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At the moment, we haven't detected any problems at Discord. Are you experiencing issues or an outage? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Connection 65.33% Connection
  • Sign in 16.41% Sign in
  • App Crashing 5.88% App Crashing
  • Multimedia 4.64% Multimedia
  • Glitches 3.72% Glitches
  • Messaging 2.79% Messaging

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Chihuahua Multimedia
Altagracia Connection
San Carlos Connection
Derendingen App Crashing
Horsham Sign in
Amiens Connection

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Pyro5151 Pyro (@Pyro5151) reported

    @PinkCBJ i'd be down but i'm helping a friend build his rig rn over discord

  • okayltsjay Jay (@okayltsjay) reported

    Hey. if you ever want to talk to me then my discord is jaym#8870. If you ever need someone to talk to or get off with then I'd be down.

  • MichaelPlaysYT1 Michael Plays🇨🇦 (@MichaelPlaysYT1) reported

    @discord can you take care of this problem please

  • annebilek Anne B (@annebilek) reported

    Lockdown - methamphetamine + broken chainsaw = open marital discord at the EDM neighbor house

  • Base950Y Uhh No (@Base950Y) reported

    @discord i feel my account got hacked and then disabled. i was disabled for threatening someone when i don't ever recall doing that can i get some help

  • screamofeden Rigel (@screamofeden) reported

    was laying down with my earbuds in and suddenly the discord noise unexpectedly startled me. just a bit

  • universe_zer0 sero_is_gay (@universe_zer0) reported

    @Connor84386628 @AlbertsStuff dude idk but my whole discord server just broke down

  • TriggersDownVG tommmmmm (@TriggersDownVG) reported

    @discord Can you guys fix the phone verification when joining servers, on mobile it doesnt give you a response when a numbers entered, on mobile web view it says rate limited, then it says incorrect number, all i want to do is talk in a god damn server....

  • ateeztits vince⚣ | DM LIMIT (@ateeztits) reported

    @gayxuhao @bbaek_village Just a fact, I can track youre worthless IPs, and economically destroy your family's bloodline, and the only survivor would be a dumb infant who's contracted hazardous diseases, and can infect your whole ******* country. Dumb americans. I can shut down discord if i wanted to, but

  • KidFromSpace__ 𝒒𝒖𝒊𝒏𝒏 #ttw (@KidFromSpace__) reported

    @lewis_w_jones well as someone who is usually lay down in our discord calls i guess you just outed yourself as a loser.

  • maplemelts maplemelts (@maplemelts) reported

    BRING THE EVIDENCE. Go get the audio and video evidence if you have the means. Come on, words online can be manipulated by people who are sadistic and enjoys causing discord & chaos in people who are emotionally invested. There are many more issues that could use your concern

  • RealJoseph123 RealJoseph123 (@RealJoseph123) reported

    @MyUsernamesThis @OfficialZakRB Oh, I wasn’t on Discord the entire time, I joined on and see what was going on at the 5 or so minutes before aftermath. This happened when I saw that you got banned and everyone was going crazy in multiple severs. I’d even have to calm down a few of my friends.

  • ChaoticTemptres Chaotic (@ChaoticTemptres) reported

    Whatever this new screen share thing that discord has made for there updates on dm calls is atrocious. You cant even watch in full screen its just a tiny square,wheres the fun in this. At this point i may as well switch to skype. Please fix this @discord

  • beccadottex Rebecca (@beccadottex) reported

    discord is pushing their service to drive adoption of 5g which means bill gates and plauge!!!!111oneone!!!

  • cyemp4 cye (@cyemp4) reported

    @imtensel your discord videos are about to go down in views because of this lol

  • LLysiX LysiX (@LLysiX) reported

    @ConnorVSGames @discord @discord c'mon help the man (because he's over 13) out

  • HiddenChad Mog Maniac (@HiddenChad) reported

    @Moonsoother @VEDIC_CYBERGOD Jesus you people are cancer I’m talking about the current problem which is discord. The root of the problem was attention ****** like this making it le Sekrit club so Tards from around the web can all congregate and shit up my favorite boards

  • MaiNotNatsume Mai-tning Returns: Final Fanta Sea XIII (@MaiNotNatsume) reported

    To be honest...the fact that this small break from discord has actually considerably helped my overall mood kinda hurts a little. Cause like...I love being able to talk to my friends and stuff but like...theres a serious problem when you find that you feel better overall

  • ACakeToThePast Cake 🎶 (@ACakeToThePast) reported

    i am lonely and am sad and still have a list of mutuals to invite to discord but i am lazy help :(

  • DerpMx Markel DBL (@DerpMx) reported

    @HydrosPlays Hey man I don't know how to contact kary because I was suddenly booted from the blade 5 discord and know I can't download a bot can you please help me out

  • yunhocrt ‏ً (@yunhocrt) reported

    stop saying you guys are closing down crt before i might have a heart attack fr.. i’ll NOT be available on any platform except crt! so don’t bother asking me for my contacts if u close down this place. anyways what’s the discord server.

  • AbhiQeep 100ƗV ⱣǤ ĦᵾɃ (@AbhiQeep) reported

    🔥🔥 Bidoof (18:18) 🔥🔥 Ms Take Down / Hyper Fang (15/15/15) Iv 100.0 Cp 639 Lv 32 New Westminster, Canada 49.198614,-122.914032 Discord Join Code --> HQt5D6s

  • TheOccStevie Stevie (@TheOccStevie) reported

    @fowlcomics @discord Four others in the USA had no problem at all. Zip-zip, the job is done. But the UK guy was trouble on the half shell. Oh well.

  • callmegeek_ STAY THE FUCK HOME 👌🏼 (@callmegeek_) reported

    aight friends so here's what's down. I need a break. twitter has turned from my coping escapism mechanism into one of my biggest triggers. I need a break. if you want to stay in contact w me, dm me, hmu on discord, text me, snap me, idc (not instagram) but yeah. love yall be kind

  • bruc3isw3ird Triangle, Circle, Face. (@bruc3isw3ird) reported

    Thankfully, Narpy is okay. The post he made scared me, but he has got help. If Narpy wants to, he doesn't have to do YouTube. He could have such issues because of the intense stress that comes with everything. Setting up a discord, having a YouTube channel, and having...

  • TheOccStevie Stevie (@TheOccStevie) reported

    @fowlcomics @discord Tell me about it. I tried to get a friend in the UK to install it, and we spent all Sunday failing to get it working. His problem isn't even listed on Google: no "Let's Check" button on the app settings page for the microphone. Something didn't install cleanly, but no idea what.

  • Alarmbreaker319 alarm (@Alarmbreaker319) reported

    @discord I forgot about 2 factor authentication and I cant login

  • chaneIroman 𝐑𝐎𝐌𝐀𝐍 | 𝖺!𝗈 | #jaytie (@chaneIroman) reported

    my spelling on discord 🤝 jake paul absolutely terrible everyone hates it

  • NateoZero Nateo (@NateoZero) reported

    @thecodeah @discord That really doesn't make sense either. Bots under 101 still have access to API without verification, they just can't join more servers. I get that you're trying to help, but I asked these questions because @discord never answered them.

  • DilKokoro DilKokoro (@DilKokoro) reported

    @thatsmapizza I don't have microphone trouble- my equipment is well invested into. My connection is unstable via Discord. I had the problem with my apartment and sometimes at my folks place. Just is more prominent here.

  • MattBeach_ funkmaster beach (@MattBeach_) reported

    @zurheideSSB @smash_pacman yea I feel this hard I used to have the same issue, even on stuff like facebook I used to hate ppl posting pictures that had my face in them. i recently changed my pfp on twitter/discord to have my face tho so now I'm slowly getting used to seeing myself on the internet more

  • vbpunk4life Matt Smith (@vbpunk4life) reported

    Last night @discord worked perfectly. Tonight, the connection drops constantly and the ugly boxes around voice chat members makes it hard to see the green outline. How do we opt out of this terrible change....

  • vampirefucker69 i wish kiryu would wife me up (@vampirefucker69) reported

    @discord fix the new screenshare this is so ugly

  • VinnieAveSci Vincenzo🍅🌈 (@VinnieAveSci) reported

    I've mostly posted this on my social feed but if folks want to play games, I've made a discord server and have several games on Steams I'd be down to play.

  • Arianthee Arianthee (@Arianthee) reported

    @tildenated @LethaAnn Gaslighting is bullshit. His chat ISN'T the problem. He is. If there is a toxic environment, he created it. He doesn't like that the discord isn't all about him but, he isn't a part of the community that he created! He treats his followers like garbage!

  • DaSquashyJoshy He-Man Josh (@DaSquashyJoshy) reported

    @jossaIyn It appears their main account has gone down but its discord remains Dylan Rascón#4793

  • MLPSandy Sandy Fortune (@MLPSandy) reported

    @discord Now I'm spending my evening upvoting all the bug reports on this just so I can be reasonably sure you're hearing about this screen share issue...

  • Sinerule Grandeus (@Sinerule) reported

    @JagexSupport is there anyone that i can chat with live on discord or something that can help me out. The reply that i can from Mod Bane is totally not helpful at all.

  • freaksteeler112 LevitatingPossum (@freaksteeler112) reported

    Discord is a terrible place

  • Umbrelink Umbrelink (@Umbrelink) reported

    @LiquidSenders My issue with it is that it just seems sketchy. There is no kind of TOS on the site that states how both creators on the platform & individuals who purchase content are safe and I have no idea where all their personal information goes. Everything is run through a discord server.

  • frostysaki 💜 ~ × (@frostysaki) reported

    @discord Discord how do I recover from a broken keyboard

  • medic876 🔥#HADESGANG🔥 (@medic876) reported

    @hitechnological @BitPivots @cryptowhale Hey, it's the guy who got banned from Discord for making stupid statements! Hope no one followed your terrible advice and lost money.

  • ArthurS_YT Arthur Sarkisyan (@ArthurS_YT) reported

    @BraxtonF_Gaming I've had the same problem. What I do is if you enabled the 2FA on Discord you need to have an app called Google Authenticator. And with that app you need to put in the code for the other devices for you to log in to other devices. Hope this helps

  • mmmYummyBurrito Yummy Burrito Bot! (@mmmYummyBurrito) reported

    So... @ discordapp's down. I'm sad because I wanted to call my friends before a party I have to go to! 😩whyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Insertogname yo mada (@Insertogname) reported

    @OmikronSigma @Leakedpvp you should fix your discord server LMAO

  • MvtShameless SHAMELESS (@MvtShameless) reported

    @theblackcrayola @Horistify @1kny_ I’m down but my discord is fucky rn

  • WeasleX (@WeasleX) reported

    @N00B0DY_0 The reason I'm setting the discord up is a massive just in case. Twitter is cracking down on Hentai. Can't use hash tags for it anymore.

  • liyichens Liyi (@liyichens) reported

    @discord @DirectRelief Please read your DMs. I need help.

  • zizards maREEEEa (@zizards) reported

    And I had two codes, so once again I thought "I'm gonna make a contest in one of the @discord servers I'm in to help someone else." I decided to test it out myself first and, again, I got a message saying that code was expired.

  • kiwki6 kiwki (@kiwki6) reported

    @discord I can't find the pinned messages button or edit group button for group chats help

  • TheGlowingTorch The Glowing Torch (@TheGlowingTorch) reported

    @CortexPE @muqsitrayyan @discord wait **** that post is issue I don't know how this verification thing works and i'll have to find out

  • GuyFromTheArea علي مولى الدويلة (@GuyFromTheArea) reported

    mfs join a cult they found on discord and don't even see the issue

  • TysonWhiteBermi Tyson White (@TysonWhiteBermi) reported

    @SkullWarsMC Discord link in bio not working @rodogga

  • lucasazamora !ucas (@lucasazamora) reported

    me and my boy throwing down tech in discord>>>>everything

  • xGaudion xGaudion (@xGaudion) reported

    @discord @SykeloneOW I really do hope you guys bring a separate option for how it was- because I really do not appreciate the current full screen process; this sincerely feels like 2015's Skype which was just as terrible at the time.

  • TORACHl Kayla @ oh god i just want to go shopping (@TORACHl) reported

    I miss my friends so much 😣 If anyone is down with doing a line/discord call this weekend lemme know I can give you my usernames!

  • AngelyssaGaming Angelyssa (@AngelyssaGaming) reported

    @discord the new update format in private calls is terrible. It's a step back, not an improvement. Please revert it >.< It feels like your target user is no longer gamers

  • cosmosbucky punk will always love seb (@cosmosbucky) reported

    if anyone does decide to help or know abt discord and mac pls help!!! ive gone through my settings to make sure discord has accessibility but it still wont record ANY key i try to bind

  • Ashibot1 Ashibot (@Ashibot1) reported

    @discord I got banned then unbanned from a server and I can't join it anymore. Help. It was like days ago. We tried new invite links already

  • mysterymia2 Mystery-Hyena (@mysterymia2) reported

    @discord @DirectRelief CAN YOU PLEASE FIX THE NEW SCREEN SHARE/VIDEO CALL UI god it was so unnecessary just put it back to how it was originally it was way way WAAAYYY better before