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Diablo is a hack and slash action role-playing video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems.

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January 18: Problems at Diablo

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  • voltsy_chan Voltsy 🏳️‍⚧️ a real gamer girl UWU (@voltsy_chan) reported

    @valeforXD POE isn't the sequel to diablo 2. It has all the same issues as diablo 3 such as most skills being useless at end game and devolving into screen nukes for fast clears the only difference is the gear phase goes stupidly fast or stupidly slow depending on RNG.

  • Egoisticspark TerribleGem (@Egoisticspark) reported

    The skills are fun and varied, build ideas are viable, drops aren't always trash, the art is nice, the sound is good, the pets solve a ton of problems, and the end game, while basic, feels good Blizzard, ask yourself why this got my money while the Diablo 3 expac didn't

  • Bebe_Rachelle_ 🎧🎶Rachelle🥀CMyTears (@Bebe_Rachelle_) reported

    @shellymarie19xx @Julez28 @HeatherXX18 @Anileda23 The problem is that EST is wanting it to end. You have to remember that Kells 🖤😈 also name dropped and mentioned him on Hotel Diablo there are very specific lyrics that are aimed at Eminem. That was six months ago not very long M is respondingThis is how rap battles work

  • AlexTheRedd Alex The Red (@AlexTheRedd) reported

    Yeah and Blizzard was "definitely not working" on Diablo IV. Different companies sure but I feel like every time a company says this it absolutely means they are making the thing.

  • Down_Air Thexan AKA Whitney Houston (@Down_Air) reported from University Park, Florida

    @Messiah_CFL But didn’t announce the new diablo 4 till months later it scares people that they aren’t listening at all and people are getting angry because of that. If they came out with a real patch and fix online play I promise you not many people would be mad

  • LordGersh Gersh (@LordGersh) reported

    @Thafnine Diablo 2's secondary game loop (i.e. character building, customization, and item systems) was never very good and has aged poorly. It's core game loop of going out and killing monsters was SO GOOD that it overshadowed those problems back then.

  • TwiixNamNam Flami (@TwiixNamNam) reported

    @shellymarie19xx May some people can hear you Shelly 🙏🏼 I hate it when they only talked about that ONE line in Hotel Diablo that refers to that beef when the whole album is about mental issues, addiction, life and death (subjects that need to be talked about!)...

  • leowyld Leo Wyld 🦝 (Raccoonatic Commander) (@leowyld) reported

    @StarProcyonid I stick to playing Wolf, so I don't want any for myself. But rather, characters that will further represent Smash as a history of gaming. Maybe Crash Bandicoot. Maybe a Blizzard rep (since a couple of their first games were on SNES and Diablo 3/OW have both done well on Switch)

  • FelinoidCammie Camili Cat (@FelinoidCammie) reported

    @Commissioneir Oh believe me...I have no problem with monsters and creatures...or demons. One of my friends is a demon... Diablo..

  • aiQueSeguraa lexipedia ✨ (@aiQueSeguraa) reported

    @naniguillen93 Modern love - amazon Diablo guardián - Amazon Atypical - Netflix The sinner - Netflix Glitch - Netflix 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

  • pfhillegass Patrick (@pfhillegass) reported

    I just went to Taco Bell and ordered way too much food. I asked for diablo sauce and the cashier either said to me “no problem”, or “don’t bottom”. Either way I’m grateful for the sentiment.

  • kylemcampbell Kyle Campbell (@kylemcampbell) reported

    @BetteMidler Diablo Cody says hold my beer while I laugh, and then hold it again while I continue to laugh, AND THEN says there are bigger problems in the word.

  • _kmoneyy_ 💸💰 (@_kmoneyy_) reported

    I called my homegirl to tell her how to fix up her diablo sauce at Bennys and someone gone say ima pro cus I heat the diablo with the garlic butter 😂😭 I’m not new to this I’m true to this.

  • deluxebows old man menu (@deluxebows) reported

    @KazumaThehands Wheb I played splatoon diablo and monster hunter a ton I like never actually encountered a issue like at all the issues at hand didnt even have to do with online but were with the game in general like partying up with friends is ass In sp2

  • Fresha_Wake Fresha Wake (@Fresha_Wake) reported

    I'd just play the diablo 4 demo over and over **** these service games

  • SyberSycho SyberSycho (@SyberSycho) reported

    Not sure what we should play tomorrow. Maybe some more transport fever 2 or some Diablo 3. I guess that's a problem for tomorrow.

  • L4dieG4mer L4DIEG4MER N7 🇨🇦🙋🏻👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 ☠👼🏻✨😎🖖🏻 (@L4dieG4mer) reported

    @Lady_Alenko @RockstarGames You'd think programmers by now would know better. Most of them had to of grown up with Diablo II, early 2000s MMOs. Jesus even GTA5 still has hack issues. Which then doesn't shock me Red Dead has them. It's an easy ******* fix. I can say that my husband programs FFS.

  • taiwan23175 王嘉鑑 (@taiwan23175) reported

    @Diablo Please, you have to understand the skill system in D3 is the biggest problem, block for 6 skills at one time isn't good design, and another big problem is Armor set, it limited all the way to play this game. Please, don't use the same system in D4.

  • alisajoy331 Alisa Boyer (@alisajoy331) reported

    @notsoodazed Damn Girl I believe in Nuclear Power However this is the problem Something else wenhabe in common I lived near a Nuclear Power plant for years Diablo Canyon I certainly hope they really do have things under control and your ok

  • DuskTactics Dusk Tactics (@DuskTactics) reported

    @TomGrochowiak @JasiekYeti @TerraRandoma Oh this is so true!! I played Diablo 3 at launch on PC and obviously there were other problems at that time, but I eventually stopped. I picked it up on console and it was literally perfect. And this was a game where I even thought "this would be hard on a gamepad due to skills"

  • NoirProgenitor Demon God Diablo (@NoirProgenitor) reported

    @UshiromiyaHeir "I shall see with him, but I doubt there shall be all that much issue with it" Diablo then said as he returned his hand to the table after shaking Lions own "But there are a few other absent beings of these multiple tales that are still absent, like Ange, Dlanor and -

  • AaronGeneric Aaron (@AaronGeneric) reported

    @joerogan I had a similar problem after buying a bottle of that Taco Bell Diablo sauce from an outlet store and putting it on a few meals. Only difference would be the considerable amount of blood in the toilet bowl as well. Yeah I went to the hospital XD

  • TheUltimateOzzY Oswald Neppl (@TheUltimateOzzY) reported

    @Aster1_ Yeah, I feel you. I think the problem for this is how loot is designed to be some long term investment thing instead of a short term investment like Path of Exile, Diablo and Borderlands. There they ( PoE, D3) make a fresh reset with seasons. Start from scratch with new items.

  • iwaxzumi ⋆ ceo of iwasemi | 📌 ⋆ (@iwaxzumi) reported

    My phone is at 8% now which is making it lag but I’m too lazy to go to my room to charge it- It’s lazy diablo times :<

  • jrronimo J.R. Raith (@jrronimo) reported

    @Rhialto @Diablo That is a bummer. :/ I hope they fix them eventually. I still have a *ton* that I haven't gotten; DoT was just a special treat for me.

  • Rhialto Daniel L. (@Rhialto) reported

    @jrronimo @Diablo Still working from time to time on the achievements from basic Diablo like The Cursed Mill and cursed Bellows or the unique Captain Cage. Seems they won't acknowledge some challenges are broken and they show no interest in fixing those. Shame.

  • sleepyjoegaming Sleepyjoegaming 🖱️ Twitch🖱️ (@sleepyjoegaming) reported

    sorry all connection issues ill have to try get them stable for another date diablo will be put on hold !

  • JohanLejdung Johan Lejdung (@JohanLejdung) reported

    I can play Diablo on my Iphone 7 in a browser without lag 🤯 #wat

  • mixedboymyles Myles son of Lawrence (@mixedboymyles) reported

    @Diablo I’ve been trying to get in contact with your support team regarding my diablo 3 characters being deleted based on an error in the game. I have tried to submit a ticket online but I have been unable to do so. I would love the opportunity to explain more. Thx

  • suckmymariposa alex-nikole (@suckmymariposa) reported

    @23andmeannnnn Nfs. Cus ****** got a problem with everythingggg she don’t do or do. El diablo.

  • VintageZombie Nyssa Harkness (@VintageZombie) reported

    I also need more newspaper and soft stuff for my figurines. Cullen from DA will be okay, I kept his box, but Diablo and my Night Elf hunter has already had bits broken off it (THANK YOU CAT UGH). My undead priestess is my main queen (and the start) of my collection

  • DarrylDrake8 Darryl Drake 0llllll0 06’ LJ (@DarrylDrake8) reported

    Love me some Diablo! Necromancer class is broken!

  • qubed_b B-Qubed [Working on 10 Days to Jupiter] (@qubed_b) reported

    @JustPeople77 @Myobackup @pcgamer I don't think the problem is with Steam tailoring more, but rather developers. China is a huge market and their government has strict requirements on video games (ie. no skeletons). Mobile gaming is also huge in China, just in case you were wondering who Diablo Immortal was for.

  • TheMarxen MarxenSableGuard (@TheMarxen) reported

    @BlizzardCS I'm trying to play co-op with friends in Diablo 3 on ps4 but it keeps giving me an "error: there was a problem joining the game" message, no error code or anything

  • PurpleTurtleGa Purps 🎄 (@PurpleTurtleGa) reported

    @discordapp - diablo 3, van helsing, crash team racing, uncharted lost legacy, dragon quest xi - dq11 - cheese!!

  • andreas_mwg Andreas Walters (@andreas_mwg) reported

    @ehloanna @meagankenrekt whats funny is that Diablo 3 had this same problem, that the devs were afraid of nerfing, which led to constant buffs that essentially got out of control

  • coL_Amazonian Amy the Amazonian (@coL_Amazonian) reported

    @Sidenorna @wizards_magic @BeAMagicLegend Looks more like D3 to me. Not really an issue for me, I did a Diablo 2 run recently that was fun.

  • LegionOvGuy Legion (@LegionOvGuy) reported

    @discordapp - crash bandicoot n. sane trilogy - Diablo 2 - flamin’ hot cheetos

  • StationarySpace Freemason Glenn Yurchenko (@StationarySpace) reported

    the enpuriti portion'es of 'population of aryan state'es will remoteli away rather await for further rather vore detale'es of some problem'es with ingolish with its literal meaning'es toot close to diablo sessin'es or rather occasion'es of

  • greggioia Greg Gioia (@greggioia) reported

    @markasaurus If Berkeley counts, for 13 years I lived in an apartment without working heat. Each year I'd ask the slumlords at Diablo Holdings to fix it, and each year they refused. It got very cold-- water would sometimes freeze if left out overnight.

  • LadyJenevia 紫織🇯🇵 (@LadyJenevia) reported

    @ShayneOfficial problems making money because the marketing people were insistent on trying to target 18-25 year old men because “Megan Fox Hot” when in actuality the vast majority of her fans are young women. Megan and Diablo did a 10-year reunion interview and they spilled it all. It was sad.

  • NoirProgenitor Demon God Diablo (@NoirProgenitor) reported

    Dusting himself off, Diablo just shook his head, having broken free of his "confinement" without much issue "How impotent.. yet I would hardly consider this a victory on either mine or his part.. just a delay in a future battle we may have"

  • neverbmc MC⚜️ (@neverbmc) reported

    I pulled a “no call no show” at this restaurant I was working at last year. I only worked there for two weeks and I’m really craving their boiled crab with their diablo seasoning. I wanna go eat there so bad 😩but I’m scared they’ll refuse service on me for ghosting them. FML 😂

  • Danimo25 Chris (@Danimo25) reported

    @flannellawyer @pogform when EA gave people who bought the bad SimCity a free EA game as make-up I chose DARKSPORE. it was Diablo but with spore parts instead of loot. it was okay but funnily enough had the same always-online problem that simcity had

  • KinoDad420 🌵💀🌵Baking Bad coming soon i promise (@KinoDad420) reported

    John Carpenter's The Thing but instead of a shitty dos chess game we have diablo II and smash bros so we never notice the helicopter crash outside and everything turns out ok

  • ProgramMax Chris Blume (@ProgramMax) reported

    @lefticus And as a side thing, I love using Diablo 2 as an anecdote. When it was launched everybody was shocked that it required 4 CDs. It was HUGE! The executable entirely fit inside the CPU cache at the time. I think in most cases, even the misunderstood code bloat is a non-issue.

  • jacobmartinez85 jake (@jacobmartinez85) reported

    @Fobwashed No. But if I had That system I would get diablo 3. I have issues.

  • NoirProgenitor Demon God Diablo (@NoirProgenitor) reported

    @BrokenPride123 "Oh I did see it, I was just not to impressed" Diablo shrugged, clearly used to all this before he suddenly was standing behind the other male.. having traveled the distance without any time lag using a Skill he had

  • kacytiller Kacy Tiller (@kacytiller) reported

    I only had $147 in my bank until I get paid in two days. I’m really sick. I am cramping bad. I’m stuck in my apartment until Thursday. I just wanted to play these games while I try to get better. Diablo 3 and Overwatch were $40 cheaper and Crash Bandicoot was $20 cheaper.

  • kacytiller Kacy Tiller (@kacytiller) reported

    @PlayStation had sale for Crash Bandicoot for first time ever. $40 to $20. Overwatch from $60 to $20. Diablo 3 Eternal Coll from $60 to $20. At work, throwing $$ together. Rushed to bank emptying wallet in bank to afford it. Playstation bumped prices back up a few hours later.

  • dsperez Don Perez (@dsperez) reported

    @Kripparrian WoW, FPS PvP and Diablo-style games I can't play anymore because of wrist and elbow issues. Long story. Try using a mouse with the other hand (I had to) or play Hearthstone and other games with the Steam Controller (if you can still get one w/ your pull as a streamer or ebay).

  • KashouArt Kashou (@KashouArt) reported

    @doomconsultant I've played pretty much every ARPG. Grim Dawn is too slow for me. Diablo 3 is the closest to what I would like gameplay wise but literally everything in the game is a broken mess so it's the worst of them all as a result. Most ARPGs are still stuck in Diablo 2 design mindsets.

  • jermays Khan (@jermays) reported

    @Kripparrian I hate to say it, but i had to give up Diablo and subsequently haven't been able to play PoE because of similar issues. Most other games are fine including moba's and shooters.. be careful with it and i hope it's not as bad!

  • RustyGoodDalek1 RustyGoodDalek🏳️‍🌈🦡🐳🦈🦛🦄🎄🌈🍵📜 (@RustyGoodDalek1) reported

    @Blizzard_Ent care to fix error 3006 on Diablo it’s only existed since part 2

  • oliverthewitnes 2Witness.COM (@oliverthewitnes) reported

    @PlanetTyrus @NicoleArbour You have a problem with this administration team Diablo

  • simplyzak Rumbustious calm 🇬🇧 🇫🇷 (@simplyzak) reported

    @candlesan @RKRigney Diablo immortal announcement would have gone done well if done after the a D4 announcement. The lesson here is listen to your playerbase, something Blizzard seems to forget. BFA being a disaster with issues that were forewarned during beta tests.

  • nukneto iNUKE (@nukneto) reported

    @Diablo If only I could create games and play and not have error "only available to party leaders" and not be able to play

  • Pinboard Pinboard (@Pinboard) reported

    @TheRealNumber6 @boxall The issue is that canyons funnel winds and can cause localized gusts over 100 mph. Cliff Mass is a good person to read about this (search him on Diablo winds). At that point broken limbs or entire trees can be propelled against wires; it's not just a question of trimming

  • AfBasmon BasmonAF (@AfBasmon) reported

    @RKRigney @TFT @Riot_Beernana I get the fear, but the problem with Immortal wasn't the fact that Blizzard was making a mobile game. Players had been asking for Diablo 4 and got a game that many of them would most likely not even play, with no idea if the game they really wanted was in the works at all.

  • VermillionWorks Sarah Ɲ. (@VermillionWorks) reported

    I think one of my issues with Velis was that I was just not feeling the more past-like setting. I think I'll try out something that's more Diablo meets Quake: Still gothic fantasy but allowing myself to try some sci-fi bits.

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