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Craigslist is an platform for online classified advertisements with a focus on (among others) jobs, housing, personals, items for sale, services, community messages. Craigslist was founded by Craig Newmark.

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  • Eastfist Zongcheng Saelee 吉宗承 (@Eastfist) reported

    LOL. Craigslist got ads of people looking to do grooming services like haircuts, braiding, "microderming", hair coloring, etc. Thing is, you can make a lot of money doing this because a lot of women (and men) need to feel good about themselves. The problem is when you make an

  • shalynnchavez shalynn chavez (@shalynnchavez) reported

    @AOC @HouseGOP Why don’t you look into the CPS system and see how many kids are taken from American families in American pet parents that are unjust then these very kids are sold on craigslist what about American problems

  • burnedsaImon Sal @ AX 2019 (@burnedsaImon) reported

    need to order parts to fix the leak and stuff tho might make some prebuilds and them sell them on craigslist or somethin

  • BubbaArmyGrunt Phil V (@BubbaArmyGrunt) reported

    @MayKelly Same problem every time I need something done. You may try a Craigslist under services sections. Lots of independents on there but make sure you get some referrals. Good luck.

  • Shockmain Paul Cioffi (@Shockmain) reported

    @apokerplayer I rented a condo for a week through Craigslist. Wanted to make sure I wasn't being scammed so I asked the guy to take a picture in the house I was renting which he sent asap. I also searched and verified his name and address online. If legit they will have no problem with that.

  • StefanieCornell Stef (@StefanieCornell) reported

    @napzzztimezzz @RealDawgMommy @daquandottv I Dawgmommy meant that instead of the actual father walking her down the aisle the girl would find someone on craigslist to do it. Not marry someone from Craigslist.

  • Emanuel_w_f Emanuel (@Emanuel_w_f) reported

    @Chojiki @Fireburned02 @IlluminousGroyp I don't actually use 4 or 8 chan. It looked like a craigslist to me. I know the kids like that site however. I have a background in server architectures and game design from back in 2005. What I know is it's highly illegal to perform Psychological Operations on US citizens.

  • nielstenoever n҉i҉e҉l҉s҉✊🏽🖤🎱♠️ (@nielstenoever) reported

    'Craigslist, like the websites of computer science professors, express a programmers ethos of 'if it's not broken, don't fix it'. It's like a shark, it just never needed to evolve.' - Jessa Lingel #thewebthatwas

  • queuelessness Quinngardium leviosAHHH (@queuelessness) reported

    @mishafletch Thank you so much. I rearranged furniture & zomg dust mites, & just as I got it settled down I bought something off craigslist & here we are again & I couldn't handle cleaning it properly & also now I need to clean all fabric that is in the room, so tomorrow will

  • dwajkhul peter huston (@dwajkhul) reported

    @WidgetGizmo @TrinityResists @craigslist When you get on a plane and flirt with the thought of going down it's not at all unusual to look around at fellow passengers and think, "I do not want to die with this bunch of people..."--now just imagine...

  • __jcw__ B.B. Lean (@__jcw__) reported

    To 98% of the posters in "free" on craigslist -- take your garbage to the dump yourself, no one is going to come cut down your huge tree for free for "firewood," and used underwear is gross.

  • BotColbert ColbertBot (@BotColbert) reported

    Then: Craigslist shuts down its adult services. That's okay, I really go there for the slick, beautiful layout.

  • iBeckTech David Becker (@iBeckTech) reported

    The lady that I did help out this morning with her Craigslist listing was also using the #iPadMini 1 that was still using #iOS 8. I could excuse it if it were an #iPadMini 3 or 4, but a 1 is completely unacceptable to be using in 2019. It ran really slow too.

  • jonkrause Jon Krause™ (@jonkrause) reported

    I'm 3 weeks away from owning my first house. That means I'm also 3 weeks away from starting my collection of broken, worthless instruments off of craigslist.

  • uckisupkyle what the f (@uckisupkyle) reported

    @ellett10 Too bad Craigslist’s personals got shut down

  • blzrul blzrul (@blzrul) reported

    @andylassner Also it would be TERRIBLE if people reminded him that he had to advertise in Craigslist for rally attendees in a stadium that holds 20,000, while Obama PACKED the stadium in Denver (80,000+).

  • Hope_Persists StillHopeful (@Hope_Persists) reported

    @Doug_Bratman @Deb98366C @Megyver_ @yakjakgoofygirl Here’s the problem with the story; it would be super easy for anyone to place a Craigslist ad saying this, take a screenshot and call it proof. If you had someone who actually participated and had evidence I might believe it. 🤔

  • EnriqueTheBunny Enrique Bunny @ FD, IFC, MFF (@EnriqueTheBunny) reported

    *lists item on Ebay as For Parts Or Not Working* *Also state in the description that the item is For Parts Or Not Working* *Item sells* *Buyer requests to return the item because it is not working and is only good for parts* I'm so done with Ebay, I'm just gonna do Craigslist

  • Storminb4u Christopher Storm (@Storminb4u) reported

    You know the last kid they had sitting at the church was a federal agents child that I got a picture of and post it on Craigslist in the personals. Asked all of Portland to come take pictures of him. state patrol pulled over every person that we drove down my road with a camera

  • MukiEX57 Menny Drives (@MukiEX57) reported


  • method1 Jason / Method One (@method1) reported

    If people weren’t such cheap bastards on Craigslist, I would start a business assisting them with their terrible ads

  • Mutt57214885 Mutt (@Mutt57214885) reported

    Check Craigslist missed connections and have your wife and daughters learn how to shoot or some self defense. 99% guys "you smiled at me at the store I regret not talking you're so hot". 1 woman and her statement was I talked you down from jumping off the Skyway bridge hope ur ok

  • realdylanmadden Dylan Madden (Calm&Collected) (@realdylanmadden) reported

    For example I realized that I could expand on even more with my Craigslist course. So I took it down, gave people credit towards my next release, and tested it for 3 months. THIS IS HOW GOOD BUSINESS IS DONE.... Get feedback. Act on it. And come back stronger.

  • TrolluxCaptor Trollux, TCFR (@TrolluxCaptor) reported

    Saw an ad on Craigslist for an Xbox 360 controller and 12 games all for 30$. Sounded like a great deal but when I called him it turned out that he forgot to take down the ad and that it had been sold for weeks. It'd be nice if people took things down after being sold :/

  • s_ridenour Sean Ridenour (@s_ridenour) reported

    Uh, let’s see. My bio dad bought used furniture off Craigslist and refinished it indoors b/c it was hot outside. We were all high on varnish fumes for days. My stepdad nearly burned his farm down because he was killing weeds with a huge blow torch and turned his back on it.

  • MsLynneMiller Lynne (@MsLynneMiller) reported

    @marillion13 @SandraK93322487 @facebook @PeterAskin1 @morwennajh @kaylamarie413 @BrendaPerrott @philafelines @TierleidGlobal @Betrayed_Pets’s how I solved my Craigslist issue w/a problem account. Am sure FB tracks ISP addresses like Craigslist does. They also prob flag multiple accounts w/the same ISP address, like Craigslist does. I am just sharing w/u how I fixed my problem, in case it helps u fix yours.

  • MsLynneMiller Lynne (@MsLynneMiller) reported

    @marillion13 @SandraK93322487 @facebook @PeterAskin1 @morwennajh @kaylamarie413 @BrendaPerrott @philafelines @TierleidGlobal @Betrayed_Pets Not a clue. All I know is how I have solved my Craigslist problems and applied it to your issues with FB.

  • BeccaB002 Becca (@BeccaB002) reported

    @justicebeagle Yeah i has zero luck getting rid of my car on Craigslist and had it posted on there for 2 years. One weekend parked down at the end of the road I live on and it was sold! I would suggest finding somewhere you can park it safely if you can!

  • sarthakgh Sar Haribhakti (@sarthakgh) reported

    Request for CB Insights market map: A comprehensive list of what the media says millennials suck at mapped to all the startups tackling all those problems. It will be at least as big as the Craigslist or Big Bank unbundling map.

  • EddieGarza9 Jordani(also known as Scrawny Edi) (@EddieGarza9) reported

    Ima start a craigslist asking for employees that work in a slaughter house and rent out a warehouse for a interview but really I’ma just commit manslaughter. It’ll go down in history. Shit gonna be epic.

  • ABAServes HappyEnding@Parler (@ABAServes) reported


  • CatSoyring Cat Soyring (@CatSoyring) reported

    I've always wanted a dad. Finally can take that ad down on Craigslist. Not that I got the responses I was looking for on there anyway.

  • chessierose33 Fran :) (@chessierose33) reported

    my neighbor really just said apples are better than mango’s and now i have to put his house up for sale on craigslist and steal his dog because i cannot live 10 houses down from a monster who likes apples more than mangos

  • HayleeStreuss Tales of an Amish Driver (@HayleeStreuss) reported

    @amish70829959 No, not on twitter. Have problems with them all the time on craigslist.

  • moonmaedyn Moonmaedyn (@moonmaedyn) reported

    @TheDevilHistory Sofa + Loveseat & pillows--Wayfair Outlet: $429. I hired someone off Craigslist to deliver it. Yeah, I've NEVER had problems with hiring people off Craigslist.

  • noddingblinking mich lovs walnurts shrimp (@noddingblinking) reported

    oh my god I just realized I can post on here all of the terrible Craigslist listings in my area

  • Avery11510862 Avery (@Avery11510862) reported

    I'm replacing my bed with a futon these next few weeks and i cant tell if im upgrading or down-grading. Either way, craigslist has $50 futons that look like they are infested with futonbugs and Amazon wants me to pay over $300 so it doesnt break.

  • MsLynneMiller Lynne (@MsLynneMiller) reported

    @marillion13 @SandraK93322487 @facebook @PeterAskin1 @morwennajh @kaylamarie413 @BrendaPerrott @philafelines @TierleidGlobal @Betrayed_Pets Had same problem with Craigslist. First, find your ISP address. Next, turn off computer for 24 hours. Unplug, etc. Turn back on & see if u have new ISP address. Make a NEW account, but NEVER, EVER use old accounts again. IF U want second account, use a phone or iPad ONLY for it!

  • KittyLeSiren Trapper Snapper (@KittyLeSiren) reported

    @PalmerSaidWhat I don’t think so. It’s just more in our face. Before it was kinda hidden but with Craigslist and that other site were shut down making it hidden

  • lefttheprairie brick oven flame war (@lefttheprairie) reported

    I’m as stubborn as I’m dumb so the whole reason Wes believes in my SXSW navigation is I decided to drive down when I was unemployed and cram an Austin Craigslist apartment rental with Chicago Craigslist rideshare randos and take the bus to all the free shows

  • everydayeyedie sexydeathgod (@everydayeyedie) reported

    @cindycyn The unfortunate effect of Craigslist casual encounters being taken down.

  • wrath_776 wrath🏳️‍🌈 (@wrath_776) reported

    @alexhanna look on craigslist! old roomie got our massive tv for free because it had a smol pink line down the side

  • GinoAvegno Gino🇪🇨 (@GinoAvegno) reported

    OfferUp / Craigslist slow today

  • EddieDexter Mangaka Ed D Stewart (@EddieDexter) reported

    @shawnmpatterson @PhotosByClaude @TrueFactsStated 1.Skanks Quarterly 2. JJ Magazine (Just Jezebel) 3. CLK (Craigslist Keepers) 4. National Enquirer's #JackieHo Special Issue

  • CalvinStarnesOG Calvin Starnes (@CalvinStarnesOG) reported

    @AkilahObviously I’d try NextDoor first. More legit than Craigslist and the person is almost always “just down the street”, so no shipping needed.

  • neanderthalnavl NeanderthalsNavel (@neanderthalnavl) reported

    @THErealDVORAK @adamcurry love your analysis of newspapers, Craigslist & TV. I was 11 yo paperboy for 100+ yo Cleveland Press in '82 - evening paper. I was 30 min. Into route when I read headline PAPER FOLDED LAST ISSUE. My mgr left notes all time 4 b.s. but not THIS big thing!

  • ofsaaron Aaron (@ofsaaron) reported

    Looking at supermotos on Craigslist at 12am is a problem

  • SensibleCentri1 Undecided Voter (@SensibleCentri1) reported

    @victoriaxxviii Hopefully this pushes down the price of Roombas on Craigslist 🤞

  • Gatoram15 Michael Forshaw (@Gatoram15) reported

    @WeStandWithEvan @DaniScotchIrish @FactCheckU @Regan0002112 @MarilynCapps @acroperr @solomongrundy6 @Mapleleafs141 @brendap1949 @JeffHarperArt @1DontBelieveHim @HSchouten @UnimpressedTX @nocovfefehere @bubulaboo @waconia3 @Yakekoge @DianneDtl @TNMOONCHILD @deaconcruise @cachobweeney @just_old_joe @D_R_Gringa @HockeyFanGirl12 @WalterLapp @FaustKnowsBest @Lynnp27 @maassac15 @Trenaway11 @HudsonRiverCroc @TheBrofucius @MrsPerrin @DontFlagMeBrah @phxtobama16 @rodball22 @downsouth505 @Darth_Spurious @Las4Liberty @Logical_Lobo @BamaStephen @desertdave2012 @PineMountain84 @TheValuesVoter @HK2K16_ @Lonestarmomcom @suziferg0806 @U2Fact @sable227 You don't name anyone specific, so I don't see problem there. Someone kind may come in looking to take boo in, or some sicko to harm him. Local guy while back ago was collecting free cats on Craigslist and would torture and kill em. Why I trust no one.

  • TradingEveryth1 Trading Everything (@TradingEveryth1) reported

    @beyondreasdoubt @morganisawizard @icouldbeahacker @endofanerajc *craigslist also a terrible idea, if that wasn’t clear.

  • _lynndee_ Lynndee (@_lynndee_) reported

    Broken English, Corner Prostitutese, Craigslist callgirlish, Soft pornspeak, and MAGAtwat.

  • _lynndee_ Lynndee (@_lynndee_) reported

    @tonyposnanski Broken English, Corner Prostitutese, Craigslist callgirlish, Soft pornspeak, and MAGAtwat.

  • KizerBillhelm Kaiser Billhelm (@KizerBillhelm) reported

    @thatdutchperson That costs extra since craigslist personals got shut down

  • Afcor205 Andrew Fordham (@Afcor205) reported

    @mdrndad @CordCutters @VIZIO I bet I could put it on Craigslist for free and get somebody who thinks they can fix and resell it to take it off my hands...

  • stiagn Dubs Checkum (@stiagn) reported

    @denverbusiness @denverpost @RubinoJC and when I posted the same thing on craigslist, except with me personally injecting the "vitamins" into a customer's body, the ad gets taken down and my account is banned

  • RedPilpulman Pilpulman (@RedPilpulman) reported

    @RisingDoughs @DaughterofDanu And of course on Craigslist you most likely can’t tell the race of the person you’re meeting. I never sold to blacks. The one time a black woman with a white sounding name came she gave me all sorts of shit the next several days because of a minor problem with the item.

  • UUJames James Field (@UUJames) reported

    @Newyorkist @jacremes I’ve had same experience here. Like they hired someone on Craigslist to stand with sign and rat and didn’t tell them anything about the issue.

  • RealDawgMommy Dawgmommy (@RealDawgMommy) reported

    @daquandottv Well, I hope he enjoyed his daughter before this because I doubt he ever will again. Just wait, she'll get back at him in a few years when she finds some stranger on Craigslist to walk her down the isle at her wedding.

  • medihscine michelle (@medihscine) reported

    It still cracks me up that my company put a help wanted ad on Craigslist and had to take it down bc of all the sketchy people they were getting

  • itsabbyyyyy (((abby q))) (@itsabbyyyyy) reported

    @Oscillator_WSOP The question is regular balloon or balloon animals. Bet you could find someone on Craigslist with no problem.