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Diablo is a hack and slash action role-playing video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems.

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March 18: Problems at Diablo

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  • JacksonSamurai Jackson (@JacksonSamurai) reported

    @SillyMomo_ Well the issue there was that they said there were no announcements about Diablo 4 and then made their announcement to a predominantly PC Gaming fan base. Bethesda, somehow, did this better when they announced their game, said they're not shifting their focus, and announced TESVI

  • Nicco2D Nicco (@Nicco2D) reported

    @GideonOnGaming @LastRealGamer Diablo 3,Ace Combat,GTA,Gran Turismo for sure. The fact is that we have games on the console that show the hardware possibilities so if some games of the past generation didn't get a Vita version isn't a technical problem.

  • _matthewriccio Matt 🕺🏽 (@_matthewriccio) reported

    @jiiggyant @emilahsultanaa @savagepatchky Diablo .. ***** ever gun in the streets, from legal to illegally purchased is Semi auto, from glock to smiths, if you ban semi automatic weapons nobody will legally be able to get shit legally, that does nothing to help the problem .

  • RainOfSteel Christopher Osborne (@RainOfSteel) reported

    @seraphicpetal [Looks at apps on phone. Utilities, service apps, social media. No games. Puts phone down. Sits at desktop PC. Double-clicks Diablo III, or World of Warcraft, or Path of Exile, or Civilization V or VI*.] I can't seem to fit them into my phone. * As bad as it is.

  • jrcalipo Alex Castañer (@jrcalipo) reported

    @EAHelp @anthemgame Okay, keep the work pls. Anthem is a good game with a good idea, only need more contenent like strongholds ir sets like Diablo III for make it more interesting and fix some problems like the game crash or "Error loading the player data". Keep the job and improve the game

  • DaniAngione Daniel Angione (@DaniAngione) reported

    @DJSnM Yeah, it was fun... But it was sub-par when compared to the first trilogy. I like to say that the problem of these failed sequels aren't the games themselves but the weight of the names they carry. i.e: Diablo 3 would've been a great game as a new IP. But it wasn't a good Diablo.

  • likablemshyde Shayla Hyde (@likablemshyde) reported

    @DcSensai @tacobell I usually get Diablo sauce but I have some at home so I asked for verda sauce and my location hasn't had any in years and now my heart is broken

  • SootiesRehab sooty's rehab (@SootiesRehab) reported

    @frspch @FCriticalThink @Just2BiZI @vaerospace @Fredthefish2 @fifi_j @OhRoyalOne @CatpowerNow @shu_shushu17 @WOTCHA999 @WinstonTesla @PWoodfall @Queenie_Is_Back @Si_G__ @cheekylatte @DC_claxton @abu_abumussa22 @RichieAllenShow @BorisJohnson it's only a whistle away, would rather they were not here, I had a French friend, big hard ****, they put him in Paras for his National Service, 2 yrs later he'd lost some teeth & some bravado, sorted geezer, 'Le Diablo Rire Avec Nous!'

  • DroogButNice Family Friendly Droog (@DroogButNice) reported

    @VieraEnthusiast I think broken is not a good way to put it cause Diablo 2 works just fine in every way. It only breaks when people create specific builds that make them overpowered and that's usually not what a normal person does on their playthrough.

  • JN33L Jake (@JN33L) reported

    Just lost a level 63 seasonal Hardcore character on @Diablo 3. After all these years, countless deaths, even through D2, it still absolutely sucks every time. Ouch. Problem is, now I'm an adult& parent and my time is even more precious it hurts more. Damn!

  • Philip_D_Ord Phil Ord (@Philip_D_Ord) reported

    @Robotbeat @elonmusk He is telling people batteries will solve energy issues associated with renewables, man. Sorry I offended you and your lying girlfriend. Tesla lobbied to close Diablo Canyon. He is leading people to believe magic batteries are gonna decarbonize. He's disingenuous.

  • KwaziiFromSega Taylor Kelly (@KwaziiFromSega) reported

    @ReceedingsSZN @Shepherd930x Playing the game endlessly for 6 weeks and getting bored isn’t their problem. They put a ton of content in the game, you can still buy loot, and you can level to 100. By that regards Diablo was garbage because people hyper levelled day 1 and got bored after no lifing the game

  • NextGenJon Murchadha (@NextGenJon) reported

    @shinobi602 I feel sad about Anthem. I really enjoy it but it’s not finished. These problems with weapon scaling etc, they need to rebuild the progression/loot system. Maybe take it off line and fix it for 6 months, like they did with Diablo and final fantasy

  • Sour412 Doryia 🎯🌌💪🏼🌌⚡️💪🏼💥⚡️ (@Sour412) reported

    @AskPlayStation @BlizzardCS @Blizzard_Ent @ATVIAssist Diablo three legs so ************* bad on PlayStation 4 I am so ******* annoyed I cannot play this ******* game with anyone but my goddamn self it is ******* bullshit fix your ******* game **** you both **** you PlayStation

  • wraken__ WRΛKΞN (@wraken__) reported

    @BlizzardCSEU_EN I think Diablo should not be released on mobile, this is a strange bug. Need a fix, ty.

  • AustereAnomic ᴹᴬᴿᶜᵁˢ ᴬᴿᴳᵁᴱᴸᴸᴼ (@AustereAnomic) reported

    @intoremnatusest up a store and barreled down the streets like to bats out of hell. And though he put up a good fight, Marcus was no match against Chico Salazar, son to one they call El Diablo. Chico who had no problem hitting the girl he apparently loved, had no issues beating the living hell>

  • SakegeistPlays SakegeistPlays (@SakegeistPlays) reported

    When your game is being hyped so much for launch day, it literally crippels the servers (or whatever causes the Delta-03 error) and makes it unplayable. But hey, you are not the only with those problem, #TheDivision2 Diablo 3 had it too. Ah, sweet memory.

  • seanthegamer120 Seanthegamer12 (@seanthegamer120) reported

    @Diablo whats with the lag of death in reguler rifts like i tried to teleport out of a rift and sat their not doing anything

  • Eimballz HotNutBastard (@Eimballz) reported

    @day9tv 23 straight hours of Diablo 3 during season 7. I had broken an ankle and “couldn’t” leave my room. But really I was just on my grind.

  • DroogButNice Family Friendly Droog (@DroogButNice) reported

    @ClemStalDim And I want to play Diablo 1. Not Diablo 1 that someone had to fix.

  • CT2SD Gavin (@CT2SD) reported

    @RedTheTrucker @thalia_m1 Correct. In the “traditional” sense of recycling, food waste is one of the biggest contamination issues. However, food waste such as @jesseagler’s 🌭is perfectly suited for a commercial composting program. Tempe Diablo Stadium needs to step up their game. #PadresRecyclingTwitter

  • Eurotool Scott Buildtha Wall (@Eurotool) reported

    @NahBabyNah That's for (1)Burning circles of hate on people who didn't chip in on gas. (2)Wood tick disposal tool. #Wisconsin (3)Heating dimes to pay Taco Bell window cashiers for slow service and not enough Diablo sauce packets.

  • beefysaurus Styrbjörn Petersson (Stu) (@beefysaurus) reported

    Ok so #retropie (in particular the lr-psx-rearmed emulator) is having some issues with new updates. Managed to fix it but not before deleting my entire ps1 library. Today will be spent with damage limitation and getting some of them back. Bye bye diablo 1 rogue on #PS1 😢

  • _kylekhaos Kyle khaos (@_kylekhaos) reported

    @trush0t @Diablo This comes off so cringey at this point, like if you still have problems with diablo growing, your not a fan of diablo

  • Emilia_Fire Emiliafire (@Emilia_Fire) reported

    @Bosco24a Yeah we put it up on reddit and a few people said the same!! At least it's a known bug, not sure if they'll fix it though! @Diablo

  • josephyu13 joseph yu (@josephyu13) reported

    For sale Rayman for 500 Diablo for 600 1k for both No issues MEET UP SM CALAMBA

  • THETomTorrence Tom Torrence 🇺🇸 (@THETomTorrence) reported

    @AmeliaTalon @Diablo I had a similar issue back in the day. If I recall it was a software compatibility issue from windows. Try deleting some of your newer software, then try rolling back some updates.

  • pedrothedagger very cute dog haver (@pedrothedagger) reported

    the thing that people forget about destiny, or diablo 3, is that those games had endgame problems that absolutely needed to be fixed but had extremely solid core gameplay and were fun to play out of the box. you had to invest 10s of hours before you really saw the problems

  • tocu98 Jim (@tocu98) reported

    @AmeliaTalon @Diablo Sorry what I was meaning was emailing them it might have a solution that link just happens to also mention your issue. (I should have also down voted the page since it’s misleading)

  • AmeliaTalon Amelia Talon (@AmeliaTalon) reported

    And I will have you all know! I played the downloadable version of Diablo 1 up until the butcher, before it mysteriously decided to not even run anymore for whatever reason, it is only now with this official blizzard/gog version I'm having packet/port issues. v.v

  • r0ckhat RedPaintedPaw (@r0ckhat) reported

    @ABurghouts @techjo These players love Anthem, many have hundreds of hours invested already but Anthem suffers from a very real loot problem; (literally) exactly what happened in Diablo 3 at launch. People want high drop rates; not BiS, just lots of drops to make it more interesting.

  • PaisleyBiscuit Dorian (@PaisleyBiscuit) reported

    @ItsPeach_OW Blizzard is awful tbh. With every game they've had, they've had the issue of bad balancing, not listening to the community, and just straight **** ups like Diablo for phones instead of Diablo 4. They're slowly killing WoW, OW. And have already killed Diablo and HoTS

  • LuthienIRL Eve Sullivan (@LuthienIRL) reported

    At work, I can hear @Lilithiel's @Diablo soundtrack playing over the cube wall. Suddenly I would rather be in Tristram, even with the little demon and skeleton problem it has.

  • Detro_Fist Detro Fist (@Detro_Fist) reported

    @ltz_kirito @GameRant Because you dont understand additive vs multiplicative for calculations. I've theory crafted for almost 20 years. Since vanilla diablo. This game is fundamentally broken. Go do a little research on the topic. You'll quickly realize what I'm saying.

  • aCDNGuyeh 🍁💭 (@aCDNGuyeh) reported

    @JDefiant9 I tend to stick to a few, right now I'm playing OW on my PC with my Switch pro controller via steam, Diablo 3 & FF9 on my Switch. Waiting for Super Mario maker 2, Crash Team Racing HD remastered & the new pkmn games. But I went through the same slump as you before.

  • RickKackis KackisHD (@RickKackis) reported

    @Mr_Deceivable @MatCauthon657 You're chasing the roll, not the loot. Diablo 3 had the EXACT same issue. And they literally saved the game by doing what people want anthem to do.

  • TheRandallPink Randall Call (@TheRandallPink) reported

    @rowast @AmandaRTubbs This is a ridiculous take. Tempe Diablo is gorgeous the ballpark food is great. The only problem there is they over sell the lawn.

  • Schamtoo Schamtoo (@Schamtoo) reported

    @Faucius Well there's your problem. Diablo 2 is a blizzard game

  • longliveShark JB (@longliveShark) reported

    Dj diablo in the 1s and 2s at your service @g_alvarez100

  • TheRealPsysix Ben Gendron (@TheRealPsysix) reported

    @EA @bioware @anthemgame no one is gonna wait "months" for you to fix the loot. I've done dozens of GM Strongholds & only have 3 Legendaries to show for it. Drip feeding loot is not gonna keep players engaged for the long haul. Be more like @Diablo ffs

  • BeardleysGaming Beardleys (@BeardleysGaming) reported

    @ThatJollyBro @Diablo I have it on 3 platforms, I have a problem. 😭

  • Vashlion Vashlion (@Vashlion) reported

    @tha_rami There are already games that solved this problem, Diablo 2 and Diablo 3.

  • 345tommo Tommo Charlton (@345tommo) reported

    @JesseCox @tha_rami For me the problem comes with a lot of these looter shooters in that there’s just not THAT much loot that feels different. When you get a new legendary in something like Diablo it fundamentally changes how you can play, with different options open.

  • Celtics_fan78 Rich Henderson (@Celtics_fan78) reported

    @DankaThaJuggalo @HappyHimself @matthew_5513 @Andybrusk @K1NGC4MERON @anthemgame Yeah I did and they fixed this issue in Diablo...

  • DanTheNoob Dan_The_Noob (@DanTheNoob) reported

    @tha_rami The Anthem problem is more a early Diablo 3 issue than a Destiny issue... Destiny has a problem where they half committed to a full blown competitive multiplayer framework and then decided they were a PvE game primarily, cancelling each-other out causing it not to be a game.

  • xCriticalBeast CriticalBeast (@xCriticalBeast) reported

    @crobertson_atx Anthem will be dead in a few months pal, you need to fix the loot issue this week. Did you guys not take note from Diablo 3 or Destiny.. lot drops like this don't work in a looter shooter.

  • Sw1tchUp Farah (@Sw1tchUp) reported

    @zhinxy_vs_media I mean, specifically, it was Diablo III, and it was...a lot. I played the game long after it was shuttered, but it sure was a crash course in shady economics combined with Gaming As A Lifestyle.

  • Lord_V1le lord_V1le Twitch TV (@Lord_V1le) reported

    @anthemgame Fix the loot system! If not I'll just go back to diablo.

  • toneykuko ShawtyFreeman (@toneykuko) reported

    Wtf is wrong with diablo with all the ******* lag stupid ass devas buy a bigger server before you try to run 8 games at once

  • toneykuko ShawtyFreeman (@toneykuko) reported

    You muthafuckas is pathetic cant stop the dam diablo game from lagging sissy muthafuckas

  • discord99057751 discordiabot (@discord99057751) reported

    Burglars And Butterflies Online - Similar to Skyrim, but instead of the protagonist's baby, add some fan service from Diablo, namely Diablo's minions.

  • Ricardio015 NoMeQuedaDeOtra. (@Ricardio015) reported

    @GamesAl0t a new group has been born... "defenders of sony" who are unable to see the problem of censorship that in less than a week have been able to match the pokemon fans who refuse to accept the mediocrity of the game. the only thing we have left is that Diablo go on mobile... ohhh ****

  • Oscar7495 TwoDrinkTommy (@Oscar7495) reported

    @RickKackis There needs to be more loot. Like Division 1.8, Diablo, Borderlands...They didn’t fix quick play or certain stronghold bugs. I really like the game, but it needs more changes/fixes.

  • RealSilentNinja RealSilentNinja (@RealSilentNinja) reported

    @K1NGC4MERON @anthemgame Anthem is in trouble. They had awhile to fix the loot issues. Got hints from Travis Day (Diablo 3 lead designer) on how to fix it. But obviously they just don't care. If @TheDivisionGame is listening and paying attention to this, they can make people forget about Anthem

  • Breadknight Bread Laid Up In Bed (@Breadknight) reported

    @FoxDefeated Well, it kind of was if you count error 37 as Diablo.

  • FoxDefeated Number One Gamecube Fan (@FoxDefeated) reported

    @Breadknight Oh it’s rough, but it’s at least functional and had an interesting nonsense setting. Too Human was both broken and insanely up it’s own ass. It wanted to be Diablo but an Epic Cinematic Experience

  • TheRealAnvilMAn Michael (@TheRealAnvilMAn) reported

    @WHChaosbane The controls were clearly made with consoles in mind first and PC as an afterthought. The inability to force stand still (shift in diablo) can make going after nurglings as vollen a problem for example with their propensity to run around you chase when you shouldnt. #ChaosReigns

  • UmbraIntus Umbra Intus (@UmbraIntus) reported

    @JJDuffy44 @VoidGunslinger @anthemgame @maple_2915 I've sunk over 800 hours into Destiny 1 and 2, a few hundred in Borderlands, hundreds of hours into Diablo 3, and hundred or so in Division 1 (post loot fix). Anthem's loot system feels laughably scarce and unrewarding.

  • SvegetaX Keith (@SvegetaX) reported

    @tomshardware Once the memory issue is corrected, I wonder how well it would stream steam games. Yonder, MK 11, and Diablo 3 would be good test subjects. All 3 have a native and steam version. Yonder(should look even), Diablo(fps / detail difference), & MK11 (large detail change / latency).

  • poppajugs Matt Waataja (@poppajugs) reported

    @Diablo I need to get my authenticator removed from my account. My old phone broke and I looked everywhere for anything about my authenticator details but had no luck.I tried to submit a ticket but I keep getting an error.

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