Is Candy Crush down?

Candy Crush Saga is a free-to-play mobile match-three puzzle video game released by King on April 12, 2012, for Facebook; other versions for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 10 followed. It is a variation on their browser game Candy Crush.

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  • PEARLM1LKTEA akira 🍓 (@PEARLM1LKTEA) reported

    Seriously ******* scam they advertise it as a problem solving game but it’s just ******* candy crush

  • flupibutt_daks mImI (@flupibutt_daks) reported from Quezon City, National Capital Region

    @Kenryan0003 @thejblancaflor @Mr_NiceeeGuy @BabyCrooner @CapptEnJack @yourcuddlebud @PerformerHottie @ZedddL @MushroomBaeby @akiAzn @Harvykng @AlterITguy @mistertwinkguy @ZodiacAries99 My problem ba sa candy crush

  • CPooface Salt Beef (@CPooface) reported

    1/ When I walk into the operating room, The ODP mutters “problem with the machine” and carries on playing Candy Crush. The anaesthetist-du-café tells me there’s a problem with the pre op work up of 1st patient, the main event and there’s no way we’re starting before it’s sorted

  • Moonstar747 laura (@Moonstar747) reported


  • babygaitgait Gaita (25%) 🔜EDC (@babygaitgait) reported

    Someone please send me lives on candy crush I have a problem

  • naturerose4u Janak Sapkota (@naturerose4u) reported

    @AppValley_vip Candy crush saga not working plz fix it

  • seoulstaes 𝙖𝙗𝙗𝙮 ⁷ ♡’s jimin is seeing ateez + bts! (@seoulstaes) reported

    I remember that one Valentine’s Day I had a crush on this guy and he was messing w my feels and bought me those candy grams they give in hs as a form of mockery knowing that I liked him and was just messing w my feelings, he even gave my former friend a broken rose to give to me

  • sukarna_das Sukarna ✨ (@sukarna_das) reported

    Just got to level 600 on candy crush..i have now accepted that i have an issue 😨

  • _hadleymc Hadley (@_hadleymc) reported

    i finally beat the level of candy crush i’ve been working on for days so it seems like the testosterone is working

  • eilishland_ jAsMiNe (@eilishland_) reported

    i’m on level 779 on candy crush i have a serious problem

  • JonSnowboarder1 Jon Snowboarder (@JonSnowboarder1) reported

    @PoetryRebellion The tv equivalent of sitting at your desk openly playing candy crush on your phone when you are working out your notice.

  • ryloooooo ryloo (@ryloooooo) reported

    I think I have a serious problem and it involves candy crush

  • yangyangkissies fei⁰⁵🧡 d-99 (@yangyangkissies) reported

    okay i honestly feel henstagram is a lie bcus u know i was in my lunch break hour and the tl so dry,, so i go play candy crush for few minutes and back to twitter.. the tl goes henstagram henstagram henstagram my brain stop working

  • WirelessQuint The Wireless Quint ☀️🐼© (@WirelessQuint) reported

    @Diptiojha7 No. I have an aversion to that game. I seriously feel that my phone becomes sticky to viruses if i play that game. I have always seen people playing candy crush have a broken screen. That is one another reason that I won't play that game. That game is meant for broken screens.

  • isthatscully Scully (@isthatscully) reported

    can’t sleep, thinking about how I missed my Candy Crush bonus streak because I was so busy actually working I didn’t open the app for a whole 24 hours.

  • caffeinedOtter Caffeinated Otter (@caffeinedOtter) reported

    Give the world a Dynabook, and on average they'll still just want to play Candy Crush or whatever and if you have any problem with that, that's a you problem.

  • Thesif1 The SIF. (@Thesif1) reported


  • Vizah23 VZH 23rd (@Vizah23) reported

    @Cam23rd @2degreesmobile Yeah my mum is pretty clueless, when I’m complaining all she says is “well my candy crush is still working”

  • KasabilaS Kasha-KS🇿🇲 (@KasabilaS) reported

    I think pipo who are playing candy crush beyond level 3000 have serious stress issues, and we should probably seek help😂😂😂.

  • TheJogre46 Dollar General Ron Swanson (@TheJogre46) reported

    Voyager 2 is 11.5 Billion, with a B, miles from Earth and NASA was able to bring it back fully online after a power issue. Remember that next time Candy Crush freezes 13 times and you have to re-install.

  • omariospizza omar with the thicc thighs (@omariospizza) reported

    If you ever feel guilty about wasting too much time, just know that I redownloaded candy crush at the end of december and I made it to level 687 before realizing I had a problem (12 hours ago) and I needed to DELETE

  • Pixie_vannucci PixieVannucci (@Pixie_vannucci) reported

    does anyone know why my candy crush thinks im american and how i fix it it shouldnt bother me...but it does

  • LimitedLime7 LL7 (@LimitedLime7) reported

    @EdgeAriasJuan So everyone gonna ignore the fact that the crash mobile game is made by the same guys as candy crush

  • __LittleS ayy lmao 👽 (@__LittleS) reported

    del candy crush al candy crash

  • intimatopias beast odazai (@intimatopias) reported

    @goreboyfriend I think writing is like riding a bike or swimming in that you can't ever truly lose it. also this is a moderately dumb solution but back when I encountered that problem regularly I'd **** around on my laptop playing candy crush or w/e, start writing in my head, and then shift +

  • IamNovel NOVEL (@IamNovel) reported

    I’m at AT&T needing some actual assistance and there’s one person working being occupied by a customer asking about a damn CANDY CRUSH game 😳 WTF

  • taoiseachotrash MJ Stokes (@taoiseachotrash) reported

    @jocularfowl what this meant in practice is that EVERYONE watched you get up from your desk and go over there if you have an issue. Plus no privacy to discuss issues. And you get to see your manager play Candy Crush after telling you hes too busy to take a call, but that's probably irrelevant

  • MarkOldfield88 Mark Oldfield Jr (@MarkOldfield88) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga Can I ask why the the Chocolate Box Collection for the Jelly Fish isn't working when I am on level 2911. There is a Jelly Fish Releaser and i had plenty of Jelly Fish but none of them went towards the Chocolate Box Collection. #CandyCrush #Level2911

  • VigneshGopalB1 Vignesh Gopal B (@VigneshGopalB1) reported

    @colorosglobal @oppomobileindia @OPPOCareIN games are laggy in #opporeno10x there has to be some issue in the recent update. Even candy crush doesn't play smoothly .

  • DC5mann Julius (@DC5mann) reported

    @cyanette_kyun @AnicroRB26dett At first glance I thought they made a Crash Bandicoot Match 3 game since it was made by the people who developed Candy Crush

  • PookaMustard Pooka (@PookaMustard) reported

    @J_Beelzy I'm not thrilled the next Crash thing is an infinite runner skin with IAPs and ads up the ***** from the Candy Crush devs. I wasn't thrilled with IAPs in new CTR either. This isn't what I wanted Crash to see. It will happen eventually to Spyro too, ugh.

  • MakoTachiWife Rosi (Icon Commissions open) (@MakoTachiWife) reported

    @1Trine I don’t like the way king games develops their games, extremely pay to win, as wjth candy crush. It’s a terrible an non-user friendly business model, and I don’t want them doing that with crash. If i wanted to be toxic i would do it with other stuff but I’m not

  • IcyKirby__ Icy Kirby (@IcyKirby__) reported

    @MattTheHuman1 @JaybillsGames I feel like people are only angry bcus King (Developers and Creators of Candy Crush) are behind it and you know bcus Candy Crash is a "Normie Mainstream" game so everyone thinks that King working on a mobile game of a famous IP means disaster instantly

  • alexzenciks Alex Zenciks (@alexzenciks) reported

    @MaxKamm Candy Crush Crash!

  • Jigglypuffite Rae ~*Watching Zeta Gundam*~ (@Jigglypuffite) reported

    Ok a Crash Bandicoot endless runner sounds cool but. It's made by the Candy Crush people and.... oof I have a bad feel soob

  • PlanetMineTech Tech315 (@PlanetMineTech) reported

    @vladoilkovic @Mackey_Nguyen @MacRumors @waxeditorial Apple decided to throttle cpu in order to conserve battery life. More people complain about phones lasting only half a day vs opening candy crush slowly. If Apple hadn’t done this, people like you would have complained that they didn’t address battery life issues. They cant win

  • Fredrikspelarsp . (@Fredrikspelarsp) reported

    We live in a timeline were the makers of Candy Crush are also developing a Crash game... what even is reality at this point

  • hughbarnard Hugh Barnard (@hughbarnard) reported

    @ian_radioguy If your attention span is 'too long', you will now have to attend a re-education centre. 24 hour Candy Crush and outtakes from Love Island should deal with your problem. Be Well, Be Stupid.

  • shatley123 Tristan Shatley (@shatley123) reported

    @bartwerf I assumed it was a coding error when I saw Candy Crush in my taskbar.

  • zayJax_ zαуנαχ. (@zayJax_) reported

    @jumpbuttoncb @Motwera can't believe the ******* who made candy crush made this weirdly-good looking crash

  • Jpofferz Jpofferz (@Jpofferz) reported

    Dungeon keeper mobile, that one ******* Harry Potter game, candy crush, etc. excessive monetization, many of these games aimed at children making it all the more ****** up. This crash game is just another one. Mobile gaming had potential, but this over saturation of

  • KaizerAllen BRØBEΛNS (@KaizerAllen) reported

    King, the developers behind the cancerous game Candy Crush Saga, is apparently creating a Temple Run-style mobile Crash Bandicoot game. :( Don't ruin my childhood like this. Activision is milking these old IPs again that will eventually lead to their downfall (again).

  • GarlicB21413096 Garlic Bread (@GarlicB21413096) reported

    @AndreSegers When i saw the word King I thought it was a candy crush and crash bandicoot crossover

  • jcwritingdump JC (@jcwritingdump) reported

    @OctoBlitz You don’t have to spend money on Candy Crush. If someone can’t help themselves then that’s their own fault. I abuse the login bonus system and get 2 hours of unlimited lives and dozens of power ups every other day 😂

  • YTBeny Beny (@YTBeny) reported

    @YuYuKamii King are the Candy Crush guys, I kinda doubt that they somehow got their hands on the Crash IP

  • sierraelfb Nielo (@sierraelfb) reported

    Candy crush is the shit, I forgot all about this game. So far in level 45, what a great way to stay awake while working.

  • mzumara_ Mzumaray (@mzumara_) reported

    If you can solve this problem you can cure cancer and beat candy crush.

  • DaveCoIon Good Idea Dave (@DaveCoIon) reported

    The problem with this headline is that it erases Candy Crush from history

  • KWillhite88 Kate (@KWillhite88) reported

    Y’all, my mom was on level 1,800 of @CandyCrushSaga soda, and it literally just deleted all of her progress 🥴🧐 @CandyCrushSoda FIX IT!!! It literally took her 4 years 😂😂

  • WilliamAder Just Bill (@WilliamAder) reported

    Caucus Worker: This app's not working. IT Guy: That's Candy Crush.

  • sam_123zd Sam (@sam_123zd) reported

    @ShaykhAzhar I can tell my friends that i'm upset becoz of them but the problem is that i don't want to play Candy Crush whole day.

  • johnholland817 john (@johnholland817) reported

    @_itskattbetches I've got a lot of problems in my life but at least I can say I've never played candy crush

  • lenny413109 Exasperated Engineer (@lenny413109) reported

    @TheRickWilson UPDATE: No reported issues with 'Candy Crush' or 'Farmville' yesterday. #contextsarcasm

  • lenny413109 Exasperated Engineer (@lenny413109) reported

    @Olivianuzzi @yashar UPDATE: No reported issues with 'Candy Crush' or 'Farmville' yesterday. #contextsarcasm

  • peytonnhill Peyton Hill (@peytonnhill) reported

    Y’all Sydnee has been complaining for 20 mins about how she can’t see her texts come through when she’s playing Candy Crush.... real world problems here ladies

  • miztakesno Miz (@miztakesno) reported

    @HarlemMedic @GeorgeTakei I've never had any problems and I play LoL on EUW servers. The most toxic of all. Not that you'd know what LoL stands for you candy crush fraud.

  • itsmfundondala Mfundo (@itsmfundondala) reported

    @aktion_hank Surely I can work on getting to the next level of Candy Crush while the deed is being done. I don't see a problem 🤷

  • AwokeKnowing James (@AwokeKnowing) reported

    @wzuidema AI has HUGE potential to solve many problems we face and thus is a worthy investment. Candy Crush has used way more compute.

  • anggelliquee Angelique (@anggelliquee) reported

    bruh my phone stopped working n i lost all my pics/contacts/etc. im not mad about all that tho im mad bc i was on level 1697 in candy crush wtf

  • magyetz maggie :* (@magyetz) reported

    @lauradarn i dream in candy crush..... seriously a problem