Is Candy Crush down?

Candy Crush Saga is a free-to-play mobile match-three puzzle video game released by King on April 12, 2012, for Facebook; other versions for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 10 followed. It is a variation on their browser game Candy Crush.

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Most Reported Problems:

  • App Crashing (46.15%)
  • Sign in (25.00%)
  • Glitches (23.08%)
  • Online Features (3.85%)
  • Microtransactions (1.92%)

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  • hxollywood Cassidy (@hxollywood) reported

    @TweakBoxApp The candy crush isn’t working ....

  • cybermanme Michael CyberTronn👌 (@cybermanme) reported

    @nyytr_o (2/2) smartphones are the first step to becoming androids. we all have access to the same information, it's just the interface speed that is super slow. EXCEPT instead of using them for knowledge acquisition, we invented candy crush

  • CrazyComputer Subtitling Ranter (@CrazyComputer) reported

    To be honest to solve this problem to remove @CandyCrushSaga app and move on playing with @WormsTeam17 Worms 2 and playing Practice mode to relieve my anxiety and stress out of it.

  • CrazyComputer Subtitling Ranter (@CrazyComputer) reported from Stoke Mandeville, England

    Wow! Spoke with GambleAware and they directed me with GP. Is there people problem gambling their cash level up with @CandyCrushSaga #gambling #moneypromblem #Addicted

  • leilastrachan leila (@leilastrachan) reported

    The wheel spin on candy crush is an absolute fix btw been playing the game for about 7 years and never won the jackpot pure scam man

  • venom_tots ilona (venomtots) (@venom_tots) reported

    *work is slow, I literally have nothing to do* Me, internally: you could work on writing! Finish your fanfic! You could draw! Me, externally: *leaned back in my chair with my feet propped up as I scroll aimlessly through social media and play candy crush* meh

  • Segun21443807 Segunadeq 🌍 (@Segun21443807) reported

    Because he likes Candy Crush, now I'm playing candy crush at work instead of working... 🤔

  • _erinhastie erin (@_erinhastie) reported

    canny stop playing candy crush and am no even going to lie it’s becoming a bit of a problem now

  • trekkieb47 Eric Berry 🖖🏻⚡️ (@trekkieb47) reported

    @MrMikeCanada Not really any issues. The Norton free trial gave me a CPU 100% warning when I was playing Candy Crush.... but... it’s Norton.

  • DaddyHoggy John Hoggard (@DaddyHoggy) reported

    @emilybuckshot I played Candy Crush Saga for weeks on end last year during a major crash and burn and then, one day I just stopped and I knew I was going to get better.

  • luvyoulikemango Jeana Bo Beana 🥭 (@luvyoulikemango) reported

    candy crush is a serious problem

  • bella_cdn Anna B (@bella_cdn) reported

    @detroitnews Rightfully so Dems can say whatever they want but @ end of the day this is a bribed vacation coming off a winter recess @ a time they should be showing their constituents & furloughed colleagues they r working the hardest #VoteHerOut #neverforget #candycrushsaga

  • _EternalStyleee Bree Moore (@_EternalStyleee) reported

    Spades and candy crush have been a problem for me these days...I can’t put my phone down 😩

  • bshanai_ Lil B🦋 (@bshanai_) reported

    Caught somebody in financial aid playing candy crush instead of working... smh

  • edbott Ed Bott (@edbott) reported

    @airbnbob @packetswitchr @SwiftOnSecurity Again, Candy Crush is not installed on any machine running Windows 10 Enterprise edition or on a Windows 10 Pro machine where you sign in using a domain or Azure AD credential.

  • HigherAngelou Kui (@HigherAngelou) reported

    Been at Starbucks working all day and this man who has also been here sent one email around 12:30 and had been playing candy crush the rest of the time

  • JusCallMe_Booda Booda (@JusCallMe_Booda) reported

    Me and my boss sending each other lives on candy crush when we’re pose to be working lol

  • amywoelfel8 Amy Woelfel (@amywoelfel8) reported

    ok so I know that the reason my apple watch is messed up is bc I change the time on my phone all the time to get more candy crush lives but I just can’t bring myself to tell apple support that to try and fix it

  • _PuffMami Anathi (@_PuffMami) reported

    problem to play a few games of candy crush then pass out

  • matthewlhunter Matt (@matthewlhunter) reported

    6:00am - Roll out of bed after broken sleep due to child that can’t sleep all through the night. 6:03am - Sit on toilet taking a dump whilst checking emails*. *Social Media / Playing Candy Crush.

  • GilleGillTweets GilleGill (@GilleGillTweets) reported

    @grandayy This is the real problem with the internet. You're a gamer, or you're not a gamer. You CAN'T just SAY you're a gamer for a MONTH. Honestly, I bet you'd only play candy crush on your phone, and do poorly. Not play a REAL video game! Disgusting.

  • StacyHibbs3 Stacy Hibbs (@StacyHibbs3) reported

    @FirecraftStudio This is not the game. The real game is a weak version of candy crush using stars you earn for passing levels to fix up a house. only get 1 star at a time and it takes about 30 per room. This game sucks and takes forever to get anywhere

  • PlaidSilk Silk Plaid Dress (@PlaidSilk) reported

    To myself: “I should be working. I should be working!” From the other corner of the room, behind a phone playing Candy Crush, @brandy_daniels answers without looking up: “sssshhhhhhhh...”

  • elphasguitar Elphas Mashamba (@elphasguitar) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga your recent update of candy crush saga is too slow and it crushes over and over I tried to uninstall it and reinstall it again then it said "this app is not compatible to this device" But I use an OctaCore Cellphone Android version 8.0. So my question is what's...

  • plummet_studios Plummet Studios (@plummet_studios) reported

    @GameGeniesCast Maybe I have to be the bearer of bad news, unfortunately, there is no Candy Crush clone planned :'( However, don't worry! That was just a teaser trailer that hints at the real trailer which I'm working on. This will give far clearer context on story, gameplay, graphics, and more!

  • tgnprr tegan (@tgnprr) reported

    @abbheath @rbkadale It’s not even candy crash it’s fake candy crush... CANDY RAIN

  • MachineSqarrs Stomping Scars (@MachineSqarrs) reported

    Internet outage at work means I get to go home. Got the high score in the Chrome jumping dinosaur game for a while, then someone beat me. Started playing that Candy crush garbage that comes with Windows. Ran out of lives.

  • cyrilthewolf Cyril at Home 😴 (@cyrilthewolf) reported

    10) Casual games are still games and if someone says they're a gamer and you try to judge them for being addicted to Candy Crush or Jackbox games you're an *******. (Unless the aforementioned addiction is literally a problem 😉)

  • Anthony_Araujo7 Anthony (@Anthony_Araujo7) reported

    My mom really got mad at me for setting up her new phone and losing all her candy crush levels... just sign in to Facebook

  • slin1003 Stephen Lin (@slin1003) reported

    Candy Crush has got me heated. I think I may have a problem. I literally just told the game to go **** itself.

  • _Hiii_PoWer V ✌🏾 (@_Hiii_PoWer) reported

    Working pasta station in an Italian restaurant is so ******* crazy. You be having like 17 dam tickets while you look to your left at Latinos playing candy crush.

  • Hellbrook82 Brian H (@Hellbrook82) reported

    Quit @facebook completely a month ago and so far the biggest problem I’ve had is having to restart @CandyCrushSaga

  • Manalhenein Manal Henein (@Manalhenein) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga I have a problem with all king games on my iPad as it’s draining z battery immediately, it’s iPad Air 2. Any suggestions

  • YungInvictus Yung Dumbass (@YungInvictus) reported

    @yungneocon Working in a hospital I can assure you that of those 56 minutes, 10 were probably used talking to another doctor and the rest was the doc playing candy crush

  • laurenusherrr lauren (@laurenusherrr) reported

    Something is going wrong in my candy crush app and i fear i have played a few too many levels and broken it

  • tweetGreg_ G.Marsh (@tweetGreg_) reported

    Really woke up this morning and played Candy Crush for like 2 hours straight almost.. I have a problem

  • SVirtualWare Steve (@SVirtualWare) reported

    3/ in background while im working slowing down my internet and PC. I'm sick of ******* candy crush and other bullshit an a $200 piece of software , that's something scam android apps used to do , oh wait windows 10 is a scam so idk why im so surprised. I'm sick of it collecting

  • SkyrimDiet MaryKate (@SkyrimDiet) reported

    I keep losing this level in candy crush..not my problem

  • hulie44 Julie E Smith (@hulie44) reported

    No anxiety No Facebook Frenzy No Twitter Tremors No Snapchat scarring No Candy Crush Craziness No more crap apps Relaxation stations Bye bye Carpel Tunnel Nokia fix! Back to watching The Weather Channel, hello Jim Cantore!! #nophoneforayear #contest

  • ThatBrownFriend agasthya (@ThatBrownFriend) reported

    Im getting an oil change and guy working my car think I can’t hear him play candy crush

  • TeeMaIzzy Five-Ohhh (@TeeMaIzzy) reported

    The number of times I've been taken back to level 1 on Candy Crush is just unbelievable! Not to say I would have finished the game had it not been for them , but I would have been further. I think my phone's space issues might be the cause

  • KyeFox Kye Fox (@KyeFox) reported

    @SwiftOnSecurity It's odd how everyone complains about an installer link for Candy Crush but had no problem with Pinball/Solitaire/that 3D hovercar game being pre-installed.

  • calcatstarr SpicyMilkbags (@calcatstarr) reported

    @tictoc When you say “45%” you’re including all the moms playing candy crush on their phones. The real figure is much, much lower. I don’t have a problem with girls playing video games but don’t start this bs again.

  • TheGreatTNMarv NkOkOu. (@TheGreatTNMarv) reported

    I’m on a long ass queue at the Post Office and there’s one lady working, she’s so relaxed and on her phone she probably playing Candy crush💔

  • BoredSuitably Suitably Bored (@BoredSuitably) reported

    Make candy crush a esport problem solved!

  • FourEcchiTasty Christina | Happy Boob Year (@FourEcchiTasty) reported

    Make Candy Crush an eSport. Problem solved.

  • MELON_BLADE Elk エルク (@MELON_BLADE) reported

    As someone with actual sleep problems my mother staying up late because she wants to play candy crush and then complaining she 'didn't get enough sleep' pisses me off. Irrationally

  • 0luwab0ri GOD COVER YOU (@0luwab0ri) reported

    I’ve trust issues I don’t even trust candy crush move suggestion

  • t4e_cache t4e (@t4e_cache) reported

    Level 4067 is impossible, fix it #CandyCrushSaga

  • MerreyScott Scott Merrey (@MerreyScott) reported

    @JustinHampton25 @BethesdaSupport @Fallout Go back to candy crush ... you and all the other crybabies ( oh its broken fix it.. oh its down turn it on) for **** sake this generation is a waste of breathable air

  • MikeKoppens Mike (@MikeKoppens) reported

    @ShehabKhan Chris Grayling spends his entire working day playing Candy Crush.

  • ranganathan_s ranga (@ranganathan_s) reported

    @cricgenie sir,After the latest update my iPhone 7+ is not working properly. Twitter & candy crush is working with WiFi only & some fb links also not working. Please help. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks

  • jmackin2 James Mackintosh (@jmackin2) reported

    @LaozeC I got an ad for Edge on my *LOGIN* page after switching it off! Properly outraged now, that's worse than MSoft reinstalling Candy Crush after I uninstalled it.

  • MonsterMashlyn 🎉 New Year's Resignation 🎉 (@MonsterMashlyn) reported

    Imagine being a dev still working on Candy crush games in 2018

  • mollykakes mollykakes (@mollykakes) reported

    New Years resolution: not to play ******* candy crush because I keep buying gold bars and then wondering why my apple bill is so damn much! (I have a problem)

  • slothvarmit1 RJM (@slothvarmit1) reported

    Please fix level 1879, I dont think its beatable. @CandyCrushSaga #candycrush

  • CyberBully92 meat coupon (@CyberBully92) reported

    @norrafaye playing candy crush on the ground in 2013 with the volume maxed out to forget about my problems and mental disorders

  • ToporagnoB Marco B (@ToporagnoB) reported from Tottenham, England

    @CandyCrushSaga As usual Dynamic Duo isn't working 😠 fix this!!!

  • aljfish AJ Fish (@aljfish) reported

    @ylichterman This has me most concerned. We face solveable problems, but I walk through the subway cars and even the people looking at their phones are not reading the paper. They're playing candy crush, etc. So different from 10 years ago.

  • Nialls_bumbum ale (@Nialls_bumbum) reported

    Update I downloaded the new candy crush game been playing it for a good minute now and been listening to sad songs to get my mind off that damn movie. Is it working.. idk