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  • Buffering (8.06%)
  • Video Quality (1.61%)

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  • sweetiecakechan
    Cake (@sweetiecakechan) reported

    @TorryParks @Crunchyroll No problem :)

  • Blunderbuckets
    SanityUnseen (@Blunderbuckets) reported

    @stillgray Because it was labeled as PG while being advertised as a light hearted adventure. Crunchyroll dropped the ball, it's not a problem with the anime itself, I thought it was great.

  • SwiftAlchemist
    Nathan Anderson (@SwiftAlchemist) reported

    @Crunchyroll Kind of hard when your site is always broken

  • Des_Shinta
    Terror of DesuDesu (@Des_Shinta) reported

    I know A lot of people want to say "Netflix, Amazon or Crunchyroll", but there's problems with all 3. Netflix's captions are Crap. They are well-meme'd crap. Their localization work isn't much better. Hell, in their anime dubs, they rewrite dialogue that was already in English.

  • RantS112
    Jesse (@RantS112) reported

    @TutuApp_vip Can you fix crunchyroll ++

  • ErikRoll4ever70
    Erik Snelson (@ErikRoll4ever70) reported

    @Crunchyroll It doesn't work for me on xbox that's why I haven't watched it, just says server error each time

  • ILikeAnimeTitts
    I Love Anime Tits (@ILikeAnimeTitts) reported

    @stillgray Agreed; but the "issue" was that Crunchyroll derped and gave it a pg13 rating. So many people not knowing anything about it saw the art style and rating then wrongly assumed it was gonna be similar to like Konosuba and Donmachi found out they assumed wrong and threw a tantrum....

  • jessedude704
    Jesse Holt (@jessedude704) reported

    @Crunchyroll i had an issue with trying to cancel my membership, (i only wanted the free trial at first).. someone from the crunchyroll team helped me and refunded the money. I'm not sure where to say thank you, so here it is! Thank you!

  • NightCrawlr1412
    NightCrawler [DFP] (@NightCrawlr1412) reported

    @Crunchyroll So help me if this gets a 2nd season

  • TheUnstableGamr
    Unstable_Gamer (@TheUnstableGamr) reported

    @Crunchyroll hey I’m having a problem with the subtitles. There’s no option for English. Other people are having this issue as well. Help us please.

  • RageQuiTxD
    RageQuiT (@RageQuiTxD) reported

    @assass1n554 @jonhycolon @Crunchyroll But i think season one is only avabible in Au and Us so if u live in eu that could be why u cant find that! This is a problem on a lot of shows dont know why CR does this but its ez to fix with a click on a VPN app or extenstion

  • Despon_Dency
    Despon Dency (@Despon_Dency) reported

    @Reign_Backpacks @Crunchyroll Definitely one of the worst anime of the year in my opinion

  • Despon_Dency
    Despon Dency (@Despon_Dency) reported

    @Crunchyroll I just want to say one thing about this series. It is absolutely terrible, in my opinion. I can’t get past the third episode of this series because of how god awful it is

  • ChaosCharza
    Charza Kitsune (@ChaosCharza) reported

    @Vicedets @RageGoldenEagle Those who have waged campaigns in the past (calling @Digibrah a **** for such a view, for example) take money from Crunchyroll who air EroManga Sensei It all goes back to moral grandstanding Banning does not remove the problem either, often makes it worse IMO

  • quadiepop
    Justin Gonzalez (@quadiepop) reported

    @kemiiiiiiiiiii @Crunchyroll It ended up working eventually. A problem on their side 🙄 but yeah. All on WiFi except mobile

  • MisteckRose
    Mysti (@MisteckRose) reported

    @WatchVRV Noragami, Yona of the Dawn, The Devil is a Part Timer, My Little Monster, The Ancient Magus’ Bride Just to name a few. It would help if I watched less unknown ones I suppose but these are some of the best anime’s I have seen and sometimes they just abruptly stop.

  • pokefan272
    pokefan272 (@pokefan272) reported

    @Crunchyroll I can’t find the anime how not to summon a demon lord on the mobile or ps4 version of your app what can I do to fix this

  • hummusman300
    Ghost Charles (@hummusman300) reported

    @WatchVRV @Crunchyroll no. No, i really don’t. I do that enough without your help.

  • JurassicSamurai
    JurassicSamurai (@JurassicSamurai) reported

    I honestly would want Kamen Rider on Netflix or Hulu or get DVDs from Shout. Crunchyroll's player is god awful.

  • GYoisha
    Gogetashu Yoisha (@GYoisha) reported

    But just because our loved cute anime has brutal death and **** doesn't immediately make it a bad anime. Don't get me wrong, crunchyroll made a mistake with the rating but that's still not a good reason to hate it. It's not the best but it's also not the worst.

  • tangoislaura
    Laura (@tangoislaura) reported

    Just found out the new @Crunchyroll player won't let me right click on it, so the sound fix will not work.

  • yoshihiken
    Yoshihiken (@yoshihiken) reported

    I love you @Crunchyroll but fix your god damn Xbox app.

  • yuristargirl
    yuristargirl (@yuristargirl) reported

    @WatchVRV OMG totally forgot fruitsbasket, which needs a reboot (to fix continuity problems with the manga) then a season 2!

  • IM_Ramble
    Castle Von Funkenstein (@IM_Ramble) reported

    I guess it's time to unsubscribe and delete my account to @Crunchyroll since they refuse to fix their app. Can't watch anything without it completely freezing on ads. Thanks for being another useless streaming provider, I'm better off watching stuff illegally downloaded.

  • Emolga
    tay 🦇 (@Emolga) reported

    so netflix can do optional subtitles no problem but hulu and crunchyroll claim it's "too hard" to program and would mess everything up... lol, ok

  • ChibikiG
    Chibiki (@ChibikiG) reported

    @Crunchyroll I payed for premium but now I can’t seem to find aikatsu on there, please help me

  • josephsk_
    josephsk_ (@josephsk_) reported

    Crunchyroll has terrible integration with Amazon fire stick and also with Vizio smartcast

  • Matt89Fox
    Matt Fox (@Matt89Fox) reported

    Just cancelled my #Crunchyroll premium yearly subscription due to their total incompetence. Weeks of their App on Apple TV not working at all has led me to this. I wont hook up my laptop to my TV every time I want to watch an anime. You disappointed me heavily, #Crunchyroll.

  • tonitiger99
    Antonio Torres (@tonitiger99) reported

    @Crunchyroll how can I enjoy watching if my Xbox says server error (due to your servers being overloaded) like 50% of the time I want to watch something. I'm only on it in the morning before work and a couple hours after. Even less when it's errored. I've been paying over 7+years

  • luwii47
    luwi (@luwii47) reported

    kinda funny how my best friendships on this app come from accidents or small things that don’t mean anything. for example i gave someone a crunchyroll login and 2 days later were listening to death grips together lol

  • ArchCools
    Stephen 🎃 (Arch) (@ArchCools) reported

    @TURBOBACON_ @Crunchyroll You’re the problem

  • TLO_Gaming343
    Thug Life Obama (@TLO_Gaming343) reported

    Fix your damn advertisement system, tired of getting juggled around @Crunchyroll

  • RachelOrdwayArt
    Rachel Ordway, anxious goblin (@RachelOrdwayArt) reported

    Wondering if that weeks-long glitch where Crunchyroll never showed me any ads was actually a marketing campaign for their paid subscriptions because dang, the ads are back and by contrast it’s unbearable

  • OniColden
    Gabriel Seth Montes (@OniColden) reported

    @Crunchyroll Thats exactly what I did last night XD. I watched Black Clover...the quality went WAAAAAAAY down in the further episodes

  • skullcmdr
    Skull_Commander (@skullcmdr) reported

    Dear @Crunchyroll , @DrHopeSickNotes review of Cell At Works! Episode 1 suddenly got hit by copyright strike claimed by @SonyMusic_SME @sony_jpn @SonyMusic_JP Can you help him since he's reviewing your stream but got strike which is odd since he's already put copyright notice

  • Semisviel
    リリスパ# ☆ (@Semisviel) reported

    @Shawdytheking @Crunchyroll I hope she fix me too

  • CoolestShadow
    TheBigRC (@CoolestShadow) reported

    @Naruto_Anime_EN @Crunchyroll Fix your son.

  • marvelous_lie
    marvelousLIE (@marvelous_lie) reported

    @Crunchyroll On 9anime, sure, but not on your buggy, poorly coded app that likes to crash every ten seconds.

  • cherryett
    ᴄʜᴇʀʀʏ 🍒 (@cherryett) reported

    Not that I have a problem but Crunchyroll is the biggest mha **** rider just saying...

  • BladimirLife
    ⛩BladimirLife⛩ (@BladimirLife) reported

    @BlackClover_EN @Crunchyroll I mean it as average, like ok, almost good-(they Still need to fix their animation)

  • TheHairball316
    Broken Brother Ball (@TheHairball316) reported

    @TheNextDecade @Crunchyroll Right...its how i watched issue w crunchy is their app sucks on the phone...constant buffering regardless of phone or wifi signal

  • TheNextDecade
    Dustin (@TheNextDecade) reported

    @TheHairball316 @Crunchyroll Im aware of the licensing issues UM faced. But it did still had issues of visibility/promotion. Thats not to say there was none. There was, but in comparison to other lesser known shows on there, it did feel every so slightly neglected. I do applaud them for having it at all

  • Napnapsyrup
    Syrup (@Napnapsyrup) reported

    I can’t stop watching the crunchyroll compilation of bakugo screaming please help I’m so weak

  • DarrenWallaceJ1
    Juicyyy (@DarrenWallaceJ1) reported

    @Crunchyroll Would love too if the app didnt "experienced a server error" almost every day.

  • LostSoulYT
    🎃(Law)Lost Soul🎃 (@LostSoulYT) reported

    @BlackAnimeFan92 @DXDdragon11 Or we could just use this as an excuse to make Crunchyroll go away forever cuz that way we won't have to make rent videos about High Guardian spice and why it's terrible despite the fact that everyone already knows why it will be terrible when it comes out

  • LostSoulYT
    🎃(Law)Lost Soul🎃 (@LostSoulYT) reported

    @BlackAnimeFan92 @DXDdragon11 It's honestly not the worst but it's not I really dark and deep series that everyone Hypes it up to be it's simply Doom with a medieval setting And let's be honest here the only reason people are hating it is because of the **** scene in that is solely because of Crunchyroll

  • yellowexitsign
    bej💿c (@yellowexitsign) reported

    @Crunchyroll @CosmosZR Fix your website first.

  • jaxsonwangs
    d-daddy dickota. (@jaxsonwangs) reported

    Kiss anime ain’t working & crunchyroll is broken ._.

  • SheldonMarcus83
    ThotPockeT (@SheldonMarcus83) reported

    @Crunchyroll the third time in 5 days I’m having issues trying to watch my shows🙄🙄🙄🙄👍🏾

  • Owens1Nick
    Descendfromgrace (@Owens1Nick) reported

    @WatchVRV I swear nervously everytime I try to use vrv on my roku. "Is it just going to crash my roku or make we walk over and unplug the system because it freezes. "

  • MarcialAguila10
    Marcial Aguilar (@MarcialAguila10) reported

    @Crunchyroll I need help I’m a Premium member and I’m trying to get the discount code to use for weekend tickets for aminenyc please help

  • LaceyLawless
    Lacey Lawless (@LaceyLawless) reported

    @Crunchyroll I'm having trouble using my account! It says I have no premium membership, but continues to bill me. I have contacted your support, and they say the issue is resolved, but it's not! Please help!! I need my anime 😢😢😢

  • pyranthered
    Mega Crate (@pyranthered) reported

    @aimlesslytrying @animeoutsiders -than whatever drivel Crunchyroll is trying to sell. I can’t tell you how many episodes of DBS that I watched that had errors.

  • TsunKingFenris
    Fenris, The Tsunpire (@TsunKingFenris) reported

    @Koruton_99 @lmagenBreaker @CptPooch They would rather manufacture the idea that goblin slayer is a horrible terrible anime while shilling a referral link to Crunchyroll.

  • Fluttery42
    Spooky Scary Steven (@Fluttery42) reported

    @braineek @GreyScaleLJH Eeyup, YouTube was down for about an hour and a half or so. Came here to see if others were having problems, and any joke related tweets (I lol'd when Crunchyroll said "watch anime" taking advantage of the situation. XD)

  • NicoSamuolis
    Nico Samuolis/ニコサモレス (@NicoSamuolis) reported

    @Crunchyroll Let me fix that Watch JoJo

  • Crazpicc
    Natasha Evelyn (@Crazpicc) reported

    @kpopchickensweg @OmniPouten I had heard. I leave for class and come home to all this terrible news. I hope nothing happens to Crunchyroll...I'll literally cry.

  • ZachMorris5
    Zach Morris (@ZachMorris5) reported

    @Crunchyroll Broke college student but need my fix, help

  • OfficialKoops
    The Spookster (@OfficialKoops) reported

    @Crunchyroll At least this didn't crash for memes.

  • NoobSaibotFan21
    God (@NoobSaibotFan21) reported

    @fetti_x @Crunchyroll Yea, on their twitter they said they’re trying to “fix” the problem

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