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  • Joeylay881 ⚔️Supreme.Minus🛡 (@Joeylay881) reported

    @ayoubozil97 @Crunchyroll I know you’re joking dude. One Piece is the worst thing ever created. I

  • trafalgarrae Avery (@trafalgarrae) reported

    @IndemoBoy @teddasaursrex @ayoubozil97 @Crunchyroll Still not the worst though. The bar for “worst anime ever” is way too high.

  • TheMasterTaco42 SuperSpookyTaco (@TheMasterTaco42) reported

    @ImGameplaYz Also would like to add that since I’ve been without my pc, I’ve been using a Wii U to watch crunchyroll and it keeps freezing on me:( someone help

  • Phantomskyler Phantomskyler (@Phantomskyler) reported

    @AsPeCt4392 @dibyanath00 @Crunchyroll Claiming to not see the issue of female characters being nothing but **** material in an action series that supposed to be taken somewhat seriously that's not an eechi romance comedy speaks volumes to the problems with shonen battle manga and the fandoms around them. :/

  • AsPeCt4392 AsPeCt (@AsPeCt4392) reported

    @Phantomskyler @dibyanath00 @Crunchyroll I don’t see the issue here.....

  • LaQuarenta Bluu🇭🇳🏳️‍🌈 (@LaQuarenta) reported


  • MikeKise Ayo ⚛️ (@MikeKise) reported

    Right. I was looking at Crunchyroll’s lineup like this is terrible. At least we have continued seasons from last season

  • ShadTaker (-_-) [ รђค๔tคкєг ] (-_-) (@ShadTaker) reported

    @Crunchyroll Fix your app

  • tekassassin96 Tekka, god of Tenth Heaven, The Equalizer of Fools (@tekassassin96) reported

    @MrAnimeRandom Last time Crunchyroll did this, we got a cal arts abomination of an “anime” and the worst adaptation of a good game since the Super Mario Bro’s movie. I’m not looking forward to this @Crunchyroll.

  • returnbynathan Nathan (@returnbynathan) reported

    @Crunchyroll That's good to know but that doesn't help for me to see it since I'm nowhere near NYC.... Any other showings planned

  • prettaeaus jade (@prettaeaus) reported

    @Crunchyroll yes i have a problem

  • Rringej 🍂 Rrin (@Rringej) reported

    @TherigidJeff @Naruto_Anime_EN @Crunchyroll Actually no, why would we, Hinata is fine, we love her. When her fans bring her into discussions against Sakura that's when everyone has problems because they're not comparable yet peeps be trying. Tldr: Hina is gucci and we got nothing with her, her fans are not.

  • marknight92 MGAlter (@marknight92) reported

    @Boruto_EN @Crunchyroll When Boruto was so trash they needed to go back to the original Naruto to fix it all... 😂😂😂

  • KanekiNeuro Neuro Hachiman (@KanekiNeuro) reported

    @Crunchyroll I better see a quality Noblesse anime.

  • Supercreeper202 Anime Guy (@Supercreeper202) reported

    @Crunchyroll ‘s problem is fully shown here. Remove region locking and the platform will be stronger against piracy.

  • Srlee11 Steven Lee ♌🏈🏀🎮😎 (@Srlee11) reported

    @Kappnsyre @AndreReyes215 @Crunchyroll All I want is to help Rachel climb the tower to see the stars but first let me get my revenge

  • RiddleOfWind Mana (@RiddleOfWind) reported

    @Crunchyroll The worst part of Naruto is that he learns like 3 moves and 2 super buff forms when every other character has a million and one ways to brush their teeth

  • bunanaroki boop 🐱 (@bunanaroki) reported

    are you giving other girls your crunchyroll login yes or no

  • SuaminHcs Suamin HCS 🇭🇳 (@SuaminHcs) reported

    @usetweakbox fix crunchyroll++

  • arodriqs Alejandro Rodriguez Concepcion (@arodriqs) reported

    @ellyberries @Crunchyroll When nami asked luffy for help

  • fvckchrispy jojo made me gay (@fvckchrispy) reported


  • zoroexid strawhat hiro 🧡 (@zoroexid) reported

    @ellyberries @Crunchyroll when luffy said of course he will when nami was asking for his help after being on the verge of tears ;(

  • Weeum420 boo (@Weeum420) reported

    @Crunchyroll His bro just wanted so help so what if it'd extremely deadly and the floating ghost lady scared the shit outta me because it was 2am

  • AORAOMA Magi of The Black Bulls (@AORAOMA) reported

    @LilToast6 @thewafflpower @Crunchyroll I pray for Madhouse or Ufotable quality

  • _AKASOR SPOOKASOR 🇩🇴🐝🎃 (@_AKASOR) reported

    @Slickk2000 @Crunchyroll Why in my opinion unordanary is trash. The pacing is god awful just to stretch it out. They spent 3 chapters litterly in the same room talking. And used the same drawings just with different text.

  • Zewia1337 Zewia (@Zewia1337) reported

    @redshibeok_ About on par with crunchyroll's actual quality

  • Gamahdude92 OMEG∆92 (@Gamahdude92) reported

    @NewGabeOrder @bakugan @Crunchyroll They cannot due to rights issues but they can try.

  • shahid0317 shizzle (@shahid0317) reported

    @Crunchyroll How about fixing that god awful manga app first huh

  • DarkRavenGamerX DRGXIII (@DarkRavenGamerX) reported

    @FfKing1140 @Crunchyroll You know you can watch Crunchyroll for free if sign up with a free account. You just need go to the Crunchyroll site , click login and on the left half of the screen is sign up for free account. I've been using it for 2 years now and I haven't spent anything on it.

  • Zerms4 Flying High (@Zerms4) reported

    Oh boy my Crunchyroll account got hacked @Crunchyroll Can you help I sent an email already

  • OwlphaAce Owl (Art Theft Is Scary) (@OwlphaAce) reported

    So that way to fix this was by just watching the end of the episode on my phone so mayhaps fix this bug @Crunchyroll

  • maekankouya 👻Maekan BOO-ya👻 // COMMS CLOSED (@maekankouya) reported

    @Crunchyroll it would be an honor for Webtoon dubbers to help contribute!! 👀✨

  • An1meFan666 nobody (@An1meFan666) reported

    @F_T_P_C @Crunchyroll I cry to any dubbed episode. Theyre awful

  • voltrixx9 YourgenericOPmaleanimeprotaganist (@voltrixx9) reported

    @Crunchyroll I'm not sure if it's an issue with crunchroll or my phone but I can't watch the new Black Clover episode. I see it on the updated episodes but not on the list of videos

  • LibbertyBell Libberty (@LibbertyBell) reported

    @Crunchyroll bring back the OG player! This new one is always giving me problems

  • colinwiggz 2019 is my year (@colinwiggz) reported

    @Crunchyroll cdw and tire rack commercials constantly freeze your app. Help!

  • moshjosh619 nü-metal slut (@moshjosh619) reported

    Why is the @Crunchyroll and @FUNimation apps on the Xbox the ******* WORST UI. Like it’s so hard to navigate, it doesn’t auto start next episode, I have to turn on subtitles EVERY episode.

  • e_burns85 Evan🦄🏳️‍🌈 (@e_burns85) reported

    @Crunchyroll I’m having a huge issue with trying to sign up for your premium service, I created an account, then typed in my card info then was told I need to sign in, then retyped it then said that the card was associated with a free trial already I sign into the account and

  • immeda_ med (@immeda_) reported

    @CaprisunStraw @Crunchyroll It indeed is a terrible day for rain.

  • theeyoungsage xay🧞‍♂️ (@theeyoungsage) reported

    someone give me their Crunchyroll login

  • Turner_J_Frost Turner J. Frost (@Turner_J_Frost) reported

    @FudgedWorld @Konosuba_Anime @Crunchyroll It’s still pretty messed up to want an awful and unhealthy relationship.

  • Ace0736 Chris (@Ace0736) reported

    @Crunchyroll help my acct has been hijacked

  • Nekopride Love My Boo (@Nekopride) reported

    @ScrubbySpammer @FUNimation @iTunesTV i refuse to support netflix since they seem to be obsessed with churing out trash like death note and that redub of evangelion.. FUnimation is buggy as hell and trash in itself . crunchyroll is still a legit way to support the industry and help out anime comunity.

  • aerialblast Mini Spooking Fork of Wind (@aerialblast) reported

    Having a great dating site joint *****-fest at how ******* awful dealing with ads on Crunchyroll is.

  • yotanwha moa (@yotanwha) reported

    crunchyroll’s mobile player is ******* awful

  • notJerl Jerl (@notJerl) reported

    @Crunchyroll I'm glad you reverted the change to the queue that forced it to be in most recently watched order rather than letting us order it how we want, but please fix the new issue where it fails to actually keep track of which episodes we've watched. It's really annoying.

  • LolicOnion Onͨiͧoͭnͥyͤ 🧅 (@LolicOnion) reported

    @aerosyx Oh, that's better than crunchyroll at least. I hate ads and low quality streams and stuff though also. Plus my internet sucks and torrenting lets me DL eps pretty fast so idk

  • 1thatremembers Casey Cole (@1thatremembers) reported

    @Crunchyroll hey my account got hacked and your support page is broken I need help

  • Lezmel_xD Lez Fernandez (@Lezmel_xD) reported

    @xCRIS008x @Nico_Bixie @Crunchyroll No literally everything works even funimation in HD. However Crunchyroll and VRV only work on the low quality. It's depressing.

  • dadnaya2 ohad dadnaya (@dadnaya2) reported

    @SenpaiChart #Senpai needs a fix: Not sure if it's supposed to be on Fall chart or not, but Crunchyroll is releasing an episode of Legend of the Galactic Heroes every friday

  • iloveanime69420 Rock ya dome (@iloveanime69420) reported

    @Crunchyroll @aniplexUSA Sorry, this video is not available in your region due to licensing issues

  • spookybambii ASpookyBambi (@spookybambii) reported

    @Treshtoons @Crunchyroll_PT @Crunchyroll Such a shame.... There's no way to watch Anime legally here. I even tried using a VPN but the website immediately warned me that it's against their rules and they could ban me xD the worst is the Portuguese advertisements featuring all the Anime you can't watch

  • helloshaundi Yoshitsune 🇧🇸 (@helloshaundi) reported

    When I get Disney+ nobody freeloading off my shit if we ain’t close friends or you my girl. I’m mean asf with my Crunchyroll and Netflix login

  • calvitha_ Calvita (@calvitha_) reported

    @xXJackyTuningXX @Crunchyroll Yea but this is good quality content

  • beautifulhair92 U RITE | 👻 bootifulhair @ [re:run] (@beautifulhair92) reported

    @cookieFGC @TheIceyGlaceon The quality of crunchyroll servers aren't much better than illegal websites. Trying to catch up on Konosuba through CR was a coinflip on whether or not the server would be able to buffer my video that day

  • MaryJjaneAnime Mary Jane (@MaryJjaneAnime) reported

    @Crunchyroll The anime is pretty bad but it’s got great main characters. It’s got the worst op ever, but the song rocks

  • JohnTheWeebhunt HunterofWeebs(spooky) (@JohnTheWeebhunt) reported

    @TheYoungMenace2 @gototheheartedg @Crunchyroll @aniplexUSA I don't have to when VA's create dumb issues.

  • Piervs_ Sobek ☥ (@Piervs_) reported

    Idk if a my pc or crunchyroll have the worst video player

  • duskvortex 🐍spooky sneko🐍 (@duskvortex) reported

    crunchyroll is awful but digimon appmon finally getting localized is big tbh

  • starplatinum84 Star Platinum (@starplatinum84) reported

    @RockLeeSmile I get an error watching crunchyroll content on their platform and on Vrv, on my fire stick and pc. Less so on vrv and hulu. Also gl. I'm old and need the simple charm of a Record of Lodoss War. Mob Psycho was like a comedian I'm sure was good but I still didn't get it.

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