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Candy Crush Saga is a free-to-play mobile match-three puzzle video game released by King on April 12, 2012, for Facebook; other versions for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 10 followed. It is a variation on their browser game Candy Crush.

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  • shad_mogadime S_H_A_D (@shad_mogadime) reported

    @SergioJShort @stealthy_wealth The problem with that is kids would still prefer to play Candy Crush than a game about financial literacy. If it's forced at school then they don't have a choice

  • D3adl1estPo1son Kenny Nguyen (@D3adl1estPo1son) reported

    @PandaHelperVIP can you fix candy crush soda hack, it won’t let me open and I retry to install it, it’s doesn’t work and it stay black

  • lucy_wieland Lucy Wieland (@lucy_wieland) reported

    My biggest problem in life right now is being stuck on level 778 on candy crush so I think I’m doing well in life

  • hollie_mitchell Hollie Mitchell (@hollie_mitchell) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga I play all the candy crush games on facebook. I've cleared all the history, wifi is on full bars even though i hate the service that it provides... this slow loading has been going on for a while & I'm fed up of it. I'm already on Chrome which should be faster.

  • 808AlohaFunko Matt (@808AlohaFunko) reported from Langford, British Columbia

    I re-downloaded Candy Crush 2 or 3 days ago, and I’m already on level 130... I have a problem

  • adana15735417 😎😎😎 (@adana15735417) reported

    Just wanna slow whine to Candy crush & Ramping shop on D Boss inno🤪🥵

  • where_the_rider k. r. abrams (@where_the_rider) reported

    tonight, after an exhausting bit of time working out parking, I'm hiding in the truck and gonna do nothing but play Candy Crush.

  • lntcally ally (@lntcally) reported

    i wont cry all night but i will play candy crush with my broken heart

  • GuberTW Guber (@GuberTW) reported

    windows 10 is the most bloated OS on the market, I can't go a day without having some sort of problem and it always ends up being something stupid that 10 has by default. **** cortana, **** candy crush, and **** the start menu too. I'm sick of this shit

  • jackieetee1994 Jackie (@jackieetee1994) reported

    Truly fasinating that people my age have children and I just spent 15 minutes watching Sam attempt to fix the AC while I played candy crush

  • Dr_KM_ Karen (@Dr_KM_) reported

    @chlorinated @zatzi Give her a break, Tric - she’s nearly got to level 100 of Candy Crush, she doesn’t have time for researching the issues pertaining to her being able to carry out her duties of employment.

  • _lozgoz Laura (@_lozgoz) reported

    Just reminiscing to the time I bought boosters on candy crush and my mum found out and was hysterical and accused me of having a gambling problem

  • morardains minecraft the way home ✨💮🐬 (@morardains) reported

    @blastelement i play with no sound bc the remix isn’t good. i don’t think the core game is bare bones, bc it’s exactly like candy crush etc, but there’s SO many other problems i have like it just doesn’t work half the time

  • Umutsuzvaka_Can Umutcan (@Umutsuzvaka_Can) reported

    @PandaHelperVIP ios 12.3.1 candy crush saga hack not working

  • Umutsuzvaka_Can Umutcan (@Umutsuzvaka_Can) reported

    @PandaHelperVIP hello candy crush saga hack not working

  • Fudheni2019 BeautifulCountry SmallPockets (@Fudheni2019) reported

    You people that still play Candy Crush. Y’all clearly have attachment issues 😁

  • mattycakesent Saint Genevieve (@mattycakesent) reported

    @Chloecoyote u washed everybody on new candy, not opinion just facts. then hung em out to dry with issue. treat yaself had me milly rocking. ass like that made me nut. cyber crush was implanted in my brain like some sort of government microchip. and boy empowered me

  • polarizeparx jade 🌧 (@polarizeparx) reported


  • russinflorida TexasinFlorida_Vote your life depends on it (@russinflorida) reported

    ouchies take care, at least i can still have one once in a while....candy crush I dont do, candy sadly I need to quit. weight is an issue at 65+

  • Robynnracks Amanda Robynn (@Robynnracks) reported

    Wow I feel like a big stupid about my stories weren’t working on IG cause I was trying to be a cheater on Candy crush and get more lives so I changed the time but forgot to change it back🙃

  • notviking viking (@notviking) reported

    day 12 of unemployment: i’ve slept more in the last 2 weeks than i did the first 23 years of my life. i am on level 1269 of candy crush with no signs of stopping. i have DMd over 400 people in an attempt for some kind of human connection. i am still ugly but a job won’t fix that

  • purrsneakitty Wendy Fritscher 🐹🔥 CoxCon (@purrsneakitty) reported

    @Toadsanime Casual games will take over, as everyone is burned out working twice as long for half the money the previous generation did, with additional climate & pollution related expenses. People will watch Candy Crush The Movie as Cut The Rope is being taught in preschooler math classes.

  • DeepSquid DeepSquid (@DeepSquid) reported

    @lavieenflwoer Linux "Gnome" looks pretty good... very customizable And yes privacy isnt really a big issue for most ppl but Windows/Mac have other issues like pre-installed OneDrive, Internet Exploder, Skype and even Candy Crush now... future microsoft going to preinstall Linux too ....😂

  • purpleohms RJ 🇬🇧🇪🇺 (@purpleohms) reported

    @MrGrimsdale2 @Michael_Heaver I know, BXP MEPs just sat around playing Candy Crush while all the other MEPs are with their groups or in committees working! Shocking, I didn't vote for them and the ones I did are actually doing a job, if I'd voted BXP I'd be livid at them taking the money and expenses!

  • julioceliao Júlio Celião - PoGO (@julioceliao) reported

    @Thy_Cr0w3 @NianticHelp The gyms sytem is unfun but playable. Raids are broken. PvP doesn´t have a simple random match maker and now it´s candy crush. I don´t care about anything else except the Combat System. If I´m being to hard and verbalizing it´s because I care

  • birobasher Biro Basher (@birobasher) reported

    @AmyDanners @BBC6Music @huwstephens I think the issue is with people stood there videoing the entire show or playing Candy Crush at a gig they paid thirty odd quid to attend.

  • ainsufira Ramanoff (@ainsufira) reported

    Hi candy crash crush @BenAmirr

  • sunsetsbungalow 𝐤𝐚𝐬𝐬 🐾 (@sunsetsbungalow) reported

    when im sad i listen to 70s music while playing candy crush and all my problems go away

  • teenytinylimey ♡It's Greylime♡ (@teenytinylimey) reported

    @MysteryPaws Well, my dad was playing a level of Candy Crush Saga on my phone, and after failing again and again, he failed once more, and threw my phone on the floor in frustration, causing my phone to be completely broken

  • qveenbrrii brianna ❣️ (@qveenbrrii) reported from Newport News, Virginia

    Nah bruh cuz I’m finna best someone up !! Candy crush really not working 💀 for 3 days now !! @CandyCrushSaga fix it

  • Moriyaz59955459 Mo.riyaz (@Moriyaz59955459) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga Problem again when i update game today than open it saw me my king id login,it compared my progress with king 's friends not my Facebook friends. I want to connect my Facebook account with it but there are no option. Only one method working is that

  • GloriousDom1 Dom (@GloriousDom1) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga @rocllfan Don't make me have to embarrass you all. This problem resides with you, not me. I have receipts to prove my case.

  • emxandr EA💛 (@emxandr) reported

    i went through 72 levels of candy crush this week... I legit have a problem

  • christianoutlaw 🇺🇸 JR 🇺🇸 (@christianoutlaw) reported

    @Kirstenjoyweiss As is so often the case, Aristotle gives wisdom for the ages. Too bad more of the population does learn from examples like this ... the only problem is they're too busy playing Candy Crush or eating Tide pods.

  • snugglekian mads (@snugglekian) reported

    I redownloaded candy crush like 2 weeks ago and I was around level 500 and I’m currently on level 793 I HAVE ISSUES

  • eric_arsenal Eric (@eric_arsenal) reported

    There's evidently work going on behind the scenes, hopefully they're working around the clock to make things happen. Either that or Edu's teaching Raul how to play Candy Crush. (2/2)

  • lovee_katherine knrc 🍒 (@lovee_katherine) reported

    I can’t believe this customer told me that she was gonna “whoop my ass” LMAOOO just cause I couldn’t fix her candy crush.

  • Falcio22Milito simone falcioni (@Falcio22Milito) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga Level 4250 is impossible, fix it please

  • enriquexaguilar Enrique (@enriquexaguilar) reported

    I had a daily login streak of 31 on Candy Crush and I lost that ***

  • LaynaDelgado Layna (@LaynaDelgado) reported from Colorado Springs, Colorado

    All I want to do is play candy crush but I’m not about to spend more money because i got a problem. How is it I’m afraid to gamble but on a apple game I’m willing to spend it all 💀💀💀💀💀

  • ddaengifyuagree Dani on semi Hiatus and suffering cuz of YoonKook (@ddaengifyuagree) reported

    He is the hipster at the local Starbucks who always orders a skinny latte with a croissant that he only eats half of as he sits in front of his computer trying to write the book he’s been working on for two years but ends up playing four more levels of Candy Crush

  • MoraghMackay Mo Mackay (@MoraghMackay) reported

    okay so now I have to choose between either having a lot of bloatware on my phone and 'candy crush Windows' that or no longer be able to use OK Google because the UK I think is calling it a privacy issue I think they've lost it, unless; corner the adult film industry market ..

  • MNUma1 mary moran (@MNUma1) reported

    Play Candy Crush Jelly with me! #candycrushjellyHere we go again I can't get in and when I finally do no lives after 24 hours. Please fix. This is a continuous problem!!!!!

  • JeremiahChapa J (@JeremiahChapa) reported

    @JimenezChilly Yeah I had candy crush for a while but I have a problem with installing games and uninstalling them 😁

  • RossySheil Ross Sheil #SanFran July 18 - 26 🛩 (@RossySheil) reported

    @robmoff The city hasn't evolved with bikes and phones which is the issue. No policy or understanding. Case last week where a cyclist had to payout a pedestrian for walking in front of him playing candy crush.

  • BIGGAVELLI2x 222 (@BIGGAVELLI2x) reported

    I hope I never have to go thru the problem of my wife bein addicted to candy crush 😭😂

  • ketapoelo 11:52 🧚🏽‍♂️ (@ketapoelo) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga Slow down guys. I’m only on level 1779 🤭😩

  • Ehiz_gee Ebehi (@Ehiz_gee) reported

    My candy crush stopped working, could this be heartbreak I feel

  • bllisfuhl KELLEY (@bllisfuhl) reported

    candy crush is the root of my anger issues

  • Ewawobolatito Teeto 🌹 (@Ewawobolatito) reported

    See when ever I’m tired of working or I’m bored I play candy crush, I’m kind of addicted to it , but I have been playing the same level everyday for 2weeks Egbami 😭😭😭 how can I Email them kpe I don’t want that level iz not by force

  • batt_sandy Sandy Batt (@batt_sandy) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga Removed the Candy crush app from my phone and tablets after years of playing it and your farm hero saga. I was spending over 50 bucks a month but you doubled your prices. No problem, I am retired and now I have 50 buck to spend elsewhere. No more King games for me.

  • emilymckinley_ ems mckins (@emilymckinley_) reported

    the wifi isn’t working, i’m out of lives on candy crush, and still no pizza. send help.

  • lesbiaang MULAN DYKE (@lesbiaang) reported

    slow night at work. boss is playing candy crush, i’m reading, and chef is doing *******. typical shenanigans.

  • itsoluwaace Oluwaseyi Oluwaseun (@itsoluwaace) reported

    i use my problems to play candy crush

  • rocllfan Bethanie Shepherd (@rocllfan) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga I'll tweet one more time. You better fix boosters I've paid 9.99 for just vanished. Also build a bot I earned gone. I'm super pissed no one answers me...y'all are scammers. Better fix it NOW

  • FletchGest Flacka (@FletchGest) reported

    Real world problems right here no more candy crush

  • DrJinsClinic TheMightyFall (@DrJinsClinic) reported

    @loreannefeliz Well, now I'm blasting kpop out of my office and idgaf. If im gonna be stuck here...working...I'm gonna do me at least. And I'm leaving early. There isn't any management here anyway. Just the vice director playing candy crush on her phone in her office. Lol, I saw it earlier.

  • judithhmorales_ judith (@judithhmorales_) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga I have a problem with the game, some boosters have disappeared from my account.

  • RadioTRDTweets RadioTRD (@RadioTRDTweets) reported

    Am I the only one who has problems playing Candy Crush Saga on the Facebook Website as it doesn't load.

  • yaomemei did jgy appear in the latest episode (@yaomemei) reported

    @tcaibun Yeah, the ads were like, choose among these options to "fix" your town/house/etc and the ads sometimes choose the wrong option for the Heck of it, seems like a fun game but in reality it's nothing like this lol, u just build a house w a fixed format and thru candy crush 2.0