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Bitfinex is a crypto-currency exchange trading and currency-storage platform based out of Taiwan, owned and operated by iFinex Inc. Since 2014, it has been the largest Bitcoin exchange platform, with over 10% of the exchange's trading.

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  • OTC_Bitcoin | Crypto Hedge Fund (@OTC_Bitcoin) reported

    @iamjosephyoung USA: small transactions and full kyc reg comp Japan: totally different reg climate Korea: still having issues with new accounts Bitfinex is not an exception. Don't get mislead by fud

  • superma86869613
    TESLA (@superma86869613) reported

    @bitfinex fiat withdraw is so slow

  • IsNotTweeting
    IsNotTweeting (@IsNotTweeting) reported

    @cryptohulk6 @Tether_to @bitfinex Tethers value is the indicator of BTC direction. TUSD goes up, you know Bitcoin is about to crash. TUSD goes down, those who tethered are buying back BTC.

  • Gaz18379
    Gaz Man (@Gaz18379) reported

    @iamjosephyoung I love @bitfinex no matter what you say. I had issues with my internet provider and could not log in to Bitfinex. Bitfinex support told me this might be the issue. Couple of emails every day. No exchange would help you like Bitfinex and faster than Bitfinex. Had to switch interne

  • blockchan101
    Blockchan (@blockchan101) reported

    4/ Pretty rude awakening of the inherent risks in this market. The problem for me is that as a US citizen I have avoided using non-US compliant exchanges such as Bitmex and Bitfinex; which would have allowed me to short my position using a hedge.

  • thechaz
    Chaz Cryptoson (@thechaz) reported

    @iamjosephyoung At least one of those exchanges has quite a few banking issues but just not as loud as Bitfinex.

  • MrXBTC
    Sir X ₿TC (@MrXBTC) reported

    @tudorbiz Nope because if Tether implodes then Binance, Huobi, OkEX and many others that depend on Tether will go belly up. I believe theres a secret FUD agenda against Bitfinex. Some other big players in the crypto space want it to go down in flames to make their own exchanges profit.

  • Carsten71071425
    Carsten (@Carsten71071425) reported

    @DeaterBob @bitfinex Hmm. The Bitcoin price is constantly about $200 higher on Bitfinex then Bitstamp/Coinbase and others for a few days now. So it's not really that risky to buy cheap and transfer to Bitfinex. Problem seems to be the redeemability of Tether.

  • DeaterBob
    AwyeeBitcoin (@DeaterBob) reported

    @Carsten71071425 @bitfinex cant move the BTC fast enough or stealthy enough t take advantage of the arbitrage. the liquid network is working to help fix this issue.

  • miketwenty1
    Michael Tidwell (@miketwenty1) reported

    @mecampbellsoup @Truthcoin @Tether_to @bitfinex @coinbase @krakenfx it just seems like at some threshold investors would swoop in and capitalize on the money if they believe tether is worth $1 even if Tether Limited is having banking issues.

  • QuintenFrancois
    Young And Investing (@QuintenFrancois) reported

    Price on Bitfinex is still $6720 BTC while other exchanges see their BTC prices going down.

  • CryptoBitcoil
    CryptoBit (@CryptoBitcoil) reported

    @Beetcoin @bitfinex Sure but some how we are still down 60%

  • MakeMillions101
    Make_Millions1000000000 (@MakeMillions101) reported

    Bitfinex has reinstated fiat deposits, claiming its new system is much “improved” following significant user problems at the exchange in recent times.According to the crypto exchange, the new depositing process will be limited to customers who have been through the KYC process,

  • jwmoz
    JMOZ 🇲🇨 (@jwmoz) reported

    @bitfinex Hardly groundbreaking. Really slow.

  • edgario_t (@edgario_t) reported

    @Bitfinexed kraken does not promise to give 1 usd for 1 usdt like bitfinex. kraken and bitfinex issues are different.

  • Bitfinexed
    Bitfinex'ed 🐧 (@Bitfinexed) reported

    @BryceWeiner Authorities are slow. This attack would take place in a day. Look how long it takes them to shut down Bitfinex

  • aestheticmukul
    Mukul (@aestheticmukul) reported

    @paoloardoino @InfUNIGE @bitfinex Go Bitfinex!! Burn down all the critics!!!

  • hotspot876
    moonsoon (@hotspot876) reported

    @paoloardoino @bitfinex @InfUNIGE Resolve the $usdt problem first... still under 1usd ffs

  • Bit_Trader007
    Peter Pampoen (@Bit_Trader007) reported

    @bitfinex @Tether_to not as something that backed all their physical assets. The fact that they switched out of/redeemed their USDT to fiat serves as no signal that there are necessarily issues with TUSD but possibly that they will be placing this fiat with their new banking

  • sangye
    Sangye [1c satoshi someday] (@sangye) reported

    Bitfinex today: "Ongoing campaigns against us will only result in our company becoming stronger and better." - and you know until they lose my money i have no problem with them ... people have a fantasy and then get angry over the fantasy when nothing really happened yet.

  • TotalBuzzKit
    ☍ TotalɃuzzKit (@TotalBuzzKit) reported

    @Bitfinexed Also, the bank details haven't changed in years, and neither have there been problems with deposits/withdrawals. Ah, and Coinbase even allows you to buy crypto with a credit card. Same with Bitstamp. Yet some people still want to delude themselves that Bitfinex is 100% legit...

  • jaycryptotrader
    jaytrade (@jaycryptotrader) reported

    @loomdart I would say it looks more like that: 2025: Bitfinex holds the world record for the most different bank accounts opened and shut down. Right now they have one at the Swaziland Building Society Bank. Everybody thinks it's Switzerland so let's print some money!!!

  • KoinKnight
    KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 29.6231% dump alert: #WPR price has moved down from 0.04414606 to 0.03107 USD by 29.6231% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • blokeinwa
    Lifeislikebaseball (@blokeinwa) reported

    @81TC01N @KyleSGibson @Bitfinexed Yes it’s not working properly because you can get fiat ONTO bitfinex but you can’t get it out. Ie risk premium.

  • cryptom00ns
    Crypto-Moon (@cryptom00ns) reported

    @cryptochappelle @TheFlagges @bitfinex @coinbase @AbraGlobal No problem 👍

  • TradingDutchman
    The trading Dutchman (@TradingDutchman) reported

    @mattleising @coindesk @krakenfx @iShares @BofA_News That said, if USDT really is a Ponzi scheme (and it could very well be until they provide an audit), the redemption mechanism will eventually break down and USDT will go to 0. So far it seems that @bitfinex problems with fiat transactions is causing the breakdown/discount

  • KoinKnight
    KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 66.2314% dump alert: #WPR price has moved down from 0.00034998519 to 0.00011819 ETH by 66.2314% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • KoinKnight
    KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 29.0658% dump alert: #WPR price has moved down from 0.041501480 to 0.029437 USD by 29.0658% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • rolflobker
    Rolf (@rolflobker) reported

    @Bitfinexed Feels like we are very close to Bitfinex shutting down because there's too much "FUD" and too many attacks. Probably blaming others not playing along. Very much in the same that Bitconnect did their exit scam.

  • leopradellaa
    Leonardo Pradella (@leopradellaa) reported

    @crypto_factory @TheRealCamelio @bitfinex people are saying this since ever, I never had a problem with bitfinex

  • KoinKnight
    KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 36.9592% dump alert: #WPR price has moved down from 0.0000080901 to 0.0000051 BTC by 36.9592% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • Rambodacious_
    Rambodacious (@Rambodacious_) reported

    @TheCryptoMonk Bakkt is legit garbage and you know it. Ending ads does nothing except get people scammed and then they tell everyone NOT to invest in crypto. There is NO bullrun until ETF - that won't happen until next year. Should stop thinking that this "fix Bitfinex Tether event" is bullish

  • Trader_Musashi
    Musashi (@Trader_Musashi) reported

    @bitfinex One problem is that some of the crypto kids wont know international transfers take 6 - 10 days (and even longer) and will be calling that as the next scam .. then again none of them would be sending 10K either.

  • donp888
    don Patrick (@donp888) reported

    As reported on Oct. 8 Bitfinex was at center of rumors claiming the exchange was insolvent and/or facing banking issues. rumors were caused by last week’s reports that the exchange’s banking partner, Puerto Rico’s Noble Bank Intl, is seeking a buyer& had lost Bitfinex as a client

  • cryptom00ns
    Crypto-Moon (@cryptom00ns) reported

    @TheFlagges @cryptochappelle @bitfinex @coinbase @AbraGlobal It's free. Step 1. Transfer fiat to coinbase. ACH deposit has no fees. Should be instant if you are tier 3. Step 2. Login Coinbase pro and go to deposit funds. Step 3. Select transfer funds from Coinbase. Instant and free as it stays in the coinbase system. Done.

  • DSNR_1
    𝐃𝐞Signer (@DSNR_1) reported

    Bitfinex banking problems triggered the break of the 2014 ATH Extremely likely the bottom of the 2018 bear market as well

  • Bitfinexed
    Bitfinex'ed 🐧 (@Bitfinexed) reported

    Bitfinex knows they inflated the whole ecosystem with fake money, and they know if they go down, cryptocurrency goes down with them. Every exchange owner knows this. That's why none of the more legitimate exchanges comment about Bitfinex or Tether.

  • zvirgzdys
    Martynas Zvirgzdys (@zvirgzdys) reported

    Lol. After all #tether #USDT investigation, problems that @bitfinex had last week with payout problems. Now it's making a perfect sense why #Bitcoin and all #altcoins surged in couple hours. Simple just print #Tether, make fake volumes sell #crypto bags to cover fake prints

  • strawhatcrypto
    Soge (@strawhatcrypto) reported

    Pretty clear that @IamNomad is not a Bitfinex supporter and is unbiased. The problem comes in when emotional and biased ppl engaged with those that are unbiased and unemotional; they mistake the lack of it for irrationality.

  • invincibleXhand
    Invincible Hand (@invincibleXhand) reported

    @BryceWeiner The problem is exchanges quoting in USD while using a stablecoin. Simply quoting the price IN *stablecoin* would make slightly more sense. I have long viewed Bitfinex prices as "In Tethers" rather than "In Dollars".

  • CryptoFactor
    cryptofactor (@CryptoFactor) reported

    @Los_Cryptos @bitfinex Got some coins stuck on there, confo email not being sent, and no support response after a week of contact. I think it’s a common theme with them, I advise non of my followers to deposit any crypto there for the time been. Looks like they are having a ton of issues .

  • MazinKhoury
    Mazin (@MazinKhoury) reported

    @TheBlock__ @bitfinex You can pretend that this is a BFX/Tether exclusive problem but it's not. And if you reported on everyone else's (excluding a small handful of US an EU exchanges) fiat banking relationships in the same detail they would face similar scrutiny.

  • ArmandBouillet
    Armand Bouillet [#WashoutSzn][GIVING AWAY ETH] (@ArmandBouillet) reported

    Eventually the @bitfinex bank piggy backing will come to an end and the whole house of cards will come tumbling down once and for all. There are only so many shady second rate banks ready to launder money to keep a ponzi scheme going. No matter what scale it’s on.

  • Netcube93
    Netcube93 (@Netcube93) reported

    @derose @AaronvanW @Nouriel 1) A Bitfinex/Tether collapse would surely have some impact but we are already down a lot from the ATH and in a bear market and I don't believe it would be that long lasting (too much good news on other fronts).

  • vin_thetown
    antifragilitus[think in sats] (@vin_thetown) reported

    @EagleESBD @hodlonaut @Bitfinexed We're both in crypto and so get how unsound and unhealthy fractional banking is for the economy in th elong run. Bitfinex randomly printing of usdt and inflating the market is a million times worse, surely you see that. If it comes down to trusting butfinex, that's just laughable

  • mrupsys
    MR (@mrupsys) reported

    @WhalePanda whatever people write, never trust - verify. I had horrible experience with Bitfinex. Could not get my funds via fiat (crypto withdrawals are slow but works), could not get my yearly reports. Do not want to use this exchange anymore.

  • Silver_Watchdog
    Silver Watchdog (@Silver_Watchdog) reported

    There's a chance Bitfinex might be forced to add competitor stablecoins to their exchange. If that happens things will get really messed up and volatile. If they're going down, they'll take everyone with them.

  • YellowBeezz
    yellowbee (@YellowBeezz) reported

    @Cryptoholic99 @diaryofarekt @bitfinex Oh now we got the Bitcoin seasonality, Lightning Network, only 21 million exist. American New year, Turkey event, if you dont buy now you be left out. Lol instead of solving my every day problem we keep on dreaming of going to the Moon. Amazon rich because it solve people need.

  • davidtweetsgood
    David Wormley (@davidtweetsgood) reported

    @Bitfinexed might not be an issue with the bank - Bitfinex might have told the bank to expect a certain transaction profile, and this is their way of matching that profile and thereby evading the bank's controls. Definitely concerning behaviour either way

  • HODL_Report
    HODL_Report! (@HODL_Report) reported

    this is REALLY REALLY bad for all of crypto. A swoosh down to $5k will be bot with 2 Hands, if you will and will prob mark the bottom IMO.. if Bitfinex were to blow up and fail. Smells like it. I was around with MtGox and Cryptsy. ALWAYS the w/d + complaints start. NOT ADVICE

  • vin_thetown
    antifragilitus[think in sats] (@vin_thetown) reported

    @IamNomad This is a customer service issue.Trusting bitfinex to peg the value of your usdt to the dollar is a completely different issue. There is no correlation in fact. One is shitty complaint procedures& the other is a systemic threat to people’s money(if you’re dumb enough to hold usdt

  • JfkJoerg
    JFK (@JfkJoerg) reported

    @realPoseidonLuu @YouTube It has only broken on Bitfinex. Bitstamp chart looks totally different. But lets hope!👍

  • Bitfinexed
    Bitfinex'ed 🐧 (@Bitfinexed) reported

    Bitfinex and Tether singlehandedly converted Bitcoin and cryptocurrency into a Ponzi scam. Bitfinex knows better than any one that when they go down, everything does. That’s why we see these moves of desperation. PSA: Bitfinex was founded by a Ponzi Scammer. Raphael Nicolle.

  • SauceN0tJuice
    Sauce (@SauceN0tJuice) reported

    Keep telling the world which bank Bitfinex is using until that account gets closed down. Anything just to come out right. What a good Samaritan this guy is.

  • JS_Halicon
    James Edwards (@JS_Halicon) reported

    @CryptoDinner @mdudas @bitfinex I think the point is that if everything g is above board then it shouldn’t create and issue when revealed

  • johnny_non
    johnny non (@johnny_non) reported

    @creiddouthat @tezos @krakenfx @bitfinex @ZbTalk @coinexcom @bitpanda @Gatecoin @gate_io @coinone_info @Rightbtc_ @bitcoin_meester @hitbtc @Zironexexchange @ChainEXIO @iBuyTezos1 @TezosOTC That's their copy paste response. They have been saying the same thing for months. In the meantime several other exchanges have had no problem getting Tezos up and running. Leads me to one of two conclusions. Incompetence, or fraud... Perhaps a mixture of both...

  • EthereumWest
    Ethereum West (Not-A-Security) (@EthereumWest) reported

    wow...Nouriel must have missed the episode about Bitfinex insolvency issues and tether worries. 10% spike had to do with traders exiting tether for other crypto. Fidelity announcement barely moved market afterwards.

  • linqiubo
    林秋波 (@linqiubo) reported

    @bitfinex fix deposit problem is nothing!

  • coju23
    Luca (@coju23) reported

    @coindesk If you want liquidity aggregator to match the orders just use covesting exchange which connects binance, bitfinex and several others exchange to solve that problem.

  • Kediri_020
    The Great Pleb (@Kediri_020) reported

    This way traders will be given the incentive to buy USDT/USD pair on Bitfinex instead of risking problems with AML from 3rd parties. While worrisome I do have to admit the appreciation of BFX admitting the risks involved when dealing with them.