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  • massivepeenelIa 2fat (@massivepeenelIa) reported


  • fightinandwords Eric Sewell- Fighting & Words (@fightinandwords) reported

    @M_Nerdskull @BadGameHOF I agree w your stance on the medicine side, but where I take issue is on how to handle this Discord poster. Of course, you’re well within your rights to not bother trying to share educational resources w someone who makes ignorant statements about medical best practices... 1/2

  • botnoob876 ez claps (@botnoob876) reported

    @CoxHelp Please help with internet packet loss issues. I literally have packet loss 24/7 on any program I am on if it be Fortnite, Team speak, Discord, etc. Please dm me or reply back with help!

  • violationsXO violations (@violationsXO) reported

    @RestockWorld hmm last time i had sold out on the top right it still made me signin discord rip

  • remember_agosti Sasha (@remember_agosti) reported

    Finally get service back and discord decided to shit itself lol

  • ushithebest ushi (@ushithebest) reported

    After a day the discord problem is still going :triumph: @discordapp

  • tvnner Tpops (@tvnner) reported

    @BossN1015 @RestockWorld It'll say Sold Out at the top right instead of Login With Discord

  • VanDurBeek DV (@VanDurBeek) reported

    @LunaWolf003 Damn, this is terrible. Block the guy and stay safe online and on Discord.

  • backup_ven Ven (@backup_ven) reported

    (Thread) i want to make a discord because 1: if i get locked or suspended 2: so i can talk with you guys more 3: when im bored but the problem is that 1: i heard some sketchy stuff about discord 2: it's really dangerous 3: it can get hacked

  • mentossik3 mentossik (@mentossik3) reported

    @Starthur_rl @SkeletonRL @_SlopeRL @NOFLIPGANG @The_Pulse_Clan Can I dm u on discord I need help with something

  • jjeonoro laura. ♡ (@jjeonoro) reported

    ok ok someone help me figure out discord rip

  • dark_dout DarkDout 🚀 (@dark_dout) reported

    @Lemon_OVA fix your damn discord cuh

  • saffronstans saffron🦋 (@saffronstans) reported

    the idiots fandom is so unproblematic i LOVE it there’s no hate between stans, ur all freakin HILARIOUS (the discord memes make me cry w laughter), and the only thing that’s ever caused any small issues is the new series/ movie. I LOVE THIS FANDOM AND THE IDIOTS SO MUCHHHH💖💖💖

  • MoonbeamMLP Moonbeam (@MoonbeamMLP) reported

    After plenty of sleuthing and with the help of the @BronyCon Discord server, I managed to track down the seller I brought @mlp_PieShimmer's gift from. If the one I sent doesn't arrive back home in the next few days, I've arranged to send out a replacement that's exactly alike.

  • L00dWitch ༺🌹𝓦𝓲𝓽𝓬𝓱𝓲𝓮🌹༻ (@L00dWitch) reported

    (Working on fixing the broken discord role!)

  • Koworiko Koriko Owoson🌸 Adamantoise (@Koworiko) reported

    @EliotETC They're both terrible and Slack should steal voice from Discord and Discord should steal actual user management from Slack.

  • AteYoda michelangelo (@AteYoda) reported

    @JdShinske @yodaateabattery Well I’m not that experienced with discord so I need help with some things

  • zestramous 🏳️‍🌈[ kangang / commandertuna ]🏳️‍🌈 (@zestramous) reported

    @renegade_roo Please use discord. Please. For the love of god stop using telegram Also you should like totally make a discord server. I can even help with it if you want

  • ChrisMa03730523 Chris Martin (@ChrisMa03730523) reported

    @condun18 @Sergal8 @ThePseudoNinja @Take2Interactiv His discord and YouTube channel were shut down lol, you disingenuous *****.

  • SwordieFox mysticxstar💌 (@SwordieFox) reported

    @TeridaxDev There are people in my states discord having the same problem lol, I guess just wait it or

  • NinjaLink NinjaLink (@NinjaLink) reported

    @BBBabycakes @Battlefy @NintendoVS Same thing happened to me. Its not fair to do this. Doesn't help that no admin responded to me so I can't get in the discord to find this out.

  • JK_DarkSide JDS (@JK_DarkSide) reported

    @CushyDemon The problem isn't just one **** either, but multiple devs and the fact they let their discord become THAT speaks volumes about what Voidpoint values

  • lady_swede Lady Ninja C (@lady_swede) reported

    Unfortunately Streamlabs was not liking me tonight and we had to shut down the stream, we'll be playing with viewers instead so join us on our discord for some Battlefield games!

  • visibleirony 🌹Jericho Orion🌹 (@visibleirony) reported

    @merchantarthurn not in your discord but I'm always down for vcs!

  • CaffeineCommand Lorelei (@CaffeineCommand) reported

    @FelicityRampant ☕This weeks Borderlands RP Drama!!! Self entitled Coffeebeanbomb who has already deleted her account and went to discord to roleplay... Posted a piece of art made by @AtlasCorpCEO and they told the writer to take it down. But they answered with... +

  • DimensionEnd Minecraft End Dimension (@DimensionEnd) reported

    @DakuroDark1 @iza_ini @TransrightsRav yeah I had this problem with recipes before and the users of Fabric discord server tried helping me every way for 2 hours and someone came and said "There is a typo in recipes, you typed it recipies"

  • BdlcSzn Bdlc (@BdlcSzn) reported

    @discordapp btw I still need help with the 6 digit 2Fa thing

  • Taizong 太宗先生 (@Taizong) reported

    @Sutorippu I did also. It was around that time I picked up granbule since it was closing. Also didn’t help that the group/discord I played with were asses.

  • sneakersislife my sneaks be my life for reals (@sneakersislife) reported

    @RestockWorld I don't see login with discord

  • OrangeFoxo 🍊 Orange 🍊 (@OrangeFoxo) reported

    Help my fren :3 @CyaLaterMrG8tor got locked out of his account and is stuck on phone verification, he can't use his phone number because it was attached to his old suspended account If you could maybe help him, his discord is Mr. Gator#3946 or you can message me if he's offline!

  • notperihelion San (@notperihelion) reported

    @GaeSakura and in this case, its 3. Sorry i dont have you as a friend anymore i dont plan on using discord as using whatsapp is easier to communicate with my friends at the dorm. i think you have no problem messaging me on whatsapp

  • azammohsin3 azam mohsin (@azammohsin3) reported

    @earlypairs @RestockWorld Nah it said that when i was going for the group but u just gotta clear brower history so it says login with discord again

  • leo5699 leo (@leo5699) reported

    maybe i should just give up trying to make new friends, or to even keep up with my current ones. maybe i should go back to the hermit alone in my room i used to be before i joined that one terrible server on discord

  • HormoneOSRS Hormone (@HormoneOSRS) reported

    My account was perm banned for RWT but I did not RWT at all. My rsn is "Horm0ne" and I am apart of a Swap CC and I got wrongfully banned after doing a drop party and bringing them into our discord. Please help me understand. @JagexWeath @JagexTyran @JagexGambit @JagexAcorn

  • LordRafa8 LordRafa (@LordRafa8) reported

    @BelowNatural below, please fix the data ;-; im lvl 78 and i lost all my shop dances and towers... i only have the lvl and event towers... IK WE NEED TO TALK OF THIS IN THE DISCORD BUT THAT BOT REALLY DOESN'T HELPS '-'

  • AstroDolphinz MixMasterMikeRadio (@AstroDolphinz) reported

    Sitting at my desk with discord open and i just ******* opened small discord on my phone wtf im wasting my ******* life right now help

  • Coolfuz45 ⚔️Coolfuz45🛡️ (@Coolfuz45) reported

    It also doesn't help that my discord server has been dead ever since it was made 2 years ago. It's the main place where I chat. To myself. Alone. Hoping someone would reply. This isn't meant to be a promotion, so I'm not providing a link. As a matter of fact, there isn't one.

  • Battlefy Battlefy (@Battlefy) reported

    @VinylicDot @FDrakeNY @NintendoAmerica @BearUNLV Hey, apologies for the lack of response on Discord. We are aware of the issues and are working to fix ASAP. Unfortunately our admin team is working through a long queue right now which is delaying matches. We expect things to be resolved shortly.

  • MissouriMTG Stanley Cup Champs (@MissouriMTG) reported

    I've literally been giving the oldschool discord finance advice for a couple weeks for free to help them with their cards that they aren't sure how to value. However that turns out that I'll wake up to a billion DMs a day. Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes

  • pentax47 mags (@pentax47) reported

    @lofgeezy @Twitch if you have problems getting your notifications, make sure you have smart notifications turned OFF bc they're actually not smart at all. they are dumb. also have the discord alerts for the live channel on as backup. and twitter for backup backup

  • NafiTheBear Nafeon (@NafiTheBear) reported

    @alkraas_art @Minecraft Try downloading the launcher again. Try running in administrator mode. If you have twitch desktop app use that one instead. My first suggestions. If you have time until tomorrow I could try help over discord or teamviewer.

  • FlameDiamond_SS Flame Diamond (@FlameDiamond_SS) reported

    @discordapp Hi These Times I Was Stirring In The Discord I Just Had Changed My name from <Flame Diamond> to RED and From Nothing My Tag went from # 9996 to # 3594 I Need to Fix it help me

  • avengerjedi Dante Bogdan (@avengerjedi) reported

    @therealcliffyb No idea why some people over there are so terrified of talking on the phone when they have no problem using Discord or whatever for the same purposes.

  • Pikapete2688 Pete (@Pikapete2688) reported

    seems like a lot of people are experiencing this problem and complaining in the discord but no admins of the 25 online are responding to help on the website or in discord lmao

  • peashooteryt Peashooteryt (@peashooteryt) reported

    @ITalkFortnite hay your team rumble discord is not working

  • Bruhtaro53 Bruhtaro Amamoment (@Bruhtaro53) reported

    - to the character designers who created them. Fangans were used Off-Discord on roleplay accounts, in the hazardous exploration and colonization of other social media platforms. After a bloody mutiny by a TERRIBLE 6 ERP team in an Off-Discord colony, -

  • BabyPinkSnail Milla Stan 🎊🎉1 Day!🎁🎀 (@BabyPinkSnail) reported

    @JustLemres @ford3733 @Ninfan28 @piner7500 Well shes not wrong about Discord being used to help recruit white nationalists at least it has been used for that in the past. Although she is wrong for saying people who play FPS games are gonna become killers or some shit Boomers gonna boom I suppose (Unless shes not a boomer)

  • Zodiac358_YT Zodiac358 (Everything closed) (@Zodiac358_YT) reported

    **** it, I’m starting up Dragon Ball Omniverse again. I’m going to need some help. Join my freaking discord because I can’t do it alone.

  • cacarolgo Carla🐷 (@cacarolgo) reported

    @discordapp fix your servers rn 🔪

  • Spexur Xander (@Spexur) reported

    Someone help me setup my discord please

  • hellkitchenreal tails from sonic (@hellkitchenreal) reported

    discord mobile literally goes down everyday for me and i Hate It

  • MrTeeXD1 MrTeeXD (@MrTeeXD1) reported

    Can people just read the rules for REAL and stop posting links to a stupid discord server in another server. Science proves that people who do that gets their IQ lowered down to hell and I have the full right to call you an idiot of the internet. Read the rules.

  • ArchersArcade Archer (@ArchersArcade) reported

    @EsfandTV @discordapp I think @MalloryLoar might be able to help.

  • WillsToyClear Wills Toy Clearance #EGX2019 (@WillsToyClear) reported

    I return from my week away from Discord, Twitter and Streams. Mentally I still don't feel fully right but this is down to many factors, therefore Twitch will continue as normal from Monday - Thursday 1:45pm to 5 (BST). See you all on the internet soon

  • ImSlevn SLEVN (@ImSlevn) reported

    The time has come for @RespawnActual and I to shut down the ROECL (@RoE_Comp) an announcement was posted in that discord if you want more info. Thank you to everyone for all of your support over these last 10 months.

  • botanistmage 🏳️‍🌈🦇Colleen Laurel 🦇🏳️‍🌈 (@botanistmage) reported

    To anyone that tries to talk with me over Discord: I'm so sorry Im so terrible at responding on there, I have the notifs all muted because group chats are amongst my least favorite things in the world

  • xsno__ Ariごあてd (@xsno__) reported

    @RecordFN Im late asf but you tryna help me get this wager discord poppin

  • aritsxn Ashlee Ritson (@aritsxn) reported

    @inuyashas_ I'm in a discord for ML and the amount of times I'll see Alya hate and people discussing how terrible a friend she is, almost assuming her as abusive (like bro shes 15 give her a break) and I just gotta back out of the chat and let them go off over nothing

  • Italibaso Bas Maas (@Italibaso) reported

    @mlp_TS @mlp_Celestia @DiscordLOC_YT @mlp_Pinkie_Pie *sigh* DISCORD! Come here right now and fix this!!

  • dj_danl Danl (@dj_danl) reported

    @YoungFireEmoji Imo yes, if you want to get in a discord and discuss I’m down