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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It is the fourth game in the main Counter-Strike franchise.

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  • DrAkO646Play
    Drako646 (@DrAkO646Play) reported

    I've even played a few of them on my PC but with a controller. Every other shooter I've played on PC I've used mouse and keyboard. End of story. Finding my DPI and sensitivity was no problem at all. Maybe a total of 5 minutes finding what I liked. R6S, CsGo, OW, Ureal Tournament

  • mother_abby
    Mother Abigail 🌙 (@mother_abby) reported

    @Kulltt Im honestly thinking its the stupid app Im using. Because I have NEVER had this issue before. I have streamed Siege and CSGO fine before and ever since the update, its been so choppy.

  • wvzard
    wizard (@wvzard) reported

    need 1 for csgo mm low elo boosting lomax and egirl anyone else want in on the service

  • ShiyuanF1995
    Shiyuan (@ShiyuanF1995) reported

    @CarlosR I don't care about LoL, please take care of Kenny and shox, fix the CSGO team plz

  • Prince_NDG
    PrinceNDG (@Prince_NDG) reported

    Miiiight have fixxed settings so theres No lag in CSGO

  • ItsYaBoiStarCS
    YaBoi Star (@ItsYaBoiStarCS) reported

    @RichWCampbell Anything not simple to do that gains a ridiculous advantage should be stopped, i.e. csgo boostmeister issue.

  • K2da_JIG
    KaimamJIG (@K2da_JIG) reported

    @Polviz @shoe0nhead Just like CSGO, they’ve run out of actual issues that they’re nit picking on very small things so it could be “perfect”

  • SlackerX64
    Mike Sackett (@SlackerX64) reported

    Juno is installed and I’ve got my main apps installed for the most part. 1440p 144hz with G-Sync is working as well! Even played a few rounds of CSGO and it seems to be running great as well, aside from a weird OpenGL bug causing it to crash the first couple of launches.

  • CafeParty_
    🌸 CafeParty @ Hospital (@CafeParty_) reported

    Been working all day today trying to get a csgo surf map working on unity, I’m like quarter done I managed to get a surf map and get to slide off them but the issue is accelerating and moving left to right

  • JDBest45
    JDBest45 (@JDBest45) reported

    @AIlyce Csgo is broken af lmao

  • FruitPunk
    🤔clicc🤔 (@FruitPunk) reported

    simple computer crash, and my network was fine. i dont deserve this, **** valve @csgo_dev #CSGO

  • srxeta
    xeta (@srxeta) reported

    @TheMadDan @RiotSupport If it's the hook hitting u when u have already moved out of the way it might be lag compensation on the other players side. Like how in csgo bullets register to where the opponent was when you shot instead of when the server actually receives the packet up to like 200ms.

  • rogerquantrillo
    Roger Quantrillo (@rogerquantrillo) reported

    Crypro Community = CSGO Community #wallhacks #aimbots #spinnbots #smurfing .. Pls #valve Fix it🙈 #btc #bitcoin #crypto .. CSGO still broken!

  • diggylatrelle
    diggylatrelle (@diggylatrelle) reported

    @TaXPayeRRTV the issue i have is this is a gun pattern game. there shouldnt be an attachment that takes away a gun pattern...imagine an ak in csgo without a ****** gun pattern...

  • clyde_dutra
    TrueSkitz (@clyde_dutra) reported

    @RetaliationOps @StDxMrBates @CriticalOpsGame Valve won't even fix csgo

  • ihatecomedy
    high planes warlock (@ihatecomedy) reported

    going over an education survey for work and seeing that juul and fortnite are big problems nowadays... reminds me of a simpler time when we'd go into the construction area of our half-built high school and smoke cigarettes and talk about playing counter-strike when we got home

  • bleachplz27
    bleachplz (@bleachplz27) reported

    i hate it when your team mates on csgo kick you and you get a 2 HOUR ******* COOL DOWN and the reason they kicked me is because "he's lagging and glitching" ******* deal with it the score is 11 to 5 you really think you can win cause you kicked that one glitching guy DUMBASSES

  • jijiey_cs
    Jijiey (@jijiey_cs) reported

    Really need to upgrade my pc, its horribly lag when i play csgo.

  • UxAKA_
    Abdulla 🇦🇪 (@UxAKA_) reported

    Overwatch’s community got me to break my mouse Destiny’s raid got me anger problems CSGO’s half time in comp gave me the bad mouth Black ops is about to make me break my table bc of those little shits camping in corners

  • Cheffboyr50
    IEATCATS (@Cheffboyr50) reported

    @DestinyTheGame Fix the ddos attacks its sad a multi mill company cant protect their players ips atleast csgo protects there community

  • TheRealFlaMe420
    🔥 FlaMe 🔥 (@TheRealFlaMe420) reported

    What's up with this whole vgo thing why cant valve just fix trading. Everything used to be so much better, their killing their own economy. This game is going to be dead soon. #CSGO #RIP

  • MrMustangRider
    MrMustangRider (@MrMustangRider) reported

    @nadillon1990 @Gothalion CoD has always had a population issue on PC the playerbase just isn't there and even when it is, it falls off after a month or so. I would assume this is in part due cod having to compete with much more popular games (LoL, CSGO) whereas on console CoD is one of the biggest games.

  • Eyaslunatic
    リムル『 ℓσσɳαɦ 』リムル (@Eyaslunatic) reported

    @ZeeTheGinger Type of kid to make fun of people for wanting d2 to be more comp then goes to csgo just to ddos

  • tomverhoevbest
    Blue Lions - TracKz (@tomverhoevbest) reported

    @FACEITSupport Hey Faceit, so I am playing faceit for quite a bit right now but I am with a big issue. So I began on CSGO with lvl. 3. And I am still lvl 3 :(. If I go start a match I always get qued with bad pppl or there first time playing. So I can't lvl up to play with better

  • xRippie
    R.I.P.pie (@xRippie) reported

    @AnneFGC Csgo also has this issue and its infuriating

  • R0B0T__
    EdgyAF (@R0B0T__) reported

    @JaqubAjmal Nop, I will, thanks. The weird thing is I do not have a single issue on BF3, BF4 or BFV beta (+ Fortnite, R6S, CSGO, etc). But BF1 is a mess, and it's quite frustrating.

  • GainzGamez
    FaZe GaiNZ (@GainzGamez) reported

    @RazerSupport yo guys, my Mamba TE mouse is having a scroll up and down issue. won't go up and down is fanatic. left and right tapping is fine. can't Bhop in csgo because of it, I mean I couldn't before but now I can't even try to fail.

  • L3ch_PUBG
    Brandon Williams (@L3ch_PUBG) reported

    @DrDisRespect Honestly, if PUBG had more rifles, less pistols/shotguns and zero lag it would be the perfect BR. But itll never work until the genre finds a game thats as smooth an FPS as CSGO or similar.

  • kogaXVII
    koga (@kogaXVII) reported

    @cmxCSGO @cjpriku I had to quit counter-strike entirely and focus on working full time because of family issues. So I know what it feels like. Maybe even worse!

  • eliaszettervall
    Elias zettervall (@eliaszettervall) reported

    @Thooorin Gla1ve, if you put him together with karrigan and let him be the igl/ a secondary caller we could fix their leading issues and create counter strike magic with the reasources that they have in the form of NIKo and guardian. -rain because he has looked lost and doesnt frag as well

  • TylerRedden4
    .H2O (@TylerRedden4) reported

    @steam_games ummm I clicked accept for a csgo mm game and as I was loading into the game my computer crash and I took my computer too long to boot up so now I have a 7 day cool day. Great system by the way. Also btw fix your shit

  • DutchyLive
    Dutchy 👑 (@DutchyLive) reported

    @Lambent_Lucky @TYPOGRAPH1C CoD servers have always been terrible in comparison to CSGO etc. Netcode's been an issue ever since CoD4 - but nobody cares enough for it to get better. Now the game has 100 ppl in Blackout, server's gonna have to compensate. Idk about normal modes but it's always been 20-30.

  • Sumit19870_
    Sumit Sharma (@Sumit19870_) reported

    Na-Pakistani Gay major-General Asif gafoor of inter-service public relations said if India conduct surgical strike then they will counter it by inflicting 10 surgical strikes upon India😅😁 That means this foul mouthed lad accepting it that India ****** their army in 2016 #Good

  • raysfire_ebooks
    raysfire ebooks (@raysfire_ebooks) reported

    This CSGO major problems sleeping the past few days.

  • UnversedXI
    fatal xi (@UnversedXI) reported

    reading luckyy's description about bo4 theatre is saddening. Looks like another year of bo2, cod4 and broken csgo demos boys

  • chethanblaze
    ScreaM ShoX (@chethanblaze) reported

    @SLIVERtv360 Please fix withdraw issues....not able to withdraw csgo skin From almost 3 months😔

  • HudzMcsgo
    Mike Hudson (@HudzMcsgo) reported

    Sadly we couldn't replicate yesterday's form and went out 0-2 in the group stages of the @wesgoceania CSGO closed qualifier. We'll work hard to fix our problems and deliver consistently in the future. GGs to @Breakaway_E and @madlikewizards, good luck in the semis.

  • BobbyCritz
    Bobby Critz (@BobbyCritz) reported

    Valve just solved half of the problems the csgo community actually cares about. Well, this tweet is a few days too late but still.

  • statsaTV
    Statsa (@statsaTV) reported

    @Slasher the worst problem with Fortnite esports is the lack of good casters. CSGO has Anders, Sadokist, Bardolph, BRILLIANT casters, who make each match feel intense and dramatic. In fortnite, you have a guest commentator every week, and some guy who somehow makes

  • DanielJack2003
    Daniel Jack (@DanielJack2003) reported

    @SkyUK how about you make internet that will let me play csgo for more than 5 rounds before not working at all is it that unreasonable to have WiFi in Dingwall when it rains a bit

  • Darck_Trollleo
    UNLUCKY Doggo ( ͡°ᴥ ͡° ʋ) (@Darck_Trollleo) reported

    Iv just uninstalled csgo bcouse a problem eith the sound thanks @csgo_dev i need install it one more time btw

  • n1ghtman
    Jim (@n1ghtman) reported

    @CaseyFronk @evomere @WJacky101 @PUBG Did you play counter strike in it's first couple of years obviously not, it took valve at least 3 years to get things right the thing had more bugs and problems than pubg

  • CaseyFronk (@CaseyFronk) reported

    @n1ghtman @evomere @WJacky101 @PUBG Counter strike isn’t and wasn’t blatantly broken like PUBG is. It’s literally unplayable in its current state. And since “FixPUBG” came out, they’ve only Broke PUBG.

  • Robn_GG
    Robn C9 (@Robn_GG) reported

    @R6DramaAlert @RealBaldGenius What you were advocating for in your past tweet was to Nerf crouch spamming so its like CSGO. What they SHOULD do is fix the hitbox so it aligns with the animation, not remove it completely. They already lowered the skill gap when they made leaning easier, why do it again.

  • BotLove282
    Nekomata (@BotLove282) reported

    @Maximil43176497 @ThePersonofStuf @SandvichInc @xXStayInSchool1 @FortniteGame Pretty much, a but that has to run and shot like in CSGO for example wouldn’t be a problem for a Phone but one that needs to defend itself and really react to a users actions could be hard to handle

  • MarvTheKid
    Marv (@MarvTheKid) reported

    @OpTicH3CZ I think it's time to fix csgo team hecz

  • PureTryhard
    Niek (@PureTryhard) reported

    @FACEIT I think there is a problem in the csgo premium matchmaking whenever uk get's picked as the server I can't connect, my cs go will just say ''connection failed after 30 retries'' this onlty happens on uk servers. And I always get a ban and I don't know what to do about it.

  • zMadn3ss
    JonathanRoqueta (@zMadn3ss) reported

    @ROLVeStuff Fix your game theres so many bugs what is even the spray on this game besides real csgo its so broken

  • childishcardino
    ricky (@childishcardino) reported

    dear valve, fix your csgo servers to 128 tick

  • chMirrorWing
    MirrorWing (@chMirrorWing) reported

    @Shakahron No because h1z1 and csgo did it so i dont see any issues

  • RetaliationOps
    RetaliationOps (@RetaliationOps) reported

    @DyGc_NUBBIE @MiniNuux007 @CriticalOpsGame Use the few remaining brain cells to gain yourself more knowledge about what the hacking issue in the csgo scene actually is.

  • jeffcortinas
    RockossmosD?? (@jeffcortinas) reported

    @TheActivistOBW @ProjectLeet whats the counter for late to the party ? what is the counter for counter strike? matter fact show me a screen shot of all the offensive traits and then show me one of all the defensive traits and you will start to see the problem.

    HUM (@HUMMBrCSGO) reported

    @DonHaci Don. Have you ever seen one CSGO error with the msj "Remote host Closed the Connection" Regards from Spain!

  • JackOsc2
    Jacques Fuchs (@JackOsc2) reported

    @HajinsunTV The thing (And of the imho bigger problems) in the f2p games like league (and even in cheap paid games like csgo) those people just have multiple accounts anyways and if one gets banned they just play on the next etc. :/

  • WadeMisel
    wade up guys (@WadeMisel) reported

    dota patches: ths game sux now Riki = broken CSGO patches: ths game sux, P90 = broken. fortnite patches: yay I can stand like a T now

  • xDAngeIox
    D'Angelo (@xDAngeIox) reported

    I officially quit CSGO matchmaking. Unless they fix/change their ranking which is absolute doodoo. And their horrible 64-tick servers. But until then, I'll be playing on FACEIT. @csgo_dev

  • Joshstram
    Josh (@Joshstram) reported

    @Kruzadar @OBSProject Got it. Just asked because @ThatFio was having a problem with CSGO the other day. Didn't know if those 2 could be related is all.

  • GrimzYoutube
    Grim (@GrimzYoutube) reported

    @TristanUnic @CSGOEmpire Probably a temporary thing, the 7 day trade hold is too big of an issue for them to stick with csgo, and dota 2 and h1 is dead asf gambling wise.


    @RealStrongLegs A 4.6 o’clock should be fine because I thought maybe it could be a instability issue but I guess not. But tbh 200 FPS is fine if u have a 144 hertz monitor just cap it at 144fos for csgo to not get big FPS drops


    @RealStrongLegs Hm that’s weird. I’m not sure then because doing all of that trouble shooting should have solved the issue. It’s probably something to do with ur cargo graphic setting or ur 1070 is messed up but I’ve never heard of that. Maybe reinstalling csgo will fix it.