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October 20: Problems at Discord

Discord is having issues since 12:40 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • ToDiaspora 🏴 LWFlouisa ( S.R. Weaver ) 🏴 (@ToDiaspora) reported

    With a noteable exception, I found one discord that's absolutely fantastic. I vocalized to them my issue with being deadnamed, and they were very prompt to vocalize support. Just to make it clear that I'm not saying all Breadtube is that way.

  • ItsKrum Krumme (@ItsKrum) reported

    @discordapp I have uninstalled discord and triple checked that there's no discord running in the background or installed any weird places. It is completely uninstalled AND deleted. When trying to reinstall discord the same issue occurs. Help!

  • psnyomi133 Yomi@AWA (@psnyomi133) reported

    @Ezekieru It could also be a discord or connection issue. It's happened to me before.

  • Nope3Pog Orisa Player (@Nope3Pog) reported

    Am I the only one having problems with discord connection problems recently

  • BSolo86 #VuesFam BSPhonix (@BSolo86) reported

    @mikeyperk I have the same problem. I spend more time on twitter than discord.

  • Xenoh Xenoh (@Xenoh) reported

    Dms are broken sorry if i dont reply to. if you need me add my discord Xen#1552 Like and rt so people can see👺

  • cameron_zarelli Cameron zarelli (@cameron_zarelli) reported

    @discordapp there is an issue where i cant talk to my mates due to it just saying awaiting endpoint

  • TorbisXD Torbis (Tobias) (@TorbisXD) reported

    @YT_SplitScreen Tell me when you need some help on that, i'll be on discord

  • FOMO_supply FOMO (@FOMO_supply) reported

    If you are lucky and manage to get the invite, you have to wait for a role once you get the role go on the site and login to your dashboard using your discord Email and password

  • iTsMyCold cold (@iTsMyCold) reported

    @EclipseTheTeam @_Spasies @EclipseDeo @YoClutchh @elprodigytv @ripfusion you guys should make a discord I could help I guys make it I make discord for 10 bucks but bc u guys r the team I am trying to join I’ll do it for free it will have everything. U guys need

  • AnxiRacc 💜ƆƆ∀AᴚNXI🌧 (@AnxiRacc) reported

    Why ******** can’t I talk to anyone on discord I don’t even mean it as a glitch or bug I mean I can’t keep up conversation

  • ClaraFawn ♡ clara ♡ (@ClaraFawn) reported

    i should make a new discord,, i can't remember my login info for my old one n i have a few ppl i would rather not talk to added anyway..

  • SchunckaDunk Schunckadunk (@SchunckaDunk) reported

    @mikeyperk Same, really the only time I use discord at the moment is when Im playing with friends. I'm terrible at visiting all of them frequently.

  • LFT_Langie21 Langie21 (@LFT_Langie21) reported

    @Speed_RL sayed it on discord, u got 6 months of subs from me. You guys never let us down. LOVE YA GUYS SO FCKING MUCH #letsgoomouz

  • Euchre_AFGC Spooker AFGC @ Home (@Euchre_AFGC) reported

    @OkamiOfTheOni I never see you asking for anything on Discord. Problem with doing it on here is you @ literally everyone. Every time. It can be kind of annoying.

  • MattWaters4 R M Waters (@MattWaters4) reported

    @fifthquarterfsu I’m now a gold member....but I must be too old...I have no idea where to go or what to do on patreon or the discord app. Help!

  • J_S_R_U_ 🦇ᒍᑌᔕTᔕOᗰEᔕᑭOOᑭYᑌᔕEᖇ 🎃 (@J_S_R_U_) reported

    send some more discord sever links at my way down below been having second thoughts about closing mine lately and wanna have a excuse to use this darn thing more lmao

  • tewiiie tewiie (@tewiiie) reported

    So I uninstalled discord on my phone because I was hella triggered over something and after calming down I realised I dont have my 2FA on my new phone set up, so I cant log back in. I'm an actual idiot xD

  • pwnrzero Muhammad Naqvi (@pwnrzero) reported

    @discordapp Issue is resolved now. I tried again after waiting 15 minutes.

  • KiTCHENWOMAN777 clown (@KiTCHENWOMAN777) reported

    @discordapp Hey discord, Im experiencing a problem where everytime I click off discord all mp4 files and youtube links dont have sound anymore. Help me get out of this bruh moment plsplspslspslspsl :c

  • colorificsRBLX colorifics (@colorificsRBLX) reported

    @discordapp why isnt ur service letting me add bots to my server

  • JakeKutz7 SpartyTheRevenant (@JakeKutz7) reported

    @stephkutz44 Discord went down for a good 3 hours due to the Devs not knowing what the hell they are doing

  • SweetMelon36 melon (@SweetMelon36) reported

    @discordapp Like it'll work for a few moments slow down and then stop working. It just keeps repeating

  • martcol02 Martin Coleman (@martcol02) reported

    @_RodTaylor @jeremycorbyn Two very different paths over a single issue is factious and will only bring further discord. The Country is divided as is the LP. You can’t please all of the people all of the time. The original leave decision was deeply, deeply flawed.

  • NovaSmilez Nova Smilez (@NovaSmilez) reported

    @xPanDaXm0nIuMx See we tried that but had issues with it. Sometimes it would work and other times it wouldn't so we go through discord for party chats now. About to go get a chat link cable!

  • RampageSoul RAMPAGE (@RampageSoul) reported

    @discordapp I don’t get notifications for a certain channel, and i’ve tried everything help me please 😭

  • Drrakw1 Drrakwula👻 (@Drrakw1) reported

    @Daxrcy @Roblox Lmao, discord's support team is has a great support system. I had troubles with logging back into my account and i e-mailed them and they replied within a couple of hours, managing to get the issue fixed.

  • Misassortments Misa Buckley (@Misassortments) reported

    @parlettscarrish Down the thread is someone saying her daughter was challenged by a "fellow" protester, which is the second account I've seen. It seems there were plants trying to sow discord at best, fights at worse.

  • FiveOLace 5olace (@FiveOLace) reported

    @discordapp This has been an issue for my girlfriend and I for months now. We are both in private call. Toggles on wifi. And the video chat works for a couple seconds then freezes in a glitchy way. Sometimes straight up green screening. Only a mobile issue btw. But wanted to point it out.

  • RandoRevived RandomiZer (@RandoRevived) reported

    @InternetJanito1 The background can be a literal janitoes closet with cleaning equipment and maybe ads in a camera and a broken down computer. The discord call on the top left can be a painting on the wall of the closet and the screen can be a semi shitty TV.

  • dreamkvlt Jay Tremor (@dreamkvlt) reported

    I don't personally think having a discord server is worth it unless you're community needs it. Most discords I go in are ghost towns. So I'm shutting mine down until my community needs one again.

  • maplesbian 🛡️ (@maplesbian) reported

    tl;dr an unrelated commotion was going on about one of the devs being upset at other people for not doing their job for them, i made a quip about an earlier comment in the 86box discord where people looked down on pcem for being games oriented

  • MrWilYT wil (@MrWilYT) reported

    @discordapp @SweetMelon36 I am having connection issues too!

  • crue_lty Crue (@crue_lty) reported

    @discordapp reinstalled the app on win10, now it's been in an update loop for the last 20 minutes. Killing task didn't help. Had Canary before, it didn't open at all - uninstalled and got regular discord.

  • Elite__4 Elite (@Elite__4) reported

    @discordapp I'm having connection issues, it's not my wi-fi connection because I'm still connected to Fortnite

  • Cup0fThea 👿CupOfThea😈 (@Cup0fThea) reported

    @discordapp please fix your connection issues. I just wanna type with friends.

  • ChrisM101_ Christopher Morales (@ChrisM101_) reported

    @SweetMelon36 @discordapp Having problems too

  • CykaBreeki Armando Perez II (@CykaBreeki) reported

    @discordapp discord is down

  • SweetMelon36 melon (@SweetMelon36) reported

    @discordapp I don't know if I'm the only one with this issue but Discord has having connection issues;;

  • recoveringdoll RecoveringDoll♿⛓️ (+18) (@recoveringdoll) reported

    @rotten_saint I personally like @Patreon more than onlyfans and such because there is so much more you can offer in terms of service. Discord chats, Snapchat, pen pals, sneak peaks, photosets, it's possibilities are endless. As I figure out if I still want to do mainstream sw I'll probably

  • bolverkgram ケイ (@bolverkgram) reported

    tfw no one is responding to the TLs ive down in discord...... sad

  • bolverkgram ケイ (@bolverkgram) reported

    tfw no one is responding to the TLs ive down in discord...... sad

  • ChadTheDJ Chad Dunbar (@ChadTheDJ) reported

    Just like the game, we reset the bans on the forums as well for a fresh start. If you somehow are still banned, please hop on discord and post in Staff Help to lift the punishment from your account. Site isn't 100% done yet and still making some improvements based to better it.

  • jxxsephh jo$eph🦍 (@jxxsephh) reported

    @Jxckzzz i could probably help you on discord when i get home not sure

  • unluckyrose UnluckyRose (@unluckyrose) reported

    also: if anyone has tried to text me and I don’t reply, hit me up on discord or twitter! I’ve got phone service here in Japan, the data is good.. I’m always iffy on the texting part.

  • matheusr64 Reich (@matheusr64) reported

    @killyourfm @sam_daiya The outdated software repository is the worst problem. Programs like Discord and Spotify really don't work while outdated, and keeps forcing the user to upgrade to a newer version. When you update the program, Deepin's own software update manager forces back to the old version.

  • UnZkiPriimE 🎃👻「☆ 𝙿𝚛𝚒𝚒𝚖𝚎 ♡△」👻🎃 (@UnZkiPriimE) reported

    Biggest problem about giving classmates your Discord is that they spam you about school even though you couldn't care less

  • hncynic hncynic bot (@hncynic) reported

    Title: Discord is deactivating accounts without phone numbers now 💬: I have no problem with this move, it's like the old ads. This could be an option.

  • MovementsAnti AntiMovementsOfficial (@MovementsAnti) reported

    @UGLegion member down #LizardDown We did warn you @FortniteGame @Xbox @Snapchat @discordapp

  • RedVonix RedVonix (@RedVonix) reported

    @mikeyperk For a while I was terrible about maintaining it over the past months though I've become much better about it at the main community Discord I run has been steadily growing with active members.

  • aVailius Arcane, is BACK (@aVailius) reported

    I usually reserve this stuff for my private feed in my discord. I think I just want some attention from other people though or possibly that I want the ones that I have problems with to come out and say something to me.

  • yukan_auria Zennethe🌐 (@yukan_auria) reported

    @Jinito_Tony @kittychipz Enjoy the live streams while ya can, cause kitty screwed herself over when she tracked my discord down to harass me in DM.

  • bwiltshi Bob Wiltshire (@bwiltshi) reported

    @piersmorgan The result was not ignored, leave won the cup but did nothing with it. That is not down to remain, the winners hadn't a clue what to do with the prize; the dressing room riven with discord and infighting. It's now time for the next competition. You don't keep the cup forever.

  • PizzaForPikachu Phijkchu_Pikachu (@PizzaForPikachu) reported

    Critically error, discord breached. Kappa chatting the server in 5 4 3 2 ...

  • Botlady4 BOTLADY on Twitch (@Botlady4) reported

    @NomadWarrior412 @StreamElements ok i have a similar issue with my new laptop the obs support who i talked to for 2 days on their discord said since i dont have an nvidia card i cant window capture only display capture which means i have a 15" laptop with a 2/4" poker window its not practical so i may switch

  • DimentiaAQ 👻The Ghost of Xorvia👻 (@DimentiaAQ) reported

    @HellyonWhite So I’m playing Dragalia Lost, and in the discord everyone’s excited for the return of ‘Halloween Elisanne’. Problem is, it was shortened to ‘Helly’ and for a good while I thought you were in the game somehow

  • faerygowon lexi #HappyChuuDay (@faerygowon) reported

    any oomf good w pcs and could help me thru discord i have audio driver problems idk how to fix it......

  • Deverell_Danton Fager (@Deverell_Danton) reported

    Everytime i go on discord, i always see ppl in a vc and in my mind ive always thought about if it was cool if i joined, with my annoying humour and horrible accent, they leave. I cant change the fact my life has always been a shipwreck, down from my parents leaving to me *******-

  • Atreyeu_ 🎮 Atreyeu🕹️ 🔜 #EGX2019 (@Atreyeu_) reported

    @TroubleTruck Very true. The data tracking issue is what's got me more worried about what they're doing now than the fake growth they're promoting. So many potential problems. If they're doing it, who else is exploiting the system. Something Discord needs to look into

  • s_nickid S.nickid (@s_nickid) reported

    @bluetvgames If you get banned from his discord for no reason, there his no way to contact him to resolve the issue, I contact you on twitter to get the issue solve and no reply from you for a month, that means you don't give a shit if it his a legit banned or not.