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  • CUPIDTOWN 🏩 (@CUPIDTOWN) reported

    Someone’s watching a very horrible anime on our family crunchyroll account and I’m gonna be actually pissed if they continue waching it like I will start throwing things why does my family have the worst anime taste in the world

  • Buskil93 Steven - Oden top 5, Endeavor Top 1, Eren Top 3 (@Buskil93) reported

    @Crunchyroll This is actually awful, the most generic the franchise has ever been

  • Ballin_GamerZ Ballin_GamerZ and 100 others (@Ballin_GamerZ) reported

    @mclovinb18 @Crunchyroll Bruh the entire episode was just Kaido floating around and sometimes chasing shit with Luffy and the others talking. The end was the only part with some actual progression. I watched all the episodes till now but jfc these last couple of arcs needed to fix their pacing

  • kidzbophypmic gender neutral google stadia (@kidzbophypmic) reported

    @Crunchyroll It's either gonna be Cats or terrible fursuits

  • Akkofuee 𝔸𝕜𝕜𝕠✨ (@Akkofuee) reported

    Now crunchyroll is broken too :))(

  • zeexbow ZEE BOW (@zeexbow) reported

    who got a crunchyroll login for me

  • sserenitatem booboo the depressed ghoul❄️ @PROMARE TOMORROW‼️ (@sserenitatem) reported

    Ontop of feeling like crap, Crunchyroll decided to crash so now I have Haikyuu!! S2 playing on Netflix. 😔😔😔

  • Itadere Sophia Dere 🔜 Sacanime (@Itadere) reported

    @FlyntofRWBY @RoosterTeeth @WatchVRV First Discord, then this. I think the internet is broken.

  • whiteshenron White Shenron (@whiteshenron) reported

    My crush gave me his crunchyroll login so I guess we are pretty serious now 😗

  • MciverWalter James Walter McIver (@MciverWalter) reported

    @Crunchyroll Please fix the advertisement delay in the Crunchyroll Xbox one S app. It's very miserable. It took 10 mins just to get through the commercial break.

  • CatalystNB F8 | Catalyst ( (@CatalystNB) reported

    whyyy is crunchyroll freezing and dropping in quality im literally paying for it to avoid this piracy it is i guess

  • OmgIt5EJ EJ (@OmgIt5EJ) reported

    @Crunchyroll Also makes me think of when these episodes made your servers crash like crazy

  • TildaMnsson Thank you Woojin | ig:@ttbinnie (@TildaMnsson) reported

    I wanna watch like high quality anime but I’m too scared to ask my dad to buy me crunchyroll >;(

  • visoredavenger visoredavenger (@visoredavenger) reported

    @Crunchyroll Yeah I remember it well, because it broke CrunchyRoll's servers the night it aired and I couldn't watch it until much later that night and even then the quality was low.

  • HizeruK Hizeru (@HizeruK) reported

    @MTARaylz @Crunchyroll Oof, in my opinion they are the worst cannon anime movie/movies for a series I’ve ever seen. Nothing against the team that worked on it because they put in a tonne of work and I know there was an incredible amount of pressure, but the story is bad and illogical.

  • DoozyMcFloozy Totally *not* विष्णु様 中国ロボトかな。 (@DoozyMcFloozy) reported

    @ShannonTracy123 @MattWalshBlog If you want to have any effect then attack Hollywood, and companies like Funimation and Crunchyroll (CR used to be a pirate site) for bringing over Japan’s garbage. They don’t license quality from Japan. Also attack AdultSwim Toonami and Cartoon Network for doing the same

  • fajervibes •°•فجر•°• (@fajervibes) reported

    @Crunchyroll There's something wrong with the app. Fix it, please.

  • eroticCJ CJ Douglass (@eroticCJ) reported

    @DeadEnds1 It had always been sort of vaguely on my radar, but I never got round to it. Ended up watching 8 of the 12 episodes yesterday! Very fun. (Neither Crunchyroll nor Hulu seems to have the OVAs, but that's a pretty typical problem on streaming services.)

  • MikeyBasham mikey basham (@MikeyBasham) reported

    @Primus6_ @Crunchyroll I’ve seen two of the 4 help pls

  • JonathanTheWeeb Obito Uchiha (not really) (@JonathanTheWeeb) reported

    @LonelyxOwl @Crunchyroll @ReZero_En Oh stop it. Dub is underrated. Not every dub is terrible

  • miraiT__T tea!!~ ✰ (@miraiT__T) reported

    anybody wanna Lend me some help..... i wanna get the cracked crunchyroll app :]

  • Matthew74318552 Matthew Lucas (@Matthew74318552) reported from West Nyack, New York

    @xAAA2030 @Crunchyroll Probably but the issue is whenever it not the series will end on it’s own because I don’t want this to be on the same direction as Hunter x Hunter

  • 4i1ove Ret•i•cence (@4i1ove) reported

    @Primus6_ @Crunchyroll I've watched around 800 anime in 5 year's I got problems

  • JonatanLLuna Jonatan Lazaro Luna (@JonatanLLuna) reported

    @that_filthy @akamebigtits @Crunchyroll Also that won't fix the low quality of the video player though. Which is my main complaint.

  • JRFalsis The Headcannon (@JRFalsis) reported

    @dandock @Crunchyroll I wonder how Nappa managed to NOT shit himself then and there; pretty sure his back was broken like a crispy pretzel.

  • SSquadling Squeak Squadling (@SSquadling) reported

    @TheJediSonic @9000Cookies @saltydkdan Proper criticisms (like the cast present, the focus on diversity over substance of the show, and crunchyroll’s use of money) mixed in with exaggerated hate like attacking them for being female or cal arts kinda combined into the worst storm. Looked alright, nothing special tbh

  • NassimeSaab 🕊 (@NassimeSaab) reported

    @Crunchyroll hello. I would to report an issue. I'm finding it hard to stream a particular anime

  • Hematospermia the great SATAN (@Hematospermia) reported

    @ShopCrunchyroll @Crunchyroll The quality of this shirt is really bad - super thin material that stretches out really easy. Not Plus Ultra at all

  • JikamaBlue Jikama (@JikamaBlue) reported

    @senorDane @Diospacito @saltydkdan The only issue I see with that part is I think Crunchyroll and VRV are owned by the same people, which if that’s the case I think it should’ve been marketed as a VRV original since it still has stuff from Crunchyroll but meshes better with other programming there.

  • TackyTanuki TackyTanuki (@TackyTanuki) reported

    For those of you saying use Crunchyroll or Funimation apps: I pay for Crunchyroll and they don't give two shits about their mobile streaming. I've tried every fix. It still forces me to buffer every two minutes. Funimation doesn't have subbed anime. Until these two improve,

  • seouwul broccoli and fuck (@seouwul) reported

    @joonkrabs @lifeaintjair @lastkenpachi @xuxicoIors @davidlopizza_ @jmstrbI HELP THEY CALL THEM THAT ON CRUNCHYROLL TOO WHAT ARE YALL WATCHING

  • GearCrushGC Jonnymarc (@GearCrushGC) reported

    @Vulpecu14 @Sakurako1401 @Crunchyroll Never said it wasn’t don’t know where you got that impression I just stated it’s better quality and showing support to get a 3rd season

  • Vulpecu14 Anime Lounge (@Vulpecu14) reported

    @GearCrushGC @Sakurako1401 @Crunchyroll it's literally the same regardless of quality m8

  • GearCrushGC Jonnymarc (@GearCrushGC) reported

    @Vulpecu14 @Sakurako1401 @Crunchyroll Seeing it in person is still better quality no matter how poor I think the phone recorded version is

  • tired_hippo Jason likes a little bit of da bubbly! (@tired_hippo) reported

    @Crunchyroll Erza gets far too much love....possibly the worst character for ‘winning just because’ type situations.

  • Vulpecu14 Anime Lounge (@Vulpecu14) reported

    @GearCrushGC @Sakurako1401 @Crunchyroll it may be poor to your standards, but to others and even me its still good quality being able to hear and see the whole screen plus having subtitles below

  • GearCrushGC Jonnymarc (@GearCrushGC) reported

    @Sakurako1401 @Vulpecu14 @Crunchyroll Because your not watching it through the a video recorded on a phone with poor audio quality and constant shaking

  • TheMinishZest 🎄holiday lemon🎄 (@TheMinishZest) reported


  • Star_Inari Kris/Star Inari (@Star_Inari) reported

    @Lynylynlyn @saltydkdan My issue with is that crunchyroll was supposed to be a way to support the Japanese animation studios because they don’t make a lot of money and by paying for Crunchyroll the money would help them. But this was a western show. I just felt it didn’t belong. Maybe Netflix not here

  • FutureFlash2023 SAVITAR THE FUTURE FLASH (@FutureFlash2023) reported

    @kahlrory @Crunchyroll no problem

  • Curator_Koriko Koriko 🔜 RAJ (@Curator_Koriko) reported

    @darth0kahn @Zingeyo Also Crunchyroll downgraded the streaming quality for standard Premium members citing cost not too long prior followed by a lack of improvements to the platform for years such as the lack of HTML5 support and having to pay extra to see the buffer bar that has been in beta forever

  • ClutchRoadagain Clutch Roadagain (@ClutchRoadagain) reported

    @saltydkdan I don't support Crunchyroll. They reduced the quality of their streaming service despite making enough money off premium to improve it, and then made this. It doesn't matter if the show is good or not, it still had a really scummy stigma to it.

  • KurisutofaSan Kurisu Senpai (@KurisutofaSan) reported

    My signal is so terrible at this new site that nothing will load on @Crunchyroll or any anime website. Damn you @sprint

  • AMABGirl1999 ♿Astolfo (@AMABGirl1999) reported

    @WatchVRV are Visa cards not accepted or is it a glitch on my part. I keep getting a card error trying to get a free trial

  • YatoDarling YatoKun (@YatoDarling) reported

    @TwixxLil @OriginalHisoka @angelr5555 @Crunchyroll Exactly I just hate how much popularity it just because it had nezuko and everyone started to a childish war about why is one piece the worst and etc In this world are alot of good animes not only demon slayer and one piece

  • rarecandyslice candy🍬💕 (@rarecandyslice) reported

    somebody hit me with that crunchyroll login plz

  • BOOOONEY555 booney (@BOOOONEY555) reported

    @Crunchyroll imo worst out of the sport animes😕

  • CasLeo14 PuRpLe JuNgKoOkIe★ (@CasLeo14) reported

    @woops73880844 You can find it on Crunchyroll but only if you can withstand the God awful amount of ads interrupting you. However, I use some free anime sites that have some ads here and there but not when you're watching the episode. It's called Animehub! There's more anime there too!

  • J_Bengoa Jonathan Bengoa (@J_Bengoa) reported

    Help me a little here guys @Crunchyroll @crunchyroll_la @Ivrea @ivreality

  • VictorR65120907 Victor Romero (@VictorR65120907) reported

    @WatchVRV I want to watch Christmas Comes to Pac-Land, but the app gives me a ******* error message! FIX IT NOW!!!

  • thejakewagner jake wagner (@thejakewagner) reported

    @Crunchyroll This has to be on the list of worst movies of 2019 and worst ideas as well.

  • MalfunctioningK Malfunction ™ (@MalfunctioningK) reported

    I finally have Crunchyroll. There's way to much to watch now. Help.

  • Vulpecu14 Anime Lounge (@Vulpecu14) reported

    @TierceTrey @Crunchyroll i got headphones to help with that

  • TheJadedGuy J.Deku (@TheJadedGuy) reported

    @AllTheAnime @Crunchyroll There’s a small problem with this. I don’t see my city in the list showing this film.

  • enxai_ enxai ツ (@enxai_) reported

    @JonatanLLuna @akamebigtits @Crunchyroll the quality is pretty good and the ads are ignorable

  • OedipusOctopus 💚 brophrodite 💚 (@OedipusOctopus) reported

    one of my friends lets alex and i use his crunchyroll account so of course alex and i **** with him by adding random ***** or ridiculous shojo to his queue and he responds by spamming our group chat with the worst memes of all time (e.g. the garfield debacle)

  • lindsay_alexx Linds 💛 BA, MSc (@lindsay_alexx) reported

    @Crunchyroll Some of the first episodes of Naruto have no English subtitles. Must be some kind of glitch as I was watching them not too long ago. You should probably get on fixing this as it seems like loads of other people have the same issue.

  • KristanRich Dr. Toboggan (@KristanRich) reported

    Why does the crunchyroll app crash so often on my phone. I'm already so behind on all my shows😭

  • blehitsjeff Chunchunmaru (@blehitsjeff) reported

    @harim_19 @Mando_Says @Crunchyroll No problem

  • sodainabottle •.megan.• (@sodainabottle) reported

    i finished rewatching haikyuu on netflix the other day and now i need to go on crunchyroll to watch s3 again.. like.. i need help. why am i watching this anime again when i have so many things on my queue...

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