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December 11: Problems at Discord

Discord is having issues since 08:20 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Connection (72.87%)
  • Sign in (13.56%)
  • Glitches (5.05%)
  • Messaging (3.72%)
  • Multimedia (2.93%)
  • App Crashing (1.86%)

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  • TheLyfeRadio
    Harderstyles Releases (@TheLyfeRadio) reported

    @discordapp my friend and i have tried all regions, but our voices are breaking up / cracking up the entire time. started happening around 5 minutes ago. restarting discord did not help nor did changing to other regions.

  • tom0A
    Tom (@tom0A) reported

    Day 2 plans: -Launch a website -Post about service on reddit -Post about service on facebook -Post about service on twitter and discord -Might create an upwork account

  • tom0A
    Tom (@tom0A) reported

    Day 2- -Plans launch a website -Post about service on reddit -Post about service on facebook -Post about service on twitter and discord -Might create an upwork account

  • ggqf1
    ggqf (@ggqf1) reported

    Hour 5 of internet outage, it happened late at night so now I am alone with my thoughts instead of on discord with my thots. God save me

  • Thundrakion
    Bolt Stryker (@Thundrakion) reported

    Update: I did get back together with him on discord, I'm in his server as a non-fur alt. I'm going to try spreading his story around along with the hopes that we start resolving these issues... The furry fandom is supposed to be a welcoming place, but I don't see that right now.

  • EscaposGame
    Escapos (@EscaposGame) reported

    @discordapp @HyperX John wick needs your help! To wipe out the squads in the tilted towers dgeyefrhfhyhftbrcv

  • Cowbeans3
    Cowbeans (@Cowbeans3) reported

    @discordapp @HyperX Having super speed and slowing down time are basically the same thing

  • BansheeFunk
    Poor devil (@BansheeFunk) reported

    The discord server about the #00s I was in closed down and I didn't even notice until now. I feel kind of bad now, my 00s nostalgia is burning and I feel I have nowhere to share it.

  • notcramrin
    ८ՐคɱՐɿՈ (@notcramrin) reported

    @discordapp @BlueMicrophones @HyperX help me

  • RNGesusBK
    RNGesus BK (@RNGesusBK) reported

    @streamlabs Thanks for Replying, but i already received help from #streamlabs-chatbot @Anaki911<--volunteer BOT support @discord

  • RNGesusBK
    RNGesus BK (@RNGesusBK) reported

    @streamlabs Thanks for Replying, but i already received help from #streamlabs-chatbot @Anaki911 @discord

  • Sophic_Hegemon
    Hyperion (@Sophic_Hegemon) reported

    @petitemanchild No problem. I might even be able to get on Discord, since I received a new computer from a technologically-inclined friend. Well, he broke my old one, but it was a blessing in disguise. Talk to you later, Sam! Have a pleasant evening!

  • _affrankie
    Frankie (@_affrankie) reported

    @sabishiii I’m down whenever man, shoot me a text or a msg in discord either or

  • thedonq8
    Falcon🦅 (@thedonq8) reported

    Wow, I am so sorry to hear this! Funny this is discord is a friendly service used by gamers to communicate and interact. Etisalat literally has ZERO reasons to justify this ban! #unbandiscord

  • ozyarash
    a fine rootin tootin day in hell aint it (@ozyarash) reported

    is discord not working for anyone else

  • mason16ytt
    🎄 Jolly Mason16 🎄 (@mason16ytt) reported

    @discordapp @HyperX ERROR SENDING A MESSAGE: Keyboard not responsive. Please check the cables to see if it is plugged in correctly. If it is, please contact costumer support. Thank you!

  • Superioran_RBLX
    Superioran (@Superioran_RBLX) reported

    @discordapp I reinstalled last time and this is the result, all images taken in the app turn upside down. I'll submit a ticket. Thanks!

  • kupo_yo
    Jennice🎮KH Marathon💖👑 (@kupo_yo) reported

    Sorry all, really bummed out that I gotta cancel stream since I'm running into low audio issues coming from my capture card. Windows update possibly killed something. I'll be over in troubleshoot hell on discord, feel free to bug me there 👍

  • dummo_3
    chrimas dummo (@dummo_3) reported

    OKAY I AM TRYING TO TRACK DOWN A GUY BY THE NAME OF DINOMAN ok so there was this guy named dinoman who i remember was one of the first EVER people i talked to on discord i met him on zyphs does anyone kno where he is i made art for him :V

  • Sunzu432
    Alexander Lawless (@Sunzu432) reported

    @discordapp @Subnautica The bit of water apart of a watered down soda.

  • El_7aReS
    Khalifa AlSuwaidi (@El_7aReS) reported

    @discordapp @xSubee We all hope that you solve the current issue. We are currently not being able to login and chat with people from around the world :(

  • DoctorDRM_Art
    Doctor M. (Christmas Time Booty Arts) ☆ドクターM. (@DoctorDRM_Art) reported

    Just another night of inconsistent Internet connection at this motel, and what's worse is that Discord is down at the moment too. I'm really starting to miss Pompano more with every passing minute.

  • prophecyveined
    「X」avier [SH] (@prophecyveined) reported

    [[ i’ll do replies once i properly settle down ;; c/hina’s wifi doesn’t allow me to use google/twit/discord ]]

  • _Lillemannen_
    Lillemannen (@_Lillemannen_) reported

    @discordapp @HyperX I mean, im down

  • VorpalChimera
    Yuki (@VorpalChimera) reported

    @discordapp @HyperX It'd be really nice to get at leadt something, somewhat new... everything of mine has broken. Maybe of O get tnhensbnne I can actually hear stuff in csgoml, so i can get out of silver/gold. Hopes up anywaydls.

  • DeathSlayer3812
    Death (@DeathSlayer3812) reported

    @OfficialHatsOff I got u tomorrow with the fix to that I can discord call u unless u on rn

  • RubysBubys
    ruby (@RubysBubys) reported

    i literally put down my switch and talked on discord mid-match

  • Bibo_yrn
    Bibo (@Bibo_yrn) reported

    @_SxcTioN @discordapp Lmfao and i thought discord servers were down, well that's a gg

  • 1TooAD
    Sam (@1TooAD) reported

    @discordapp the website/desktop version wont load and the app isn't available in the Microsoft store for me to download. pls help

  • Cowhead_Cow
    Michael M (@Cowhead_Cow) reported

    @discordapp Seems to be an issue with my ISP. Sorry I falsely accused you guys.

  • jun_ning_5
    Alegis (@jun_ning_5) reported

    @TrevorSlattery4 @onion_bomb @AngryDeerolope @CommanderRising @LeapingRiolu @Verliswolf Maybe I don’t. I asked @onion_bomb about maybe a discord DMs for this and wouldn’t mind adding you @TrevorSlattery4 if we end up DMing🙂 would help clear things up for me too. Or it could be us two😅

  • miriostos
    目覚め ✿ ʀᴇᴛᴜʀɴᴇʀ (@miriostos) reported

    @bflat_minor oh no, how terrible~ (hmh true. thanks <3 lemme post on discord then)

  • Pumakam
    Pumakam (@Pumakam) reported

    And here's the thing if you want to play for glory online, organize that shit, go play at a local lan, create discord servers for top ranking players, etc. Do the work instead of complaining about a system that was designed to help more players enjoy the game

  • cryptic_ocean
    Marina🌸🕸 (@cryptic_ocean) reported

    ive been in a discord call with quid for like 3 hours now and she WONT ******* fix her microphone settings so i can ******* understand what shes saying GOD **** SHIT DAMN. SHE SOUNDS SO WARBLED AND IM SUFFERING.

  • Tigerpreserve
    KeenanB14/Addercat1150 (@Tigerpreserve) reported

    @discordapp I am trying to get a bot but it keeps trying to make me use another account that doesn’t have admin. How do I fix this it’s annoying

  • ShikixBrunestud
    Shiki Brunestud (@ShikixBrunestud) reported

    @discordapp @CakeKeri I got the same issue , and even the link above does not work "This site can’t be reached" Am in UAE , ISP is "Etisalat"

  • MarcoPalazzi
    Marco P | 3s3 (@MarcoPalazzi) reported

    @milescreations @MCMineTube @discordapp This isn't the 1st time. Multiple attempts by the local service provider here wanted to get rid of discord. Before their issue was with VoIP. Now the entire platform as well. Considering it is a free app. That was their unhappiness with it.

  • DeromeSamuel
    Samuel Derome (@DeromeSamuel) reported

    @HackerGiraffe I have been in countless hack related discord and they ALWAYS get taken down, i think its just against discord TOS, even if you make 20 more discords they are gonna get taken down, just a matter of time

  • Playboy_OW
    PB (@Playboy_OW) reported

    @Brinxu @lilotterpanda @discordapp It doesnt help

  • purplethegoat
    Purple (@purplethegoat) reported

    @cal_jacklin @ShawnAbner @FlyRts @CoDRT24_7 @DecimateRTs well we are down but we use discord

  • NevillKitty
    Dap (@NevillKitty) reported

    @discordapp, for some reason I can't access any of your servers without the use of a VPN (I am located in the UAE). I've been having this issue as of today.

  • vithraldor_
    Ashley (@vithraldor_) reported

    @discordapp @HyperX I am not sure if you have any questions or need any further information please login to your account can and will be in the morning and I will be in the future please unsubscribe me from the following ad listing has been a while and I will be in the future of our games are based

  • NevillKitty
    Dap (@NevillKitty) reported

    @discord, for some reason I can't access any of your servers without the use of a VPN (I am located in the UAE). I've been having this issue as of today.

  • Shin_Cromartie
    Lena🏳️‍🌈 (@Shin_Cromartie) reported

    Deleted my Discord server just now. I need to not make decisions when I'm emotional - I always regret them when I cool down, or my depression lessens or whatever. Thankfully I've taken a precaution by logging out of everything else (Facebook, YouTube). I know nobody cares tho

  • UltraTech66
    Jeffrey (@UltraTech66) reported

    @discordapp @HyperX I have a lot of money for you! Dear friend, I am a Nigerian prince and I am stranded. If you send me money for help, I will repay you!

  • DrakeosVr
    Drakeos_VR (@DrakeosVr) reported

    @DoomBlackDragon Yeah just wnen i started feeling down and depressed and nobody cares on discord group im in all too busy playing their own games :(

  • Necros_2k
    necros (@Necros_2k) reported

    @discordapp yo discord is there something wrong with my app or what, it say connecting problem even tho my wifi is working with others stuff.

  • CaldaraFan
    GodoingSinger (@CaldaraFan) reported

    @discordapp I know you're awake I need help with something fella. A friend's server just had 2500 members kicked instantly (everyone below the rank of mod). Only person with access to audit log is MIA. What are the options.

  • DaBlackFox_
    i ❤️ чернобыль (@DaBlackFox_) reported

    @discordapp @HyperX ou help me pwease squirms pwetty pwease sad face I need to be punished runs paws down your chest and bites lip like I need to be punished really good~ paws on your bulge as I lick my lips I'm getting thirsty. I can go for some milk unbuttons your pants as my eyes glow you smell s

  • pillowcreek
    Drew should be studying (@pillowcreek) reported

    the podcast problems discord is full of bad influencers so here I am, livetweeting WTF at 10:30 at night the night before an 8:30 exam instead of sleeping.

  • J_S_R_U_
    🎁 JustAFestiveHolidayUser🎄 (@J_S_R_U_) reported

    or heck enjoying it like before plus i don’t quite like using discord to discuss amongst anymore due to heckish problems earlier this year and just life in general but … i’ll still get down to doing a little something in showing that i least contributed to something soon

  • laevantine
    Yule Boss (@laevantine) reported

    @diezesq Here's the problem: somewhere there is a 19 year old baby queer on a discord saying that to their friends with unironic fervor RIGHT NOW

  • Nexuss237
    Nexus (@Nexuss237) reported

    @discordapp @angdacat Please help out

  • 9154Metal
    Metal Python 9154 (@9154Metal) reported

    @discordapp plz help @Shadical

  • MarcoPalazzi
    Marco P | 3s3 (@MarcoPalazzi) reported

    @Nexuss237 @discordapp Having the same issue

  • SBylar
    Skylar (@SBylar) reported

    @discordapp i've been trying to get into discord but it keeps on connecting . please help me out

  • Kirrahe2
    Kirrahe (@Kirrahe2) reported

    @discordapp connection issue my g

  • goldcooch
    meg (@goldcooch) reported

    people really coming at my pinned tweet man i jus stole it from a discord calm down

    Ⓜ️🎄🇳 (@MANvsGAME) reported

    @sirithre @discordapp Again, naming your product/service after the very problem you're trying to solve is weird, to say the least. Like calling a diet soda Coke FAT or something. lol

  • curehime
    mαyα (@curehime) reported

    me: im gonna join a discord server and be cool my icon: terrible **** image me: i had one chance