Is Bitfinex down?

Bitfinex is a crypto-currency exchange trading and currency-storage platform based out of Taiwan, owned and operated by iFinex Inc. Since 2014, it has been the largest Bitcoin exchange platform, with over 10% of the exchange's trading.

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August 15: Problems at Bitfinex

Bitfinex is having issues since 07:00 AM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • purpurato
    Javier (@purpurato) reported

    @Bitfinexed People trading at @bitfinex must be liquidating on a daily basis very large amounts of USD, if this was a real problem, wouldn't it have shown already? I used to worry about this, but I don't know anymore

  • Buda_BCH
    Cristian S. (@Buda_BCH) reported

    @RamenofBinance Okex is all pure fake volume. If i have to trust one i go with bitfinex hands down.

  • cryptosatoshi
    -₿- (@cryptosatoshi) reported

    @ummjackson @florianfink It is pretty simple. People send money to Bitfinex. They withdraw tether from Bitfinex. Bitfinex send USD to tethers bank account. Tether issues new tethers to Bitfinex. If there was anything shady, don’t you think the CFTC would have followed up on the subpoenas?

  • tyronethepleb
    tyronethepleb (@tyronethepleb) reported

    Not sure I understand the logic of the margin players on Bitfinex, the bear-side is incredibly crowded. Either they know something we don't and are delaying the squeeze with all they got, or they are panicking and increasing shorts to pressure down and create a panic sell-off.

  • serzhiio
    serzhiio (@serzhiio) reported

    @paoloardoino @bitfinex Today my issues gone. You are definitely made something :)

  • Eric53418488
    Eric (@Eric53418488) reported

    @soleil_dusoir9 @SEC_Enforcement @CFTC @TheJusticeDept The regulators works for the banks. It would be a smart move to leave the cryptocurrencies dropping to the cheapest price they can get "organically". Then, when we will hit a bottom and the price won't move down, neither up, it will be the time to crack down tether and bitfinex.

  • leerun1409
    Lee Yee Run (@leerun1409) reported

    @bitfinex server down? Error 522

  • DJThistle01
    dj Thistle (@DJThistle01) reported

    @IamNomad @JoshMcGruff @bitfinex Data site been down for a year I think. I tried figuring this out once before Most of the info I came across pointed to less volume on margin trading in the years prior to the start of the tradingview data

  • TheCrypt0Mask
    TheMask (@TheCrypt0Mask) reported

    @IamNomad @JoshMcGruff @bitfinex Site down

  • ChiefLiquidator
    Chief Liquidation Officer (@ChiefLiquidator) reported

    @IamNomad @JoshMcGruff @bitfinex Bfxdata is down may be for good.

  • DonMillionaire_
    DonMillionaire (@DonMillionaire_) reported

    @TheCryptoDog @bitfinex @lowstrife I saw another leg down to 5800 then bang to the moon

  • SoIotox
    Solotox (@SoIotox) reported

    @PhilakoneCrypto Phil, i saw u mentioned about logging in into bitfinex to show the level 2, actually you dont have to login to see it, just click 'view demo' at the login page and you'd be good to go.

  • Fred_XPerience
    CryptOmelet (@Fred_XPerience) reported

    @nasirjones007 I'd well see a wave up to squeeze this shitload of Shorts on Bitfinex in order to close 2 gaps down on the daily/H4 chart of the CME #Bitcoin Futures... You opinion on that?

  • RamenofBinance
    ๑ RAMEN ๑ (@RamenofBinance) reported

    @CryptoQF Yes it did. Here is the story: Over issued tether to prop up price - bitfinex selling bitcoin to real usd to fill up the tether deficit void. - price dumped back down. One reason SEC rejected etf was high speculation of tether manipulation

  • Cr1p70G
    CryptoG (@Cr1p70G) reported

    Remember $crypto twitter - long supports and short resistances. Not the other way around. $btc hasn't even broken the major support yet, but #bitcoin's shorts have already overtaken longs... ...Cmon short squeeze!! #btcusd $btcusd #bitfinex #kraken #bloodinthestreets #fomo

  • Bitfinex2
    Bitfinex Parody (@Bitfinex2) reported

    Wow, that spoof wall at $6000 on Bitfinex was taken down hella quick when it actually started filling.

  • zacharymatar
    Zachary Matar (@zacharymatar) reported

    @bccponzi @Cryptoniac85 @warsame2412 @jeremy_mcalpine Bitfinex alone can support $500,000 - $1.2million per trade in this terrible market and slippage would only be $20-$40 difference slippage cost. And that’s just with BTC... Dex typically won’t trade more than $100,000 per trade. The slippage doesn’t hurt it. You are wrong.

  • shawnster22
    Shawnster (@shawnster22) reported

    @rwilday @Tether_to Absolutely...i still think the fears are over cautious, i don't think a company Bitfinex with a multi billion dollar gravy train, a team of lawyers and regulators breathing down their neck would falsely state they are backed 1:1..could be wrong though

  • willnoon
    willnoon (totally giving away bitcoin) (@willnoon) reported

    @sawickipedia I mean, I don’t even know how it technically works... can you buy all the tether from kraken? Tether / Bitfinex can only issue more so in theory kraken could sell out, how would price not rise if the demand were there but not supply?

  • MochisanCrypto
    The Moch (@MochisanCrypto) reported

    @CryptoGooseEsq @rogerkver @maxkeiser @KimDotcom @BKBrianKelly @aantonop @opskinsgo @blockchain @BitcoinCom @BitPay @coinbase @xapo I’m going to predict the DOJ and it’s overseas counterparts to make several arrests and shut down Tether, Bitfinex and other exchanges that accept and use Tether by end of 2018.

  • realcryptobirdy
    cryptobirdy (@realcryptobirdy) reported

    @Roni_Jan @bitfinex same issue @bitfinex : can u look into this ? unable to access

  • BigKevMcCarty
    Kevin McCarty 🇺🇸 (@BigKevMcCarty) reported

    What do you think would happen if Tether pulled a Bitconnect? My take: -Maximum salt from anyone holding -Big problems at Bitfinex, possibly requiring a bailout from traders -Short term (3 month) lull in trading volume as industry faces "scam" image again -Bullish on BitMEX

  • WealthHustler
    Aniket Patel $25KbyDec2018⚡ (@WealthHustler) reported

    @monkeymanpiper @_cryptonomic_ Value Cryptos is kind of a hard debate, but going low has less chance and can only happen if exchanges like Bitfinex and Binance goes down/gets hacked attack at a same time.

  • erjeetjeh
    Robert-Jan den Haan (@erjeetjeh) reported

    @RieberTorkild @KyleSGibson @brockpierce ... What didn't make it into that story is that USD on Bitfinex is really just a digit, you don't have the actual USD. Depositing USDT adds to your USD balance on Bitfinex. As long as Bitfinex is solvent, which kinda implies the money behind USDT exists, there is no problem...

  • ValCoins
    Val Me (@ValCoins) reported

    @crypto_birb It did on tradingview only - when u check the chart on the bitfinex exchange ... it is still there ... I am not sure what is wrong exactly but more like a tradingview problem ..

  • Elasticos2
    Elasticos (@Elasticos2) reported

    2018 #bitcoin low, 5774.7 #bitfinex october 1 we touch around 13300 and we go back down looking for a new support. August 13 week is a reversal week. We found our low. Maximum down we go now is 5820. #btc #crypto #crypt0 #buysalt. 10x by EOY

  • Andy_Hoffman_CG
    Andy Hoffman (#HODLBTC) (@Andy_Hoffman_CG) reported

    How ridiculous is this? Look at the 1-minute candles at Bitfinex on #Bitcoin wisdom? They are predominantly green! If you didn't see the price, you would guess it's UP...not down $200!!!!

  • instinctxbt
    Instinct (@instinctxbt) reported

    @cosmopolitanbtc Traditional markers are only open during set hours. Any trading that occurs in after hours doesn't appear on the charts, so you get gaps. Crypto is 24/7 so it doesn't have that issue. Since this only appears on Bitfinex either the exchange was down or there was a liquidity issue

  • instinctxbt
    Instinct (@instinctxbt) reported

    @cosmopolitanbtc Traditional markers are only open during set hours Any trading that occurs in after hours doesn't appear one the charts, so you get gaps. Crypto is 24/7 so it doesn't have that issue. Since this only appears on Bitfinex either the exchange was down or there was a liquidity issue.

  • NewsCrypt0
    ⚡Crypto News (@NewsCrypt0) reported

    @_matterall Keep in mind that despite dense buys around 6k a careful manipulation can deleverage large part of open interest on Bitmex, Okex and Bitfinex and we can see a flash crash to 3k, 2k maybe 1k... Protocol error can do that as well BTC could also go down forever I'm not very long

  • YggdrasilTA
    Odin (@YggdrasilTA) reported

    @HsakaTrades Shorts overtook longs (at least on bitfinex). Wouldn’t be surprised to see a few squeezes before a hard push down

  • Zilliqator
    Zilliqator (@Zilliqator) reported

    @ScryptOhio @CoinbasePro It's bizarre. I noticed a massive buy wall on Bitfinex a while ago, and that didn't shut them down. What is the real reason behind this? Coincidence that ETC is supposed to be added soon.

  • jamestmccue
    James McCue (@jamestmccue) reported

    @Tr0llyTr0llFace @Bitfinexed Well if you’re right I lose my money. But you’re a bag holder as well or you wouldn’t talk about it. It’s the ability to short a relatively small cap in it’s infancy that’s the problem. One day the cancers of tether, Bitfinex and bitmex will be removed and btc will have worth.

  • Cryptonym
    Cryptonym (@Cryptonym) reported

    @BigCheds Don't let a minor rsi cool off change your view. Where else is it going to go? Short of another massive Tether pump by bitfinex, it has nowhere to go but down and the sooner it gets there the sooner this shitty bear market can end.

  • cryptoleaksvip
    Crypto Leaks VIP (@cryptoleaksvip) reported

    @emmess21 @bitfinex If you want to be slow and dumped on then, sure get it.

  • Gaz_LTC
    GazMema (@Gaz_LTC) reported

    @CryptoChoe @bitfinex only problem is slow withdrawals, apart from that, it is the best exchange. @bitfinex says many times withdrawal complete, and no trx on block chain, tickets xxx @BittrexExchange has the fastest withdrawals, sometimes i receive my Polymath coins in 10 sec, 0.3$ fee!

  • Art_Crypto_T
    CryptoT (@Art_Crypto_T) reported

    There is still a high probability of going down below 6k. #xbt #btc #BTCUSD #Bitcoin #cryptocurrency #crypto #BitMEX #Bitfinex #Binance #OKEx #ETC #LTC #Huobi #Coinbase #kraken

  • WennMewn
    Wenn Mewn Esq. (@WennMewn) reported

    @IchimokuScholar Haha, yeah I assumed it was subjective. Sometimes that “bit” can keep you out of a bad trade. The OCO order on bitfinex is useful but doesn’t solve this problem. I guess it’s not in exchange’s interest to provide this as they profit a lot from stray wicks. Cheers!

  • walshyt2
    Martin Walsh (@walshyt2) reported

    @TraderScarface I think just below 5k, is very likely. Weekly - 28th Aug 2017, we hit a high of 4,970 on Bitfinex but we never retested it. Weekly 6th Nov we only tested down to 5,400.

  • UniquelyStefan
    Stefan Osterberg (@UniquelyStefan) reported

    @HesterPeirce Shut down the scam token behind all the manipulation, Tether, and the exchange enabling it, Bitfinex, then arrest those responsible @brockpierce

  • DacoMax
    DacoMax (@DacoMax) reported

    @jxs606 @iotatoken Dom will buy #IOTA all the way down to zero via his bots on Bitfinex brothel, let's see if they can be forced to handover the IPs and contacts of those "whales" who exploited the latest achievements at least. I smell some "criminal activity" ...

  • _Yagudo
    cookie_eater (@_Yagudo) reported

    if you are getting laggy from all the action on #bitfinex be sure to reload your webpages so you don't get an error on your next trade. it really helps with the lag if you've kep them open for a while. #bitcoin.

  • coiner_lol
    diarrhea_of_a_made_man (@coiner_lol) reported

    @catgoggles Bitfinex opened above 50MA but this could have been a last minute price manipulation. Anyway a small bounce was technically stongly needed. StochRSI was at zero 3 days in a row. 4h RSI already hidden bearish divergence. Gap to support closed but I think we break red channel down

  • koalakeeper
    TradeWanker (@koalakeeper) reported

    @Crypto_Joke @tradingview It's a bitfinex issue. Note how the market dipped during the absence, which is a common occurence when bfx or bitmex go down. Either the exchange as a whole went down or their API stopped responding.

  • koalakeeper
    TradeWanker (@koalakeeper) reported

    Added to my $BTCUSD long on the dip (for some reason it dipped when bitfinex went down) and so far that's looking like a sensible decision.

  • koalakeeper
    TradeWanker (@koalakeeper) reported

    Why does #bitcoin do something stupid every time bitfinex has an outage?

  • mysy555
    🐒MonkeyRocket🚀 (@mysy555) reported

    $BTC @bitfinex is down?

  • mehmetb79813102
    mehmet budak (@mehmetb79813102) reported

    @iotatoken why price so much down on bitfinex

  • Eugen_Savoen
    Eugen Savoyen (@Eugen_Savoen) reported

    @ppetrpervyy @InfoYoyow @binance @bitfinex just send it on binance, what is problem?

  • WStefan27
    stefanw (@WStefan27) reported

    @tradingroomapp what the fuck? binance pump and dump? no! someone manipulated IOTA down on bitfinex. Binance never dropped below 82 cent to even get pumped there. get your facts straight.

  • AIM_Buster
    AIM Buster (@AIM_Buster) reported

    ... $BTC $BTCUSD #BITCOIN... price needed to stay above $6,826 as stated previously. It bounced off $6,847 this am according to Bitfinex. Needs to stay above $6,826 or else another wave down coming.

  • blackboxfx
    Sven S.-Der Malaka (@blackboxfx) reported

    someone is manipulating #IOTA price down on #Bitfinex, very suspicious trades,obviously by one group and this is now going on for a few days,the gap is 9% between Bitfinex and Binance #sec

  • Forrest_Hamburg
    Forrest Hamburg (@Forrest_Hamburg) reported

    @tradingroomapp What is more likely (after the deposit and withdrawl suspension on binance has ended): iota going down on binance or iota going up on bitfinex?

  • mywishdotcf
    shubham (@mywishdotcf) reported

    Unable to login since last 15 minutes. Its throwing out after showing dashboard. @bitfinex

  • ShortFiat21M
    ShortFiat (@ShortFiat21M) reported

    Are any unverified Bitfinex users having problems with withdrawals after the most recent updated terms of service?

  • zeroshorts
    ZeroShorts (@zeroshorts) reported

    @GeorgeSelgin The problem stems from the financial intermediation failures of unregulated & capital inadequate exchanges. Oh, and #Tether & one of the largest exchanges, Bitfinex, share the same management/owners!

  • Eric53418488
    Eric (@Eric53418488) reported

    @ChartVampire The only way I can see for the etf to be approved would be to delay it as much as they can (which would have a short term effect equal to a refusal), time to bust/shut down the frauders (bitfinex & co)

  • HodorHodlDoor
    Kevin (@HodorHodlDoor) reported

    @CryptoChoe Any issues trading on Bitfinex? They are shutting out even US corporate accounts now too.

  • serzhiio
    serzhiio (@serzhiio) reported

    @paoloardoino @bitfinex @ethfinex Guys, @bitfinex at least has some childish problems especially in frontend design.

  • cryptocointrad (@cryptocointrad) reported

    Compared to yesterday, BTC's price took another dip, falling down to $7.050 (Bitfinex), accounting for -3.5%. This trend might continue for next few days, as Bakkt was announced, meaning that in near future, the price might take a leap. @Bakkt #cryptotrade #cointrends