Is Coinbase down?

Coinbase is a digital asset broker headquartered in San Francisco, California. They broker exchanges of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and other digital assets with fiat currencies in 32 countries, and bitcoin transactions and storage in 190 countries worldwide.

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June 27: Problems at Coinbase

Coinbase is having issues since 08:20 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Pawtucket Transactions
Torre-Pacheco Website
Hamburg Login
Köln Login
Dallas Transactions
Toronto Website

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  • MyBlinx MyBlinx (@MyBlinx) reported

    @RedZei I don't get it...everyone is saying it was down, even #Coinbase themselves, but I was online and it was working fine for me!

  • SurvivalGirl1 Survival Girl (@SurvivalGirl1) reported

    @freegolds It happened the other way around. Bitcoin had a flash-crash, and the increased traffic brought down Coinbase. Then it went back up 15 mins later, and the price recovered as people bought back in low. Other exchanges didn’t go down.

  • freegoldkiwi Gold Kiwi (@freegoldkiwi) reported

    @freegolds It's just FUD. The price dropped 22 minutes before the Coinbase outage. The price is now higher than it was 24 hours ago.

  • InternetsToilet toilet of the internet (@InternetsToilet) reported

    @CNBCFastMoney @michaelmoro Damn you all are masters of BS. It was because we don’t have enough exchanges and @coinbase had a glitch.

  • SatoshiFlipper Satoshi Flipper (@SatoshiFlipper) reported

    If it wasn't for $BTC's latest bullishness keeping price down, $LINK would be 30k sats rn because of all the recent catalysts: Oracle, Coinbase, Google, etc. Of course not to mention everything else they have going on 🔥

  • rungoodclint Clint (@rungoodclint) reported

    @jonsnow3214 @CoinbasePro @coinbase @brian_armstrong I tried sending 50 and it worked no problem. So good to know. Still in my hardware wallet tho. But great to know we have a way to convert in the US if we want too.

  • erythrosine Erythrosine (@erythrosine) reported

    @chigrl You can take the other way around, Coinbase has an outage BTC drops 2k

  • erik_jacobi HoDling Erik ⚡️ (@erik_jacobi) reported

    @MericanHodl It’s also awesome when you decide to stack a little and while you are online it drops and then you decide to spend double:D ..except when you are in Germany with no @CashApp and have to use coinbase. everything shuts down., your 70+ y old dad calls you at night and you are mad 😠

  • storm_devine Zachary Storm Devine (@storm_devine) reported

    @chigrl Coinbase is very happy to scamming its customers day in day out. They should be shut down.

  • bigSilverEagle Сивий Орел (@bigSilverEagle) reported

    @xcrypto9 @barrysilbert @GrayscaleInvest Don’t waste your time & money. $etc is dead. It has no leader, no ussage, some dev teams are disbanding, 51% attack, coinbase confirmation takes for ages. It will get few % up before hardfork, and will go down as usual for this shitcoin :)

  • xrp1hak xrp1hak (@xrp1hak) reported

    It seems like some exchanges couldn’t handle the #btc run of this week ! #coinbase #bitrue same problem like 2017... lets see if prices recover ...

  • ANT_F_A Anthony (@ANT_F_A) reported

    coinbase and every other market that locked their users out were extremely smart. Bitcoin dropped 1.8k in 15 minutes and if these markets weren't locked out people would've had a heart attack and left us in the hole back down to 8 or 9k. Please STOP panicking @JZANZR

  • Mac_U_Tron_7000 Mac-U-Tron_7000 (@Mac_U_Tron_7000) reported

    @vaggelis1985 it was @coinbase going down

  • degen_Coder parabolicoder (@degen_Coder) reported

    @He_Mex It is more likely a technical failure than intentional. Coinbase is a broker, they benefit whenever there are transactions. If anything, shutting it down to prevent dumping cost them money. They don't care if btc is 10000 or 1 dollar as long as volume is there.

  • He_Mex Im He (@He_Mex) reported

    coinbase turned off its server during the dump, I don't see any incentives to stay bullish right here

  • EE_Adithya Aditya M (@EE_Adithya) reported

    The Bull market is so solid like the coinbase outage was a BURP. Went to the restroom dumped and came back to normal. Now time to accumulate and shoot up BTC and ALTS.

  • nastydawg6r cryptoKen 🚀 (@nastydawg6r) reported

    Unprofessional ****-isis: This drop was some ***** whale who lost his nerve when he saw @coinbase was having traffic issues. This influenced a bunch of other pansies who market sold. Return flight to 14k in progress. 👍🏻 Not financial advise, just a horrible analysis.

  • cryptol82603035 $chiefnaples. (@cryptol82603035) reported

    @cryptoguzzle @APompliano Hmm .... Actually btc is down . It can't handle the transaction load. Don't blame it on coinbase . Oh and the layer 2 scaling solution was a bad joke kinda like Doge

  • NicRiversJr Nick Rivers (@NicRiversJr) reported

    @APompliano Coinbase is down. My wife never goes down on me. Stay Single.

  • YazidShaki Crypto Naga 🙉🙈🙊 (@YazidShaki) reported

    The sad part about the whole situation is that @coinbase probably caused a few "Longs" to be liquidated...going down for an hour caused the Bitcoin price to drop by $1700 for a brief moment.

  • TiaguuuViera TiaguinhoVieira (@TiaguuuViera) reported

    Bitcoin’s fell by $1,400 on Coinbase technical errors. Just for ones who love manipulation topic

  • philcooks1 philcooks (@philcooks1) reported

    @jacktw19278 @GregMannarino I was using them to buy my first etherium at $55. Had so many issues with #coinbase it was rediculous. My google complaint had over 10,000 hits & I filed with the California Attorney General. Got a nice apology letter a few months later 😂

  • cody_nosreip cody (@cody_nosreip) reported

    @coindesk @coinbase @deathlabel when I originally tried to sell at 13.4k it said error then immediately after it sold for 13,086

  • O80925253 O (@O80925253) reported

    @QWQiao 🤔 I doubt the matching engine is a serious bottleneck if engineered correctly. Crypto exchanges do this every year because they are engineering retards, coinbase and co sre using mongodb, redis and other broken crap. It's not exactly rocket science. /cc @hyc_symas

  • jimmidwight Jimmy Smith (@jimmidwight) reported

    @CryptoMoneyLife Yup, figured that's what it was. I was trying to trade in BTC after the dip but shitty coinbase went down. Thanks for the lost money Coinbase.

  • KalienWorld2019 Kalien (@KalienWorld2019) reported

    @CryptoP3D Drop was from coinbase outage FUD. We are already back within $1,000 of the local high. $btc

  • VolcyM Volcy Coldstorm (@VolcyM) reported

    Coinbase listed an alt coin and it shut down the whole website lol

  • MichaelGeovini Michael Geovini (@MichaelGeovini) reported

    @MKBHD Coinbase down

  • 3xWolverine Rob (@3xWolverine) reported

    @clickcoiner @coindesk @coinbase The question is whether the outage caused the crash. Likely it was somehow involved. Coincidence seems unlikely.

  • TheDolapoO MuFASA 🦁 (@TheDolapoO) reported

    @lunomoney $Eth price on coinbase is $329,how come your is way high as $347 and yet you guys are still gonna charge 2%. That's way too much. Fix things up

  • downtster downtster69 (@downtster) reported

    @officiallykeith Keeeeeef is that you being a "Crypto ******" there son or was it you who pulled the plug on the server in coinbase to do the ahem Hoovering :) peeeaaaace!

  • JonGaud JonGaud (@JonGaud) reported

    @cryptomanran @coinbase had 2 years to figure it out and got shut down at 13k. Absolutely pathetic.

  • billsk123 keepyouraltscloseandbtccloser (@billsk123) reported

    OK coinbase closed down and we dropped $2k. Not 100% accurate with price but you get the idea 😉

  • tribecrypto TRIBE CRYPTO (@tribecrypto) reported

    8,884 BTC moved to Coinbase yesterday, today BTC price drops 1.8K and Coinbase goes down. Interesting...🤔

  • block_delta BlockDelta (@block_delta) reported

    BlockDelta News Today: - $BTC holds near $13,000 after volatile gains, Coinbase sees temporary issues with site -#Tesla reportedly working on its own battery cell manufacturing program -#YouTube update to give users more control over recommended videos

  • TitanShores R (@TitanShores) reported

    @coinbase Apparently you're broken, Coinbase. Just as you became last time. Funny that.. 🤔

  • QasamWahid Qasam Wahid (@QasamWahid) reported

    @davidlaytonUS @coindesk @coinbase Back to 12,800. Down you go btc...

  • DumbCryptoStuff DumbCrypt0 (@DumbCryptoStuff) reported

    Love folks dunking on Coinbase for being down with screenshots they got because they use Coinbase lol $BTC

  • jacktw19278 Fernán Savater Jr. (@jacktw19278) reported

    @GregMannarino Coinbase down... What a bunch of crooks

  • jingtying JingTying FeliciaYap (@jingtying) reported

    @kieranmlkelly @APompliano I believe Coinbase and Binance won't down forever. Don't trade in new and small exchanges.

  • TheCoinBros TheCoinBros®©™ (@TheCoinBros) reported

    Thoughts on the last "Correction" 1. Coinbase going down at the exact moment wasn't coincidence. 2. BTC will go sideways to down/dominance will go down. 3. That same money will flow into alts priming "Alt Season" 4. Chain Link will pump to $5 or so. XRP will still be shit.

  • KingBanditRivas Joe Rivas (@KingBanditRivas) reported

    Guys don't spread fud of @BitrueOfficial and @Curis_Wang as you can see they weren't the only ones experiencing the issues. Coinbase,Kraken, and Bitmex

  • cryptomeetslaw The Crypto Attorney (@cryptomeetslaw) reported

    I explain in my video that if you had your Crypto on a Ledger (I do not do referral links), when Coinbase and Bitrue went down you could have still transferred funds to an active exchange and sold off before the dip. One of the many reasons to use cold storage!

  • RyanHurley2 Ryan Hurley (@RyanHurley2) reported

    If Coinbase and Robinhood went down today and Google trends doesn't show renewed interest then maybe it means that its the same FOMO people from before and they no longer need to google bitcoin.

  • cryptogotham Cryptosombrero (@cryptogotham) reported

    @APompliano I doubt with there "outage". I suspect of insider who's willing to buy BTC in the millions and asked Coinbase to drive price down.

  • cryptogotham Cryptosombrero (@cryptogotham) reported

    @coindesk I doubt with there "outage". I suspect of insider who's willing to buy BTC in the millions and asked Coinbase to drive price down.

  • Level_waters369 Jamaal Motley (@Level_waters369) reported

    @coinbase fix it please

  • crazz318 Craig DOrazio (@crazz318) reported

    @CryptosR_Us I tried to buy when it went down but Coinbase was all effed up

  • CryptoIdolic21 Idolic21_IT_Crypto_Investor (@CryptoIdolic21) reported

    @MagaXrp @BittrexExchange @kucoincom @hitbtc @coinbase Of course, but that’s not what happened today. Lol One exchange went down.

  • cryptotimicus Crypto Tim (@cryptotimicus) reported

    @BTC_Macro Even coinbase couldn't hold down the dip for too long...

  • GoreHeyy Ellen DeGenerate (@GoreHeyy) reported

    If Coinbase going down is an example of what the bull run is going to look like, I don’t want xrp to pump yet.

  • Outerflesh Outerflesh Ent (@Outerflesh) reported

    @Crypto_Ginger @coinbase One guy I know of lost 43 thousand $$ today because of @coinbase A new law was recently passed in South Korea that makes their exchanges accountable for customer losses on trades if the exchange goes down like this during peak selling periods. We really do need the regulation.

  • girl_satoshi Satoshi Girl (@girl_satoshi) reported

    @coindesk @coinbase This has been an issue since the beginning bitcoin. Price swings, exchanges down, people screwed.

  • JoshWinter Josh Winter (@JoshWinter) reported

    @TheJaytrader I shorted that today. Worked well. Especially with coinbase conveniently going down lol.

  • RealHxro Hxro (@RealHxro) reported

    @Damax26 Coinbase may have gone down, but not #HXRO. 💯👍

  • squirrel_beamy J.Alexander (@squirrel_beamy) reported

    @APompliano **** coinbase...they shut my ability to purchase down with no explanation!!!

  • Stocktrader Chris Wheeler ☣️ (@Stocktrader) reported

    Don’t let Coinbase being down stop you from buying Bitcoin. Check out @CashApp .

  • CryptoIdolic21 Idolic21_IT_Crypto_Investor (@CryptoIdolic21) reported

    @MagaXrp @BittrexExchange @kucoincom @hitbtc @coinbase Don’t hold your money on exchanges and you will erase all these exchange issues your bringing up. You won’t have these issues and you won’t fear wjat the exchanges do. Period. $BTC

  • CryptoIdolic21 Idolic21_IT_Crypto_Investor (@CryptoIdolic21) reported

    @MagaXrp @BittrexExchange @kucoincom @hitbtc @coinbase You are going into a couple of topics at once there. Lol I’m sure it’s annoying when exchanges shut down during rallies. That’s when a person is extremely biased towards their money and says things like “Its the Principle of exchanges shutting down during rallies.”

  • rongpro Ron G. (@rongpro) reported

    Coinbase shut down.... 😈😈 wonder how many orders still need to be processed🚀