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August 15: Problems at Discord

Discord is currently having issues. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Connection (70.91%)
  • Sign in (18.18%)
  • App Crashing (3.64%)
  • Messaging (3.64%)
  • Glitches (2.73%)
  • Multimedia (.91%)

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  • TarasBum
    𝕋𝕒𝕣𝕒 🍃 (@TarasBum) reported

    @WhootyWanted @discordapp Lol it only went down for like 2 minutes last night during a maintenance change.

  • FelixCave2
    Felix Cave(ケイブ アキラ) (@FelixCave2) reported

    @neocks_ @discordapp It’s all gucci now looks like the problem fixed itself

  • MandyMiss_
    Mandy aka Typo Queen✨🌙 (@MandyMiss_) reported

    @Unicon_Sparkles Lol I guess so. Just DM on discord when you want any help!

  • ImJustSlight
    SlightlyTrashhh (@ImJustSlight) reported

    @FinalFrazier I’m down what discord

  • hey_french
    HeyFrench (@hey_french) reported

    @0DeG_Tribe Did the 0deg discord shut down?

  • Linktm
    Social Justice Bard (@Linktm) reported

    @KitfoxGames Your "Join the Discord" button is broken/expired link. WOMP WOMP.

  • Jensz12
    Jens Møller 🐋 (@Jensz12) reported from Sofiendal, North Denmark Region

    @discordapp im unable to purchase Nitro, no error messages or anything. Tried on multiple computers

  • local_dreaming
    ash#0001 (@local_dreaming) reported

    @ClumsyJustgold @discordapp rythm support team member here - both bots were having issues earlier due to discords outages. We had to restart rythm from scratch due to it hitting the connection limit, but both the bots should be back up and running now

  • chibbbun
    chibbun ❁ (@chibbbun) reported

    "Hey sorry chibbun, but i'm going to have to leave your discord, the discussion in there isnt what i'd like it to be, so instead of ever talking in there and trying to change the topic i'll just leave instead." YOU PEOPLE ARE THE PROBLEM.

  • jimlink666
    Jimmy Bellemare (@jimlink666) reported

    @ama_ningyo hopefully a fix comes with the rest of the app (its super barebones atm and not worth using if you're already using discord and/or LINE)

  • kendalbegner
    Kendal Begner (@kendalbegner) reported

    @Gooeyark I'm down to play some time, shoot me a message on discord or @ me

  • Heavenly20Light
    Heavenly Light (@Heavenly20Light) reported

    So my discord got hacked and the dude tried getting nudes from a lot of my friends. If you see people going around saying I was trying to do that. IT WASNT me. I fixed the issue and it shouldn’t happen again. These things happen and I’m sorry I couldn’t get it fixed sooner.

  • IsaiahYTreal
    Guest 420 (@IsaiahYTreal) reported

    @discordapp I'd like to make a report on the user that has this id: 310588096427327488, for spamming @everyone and trashtalking to me. Please take this account down! Thank you.

  • CeeHaz
    🔴Chris-CeeHaz (@CeeHaz) reported

    @KittenBoogers Not that im aware of, does that problem effect just that group or all your friends direct messages on discord?

  • RepJamesKay
    Rep. James Kay (@RepJamesKay) reported

    @thughes4140 @JimCarroll19 Not to mention, state workforce is down on itself, confused by lack of leadership, and suffering from low morale - in part due to the hate and discord pushed out by our own leaders. It's a sad state of affairs and we deserve much better

  • LegendRyan2020
    Ryan (@LegendRyan2020) reported

    @Discord So apparently the server I had for almost 1 year has been ruined by a group of hackers who I sent invites to, while I was afk they turned into the server owners. Deleted everything, I seriously need help and hope to rollback.

  • ibefuzzy
    Fuzzy Lumpkins (@ibefuzzy) reported

    @itsmeDustyV @Chaotik3115 @HeroicLeapGames @RealmRoyale While I have a few issues with this patch, I would assume a QA guy would see the goal of these patches. The game isn't easy to pick up for new players, I've noticed it first hand trying to teach randoms on discord. While I'm against the lack of reward for kills, this option for

  • ShinXy1
    ShinXy (@ShinXy1) reported

    @discordapp I can't see images on multiple servers and it's really annoying, can you tell me what I could do to fix it?

  • PistonLiz
    Piston Liz (@PistonLiz) reported

    @CeeHaz discord has been acting weird but i only noticed voice chat issues rather than text

  • smol_uwu
    caitlin~♡ (@smol_uwu) reported

    Help me I can't stop joining discord servers

  • CeeHaz
    🔴Chris-CeeHaz (@CeeHaz) reported

    Is it me or has discord been acting extremely weird lately (especially yesterday!) Im used to it not giving me message notifications at times but now its not allowing me to SEE those new messages at all. Is anyone else having this problem?

  • zlimiki
    микса (@zlimiki) reported

    @discordapp hey, I've been having a problem with discord ever since I came back from vacation. My Discord client is stuck at connecting. I've tried reinstalling it and also using the PTB. I should mention that I'm running Windows 10 Build 1709.

  • ViciousTendy
    ViciousTendy (@ViciousTendy) reported

    Lmaooo this kid danced on me and clipped it after I boxed him and edited down but he sprayed me with a smg. I hate some of these kids in discord

  • Aaronvanhalen94
    Aaron Hill (@Aaronvanhalen94) reported

    @Twitch_Sorrey @Psycho_OnTwitch the problem I have with community’s in discord is ill join I’ll say hi or hello how’s it going and everybody talks right over me like they didn’t see my message . how am I supposed to expect the community’s help if they don’t even respond to my messages .

  • breaditors
    bread (@breaditors) reported

    @GaStationDonald no problem i’ve got discord

  • GreenG3cko
    Thomas Rooyakkers (@GreenG3cko) reported

    @discordapp Having a lot a random ping spikes, is this a know issue? Is there a fix? (restart and relog did not work, ethernet connection)

  • GebbotE
    GEBbot(EN) (@GebbotE) reported

    O Friends, Friends! Cease your argumentation! Arrest your vitriolics! Abandon your discord! For I shall resolve the issue for you forthwith. Ho! And on such a fine day!(p.31)

  • IcyCubey
    Icy Cubey (@IcyCubey) reported

    @HumanSauce Dude, I'm starting to think it's a problem with your phone, discord hasn't shut down for me at all for like 2 months.

  • IcyCubey
    Icy Cubey (@IcyCubey) reported

    @HumanSauce Dude, I'm starting to think it's a problem with your phone, discord hasn't shut down for at all for like 2 months.

  • Migisuki1
    Migisuki/192 (@Migisuki1) reported

    @discordapp Hi, I'm having an issue with priority speaker automatically choosing an admin of my server. The member, role, and channel have priority speaker disabled but it still keeps auto-prioritizing him. Help?

  • skullriot
    Skullriot (@skullriot) reported

    @Twitch @TwitchSupport @TwitchPrime Hey guys, still no communication about my issue. Can someone please get back to me somewhere in regards to this? The ONLY people who have been courteous is the unofficial discord. Tried everywhere else.

  • annboba
    Ann (@annboba) reported

    @princess_onyx I mute them on twitter, delete or make a folder to put them all the way down my friend list on league and close my conversation on discord w them lol I don’t wanna be on bad terms but it hurts to see them so I just avoid them as best I can

  • AngryTreeSquid
    T⊗ri☿👽🏳️‍🌈💖💚💜🖤⚢⚧ (@AngryTreeSquid) reported

    @VicktorKern Ironic. I studied psychology and was natural at sociology, so I could help settle discord, but instead I just fail hard and need a damn therapist myself. Only I can’t find one because I already know what they’ll say. My brain just gone done broked from all the deliberate crap.

  • darkmagess
    Lora Friedenthal (@darkmagess) reported

    @discordapp So i'm trying to buy Nitro and I get a 404 error when I submit my payment info...

  • ThomasChrist15
    Thomas Christ (@ThomasChrist15) reported

    My discord account is digimon50#3919. Pleased help me make a trailer for labrats elite Force season 2 on wattpad.

  • zulcherry
    Ahmad Zulkhairi (@zulcherry) reported

    @discordapp Hello, I have a problem where screen sharing and video calls are very choppy. Tried using other apps like facebook vid calls and google hangout but only discord is VERY choppy. Help me!

  • incapablehuman
    luna 🍋 🦑🎺🎺🎺 (@incapablehuman) reported

    id be totally down for sage the gemini revisionism bc Gas Pedal is great but last time people tried with Now & Later it made Discord the most insufferable place in the world so

  • BillCipher_PRO
    Elon Musk (@BillCipher_PRO) reported

    @discordapp Hello. Me and a friend were talking on discord when suddenly he could not hear me. I have tried allot of stuff but nothing helps. It does work on my PC but not on my phone (IOS) please help me!

  • 1974Hulsey
    kameronis stark (@1974Hulsey) reported

    Help I can’t change my name but it turns out the name that I have rn is copyrighted @discordapp

  • mavigozasigi
    Azad ★ (@mavigozasigi) reported

    I cant add emotion (reaction) on messages on PC, same problem still happening as mobile too. Thats my second message, care us! @discordapp

  • De_Li_Yang
    🌐 Mao → 🌍 (@De_Li_Yang) reported

    @discordapp when trying to send a video to a server on your ios app (i saved it to my iphone gallery from a snapchat featured story) it "freezes" after picking it and tapping on Choose, cant cancel and exit, nothing, just stays there unless i force close the application. pls help

  • WallyMcWaffles
    Mr.McWaffles | ♎ (@WallyMcWaffles) reported

    @SnoopShroomz Did you try to reset your password? Maybe you should contact @discordapp for help.

  • ElolaWhen
    Judy ☆ (@ElolaWhen) reported

    If this Voltron reboot is gonna get off the ground, we need to get organized. We need to select a few people to act as leaders and we should set up a discord server or something to keep stuff organized. I can build a server no problem, just can't lead. #Voltron #klance #LEAKIRA

  • renu_gael
    Gaël RENU (@renu_gael) reported

    @mee6bot Hey, got a prob, my mee6 is offline on my discord ! help pls

  • matthematician
    Matt Salomone (@matthematician) reported

    Hey #edtech types: help me choose tools for my online courses — Discussion hub: @SlackHQ or @discordapp ? Virtual office hours: @zoom_us or @Twitch ? And before you ask, yes we're a Blackboard-and-Microsoft campus and no, I don't like their solutions. Don't @ me.

  • GR8GAMERez
    Floofy Orb (@GR8GAMERez) reported

    @VoidScare Whatever field you wanna get into im totally here to support you! Sometimes ideas/goals change and thats completely ok! Take time and figure out what works for you. If you ever need help or wanna talk with someone feel free to msg me on discord!

  • JonteHermanson
    Jonte Hermanson (@JonteHermanson) reported

    @discordapp I'm having a problem with the new discord overlay, when I play games that take ages to tab into again I use it to chat but then when I close the game, the messages keep being marked as read since the discord overlay is still active and wartching that chat.

  • ZukaroTravon
    Zukaro Travon (@ZukaroTravon) reported

    Slowly working on my Discord server; trying to fix it up a bit and clean it up (there were way too many channels).

  • LimitOfBot
    LimitOfBot (@LimitOfBot) reported

    Heck yeah, grading and work to my heart T__T (Twitter's image This may make this is the patch notes for discord server down? LUL

  • eleaistrash
    el' 💫 | gay af | Defenders of Tomorrow ☄️ (@eleaistrash) reported

    @bowlikesboys Hey can you help me ? I can't join the discord anymore... I'm new at discord so I probably did something wrong but I don't understand what happened...

  • ValerieCos4
    Valerie (@ValerieCos4) reported

    @AMike4761 Why don't the players put their $ where their knees are and go do something about it? Go help who ever they feel is disenfranchised. Give of their time and $ to fix the social problems in our country instead of sowing seeds of discord while being paid obscene amounts of $$$$!!!

  • Haandley
    Handley (@Haandley) reported

    @thud45 ye im down neally home make food and ill be in discord

  • figrollin
    Gar (@figrollin) reported

    @Buncible @G1itcher @Septimus216 @xverion_ @DaveChaos Guys - my phone is borked so no WhatsApp. Can you lemme know via here if theres any issues with tonight? Otherwise, ill be on Discord from about 7.30ish?

  • SquidUKnow
    Squid (@SquidUKnow) reported

    why is discord so bad with even mediocre cell service

  • HCSNL2015
    HCSNL (@HCSNL2015) reported

    @MrFruitYT I can also make god teir sandwiches in no time. I do have a clan already and you might not want me because I mostly play on weekends but if you need someone I am down to join. Battletag: HCSNL#2346 and discord for if you want to message me for further info: HCSNL#1055

  • speckish
    speckish (@speckish) reported

    @jeanswampdev I'm down for teaming up if you're still looking. I'm primarily a programmer. Feel free to DM me if you want to exchange Discord tags or emails.

  • ClumsyJustgold
    ClumsyJustgold (@ClumsyJustgold) reported

    @discordapp I'm in a discord server and there is Mee6 and rythm and they aren't working. Are they broken?

  • Soheabmalik_
    Soheab (@Soheabmalik_) reported

    @discordapp yo everything is broken in discord mobile app?

  • Bartiono_lol
    Bart (@Bartiono_lol) reported

    @CraneLoL Discord is great since it has everything and it's free. But if you need to rely on things you really need teamspeak since it doesn't go down if you set it up properly

  • SHAY_I_AM101
    shay_maclennan (@SHAY_I_AM101) reported

    @discordapp Hey Discord, I'm having connection issues on the web and on the app. My wifi connection is good as i can do other daily stuff. It works on my phone, Could you help?