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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter video game developed by Hidden Path Entertainment and Valve Corporation. It is the fourth game in the main Counter-Strike franchise.

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August 15: Problems at Counter Strike (CS:GO)

Counter Strike (CS:GO) is having issues since 07:00 AM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Online Play (46.15%)
  • Matchmaking (30.77%)
  • Sign in (7.69%)
  • Glitches (7.69%)
  • Game Crash (7.69%)

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  • deepfriedcicada
    Tanjiahdo Lofulamingo (@deepfriedcicada) reported

    @human_leech They have /counter-strike/ of all things so I can't imagine media being as super censored as ppl think. Probably more an issue of economics

  • AUC31
    AUC3I (@AUC31) reported

    @AU_ACSRT @MalcolmNance @georgemappjr @Africanmilitary @DonKlericuzio @NatSecDiver I can't impress on you the seriousness of this action; it means no supper, no water, no resupply and no counter strike. Count your ammo, hold your fire & fix bayonets it's gonna be a long night

  • xscmrs
    xscmrs (@xscmrs) reported

    @BananaGamingCS hello max, i have been having some blue screen errors that when finnished, they unnistall csgo. I have received 5 cooldowns in faceit cause of this and I have no glue what is causing the unnistall of csgo. Can you help ?

  • xscmrs
    xscmrs (@xscmrs) reported

    @FACEIT Hello faceit, I have been having some blue screen errors that already gave me 5 cooldowns in csgo faceit. However I already tried to fix this error and as you can imagine it does not apear if it is solved or not. I beg to clean my cooldown history I need to be abletoplay

  • Crash9400
    THESTEV (@Crash9400) reported

    @dzynK_cs @AttackingWinger @HOUNGOUNGAGNE The problem with big 'battle royale' games is that a lot of the action happens off screen; elsewhere in the map, not captured by the camera. In smaller games like csgo and R6, where the maps are smaller, showing the action is a lot easier. Also the problem of BR being too random.

  • KurupaeUS
    kurupae (@KurupaeUS) reported

    Lmfao imagine playing csgo and receiving the following message Police.exe has stopped working [error]- no black people to shoot Error code 9-11,6974 Wtf

  • iStunzy
    Stun (@iStunzy) reported

    @ProjexeSports Twitter DM's not working for me. Please send a DM and i'll send you my resume for my CSGO team!

  • KendallSFoster
    Kendall Foster (@KendallSFoster) reported

    If blatant clickbaiting is against YouTube TOS, then why don't content creators name their videos "Monetized CSGO" and shit like that. YouTube can't dare break their own terms of service.

  • FranMindurry_
    Frann (@FranMindurry_) reported

    @csgo_dev when i change of window and go back to csgo te hud is buged fix it pleaseee

  • DarkHorseAsh
    DarkHorseAsh (@DarkHorseAsh) reported

    @CreativeBinlord @callumleslie92 Not that many of the actual community do sir. The issue is for some reason the talent/organizers in csgo still do.

  • RaySterrrr
    Ryan "RaySter" Seow (@RaySterrrr) reported

    Most ppl drown their problems with alcohol. I drown mine with a surplus of csgo matches.

  • kwaxxi
    Kwaxxi (@kwaxxi) reported

    @rafetaa19 Check the CSGO news (e.g. on HLTV) every day, maybe some team has VISA issues. Also, if u want to stack up on stickers, buy them in the 75% off sale

  • ploryte
    Ploryte (@ploryte) reported

    @Kor3aYn if i get a copy ill do some crazy plays standing out from the rest in Australia. Atm im on csgo never had a problem streaking up and nuking in cod with a solid 3.0 kd in b02.

  • shatterfront
    Josh (@shatterfront) reported

    @bards32 @tomi what I mean is Valve have no need to consult anyone else in the CSGO or Dota 2 scenes because they just issue commands unilaterally. Compared to Blizzard or Riot who at least have to (or should) consult their franchised orgs

  • var1ables
    F C (@var1ables) reported

    @csgo_dev CSGO crashes when I do basically anything. Alt tab? Crash. Change map? Crash. Change teams? Crash. Also my FPS is terrible since the update.

  • XposingU
    Exposing (@XposingU) reported

    @dmarcusbaus Again, you're dumb. Calling the game "severely broken" or what happened is a glitch is dumb. I point out stupid comments all the time and you're no different. I would do the same thing if people were talking about Counter Strike, Gears, Overwatch and Gears.

  • AK55CS
    V3Ł0Ć1Ŧ¥ (@AK55CS) reported

    @kokotko_xoxo @CSGO500 Withdrawal for csgo item is not working.

  • TheSlaY3R_
    TheSlaYeR (@TheSlaY3R_) reported

    Anddddddd my #CSGO is having problems with my current OBS settings and instead of fixing it on stream and boring you all, Imma just switch over to #RainbowSixSiege

  • Ryqin7
    Ryqin (@Ryqin7) reported

    @skinhub I have recently tried withdrawing my csgo items from your website and still cant because of the 7 day trade ban issue. Will i ever be able to withdraw my skins and when

  • ashyra_
    Ryan Webb (@ashyra_) reported

    @CouRageJD My brother recently helped me get into an MMO. Something I have not been able to do. He bought me a month of sub and BFA. I have been playing it at least 8 hours a day for the past week, neglecting Counter Strike, a broken and unbalanced game for fun. FOR THE HORDE!!!

  • uglycondom
    Jakob (@uglycondom) reported

    @xanaxdee Two problems with that 1. I'm at work 2. I don't have csgo 3. My computer can't run csgo

  • KillionaireYT
    Killionaire | YT (@KillionaireYT) reported

    @Travingel Oh yeah, that is definitely a huge problem with CSGO, without a doubt. But then again, there are ways to get around that. Such as third-party competitive matchmaking methods like Faceit, ESEA, and sites that allow you to join people of the same nationality, and make friends.. 1/2

  • SagiAstrum
    Sagi (@SagiAstrum) reported

    @AngriestPat btw I don't agree with the "solved" thing. Ignoring your hate for melee players for a second. We had a CS clan (talking the original) long after CSS became popular. -and I am not sure if you are familiar but tournament Counter Strike had the same issue. it just took some time.

  • TrivagoHarvey
    Tiago Harvey (@TrivagoHarvey) reported

    @FACEIT Servers wont let me join CSGO and just bring me to the menu instead of the actual game. Please fix!

  • Billy_Bartz
    William Bartlett (@Billy_Bartz) reported

    @PLAYERUNKNOWN I've been playing since alpha release and even till this day I cannot play one sitting of this game without experiencing problems that would are laughable by other game standards. The menu system is actually worse than csgo and that's saying something.

  • Noyabrist
    ñð†hïñg (@Noyabrist) reported

    @UnLuckyGudako csgo for broken mm and r6 for ez toxic ban

  • iOrdyh
    Joey Pagan (@iOrdyh) reported

    The problem with COD is they lost their identity. In BO3 they stole from Destiny with the idea of Specialists. In WW2 they stole a game mode from OW. In BO4 they stole Heist from CSGO.

  • tyler_whites
    Tyler Whites (@tyler_whites) reported

    my is my discord and counter strike 1.6 slow... comment if u know how to fix this please XD

  • PishilaCS
    Pishila (@PishilaCS) reported

    @doktizh @thepetzor @xype @gamesclashpro @danielwpiatek many people thinks that i cheat but most of the people havent even played with me or against me its just a bunch of insecured virgin csgo nerds who is selfweak and have to follow what other says. xype havent broken any rules either

  • NDO_HellBoy
    Franco Civitate (@NDO_HellBoy) reported

    There were several reasons for not signing the international CSGO roster that got published. The main reason was that the CN cs scene would in no way profit off it. the other reason is one of our main sponsors having problems with one of the players due to his behaviour.

  • Latsyrcmoy
    Lats (@Latsyrcmoy) reported

    @Jezzs_ It's not just COD. csgo, mw, etc all have the same issue to me.

  • pathfunder
    grandpa hafuz (@pathfunder) reported

    try playing csgo with a broken mouse

  • layfusookschick
    Trash (@layfusookschick) reported

    thank you, ive realized that i can't play for a week in csgo because i disconnected for power outage, like.... good job.....

  • FvLL3R
    Fulla (@FvLL3R) reported

    Yes because you know CoD didn’t rise out of the ashes from a broken game like MW3. Stick with your mediocre knowledge of CSGO... don’t be salt that the numbers are dwindling.

  • zetNf
    zNf (@zetNf) reported

    @kabooseCS =[ such a weird issue since it only happens when csgo is running

    Joel Bobby (@ITSMRALPHA) reported

    Are you guys receiving any complaints on CSGO not working on PlayVig? @PlayVIG

  • GormV2
    J a c k (@GormV2) reported

    I tried League of Legends, wouldnt load, tried Ultimate Chicken Horse, almost brokenmy headset, tried csgo, broken my old mouse before....

  • bobaNcsgo
    Boban Cvetkovski (@bobaNcsgo) reported

    @CSGORoll I withdrew 2 csgo case keys and they keys didn't go to my opskins express trade or to my steam account and the site took my balance and i never got refund and your support is not working either @CSGORoll can you help me? This happened a month ago.

  • bobaNcsgo
    Boban Cvetkovski (@bobaNcsgo) reported

    @CSGORoll I withdrew 2 csgo case keys and they keys didn't go to my opskins express trade or to my steam account and the site took my balance and i never got refund and your support is not working either @CSGORoll can you help me?

  • tensersonlykid
    NEOkronos (@tensersonlykid) reported

    @Marksman heist is a broken SnD and CSGO

  • oreillycoen
    Coen (@oreillycoen) reported

    I just got a 7 day competition cool down for kick some being toxic csgo is fucking broken pls help me @csgo_dev

  • JasperMartin19
    Jasper Martin (@JasperMartin19) reported

    @valve Fix ur csgo

  • bnjccdll
    benj (@bnjccdll) reported

    new csgo ui is garbage valve pls fix

  • canas_elgoblin
    Canas 白髪 (@canas_elgoblin) reported

    @roasted_54 CSgo, lol, fortnite if they fix it too smh

  • OG_Trequalix
    Trequalix (@OG_Trequalix) reported

    @SillyJinia No problem tho! I have that same feeling when I am playing csgo with noobs xD

  • NerfPUBG
    C9 Nerf (@NerfPUBG) reported

    Apparently streaming CSGO makes my ping increase by 40.... Trying to fix now then I will resume

  • Kyuurisergal
    Kyuuri 🍣 (@Kyuurisergal) reported

    Csgo causes my computer to crash. It's the only game that does it

  • wvzard
    wizard (@wvzard) reported

    anyone want the boosting service on csgo whilst my bo4 installs

  • Cord_Monkfruit
    Rapid Water (@Cord_Monkfruit) reported


  • KawaiiMan_
    David Jarčík (@KawaiiMan_) reported

    @ROLVeStuff Pls fix hit reg, i thought hitboxes cant get worse than in real csgo, but if i hit someone 5 times with an ak and see blood each time, then after he kills me the game shows i hit him once i realized it can get worse

  • Cliffty4
    Cliffty4TheGamer (KamiTheCuteBunny) (@Cliffty4) reported

    I've been off CS for few days, my moods been good and I've been doing other stuff, fiksing my samsung tab and fiddeling with raspberry pi and different os'es and just having a good time. Played #CSGO yesturday, my mood went down, I got angry for nothing. Think I have a problem

  • Ultra151x
    Ultra (@Ultra151x) reported


  • Zynphear_Gaming
    Zynphear (@Zynphear_Gaming) reported

    Side note: My son is playing CSGO and Roblox with zero issues.

  • tutubaIIerina
    hey can you put that on a coaster (@tutubaIIerina) reported

    csgo is so broken that for a whole round it looked like this other guy had my stickers on his gun in all the places that theyre on mine and i was like wtf but then the next round i could see his actual stickers

  • Tuckable_
    Forever King Phizz (@Tuckable_) reported

    @BeZoBets Was betonline giving you errors with the csgo bets?

  • PhoebeRaven
    Phoebe Raven (@PhoebeRaven) reported

    @FollowDeman @PUBG Take issue with calling it Plunkbat throughout. I see some of the points, but honestly, any (e)sport requires time to get into. I don't understand what's going on in CSGO or LoL, having hardly ever watched. Not sure this piece is fair, but a good spectator like @AAnsvar helps.

  • InferNorse
    Nors3 (@InferNorse) reported

    @messioso I hope they comply the roadmap, but they can't be trusted after their past acts. If you remember Valve Devs in 2011-2012 were much close to Pros and the community than now, accepting a lot of feedback and providing good wishes. Now you only can fix in CSGO are minimal bugs.

  • InferNorse
    Nors3 (@InferNorse) reported

    @messioso So don't leave Early Access if your game is still broken, they released a bad 1.0 version. The game is much better than in the beginning but I prefer acts over words or crap battle passes. And Valve isn't other Dev to follow there but they don't do this, and ofc CSGO is fixed.

  • kaivo92
    smokelaminer (@kaivo92) reported

    Cant play csgo properly on panorama, whenever i type something in the chat in game my keyboard stops working in csgo. Can still alt tab but cant move, shoot, change weapon etc. Happens to some of my friends aswell. Plz fix @csgo_dev

  • HGURed
    #SoaR Red 😈🇵🇷🇺🇸🇵🇷 (@HGURed) reported

    @GivenUprising, Vice, @X13Squad, @TeamNeoNGG and many others. Trash teams. But the memories made were never forgetable. If im gonna be honest... when this csgo run is over. And SoaR isnt a option. Ill be in the service. And doing good things. But when i get back.