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Candy Crush Saga is a free-to-play mobile match-three puzzle video game released by King on April 12, 2012, for Facebook; other versions for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 10 followed. It is a variation on their browser game Candy Crush.

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  • tmichaelbryan Tim Bryan #464 #Guildchat 👊 (@tmichaelbryan) reported

    @OldDog39900826 @flyaway_k I'm not the master wordsmith level of @flyaway_k but I'm working on it. I just need 27 more specific adjectives and I get to level up. It's like Candy Crush for potty mouths.

  • crispymaynard maynard (@crispymaynard) reported

    My uncle has an iPhone 5 for only one reason. He doesn’t want to get rid of his candy crush file. Even though you can login to another phone, he doesn’t wanna play on a new phone because he’s so used to the small screen and claims that he’ll start losing if he gets a new one 😂

  • naam_bay Myself (@naam_bay) reported

    @sumairatahir886 No he is not workaholic. He is working on the principle: Keep your men busy and wives pregnant and enjoy playing candy crush.... sorry for bad.

  • 5nonchalants JHOKU (@5nonchalants) reported

    Now why tf my grandma at this store telling this lady I fix phones 🤨 the only thing I did was deleted candy crush ..

  • AshleyJ_7 Ashley Nicole (@AshleyJ_7) reported

    Candy crush on my iPad is 10 times better than on my phone.. I’m extremely addicted. I play candy crush and then once I run out of lives I play candy crush friends. I have a problem 😩🤣

  • ccannon17_ Cannon (@ccannon17_) reported

    The fact that my mom is on level 4400 on candy crush lets me know there’s a problem 😂

  • cockroachraid unemployed loser (@cockroachraid) reported

    all unemployed people know is candy crush, bird app, using other people’s hulu login, complain, ********** and LIE

  • MandaArias21 amanda (@MandaArias21) reported

    Holy shit i just played candy crush for almost two hours straight .... I have a problem

  • web_gameshow web gameshow (@web_gameshow) reported

    Mr lebron james produced two stupid az game shows that lasted bout the same amount of time as dat dumbass candy crush OKAY allow me to critique mr james game show the 1st was aite not better than web gameshow it favored plinko a 6 story plinko board I recognized the errors

  • RebekaDawn TheDawn💜 (@RebekaDawn) reported

    @RAVIEB LMFAO right!! I'm trying to fix these broken floors and get the cat off the bed ... Not play candy crush

  • MNUma1 mary moran (@MNUma1) reported

    Play Candy Crush Jelly with me! #candycrushjellyCan you please fix my CC Jelly game. It keeps changing times, then tells me to ask friends as I have no lives and then restarts me back to game one and I am on game 248. I am ready to give up!!!

  • MNUma1 mary moran (@MNUma1) reported

    Play Candy Crush Jelly with me! #candycrushjellyNow you have started me back at one. I believe I was somewhere in the 200's. Please fix!!!!!

  • mlehman98 meredith lehman (@mlehman98) reported

    i think it’s clear that i have a problem when i scroll through all my social media twice, check my email four times, play 10 rounds of candy crush, and then realize i have nothing left to do so i think “i mean i GUESS i’ll go to sleep”

  • VagueYoghurt Jordan (@VagueYoghurt) reported

    Working in a ******* box factory would be more interesting than this. My coworker is playing Candy Crush for god's sake

  • __timscott__ Tim Scott (@__timscott__) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga I’m only getting 9 moves on level 188. Heard I’m supposed to get more. Can y’all fix that lol

  • Lduggz Lucy D (@Lduggz) reported

    the only reason i haven’t deleted facebook is because i need to sync my candy crush progress. can’t have my phone crash or get stolen and have all my crushed candy be for nothing! #confession

  • _0hthatsday Day 🌹 (@_0hthatsday) reported

    Bro candy crush is not working🙄


    The crashing and freezing on Pet Rescue is getting worse and worse - Maybe you should consider using the technical team from Candy crush or Forrest Rescue to fix Pet Rescue as this technical team has no idea how to fix it and the other games never crash or freeze @PetRescueSaga



  • brianacarmelsf xoxolampshade (@brianacarmelsf) reported

    “I’m playing candy crush I don’t have time to help you with your problems” -@jasmosavi

  • brycecr Bruno (@brycecr) reported from Chicago, Illinois

    You know there’s a problem when you get to tribal council and you’re just like “yeah whatever” and just play candy crush on your phone because NOTHING ANYONE SAYS EFFING MATTERS ANYMORE. #SURVIVOR

  • owengc Owen George (@owengc) reported

    Climate Change .... it’s like the pilot is yelling brace for impact we’re going to crash and the passengers are going it’s ok you’ve got this landing *positvievibes* while still playing candy crush on our phones .... and asking the hostess for another vodka Soda.

  • Boyney100 David Boyne (@Boyney100) reported

    @bobbylaneuk So annoying!! Both the Candy Crush issue AND having your car broken into!!

  • Jambreman Jamie (@Jambreman) reported

    @kcbankruptcy @LindseyGrahamSC @senjudiciary @HawleyMO @SenatorCollins @lisamurkowski @RoyBlunt @SenPatRoberts @JerryMoran @RandPaul @SenToddYoung @MittRomney @SenAlexander @SenMikeLee @SenToomey @SenatorWicker @marcorubio @SenCapito @SenMcSallyAZ Nothing! @HawleyMO is working on banning Candy Crush. No joke.

  • Abstruse Darryl Mott (@Abstruse) reported

    @SirDiggins That's why I said "functional", not "barebones, overly complicated, and half-broken system full of more microtransactions than a Candy Crush knock-off made by EA."

  • Animiie ani 🌸 (@Animiie) reported

    @OceanNox we had a lady "keeping an eye" on the lockers while we were in class so as people couldnt stole each other problem: the lady was AALWAYS not doing her job and she stayed 24/7 playing candy crush at the bar

  • Rolvo_Pemberton Rolvo (@Rolvo_Pemberton) reported

    @nlsndmrdck How would you explain your Candy Crush Addition and further problems

  • naectegale naectegale hraevn (@naectegale) reported

    @porridgebrain I have a long to do list in my head. I keep meaning to write it down and use it to fix up my house. But I get distracted by Candy Crush and then the sun comes out and I go birdwatching instead. So nothing gets done. I will never be a domestic goddess and that's OK.

  • saturncars trickblastner (@saturncars) reported

    All of the worlds problems could be solved by converting all the time spent on candy crush to volunteer work and money spent on predatory app microtransactions to public service projects

  • yemoka Adunola (@yemoka) reported

    @fowobi_page Show fone and fb go crash now...n ur candy crush go disappear..n u would hv to start from d beginning

  • Michael45017906 Michael Tee (@Michael45017906) reported

    @cathmckenna Keep working until October, because we are paying you, although we would be better served to move you to a back Office and play CANDY CRUSH on our dime.

  • chrismayer Chris Mayer (@chrismayer) reported

    Woman on train working on iPad Pro with Apple Pencil. I think “Gee, I would like to see what she is drawing”. Stand up to get off. She is playing a Candy Crush type game.

  • udnoorani Umer Noorani (@udnoorani) reported

    @madiha_masood This is not a big issue if uses facetime or candy crush

  • badbananna Anna Castillo (@badbananna) reported

    @vyncruz: spends the morning working out. Me: sprawled out on the couch playing Candy Crush. In my defense, I have a cold, and it's the bear excuse to be a fatty.

  • wrecklysss Lyss 🐏 (@wrecklysss) reported

    Line is moving so slow that I think I'm gonna play Candy crush lol

  • plineJC4PM Pauline Thomas (@plineJC4PM) reported

    @theJeremyVine Sums up this government to a tee so of course it happened. They are all playing candy crush instead of dealing with real life problems

  • Amiablehero01 Abdussalam Rofeeq Amiable (@Amiablehero01) reported

    @thekido1000 I wasn't expecting her not to be concerned about other things but that candy crush issue is painful o, that's why I don't play it anymore sef. But I've learnt somethng now, I'll resume playing it and back it up with fb

  • De_Wop Deede (@De_Wop) reported

    So idk why I thought it was an ok Idea for my anger issues having ass to download Candy Crush . This shit be having me HOT

  • sunflowerrdes des (@sunflowerrdes) reported

    i think i might have a candy crush problem

  • TheGreyLady99 Lady Grey (@TheGreyLady99) reported

    Dear @CandyCrushSaga there are “hard” levels and then there are ridiculously, infuriatingly, wildly annoying “I hate this game and will never play it again” levels. 2546 has broken me. I can play no more.....

  • akarnofel Mrs. K, M.Ed. (@akarnofel) reported

    @Kristen_Arnett Since I took the day off work to write and have accomplished nothing, I needed this post: 1. All blankets in the house must be washed today. 2. Way too many email notifications. Must fix that now. 3. I'll use my 5 lives on Candy Crush real quick and then get right to work.

  • KabeloM_ Sparkle and Shine✨🥂 (@KabeloM_) reported

    Lemme play candy crush and forget about all my problems for a bit.

  • vivirin__art びびりん ☆ (@vivirin__art) reported

    @lyttle_seth like Candy Crush. Or more like Candy... Crash...............

  • borland Orion Edwards (@borland) reported

    @colinbowern No, block the store and block zips/exes/large files from the internet (except a long list of approved sites like google, Microsoft, etc) Problem with the windows store is it’s full of Minecraft and Candy Crush and corporate IT does not like the sound of that 😀

  • leah95kkfan Leah Bartlett (@leah95kkfan) reported

    I honestly think there is a problem or glitch with @CandyCrushSaga. I played level 4654. Told me that I needed 2 cherries in order to finish. But that was never gonna happen. I had no cherries left! I got cheated out of winning the level!

  • IslwynD islwyn davies (@IslwynD) reported

    For Judge Catherine Moore to state she acknowledged that David Beckham was in slow moving traffic is ridiculous. He was behind the wheel of vehicle regardless of his speed. You’d have thought he could afford a hands free kit. Or was he playing candy crush 🤔

  • HPluckrose Helen Pluckrose (@HPluckrose) reported

    People do different things on the internet. It might seem normal to you and me to use it to learn about racial issues. Other people use it for cat pictures, candy crush, sport & porn.

  • SK4Liberty SK4Liberty (@SK4Liberty) reported

    @Steffi_Cole @AP4Liberty @robbysoave @KWOSNewsRadio @CandyCrushSaga This whole thing is next level stupid to me. I'm so bothered that so many see no problem in getting government to regulate gaming (more).

  • DuffusMonkey DuffusMonkey (@DuffusMonkey) reported

    @Slash2Fancy @Worgenriku @Daggerd1404 Don't be a whiny communist! Don't give money to shitty game developers and the problem will go away. Stop playing candy crush and you will part of the solution instead of the problem. And don't go AFK in SWTOR battlegrounds and say it's the game's fault for rewarding you.

  • DBThatIsMe Dan (@DBThatIsMe) reported

    @omanp24 @FakeRonBouffon @axios I am fine with them spending money on bonuses if they know what they are going to get (candy crush, boom beach, etc.). It is the loot boxes in video games where the reward is a roll of the dice that is the problem.

  • nokusu Anthony Ramine (@nokusu) reported

    People who play Candy Crush too much starts to dream about it. If the thing you overdo is nightmare fuel, obviously one will get nightmares. The problem is that they are overworked, just like everyone else in the video game industry. Unionise.

  • Givenn_Kays ProblemChild (@Givenn_Kays) reported

    @MikkaJay yes you cld... jst login yr fb on my fon n go ku candy crush n all will be done

  • marcmawhinney Marc Mawhinney (@marcmawhinney) reported

    If you “work” 80 hours/week but a big chunk of that time is scrolling Facebook, playing Candy Crush and doing meaningless “getting to know you” calls, then no - you’re not working that much

  • tylahmuva_ keepingupwithkee👅 (@tylahmuva_) reported

    I’m kissed tf off! I was playing candy crush on the computer & some dumb mf deleted the game off MY login!!😫 now I gotta start from level1😤😤😤

  • Fishbowler Dan Caseley (@Fishbowler) reported from Nottinghamshire, England

    Not only does this help nan, who skips software updates because she's playing Candy Crush, but allows Google to circumnavigate crummy manufacturers who abandon devices after twelve months and carriers that are slow to release updates.

  • dj_famzy B E S T (@dj_famzy) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga please I’m begging you guys, I have been dropped from level 898 to 1.. please I beg you guys with everything. Kindly help me fix it

  • JessieLaRaeGibs Jessie Gibson (@JessieLaRaeGibs) reported

    Some days I crush goals, And some days, I crush candy. hey, it isn’t pills and I admit I have a problem. 🍬😬

  • lexiegomez96 Lexie Gomez (@lexiegomez96) reported

    All my boy problems stem from when I failed the stranger danger portion of safety town in kindergarten. I went with my crush and the stranger AND ate the candy. My decision making skills haven’t been the same since

  • mikejpastor Michael Pastor (@mikejpastor) reported

    Brutal commute. Train packed, moving slow, so it gets more packed. Dude playing Candy Crush with the volume on. Half-working AC. Yet somehow it feels like the only proper start to a week in the big city. 🍎

  • realchrisebert Chris Ebert (@realchrisebert) reported

    @JenMsft where is the right place to voice complaints about unneeded apps like Candy Crush getting installed on Windows 10. I did a clean install of 1809 and it still installed a ton of crap. I’d really like to not have to use power shell to fix Windows.