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  • IsThatLos Carlos Carranza (@IsThatLos) reported

    Wait wtf 😂 people selling asteroid hot Cheetos for 5$ on Craigslist 😂😂 y’all got issues

  • OnLibraTime dave (@OnLibraTime) reported

    @bgdadyspnkbtm @omgshuddup mention that in your Craigslist ad and maybe you'll get another $50 toward a down on a BMW. 😃

  • EmmalynnSpark Emmalynn Spark (@EmmalynnSpark) reported

    Storytime! Patrick drunkenly puts an add on Craigslist offering to be a terrible fake boyfriend and ruin mother's Day. He's shocked when someone actually tries to hire him. #365meetcutes #MMRomance

  • Jooweein Jules, the Carbuncle (@Jooweein) reported

    >Partner and I are trying to get rid of a broken hot tub. >Partner posts it on Craigslist. >My dad replies to the post, he wants the broken hot tub. >We’re just gonna get the broken hot tub back when my dad passes away. >What the hell.

  • frischa Avi Frisch (@frischa) reported

    @CareDotCom you run a terrible service. Stop pretending you do anything to ensure that the people you list are safe. Would have been no worse off using Craigslist to find a nanny.

  • Marmolicious83 Drew Marmo (@Marmolicious83) reported

    @illywhitesides It’s a shame they shut Craigslist down. Haha

  • jsscasmth beto o'rourke probably watches big bang theory (@jsscasmth) reported from Portland, Oregon

    putting in a missed connections ad on craigslist for that server, I want her to be my gf

  • jonathon_klein Jonathon Klein (@jonathon_klein) reported

    @asymco @AlexRoy144 @joelfeder @PAVECampaign Precisely. One other issue that I always find laughable is how “easy” it is for people to prescribe buying a new car is. If that were true, Craigslist would be bankrupt. I’m sorry, but most can’t afford even a $25k new car.

  • BrunetRapunzel Samantha Redding (@BrunetRapunzel) reported

    @mrsmartin0827 Tyler got a hold of craigslist and had them take the add down

  • biot78 Cary McAlister (@biot78) reported

    Craigslist sale may not go down. Buyer is late.

  • thatrabidgirl ace ace baby (@thatrabidgirl) reported

    Heard back about this apt I really wanted and they're interested in renting to me but problem is I found the ad on craigslist and I can't tell if it's a scam or not and the girl can't show me the apartment cuz she "had to move back to north carolina"...

  • nrizzo70 Nick Rizzo (@nrizzo70) reported

    @Mom_Overboard Buddy on Craigslist was tryna sell some old box for $$ and I called him out on it saying he couldn’t pay me for shit like that - he took ad down or blocked me 😂😂

  • Pappy_Grizz GRIZZOH 🐻 (@Pappy_Grizz) reported

    Ok so I’m going to try to exercise more and I’m going to get back into skating cus that was the thing that I had fun doing so I’m going to go through offer up and Craigslist to get cheap or free skateboard parts to fix my really messed up skateboards

  • k_cimini Kate doesn’t cover hockey (@k_cimini) reported

    And another terrible thing about California: for some reason, everything on Craigslist is priced as though it were brand-new when in reality it's a 15-year old children's bike that's been used by three different children for five years apiece. Oh, and it has a flat.

  • BrandCrazyMeds A Worthless Shit-Magnet (@BrandCrazyMeds) reported

    @MindyFurano @MaryKoCo The main problem in Missoula is literally people pimping their pets on Craigslist, or answering ads for pimped pets that the cops wrote. There's no sheep old enough to testify against him.

  • ANTI_GORITE The Smell of VTEC (@ANTI_GORITE) reported

    well, time to go on craigslist and drool over cheap cars i could buy and fix up

  • tonybonesarelli the Facts Bastard (@tonybonesarelli) reported

    I recently fell down a rabbit hole watching videos and reading about Sony Trinitron PVMs for watching VHS and playing old videogames — checked Craigslist expecting no results, but found a dude who posted some *yesterday* and he sold me one for basically nothing :)

  • coldacid_ebooks memes coldacid posts (@coldacid_ebooks) reported

    I'm not heard from the Drupal CVS admins about getting the feeling that reddit has become the lovechild of Digg and Craigslist, with all the problems and none of the benefits.

  • Sadieisonbot 1994 Subaru Outbot (@Sadieisonbot) reported

    instead of building a "my car broke down and this is all I could find on craigslist for $500" battle

  • supcat Supcat @ Hot Sounds Island (@supcat) reported

    @BuddyrooAv I realize that all the BIN ones on eBay are higher, but I've seen them dip down to 250... 225 maybe. 200 may be a stretch outside of Craigslist, but I need to get you to consider it.

  • hayesteins sandra oh’s hair fan account (@hayesteins) reported

    *posting an ad on craigslist* looking for a woman to sensually file my teeth down and double cross con-men with me

  • midnightdorifto Team Radar Love (@midnightdorifto) reported

    @Drinkslinger321 I don’t want this car to be federalized because now I have to spend hours tracking down deals on UK Craigslist or whatever

  • AzsethMi Azseth (@AzsethMi) reported

    I'm going to vent. I spent the last few week's asking via face page and email if people in my life could offer help and support, knowing about my back issues. today, about an hour ago I posted a Craigslist ad asking for help. I finally got a response from somebody. it's taken

  • sonictt1 Your gay uncle (@sonictt1) reported

    Cheapest synology server that fits my needs is $900. On that craigslist server hunt now. lol

  • uhhhhht12 the notorious b.e.c (@uhhhhht12) reported

    making a craigslist ad for someone to go to the movies w/ me tomorrow. i’ll either be murdered or it will be a nice time. either way we’re seeing Us and i’m down

  • BotColbert ColbertBot (@BotColbert) reported

    Then: Craigslist shuts down its adult services. That's okay, I really go there for the slick, beautiful layout.

  • melissaannmeade Melissa Ann Meade (@melissaannmeade) reported

    @Kayla72664145 @Mercari I went from 30-40 sales a day down to 6. Always got an order at the post office bc they have been tracking my location. They prob did the Craigslist shit. They can manipulate information. They worked for Google. I know I’m crazy but I’m also crazy smart.

  • melissaannmeade Melissa Ann Meade (@melissaannmeade) reported

    @Kayla72664145 @Mercari I have nothing to hide bc I’ve lived with a hacker for 11 months so everything I do, they see. I don’t look for people or use Craigslist. The only person I ever tried to hunt down was my hacker. Unsuccessfully.

  • FreezinIceKirby FreezingStarWolfKirby🐺 (@FreezinIceKirby) reported

    Currently, there aren't any on Craigslist, and I don't think I'm going to find a broken one anytime soon (though considering how thin that thing is, I don't think I could fix it like the other consoles, anyway). I suppose I'll get one when the time is right.

  • bikeleptic Halley Weaver (@bikeleptic) reported

    @angryasian So I was bored and high. Needless to say, craigslist Pennsylvania is sans submarine men... of any kind. 1 state down, 49 left to go... And downloading a keyword filter app... #comehomesubmarineman

  • Sawcasm Sawcasm (@Sawcasm) reported

    @BenSchneiider @BeastCaucasian If you go craigslist, make sure you try it. My friend literally just got sold a broken ps4 on there

  • ramkumar9990 Upendar (@ramkumar9990) reported

    @Writing_Gigs My Craigslist reply button is not working

  • cloudymoonsnail cloudy moon snail FTM (@cloudymoonsnail) reported

    @Sidney__Rain I’m a femme ftm top on here because I’m hoping porn will be a safer option for me and get me out of servicing people off craigslist. I’m just getting started and have no equipment or resources so yea it’s not working out so far lol but in my vanilla life i’m a farmer

  • Beernoulli Josh Noodle (@Beernoulli) reported

    @frankprochaska I started doing 1 gallon all grain batches almost 8 years ago. I’d really like to change to a flat system with pumps eventually, but a gravity system is so much cheaper. Most of this is Craigslist & hand-me-down equipment.

  • GayboyPocket Captain Bible Takes It Up The Ass (@GayboyPocket) reported

    gonna find out whats wrong w my car today, three people who know about cars have told us that it sounds like a gasket is blown which would be $1500 to fix which... i may as well just get a used car off of craigslist at that oint, so lets hope my cars not fried

  • commentslargly Commentslargly (@commentslargly) reported

    @bigggee225 @VexingVixxen That's it everybody, let's shut it down, biggpoppa isn't impressed. Load up the trucks, sell the computers on Craigslist, lease out the Twitter offices, it's over...

  • PereGrimmer Derek (@PereGrimmer) reported

    @MaryJackalope Ah, like missed connections on Craigslist or whatever. To answer your question, it would soon get way too wild and turn into an out of control prank war, leading the cops to shut it down just as you were about to find love.

  • selfhateful Lex 🥀 (@selfhateful) reported

    I’m about to make an add on Craigslist to find someone who’s down to put me in a sleeper hold until I pass out so I can get some sleep

  • introvertgeek ♡ ᴋ ɪ ʀ ʙ ʏ ! (@introvertgeek) reported

    @kxrasumeiji ' Or I can order it off of Craigslist. " Probably not, but that's nothing the good old internet can fix to selll almost anything online!

  • tacticalgrandma sombra & widow are in love & stan Baptiste (@tacticalgrandma) reported

    Widow wants to get a hairless cat but Sombra sits her down and matter of factly tells her that she will not be able to resist making shaved ***** jokes every second she's near that thing if she does. Widow gets some rando cat off craigslist instead

  • Aviatrixone Sam Antha (@Aviatrixone) reported

    @chuckwoolery Problem is that’s the only job they qualify for on craigslist as a mob for hire, Especially when they have a useless degree.

  • InPaoWeTrust Pao Padilla (@InPaoWeTrust) reported

    Craigslist Missed Connections Draft: Me: at work You: also at work I was new and following my lead down a hallway when a door swung open and almost hit me. You said “be careful” and I laughed awkwardly because I lost my lead and wasn’t wearing glasses thus panic mode activated

  • Schummie Kris S (@Schummie) reported

    @therealkelvinyu @jmj @blakeir Many fortune 500 companies have terrible websites. Not all business needs to communicate via the internet. Many have products that can only be sold in person, or at trade shows. Also, even some pure internet companies have horribly ugly websites: craigslist for example.

  • SLeesi17 SheltieLeesi17 (@SLeesi17) reported

    Poncho (11) and Lefty (5) are a bonded pair of shelties that came to us from a terrible, neglect case. They were being given away for free on Craigslist and looked to be in questionable shape so we swooped in and picked them up. Boy did we underestimate the cruelty.

  • MarkRiffey Mark Riffey (@MarkRiffey) reported

    @AP Business isn’t a zero sum game. News’ business model was broken before Facebook, google, and craigslist.

  • SconneTrapper The Sconne Hunter ☦️ (@SconneTrapper) reported

    @KingCrispr @EricaHartmann88 You can find oldies from ww2 and the 70 for super cheap on Craigslist but you’re gonna have to throw a shitload of money at an ever dwindling number of mechanics who actually know how to fix them to get it working

  • Lars_E11 Lars E (@Lars_E11) reported

    @AP But mostly caused by Craigslist since the classifieds were the only thing keeping the local newspapers afloat. You can’t blame Facebook for all of the worlds problems. Newspapers were already on their way out by the time FB got big enough to influence ppl other than college kids

  • OcampoBen Benjamin Ocampo (@OcampoBen) reported

    @lsv Should probably start a Craigslist posting for all our arena missed connections, terrible misplays, and apologies. I have few myself.

  • CactusGipsy Franceska (@CactusGipsy) reported

    @Lazin_Ryder Also ease of reusing (craigslist, FB buy&sell). Capitalism will die when buying no longer satisfies, or isn't possible. Issue must also be considered along w/ guaranteed income, as capitalistic jobs disappear/or only overseas. Only human service jobs will remain domestically. 2/2

  • imanKhon Iman K (@imanKhon) reported

    @VL0ko Probably craigslist but Fosta/sesta shut that crap down. Now you gotta just hang around street ATMs and scope the goods.

  • AncapColonial Deus Vox John Brown (@AncapColonial) reported

    @PokemonSleepy @WilliamConstab9 @WesternIdentity yeah that already exists and I've already said that. gigs on craigslist have an option to have no pay, or to be paying work. as a bonus you dont get a value attached to yourself because of how much you choose to help. you're trying to solve a nonexistent issue.

  • HBranzini Haddock Branzini (@HBranzini) reported

    @netmag The Aeron chair gave me terrible hip pain after a while. I ended up selling it on Craigslist. Three months later the buyer wanted to return it, because of hip pain. I've had some no-name chair from Costco that cost $99 for 5 years since and its been perfect.

  • danielcincu Daniel Cincunegui (@danielcincu) reported

    @ZephyrTeachout Facebook, Google, and even Craigslist, have delivered the coup de grâce, but the relentless decline of local news is a much older problem, well underway even before the Web.

  • ohtazer half-aspirational (@ohtazer) reported

    i may be totally myopically in love with craigslist. it got me jobs, houses, roommates, i've made one friend and had a whole 5 year relationship/best friend come from missed connections! but i do feel like the forces that have ground down local reporting are so much greater!!

  • al_mu7ami mok (@al_mu7ami) reported

    @AP 1. Blame Craigslist, not FB 2. FB won't pay for local news. 3. Nor will anyone else. 4. Break up FB. 5. Break up Craigslist. Problem solved.

  • drbilloccam Bill Occam (@drbilloccam) reported

    I have a problem that only you @TitaniaMcGrath can solve. You may have heard of seeing eye horses on @MightyHeaton's podcast. I got my seeing eye cow Matilda off Craigslist a few years back when Craigslist was still a thing. Unfortunately, Matilda can't be ridden. You see, before

  • frankensuppie 🐝give bee money🐝 (@frankensuppie) reported

    If i could get a car so many problems wpuld be fixed but i refuse to go to a shitty car lot (which would be the only place besides like craigslist that would sell to me with my non-existant credit)

  • JanineWinfree Ja-9 📚👩🏼‍💻 💾 (@JanineWinfree) reported

    Found poetry, on Craigslist free stuff: Doll its broken If you can fix it she's your If not you can still have it Right arm broken The umbrella dress also broken She still can stand she's just bent over If interested please respond to the email

  • SheltieDad Gustavo (@SheltieDad) reported

    @BillyCorben @CatanoOfficial @Uber_Miami @Uber My parents aren’t well so I tried to sublet a place down there to help them out. Every single listing was a con. It was amazing. Newspapers got killed by Craigslist and end of Burdines-type stores, but news doesn’t cover how internet made every potential transaction a con.

  • clubvts Verceti Trap Star (@clubvts) reported from Rocky Mount, North Carolina

    The feds @fbi coming to pick me up cause I tried to flip a car off Craigslist took her 150 my truck broke down now I'm going to jail for wire fraud cause i thought you was in the army n sent a care package seriously