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Coinbase is a digital asset broker headquartered in San Francisco, California. They broker exchanges of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other digital assets with fiat currencies in 32 countries, and bitcoin transactions and storage in 190 countries worldwide.

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  • jasonyoungawe Jason Young (@jasonyoungawe) reported

    @RayFleet @XRPMichaelB @Coil That's not nice for coinbase to do that. I have been a Coinbase user but I am really experiencing problems with them. I am now happy with the service I get from Coinzoom.

  • Dianaresilient Diana Abbott (@Dianaresilient) reported

    @XRP_Express_ @ScottishCrypto I don usually recommend Coinbase, and yes they are very low. But since I shifted to coinzoom, I never had problems.

  • LesterNash321 Lester Nash (@LesterNash321) reported

    @amanda_devik @CryptoniumO @DrakonsIO @CryptoKitties This was the issue and problem I had with Coinbase and they never resolved it. I moved to Coinzoom and never had problems.

  • jasonyoungawe Jason Young (@jasonyoungawe) reported

    @Paul__Boron @ShaunPhleps @pining_g4rcia @Dianaresilient @connorcranston @coinbase Since I have moved to Coinzoom I never had problems.

  • FanBoyGif Fanboy Gif (@FanBoyGif) reported

    @YouTube @TeamYouTube Can you please fix @NeebsOfficial Neebs Gaming channel. Its clearly been hacked and is used to promote @coinbase

  • TheGif The Gif (@TheGif) reported

    @YouTube @TeamYouTube Can you please fix @NeebsOfficial Neebs Gaming channel. Its clearly been hacked and is used to promote @coinbase

  • ScaryTerry2805 Conor Mcgrath (@ScaryTerry2805) reported

    @Demi_Strike @GundamIsHere It’s happened to a few accounts I’ve subscribed to and it takes YouTube weeks to fix it and these channels have a large community but ya Cody I went on YouTube and saw coinbase streaming talking about bitcoin and on top of that neebs gaming lost 20k subs already because of it....

  • m_drunk m_drunk (@m_drunk) reported

    @VbagExtremist @kungfukiddo @sarahbbearah @Thick44Official @coinbase @NeebsOfficial @ytcreators yeah. I probably need to calm TF down. just been on a rage fest since they worked my whole Sunday routine.

  • rzxrpeeps rz xrpeeps (@rzxrpeeps) reported

    Coinbase has not let me on in the last three hours !!! It keeps saying error try again, this hasn’t happen since the 2017 bullrun ...when I tried to cashout numerous times ...WTF this is disturbing... @CoinbaseSupport

  • Purrrsia82 Narjes Deris (@Purrrsia82) reported

    @coinbase How about you fix your damn app/website!!!

  • Kylegerber99 Kyle gerber (@Kylegerber99) reported

    @YouTube yo what are you going to do about Neebs Gaming or now their hacked name Coinbase Pro, their channel needs to be taken down or give in back to the original owners

  • davidgi62738558 crypto kanye (@davidgi62738558) reported

    Coinbase down pump et

  • RyanHurley2 Ryan Hurley (@RyanHurley2) reported

    If you want to see how terrible it is to deal with @Coinbase / @brian_armstrong go visit the @CoinbaseSupport twitter, click replies and see that they helped a total of 0 people and the only answers are probably from a bot. #DeleteCoinbase

  • Jytin_ go away (@Jytin_) reported

    @NeebsOfficial Guys please go to @coinbase @CoinbaseSupport and message them and comment on every single post, make all THEIR followers aware of this and let them know that we’re 2 million subscribers strong and we won’t take this!!! SIMON WAS JUST LEARNING HOW TO LAY DOWN A SLEEPING BAG!!!

  • francispouliot_ Francis Pouliot ☣️ (@francispouliot_) reported

    @CoinbaseSupport The only reason this hasn't happened yet is that every time I interact with the coinbase support, my blood starts boiling about how powerless I am to get to my bitcoins and it causes me so much stress i'd rather just not think about the issue.

  • Jytin_ go away (@Jytin_) reported

    @thbaron27 @NeebsOfficial @YouTube @ytcreators You realize if you report the video it reports the channel and your basically reporting neebs gaming channel which will get it deleted, coinbase or neebs gaming the whole channel will be taken down for good

  • Molkobmty molkob (@Molkobmty) reported

    @Mariobangbang @Aleksandr11033 @KEEMSTAR @NeebsOfficial @coinbase they lost like 20k subscribers because of this lack of security and also slow response. It's really horrible that legit creators have to deal with this. And I learned that they weren't the only channel effected. Youtube needs to do something about this kind of fraud and scams

  • Molkobmty molkob (@Molkobmty) reported

    @Mariobangbang @Aleksandr11033 @KEEMSTAR @NeebsOfficial @coinbase this was just in good fun, it did help, youtube has escalated the situation and are now aware of it. and I tweeted here beecause this is obviously a problem on youtube. Crypto currency sites hacking legit youtubers is theft and youtube shouldn't allow it.

  • Alemorikec Alemorikec (@Alemorikec) reported


  • cooper_towers Craig Cooper-Towers (@cooper_towers) reported

    @coinbase @YouTube take the live that this person is streaming now down they are using a hacked account

  • _marilynnngrca marilyn 🖤 (@_marilynnngrca) reported

    @NeebsOfficial @YouTube @ytcreators I cannot wait to hear what kind of “response” @ytcreators says once they do, hopefully, “fix it.” Or what @coinbase has to say about all of this. Hope @ytcreators truly understands the gravity of this situation. #YouTubeSaveNeebsGaming

  • TNudels lil cough medicin (@TNudels) reported

    @TeamYouTube @ytcreators @YouTube. @NeebsOfficial have been hacked by some crypto currency company and their "2nd" account too @HankandJed they have been changed to ledger wallet and @coinbase please do something about this it seems that all their vids have been taken down too

  • SoonerSG Scott Crissup (@SoonerSG) reported

    @coinbase @fbi we need to shut this coinbase down. they are hacking millions of dollars from people.

  • HeartAttackJac1 HeartAttakJack (@HeartAttackJac1) reported

    You know damned well that Coinbase are scam artists when they used hacked accts to advertise their BS. Don't get sucked into these fraudsters BS, and help them out with their debt problems. Wait for @Thick44Official @SimonSandwiches or @NeebsOfficial to find out the truth.

  • ZombMnky Zombie Monkey (@ZombMnky) reported

    @coinbase You people are vile. Using a hacked @YouTube channel belonging to @NeebsOfficial to broadcast a sales pitch. You even went as far to pull down there videos, rename the channel, and change their icons and header. And I know it’s hacked bc it shows up in my subs as @NeebsOfficial

  • ScaryTerry2805 Conor Mcgrath (@ScaryTerry2805) reported

    @Thick44Official @coinbase @NeebsOfficial @ytcreators Hi thick there’s a channel called astartes on YouTube that this happened to recently which was resolved but it took him weeks to get his channel back YouTube is a joke with this problem

  • BornByTheSea Morgan - They/Them - Probably a Dragon (@BornByTheSea) reported

    Oh no!! @ytcreators! Fix this!! Bring these "coinbase" jackasses to justice and restore Neebs Gaming to its rightful glory! #PeaceLoveAndGaming! #NeebsGaming #Youtube

  • YourFNPatriot @Your_Friendly_Neighborhood_Patriot (@YourFNPatriot) reported

    @coinbase @CoinbasePro @CoinbaseSupport These Scumbags have hacked into a 1.9 million sub youtube channel and are live streaming shit no one cares about. **** off. Shut that shit down.

  • ace15892001 I'm a bear now and I'm sleepy (@ace15892001) reported

    @SRjustin @DANNYonPC @The_Poolshark @Thick44Official @coinbase @NeebsOfficial @ytcreators @markiplier got hit last year this is because of bad leadership. @YouTube knows they have a massive security issue and don't care.

  • grrr413 Grrr413 (@grrr413) reported

    @coinbase someone has hacked a huge YouTube channel with nearly 2 million subscribers and is now claiming to be you, you may want to work with @NeebsOfficial and @YouTube to get this issue resolved

  • Cazabean Cazabean (@Cazabean) reported

    @NeebsOfficial @YouTube @ytcreators @YouTube help please, shut down @coinbase @CoinbasePro. It's sickening that YouTube is prepared to let this happen. I'm reporting every live stream that has not come from neebs crew, I will play my part to help save one of my favourite channels.

  • KenHiten Ken hiten (@KenHiten) reported

    @JonnyEthco I was hoping I could ask for your help, after y’all give coinbase pro the smack down. Your business email didn’t seem to work. I wanted to see if y’all would help me raise some money for my students with a gofundme account by maybe sharing it with the community.

  • JYartins Joseph Yartins (@JYartins) reported

    @coinbase you need to get with @YouTube and fix this channel hacking situation before lawsuits start dropping. Because this is definitely the work of someone within your organization.

  • jaysiah360 jaysiah360 (@jaysiah360) reported

    @YouTubeGaming @YouTube @ytcreators what @coinbase did to @NeebsOfficial channel is hacking and in which his illegal and which they did on your site and the act of hacking is punishable and you should resolve this problem now and sue them and kick them in their sad life ********

  • ascendedsaiyan3 Joshua Vogt (@ascendedsaiyan3) reported

    @Thick44Official @brian_armstrong @NeebsOfficial I can still see some of the neebs gaming videos for now but sometines they disappear and there is nothing and other times itll have a couple random playlists. Fix your shit coinbase if you are involved.

  • NathanZafiridis Nathan (@NathanZafiridis) reported

    @Thick44Official @coinbase @NeebsOfficial @ytcreators The stream was just taken down

  • fitzy588 Billy&Marie Fitz (@fitzy588) reported

    @coinbase @CoinbaseSupport @CoinbasePro HEY GET ******** OUT OF @NeebsOfficial YOUTUBE CHANNEL @YouTube @ytcreators @YoutubeSuppor16 FIX THIS SHIT

  • AggroBaroness Brandilocks FOREVER (@AggroBaroness) reported

    A favorite channel of mine @NeebsOfficial was hacked on @YouTube You'll see me getting VERY pissed about this, and tbf, starting some drama. Just mute me for now. I'm going all in on this shit. @brian_armstrong @coinbase Shit's going down y'all. We're coming. #neebsarmy

  • alpha1fire NotTheRealAlpha (@alpha1fire) reported

    @TeamYouTube hey theres some ( insert polite word as I have none ) called coinbase , taken over @NeebsOfficial channel , when are you gonna fix this as they have some broadcast on atm and acting like they own the place when its neebs and gangs channel , do something for once

  • FatalKenshen FatalKenshin (@FatalKenshen) reported

    There is an ongoing issue where youtube accounts are been hacked then having most if not all there videos removed or overlapped with videos about false advertisements like coinbase, their usernames and banners are changed as well, i repeat do "NOT" click any of their links

  • Deity7 Deity / Sean 🏡 (@Deity7) reported

    Looks like the channel is being used to impersonate @brian_armstrong and @coinbase - let’s get it @YouTubeGaming. Please fix.

  • Poisso3 James Poisso (@Poisso3) reported

    @Thick44Official @coinbase @NeebsOfficial @ytcreators I saw that notification and wondered what ******** was going on. @YouTube needsnto get their shit together and fix this!

  • CyberDWolf Alec Diaz (@CyberDWolf) reported

    @Thick44Official @coinbase @NeebsOfficial @ytcreators @YouTube is a ******* joke when it comes to these problems. I just watched another channel that was hacked for weeks playing random videos and YouTube didn’t do shit about it and when they finally got the account back everything had strikes on it. Complete joke of a company

  • Jayson72947026 Jayson (@Jayson72947026) reported

    @MiamiCrypto7 @creditscom @Cointelegraph @coinbase @cz_binance Cs keeps on going down

  • BsvCommunity BSV.Community (@BsvCommunity) reported

    Told you Coinbase is going down. About ******* time.

  • iwearahoodie Jason Smith (@iwearahoodie) reported

    @sudogene @coinbase Another reason to swap out of BTC is the full and slow mempool. So if you’re arbitrage trading you want to swap to anything but BTC to move value if possible. This also benefits Coinbase (even if they wear the fees via pro).

  • mikescrpto Mikescrypto (@mikescrpto) reported

    @Paisan26849860 @Crypto_Puppy_ @coinbase @cz_binance I grabbed QNT a while back. .58 made some money I held 400 but really looking to see it on a major exchange. That could go mid 3 digits no problem

  • GHforexLimited GH FOREX LIMITED (@GHforexLimited) reported

    @XRP_MOON_BOYS Please let me know if you were able to get your coin back, I also made this same error but i couldn't get my coin back. I contacted @coinbase but they never got back to me.

  • xrpcryptolegen1 xrpcryptolegend (@xrpcryptolegen1) reported

    @ThillionaireH @XrpMr @Ripple Im having the same problem. I messaged customer support and they didn’t answer my question. I’m just using coinbase pro for now

  • wildgooseLIVE wildgoose (@wildgooseLIVE) reported

    $LINK is the only tradeable asset on coinbase right now that's in the green (and near its ATH) while the entire market is down 6%

  • Carlos_Torano Carlos Torano (@Carlos_Torano) reported

    If you want to buy cryptocurrency don't go through #Coinbase when you have a problem you can't reach them for help resolving.

  • hfa_jet hfa (@hfa_jet) reported

    price goes down on @coinbase, big sell order walls pop up on @bitfinex, people on @bitmex go long. I don't get it.. #btc #Bitcoin

  • garylbrowning Gary Browning (@garylbrowning) reported

    @simzy39 @Dexterolympus @SMcCullah @ApolloCurrency @BitMartExchange @hitbtc @CoinBene @IDAXpro I just bought on Bitmart myself. Took under 2 min to purchase 1k worth of Apollo from Coinbase to Bitmart to my wallet with ETH. Most seamless transaction I've ever made. I used to only use Idax. My withdraw took less than 10 sec to hit my wallet. Not sure what your issue is.

  • Singh_XRP_King Jagjeet Singh (@Singh_XRP_King) reported

    @coinbase @brian_armstrong dude the new #coinbase app sucks before you could see updates to your balance in real time now you gotta switch pages to refresh and I don’t like the BS short daily graphs per coin. YOU TURNED A GOOD THING INTO GARBAGE fix it

  • Jerrythe2nd1 Jerry the 2nd (@Jerrythe2nd1) reported

    @scottmelker Glorious times, the biggest issue was Coinbase withdrawal limit of 20M per day.

  • RjneeshS Rjneesh Sharma (@RjneeshS) reported

    @coinbase @CoinbaseSupport Please check my account issue and resolve it.

  • thomas_quinlan Thomas J. Quinlan (@thomas_quinlan) reported

    @_Bitcoin_Pirate @dbc___ @Btc_Racer @CitezenB @coinbase Correct, error on my part. You can't at bitmex.

  • prism_studios PRISM STUDIOS (@prism_studios) reported

    @bnb_pro @SatoshiFlipper @CryptoGainz1 @Coinbase may put a limit on how much you can buy per day/week if it is a new account. You could always split your buys among Coinbase, Gemini, Cash App and Kraken since you are US based. Also get a hardware wallet like a Trezor or Ledger to secure it. Write down you 12 word seed

  • JudeNewcomb Michael Hendricks (@JudeNewcomb) reported

    @TRAPBOYJNR cryptopia, idax, bitker, yobit, coin exchange, etc... burned by the biggest problem in crypto...exchanges. either you are on scammy exchanges, or you need to be 'graced' by these other exchanges like @binance, @BittrexExchange, @OKEx, and @coinbase to get listed with them for $

  • Blakecomer42 Blake comer (@Blakecomer42) reported

    @Coinbagger1 @amtvmedia @coinbase @CoinbasePro Ok, I will down load that. I seen that as an option.