Is Bitstamp down?

Bitstamp is a bitcoin exchange based in Luxembourg. It allows trading between USD currency and bitcoin cryptocurrency. It allows USD, EUR, bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum, or Ripple deposits and withdrawals.

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  • maxkeiser Max Keiser, tweet poet. (@maxkeiser) reported

    @mdudas Just exited BitStamp for a huge gain. About to do same on several others. Again, I suggest it might be time to take it down a notch and possibly learn something. Just a suggestion...

  • DSBlake Demetreus S. Blake (@DSBlake) reported

    @Christi92883512 @Crunchify For beginners it is important to know a few facts about Bitstamp, first this exchange fraud which does not just fall into the center of scandals, and secondly they have a very slow withdrawals

  • DSBlake Demetreus S. Blake (@DSBlake) reported

    @ico_friends 1. Very slow withdrawals. 2. Disclosure of users ' personal data without their consent. These two reasons enough that would not choose bitstamp

  • BoNoremac NoremacThink (Inc.)®™ (@BoNoremac) reported

    @Bitstamp Hey @Bitstamp I did'nt say there were any issues. All good, just observing order books since over a year that's all. Best regards.

  • XRPTrump Dr. T ⚡️ (@XRPTrump) reported

    @BoNoremac @p3_ris @HammerToe @galgitron @XRP0WER @moneywraith @didduediligence @JoelKatz @xrpunited I know of 4 exchanges not 5: Bitso, CoinsPh, Bitstamp, Bittrex. If Bittrex goes down, I'd imagine xRapid could still work if customer had accounts in Bitstamp too and vice versa. Not sure what would happen if Coinsph or Bitso go down. I don't know about storage scheme either 2/

  • JonnyMoeTrades Jonny Moe (@JonnyMoeTrades) reported

    Where I have the biggest issue with this is where I see people suggest that price action on Bitmex has more value than other exchanges because it has more volume. In reality, $XBT is forced to mimic the $BTC price of Coinbase, Bitstamp, and (sometimes) Kraken.

  • siumanhon Herbert (@siumanhon) reported

    @SupportBitstamp @Bitstamp @Bitstamp your complain officer was putting T&C to state Bitstamp doesn’t guarantee any errors. Giving me virtual” coupon with condition while I suffer real money loss for from your hiccup is effectively me paying for your errors. Good customer strategy! 👍🏻

  • siumanhon Herbert (@siumanhon) reported

    @SupportBitstamp @Bitstamp I don’t see any changes in the stance for sending me “virtual” coupon with condition while I suffer real money loss for your errors

  • wmahoney5 JohnGalt (@wmahoney5) reported

    @SupportBitstamp @arndt_gg @Bitstamp I can't get into my account. I set up two factor in Google and the code worked for coinbase but when I went to sign in for bitstamp, the codes won't work on Authenticator. The authenticator app used to have one code for coinbase and another for Bitstamp

  • cryptopolis_xrp Cryptopolis (@cryptopolis_xrp) reported

    @arndt_gg @Bitstamp "IOUs are tokens issued on the platform that are redeemable for a fungible asset such as USD, gold or crude oil. Anyone can issue IOUs, however in order for someone to accept payment in IOUs they must trust that the person or organisation who issued them will be able to redeem"

  • XRPTrump Dr. T ⚡️ (@XRPTrump) reported

    @CryptoHeimdall @p3_ris @galgitron @JoelKatz @xrpunited @p3_ris You can login into Bittrex and Bitstamp +.1039 @xrptipbot

  • 24KCrypto 24KaratCrypto (@24KCrypto) reported

    @OppongBs @MustStopMurad @renato_shira I agree $1200 is improbable although not impossible. Anything below $2377 is more than a 88.6 fib retracement from our previous bottom to our ATH on Bitstamp. $2500 is also my target for that large bearish pennant we broke down from so quite possible we bottom in the low $2ks..

  • Alexintosh Alexintosh.dexname.eth ⟠ Dexlab (@Alexintosh) reported

    @g_dip @Mariandipietra @mikedemarais @pedrouid @MakerDAO @sendwyre @Bitstamp @nanexcool No problem. I believe the idea of synthetic assets backed by DAI it's very interesting but I couldn't figure it out how that part might work. If you get new info please ping me.

  • RichardHeartWin Richard Heart [BitcoinHEX] (@RichardHeartWin) reported

    @oisyn @CryptGold @Bitstamp So you have to wait a hundred, I don't see the problem. You still got the blocks.

  • Ciprian02816266 Ciprian XRP (@Ciprian02816266) reported

    @Bibird_ @SupportBitstamp @Bitstamp I have the same issue since yesterday. Also with IE is the same.


    @wheredidjonahgo @Bitstamp Stealing someone's unsecured private keys is a personal issue. The infrastructure getting exploited with a 51% attack means the network hashrate isn't high enough.

  • informxxx1 OneCryptoPunch (@informxxx1) reported

    @Bitstamp Bringing BTC down is quite simple. Hire as free programmer for Bitcoin Core. Do a lot of good things for Bitcoin Code but one - small - thing for you. Somewhere in Code. Let Code become Version. Version become standard. Then beginn to exploit.

  • Vanamonde1 Vanamonde (@Vanamonde1) reported

    @galgitron @Bitstamp Exactly forget Bitcoin, it is flawed. #Cardano solves all Bitcoins problem and is designed scientifically keeping in mind all Bitcoins mistakes. #Cardano to be the real decentralized protocol.

  • fazzyfocus Fazzyfocus (@fazzyfocus) reported

    @Bitstamp not if you already had the equipment. @AntPoolofficial is the largest mining pool at 16%. Controlled by @BITMAINtech meaning @JihanWu could in theory collude with the other top pools and bring down BTC. Equipment cost doesn't matter if you MAKE the equipment. misleading tweet.

  • XrpCenter XRP Research Center (@XrpCenter) reported

    @StopAndDecrypt @galgitron @Simoncaldera1 @BuenoPaNada @Bitstamp Irrelevant for this thread. Going back to the original topic. China can easily shut down a substantial part of Bitcoin mining power just by ordering a couple of electric companies to do so. That's the problem when the security of a crytpo relies in a non-diversified network.

  • hodlrrr Mr Marvelous (@hodlrrr) reported

    @Bitstamp There are over 2,000 billionaires in the world, with a combined net worth of +$9 Trillion. If they all collided, they can take down Bitcoin if they wanted to.

  • XrpCenter XRP Research Center (@XrpCenter) reported

    @galgitron @StopAndDecrypt @Simoncaldera1 @BuenoPaNada @Bitstamp Or China could just order electric companies to shut down power supply provided to miners, and it would be orders of magnitude cheaper to attack the network.

  • BijiXRP BÎJÎ XRP⚡💧 (@BijiXRP) reported

    @galgitron @Bitstamp Or they can shut down the electricity "on accident" and therefor remove >80% hashpower from Bitcoin network making their own few secret buildings effectively the majority hashpowers.

  • pepeMck Jose A Mckinnon (@pepeMck) reported

    @Bitstamp China will not care how much it cost, this is still an issue.

  • nmeofdst8vM660 Ozymandias⚡️🏦🦖☄️💥฿ (@nmeofdst8vM660) reported

    @RuslanKrastev @RevolutApp @monese @Bitstamp doesnt work with @coinbase which is a major issue+ Bitstamp was acuired by NXC (same owner of Korbit) last year which lead to change of banking details for US customers, eversince even customer support is getting worse, dont expect the things to get better with banking as well.

  • RuslanKrastev Ruslan Krastev (@RuslanKrastev) reported

    @nmeofdst8vM660 @RevolutApp @monese No issues with sending to @Bitstamp

  • XRPTrump Dr. T ⚡️ (@XRPTrump) reported

    @BlueNETGaming Many people issue Dollars on the ledger. Bitstamp @GateHub Other currencies are issued too. Not being issued by Ripple.

  • JorgeMCAzevedo JoAz⚡️ (@JorgeMCAzevedo) reported

    @PaydayPK @CidVicious2 @cryptocolic @krakenfx I had same problem Am in europe I used to use coinbase, kraken or etoro...but Now i will shut down this and only use Bitstamp We should prize to the ones that treat xrp in the right way, and stay away from those that dont deserve us

  • HammerToe Matt Hamilton (@HammerToe) reported

    @CrypToe_Man Generally that is an exchange. So currently Bitstamp issue USD and BTC IOUs on the ledger. Gatehub issue USD, EUR, BTC, ETH IOUs on the ledger. RippleChina and RippleFox issue CNY ones. Both the JPY issuers (Mr.Ripple and RippleJPY) stopped issuing IOUs.

  • natoosh26 natalie azoulay (@natoosh26) reported

    @SupportBitstamp On the 2nd of January an IP address located in the Netherlands, and the server located in Estonia withdrew all the Bitcoins in my account (27.4B). The account, of course, is held with Bitstamp. $100,000 has been stolen from my account

  • grace_za Time to go WitSec (@grace_za) reported

    @XrpMr I think this has been explained before, no one issues a jpy iou on the ledger anymore. JPY is traded on regular changes. The charts in xrpcharts reflect xrp against fiat ious and crypto ious. Notice Bitstamp.USD deviates from USD trading directly on their own exchange.

  • ZephyrCrypto Zephyr (@ZephyrCrypto) reported

    @_inGodsCountry I think the risk with the Larger legacy exchanges is them getting hacked rather than themselves being dodgy. But who knows. Trex has been around for a long time though. I've personally never had any issues with them. Trust wise I guess the top for me are @Bitstamp and @binance

  • SchoenCayden Cayden Schoen (@SchoenCayden) reported

    @Bibird_ @Bitstamp The mobile app will be so slow that you won't want to use it

  • kismacko69 Nagy István (@kismacko69) reported

    @Bitstamp Bitstamp has already fixed all its problems with technical support and dissatisfied customers, with leaks of personal data, I do not think so

  • mul_a_mul cryptolosc 🇧🇪 (@mul_a_mul) reported

    @ipinky77 @LeoHadjiloizou Bitstamp is top except the terrible mobile app 😱

  • Ciprian02816266 Ciprian XRP (@Ciprian02816266) reported

    @haydentiff If I understood weel...I have moved xrp from Bitstamp to a ledger without problems. Then I have moved some xrp from the ledger to my Bitstamp account without any issue. I hope that the test I made are relevant for the #ProofOfKeys

  • Squirtbirth Squirtbirth (@Squirtbirth) reported

    @UpholdInc @xrp_news I want my credit card to work on @uphold. Still using bitstamp cause of this problem.

  • _CryptoX_ Crypto_X [⚡️] (@_CryptoX_) reported

    @empatogen @coolwallet @coinbase @SatoshiLite @Bitstamp Thanks, will try it out one day, if is fast enough to login in to purchase and send to other wallets. 😉

  • MikeNardolillo Michael Nardolillo (@MikeNardolillo) reported

    @Gravel551 @Cryptonary_ It has nothing to do with the gateway. If the local law allows the gatewill will issue under a no freeze(they can never freeze). Bitstamp has to abide by US kyc/AML/ sanctions/etc...

  • MikeNardolillo Michael Nardolillo (@MikeNardolillo) reported

    @Gravel551 @Cryptonary_ There seems to be some problem with comprehension. Jed broke the law, wether it was ripple, or anyone else, bitstamp has to freeze his funds. No one can freeze xrp, just fiat. Binance or coinbase can do the same thing For any asset even BTC if the account has broken a law

  • TonyVal76476318 Tony Valentino (@TonyVal76476318) reported

    @Entricity @CheshireXRP @HamEggsn @Bitstamp Add new coin or new base pairs or drop fees. Or shut down

  • Ziga85959419 Ziga (@Ziga85959419) reported

    @Bitstamp Hope new app for ios, its not working btw for more than 1 year

  • jaybny Jay Berg [Jan/3 Proof of Keys 🔑 Satoshi Run] (@jaybny) reported

    @derose @hashamadeus @zndtoshi @ArminVanBitcoin well, there is a general problem when any tech based companies are run by non computer scientists. idk, maybe marketing and profitability are just not aligned with proper bitcoin technology. bitcoin was so revolutionary because it works w/o a company. bitstamp gets my thumbs up.

  • cryptoarbitrag1 cryptoarbitrage00 (@cryptoarbitrag1) reported

    @Panama_TJ I would love to fix that for her from a very specific angle. Buy Bitstamp #xrp .369 Sell Bitfinex #xrp .381 Arb > 3%

  • crypto_tomato Crypto Tomato (@crypto_tomato) reported

    @XrpCenter @Yj9995 @BittrexExchange @Bitstamp @Bitso @coinsph @sbivc_official @QuidaxHQ @BitrueOfficial @coinone_info They are not going to use it due to the regulation issue. It's official. Only X-current for now.

  • PjimmyXr XRPvillain (@PjimmyXr) reported

    @XRPisVelocity @XRPMichaelB @BattistelloDana @UpholdInc Bitstamp are an xRapid exchange (not that you need me@to tell you that) - meaning that liquidity will never be a problem. So, personally, I’d rather be on Bitstamp than Uphold. But what do I know, I’ve only experimented with about 12 exchanges lol 😂 😂

  • MarkKeltie Mark Keltie (@MarkKeltie) reported

    @byte41880494 @XRPMichaelB @boyd_oakes @UpholdInc @Bitstamp @BitrueOfficial @cz_binance Problem ACE you may invested too much that you cant afford to lose, want a quick buck and things haven't worked out as you planned. Investing is a mans game and you need big *****, stop with insults and grow some *****, hodl xrp, show love buddy as your not being very Australian

  • YtTumix Kattus (@YtTumix) reported

    @JaapHaitsma @Bitstamp That's the old network problem bitstamp can't fix. I don't think smth will change unfortunately

  • Nord0n Dan Nordon (@Nord0n) reported

    @boyd_oakes @Bitstamp Frustrating to say we were up to .44 the other day (which is down to the binance announcement) and now were back down here in such little time.

  • boyd_oakes 🇦🇺 Boyd Oakes (@boyd_oakes) reported

    @Nord0n @Bitstamp Damn! Had to be as fast as Clint Eastwood to capture that profit. Yes, probably a glitch.

  • Nord0n Dan Nordon (@Nord0n) reported

    @boyd_oakes Yeah.. although only a couple of cents, @Bitstamp chart just went a little wild. Went from .373 down to .352, now back up to .362 in less than 30 seconds. Probably all the bots messing around.

  • rolflobker Rolf (@rolflobker) reported

    @kristjanmik @coinbase It actually pumped right after Coinbase went down. Bitstamp went up to 3863, kraken 3860 and Bitmex XBT (33/33/33 Bitstamp/Kraken/Coinbase) went to 3868 .. some big liquidations and some big fat asks got filled before price came back down...

  • JorgeMCAzevedo JoAz⚡️ (@JorgeMCAzevedo) reported

    @OinFunk @eToro this ***#$&/ guys are trowing sand to our eyes There no issue with credit card if Bitstamp or coinbase accept it

  • ZafirSeferi Zafir Seferi (@ZafirSeferi) reported

    @tam250862 @Bitstamp Because Bitstamp doesn't want to give us our own funds!! I have the same problem and it drives me crazy

  • ZafirSeferi Zafir Seferi (@ZafirSeferi) reported

    @tam250862 @Bitstamp Because Bitstamp doesn't want to give us our own funds!! I have the same problem and it drives me crazy

  • mithunkumar10 mithunkumar (@mithunkumar10) reported

    @Reizma108 @Bitstamp The ususal story with #Bitstamp. Still don't understand how people use it after a numbers of issues happened

  • KoinKnight KoinKnight (@KoinKnight) reported

    Dump in BTC: Price of #BTC went down from 4029.969 to 3856.68 USD by 4.30% in 10 mins at #BitStamp.

  • damiancollier D Collier (@damiancollier) reported

    @SupportBitstamp @Bitstamp Thanks very much. I have responded again because it is still not working. I have sent a screenshot.

  • empatogen Jesper Wallin (@empatogen) reported

    @cryptocatalunya @Bitstamp Yeah, I know mate, I keep most of my XRP outside of any exchange to prevent things like this. It’s just so annoying to miss a trade, panic and buy back further up just to catch the next elevator down.. it’s like an inverted swing trade.. 😳

  • donalddumpz96 Meise Bitcoin (@donalddumpz96) reported

    @CryptoQF @ebizorii The problem is that CMC includes exchanges with much fake volume. If you look at any single exchange (bitfinex, bitstamp or kraken) the volume is comparable with Jan/Feb 18 in BTC units.