Is Candy Crush down?

Candy Crush Saga is a free-to-play mobile match-three puzzle video game released by King on April 12, 2012, for Facebook; other versions for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 10 followed. It is a variation on their browser game Candy Crush.

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  • segagamer フアン (@segagamer) reported

    @christianbute @JenMsft @alexjamesbrown @Microsoft Pinball was not a MS game. Those "random games" take up 16kb until you click on them to install from the store. Candy Crush is played by millions daily and likely more 'wanted' than Pinball etc... Overall I'm not seeing the problem, just some people bitching for no reason

  • nasucchan Banana Duck 🦆🍌🐟 (@nasucchan) reported

    I may be a tech lola (i am trying to fix this ok), but pLEASE STOP ASKING ME IF I PLAY CANDY CRUSH OEWOJSOASJJSKSKWLLSD

  • roomaan_umme umme roomaan ansari (@roomaan_umme) reported

    I’ve just spent the past hour and a half playing candy crush not working on my assignment... priorities right there

  • nurulfaqihahh keaa (@nurulfaqihahh) reported

    Woaa im so slow at playing games.. candy crush pun aku tak pandai main wtf

  • kurlehh karlee ☮ (@kurlehh) reported

    A broken heart sucks but have you ever ran out of lives on candy crush..

  • sp00kyshu aishu (@sp00kyshu) reported

    candy crush helped me overcome my substance abuse problems

  • usagijjk ♡ qi'ra ♡ going✈️rosebowl (@usagijjk) reported

    im stuck on level 142 of puzzle star bt21 and i legit dont know how to move forward from this im broken why cant it have what candy crush has and let me buy a "pass this level" trinket

  • bertraar2 Sir Aaron of the Bertrands (@bertraar2) reported

    My depression has me playing candy crush and ignoring my notifications. Why am I like this today and why do I feel so broken and lonely

  • mimiliciouusss magdelinexo (@mimiliciouusss) reported

    I stay up almost everyday till 3 am to play candy crush 🤪 i have a problem !

  • Mystical_Faerie Masokissed (@Mystical_Faerie) reported

    I just lost an inordinate amount of time playing candy crush while watching Rick and Morty. I think I have a problem

  • katiewezz Kate Wesolowski (@katiewezz) reported

    @TheRealFaizanH You've created a monster. Now I can only candy crush and send my every neurotic, white girl thought out into the universe, hoping it'll take. I was much more blissful watching the sad kids on Masterchef Junior and ignoring my problems.

  • therealOpuni TheOchoaBrother (@therealOpuni) reported

    Craaaazy candy crush levels and broken bottles.

  • Pneun_Ethan Pneun (@Pneun_Ethan) reported

    @tornclean @ESvanangen @SSBUNews Your first problem was using the app store. Phone games arent exactly revolutionary. Also Id like to point out that this isnt a popularity contest if that were the case Class of Clans, Minecraft, and Fortnite would easily outclass Candy Crush. So you obviously dont make the rules

  • nuhasalleh ig: nuhasalleh (@nuhasalleh) reported

    What was I thinking when I drank a can of Nescafe an hour ago, seriously. Husband's currently sleeping (he's working tomorrow) and I don't know what to do now. Perhaps candy crush might help 🤔

  • roadmappodcast Digital Roadmap (@roadmappodcast) reported

    @Rodents210 @Jono1874 @jpdysonplay @museumofplay I understand why, that's why I have no issue with it being on. My take on Bejweled as an alternative was was based on it being the first big mobile breakout everyone had, like Angry Birds and Candy Crush. It was a modern Tetris of everyone is playing.

  • eng2311 Scott Everett (@eng2311) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga Please pm me regarding a purchase problem

  • majau_k Tiptoe To Kiss (@majau_k) reported

    Hey @CandyCrushSaga the fishies in level 3633 seem to be shy only appearing initially and are not of much help! Fix this! Lol

  • monicablodgett Monica Blodgett (@monicablodgett) reported

    It's Candy Crush not candy crash @ginnyryan LOL

  • karigoh Baby Wĩtũ (@karigoh) reported

    lols, i once said i'm working late to avoid going out but i was just home playing candy crush sipn some wine as i enjoyed some mj and i had absolutely no FOMO. gaiii 😭

  • _imStifler HighFashionCartel (@_imStifler) reported

    Only on twitter cause this candy crush level a problem

  • stephers71763 Stephanie C. Emmons (@stephers71763) reported

    Just sitting on the bus playing Candy Crush. Look down and realize my legs are wide open. It wouldn't be a problem, but I forgot I'm wearing a dress. #tomboy #ForLife

  • Leeladh62955737 LD (@Leeladh62955737) reported

    @PUBGMOBILE Now we are waiting to fix time like candy crush

  • x_scytherage_x scytherage (@x_scytherage_x) reported

    The argument that #Stadia will compel casual gamers to subscribe to play AAA games --- the casuals are in there for Candy Crush and the quick fix 5 minute games. You're not gonna get 20 hours of gameplay out of them

  • Jpbeauch Jean-Pierre B. (@Jpbeauch) reported

    @iOSGodsCom Well Candy Crush Soda isn’t one of them obviously. Still can’t passed the iOSGods login from within the app. The game just hang once there.

  • imanhkhan iman (@imanhkhan) reported

    I’m on level 895 of Candy Crush I think I have a problem

  • OnlyTheGifted Gift Banks (@OnlyTheGifted) reported

    @LesOhNyC @Tshepo110 Oh nna papa is on bubble popper & candy crush. We have a problem

  • MiriaAlvior Miria (@MiriaAlvior) reported

    My mom is the real reason why I have trust issues. Her “papunta na ako” means that she’s still at home playing candy crush 😕🙄

  • CTheGreenWizard Carolinus (@CTheGreenWizard) reported

    @sallybhunt Well, I’m fine, so is my brother, my father, my grandfather, and all my other male relatives. With all the problems in the world, it’s pretty sad that you care to expend effort on this. Go play Candy Crush or something.

  • MangBango MangBango (@MangBango) reported

    I’ve been really working on myself and I’m proud to say I’ve finally made it to level 500 on candy crush.

  • MistyRosas Misty Rosas 🌊🌈 (@MistyRosas) reported

    @fras99 No, no trust issues here. But if he starts playing my Candy Crush, this shit is going on lockdown 🤷

  • _geeenesis Gen (@_geeenesis) reported

    All I do at work when it’s slow is play candy crush and wait for my lives to refill :(

  • MarkCarrSeale Mark (@MarkCarrSeale) reported

    Down, But Not Out I misquote Lamar Kendrick I lie to the Courts I play Candy Crush in Parliament I ruined our tourism numbers I love a working man’s suit I do my seminal work on the web But I made it onto the list So I’m “gonna be alright”.

  • QuetzaDrake QuetzaDrake (@QuetzaDrake) reported

    @PandasAndGaming This was the dumbest ******* game, who would get addicted to this and get brainwashed by it. You gotta Candy Crush it, all the ******* satisfying noises and colors and shit, not some stupid slow-moving disks into 3D funnel anuses crap.

  • Otis_sitO Re(KGABi)le (@Otis_sitO) reported

    My crush is no longer working in this office. Eish... Such trauma. No eye candy.

  • Darrion_Lyne Darrion Sterling (@Darrion_Lyne) reported

    How dare you sway me to look up dictionary definitions in OF MY OWN WILL AND FREE TIME. On another note, I might have some deeper issues going on here but maybe I'll just go back to candy crush

  • leezusxo 347 (@leezusxo) reported

    @ImRza_ i don’t like the other candy crush games so that’s slow. what’s two dots

  • 1OOG_ Double OG (@1OOG_) reported

    Slowly getting back onto candy crush. It's just weird. Being gone from the game to long and have a High Score record pending. On that note, one my records was broken. Motivation enough to be climb back to the top.

  • Jpbeauch Jean-Pierre B. (@Jpbeauch) reported

    @iOSGodsCom Can’t run Candy Crush Soda after reinstalling. Stuck at the signing iOSGods Windows from within the app. All others King apps are working fine. Not the only one according to the forum!

  • relatableafmd Relatable-ish (@relatableafmd) reported

    After 15 minutes, woman walks away from desk. “Sorry, she just has to eat lunch. They’ve cut our staff down to nothing. She has to eat. It’s a health issue.” OH IS THAT RIGHT KAREN. WELL WHAT IS EVEN YOUR JOB BECAUSE YOU’RE SITTING THERE PLAYING CANDY CRUSH

  • PDealz Hustlerprenuer (@PDealz) reported

    @econet_support @EcoCashZW @EcoCashZW @econet_support i transfered money from my ecocash wallet to my bank and it deducted from my wallet but it hasn't reflected in my bank can you fix that ASAP. This is the problem. You note it down and start playing candy crush like u did the last time ka.

  • ItsCoreyTho Corey (@ItsCoreyTho) reported

    @Adoomies1 I mean idk I guess it depends on the comp. I don’t think anyone said it was cheating when the entire house minus Jessica helped Paul win that candy crush HOH, or basically everyone working together / giving answers for bbcan4’s final 5 veto

  • dajaperk A R Perkins (@dajaperk) reported

    @sadiewriter Candy crush... Working a real job. Lol

  • dajaperk A R Perkins (@dajaperk) reported

    @sadiewriter Candy crush... Working a real job. Lol

  • dwparkinson Parky (@dwparkinson) reported

    @Frances_Coppola The problem with Candy Crush is that it needs electricity...

  • dwparkinson Parky (@dwparkinson) reported

    The problem with Candy Crush is that is needs electricity...

  • Biryanii_bot Shambles (@Biryanii_bot) reported

    Men who can do is play candy crush and check emails on their side are you even a campaign issue.

  • redheaded_rider 🤩🤩 (@redheaded_rider) reported

    i need to fix a hole in my breeches so i have something to wear tomorrow bc i haven’t done laundry in weeks and this is my last clean pair, but i really wanna just play candy crush

  • layntallent Layn Tallent (@layntallent) reported

    the internet at my house quit working. i’m no longer able to do homework or watch Netflix at 10:47pm. unfortunately this led to a downward spiral of playing candy crush + ruzzle. and my friends lists are still everyone i knew in the 9th grade

  • layntallent Layn Tallent (@layntallent) reported

    the internet at my house quit working. i’m no longer able to do homework or watch Netflix at 10:47pm. unfortunately this lead to a downward spiral of playing candy crush + ruzzle. and my friends lists are still everyone i knew in the 9th grade

  • klynishac Klyn (@klynishac) reported

    Can’t wait for Candy Crush to crash!

  • D_Teknomancer -D- (@D_Teknomancer) reported

    @Barnacules I've never had the candy crush shenanigans on my PC. I'm wondering if it's because I don't use the windows store for anything. All I've had is the ad the always shows up in the start menu. Biggest issue I'm having is I can get every update BUT 1809...

  • tekwendell wendell (@tekwendell) reported

    @Barnacules What happened was a lot of folks advertised the gpo fix to stop the candy crush re-re-re-re-dl shenanigans then the gpo fix stopped. I expect the metered connection fix to stop working soon.

  • taynelll Taylor Huff (@taynelll) reported

    Srsly starting to get pissed I can’t pass level 78 on candy crush I’ve been working on this shit for like a week now I’m going crazy

  • Brexnne41 Bre🥀 (@Brexnne41) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga my game reset Please fix this !!!!!!!!!!!!! I was on level 1000 something ):

  • JLocke24 Jantsen Locke (@JLocke24) reported

    Playing @CandyCrushSaga and my app shut down on me andnit counted a life. We have to fix this guys

  • ConceptCrucible Jim Tigwell (@ConceptCrucible) reported

    @Gregtito I come out of pedagogy, so I like them for the same reasons. My games are full of fidgeters. Knitting, Candy Crush, note-taking, whatever. We're there to release stress, not cause it. Sometimes we have focus issues, but the remedy so far is me going "Let's focus here for a bit."

  • SupermanAlf Disco Trash (@SupermanAlf) reported

    YES I ignored your messages YES I said I was busy working YES I was playing candy crush instead

  • fennekiss taylor🔪 (@fennekiss) reported

    @CandyFriends @SadMoths I have severe exhaustion issues that screw up my sleep schedule I have a clinic appointment tomorrow morning this isn't a joke Candy Crush Friends

  • pellechs Erin Pellecchia (@pellechs) reported from Jersey City, New Jersey

    @amandadeibert Feel ya. I have the opposite problem: BF is an early snoozer. I either never go to bed with him or we snuggle, say good night, and I play Candy Crush in the dark for 3 hours..

  • ssobbell samm (@ssobbell) reported

    Instagram wasn’t working, now Facebook isn’t working aka Candy Crush isn’t either I’m losing it tbh