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Coinbase is a digital asset broker headquartered in San Francisco, California. They broker exchanges of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other digital assets with fiat currencies in 32 countries, and bitcoin transactions and storage in 190 countries worldwide.

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  • Bitquans
    Bitquans (@Bitquans) reported

    How long does it take for Coinbase to amend a simple issue regarding one of their vaults?

  • BennettTomlin
    Bennett Tomlin (@BennettTomlin) reported

    @psycho_sage @bitfinex @coinbase Tether issue is a complete hoax? I very strongly disagree with that.

  • psycho_sage
    Psycho Sage (@psycho_sage) reported

    @BennettTomlin @bitfinex @coinbase Tether issue is a complete hoax. Coinbase is very trustworthy. Use Trezor to send your bitcoin after purchase

  • amayeslife
    Kyle Mayes (@amayeslife) reported

    Are you guys going to fix this order book? @coinbase @GDAX

  • xangma
    Xan Morice-Atkinson (@xangma) reported

    At a rate of 6 buys and sells per second, I calculate the fees to be about £7-8 a minute for this 'broken' bot #gdax #coinbase #bitcoin

  • xangma
    Xan Morice-Atkinson (@xangma) reported

    Safe to say it's not me this time. I have been a victim of my own terrible coding before though. Luckily I had a stop-loss of sorts in place. Hopefully this person does too #gdax #coinbase #bitcoin

  • CryptoCaptainX
    CryptoCaptain (@CryptoCaptainX) reported

    @shillycrypto not down on bch at all it was free :) then coinbase inside job pumped it stupidly as charlie lee bragged about selling the pump :)

  • IntelliCrypto
    IntelliFinance 👁 (@IntelliCrypto) reported

    If @Coinbase is intending to settle down in Japan than there's no way this could happen before they add $XRP to their exchange.. There's no other choice! #SBI #XRPTheStandard #CoinBase #xRapid #Japan #Ripple #XRP #XRPL

  • mattthehepcat
    Matt Lawrence (@mattthehepcat) reported

    Having just tried to fund my coinbase account for my ferocious crack habit in UK GBP I was told there was an issue with "local rails" An IBAN transfer was made with a 3 day settlement time. Our payment infrastructure is older than email!! #xrp #xrpthestandard #xrpcommunity

  • ElPolisson13
    𝙀𝙡 𝙋𝙤𝙡𝙞𝙨𝙨𝙤𝙣 13 (@ElPolisson13) reported

    @CoinbaseSupport Hi Coinbase ! I would to close my account but it's impossible because I have 0,66$ on this account could you do something to solve my problem. ( no bank transfer I want to leave this money). Thanks

  • Nouf_wpt
    Wavepatterntraders (@Nouf_wpt) reported

    When Coinbase new accounts go down to less than a 1000 a month, then prob near a low on #bitcoin $BTC.X

  • CTUAgentIvan
    CTUAgentIvan 😺 (@CTUAgentIvan) reported

    Sorry to say, but @coinbase is a terrible platform. Always having to reauthorize use of my computer, payment holds, slow service, what else do I need to say?

  • Ajit408
    Krypto El Novato! (@Ajit408) reported

    @dabiggapicta Yes XRP community should completely ignore Coinbase. Talking about Coinbase should not arise in conferences, press releases. The whole of XRP community should also not talk about Coinbase. BCH was added to Coinbase - what happened. Nothing happened. Price went up & came down

  • duudl3
    duudl3 (@duudl3) reported

    @Crypt0_PimP I had people asking me how to buy it when it was pumping right on through $10k, $11k, $12k, etc. I gave them the link to Coinbase. But I said do not buy unless you know what the hell you're doing, and that it's going to come crashing down very soon.

  • wbuchner
    Wayne Buchner (@wbuchner) reported

    @mhschmidt2 @AlexCobb_ @coinbase Perhaps @coinbase simply doesn’t have the ability to cope with the deluge of volume and traffic listing #XRP will bring to their platform. Probably bring the whole thing crashing down.

  • kingblue_XRP
    KingBlue (@kingblue_XRP) reported

    @Xpring_Sith @EricVailNaylor2 @C3_Nik @AlexCobb_ @bgarlinghouse @Ripple @coinbase I listened carefully and right around 12:47 mark Brad says “As we solve problems at scale for institutions I think it's in Coinbases interest to participate in that .” ... I wouldn't exactly call that calling Coinbase out!


    @BankXRP Coinbase knows it's not a security they have known for some time they don't care its not in there plan coinbase should be shut down. I bet they been buying up ETC for months just to pump and dump it just like BTC.

  • mokusane
    Moku (@mokusane) reported

    @CarpeNoctom “As we solve problems at scale for institutions, I think it’s in Coinbase’s interest to participate in that,” Where does it sound desperate, for me it looks more like a warning to Coinbase , that they will miss the action , if they don’t subscribe to it now. #XRP...

  • SayCryptoAgain
    Alan Iles (@SayCryptoAgain) reported

    I'm watching the EUR $LTC order book on $Coinbase and watching the same 556.81€ order being systematically brought down to within 0.50€ of the sell line and being moved up out of range, whilst a 565.81€ buy positions moving to chase. Can anyone explain the rational?

  • cryptokitsune_x
    cryptokitsune (@cryptokitsune_x) reported

    @CoinbaseSupport Same old story eh? Somehow things always go down during major dips. Coinbase. Coinbase never changes.

  • 8675309_David
    DAVID E BOLDEN (@8675309_David) reported

    @officialmcafee I'm kind of new so just still starting to buy, glad it going down so I can buy more. Same with ETH. Anyone know ways to do something where you can buy more than allowed by coinbase.

  • Phenomaly
    Matt (@Phenomaly) reported

    @coinsavage @coinbase @brian_armstrong @BittrexExchange @tzeroblockchain @OpenFinanceIO I think Polymath is a cool project. They are trying to solve the identity problem with Security Tokens - Issuers need to know who their token holders are I have zero interest POLY token though. Why would I want to own a token that represents zero equity in the business?

  • whenbluemoon
    Joseph Pulaski (@whenbluemoon) reported

    @CoinbaseSupport I’ve never had a problem with Coinbase, but this is unacceptable. Please fix this soon! Thanks.

  • dennis56922936
    Dennis (@dennis56922936) reported

    @LandM_Marius Marius, do you think the exchanges,esp. coinbase are the main manipulators of this market? Driving the price down so their index fund can buy cheaper???

  • dennis56922936
    Dennis (@dennis56922936) reported

    @LandM_Marius Marius, do you think the exchanges,esp. coinbase are the main manipulators of this market? Driving the price down so their index fund can buy cheaper???

  • davidbodhic
    DBResist (@davidbodhic) reported

    @CoinbaseSupport Hello I have contacted coinbase regarding a double charge issue since 06/04/18. After several attempts for an update, still nobody has responded.

  • emmess21
    emmess21 (@emmess21) reported

    @CryptoMedicated I refuse to touch coinbase, I have other means, but most people don’t. Custody is just as big of an issue. Ask yourself, how would my dad do this by himself??

  • IcarusGlider
    Mica Busch (@IcarusGlider) reported

    Government: FHA cant source funds deposited from Coinbase for mortgage down payment. Bitcoin is not recognized as a legitimate source of funds. also Goverment: Sure, you can pay taxes with that.

  • Phenomaly
    Matt (@Phenomaly) reported

    @coinsavage @coinbase @brian_armstrong @BittrexExchange I'm saying the SEC is going to crack down on exchanges that are offering unregistered securities (most coins) to US investors. @coinbase and others like @tzeroblockchain and @OpenFinanceIO will offer Security Tokens compliantly. The others will struggle to catch up

  • coinsavage
    CoinSavage (@coinsavage) reported

    @Phenomaly @coinbase @brian_armstrong Thanks for replying... along that logic... are you saying @BittrexExchange (another exchange that has a good reputation and offers more #crypto assets... to include $xrp #ripple) will be shut down by regulators? We think Bittrex may seize the lead if @coinbase doesn’t act soon.

  • Phenomaly
    Matt (@Phenomaly) reported

    @coinsavage @coinbase @brian_armstrong They are not missing the opportunity. They will be getting into #SecurityTokens early. That's where the massive opportunity is While other exhanges are getting shut down or walled off from US investors, they will thrive. Don't bet against

  • freebitcoin420
    Free Bitcoin (@freebitcoin420) reported

    I will be trying to utilize Abra with Coinbase to avoid commission losses. On average net loss/transaction w/Abra has been around 0.07 compared to 0.99/min w/Coinbase. Unable to deposit w/confirmed bank acct w/Abra, not sure what's the issue. Withdrawal test ahead.

  • letitgrow12
    L e t it G r o w (@letitgrow12) reported

    @coinbase Is there an issue with $ETH withdrawals right now? It’s been over an hour and hasn’t even gone out yet. #Coinbase

  • Bullishnews (@Bullishnews) reported

    @VitalikButerin coinbase just told me there is a problem with eth and blockchain right now and transaction may not go through can you give us some clarification!!

  • Artorian
    Artorian (@Artorian) reported

    @TheNvsibleHand @MarselFejzaj @mokusane @ModernInvest Who cares about coinbase. XRP and Ripple are trying to solve a trillion $ payment problem. It is the only coin that is likely to get massadoptet.

  • DonEurope
    Donald de Ronde (@DonEurope) reported

    @AlexCobb_ Imho from a bussines p.o.v Brad calls out becuase it’s not in the investors (both Coinbase & Ripple) interest to not add xrp. So by making a public statement like this he calls out to the investors so the shareholders could put more presure on the issue during a stokholders meet

  • BitBayCoin
    BAD CALLS (@BitBayCoin) reported

    @Beastlyorion I for one am super excited about when the UK tabloids call a bottom and the whole country goes and digs out the login details for the Coinbase account they set up at the end of 2017 and never used.

  • Zepp_01
    Zepp (@Zepp_01) reported

    @AlexCobb_ Yup, Bought more XRP tonight on @UpholdInc, screw Coinbase!! @coinbase I will not buy anything from them again because of the crap they've been pulling with not listing XRP and all the issues with customer's accounts.

  • its__your__turn
    🅸🆈🆃 (@its__your__turn) reported

    @AndrewEDavis You think that even though the support from Feb on Coinbase and Bitmex has not been broken has no/not much significance?

  • Bitcoinlanding
    Bitcoinman (@Bitcoinlanding) reported

    A little no volume recovery and back down #ethereum #bitcoin #coinbase #gdax

  • its__your__turn
    🅸🆈🆃 (@its__your__turn) reported

    Coinbase and Bitmex $BTC support from Feb still not broken as of yet #bitcoin

  • jpscool4u
    jpscool4u (@jpscool4u) reported

    @coinbase the new #CoinbasePro does not display properly on a chromebook. Order form is totally cut off, unlike GDAX which displays fine. Can you please try to fix this?

  • imbigwavedave
    YetiRider (@imbigwavedave) reported

    @BryceWeiner I guess I misinterpreted your tweet about Coinbase and nobody selling. I thought you meant price would not go down if most people HODLed. I'm now a lot less confused, thanks for the reply!

  • beala_ebooks
    beala_ebooks 🤖 (@beala_ebooks) reported

    Coinbase is cracking down on the refund claiming that Tor is "obscene and threatening." Avoid like the term "bijection."

  • meridiocrypto
    Cryptomania (@meridiocrypto) reported

    @BTCVIX The problem is tether is blatantly wrong. The odds of ir being 100% legit and compliant are 0%. That doesn't happen with Coinbase, something that can be proved by how they leak data to irs, freeze accounts with anything remotely related with anything ilegal...

  • rippleator
    RIPPLEATOR (@rippleator) reported

    @coinbase @AsiffHirji @brian_armstrong manipulation of #xrpthestandard #XRP #Ripple price is a disgrace! You know full well it isn't a security & if you would add it would be number 1 coin. This is the issue here place your dislike of @bgarlinghouse #growup

  • KingOfCrypto6
    Drew Wise [teamTRONICS] (@KingOfCrypto6) reported

    Today, two people came to my door, to sign me up for bible school... i ended up pitching my pitch as well. I signed them up for coinbase.. they are now waiting for slow #ETH to transfer to binance.. where they can buy #TRX the future decentralized web. @justinsuntron @WLFOFMYST

  • GlobalCryptoDev
    Global Crypto Press (@GlobalCryptoDev) reported

    @el33th4xor To be fair, there was no shortage of BCH supporters saying to buy more the day it was added to coinbase and nearing $4k. People saying it would settle down much lower soon, so sell - were met with BCH troll army’s saying they’d regret that when it hits $10k.

  • CryptoMedicated
    CryptoMed (@CryptoMedicated) reported

    I also think Coinbase adding ERC20 tokens may help trigger another bull run too. Lot of the “mainstream” is blissfully unaware of anything other than Bitcoin (seriously). That move may pull significantly more folks down the rabbit hole

  • _kevyu
    Kevin Yu (@_kevyu) reported from Novi, Michigan

    I will never be using Coinbase again unless you fix this ASAP

  • slumpbuster2017
    Slumpbuster (@slumpbuster2017) reported

    @coinbase Coinbase takes 3 days after money leaves my account to theirs for $BCC to show up in my wallet, just enough time for it to lose 25% if it’s value. Thanks for nothing, can’t wait for @binance to start taking fiat. Coinbase way too slow. #Coinbase #Binance #Crypto

  • Mattminnj
    Matt M (@Mattminnj) reported

    @Bitcoin_Shill 1/2Thanks! Us old Gs have the Fiat you young Gs need to pump BTC. I had problems signing onto Coinbase/ Binance.

  • FirstFrontierBC
    Chad, LeadDev of GFYCoin ($GFY) (@FirstFrontierBC) reported

    @technical_anal @abzTRDR My mom has been averaging down since 7k lol I had to stop her from market buying a whole BTC on coinbase the other day there will be better entries later/ totally not sure she can afford that lol FOMOM

  • abzTRDR
    ₿iht Coign BSc (Hons) 🍜 (@abzTRDR) reported

    @nimdaamidn The just use that? You do not have to use LN, it is just an option same as using an SMS wallet, coinbase etc, But merchants don't accept SMS payments (just now anyway) likely due to security/porting issues.

  • Yus84537942
    Yus (@Yus84537942) reported

    @brian_armstrong You know XRP isn't a security. Coinbase purposely tweeted you aren't listing it TWICE and brought down the whole market!! Eventually bitcoin will get CRUSHED by XRP and you will lose billions as I laugh my ass off CROOK!!

  • LN_Master_Hub
    Lightning Master Hub ⚡ [BTC LTC] (@LN_Master_Hub) reported

    @verretor Ya, I missed the "Sell at $9000+" that lasted for under two minutes... I couldn't click fast enough! Then coinbase shut down trading... I sold immediately.

  • EasycareLndscpe
    EasyCare Landscaping (@EasycareLndscpe) reported

    @coinbase @Ripple calling complete BS on CB and total manipulation to keep XRP off fact is XRP would b #1 coin now after passing ETH but that Manip. With their connects Mezz Twins u know XRP was never a security,CB huge reason markets down and #1reason XRP price never blew up BS!

  • Z1X1LTC
    Z1X1 $ŁTC (@Z1X1LTC) reported

    @tsmacdonald @coinbase @CoinbaseSupport Say goodbye to your account they will never fix your issue

  • alex72079531
    alex (@alex72079531) reported

    @CryptoKay3 @coinbase Problem is, there are lots of hackers and ico scams. As time goes on, these set backs will work themselves out and things will be better for crypto as a whole

  • scopex21
    Tomas (@scopex21) reported

    @brian_armstrong @coinbase "They" are manipulating price with DERIVATIVES "They" making BTC price down without BTC centralized exchanges can do that thats how big guys can buy cheaper :)