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  • Crashing (35.89%)
  • Buffering (14.52%)
  • Playback Issues (12.10%)
  • Video Quality (1.61%)

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  • spiralfuzion11 FreestyleStorm (@spiralfuzion11) reported

    @Netsui_mon @FUNimation Licensing will always be an issue because it would be impractical to licence thousands of titles and have next to nobody watch them. More so having them not innovating their services with crunchyroll finally upgrading the decade old flash player.

  • spiralfuzion11 FreestyleStorm (@spiralfuzion11) reported

    @Netsui_mon @FUNimation I would like to say the same but right now the market for legal anime streaming sites is just terrible and relying on the illegal sites provide a better experience and selection than the legal one's. Very sad but I think CrunchyRoll and Funimation need to step it up,

  • Razlo Razlo (@Razlo) reported

    @AOD_Kor0Sensei I pay for cable, Netflix, Crunchyroll, DC Universe, NJPW World, so no issue paying for subscription content, but I just hate most CBS shows, so I'm not paying monthly for the 1 or 2 on All Access that I'd watch.

  • tiredjew naphtoli (@tiredjew) reported

    its jojo friday and that means its also time for my brother and i to suffer through crunchyroulette, pressing random on crunchyroll, and we've gotten some absolute dregs of anime, the worst of the worst of what i've sat through an entire episode of

  • jnikkir Nikki ✨ (@jnikkir) reported

    UGH stupid FireTV @Crunchyroll app is on ANOTHER endless glitch/restart loop and @WatchVRV continues to be laggy/jittery—but I’m stuck with it because my Chromecast doesn’t work on the WiFi network where I’m housesitting. alshaldkahdd this is so frustrating. 😫

  • ultvxq maria (@ultvxq) reported

    Did y'all crash the crunchyroll server or something bc my internet's fine

  • RicoDrinksWater I can’t feel my face 🇵🇷 (@RicoDrinksWater) reported

    I need someone to buss their Crunchyroll login to the kid.

  • swampwampa nico robin (@swampwampa) reported

    @Crunchyroll I’ve been trying to reset my password but it’s been an hour and I still haven’t received an email to fix this. Please help.

  • jnikkir Nikki ✨ (@jnikkir) reported

    @WatchVRV Still having this problem. 😩

  • Paca7a1 Paca7a (@Paca7a1) reported

    @ItsKimchiTofu Crunchyroll have problems. I hope they will fix it on time for the stream.

  • TheBigReboot Daniel (@TheBigReboot) reported

    @niggersaur @crunchyroll fix ur shit you're always having downtime and i'm not even playing it's constant i've tried to watch hxh multiple times in the past month and you've had issues at least 10 of those times

  • wensmartarse Akamai Okole (@wensmartarse) reported

    @Crunchyroll as much as I enjoy your service, the consistent "intermittent" outage issues are really beginning to get annoying... (worse part is that they seem to be getting more and more frequent)

  • KusanagiStyle Scyfher (@KusanagiStyle) reported

    @Crunchyroll fix your website.

  • snkykun Kyle (@snkykun) reported

    @Crunchyroll pls fix the servers i pay in order to watch anime when it is released

  • firstmatemish mire (@firstmatemish) reported

    I was going to watch the Jojo ep and crunchyroll is suddenly not working, gonna take this as a divine sign that it's gonna ******* up

  • Lefterius666 Bruh Moment (@Lefterius666) reported

    @Crunchyroll Site is down pls fix

  • sabishiii «翔音» (@sabishiii) reported

    @Crunchyroll that pinky looking broken my dude

  • BluHairedCyborg TheBlueHairedCyborg (@BluHairedCyborg) reported

    I'm so disappointed in @Crunchyroll recently because i want to use their service so much more but their apps are always so broken amd unstable it's getting harder and harder to stay loyal to them. Especially on the Amazon Fire Stick and their manga app. Such a shame 😞

  • DarkEXE_ MaximilianMus (@DarkEXE_) reported

    @Crunchyroll Please fix your damn website.

  • JoeyPwner 💯 (@JoeyPwner) reported

    I want to watch JoJo but @Crunchyroll has terrible service yet again.

  • AzimaAZA Smolton Java (@AzimaAZA) reported

    @Crunchyroll "An error has occurred "

  • Jmdjinn Jose Turcios (@Jmdjinn) reported

    @Crunchyroll im having trouble with my account help please!

  • PunishedVenomCa Punished Venom Cake (@PunishedVenomCa) reported

    @Crunchyroll Nice service, honestly how hard is it to maintain a server, I pay for this just to watch some Jojo and I'm met with errors all the damn time, how do you have a service that works WORSE than 99% of pirate sites

  • Zeta98000 Blair Waite Stover (@Zeta98000) reported

    @Crunchyroll did you hear that due funimation doing illegal stuff and @vicmignogna case you might get the rights to all funimation anime this is just the news help support support vic so you can start dubbing these anime's love you guys look forward to thefuture@Crunchyroll

  • Supercreeper202 Anime Guy (@Supercreeper202) reported

    @Crunchyroll you updated your Xbox app, yet you haven’t even fixed the main problem as shown in this tweet.

  • mirrorsounds Mirrorsound (@mirrorsounds) reported

    @WatchVRV my Watch List disappeared! Help!

  • windyvalleyzone Leslie Flowers (@windyvalleyzone) reported

    @WatchVRV why do you play the same Subway ad three times in a row on all three ads ever episode. Fix your algorithms or get more sponsors

  • twiceaqours 𝗠 χ 𝗥 𝗞 @ BLACKPINK 4/17 (@twiceaqours) reported

    @Nivvix @Crunchyroll I was boutta watch the new TPN episode and they crash

  • Nivvix Adrian (@Nivvix) reported

    Fix your shit @Crunchyroll

  • Lykos_666 Lykos Official 🚀 (@Lykos_666) reported

    @AnsweMeMark @Crunchyroll it made my internet crash

  • DarkwingMayCry Darkwing (@DarkwingMayCry) reported

    Crunchyroll losing Bebop, Champloo, and Space Dandy is the worst blow that will ever happen to that service

  • TornPls torn @ being broke (@TornPls) reported

    @omgodbless @Crunchyroll skid this is your worst meme yet

  • The_Hidden_Z Dalton (@The_Hidden_Z) reported

    @playCRgames @Crunchyroll I started this game becuase I saw the Slime Event, but now I'm legitimately addicted to this game. Please help.

  • KevinLo65377314 Kevin Lopez (@KevinLo65377314) reported

    @BellidoNate @condxlences_ @Crunchyroll Popularity over quality is basically what determines who gets their award. The award for the best fight was really confusing. I mean muscular vs Deku is many times better. Oh well, hopefully 2019 fares much better and I’m looking at luffy vs katakuri for best fight so far.

  • SeibaaHomu SHALALALA SUTEKI NI KISS | Madfest Next Month! (@SeibaaHomu) reported

    One of the worst ‘trap’ arguments I heard the other day was that the subtitles for a show on Crunchyroll used the phrase so it must be legit. Yeah, it was a show by Aniplex. Who are known for bad quality simulcast subtitles. They caleld Singapore ‘Shisogapo’ in Charlotte.

  • ChrisO2_ Chris (@ChrisO2_) reported

    @Crunchyroll Hey guys crunchyroll Apple TV app is down and seems to be down for a lot of people for 2 days now. Any word on a fix

  • tamadelgumo Tamagucci (@tamadelgumo) reported

    @getrdunn13 @Crunchyroll ...kind of the point. The author took issue with various isekai tropes (over powered MC and harems, no characterization outside of what the MC is doing) and tried to subvert it by making a potential harem that never pans out (the only girl who can even particularly stand...

  • tamadelgumo Tamagucci (@tamadelgumo) reported

    @getrdunn13 @Crunchyroll The pacing issues are pretty typical of LNs - the writers are paid to drag their stories out as long as possible so they can sell as many books as possible. I agree it can be kinda jarring from arc to arc but at no point was I ever confused about what was happening.

  • Mewnuz Mewnu 🌸🐙🎮🧸 (@Mewnuz) reported

    @C_4_D_3 @Crunchyroll I really loved Black Clover and then the animation got so abominably awful I couldn’t even watch it anymore ..... now it’s like a cluster of cringe tsundere scenes and garbage animation 😞😞

  • Link__Mega LinkMega (@Link__Mega) reported

    @Crunchyroll You're the actual worst, anyone who doesn't get this does not understand what fuels my hatred of this meme.

  • yonnieboy_ professional idiot (@yonnieboy_) reported

    Hey @Crunchyroll ur site is broken I keep getting ads for 5 minutes every time I try to jump around in an episode what the shit man


    @BulbaGanda @Isaac_Draws @Crunchyroll They're custom quality shirts that are meant to be business attire clothing prices can be dumb in general but this isn't unusual for this type of shirt

  • BoaPalasho Boa of the Boaians (ᜊᜓᜀ) 🇵🇭 (@BoaPalasho) reported

    @Akane__chan__ @TheAn1meMan I can’t access some major popular anime with Crunchyroll here in Philippines. I’m better off relying on things like the tv channel Animax for quality anime. (Which is always where I have gotten much of my anime from the time I started watching anime back in 2013 btw)

  • Code_Kira Diogo (@Code_Kira) reported

    Was really looking forward to watching #ThePromisedNeverland when I got home, so thanks @Crunchyroll for ******* with the unblocker. If it's not fix soon, I'll have to unsub.

  • __alaviiva__ WRONG (@__alaviiva__) reported

    @Packras1 @TheAn1meMan Top 3 worst crunchyroll anime awards 1. 2016 2. 2018 3. 2017

  • oneinchpixel1 oneinchpixel (@oneinchpixel1) reported

    @Crunchyroll you need to sort your shit out. The Crunchyroll app is the worst. It doesn’t work on iPad, Shield or my Xbox. It’s telling me I have no internet connection when I clearly do!

  • AntranikO Andy 🇦🇲Natsu🇺🇸 Odab (@AntranikO) reported

    @flowermiko @OkamotoKitchen @Crunchyroll Please no I'd rather @FUNimation help them out.

  • Mage_Lufaine Mage @ Symphonia Time (@Mage_Lufaine) reported

    Me: I just wanna watch more JJBA I'm three episodes away from being caught up Crunchyroll player: Nah mate let's buffer instead for no reason.

  • puroseki 💎Koopaling Fan Club (@puroseki) reported

    @Crunchyroll whenever i try to sign up on your site it just says "incorrect login information" and wont let me make an account

  • mellow0wl Jay Lind (@mellow0wl) reported

    @Crunchyroll Guys. I have emailed you like 3 times with my issue and getting flat out insulting customer service replies where my issue hasn’t been answered at all. Also Konosuba has been giving an error/ won’t play and nothing is being done about that either. What is going on😡

  • meleceshsasuke Mr so and so... (@meleceshsasuke) reported

    @Crunchyroll Terrible

  • EAClubUltimate E&A Club Ultimate 2019 (@EAClubUltimate) reported

    @Crunchyroll Worst Direct Ever.

  • pizza_kittens Despacito (@pizza_kittens) reported

    @iJoshuxx @keybladesenshi @Anime I use crunchyroll on the PS4 app and while there are problems such as the servers being bad, it doesn’t compare to the issues I had with funimation. Plus, as you said, there’s more shows on crunchyroll that interest me

  • Tatsumki_Kun CentorGaming (@Tatsumki_Kun) reported

    @Crunchyroll how can I fix the mobile manga app not loading it gets stuck at authenticating and stays there I left it for 30 minutes and it still didn't load

  • thickurapika neo (@thickurapika) reported

    someone give me your crunchyroll account so i can watch one piece in better quality PLEASE

  • L_A_J_Anderson Leon anderson (@L_A_J_Anderson) reported

    @Crunchyroll Hi, I believe my account has been compromised and someone has changed my email, plus I’m trying to send a help ticket but I’m temporarily band from your site, please help!

  • Swedeypie1 🚬uwu🚬 (@Swedeypie1) reported

    I need to catch up on all my anime but I can't remember my crunchyroll login and it logged me out somehow 🤪

  • 1212rouse Ryan Rouse (@1212rouse) reported

    Fixed it! Had to sign out on @AppleTV But really @Crunchyroll WTF! Fix this!

  • evanrussell67 toxicshrimp (@evanrussell67) reported

    Seriously @Crunchyroll it’s been a week and a half and I still can’t watch anything. I’m about to just cancel my premium and look elsewhere. Fix your coding. Please...

  • StealthBorn1 Goshin (@StealthBorn1) reported

    @AllDayAnimee I have everything you have except crunchyroll instead i have hulu same problem though

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