for you @BlizzardCS Thank you for your help, that is indeed my forum post, only started in the past week so I'm wondering if the update tinkered with anything. I will call Bell ASAP to ask as well

  • oldmate_royal
    :D (@oldmate_royal) reported

    @BlizzardCS have been having problems downloading Destiny 2 for about a week now. Tried almost every troubleshoot help on the forums and nothing has permanently solved the problem, any ideas

  • Aveelo
    Keven (@Aveelo) reported

    @BlizzardCS @eXiledSC Will never be fix 4 day now and no fix

  • Aveelo
    Keven (@Aveelo) reported

    @KyleY57 @BlizzardCS @Cedar__Tree Will never be fix 4 day now and no fix

  • samuelrafuse
    Samuel Rafuse (@samuelrafuse) reported from Caronport, Saskatchewan

    I can think of very few companies who have consistently been this trash. @BlizzardCS doesn't seem to care about the issues actual customers face, they just claim they're "aware of it" and working on it, as if it's our problem and they're having to cater to us.

  • viP4x
    Pablo Fuentes (@viP4x) reported

    @BlizzardCS please fix log in issues. I have been dropped 3 times today and my internet is fine

  • legs0nfire
    Philip (@legs0nfire) reported

    @BlizzardCS Problem is they didn't say anything, so other websites, like @RaiderIO_WoW didn't know about the change

  • jamesdivium500
    Diviumjames (@jamesdivium500) reported

    @BlizzardCS @Dranrock Few hours I am freaking out here man I need my fix

  • emiliescarbro
    emilie (@emiliescarbro) reported

    @BlizzardCS Yup nothing is changing the fact I’m lagging bad still

  • Thumbreakur
    Adam Albelo (@Thumbreakur) reported

    @BlizzardCS Tried that, I'm still getting lag on from other players

  • JunkosDuran
    Junk (@JunkosDuran) reported

    @Thumbreakur @BlizzardCS Do This, Check to see if you're lagging graphically or its connection wise.

  • Cedar__Tree
    Cedar Tree (@Cedar__Tree) reported

    @BlizzardCS Hey, I just have a few issues currently happening with Overwatch. Since I got on today my latency has been staying around high 100's to high 300's (higher) and my frames have been dropping by about 30. The same things are happening to the 5 people I'm playing with.

  • real_bobby_k
    Bobby Kawecki (@real_bobby_k) reported

    @BlizzardCS My network is fine it is clearly the game the same problems are persisting

  • itsjustBru
    itsjustBru 🎄 (@itsjustBru) reported

    @TheZidar @BlizzardCS @BlizzHeroes It gave me a support when I had lucio favorited :( I’ve never had this issue before and im a shit rhegar

  • Garwyn2
    Garwyn (@Garwyn2) reported

    @BlizzardCS I hope when it comes back up there wont be major problems with forums.