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  • justjamminjas
    jas sidhu (@justjamminjas) reported

    shit i’m going back to my anime phase someone help me pls JDJXJDB crunchyroll i’m coming your way 😤

  • kagemusha23
    Sven the halls (@kagemusha23) reported

    @Crunchyroll can't say I'm super thrilled about being told that there is a non existent internet connection error on the ps4 app. Then it actually loads and I have to log in when it shoulsnt have logged me off in the first place...

  • MightyBea_
    Shaleah Wynn (@MightyBea_) reported

    @AppValley_vip My crunchyroll isnt working, help

  • PembrokeLibIll
    TravelingLibrarian (@PembrokeLibIll) reported

    @Crunchyroll Is everything alright! I was watching one of your listings then an error page. What's the haps

  • Riteshkhajuria1
    Riteshkhajuria (@Riteshkhajuria1) reported

    @Crunchyroll Crunchyroll app is not working why this happening

  • Showoff_AK
    HOODKAGE (@Showoff_AK) reported

    @Crunchyroll are there any problems with your app servers because i keep getting bad gateway

  • iSnuZzle
    SnuZzle (@iSnuZzle) reported

    @KumaBasoromyu @ChickenLittleHH @Jamal27GOAT @Crunchyroll so you know the exact reason why he couldn't continue... you are a joke man. Eiichiro Oda would be sad to know that you are trashtalking a different author that has health issues. you should really be ashamed. Not even gonna watch/read what you post since its just mad BS

  • ChickenLittleHH
    ChickenLittle (@ChickenLittleHH) reported

    @KumaBasoromyu @Jamal27GOAT @Crunchyroll As someone who loved the Naruto series I could come up with paragraphs on the issue the series has. Out of 17-18 arcs you could only come up with 4 good ones. Nice one.

  • NRiv27
    Nile Marks (@NRiv27) reported

    @animeDUBSonBD @ChadOnTwitta @HIDIVEofficial @Crunchyroll @SentaiFilmworks I don't feel like that was ever an issue. Only because the dub came out during this partnership

  • 64BitRatchet
    64BitRatchet is hyped for The Promised Neverland (@64BitRatchet) reported

    @AimaGeekyCat @Crunchyroll Well luckily for now that isn’t a problem since season two hasn’t even been announced yet.

  • ChouNepu
    APassingThroughNep (@ChouNepu) reported

    @BlackClover_EN @Crunchyroll It was a rough start, but it got steadily better. I’d say that the resolution to Asta’s arm problem was one of the most emotional things I’ve seen all year.

  • NathanielKaras1
    Nathaniel The Otaku (@NathanielKaras1) reported

    @BlackClover_EN @Crunchyroll I still love the manga but it’s hard for me to watch the anime since tre beginning had such a terrible@start. I’ll admit the anime has gotten better but man is it a hard anime to actually get into.

  • DarekTruesdale
    Darek Truesdale (@DarekTruesdale) reported from Livingston, California

    @lolihaetpizza No, I meant a new owner (i.e. Universal) might have issues with the content in anime down the line. Not necessarily right now. They haven't owned Crunchyroll that long yet.

  • garanshelton
    Rillickual (@garanshelton) reported

    @Crunchyroll The wait can bide for quality. Seems like my hopes can shine for the adaptation too

  • thestormyboi
    𝕾𝖙𝖔𝖗𝖒𝖞𝕭𝖔𝖎 (@thestormyboi) reported

    @Crunchyroll well shoot, if I had my best friend/lover/crush die in front of me multiple times I'd have problems too

  • ruizadesu
    ♡『ΊηδερεηδεηϮ Ϙυεεη』 (@ruizadesu) reported

    @Crunchyroll Dakaichi episode 11 is not working....

  • napalmfrog
    Nicholas Sidhu (@napalmfrog) reported

    @TheThirstyWench Despite its flaws, I've stuck with Crunchyroll as my main source of anime consumption. However, the two Netflix 'exclusive' anime that steal the show for me are Aggretsuko, and Devilman Crybaby. Everything else has some sort of issue, whether animation/pacing/etc.

  • zettosenpai
    big dad energy GX (@zettosenpai) reported

    @Crunchyroll link is broken and so is my heart 😭

  • binsuYT
    Bondy 빈수 🎄🎅🔔❄ (@binsuYT) reported

    @WatchVRV Rewatch Anohana and cry myself to sleep, realising that I did terrible on my finals. So yeah, got a pretty fun weekend ahead of me 🙂

  • pruitkick
    pruitcake (@pruitkick) reported

    @Crunchyroll Audience arms about to be broken

  • burgerkinglemo1
    queen of all hell (@burgerkinglemo1) reported

    @opalious jail broken crunchyroll

  • B0bduh
    Bobduh (@B0bduh) reported

    @rodrigopacheco1 Yeah, really hoping Crunchyroll or somebody pick that up soon. These weird release formats are terrible for streaming

  • Rerdak
    Rerdak (@Rerdak) reported

    @Crunchyroll Mostly Ond Punch Man s2, but honestly, i'm terrified to see what the new animation looks like. The old one set a VERY high quality standard, and if the new ond drops ir to the floor... I'll be sad for real. I mean, the Ancient Centipede fight MUST be epicly animated...

  • spencer_dancy
    blacc_polarbear (@spencer_dancy) reported

    As much as I talk about anime I dont actually watch a huge amount of it. And since This is the seasons of Savings Ima Cut my Crunchyroll Subscription (because crunchyroll is trash) and Pirate My anime like in the good old days. Jail broken Firesticks FTW.

  • alt_kia
    Kia‏☆ (@alt_kia) reported

    @totoTavrinky @sonyaellenmann !! be careful, iirc crunchyroll only has 12 out of the 15 bakemonogatari episodes due to shitty licensing issues so be sure you find an alternate source for the latter 3

  • yuurie_maple
    Maple⛄ (@yuurie_maple) reported

    @Crunchyroll get ready to feel the anger of this teen. PS: it's worst than asta's screaming

  • HoboSexMattress
    Mike (@HoboSexMattress) reported

    @YaBoiHSK @IrisGardevoir @Crunchyroll True I hope when there’s a second season they fix

  • Nanachitos
    Orión (@Nanachitos) reported

    @edgy_punchline @Sp0ckz0mbi3 @Crunchyroll "I have no problem with people being a part of that community, but just don't put them in things I like because they ruin them" Just shut ******** up

  • YaBoiHSK
    🎄HSKristmas😔👊🎄 (@YaBoiHSK) reported

    @IrisGardevoir @Crunchyroll And by not perfect i mean the god awful 3D animation

  • Marshy_Mello
    Chris (@Marshy_Mello) reported

    why is crunchyroll the only site I ever buffer on

  • AetranM
    Aetran Molou (@AetranM) reported

    @OutsidersAnime According to AO, a business may only be suits and executives, and everything else is unprofessional. Crunchyroll is a terrible platform, but come on.

  • OmegaFallon
    Omega Fallon (@OmegaFallon) reported

    listen man I dont give a shit about what the issues are with crunchyroll. I literally do not have the energy to give a shit about whatever the hell is supposedly wrong with them. I have no issues using it so I have no reason to complain

  • ko_yashi
    Notorious_Ko.Ba.Yashi (@ko_yashi) reported

    I’m finally out of school for the semester. I need help on pick what I should watch. Please help me #anime @Crunchyroll

  • Alberta9830
    첼시 (@Alberta9830) reported

    @OMGItsSagen Oof I've used both before funimation if you have it paused too long it has connection problems you have to reload the episode so I prefer crunchyroll

  • edgy_punchline
    bad joke (@edgy_punchline) reported

    @Sp0ckz0mbi3 @Crunchyroll I have no problem with the existence of a trans person in any media. But coming out in the middle of a show just annoys me a lot. It's unnecessary. It's like having a completely normal, everyday conversation and then someone just shows up saying "HEY IM TRANS".

  • edgy_punchline
    bad joke (@edgy_punchline) reported

    @Sp0ckz0mbi3 @Crunchyroll I have no problem with people being a part of that community, but I don't think it's necessary to ruin everything for everyone just to satisfy a handful of people.

  • lakeszurich
    alex (@lakeszurich) reported

    i just want crunchyroll premiumbut it keeps saying theres an error i’m 🔫🔫

  • dslexyia
    Denis Bertrand (@dslexyia) reported

    @Crunchyroll I'm having problems renewing my premium membership. Help please

  • LewdGeekTV
    LewdGeek (@LewdGeekTV) reported

    @FUNimation If you dont give us news or do something to fix your website I am unsubscribing and I give up on anime because of you and those ******* garbage people at @Crunchyroll

  • LonelyCardShark
    24 Hour Cinderella (@LonelyCardShark) reported

    Like the guys at AO are so brain dead that they can’t even criticize Crunchyroll correctly. They choose to whine about shit like this than any of the actual problems with the service because they’re more upset about this show having a trans character than anything else

  • CalvinistEeyore
    XAaron KooiengaX (@CalvinistEeyore) reported

    I don't really miss using Crunchyroll from it's technical problems to the "lame dad" attempts at relevancy. To the apparent two face office culture. It's a service that really no one needs. If you need a subscription-based service use Amazon

  • hellsiteblues
    twink peaks ✝️🏳️‍🌈 (@hellsiteblues) reported

    @watermark_m I'm so confused by the crunchyroll hate... I know they have issues but I genuinely don't get why ppl will use anything as an excuse to take a crack at em

  • Arm0ri
    Spike (@Arm0ri) reported

    Listen who gives a **** we know crunchyroll is trash and this isnt even the worst thing they done

  • Stairfax
    Sean @ MAGfest (@Stairfax) reported

    i'm not even a fan of crunchyroll, in fact i have a lot to say about their streaming quality and they have a plethora of problems, but god damn let the manager of that account have some fun smh

  • trilllizard666
    Son of Spurdo (@trilllizard666) reported

    anime outsiders is so terrible that i wind up defending CRUNCHYROLL of all things ******* christ also please report that account for ban evading lmao

  • MinaCarolina9
    ᗰᎥᑎᗩ ᑕᗩᖇᗝᒪᎥᑎᗩ ♡¸.•* (@MinaCarolina9) reported

    @Sachaaa_Park @AnimeRisque @justicejv2 @Crunchyroll No problem.

  • CyanicKnight
    Riley (@CyanicKnight) reported

    @Crunchyroll 10, people need to explain what their issue upfront when coming to me to ask about the wifi.

  • BenjaminOscar77
    Benjamin Oscar (@BenjaminOscar77) reported

    @KaggyFilms @HeyKojiro @HaybaleVoice @FUNimation @Crunchyroll @hulu @HIDIVEofficial @WatchVRV @AnimeLab That is awful. I honestly can’t believe they would ask this of you. Like ever. Omg. 😩

  • Nahhhhhh15
    all I want for xmas is ωRICE (@Nahhhhhh15) reported

    @Crunchyroll I just want some help getting some tickets

  • arrow_awsome
    Arrow underscore ZOMBIELAND SAGA IS LIFE!!!!!!!!!! (@arrow_awsome) reported

    @LoggedHorizon @Crunchyroll help me spam them until they do it!!!

  • StarberryBonBon
    ☆Jenni Bon☆ (@StarberryBonBon) reported

    New episode of Zombieland Saga did not disappoint! Only one left!!! This is the quality content I pay for @Crunchyroll for tbh.

  • hitm3nv8
    OtakuGamingGod (@hitm3nv8) reported

    @ThePuckUK @Crunchyroll Must be a broken home

  • jbu3
    Jen Unkle's Ready for MAGFest (@jbu3) reported

    @MattCaulder I don't think it's a Japan issue, especially when American content still does the same thing, and some of this anime is even funded by Crunchyroll/Netflix themselves.

  • TheStark700
    Stark (@TheStark700) reported

    @Crunchyroll Please fix the forums. It's super broken at the moment.

  • NaviiKun
    Navii 🇵🇷 (@NaviiKun) reported

    Gave lex my crunchyroll info and she keeps telling my email is wrong so she sent me a screenshot and this women was trying to create an account not trying to login smh

  • Yuushakun
    ゆうしゃです! (@Yuushakun) reported

    Ahahaha. it took 2 days for Crunchyroll to give me information that I already knew. And had already done the steps to fix this issue.

  • CKamijan
    Craig Osundu Kamijan (@CKamijan) reported

    @Crunchyroll One of the worst anime shows this year in terms of production value. Everything is cheap compare to the opening.

  • DanGuy96
    Danny's Holly-Jolly (And Not-So-Holly-Jolly) Takes (@DanGuy96) reported

    @LonelyCardShark Pretty much every other person I know has a problem with Crunchyroll. And they do it in a less "Acts Like a 17-Year Old Edgelord, but is Actually in their late 20s" sort of way. Those guys are easily replaceable, with much better alternatives to them.

  • AngelDare95
    Random Guy (@AngelDare95) reported

    @KMnO4_utau @thebeet96 @Crunchyroll No problem, you should check out the novel, it's epic

  • SatsueiKuro
    Casper (@SatsueiKuro) reported

    @Boco_EC Yes, Piracy is a crime but the video talks more about using piracy as a form of protest for the terrible business practices that companies make. You don't even have to pirate just don't support the practices that services like Crunchyroll, Netflix, ect are exploting.

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