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Dota 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. Dota 2 is played in matches between two teams that consist of five players, with both teams occupying their own separate base on the map.

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  • imriiaan Rian (@imriiaan) reported

    @seenquestion @carrot_caramel @Jaycee_rr @dota2ti All teams give their best on group stage for getting upper bracket. And about tired, pro player play dota more than 8 hours a day. So that's not the problem, they juts not lucky and OG have better strategies.

  • ColdfoxTV Cold (@ColdfoxTV) reported

    @wykrhm @Dota2Major @DOTA2 thanks for DotaTV update. Almost no lag to watch this time even when players pick spec

  • Msayyids2 seke (@Msayyids2) reported

    @rifqind Liquid miracle dota team, no miracle problem

  • WalkMoreOften Wak (@WalkMoreOften) reported

    @D2BOWIE Do you see the DotA community embracing another service. Mixer might be what dota needs. I wish valve broadcast wasn't ass too.

  • moeblobz John Moe (@moeblobz) reported

    @RiotSupport platy please respond im getting withdrawals from not playing league this lag increase started the 23rd like half the people in the boards do you have any updates from your side i would appreciate . been playing dota since it doesnt lag but its not the same

  • lgndromeangelo L.G.N.D.RomeAngelo (@lgndromeangelo) reported


  • traviscastaway Travis Waters (@traviscastaway) reported

    @aycege fam currently on Telkom, 10 meg line. I come home and its omega lag on dota/league/any ******* thing. I just wanna play :(

  • wastra18 waƨtrǝ is watching #TI9 (@wastra18) reported

    OG has been playing a whole another dota. Caveman dota as they say it. Running around the map looking for kills endlessly. The problem with this strat is when you go for kills you gave the enemy team space to farm, but somehow OG did it without giving the enemy any space

  • cLyeVo cLy (@cLyeVo) reported

    @TeamLiquid @OGesports @LiquidKuroKy @Liquid_Miracle @w33haa @LiquidGh_ @LiquidMinD_ctrL 2nd place is still better than last year OG lineup are just clicking too well with each other, it wasnt a draft problem, so dont listen to the haters, its just..... dota ICEFROG is trying hard though, we will see what will happen to IO next season

  • zeinki1 _zeinki (@zeinki1) reported

    @wykrhm @followNoxville nah. BurNIng dont deserve to win. he spread hate among dota2 community. he was the one who made the Kuku issue a very big deal. not a good example for a 'pioneer' player

  • fikrierazeen (@fikrierazeen) reported from Rawang, Selangor

    <---- tak main Dota Cant Relate issue right now.

  • fairweatherbaah Fw (@fairweatherbaah) reported

    @GotaOW @Slasher That's the main problem really, that's why Dota stagnates so hard. We have ppl who've been playing the game for 20 years but we can't get new players. Unlike say, OW which has the opposite problem.

  • 7md 7md (@7md) reported

    There are so many broken heroes in dota2 and you can’t ban them all. This is why it is super exciting to watch the draft phase. I still find it hard to believe they gave them tiny wisp! GG OG.

  • Imagine42_ Just Imagine (@Imagine42_) reported

    I think the madmen that make up @OGesports might just have broken DOTA #TI9

  • syazaq Syaza Qistina Tan @ #TI9 🇨🇳 (@syazaq) reported

    I lowkey want @OGesports to win this next match so that we can all go home and fix my @DOTA2 craving 🙈 #TI9 #DreamOG

  • FaintBoii Woomy [Ceo of Racism] | #IStanBit (@FaintBoii) reported

    @LazyandPurple beg valve to fix the 2008 models and then they'll release another dota just for your pleasure

  • the_veiter Steffen Veit (@the_veiter) reported

    So, next year Admiral Bulldog won't have any problems to enter the country TI is held in #ti9 #dota2 #Dota2ti

  • IlhamSy17 Ilham (@IlhamSy17) reported

    @IceFrog @wykrhm @DOTA2 ey listen to me, Your TONY aghs is so broken. hope you make the trees volley time interval slower. the damage is okay, just make it slower.

  • imrohit_333 Spectral Dagger (@imrohit_333) reported

    The curse of the The International will be broken. No body has ever done this in the history of @DOTA2. Either @OGesports or @TeamLiquid will do it. There will be a two time champion. TI8 vs TI9 winners . It doesn't get better than this. Esports has peaked #ti9

  • hehehehhehheh me come from east (@hehehehhehheh) reported

    @dota2ti biggest tournament of the year, not just in DOTA 2, fix the in game casters please.

  • undrakhje undrakhje` (@undrakhje) reported

    English casters voice has problem. Dota2 Live game voice.. #TI9

  • chrispa13509227 chris parker (@chrispa13509227) reported

    @TobiWanDOTA fix in game dota audio no annoucer liquid vs lgd

  • mengmarc18 meng.marc (@mengmarc18) reported


  • mengmarc18 meng.marc (@mengmarc18) reported


  • kyon_kun_denwa John Smith (@kyon_kun_denwa) reported

    @DOTA2 Someone's microphone isn't muted. We can hear the Chinese casters very clearly in game 2. Please fix this NotLikeThis

  • BrianPickett Brian Pickett (@BrianPickett) reported

    I think the problem in the first game of the dota bowl is the team that lost didn't defend the ancient well enough

  • OctavianusSG Octavianus SG (@OctavianusSG) reported

    @BeyondTheSummit IO freeeeeeee from baning phase but noone pick it ohhhhh you just broken my heart if previously I supported liquid to advance to grand final, now I don't care who the winner is. @OGesports #TI9 #DreamOG🌻 #dota2

  • phewdota Jannik (@phewdota) reported

    Getting up at 4am waiting for an hour for the game to start because of a technical issues. Yes, I love @DOTA2 #TI9

  • edemilio_ 'Dward (@edemilio_) reported


  • Alfrendmb Alfren Del Moro (@Alfrendmb) reported

    Dota 2 coordinator problem again. @DOTA2 #TI9

  • rajavoom Raja Voom ü (@rajavoom) reported from Nasugbu, Calabarzon

    @DOTA2 #battlepass is having issues again. Waiting for @LGDgaming vs @TeamLiquid lower bracket finals of #TI9

  • wp494news wickedplayer494 News (@wp494news) reported

    Most of you jumping into Dota 2 right now may have noticed that your Battle Passes have disappeared. It's not yet clear whether this is because of an interim cutting off of Battle Level sales around this time as announced last night, or some other issue.

  • wickedplayer494 wickedplayer494 (@wickedplayer494) reported

    Most of you jumping into Dota 2 right now may have noticed that your Battle Passes have disappeared. It's not yet clear whether this is because of an interim cutting off of Battle Level sales around this time as announced last night, or some other issue.

  • CjstoneOriginal King CJ (@CjstoneOriginal) reported

    @ishigamiyami @edrenyeager I don't think so xd Additionally, I have given my soul to Dota. I always have this problem with single-player games were I buy them, play them for like 20 mins, go back to dota XD My xbox is just an expensive blue ray player/footrest at this point xd

  • PhotexRI Photex (@PhotexRI) reported

    @dekay The problem is it's 2019 and we're still asking why CSGO gets treated differently from DOTA (the answer is money btw..but you knew that)

  • ArtOfReinaV Reina✨ (@ArtOfReinaV) reported

    @ErynnBrook This is me with Dota 2. The broken system & the misogyny..... Not to mention the toxicity in how players treat each other as the ranks go up. I'm always expecting to get depression after a game. To know that you needed thick skin to withstand regular amounts of insult.😢 Sucks.

  • Kremes17 Jozef Kunc (@Kremes17) reported

    @Kevin_Hitt @fl0mtv @StarLadderCSGO one would think after the dota fiasco and the fact that there was no problem with this like last 2 majors at least....

  • Weebfox Smugtora (@Weebfox) reported

    If dota2 40 ping = League 300 ping There's a problem

  • Weebfox Smugtora (@Weebfox) reported

    Man I really cant like dota 2 no matter how hard I try It's the exact same problem with Dota2 vs League that I have with OW vs Paladins I feel like apart from the very core one game just does everything better than the other

  • DouglasCartee DouglASSWHOOPIN Cartee (@DouglasCartee) reported

    @Cymen90 @DotaUnderlords @PlayArtifact I'm hoping they just give it a microtransaction system more comparable to DotA, give everyone all the basic cards free, and deal with the combat RNG issues.

  • YT_poknip poknip (@YT_poknip) reported

    @DOTA2 Fix trove carafe 2019 item that makes game laggy n fps drop

  • CHRivera_ Rivera, Cyrus Hilario (@CHRivera_) reported

    I understand why TI9 have fewer audiences, although China is the host and has passionate Dota 2 fans, because of the ticket distribution problems. I hope that the next TI won't face the same problems as the current host had

  • ra1dou toxic gamer (@ra1dou) reported

    ti season is so ******* hype i get overwhelmed because in a sea of shitty multiplayer games where developers dont listen or dont provide support and dont fix shit dota is so refreshingly chaotic and polished that i cant help but get excited when it comes time to the major. (1/2)

  • Nepsy2 Sweet Home Alabang (@Nepsy2) reported

    Please don't shit on the ml community kapag dota/ lol/ HoTS/ any pc moba game player ka. You all suffer the same problems. (obob kampe, lag, unappreciated tanks/ supports, etc.)

  • YongJing10 YongJing (@YongJing10) reported

    play dota = anger issues

  • oscarbayu Oscar Bayu (@oscarbayu) reported

    @CLEMENTINATOR well, i dont know why its too hard. Dota is a simple game. U can do a good draft, ull win. There r some OP hero, and its fact, at any aspects. Alche is the no 1 OP. So u ban it, or use it. and ull win. its as simple as that. The problem is, u didnt learn. ggwp

  • Yaunkar Adam Yaunch (@Yaunkar) reported

    @RotterdaM08 Alch is deceptive, I’ve seen more games lost than won the last ten years of dota2. Wisp is the broken hero you need to watch out for. Also Tinker completely ruins the game. Nothing worse than playing against a tinker

  • rajeevkurosaki rajeev kurosaki (@rajeevkurosaki) reported

    @DOTA2 Fix server first later levels

  • BenYu604 Ben Yu (@BenYu604) reported

    @RotterdaM08 so many heroes are broken in dota..... valve changed way too much but they had to compete with league and also make the game interesting every year.... cant believe its been this many years of the international.

  • cathyxz cz (@cathyxz) reported

    @wykrhm I think the FPS issue looks like Valve servers failing to handle the load of the sheer number of observers. So looks like folks should tell viewers to quit the dota client and tune into a livestream.

  • AlbrechtPRapha1 Albrecht P. Raphael (@AlbrechtPRapha1) reported

    @DOTA2 guys... having a connection problem during TI19 UPPER BRACKET FINALS makes you guys look bad... LOL... just host the finals in Seattle again next year please...

  • dota2_expert Dota 2 Plus (@dota2_expert) reported

    Dont know how, but @v1lat crash dota2 voice on his matches, may be for abuse twitch view Not first tour, not first game og-lgd map 1 @wykrhm #dota2 #ti9 #valve

  • Laurassaur Laurassaura (@Laurassaur) reported

    A little broken hearted about #vicigaming losing. But it was a good run, good dota, and there is always next year #ti9 #TheInternational2019

  • SuperrodanDotA Superrodan (@SuperrodanDotA) reported

    When your alch doesn't have highest net worth in the game, you know you have a problem. #TI9 #dota2

  • typhoonthepooh typhoonthepooh (@typhoonthepooh) reported

    @PandaZorde @DOTA2 aegis gets delivered its roshan that has problems


    valve corporation expectation: fix steam's abysmal catalog and ensure that the actual good games get the spotlight they deserve, just like the good ol days reality: we're adding a grandma who throws cookies at you in dota 2

  • wafyfy98 Wa Fy (@wafyfy98) reported from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah

    @DOTA2 my friend here having problem with dota 2, pls fixed it.

  • vkusniikrab loh pdir (@vkusniikrab) reported


  • BlankModulus Ajuan (@BlankModulus) reported

    fix your fuxking server now zzz #dota2 @DOTA2

  • Azimmi4 Azimmi (@Azimmi4) reported

    @DOTA2 pls fix the servers or imma shoulder check you *******