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April 19: Problems at Discord

Discord is having issues since 07:20 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Connection (62.83%)
  • Sign in (9.73%)
  • Glitches (8.85%)
  • Multimedia (7.96%)
  • App Crashing (7.08%)
  • Messaging (3.54%)

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  • Kartos Chaton (@Kartos) reported

    Hey @discordapp , maybe if you didn't force updates every time someone opens the ******* program, you wouldn't have so many "corruptions" on updates. The "fix" on the website is ungodly annoying. The version I had was fine, restarting my laptop isn't agreement for a new install.

  • BeanMan03890969 Bean Man (@BeanMan03890969) reported

    @22Pilots_RBLX dude, so i cursed on your discord one to many times, i got banned from the game for a week. and its been a week. i keep getting the error code 267 on my account. its Chargerlover112

  • amanthatisfurry Clyde (@amanthatisfurry) reported

    There’s my two/three friends in discord. They’ve kinda helped me get through some stuff. But in the end, not only I am a terrible friend, they themselves got their own real friends meanwhile I am just some text coded into a screen.

  • NeoPGX Neo~❤️ (@NeoPGX) reported

    @kjmmder Well I have been talking with a friend on discord about some solutions to solve the problem so next chance I get I will try them out. Here's hoping that all goes well. 😊

  • prymortal69 PryMortal (@prymortal69) reported

    @Massdrop Appauling issues with the THX aaa drop, price increase(minor issue), early drop before annouced time screwing over people, limited stock 500 when you have 15.5k waiting. Then the discord discussions from people who got in the drop trying to onsell them for profit.

  • CullenMolly_Pup Molly Cullen (slow replies.) (@CullenMolly_Pup) reported

    @BakaBakaBakaBo5 Well Q and Discord are basically the same guy when you get right down to it.

  • epicjaredyahkn1 Jared Ramirez V (@epicjaredyahkn1) reported

    @EggtuallyRbx No problem with the game for me. Though wish the dev of Gravity Shift had a Twitter or at least a discord, so I can tell him about my issue of the game not loading for My main acc, but works perfectly fine on alts.

  • Margsbelle1958 Mom to three (@Margsbelle1958) reported

    @Razorsmack1 @Briteeye777 @rrnicholas22 @draintheazswamp @Country21849663 @luluHru @BerryTessie @my3monkees @Deplorable_Man @JanePierotti @SDSUgrad1983 @SiCk_DiAbLo @darylnelson01 @joaodascovis @ccaltman50 @tyedyetweety @thomas_lajean @marburell To all #MAGA. I follow everyone back in the same day. Today I clicked on my followers to make sure I hadn’t missed anyone and decided to scroll down to check further down and 8 pages in I found a whole list of people I hadn’t followed back. Twitter trying to sow discord.

  • pIusultras ♡ belial lovemail (0/300) (@pIusultras) reported

    me: i haven’t eaten since yesterday adrian on discord, 30 seconds after i’ve tweeted that: PLEASE EAT SOMETHING YOURE TERRIBLE

  • PsychologyDoc Ψ 𝓹 ۞ 𝓽 ۩ (@PsychologyDoc) reported

    If there is discord between your opinions & reality, then the logical thing is not to fight reality, but to drop your stupid opinions & cut down on your oversized sense of self-importance Truth doesn't care who you think you are. It doesn't give a damn about your silly opinions!

  • LikChan Lik Chan (@LikChan) reported

    @1derpaul cozmo said they’ll fix it soon but not before event is over cuz they finally figured out what I said in Discord last week. The buffs will ruin Comp. Yea, avoid Comp until it’s fixed unless you like cheesy grenade spams.

  • coldwaughtersq Gigi || You Are More Than Your Desire To Die (@coldwaughtersq) reported

    @icu_drew I am actively in the process of doing that right now. I have multiple twitter DM's going, and I'm active in the magicians discord server I run where we're basically having group therapy right now. And I'm reaching out to help others who are hurting. Because that is a concrete +

  • Blandation Blandation (@Blandation) reported

    Blandation's law = When something doesn't work, I post about in on social media, a board or discord, and the problem IMMEDIATELY fixes itself upon posting.

  • LizardSfm LizardSFM (@LizardSfm) reported

    so in the new model I will be fixing all the things like this, which I ignored while editing previous one for the sake of simplicity and speed. if you want to help or learn some of the things I do join discord

  • luigi_giannella Luigi Giannella (@luigi_giannella) reported

    @discordapp Help me Discord, someone is pretending to be my dad, using pictures what I assume from his Facebook. The id is 568602346674847744. I do not want my family involved in any of this

  • Brettinabox Brett ;) [CC] (@Brettinabox) reported

    @sodappop_ @discordapp No problem, it's worth having, even if you don't put a ton of effort into it. Your mods may even want it more than you do.

  • UnStricken UnStricken (@UnStricken) reported

    @discordapp Im having issues with launching the PC app, Can load and everything fine on mobile, but cant even get the app to launch on PC

  • WildeShadow Samuel Wilde (@WildeShadow) reported

    @discordapp My friends discord server is completely messing up right now. Need help.

  • fearleadin in denile (@fearleadin) reported

    i forgot the login to my main discord PUTTING ON A CLOWN WIG TUTORIAL

  • ROnlinePerson Lin (@ROnlinePerson) reported

    I've never seen a white man so thirsty to be part of a damn lawsuit. This Shane guy is such a creepy ******* who is pretending to be smart. If you don't understand law, stfu. Your discord knows jack shit and google won't help.

  • herocc_ HeroCC (@herocc_) reported

    @an0nymoooseYT the link to your discord on patreon is broken / expired :(

  • hykallmao Hykal (@hykallmao) reported

    @discordapp US-East just had a hiccup, said no route, changing servers fixed the issue however

  • slopmaki slop jockey (@slopmaki) reported

    >can only log into one account in the client >online client doesn't work on mobile >cringeworthy messages seriously why hasn't anyone created a less terrible discord yet

  • kmclubb Kelly Clubb (@kmclubb) reported

    @discordapp Please fix your voice chat...

  • acreativename41 c[re]ativ[e] | AJR 4/29 & 10/10 (@acreativename41) reported

    @RealBrokenColor your not popular enough for the bot on the ajr discord to play your music i wanna get the ajr stans to listen to broken color on discordddd

  • SlayAnimosity 🇵🇭Anthony (@SlayAnimosity) reported

    Also, I'm using a new PSN when I stream from now on to avoid any of the problems that I have had before, if you want to know what it is, I'll drop it in the main chat in my discord.

  • AvahTheAwesome 💛Avah (@AvahTheAwesome) reported

    Any1 down to discord I Am o o o s o o o B Bo Bor Bore Bored Bore Bor Bo B

  • scottcale Scott Cale (@scottcale) reported

    This morning, for instance. At ~9:40 @discordapp rejected my login (from unusual location). Email with a link is time-stamped 9:43... And @gmail delivered it to me at 10:40. So now discord rejects the link as expired and wants me to start over.

  • realDankSquidy Damien Squidy (@realDankSquidy) reported

    @discordapp Yall shit down fix it im tryna talk to my homies

  • rblxalicia 𝟦/𝟥𝟢/𝟣𝟫 (@rblxalicia) reported

    Ima just stop associating with people and that’s it , I don’t care anymore arguing on Discord isn’t Gonna help anything


    @discordapp As someone who used to be an egg (now hatched) I take high offence to this and would like you to take this tweet down

  • PokegameMV Pokegame (@PokegameMV) reported

    when you want to go on @discordapp but the servers are down

  • _lostboy05_ axrx (@_lostboy05_) reported

    @discordapp Uhm, private group chat calling is a big problem for me and my friends right now, it will get to "RTC Connecting" then go to "No route" and a leave call sound will play. I am on US South

  • HiigPvP_ HiigPvP OFC #20K💥 💥 (@HiigPvP_) reported

    @discordapp Sorry for the flood, I really need my account that was disabled, if you can send me an email to send the email I thank you, I'm from Brazil, so some things did not work out right. I appreciate if you help :)

  • K1K0_1 Kiko (@K1K0_1) reported

    Me in the Discord call after my mental break down and someone says the words "Pee pee poo poo" and I'm trying to hold back my laughter and my tears

  • polyphonetic ✨kirdneh「キルデネ」🏳️‍🌈💜 (@polyphonetic) reported

    procrastinating writing my homestuck tabletop campaign by trying to fix my python-based discord bot

  • Eaglecrye Eagle (@Eaglecrye) reported

    @discordapp I don't think restarts or reinstallations would help. Many users on my server also take note of it. I even tested it out on my PC and still shows a deleted message. It's very common when a message triggers a bot deletion too.

  • LurkinFN Besim (@LurkinFN) reported

    @thane1k @ClixHimself @Physicalcookie @cadenxbl1 i tried on discord 4 times then just gave up lol if he wants to wager now im down

  • Rivrogue Diane Cullen (@Rivrogue) reported

    @KimStrassel Agree on points 1 - 6. Also, Mueller basically did a watered-down version of what Comey did re Hillary: sow the seeds of discord & then take no action.

  • AntiheroCast Zak⚔️Úlfhéðnar (@AntiheroCast) reported

    Discord wont run. I sound like shit so I cant record anything. My anxiety is ramping up so Im getting irrationally angry. Nothing is helping me calm down. ******* Hell.

  • laurdraws_ Laur (@laurdraws_) reported

    I just want you all to know that there's a discord server full of set it off stans except we all have terrible scene nicknames bc scene cody is valid but *some people* can't accept that

  • xXifiZz Xifiz (@xXifiZz) reported

    @discordapp why is there this glitch sometimes were when your calling the people you are calling get laggy there voice keeps going in and out its happened multiple times

  • wolfpurplemoon wolfie 🐺 (@wolfpurplemoon) reported

    @stile99 @discordapp sorry to hear that, they're absolutely atrocious at accessibility, I don't think they've fixed their screen reader issues yet, the issue being screen readers couldn't access anything in discord. We'll miss you on LGC 💙

  • TheReal_KJJ TheKayJ (@TheReal_KJJ) reported

    Okay I’m gonna need someone to help me with my discord!

  • ToastAndEggs_ Toast (@ToastAndEggs_) reported

    @discordapp Hey! I like to screenshare my Elgato Capture HD to my friends so they can see my console screen. Recently it's been disappearing (literally just becoming black). Also, my screenshare audio will sometimes glitch and lag. I don't think it's our internet.

  • doinkcup yoohwa | au (@doinkcup) reported

    watch KER found out about the sign discord tHEN ASK US TO SHUT IT DOWN ABAHHAHA

  • winwinkin gerber baby (@winwinkin) reported

    i just accidentally changed my icon to my scrambled eggs on discord and its not letting my change it back im going to break down

  • 100T_Xotic 100T Xotic / Dylan (@100T_Xotic) reported

    @RisenLazarus I’d be curious to see the ratio between voice and text users on Discord’s platform. I could understand why it was more frequent on Teamspeak as it is a voice emphasized service and people are probably more willing to get in a call with others they don’t know.

  • cigarhet0ric ollie ft. mspaint diarrhea (@cigarhet0ric) reported

    @consensualvore I'm fairly new to mobtwt & want to join the discord community, but with all this BS I don't want to add more uncertainty & stress considering all this BS going down.

  • GingerGamer17 Hunter Wood (@GingerGamer17) reported

    @discordapp for some reason I can't download discord both versions are broken for me. When I try o fully delete it there are files that say they are open but there is nothing in use please help me

  • PenguinCraftXD2 PenguinCraftXD (@PenguinCraftXD2) reported

    @discordapp yo can you help me please i’ve sent 5 different emails to discord support to be re enabled and no response yet, IT’S BEEN 5 DAYS

  • super_sophia11 creator code: soph (@super_sophia11) reported

    need some dedicated mods for my discord server be able to: -give roles to new members -delete toxicity, harassment, self-promo, excessive spam -create text/voice channels/roles as needed and any other things that might come up. let me know if you're seriously down to help!!

  • super_sophia11 creator code: soph (@super_sophia11) reported

    need some dedicated mods for my discord server be able to: -give roles to new members -delete toxicity, harassment, self-promo, excessive spam -create text/voice channels/roles as needed and any other things that might come up. let me know if you're seriously down to help!!

  • alphapanda724 Detail_ed (@alphapanda724) reported

    @discordapp ok my account just got deleted or something with no warning wumpus i need help

  • OvrStream OvrStream (@OvrStream) reported

    Unfortunately we’re still shaking out some technical issues, so our Desktop to Done show is cancelled this week. If you’ve got any big questions, ask the team here or in Discord! We miss you - we’ll be back soon!

  • Spirit_PD Spirit Productions (@Spirit_PD) reported

    @SharpWitYT @KDamon1 I'm not sure what it was specifically you needed help with (you might have said it and I missed it) but hmu in *** on discord and I can see what I can do if need be.

  • AcherusKnight Julian Ortiz (@AcherusKnight) reported

    @discordapp Hey there, I'm having an issue where Discord appears to be stuck in an update loop. I'm running the client version on Windows 7.

  • N0cturnalllll Zack (@N0cturnalllll) reported

    @InsaneZach @Aussiehalo @xGladdOnTwitch i have almost zero issues with raiding in the lfg discord. if you need help with raids, or need to find a group, add me. N0cturnal#11860

  • Rezinkles Rezido (@Rezinkles) reported

    @88ekj No, but I have this problem on Discord where I cannot keep one icon for that long.

  • Blade_Stormd Deverst#IstandwithVic (@Blade_Stormd) reported

    @SilentRoseJ @NickRekieta @shane_holmberg @EmmaVE83 @PLynnBailey @neilsama @RonToye @reminder_just @NJ4K1 @jacob_stemmer @SamMann66058275 @Jarlent @samanthasykes61 @JuNex003 @AMVAlchemist61 @CesspoolDespot @KaseTime @MozXnyl @LABasedComedian @TyBeard10 He needs his discord to help him and even they dont want to.