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Cloudflare is a company that provides DDoS mitigation, content delivery network (CDN) services, security and distributed DNS services. Cloudflare's services sit between the visitor and the Cloudflare user's hosting provider, acting as a reverse proxy for websites.

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October 16: Problems at Cloudflare

Cloudflare is having issues since 09:40 AM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • PenguinDT TAGAP (@PenguinDT) reported

    @ZooBorns @Cloudflare I was wondering where my starting page at the office disappeared 🙁 Whoever took down a site dedicated to baby animals, whether it was Cloudflare themselves or a troll, is a monster.

  • ZooBorns ZooBorns (@ZooBorns) reported

    A week ago ZooBorns was taken down by @Cloudflare. It's taken 3 days of back and forth with their "Abuse" team to get added to queue to wait for Support. Your baby animals and conservation news will return whenever @Cloudflare decides it matters.

  • DuncteBot DuncteBot (@DuncteBot) reported

    It looks like Discord/CloudFlare is blocking the bot from properly connecting to the voice servers If music isn't working for you try switching voice regions (no guarantees that it will fix the issue)

  • Postfunk Ross Holeman (@Postfunk) reported

    @lukestokes I know of no DDoS attempts on a BP so far. But... Upon registration BP Producer and API nodes could be behind multiple DDoS/LB solutions (not just one). CloudFlare, F5, etc. With more geographic/network distribution you could also just shutodown/unreg nodes that are attacked.

  • Iggy Iggy (@Iggy) reported

    Cloudflare System Status All Systems Operational = Well obviously NOT since I'm getting an error message when trying to login this morning

  • Iggy Iggy (@Iggy) reported

    .@Cloudflare says It looks like we're having some internal issues. Our team has been notified. If you'd like to help, tell us what happened below.

  • BassFalc0n BassFalc0n (@BassFalc0n) reported

    @freeCodeCamp Seems the site is still down. Continually getting Cloudflare 524 timeout error when trying to log in with GitHub or Google account. Attempted to create an email-based account, received an authentication code, and the code comes back as invalid. (Then throws the 524 error.)

  • z3r0Gee iR (@z3r0Gee) reported

    @xKaliSec Weak ass skiddie shit. You're whole article relies on people being noobs. It's not Cloudflare's fault people don't known better. They do a pretty damn good job of protecting the upstream, and have tutorials on how to hide it. #WeakSauce #TrollFAIL

  • z3r0Gee iR (@z3r0Gee) reported

    @syedbalkhi @sucurisecurity @Cloudflare Big difference between the two. You can't compare Sucuri to Cloudflare. Cloudflare is where it all started, they're hands down the best at miigating attacks (remember spamhaus) and their outage wasn't anywhere near as bad!

  • AternosStatus Aternos Status (@AternosStatus) reported

    The issue has been resolved by Cloudflare, joining your Minecraft server should work without problems again and we are deploying more resources to decrease the queueing time.

  • perezbox Tony Perez (@perezbox) reported

    @mariocorallo @sucurisecurity @Cloudflare @sucuri Yes, we sustained new attacks this morning that caused some issues. It is now addressed. Thanks

  • displaced80 Chris Platts (@displaced80) reported

    @Born2BeMild @meldh @virginmedia VM seemed to struggle with DNS back in the NTL days! If you’d rather not feed Google’s marketing algorithms with your DNS lookups, CloudFlare offer a DNSSEC-enabled not-sold-to-advertisers service at

  • mattrobin140s Matt Robin (@mattrobin140s) reported

    @ProductHunt @Cloudflare It doesn’t slow you down, but I tried out the iOS app, and some apps struggled to work properly while it was in use. Give it a go, sure, but don’t expect great things from it.

  • paulosaelias Paulo Sa Elias (@paulosaelias) reported

    @Cloudflare There is a Cloudflare customer/user who is disrespecting trademark rights of a Brazilian company who sought my legal advice. Please, I need to contact your legal department via e-mail address. (Sam/Elisa/Andria/Dian or Florence). Thank you.

  • thetechguy2006 thetechguy (@thetechguy2006) reported

    if you cannot access the site clear cash, cookies etc. configuring cloudflare now to work with the site. #WebsiteDown. SSL is currently down.

  • lolaodelola lola. (@lolaodelola) reported

    The only concern I have is that this feels like a lot for what I want. Cloudflare & Coudfront seems overkill for a blog but to be fair, I'm using Cloudflare for the free DNS service & CNAME flattening, so not really going in to all their other offerings.

  • zerodhaonline Zerodha (@zerodhaonline) reported

    @VinodPa69751116 Hey Vinod, there were no issues with us today. Clients with Jio ISP could not connect to cloudflare sites for a few minutes.

  • rajupp Raju PP (@rajupp) reported

    @thesureshg @Cloudflare yeah, was down for ~5 mins. wrong timing

  • ijazrafi Ijaz Rafi (@ijazrafi) reported from Lahore District, Punjab Province

    @perezbox @syedbalkhi @sucurisecurity @Cloudflare Still we love this service but customer service is getting worse everyday and its a mess when we have to respond our end clients as well

  • TangentEthereal Ethereal Tangent (@TangentEthereal) reported

    @TheOnlyWern Nah, they're perfectly safe on @Cloudflare unless their CEO gets a ton of bad press coverage again. Bad PR is the only thing that activates his "ethics", and the press largely ignores Kiwi Farms.

  • sergiuprt Sergiu (@sergiuprt) reported

    well it's not really a "classic" VPN service. it doesn't hide your IP or location, it masks your traffic and encrypts your request, which, by me, it's more important for your internet safety and data security #internetsecurity #cloudflare #onlinesecurity #infosec

  • rajupp Raju PP (@rajupp) reported

    Buggers @Cloudflare such an awful time to go down

  • dxgl_org William (@dxgl_org) reported

    @leonardjfrench @ReclaimNet Reclaimthenet uses Cloudflare, a service popular with criminals. cc @phyzonloop @sharpfilejeff

  • topper_josh Joshy (@topper_josh) reported

    @nickowensxoxo The debug message says it a connection issue between CB and Cloudflare, just like it always is.

  • Kethku Keith Simmons (@Kethku) reported

    @momack28 @pfrazee @infura_io @Cloudflare My main concern is that if I provide the full size images even for just the most recent image from the satellites and it gets some traction, my bandwidth costs will skyrocket. Storage is also a concern but probably further down the line since I don't expect to host images forever

  • fabiolean A Cow's Opinion (@fabiolean) reported

    @freeCodeCamp I have had no luck accessing the site, still. I get a OTP challenge when trying to sign in, but catch a 504 error from Cloudflare every time I try.

  • TaigaMerlin Taiga Merlin (@TaigaMerlin) reported

    So this slack bot needs to hit a few APIs to complete its task, but Cloudflare worker will terminate all connections as soon as I respond. And Slack wants my bot to respond ASAP. Maybe I should just go with a tried and true service on k8s...

  • bkerensa Benjamin Kerensa (@bkerensa) reported

    @riotgames Yeah but you haven’t fixed the brute force of user accounts issue. Start blocking brute force attacks or get @Cloudflare on your web infra or something.

  • Marc_Laflamme Marc Laflamme (@Marc_Laflamme) reported

    @TechTrainerTim Was using CloudFlare but it recently had some issues. Changed to Google and it's been good. There is a util that benchmarks DNS for your connection. Can't recall name atm.

  • zaherg Zaher Ghaibeh (@zaherg) reported

    @Yank @Cloudflare Actually I was talking about one of my domains, disabling DNSSEC fixed the issue. I removed it from my account and kept the registrar DNS for debugging. Now it is working with DNSSEC disabled.

  • BerinSzoka Berin Szóka (@BerinSzoka) reported

    6) Rs correctly note that the world has become more complicated since #Section230 was enacted, and that the issue isn't just about websites anymore, but also about services like CloudFlare Yes, but that messing with those services could TRULY break the Internet

  • andrewtj andrewtj (@andrewtj) reported

    "Apple engineers at IETF are working on a solution to add DoH support at an operating system level" Keep this in mind when considering replacing the system resolver. Don't overlook users that already use DNSCrypt or DoH via an app like DNSCloak or Cloudflare's either.

  • ijazrafi Ijaz Rafi (@ijazrafi) reported

    @syedbalkhi @sucurisecurity @Cloudflare And even in their support system response time is pretty dead. In emergencies, they take around 12 hours to respond with a weird reply, which means you are not going to get a solution before 24 hours or more even your site is down :(

  • The_Erin_Black Erin Black's in Detroit, CLT, and Charleston! (@The_Erin_Black) reported

    @PhoenixxVIP @AdahliaCole @socalsweetsarah @WeAreTryst Cloudflare is a CDN and cloudsigma is a VPS/Hosting cloud service, which are two different things. you could use both at the same time, technically, as they don't provide the same service based on my understanding.

  • z3r0Gee iR (@z3r0Gee) reported

    @bzimmatore @sucurisecurity @sucurilabs @perezbox @danielcid @sh0kunin I'm not claiming anything. It's obviously an attack they can't mitigate. They should give in and ask @Cloudflare for some help. At least they can keep us online lol

  • The_Erin_Black Erin Black's in Detroit, CLT, and Charleston! (@The_Erin_Black) reported

    @PhoenixxVIP @AdahliaCole @socalsweetsarah @WeAreTryst honestly im not following - if they get their cloudflare shut down, the server/site are still in tact. it's just like having a domain shut down; you just get a different one and do your 301 redirects.

  • rizache Adrian Farcas (@rizache) reported

    Cloudflare blocks or challenges bad requests from hitting my website. #cloudflare

  • tikanium Kartika C. (@tikanium) reported

    When it got issue with Cloudflare... #yangpahamaja

  • syedbalkhi Syed Balkhi (@syedbalkhi) reported

    Today @sucurisecurity faced a major outage - first in Europe and then I believe worldwide since some of my sites went down. I see a lot of people saying they'll switch to @Cloudflare but remember they too had an outage in July. In tech, outages are a matter of when (not if).

  • harmlessbunny a harmless bunny (@harmlessbunny) reported

    @CryWasTaken If you aren't already, try changing your DNS to one not from your provider, ie Google or Cloudflare. Might help initial latency.

  • joshpowell100 Josh Powell (@joshpowell100) reported

    @prdonahue @Cloudflare @BlakeMattos Thanks for the reply, something like a drop down at the bottom in 20 increments to display additional website lines, I appreciate its more scrolling but saves waiting for 15 separate page loads/clicks. Would be happy to help in any way.

  • IanKoHoman Ian Homan (@IanKoHoman) reported

    Wordpress Users - I am no longer providing @Stackpath in our network services we offer. To our users who use @squarespace - we'll still offer stackpath CDN & cloudflare bundle by default.

  • Scott_Helme Scott Helme (@Scott_Helme) reported

    @kylegutschow @troyhunt @Cloudflare @hak5darren @Hak5 @Hak5Gear @reporturi @securityheaders @The_Pi_Hole @mozilla @trackjs @letsencrypt Haha no, maybe I should treat it to one!

  • prajjwalsin Prajjwal Singh (@prajjwalsin) reported

    Took < 30 minutes this morning to regain access to a CloudFlare account I managed to get locked out of(corrupted 2FA backup). On one hand, I thank the support stafff. On the other, the potential effectiveness of social engineering has been driven home. #security

  • Chac Carlos (📱💎🧬) Carrasco (@Chac) reported

    @Cloudflare boy im having a hard time trying to connect to glue service

  • itsmatteomanf Matteo Manfredi (@itsmatteomanf) reported

    @BenjaminEHowe @ow @sgisasi @teddy @Cloudflare @comodo_labs @letsencrypt If you message their support (in the dashboard -> support -> get more help) they can move you to their new pipeline (which is already been done gradually) which will have only your domain. You'll need SNI even on Pro, but it's not really an issue nowadays.

  • frank_flare Frankie H. (@frank_flare) reported

    @yjwong @Cloudflare @IndiHome @CloudflareHelp Hi There, the issue should be fixed at the moment. Please DM me if it is not fixed yet. Thanks!

  • yjwong Wong Yong Jie (@yjwong) reported

    @IndiHome It's not a problem faced by us, but by all your customers. Just search "@IndiHome CloudFlare" on Twitter, it's been reported by so many people. You need to escalate/inform your network engineers to fix this problem.

  • comodo_labs Comodo Threat Research Labs (@comodo_labs) reported

    @ow @Cloudflare @SectigoHQ and @ComodoSSLstore need to look at this issue.

  • sgisasi Sergi Isasi (@sgisasi) reported

    @ow @teddy @Cloudflare @comodo_labs Hi Owen - just had team look into this and this cert issuance is legitimate and through Cloudflare. The notification is a bad UX though - we'll be working on fixing this soon.

  • ow Owen Williams ⚡ (@ow) reported from Toronto, Ontario

    @nickmalcolm @Cloudflare @comodo_labs Ugh this stuff is the worst

  • leereichardt Lee (@leereichardt) reported

    @Cloudflare not impressed with your support and it definitely doesn't want to make me upgrade to WARP+. Your replies are cut and paste, and the exact same reply. Clearly, your team aren't actually reading what is sent in. Maybe that IPO has clouded your judgement

  • leereichardt Lee (@leereichardt) reported

    @Cloudflare not impressed with your support and it definitely doesn't want to make me upgrade to WARP+. Your replies are cut and paste, and the exact same reply. Clearly, your team aren't actually ready what is sent in. Maybe that IPO has clouded your judgement

  • pvl4sov Pavel Vlasov (@pvl4sov) reported

    @theKashey @awslambda @Cloudflare Enhanced P2P networking support is in beta for lambda, so it will get better sometime soon

  • TurkFebruary4 The Pony Gorilla Once Known As Turk February (@TurkFebruary4) reported

    Holy shit, I almost published a video with my IP address displayed on a Cloudflare **** up screen.

  • BadwolfTX Jay (@BadwolfTX) reported

    @CloudflareHelp @Cloudflare After several times refreshing and re-logging int, finally was able to login :-/

  • followdd Daniel D Bear (@followdd) reported

    @Cloudflare @CloudflareHelp Can you please help with the loss of access for two hours into my account because your reset link and function does not work for me!

  • TheGulshanKumar Gulshan Kumar 🇮🇳 (@TheGulshanKumar) reported

    Learnt that using Cloudflare app with Warp bypass this issue. 😉

  • Gergo4961 Gregory Steam, Gergő (@Gergo4961) reported

    🐼📢 @SkinBetGG is down because of some issues with @Cloudflare , hoping to fix it soon, being able to log in to the account would probably help, hopefully it's an issue with them that will soon be fixed on it's own. I'll try to keep you updated!

  • kautsarjuhari kautsar juhari (@kautsarjuhari) reported

    @Cloudflare Hi, I want to report there is a Page load time issue for a website from Indonesia. It's very slow (+30 seconds) @CloudflareHelp @Cloudflare #cloudflare