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Cloudflare is a company that provides DDoS mitigation, content delivery network (CDN) services, security and distributed DNS services. Cloudflare's services sit between the visitor and the Cloudflare user's hosting provider, acting as a reverse proxy for websites.

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  • domjhUK domjh (@domjhUK) reported

    @ohiobitcoin @Cloudflare @CloudflareHelp Not sure what backup service you mean, though!

  • techieV2 Sriram Velamur (SMV) (@techieV2) reported

    @tonybruess @Cloudflare @AngelList Sorry Tony, missed your mention. My current public IP is Haven't seen it since last evening though, still unsure why. Ruled out my initial hunch of a VPN since the issue seemed to be recurring with/without a VPN.

  • domjhUK domjh (@domjhUK) reported

    @ohiobitcoin @Cloudflare @CloudflareHelp Hi there, if you are on an enterprise account, you should be able to contact your rep at Cloudflare, if not you can always email support(at)cloudflare(dot)com from the email address on the account. Twitter is probably not the quickest way to get support.

  • vincent_tky Vincent Tan (@vincent_tky) reported

    @SingtelSupport network is being blocked by CloudFlare that’s supporting several SG Govt websites. Called your tech support to simply refresh my IP, and they can’t do that. It’s a simple request!

  • SuccuCirno Cirno (@SuccuCirno) reported

    @GEmperor500 @dx61ve @notdan @Cloudflare Deplatforming may take down one person, but the next will have contingency plans and be able to learn. Even if deplatforming gets rid of the current target, the next targets will harden themselves. They don't seem to get this, though.

  • Quinny898 Kieron Quinn (@Quinny898) reported

    @veitchtweets @OpenreachHelp Either way changing the DNS to Google's or Cloudflare's won't cause issues, and it's easy to revert if needed (just setting it back to auto will work)

  • Earn99_ Earn99 (@Earn99_) reported

    All pending withdrawals have been paid out, and all Cloudflare issues have been resolved. Thanks for using Earn99.

  • Earn99_ Earn99 (@Earn99_) reported

    We’re currently experiencing issues with Cloudflare, which is disrupting some of our services. Please stand by while we work hard to fix the problem.

  • PeterNikolow Peter Nikolow (@PeterNikolow) reported

    @schachin @jonoalderson @dergal @davidiwanow @yoast But giving recipes for that is almost impossible because we didn't know your issue(s). That's why many people take easy way - accelerating on network level with CDN like Cloudflare.

  • y0edan2 edan (@y0edan2) reported

    @eastdakota Cannot tell if you and the Cloudflare team support Google or not 🤔 I see both sides of anti-support, and support from you guys. I think Google does some great things, and then some not.

  • NikoCodey Codey (@NikoCodey) reported

    @xxdesmus @troyhunt @Cloudflare @eastdakota Our service was down hours because of this. Def don't wanna experience that again.

  • NikoCodey Codey (@NikoCodey) reported

    @xxdesmus @troyhunt @Cloudflare @eastdakota It's also an issue when you don't check whethee your complaints are legitimate. You've marked my site as phishing from a fake report, scared a lot of users and didn't correct it until we contacted your support.

  • xxdesmus Justin (@xxdesmus) reported

    @troyhunt @NikoCodey @Cloudflare @eastdakota To be clear, if your host is not doing any due diligence on a complaint they receive that’s an issue to address with your host.

  • NikoCodey Codey (@NikoCodey) reported

    @troyhunt @Cloudflare @eastdakota Correct. But it's also different when they don't forward the original email headers. The host believes it's a legitimate report from Cloudflare with no way to prove otherwise because you don't have access to the original email headers of the reporter. Pretty broken system.

  • troyhunt Troy Hunt (@troyhunt) reported from Gold Coast, State of Queensland

    @NikoCodey @Cloudflare @eastdakota AFAIK, @Cloudflare merely passes in notices that are sent to them, they don’t issue copyright notices themselves

  • DomLip94 Dominic Lipscombe (@DomLip94) reported

    @jgrahamc @eastdakota @svdantuluri @Cloudflare I feel like I could do with being paid 100k a year chief. Can you help

  • Th3Mort Sweets 🌀 (@Th3Mort) reported

    @troyhunt @Cloudflare Man, you get hammered from bots, guessing there is a lot of shady people that hate your service.

  • lyttlerock Aadhi Manivannan (@lyttlerock) reported

    @nick_p @Cloudflare Good question. I’ve never personally experienced this problem since I usually only upload solo files. I’ll do some digging on this.

  • DeborahPeasley Deborah (@DeborahPeasley) reported

    @baptist_news This looks like a interesting topic. It's too bad that you use Cloudflare to keep Christians such as myself from being able to read it.

  • onecoinjoe 🤖 👑 🌍 (@onecoinjoe) reported

    @itsccb @sunnya97 @Cloudflare TBF, it's their business model not to go down.

  • eastdakota Matthew Prince 🌥 (@eastdakota) reported

    @DomLip94 @jgrahamc @svdantuluri @Cloudflare He doesn’t. He chooses to in order to have the full experience of being a customer, including billing and receiving marketing communications. Helps cultivate empathy for all customers.

  • svdantuluri Surya Dantuluri (@svdantuluri) reported

    @jgrahamc @Cloudflare Getting that full customer experience from someone like the CTO is why startups like Cloudflare are great(not to mention Zoom's CEO as well). For reasons like this, I'm hoping to come on board next year after meeting up with with Joaquin a few months back!

  • jgrahamc John Graham-Cumming (@jgrahamc) reported

    @svdantuluri @Cloudflare Yes. And it’s available on every @Cloudflare plan. I actually pay for @Cloudflare myself so I get the full customer experience. I even contact support from time to time.

  • jgrahamc John Graham-Cumming (@jgrahamc) reported

    Not just live coding, but live deploy to the 193 cities of @Cloudflare’s global network and then hit “Refresh” in browser to see that the new code is live in seconds. Zero fakery. Literally did that live using my personal account.

  • Tecnoguy1 The Skrub King (@Tecnoguy1) reported

    @RonMustache @DesignByAdrian @OneSporky @UnimpressedTX @Cloudflare Mate, I’m not crying about shit. You’re crying about a site going down. You need to go outside.

  • RonMustache Ron Burgundy (@RonMustache) reported

    @DesignByAdrian @Tecnoguy1 @OneSporky @UnimpressedTX @Cloudflare Or he can be like you and cry about how mean people say mean things and they shouldn't be allowed to do that. Cause it's bad guyz!

  • Tecnoguy1 The Skrub King (@Tecnoguy1) reported

    @RonMustache @OneSporky @DesignByAdrian @UnimpressedTX @Cloudflare It did host CP for some time until it was taken down. That means it still actually hosted it LMAO And yeah my objective is actually to be obtuse and waste your time. I genuinely cannot take you or your alt seriously.

  • Tecnoguy1 The Skrub King (@Tecnoguy1) reported

    @OneSporky @DesignByAdrian @UnimpressedTX @Cloudflare You seem to think this is more important than anything else at the moment. To support someone who wants to regulate ISPs so that they can monopolise and silence whatever site they want would surely be a key thing that makes you hate him

  • RonMustache Ron Burgundy (@RonMustache) reported

    @Tecnoguy1 @OneSporky @DesignByAdrian @UnimpressedTX @Cloudflare Not really sure how you can go to 8ch right now changes the initial tweet, or the outpouring of support for the Orwellian cancel culture actually getting their way. But, by all means. Continue on the course of all or nothing as you selectively argue it's okay to censor.

  • Tecnoguy1 The Skrub King (@Tecnoguy1) reported

    @RonMustache @OneSporky @DesignByAdrian @UnimpressedTX @Cloudflare Free exchange is what the dark net is for. Any private company can allow or revoke whatever they want on their service, this includes cloudflare. Unless you want a communist system where the government controls everything, a private company has no reason to allow everything.

  • twiikuu twiikuu (@twiikuu) reported

    if you were to care about my nerd opinion on their DX: cloudflare: good netlify: very quite good tailwindcss: holy shit good vuejs + evan you stuff: nice good gridsome: good ideas, needs to mature the SSR meme: interesting, has potential paypal: actually yikes

  • Lucian_Veres lucian veres (@Lucian_Veres) reported

    @warezbborg Sorry for my off-topic post, but I just wanted to point out that, in Germany, there are problems with your site since a week. Everything is working well until you click on a topic to go to the download page. It returns an error: Cloudflare connection lost with Warez-BB.

  • Willi4mRho4d3s Electricty hacker (@Willi4mRho4d3s) reported

    @Cloudflare FUD and Short cloudflare if you aren't going to provide digital logistical insurance services when they are needed then you aren't really an anti DDOS service you are a fair weather friend company. Nobody needs an umbrella when it's not raining.

  • lampsea12 lampsea12 (@lampsea12) reported

    Cloudflare blocks or challenges bad requests from hitting my website. #cloudflare

  • lizthegrey Liz Fong-Jones (方禮真) (@lizthegrey) reported

    @Patrick76158207 That's really what I've been thinking through ever since Cloudflare told me that they'd be happy to offer me as much Cloudflare as I wanted, not understanding that that... wasn't my problem.

  • GoatsMedia Goats Media Hosting (@GoatsMedia) reported

    @GGServersLtd Chat support is unwilling to help me get my account canceled. They are telling me to submit a ticket but your those services with Cloudflare are down

  • AshipaEK0 L' Amant (@AshipaEK0) reported

    @moverick @Spectranet_NG You need to switch DNS Install cloudflare DNS app on mobile and set DNS on PC network connection. Only way to use their useless service

  • randompunter Damian Hickey 🤔 (@randompunter) reported

    @stack72 Yep! But the Cloudflare provider has a bug in it and the import is not working.... so I worked around it. Dunno if it is pulumi or the bridged TF provider.

  • SlvrEagle23 Buster "Silver Eagle" Neece (@SlvrEagle23) reported

    @LizardOrman My workaround for now is just to turn CloudFlare back on (CF was causing the problem by aggro-caching stuff in front of it, but I need CF for its SSL if LetsEncrypt won't work) and just explicitly adding a page rule disabling its perf stuff. I don't like using my page rules! >:(

  • bootmii David Calman (@bootmii) reported

    @ruewenfate8 @HomelandDems @POTUS He can't force Cloudflare or Voxility to do shit.

  • benmcginnes Ben McGinnes (@benmcginnes) reported

    @yanivconspiracy @TamiW_hitt @AWGecko @Censored_Alien @_Clairsey_ @invigilator4 @TheLegendOfMaku @feralize @USATamiW @MeganGood038 @AngelicaF @StarchildCass @mimi_bobek @DongerStaples @facepalmchris @BethKt1995 @Margie10 @heatherofficial @bralalalala For a so-called "trusted nerd" (side note: never trust anyone who has to put the word trusted in their name), he clearly doesn't have much real technical background. That email is just Google Mail, the website is just WordPress hidden behind CloudFlare. Nothing special at all.

  • ______UnKn0wN_ UnKn0wn ® (@______UnKn0wN_) reported

    You want to do something exciting but first you spend hours trying to obtain an IP address.. **** that, #cloudflare is for company's who got something to hide Lulz 😂

  • aiwbz d0c (@aiwbz) reported

    Stopping the bad guys with Cloudflare: 151 malicious requests blocked or challenged in the last month #cloudflare

  • jdbohrman James D. Bohrman (@jdbohrman) reported

    @DynoDiscord Host on AWS or something. Good lord not Cloudflare. They've been at the center of almost every outage in recent past. Also, get that fault tolerance and server the bot via a CDN on AWS or something. If you need a volunteer give me a shout!

  • tombrad2 Tomas Bradanovic (@tombrad2) reported

    Stopping the bad guys with Cloudflare: 392 malicious requests blocked or challenged in the last month #cloudflare Buen caché para servidores, lo recomiendo

  • LinDavidY David Lin 🛴🔫🇺🇸🤔🌮 (@LinDavidY) reported

    @jess_miers @Cloudflare @BetoORourke What O'Rourke appears to suggest is blatantly unconstitutional, with #1A reaffirmed by both SCOTUS opinions written for Matal v. Tam standing against. Even if elected this will just be yet another broken and meaningless promise for nothing.

  • JakeBuildsStuff Jake (@JakeBuildsStuff) reported

    @MattIPv4 @Cloudflare It's really frustrating. I am used to amazing customer service from Cloudflare, it's a shame when after we send them cURL commands and a HAR file with the dodgy response they do nothing.

  • MattIPv4 Matt (IPv4) Cowley (@MattIPv4) reported

    This seems silly. The @Cloudflare DNS over HTTPS API failed the other day, sent incorrect values. Support engineers reproduced this and we provided live examples as well as CURL requests. Today I get "Unfortunately, the Engineers didn’t have an enough to root cause this issue."

  • alex alex (PVD) (@alex) reported

    @fintechfrank @crunchbasenews @WeWork @Cloudflare @smiledirectclub @cheddar @TWiT i mean i think i own one, but i never notice until i see pics of myself and then i kinda grimace

  • AmericansLove45 Dark Horse (@AmericansLove45) reported

    @Incarnated4EVA @QBlueSkyQ When I clicked that link it said "CloudFlare" was checking my browser. (the co that shut 8 chan down)

  • MNLYEvangelista M. Evangelista (@MNLYEvangelista) reported

    @CloudFlare can go **** itself. Been trying to submit my work for the last day or so. It keeps throwing their bullshit 504 error.

  • JigneX Jignesh Thummar (@JigneX) reported

    @troyhunt @thescottsb @expta @chrisgoosen @Cloudflare I think only reason could be "when CF go down you go down"

  • p7r Paul Robinson (@p7r) reported

    8/ Whilst WeWork talked about addressable market assuming everybody in every business in 111 cities could end up in their sales funnel, Cloudflare is more sober. They do cite customer use cases (Ericsson, IBM, Thomson Reuters), but seem to realise their limitations.

  • mcp_parts Motorcycle Products (@mcp_parts) reported

    Stopping the bad guys with Cloudflare: 19,169 malicious requests blocked or challenged in the last month #cloudflare

  • stevenseralfaro StevenAlfaro (@stevenseralfaro) reported

    @coinspeaker A centralized service that has experienced a lot of outages recently ~ mainly due to bad software deployment. There are upcoming solutions that are utilizing DLT to overcome existing issues. Look at @NoiaNetwork if you're looking for a Cloudflare competitor in the Blockchainspace

  • greenscreendean Green Dean (@greenscreendean) reported

    Lol cloudflare backs the internet. I think the internet has more of a problem with twitter than the others

  • jb_61820 Jonathan Bartlett (@jb_61820) reported

    @PlainSite There's no information there. It just says, "those guys are bad" and then presents a list of people using CloudFlare. An actual mention of an actual problem would be nice.

  • MaliceBD Malice Amarantine (@MaliceBD) reported

    I've been having this issue on my Pixel 2 where it would refuse to load images/videos (or send images via text) while connected to wifi, which made zero sense because my wifi is fast asf. Did some research and found @Cloudflare's DNS app, installed it...problem solved.

  • AnonAmishGnome Anonymous (@AnonAmishGnome) reported

    @ThebetterJD @jjilmary @POTUS Eh so the #Cloudflare protection went down what happened next

  • ItsASidh It'sSidh (@ItsASidh) reported

    @rexisminimalis It could be a wider cloudflare issue which would explain the a lot of websites and services being kinda spotty now that I think about it