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  • lunakoya 𝑎𝑛𝑔𝑒𝑙 ♡ (@lunakoya) reported

    so can someone come in clutch w a crunchyroll login.. please..

  • Hakunara Brendan Blackthorn (@Hakunara) reported

    @Crunchyroll officially has the worst customer service. Just a reminder @Crunchyroll, you can’t offer a service package and have someone pay for it without actually delivering on what the service says. There are laws against that.

  • rongr100 Ron (@rongr100) reported

    @purplefoxy24 @WatchVRV Haven’t had any problems with VRV I’m sorry you are so hurt by them.

  • HeroicGangster heroicultralovertoomuchidrawart (@HeroicGangster) reported

    @dory_tori the worst was that R/B situation but it also wasn't their fault too since it's crunchyroll's decision to get the license for that, and for other ultra shows. So yes praise tsupro for their blessings of light ahhh

  • settonsan KIMI@TIRED (@settonsan) reported

    now I am in full panic mode with no passes, no idea what to do, how to fix it, or who else to contact regarding this issue. I am so incredibly furious with @Crunchyroll and @crunchyrollexpo on how they have handled this situation and how greedy they have gotten

  • IdolTrash3 Idol Trash (@IdolTrash3) reported

    @Crunchyroll I'm gonna say it. Good meowning ruins the joke and is probably one of the worst mistakes in subtitling

  • Enderzz Andrew (@Enderzz) reported

    @Raphiverse @bemywaifu I’m not sure what to do about the money issue but as for where to get stuff I use tokyo otaku mode, sometimes crunchyroll, and goodsmile

  • kid_zet Zet kid (@kid_zet) reported

    @Crunchyroll Well I think o will be considerable Very skilled but to too overpowered to an extent were I can't for, or when I can just 1 shot anyone with the mana or the magical that I have. I won't to consider getting help from my teamates

  • Resse22001 Kitsune2200 (@Resse22001) reported

    @WatchVRV My smart tv app wont load vrv app ive even tryed ps4 vrv app nothing works but the thing vrv is the only issue not working from a priminum member this is disappointing this has been going on for the past 4 days

  • Resse22001 Kitsune2200 (@Resse22001) reported

    @WatchVRV Whats wrong with the fire tv app past 3 or 4 days just tells me something went wrong but its the only app not working

  • twisslespit Eoghan Hopkins (@twisslespit) reported

    @Elza2026 @DrbluejayTV @dandock @Crunchyroll The problem is we have seen the exact same backstory 12 times, it's pointless. Sure they might show it in the manga, but it doesnt make it worth it. Adapt if something is pointless to show multiple times dont show it

  • hollymai_9 Gianna (@hollymai_9) reported

    @PlatinumEquinox I gave my mom my crunchyroll login...she's watching Bleach 😊

  • RubenDragonTail Rúben Santos (@RubenDragonTail) reported

    @CAYouppi @Crunchyroll No problem. It did no harm to anyone. I'm curious to know how this one is going to go. The previous one had a really cool twist.

  • Unknowngamer300 Noob Owl (@Unknowngamer300) reported

    Hey @Crunchyroll fix your app on playstation. It's a broken mess. I can't watch JoJo because every time it plays a ad (only worked 2 times) Which is every time it will say "ERROR PLEASE GO BACK TO MENU AND TRY AGAIN" Oh goodie more ads. Don't get me started on ads

  • WDLKD William L (@WDLKD) reported

    @WatchVRV needs to get some better tech support and fix their app or I'm dropping my premium subscription and going somewhere else. If I can't watch it anyway no sense paying for it.

  • Thomazure eruzamohT (@Thomazure) reported

    God the @Crunchyroll app is pure garbage. Trying to watch Gintama and it just keeps coming up with ‘Unknown Error’.

  • canadoid Rewdly (@canadoid) reported

    My crunchyroll on ps3 broke help

  • NathanielKaras1 Nathaniel The Otaku (@NathanielKaras1) reported

    @AncientOnyx @ClutchGodT @AlexCKen @Crunchyroll And awful

  • xShizzleex Shaitan 🕷 (@xShizzleex) reported

    Bro came through with the Crunchyroll login with no commercials 💪🏽

  • NathanielKaras1 Nathaniel The Otaku (@NathanielKaras1) reported

    @ClutchGodT @AlexCKen @AncientOnyx @Crunchyroll I don’t know where to look for gay charcters in an isekai. Especially since there is trash among trash isekai. I want get charcters. But only if they are in good isekai. Beucas I’m not reading through a terrible isekai jsut to see a gay charcter

  • APlainSandwich APlainSandwich (@APlainSandwich) reported

    @Crunchyroll Same problem

  • HCCraft2020 Alex (@HCCraft2020) reported

    @Crunchyroll I’d probably be the standoff, I only help people when it bothers me type of person.

  • Matthew74318552 Matthew Lucas (@Matthew74318552) reported from Nyack, New York

    @dandock @Crunchyroll 3 months and the animation quality has been great

  • RainbowAirhead MW (@RainbowAirhead) reported

    to them watching literally one of the worst anime on Crunchyroll. I know that I’ve found an extension of my family with them.

  • rafa_simaro Rafael Símaro (@rafa_simaro) reported

    @Crunchyroll @aniplexUSA She is kinda awful tbh

  • mastermegabyte mastermegabyte (@mastermegabyte) reported from Chicago, Illinois

    Watching an anime episode on @Crunchyroll so new that it doesn't have subtitles yet (either by error or by a bug). I gotta say, Japanese lessons seem to be paying off.

  • martian_society Yanna-boo 👑 (@martian_society) reported

    @GhibliGal Yuri on Ice. When this show won damn near everything in the Crunchyroll awards I watched it to see the hype. I had just got out of a terrible relationship, I lived by myself, and I hated my job. Just the opening now makes me tear up because it helped me through that time 💕

  • DeepFriedKatsu Katsu (@DeepFriedKatsu) reported

    @406mph @Crunchyroll pls help

  • Prajapathy7 Prajapathy (@Prajapathy7) reported

    @Siva0227 @netflix Crunchyroll has it just have to be patient with ads since only way to remove is get a membership. The quality is great tho

  • WehbePatrick WehbeGaming (@WehbePatrick) reported

    So many anime and yet I have no clue what to watch...I would prefer something new right now but I jut don’t know what to pick up.... @bernoofficial @FUNimation @Crunchyroll @SOTL73 I take any and all recommendations if y’all can send help for a weeb in need 🙏

  • AuralAce Darragh from Tw1tt3r (@AuralAce) reported

    @Crystalsanguiem I mean i get it like they gotta push it, tho I think it is more an issue with crunchyroll ads being to obtrusive and annoying rather than nintendo pushing hard like just show me 2 ads and let me watch my anime jesus Great so far, ufotable is the studio so it gorg

  • MoldovanIosua Iosua (@MoldovanIosua) reported

    @_Kurikawaii @Crunchyroll No problem 😊

  • aab0289 Ashley Blackburn (@aab0289) reported

    @JeremyG__ @NormanicGrav Ps4 app is terrible, redownloading & reinstalling did nothing to fix it. Worse is that it’s not internet speed/connection, cos Netflix/Crunchyroll/prime/YouTube all work fine on ps4. There’s something seriously wrong with Funimation’s ps4 app.

  • TweakFrost Amanda Yount (@TweakFrost) reported

    @Crunchyroll I love your services but why won't your customer service respond to any of my emails to help me resolve my issue :'(

  • elijah_laguerre keep scrolling (@elijah_laguerre) reported

    @Crunchyroll I recently added a credit card to pay for my premium subscription but I can’t find the option to make it so my account doesn’t auto renew itself. Idk if there just isn’t an option and I have to cancel it manually but it’s really a bother help plz

  • GrizzlyNoaB Kuma (@GrizzlyNoaB) reported

    @hayBEARS shit what the hell is even on Crunchyroll, I don't keep up with seasons I'm a terrible anime watcher I need it all in manga form

  • TheMarkyX MarkyX (@TheMarkyX) reported

    Cute coming from the guy who has been on several corporate payrolls to shill their garbage (e.g. Crunchyroll) Even as a communist, he is terrible.

  • JoJo12147 Nan🐝 (@JoJo12147) reported

    @Crunchyroll @Crunchyroll im having streaming issue and i cant watch any anime at all for some reason. Everytime i click on an episode and its says video error occured and its been like this for 4 days already

  • AnnikaJyn annikajayne (@AnnikaJyn) reported

    @Crunchyroll hi guys it's taken me almost an hour to watch 15 minutes of an episode. Fix your infinite ad loop issues - this is beyond frustrating

  • _leetgeek_ Victor J Velasco III (@_leetgeek_) reported

    @Crunchyroll could you possibly fix the premium account issue when linked to VRV! I would like to be able to watch my shows on crunchyroll. Thanks.

  • Derbuscus77 Derek (@Derbuscus77) reported

    This thread explains why I don’t like Netflix and why I refuse to use their service. If you want to help the anime industry, support streaming services like Crunchyroll.

  • Jfletch_9 Jake Fletcher (@Jfletch_9) reported

    @Crunchyroll my account was hacked and someone changed the email and then my password. I have their email. Need help, I've made a ticket

  • retrojays_94 RJ Agpalo (@retrojays_94) reported

    @Brandino510 @Crunchyroll @crunchyrollexpo please help

  • Brandino510 B (@Brandino510) reported

    Hey @Crunchyroll I recieved shirt and lanyard but not my pass. Please help.

  • SennoKisekiIV Kiran (@SennoKisekiIV) reported

    i'd wish Crunchyroll would kindly Fix THERE APP. but great thing is thank crap i don't have to pay for this Broken Service anymore

  • MiliKuuki **•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚Mili**•̩̩͙✩•̩̩͙*˚ (@MiliKuuki) reported

    y is the crunchyroll app not working for me i

  • Z999z3mystorys Z999z3mystorys (@Z999z3mystorys) reported

    Found a few episodes on @WatchVRV that start with "ZZZ=DoNotPublish" (in the Curiousitystream shows) suprisingly, it gives an error message as if there was some sort of technical error :P

  • acegibbo Matthew Gibson (@acegibbo) reported

    Not sure if it’s my TV or just the DVD itself, but MHA isn’t looking like the same quality on Crunchyroll. It’s still fine! Was just expecting better. Although, it’s not the Blu-Ray tbf lol

  • kellendria_san nothing (@kellendria_san) reported

    crunchyroll not working gonna have to use kissanime

  • GalacticPopcorn Galactic Popcorn (@GalacticPopcorn) reported

    @Crunchyroll I don’t even know what this is but it looks awful

  • kingcrimzin Not epic (@kingcrimzin) reported

    Crunchyroll has the worst ads ever.

  • disguy_cool disguy (@disguy_cool) reported

    @jlist I can’t find season two on Crunchyroll. SOME ONE SEND HELP!!

  • awilliams1701 Ashley Williams (@awilliams1701) reported

    @NicoR72471318 @puathecat @AARRDDRRII @albertobelli @SethMacFarlane I'd alternate if it was a problem. My 2 big ones are Hulu and funimation. I have no need for netflix year round. Same for crunchyroll.

  • swagdere NATO 🛰 (@swagdere) reported

    *banging a milf* If crunchyroll dont update their player and focus on acquiring higher quality anime they will never be a viable opposition to piracy

  • MomoIsSenpai MomoIsSenpai (@MomoIsSenpai) reported

    @Crunchyroll This is why sword art online will always be terrible😪

  • ways_speed speed ways (@ways_speed) reported

    @De1taHalo @Crunchyroll well, i play a gacha game without spending money, and yes, it may be terrible when i don't get the character i want, but that just means that it's more satisfying when i get that character i want.

  • dorcaswoke NICKY (@dorcaswoke) reported

    Crunchyroll subs are awful even outside of changing Stand names. Good job removing all the curses.

  • thor_nine Ahmose Nine (@thor_nine) reported

    @Crunchyroll I am in love, but I don't speak Japanese. So my heart is broken.

  • reallyguyreally Allen (A.k.a A guy on the internet) (@reallyguyreally) reported

    @BrandyButt_ @Crunchyroll One issue I've seen people mention is how the player uses flash. There's actually an extension that changes the player to html5 and works far better. I'm honestly shocked that this is even an issue. Seriously, flash is dying. Stop.

  • bashi_designs bashiri j jones (@bashi_designs) reported

    @xotea_ I generally use it to watch Amazon Prime videos, YouTube, Netflix, and Crunchyroll for my anime fix. Can't afford anytime for videogames when I got shit to do.

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