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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It is the fourth game in the main Counter-Strike franchise.

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  • Watszupski Yah Boi Yttaw (@Watszupski) reported


  • eaSTEaPHEaN Stephen (@eaSTEaPHEaN) reported

    ugh csgo has never been so broken

  • cywhy123 cywhy123 (@cywhy123) reported

    @InfinityWard bro stop trying to be csgo(a game that's actually good) and push skins out fix game first thank you.

  • luisit0dice Luisito dice (@luisit0dice) reported

    @CSGO green player skins are killing the competitive nature of cache. Same issue with 3rd Commando and Seal in darker maps.

  • hhaizy gar (@hhaizy) reported

    @MatterR6 lol imagine having a cheating problem worse than csgo

  • Fortuna03779681 Fortunate Son (@Fortuna03779681) reported

    @yopusher68 @TSM_Albralelie He played competitive CSGO switching to another game if apex dies will be no problem.

  • mucc3theartist Mucc3 | “moochi” (@mucc3theartist) reported

    @CSGO just fix the rules of the community cause its bullshit .. played 3 normal games then a group of punk ass ******* get butthurt and im the only solo so i get kicked AND BANNED .. **** u @CSGO

  • Nope_Dope_970 Andy Sunbre (@Nope_Dope_970) reported

    @CSGO Your Support team is the worst, my ****** banks support team even helps more than your support teams, I put a Support ticket in steam for cs:go for my XP being COMPLETELY broken and all I get is that I need to play more matches, I have played 64 hours and I am only level 5!

  • OleAasheim Ole Aasheim (@OleAasheim) reported

    The issues I have with @Rainbow6Game and @CSGO is purely that the matchmaking is garbage. You get weirdos and crackheads. Unless you 5 stack, it's not enjoyable. So I don't know what to do anymore.

  • ConservationOsu Clean Found Gamer Girl (@ConservationOsu) reported

    @ZanzibarCrumpet @zerowondering Thank you. There's a reason you don't see these controller players on FPS like CSGO and TF2. No aim assist, inferior mostly in fast pace There's games like borderlands where aim assist is given to kb players and my god is it broken as hell. Controller isnt broken, aim assist is.

  • bugmister11 A strange human (@bugmister11) reported

    @CSGO there is a big that "kicks" players from a competitive game, even tho they never got kicked, and will not let them use their mics. This happened for the entire team, pls fix

  • SpacepodPrime scp ru fanclub 🇷🇺 (@SpacepodPrime) reported

    @HOUNGOUNGAGNE I have. I'm not saying I have problems with csgo sounds but I definitely never had any in the few instances I've played 1.6

  • BaggerChristian Christian Bagger (@BaggerChristian) reported

    @TaylorViii @kegkeg1234 @Dexerto @charlieINTEL @CSGO @s1mpleO @zywoo @dev1ce @EliGE Then ZywOo hasn’t accomplished the same, but the eye test, stats and the fact that his back most be broken by now. Yea Devve may be either 2 or 3.

  • FlyinBrianJr Brian Pillman Jr. (@FlyinBrianJr) reported

    @zerowondering @Clayster This will ALWAYS be an issue with games that use aim assist for controller inputs. It's hard to take a game seriously when it registers inputs differently based on what method of input you use. CSGO doesn't have this problem, everyone uses mouse and keyboard. Just like in sports-

  • solidsnake702 MCTSnake113 (@solidsnake702) reported

    @Ahope124 @MasoodTekken @mykeryu God don't make it like csgo. Really makes it harder for those with games that crash often

  • kh1ana egirl khiana (@kh1ana) reported

    @csgo pls fix ur anti cheat

  • Zone894 Angel Perez (@Zone894) reported

    @B3k1722 @Dorstic04 @Dexerto @charlieINTEL @CSGO @s1mpleO @zywoo @dev1ce @EliGE That is more of a team issue then a s1mple is. His team was dogshit because they had Zeus screaming for 9 months instead of doing his job as a IGL. They also had Edward for the first 5 months this year. I dont need to say more then that for you to understand why thats bad.

  • nexalcs Nexal ➐ (@nexalcs) reported

    @Pyroclutch @discordapp @ki0si0n I've had problems with them for 2 months now, It always lags right as I go into csgo. Then we switch servers and it's good for like 20 minutes then it just begins again

  • nexalcs Nexal ➐ (@nexalcs) reported

    @Pyroclutch @discordapp @ki0si0n I've had problems with them for 2 months now, It always lags right as I go into csgo. Then we switch servers and it just begins again

  • t4nkrl tank (@t4nkrl) reported

    @RocketLeague The best way to fix it is do it like CSGO (in France atleast). They make you pay the price of a key for all revealed cases. Doing this can make it seem like the old system.

  • technodooper 𝐥𝐢𝐞🐷🌸 (@technodooper) reported

    @softwilbruh i came back to a notif of cooper going live "ankle broken csgo time" Stupid Dumb Idiot

  • fazapose777 fe em deux copio (@fazapose777) reported

    @memexius @ForestWestly @spidizzleman @CSGO @ESL ironic it isnt... i live here since i was born and nobody robbed me and threatened me in fact we have a lot of problems here but what makes me sad is that the image of our country that people show around the world its only about the bad things like everything in brasil is bad

  • AxelAguirr1 Axel Aguirrë (@AxelAguirr1) reported

    @CSGO Fix The Server!!! I Play With 1300ms

  • 1smeVEVO minecraft fisherman (@1smeVEVO) reported

    @CSGO i would appreciate if you took time to read, as its a problem with cs that has gone unanswered for too long. opinions appreciated too, though i am afraid im preaching to the choir with this thread. @DonHaci @TheWarOwl @BananaGamingCS it doesnt solve anything but its nice to vent

  • dephh_csgo dephh (@dephh_csgo) reported

    Certain players, especially young players need good environments to grow. Ofc people perform better sometimes as a pug - less risk, less stress on winning as a paid professional. CSGO reddit talk with such conviction on problems they have zero fkn clue on.

  • dima200715 _dima__2007 (@dima200715) reported

    @CSGO How ******** do i get a 7 day ban for "Team Damage" when a player who i shot gave me 99dmg every time the round starts...5 times in a row 7 day ban...fix this shit. I didn't wait 7 ******* days to get banned for a kid.

  • Tommyvsky Tommyvsky (@Tommyvsky) reported

    @CSGO After update have such bad fps and looked up all fix and tweaks. But with very small results. Yes upgrading my pc can help, but not everyone have spare money laying around. Bye bye cs go for know...

  • BoxHubDwarf DwarfOnDrugs (@BoxHubDwarf) reported

    @cherryrsr I have this issue. I’ll have a CSGO match on my tv. run to the kitchen to grab something. TV: ‘I’M JUST A RAT IN A CAGE!’ Full ******* volume. Me: *Runs back in to mute tv*

  • NobodyyyyyyyJB Josh 'Nobodyyyyyyyツ' Bott (@NobodyyyyyyyJB) reported

    @NSM_LegioN Rcon allows you to change your csgo game server settings via the in-game Console. Using Rcon, you can issue commands to password your server, change to a certain map, restart the map, pause the game, start your GOTV and even kick or ban a rude player. IDK xD

  • amir_aziziii アミール (@amir_aziziii) reported

    Csgo macam ni, rainbow six pun mcm ni. To all gamer from India, ******* fix your own game first before telling people what to do 3 rounds in. 0 kill, 0 assist but loud as **** as if he’s carrying the team. Stfu.

  • viktr_ebooks viktr (@viktr_ebooks) reported

    im pooping my computer has been broken since monday. my computer is over. Me: Our first game at the $1,000,000 Counter-Strike

  • crow_bruh crow (@crow_bruh) reported

    @SeazonCS @CSGO Yeah but sucks when you get frame drop you have to find another command to fix it

  • qhmIUxbU8b9htwW maxim gaerro (@qhmIUxbU8b9htwW) reported


  • G3Enemy EnemY (@G3Enemy) reported

    @CSGO Quest are broken, there is a a count problem..

  • yoshisdream JARRE (@yoshisdream) reported

    @KTA90125 @whotrynafck @CSGO the problem with adding maps occassionally is that, there is literally no reason to try NEW MAPS in Scrimmage. It's boring and it doesn't even affect your rank. If they added 3 maps to comp pool and 2 maps to scrimmage, cycling them every 2 weeks, that would make ppl play them.

  • nerfdude1129 Nerfdude1129 (@nerfdude1129) reported

    @CSGO did you fix the ksk voice yet

  • j4nsen_ jaNsen (@j4nsen_) reported

    @Scoom this is the system that should have been there from the start. basically same as csgo with majors &3rd party tournaments. there should be some kind of legend system and there are problems with online quals. but overall its better than a slowly dying closed ciruit.

  • PeterCSGON CDX_Peter (@PeterCSGON) reported

    @anomalyxd @CSGO Is it just me or does the deathmatch 20 kills with ssg not working

  • KillshotYT Killshot (@KillshotYT) reported

    @CSGO too bad the deathmatch mission is glitch did it twice and still no stars

  • skyelums 🔰 (@skyelums) reported

    @CSGO The game didn't count the challenges I've completed, please fix

  • Pyralize Sᴛᴇᴠᴇ (@Pyralize) reported

    @CSGO I did my weekly challenge and it didn't count, please fix this, I am angery!!!!!! 😡

  • Red_KEKW Red (@Red_KEKW) reported

    Yo @CSGO the missions are broken, I did the 20 scout kills in death match 2 times already and i haven’t gotten the stars, I didn’t leave the server, nice shit, completely wasted my time

  • J7P1csgo 🔥J7P1🔥 (@J7P1csgo) reported

    @CSGO your "kill 20 guys with a scout mission" doesn't work fix it please

  • okaylangyanhoy Aries (@okaylangyanhoy) reported

    Please @CSGO @valvesoftware fix the week 4 pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • PirateChastukhi ChickenWings (@PirateChastukhi) reported

    @CSGO ugh add info make missions easy ... now since they are broken ... sadly these misisons are boring

  • PirateChastukhi ChickenWings (@PirateChastukhi) reported

    @CSGO missions are broken and doesn’t count after completing -.- wasted enough time testing 2nd time

  • bugmister11 A strange human (@bugmister11) reported

    @CSGO when you complete the ssg deathmatch kills, it will reset and not give you the 3 stars, pls fix

  • Guyblue11 Guyblue (@Guyblue11) reported

    @Blacktail92 @CSGO Maybe it's not hitreg issues, maybe you just suck.

  • AntonGarding Anton Garding (@AntonGarding) reported

    @GtPotato @CSGO If you haven't solved it yet try putting +mat_queue_mode 2 in the launch options. I did work for me and it seems that we have had the same problem.

  • t4nkrl tank (@t4nkrl) reported

    @Nexawayyy @AbdullahShakoo1 The best way to fix it is do it like CSGO (in France atleast). They make you pay the price of a key for all revealed cases. Doing this can bring back the joy of winning while using little amount of money.

  • iam_rushi plz yaar bhai! XD (@iam_rushi) reported

    @CSGO Solve fps issue noob

  • PaulsenJakob limits🎃 (@PaulsenJakob) reported

    Just saw the 2020 service medal in @CSGO and god damn its dope looking!

  • _SteveB__ sb (@_SteveB__) reported

    I got little "live ban" for csgo , so I can't play for 4 weeks........ So sad...... Broken hand for your question ( can't touch WASD , so the left one)

  • DaveyWdavey2002 DJ DICE (@DaveyWdavey2002) reported

    @CSGO How about you guys stop ******* around with cases and operations and fix your ******* anti cheat, I’m fed up every time I login I get the “thanks for making the game better” like come on it’s been 20 years

  • RezoanXD Rezoan Mahmud (@RezoanXD) reported

    @CSGO lots of performance issue plz fix

  • TheRealLedinity Ledinity (@TheRealLedinity) reported

    @valvesoftware @CSGO Fix your ******* game, you literally can't play non-prime Deathmatch without at least 5 spinbotters. Fix now.

  • appeBiceps appe (@appeBiceps) reported

    @McSkiIIet @Shlipz @c0rnii @monkiiCS @xclarityd @KingRuddyy @6elmont @Xisty_ @CSGO @Stewie @tarik @TeamLiquid @EliGE @Twistzz @nitr0 @NAFFLY @NRGgg @EvilGeniuses @yuratyshkevych @FaZe_Ch1caqO @aizyesque @ItayKir @ramoalt @brittishbeaf @adreN_Hoag @2Eggsss @man1axCS @_Anders1 @listen_mate No problem McSkillet.

  • Deep_House_St Deep House Street (@Deep_House_St) reported

    @TeamYouTube @TeamYoutube This doesn't fix my situation. I already placed a counter notification and got rejected. Even the guy who striked me told me to submit a counter notification and to explain that is a fake account cause he somehow lost the claim over it, but i still have the strike.

  • JeyerLulz_b44 JEYER (@JeyerLulz_b44) reported

    @CSGO Still waiting for a better Client/Server sync and the Hitreg/Hitboxes fix.

  • iPSYDUCK P S Y D U C K Y (@iPSYDUCK) reported

    @CSGO Fix agent before tomorrow