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Diablo is a hack and slash action role-playing video game developed and published by Blizzard Entertainment. Available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, Microsoft Windows, Macintosh operating systems.

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February 26: Problems at Diablo

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  • ConsulIncitatus inc (@ConsulIncitatus) reported

    the problem is that diablo 3 is fun when you're in the thick of it. it's just got a completely ****** story and for a long time, the itemization was ****** too. aesthetically it was boring

  • bungle_1980 bungle (@bungle_1980) reported

    @oldethernett -Diablo ll -Bully -Minecraft -Crash Bandicoot & Crash Bash

  • DryvBy DryvBy (@DryvBy) reported

    @Alcoholikaust My friend is going to be ticked. He has some issue with Diablo not just being on mouse and keyboard. I can't wait to ruin his day.

  • FarvourKyle Kyle Farvour (@FarvourKyle) reported


  • DryvBy DryvBy (@DryvBy) reported

    @GuerrillaDawg It's the best ARPG since Diablo 2 for me until I tried MP. It was broken beyond belief for me and a friend.

  • soldans85 Harry Alonzo Longabaugh (@soldans85) reported

    This is it @BlizzardCS @Blizzard_Ent @BlizzardCSEU_EN . I'm getting harassed and called gay inside of @PlayOverwatch because a player blames me for your broken matchmaking. I'm hereby cancelling my subscription of WoW and cancelling my preorders of both diablo 4 and OW 2.

  • SirPTF24 Thicc at the Gates Again (@SirPTF24) reported

    @MeterAngelEL @Dan4Neo This was in 2012 shortly before the close of THQ, which is still too late because that was Mass Effect 3 and Dragon Age 2, Skyrim not working properly on PS3 and the first murmurings of Obsidian getting screwed over, and Starcraft 2, Diablo 3 and Mists of Pandera

  • theReal_Ksilly lost one xx🥀 (@theReal_Ksilly) reported

    @hxbiitz @AbiESTXX @machinegunkelly Doesn’t make him good at it tho. He’s got hella problems and that’s how he copes and drugs is how he deals I mean that basically what hotel Diablo is about he’s not good at doing drugs he bad at it and it’s a bad habit

  • dravenstedman ////NEWLIFE//// 🌷 (@dravenstedman) reported

    sucks that diablo ii has decided i'm not allowed to play past act 1 or it'll crash -- it keeps throwing an error that seems to have happened to a lot of people but nobody seems to have an actual answer to, UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: ACCESS_VIOLATION (c0000005)

  • ppowers345 ppowers345 (@ppowers345) reported

    While I 'm enjoying #Wolcen, having the same issue I always had with #Diablo - INVENTORY SPACE. @wolcengame MAKE POTIONS STACK. Or at least not take up inventory room. @Blizzard_Ent learned this one a long time ago. I want to pick up everything for the skins but man what a pain.

  • Dreadmodex Dreadmodex (@Dreadmodex) reported

    @PlayStation It was either Crash Bandicoot or Diablo 2 I think 🤔

  • Vaellin Vaellin the Bard (@Vaellin) reported

    🎮 10 games to know 🎮 -Final Fantasy 4 -Final Fantasy 14 -Star Ocean Till the end of time -Super Mario Maker -Crash Bandicoot: Warped -Ace Attorney -Diablo 2 -Starbound -Pokemon Gold -Joe and Mac 2

  • DoAbarrel_Troll Michael *LookingForInfosecMentor* (@DoAbarrel_Troll) reported

    Super disappointed that Wolcen is in the state it's in right now. Game looks really good, and (seemingly) a feasible alternative to Diablo. Hopefully they fix the server issues and the other bugs, cause if they do I'll definitely be picking it up

  • djn200778 David Noble (@djn200778) reported

    @f1mrfox @Pani_Tsouris I remember owning the computer game XJ220 for the Amiga. It didn't have the Diablo in it because (according to the game) Lamborghini were having problems with it, so it featured the Countach which always finished last because it was 25 - 35 mph slower than the other cars.

  • a_damcbear88 C-Bear (@a_damcbear88) reported

    First world problem that I’m not over: The latest Mac OS update made 32bit applications obsolete and I had some pretty high level characters in Diablo 2 that I can’t get back.

  • dominicanamjoon julissa⁷ #justiciaparard (@dominicanamjoon) reported

    white ppl think que y con esa ojera del diablo son lindxs. ueah baby idl abt all of tht. how can u even fix ur mouth to attempt to say tht shes ugly cara de dorito

  • MisterMark82 Mark (@MisterMark82) reported

    @frailgesture Your coverage got me jonesin for an arpg and this game got problems so I just reinstalled Diablo 3 again instead. 😎

  • cccta County Connection (@cccta) reported

    Please be advised there is an accident on Oakland/Mt. Diablo. Rt 1 to Rossmoor will take California R on Olympic then L on Tice Valley to reg route until further notice. Boulevard Way will be missed. Follow for updates or call customer service at 925-676-7500 for more info.

  • nintsales Nintendo Switch Sales (@nintsales) reported

    ENDING TOMORROW (Feb.21) #NintendoSwitch Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy - $19.99 (50% off) Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled - $23.99 (40% off) Diablo III: Eternal Collection - $39.99 (33% off) Drift Legends - $4.99 (50% off) Hand Of Fate 2 - $14.99 (50% off)

  • stoobs_ebooks stoobs_ebooks (@stoobs_ebooks) reported

    DADDY 👏 DAY that I want to play diablo 3 the servers are broken #nice

  • mxrshqueen Eleanor (@mxrshqueen) reported

    “Sometimes broken things heal crooked. The pieces didn’t fit anymore.” - Ann Aguirre, Blue Diablo 💜 #quote

  • VD_KZ не выходи из комнаты, не совершай ошибку (@VD_KZ) reported

    10 games to know me: PUBG Max Payne 2 Death Stranding FIFA 2004 (Euro04) GTA: Vice city Diablo 3 God of War (2018) Richard Burns Rally Crash Bandicoot Marvel's Spider-Man

  • GFr35h GFresh (@GFr35h) reported

    Diablo 3 gets me in a trance. If playing in bed I drift off. If playing at lunch, my mind reached super zen and I cracked a work problem

  • RanjYousif Peaceful Warrior (@RanjYousif) reported

    @ps4savewizard would you kindly fix diablo 3 the gem cheat is not working

  • shaunlabrie CyberShaun 2077 (@shaunlabrie) reported

    @Qwik I never played a Diablo game... one day I’ll have to fix that

  • zayon55732020 zayon (@zayon55732020) reported

    @wakevajzet @IonHazzikostasQ wrong. they r just retarded. we pay MONTLY and pvp vendors was a longer system they are just tryngto apply lootboxes and diablo-like systems but they actually doesnt fit in a MMORPG the problem is that most of us that complain for good reasons, keep play! so they just nocare

  • Wiihawk Konsolenfalke (@Wiihawk) reported

    @SNUKgaming Mega Man X Series (SNES, PS1, PS2, Switch, Steam). Final Fantasy X (PS2, PS3 and in the future I will buy it on Switch) Diablo 3 (PC, Switch) Broken Sword (PS1, PC,Wii)

  • Chiefytv Chiefy ♡ (@Chiefytv) reported

    *sigh* oh Wolcen, this damn broken ass game, why do you have to be so good but terrible at the same time. Just give me Diablo 4 already.

  • EpicNinjaShiro 赤の城 (@EpicNinjaShiro) reported

    @Grummz It’s not authentic until the part that covers Diablo 3 is just an error message for a third of its ep count.

  • KCBSAMFMTraffic KCBS Radio - The Traffic Leader (@KCBSAMFMTraffic) reported

    UPDATE: #Danville - 680 NB before Diablo Rd, an earlier hit-and-run crash has been cleared from lanes but traffic remains very heavy just after Crow Canyon Rd. #KCBSTraffic

  • 13Try_Harder37 13Try_Harder37 (@13Try_Harder37) reported

    @Kidritch good thing they didnt make a diablo cartoon and an overwatch anime, that would be a huge problem

  • David__Jetta David Jetta (@David__Jetta) reported

    @wardlittle4 @xboxuk Its not like those games though. Devs said it isnt a live service game and will be a complete packagw at launch. So closer to things like Diablo and Mass Effect

  • Mercynary Mercy (@Mercynary) reported

    @MalcoImm @SometimesWar @HughQuinn12 @witchergame Considered the joy-cons have drifting issues and tiny baby buttons, actually i prefer the bigger screen, the tiny 6 inch screen is just too small, specially when playing games like diablo... that 6 inch screen just doesn't cut it.

  • rtw1992 the Foz (@rtw1992) reported

    Opened my last bottle of Casillero del diablo by pushing the now broken cork into the bottle.

  • SinFFX Sin (@SinFFX) reported

    @WolcenGame sad to see this. iwould buy this if it wasnt a buggy mess. i think many other ppl would do too. i hope you get your game together and fix it. gamae is already a better diablo 3 if it werent for this bugs and crappy servers

  • getintheVandell SergeantScritchyScratch (@getintheVandell) reported

    I enjoy Borderlands 3, but it has a severe issue with having no online-only mode like Diablo 2 did - you can just hack whatever you want and anyone you play with can do the same, and it makes the game feel so trivial when I can just download a fully leveled/kitted character.

  • TheExitom Exitom (@TheExitom) reported

    @Jan_Martinik Blizzard need Diablo 4 and Overwatch 2 to succeed, hopefully they know there's little room for error but looking at the gameplay so far I have high hopes

  • cherquoyah ari lenox’s thigh meat (@cherquoyah) reported

    I’ll never forget that one sister who scolded me during our service break in Taco Bell for using Diablo sauce on my tacos cause it meant devil.

  • BrianSh34157191 Brian Shafer (@BrianSh34157191) reported

    @viclight @venomstrike @Strikerz72 @Trazz___ @Faulenzer57 @WolcenGame @SkillUpYT I am just happy it is an improvement from Diablo 3. I played it to much.If they fix this I can happily drop Diablo 3 till the next 1.I still play single player so I wasn't affected much, but I respect people who can't play with their friends, and it not fair. I expected problems

  • empyriangaming Empyrian (@empyriangaming) reported

    ‘greater rift’ 80+ and my chat went from ‘is this game like diablo 3/poe’ to ‘why is your build so bad’ because they watched other streamers play with broken builds (sometimes in offline mode). This is a streamer issue ofc and should not influence the avg player. 2/3

  • JohnJiao John Jiao, MD (@JohnJiao) reported

    I put about 1000 hours into Diablo 3 over the last decade so I am *really* interested in Wolcen as a concept, but I definitely won't be touching it while there's still the chance of a random unpredictable bug wiping out your progress with no fix -- nooooo thanks

  • razelpoof razelpoof (@razelpoof) reported

    @WolcenGame welll i dont know why ppl cry and complain your a indie dev team not blizzard i mean blizzard made wow...starcraft...diablo..they know more about server issue and still have problem...and took hours too fix

  • Takariistorm Takarii (@Takariistorm) reported

    @Kaelaris @RavenCasts Its actually nowhere near as bad as some people would have you believe. It still has a few small issues and it got off to a rocky start with its online servers (but so did diablo 3...) I completed the story myself thismorning and I'm looking forward to grinding out endgame.

  • a_b_o_x Box (@a_b_o_x) reported

    @StingusBingus I've just been playing offline without any problems. Kind of shitty to have offline and online characters separate but eh I'm okay with the option remembering how no one could play diablo 3 on the week of release

  • pianos_awesome Eric (((H))) (@pianos_awesome) reported

    had a dream mac miller said "big chungus" instead of "petey pablo" in the diablo music video. id now really like to know what my issue is

  • Ben0war Benjamin (@Ben0war) reported

    @rockpapershot The release of Diablo III (there is NO offline mode for PC), Final Fantasy XIV, Destiny 1/2 were a real mess - and this games were not produced by a small indie studio like @WolcenGame. Yes, there a bugs and there are server problems. But the game is great. Relax.

  • iwaxzumi ⋆ 𝙙𝙞𝙖𝙗𝙡𝙤 ✯ 𝙘𝙚𝙤 𝙤𝙛 𝙞𝙬𝙖𝙨𝙚𝙢𝙞 ⋆ (@iwaxzumi) reported

    Me trying to use gestures used on discord here on twitter wondering why it’s not working.... dumb diablo hours

  • StrifeStormy Shadie, creative shade friend (@StrifeStormy) reported

    @WhiteMageJenny Also honestly the first female demon in gaming was diablo 1's Succubus. How can we ignore a busty, beautiful woman with wings who shoots projectiles that, with one or two it's okay, but no matter your class, multiple, like 20 in a room, becomes a huge problem that could kill you.

  • thewilbatron Paul Wilby (@thewilbatron) reported

    @PaulTassi The peak player count was less than 2k during early access. Then went to over 60k on launch. No way they could have known it would spike that much. That only explains the server issues though. Also, not every ARPG is a Diablo game. Every fps is wolfenstein too by that logic

  • xkeya Kathy Kells (@xkeya) reported

    @charliesmithvcr @ElizabethMay @RussDiabo Russ Diablo nails it when he says PM or deputy PM needs to meet with indigenous protesters. Trudeau failed to address land issues in his first term and now that failure has come back to bite him hard.

  • PR3SIDENT Cory Niblett (@PR3SIDENT) reported

    To compare Wolcen to Diablo 3's horrific launch is just not fair, at all. People need to find some patience and calm down. It's not like they have stopped communicating and giving updates. Having a more successful game is better for everyone, even if it means short term issues.

  • stevebloom55 Steve Bloom (@stevebloom55) reported

    @duncan__c @jdeely Diablo is toast regardless. Whoever signed a PPA for beyond 2025 would have to bear relicensing costs, including the new cooling system and the fault issue (that might be fatal to the plant anyway). And floating wind will need that grid connection as soon as the shutdown happens.

  • Beardedidiot Bearded Idiot (@Beardedidiot) reported

    @damnnigf @Beejis @WolcenGame i played diablo 3 when it released and had no problem playing online

  • samusprime_ Samus Prime (@samusprime_) reported

    @WolcenGame What pisses me off are the morons giving the game bad reviews on @Steam due to these server issues. It's not like we can't play offline (cough, @Diablo). I have been playing since early alpha and the work the @WolcenGame devs have but into this is commendable. Have patience.

  • DunskeD Dunske Dozer (@DunskeD) reported

    @Beejis @WolcenGame Diablo 3 was only off for a very short time. It wasnt days... But anyway blizzard is the best game producer ever with a lot of experience. It is not fair to compare them. Just give them time they will fix it...

  • DarkEnergyBrian SHADOW, INCORPORATED (@DarkEnergyBrian) reported

    @PaulTassi @ohaiitznick This is why I'm a hard pass on Diablo 4 without offline single player. Done with this "everything has to be a live service" bullshit, which leads to more unnecessary problems than anything good. Plenty of other games that do it the way I want. Time to draw the line.

  • Auburok Andrew Puchniarz (@Auburok) reported

    @drutheking @WolcenGame I couldn't play with the person I wanted to play Diablo 3 with for 3 days (gave up for a while after) because of network issues. I got past the dreaded Error 37, but Error 1016 kept me from playing anyway.

  • DarkKinoto Alexander Harper (@DarkKinoto) reported

    @quecksilber457 @LewdPhenomenon @OfficialLAMY @paduartex @WolcenGame And yet when diablo 3 was launched, which is made by blizzard, they had the same issues.

  • KleePlays KleePlays (@KleePlays) reported

    @Beejis @WolcenGame There's a difference with connectivity issues and server load like diablo 3 and then there is multiple issues and having to actually take servers down making it impossible to play... This is worse then d3, also this is there first and only game.

  • KuhlVincent Vincent (@KuhlVincent) reported

    @FluffyWoWx @Beejis @WolcenGame Also, Diablo 3 didn't allow you to play the game in offline mode while thet worked on the server issues.

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