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Binance is a Chinese digital asset exchange currently sitting in the top 20 exchanges by volume. The exchange has particularly strong volume in pairs like NEO/BTC, GAS/BTC, ETH/BTC, and BNB/BTC.

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  • proseedon ProSeed (@proseedon) reported

    Binance Chain wil provide better services to its user than Eth. The chain is design to resolve issues 2 improve the high speed transaction, also transaction fee will be much cheaper however with time its gonna be conflict of interest BW 2 power house of crypto #Binance #Ethereum

  • Suave162 Ray Pierre Medina (@Suave162) reported

    @PsychedelicBart @coindesk @BittrexExchange @NYDFS @binance Binance is neither registered as a Money Services Business (MSB) or in possession of a BitLicense, which is required to operate in New York state. They never even bothered to apply which is further reason for the @NYDFS to immediately shut down @binance from doing business in NY.

  • edurcTrade Matt (@edurcTrade) reported

    @woolsim @cz_binance @CryptoCaptainHi @NinjaCryptoCoin @officialmcafee its only a matter of time before binance gets slapped with a massive fine to shoot down that ego, and abuse.

  • crypto_manila Crypto Manila (@crypto_manila) reported

    @crypto_n_more @cryptorusher @BTCradar @DonnyCrypto @ChicoCrypto His research is so good that his Neo investment failed. Haha I watched his vids and laughed at him everytime. You cant bring Binance down unless you'll spend millions of dollars in legal battle. All he can do is deceive you with presentation and stay bitter to their success 🤣🤣

  • CryptoGlazed CryptoGlazed (@CryptoGlazed) reported

    @AshleyS82309367 @coinbook_com I am always interested in signals I will have to check it out. That being said there is a spelling error on the landing page on Telegram for META.Signals "Benance autotrading bot..." might want to correct that to "Binance"

  • ChicoCrypto Chico Crypto (Giving Away Eth-Jeez Greedy F***s) (@ChicoCrypto) reported from Miami, Florida

    @crypto_n_more @crypto_manila @cryptorusher @BTCradar @DonnyCrypto Cheers to that bro! BNB is a risky investment with how CZ and Binance are running their operations. Not saying it won't gain because it will but if regulators come down on them, you could see the price plummet in an instance

  • alexmagnusBTC Alex Magnus (@alexmagnusBTC) reported

    @MongooseBTC @KyleSamani @lawmaster @multicoincap Binance does not contribute to the price of BNB increasing by doing this, as they would with an actual buyback. As a matter of fact, they take that BNB as fees, part of it they burn, and the rest they sell it back on the market. And it cost them 0 to issue it in the first place >

  • criptopaul Mr. craig wright (@criptopaul) reported

    A 51% attack on $bsv chain is imminent with a double spend, i think also bsv team has no experience to solve the problem, users of the exchange should be guaranteed to be reimbursed for any losses experienced, it is also the reason why #binance and #kraken delisted

  • criptopaul Mr. craig wright (@criptopaul) reported

    A 51% attack on $bsv chain is imminent with a double spend, i think also bsv team has no experience to reorg it and solve the problem, users of the exchange should be guaranteed to be reimbursed for any losses experienced, it is also the reason why #binance and #kraken delisted

  • HuKoTuH_1 HuKoTuH (@HuKoTuH_1) reported

    @ProfFaustust @hodlnaut @binance @cz_binance You mada a error and called it $BSV, we must to fix it... #buidl #Binance @cz_binance

  • ryan_edwards85 ryan edwards (@ryan_edwards85) reported

    @_BitcoinSV @JimmyWinMedia Binance built success off of the back of BTC, BTC was threatened, Binance moved to close the threat down or play for time. The attack was contained as only Kraken followed suit, a medium sized exchange. My summary.

  • ryan_edwards85 ryan edwards (@ryan_edwards85) reported

    @_BitcoinSV @JimmyWinMedia Binance built success off of the back of BTC, BTC was threatened, Binance moved to close the threat down or play for time. The threat was contained as only Kraken followed suit, a medium sized exchange. My summary.

  • ECOBOI2 Certified Bhakt (@ECOBOI2) reported

    @nic__carter Only activity of maximalists to pull down anyone who is successful. Bitmain, coonbase and now binance.

  • EnnePoe Enne ⚡️🍌 (@EnnePoe) reported

    Name 1 crypto exchange that lasted over 5 years... @binance and @cz_binance with his unregulated/unlicensed security with no usecase invented out of thin air will go down as well eventually.

  • davincicodesnet Davinci Codes (@davincicodesnet) reported

    @dfctrader @Coinigy Yes and no. Binance is the only exchange I'm using right now. Craptopia crapped out and I'm in New York, so the recent ruling put my Bittrex trading on pause until I circumvent the issue. The more popular coins more often make the rage quits and theft sells on Binance though.

  • Dieter75 Dieter “Time is a chain” Engel (@Dieter75) reported

    @warboat1 @ErikVoorhees @QAcrypto @pavolrusnak @mj4m1n @rogerkver @binance @ShapeShift_io @cz_binance Segwit is a soft fork and all nodes are backwards compatible. I said they were irrelevant. Your claim was that the chain is broken, you just admitted that’s a lie for modern nodes. Old nodes are irrelevant because they are obsolete.

  • penny_flipping Sir Newton (@penny_flipping) reported

    Binance & Kraken are so yesterday. Two thumbs down for being short sighted. I have no time for SJW's when it comes to serous matters. Most of us have earned our way in life. B&K lucked out with Bitcoin.

  • Dieter75 Dieter “Time is a chain” Engel (@Dieter75) reported

    @warboat1 @ErikVoorhees @QAcrypto @pavolrusnak @mj4m1n @rogerkver @binance @ShapeShift_io @cz_binance No, just the scams that claim to be bitcoin but aren’t. Sly pins that don’t call themselves bitcoin may be scams but that’s their problem.

  • Dieter75 Dieter “Time is a chain” Engel (@Dieter75) reported

    @deenyotweets @bitcoinhead_ @kyletorpey @lopp @ErikVoorhees @Karalhoin @QAcrypto @pavolrusnak @mj4m1n @rogerkver @binance @ShapeShift_io @cz_binance A scam is a scam. And both of those scans are terrible from a technical or security standpoint. Only ignorant believe otherwise.

  • MrealHe Mrhee (@MrealHe) reported

    @TheGemClub Removing the ico problem on binance chain is good for $eth. And with the ieo plan of #binance it make more sense for them to handle this. It's actually good for both.

  • bitunits HodlUnits⚡🇯🇲🇨🇦 (@bitunits) reported

    To Fix the world, Fix the Money. #Bitcoin #Litecoin #Digibyte #BitUnits #Ethereum #ethereumclassic #Binance #XRP $REP $TRX $EOS $BCH $BAT

  • etiennebru Etienne (@etiennebru) reported

    @NTmoney @Nasdaq @sparkswap @DigitalAssets @BitGo @tagomisystems @binance @cz_binance DEX are the most interesting thing over time. But you know they sort of suck now 🙊 They are slow, lack liquidity and awful UI. I know @0x_Zrx is awesome but still very much under-used... Cross-chain projects like @blockcollider are very interesting 👀

  • spektred mike🌿 (@spektred) reported

    @blockfolio @binance @bitfinex @BittrexExchange @coinbase @OKEx @Poloniex This is not something that started with the 2.2 update, this has been an issue for a while. It takes at least 10 seconds just to open the app. Maybe its just my phone, but its a big part of the reason why I have started using other portfolio apps over the past year or so.

  • spektred mike🌿 (@spektred) reported

    @blockfolio @binance @bitfinex @BittrexExchange @coinbase @OKEx @Poloniex Love the updates made on blockfolio 2.2, but now the thing you guys need to work on next is PERFORMANCE! I can't speak for others, but Signal makes it run suuuuuuper slow for me. If there was some way to cut down on the unnecessary processing it uses that would be great.

  • RobbSta19598052 Robb Stark (@RobbSta19598052) reported

    LOL CZ is ****** up - turning to next Mcafee pump star! And we know this schema doesn’t work.. in 12 month, Binance is History - is life cycle not karma, that will bring your down.

  • shillycrypto Shillhouse (@shillycrypto) reported

    Also nothing is guaranteed in this space. In tech in general. In business really. Binance might go the way of the dinosaur (I'm directly making a reference to Bit-T-rex here) eventually. An asset can go up or down. There may be better opps out there.

  • jacobkostecki Jacob Kostecki (@jacobkostecki) reported

    @nlw @Shaughnessy119 @mdudas @binance @cz_binance @jockowillink Yeah, great point Tom. Once they have to sit down a make a decision they can look at all of their options and Binance (and others) might be a possibility just like ETH 2.0

  • 240284sul crypto RUMORS (@240284sul) reported

    @cz_binance @CryptoCaptainHi @NinjaCryptoCoin @officialmcafee Good one @cz_binance If people have problem then stop trading on binance. U can’t hv both. Make up ur mind. #bnb

  • NodeOp NodeOp (@NodeOp) reported

    @IIIIIlllll13 @renepickhardt @ErikVoorhees @QAcrypto @pavolrusnak @mj4m1n @rogerkver @binance @ShapeShift_io @cz_binance This is of no issue when one only cares about profits.

  • dineshmankar1 Dinesh Mankar (@dineshmankar1) reported

    @binance binance Android app going slow, can't trade

  • ItsMeOhHeyMatty OhHeyMatty (@ItsMeOhHeyMatty) reported

    @ErikVoorhees @CobraBitcoin @binance @ShapeShift_io Who decides the optics on this is the problem.

  • lorddizer Maath (@lorddizer) reported

    if you miss this call with #BNB " binance DEX has launched today " so do not miss #ICX and #LRC , trade smart follow the RSI broken down arrow "buying times " the best way to earn more #BTC is to trade with real projects coins .

  • tomlombardi Tom Lombardi (@tomlombardi) reported

    More of this needs to happen. Let’s slim down to @Coinbase and @Binance cryptocurrency exchanges before the big boys show up (NYSE, Nasdaq, LSE)

  • LukaBazooka5 Luka (@LukaBazooka5) reported

    @BitcoinSofia @ProofofResearch @mindstatex @binance We all know what would happen, or at least we can have an idea. Yes, technically it is a place of work and a way for people to earn some money. The problem with sweat shops is mainly how people are treated there, and how low the wages are. It’s pure exploitation.

  • braindrainomar Omar Faridi (@braindrainomar) reported

    One of the MAJOR problems with this claim is Binance Chain is nowhere close in terms of functionality and developer involvement as Ethereum. It also doesn't have nearly the same network effect, and it most likely never will.

  • BitcoinSofia Bitcoin Sofia (@BitcoinSofia) reported

    @LukaBazooka5 @ProofofResearch @mindstatex @binance I have 0 problem with them existing - yes. Guess what. If the lives of these people were better, I'll still have no problem with them existing. - Because they would be empty! I have no problem with them existing in my own country. But they will be empty. Nobody will work there.

  • LukaBazooka5 Luka (@LukaBazooka5) reported

    @BitcoinSofia @ProofofResearch @mindstatex @binance I know what you said, you have no problem with a sweat shop at all. So, if you were referring to certain aspects of running the sweat shop, the perhaps you should be more specific. When you say no problem at all, then it means just that.

  • LukaBazooka5 Luka (@LukaBazooka5) reported

    @BitcoinSofia @ProofofResearch @mindstatex @binance Begging also brings income, but that’s besides the point. The problem with the sweat shops is the reason why they exist. They are built to exploit people, who simply have no options. Work at McDonald’s would be a dream job in comparison. There’s a reason why they’re illegal.

  • mindstatex $Reina Nakamoto 🕊 (@mindstatex) reported

    @blockchaintron @BitcoinSofia @ProofofResearch @binance The problem with this is noone can force this to happens. Noone is God here. All the countries negotiate, and make treaties etc. It's all high level deals. So the people at the top need to be made accountable or moral. The difficulty is how to do it.

  • LukaBazooka5 Luka (@LukaBazooka5) reported

    @BitcoinSofia @ProofofResearch @mindstatex @binance Perhaps if you were placed in a situation like that, where you can either voluntarily work at a sweat shop, beg on the street or die of hunger, you would then see a problem or two with the sweat shops. If you truly don’t see an issue, then I have nothing else to say to you.

  • FigoFinozeros Figo Finozeros (@FigoFinozeros) reported

    @fintechfrank Let alone hacks regarding the Binance infrastructure. But I think some smaller projects will despite these issues choose Binance.

  • BitcoinSofia Bitcoin Sofia (@BitcoinSofia) reported

    @mindstatex @ProofofResearch @binance Actually, in nature dumb and slow animals don't always die. It is much more complicated and highly dependant on the environment.

  • mindstatex $Reina Nakamoto 🕊 (@mindstatex) reported

    @BitcoinSofia @ProofofResearch @binance They make poor deals for their people and country, so the people suffer. So in nature, the dumb or slow ones die. In the human world also, very cruel without laws. The kind of world anarchists are happy with because the natural state is this.

  • Molly888888888 Molly (@Molly888888888) reported

    @pavolrusnak @DanDarkPill @ErikVoorhees @CryptoBacon @kyletorpey @Karalhoin @Dieter75 @QAcrypto @mj4m1n @rogerkver @binance @ShapeShift_io @cz_binance If it had any real support wouldn't need to be so dishonest. Libreoffice did just fine from openoffice. No problem with seeing how bigger blocks play out.

  • BitcoinSofia Bitcoin Sofia (@BitcoinSofia) reported

    @ProofofResearch @mindstatex @binance I see no problems at all with the sweat shop. Yes, working there sucks, but that work is still voluntary. These people are not slaves. Work environment might be bad, but not having a job is worse. Not feeding your family is worse.

  • Kyle_Dittmar Kyle Dittmar (@Kyle_Dittmar) reported

    @ErikVoorhees @QAcrypto @pavolrusnak @mj4m1n @rogerkver @binance @ShapeShift_io @cz_binance BCH and BSV are both huge phishing attempts on potential or naïve BTC users. Does not matter if there is a genuine community that believes in the phishing scam. Two options: the community desires the phishing, or they do not know BTC never had a scaling problem.

  • forexmanik (@forexmanik) reported

    @ClayCollins @hitbtc @binance @BithumB @CoinbasePro @bitfinex @krakenfx @gate_io @Bitstamp @Gemini @Poloniex @bitFlyer @Aurora_dao @ZEBITEX @wcx @Blocktradecom Yeah that sucks. @hitBtc is the only exchange with so much negative feedback on its forum that al forum was cancelled and deleted, the problems reported were huge and real. Also the withdrawal fees on @hitbtc is 30 times higher that on the rest. Yet it scored 1st place. What a BS

  • Bl4ack0ut ₿lackout (@Bl4ack0ut) reported

    @rahul69396512 Listen dude, before you make yourself look like an idiot to everyone... You can set a buy order for any price you want down to a satoshi on binance. Nobody needs to prove to you that they got an order filled. You're being ignorant.

  • gordonkomodo Gordon Komodo (@gordonkomodo) reported

    @binance it's broken :D


    Did anyone notice TNB glitch on @binance price hit .91 cents from .0059 cents then back

  • RydesaurusRex Rydesaur (@RydesaurusRex) reported

    @binance Please tell us what the issue with Apple is. This is beyond ridiculous at this point.

  • AlwaysMoving__ Smart Investor (@AlwaysMoving__) reported

    @Walkmooner1 @binance @H_O_L_O_ @holochain Yes, They have made several glaring errors, allowing $Hot 2 be in play for 6 months + during swap period - bad move. No patents - bad move. Allowing self hosting - bad move - No marketing - bad move, 2 Billion #holofuel presale - bad move, no media kit on website, bad move etc

  • Walkmooner1 Jaywalk Moon (@Walkmooner1) reported

    @AlwaysMoving__ @binance @H_O_L_O_ @holochain I know that development is not an uninterrupted line of ascendance. Working out problems isn’t a smooth even process. Writing off a project while it’s still relatively nascent just seems a bit silly to me. I think it’s wise to reserve judgement.

  • Dieter75 Dieter “Time is a chain” Engel (@Dieter75) reported

    @notgrubles @ErikVoorhees @kyletorpey @NotYourCoin @Karalhoin @QAcrypto @pavolrusnak @mj4m1n @rogerkver @binance @ShapeShift_io @cz_binance Maybe he’s talking about the innovation of having a centralized consensus server.

  • highsidecrypto Rory (@highsidecrypto) reported

    @ErikVoorhees @CryptoBacon @kyletorpey @Karalhoin @Dieter75 @QAcrypto @pavolrusnak @mj4m1n @rogerkver @binance @ShapeShift_io @cz_binance You are being extremely disingenuous here pretending its merely the use of the name that's an issue.

  • fartface2000 FF2K 🌞⛏🔑 (@fartface2000) reported

    @ErikVoorhees @Karalhoin @Dieter75 @QAcrypto @pavolrusnak @mj4m1n @rogerkver @binance @ShapeShift_io @cz_binance I was confused at first and everyone that I have a conversation with and I get them to understand the advantages of bitcoin inundate me with 2nd guesses once they learn it can be easily reproduced. The website domain is a huge issue

  • NotYourCoin BCH is NOT Bitcoin ⚡️🌮 (@NotYourCoin) reported

    @Dieter75 @kyletorpey @ErikVoorhees @Karalhoin @QAcrypto @pavolrusnak @mj4m1n @rogerkver @binance @ShapeShift_io @cz_binance This is the exact blurring of the lines that confuses the crap out of new money ! Eric, it’s time to be part of the solution, NOT make the problem worse! I have nothing against your business model, JUST DO IT RESPECTFULLY!

  • Dieter75 Dieter “Time is a chain” Engel (@Dieter75) reported

    @ErikVoorhees @CryptoBacon @kyletorpey @Karalhoin @QAcrypto @pavolrusnak @mj4m1n @rogerkver @binance @ShapeShift_io @cz_binance You’re lying Erik. You pulled this kind of BS evasion of the truth for S2X as well and when you were proven wrong you never copped to it. Now doing it again indicates you know you are lying- you ignore BCH has central server, doesn’t operate like BTC. There’s no excuse.

  • ProgrammableTx ProgrammableTX [sold BCH at $6K] (@ProgrammableTx) reported

    @ErikVoorhees @QAcrypto @pavolrusnak @mj4m1n @rogerkver @binance @ShapeShift_io @cz_binance This would be moot if not for the intentional brand confusion, malicious domain squatting, and insistence on carrying the mantle of the "real" Bitcoin. Unfortunately you have participated in that, albeit passively. If you had listed it as Bcash there would be no issue.

  • uroseane . (@uroseane) reported

    BTC_Macro FYI, in case anyone else wants to try this setup... after a bit of tinkering I realized the reason why I was having issues with logging in and refreshing Binance was because of two different fingerprint trackers being being blocked by PrivacyPossum.