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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It is the fourth game in the main Counter-Strike franchise.

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  • slippiered LILINTROVERT (@slippiered) reported

    @lhsmNeon @livul @DonHaci Thats the problem tho, cuz CSGO needs a bigger prize pool

  • aplsed2003 🎃pmpknsed🎃 (@aplsed2003) reported

    @jvmsidxx @FortniteGame Oh yeah, I noticed that too. It's like Counter-Strike hitboxes where they lag behind the actual model

  • RENNgraphics RENgraphics (@RENNgraphics) reported

    @hste_cs find csgo.exe in the actual folder, go to properties > compatibility and disable or enable full-screen optimizations (worth a try, I have it ticked to disable and has solved a few issues)

  • WinklmeierAaron Aaron Winklmeier (@WinklmeierAaron) reported

    @CSGO I've tried reaching out to the Csgo team for nearly 900 days requiring assistance but have not received a single reaponse. Please help me regarding my problem.

  • itsmesonnnnn Jace (@itsmesonnnnn) reported

    Its been a long time since I watched csgo tournament and missing the old days.. but reading those articles about some of the players are leaving the professional scene makes my heart broken!

  • ImMarcoPolo_ Marshall Hayden (@ImMarcoPolo_) reported

    @LightninWarrior Meh. Nothing wrong with CSGO as a game. I dont like the special ability shit. Always has issues with certain people being OP and always being used. Then some characters never get uses.

  • jmetzger910 Jonathan Metzger (@jmetzger910) reported

    @GCB_Siarnaq @Fitz_Farseer @MonteCristo Gameplay it looks like a blend of Overwatch and csgo. Hopefully this either makes Blizzard actually fix things or it finally kills them.

  • Official_GieTe GieTe (@Official_GieTe) reported

    @TwinkeyCSGO @CSGO That's not as massive of an issue to me. It's mostly the racism and bigotry that got me ****** up....

  • Sniperclysm SNIPERCLYSM (@Sniperclysm) reported

    @betwayesports @CSGO @denniscsgod @shoxCSGO @HObbitcsgo @DevilwalkCSGOD @daps @Vitality_ALEX @k0nfigCS They should fix or work on there Anti-Cheat System.

  • quasar11235 Quasar (@quasar11235) reported

    @AleksJosifovski @daps @CSGO I mean their livelihood literally depends on the game not being broken so it makes sense for them to try and make the game better right :P

  • MarkyOchoa Marky Ochoa (@MarkyOchoa) reported

    @Slasher Here's my issue with it. I have no issue with the game itself. But what irked me is the whole "Spiritual successor of Counter-Strike". I don't know if that was your dribble or Riot's selling point but the spirit of CS isn't a class based shooter.

  • badgamerboss BADGAMERBOSS (@badgamerboss) reported

    I would love to have the logitech G502 Hero gaming mouse, because my corsair sabre rgb is broken as you can see in previous csgo clip,I've tryed all fixes on yt but haven't worked. 🙏Pls hook me up with it. 👍

  • bxrchy 𝙗𝙞𝙧𝙘𝙝𝙮 (@bxrchy) reported

    project A can actually steal away cs fans if they address peekers advantage like they mention - been a problem thats plagued csgo since 2015

  • Tekkzera Tekk (@Tekkzera) reported

    @OnFireSemmler @kiocsgoo I think having escape abilities is not a problem as long as time to kill is short. But then I have played only 2 FPS games. Apex legends and CSGO, so what do I know.

  • shiversoftdev Anthony (@shiversoftdev) reported

    Basically, a csgo type deal where you buy items. Would get rid of all the issues where you run out of meds, or you cant compete with the items other people have, etc. To prevent camping, you make the currency collectible on their corpse instead of instant gain.

  • WhereIsMyTeddy F (@WhereIsMyTeddy) reported

    @SivHDtweets Hopefully they add shields. That's the problem with csgo.. learn from OW..

  • SternabR6 James Parkinson 🇬🇧 (@SternabR6) reported

    If people really think that Siege is going to be somehow massively affected by a new game coming out even thought CSGO already exists and Overwatch came out after siege I think you are dreaming. Yes Siege has issues and some players probably will go over by clearly 1/2

  • SternabR6 James Parkinson 🇬🇧 (@SternabR6) reported

    @DeWolffR6 I mean if people wanted a shooter that didn't have a massive issue with cheaters, had decent frames, good hit reg etc. they would all be playing csgo and nobody would have stuck with siege this long.

  • SoChromeGG ChromeGG 🇬🇧 (@SoChromeGG) reported

    Today's fixture times confirmed, hoping to get a couple of wins on the board! ESEA UK/IRE 🆚 Kids With Anger Issues ⏰ 19:30 BST ESEA Main 🆚 @Alltechgg ⏰ 20:30 BST #SoChrome #ESEA #CSGO

  • ReapZzG ReapZzG (@ReapZzG) reported

    @neLendirekt In my opinion csgo in a good Shape right now. It gets good and many Updates within the Last year. Only Problem is competetive prize Pools etc, that the orgs cant really pay their Players. But the game itself is nearly perfect in my opinion

  • Canz__ ᑕᗩᑎᘔ (@Canz__) reported

    In the video about Project A the lady said all the things that we constantly complain about in @CSGO - tickrate, latency and cheaters. This is too good to be true. Just woke up and first thing I see is this. Riot had many problems in the past, but this will make noise #League10

  • Canz__ ᑕᗩᑎᘔ (@Canz__) reported

    In the video about Project A the lady said all the things that we constantly complain about in @CSGO - tickrate, latency and cheaters. This is too good to be true. I just woke up and first thing I see is this. Riot had many problems numerous times, but these games will make noise

  • j_architek Full Moon Cello 🎻 (@j_architek) reported

    @seangares @launders @SalGarozzo Interesting they focus on "netcode" and not gameplay in the first promo video for it. Don't know if that sold me. Usually when I get killed in CSGO it was a mistake on my own part not a netcode error.

  • akashsinha220 anotherengineer_ (@akashsinha220) reported

    sounds like a csgo problem being solved there.

  • WhoDatBoy10 WhoDatBoy (@WhoDatBoy10) reported

    this project A game looks fun, especially because theyre trying to tackle common issues with fps’ *cough cough*, but it looks like csgo/tft/overwatch had a child. i personally dont like the look/feel of the game, just from the trailers alone, it looks too easy, even the abilities

  • BumBobBoi TTV BumBobBoi (@BumBobBoi) reported

    How to fix @CSGO 1.) If Valve stops being money hungry and improves their anti-cheat so cheaters can’t just go buy a new account. 2.) Revamp their rank system so half the player base isn’t stuck at the lowest rank with cheaters, smurfs and throwers. Continued below

  • itsBeggo 💀☠ ΒΞGGΘ ☠💀 (@itsBeggo) reported

    Honestly, ballsy of Riot to try and mix counter-strike and character shooters. May fix the issues with overwatches dumb design decisions by making positioning and aim more important than unga-blitzing the enemy with tanks. Who knows, might be good

  • thebluevalkyrie Emily Shrieksbeck, Professional Werewolf (@thebluevalkyrie) reported

    it was counter strike but you could be a troll and teleport through walls, ok so the net code was a little "didnt work at all" and pc players had an unfair advantage so what trivial problems reboot it nintendo.

  • SpiritAnimal123 Daddy Issues (@SpiritAnimal123) reported

    @stxringabyss @daps @EliGE @CSGO The main issue is that you possibly buy 3 kreigs at round 2. Value doesnt know how to nerf guns so its safe to assume they would make it useless like the aug

  • TravCS Travis (@TravCS) reported

    @JustHarryGG @CSGO I also thought they might have something up their sleeve with Canals. They’re on the right track at least. I have no problem with no operations for years if they are going to drop in community maps in a rotation like fashion every few months like they’ve been doing

  • arggrande Adam Grande (@arggrande) reported

    my issue with class based shooters is it can remove some of the dynamism you get in something like @CSGO where anyone can pick up anything, and pull off something completely unexpected.

  • polonovo22 polonovo (@polonovo22) reported

    @SypherPK The graphics are shit the map is horrible w/ no mobility i have shit fps and i lag all thr time even though i have 20 ping constant no ping spikes its unplayable my head hurts im playing CSGO thank you very much

  • fairweatherbaah fw (@fairweatherbaah) reported

    Once again Riot pushing in directions I don't think Valve ever would-most likely fixing the main issue that halts CSGO from Mass appeal, lowered fun barrier because of abilities and (knowing Riot) several popular non-competetive modes. I just hope we can map for it (unlikely)

  • sllqm1jee sllqmi. (@sllqm1jee) reported

    Hello everyone! Now I can't make posts more often, because I have problems with school. I have very bad marks. At least I should to have minimus "4" at all school subjects. I'm playing CS:GO but less than I played a week ago! #csgo #scholl #Friends

  • MaximumHamon MaximumHamon (@MaximumHamon) reported

    @saguinee worse with Gmod cause you have to get the contents of counter-strike source so there can be no missing textures and errors lol

  • abdul93451017 abdul (@abdul93451017) reported

    @MarkYetter mordekaiser recall animation bugs. all kind of em. 1. he dissapears for 1 sec at the last 1 sec 2. if he recalls near ally (idk about enemy) akali shroud, you can see the pillar's entire model under the world. seems like a basic clipping issue with smokes something like in csgo

  • Tydaaaaaa Tydaa (@Tydaaaaaa) reported

    @dewaldj @kebbe90 @shoxCSGO @CSGO no one using them so no issue but cs should be about crosshair aim especially at long range with guns the one with the better aim should be rewarded. it promotes the aim skill gap that is why shox want's it removed for example. long range crosshair aim duels is a skill

  • justluckez Kukta (@justluckez) reported

    @Steini_Hart @shoxCSGO @CSGO not the scope make these 2 guns OP.(only krieg op now, but aug was op too before nerf) I know it was in the game yet both were shit. we have some issues with price and/or fire rate and/or fire power.

  • Sparkles100HD Sparkles100HD (@Sparkles100HD) reported

    @Ruinerwithteeth @Tempuhrr @PlayApex people spend a lot more than 200$ on skins in csgo. i don't see whats the problem here

  • WhizzCS Sascha Kerkmann (@WhizzCS) reported

    @Marten_Ja @kebbe90 @shoxCSGO @CSGO Players in other esports (Dota, League, Rainbow Six etc.) have to adapt all the ******* time.. but as soon as csgo meta changes a little everyone wants old cs back, what a joke. Everyone agrees the sg is broken, but pros job should include adapting to metas instead of complaning

  • friendly005 friendly001 (@friendly005) reported

    @CSGO still amazing how all you stupid ***** do is just make the maps prettier and come out with an unplayed boring br ... fix your ******* server browser .. please actually fix the ******* issues you ******* ********

  • Steini_Hart Dargus Hinkebein (@Steini_Hart) reported

    @Daedalus_Ex @shoxCSGO @CSGO But honestly I don't see a problem with restoring the original price but anything above is requested to render the gun "useless" in most scenarios since people don't know how to counter it properly. And people saying it counters the AWP maybe should search for a new awp player

  • Relaximjacob Jake (@Relaximjacob) reported

    @Steini_Hart @shoxCSGO @CSGO Bro show me you're league history please, im telling you, the gun is busted and just bc something has been busted for a while doesnt mean we shouldnt fix it, they changed the money system so money nerf wouldnt help, we need to fix the gun not the price

  • LoganReap Sp00ky Lonely Logan (@LoganReap) reported

    had to shut the stream off, my csgo wont open and im having a bunch of issues. ill be live if i can get it fixed.

  • unraisedll llUnraisedll (@unraisedll) reported

    @ImDalax @Morpheuz0210 @steffenbeast @shoxCSGO @CSGO They should just fix one shot accuracy for every AR.

  • Jiminie_senpaii BTS_TrueMilSellers (@Jiminie_senpaii) reported

    @shoxCSGO @fazeniko @CSGO Nothing wrong with Kreigs being spammed, after all they are basically an AK with a Cod scope, the problem is when teams are choosing it over an Awp, having 5 man krieg setups, that's when you know there's a problem

  • robin_karlsen Robin Karlsen (@robin_karlsen) reported

    @zoktosensual @KikoCSGOD @kebbe90 @shoxCSGO @CSGO Krieg is more awkward to spray with, especially at moving targets. It's also worse at wallbanging. It does need a slight nerf, but it's not utterly broken.

  • VodkaNightslol Daniel (@VodkaNightslol) reported

    @Mrtweeday @CSGO Volvo pls fix

  • ThatHawko Stephen Norton (@ThatHawko) reported

    @Lurn @WTFmoses The issue is you can never stop cheating just look at CSGO that's still full of cheaters. Personally I don't think it should go FTP people keep saying this because Fortnite and Apex are and did well. Dosnt mean it will for PUBG. They just need to make it around $15 IMO

  • DaRealCerzer boo (@DaRealCerzer) reported

    @pupper i had a old face it acc idk the sign in i cant play csgo on face it now lulw

  • matthwjwest Matthew West (@matthwjwest) reported

    as SOON as i fix this SLOBS issue we will be live with csgo

  • KaiserNeiner Jack Kaiser (@KaiserNeiner) reported

    I will 100% be buying the ticket. Before PoGo, I’d put money into Call of Duty games, CSGO, as well as other video games. 8 dollars for something that’ll make me happy is not an issue in my eyes.

  • JoshuaC78853024 colLApse (@JoshuaC78853024) reported

    honestly as a counter strike fan i hate to see that this is why we're winning, because we abused a broken gun

  • DysphoriaIII Dys (@DysphoriaIII) reported

    Of course when I’m having internet issues my phone data also is not working. Everything crumbles at the same time. I just wanna watch power and play csgo

  • CyroAura Ghoulums (@CyroAura) reported

    My headphones are broken again somehow, now I can only hear stuff on my left half the time. (does not help in csgo situations btw)

  • Jep_Jeb Skelejeb (@Jep_Jeb) reported

    So I start up counter strike, am getting bad PC lag so I restart my comp It goes and UNINSTALLS CSGO. Pretty sure I'm banned for a week now Good thing COD is coming out

  • Snivy20002 Is me, Spooky Kai. (@Snivy20002) reported

    @brittishbeaf @onetwochipperoo @CSGO I find this beautiful. Do not fix this valve.

  • agoshouy AGOSHO (@agoshouy) reported

    Dear @csgo , I think it would be cuter solve the VAC Error problem instead of making updates without need. I think the whole community wants that mistake to disappear.

  • Nors3 Nors3 (@Nors3) reported

    From interview to @CarlosR by @MovistareSports "One error could be not buying ZywOo in Counter-Strike, a player from Vitality. My players said me he could be cheater and that. I should have signed him."

  • lefalchris123 lefalchris123 (@lefalchris123) reported

    sorry guys starting the stream again playing CSGO i was having issues with LEAGUE OF LEGENDS so ill be going live in two seconds