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Diablo is a hack and slash action role-playing video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems.

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  • LamontHouston7 LamontHouston (@LamontHouston7) reported

    @SavedYouAClickV Activision/Blizzard knows full well how unpopular this is, and they would rather make "games as service" allowing constant microtransactions than the fully-featured single player experiences Diablo fans grew up on. They'll use IV's failure to justify games like "Immortal".

  • KalLowe Kal-El Lowe (@KalLowe) reported

    @darknighturiam @SavedYouAClickV Never had that experience playing Diablo 2. Never went back as they didn't fix my issue. Forced online to be hacked and have your time wasted is not my idea of fun in a single player game.

  • awesome19foxes 🌟a19fox🌟 (3 days until 4yrs anniversary) (@awesome19foxes) reported

    @SavedYouAClickV Didn't they do this with diablo 3 but people backlash where they fix it

  • Storethis 🐓 IN UR GF'S ASS (@Storethis) reported

    @SoeckSoeck @SavedYouAClickV I have diablo 3 on switch and can play it offline. If i couldnt i wouldnt have bought it. And also my ISP is not the problem, i just dont like being forced to play with people in a game that totally doesnt need mulitplayer

  • BearTentacle Tentacle_Bear (@BearTentacle) reported

    @SoeckSoeck @SavedYouAClickV Besides my own issues, these types of things have always been known to go horribly. Diablo 3's launch, Sim City, hell even the most recent Doom classics have been samples of why this is a bad design choice.

  • SoeckSoeck The Mooountain (@SoeckSoeck) reported

    @WeldedMachina @SavedYouAClickV Every blizzard game with online service has running servers since its release So I am pretty sure diablo 4 will run some time

  • Muckbeast Michael Hartman (@Muckbeast) reported

    @Diablo Grouping has been broken for weeks and we have no Season 19 info. Stop hyping your vaporware product that won't even come out for YEARS. Put some effort towards the product that is actually OUT RIGHT NOW with players waiting for support and info.

  • JustinNeumann10 Marox (@JustinNeumann10) reported

    @Diablo I don’t get this looks good for the places and word designing isn’t the problem here. Community wants it and are also in desperate need of the game. In 3 years other company’s can pick up where peo and you left and make a game out of it. Don’t loose the hype @Blizzard_Ent

  • Joestamp99 🍎Joseph Shtampboy🍌 (@Joestamp99) reported

    @SavedYouAClickV It’s not even coming out in a few years and we already know that they going to heavily monetize the everloving shit out of another one of these “live service” games with the Diablo name on it. And this was announced just to get people to forget the whole China business...

  • Michel69621435 Dominion (@Michel69621435) reported

    @SpyBtw @Diablo No, many bad gameplay decisions already. Hope they will fix the game. Visuals / artstyle looks good

  • SuperIncreible Nombre Apellido (@SuperIncreible) reported

    it only took until 2019 for them to try and fix xeno diablo

  • golett mitsuri wifebot (@golett) reported

    holy shit xeno diablo doesn't lag anymore if only there were more than a day and a half left of the event

  • arnef89 arnef (@arnef89) reported

    that's too late to fix diablo bugs lol people already done with the event

  • eruu_gbf playable lucifer someday (@eruu_gbf) reported

    wow freaking finally xeno diablo ain't lagging in my phone

  • ElduserEld Eld (@ElduserEld) reported

    @Charalanahzard I think that Diablo 3 is when I had this realization. I got my Collectors Edition 1 week early but couldn't play because of the always online, and then when I finally could I still couldn't because of errors/ server overloads. The always online is bullshit too.

  • ItsChrane Chrane (@ItsChrane) reported

    @FriendlySpatula @rhykker @Bluddshed This is a good example of why people have a problem with the Diablo 3 story haha

  • idolshitter 🐤♪des (@idolshitter) reported

    xeno diablo i have hardware acceleration on please stop lagging so much

  • Fabioviveiros_ Artdepartment_ (@Fabioviveiros_) reported from Johannesburg, Gauteng

    @PsyFi_ZA I only have diablo 3 on PS4 - tried logging into my cousins Battlenet but kept getting different issues every time

  • ChicagoMikeSD 🍻Chicago Mike 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇺🇸🥃 (@ChicagoMikeSD) reported

    @RobertArnol @MiaIzMissin Always do but with your fire season starting & ours overlapping I'm worried for both of our Countries. Nov. & Dec. are our worse months for Santa Ana/Diablo winds. Usually it isn't an issue because we have had rain. None yet & not looking good for much of any by Dec.

  • MsRainbowSauce MsRainbowSauce (@MsRainbowSauce) reported

    Oh also I placed 2900 dropped to 2826 climbed back to 2930, can’t play comp till Monday because my controller is broken. Buuuut that’s okay because it gives me time to play diablo on my switch

  • ChiamiKuroichi Reignis X Chiami (@ChiamiKuroichi) reported

    @SepiaMetanoia @NYGamer My only problem will be when they release Diablo 4. Either the game does well and there are no problems or flops and really hurts them which I doubt lol

  • Oldrin187 Oldrin (@Oldrin187) reported

    @quinrex @Diablo They need to make world boss loot weekly and make it the same type of loot you get from weekly challenge rift boom problem solved.

  • magillanica jade (@magillanica) reported

    i woiuold love it if the diablo animations stopped lagging so bad

  • exeeter1234 Vince V (@exeeter1234) reported

    @SkillUpYT I see absolutely no problem with this. Diablo in 2019 is a game that blizzard Hope's to keep players engaged in for the long(er) term. Annual paid exps was never going to cut it. Not unless players were be content with the amount of content D2 saw post release for d4.

  • dogboylover nelsie 🤍 @ huevember (@dogboylover) reported

    idek which class to use the diablo weapon thats my ******* problem

  • DaveDespain Dave Despain (@DaveDespain) reported

    MM’s steadily declining crash rate + increased consistency bode well. But then nobody really stepped up to challenge him this year. If El Diablo actually does so next year it will be telling to see how the champ reacts. If I were Honda, I’d certainly take the gamble.

  • WIKBTT Telephone Time (@WIKBTT) reported

    67ish bolins diablo roush snow machine needs work 90 arctic cat parts snow blowers to fix or parts 3 lighted signs folton sun visor 2518658

  • sandalkuina ichigo hatecainfuri |✨🌧 (@sandalkuina) reported

    xeno diablo lag thanks i hate it

  • replicantmixer Replicant (@replicantmixer) reported

    I just remembered Diablo III has a severe stutter issue if vsync isn't enabled. :/ hmm.

  • luh_casaroli Luciano Casaroli (@luh_casaroli) reported

    @Diablo I had issues with the purchase and no one replied my complaint.

  • Greguisition Greg 👻 (@Greguisition) reported

    With Diablo 4 announced and the devs taking feedback, I started thinking about what I'd want in Dragon Age 4, and in that process, I realized a live-service Mass Effect game could actually be really good (though I'm still afraid of a live-service DA).

  • marveleidolons Eidolons (@marveleidolons) reported

    @JustNocturno @seatinmol @MarvelChampions Well they had to have a bigger fail to compete with Diablo being October’s Login Champ.

  • name_complex s.w.i.n. (@name_complex) reported

    running into the exact same problem the last time I played the xeno diablo event. nightmare procs are so easy I've got sackfuls of fetters. but I have zero animas. I'm not grinding fetters, I'm grinding xeno animas

  • YungBeezy_XX Brandi Palmer (@YungBeezy_XX) reported

    Hotel diablo hits way way different when your heart is broken. I’ve never related to an album so much. 🖤

  • TlME_VENT Brachydios stan account (@TlME_VENT) reported

    I feel like I’ll actually be able to join diablo raids only because the pimple’s lag is ******* everyone over

  • sargeabernathy Proverbs 31:8-9 ❤️🐶💣🌻 (@sargeabernathy) reported from South Barre, Vermont

    I’ve decided to delete @PlayHearthstone , @StarCraft , and @Diablo from my computer. After a month I found their late apology lacking and disturbing, and their attempts to fix things insulting. So I made the consumer decision (as many friends have) to quit.

  • carlfreemerman Carl Freemerman (@carlfreemerman) reported

    @IGN I'll pass. Diablo is now an online game as a service.

  • Fyaasko Fyasko (@Fyaasko) reported

    @YongYea I'm quite worried about Diablo4 being Online Only with no Offline lag-free, user free, mode for players to enjoy where the dungeons are procedurally generated and have immense replay value, as was in Diablo 2, Connecting online should be an Option for this series, not forced.

  • vik1690 Vikram Ojha (@vik1690) reported

    @XXL Hotel Diablo, Crash talk

  • VoodooVixen11 Vicky (@VoodooVixen11) reported

    Okay....having issues getting the card to work properly when streaming. So it looks as though I’ve got to abandon that idea until I can get it to work properly or my PC and SLOBS quit being temperamental on me! So I’m playing it no stream instead. Diablo 2 will have to fill in.

  • EchtMattLuigi Gormotti (@EchtMattLuigi) reported

    @RebeccadeLuca8 @LuckierLitwick @suroguner @JoeMerrick That is until they decide to listen and patch them all in. But they won’t propably because they have no reason to. And the fact that they CAN fix it but won’t is even worse then what Diablo did.

  • RebeccadeLuca8 TiramisuMochi (@RebeccadeLuca8) reported

    @EchtMattLuigi @LuckierLitwick @suroguner @JoeMerrick Also there’s the fact that the Pokemon will be useable in the next game (they weren’t “deleted” as such) whereas you can’t exactly “fix” the fact that the Diablo game is a mobile game

  • Ddvorn02 Duje Dvornik (@Ddvorn02) reported

    @Diablo please fix the game ,@Blizzard_Ent impossible to play with group for a month

  • nozelsilvas georgy (@nozelsilvas) reported

    xeno diablo lagging as hell

  • ChrisRobbins17 Chris Robbins (@ChrisRobbins17) reported

    @BlizzardCS the female necromancer is diablo 3 has clipping issues with her gear. And it's setting off my OCD about it clipping. I've made a male character and got rid of him because I want to play as a female necromancer. Please fix this asap.

  • crystalluin 🎃🖤rhymelovemail🧡👻 (@crystalluin) reported

    @antumbral the only problem is that i keep forgetting i have it running and then i just. never go back to gbf sometimes so i wish they'd let gbf music play outside of the browser even if its not selected does that make sense my brain is fried from diablo's ball

  • givingafuck1 Gorilla of a Perc (@givingafuck1) reported

    The only issue with replaying diablo 3 is that ur gonna end up beating it 5 times in 1 week

  • s_phia_ 🦋🦋🦋 (@s_phia_) reported from Manhattan, New York

    My favorite part is how people who claim to know all the problems and issues that need addressing also want to do the least amount of work and reading to solve them. Not today, diablo, not today.

  • honedragons jeritza's 15 step skincare routine (@honedragons) reported

    glad to know that no matter how gimped out my computer is it will still lag on the opening animation of xeno diablo

  • CGB_TP CynicalGamingBlog (@CGB_TP) reported

    @Civilwarfare101 Maybe so but it was a problem ever since Diablo 2, I hated them in that game too.

  • Annextunes 💧 Annex 💧 (@Annextunes) reported

    @uhnkmusic People thought WoW classic was going to be an issue...Diablo 4 about to steal souls

  • Ddvorn02 Duje Dvornik (@Ddvorn02) reported

    @Diablo @Blizzard_Ent please fix in game things in Diablo. Impossible to see other names, invite or request invates, joining bug, @Diablo @

  • drxwnxng1 Tyler (@drxwnxng1) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN Any plans to fix the OFFLINE bug for everyone on Diablo 3. Friends list showing everyone as offline and chat has no names.

  • MeeowNinja 🌙 Nakoma 🌙 Blizzcon Blues (@MeeowNinja) reported

    @Diablo When I click the link it says it’s broken 😭

  • Clairedamon Fig Queen 🏔🌙🌲 (@Clairedamon) reported from Milwaukee, Wisconsin

    Went to Taco Bell today and they put diablo sauce in my bag without me asking and when I left they said “see you tomorrow” and I think this is when I realize I have a problem

  • OfficialC0mPlex Its_C0mPlex (@OfficialC0mPlex) reported

    @BlizzardCS i keep getting an error saying Unable to initialize D3D when i start up Diablo 3

  • faceD______ drew (@faceD______) reported

    @Diablo If you want success give early, early beta to select players and get feedback instead of waiting until almost release when it's too late to fix things

  • IcePantha IcePantha (@IcePantha) reported

    @blueskadoo88 If you call that fixed sure, I hated the cartoon look about time gone back to Diablo 2 feel of game, all they had to do was keep the same mechics as d2 upgrade graphics and redo quests etc problem solved new rune words..

  • yususcreammail yuzustace (@yususcreammail) reported

    xeno diablo looks cool as a boss though...just ....please stop lagging

  • yususcreammail yuzustace (@yususcreammail) reported

    WOW is it just me or is xeno diablo lagging like nobody's business. please let me in i want that snexi spear

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