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January 27: Problems at Discord

Discord is having issues since 11:40 AM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • frightendinmate pam scrambler (@frightendinmate) reported

    @uzidoesit404 @shoe0nhead i think there are valid critiques to be made of pretty much any kind of media, but critics giving a game i like a low score is a pretty low priority issue for me. usually i just deal with it by saying “oh well, whatever” instead of, like, setting up discord servers to stalk them.

  • FianderJob Job Fiander (@FianderJob) reported

    @discordapp @OrangeWG I've tried everything in this comment thread with the same issue and no resolution, i can get to your main website 50% of the time but cannot connect in web/phone/desktop, tried multiple browsers/ resetting modem/router, updated my DNS, nothing is making any change

  • 100Concerned endure (@100Concerned) reported

    @hjelle_brian spreading discord doesn't help us so bye to you

  • BlizzardTrade 𝘽 𝙡 𝙞 𝙯 𝙯 𝙖 𝙧 𝙙 (@BlizzardTrade) reported

    @beerus Im down but you need to update the discord invite link

  • possombull possombull (@possombull) reported

    well uh i can no longer access discord on my pc after i tried to reinstall it so @discordapp or if anyone else feels they can help i can give more info

  • Zack87125662 Zack (@Zack87125662) reported

    @discordapp Hi there, so Im gettinga problem that my account enters in servers without I get it that servers, like I dont join in any server but 1 server appears and I didnt join in there, what should I do If u can help me DM me

  • Kazuma_Taichi Kazuma Taichi (@Kazuma_Taichi) reported

    @JKdaPlague @spikevegeta Yeah, not seeing it in the zootr discord at all, though maybe they just took it down because they got the 100 they needed

  • flash_gaming__ Flash Gaming (@flash_gaming__) reported

    OK, on windows 10, but for some reason it dosen't install and pops up with this: installation error, installation fail, error while installing application anyone have the same problem before. Anyone know how to fix it @discordapp

  • MessorTrisha Trisha Lewdbat Messor (@MessorTrisha) reported

    Just as an FYI to anyone who does have my number, my phone is down. my internet may very well be too within the next month or two. if you need to contact me PM me here or on Telegram/discord.

  • exxxscarlette 👽Evie | VEGAS AVNS 1/21-1/26 | (@exxxscarlette) reported

    Issue and inform the one person in that Discord who could have contacted Onlyfans officials. We had good reason to not want this information in the hands of a random model, but because Corii felt entitled to know EVERYTHING she refused to inform someone with contacts at Onlyfans.

  • MusicInMyBlood8 Hannah Dinse (@MusicInMyBlood8) reported

    @discordapp I haven’t been able to log into discord and my friend told me to try uninstalling and reinstalling it, but now your website won’t even load for me and I’ve been stuck without discord for like a week pls help #discord

  • yeah32924300 yeah (@yeah32924300) reported

    @discordapp Discord is not working :/

  • itsme_poko Poko c: (@itsme_poko) reported

    @GagiAtina My last login to Discord was july 10 last year , so almost 7 months 😭

  • heyitshope__ hope 💗 (@heyitshope__) reported

    . @discordapp my discord app is stuck on loading. it won’t load. i’ve deleted it, redownloaded ut, restarted my phone multiple times and changed wifi connections. help.

  • OrangeWG Isaac (@OrangeWG) reported

    @discordapp all three types of service don't work

  • LookAtMyCape Colby Gillis (@LookAtMyCape) reported

    @discordapp I did and it does not help

  • Hanaadorey She has been forgotten - Keyblade Master Dorey (@Hanaadorey) reported

    @Inner_Utopia @discordapp I haven't had any phone issues! Guess I've been lucky, and we're both Android too!

  • Harp_Darkthrope 間桐 桜 (@Harp_Darkthrope) reported

    @flame_dryad @irlizumi Yeah I don't spend more than I'd say an hour or so on twitter for around 3 to 5 days at a time cause if you go too far down the timeline there will be things I can't unsee I am a nsfw-free acc yes If you ever feel stressed out, you can DM me on discord whenever you like to talk

  • LonelyCreap Lonely (@LonelyCreap) reported

    @bruh_brigade @discordapp Dont worry they are working on it. They cant fix it over night

  • SeMtEx_SaLe Dew :D (@SeMtEx_SaLe) reported

    @discordapp please dm me back. I know there are tons of people on this account so please hit me up I need a problem solved STAT

  • KindCaretaker ── Fʟᴜᴛᴛᴇʀsʜʏ. (@KindCaretaker) reported

    @lordcfchaos It was of course the same for her, so now that the two have calmed down. She could finally grab the opportunity to give Discord a soft peck on the cheek. Fluttershy felt very relieved like he was, so she was comfortable enough to express herself like this.

  • Magmix5 MagMix (@Magmix5) reported

    @discordapp @dbd159436 @discordapp i tried that and its not working

  • KaitoCheatsOnCS Kaito (@KaitoCheatsOnCS) reported

    @discordapp fix your crashing it’s annoying I give you $10 a month and you can’t code properly

  • reddogz158 residual (@reddogz158) reported

    i am revamping and rebalancing my fnaf clone from 4 years ago on scratch if any of you want to help i could make a discord server for it lmao

  • Magmix5 MagMix (@Magmix5) reported

    @dbd159436 @discordapp im having the same problem

  • Supergirl1095 Casey (@Supergirl1095) reported

    @Ace_has_Greed @IDSHOCK @WonkieCoin @wailordFTW Actually she said tone it down in discord and on twitch. This is neither. And mace is still your couple name.

  • thoughts3rased Thoughts 3rased (@thoughts3rased) reported

    @discordapp fix ur shit

  • WhoPaysBiss Devin Nunes lawyer subpoenad @Kaidinn's 4 accounts (@WhoPaysBiss) reported

    @LiaS814 @Realmarkflaglor @realDougStew Altright Discord rooms were shut down by FBI and their logs showed them planning terrorist attacks in the United States. Their logs showed them talking about their **** gangs ****** white women across the country who don't adhere to "traditional values."

  • _Dolida_ Dolida (@_Dolida_) reported

    @discordapp Love it when I've been a loyal nitro subscriber for 2 years and now that I have an issue and my phone resets I'm unable to use my account anymore, and also cannot have my server transferred amazing staff. Thanks.

  • rail_smith railsmith (@rail_smith) reported

    recording voiceover with nobody to hear it or bounce ideas off of sucks... if there wasn't the obvious issue of copyright i would totally just livestream it to at least feel like i was talking to someone lmao or just like sit in a discord call while recording and do storytime

  • BayernMunichBPC BPC Bayern Munich (@BayernMunichBPC) reported

    Club disbanded: The league requested games only be played Wednesday which was the only day against our availability and then kicked us from the discord server without an attempt to resolve the issue. Disappointing

  • PrinceNonsene Prince Nonsense (@PrinceNonsene) reported

    @Buttered_Popoto Lots of Twitter accounts have been getting harassed, and even a whole discord server got taken down. I just don't Wana deal with it tbh.

  • NiceGuySushi NiceGuySushi (@NiceGuySushi) reported

    hey @discordapp when I screen share the audio starts to turn very static over time pls help ;-;

  • dbd159436 B-ri (pronounced like bee rye) (@dbd159436) reported

    @discordapp I can't access discord on desktop, and I can't Access your website. Please help lol

  • __Styx__ 🍂 in the Styx 🌳🍃🎃 (@__Styx__) reported

    @JogiPie_ Discord now have a build-in launcher and store like Steam and the game is there too. So it's exactly the same problem

  • alexmadsen00 Alexander (@alexmadsen00) reported

    @Teknogrot @Garulon @AntipodeanChap @CaptHat211 @LackingSaint And on discord you can IP ban which completely fixes that problem.

  • OdstShadow ODSTempest Shadow (@OdstShadow) reported

    Hmm someone tried to access this account just that was not me. Already locked it down but if you notice anything out of the ordinary coming from this account lemme know on Discord or wherever.

  • hasrock36 Emma & Amy 🏳️‍⚧️ (@hasrock36) reported

    I now know without a doubt that @DystopiaRangers is a MAP, who has attempted to regain a position of power in the Hatchery discord server. She previously had a pingable role that questioning people can use to ask for help. There are a large amount of minors in this server.

  • Cyclonus_CA Cyclonus (@Cyclonus_CA) reported

    @Warcraft Yeah this got pulled down an hour after getting 150 upvotes, silver, 50+comments etc, by the Mods of /r/wow "It's about ordering food to a guys house who just happens to be your raider leader. Not really relevant to the sub. Might be better for your guilds discord or something."

  • LouLingod LouLingod (@LouLingod) reported

    @Lellycon @FoxyKami Yeah uninstalled it fully down to the code from my pc. Hate Skype. Discord is way better.

  • tommysofty Uri! :D (@tommysofty) reported

    @tommyinnit Hey! im not an editor or something but Id love to help moderate stuff (f.e. discord or twitch) cuz i dont have anything to do with my life!

  • Zimloo zimlo (@Zimloo) reported

    @discordapp i have been getting call connection errors for days now but today discord keeps getting stuck on the starting connection screen and won’t go any further

  • exlan1x exlan🇮🇪 (@exlan1x) reported

    Some1 come discord and help me with pc stuff

  • splixzyyalt Sad Splixzyy (@splixzyyalt) reported

    @THEDEES11 I figured it out yay!! But Im down to hop into discord call so I got someone to talk to

  • sethbilliams seth (@sethbilliams) reported

    Yes the first things I downloaded was discord and league no I don’t have a problem leave me alone

  • Ibarumarky Ibarumarky (@Ibarumarky) reported

    @discordapp I was looking for solution so I started to write via Twitter in hope of finding a clue . It's 20:20 and so I will try testing via browser tomorrow. The only problem is... the problem occurs randomly.. so I don't know if it will work or just the issue won't pop up

  • Ibarumarky Ibarumarky (@Ibarumarky) reported

    @discordapp I was looking for solution so write via Twitter now. It's 20:20 and so I will try testing via browser tomorrow. The only problem is... the problem occurs randomly

  • Ibarumarky Ibarumarky (@Ibarumarky) reported

    Hello @discordapp I have from time to time the problem... when I play games & talk in discord... suddenly I can't talk or hear anyone. To fix it, I have to change my audio and change back so I can talk and hear everyone again. It's really annoying. Video chat suffers, too. Help

  • 13marwan_ Marwan 🇦🇪 (@13marwan_) reported

    @discordapp there are lag in all servers please fix

  • EnigmaticQuery EnigmaticQuery (@EnigmaticQuery) reported

    An issue I have with friendships are boundaries. I told a friend of mine that I couldn't play because I was doing homework and he screen shot my status on discord that said I was on Tarkov (game was just sitting open) another friend also complained how we hadn't played since 2018

  • TYWTBHStudiosUS That Yoshi with the Blue Helmet (@TYWTBHStudiosUS) reported

    Still having a bit of trouble with Discord for Mac. I restarted my laptop the other day to see if that fixed the problem, but no. I don't know if I have to reinstall the application or wait for it to start working again by itself, but I will determine what the better option is.

  • Bambozu Bambozu (@Bambozu) reported

    @Eclipse_FNBR tbh, there was a short time after you started getting into discord administration where you sent me dms 24/7 and i never really minded because i wanted to help you, but it did get annoying at some point LOL especially since u talk like me, but ily <3

  • CaikBall rat (@CaikBall) reported

    @discordapp you're cool but please fix .webp files

  • R0LLlNGTHUNDER aine ☆ceo of STEFFIE (@R0LLlNGTHUNDER) reported

    not @ me screaming on the tl about wanting a relationship but then actually turning someone down on discord

  • onesleepyfoxy kinda good artist (@onesleepyfoxy) reported

    @WilburSoot Wilbur you coward help the discord server members we are dying in agony and cringe

  • BruhdlerO9 Chunguster (@BruhdlerO9) reported

    Im thinking about making my own discord server but the problem is... I don't want to be over centralising and i may fear other people bringing other people could cause chaos and put me and the users in danger

  • bamboefn bamboe (@bamboefn) reported

    .@Dety0 I did the discord thing my 2nd screen doesn't start and I have no controlpanel of my gpu can you help me

  • robichter coiny! @ travis 'boyliker' touchdown (@robichter) reported

    @RobloxyLalonde its made by makin, who im p sure is known as the mod on hs reddit and also housed a bunch of p*dos in the hs reddit discord, and canwc is pretty terrible, its the same terrible joke for a bunch of pages

  • Noirenigma ColorBlind MasterMind ➡️ C2E2 (@Noirenigma) reported

    @Hurmly @TheRavvyn Haha shit with as much drama that goes down in discord it might be worst then meet me in the parking lot.

  • killswitch Chris (@killswitch) reported

    @phxdev I also stream and whatnot for our D&D sessions if you need help with Discord, OBS or twitch.