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Cyberpunk 2077 is a 2020 action role-playing game developed and published by CD Projekt. The story takes place in 2077 at Night City, an open world set in the Cyberpunk universe. It has been released for Windows, PlayStation 4, Stadia, and Xbox One on 10 December 2020, and for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in 2021.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Outage Chart 01/18/2021 22:20

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Most Reported Problems:

  • Game Crash 40.00% Game Crash
  • Sign in 26.67% Sign in
  • Glitches 16.67% Glitches
  • Online Play 13.33% Online Play
  • Hacking / Cheating 3.33% Hacking / Cheating

Cyberpunk 2077 Outage Map

The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
United StatesLas Vegas Game Crash
United StatesLas Vegas Game Crash
FrancePoulainville Game Crash
FranceBren Game Crash
SwitzerlandBern Game Crash
FranceBordeaux Glitches

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Cyberpunk 2077 Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • OhayouJustin Justin negron (@OhayouJustin) reported

    Alright @Activision uninstalled @CallofDuty black ops cold war since every zombie round I'm in I get booted off because of some error. Rather go back to @CyberpunkGame at least the glitches there are a lot of fun

  • pediki3 pediki (@pediki3) reported

    @HaZaaJk @PlasticCheesee @CyberpunkGame meanwhile pc users are complaining of same glaring issues just because you swallowed a load of an unfinished product does not mean the rest of us should, many end users have both PCs and consoles, so i don't know why you thinking you can ride in on your high horse c*nt

  • AlexFlowerpot Alex🇦🇺 (@AlexFlowerpot) reported

    Good lord the boxing is broken in Cyberpunk. Are some of their implants go go gadget arms. Or turn unnaturally 360 degrees like the fracking excorcist #Cyberpunk2077

  • FearGBA Fear (@FearGBA) reported

    My changes to #Cyberpunk2077 Fix AI, make Cops chase you & make NPC’s react to what you’re doing Fix level of detail like being able to shoot out tires & windows properly Completely overhaul water physics so it reacts to bullets Have RPG elements in dialogue & consequences

  • Matt8884507195 Matt88 (@Matt8884507195) reported

    @SteeveTM @CyberpunkGame If you don't have internet they can't fix your game

  • Hazz3r Harrison Holt-McHale (@Hazz3r) reported

    I thought it was just a levelling thing but Beat on the Brat is just straight up broken and awful. How did it get past QA? @CDPROJEKTRED @CyberpunkGame

  • DiscussKing Sighduck (@DiscussKing) reported

    @ramendewd @GloriousKev @CyberpunkGame Bugs are fine. But CyberPunk is the first AAA game in recent memory that is functionally broken. Fallout 76 was boring and MCC had server issues But 2077 is unfinished and it’s fraudulent to charge people 60-90$ for what’s basically a beta build of a game, and to hide that fact

  • LTJ81 Luis Tirado Jr. (@LTJ81) reported

    @NixtroStrike @Jack_J0n3s @GameSpot Literally thousands of bugs that will easily take a year and a half to fix #Cyberpunk2077

  • DiscussKing Sighduck (@DiscussKing) reported

    @ramendewd @GloriousKev @CyberpunkGame Patches should be used to keep a game stable, and address minor performance issues. Patches are not a 2nd development-window for mismanaged devs. They're a tool, not a crutch. And certainly not a justification for releasing a broken product.

  • T_DOLL_4 T_DOLL (@T_DOLL_4) reported

    @kapy1994 @CyberpunkGame @GoogleStadia lol u too just because you didn’t have issues doesn’t mean others didn’t

  • kapy1994 kapy (@kapy1994) reported

    @T_DOLL_4 @CyberpunkGame @GoogleStadia Should I insult you now? Just because you didn't have issues, doesn't mean others didnt ;]

  • BigMiloGaming Big Milo Gaming (@BigMiloGaming) reported

    @Rafaelmengon200 @CyberpunkGame Lol if you're having issues on a 3090 perhaps you should have someone set it up for you. Sound like you may not know what you're doing. I play on a 1070 and a 3rd gen i7 and I average 70fps on medium settings. As for your potato ps4, that's the scam not the pc.

  • kapy1994 kapy (@kapy1994) reported

    @T_DOLL_4 @CyberpunkGame @GoogleStadia You mean the overheating issues and the tons of reported dead PS4s? *cough cough*

  • JayDrunkerGamer JayL, SailorGamer (@JayDrunkerGamer) reported

    @CyberpunkGame CDPR management did this to themselves. They rushed an undercooked, broken product to market, so the consumers can pay them for the privilege to play this pre-aplha bugpile. Enjoy the lawsuits, investigations and the share price free fall. You earned it.

  • KimpaKim キム/ Kim Lagerman (@KimpaKim) reported

    @ddavidson555 @CyberpunkGame Well customers will always be entitled and they should be. Since they are the one paying the companies for the products. And if ALOT of the customers are unhappy with said product then that's a big problem. Developers would not survive without our money.

  • TokuGamingfan Tao S. Kayer (@TokuGamingfan) reported

    @CP2077Community I'm pretty sure that patch 1.1 for #Cyberpunk2077 will be getting released on Saturday which will be the 23rd. And I think it would be best for the management at CD Projekt Red to just let the developers do their jobs & let us know about the patches to fix the game.

  • ArasakaCorp2077 The Arasaka Corporation (@ArasakaCorp2077) reported

    @njhuber @CyberpunkGame It's your setup that's the problem. I'm running it with a RTX 3070 also and all my settings on highest including ray tracing on 'Psycho' and DLSS on balanced at 1440p and I get 45-55 FPS consistently throught the game. My CPU is a R5 3600 with 16gb RAM and M.2 w/ latest drivers.

  • KimchiKommande1 Kimchi Kommander (@KimchiKommande1) reported

    @GhoshDebanick @CyberpunkGame But oh no you're right, "boo f**king hoo", a billion dollar corporation was forced by Twitter trolls to prematurely release an unfinished game and hide the broken mess from fans and investors alike. Please.

  • ulfatazimi3 ulfatazimi (@ulfatazimi3) reported

    @TitoShroom @rustedmachine2 @CyberpunkGame Crowbcat did a video on cp2077 on youtube, where it goes through most of the problems the game has and how cdpr hide or misled players.

  • ulfatazimi3 ulfatazimi (@ulfatazimi3) reported

    @TitoShroom @rustedmachine2 @CyberpunkGame Ye but bugs are the least of the problem, they removed like half of the story, features etc like they removed a whole section of the map (old city). Like watch crowbcats and u'll how badly cdpr ****** up.

  • TitoShroom Tito O'Shroom (@TitoShroom) reported

    @BTH_Izuka @rustedmachine2 @CyberpunkGame Highly differs from person to person. That's my opinion on the matter. I enjoyed the game. It has a lot of flaws but i have faith that the devs will fix those flaws in due time. It didn't stop me from enjoying it though.

  • let_me_atom Marcus Aurelius (@let_me_atom) reported

    Of all the constant bugs, crashes and glitches in #Cyberpunk2077 it’s the ridiculous turning circle of the bikes that annoys me the most. Like riding an oil tanker, surely this is a quick fix?!

  • apetrosky Aaron Petrosky (@apetrosky) reported

    @CyberpunkGame @CDPROJEKTRED You lied. Period. Fix it or don't but quit ******* lying.

  • VyntoBean VyntoBean (@VyntoBean) reported

    Just wondering, for those of who you have played or are still playing the game. Is Cyberpunk playable yet? I've been waiting to get it until the majority of the bugs, errors, etc were taking care of as to not spoil my first experience with the game. #Cyberpunk2077

  • VyntoBean VyntoBean (@VyntoBean) reported

    Just wondering, for those of who you have played/ are still playing the game. Is Cyberpunk playable yet? I've been waiting to get it until the majority of the bugs, errors, etc were taking care of as to not spoil my first experience with the game. #Cyberpunk2077

  • Raleonactivity Zorg voor elkaar! (@Raleonactivity) reported

    @CyberpunkGame when is the next fix? Still waiting to be a stable game without any glitches or crashes

  • RaisinsOriginal 👾 Raisins The Original (@RaisinsOriginal) reported

    @yesaulTube @Armadillo9718 @CyberpunkGame As per current reports, the devs knew about all of these issues, they just didn't have enough time to fix them before the Executive team pushed the release.

  • LTJ81 Luis Tirado Jr. (@LTJ81) reported

    @GameSpot I find it very hard to believe a multiplayer aspect to this broken video game will ever work. Do people forget Cyberpunk 2077 literally has THOUSANDS of bugs? How in the world will a multiplayer ever properly be executed? #Cyberpunk2077

  • D2TheMWAH Dusted Hoffman 🔸 (@D2TheMWAH) reported

    Did they ever fix #Cyberpunk2077 ?

  • H3oSo H3O Why So Serious (@H3oSo) reported

    @Malkavi42277511 @PlasticCheesee @CyberpunkGame Forced them into weeks of crunch for a game they knew was meant for 2022 and still after all that the game came out broken. Let that sink in