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Crunchyroll, Inc. is an American website and international online community focused on video streaming East Asian media including anime, manga, drama, music, electronic entertainment, and auto racing content. Founded in 2006, Crunchyroll's distribution channel and partnership program delivers content to over twenty million online community members worldwide.

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  • Video Quality (.64%)

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  • ncksotto
    NCK (@ncksotto) reported

    Thinking of getting a Crunchyroll Premium subscription already. I need to have my anime fix while I'm still free

  • VendillionFinn
    Robrono (@VendillionFinn) reported

    @Slicksanta9 @Crunchyroll I read the light novel, easily one of the worst along with SAO.

  • Darkiplier_123
    Lucas Levinston (@Darkiplier_123) reported

    @Crunchyroll i have been unable to watch any anime on the site help.

  • derrikboehme
    the man (@derrikboehme) reported

    @crunchyroll your app for tv is terrible. I install it and when I open it, it immediately says there is no internet connection.

  • jeremynalsi
    Jeniffer (@jeremynalsi) reported

    @Lu_Kurio Aye, there's a lot of things I wanna watch, I just keep forgetting to get the crunchyroll login from the gf. >w<

  • Call_Me_Cool
    papi rojo (@Call_Me_Cool) reported

    @WatchVRV Your app still has a broken casting feature since the last time I tweeted to you about it.

  • RoelandtN42
    Nicolas Roelandt (@RoelandtN42) reported

    @marionpdaly @larsberg_ @qDot @Crunchyroll In case of a simultaneous coffee maker failure, what is the first issue to fix? #priorities

  • officialdudge
    Dudge (@officialdudge) reported from Zona Franca de Cadiz, Andalucía

    @grizzlystation Exactly. VRV has less server issues too so if that's people's main reason for not getting crunchyroll then they can just get VRV instead!

  • upbuttcoconut12
    ligma haHAA (@upbuttcoconut12) reported

    im so fucking pissed right now cause my internet is shitting itself but still works for certain things. the annoying part is that crunchyroll, twitch, and discord are all 3 not working

  • berylchaw
    ٩( ᐛ )و (@berylchaw) reported

    yo is anyone else actually having severe lag/playback issues watching #crunchyroll on their laptop? wanna know if it’s just because my computer hates me :(

  • sakuraswanify
    Lattedori (@sakuraswanify) reported

    why can't crunchyroll just fckin....... function...... no other video-playing sites giveme the ridiculous issues i get on crunchyroll i just wanna watch anime legally okay

  • Myquel_
    Killua ❄️ (@Myquel_) reported

    @Crunchyroll when y’all gonna fix y’all app on the Xbox one ?

  • sinkoaureo
    stinko (@sinkoaureo) reported

    @JoyconJai doesn't ps4 have crunchyroll? if ur willing to have a lot of stand names changed and you don't mind occasional animation errors in diu it's not really a bad alternative just ads

  • JustusRStone
    Justus R Stone (@JustusRStone) reported

    @BrandonBVarnell @Crunchyroll No problem. If I recall, she starts wearing the costume because no one seems to notice her and it's kind of her doing it out of defiance. Then along comes this boy who does see her and, well, light novels! ;)

  • JasePlaysGames
    Jase-san (@JasePlaysGames) reported

    @xRefleks @Crunchyroll because she is a terrible person! haha. great character though.

  • SHawks_sp
    SHawks Pisswater-Drinkpiss (@SHawks_sp) reported

    @Crunchyroll FIX. YOUR. STREAMING. SERVICE. It shouldn't take 40 minutes to load a regular-length episode. This is unacceptable.

  • steinsgvte
    Hyakuya (@steinsgvte) reported

    @steinsgwte i just pay so my mom can watch films and series on netflix, and also bc i like crunchyroll tbh, but yea american are the worst

  • SwanBraden
    Braden swahn (@SwanBraden) reported

    @Crunchyroll It has been over a year, any plans on fixing the app so this subscription im paying isnt a ripoff. App does not work all day everyday. Until evening. FIX THIS.

  • Ohsojuicy_
    🌸Sakura🌸 (@Ohsojuicy_) reported

    @Picandro @Crunchyroll No Problem!

  • OyuncuDedeler
    OyuncuDedeler (@OyuncuDedeler) reported

    @DemonLordAnime @Crunchyroll I mean, it is an overused theme. But it somehow feels fresh. Probably he didnt had any problem adapting or something like that. Those parts are generally boringz

  • lawson_akira
    Felyx (@lawson_akira) reported

    @THE_A_TEAM2014 @eduardo23013 @DemonLordAnime @Crunchyroll I can’t find this option on the app. Also I can view attack on Titan so doesn’t seem like a maturity problem

  • XenoStateOfMind
    χeno State @ Working on too Many Things (@XenoStateOfMind) reported

    @Death_Cannon Don’t you think you’re overloading this Im only on episode 19 I mean crunchyroll does have every episode so i dont think order is the issue here I just couldn’t remember when Arlong shows face assuming he was post buggy and pre kuro arcs Course now I know otherwise

  • Zenxolu
    Zenxolu (@Zenxolu) reported

    @DarrelJDelfin @WatchVRV @Crunchyroll @FUNimation @RoosterTeeth @dramafever @Machinima @cartoonhangover @GeekandSundry @nerdist @CuriosityStream “All anime” The Big O isn’t on crunchyroll, this is a false claim not ALL anime is available to be streamed, only those that have been approved by the directors of said anime hell FLCL isn’t even available. Only this mainstream crap is available not quality anime.

  • luketrevitt
    Scarlet Speedster (@luketrevitt) reported

    @Crunchyroll I'm trying to watch the original naruto but keep getting server error

  • MoonSpirit09
    MoonSpirit (@MoonSpirit09) reported

    Fuck me. Somebody hacked my Crunchyroll account and changed my login, from someplace with Portuguese language.

  • cartoonsarefun
    Ilovecartoons (@cartoonsarefun) reported

    My @WatchVRV premium trial is broken cuz I still have it for Crunchyroll but not VRV it should last until the end of month

  • Intrepid_Feline
    Erato (@Intrepid_Feline) reported

    Working for crunchyroll is like the anime nerd equivalent of becoming a cop. Same manipulation. That bullshit that they help the industry when its all just a bit of pocket change going to the people who need it the least is the same shit police say about poor neighborhoods.

  • nuuurpls
    nuuurpl (@nuuurpls) reported

    @WatchVRV i know its a problem

  • ultraheroinefan
    neptuniafan (@ultraheroinefan) reported

    @officialdudge Well the problem is I cannot access Crunchyroll in the region I live in, and then another problem is that not all animes are on Crunchyroll, for example Precure.

  • ThatJohnKlein
    John Klein (@ThatJohnKlein) reported

    @beesDotMoe @officialdudge I see people say this but I never had any issue with my players. I’ve watched anime on Crunchyroll on my phone, gaming console, and Apple TV with very little issue. on the other hand, their menu system and being unable to skip auto-skip the opening theme song is annoying.

  • officialdudge
    Dudge (@officialdudge) reported from Zona Franca de Cadiz, Andalucía

    @ary50001 The region licensing is out of Crunchyrolls hands atm, I'm sure they would love to license them everywhere. If you don't like Crunchyroll then get VRV. Both Crunchyroll and Funimation with less licensing issues for $10 a month.

  • beesDotMoe
    bees (@beesDotMoe) reported

    @officialdudge friend, i am all for supporting creators, but crunchyroll is awful. their player is basically unusable on mobile, their subs are of very mixed quality and horribly typeset, and their website is missing standard security features. if you want to support, buy jp blurays.

  • oakapo
    Oluwaseun Akapo (@oakapo) reported

    @Crunchyroll Hi! I believe my crunchyroll account has been hacked. I discovered the problem when I was unable to log in around 2AM 8/14. Upon trying to reset my password, I noticed an email from the day before confirming a chance of email address. Help please!

  • josepolancojr
    Jose Polanco (@josepolancojr) reported

    @TMobile how is it that I'm able to stream hour long movies and tv series on my Netflix app without freezing, but when I try to stream a 20 min episode on my crunchyroll app it has to buffer every 15 seconds.

  • chuublin
    sol⌇stan loona 🌙 (@chuublin) reported

    @nichijouclimax gogoanime is like. illegal, no? shit quality is acceptable from that. but crunchyroll is shitty bcos capitalism

  • nichijouclimax
    Nagito Komaeda @ 25 🎉 (@nichijouclimax) reported

    why does crunchyroll suck so bad , but then why does gogoanime have such shit quality

  • TasteofEnvy
    Nicole Sutter 🍛😻 (@TasteofEnvy) reported

    @apokolypse @Crunchyroll And such a terrible anime....

  • _DougReynolds
    Doug Reynolds (@_DougReynolds) reported

    @Crunchyroll any idea why black screen when attempting to login/restore through Apple TV subscription?

  • Aesreth
    Aesreth (@Aesreth) reported

    @Crunchyroll Kings have not fled, world domination was news to Ains, Yggdrasil DID shut down, he was transported to another world along with all of Nazzeric, Cities have not fallen, Demiurge controlled a portion of one for 2 episodes and Ains saved a village from a cult, Fix this trailer!

  • stebogameboy
    Steven Johnson (@stebogameboy) reported

    @NomeMaisDahora @DmanLivesAgain @MasterJ202 @Crunchyroll No problem

  • Toxic_Cancer_DG
    Daniel Gonzalez (@Toxic_Cancer_DG) reported

    @WatchVRV Even tho the actual team is the worst thing in our division I'd say the Mighty Ducks cartoon thing they were like aliens and they played hockey also that logo was way better than the current one the ducks have no wonder I hate them only terrible people would change that logo

  • OpinonatedCanuc
    David M (マッキー、デビッド) (@OpinonatedCanuc) reported

    My god the air quality in #Vancouver is just awful cause of all the fires in the interior. Its bugging my eyes so much cant even enjoy a evening of #anime on #crunchyroll. We need rain bigtime

  • 1Chaotic_Beauty
    Angel Darby (@1Chaotic_Beauty) reported

    @WatchVRV what do I do if my vrv keeps teyinv to crash and also havjnb my subtitles slightly off or just skipping over parts

  • Waifu_Chaser
    Waifu Chaser (@Waifu_Chaser) reported

    @MrAJCosplay God reading that thread hurts me. Like, you don't NEED the paid subscription to watch on Crunchyroll and you'll still get higher quality streams, translations and the ads are even better but nah, gotta pirate.

  • Agu_Sakku
    Agu_Sakku (@Agu_Sakku) reported

    @Nightshift326 @breebunn Been having issues with VRV with Crunchyroll on my Roku stick. In order to watch anything. I have to add it to my Watch list. Or the stick crashes.

  • TLucaviMaster
    Trevor Lucavi (@TLucaviMaster) reported

    @Crunchyroll No, worst girl. Rem is best girl, I think about her all the time @Crunchyroll #rezero

  • flow_mein
    flow mein (@flow_mein) reported

    I'm trying to watch Diamond is Unbreakable on the @crunchyroll iPad app and it's only showing me Part 1? help?

  • ScribblesITM
    Scribbles In The Margins (@ScribblesITM) reported

    Ummmmm I evidently ordered a figure from Crunchyroll, FORGOT I ordered it, then ordered it off of amazon. Can SOMEONE help me keep track of what I buy on meds?

  • Stupidchain
    Shin Lumina (@Stupidchain) reported

    @Crunchyroll I KNOW THE WITCH WITH THAT FACE HAS NO RESPECT! NO HONOR! NO BEER! Emilia on the other hand...she's ok. A bit of a dolt sometimes at worst.

  • FlavioCabral27
    PurpleRobo😶 🚛 (@FlavioCabral27) reported

    @Crunchyroll She gave up on what's his face. Bad girl, worst girl.

  • officialdudge
    Dudge (@officialdudge) reported from Zona Franca de Cadiz, Andalucía

    @Xavier_1223 I do agree that crunchyroll has it's server issues at times, that's why I've asked them on their forums to add a download feature so you can watch shows without Wi-Fi.

  • peachaekkung
    should we dance, baby come closer (@peachaekkung) reported

    @sleepyhyngwon crunchyroll- you can get a subscription for better quality/no adds but the free service is okay, I use it to watch cardcaptor sakura

  • CDittenber14
    CDizzle (@CDittenber14) reported

    @Crunchyroll your customer service is beyond terrible

  • PootheadPoot
    Over The Pootis (@PootheadPoot) reported

    @ZoneOfTheSad this goes up there as one of the worst things crunchyroll has made

  • PostModernNigga
    total trash can with no social skills (@PostModernNigga) reported

    There's a French fun of Saga of Tanya the Evil that I really wanna watch but it's not working on @Crunchyroll app.

  • ajoma99
    AJ (@ajoma99) reported

    @Leviathankful @JVYKAGE @B0bduh @Crunchyroll Hmmmm I mean Idk what's the problem w that. They had to do something and they need some characters there, like it makes sense to me. Same happened in the tourney arc no?

  • AsaraTitan
    Asara (@AsaraTitan) reported

    @TombstoneSMB @Rikkaie @Colby1226 @Crunchyroll Yeah but for now you an just use the extension if you want a fix. Its still on them to update their player eventually.

  • BreakingNormal
    pepper (@BreakingNormal) reported

    not to throw shade at crunchyroll but they run quite possibly the worst video streaming service ive ever interacted with

  • Seth_man
    Seth Carnes (slowly learning in BBTAG) (@Seth_man) reported

    @Ace_Gamer5 @TempPluto @Crunchyroll Yeah, they might as well be giving it to you at that point, but the money will probably help them make it a decent service.

  • Dominator_1518
    Dominator (@Dominator_1518) reported

    @InVisionstweets @Crunchyroll But to pretty much help you understand what it looks like is, it is literally the first 48 seconds of your music video parasite, with no plug, no name, just the video.

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