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  • MiaToon12
    Mia T. Toon (@MiaToon12) reported

    @IDK26459935 Oh dang buddy, you missed it. In short, YouTube's servers went down for about 2 hours from 9 PM until 11 PM, and everyone on Twitter and Discord were having a crisis over it, including your 's truly.

  • SpiderDreamer
    Chris (@SpiderDreamer) reported

    @discordapp Everything you have is completely down, including the status website.

  • Look1Waffles
    nah kid go fast (@Look1Waffles) reported

    @discordapp Hey. For some reason why i'm logging on at home it's saying 'new login location detected' and won't let me log in, its telling me to check my e-mails but I haven't received an e-mail

  • JacobDoveScott
    Jacob Dove-Scott (@JacobDoveScott) reported

    @cartoons_manuel @otakostudio @YouTube It’s not just Daft’s videos. It’s every video made about him. He’s also just gotten Daft Pina’s discord shut down and really everything he’s doing is just scummy; although, he is a literal ********* so I guess being scummy is second nature to him.

  • DaftPina
    DaftPina (@DaftPina) reported

    My Discord account has been shut down by Andy Tucker

  • Gamerwithoutap1
    Gamerwithoutaplan (@Gamerwithoutap1) reported

    @NatSolo_TV I could lend some help if you would like. I’ve set up and help run discord servers before.

  • Ketsuki_WoW
    Ketspooky @ Wowhead (@Ketsuki_WoW) reported

    Getting my hair done today. AKA Sitting in a chair for 3 hours being super bored and refreshing twitter/reddit/discord every 5 seconds. Help.

  • Coolited
    coolited (@Coolited) reported

    @PoisonR6S Get on discord if you wanna help, my arms are open for help

  • ha1otroop2288
    halotroop2288 (@ha1otroop2288) reported

    @FrostTheSergal @discordapp It has been on Xbox before. Severely broken. Probably because of UWP and the fact it was on W10 store too.

  • Creetzy_Epic
    Creetzy (@Creetzy_Epic) reported

    help discord crashed @frono_

  • adrianblu_
    my name Adrian (@adrianblu_) reported

    My pc hasn't been working so I can't compose anymore nor get on discord calls. I desperately need to fix it

  • toasthaste
    toasthaste (@toasthaste) reported

    @discordapp This feels like a much more core issue than something to be shunted off to the feature requests page. Transparency around the products that you're selling is a pretty basic requirement for a legitimate business, it's not a fun little optional feature.

  • CenterBeautiful
    The Beautiful Center (@CenterBeautiful) reported

    @3YearLetterman @BarackObama I hope you're a bot or paid troll. "Letterman," because no human being should be this ignorant. Jury duty not based on voter reg. NOTHING is more important than voting. People died for us to have this right. You're on Twitter to sow discord. @TwitterSafety needs to shut you down.

  • MesmerizeLive
    🧜🏽‍♀️ MesmerizeLive 🧜🏽‍♀️ (@MesmerizeLive) reported

    anyone else wanna help @discordapp is ignoring me..... when im not live discord says im live..... When i am live and streamer mode is on it says im not live..... i hve reconmected twitch etc still doing it 🤬

  • FlohIristhrae
    Smooch Boss (@FlohIristhrae) reported

    @grrraros I'm fine with it, as long as discord continues to provide quality services for voicecalls and communities. Hell, I'll probably get Nitro at this rate - I'd like to suppose a service I use (**** supporting Twitter tho)

  • MesmerizeLive
    🧜🏽‍♀️ MesmerizeLive 🧜🏽‍♀️ (@MesmerizeLive) reported

    @discordapp i need help and im getting NO help in the partner server

  • VengeanceVirus
    Virus_Vengeance (@VengeanceVirus) reported

    I'm currently logged out of discord on my mobile so that's why I haven't been as active on there the last few days. Basically just an authenticator issue. I'll try and get it fixed tonight. Also I'm thinking of doing a little midnight stream tonight. So maybe see you guys then.

  • UsagiHellsing
    Usagi (@UsagiHellsing) reported

    @discordapp I'm having a issue with a user sending Gore pictures and deleting them in People's dm

  • loadkill2040
    Brian (@loadkill2040) reported

    @RaphLife im not a big fan of this to begin with video games are not like movies where you can on a slow weekend binge watch 2 or 3 movies. some games take people weeks or months to beat so what happens if you are halfway through the game and discord decides to pull it form there service.

  • The_Rock0404
    Rocky (@The_Rock0404) reported

    @theonevortex @ferdousbhai @AaronvanW @Narodism 👍🏼 exactly. “Average” investors/users aren’t going to care about any of this. They won’t be going to meetups or read CT and discord. “Maximalist behavior” is a complete non-issue.

  • Gerry1398
    spUwUky (@Gerry1398) reported

    Youtube is down: everybody is loses their mind Discord is down: nobody gives a shit

  • jachands
    Jacob Hands (@jachands) reported

    @EvilPower90 @Zakimus @discordapp I install everything on C:\ so I haven't had that problem...

  • caedesdeo
    Leila (@caedesdeo) reported

    @rile_sumo SO HARD. >_< It probably doesn't help that I start with the attitude that I'm a nuisance and bothering people, but am trying to work on it. The discord is proving quite good in a way, no judgement or harshness from anybody

  • ImMacStat
    MacStat (@ImMacStat) reported

    @discordapp I tried launching a game via discord app but it has some issues with my multi-monitor setup. I usually have discord open on smaller monitor set in pivot and it launched game in it instead of my main one. It would be great if I could force which screen should be used.

  • ImMacStat
    MacStat (@ImMacStat) reported

    I tried launching a game via discord app but it has some issues with my multi-monitor setup. I usually have discord open on smaller monitor set in pivot and it launched game in it instead of my main one. It would be great if I could force which screen should be used.

  • JBLBway
    Lilo (@JBLBway) reported

    @Bedhead_ @kirkpk @TODAYshow When based on BS history they want to spew to help “advocate”, they are in turn lying to create a discord. They don’t have a superiority over any group, race, or culture.

  • naughty_nerdess
    Rachel Edwards (@naughty_nerdess) reported

    @Pawkeshup Yes but again notice how specifically worded Skype's Term's of service is. It implies that the user maintains ownership and that they are giving other people permission to use what is uploaded. While Discord's vague wording implies you are giving Discord itself permission.

  • InitiaNovaGen
    ㅤㅤㅤ (@InitiaNovaGen) reported

    @discordapp I've also seen some as small as 9 characters just having "Overwatch" be the title So shortening or making it longer wont make sense as a proper fix

  • perkedits
    Angel perkedits (@perkedits) reported

    Yo whos down to be in a discord call im bored

  • naughty_nerdess
    Rachel Edwards (@naughty_nerdess) reported

    @Pawkeshup You've just sent me three terms of service and all of them were better worded than discord's. Look at the size of the paragraph dedicated to explaining what you are giving Deviant Art permission to do with your content compared to Discord's. Look at how specific it is.

  • FCJamesT
    (((Eikonic Subverso))) (@FCJamesT) reported

    @DrDistribuDad @Roche_jaquelein @boethiolus I'm not attributing malicious intent to him. But ignorance does not totally relinquish you of guilt. He is still propagating malicious errors. And when it's in the service of needlessly discrediting the pope, it only seeks to sow discord in the Church. (At that time, etc.)

  • Crazy420Blaze
    Spooky Mc Spookerson 🎃 (@Crazy420Blaze) reported

    @discordapp I can't get around how pretty your UI design is. And the game store is just awesome! (Although I can't help but feel like it was an attempt to get back at @steam_games for their chat update)

  • Real__Headlines
    Real News Headlines (@Real__Headlines) reported

    Paid hit-people sowing discord to take down America. Rather simple, and one must be awfully simple minded not to see it.

  • LobroWatch
    Lobro 🔜 TwitchCon (@LobroWatch) reported

    I’ve reached what many thought was not possible: 99 @discordapp servers. I have a problem. That problem is wanting to be everyone’s friend... 😅

  • adamcstephens
    adam c stephens (@adamcstephens) reported

    @puppetmasterd @garethr @banjot @SustainOSS @slack I think Telegram and/or Discord could be a better option for communities. I did hear one argument for Slack though, as it’s easier at large companies to use yet another slack org rather than a whole new app/service.

  • Huttoneer
    Deborah Morgan (@Huttoneer) reported

    @ChippyOldGit @GabeBlessing @lilithstuff "Toxic masculinity" was always going to cause discord - no surprise that young men want to identify out of masculinity if that's the word we're going to tag it with... lib fems got us into this mess and now they're doubling down on their ridiculous stance.

  • BitTubeCreators
    BitTube Creators (@BitTubeCreators) reported

    @aswini23018935 Not sure. Maybe you should join the BitTube discord and see if someone can help you. There is also a Bug report option on platform and they are pretty swift to resolve any bugs found.

  • fucky_face
    fucky (@fucky_face) reported

    @IPirateStuff If you want help you have my discord. let's help you fight it

  • OCSBroadcastify
    OtoeCOBroadcastify (@OCSBroadcastify) reported

    Looks like our internet here at head quarters has went offline, we are attempting to get service restored, feed, video streams and discord audio will be offline untill internet is restored, thanks for your patience!

  • crapfromebay
    kk (@crapfromebay) reported

    @discordapp hey so i got home from school today, turn on my pc, and discord (opens at login) opened, and showed a black screen

  • GgayMisi
    GGayMisi👻 (@GgayMisi) reported

    @discordapp pls help discord wont load my chat or any new messeges idk what to do

  • JooFreire15
    João Freire (@JooFreire15) reported

    @discordapp The problem with the beta continues to happen

  • talonegress
    Josh Mertz (@talonegress) reported

    I got this out on fb days ago, but twitter finally decided to load. To everybody especially my friends over at Mode I am ok and survived Hurricane Michael. I would tell you this on discord, bit it won't load for me at all. Service for verizon has been sketch af. Miss you guys...

  • PalpDeAl
    The Real YeetMan (@PalpDeAl) reported

    @FredInTheKnud @_Dat_Sun_ Down the rabbit hole: Discord

  • ChastiKeyApp
    ChastiKey (@ChastiKeyApp) reported

    @Depravedsissya1 Message her on the forum or on Discord. I know she's experiencing problems with one of her locks and has been unlocking phantom locks she's seeing so may have unlocked you accidentally

  • SooshiRollss
    Sooshi (@SooshiRollss) reported

    @ShadowyMoonSR I tweeted at discord and it got 400+ likes. I keep getting notifs. Help me.

  • sudoerj
    sudo er (@sudoerj) reported

    @Pokego2PlusPlus Hi, can you help me cancel my subscription. I can't see option in your website and I used Discord auth.

  • sudoerj
    sudo er (@sudoerj) reported

    @Pokego2PlusPlus Hi, can you help me cancel my subscription. I can't see option in your website and I used Discord auth.

  • sudoerj
    sudo er (@sudoerj) reported

    @Pokego2PlusPlus @TweakBoxApp Hi, can you help me cancel my subscription. I can't see option in your website and I used Discord auth.

  • BandanaDeDeDe
    Memecicle (@BandanaDeDeDe) reported

    Hey @PocketwatchG @discordapp Idk where to go to ask questions but I'm trying to play Monaco through discord but anytime the game attempts to join or create an online lobby, it crashes with no error message. I've messed with my firewall and reinstalled but nothing seems to works

  • TheUniqueHero
    𝐋𝐢𝐧𝐤 (@TheUniqueHero) reported

    || I'll either linger or eventually just delete all of my accounts. Maybe I'll give my discord out if I go down the deletion path.

  • KonRaye
    Raye (@KonRaye) reported

    @discordapp Sounds cool, too bad you guys haven’t gotten back to me about how to fix Discord on my iMac. Before, it started up only after restarting my computer. I’ve since deleted and redownloaded it. Now, there is still no connection at all.

  • Randompinkbunny
    Random PinkBunny (@Randompinkbunny) reported

    @the_boyks @discordapp I turned off the option and re-turned it on to fix it

  • onk57865925
    onk (@onk57865925) reported

    @discordapp cant fix it too. i mention early, i already uninstall discord, so there is no folder left on appdata/localappdata.

  • LuciiferSK
    LuciiferSK (@LuciiferSK) reported

    @discordapp Sure, no problem

  • machetejoe03
    Coral Glider (@machetejoe03) reported

    tomorrow im gonna create a discord but im gonna need help creating one

  • makoryht
    Mako (@makoryht) reported

    @discordapp No worries, that did the trick! The error message should probably indicate that though. Thanks guys!

  • DigitalHitmann
    James Getty (@DigitalHitmann) reported

    My phone told me my screen time has gone down by 93% month to month. Guess that's what happens when you get rid of WhatsApp, Line, Messenger, Discord from your phone months ago and your tablet doesn't have a data plan. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • ilouHD
    ilou (@ilouHD) reported

    @discordapp on the mobile app (android, beta) some smileys, that were added to the server, aren't shown. The message will be then a blank message (or the message without these smileys, but with whitespaces). I hope you'll fix this.

  • sergmuller1
    Сергей Мельников (@sergmuller1) reported

    @rodionbykov Alas, people are barely following what Slack or Discord has to offer. Let them settle down on that and in a year or so they'll be ready to step up.