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Dota 2 is a free-to-play multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) video game developed and published by Valve Corporation. Dota 2 is played in matches between two teams that consist of five players, with both teams occupying their own separate base on the map.

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  • WritingDaeja Chelsea (@WritingDaeja) reported

    I see people complaining about pricing and who gets to buy what first, but literally y'all are missing the key issue: ASSIGNED SEATING. #dota2 #ti9

  • xtabbas Touqeer Abbas (@xtabbas) reported

    @_kkennyy @loayjbara1 @DOTA2 If that's the case @DOTA2 should fix Slark already😂 I guess its been a while

  • loayjbara1 loay jbara (@loayjbara1) reported

    @DOTA2 Please release the new patch and fix slark

  • GemaAlfitrah George (@GemaAlfitrah) reported

    @ybrap Broken community . Now :( who will make dota great again

  • SpriteWrench SpriteWrench is making 'Grimm & Tonic' (@SpriteWrench) reported

    @tinytouchtales The genre has stabilized. Much like team shooters (overwatch), mobas(LoL & Dota2) and mmorpgs (WoW,GW2 and FF) before it. There can only be one (with a really small margin of error)!

  • IraLamping Ira Lamping (Vet.Loki.USMC) (@IraLamping) reported

    @Twitch your commercials are inconsistently super ******* loud. Some are the same volume as the casters presenting DOTA2 and then randomly one or two commercials are so ******* loud I have to mute my system it’s ridiculous. Please fix this problem or I’m gonna stop using twitch.

  • Taswell_ Noah✝️ (@Taswell_) reported

    @JulianC24559096 @SeltzerTho @lindygastropod Valves business model is outdated. Sure it’s good to hire skilled people and let them choose what they want to work on, but nobody is going to want to fix a 10+ yr old game with a shrinking player base while you could be working on Dota or VR.

  • frendazoned Gokufan1995 (@frendazoned) reported

    dota owns because drow ranger is allowed to be Broken Forever but timbersaw has basically never had a positive winrate in pubs and icefrog nerfs him the moment he gets picked more than 10 times in a lan

  • BTSGoDz David Parker | Godz (@BTSGoDz) reported

    Play 11 games of Dota in a row with tens of thousands of viewers... fall one game short of qualifying to the Major against an amazing team who is going to TI... walk away with $0... Get asked to play qualifiers again in a couple days. Tier 2/3 Dota problems in a nutshell. :|

  • indianoman Rishenkumar (@indianoman) reported

    I played Dota yesterday to ease myself. It's been a very stressful and emotionally draining week. Dog was crying mid game so I dropped my headset and went out the room to check on her. Came back with a **** telling me to "disconnect first if im going to afk" yeah no **** you.

  • NahazDota Nahaz (@NahazDota) reported

    @SkimGaming I really don’t understand this viewpoint. There are any number of solutions to this issue that do not directly contribute to the ultimate demise of the pro Dota 2 scene and/or further reduce the amount of people (players AND otherwise) who can make a stable career from pro Dota.

  • eydriyanzen adrian zen (@eydriyanzen) reported

    wtf dota is not working

  • StarvalGamers Starval (@StarvalGamers) reported

    @NahazDota Turbo mode is a nice way to get the itch out. But my issue with Dota right now is i have no way to guess how long a game will be. Could be 35min, could be 70min. It's too difficult to plan my free time around that.

  • DaveScribbles David O'Keefe @ PAX East (@DaveScribbles) reported

    Hope this version of Navi makes it through the minor. My biggest problem with Dota tournament formats continues to be how worthless being in the winners side of grand finals feels.

  • shackleshotgun ram-shackle (@shackleshotgun) reported

    @AnnaToastSenpai @mr_niris Honestly it'd work if they would fix the other issues that make it not work. Valve makes changes to Dota based on dice rolls.

  • Robsteady Robsteady [DLive.TV VP] (@Robsteady) reported

    My wife recently looked up games by popularity (for my son) and found out DOTA 2 is ranked like number 2 or 3 so she says, "Well, I guess it's time to reinstall DOTA and stream some of that!" I think the bug may have bitten her... Problem is, I can't stand it... #DontHateMe

  • gus_arind Ida Bagus A. Dirasthya (@gus_arind) reported

    @DOTA2 Admin.. please fix.. dota matchmaking feel so stuttering.. i cant play well

  • RaphaelShi Raphael (@RaphaelShi) reported

    @DOTA2 go fix ur drow shit trash

  • Oka_Yudan skyl1n3 (@Oka_Yudan) reported

    @AutoChess2019 Hey guys.. can u fix the devastator a.k.a techies, his skill is so useless in this game, always put his bomb on the back, not like in dota2 autochess.. please fix

  • SawkaRRR junkie (@SawkaRRR) reported

    @DOTA2 fix bloodstone stacks pls ty

  • the_will_abyss Marco Antonio (@the_will_abyss) reported

    @DOTA2 first to launch your contest because they do not fix the bug to find normal games and look for you in qualifying In addition to giving penalties to the coach who leave the game

  • TubbyDaGOAT 🇩🇴🇩🇴ADAM NUÑEZ🇩🇴🇩🇴 (@TubbyDaGOAT) reported

    @Zoults @Qztp_ @ImAtrium @Bitaaa__ you guys can cite Dota and LoL all you want but those eSports are way bigger than anything CoD will ever hope to be, you guys really should just take some responsibility and actively try to fix it, otherwise Call of Duty will not only be dead, but buried

  • QCardCode QCardChris (@QCardCode) reported

    @DOTA2 your servers are still disconnecting me and giving me abandons. Not my fault! Fix your shit!

  • Sunlightdota Sunlight (@Sunlightdota) reported

    @Cyborgmatt @DOTA2 LuL, this feature not working anyway, so it’s pointless

  • rebidota Rebi (@rebidota) reported

    @Dusterdota how about you just get good at dota and all your problems disappear

  • Serge0307 Thomas Müller (@Serge0307) reported

    @LDeeep I think the biggest problem in dota is the marketing. If u want to run a tournament, the sponsors and everyone envolved should be able to be the only one to show the event matches. Otherwise you can't promise the sponsors that they will be seen. (1)

  • _Saikosama Saiko-sama (@_Saikosama) reported

    They disconnect when they see my name at my rank #Dota2

  • NameIsMcLovin_ McLovin (@NameIsMcLovin_) reported

    @MWMavric fifa is the only "esports" title that is pay to win. Fortnite, DOTA, LOL, CSGO etc have no pay to win aspects only cosmetics and the game is so inconsistent and too many broken mechanics and then you put that along side the teams being pay to win leads to such an unbalanced game

  • gammongaming gammongaming (@gammongaming) reported

    @RubberFistFight @RyanTaffeLegal so for instance, i have little problem with epic having fortnight as an exclusive or valve having dota2 as an exclusive. since they make the games. paying 3rd parties to take away their game from other platforms is a big nono however.

  • wykrhm Wykrhm Reddy (@wykrhm) reported

    There was an issue that affected some players who used shovels in the first few hours of the battle pass release. Additional shovels have been granted to the affected players. #Dota2

  • Wassel49 Marcus Koskinen (@Wassel49) reported

    @Cyborgmatt I think no one expected to have quals 3 days after a major. That's not what they cheer for, they cheer for the fact that Dota is starting to act like an actual sport where it's clear how you go through to the "play-offs". The problem to me seems to be scheduling more than anythin

  • mattmartinmn Matt Martin (@mattmartinmn) reported

    @LyricalDota Seems like a common problem with lower tier dota when people win lanes they don’t know how to turn it into a win for the game

  • LandonTMCasts LandonTM (@LandonTMCasts) reported

    @Sinahiwnl The issue will always be cost and the high potential for tech problems. PS4s are way easier to setup and more reliable than PCs. Plus valve dont give a ****. If it was ever going to happen for CS, Dota would get it 2 years early.

  • TopovIvan Ivan Topov (@TopovIvan) reported

    @DOTA2 Please remove my single draft and fix the fackinggg bugs weeeeeeeee useless.................. ID:248136471!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GamingxAddict Gaming addict (@GamingxAddict) reported

    @uraniumumbrage @FC_Violent @BesuBaru Problem is y’all played on normal. You can beat it without being good at all or going in depth. Either that your a fanboy mad at sony lol little bit of both I’m assuming. Bottom tier lol this why you mad at big games like god of war. You stuck playing Dota or LOL 400x

  • hunterstuff hunter, lowain main (@hunterstuff) reported

    tried out dota auto chess fun as it was, it has the same issue the base game (and most mobas honestly) have of "games take wayyy too long"

  • CoipanC Coipan Constantin (@CoipanC) reported

    @DOTA2 Your update has a bug, gave 13 abandoned games and 527 decency, solve this problem. thank

  • MegaKnight3000 Karna Shah (@MegaKnight3000) reported

    @DOTA2 the server keeps disconnecting me from the game. And I can't even reconnect after clicking. Jesus Christ... Fix the damn servers. Unnecessarily have to wait 10 mins to rejoin the queue

  • TikTakFrog Tik (@TikTakFrog) reported

    @SkyminSlash @ValveTime I'm gonna sound like a broken record but, it makes them money, so of course they're gonna do Dota it's the golden goose.

  • Alejandro_early Alejandro Lopez (@Alejandro_early) reported

    Dear @DOTA2 , there are problems with raising levels in this year's battle zone, I played games and I got to level 9 then I climbed six more levels and today I only went up to level three. Fix that bug or whatever it is because I gain the levels that I need

  • RivalryDota2 Rivalry Dota (@RivalryDota2) reported

    PSA - If you are getting the server tables error in Dota currently, restart steam and get the latest Dota update, otherwise you won't be able to find a match

  • SGe_sports SG esports (@SGe_sports) reported

    Still waiting any response from Valve. @DOTA2 Valve company should at least say something about their OFFICIAL TOURNAMENTS. You guys should pay everyone and then resolve your problems with @GESChampionship. This is such an absurd!! 😡😡😡

  • Bluefire5678 Bluefire🇨🇦 (@Bluefire5678) reported

    @Wickedscosplay @followNoxville @dasTurbo @scantzor @D2BOWIE 100% This. My team mates live all across the world and us trying to become better at Dota has slowed down significantly due to financial issues and some dealing with visa issues etc.

  • scantzor Anthony Hodgson (@scantzor) reported

    @Wickedscosplay @followNoxville @dasTurbo @D2BOWIE But access to prize money is not a healthy substitute for access to salaries. The entire Dota 2 ecosystem already has a huge problem with exactly that. The solution can't only be to increase tier 2 access to prize money (esp since it'll be small amounts).

  • thnksfrthtrphs Abdulmohimen xiglam (@thnksfrthtrphs) reported

    @DOTA2 yes plz fix it :(((((

  • thnksfrthtrphs Abdulmohimen xiglam (@thnksfrthtrphs) reported

    @dota2updates fix dota plz :'((((((((((

  • P1TLoG Егор (@P1TLoG) reported

    @LopousRBLX Oh, I'm not alone who have this problem too!!!! @steam_games @dota2updates @DOTA2 @MACHINEgg @IceFrog

  • william_partin will partin 📝 (@william_partin) reported

    @PaulChaloner i think we're pretty close in view here – i agree that prizes in dota deflate salaries, even if i don't think it's the *only* reason they're lower (it's a systemic issue so i'm wary of identifying One True Cause)

  • PaulChaloner Redeye (@PaulChaloner) reported

    @william_partin But simply removing the very reason dota players are paid less on average is missing the entire picture and only focusing on one issue, its more complex. One of the reason we have self sustaining teams is the prize money, secret and OG (as examples) likely wouldnt exist.

  • Alejandro_early Alejandro Lopez (@Alejandro_early) reported

    Dear @Steam_Support and @DOTA2 I have problems with my battle pass. In four party's my levels no up what is the problem

  • Urtaras Apollyon (@Urtaras) reported

    @Charmle_H @Vandiril I know, but still other games manages to have both. In Dota you can queue up and do stuff like testing champion without any problem.

  • YelhsaAlphonso Ash (@YelhsaAlphonso) reported

    @DOTA2 too many smurfers in low mmr ranked games WTF FIX THIS SHIT

  • AdeeYunus Ade Yunus (@AdeeYunus) reported

    Fix Jungle Battle Pass. Its broken i think @DOTA2

  • Ashley_Tuscano Ashley Tuscano (@Ashley_Tuscano) reported

    @DOTA2 Fix the party finder, it's bugged.

  • crtyyyy Charles (@crtyyyy) reported

    @DOTA2 Fix packet loss

  • CloudDOTA Russell Tiedt (@CloudDOTA) reported

    @SyipresDotA2 @KChicktay League of Legends offers a solution to 99% of my problems by ff at 15 Dota has me playing a game where I know is lost making me lose my mind in rage because I can't accept its lost because TB 6 slotted outscales, oh wait I got chrono'd and kill with double sunstrike

  • JulyNalogon July Nalogon (@JulyNalogon) reported

    @DOTA2 Yeah ive waited the whole night trying to fix it but it wouldnt :( i thought my pc is wrong :) thnkyou steam fix it as soon as possible

  • Syafiq5672 JohnLabu (@Syafiq5672) reported

    @DOTA2 How long to fix

  • nima_gh96 Nima Gh (@nima_gh96) reported


  • UnixLover MR.ROBOTO (@UnixLover) reported

    God dammit @DOTA2 guys FIX MY DRUG #dota2 #dota2down