Is Bitfinex down?

Bitfinex is a crypto-currency exchange trading and currency-storage platform based out of Taiwan, owned and operated by iFinex Inc. Since 2014, it has been the largest Bitcoin exchange platform, with over 10% of the exchange's trading.

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  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 77.8513% dump alert: #GNO price has moved down from 0.06772 to 0.015 ETH by 77.8513% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • TheCryptoGrill the Crypto Grill (@TheCryptoGrill) reported

    Important Dates-28 June 28-29 G20 Japan Bitfinex maint 30 SBI virtual $ maint Pres Exec Order-Core Principles Reg the US Finan Sys Exec order 13772 SWIFT CEO steps down BIS annual report Bakkt -Fidelity- SBI VC FATF global adopt July 4 US I-Day India,Russ,US,China,*** Reg

  • elclondaje Carlos Sanchez Axlin (@elclondaje) reported

    Apparently it took two exchanges with shut downs today to stop #BTC from reaching $16k to $17k at the speed of light .... First Bitfinex and then Coinbase ..... Bitfinex was maintenance, but Coinbase was "error" 😬 The PTB is running out of options really fast ! 😀🚀

  • AhmadAlgallaf Ahmad algallaf (@AhmadAlgallaf) reported

    I expect the following scenario for #BTC - 28/7 US court shut down #usdt printing. - @bitfinex announce bankruptcy. - people panic and has no escape - people lose thier interest in #BTC - #Libra come to the surface Till then #Btc will continue its surge @GoonAlerts_

  • hpelectronics73 Henry (@hpelectronics73) reported

    @paoloardoino bitfinex has no issues in the dump.. best exchange ever! . mr paolo, fibonacci tool has 1 issue. dont show percentages. thanks. bless

  • klimenos Klimenos - NOT a Satoshi cultist 🙅‍♀️ (@klimenos) reported

    @Tex32682558 People borrowed money and bought BSVs in the hope to sell them above $250. 40k BSVs have been bought this way on Bitfinex. This is way too many. Now that the price is going down, those people who borrowed realise their mistake and have to return the money… by selling the coins.

  • KingLutron 1/$Steve Chandler (@KingLutron) reported

    @murphsicles Bitfinex is a scam casino. @SEC_News needs to work with English authorities to close them down.

  • petechosen CHO (@petechosen) reported

    Blockfolio been slow today, btc shoots up to $14k... coinbase down, bitfinex down today, tether pumping to btc... then btc down to $11.6k 🤔

  • Ricky_G89 Ricky Greensmith (@Ricky_G89) reported

    @Xrpdave1 How could i forget! #bitfinex #scam i see #bitfinex was down for maintainance yesterday and manipulation stopped....

  • MeanHash MeanHash🤖🍯🐻 (@MeanHash) reported

    @ShmurdaTeamHoe @bitfinex No idea. Welcome to crypto. Just hoping it wasn't a hack and CoinBase went down as a security message because of the flash crash.

  • Steve_N_Kenzie Steve N Mackenzie (@Steve_N_Kenzie) reported

    @Beastlyorion Next week when Bitfinex gets shut down along with TETHER they will give you the reason for this rise...plain and simple

  • zeroshorts Zero Shorts LLC (@zeroshorts) reported

    @CasPiancey @mdudas @BennettTomlin @KyleSGibson @johnbiggs @karbonbased @Bitfinexed @Nouriel @SchiffGold @paulkrugman @davidgerard @jemimajoanna @maxrogo But def will be for realsies in 2 months, esp cuz #redemption to #fiat is NEVER a problem. #Bitcoin #Bitfinex #Tether

  • CrasherCrypto Crasher (@CrasherCrypto) reported

    Bitfinex is slowing it down right now, there's whale splashing going on in the books.

  • xrpmoonmission XRP moon mission🚀🌔⚡️ (@xrpmoonmission) reported

    @josedpla No Bitfinex down for maintanance today

  • budwug Cletus “Crypto” Pickens (@budwug) reported

    @APompliano Hahaha! They always wrong! Always! It never going to zero because it not worthless! Peoples who say that don’t know nothin. Of course it gonna go down when the Europols drop the hammer on the Bitfinex and the Tethers. But you already knows that. Bitcoin will survive it all! 😊

  • shqipstar1912 raymond dioguardi (@shqipstar1912) reported

    @CraxAnalog @bitfinex I have the ******* same problem. They wont verify you, Im waiting since 9month (no joke). Since about 24h the verification pages redirects you to trading.

  • shqipstar1912 raymond dioguardi (@shqipstar1912) reported

    @hesap997 @bitfinex I have the ******* same problem.

  • elohim280 (((28kuma))) (@elohim280) reported

    $XBTUSD will pump to $20,000 while Bitfinex is down for maintenance.

  • NekEat Nikita (@NekEat) reported

    @bitfinex I have a problem but tickets cannot be send Failed to create ticket Submit failed due to invalid data: please retry

  • cryptodotbi Cryptobill (@cryptodotbi) reported

    Biggest #Bitcoin pump in 2 years precisely when Bitfinex is down.

  • DaaaBest DaaaBest (@DaaaBest) reported

    @eirecrypto @iammichaelpole @bitfinex There was no @#$@$ email. They spam 24/7 all kind of garbage but somehow forgot to mention 7 hours of down time wtf!!!!

  • Harhar1997 Har (@Harhar1997) reported

    @youngtilopa I would be very wary predicting anything with bitfinex shut down.

  • petersthetrader Peter J. Zacharias (@petersthetrader) reported

    @befirst2fit its probably reading from bitfinex exchange which is down

  • yakutatblackjac Clayton Hall (@yakutatblackjac) reported

    @bitfinex This snells funny. I believe they are having liquidity issues. #scam #bitcoin

  • TheWolfofBay Wolf of Bay Street (@TheWolfofBay) reported

    @bitfinex is down but $BTC is not! We need to test resistance of $13,500~ and have support at $11,500~ let's see what the rest of the week has in store for us. Have fun trading :)

  • petersthetrader Peter J. Zacharias (@petersthetrader) reported

    @befirst2fit 487 is correct for now, bitfinex is down for maintenance.

  • Concept211 Concept211📉 (@Concept211) reported

    As if 2019 was the year of clean, organic growth. If any year needs a detox, it's this one. If anyone believes the #Bitfinex/#Tether legal issues are just "FUD" because "BTC number is up"'re lying to yourself. Greed has a tendency to distort facts. This will not end well.

  • Steelhead671 Steelhead67 (@Steelhead671) reported

    @XrpMr Was utilizing Bitfinex as my Ledger rate provider and didn’t realize that they were offline. Community member Jeppo figured it out as he had the same issue. Big thanks to him

  • shitcoincpa Shitcoin CPA (@shitcoincpa) reported

    Curious to see what happens when @bitfinex gets back up. Seems like the bulls are having a field day with them not weighing down the market

  • vehn2 Vehn (@vehn2) reported

    @JacobCanfield When tether crashes and Bitfinex gets shut down... Going to be a fun time

  • onedayaway Scott Crawford (@onedayaway) reported

    @FernandoLiu5 Bitfinex is down so it doesn't reflect value...ur good though

  • metbaard CryptoSauRUS (@metbaard) reported

    Bitfinex down for 7 hours meanwhile billions of dollars waiting on the sidelines to buy Bitcoin. Guess what happens when finex is back, Bitcoin moons to $15000+. 🚀

  • hashoshi4 Hashoshi from Crypto YouTube (@hashoshi4) reported

    Anyone using the Bitfinex API for prices will be seeing all zeros in their Ledger Live app 😱 don’t be alarmed... the pricing API is down Your gonna are safe... switch the pricing API in the general settings

  • CryptoLaughing LaughingMan Crypto #FreeAssange! (@CryptoLaughing) reported

    @roryhighside @MrHodl @CasaHODL @TheRealBlockFi Liquidation levels close margin traders loans with guarantee back to the lender - Poloniex and Bitfinex have both been running these margin trading/lending programs for years and like I said only 1 incident of massive volatility that caused issues for lenders

  • stadsmanneke Vitamin E (@stadsmanneke) reported

    Oh , Bitfinex shut-down between 10.00 and 11.00 , probably maintenance ... , silly me 🙄, again not seen. #Ineedtoslowdown#Idid 🙂

  • Zigadeebong Grey Grey (@Zigadeebong) reported

    @cryptoguzzle Im not sure but what could it have to do with Bitfinex (who have been accused of having solvency issues) about to launch 100x margin trading...

  • anondran Anondran (@anondran) reported

    Bitfinex down for 7 hours meanwhile billions of dollars waiting on the sidelines to buy Bitcoin. Guess what happens when finex is back, Bitcoin moons to $15000+. 🚀

  • allcharmngrace Market Insider (@allcharmngrace) reported

    Bitfinex down for the next 5.5 hours. There’s a sucker born every day #Bitcoin

  • cryptocrine cryptocrine (@cryptocrine) reported

    @scoinaldo @bitfinex @ethfinex @AmpleforthOrg @TheCryptoDog I really don't understand the idea behind @Ampleforth's economic theory. Does not jive. Need more samples... #error error error error. :D

  • Expsycho Lewis (@Expsycho) reported

    @scoinaldo @TheCryptoDog @bitfinex @ethfinex @AmpleforthOrg Bitfinex is down for the next 7 hours :(

  • quantadelic Quantadelicatessen (@quantadelic) reported

    Reminder that Bitfinex scheduled downtime is in 30 minutes... and down for 7 hours. Pump or dump, who knows, but should be volatile.

  • vechain Dr. Hodlonaut VC (@vechain) reported

    No way this market goes on a bull run while bitfinex is down for maintenance. 26 min remaining.

  • quantadelic Quantadelicatessen (@quantadelic) reported

    Reminder that Bitfinex scheduled downtime is in 30 minutes... and down for 7 hours. Pump or dump probably, but should be a rollercoaster.

  • walter_wyckoff Walter Wyckoff (@walter_wyckoff) reported

    Bitfinex about to go down for 7h, pray for margin traders

  • tradetraderson Trade Traderson (@tradetraderson) reported

    @bitfinex when ******** is this scam going to be shut down

  • crypto_monopoly Crypto Monopoly (@crypto_monopoly) reported

    Roughly an hour and a half before #Bitfinex goes down for 7 hours... #CRYPTO 🧐🧐🧐

  • Goltra Colin Goltra (@Goltra) reported

    @datarade @zallarak If someone did this to Binance/Bitfinex/OkEx though, it would be a major issue. That said, even then I am pretty sure that many of the major on/off-ramps and exchanges have various shutoff measures to prevent these kinds of moves.

  • crypto_monopoly Crypto Monopoly (@crypto_monopoly) reported

    Expect some volatility when Bitfinex goes down for 7 hours to implement 100x leverage on their platform. #Cryptocurrency #Bitcoin

  • 100GDan Hundredgrandan (@100GDan) reported

    What are the odds Bitfinex opens up its new 100x margin trading and everyone goes long because of Fomo.exchanges exit scam with everyones bitcoin as well as other exchanges who use tether. They will sell the market down to new lows(last all time high)1300. June 2020 #BTC #Tether

  • ImTheCryptoKid CryptoKidd (@ImTheCryptoKid) reported

    Bitfinex is going down for maintenance @ 8.00 AM UTC on June 26, 2019. #btc #bitcoin #cryptocurrency

  • 290Sal Sal (@290Sal) reported

    @MagicPoopCannon You never mention the actual reason that the price is going up, which is solely due to the Bitfinex tether scam. The more tether they print out of thin air, the higher bitcoin goes. End of story. And the gov’t could shut down Bitfinex tomorrow. This market is pure 100% bullshit.

  • andnhdshhs gary mendez (@andnhdshhs) reported

    @minhokim Withdraws and deposits problem is big problem resolve that and after that we must to list in new exchange like Coinbase or Bitfinex or Poloniex... Maybe after that you we can talk about this... After august only third line countries can trade with $icx...

  • distributedmind DM SPQR (@distributedmind) reported

    Bitfinex down for “maintenance” tomorrow and suspending trades. Don’t be surprised if BTC dumps beyond belief tomorrow. 🙏🏻 either way, stop losses are important. Who knows what could happen. Be ready for anything 🙏🏻

  • UpstairsAdagio IndependentDependent (@UpstairsAdagio) reported

    @Josh_Rager Far outweigh the benefits for small “traders” Exchanges like Binance, Bitfinex and Bitmex are going to be shut down - any person wh leaves any asset on them they are not comfortable loosing is just plain naive

  • bladvoormekop Cryptopian (@bladvoormekop) reported

    @BennettTomlin Blaming mostly you and news outlets for screaming this is a big issue. Not surprised to see Bitfinex’ed name there also, as I said. Same as then. So big investors buy big amounts of tether to invest which makes the price go up. Which makes more people buy and price goes up more.

  • CasPiancey Giancarlo The Tether Whisperer (@CasPiancey) reported

    @dividebynine was the first to express to me that ETH Tethers would take over OMNI. I think she's right and I think it has more to do with the slow nature of OMNI Tether confirmations than customer preference (unless you acknowledge Bitfinex is the main customer of Tether).

  • coolhandcanuck Coolhandcanuck (@coolhandcanuck) reported

    Bitfinex down for 7 hours tomorrow....

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Dump in BTC: Price of #BTC went down from 11360.461978 to 10992.38301 USD by 3.24% in 10 mins at #Bitfinex.

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Hurry! 66.1621% dump alert: #XVG price has moved down from 0.0000297281 to 0.00001006 ETH by 66.1621% within 5 minutes in #Bitfinex

  • Dogsbreakfast75 Dogsbreakfast (@Dogsbreakfast75) reported

    @AlexSaundersAU @bitfinex No i like to lose my money in a slow bleed 🤣🤣