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Call of Duty is a first person shooter that is available for gaming consoles and PC. The game franchise includes Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Call of Duty Infinite Warfare, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Call of Duty: Black Ops and the new Blackout battle royale mode.

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Cassagnes-Bégonhès Game Crash
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Paimpol Game Crash
Charlotte Matchmaking

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  • Logan56134145 Logan (@Logan56134145) reported

    @ATVIAssist FIX YOUR ******* SERVERS

  • Nicklas_Cramer Nicklas Cramer (@Nicklas_Cramer) reported

    @ATVIAssist please fix audio poping/ static on oc please

  • Reaper3119 David Pelayo (@Reaper3119) reported

    @CallofDuty Please, please fix the crashing bug. XP award, game dies. For PC players. So frustrating. After that update, it happens too often. Before the update once in a blue moon. Very rare. Now all the time. Crashing and challenge tracking should be priority #1!

  • ascentlikerob Robert Warden (@ascentlikerob) reported

    @ATVIAssist Survival mode reload and pick up option is broken multilpe games. Multiple controllers

  • calebhaller904 Please Fire Coughlin (@calebhaller904) reported

    MW is 110% broken and possibly the worst cod ever . literally abt to uninstall

  • Pfeiff815 Jon Pfeiffer (@Pfeiff815) reported

    @MDumblewski @XboxGamePass @XboxSupport @InfinityWard @Microsoft @Windows @XboxP3 Yea it was such a ***** to deal with. I restarted 100 times. Changed my NAT to closed and back to open. And it finally worked. Only Call Of Duty was giving me issues though.

  • rummel450 Rummel (@rummel450) reported

    @Activision @InfinityWard Fix the death cameras for cyberattack.

  • JoeRoman20 Joe Roman (@JoeRoman20) reported

    Terrible support service @ATVIAssist @Activision

  • romone0111 romone011 (@romone0111) reported

    @TheBluePlLL @CrasonR @IGN But they didn’t, I haven’t seen much of a issue evolving around the game probably y’all look at small as problem but th one problem I have is the lighting of the game and the campers that’s all the issue I have an if your a PC gamer playing COD then that’s at your own risk

  • itsyaboiavalos alex avalos (@itsyaboiavalos) reported

    @InfinityWard your map designs ******* suckkkkk fix ya shit bro

  • christiancero15 christian ceron (@christiancero15) reported

    @CallofDuty Fix the challenges, they do not work!!!

  • NaParamore Obey Para (@NaParamore) reported

    Just broke my ps4 Controller from MW. Not Getting another this games not worth it so Unless I Fix It I'm Going Back To Cod Mobile 😂

  • sohaibslays23 Sohaib ⁶𓅓 (@sohaibslays23) reported

    @Volants The worst cod made in the last 10 years like u tell me u put in different aim assists to make a noob better and get mount glitch so u can see if he is planting or defusing

  • Allenh_28 Allen218 (@Allenh_28) reported

    @InfinityWard Having some minor difficulties on Modern Warfare. Missions I have completed are now showing up I haven’t and won’t let me progress through others. Guns are saying I have new attachments and reticles... I don’t. Great game. Has a lot of potential. Please Fix.

  • Aesudd_ Aesudd 🇮🇪🎃 (@Aesudd_) reported

    P90 on COD MW is so ******* broken holy shit like straight laser beam

  • ClanGunn94 Chief (@ClanGunn94) reported

    I don’t think I’m playing a wager or a gb for this cod until they fix some shit. That being said the game is fun but I can’t throw money up to get cheated by the game lol

  • TheMC_27 MC (@TheMC_27) reported

    Just another let down COD game. Oh yeah and I’m getting shot through walls cause my body stick RIGHT THROUGH THE WALL! FIX. YOUR. *******. GAME!!!!!

  • Adreus_Bjorn Adreus Bjorn (@Adreus_Bjorn) reported

    3 or 4 patches later, COD:MW Challenges still broken, Just won a game of ********** still 0/5 win and obj based game mode. maybe in 4 more theyll be fixed.

  • aiMTecGHOST_ Travis (@aiMTecGHOST_) reported

    @ATVIAssist @CallofDutyUK modern warfare has been out for nearly a month and it's still broken and bugged to hell! Fix these issues!

  • Morganite149 Foolin (@Morganite149) reported

    Somebody hit me up when the new @CallofDuty is actually finished. I think I’d love to play it without all of the issues they should have fixed before release. Might be a good game.

  • teeJmurda - (@teeJmurda) reported

    @Activision we need you to fix this kill-cam spectate glitch and this mount glitch, please COD devgods.

  • Brxdstahhh Brody (@Brxdstahhh) reported

    play neslo nelson and mrpegz in rd2 of the elite just because of the way I play the map I get called a cheater because they claim Im using the mount glitch. Go in neslos stream after trying to explain and dudes ego is too big to think someone like me could just be good at cod lol

  • 3nigmATL Enigma (@3nigmATL) reported

    @InfinityWard hey definitely fix the spawning in checking your gun out shit because what’s the point of tact insert if when I spawn behind someone my guy has to do something he should’ve done before going into battle

  • Kluey_ Alex (@Kluey_) reported

    That glitch is the worst glitch in the history of cod, you get a 45 second 3rd person camera angle after dying - then when you go to plant 3 ****** jump out the cut immediately and kill you off bomb

  • Usteeze Au.Steeze 🇬🇧 (@Usteeze) reported

    I swear the lag on COD wasn’t always this bad

  • Omg_its_Jathun Jathun James (@Omg_its_Jathun) reported

    So @InfinityWard and @JoeCecot I'm still getting dev error 6068 even after the update. All my drivers are updated and my setting are as low as they go. Got any suggestions.

  • perfecttarget07 Perfecttarget07 (@perfecttarget07) reported

    @AustinRyanBray @ATVIAssist @InfinityWard @XboxSupport This Achievement took me 36 attempts to get it when I was making a How - to- Guide for it. I came across a issue at the very beginning where i would jump the gun shooting the three enemies in the first room you have to wait for price to tell you to take them out. /1

  • KushAnPlay Corey J Elliott (@KushAnPlay) reported

    Getting on shield turrets is completely wrong and broken. #ModernWarfare

  • CarsonTreyWill1 Carson Trey Williams (@CarsonTreyWill1) reported

    @FloridaBoatGod @cloudyboyvevo @tylarshadows @Atlas619 @PlayStation PC is trash though you can't tell me you can build a PC that cad run cod at 1080 30f for 250$ they also have issues and you need to use third party apps just to talk.

  • xPunisherYT RestlessPunisher 🦃🍁🥧 (@xPunisherYT) reported

    @DerrickSnipes @JoeCecot @PlayStation @CallofDuty @thegerbilarmy @Activision Exactly there’s no way I haven’t done it yet 💯 hopefully they fix it soon

  • astralmosquito ♒️ (@astralmosquito) reported

    My heart is broken like your COD Modern warfare @InfinityWard that's a lot. Fix that shit

  • RLucidical Rowen (@RLucidical) reported

    Still blows my mind that people who exploit a glitch themselves still can't handle a loss over virtual COD points

  • shipeshipe1 City of Champions (@shipeshipe1) reported

    @Activision @InfinityWard can we fix the freezing issue in #ModernWarfare gets pretty annoying having to restart the game every 2-3 games.

  • Poksee_ 𝒫𝑜𝓀𝓈𝑒𝑒ˢ⁷ 🚀 #Poksee VE (@Poksee_) reported

    @InfinityWard Fix the Plague Sore Challenge. I HAVE GOTTEN LIKE 10 ****** QUAD FEEDS

  • nateouradnik1 nate ouradnik (@nateouradnik1) reported

    @InfinityWard Either you fix the game start up by lowering the volume or I will bring you to court for not displaying any sort of warning towards hearing damage.take this serious

  • joeye2122 Joey Ensley - Gothamkn1ght21 (@joeye2122) reported

    @ATVIAssist @XboxSupport @charlieINTEL Day 29 and Call of Duty Modern Warfare is still completely crashing my Xbox one x mid game! Please fix!!!! 6th time TODAY!!!! This is getting ridiculous!!!! Get it together @ATVIAssist

  • BrentonRoy Brenton Roy (@BrentonRoy) reported

    @CallofDuty Fix your broken ass game. I’m about to uninstall it with the sniper shotgun, claymores, and rampant laser fire M4’s

  • CodySlagowski Cody Slagowski (@CodySlagowski) reported

    Please fix hp spawns. They are so horrid @InfinityWard

  • Pentagrxm UYU Pentagrxm (@Pentagrxm) reported

    I'm actually watching people use the glitch spot on Petrograd ... LOL yall are so lame and trash at CoD

  • Tolu_OP Boomin’ (@Tolu_OP) reported

    Activision y’all better fix this COD errros

  • xPilarr Pilar (@xPilarr) reported

    Most broken cod ive ever played.

  • dannybu75810722 dannybush (@dannybu75810722) reported

    @Duckman_1993 @ATVIAssist @AngelxIndo same fam ive tweeted more than once and have the aame exact problem

  • Apexcitys Gavin ⚡️ (@Apexcitys) reported

    I'm losing to random generated gamertags because there using a blur glitch MW is the worst CoD to ever be released

  • SlendermanXXI $LENDERMAN🥀 (@SlendermanXXI) reported

    I have just played against the worst ***** I've ever come across in COD, all in the same party and they kept camping together in head glitch spots on Shoot House, it made me feel sick #ModernWarfare

  • Twitch_oChiChi Jackie | oChiChi (@Twitch_oChiChi) reported

    anyone know how to fix the audio on COD i can hear just not talk like it doesn't give me anything for cross platform for comms

  • FoxasMain Foxas ™ (@FoxasMain) reported

    I’m so sick of Cod Mobile lagging and crashing

  • Kl3kSilentNinJa Jake Olsen (@Kl3kSilentNinJa) reported

    @ATVIAssist im havin a problem wit tryin to play 4 players on offline zombies mode. It starts countin down nd reaches tha end but it doesnt load up it jus resets tha timer like someone canceled out of the game. Idk wat else to do

  • HamAwsome Greg said whaaaa (@HamAwsome) reported

    @InfinityWard for the love of god either fix the damn spawn traps issue or give us the option to vote on maps.

  • _Adderalls Holy Billcams ︻デ═一 (@_Adderalls) reported

    So I hit a 5on 😭 and my Xbox didn’t record!! @Activision @InfinityWard FIX THIS GAME!!!!!!!!!!

  • thehughjanos Austin_T_W (@thehughjanos) reported

    @ATVIAssist I have asked multiple times on multiple different support sites including here and no one has addressed my missing content issue

  • iProphet927 Logan (@iProphet927) reported

    @Estreal_ It’s an elite you stupid **** stop trying to seek, we didn’t use the ******* glitch we absolutely ****** you on Arklov way to choke that lead, no ego. I just know I’ve actually won on every ground cod while you haven’t won shit you irrelevant ****

  • HoRuS_07HRS HoRuS #57 (@HoRuS_07HRS) reported

    Fix servers. Fix maps. Fix respawns. Fix the game @Activision @ATVIAssist @SHGames

  • Lleevon LV (@Lleevon) reported

    @InfinityWard Fix deathcam Fix deathcam Fix deathcam Fix deathcam Fix deathcam Fix deathcam Fix deathcam Fix deathcam FIX deathcam FIX IT

  • nsimm93 Nathaniel Simmons (@nsimm93) reported

    @InfinityWard seriously guys. Fix the damn shotguns. The game plays like crap with them and the overpowered tanks. I'd rather play Apex. It's free and actually balanced

  • FGGamer1342 FGGamer1342 (@FGGamer1342) reported

    Looks like I have fixed the issue for #CallofDuty to not crash anymore because I was able to play the game 4hrs straight now. I'm now a happy boy:) The issue was that my windows updates had not downloaded so I did like 20 updates to my pc!

  • Gamble_503 Gamble🎲🎲 (@Gamble_503) reported

    @ATVIAssist @DGCxKOBRA I've been waiting for the same chat issues update or even a reply for over a month. Good luck bro.

  • GoldnChild scott (@GoldnChild) reported

    @InfinityWard @ATVIAssist Please fix the glitch, where people can shoot/melee the care package you are capturing and stop you from getting it. It's annoying.

  • ProddIs1 Prodd (@ProddIs1) reported

    Pretty sure every time I stream tournaments on cod and I don’t host my ping is insane.. Im usually at 800-1000ms latency.. even when I don’t stream it’s at 200-400ms smh anyone else with this issue #stillmopwith1seconddelay

  • Vexulor VXL (@Vexulor) reported

    @Activision @CallofDuty just got on hit a quad uninterrupted and still nothing FIX your game

  • JosueMarquezz11 ᴴᵒˢʷᵃʸ💈 (@JosueMarquezz11) reported

    @CallofDuty y’all need to fix these mf spawns

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 103294
  • 262144
  • 32
  • 32770
  • 589856
  • 65536
  • 74
  • 8224
  • abc
  • abf
  • assetfile243.pak
  • bianca
  • eudora
  • lumen
  • polana