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Diablo is a hack and slash action role-playing video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems.

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September 25: Problems at Diablo

Diablo is having issues since 08:30 AM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Game Crash (83.33%)
  • Online Play (16.67%)

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  • DovahBap
    Daddy-Chan @MermMonth2018 (@DovahBap) reported

    Its pointless, Diablo 3 had it, and Blizzard was like 'wah wha its about the cheaters." that's their ******* problem, not my problem.

  • Zan_Shadows
    Zan_Shadows (@Zan_Shadows) reported

    So glad I lost a rift to server lag @Diablo

  • dottie089_
    Chloë Dottie Newman (@dottie089_) reported

    @Lewie_Kong Yeah, no worries. I really feel like EGX could implement a ticket service though their app to make it a little more enjoyable rather than waiting around but I can’t see that happening. I was really impressed by a few indie games, and Diablo 3 on Switch.

  • TheseBleads
    Captain Chaos (@TheseBleads) reported

    @Furyhots The issue was a lobby chat agreement to allow Diablo through bans in game five, which was then reneged. If Sim wanted to play straight up all along I don't think there would have been any drama.

  • Madpleasure
    Recon Goddess (@Madpleasure) reported

    @Diablo @ChrisGoudge1 Has the issue been fixed with the non double drops for consoles?

  • bartd88
    BartD (@bartd88) reported

    @Diablo How bout fix for consoles?

  • dollydiablo1
    dollydiablo (@dollydiablo1) reported

    @Diablo server connection error code2=?

  • Crockadoosh
    DC (@Crockadoosh) reported

    @Alexensual I think they're planning it to come out alongside with something a little more hyped like Warcraft 4 or SC3 or Diablo 4 so they can justify cutting the service a year later when they feel WoW in general has run it's course.

  • Vatikn
    Seth Bruce (@Vatikn) reported

    @TweakTown @Diablo @netflix Blizzard would make so much bank if they made a series out of any of their games Strictly CG of course, not live action. Could you imagine an @PlayOverwatch animated series? Hell, If @Blizzard_Ent started their own paid service for their shows, I'd subscribe.

  • arjay_clark
    ArJay Clark (@arjay_clark) reported

    @PartyWithComics @super_talking @RandyS0725 From what I understood he was supposed to be Black Lightning but there was some legal issues w/ compensation and copyright for BL's creator. So, the show created BV. Martin Sanchez tweeted that El Diablo was updated & teamed w/ Amanda Waller in the comics. @marsanj47

    MEXICO MAN (@MEXICO__MAN) reported

    @discordapp Your overlay is not working in diablo 3 for me but none of the troubleshooting methods are working...

  • JellyD0ughnut
    💀☠️Goblin Slayer☠️💀 (@JellyD0ughnut) reported

    Why couldn’t Diablo 3 crash on me BEFORE killing the Rift Boss and not directly after so I couldn’t get anything :/

  • tomhockett
    Tom Tom (@tomhockett) reported

    @BigBearButt @Blizzard_Ent @Diablo What’s broken?

  • PaytonKB
    Payton Blake (@PaytonKB) reported

    @Diablo Still not working on PS4....

  • amanda4378
    Amanda Propeck (@amanda4378) reported

    @Diablo This issue is NOT resolved on PS4! Fix it!

  • areweallalone
    Calvin (@areweallalone) reported

    @Diablo Season theme still not working on console, don’t bother picking up switch version

  • oldpaledrake
    『R Y A N』 (@oldpaledrake) reported

    @BlizzardCS any update on Diablo 3 Season 15 console horadric cache issues?

  • FrozenSympathy3
    WoWLover23 (@FrozenSympathy3) reported

    @hooligan_heifer @RasmusEmilsson1 @Diablo You could go to the forums. But I guess it takes more effort to go to Blizzard's forums then to go onto the Diablo twitter account and talk about the issue.

  • Pkerjock123
    Pkerjock (@Pkerjock123) reported

    @Diablo Over 40 hours and still no double cache on console. Still no word if it's a known issue or being fixed. Would be super great if Blizzard would care about console for 10 minutes and fix it.

  • martintrujillor
    Martín Trujillo R. (@martintrujillor) reported

    @BowNaRRowYerMum @Blizzard_Ent #ps4 and #xbox with the same issue……no news from @Blizzard_Ent or @Diablo

  • WTFlippant
    R = V/I (@WTFlippant) reported

    @Diablo Still not working on XBox1. Just tested it out.

  • voltsy_chan
    Voltsy (@voltsy_chan) reported

    @Diablo you mind fixing the season 15 problems. you don't even acknowledge the forum posts which is quite a crap thing to do when you are not a small company.

  • voltsy_chan
    Voltsy (@voltsy_chan) reported

    @RasmusEmilsson1 @Diablo they haven't acknowledged anything not even on the forums. the double bounty's are broken, the GR leader-boards don't load most the time and some people can't redeem the seasonal gift. it's as if people are trying to get them to notice.

  • hooligan_heifer
    kae (@hooligan_heifer) reported

    @RasmusEmilsson1 @Diablo No we don't think that. We aren't expecting the social media staff to fix the game, we're wanting them to acknowledge the issue.

  • Jthreau
    Jthreau (@Jthreau) reported

    @Leodonuts The same thing happened with Diablo 3 vanilla’s launch. It wasn’t what people expected and was a huge disappointment, even for me. Reaper of Souls fixed a lot of the problems, but it was too late for many.

  • Lepanchee
    Panchito De Rivia (@Lepanchee) reported

    @fransludge @Diablo We dont fix it* Sorry, my bad. Thank you baaaiii

  • Lepanchee
    Panchito De Rivia (@Lepanchee) reported

    @fransludge @Diablo No, we dont fix ir because we care about you, your problems or your ps4 mates. You ******* ******* piece of shit. Good day, sir c:

  • RasmusEmilsson1
    Rasmus Emilsson (@RasmusEmilsson1) reported

    @Diablo You people think the people who make these videos are the ones who can fix issues with the game? You understand that different people do different things at an office right?

  • lordrain1922
    Robert Lee (@lordrain1922) reported

    @Diablo Just letting you know season 15 console double cache is still broken.... Nearly what 40 hours after launch?

  • The_Briterican
    The Briterican (@The_Briterican) reported

    Are you ignoring Console Players on purpose? The current Season is BROKEN for ALL console players. NO Double Horadric Caches are being rewarded @Diablo @Blizzard_Ent @BlizzardCS #Gaming #Diablo3

  • _gothjabi_
    Ana (@_gothjabi_) reported

    @Diablo Fix the console double bounty bug first!

  • liquidtweak
    🏔hiding under a rock🏔 (@liquidtweak) reported

    @Diablo stop showing armor that has been in game since launch as if it's new and stop doing Friday events if you have no weekend support for the issues that show up after you launch the event and head home!!!

  • Thegeek371
    Thegeek37 (@Thegeek371) reported

    @Diablo Enough of this fix the console double bounty caches ffs it's been over 24hrs now and nothing

  • thanos_car
    🗝️🎃Sp00kySentinel🎃🗝️ (@thanos_car) reported

    @Diablo I'm not sure if you've been alerted to this issue but the double horadric cache bonus is not working for me I'm playing on the xbox one version.

  • atraxian_1233
    SerraAngelToken Atraxian (@atraxian_1233) reported

    @Stoner_68 @nichegamer Harder than Diablo 3? Imagine the first episode called "Error 37"

  • The_Briterican
    The Briterican (@The_Briterican) reported

    @Diablo @Blizzard_Ent @BlizzardCS Season 15 of #Diablo3 is BROKEN for all Console Players WORLDWIDE

  • GamingUmpire
    Gaming Umpire (@GamingUmpire) reported

    @Diablo Was working last night with no issues! I shall see if it’s the same this morning.

  • wasneverafan
    reign of the garbage (@wasneverafan) reported

    the problem with a diablo series is that it will no doubt follow the blizzard trend of having absolutely fascinating world building and absolute garbage ass plotlines

  • AndrewEccles14
    Andrew Eccles (@AndrewEccles14) reported

    @Diablo Fix the double bounty drops on console this is complete bs

  • WarrenJeanes
    Warren Jeanes (@WarrenJeanes) reported from Cape Town, Western Cape

    @Diablo Soooooo 2.23 am PDT, 23 September and 2x caches still not working on console, no feedback from @Blizzard_Ent, no ETA just deafening silence. Guess things have changed at Blizzard, this kinda thing wouldn't fly in the past!

  • dangergenVex
    DangergenVex (@dangergenVex) reported

    @MeighannCarter @Diablo This. Not working on Xbox 1

  • dangergenVex
    DangergenVex (@dangergenVex) reported

    @Diablo Still experiencing the issue on Xbox?

  • areweallalone
    Calvin (@areweallalone) reported

    @Diablo Not very compelling to get it on switch when you still haven't acknowledged it's still broken on consoles

  • plarsen35
    Chimmy35 (@plarsen35) reported

    @Diablo @Titan_kingz if the season started for both consoles and pc at the same time why haven't the double cache issue was fixed for the consoles when you fixed the pc's

  • YaksterX
    Yakir Garavelas (@YaksterX) reported

    @Diablo So like million people crying about x2 cache not working is what is going to fix it? I think that #Blizzard is well aware of that by now but it's not something that is fixed in a moment. They fixed the PC, they will fix that too. But more crying about it ain't gonna do much.

  • OneJRS
    MagnaPoster (@OneJRS) reported

    @Diablo 12:20 am EST,. Just ran a quick 5 bountirs to test on PS4 and still not working...I'm going to play something for a couple days until you decide on whether or not you're going to bother fixing it or not. Maybe I'll give PoE a try, heard it's better anyways.

  • LupinePrincess1
    Sam Schultz (@LupinePrincess1) reported

    @Diablo STILL down on XBox One. Please fix this.

  • MCMF_Raven
    Michael Craven (@MCMF_Raven) reported

    @Diablo That's cool. Don't fix your bugs for consoles.

  • xXZeRgLiNgXx
    Jack Daniel ́s (@xXZeRgLiNgXx) reported

    @Terraria_Logic The version 1.3.6 must have the option of choosing the objects he wants to collect the ground or where they fall. For example as in "Diablo 3", the character has the option to choose between the fallen objects to load them together with him. This solves the error of the full bag.

  • Matt_J_88
    Matt Johnson (@Matt_J_88) reported

    @Diablo Still not working on Xbox One

  • Joshua_Springer
    That Jewish Kid (@Joshua_Springer) reported

    Need some recs for cheap gaming desktops and/or laptops that can handle WoW, Diablo, and Overwatch. Current laptop lasted 4 years and may cost 3/4 of what it cost to even fix it.

  • 0grammarg0
    MARGO (@0grammarg0) reported

    @Diablo Not working on xbox one please fix

  • calamitykev79
    Kevin Ellis (@calamitykev79) reported

    @Diablo Still not working on Xbox one. Guess everyone left for the weekend.

  • Destinywlf
    Destinywlf (@Destinywlf) reported

    @Diablo Likely we will wait at least a week for a fix, patches have to be submitted to sony any Microsoft, and are reviewed before being made available

  • amandajmoored
    amanda (@amandajmoored) reported

    @Diablo still not working on ps4

  • voltsy_chan
    Voltsy (@voltsy_chan) reported

    @fransludge @Diablo they haven't even taken notice on the official forums so i wouldn't hold your breath on them addressing the problem while they still have players.

  • WarrenJeanes
    Warren Jeanes (@WarrenJeanes) reported from Cape Town, Western Cape

    @Diablo nearly 24 hours since S15 been live on XB & PS, Twitter going nuts about how 2x caches still not working on console and not a word from you guys about a fix, ETA or even acknowledging there's a problem! Pretty damn shoddy execution and we expected better from Blizzard

  • KasheenaPlease
    Kasheena (@KasheenaPlease) reported

    64% dropped frames trying to play Diablo 3. Wtf @streamlabs didnt have an issue before your newest update :|

  • Adrastria
    Bonnie Thomas (@Adrastria) reported

    @AskPlayStation when will you implement the update from blizzard for diablo 3 season 15 errors on ps4. It's been 24 hours since blizzard released the hotfix?

  • MattCavanough
    Matt Cavanough (@MattCavanough) reported

    @Diablo @Blizzard_ANZ Bonus cache for D3 S15 is not working on consoles.

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