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Coinbase is a digital asset broker headquartered in San Francisco, California. They broker exchanges of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other digital assets with fiat currencies in 32 countries, and bitcoin transactions and storage in 190 countries worldwide.

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  • WolfHeroic Heroic Wolf (@WolfHeroic) reported

    @deadinside30 @brave Just set up a Coinbase account, sign in, and then go to the link in my Tweet. It's pretty self-explanatory from there. You watch some videos, answer a few multiple choice questions, and Coinbase Earn will credit $10 worth of Basic Attention Token to your account.

  • jacobkostecki Jacob Kostecki (@jacobkostecki) reported

    @joonian I used their hybrid Shift product (not their organic card, but in partnership with a bank here in the US) for about 9 months (they shut it down just last week). It was tied to my Coinbase. It worked great. Point was to get used to spending crypto, notifications. Role: educational

  • Doubleshot0408 DoubleShot (@Doubleshot0408) reported

    @coinbase #coinbase #xrp #xlm Only took them an hour to fix the glitch glad their was no spike! Guess their was a problem, they didn't want to admit it.

  • DaBookieM0nster Rain Man (@DaBookieM0nster) reported

    1of 2 .I wish I could say I was shocked at how many dumb trolls we had in my post giving @betmybookie props. For you slow folks. 1.create an account 2. Create a coinbase wallet 3. Deposit funds (Via Bitcoin) 4. Send required documents proving you are who you say you are.

  • STeymoorian Teymoorian Enterprises (@STeymoorian) reported

    @CryptoJokerLTC I hate waiting for coinbase to release my coins in 5-7 days. That’s not a problem with Robinhood, but you can not move coins with them. Must stay on their platform. We are not there yet.

  • KryptoGraphe Krypto Graphe (@KryptoGraphe) reported

    @MillionDHomes Hi, The login information is asked by Coinbase to get authorization and pass information to KryptoGraphe app. This login details does not get captured or stored by our app. This is due to the restrictions with the Coinbase API Regards, The KryptoGraphe Team

  • CryptoJunte CryptoJunte (@CryptoJunte) reported

    @joonian Had the same problem with few banks. Just do a money transfer and you won’t have problems! And you’ll pay less fees from Coinbase as well

  • spektred mike🌿 (@spektred) reported

    @blockfolio @binance @bitfinex @BittrexExchange @coinbase @OKEx @Poloniex This is not something that started with the 2.2 update, this has been an issue for a while. It takes at least 10 seconds just to open the app. Maybe its just my phone, but its a big part of the reason why I have started using other portfolio apps over the past year or so.

  • spektred mike🌿 (@spektred) reported

    @blockfolio @binance @bitfinex @BittrexExchange @coinbase @OKEx @Poloniex Love the updates made on blockfolio 2.2, but now the thing you guys need to work on next is PERFORMANCE! I can't speak for others, but Signal makes it run suuuuuuper slow for me. If there was some way to cut down on the unnecessary processing it uses that would be great.

  • CIA_MOSSAD Jeremy Bonds (@CIA_MOSSAD) reported

    @wins_karma If people weren’t such idiotic, dumb down, Chemtrail intoxicated morons they would be buying Bitcoin and using Coinbase but I digress...

  • ana_yanakieva Ana-Maria Yanakieva (@ana_yanakieva) reported

    @lawmaster Lyft IPO'd at 5x with no profits, Uber is going that way too. Coinbase should not have a problem. Second in market is still a decent spot given the purge we are going through. I'd like to see the way other web2 unicorns will survive a similar market.

  • NetworkString Gareth (@NetworkString) reported

    @giveupalready @arvoddotcom @ajhdock @deviltica @PornPanic @torproject @stripe @stripestatus @AblativeHosting So yeah, there is the slight problem that this is all second nature to me. I decided to accept crypto so I built some crypto full nodes (the servers that *are* the blockchain), drove them to the data center, installed them all. Went home and coded my own version of coinbase.

  • tomlombardi Tom Lombardi (@tomlombardi) reported

    More of this needs to happen. Let’s slim down to @Coinbase and @Binance cryptocurrency exchanges before the big boys show up (NYSE, Nasdaq, LSE)

  • EatCookCryptos KrazeeEyezKrypto (@EatCookCryptos) reported

    @lawmaster The overall crypto market down 80+% from ath’s - that is guess number on my part - but coinbase revenue down only 60%... seems like they are beating the street. That’s still a haircut even Brian afraid of.

  • ImmoralButLegal Terry Langston (@ImmoralButLegal) reported

    @conbase 2018 revenue down by 44% with only 1/2 the profit of @cz_binance. Listing process corrupt (#OX but not $dash). @coinbase is bad for crypto especially in the U.S. yet another #dcg business serving its master

  • nw3 Nick Walker (@nw3) reported

    Yeah, imagine a Coinbase employee in Dec 2017 turning down an offer from Juul.

  • Bombeto_Gin ₿ƏTO (@Bombeto_Gin) reported

    @Lomacrypto I highly doubt those wicks are NOT real and rather just a glitch. Ive seen one in real time on coinbase pro. Orderbooks were not changed. But a huge wick took place.

  • tonybonylonny tony (@tonybonylonny) reported

    @coindesk @coinbase this is the starting point coinbase goes down, just wait

  • _dino27 Dino (@_dino27) reported

    @Tabassumnaiz But in reality we shouldn’t be letting people in power to force or push Indian exchanges to shutdown and then allow foreign exchanges to enter Indian market. Which goes against everything this ecosystem stands for. We’ve seen coinbase servers down during critical events!

  • wewotaan wewotaan (@wewotaan) reported

    @Cointelegraph It's better for coinbase to expand its opportunities to fix the terrible app and let people trading without any bugs..

  • Steven_McKie Steven D. McKie (@Steven_McKie) reported

    It’s a shame how much @coinbase slowed @petejkim and @CipherBrowser down with the acquisition. I know it was the right decision, but imagine how advanced Web3 would be if he didn’t get one hand tied behind his back. @TrustWalletApp is destroying them

  • stillnogghat eh🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@stillnogghat) reported

    @weather4life @coinbase My issue is that I did this but never earned anything

  • CryptoIdolic21 Idolic21_IT_Crypto_Investor (@CryptoIdolic21) reported

    After using the Shift Debit card the last few years. Seeing them shut down. Watching @coinbase release a new Debit card not available in the U.S. All other #Crypto Debit cards are not availble in the U.S. except @BitPay and you can’t even withdraw cash now from the card now.

  • SouthSideGLA MrMojoRisin (@SouthSideGLA) reported

    @wirexapp Meanwhile Coinbase card working as it should with no problems or any downtime

  • WhimsicalVibes_ Whimsical Vibes (@WhimsicalVibes_) reported

    @XRPSaiyan @CryptoVisioner @APompliano @Karan_patell1 @coinbase That's not how money works, what needs to be a priority is teaching youth Kdgn to Gr 12, on how money works and how it's produced and why it's produced. The issues in South America aren't just because they printed lots of money. It goes way deeper.

  • WhimsicalVibes_ Whimsical Vibes (@WhimsicalVibes_) reported

    @XRPSaiyan @CryptoVisioner @APompliano @Karan_patell1 @coinbase Yup, and how nice is that feeling. Knowing it's not my issue. Someone took like $500.00 from my account way back in the day, not only did the bank put the funds immediately in my account, they kept me informed on the process. if you don't ask they probably won't tell you.

  • Karan_patell1 Karan Patel (@Karan_patell1) reported

    @XRPSaiyan @WhimsicalVibes_ @CryptoVisioner @APompliano @coinbase Lol... again, I am not against or with any coin. My point is FIAT money still rules and is accessible on sundays as well. I am sorry you are living in US and have shitty banks. People in other continents donot have such problems

  • tH3_GmAn G (@tH3_GmAn) reported

    @CryptoWendyO @Felty256 @coinbase @CashApp Cashapp still has a lot of issues with withdrawing btc, easy to buy and sell but they have a bug , happened to me and they said their team knows about it but it took me over a month to be able to withdraw btc from casha po

  • Error2Runtime RuntimeError2 (@Error2Runtime) reported

    @coindesk @coinbase 504 - Gateway time out error on link

  • WhimsicalVibes_ Whimsical Vibes (@WhimsicalVibes_) reported

    @XRPSaiyan @CryptoVisioner @APompliano @Karan_patell1 @coinbase Wow the 4 things you can buy must be actual things you want. I just did all my grocery shopping and the paying process took me 7 seconds and I never had to worry if it lost 60% of its value lol we live in 1st world not Venezuela buddy. Take it down a notch

  • federicoast Federico Ast (@federicoast) reported

    @cburniske Crypto will become really massive when we start to see the deployment of "the Coinbase for X, Y, Z" using the underlying protocols to solve real user problems...

  • karozagorus hodlozagorus™ ₿⚡🌮🔦 (@karozagorus) reported

    @coinbase Oh yeah, yet you give zero ***** about teaching people about Bitcoin, nooo just ******* teach them the shitcoins. How terrible company you are.

  • bittybitbit86 $Little₿it (@bittybitbit86) reported

    @Crypto_Club_G I think the real problem that been highlighted is that binance is too big, once upon a time that problem was coinbase, we really need some better competition. It also shows how small this ecosystem still is.

  • iamcookbook Cookbook (@iamcookbook) reported

    @coinbase support is the worst. Went back and forth with them about an issue for weeks and then eventually they just stop responding. Wish there were alternatives that were just as fast and easy to use. Using @cryptocom app now for all my purchases.

  • Felty256 Felty (@Felty256) reported

    @SmartTrekken @KennETHbosak @derose To be fair exchanges are centralized which in itself is its own problem. If a truly decentralized exchange with no #KYC existed then well... We wouldn't be discussing this... Or well... A lot of other things like #Coinbase.

  • XRPMOONSHINE Lover Of All Crypto - (Crypto’s Vision) (@XRPMOONSHINE) reported

    @tradingview I pay to be a pro member for charting. When you have a moment can you please fix the error on XRP/USD Coinbase (Exchange). You only have 2 digits after the decimal. Can you please fix to 4 digits as portrayed on Coinbase. Cheers. Thanks.

  • Sneakerhead37 Parker Beck (@Sneakerhead37) reported

    @juanespinossa Same issue with Coinbase, not available for NY residents. I just used Binance and it worked though 🙌🏼

  • ClassicIsComing Classic is Coming (@ClassicIsComing) reported

    @Yazanator @ErikTaban @acousticplayer @coinbase @CoinbaseSupport @brian_armstrong @krakenfx No a service doesn't owe anyone anything but for convenience sake at least drop it down to 2.5K or hell, at least < 12 hours. 22 hours is overkill, and end-users (not just arbitragers) will begin finding other services to use. :/ They are not doing this with any other coins.

  • sroc28 Roc (@sroc28) reported

    @coinbase Anyone using Coinbase use caution read the agreement terms closely, if you make a mistake and overdraft you lose all funds ! No help no support they won’t speak on the phone and will never get answer. Check BBB for complaints. This company will go down eventually . Please retweet

  • Yazanator Yaz Khoury (@Yazanator) reported from Brisbane, State of Queensland

    @ErikTaban @ClassicIsComing @acousticplayer @coinbase @CoinbaseSupport @brian_armstrong @krakenfx You don’t need to use Coinbase to use ETC. your only issue is that it doesn’t allow you proper arbitrage. Guess what, a blockchain doesn’t owe you arbitrage opportunities.

  • jpthor__ JP [ ₿ ⚡️] (@jpthor__) reported

    @JimsHodling @DeaterBob @coinbase @Gemini @BittrexExchange @binance @bitfinex @Bitstamp @krakenfx IMO it comes down to the OPEX in rewriting the chain and electricity costs in USD. Assumptions are made around price of electricity & power consumption of ASICs

  • 704BAR SaveTheClip (@704BAR) reported

    @coinbase high fees and problems with maintenance is also added

  • Zanrot12 Zanrot (@Zanrot12) reported

    @softweblb Another one problem on coinbase pro after maintenance

  • Yazanator Yaz Khoury (@Yazanator) reported

    @ClassicIsComing @acousticplayer @coinbase @CoinbaseSupport @brian_armstrong @krakenfx I dunno, it was literally what we asked for in order to allow for Coinbase to continue deposits and withdrawals for ETC. I really don't understand where the problem now is coming from regarding 5k confirmations, I think it's good.

  • arjunraime Arjun Rai (@arjunraime) reported from Manhattan, New York

    Jeez. #Coinbase #CoinBasePro down. ETH disappeared. Support not helpful. From convo, many many users unable to convert to FIAT. Major issue. @coinbase @CoinbasePro @CoinbaseSupport

  • Double_T_Says Double T (@Double_T_Says) reported

    @RedKatLife I have a problem with Charlie not touching his GitHub for a year-and-a-half and only doing light edits and approvals prior to that. Someone donated over $12,000 in LTC to him to keep working after he left coinbase. Then he sold it all. But I consider that ancillary to the issue.

  • PB_and_J_LITE HODLonaut Biker (2018 🐻 survivor) (@PB_and_J_LITE) reported

    @Oneluckybat @APompliano @coinbase They shouldn't have issues, given their listing criteria

  • FrameRust roger (Ol' Hector) (@FrameRust) reported

    The answer to this question is that @onlinewweman is a drug addict. There is no friend hoose birthday money got stolen. There is no coinbase. Heez an addict. Will say ir do whatever for the next fix.

  • ingmappp Arybim (@ingmappp) reported

    @jamison0121 @news_hype_codes true. coinbase didn't fix all the current problems but wants to have more problems with cards )

  • CryptoVisioner 👁 4 Crypto (@CryptoVisioner) reported

    @lostinjonestown @APompliano @Karan_patell1 Exactly. Anyways, you can always spend your balance online. I’ve made a $10k purchase online no problem, no fees. And I feel safer knowing my money is insured and safe with the bank. If u get hacked with ur btc ur SOL unless it’s with coinbase custody. But then coinbase... 🤮

  • OliverRobin81 Oliver (@OliverRobin81) reported

    @MiracleTelecom @coinbase @Visa really controversial idea.which still needs to be correctly implemented. and with this, they may have problems.

  • JellzSantana Perc Angle (@JellzSantana) reported

    Coinbase just violated me @coinbase why ya don't wanna see young ****** win man smh just tryna buy some Bitcoin , terrible job

  • pnhearer Logic Telnaut (@pnhearer) reported

    @itsavo2u @GaryScotBlair @travalacom @invest_in_hd I found the same issue. I don't see where tel is on the options for coinbase so I deleted the tweet. Until I can find the option.

  • hodltergeist ⚡Toshi Cash Ketchum (@hodltergeist) reported

    I tried to get my sister to use bitcoin....through @coinbase Was bombarded by a myriad of kyc photo id/login/2fa/email processes That shit was way too much effort guys. I know ya'll probably have to do it by law but I'm telling you from an onboarding standpoint that ain't it

  • flunkimoku flunkimokinaut (@flunkimoku) reported

    @Banderovetz @coinbase ... then there the possibility of a big H/s down to 4800 odd..

  • LandM_Marius Marius 🏄‍♂️ (@LandM_Marius) reported

    Today Coinbase has a deal with Visa KaratBars has a deal with Mastercard There’s literally 100 Cryptos with Visa deals. Let’s go back 1 year when it got announced Litecoin/Visa deal failed... If you ask me I’d say it looks like it was deliberate to push Litecoin price down

  • weedjams weedjams (@weedjams) reported

    @coinbase @decredproject Awesome! Now please fix my 2FA, your tech support chat and email people just read stock answers to me and then hung up!

  • mplsvbhvr mplsvbhvr (@mplsvbhvr) reported

    ...cont. thought - @Coinbase owning network failure risk but allowing for governance participation is a bold move. I doubt they'll have issues but need to be wary of smaller services that could blow up off one protocol's dramatic implosion.

  • sofiameller_ Sofia (@sofiameller_) reported

    @coinbase I give my prediction (Make a screenshot): There will be a lot of problems with payments Fees traditionally will be high Support traditionally will work intermittently

  • jamison0121 jamison davis (@jamison0121) reported

    @news_hype_codes Coinbase Card to be Available in UK = new problems available in UK