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  • zuperzonic5001 ZuperZonic5001 (@zuperzonic5001) reported

    @GetInTheRobotTV @Crunchyroll Shake Shack is terrible, y'all got bad taste

  • paleempresscam PALE EMPRESS (@paleempresscam) reported


  • fandmtrash Andrea Chapa (@fandmtrash) reported

    @Crunchyroll the changes made to the website are really annoying. Please fix it to the old style where we can put our queue in whatever order WE WANT

  • LayerKeiki Layers of Smash DLC (@LayerKeiki) reported

    @N1ne_Tails137 @BradofEarth @Crunchyroll And that's why he's better. He understands that HE'S the problem. Next time you fight him, he already has a Dubwool.

  • Corey_Deshawn Corey (@Corey_Deshawn) reported from Virginia Beach, Virginia

    I would pay for Crunchyroll but I’ve had so many issues with the free versions I don’t wanna pay for an app that crashes and messes up all the time.

  • aarenaustria shia labussdown (@aarenaustria) reported

    @AudioFatigue @RailLucifer @SAIKOsean @AldenDgrant @Crunchyroll In-N-Out always had long lines before social media was even a thing. it’s busy for a reason, quality burgers for a decent price.

  • shooogunyams uwu man (@shooogunyams) reported

    @Crunchyroll fix your mobile app smhhh

  • casezino ned just wanted a cheeseburger (@casezino) reported

    i can’t use crunchyroll anymore and my heart is broken✋🏽

  • JK_DarkSide JDS (@JK_DarkSide) reported

    I have another way to watch Hulu and Crunchyroll is usually without issues, so stick with those. DM me if interested so I can start saving those commissions for this big expense.

  • fatringer fatringer (@fatringer) reported

    @Crunchyroll This is the worst thing about Dr. Stone

  • JK_DarkSide JDS (@JK_DarkSide) reported

    Film articles are $50 a pop, pick a movie available on Crunchyroll or Hulu and I'll do a piece on it I need to stress those options because my awful brain makes it hard for me to watch a movie in my browser, as does comcast and browser updates (my one pending review due to this)

  • DiscordedHaru Aaron Jackson (@DiscordedHaru) reported

    @G0ffThew @ProZD You literally block people who don’t follow your line of thinking and echo the absolute worst takes imaginable on anime ever, without ever admitting fault. The Nekopara thing certainly showed me once again you couldn’t care if it’s not a Crunchyroll series.

  • Jimskeleton85 Jim Bright (@Jimskeleton85) reported

    Oh jeez, what happened to the queue on crunchyroll, it looks absolutely awful and completely non functional.

  • culturalmutagen culturalmutagen (@culturalmutagen) reported

    @Crunchyroll The new #crunchyroll queue is trash. Fix the old one and bring it back.

  • thomasbland577 Big British Revolver (@thomasbland577) reported

    @KurejiOjisan @Crunchyroll Well, I haven't opened it up since I got it years ago, but it was fine(then). I was scared since the listing gave the caveat that it was resin and expect to fix it...

  • a7mad20254 shame (@a7mad20254) reported

    @_Kreatton @Crunchyroll I mean this part was the worst in the episode if they worked on it deferentially, it would be one of the best fights scene in MHA

  • AyonicBom RNdi saLE (@AyonicBom) reported

    @Crunchyroll One question.. i still have.. when jojo did a blood transfusion from dios body to his grandfather in stardust crusaders 2nd season.. why didn't his grandfather turned into a vampire.. please help

  • SgtHyperbole Travis 'T3' Keating (@SgtHyperbole) reported

    @Crunchyroll Hot Take: Hop is the worst part about Pokemon Sword & Shield ....such an annoying little shit

  • pixl_man dead_oni (@pixl_man) reported

    @alexdnz This is really funny coming from a butter ball whose only remarkable aptitude is that he has a deep voice. And "acts" on ******* awful, Crunchyroll-sponsored live-action cringy humorless skits.

  • BTRFANFAN super pooper (@BTRFANFAN) reported

    @Crunchyroll Hop is literally the worst Pokémon character of all time

  • ElizSimins let’s be wintry skeletons together 💀💞❄️💀 (@ElizSimins) reported

    the worst kind of push notification i get is from paypal bc i always get my hopes up that someone has randomly sent me money but 99.9% of the time it's like "You paid $8.61 to Crunchyroll!"

  • JawbreakerGamer John (@JawbreakerGamer) reported

    @CaroI_R @DylanPatty_ @Crunchyroll I use a 34" as a 2nd monitor... it doesnt help, its just as dog shit as on a regular monitor. I pray they realize how bad it is and give us the old queue back ASAP

  • JawbreakerGamer John (@JawbreakerGamer) reported

    @Crunchyroll FIX YOUR QUEUE PAGE!

  • GrizzlyRolyPoly Roly Poly (@GrizzlyRolyPoly) reported

    @LayerKeiki @Crunchyroll Yeah man, mine too. It was almost as if there was a terrible trope for a rival, but thank goodness there wasn't and we have Cheren to fill the void.

  • MasternZen The Impeccable Zeleny (@MasternZen) reported

    @WatchVRV why is it impossible to get an actual human to respond to an email requesting support on your mobile app. Ive been having issues for almost a year now and havent been able to get an actual response

  • shinobudere mommer-chan @ post op recovery (@shinobudere) reported

    I've been trying to watch Crunchyroll on my phone but it's not working. :< It keeps jumping back and freezing and crashing

  • MrMithra Mr. Mithra (@MrMithra) reported

    @k_xion26 @Crunchyroll No problem. If you don’t watch vtubers yet and want to see what it’s about try checking out @SIROyoutuber and @mokomeme_ch

  • StopGetDaStrap Shane The bandwagon chiefs fan (@StopGetDaStrap) reported

    @Crunchyroll can you please go back to the old queue the new one is flat out awful.

  • calebwhitley_ Caleb Whitley (@calebwhitley_) reported

    crunchyroll is not working for me rn and idk how i’m supposed to handle this

  • McDowell_Zac zac (@McDowell_Zac) reported

    Crunchyroll has ad breaks in the WORST possible spots

  • Chaoskiller2000 Dust (@Chaoskiller2000) reported

    @Crunchyroll please fix the queues bring back custom queues!

  • kitsukii 𝒍𝒆𝒆 (@kitsukii) reported

    @Crunchyroll no it really wasn’t lmao. he was the worst rival.

  • NathanielKaras1 Otaku HumanBus Nate (@NathanielKaras1) reported

    @GuyFromSplatoon @dukekickem @Crunchyroll What the hell shinji. I mean I know he is had problems. But seriously.

  • heroizumi heroizumi (@heroizumi) reported

    @Crunchyroll The ability to put things in the order I wanted to watch them was one of my favorite aspects of the queue and you've gone and ruined it. At least bring an option in the pull down to have the ordered in an order you, the user, wants them to be in. So stupid. Fix it.

  • Soul_Resonance Welcome to 2020 (@Soul_Resonance) reported

    @LVericota @ShopCrunchyroll @Crunchyroll Now I can understand why someone like yourself would view her as the worst and I respect that but for me I feel there are worse girls in MHA who get more exposure but for me fail to deliver.

  • MrUrbanBuddha Flash Fearless (@MrUrbanBuddha) reported

    People will call Netflix jail a problem but suck Crunchyroll's ****

  • LVericota Lily ♡ (@LVericota) reported

    @ShopCrunchyroll @Crunchyroll Froppy is WORST GIRL

  • DannyDanDan1337 dan (@DannyDanDan1337) reported

    @Crunchyroll help my account got hacked and i cant recover my account

  • TheGeekWitKicks 🔥🏀🎱 (@TheGeekWitKicks) reported

    @_alexandrafittt @WatchVRV I'll let you know. No problem 🤞🏾

  • DLo51O DLo (@DLo51O) reported

    @Crunchyroll you guys are having major log in issues. I’ve changed twice and entered the pw correctly each time and still it saids incorrect information. Please fix or I will cancel this whack membership. #lackcustomerservice #crunchyroll

  • realkev_indeed Kevin 🍒 (@realkev_indeed) reported

    @AquilaSamurai95 @Crunchyroll Literally the same problem, this screwed up my entire organization

  • emilyway36 Em (@emilyway36) reported

    @Crunchyroll i can’t log into my account!!! i’ve tried changing my password several times now and it’s still not working!

  • x78912 That_Otaku523 (@x78912) reported

    @TommyVo2020 @animeaugie @blackbuIIs @Ashylegs2 @baby5donquixote @ichigonumber1 @FUNimation @Crunchyroll @kingfadedz @FearYurDeath @Favoriteanimemo No problem

  • timw4mail Timothy Warren (@timw4mail) reported

    Apparently @crunchyroll decided to ruin their queue, and make it as terrible as @WatchVR. No more custom ordering, huge series descriptions, and much confusion finding my queue out of order. :'(

  • Brodywood63 Brody Wood (@Brodywood63) reported

    @Crunchyroll I can’t stand the new queue. Please tell me how to fix it.

  • Kaneki23_Ken Dragneki_23 (@Kaneki23_Ken) reported

    @theblackbojack @PDugna @snivy218 @Crunchyroll It is. "A one-shot is a chapter published as a single/standalone issue" and thats exactly what this is, it's just 80 pages and that's it.

  • snivy218 Snivy Ian @ WATCH EIZOUKEN (@snivy218) reported

    @PDugna @Crunchyroll It's not even a continuation tho, just another story. I don't see a problem with it, as it's just another person finding the death note

  • firerabbits 🌻 (@firerabbits) reported

    @withwonho WAIT A MINUTE..... how, i got crunchyroll but they dont have mucu selection in thr uae ;—-; what u use, help a sister out

  • darman128 antidarman (@darman128) reported

    @Crunchyroll please fix the video player on desktop. setting the resolution on the player doesn't work, it stays at the initial resolution. there's also stuttering as a result of this

  • Ismael_Aguirre8 Ismael (@Ismael_Aguirre8) reported

    @FearSphinXx @animeaugie @blackbuIIs @Ashylegs2 @baby5donquixote @hypland @ichigonumber1 @FUNimation @Crunchyroll @kingfadedz @FearYurDeath @Favoriteanimemo Yeah no problem

  • BlakeReader2 Blake Belladonna (@BlakeReader2) reported

    🌠: Okay... There's an image floating around of the RWBY V7 Logo from Crunchyroll... The problem is, that the letter B in RWBY is sliced with blood... Guys, I'm starting to worry for Blake...

  • JG0086 CaptainNoFunPants (@JG0086) reported

    Day Two my @Crunchyroll queue is in shambles across all platforms... I dont like it, it bothers my OCD and need for organization.... fix it already, its annoying

  • S03214745 M(°○•°) (@S03214745) reported

    I'm freaking paying crunchyroll for monthly subscription why ******** does it buffer so much so annoying 😤😤😪 I'm paying for no ads and no buffering lol

  • Nico_mancer Nico! (@Nico_mancer) reported from Vancouver, Washington

    @AcceleronArt @AWDtwit Oh Crunchyroll ******* sucks too! They nab up as much anime as they can and force you to watch it on their broken ass platform! No one should have exclusive rights to anime. We should get a choice

  • awkwardpalmtree emily lorene🕸🕸 (@awkwardpalmtree) reported

    Hayley sent me her login for crunchyroll and funimation and I can’t wait to become a full blown weeb

  • scottmelot Scott @ 🐱‍💻 (@scottmelot) reported

    @richandcreamy No, but they do have that AT&T money. Really it's a matter of auto downgrade the quality to work better. Netflix and YouTube do that fairly well. Disney+/Crunchyroll/Hulu not so much.

  • Grinoki Corəy (@Grinoki) reported

    @Lisheon @AnimeLab Crunchyroll is terrible. I've went through all of them and Anime Lab is the best.

  • Foggieuser Foggy (@Foggieuser) reported

    @Crunchyroll Dear Crunchyroll. I have looked for 4 animes. All unavaible for my region. Fix this please or I'll start my own company to overthrow you. Also stop using the english names.

  • patrykwolff Patryk Wolff (@patrykwolff) reported

    Grass is always greener, I suppose. Wasn't too stoked on the selection this season on @Crunchyroll , switched over to @FUNimation because of the choices. The Funimation Android app is garbage. If only there was a willing Android developer to help fix it... Maybe me...

  • snowflurrytae cait (@snowflurrytae) reported

    help the crunchyroll acc i was using didn’t update their premium :(( i wanna just watch haikyu uninterrupted 😭

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