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  • mightbearia aria two (@mightbearia) reported

    @SkLumos I also don't believe most of these "let down Potter fans" are or were potter fans at all. There are many, many entities sowing discord on social media in any way they can, for a million reasons. It has really become a pit.

  • CC9000TM Commodore James (@CC9000TM) reported

    @discordapp Frankly the fake “Discord gg dot ga” was terminated due to fraudulent copy of Discord. Glad it was taken down before it could deal real damage to any other people who could fall for such easy meat.

  • george9559RBLX george9559 (@george9559RBLX) reported

    Discord is down again... :/

  • xlnXenom Xenom (@xlnXenom) reported

    @PhoenixLabs yesterday I tried to play with a few ppl on discord and couldn't add them because I wasn't linked with an epic games account and when I tried to link one that I just made to play it said that it couldn't because the account was already linked with another help plz

  • BigWGrizzly1 griz_dakiing (@BigWGrizzly1) reported

    @discordapp Possible outage, my discord isn't connecting.

  • Jayjay_jasonnn Jason ⚔️🛡️⚡💋 (@Jayjay_jasonnn) reported

    the same video again. She decided to 'infiltrate ' the discord server and was IMMEDIATELY was shut down (you can see the videos on her channel) for asking one simple questions. She only asked why he striked her videos down. He banned her for it. She decided to sue him for

  • NoiseHERO NØ!ϟΞHΞRØ (@NoiseHERO) reported

    @Poeleveny I hate discord bots, that tell you everytime someone leaves a server so that everyone nosey can think about whatever made you leave. Or worse, hunt you down or feel like you've betrayed their group.

  • eric_livers Eric Livers (@eric_livers) reported

    @Kirstenjoyweiss @christianoutlaw @That1GuyYouLike @HowardJRoss @Tactical_review @GunOwners @jyanis @Nate_McMurray And when I say delete....I meant it in the way I deleted myself on the Discord program. Meaning, I would block myself on Twitter instead of someone doing it for me. That’s the problem with text. You can’t hear the sarcasm and joking tone of someone’s voice.

  • SirenAU_ Siren 🧜‍♀️ (@SirenAU_) reported

    @Birdyassassin @KelLostTheGame Oh I was given the ol' boot back in March. But with what little interaction I *was* doing within their community discord, I stopped when issues upon issues kept coming up and wasn't being dealt with.

  • CloutzzTV Cloutzz (@CloutzzTV) reported

    Reasons I left. 1. Lack of help from other leads, I didn’t feel as if they were as dedicated due to the lack of activity in discord and their own recruiting and what not. 2. Lots of conversations where I felt out of place and smart ass remarks < resolved✅

  • WingWvr WingWVR (@WingWvr) reported

    @ArtsCelestie Help is on the way! Idk if u're going to be able to see my donation messages, but if you need a free tutor, let me know. I used to remotely tutor math all the time. We could use discord or whatever.

  • SangRS3 Resonance Roulette in 8b debt (@SangRS3) reported

    @SimplyKarmaa @SrepRs @JagexJack @MarkAntonyRS Ok just read the original discord screenshots; I'm actually lost for words at how incredibly backwards the whole reasoning here is. If anything the issue is obviously that t92's balancing is awful. And literally the whole point was to add cape slot diversity and make comp not BiS

  • SSBMWaff Waffles (@SSBMWaff) reported

    @discordapp in light of the other day, discord should really consider having an offline game library mode so that I can access my discord games while the service is down.

  • neotrackerio NEO Tracker (@neotrackerio) reported

    @spewrange You can find NEON help in the NEO discord channel. Unfortunately if you do not have one of the ways to login it will be difficult to get back in as no wallets store any of your access information.

  • CarlWil67589343 Carl San 990 (@CarlWil67589343) reported

    @811_black I was kinda like family to guild members, due to being with them for 5 to 6 months on sao Memory Defrag and discord. talking, playing, and helping whenever they need help.

  • rosnqueen ancient behemoth (@rosnqueen) reported

    someone please give me 10000 dollars for a smartphone with service... ill give you a ********. i just dont want to not be able to make discord calls with my friends anymore

  • theDylanmerry02 Dylan Merry (@theDylanmerry02) reported

    Me: aight school on Friday i need to fix my sleep schedule. Sleeping at 12 Me at 1:38am: *making Chris brown discord emojis*

  • awakentoheaven lion (@awakentoheaven) reported

    Spiritual Warfare - Jezebel:"Full blown...when knows what is doing & why - to undermine set authority - rooted in pain - reduce man to nothing - contain move of God - to steal your legacy - to sow discord - to lead sedition - to shut down true worship -destroy nations" @apostlegm

  • ReidRages Reid Jensen (@ReidRages) reported

    @discordapp for some reason my video is not coming up in servers but works when I call people. I have tested it in other servers as well still the same problem

  • HypebeastKensho Kensho (@HypebeastKensho) reported

    @iquackles Dear Duck, I wrote you but you still ain't callin. i left my twitter, my discord, and my email at the bottom. I sent two tweets back in June you must not-a-got em. There prolly was a problem with the server or somethin'.

  • JarrettKills Jarrett #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER (@JarrettKills) reported

    Hey @discordapp, it won't let me connect my YouTube account to Discord. Been having that problem for over a month now...

  • Sunara_Ishi Sunara (@Sunara_Ishi) reported

    LRT: Its phishing not a virus & the website has been taken down. Just wanted to spread the warning to friends that use discord. (I still have to sign up. -.-; )

  • GebbotE GEBbot(EN) (@GebbotE) reported

    O Friends, Friends! Cease your argumentation! Arrest your vitriolics! Abandon your discord! For I shall resolve the issue for you forthwith. Ho! And on such a fine day!(p.31)

  • JJPowerX2 maddy 🏳️‍⚧️ (@JJPowerX2) reported

    someone wanna help me with my new pfp for discord

  • funkyardgarden bilalzebub (@funkyardgarden) reported

    @jam64bit Cloudflare has been acting up recently I think, so discord is having problems

  • ZeskoXI Brandon - #AmityZesko (@ZeskoXI) reported

    @COSCRTS for everyone looking in the comments thats not costains ip. Its the user who tried to login to costains discord ip

  • celestichampion 𝘾𝙮𝙣𝙩𝙝𝙞𝙖 (@celestichampion) reported

    ((you will join that discord server and be friends w me or so help me god

  • DjElectrux DJ Electrux (@DjElectrux) reported

    Here are my projects I’m for certain that are half way complete just are delayed. 1. Help was wanted (feat: Chara, G3J, Wolfy & DJ Spamzz) 2. Discord by Eurobeat Brony (CG5 Remix cover) 3. Prototype by WoodenToaster (Cover)

  • Banzaibabee BanzaiBaby (@Banzaibabee) reported

    I am actually excited for this new feature for reward subs. It's an option to give back. I see the issues that ppl have with it, but at the same time ppl have been doing things like this for years via rabbit or discord. Yes you being there counts a lot to a stream.. (1/2)

  • blyz0h ✞JAMES✞ (@blyz0h) reported

    just got pressed by @ripcens in a discord guys tears are running down my face bro **** man i got cyberbullied

  • SugarWitchling 🍭Sugar🍬⏩Akon (@SugarWitchling) reported

    Ive had to delete a lot of apps on my phone due to space issues. This includes Snapchat, discord and others. If you messaged me through that and need to get to me message me through Twitter/Insta/FB

  • Coolmax750 Max Zarious (@Coolmax750) reported

    @3dsboy08 hey my synapse says invalid username this should not happen please contact u on discord but i cant cause i don't know ur discord # only the username i don't have a invite to synapse x discord my friends say when it opens i get invited but i'm not getting it please help

  • Grinner_J Grinner_J (@Grinner_J) reported

    Btw, I'm not trying to show that venting on discord is bad. If you need to, and it makes you feel better in down times, go ahead. I made this because of the mountains of text I'd keep seeing of people essentially pouring their whole life out to some random, unexpecting souls.

  • doughboyx3 Doughboyx3 #FeekiFam (@doughboyx3) reported

    3/2 If anyone can help a ******* lowly copper try to get to gold/plat it would really help tbh #R6S #discord #streamer #twitch #pc #gaming #fps #ranked #seriousgamers #feekifam #Triggered #help #hashtag #pro #contentcreators

  • Solty74FN andrew ツ (@Solty74FN) reported

    @discordapp please help

  • Invocated Nico di Angelo (@Invocated) reported

    @discordapp It doesn't happen when I talk to anybody but her, and whenever she joins our channel group voice chat it causes this as well. I'm certain it's a problem on her end because no matter what device or version of Discord I use, (Desktop, ipod (mobile) laptop )

  • gothclomia 𝓶𝓪𝓷𝓪 (@gothclomia) reported

    I AM ALMOST FREE FROM FFXIV ALL DAY and then you can catch me on discord without an issue.. i may be lying down though im really really hurting

  • JAILBRE40882165 JAILBREAKFAN! (@JAILBRE40882165) reported

    Is it just me or is discord down

  • dragonhaewk Dragondarko (@dragonhaewk) reported

    Someone typed this in a discord I'm in & I couldn't help but laugh! ⡴⠑⡄⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⣀⣀⣤⣤⣤⣀⡀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠸⡇⠀⠿⡀⠀⠀⠀⣀⡴⢿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣷⣦⡀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠑⢄⣠⠾⠁⣀⣄⡈⠙⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣿⣆⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀

  • ryuuseitaiP microorganism izumi (@ryuuseitaiP) reported

    Hey i forgot i turned on 2fa on discord and i cant acess my phone so i cant login hi

  • Gjmh10 Toast (@Gjmh10) reported

    @discordapp weird issue on the android version. Discord would log you out after you force stop the app. There is a bug with the video chat that forces you to force stop the app tonfix the bug so it gets annoying.

  • ShadowDemonGD Shadow (@ShadowDemonGD) reported

    @Lake_Iverson @discordapp and I thought YouTube was broken

  • DaethOfDeath Daeth of ディック (@DaethOfDeath) reported

    okay who can get on discord and help me with a video... no joke i seriously need it

  • SilverEagleDev Silver Eagle 🦅🏳️‍🌈🌹🌻 (@SilverEagleDev) reported

    I have absolutely been known to leave a Twitch stream (or Discord chat, or Skype call) and never come back if, when someone is asked to mute their mic or back away from it while eating/drinking, they double down or, worse yet, smack even louder into the mic as a juvenile retort.

  • Milkydite ℳ𝒶𝓎𝒶。 (@Milkydite) reported

    @discordapp people are having issues with their calls and it won’t allow it to run in the background

  • cryptoJ70085779 Crypto-John (@cryptoJ70085779) reported

    @discordapp That worked, thanks for the help!!!

  • nakedbrad Bradley Alphabet (@nakedbrad) reported

    @jasonlouv Dude I've spent all afternoon riling up your Discord channel and there's a great festering batch of weirdos down here. It's maybe not exactly this but also, well, something. "The Youth are starting to change."

  • BurritordYT #JOYCONBOYZFOREVER (@BurritordYT) reported

    Nathaniel I am trying to join your discord but it wont let me please help

  • james_rolli James Rolli (@james_rolli) reported

    @MatthewScafuri2 @QuanFlix_ Working fine on my phone no texting problems (iPhone X) also discord working like a charm it’s actually annoying as shit 😂 I am using the official developer beta profile tho gotta be careful downloading random shit online.

  • manthatsroux i am roux man (@manthatsroux) reported

    @_Remainings i was on the roblox discord in voice chat and they thought i was you but i dont sound like you i think they have mental issues

  • wlerin Wlerin (@wlerin) reported

    @aphroditus4 @splitsplatted @discordapp It's not just "semantics", viruses and phishing scams are completely different things. And that's not even the biggest issue with this thread, which is the over-the-top and even harmful advice he gives to people affected by the scam.

  • Guacas1 Gary (@Guacas1) reported

    @SwanyPlaysGames Swany it’s me Smokey The End. Ik I still streamsnipe you and we both are on very bad terms but just know I’m no part of this, I just joined their discord and have been watching all this go down. And I only talked to u on snap bc they sent me the link. I’m not tryna dox you

  • legndofphoenix ✨Sarah💖💜💙✨ (@legndofphoenix) reported

    Dude, seriously, come speak to me in a voice chat on discord or something. I want to break this down for you.

  • Pandikko_Art Alicia DeMarco (@Pandikko_Art) reported

    Another Wednesday, another week that @discordapp has yet to respond to my repeated attempts to get help. IT HAS BEEN FOUR WEEKS Friends have written in telling them I've been emailing and asking them to help me or asking why THEY haven't answered my emails and forms

  • BrickstarStudio Brickstar Studios (@BrickstarStudio) reported

    @discordapp Discord is still down for me...

  • MilkyMaidenMoo Gillie the flamingo (@MilkyMaidenMoo) reported

    I need to not take work from friends anymore... I think that's one of the biggest issues in my social life. I think its sadly going to be a new rule... if we're friends or you mod my discord I simply... cannot work for you. It's a conflict for me.

  • Kodazzle Lachlan (@Kodazzle) reported

    @smozsmozsmoz Discord vanilla WoW launch party I'll bring the IPAs that everyone thinks tastes terrible

  • CFR_Issues CFR-OCI ORACLE (@CFR_Issues) reported

    On the words of our scared Discord; that's a ******* terrible.

  • coldsouthtwitch 🐝 Jakey boi 🐝 (@coldsouthtwitch) reported

    Then I get a private message on discord, from the clan member i hadn't really spoken too much that I mentioned earlier... He saw the conversation I had with the other guy, and he felt he needed to ask if I needed help with money.

  • kings20122014 JayKings20122014 (@kings20122014) reported

    @TwitchXargen I'm only tweeting this because you tried to help me in discord, I just got done with my therapist and it went great, I told her a lot of stuff not even u guys in discord knew, it saddens me that ya guys couldn't wait it out but hey If I was creepy so be it....part 1