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  • thouxanbanzak SAVE ME (@thouxanbanzak) reported

    fix this shit dawg i pay money for this @Crunchyroll

  • imTerryBull Terry Bull 🐂 ☕🍫 (@imTerryBull) reported

    @kukuruyo @largehotcoffee If the ads on crunchyroll didnt crash half the time I'd actually use it

  • MohammadK1O Agent Frost (@MohammadK1O) reported

    @AngryExpo @Crunchyroll It is, but I tend to drop ot every 100 episodes, one problem with massive animes like Naruto and One Piece, is that theres a **** load of filler episodes, the original has like 90 filler episodes out of 220 episodes total

  • SnowMun 『 SunēMún 』 (@SnowMun) reported

    Crunchyroll is the worst ******* streaming site I could ever imagine the other sites do it better witch is ******* hilarious how are you gonna be an anime streaming company and the episodes will be in shit ******* quality and shit subs not to mention the same add playing

  • Matthew74318552 Matthew Lucas (@Matthew74318552) reported

    @SimpleeCasual @Crunchyroll @aniplexUSA I read the manga and this isn’t a problem

  • chkntendies CHKN (@chkntendies) reported

    crunchyroll is by far the worst streaming service I've ever used

  • theseasfae D i a (@theseasfae) reported

    @WatchVRV on your iPhone and PS4 app, it’s not retaining where I leave off on what I watch. So I have to search for where I left off. Please fix it

  • _reivax__ IG: reivax__ (@_reivax__) reported

    @Crunchyroll why is it, i my pay for no ads and I’m still getting ads...and you have no email for support help🙃....

  • slimegummie 𝚜𝚕𝚒𝚖𝚎 (@slimegummie) reported

    @Leo13007 @mombot if only crunchyroll uses the money they make to give back to the anime industry to help it grow instead of making shitty "award shows" and they're own original "anime" then maybe I'd care what they say, but nah cr can succ my *****

  • warriorskittle Skittles @real μ's hours (@warriorskittle) reported

    @Crunchyroll madoka magica was the first anime that got me into liking it but girls beavo was the first I'd ever seen it's pretty awful but i can't help but be nostalgic

  • dararadesu ダララ (@dararadesu) reported

    @Crunchyroll It could be Kero Kero Keroppi, Magical Circle Guru Guru or Sailor Moon. Sorry, my memory is terrible.

  • obimajestic40 Oma Smith (@obimajestic40) reported

    @Crunchyroll One piece the terrible 4kids version

  • TheHatPerson TheHatPerson (@TheHatPerson) reported

    @largehotcoffee I mean...I don't see Crunchyroll crashing every time a new Attack on Titan episode comes out, as supposed to Dragon Ball Super, which ALWAYS made the site crash from traffic. Not to mention One Piece, the most highest selling manga of all time is also on Crunchyroll.

  • ThePxDxO Peter M. III (@ThePxDxO) reported

    Good guy @Google improved their Chromecast (Home) App because there are some Chromecast-compatible apps with many problems such as @Crunchyroll #DontBeEvil

  • SphereOwO sphere (@SphereOwO) reported

    @Leo13007 Once i tried actually using crunchyroll and some episodes were literally broken for me because of the shitty video player they use.

  • joaofreeman Gatoniago (@joaofreeman) reported

    @Crunchyroll Terrible anime 😧

  • PolygonHeart PolygonHeart (@PolygonHeart) reported

    Jfc crunchyroll is trash, I've yet to see a subscription service as terrible as crunchyroll

  • Singey42 Singe (@Singey42) reported

    @Leo13007 @mombot I pirate my anime because 9 tines out of 10 the quality is higher than what I could get on CrunchyRoll

  • EmmanuelleGD Emmanuelle Gagnon-Drolet (@EmmanuelleGD) reported

    I love funimation for the dubs but the app is terrible. Crunchyroll ftw

  • Badboi_Lasagna Lasagna Boi (@Badboi_Lasagna) reported

    I have had the Crunchyroll app on 3 separate phones and it has not ever been able to properly stream anything. Near constant buffering of the video while ads have no problem at all. ****.

  • p9cker_girl packergirl (@p9cker_girl) reported

    @Crunchyroll pacing better improve it was awful last season

  • LegendOfMataNui 🎮 BIONICLE: The Legend of Mata Nui (@LegendOfMataNui) reported

    @Sasori_113 @Brandon39435766 @Pokemon @scifiedcom @nintendolife @bionicle_bot @TMNT @AdamofGotham @essrose @KhakiBlueSocks @MistyWayWishes @PandaClan476 @Rinu_Chan115 @amorouscallie @Crunchyroll @Mastergodai It's not working when I do it and I'm a sad.

  • florocragnien 🍳Dark Matter with two eyes🍳 (@florocragnien) reported

    im trying to watch mob psycho on crunchyroll but for some reason evertime i pause the video for too long the playback is like in slow motion and i have no idea why, does anyone know how to fix this

  • furmanater61 SBWFurmanater (@furmanater61) reported

    @WatchVRV The website and app are not working , it has been doing this for the past 2 days hoping for an update please just trying to watch Naruto again 😭🙏

  • sadgelic 🖤 (@sadgelic) reported

    Crunchyroll is so shit im tryna watch some horror anime’s but the categories are awful n it’s always tryna give me some romance as the main plot line lmfao

  • MollyJean32 Molly Jean🦁 (@MollyJean32) reported

    @nathan_ltd @WatchVRV @amazon I don't have a fire stick but I was having issues with it loading on my PlayStation yesterday. But it was working fine today..


    friends, if you do not have a crunchyroll premium/vrv account, i will gladly give you my login info. just let me know.

  • ads_is_bads andrew / ADS (@ads_is_bads) reported

    @WatchVRV is your website always having bandwidth issues or is it badly programmed because I always have problems no matter what i am on connecting to it

  • boyishgirlishme BoyishGirlishMe (@boyishgirlishme) reported

    @HIDIVEofficial Only on @Crunchyroll where you can read the subtitles. 1000’s of subscriber complaints and still you do nothing. Fix your s**t

  • YumeTanCos Yume-tan🔜AX (@YumeTanCos) reported

    @GreenJacket354 another issue is depending on who's translating you can get different titles. Ex. We Can't Study was the commonly known title before Crunchyroll localized it to We Never Learn. I still call it Bokuben but when I tried to be accommodating to anime only watched no one knew what-

  • TerminaKeaton SOLDIER1stKeaton (◦`꒳´◦) (@TerminaKeaton) reported

    @FinalPaige OH- OK MY APOLOGIES I need to get to the anime but they took it off aus crunchyroll due to licensing issues

  • chlnclbly Chloe Nicole Bailey (@chlnclbly) reported

    @MarissaLenti Fair. Tried that before on Funimation but it’d always crash when the ads played for some reason. Plus they put ads at stupid times lol. I’ll try Crunchyroll though

  • sukerokushin princess proakure 🌺 (@sukerokushin) reported

    gotta give serious props to whoever's subbing sarazanmai on crunchyroll, these subs are legit super high quality, and they've been good since day 1

  • sukerokushin princess proakure 🌺 (@sukerokushin) reported

    gotta give serious props to whoever's subbing sarazanmai on crunchyroll, these subs are legit super high quality, and they've been good since day

  • topcatfish tony cookson (@topcatfish) reported from Peacehaven, England

    @Crunchyroll having problem re newing my acc. It won't accept my card or PayPal

  • Canyon50jm Jason M. (@Canyon50jm) reported

    @Crunchyroll Worst long running manga ending ever! 😭😭

  • BetaAmphilion Cam (@BetaAmphilion) reported

    Trying to watch a video and Crunchyroll is having such a bad time I had to wait for a split second of play to pause it and let it buffer like a late 90s barbarian.

  • heartless_natbo Nezuko Kamado🎋 (@heartless_natbo) reported

    The worst part is that I’m legit on Crunchyroll, rewatching Beyond the Boundary😭🤧

  • pancakeparadox just the bare nessassities (@pancakeparadox) reported

    @PunishedHag 1. why can't solange be in every game 2. this animates like one of those terrible haoliners chinamations that crunchyroll gets every season but I'm here for it because aaaaaaAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHFG

  • slimypogostick Horton hears a #fuckPETA (@slimypogostick) reported

    @tenleid Frankly it's not my problem. Either way I'm not paying more than I pay for Crunchyroll, more than Netflix, more than Hulu...for doujin. I pay half fakkus price and have access to far more comics with comixology...not worth it. I'll keep pirating. K thanks

  • EzriArt EZRI (@EzriArt) reported

    @WatchVRV hey, you guys really need to fix your mobile app. I was unable to remove my card from there or add a new payment method. It only let me use what was already input and nothing more even after unsubscribing. I was able to fix on PC thankfully.

  • boyishgirlishme BoyishGirlishMe (@boyishgirlishme) reported

    @HIDIVEofficial We might, but on @Crunchyroll where the subtitles aren’t jacked. Fix your s**t

  • HeroPro_Dota Frederik Ayoroa (@HeroPro_Dota) reported

    @Danmachi_EN @Crunchyroll Link's broken for me...

  • UnreadDeleted Unread Deleted (@UnreadDeleted) reported

    It’s not like the problem is my internet connection, I can easily get a stable 4K @NetflixUK or @YouTube stream, but @Crunchyroll can’t even provide a stable SD stream and I’m paying £4.99 a month.

  • spikespeigel Space Cowboy (@spikespeigel) reported

    Dear @Crunchyroll, please fix your PS4 app. It will not load anything. Checked and the Roku app is fine, as well as the web player. Thank you.

  • addriannyugwn elise • (@addriannyugwn) reported

    crunchyroll went down right when i was watching MHA pls😭 help @Crunchyroll

  • TLJTravis J'nelle (@TLJTravis) reported

    @Crunchyroll Getting 502 errors from cloudflare in L.A. Can't get in! halp!

  • smolmeli smol🥚🍳 (@smolmeli) reported

    Im so close to finishing Shippuden and Crunchyroll decided to crash and so now it’s not opening ;-;

  • UnreadDeleted Unread Deleted (@UnreadDeleted) reported

    Im trying to get into watching anime again but then I remembered that @crunchyroll doesn’t buffer so its basically useless and that’s why I stopped watching.

  • Ethan_Mouta Ethan Mouta | CrashForSmash (@Ethan_Mouta) reported

    @sakugatea @Crunchyroll When the only problem with it is literally the lack of effort put into it, then yeah it does

  • sakugatea Death By Tea (@sakugatea) reported

    @Ethan_Mouta @Crunchyroll Going seasonal does not fix a show

  • Resonata_ 𝕯𝖊𝖕𝖗𝖊𝖘𝖔𝖓𝖆𝖙𝖆 (@Resonata_) reported

    Making a list of cyberpunk movies and anime for research purposes. Send me suggestions pls! Also if anyone wants to let me borrow their crunchyroll login for about a month, that would be cool too

  • kpossibles Kim 🦋 (@kpossibles) reported

    Y'all wtf the Crunchyroll Manga app works fine on iPad but the Android one is still broken 😂

  • BioCraftHero Riot 🐲 please commission me (@BioCraftHero) reported

    @InnerLoud @GoblinSlaying @Crunchyroll A girl wih breasts that big would literally have back problems

  • definitiondeny definition (@definitiondeny) reported

    @Crunchyroll How about you improve your app stability so it doesn't crash on me every other day

  • Ethan_Mouta Ethan Mouta | CrashForSmash (@Ethan_Mouta) reported

    @DavidMedinaSol2 @Crunchyroll They literally have a horrible schedule, I see you watch One Piece. That's my favorite anime, but Toei literally is the worst company to do it, maybe it could be better if they were to just stop airing it all year

  • sakugatea Death By Tea (@sakugatea) reported

    @Ethan_Mouta @Crunchyroll Seasonal shows aren't all hot shit. Seasonal anime doesn't fix bad writing, nor animation. What they do is respectable, and they have plenty good shows.

  • AmberYootoob Amber (@AmberYootoob) reported

    @Crunchyroll Improved quality would be great also less localisation and assumptions on what we want to see

  • alchemymondays Alchemy Mondays (@alchemymondays) reported

    @GoblinSlaying @Crunchyroll Really is unfortunate how awful the CG for the actual titular character is.

  • gran_x817 GranX (@gran_x817) reported

    @Cado_Is @Crunchyroll it's popular with the hardcore weebs only also, Popularity =/= Quality

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