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Craigslist is an platform for online classified advertisements with a focus on (among others) jobs, housing, personals, items for sale, services, community messages. Craigslist was founded by Craig Newmark.

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October 20: Problems at Craigslist

Craigslist is having issues since 12:40 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • sarahlovestay13 sarah STREAM LOVER 🦋💕 (@sarahlovestay13) reported

    @outofstyle13 that literally happened to me also, but we ended up moving down to the 100’s since it wasn’t sold out! Craigslist is the way to go lol

  • inshadeswrong haley (@inshadeswrong) reported

    @tayllerswift i’ve actually purchased multiple concert tickets from craigslist and have never had a problem. i’ve been doing it for years. that’s why i thought it’d be fine to purchase these! lol. guess it was gonna happen eventually.

  • JakeNick14 CreamSpread (@JakeNick14) reported

    @The_FortniteGuy Nvm I meant mock i.just got some senheisers on craigslist for 75 but they dont have a mic, I do t have a mic and the mic on the headset in that pic is broken

  • suhbrenah sabrina (@suhbrenah) reported

    @Jakey_rf no but wow maybe craigslist isn’t a terrible idea 🤔🤔🤔

  • wadejude1 Jude Thibodeaux (@wadejude1) reported

    @Madonna see it!!!!! I went on Craigslist under "gigs," and I worked 2 seperate banquets one 6 hour shit and another 9 hour shift and I paid for my ticket by doing so. I also do work full-time as an EKG Technician and I'm one of the LAZYEST people imaginable. I love lying down its

  • BADNRAD B a d N r a D (@BADNRAD) reported

    @dnotive I’m down lol but how! I used to check craigslist every day 😅 but the only ones that I could afford were in awful shape

  • badgyalchola charo cuchi cuchi stan acct (@badgyalchola) reported

    I used to be a legit ********** from 15-17 on craigslist I was the reason that site got shut down 😭 when my mom found out she locked me in a room for a year I only could leave to go to therapy

  • VoteWhenThey VOTE When They... (@VoteWhenThey) reported

    @notcapnamerica Not Craigslist, but Walmart and not an average Walmart, one in a Redneck rural area, then she went down the discount aisle and found them there!

  • OrderIndomitus Michelle Lacy of Order Of Indomitus (@OrderIndomitus) reported

    @missDdenver @MistressNicci Some people just don't take the money for granted because they never know when it won't be there due to a grand-scale website shut-down (Craigslist, ********) or a city-wide dungeon raid, or recession. I was here through every single one of those. I take nothing for granted.

  • CheesyNachos84 Pretty Razor October Spookathon Host (@CheesyNachos84) reported

    Dickie's beat down looks like a psa against Craigslist #DisturbingBehavior #PrettyRazorOctoberSpookathonDay19

  • FuckinReece R (@FuckinReece) reported

    craigslist servers are like going down or some shit

  • chaya_tim Tim_chaya (@chaya_tim) reported

    @courtneyrmcc Same problem! I'm trying to organize items in my apartment I've been avoiding and sell other stuff on Craigslist. I need structure.

  • ken_keenan Ken Keenan (@ken_keenan) reported


  • FeiPo6 FeiPo (@FeiPo6) reported

    @jamie2181 Post the same message on Craigslist, problem solved!

  • startuplqdtr Startup Liquidators (@startuplqdtr) reported

    Just got our power back on. Its REALLY HARD to sell stuff on Craigslist without power! After the PG&E brownouts our backup @Tesla Powerwall caught on fire. #SiliconValley is a terrible terrible place

  • killerswan Kevin Cantú (@killerswan) reported

    @dnene see, e.g., Craigslist and WhatsApp, who both cracked the biggest problem you didn't mention: getting a critical mass of users

  • mattocko Matthew Ocko (@mattocko) reported

    @antonio issue is many of these startups want to scrape/parasitize our brains’ work — for free, for their own $ — just as many have done or tried to do w/ Craigslist Google parasitized human cognition for link graph, Facebook does the same for ad sales, Captcha for image recognition

  • Tayl0rHall Taylor (@Tayl0rHall) reported

    I’m down a Craigslist rabbithole looking at apts in Brooklyn. Why in one ad there’s a picture of a turtle in a pond, in another there’s a preying mantis on a windowsill. Brooklyn’s so weird

  • WolfenWingsShop 🐺WolfenWings🐺 (@WolfenWingsShop) reported

    I know every dog is different, but this is apparently a big issue with rotties. It kills my husband cause he grew up with a purebred Rottie as a child, & she could be stubborn too, but Axl... Axl is 90 pounds of snarling beast & he knows it. I got him of CraigsList in 2009.

  • jlamel Joshua Lamel (@jlamel) reported

    The media has always made its money from print sales, advertising and classifieds. The nonprofit free Craigslist basically destroyed the classified business. Print is way down. And now the value of their advertising product has been diminished largely because of the Internet 5/12

  • mattcassinelli Matthew Cassinelli (@mattcassinelli) reported

    @richard_stovall Refurbished guarantees it has some problem at some point, whereas used is just old. Plus it makes me hope he actually owned it and didn’t just buy it, put it on a shelf, and flip it on Craigslist

  • cptjjp JP (@cptjjp) reported

    @JohnDePetroshow @Rambo_Jessica_ Yes... at a minimum "living wage" $15/hour like all their Paid To Protest gigs advertised on Craigslist, he could possibly fill a stadium - but then again, his campaign is upside down and broke!

  • phoeniomnicon Phoeniomnicon (@phoeniomnicon) reported

    Well. If I do it, needs to be in the next 30 minutes. I really want to... but let's be practical... Should do absolutely NOTHING what-so-ever. It's not MY JOB to fix this kids life. If the SG can: 1. Block my messages. 2. ReEngineer my Craigslist Audience. 3. Reform MY LIFE...

  • MollyEMcCluskey Molly McCluskey (@MollyEMcCluskey) reported

    @Jake_Vig Shame they shut down those Craigslist personals. #goodtimes

  • karlrolson 🦇𝖀𝖑𝖙𝖗𝖆𝖐𝖑𝖞𝖘𝖙𝖗𝖔𝖓🦇 (@karlrolson) reported

    The worst part is, is that it's probably just a bad battery - trivial for me to fix myself - but a company should honor their warranties, or they shouldn't offer them at all. If I wanted a suspect laptop with no support, I'd buy off Craiglist or eBay, not manufacturer direct.

  • Susieque817 Susie wallace (@Susieque817) reported

    @NickAdamsinUSA @GryniiizRed It is a no brainer! Shut these punk a$$ domestic terrorizing thugs down! But also go after the people paying these kids an hourly wage. The ads are there for all to see. Crowds on demand hiring on Craigslist.

  • DmitriL3ary 🍐D1m4🍐 (@DmitriL3ary) reported

    It baffles me sometimes that my parents moved in together after only like knowing each other/dating six months, but then i have no problem moving in with complete strangers i vetted for like 1 hr on craigslist idk

  • auntie_maim Amy Farnbach Pearson (@auntie_maim) reported

    @nanglish My husband and I are collectively so bad at bargaining that a craigslist seller was visibly shaken when we agreed to the advertised price after one halfhearted attempt to negotiate it down.

  • crayontrap crayontrap (@crayontrap) reported

    @lmpunities @Citoclaf "ok kid, here's your fukin pc" *Throws down a shitty 2005 laptop from Craigslist*

  • CommonCormorant 🎃Cramorant👻 (@CommonCormorant) reported from Huntington Beach, California

    @aSinister @Ellesun I was checking Craigslist last night. And that was before I was given a month as it were. I don't know what to do. I really wish I'd just die. I'm so lonely. My heart is so broken. Being homeless isn't even the problem.

  • DanBraunNYC Dan Braun (@DanBraunNYC) reported

    @thesarahkelly The part of Craigslist Ryan is thinking of was taken down a few years ago.

  • PamExperienced The Pam Experience (@PamExperienced) reported

    @vaalea_d @roomster Count yourself lucky... it’s a terrible site run by and filled with scammers. Almost $30 a month to connect with renters and the can do for FREE on Facebook, craigslist, and many other sites.

  • bphachi B. Phang (@bphachi) reported

    I forgot to take the craigslist listing down for my husky and got a serious inquiry. Ugh. I'm so torn. I've grown so attached, but I'm stretched too thin between my two puppies. 😭

  • baphomet2k20 Willow 🦇Vampire Maiden🦇 (@baphomet2k20) reported

    TBT to the time when I almost bought a 60 foot sailboat off of Craigslist in Maine for $1,400 bc my friend said we'll go half on it and then sail it down the ENTIRE EASTERN SEABOARD.

  • HenrySh44311187 Henry Short (@HenrySh44311187) reported

    What I remember of Hosko: -believes a fix for affordable housing is for people to post ads on Craigslist to rent out a room in their house. -on immigration: this is a nation of laws. Noecker what have you done to change fed. imm. laws (he grinned, like this was a sick burn)

  • mamogram mado (@mamogram) reported

    **** of here trying to sell your couch for over $1000 on Craigslist... it’s not my problem that you bought a $3,500 couch but it ‘doesn’t fit your space’

  • RonnieKRadio Ronnie Kohrt (@RonnieKRadio) reported from Denver, Colorado

    Regarding Newton: the Denver #Broncos have spent an absurd amount of money on multiple used cars that consistently break down after a year. Nasty cycle they need out of. It’s time for Denver to find a new car that will satisfy them for years to come. No more Craigslist sketch.

  • PetePolygraph Polygraph Pete (@PetePolygraph) reported

    @luckysean will your cracking down on money laundering include cracking down on craigslist scammers who try to induce investors with promises of secured returns by way of real estate loans, investments and acquisitions, but then perpetrate fraud by way of never purchasing...

  • CaylsBo daddy (@CaylsBo) reported

    And before you wonder, of COURSE I was given specifications of what these women had to look like! Thin, busty, “kind of slutty” (whatever that means). Still grossed out from the Craigslist ad, I quit. So yeah #PayUpHollywood! Your sons are terrible!


    Okay had a dream someone sent me a link to a craigslist ad looking for a manager position and it linked to a Minecraft server and i joined and the whole staff was playing on there

  • aussielovesyou AU$$IE (@aussielovesyou) reported

    @MissSpencerBra1 everyone needs to look on Craigslist in their area and try to find some affordable conversion vans 👀 because I’m also down as hell

  • DjerroUnchained Jerry Uhrig (@DjerroUnchained) reported

    On a slow day at work I'll find scammers on Craigslist and string them along with emails back and forth for hours then eventually tell them to **** off. I'm sure they will scam someone else shortly after but it's still satisfying to know I wasted their time. Low life pricks.

  • rubedoe real life minus🦀🧙‍♂️🦀bad viber (@rubedoe) reported

    @DatDaisy i buy craigslist cars for this reasons even 1k a year comes with 200$ check back when the car breaks down!!!

  • JasonWW3 Casper the Friendly Ghost...of a dead child (@JasonWW3) reported

    Hey guy on Craigslist that posts every day, nine times a day about your comic sale in your basement and how you were featured on TV once: Your shit is all overpriced and it will sit in your basement until you go down a buck a two. Thanks, Cranky Me. PS. Your wife’s art is decent.

  • christophjuan Wanathan 🧢 (@christophjuan) reported

    @native719 @Citizen_Ugly @ericdawes @JamesTreakle @america_vest And the housing/rental market would become much more dynamic. Multiple adults collectively can suddenly afford homes. Friends, family, Craigslist. This would drive down the demand for rentals. And rational landlords would prefer not to lose good tenants in the first place.

  • Purrrf3ction (@Purrrf3ction) reported

    Craiglist had some totaled or not working 8 series without any dents a while back Shit was lit but I can't fix anything lol

  • Purrrf3ction (@Purrrf3ction) reported

    I don't have cash on hand and ppl Rob you on Craiglist anyways so obviously I'm not going to use it unless I wanted a cheap 2k car that doesn't need to fix which is rare cause 1337 restockers in cars got em all lol

  • pwgotimer Patrick Gotimer (@pwgotimer) reported

    “Shipping” Error: You find an online ticket, you pay, and it’s never delivered. Common on Craigslist and particularly on Facebook right now.

  • goldstar_chili Chris Campbell (@goldstar_chili) reported

    Loading up the truck with salvaged mannequins I scored on Craigslist and heading down to the old abandoned quarry for my big annual fancy dress dinner party tonight.

  • HothWitch ʅιѵ (@HothWitch) reported

    @bloodberryjuice Thank you! I feel like I’m doing a Craigslist missed connections post 😂 I don’t know a lot about many deities so I’m trying to compile a possible list to narrow it down for me!

  • Gaymerwitttatt1 Gaymerwitttattitude (@Gaymerwitttatt1) reported

    You could at least let a “F*gg*t” fix your Trash ass Wordrobe, Makeup, and Wig so your ***** won’t look so Cheap like it came from Craigslist...

  • RZMike95 Quid Amateur Quo (looking to go pro) (@RZMike95) reported

    @ImpeachmentHour The problem with low unemployment is it's hard to find good extras on craigslist anymore.

  • A_de_pha BLACK (@A_de_pha) reported from Yeadon, Pennsylvania

    Why Craigslist always tryna tax you on the ran down shit 🤔

  • BathysphereHat Rabbit Cohen's Dad's Monster (@BathysphereHat) reported

    @annedorko It's how we first bonded! I was looking for a kitten on Craigslist, and we met a nice man looking for homes for three kittens. I sat down in the bathroom with little tiny grey kitten and read Alice's Adventure's in Wonderland to him, and he fell asleep on my foot.

  • ehernandez Elizabeth Hernandez (@ehernandez) reported

    @jeremyjojola I have a typewriter problem. Look in antique stores, thrift shops and sometimes if you’re super lucky, a Goodwill/Arc will have one for way cheap . Also, eBay/craigslist.

  • TomMorrowisnow Thomas Morrow (@TomMorrowisnow) reported

    @ImpeachmentHour The slow realization that after the long wait to get in, the long winded word salad, and the traffic to get out, the $50 they made from responding to that Craigslist add to be there was actually less than minimum wage. Sad!

  • mena_ganey Mena Ganey | Artist (@mena_ganey) reported

    @CallMeDaveOkay This sound like a terrible yet maybe good story. Craigslist.

  • Sadieisonbot 1994 Subaru Outbot (@Sadieisonbot) reported

    we live in a "my car broke down and this is all I could find on craigslist for $500" battle

  • lil_Bun_Sophia Sophia Rodriguez (@lil_Bun_Sophia) reported

    I’m such a **** **** this morning. Currently at a adult theater hoping a man walks into my booth and shoves his **** down my throat all while I’m trying to find a Craigslist hook up for back up **** if plan a doesn’t work

  • Theodor96331836 Dobby (@Theodor96331836) reported

    @MorganZegers Target their leaders....they pay these guys to protest..George Soros, black lives matters, "squad" etc There are ads on craigslist's 15$/hr Two problems are: 1. They are allowed to protest 2. There are always going to anarchists to live for this