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Coinbase is a digital asset broker headquartered in San Francisco, California. They broker exchanges of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other digital assets with fiat currencies in 32 countries, and bitcoin transactions and storage in 190 countries worldwide.

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  • LowBtc Evil Spawn of Financial Crisis Maximalist (@LowBtc) reported

    @miomartino @coinbase @CashApp Yeah you're right that fiat on-ramps are a major problem! BISQ may be better but we need much more and better options. Most recent RabbitHoleRecap by @MartyBent and @matt_odell discusses this in depth including using @wasabiwallet to help reclaim privacy

  • pokkst associated dickhead (@pokkst) reported

    @sabotagebeats @Ficusplant @CacheBoi "Buy Bitcoin! Down with the bankers! Down with megacorps! Not your keys, not your Bitcoin!" "Alright so to get started with Bitcoin just download Coinbase Wallet..."

  • FildaVais Filip Weiss (@FildaVais) reported

    @litevault Hello, please have a problem regarding uploading litecoins, my address on your server is LPGRh128JCPH2oajs4NYM1DKXuxH53GmSX and I would like to send my coin to my wallet coinbase address MDc2pegLMG8fmXjgEdw72a4uSgqWJsbe1u. please, give me an advice

  • kevin_fisch1 KFisch (@kevin_fisch1) reported

    @zcashco There was an error on coinbase tho where it said i was ineligible originally so it said I would get an email when im eligible and that never happened but now suddenly i was able to do it.... small mistake in the interface I never got notified when I became eligible like it said

  • IJqstinq iJqstinq (@IJqstinq) reported

    @100trillionUSD already withdrew btc from Coinbase god it was the problem

  • RippleXRPIndia Manish Sethi (@RippleXRPIndia) reported

    Last night I had a dream, a voice telling me to buy as much XRP as possible because the market has been down for a long time, institutions are buying it and the price is expected to go beyond this solar system #xrpthestandard #xrp #btc #Bitcoin #EOS #ethereum #eth #XLM #Coinbase

  • _Reality_Check_ Reality Check (@_Reality_Check_) reported

    @WhiteRabbitBTC the same issue with my coinbase account

  • CryptoJolie Crypto Jolie (@CryptoJolie) reported

    @CryptoDave13 @mtvdjjersey @coinbase Ah ok! personaally I don't see that as an issue. Like with any business, some things are good for business and some are not. On the face of it, Coinbase would be good but personally I hope they never touch XRP

  • PCPeace Peacy ピシ (@PCPeace) reported

    @coinbase please i'm begging for my ETC back. I really need that money! please help me! ive report this issue and get laughed at!

  • bazdee08 irishBaz (@bazdee08) reported

    @CoinbaseSupport Im having issues sending tokens from Coinbase wallet to another address. It’s just not working .

  • solo_whitby Travis Lee Whitby (@solo_whitby) reported

    @paddystash @cz_binance has the best exchange, hands down. @coinbase could be better but they refuse to add the crypto’s people want.

  • CateCakeCat CateCake (@CateCakeCat) reported

    @SpaceCorp_Us @coinbase This process can take a month. I have faced this problem too. Yes, just coinbase remains a winner until it holds your money.

  • l3l2ucelee Litecoin Moses {No XRP} (@l3l2ucelee) reported

    @llaves973 @coinbase that happened when the government was trying to use their regulations to slow that 2017 bull run down... I believe that is the real reason exchanges stopped accepting new registrations... they all stopped accepting new registrations around the same time.

  • NodeCryptoIco NodeCrypto ICO (@NodeCryptoIco) reported

    I think it's time that some accounts of good crypto people will be shut down because of Coinbase surveillance... 😷

  • AjKicks401 Aj (@AjKicks401) reported

    @l3l2ucelee @coinbase Thats werid i always get my coins instantly on coinbase. Never had a problem

  • troygreen23 Troy Green (@troygreen23) reported

    @BTCsessions @MoreCredible @CashApp @cashapp didnt approve my withdrawal quick enough had issues. Sticking with coinbase. Most average buyers got exposed to crypto and purchased through coinbase, without them, the average consumer wouldnt have attempted or completed a purchase.

  • Multicripto Arkad (@Multicripto) reported

    @orangedog21 @francispouliot_ @coinbase 👌🏼 4. Hardware wallet connected to electrum (under electrum personal server)

  • MikeNardolillo Michael Nardolillo (@MikeNardolillo) reported

    @Jedoais @DiscordinCrypto @brian_armstrong @xrp_news Institutional custody is a huge market rn, its one of the largest issues in the space. Other top exchanges have already added xrp for exchange services, coinbase barley stays in the top 50 😉

  • Krypticrooks KryptiCrooks (@Krypticrooks) reported

    @GeminiSupport Using Coinbase. You guys already turned me away after talking to your support team. Guess that's an internal issue.

  • _padpad_ .::. (@_padpad_) reported

    There was a time last year I didn't get much sleep for about a week and went down a rabbit hole of a future VR world developing their own version of the NYSE. And that that was Coinbase's evil secret plan.

  • J9Roem Janine (@J9Roem) reported

    @BenDiFrancesco @lightcoin @zooko @santisiri As I already said, the ethics of Hacking Team have nothing to do with Bitcoin at this point. But if we want to go down that road, Zcash's privacy is not any better in the context of Coinbase, considering they don't allow shielded addresses.

  • Jaw709 🌎⚡ Satoshocrat ⚡🌍 (@Jaw709) reported

    @MrHodl @brian_armstrong Call me a Satoshi come-lately, but I've never been more disappointed in @coinbase.. Either their judgement or value system is woefully broken. Hoping @brian_armstrong comes out today with fierce apology / statement, and severs ties.. best time to "be your own bank" was yesterday.

  • reddry_wine half glass (@reddry_wine) reported

    @francispouliot_ Those who are smart enough ran away from Coinbase at least 2 months ago. For the slow-witted rest this acquisition is the final alarm. Taxes issue, private keys on the Cloud, now this... Coinbase is turning into a snitch for authorities.

  • simonvc (@simonvc) reported

    @CrabLabuk There's plenty of terrible exchanges, but companies like Coinbase are solid.

  • Egnar Justin Repole (@Egnar) reported

    Uh @coinbase how am I supposed to verify who I am if I’m locked out of the desktop for not having a webcam and even 2 factor auth doesn’t trust my phone for whatever reason so I can’t login from my phone...

  • danikxarro JustDan (@danikxarro) reported

    Not getting any love...but all exchanges should be looking. Simple fix to a potencial huge $ problem. #coinbase #dustmixing

  • Wolfy1060 Cryptonite (@Wolfy1060) reported

    @zquestz @VCourt_PSD @checksum0 @coinbase They can't issue more bud.

  • liber_liver Liber Liver (@liber_liver) reported

    .@TheBlock__ Asked me to pay via card or via crypto using @coinbase service for an article about Lightning Network. I noted tiny link "Sign in". @TheBlock__ definitely didn't get a thing about Lightning.

  • Dieter75 Dieter Engel (@Dieter75) reported

    @BenBeideman_com @thechaz @NeilF69820085 @MrHodl @brian_armstrong There are 8 registered trademarks for “Coinbase”, all probably held by that company. The examiner didn’t realize they were generic to litigate it you would need enough money to afford litigation. Trademarks are a bit broken.

  • droog_93 droog 93 (@droog_93) reported

    @Ask_WellsFargo SMS still not working with trying to send thru Zelle, yes receive SMS just fine and within seconds from binance and coinbase. no wonder banks will be disrupted soon.

  • andrewthomas Andrew Thomas (@andrewthomas) reported

    Blown away at how bad and slow @coinbase customer support has been during the account recovery process. Big article coming on fallout from my account being compromised. Consumers need to know @CoinbaseSupport #coinbase #crypto

  • GaryScotBlair Gary Blair (@GaryScotBlair) reported

    @Cryptoverlord1 I’m in that same boat. Money sitting in coinbase in case it drops more. So many mixed emotions on whether the stress of it going down is worth the opportunity to load more. I’m ready for some positive price direction.

  • craigcaruso Craig App Man Caruso (@craigcaruso) reported from Croton-on-Hudson, New York

    @joelcomm @BankofAmerica BoA also shuts down accounts that deal with crypto and coinbase...

  • william46400971 ForTheFuture (@william46400971) reported

    @bitstein @CryptoBrekkie @CashApp @coinbase Only down side I see is you can't send btc to cash app wallet.

  • ForGodAndKing Jacques Cathelineau (@ForGodAndKing) reported

    @SECRET_TRADER_ coinbase is down it seems

  • bitstein Michael Goldstein (@bitstein) reported

    @DeaterBob @tr1ggercrypt0 @JVWVU1 @AlenaSatoshi @CashApp @coinbase @jack Damn, if only OP had considered these issues in his original tweet 🤔

  • ZLOK ¥ves ₿ennaïm⚡️🌿 (@ZLOK) reported

    @MrHodl @eiaine @MediumSqueeze @brian_trollz @jack @tippin_me @CashApp That's what anti-BTC people have problem understanding: no one "hates" anyone preventively: companies like Coinbase and Bitpay have actively and objectively been attacking and trying to control Bitcoin in the past, and this is why they are not trusted anymore.

  • DeaterBob AwyeeBitcoin (@DeaterBob) reported

    If you use Gemini or Coinbase you are part of the problem.

  • NicolaBernini Nicola Bernini (@NicolaBernini) reported

    @herzmeisterderw @BitDad2012 @pavolrusnak @5chdn @ethereumJoseph @rogerkver @coinbase Well, it seems to me more a rage quit related to issues with the community rather than related to the Polkadot vs Serenity thing. Hopefully he will come back

  • PegasiMega Pegasi Mega (@PegasiMega) reported

    Wow! @coinbase app with bugs and crash! It is a concentrate of problems in your phone

  • bitconero Bitconero (@bitconero) reported

    @coinbase because otherwise we run the risk that the Bitcoin acquired outside of them will be marked and could get us into serious problems.

  • theonevortex Vortex (@theonevortex) reported

    @BmoMatari Amateur level UI, terrible performance, runs on AWS, and is owned by @coinbase.

  • david_westie David West (@david_westie) reported

    @unignorant Biggest barrier to mass adoption is not having a 'basic' view. DEXs need UI that will just market-fill your order instantly with 1 button click after login, in clean interface, without the need for charts, order book etc. That's why Coinbase became so popular for newbies. Simple.

  • Mooky72576943 Mooky (@Mooky72576943) reported

    @Hulom4 @florentgatin @cryptocom @coinbase @Visa Just trying to inform people about this amazing company @cryptocom and how they are going to #CHANGE a lot of thing we were so used to. #banks , slow transactions , #expensive rates in #exchanges, bad #CustomerService, and so on and so on. #Revolution #BTC #bitcoin #Crypto $BTC

  • tommyXBT tommy (@tommyXBT) reported

    It is astonishing how Coinbase continually manages to throw its business and reputation down the shitter piece by piece

  • trustlessworld1 John Frank (@trustlessworld1) reported

    @Spartacus_Spoon Coinbase went down the wrong road. @vertbase is what newbs should be using.

  • cryptoLTdan Lt. Dan (@cryptoLTdan) reported

    @IICryptoLover Bought usd with no fees 10 days ago on coinbase pro. The debited my checking account 8 days ago and I still don’t have it. @coinbase can **** off. I hope they go down.

  • Trisha_18591124 Trisha M. (@Trisha_18591124) reported

    @askcircle I've been trying to manually link my bank acct to circle, but I can't get to the page with the form/prompts to add routing/acct numbers. Tried in FF, chrome, android app and even Opera. Had no problem doing this with Plaid for Coinbase. Won't work with Circle.

  • generativist (wannabe) breaker of loops (@generativist) reported

    Also, I bet a huge portion of the problems associated with @verified could be eliminated by turning it into a premium feature. "Spend $50, we'll verify your identity. You just can't change your AVI / description without paying again." Call @coinbase -- it's feasible.

  • Sourboysam Sam (@Sourboysam) reported

    @RampCapitalLLC Well there's your problem. Your #gainz are getting gobbled up by Coinbase's initial fee.

  • EPHANCOCK77 Elliot Hancock (@EPHANCOCK77) reported

    @coinbase I've been feeling a little down recently, how about something along the same sort of lines as that 12 jokes at Xmas stunt you pulled. That was so bad it was hilarious.

  • SamBlan1 Sam Blan (@SamBlan1) reported from Oaxaca de Juárez, Estado de Oaxaca

    @Melt_Dem @coinbase I mean, I think you have a lot of insight Melt. But don’t agree with you here. It’s literally no different for CB customers today than it was 2 years ago. People getting upset over it now are a little slow on the uptake.

  • eduard_bican Eduard Bican Andrei Elian (@eduard_bican) reported

    @CryptoBTC_Chris coinbase pays hacker $30k - better invest this money in coinbase app. it is terrible 🤪

  • kanuuker Chris Webb (@kanuuker) reported

    @kurtwuckertjr Now that the Shift card is being retired, I have no reason whatsoever to maintain my @coinbase account. I will be shutting it down this week.

  • Bayalumaya1 Bayalu (@Bayalumaya1) reported

    $BCH so slow. Just sent BCH from #binance to #coinbase and still waiting. 27 minutes only 1 confirmation. I love $NEO so much. So somooth so fast.

  • Ek3l ekel (@Ek3l) reported

    @EdanYago @NeerajKA I can tell you about my experience. I had a bank account which used to send funds to coinbase/coinbase pro, about a week ago I tried to make a transfer and my bank rejected it, so I ask them why is that since I never had a problem in the past and they told me cont...

  • Frum Jaysen Lifchitz (@Frum) reported

    @coinbase USDC = USDCrap I want to buy $bat and now I have to go through an extra step. Not user friendly, and now it is not letting me convert USD to USDCrap. @brave help them fix this

  • CriptoTuga CriptoTuga ⚡️ (@CriptoTuga) reported

    @coinbase Shut down my Coinbase account and Moved to Butstamp cause they use xrp! Coinbase its the most stubborn company that dont listen to costumers

  • DutchSunset Butterfly (@DutchSunset) reported

    @CampbellSoup589 I didn't order my soup yet, staring at the menu waiting for the price to go down. Stupid greedy coinbase..😅 Miss doubty could be my second name

  • AdLeonel Adalberto Leonel (@AdLeonel) reported

    @LeoHadjiloizou @BlockQuake @Ripple Oh, coinbase is coming down. Too careless about security. But from the business we will not go anywhere 🙃