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Dota 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. Dota 2 is played in matches between two teams that consist of five players, with both teams occupying their own separate base on the map.

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  • dumbfuckl abby (@dumbfuckl) reported

    can u nerf PA. 20% crit more like 70%. broken hero @DOTA2 @wykrhm

  • dumbfuckl abby (@dumbfuckl) reported

    @DOTA2 @wykrhm can u nerf PA. 20% crit more like 70%. broken hero

  • sabawhite10 Jack White (@sabawhite10) reported

    @ropzicle You guys played consistently well over a 6 month period, top 5 in the world and you are battleing in a minor. WTF is this broken system. The DotA 2 system is was better. Valve Please Fix @csgo_dev

  • Gener_JC jc_gener (@Gener_JC) reported

    Can't play dota with broken phone 🙁

  • Bienanana BIEN (@Bienanana) reported

    Dota 2 community is weird. "I have a lung problem." "Just buy bkb."

  • spurrell_blake blake spurrell (@spurrell_blake) reported

    @DOTA2 hey @DOTA2 why is it when a person is dc'd for the full 5 mins (joining, leaving etc) and gets the abandon at literally mins. WE HIS TEAMMATES GET PUNISHED WITH A LOSE IT MAKES 0 ******* SENSE. FIX YOUR GAME

  • scantzor Anthony Hodgson (@scantzor) reported

    @ErikBarge Speaking as someone with 550 hours played of Artifact, imo the problem is just that the game is too hard. Personally, I love it, but the it's intimidating for new players. Honestly very similar problem to what Dota has, except Dota already has a huge player base to start with.

  • jicitional97 GM LEE (@jicitional97) reported

    @levicorpuz22 @wykrhm @dotasltv Kuku really make a disrespectful comment in Dota (He is a pro player which represent Dota community) while Miracle is a private issue (if it is visa issue then mostly the team will announce)

  • heart2335 heart233 (@heart2335) reported

    " DOTA " D-a O-nly way T-o forget A-girl who makes me broken😔

  • wannarestmysoul vinte e dez (@wannarestmysoul) reported

    @assassinngt @DOTA2 he's taking a break, I'm not sure but I think he has some health or family issues, he basically only plays this

  • jlliwag5 Jols Liwag (@jlliwag5) reported

    @rikoabiera_ Nisha didn’t have a problem with passport. They’re trying to ruin the DOTA scene man.

  • DIV0K Divok (@DIV0K) reported

    I swear every #TrueSight gets better. I was away on holiday for the TI finals but still found time to watch, and I'm glad I did. History was made, a curse was broken, and a man named seb made a call... or two... <3 @DOTA2

  • unripehag ☀️ āj (@unripehag) reported

    Now I remember why I stopped playing dota, it's because of my shitty internet service provider. Good thing I didn't queue for ranked, else I would've already killed someone right now

  • ImLukeMaybe Luke (@ImLukeMaybe) reported

    @DidemDeosculate MM has been an issue far before f2p. Core issue is csgo is a lootcrate opening simulator. That makes valve money, not people playing MM. They couldnt give 2 ***** about people's in game experience. Dota is valve's baby, csgo is a little money on the side.

  • yettBrancey yb (@yettBrancey) reported

    @DOTA2 US servers are lagging.. c'mon valve

  • jrcbert Berting (@jrcbert) reported

    please fix the SEA server @DOTA2

  • PCGAMESTAR Classic Man (@PCGAMESTAR) reported

    @B3ware_za @wykrhm @DOTA2 My issue with them is that they all work too slowly like having less than 5 employees there,that they focus on something that is not so important. Buying the products it's not a problem here,in fact I like to buy new things.But I really do not see what's so special about TrueSigh

  • ana_pastr TheloGhodok (@ana_pastr) reported

    @DiandraPradewa the problems is I need money to keep playing dota broo.

  • B3ware_za B3ware (@B3ware_za) reported

    @PCGAMESTAR @wykrhm @DOTA2 I don't see the issue here. You are not forced to watch it. You see a advert for something... you dont have to buy the product.

  • Janghzh Ho zhen hao (@Janghzh) reported

    @Sia__abd @DOTA2 @LGDgaming @OGesports Well monkey is not a problem to me

  • TechYESCity Tech YES (@TechYESCity) reported

    @XCaliburH2r I watched it. The problem I had is that a lot of multilayer titles will lock out unsigned drivers. And since I tested dota 2 first it spazzed out the system.

  • Kcm411 Eclipse- (Koikoi) (@Kcm411) reported

    Rank 2.1k by the end of the night wtf is this. Dota is broken switching to league

  • malec2b Alec S. // Tales of the Renegade Sector Games (@malec2b) reported

    I don't own DOTA 2 or PUBG, and the most recent Counter-Strike I own is Cunter-Strike: Source. I do, however, have over 600 games in my Steam Library, and, for that matter, "Having a massive backlog of games" seems to be a common problem online.

  • trashcanmagic trashcanmagic (@trashcanmagic) reported

    Baffled by the idea that people want rank resets in dota. It just makes matchmaking extra terrible for a week then it goes back to normal terrible. Your problems with matchmaking are better solved elsewhere; we've had people running down mid and breaking items since 2011.

  • _iamanag Angel (@_iamanag) reported

    @DOTA2 Servers are lagging lol

  • GuoChung1 Guo Chung (@GuoChung1) reported

    Your job is to fix all the problem lol #dota2

  • AmermanFem Fem Amerman (@AmermanFem) reported

    @G4Cash They should fix all the bugs any ways thanks @DOTA2

  • Peplawl Mike Growse (@Peplawl) reported

    @bmkibler Dota also has this exact issue.

  • SuperJoePlays Super Papa J Grimscratch AKA Teflon Swagga (@SuperJoePlays) reported

    @MonkeysDota DotA needs a surrender option not because some games are unwinnable, but because there will be people and teams that don't want to put forth the time and effort to fight back in a long, losing game - an issue that's exacerbated in lower-mmr games.

  • SKELETON_DICK Juiceph (@SKELETON_DICK) reported

    @DOTA2 Great, Now fix the ******* game.

  • Jeffrey14Jamie Jamie Lee Jeffrey (@Jeffrey14Jamie) reported

    @loleu can you fix your dogshit retarded ass ban systems please. Thanks. also blitzcrank bot sucks ass get rid of him asap. Dota 2 GANG GANG

  • bitchpls1234567 rumipicasso (@bitchpls1234567) reported

    @DOTA2 hey wtf fix the bug we all are lagging

  • crocsushi ☃️Ty🎄 (@crocsushi) reported

    @ZombieWalker18 Okay but that is again a very specific, CONTEXT based reason to retool the intent or message of a piece of literature. But the current understanding and practice of DotA isn’t that nuanced, it’s being applied broadly, and that’s what I take issue with

  • ZeSkullKid Skullzies (@ZeSkullKid) reported

    @juiceDiem Dota 2 is vastly overcomplicated and incredibly boring when on the losing team. But they have separate ******* wards that REVEAL ALL STEALTH ENEMIES. I need to know why this is not the answer to every other games problems.

  • tcruz07e Tom (@tcruz07e) reported


  • osama_houri Osama (@osama_houri) reported

    @FACEIT I'm a very busy person with my studies I rarely have holidays and I just wanted to play a game of DOTA 2 on faceit, but there is a problem someone on the enemy team have been exploiting the game mechanics in which she is pausing the game for an infinite amount of time.

  • marczxc322 Macoy (@marczxc322) reported

    I swear I do the craziest things when I fix my mind. I'd even ask a girl if she's into dota just so I can play with her bc I've had enough of retarded team mates

  • rOcKy_eYsa Kacang_Hijau (@rOcKy_eYsa) reported

    @DOTA2 You should make something like this "when teammate pause the game and then only teammate can unpause back". This problem really bothering ranked matchmaking...

  • OMSKdota Vlados OMSK Ivanov (@OMSKdota) reported

    @NahazDota @TweetBillyT yeah, problem is that it affects your self assessment but most people have trouble with teammates or enemies having different game perspective too many ppl joining dota with their own idea about how this game should be what they want and when things doesn't line up they freak

  • mig_eu A. Miguel (@mig_eu) reported

    @FazMarkar @TTalkingGamer @SingSing There is a logical issue in this kind of mentality. Dota is 5v5, if your team has idiots the other team has the same chances of having idiots, in fact if you are the only who isn't "that bad" then your team has an advantage therefore your game is disbalanced in your favour.

  • JohnYann John Yann (@JohnYann) reported

    @NahazDota @SingSing I think there’s another element of this, where players get good at laning early in their Dota careers, which takes them only so far where they can carry the game after minute 7. Problem is that they go up in MMR, play against better players, and never learn what to do after lane

  • fanatsoad fanat soad (@fanatsoad) reported

    @DOTA2 @Casperenush Pls send info about how did they manage to identify broken accounts, super curious

  • D_Reinehrtz D Reinehrtz (@D_Reinehrtz) reported

    @DOTA2 @wykrhm Fix script users tired of reporting script players

  • kainvahn 24 dragon magic (@kainvahn) reported

    They have the IP logs of the boosters and hardware ID tech from CS GO. They're just like 5 years lazy on the issue. That's why Dota been dying last 3-4 years.

  • rothbardie Rothbardie (@rothbardie) reported

    @DOTA2 I uninstalled the game 6 months ago bc of this. It finally happened, I'm giving dota another chance. Thank you guys for listening. It's embarrassing how many paid services there are if you google dota boosting. We still need a more permanent fix.

  • crlntnjs_ × (@crlntnjs_) reported

    @DOTA2 But fcking fix ur servers it's shit as hell today

  • novailoveyou Nova i love you (@novailoveyou) reported

    Finally @DOTA2 . After 3 years you've adressed the problem. But 17k is only a small partion of black market. Hope you wont stop fixing game.

  • crlntnjs_ × (@crlntnjs_) reported

    @DOTA2 fix your servers.

  • lonFuckWitYall broccoli (@lonFuckWitYall) reported

    - somebody that’s broken 5 mouses and keyboards playing dota 2

  • xxxvialfns romanticgarbage (@xxxvialfns) reported

    @DOTA2 Well for those who has business on MMR boosting, it's a good news, but those people who took MMR boosting service, too bad. Dota 2 just did it. Best announcement of DOTA 2. Cheers! no to account buying, mmr boosting and smurf and ruin other ppl game. 😂

  • milfgaardian Video Gaymes (@milfgaardian) reported

    @sameerlimbu31 @DOTA2 Everyone higher level than you faced the same problems, same toxic players.

  • boreddawg fox (@boreddawg) reported

    @DOTA2 this is just bad bad effing bad way of running things. It's been happening to other players as well. Instead of giving us crap shitty frost haven please fix your servers.

  • Brian_Green85 Brian Green (@Brian_Green85) reported

    @DOTA2 Sadly now im playing Hots and its not a better game but because matches are quicker its easier to stomach. I want to play dota but with the toxicity of the players mixed in with playing with players who don't speak same language is a big issue. A match from start to finish is 1hr

  • Brian_Green85 Brian Green (@Brian_Green85) reported

    @DOTA2 my problem is im married and i can only get away with like 2 - 3 games a day. Sometimes all or 2 of 3 games would be wasted due to some toxic player or w/e. Smurfs weren't always an issue tho

  • bards32 castasdsds (@bards32) reported

    @SunBhieDota as long as dota is free to play there is fix with this issue..

  • Francisssdota2 Francis (@Francisssdota2) reported

    @DOTA2 @wykrhm Can u fix steam issue aswell pls, i reinstalled steam alrdy and still doesnt load or launch a game. I cleared all caches, uninstalled all my games and now i cant install them back bc steam has no connection. Please help.

  • culturedmax Max Points (@culturedmax) reported

    @_spooce Yeah I’m not sure we can figure that out fast enough.I know there’s already an AI that can beat the top DOTA 2 players in the world just from playing it for hours constantly,and that’s just 1 I’ve heard of.Definitely a problem we’re gonna have to deal with in the next 100 years.

  • iskandarmusaa ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ (@iskandarmusaa) reported from Kampung Paya Batu, Pahang

    @DOTA2 Ok now fix csgo

  • _H_o_f_m_a_n_ Hofman (@_H_o_f_m_a_n_) reported

    @DOTA2 Thank you, matchmaking quality has been in decline for quite some time coz of rampant boosting into account selling then buyers ruining games, then smurfs, and also u're hopefully aware of dat new hack, I hope u will detect them and also fix whatever way they're making mh work

  • trashcanmagic trashcanmagic (@trashcanmagic) reported

    people are posting people who are boosting accounts or otherwise smurfing and valve is banning them. this is the nightmare scenario of dota. not only does valve avoid having to actually fix the problem they feed the bad player witch hunt. the whole thing is beyond gross.