Is Candy Crush down?

Candy Crush Saga is a free-to-play mobile match-three puzzle video game released by King on April 12, 2012, for Facebook; other versions for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 10 followed. It is a variation on their browser game Candy Crush.

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  • laxmibhandary 😊😊😊 (@laxmibhandary) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga Pls do something fr reset board !! Its nt working and i m losing life fr reset !!! Else vl stop playing !! 😭😭

  • GroveJudysroost Judy Grove (@GroveJudysroost) reported

    @MagistraJRo @CandyCrushSaga Congrats, I'm struggling on at 1669. Problem is I quit for awhile then start back up.

  • freeze_no yungthicc (@freeze_no) reported

    Oh even this apps broken rn.... what am I supposed to do now nvm just remembered candy crush

  • AjerNaw 🍀Bubbles No1 CSC🍀 (@AjerNaw) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga played this game for years and never got the jackpot on the wheel. Win every other prize millions of times. It’s a fix

  • UncleRico96 J (@UncleRico96) reported

    @laxmibhandary @CandyCrushSaga Because King is a greedy crap company. Charge for boosters yet won’t allow you to try to place them. Then they say it’s a fix. Say f them and delete the game

  • richgyal22 cheryl ✨ (@richgyal22) reported

    I’m mad you can’t reshuffle your board anymore on Candy Crush @CandyCrushSaga please fix this 🥺

  • janhub Janhub (@janhub) reported

    @Destinamue I play wow for 20minutes and my computer starts freezing on me. I took all the steps to remove the shit like candy crush and I shouldn't be having this problem

  • YoSoyCardozo Francisco Cardozo (@YoSoyCardozo) reported

    Leaving @CandyCrushSaga after 8 years until they “unfix game issue with lives”. It was nice playing 3255 levels. So stupid 😒🤬😡

  • renasian18 cry baby (@renasian18) reported

    I have a serious candy crush problem again like it’s actually an addiction and I’m ashamed :/

  • theinfohoe TheInfoHo (@theinfohoe) reported

    @mfloriocampisi @CandyCrushSaga I received a "try these things" auto reply, but let them know none of the suggestions involved my situation. Since then, I've sent two messages, the last asking for a refund. No reply, no fix and no refund! There MUST be some effective recourse.

  • MrBrown21 Derek (@MrBrown21) reported

    Playing a new candy crush game at work....yes it’s slow and I’m bored lol

  • aliffaimnn ᴬᴿᴬʸᴬˁᴴᴵᴷᴵ (@aliffaimnn) reported

    **** you i cannot reconnect, before i switch to play candy crush better you fix this asap @R6esports @Ubisoft

  • LavidaBrokaaa Amarie (@LavidaBrokaaa) reported

    I believe my work computer FINALLY crashed. It’s been slow asf for a month and they didn’t want to replace it until it went completely. The sad part of this is I’ll probably lose my candy crush score. 😕

  • AdamP2350 Adam (@AdamP2350) reported

    @ElboNeverDies But they need protection so they can play candy crush while working

  • laxmibhandary 😊😊😊 (@laxmibhandary) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga Why board reset is not working !! 🤔🙄😔😔😔..

  • einesou lil bean head♒︎ (@einesou) reported

    fix this @CandyCrushSaga

  • mcb1tx mcb (@mcb1tx) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga @CandyCrushSoda @CandyCrushJelly After iOS 12.4.3 on iPhone 6, none of the apps connect to WiFi. No connection errors. Set for cell data is ok but don’t get any of the benefits-buy more lives, getting bonus things of any kind. Can’t logon to save game.

  • MercedesNo_k_es Mercedes (@MercedesNo_k_es) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga please fix the latest update!! My life depends on it!! #addicted 😂

  • theinfohoe TheInfoHo (@theinfohoe) reported

    @mfloriocampisi @CandyCrushSaga Had the same thing happen to me. Still waiting on @CandyCrushSaga to fix or refund....and waiting...

  • MartinCharron8 Martin Charron (@MartinCharron8) reported

    @eafifamobile Error connexion every 30 sec, what a games. They continue using old candy crush server!

  • DamionIo Damion Graham (@DamionIo) reported

    @Dae__9 What happen !!!!!!!! Omg did the candy crush app crash !! Don’t tell me u have to start over from level 1 . Ohhhhhhhh noooo 😢😢 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • danybeeswax d@ny beeswax (@danybeeswax) reported

    @Danherbert80 @RMTunion No but staff positioned at each station can do all of these things, the only problem is a)the staff would have to actually rely on the train service to get them to and from work, bad idea as it’s always shit and b)staff would actually have to work, so not play candy crush all day

  • mfloriocampisi Michele Campisi (@mfloriocampisi) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga So far today I have received 10 error messages while attempting to purchase gold bars. Never received them. and YET $26.00 was removed from my account. PLEASE PROMPLTY REFUND MY MONEY

  • helvetica Zach Gage (@helvetica) reported

    @keithburgun @merrittk i take a lot more issue with addiction when the skill part the least important part (candy crush) or when it’s linked into spending (candy crush). im not sure the brain-taste of addiction is strictly unethical when it’s not the bulk of the game, or linked to life-destroying bits

  • davidgrowingup I Am David (@davidgrowingup) reported

    @TallCanAudio @GMillerTSN I find TSN has issues with their audio all the time. When Cuthbert is calling games, it sounds like he’s eating the mic. Now they’ve got some guy next to Gord, playing Candy Crush.

  • TheRKAlexander Rachel Alexander (@TheRKAlexander) reported

    @nextdoorsv While looking down on their phones looking at Facebook and playing candy crush and screaming for their kid to fix the router and oh sh*t I overplayed my hand....

  • rollingupahill daN (@rollingupahill) reported

    i keep telling myself i’m gonna go to bed after i lose all my candy crush lives but you see the problem is i’m so goddamn gifted

  • TopHatStevie tinsel twat 🎄 (@TopHatStevie) reported

    We Are Broken is so chaotic I just twitched my ass cheeks to it while laying on my stomach playing candy crush

  • whoisjessicawu JJ (@whoisjessicawu) reported

    We are doomed to repeat the same problems again and again until we learn from them like a really annoying level of Candy Crush

  • paramedic141 paramedic14 (@paramedic141) reported

    @WineMummy Just play candy crush naked it what I do bu working today

  • jhermann jamison abolish the nypd (@jhermann) reported

    @noneck cop brass are working* from home today *playing candy crush

  • pelaez_oro l u i s ❄️ (@pelaez_oro) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga I think you should fix something. Some times people tap in buying the 5 lives or the unlimited lives for 6 hours with just one tap... you should fix that by tapping once and the second time to confirm the purchase. I just lost 69 gold bars because of this.

  • ashlynislove ashlyn riley (@ashlynislove) reported

    On week 3 of technology not working at work... aka- playing Candy Crush all day and getting paid for it. #SomeoneEntertainMe

  • Elvenmonk Joshua (@Elvenmonk) reported

    @HiryuGouki @BadGamingTakes Oh and "Activision Blizzard will boost by 20% the number of developers working on its major franchises—Call of Duty, Overwatch, Warcraft, Hearthstone, Diablo and Candy Crush—funding this move by cutting disappointing initiatives and employees layoffs." They cut to hire devs

  • Lidda610 Elizabeth Suttles (@Lidda610) reported

    Step 1. Is admitting you have a problem. Step 2. Is deleting candy crush from my phone. I am currently trying to detox. Wish me luck. #candycrushaddictionisreal #detox

  • rel8ablecontent relatable content (@rel8ablecontent) reported

    im self employed and can mostly work around this schedule but the problem is after about 10pm i feel like it’s too late to do anything productive because it’s ‘bed time soon’ so i waste half my days playing god damn candy crush. please help me my family is dying.

  • hjeann2 $kreet $ HJ (@hjeann2) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga fix it😡😢

  • johnnydriscoll Johnny Driscoll (@johnnydriscoll) reported

    So while @facebook was down yesterday I was playing @CandyCrushSaga and purchased a bundle pack I received an error message from CCS however the $$ was taken from my account! Not sure who to complain to but I’m out $19.99

  • warragontatkins sketty flap (@warragontatkins) reported

    of the 8 hours I’m at work I’d say maybe 3 hours are spent actually working and the other 5 is just spinning on my chair, playing candy crush or eating

  • NaheShiro Shinah (@NaheShiro) reported

    @CandyFriends @loora_blink I play candy crush when I'm sad because it helps me forget about my problems. #CandyCrushFriends #BLACKPINK @ygofficialblink

  • kaylahodea Kay (@kaylahodea) reported


  • YourMomsucksTho Elisabeth🎄 (@YourMomsucksTho) reported

    If everyone can take a knee for my husband, the wifi isn't working properly and it's ruining his game of Candy Crush

  • ZaddyDerah #FESTOLI🔥 (@ZaddyDerah) reported

    Some times not understanding a problem is the reason we don't always solve it completely... Candy crush.

  • bioshockd1 Sally Campbell (@bioshockd1) reported

    I’m okay with Facebook being down. What I’m not okay with is Candy Crush not working properly because Facebook is down.

  • JadeOstendorf12 jade (@JadeOstendorf12) reported

    I was tryna cuddle and candy crush but sorry it’s just not working out

  • meortonfjskeons ・゚✫* (@meortonfjskeons) reported

    this is in resposne 2 me having to put a time limit on candy crush bc my neck is literally broken from looking down at my phoen 2 much while playing it

  • londiemurray Londie Murray (@londiemurray) reported

    I remember when I just got mom an iPad & used my iCloud to login and download the apps she wanted. So yuh wah know seh mummy is a serious Candy Crush player and so whenever she run out of life she would click the ad thats said "get more life" but she never know seh a real money!

  • RohitVo62898240 Rohit Vora (@RohitVo62898240) reported

    @TaftCreates in our candy crush game left swipe not working please help me..

  • Mheeratif Mheer (@Mheeratif) reported

    Me: "talks about big problems like time going by way too fast, economical crisis, and whatnot" Dad: "Beta gharaaray kerlo" Mum: "It's because you're always on that damn phone!" *proceeds to play candy crush on her phone*

  • amaditalks Mx. Amadi (@amaditalks) reported

    The reaction I got from this suggests to me that everyone has seen those ads for those basic candy crush ripoff match three games that are pretending to be problem solving games.

  • mykeix mykei (@mykeix) reported

    Candy Crush fix your ******* algorithm I DESERVE THE 3 STARS on my daily spin

  • Mayramarceles Mayra (@Mayramarceles) reported from Jersey City, New Jersey

    Slow at work so candy crush it is..

  • kbritton44 Kristine Britton (@kbritton44) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga have tried to get a response to my email complaint. Have seen more and more issues with the game not leveling me up after you complete the level. People spend money on buying extra help and when the game cheats and doesn’t advance you.

  • OctoberRusted LifeIsKillingMe (@OctoberRusted) reported

    @Lorie_Sue2 @jax_superdave No they dont, working on next level playing Candy Crush.

  • lilkrissyy kristen (@lilkrissyy) reported

    *doesnt go in to the gym until I use all my lives on candy crush* *tells mom I’m taking so long at the gym because I’m working out really hard*

  • jtmuscat joe muscato (@jtmuscat) reported

    @AdamParkhomenko Working = Candy Crush

  • lauriemannix Laurie Mannix (@lauriemannix) reported

    @McConnellDaniel @RTEplayer Was trying to watch it this afternoon and it kept freezing on the as for Candy Crush! Very annoying and no reason why it should be so bad. No problem with @VirginMedia_One or Channel Four player.

  • reddhaird Ashlee McPeak (@reddhaird) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga I’m having issues with in app purchases! Help!

  • JustWinks PainHostage Winks 🌊🌈🍀 #FBR #CPP (@JustWinks) reported

    @FanNoles Oh my God you're so dumb. You don't realize that the only reason we play Candy Crush is so that we can distract ourselves from the pain. It's not your job to judge. I don't care if it's a drug addict patient with a congenital issue, or you. They are all worthy of Medical Care

  • DianaRod_ D.Rod (@DianaRod_) reported

    I have a problem and it’s called candy crush 🙃