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Bitfinex is a crypto-currency exchange trading and currency-storage platform based out of Taiwan, owned and operated by iFinex Inc. Since 2014, it has been the largest Bitcoin exchange platform, with over 10% of the exchange's trading.

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  • PPTheRobot PP The Robot (@PPTheRobot) reported

    $BGP move down detected. (#Yobit -6.67%) I bought 4762 at 0.00000140 $BTC - These big moves from Tether Treasury to Bitfinex might be significant.

  • QContrarian QuantContrarian🛢🦑 (@QContrarian) reported

    For the coin-bros..based on forensic analysis the whole bull run of 2017 was a fraud caused by a single whale 🐳 manipulating #Tether via #bitfinex. The global hegemonic fiat currency turned out to be fraud. When the SEC hunts them down its game over #blockchain #bitcoin #Crypto

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 22.7024% dump alert: #XVG price has moved down from 0.000032859 to 0.0000254 ETH by 22.7024% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 38.9862% dump alert: #RLC price has moved down from 0.0001199475 to 0.00007318 BTC by 38.9862% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 20.2723% dump alert: #ENJ price has moved down from 0.0007571178 to 0.00060365 ETH by 20.2723% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • btchomero Homero [BTC] (@btchomero) reported

    To me it looks like Bitcoin is getting stronger here. I see lots of positives in all aspects... The basis has been negative for quite some time, longs are going down (on Bitfinex they are not 'real', someone is trying to fool the market) and the price has room up to 8-8.4k

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 52.4324% dump alert: #CND price has moved down from 0.018499 to 0.0088 USD by 52.4324% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • brokencodebot Broken Code Bot (@brokencodebot) reported

    Bitfinex broken implementation

  • ChrisPerrotta5 Chris Perrotta (@ChrisPerrotta5) reported

    @RyanMilb @Altcoinbuzzio @bitfinex I tried it a few times with different amounts and kept getting the error

  • RyanMilb Ryan Milbourne ⚡ (@RyanMilb) reported

    @Altcoinbuzzio @ChrisPerrotta5 @bitfinex Unsure. Weird error.

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 99.7776% dump alert: #LTC price has moved down from 2.751500000 to 0.0060533 BTC by 99.7776% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 69.7922% dump alert: #ETH price has moved down from 149.20887 to 45.076 USD by 69.7922% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 28.0123% dump alert: #XVG price has moved down from 0.0000293791 to 0.00002115 ETH by 28.0123% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • nikkoyamanashi Annex (@nikkoyamanashi) reported

    @TraceMayer @TechBalt @coinbase @BitMEXdotcom @Bitstamp @bitfinex @krakenfx @BittrexExchange @coincheck_en @Poloniex Last time I moved my bitcoin off binance to my trezor all my bitcoin was stolen. My trading and HODL stash was stolen right off my Trezor. I no longer listen to the noise and just trade the asset. So whatever... to the moon 🌝 storage will always be the issue when it comes to BTC

  • jonf3n jonf3n (@jonf3n) reported

    @WINC_ev @emzy @bitfinex @udiWertheimer Note: exchanges are not working with real bitcoin transactions (they hold the bitcoin in their addresses / lightning channels and tell you your "balance"), so, for them, it is just a database update (aka instant).

  • onerk10 onek (@onerk10) reported

    @FatihSK87 The problem is bitfinex is not dominating the market anymore..

  • CurrencyTycoon Currency Tycoon (👍EIP-1559) (@CurrencyTycoon) reported

    @Excellion @bitfinex @BTSEcom DEXes and DAOs won't be shutting down

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Dump in BTC: Price of #BTC went down from 7437.72 to 7201.2 USDT by 3.18% in 10 mins at #Bitfinex.

  • bourbonni Nico ⚡️ (@bourbonni) reported

    @bitfinex great job adding Lightning Network. Unfortunately the implementation is far from optimal when it comes to withdrawing the money, whitelisting addresses and all that validation does not make sense with invoices that expire after some time. I hope you can fix that soon

  • dao_chairman ChairmanDai (@dao_chairman) reported

    @bitfinex WTF is the deal with Bitfinex Support, are they not capable of using the Ethereum blockchain in all its simplicity to track down a missing deposit. I supplied a Tx I’d that confirms delivery of my DAI, but no record of the deposit in Bitfinex...

  • btcbenbee Ben Van Hool (@btcbenbee) reported

    @0conftx @bitfinex Yes the payment only takes a second. Creating the payment, opening the LN wallet, paying and getting it confirmed by @bitfinex all together probably around 20 seconds. After some training I'll get this down to 5 seconds.

  • Nickxbt Nick (@Nickxbt) reported

    Before I hate Bitfinex because of tether issue. But after lightning and bitrefill I love Bitfinex.

  • kixunil MⒶrtin HⒶboⓋštiak [BEFORE! Jan/3➞₿🔑∎, LNP/BP] (@kixunil) reported

    @marcomonaco83 @nomadtrader1 @bitfinex During the price spikes, people will use LN for arbitrage, then when situation calms down, they will rebalance off-lightning.

  • Coin_and_Peace Koji Higashi (@Coin_and_Peace) reported

    Interesting read on how exchanges can/should adopt Lightning Network through Channel factories to mitigate the "dead" coin problem and push the LN adoption. Relevant to yesterday's @bitfinex LN integration news as well.

  • JimmyRagosa Jimmy Ragosa (@JimmyRagosa) reported

    @hasufl @haydenzadams @spencernoon @bitfinex @paoloardoino 1/2 You would basically need to deploy a new version of the smart contract with the fix and either set-up a migration contract (SAI-to-DAI-style) all the while coordinating communication with exchanges and such to support the change.

  • CashEveryone Bitcoin Cash 4 everyone (@CashEveryone) reported

    Calling it now. @bitfinex will have users lose funds due to #LightningNetwork in 2020 and then Bitfinex gets shut down by regulators

  • GreatGrandBear LastBattle 😷 (@GreatGrandBear) reported

    @Pansyfaust @bitfinex Going down the shit hole 🕳 with binance leading the poop party

  • GreatGrandBear LastBattle 😷 (@GreatGrandBear) reported

    @Pansyfaust @bitfinex Going down to the shit hole 🕳.

  • t0mix t0mix kin (@t0mix) reported

    @SayCryptoAgain @bitfinex I posted the invoice above. You can check. I paid from my server.. not 3rd party wallet provider.

  • zarkinfrood zarkinfrood (@zarkinfrood) reported

    @paoloardoino @theonevortex @bitfinex So do hashmaps, but in reality they cause more problems then they solve

  • lawmaster Larry Cermak (@lawmaster) reported

    @3L3C70 @paoloardoino @bitfinex @Blockstream LN is basically untrackable these days because of privacy features. So that would be a waste of time. And I haven't done Liquid analysis in a while because the only data provider shut down their site 5 months ago. So I need to figure out a way to pull the data myself

  • AldersonBSV Elliotˢᵛ (@AldersonBSV) reported

    @joeloregalatto @roasbeef @bitfinex @lightning @paoloardoino lol @ BTC fake solution to the fake problem of scale. Remember me when your btc cant be traded at most exchanges and is @ $1000.

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 31.7795% dump alert: #WPR price has moved down from 0.009480064 to 0.0064673 USD by 31.7795% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • bitcoinhog Bitcoinhog ⚡🚀100K BTC 2019 🖕Fiat (@bitcoinhog) reported

    @CryptoParadyme @binance @bitfinex @cz_binance That's a decent amount of money for a lot of people....cuts on-chain transactions down heaps too. It's definitely an added benefit for now.

  • yassine_diraa El 🐻 Yassine 🎣 💎 (@yassine_diraa) reported

    @mdudas @bitfinex Bitcoin is just a different animal, whenever the price is down there always a fundamentally technical advancement, there is just no asset class like Bitcoin

  • buyemoney (@buyemoney) reported

    @AldersonBSV @WhalePanda @magicalcrypto @paoloardoino @bitfinex Bitfinex is going down with the Panda

  • OptimistLib OptimistLi₿ (@OptimistLib) reported

    @Hanakookie1 @MrHodl Well, the problem is, you can't send $100 to bitfinex. However you can convert your BTC micropayments immediately to fiat in bitfinex & you can withdraw it after consolidating for a few days

  • NawazCrypto Nawaz Sulemanji (@NawazCrypto) reported

    @paoloardoino @BitcoinErrorLog @bitfinex And also can a user make multiple small transfers back to one wallet. I ask as this may cause a rebalancing issue. What is the plan to mitigate such an attack (to shut down Bitfinex LN deposits or withdrawals)

  • BigMiStAAkkes caotic [Jan/3 🔑] (@BigMiStAAkkes) reported

    @WhalePanda @paoloardoino @bitfinex they still need to fix the 60$ fee for bank wires, top exchange if they do that.

  • ThurkYoung Young Thurk (@ThurkYoung) reported

    Looks like @bitfinex has been hacked. Just got a successful login mail. I haven't logged into my bitfinex account for more that a year. IP address traced to Thailand. Not faking or fudding. Details available on PM.

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 28.0763% dump alert: #VEE price has moved down from 0.000011541 to 0.0000083 ETH by 28.0763% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • Proportionatty Joe Blues (@Proportionatty) reported

    @Poetry4Bitcoin @ari_cryptonized @CalvinAyre I think they have been building cases for a while, because we are already starting to see action. I.e SDNY vs Bitfinex, Binance on the run, ETH dev getting indicted, and so on. Authorities have been slow to act, but the ball is already rolling now, I assume w. the help of Craig.

  • Metroplex_T MetroPlex (@Metroplex_T) reported

    @cryptocoley @Crypto_Baller33 @BinanceAmerica scam. wont be long before the US justice system comes for binance just like they are hunting bitfinex. Catherine good luck because binance will take you down with them.

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 50.01% dump alert: #PAX price has moved down from 1.999000 to 0.9993 USD by 50.01% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • BlockEnthusiast Block Enthusiast (@BlockEnthusiast) reported

    @alexgausman @ck_SNARKs @RyanSAdams Not anymore so than Binance, Bitfinex, HitBTC getting shut down would affect BTC. At worst dApps are equivalent to the most advanced BTC services. But they have the potential to be far more resilient. If a non custodial service gets shut down, you still own your coins.

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 42.4242% dump alert: #VEE price has moved down from 0.000000 to 1.9e-7 BTC by 42.4242% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • Samuraihodler KenshiBagHodler (@Samuraihodler) reported

    @mdudas $dusk -mcap is barely 10M$ -Mainnet to drop before 2020 -Potocol designed to issue and trade security tokens (primary and secondary markets), a growing market -fixed number of total token -Bitfinex using it to build its security exchange and Binance gave it a free listing!

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 23.7777% dump alert: #AGI price has moved down from 0.02288769 to 0.017445 USD by 23.7777% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • Beriddur Björn (@Beriddur) reported

    @Yatinsethi20 @justinsuntron @bitfinex @BitTorrent Moving up in price when #BTC is moving up is no challenge... He is playing us all Mr @justinsuntron But at the end it is our problem... we should have known better

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 29.2718% dump alert: #ODE price has moved down from 0.00047222 to 0.000334 ETH by 29.2718% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • paoloardoino Paolo Ardoino (@paoloardoino) reported

    @lowstrife @bitfinex Each server: 4 x (Pentium Platinum 28 cores), 1.5TB RAM, RAID10 SSD

  • Krieg369 Wüsten (@Krieg369) reported

    Xrp / 2017 Volume Back in the day, Bitfinex was the top exchange on volume. Btc transactions were expensive and very slow, by December eight Xrp volume started to surge. The wales knew Xrp was faster and cheaper, and they used it to transfer all their money. @alienvision1

  • tilltabulous Lee Trueman (@tilltabulous) reported

    Forget this seems there was an outage on Bitfinex for an upgrade ....

  • vinnyyapp Vincent (@vinnyyapp) reported

    @bitfinex Unable to login, can someone help! Why no one respond to my support ticket raise! What kind of helpdesk service is this!

  • vinnyyapp Vincent (@vinnyyapp) reported

    @bitfinex Unable to login, can someone help! Why no one respond to my support ticket raise! What kind of helpdesk service is this!

  • vinnyyapp Vincent (@vinnyyapp) reported

    @bitfinex Unable to login, can someone help! Why no one respond to my support ticket raise! What kind of helpdesk service is this!

  • vinnyyapp Vincent (@vinnyyapp) reported

    @bitfinex Unable to login, can someone help! Why no one respond to my support ticket raise! What kind of helpdesk service is this!

  • paoloardoino Paolo Ardoino (@paoloardoino) reported

    @GreatGrandBear @bitfinex $LEO bot went berserker upon trading resuming for happiness platform was back. Basically while platform was down the bot did not detect it properly and queued up many retries. I guess people won't be much upset.

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 27.4678% dump alert: #VEE price has moved down from 0.0000139804 to 0.00001014 ETH by 27.4678% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • ADompIiano Domp🌪 PomplyTroll (@ADompIiano) reported

    @mdudas @bitfinex @TheBlock__ @ThinkingUSD must be accumulating these lions all the way down