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Coinbase is a digital asset broker headquartered in San Francisco, California. They broker exchanges of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other digital assets with fiat currencies in 32 countries, and bitcoin transactions and storage in 190 countries worldwide.

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  • abmnatn
    ABMNATN (@abmnatn) reported

    @theywilcatchyou @lartdetre @dav1700 @xrp @coinbase I've used BITSTAMP for over a year now. I've never had any problems with my account. Every Exchange seems to have disgruntled users for some reason or another. But as it stands now BITSTAMP is legit based on my experience.

  • sepicorp
    Sepicorp GC's and FM (@sepicorp) reported

    @Killakel85 @Common5EN5E @TronLDN @coinbase I’m not an expert on a wide range of exchanges, however I’ve had no issues at Binance for actually trading. As for how you deal with fiat transactions, there are debit cards that are linked to BTC that you can get to make withdrawals. I think we could start seeing more options.

  • gwestr
    Greg Wester (@gwestr) reported from Gurgaon, State of Haryāna

    @AnonBTC1 @anthbennett Those scams will go under and they will completely take down Coinbase, Binance, and other linked counterparties. It will be so much worse than 2008. Over $10 billion has gone missing. Most exchanges and brokers will close. A Panama Papers size list of people will be wanted.

  • MrDoza1
    DoZa (@MrDoza1) reported

    @CryptoCoinsNews Yea reason cuz its coinbase it just dips look at the new coins down by 30%

  • xlmmoon
    TripleT (@xlmmoon) reported

    @coinbase @WeGift Sad holiday when crypto market is going down.

  • T3naciousC
    TenaciousC (@T3naciousC) reported

    Well, most of us do indeed hate slow bleeding... I'm sure a Facebook takeover could speed up the process to make coinbase obsolete 🙄

  • cyberprompt
    Completely Innocent (@cyberprompt) reported

    Ripple Boys October 2018: "WTF! Coinbase is just trying to keep XRP down! List $XRP!" Ripple Boys December 2018: "Oh god please don't list,... we're boned."

  • Weeklyoptions
    OptionsGenius (@Weeklyoptions) reported

    @Seahawks @Patriots @Broncos @NFL Hey Guys Do you know #bitcoin is trading 82% down at $3550 from its All time High at $19600 and #BTC is the best in terms of ROI whopping 5500X returns $3 in 2012 to 19500$ by Dec17. Download @coinbase app to get started with #bitcoin purchase

  • ladamson90
    Elcrypto (new XRP Hodler) (@ladamson90) reported

    @justinsuntron Facebook aquiring Coinbase would solve that issue!

  • CTRFuturist
    CSB (@CTRFuturist) reported

    @JasonTh86560017 @CoinbasePro But coinbase has securities trading licence... so they should not have issue

  • steveday99
    Steve Day (@steveday99) reported

    @coinbase just stole $300 in fees from me. Customer service first lied about the information provided during the transaction, then when I duplicated the issue while on the phone they it should have been provided. Supervisor said the same, but refused to refund the fees. Scam!

  • Nguyent53795011
    Tonny (@Nguyent53795011) reported

    @brian_trollz @coinbase The market is going down dramatically. You should consider investing in a good project to avoid losing your money. I came here to introduce people to the Nexty platform. It's really great with reward programs, commissions for investors. You should join immediately io #crypto #nty

  • BrickSpot
    Nicholas Gour (@BrickSpot) reported

    @MoonOverlord i hate coinbase pro, i cant even sign in because i dont have a passport.

  • HackermanAce
    Ace (@HackermanAce) reported

    Marketcap yet has to break a major resistance and has yet to hit support. Calm down $btc bulls, quick altcoin flips tho during upward range moves is nice. Plus with these coinbase pro listing we already know to dump being norm listing.Gathering more btc thru alts to dump to fiat

  • a3456gf
    Sine Nomine (@a3456gf) reported

    @cryptokatia Every exchange is shit for some reason or another. From the UX perspective coinbase pro & bitfinex are pretty good. KYC/AML procedures R mostly crap everywhere (exchanges started to harass even old/verified accounts). Other issues R reliability, especially during high vol periods

  • TahiGichigi
    Tahi (@TahiGichigi) reported

    @pavosage @coinbase You're right about it being optional, which converts well for mass adoption/broad use case. You could say the same about cash. They've made amazing progress over the last yr bringing speed/cost down ~90% (DQM). 1 prob is privacy txs use tons of CPU so imposs on mobile atm.. tbc

  • mrilirgashi
    Ilir Gashi [LTC ⚡] (@mrilirgashi) reported

    @TheTr8er @johnkim77 @SatoshiLite @coinbase @CoinbasePro @cz_binance his earnings are being used to help fund the LTC Foundation, which is going back into the development of Litecoin and pushing for adoption. I see no problem in him doing this - since he's using fiat to essentially promote a cryptocurrency. Adoption is key in this industry.

  • mrilirgashi
    Ilir Gashi [LTC ⚡] (@mrilirgashi) reported

    @TheTr8er @johnkim77 @SatoshiLite @coinbase @CoinbasePro @cz_binance The point of selling is to reduce any conflict of interest. Buying another cryptocurrency doesn't solve this problem. We've seen major problems with creators owning a large stake in other coins - for example in Bitcoin Cash. Charlie sold to avoid any future problems. In fact, (1)

  • Hupps57Bob
    Bob Hupperich Sr. (@Hupps57Bob) reported

    @CoinomiWallet hi still can’t deposit from my Coinomi wallet into Coinbase Pro.....the send doesn’t lite up. Never had a problem before now!

  • loomdart
    Loomdart the numbers guy (@loomdart) reported

    eth doesn't look bottomed yet but most erc20s finally have a reason for people to buy them (coinbase add hype) which makes total number of reasons to buy erc20s increase to one, expect selling to slow down

  • fireman_ted
    Ian Smith (@fireman_ted) reported

    @coinbase hi can you explain why your customer service is so poor, and I am unable to speak to a human and have to deal with a robot or an email service that doesn’t provide the answers to the issues I have. Terrible service from your company, not acceptable.

  • StuartMeissner
    Stuart D. Meissner Esq. (@StuartMeissner) reported

    @gwestr Actually I have issues with Coinbase as well and some of its practices,but unfortunately its practices R not under SEC jurisdiction.Whether it should be or not is another question.Whether a company is perceived to be successful or not plays 0 role in my professional involvement

  • TheCryptoconomy
    Cryptoconomy ⚡ (@TheCryptoconomy) reported

    @kurtwuckertjr @WHofford Reasonable concern, but LN over Coinbase would give user back a degree of control. Even w/ centralized services, LN may help 2 problems, user gaining some control (independent revocation power), but honest service can still use punishment clause & refund user loses their key.

  • saab2d3d
    saab2d3d (@saab2d3d) reported

    @Melt_Dem @TechCrunch @coinbase @prestonjbyrne I guess they would rather become Netflix instead of Blockbusters. Move forward or die a slow death.

  • _Kevin_Pham
    Kevin Pham (@_Kevin_Pham) reported

    Coinbase probably greenlighted all these shitcoin listings prior to the crash. Don't forget how slow huge regualted financial companies love.

  • YouLaughable
    You're Laughable (@YouLaughable) reported

    @BlTCOINSV @coinbase is going to allow BCHSV withdrawals only for those that had BCH on Coinbase pre-fork; beyond that, there will not be support for BCHSV. BCHSV payment could be weeks to months away too. I love @coinbase but they seem to be stupidly slow in all past forks payments.

  • AlysaQing96
    Alysa (@AlysaQing96) reported

    It works intermittently, and no issue with @UpholdInc so not bank issues😊. Plus, most of the time coinbase message says “success”

  • CapitalTransGrp
    Aaron Catalano (@CapitalTransGrp) reported from Oakton, Virginia

    I have been testing with EOS. Fundamental issues with account creation and fees which is making hard for me to include in our new products. @binance @coinbase

  • CaptsCoinClub
    Captain's Coin Club (@CaptsCoinClub) reported

    @crypto_goat_ @coinbase If this has happens the adoption issue will be taken care of in short manner.

  • pauly7777f
    Pauly (@pauly7777f) reported

    @CoinbasePro @coinbase Between the fees and terrible coins added of late, I may have to find another exchange to use.

  • Crypto_Macro
    Alex Krüger 🇦🇷 (@Crypto_Macro) reported

    @CryptoRevolut11 Issue is aggregators like Coinmarketcap use multiple sources. Highs at Korean exchanges were much higher. $BCH at Coinbase reached 9K. And so on.

  • davehendricks
    Dave Hendricks (@davehendricks) reported

    @APompliano @CryptoSampo @binance @coinbase @ConsenSys @Poloniex So, @consensys is only down 13% from ATH & still has farther to drop - great news meaning hundreds of skilled but misdirected developers working at a chaotic holocratic cult can leave to create economically viable products.

  • sessinpo2
    Sessinpo2 (@sessinpo2) reported

    My call for a BTC to drop to 3200 then move back up to 4600 was a shitty call. Coinbase only went down to 3212 🤣🤣

  • mrknollus
    Chris Knoll (@mrknollus) reported

    If @coinbase adds @DigiByteCoin then they can add Digi-ID as a form of login.

  • lesliephilly
    🧞‍♀️ m00n in libra 🧞‍♂️ (@lesliephilly) reported

    @XRPMichaelB @coinbase may be over time Coinbase has a bad rap right now for good reason Like: *not listing #xrp *Listing Ox protocol for private corporate and personal interests Having terrible customer service *the BCH listing debacle and possible insider trading

  • earlkralik
    Earl Kralik (@earlkralik) reported

    @srust99 @_Kevin_Pham Coinbase promoted a broken Bitcoin client (btc1) that wasn’t tested, would have hard forked the network, and would have halted processing. The CEO should have been fired over that. They're still just as reckless.

  • blockmanity
    Blockmanity (@blockmanity) reported

    - @coinbase is trying to trademark the word "BUIDL" - @BittrexExchange expands to South Africa by partnering with VALR - @binance cuts profit forecast to $500 Mn from $1 Billion - Binance DEX will expose Bitcoin's Block size problem and kill its dominance...NOT!

  • nic__carter
    nic carter (@nic__carter) reported

    @C1aranMurray @RubinReport The problem here is deplatforming... if we're talking about USDC I am certain Coinbase would happily join the deplatforming crew. Eg they deplatformed Wikileaks from their merchant services. The permissioned stablecoins aren't useful for this

  • AlysaQing96
    Alysa (@AlysaQing96) reported

    Had issues with coinbase on deposits and buying. Keeps saying "success" and nothing happens or indicated insufficient fund. Contacted support, couple of days later, got a reply said I didn't have enough funds in my account or bank card was declined, duh🙄 Nice service @Coinbase

  • AlysaQing96
    Alysa (@AlysaQing96) reported

    Never used bank card w/ coinbase, have7-8 times funding in back. 3-4 hours ago today, same thing...well once the bars starting the turn green, I just tried again, hey! no issues. I guess @coinbase only let's me buy when the price is higher.

  • CryptoLilze
    ⚡️⚡️XRP*on*the*brink (@CryptoLilze) reported

    @CrypToe_Man @XRPMichaelB @coinbase well in recent days I've tried Uphold, which I didn't like and Wirex which I loved. The only issue I have with Wirex is that I bought XRP 2 cent above the rate but no fees to move it (just network fee). I've not heard of the two you mention but will try them out as well.

  • Stephen66090574
    Agenda21 (@Stephen66090574) reported

    @coinbase @BakkupBradley Look closely at ZEC since CB launch. Nothing, didn’t even register on the Richter scale. Just let these manipulators die a slow death 🙏

  • BTruhome
    Crypto Mining Barney, esquire me not. (@BTruhome) reported

    @ObiObvi Im down close to that. But i dont ***** its my fault. Mostly..(Well, @binance blew at least 2k in ghost trades, against my will. (Would not let me cancel order for 20 min!! Until it traded against my will -on spikes) And coinbase jacked $3500 from me last dec 21st on a trade fee!

  • PALillie
    Paul lillie (@PALillie) reported

    @_coltseavers @RubinReport @coinbase @myetherwallet @brave @AttentionToken That's my take, last year I could have brought a small house but now I'm down to a used car. I think it'll come good again, I'm hopeful.

  • jaybny
    Jay Berg (@jaybny) reported

    @decentrali @GabrielDVine @theonevortex @coinbase In this case, it is the users who are long the coin who will bare the loss, and the price will drop almost to zero at this exchange until someone is willing to take that risk. again, this should not bring down an exchange.

  • jaybny
    Jay Berg (@jaybny) reported

    @GabrielDVine @theonevortex @coinbase If we are not talking mismanagement of private keys, or any mistakes from the exchange side, then this could only happen if consensus is to hardfork to deplete the exchanges wallet. My point is, it's the exchanges incompetency that will bring them down, not some shitcoin.

  • CryptoK14684160
    CryptoKing (@CryptoK14684160) reported

    @cz_binance @coinbase Drive BTC down, buy up MANY altcoins, then list them on the platform at low prices.. More profits in lower coins, at the moment. Especially with millions to trade with. A 1 cent coin will 10x b4 a $3k coin will..

  • espadrine
    Thaddee Tyl (@espadrine) reported

    @HerrScher5 @ummjackson @coinbase Up or down, it was actually a critique of volatility.

  • Cryptogoldn
    Goldn (@Cryptogoldn) reported

    @cryptosauceg @mishalederman @RobinhoodApp @coinbase The problem with Robinhood is .. you don't get wallet addresses.. Its more like a stock they hold your coin for you. If you want to move your coin to anywhere else you need to convert back to USD.

  • SamTheCarpetMan
    Sam The Carpet Man® (@SamTheCarpetMan) reported

    @coinbase please fix your email auto reply. You are sending me thousands of emails within four minutes!! You are flooding my inbox. Please fix it immediately!!!

  • elavoie
    Eric Lavoie (@elavoie) reported

    @dahat @ArtKeller @GadSaad @jordanbpeterson Crypto can help, if used to sort isolate payment to sender, harder to cut off. Since the destination bank or trading is less known. The problem is it’s cumbersome to put money in it, mc refuses to play with coinbase.

  • mentorcapital1
    MentorCapitalist (@mentorcapital1) reported

    @ummjackson @coinbase No different then KMart, Sears, GM or Zany Brainy stocks all went to zero everybody lost when they bankrupted even my Apple Stock went down in 1999 to below $12.00 per share and if you sold you lost of you bought more Apple then no more need 5o work!

  • mentorcapital1
    MentorCapitalist (@mentorcapital1) reported

    @ummjackson @coinbase No different then KMart, Sears, GM or Zany Brainy stocks all went to zero everyboady lost when they bankrupted even my Apple went down in 1999 to below $12.00 per share and if you bought more Apple then!

  • TheShitcoiner
    Khalid (@TheShitcoiner) reported

    @mdudas @danheld @coinbase @CashApp @Square @PayPal is becoming the Facebook of the future of money. They're very slow and simply hold your money for weeks for no reason.

  • nitruc1191
    Nitruc1191 (@nitruc1191) reported

    @electroneum I own a business and accept etn as payment and the problem I am having is systemcoin has no volume and liquid doesnt have USD pairing. I am forced to sell etn for bitcoin and cash out of coinbase and they take CRAZY fees. No vendor will want to do business while losing $ in fees

  • Arturledo
    Artur Ledowski (@Arturledo) reported

    I think the move to add more coins to coinbase Is great @coinbase but this won't increase the price of cryptos a lot if any. The access isn't the problem anymore. You can buy #cryptocurrencies almost on any corner, there are even cashpoints for some. but still a decent move !

  • zena_alem
    Zena Alem (@zena_alem) reported

    @coinbase As well as having your own framework, I think u shud narrow it down to projects (coins or tokens) that can be used (like ZEC or nano) or that have working products (Cindicator CND or MANA). Stay away from the shady ones like Zilliqa (no product) XRP (run by wana be Billionaires).

  • ajgullo
    Anthony J. Gullo, CPA, CCIM (@ajgullo) reported

    A tough Friday for bitcoin dropped prices to a 15-month low. And as of yesterday, bitcoin was down more than 20% in a week. In more positive news for the sector, @Coinbase is considering adding 31 digital assets to its platform. #cryptocurrency #finance #bitcoin

  • mrilirgashi
    Ilir Gashi [LTC ⚡] (@mrilirgashi) reported

    @ChrisRox2015 @SatoshiLite @coinbase @binance No offence but this is the worst logic and reasoning I've ever seen in the history of mankind. I'm not even going to justify a response to why you just out down.

  • Signalytics
    📊Signalytics (@Signalytics) reported

    Egghead @brian_armstrong should of named his roach motel #CoinBiased vs @Coinbase. Statistics prove 90%+ of ICO projects are/were scams & this recent list of potential #cryptocurrency pairs is disgusting. Compliance is #not the issue, #Bias friendly-hand listings are!!! #DigiByte