Is Candy Crush down?

Candy Crush Saga is a free-to-play mobile match-three puzzle video game released by King on April 12, 2012, for Facebook; other versions for iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Windows 10 followed. It is a variation on their browser game Candy Crush.

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  • hcaydin Hasan Aydın (@hcaydin) reported

    You have the worst customer care @CandyCrushSaga i had ever seen. You could even not understand our problem for a month.

  • DeniseDibbs Denise Dibbs (@DeniseDibbs) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga level 5362 has a problem. I keep losing lives because once fruit goes, boxes keep falling through hole non stop. Forcing me to quit.

  • Barnacules Barnacules Nerdgasm 🤓🥳💥🔥🎥🎬🎙️🎧 (@Barnacules) reported

    @dominicjmaas @Arlodottxt @Daniel_Rubino @Microsoft They need to fix a lot of issues, on a clean VM I uninstalled Candy Crush and within 24 hours I caught it reinstalling against silently through the Microsoft Windows 10 telemetry viewer application which catches these events. I just need to make a video on this to prove it.

  • ChapoteOnion chapote (@ChapoteOnion) reported

    Airbnb is playing candy crush on at my uber is gunna fix that,

  • pink_of_cat pink of cat (@pink_of_cat) reported

    i got tattoo where its a subcutaneous implant like an lcd screen but flexible and microporous and it plays a video of a cat but it plays a 15 second ad for candy crush first and it crashed now my tattoo is broken it says its 5 stars on google play i want to se ethe cat again

  • ahmad_frej Discount Klay 💭 (@ahmad_frej) reported

    My future wife prolly tucked in and sound asleep rn while I’m playing candy crush at 2am. Sorry sweetie, give me like 5 mins. Imma start working on a better sleep schedule soon 🥰😘

  • HaleyRhiannon Haley Williams (@HaleyRhiannon) reported from Corpus Christi, Texas

    “I’m gonna play candy crush and try to forget my problems.” -Me, every night.

  • max_townshend potato (@max_townshend) reported

    @josephandelin @cullenroche I like the argument that amazon is a one-off deflationary force, driving down inventory management/distribution costs and increasing competition thus crushing margins for tangible goods, which will eventually not be deflationary. Problem is today’s consumption is 95% candy crush

  • _sameerae_ såmėė (@_sameerae_) reported

    I have a serious problem with uhm.. candy crush. Guys I’m a 40 year old woman in a 20 year olds body💀

  • abocadoako Diana Marie (@abocadoako) reported

    Working on a case. 🧐 Or playing candy crush. 😆

  • bitdozer Richard Diamond (@bitdozer) reported

    The lighter, smaller phone really did solve this problem, or maybe it was quitting candy crush cold turkey. Sorry, bad science.

  • zahra_kelany zahra || I miss everyone (@zahra_kelany) reported

    My grandpa comes to me when candy crush stops working on his phone like I'm the family tech guy

  • NazelahZ azlhzndn (@NazelahZ) reported

    Ip8+ tu tak la rosak apa pn. Cuma dia heat up and requires frequent charging. I is so malas nak charge kejap-kejap. Patut batery boleh tahan 2days with all socmed frequently used, Netflix, Outlook and Candy Crush (ikr). Bila problem kena charge 1.5x daily. Pheww.. 😓

  • curliisuu Tatianna (@curliisuu) reported

    Im in level 1,043 of candy crush and i dowloaded it 2 months ago... i have a problem...

  • racblog Brie (@racblog) reported

    @KristiBug I'm getting all your candy crush requests but it won't let me send you lives! I think there's an issue with Facebook, but I'm not ignoring you, it just won't let me! 😭😠

  • anglfrmhll ♡.。val¹³☽ ゚ (@anglfrmhll) reported

    why couldn’t i just play candy crush to avoid thinking about my issues whyd my brain go hey starve urself

  • graham24smith Graham Smith (@graham24smith) reported

    Every mobile game ad is some shitty version of candy crush or a game where you have to decide whether to use a sledgehammer or tape to fix a leaky sink...

  • atlas_grantxxx Atlas Grant (@atlas_grantxxx) reported

    @ThorsHammr69 @ChampRobinsonX @BrianBondsXXX @MrMasonLear @bullinterrupted @FuckChampRob I personally like it fast and hard and deep, I teach for my phone and play candy crush when it’s slow

  • oh_kwaku IG: Oh_Kwaku🔩🔧🔨 (@oh_kwaku) reported

    @SelfLoveGh @mahama_k First of, I'm not Gay. they're really nice people but I'm not one of them. moreover I post what I want at whatever time I want. so if you have a problem with it. SCROLL PAST MY TWEET HIT THE RETURN BUTTON AND PLAY CANDY CRUSH OR SOMETHING.

  • Gringo__star Gringo-star (@Gringo__star) reported

    @BreakenridgeYEG Just costco, not important issue, play candy crush,

  • jpuglessi98 Joey Puglessi (@jpuglessi98) reported from Cincinnati, Ohio

    My trust issues stem from the suggested moves in Candy Crush always screwing me over

  • Oguma_Akpos Akpos (@Oguma_Akpos) reported

    I got to level 815 of candy crush then it stopped working 😭😭😭

  • LateralusNoose Matt (@LateralusNoose) reported

    Just bought two 5.99 powerups on Candy Crush. I have a problem.

  • KeitaKuhn Double (Miracle)K(iller) (@KeitaKuhn) reported

    @monollock @Melonhead2408 @b_albenali @XanderStabbity @TheSmashWaffle @MyNintendoNews Games like Candy Crush are only relevant due to nostalgia purposes and are not as widely paid for as you think. These games have problems, but ******* Energy isn't it

  • Aderonbi_ (@Aderonbi_) reported

    We get a scare every day mehn 😭 Yesterday my car stopped accelerating for 5mins in the middle of nowhere because Anire was using the cruise control like candy crush. Tonight, we got pulled over for a broken tag light. We got off with a warning to replace. God abeg 😭

  • JoanneJ47060002 Joanne Jennings (@JoanneJ47060002) reported

    OMFG! Those bombs on candy crush are causing me to develop serious anger issues. Stress release. BULLSHIT!!!!😠😠😠

  • Elizabeth__Cait lizzy ✌🏼 (@Elizabeth__Cait) reported

    Who let me redownload candy crush I have a serious problem

  • idfkmack Mack (@idfkmack) reported

    When I checked my screen time it said 39 hours on candy crush..... i definitely have a problem

  • oliviasdiamonds Skipper Liv (@oliviasdiamonds) reported

    @Gaviles27 I had that problem my first year of college, don’t ever let me download candy crush or frozen free fall ever again

  • alimae4 Ali Rossetti (@alimae4) reported

    Currently working out next to a lady sitting on the mat playing candy crush 🤔🤔🤔

  • EYEZIC_Official EYEZIC-MUSIC (@EYEZIC_Official) reported

    If I don’t respond to your texts or any other message. It’s not that I don’t like you or am ignoring you. I’m taking the time for myself and working on a ton of things.. Either that or playing candy crush, lol

  • hyghonlyf Meenu✨ (@hyghonlyf) reported

    Working and adulting this week has been me moving around tasks and things till they make sense and getting them done, it's like the most boring version of candy crush ever

  • chriz_za Chriz zA Playz (@chriz_za) reported

    Whelp. :( imma play candy crush instead playing roblox while crashed and not working...

  • DavidWheeler069 David Wheeler (@DavidWheeler069) reported

    @Deidrelee55 @CandyCrushSaga I am having the same problem

  • DavidWheeler069 David Wheeler (@DavidWheeler069) reported

    @Deidrelee55 @King_Games Same problem I am having. And I just talked to a Candy Crush buddy, who is also having the problem

  • lordofthepies_ who dat (@lordofthepies_) reported

    Everytime I change the time on the computer to get more candy crush lives, Microsoft tells me there's a problem with my account. Keep it moving Microsoft everything's good here

  • barelyberlee KIMBERLEE BOGS (@barelyberlee) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga I'm done!!! This has been my 5/6th "sorry we're having a bunch of emails ck FAQ" BS emails for several weeks. Now my daughter is having the same issue, "Can't connect to server" looked through your FAQ NOTHING on PC if you're only going to focus on mobile users

  • caitlinsjonesx caitlin (@caitlinsjonesx) reported

    the past like week has been the shittiest ever and its only gone n got worse LOL. ive broken my phone but i think its doing me some good that im not on it as much, when its fixed ima try not spending as much time on it. i do miss candy crush a lot tho

  • _bwilliams3 Brooke (@_bwilliams3) reported

    I’m not the type of person that goes to work and tells everyone about my personal issues. I’m the type of person that goes to the bathroom to play @CandyCrushSaga for 10 minutes.

  • lilmissdallas_ Victoria (@lilmissdallas_) reported

    I made my boyfriend download candy crush so that he could send me lives and it’s not even working 🙄🙄🙄

  • swamptingz chromosome of evil (@swamptingz) reported

    @Mr_KKKay that’s the problem with our generation, not Candy Crush, not twerking, no! It’s the fact we don’t write I’m Mad letters anymore. Letters get things changed! Especially to companies! Tweets don’t!

  • Erin_J2 Erin J (@Erin_J2) reported

    Been working wayyyy too hard, lemme play candy crush real quick

  • aussiemum30 Kylie W 🇦🇺 (@aussiemum30) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga have u guys fixed the issue of players not able to send lives to other players on android devices.

  • KarlaJoannaMeza theykallmebarla (@KarlaJoannaMeza) reported

    I wish I had @5angellopez problems that consist of him not having anymore lives in candy crush ...

  • KarlaJoannaMeza theykallmebarla (@KarlaJoannaMeza) reported

    I wish I have @5angellopez problems that consist of him not having anymore life’s to pass his candy crush level... que vida tan difícil

  • ReadingwJessica Jess 🍍 (@ReadingwJessica) reported

    @eksoinspired Yes! It’s like candy crush but you’re fixing up a house at the same time :) (it doesn’t do all those choices to fix things. Idk why the advertises show that)

  • Summer_BC Summer 💕 (@Summer_BC) reported

    I just recently moved out and now I spend all of my time sleeping, working, or candy crush. I need something more.

  • harleyjennMC Harley Jenn MC (@harleyjennMC) reported

    @georgiarandrew @kodeerants Kodee after the way you behaved when jeffree and james hurt YOUR feelings you should probably just go play candy crush or yell about someone you currently have an issue with. So far ive yet to see christy overreact about anything. She's HURT. Try and remember how YOU felt

  • pyinn (@pyinn) reported

    @CandyCrushSaga Still the same. I cleared cache for google play store, candy crush and FB. Then restarted my mobile. Still getting same error. And yes - android.

  • deadIizard lil juul (@deadIizard) reported

    haley is working out and i have 30 minutes of unlimited lives in candy crush

  • ellen_oneill Ellen O'Neill (@ellen_oneill) reported

    A3: Working out, sleep (so not good without sleep), reading and Candy Crush (guilty pleasure)! Also, spending time my family. Time re-invigorate me! #PIAChat

  • BrexitBattalion The Brexit Battalion (@BrexitBattalion) reported

    Some 2D Candy Crush Government will table a motion for dissolution of parliament, parliament will reject it In rejecting the chance to issue to the people in a GE, Government will use that as justification to ignore the bill and request Queen not make it law

  • LonelySpaceKid the birds work for the bourgeoisie (@LonelySpaceKid) reported

    After working an office job for a total of *looks at watch* 3 and a half hours, I understand why people still play candy crush

  • jyKeding 세후닝 (@jyKeding) reported

    .... i forgot to login candy crush....

  • AdyC76 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿★★ Ady Colclough ★★🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 (@AdyC76) reported

    @webusermagazine *that'd fix most of the problems - still have things like candy crush that you wouldn't need a signal for*

  • debbie0511 Debbie Herbert (@debbie0511) reported

    @smilecouples @CandyCrushSaga I don’t pay either but I cant earn any rewards. My quests that were in the side bar isn’t working. I don’t get it any more. My spaceship I didn’t get and they won’t respond to me. I have sent 7 msg to them. They have the worst customer service

  • debbie0511 Debbie Herbert (@debbie0511) reported

    @smilecouples @CandyCrushSaga I am having the same problem. No boosts. No quests or spaceship. Along with no response to the 7 letters i have sent them

  • debbie0511 Debbie Herbert (@debbie0511) reported

    Is there any way you can tell me how i can get someone to respond to my messages to King Games. My Candy Crush is not working and I have sent them 7 msg and no response except a robot letter that says. Get back to you shortly. Thannks

  • SprintTo ShiftToSprint (@SprintTo) reported

    @ibxtoycat I’ve only ever had a sugar crash whilst playing candy crush. Surprisingly, it just made me salty

  • DrPhilMyNuts Ta (@DrPhilMyNuts) reported

    Candy crush gonna be the reason my phone is broken I swear .