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Dota 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. Dota 2 is played in matches between two teams that consist of five players, with both teams occupying their own separate base on the map.

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  • GERGtheNERD Grega Genesis (@GERGtheNERD) reported

    @ForrestFurst My biggest issue with DotA is misconception and misunderstanding has a tendency to get out of hand. While that may been caused by issues of the writing, I feel like an author has the ground to correct those. Retconning work with needless details and anecdotes is silly, though.

  • leiron leiron (@leiron) reported

    The Election was finally over, and everyone anticipated the Great Intelligence tallying the votes. Chaos ensued as the results hinted a glitch: "DOTA AND AKO" #ManilaCyberpunk

  • bordeauxxz Mc (@bordeauxxz) reported

    trust issue in dota 2 players

  • obaida_aloqaidi Obaida (@obaida_aloqaidi) reported

    @Haldolaay1 @code @DOTA2 @PlayApex Oh that game .. it got ruined horribly, servers lag .. slow loadings .. zero logic bullets register , just horrible and disgusting game to play .. they ****** up changing the engine of the game

  • McMaNGOS1 McMaNGOS 🥭 (@McMaNGOS1) reported

    the morphling/razor static link interaction seems broken as **** imo but that's dota i guess

  • Kevinkev1337 Kevin Nguyen (@Kevinkev1337) reported

    @boukkayoru too much effort requires me to know my steam login whenever i need to play dota chess

  • samrutherford Sam Rutherford (@samrutherford) reported

    I'm really enjoying Dota Autochess, but for a game with instant queues, its incredible how hard it is to actually get into a match. Lobbies are broken, 7/8 people load in only to get discoed from the server, courier doesnt appear. The bugs are never ending.

  • w200me W200ME (@w200me) reported

    @DOTA2 @SourceFilmmaker SFM particles so broken last months : <

  • kalmar_balint Bálint Kalmár (@kalmar_balint) reported

    @flagrancefighty @ldr_v2 @ShammyTV Pretty much. When Dota 2 commentators scream, I know shit is going down, because I can clearly ******* see. Here it's like: "What is all this hype about, they're just moving from point a to point b." If a spectator has to be on the same level as a pro to enjoy, it's a problem.

  • yangyuli2010 Yangyuli (@yangyuli2010) reported

    @Steam_Support My account atuo Subscription the dota plus service last year on Mar 17, but i dont need dota plus this year, steam support team wont return the money said i already bought the dota plus longer the 2 weeks which is not 2 weeks only one week.

  • Obscurica James (@Obscurica) reported

    @Ceades_LoL I mean, strictly speaking, they jafmd faced comparison with Dota and Valve for years. Problem with this is that Valve's pathologically hands-off approach has stagnated any further developments. You can't really say that Riot/LoL hasn't eagerly cribbed notes from them when able~

  • gunslingerx2011 Edzus Bernauts (@gunslingerx2011) reported

    @_Vampirate_ @SoulyThrowaway @Lokim23 @Boogie2988 I'm sorry but they weren't bought, Valve is behind Dota2, Half Life, Portal and Team Fortress as a developer, as publisher. Also about monopoly, i get the Epic side on the issue, but it is anti consumer practice, there are no but about that.

  • JuryOW Rip My Face Off (@JuryOW) reported

    @DS77777777777 @Slasher I don't think Dota or league would be any better though and cs would be easier to understand but I don't want to see the backlash when these people see "terrorists win" appear Anyway I think the problem is more that a lot of people don't want to understand rather than they cant

  • 14brMSk02 le maréchal Харчокъ (@14brMSk02) reported

    hello @DOTA2 We can't start playing the battle Cup, and it's not clear why. Every week we collected the same party, and everything worked out. This week, the "start searching" button was just gray and we couldn't start matching. fix it thank you

  • bottleme4later Rune of Invisibility (@bottleme4later) reported

    Lucky shot is so broken. Slow, disarm, silence for 10 ******* years. Please nerf @DOTA2 #DreamLeagueMajor

  • dril_dota Dril Dota (@dril_dota) reported

    I will beat up thing higher ah, dota teams: evil geniuses Im A PROBLEM WITH ME A BULL SHIT" is consider this sniper rifles

  • DeadMan05A IDFKd00d (@DeadMan05A) reported

    @Cayinator Thanks to you I started to play Techies and I'm having so much fun, problem is that I'm kinda new to Dota2 (Lvl 8 but I play above average with Tech) so either my team hates me or they dodge, but even then I have a blast playing, all because of you. Keep it up dude.

  • anirudhmallya96 Anirudh (@anirudhmallya96) reported

    @DOTA2 Please fix your shitty matchmaking system before adding new features

  • olivers_acc Oliver 🦇 (@olivers_acc) reported

    @TheLaxLex @CaseyExplosion @muffinops1 Of course, I don’t think it should be a feature, but with Dota specifically there’s not a way to drain your bank account so you can keep betting. Not saying it’s not a problem in gaming, just that this quote tweet misrepresents Dota and their currency system.

  • olivers_acc Oliver 🦇 (@olivers_acc) reported

    @CaseyExplosion @muffinops1 There’s no connection to actual money for this though, you can’t buy shards, you can only earn them by playing. You have to pay for a Dota Plus subscription to unlock the quests to earn shards, but still, I think this is different than the whole “loot crate” gambling problem.

  • Gib_rage James Gibson (@Gib_rage) reported

    @ZachariusD Just whack AOE 1, every total war, civilization V, Crash Bash, CTR, Tekken 5, DBZ Budokai 3, Quake 3, Worms Armageddon, Dota 2, Wargroove in there too I'm sure it fits

  • unhaunting intergalactic criminal (@unhaunting) reported

    @yurimegumi minor gripe but "Dota Plus is primarily a hub for players to look at and analyze data about their performance, sort of like hiring a personal, AI-based coach" why are you repeating valve's advertising just say it's a paid statistics service

  • SunkenDota Sunken (@SunkenDota) reported

    @EraDota Solo queue actually ruined my experience with the game. Going into solo queue to find feeders, leavers etc is the antithesis of fun. Worst part is, boosting is still a major issue. You run into the same hundred people in high rank Dota, and someone will throw for their friend.

  • _afiqasmuni LemakChilliPadi (@_afiqasmuni) reported

    No seriously, how ******** am i suppose to climb my MMR up to 5K, with the SEA server being so toxic AF! And i'm now at 4717 merely 300 more which is just 12 games. #dota2 problems ugh. 😤

  • thinkiplayagame komaeda hand fidget spinner toy for adult children (@thinkiplayagame) reported

    @devtesla valve [just actively shovelling their big pile of money into a furnace]: lmao let's make a dota hearthstone clone epic store: *actually contests their monopoly* valve: oh shit. i know how to fix this: make our ui Worse

  • VercingerYT Vercinger (@VercingerYT) reported

    @Fnatic_Jarl This expectation isn't in Dota nor CSGO.. They turn to scrimming too when they wanna practice problems plays..

  • big_Poppa_Chop Eric (@big_Poppa_Chop) reported

    @MACHINEgg I know in dota you can play on any of the servers around the world but the ping can get pretty bad and cause lag. So most people just play on the closest server.

  • Zvangi Erdem (@Zvangi) reported

    @ReinessaGaming Problem is not pervs in dota, its account buyers and toxic people. Game is not playable below 6k. Maybe 1 game in 20-30 games is fun. Rest is intentionally feeding, afk junglers and retards. Perma ban thoose guys @DOTA2 or you will be gone after auto chess mobile.

  • gelmsmn gel m. simeon (@gelmsmn) reported

    so there was this one time that i heard 2 guys talking while nag duwa sila dota the other guy talked abt how he and his ex gf broke up kay issues lgi daw like third party then the other one says "wa ka sakoa bai buros nya kami na ato. iyang ex lang naman nakaburos"

  • SF_13z SF-13 (@SF_13z) reported

    My main issue with the hero known as techies is this isnt dota It fundamentally changes the rules of the game. Its not like an op hero, it redefines what map control is and that can physically kill ppl

  • Adjovenish Adjoven (@Adjovenish) reported


  • _neilsubong_ neil s (njs) (@_neilsubong_) reported

    cant sign in to my email cuz the shit needs phone verification. di ako maka dota puta

  • RaihanMiransyah Miransyah (@RaihanMiransyah) reported

    @DOTA2 @IceFrog open mic for party still not working, pls fix it

  • ReeveRidley Ryvix (@ReeveRidley) reported

    @Nightbloo Hard to compete with such a broken game like League or Dota

  • TehRealMattyG MooCowsinMoscow (@TehRealMattyG) reported

    @XyronicWoW @jryamahar6 75% of funds are going to Activision blizz and will help appease stockholders. It's another revenue stream to make up for lost subs. Dota doesn't make it's revenue from game subs. This just gives incentive to not fix game to get subs back since they will get money with shop items

  • madpew madpew (@madpew) reported

    @Split82 Games as a service, living products so to speak (of course that doesn't apply to all games). As an example: someone could have played WoW/Dota/... for 10+ years but since the last expansion they don't recommend it for new players. That is a valid reason in my books.

  • EonofAeon Chris C (@EonofAeon) reported

    DotA: Trends towards long, very info heavy, hard to be truly 'casual' in. SMITE: Unstable, buggy, crashy mess on PC and console alike. HOTS: Doomed to die a slow death from the mistreatment of Blizz over last 6 months. LoL: lol. Get real. Paladins: Lol. Also shares SMITE issues.

  • nikolatw Nikola G. (@nikolatw) reported

    Take a look about that panel part. I saw some people had the same problem when dota 2 also released panorama, but solution is nowhere near.

  • blastoise_io Blastoise (@blastoise_io) reported

    @roosracing i can say that this guy is one of a few dota streamer in our community @superiorkram . i come to some of his stream and i notice that he is a good guy and really cooperating to his teammates. he always saying sorry to his viewers who come because his mic is broken. this guy ...

  • NeilNava27 Morfhious Morcelus (@NeilNava27) reported

    I cant watch properly the game due to internet connection problems 😒 #TurtleNet #DOTA2

  • DanielAlungule3 Daniel Alungulesei (@DanielAlungule3) reported

    @wtfskins I can't deposit Dota 2 items on WTFskins, i get the error requesting trade error. help pls

  • NeboNumberOne Nebo (@NeboNumberOne) reported

    @Ddrrddoodd @Asmongold 25 % is pretty good. The biggest „problem“ is rather, that people need something interesting to buy in the first place. Dota has Battlepasses sind for ever and they make literal millions through it. I doubt wow will sell millions of toys or something. But it’s a first step tbf

  • valriot2492 -V- (@valriot2492) reported

    @Seath_PK @maximilian_ Okay, but making one guitar doesn't cost millions to make, and ends with a company losing money. It's entertainment. Your primary goal should 've to entertain. The issue gets worse when you compare FFs to other esports. People can casually play LoL, DOTA, OW, ect -

  • janand89 Jan2011 (@janand89) reported

    @SHARKxPUNCH Some games as a service can work IF and only IF they have a fair payment system thats not just pay to win (MP) or lootboxes. And yes, i think about dota2, warframe etc pp.

  • F_adityaa Skadoodle (@F_adityaa) reported

    Dota is broken.. but my heart more than broken

  • Savvyduke Kausar Ramdhani (@Savvyduke) reported

    @ReinessaGaming If I'm not wrong, the last non-TI Dota 2 LAN events held in NA were DreamLeague Atlanta 2017 and WSOE Las Vegas 2018. The crowds weren't as numerous as other esports events. I think this kind of problem discourages NA orgs to hold a Dota 2 event, unless there are other factors

  • KayaAndSange DoppelGanger (@KayaAndSange) reported

    @miaakhalifuck login dota pliss:(

  • razlanmdradzi Razlan (@razlanmdradzi) reported

    @alepholic I've a cursed more when I played Dota rather than playing fps like Overwatch. See, the games does not make you violent, it's the community and the lag.

  • Savvyduke Kausar Ramdhani (@Savvyduke) reported

    @ReinessaGaming The main problem of NA Dota events is native spectators i think

  • drjliver Joe (@drjliver) reported

    @EngIoPDF @DOTA2 its a silly little side game to earn a few shards for paying attention to tourneys. no one is getting “****** over”. the fact that no monetary gain is possible single handedly dismantles your argument of this being “the exact same service” as csgo lounge.

  • RheingoldRiver River (@RheingoldRiver) reported

    @lmcdo_ thats exactly the problem - if my grandma wants to connect with me by watching videogames, "what's a tower" is very confusing. if im an SC2 player watching league, idk about QWER etc. If I'm a dota player, I just want to know what champs have what power curves etc

  • luisramirez156 dxds3 (@luisramirez156) reported

    @ReinessaGaming @KillerPigeon i think the problem with dota in NA is we never really advertise the game. man everyone knows league,CS,COD etc. you know its bad when i can go to a family gathering filled with old people and they have heard of league and not dota. 😭

  • frendazoned Gokufan1995 (@frendazoned) reported

    the future of dota is every hero having a 4 hit passive because icefrog's brain is broken

  • SynchXVII Synch (@SynchXVII) reported

    There's really no perfect game in this world 😩 Forza Horizon (freeze and crash) CSGO (cheaters) Apex (cheaters, worse than VAC) Dota/LOL (I dont like moba)

  • caped_canuck Caped_Canuck (@caped_canuck) reported

    @dota2 fix your ******* game with these cliffs. Amazing how a million dollar game can have shit like this still in it. @Arteezy

  • shotbygl514 Shot By gL 514 (@shotbygl514) reported

    @crackshottv It's all moba. I play dota and aov and this issue in pub are horrid

  • itshearighthere Chris P. Fata (@itshearighthere) reported

    Fix your servers @DOTA2 smh

  • PsyFi_ZA PsyFi (@PsyFi_ZA) reported

    Im done! Tried Dota 2 and things just keep getting worst like before. Game is in a shit state. When pro teams have to ban heroes not becoz of the player but becoz the hero is just ******* broken, then you know the game is ******* poorly balanced.

  • M_Divetodie Mehrdad Valizadeh (@M_Divetodie) reported

    @DOTA2 1h finding mtch Fix this shit...

  • EoGNick Elixir of Gaming (@EoGNick) reported

    Running into some issues recording Tavern Tycoon so going to have to put a hold on that series for a few days until i can figure out whats wrong. In the mean time there may or may not be some Dota 2 Auto Chess coming 😬