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Dota 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. Dota 2 is played in matches between two teams that consist of five players, with both teams occupying their own separate base on the map.

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  • Asdowa447 Asdowa (@Asdowa447) reported

    @LSXYZ9 I don't know LS, it's really hard. I'm noticing same problems in League pro team and analyst, makes me regret playing League over Dota all those years as people in Dota actually know how their game works.

  • afkgaming AFK Gaming (@afkgaming) reported

    You're playing against @TNCPredator You don't ban Earth Shaker or Morph because you can counter it. You lose. You pick Earth Shaker + Morphling next game cause it's broken. You lose. #Dota2 #Esports #ESLOneHamburg

  • namzuggg midori (@namzuggg) reported

    @StandinNiwram pls fix @DOTA2

  • phil_U_ Philmar✨ (@phil_U_) reported

    How broken is this aghs Morphling that can 1v5.. WTF #ESLOneHamburg #Dota2

  • didrisunzo23 Strawberry Swing (@didrisunzo23) reported

    Dear @DOTA2 , I can't find ranked match. My latest conduct summary, 9,710 overall conduct. Pls fix this bug.

  • MitchyD Mitch Dyer (@MitchyD) reported

    @Dramido @maryknews I am not working on a Dota 2-themed dating sim. Unfortunately.

  • Sacmalayanadamo Doğukan Gültekin (@Sacmalayanadamo) reported

    @DOTA2 i've one curse but i don't wanna say. "2 hours"... u know it this issue.

  • i_sadeli iandnrk李維宣 (@i_sadeli) reported

    omfg dota,how ******* hard to fix monkey kings ulti lag bug...

  • Mdnaveed14 Mdnaveed (@Mdnaveed14) reported

    @DOTA2 taking 1 hour to find match so horrible and fedup with new update fix it @DOTA2

  • frendazoned Ferry Scary (@frendazoned) reported

    @DOTA2 Fix the game pls

  • Anthony_aVim avimm (@Anthony_aVim) reported

    @Speedkicks Common problem in the dota scene. Teams now only really have one or two dedicated scrim partners because they want to hide strats. It makes sense, but is unfortunate for player growth imo.

  • m_morky mMorky (@m_morky) reported

    @NoobSlippery @TinnyFN @FortniteGame Dota 2 for one. Smite for another. Either way thats not the point. Point is every other game tells you what they changed when they change something. They havent explained why and it is a massive ******* problem.

  • GenericSplendid Joe Excellent (@GenericSplendid) reported

    @Jyuuhachi That said i think itd still be very profitable for a few games like league, dota, cs. The issue is creating accurate data based models

  • ArticFoxMTG ArticFoxMTG (@ArticFoxMTG) reported

    Thanks for all the Donos and Hosts tonight had some issues with @OfficialDLive tonight with my stream being stuck online with a black screen i hope they get that fixed!. Kinda found a new love for LoL tonight. Dont hate me Dota!

  • graciebearsia Grace Sia (@graciebearsia) reported

    @redditdota2 @REVO_au Looks like it wasn't you but the actual servers not working for @DOTA2 :P Maybe when they fix it we can try another game!

  • ShiWager backup (@ShiWager) reported

    @henrydota2 r/dota2 witchhunts against you were biased and completely based off misinformation. Dota's still a good game but valve left the esports scene in the dust, the exact opposite of some other games. I feel like we need a HoN 2 to come out and fix all the mistakes valve made.

  • RminAlimardani Armin Alimardani (@RminAlimardani) reported

    @DOTA2 Dude, matchmaking is broken, it resets and I can't find a match :|

  • MayQuintes ヤムイモ (@MayQuintes) reported

    So i'm just wondering why my DOTA2 servers are lagging. And if the problem is your servers, when you gonna fix it.

  • MayQuintes ヤムイモ (@MayQuintes) reported

    @DOTA2 Good day! I just have a feedback to your match making server. I don't know what happened but even the recommended server that says (33ping SEAsia) keep lagging. I experienced lags usually in mid games. I already checked my internet, and it's good, it's all good.

  • rjkingofpain ralph joseph (@rjkingofpain) reported

    Need cash lang po 😁 5,500 Gaming Laptop Dell N5110 I5 2410 4gb ram 500gb hdd Issue: camera Kaya dota 2 low settings 😀😁👌

  • EnderSword Dave Creamer (@EnderSword) reported

    @Somatoshi I think the major disconnect is you're not really distinguishing between an internship and a full time position at a company. And you're not accepting that life experiences and success in something like SC2 and Dota 2 are actually very good indicators of ability and work ethic.

  • ElonHuskar Gym-going Waifu ;–3 (@ElonHuskar) reported

    @FionnOnFire what about riots culturing NA players specifically to act like little babies🙊 it's not quite overwatch level, but CS:GO and Dota don't have same "anti-competition" problem to the same extent if u wanna "invest" u need to take on shitty "culture", just American dolla' wont halp

  • justinmeader Justin Meader (@justinmeader) reported from Dover, New Hampshire

    @itsthatbillyguy @pettycommajared @IGN Oh my problem is not with Fortnite. Game’s not for me but obviously the impact is huge. But that’s also not what that list used to be about. Like I don’t think DotA or League were ever on it. Regardless, I was talking about the text mismatch.

  • gamecriticbot gamecriticbot (@gamecriticbot) reported

    Dota 2 isn't very good because the funding was so broken.

  • _watsu Walt (@_watsu) reported

    @Succinct_Punchy I think the main issue is that most F2P games (99% of mobile ones) don't have economics tampering with them, they're made with economics in mind first like FGO and such Then there's games that are games first and cashcows later, like Dota 2

  • afiqdulmi LEN (@afiqdulmi) reported

    @DOTA2 hi, does anyone know how to fix this bug , the one that i marked within the box are supposed to be the timer or number of games needeed to be played. This bug shows some weird symbol , unreadable , please help

  • Rjabesamis2 Rj abesamis (@Rjabesamis2) reported

    When I'm sad, I play dota. Then I realized, Teammates is worse than my problems

  • vkusniikrab loh pdir (@vkusniikrab) reported


  • heyitsmahen Mahen (@heyitsmahen) reported

    The reason i quit dota is : 404 error not found. **** THIS GAME I WONT SPEND MY MONEY AGAIN *BATTLEPASS EXIST* Ow shit this set was good. Lets spend some money *then spend 2 millions for battlepass* *regret* *repeat to the first* **** you @DOTA2

  • nassanity Naaaasssssssssss (@nassanity) reported

    When I'm sad, I play dota. Then I realized, Teammates is worse than my problems

  • swordstress_ Rain (@swordstress_) reported

    @solelybrbdoo @Zane_willows001 @RiotAzael In high mmr dota (6k+) we would add meepo/arc warden/earth spirit spammers back in the old days and tag them in the steam friends list as "meepo/arc abuser" and target ban them accordingly if we get to see the opposing team during champ select this wouldn't be a problem

  • UmerShiekh Obama Bin Laden (@UmerShiekh) reported

    To do list 1- Stalk crush 2- Go into detailed search for Netflix login. 3- Play dota 2. 4- Follow more accounts 5- Watch news 6- Take out warm clothes 7- Kill me boss in my mind 8- Feel sad and sleep

  • Alesandra_mw Michelle Wang (@Alesandra_mw) reported

    @DOTA2 One of the biggest issues right now is the MMR gain and loss. The system is still matching divine and immortals with high disparity almost up to 2k and it feels so punishing to lose 30+ per game when we are powerless to who the system matches you with.

  • riningear Vic-GORE-ia Rose 💀🔪😱 (@riningear) reported

    @FionnOnFire ehhhh we have the same issue in dota, man

  • old_dodger Dodger (@old_dodger) reported

    @TheWeekendSlice I like to watch games with a good story or at least a story 😉. I'm not interested in games like Dota or Fortnite etc. A point and click game like Broken Sword or similar would be nice or something like or similar to the Silent Hill games.

  • erncrdvaa 𝓭𝓸𝔂𝓲𝓮𝓴𝔃 🧡 (@erncrdvaa) reported

    i just play dota to fix my ruined heart😖

  • accureye accureye (@accureye) reported

    @PlayApex needs to really fix the game honestly here is my opinion of the game its basically dead without some balances and something to make the game more interesting it's just Titanfall on a battle royal scale with much toxicity like #dota2

  • oneesportsgg ONE Esports 👑#ONEDota2 (@oneesportsgg) reported

    .@virtuspro will not be competing at Dota Summit 11, citing pressure and visa issues as the main reasons 😕 #ONEDota2 #oneesportsgg #dota2 #gogovp #vp #virtuspro #dpc2020

  • GilDawg Gil June (@GilDawg) reported


  • robbmh Robby Hidayatullah (@robbmh) reported

    @DOTA2 help fix bug talent! Lv 10 can learn lv 15 talent. Lol

  • YogoPlaysMC YogoPlayz (@YogoPlaysMC) reported

    @DOTA2 I want a fix for my hard support anti-mage. It has caused me too much pain and suffering.

  • HooverTV Hoover (@HooverTV) reported from Maryville, Missouri

    @HawkCSGO_ @CSGO Valve employees can work on any game they want, someone finally wanted to make csgo cool again rather than putting all the money into dota. TrustFactor and prime are broken and filled with more hackers than ever. I think your blinded by 'this being the only cs you've played'

  • im_jedmedrano perfectly_adequate (@im_jedmedrano) reported

    @DOTA2 please fix the normal matches in SEA SERVER/JAPAN. I've been playing with immortal rank players in a normal match few months ago and now, I've been playing with some bad teammates with poor communication/toxic, bad gameplay and throwers. GIVE LOVE TO NORMAL MATCH PUB PLAYERS! 😞

  • im_jedmedrano perfectly_adequate (@im_jedmedrano) reported

    @DOTA2 please fix the normal matches in SEA SERVER/JAPAN. I've been playing with immortal rank players in a normal match few months ago and now, I've been playing with some bad teammates with poor communication/toxic, bad gameplay and throwers. GIVE LOVE TO NORMAL MATCHES PUB PLAYERS!

  • im_jedmedrano perfectly_adequate (@im_jedmedrano) reported

    @DOTA2 please fix the normal matches in SEA SERVER. I've been playing with immortal rank players in a normal match few months ago and now, I've been playing with some bad teammates with poor communication/toxic, bad gameplay and throwers. GIVE LOVE TO NORMAL MATCHES PUB PLAYERS!

  • CptDrake97 Ciri guild master of the Semi Shiny Raiders (@CptDrake97) reported

    @CarnlvaIs It has been modernized a lot, old Dota2 was slow. But Leuage suffers from the problem of if you fail once in the early game you have no way of comming back. Dota 2 has probaly the best comeback mechanics out of all the mobas

  • AlexStockwell Alex (@AlexStockwell) reported

    @DOTA2 Why fix it, I love 40 minute queues, I get so much done #dota2


    @redditdota2 Implying people play him without cosmetics. The real issue with dota is not being able to recycle anymore. All my friends and I have like 2000 useless sets. come on volvo.

  • AuzaieIrfan EPUNK (@AuzaieIrfan) reported

    @themeorrr @fdzlhmnrh @FikhrulH Dota siang. Problem solved!!

  • LloydRealAcct Lloyd Jake Refuerzo (@LloydRealAcct) reported

    @DOTA2 I picked safe lane to calibrate It took me 16 minutes this shit gettin out of hand bring back the party and solo MMR back. And please fix SEA server. 😭

  • Popa2caps Bad feedback (@Popa2caps) reported

    @Xbox Microsoft should purchase Valve Corporation so Xbox can get DOTA 2. Xbox is missing some of the most played games that are free on PC. It would also spike mixer service as well.

  • raf1nh0 Dinho (@raf1nh0) reported


  • Dazzdingoo_ SteboK (@Dazzdingoo_) reported

    @DOTA2 i was thinking about the same thing to kinda fix the matchmaking. still needs more but at least its in the right direction

  • GoogleForBirds Grabbler (@GoogleForBirds) reported

    @DOTA2 feel like this was not the issue

  • ardhagaruda Anak Adidas (@ardhagaruda) reported

    Looks like I have a problem with ranked matchmaking times @DOTA2 this game gonna be more harder.

  • Maddin19912 Martin Beyer (@Maddin19912) reported

    @DOTA2 My friend and I are searching for over 16 minutes now... (2x 8+ minutes). What the hell.... the update didnt solve the problem!

  • JokicKyle Kyle Jokic (@JokicKyle) reported

    The Overwatch Malaysia Team issue doesn't signify that Malaysia esports is terrible. I think Malaysia is doing quite well in games like: DOTA 2 CSGO PUBG Mobile Mobile Legends Esports fans, players, and comapnies in those communities are showing a lot of enthusiasm and growth.

  • _bmfq bima (@_bmfq) reported

    feels like #Dota2 is not enjoyable anymore at this point. long time que for cores even its 3k game, and less than 5s for supporting some stupid ass cores. hope u can fix this, @IceFrog

  • 1stCLord Andrew Haining ☭☸️☮️ (@1stCLord) reported

    I'm still forming my thoughts on Battle Passes, I always liked it in dota, it felt like you got your money's worth. I think, conceptually it's the fairest way to operate a service style game. As long as the monetisation stays largely divorced from the game design, I'm ok with it.

  • doteplayers Agriculture (@doteplayers) reported

    @DOTA2 Why is every single match having a sudden lag and stop dance gameplay. Wtf