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Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by American company Dropbox, Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, California, that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software.

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October 18: Problems at Dropbox

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  • ursoo_shy
    shy • chimtober (@ursoo_shy) reported

    oaky weve got a little problem here bc i just lost andy and kayla’s meme dropbox folder

  • adam_m_jcbs
    Adam (@adam_m_jcbs) reported

    @DropboxSupport The chat support was very helpful, and solved my issue.

  • erinpmckenna
    Erin McKenna (@erinpmckenna) reported

    @DropboxSupport Got the response. Sadly I wished it helped to resolve the issue but it doesn’t. 😕

  • erinpmckenna
    Erin McKenna (@erinpmckenna) reported

    @DropboxSupport Got it, and I’ve already responded. Thanks - hoping the issue can be resolved quickly!! 🤞🏻

  • occhris
    Chris Graham (@occhris) reported

    Hmm, nice simple workaround for my Dropbox problem - just scp the files onto another server that is still able to run Dropbox. (I love Dropbox's ability to do file versioning and undeleting, so now I can keep that)

  • lewisheriz
    Lewis Heriz (@lewisheriz) reported

    @DropboxSupport The Plus button does not appear in the left margin. This hasn't been a problem until very recently.

  • Tim_Bullock
    Tim Bullock (@Tim_Bullock) reported

    Dropbox Smart Sync is terrible. I’ve spent the past 7 hours expecting a file to get synced up (I mean it does say it’s syncing), only to realise it’s not going to sync. Local download it is!

  • richardjhobbs
    Richard Hobbs (@richardjhobbs) reported

    @DropboxSupport I have cleared the cache , rebooted and still no joy without going incognito. Getting a 405 error

  • richardjhobbs
    Richard Hobbs (@richardjhobbs) reported

    @DropboxSupport cannot login on desktop. Even sign-in link on home page is dead!

  • furzehamprimary
    Furzeham Primary (@furzehamprimary) reported

    IMPORTANT! We are experiencing some problems with a rogue email - please do NOT open any emails from the school email address that relate to a 'dropbox' link. This is virus email and will spread through your contact list. PLEASE DELETE THIS EMAIL WITHOUT OPENING.

  • NikolayTsenkov
    Nikolay Tsenkov (@NikolayTsenkov) reported

    So disappointed with @Google’s support… 5h in chat with 10 different people, 1 week of very slow email communication (less than 1 email a day) with 2nd level support and they still can’t help me pay more money for a bigger Google Drive account… Tomorrow I’m moving to @Dropbox!

  • featherbear15
    Munchkinbear (@featherbear15) reported

    why, @dropbox are you *insisting* on being an interminable jack ass! the file or folder your trying to get at has been deleted from the website, and the computer and doesn't even show up on the phone, so kindly stop being a *** of trash and shove your permission denied errors!

  • lizsama
    Totally A Cat (@lizsama) reported

    @LuDux probably will once im able to. Another huge issue is my Windows 10 system will not see my DVD reader/writer. Soooooo... May have to dropbox everything but uuuugh.

  • freebsdbytes
    FreeBSD Bytes (@freebsdbytes) reported

    @HamidYV I'd have a good look at @Nextclouders too. It's like Dropbox, but on steroids. Comes with load of useful plugins, is open-source and data encrypted #nextcloud. It's even better on your own (VPS) #FreeBSD server.

  • semaphore_P
    Jason Wang (@semaphore_P) reported

    @astrodantamayo @PlanetImager It currently runs right now for me even though my Dropbox storage is using nfs, but they aren't depricating non-ext4 support for 3 more weeks, so I'm thinking these issues will reappear again. Yesterday's update mainly was cutting down OS support.

  • astrodantamayo
    Daniel Tamayo (@astrodantamayo) reported

    @DropboxSupport On Ubuntu 18.04, trying to move dropbox folder to my second hard drive, but gives me error saying that it's not a compatible file system...but it IS ext4 formatted! If I make a folder and try to move to inside that folder it works, but I want it in the top folder.

  • samelaanderson
    SAM (@samelaanderson) reported from Vancouver, British Columbia

    @DropboxSupport I’ve not tried another browser but I will. They’re not predictable but I run into the issue once or twice a week. It’s only when I’m creating a new doc or making edits. Just viewing seems to be fine.

  • kurtvarner
    Kurt Varner (@kurtvarner) reported

    @vinchbat Oh, I think we may be talking about different things. I should have clarified. Our design exercise is a 1hr long whiteboarding session with the candidate and they aren't working on a Dropbox problem. We are *not* asking people to do actual take-home design projects.

  • MaganCarrigan
    Halloween Themed Magan Carrigan (@MaganCarrigan) reported

    This time was a lil more normal bc Dropbox is right by Magnolia, but last time we ran into each other down by SQSP after BOTH of us had left 😂

  • Hello_Curtis
    curtis 🏳️‍🌈 (@Hello_Curtis) reported

    @MaybeLater_x But Dropbox thinks they can fix it.

  • TrekkingPaul
    Paul (@TrekkingPaul) reported from Preston, England

    @DropboxSupport Hi - the issue wasn’t with Dropbox. For some reason @SocialHiking wasn’t picking up the gpx file. It seems to be okay now - not sure how I fixed it though!

  • _DevStorm
    Konstantin Goncharov (@_DevStorm) reported

    @DropboxSupport Yes.. I have problems with paper. Traffic limits. Blocking paper access for undefinded time.

  • geeksorus
    geeks or us (@geeksorus) reported

    If you are thinking about using another Mac, with an older macOS, as a print server, it doesn't work. If you have already upgraded to Mojave, you will have to export your print requests as PDFs to another PC/Mac via email or something like Dropbox.

  • Gusbuckets
    Gus Delinquent Johnson (@Gusbuckets) reported

    youtube is down gonna switch to dropbox permanently and send personalized emails to all my subscribers with the file for the latest video

  • PlugDom
    Dom 🎃 (@PlugDom) reported

    The only thing that'd suck about youtube shutting down is i have videos of me and my friends on there that are precious memories to me and they're only on there bc my phone doesn't have the storage and i've apparently never heard of dropbox

  • DropboxSupport
    Dropbox Support (@DropboxSupport) reported

    @carinecarmy ...on the Dropbox icon on your menu bar or system tray. If you’re asked to sign in, it means that the app is not linked to an account at the moment. Cheers! 2/2

  • stargazystudios
    Jeff STARGAZY Sheen (@stargazystudios) reported

    @Dropbox A patch to @Dropbox's macOS client has broken symlinking from macOS native filesystems to a cross-platform filesystem folder. This was a workaround for the inexplicable requirement to parent the Dropbox folder on HFS+ or APFS. I have started use other cloud clients.

  • johntorresco
    John Torres ✨ 🏳️‍🌈 ✨ (@johntorresco) reported

    I love #Dropbox #paper #dropboxpaper but honestly service is down so often that makes me wonder if I should keep using it.

  • sadtcdisrupt
    Sad Disrupt (@sadtcdisrupt) reported

    Dropbox, but for broken relationships. #TCDisrupt

  • Heartless66
    V Hartman (@Heartless66) reported

    @AJ_Beaumont fyi if you used social media remember was hacked big time even me had to fix. There were some WEIRD CLIPS IN DROPBOX, I have no idea even where from video editing etc words “ICE PLANT” repeats FYI

  • genealgenie
    Jacqui Kirk (@genealgenie) reported

    @valmayuk I prefer not to go right to the wire just in case of problems like when powerpoint refused to open my updated presentation yesterday and I had to download version from Dropbox to use 😣 #ancestryhour

  • tarstarr
    Tara Seshan (@tarstarr) reported

    @DropboxSupport how can you unlock login if you're traveling internationally and can't get international SMS and have no clue where your backup codes are. asking for a friend...

  • MichelleHumber
    Michelle Humber (@MichelleHumber) reported

    @DropboxSupport @Dropbox not unistalling the program... getting rid of what lingers on the computer after uninstalling. seems a lot of people have this issue. I dm'd

  • shiroki_kun
    Leona (@shiroki_kun) reported

    @festinated Same! Also i kinda irritating w/ csp’s sharing system. Hopefully one day csp pc vers will have cloud system too, so we don’t have to upload the files to dropbox, just login to our acc to continuing our works on pc. Esp when doing comic

  • rob__mccallum
    Rob McCallum (@rob__mccallum) reported

    On chat with @DropboxSupport there. Explaining the problem because the guy asked for clarification of the problem as he didn’t seem to get it. He replied “a simple “no” would do”. Don’t give me a rude support dude first thing in the morning.

  • cheeseplus
    Son of House Baier (@cheeseplus) reported

    @tweets_so_fresh the only problem is that nobody else seems to use it so you're stuck with a few docs in each of Google, Dropbox, etc and it's now somehow a worse situation

  • mvlcontent
    spooky philosophical bullshit producer 📚✊🎈 (@mvlcontent) reported

    @summernashyd i'm so paranoid about this. i keep everything on dropbox bc i always worry my laptop will unexpectedly be broken or destroyed somehow

  • tweeter_nick
    Nick Radcliffe (@tweeter_nick) reported

    @LucasTetrault @Dropbox @DropboxSupport Another frustrated customer here. Loved everything else about Smart sync, but this issue caused me to cancel my plan when the trial period ended.

  • DNHills
    Doug Hills Have Eyes (@DNHills) reported

    @octothorpe @rob__mccallum @DaveJCummings Fair enough. I prefer to use a few external items as I can when working. The less clutter there is, the better. I don't disagree with how iOS handles files, but I also don't have an issue airdropping or uploading to Dropbox.

  • NancyRapoport
    Nancy Rapoport (@NancyRapoport) reported

    @Dropbox I've been waiting for a "fix" from your @DropboxSupport now for over a week. No luck w/the specific requests I've made.

  • neingeist
    ☠️ schlümpfe 🎃 (@neingeist) reported

    @tante @Dropbox anyone capable of using zfs is also capable of putting dropbox onto a separate ext4. anyone using btrfs or xfs *should* be. the default is ext4. also, ext4 on luks is perfectly fine. i don't see the problem really, except for ecryptfs on ext4, which i wouldn't recommend to anyone

  • DeityImages
    Deity_Images 🔞+ (@DeityImages) reported

    @nakedtruthguy Anxiety, depression, doubt, not getting paid for work, too many late nights doing on call uploads to Dropbox, being lied to, sacrificing social and family commitments, becoming physically and mentally ill and being spoken down to.

  • KonstantinWeiss
    Konstantin Weiss (@KonstantinWeiss) reported

    @antoniodini Well, this time i tried to keep css as slim as possible, it's currently 70 lines of code (feels too much already). And iA Writer's graphic design is much more sophisticated :-) I post by uploading text files to server - would be better through Dropbox, but I'm lazy with code.

  • AlvinAl3978
    AlvinAl3978 (@AlvinAl3978) reported

    @DropboxSupport Have just tried with an AOL account though and am having the same issues, some will attach and some won’t

  • hoeferh
    Henning Hoefer (@hoeferh) reported

    @tomayac @github I'm quite certain that they won't – they don't want you to be able to host websites off their *** infra. Dropbox removed a similar feature (hosting websites from a public folder) years ago. They all face the same issue as RawGit: People will abuse any free service. 😢

  • awb58
    Adam Watson Brown (@awb58) reported

    @AStuttaford Looks like a print-out. As nothing compared with a Private Eye writer we were at school with. His writing shed burned down with the draft of his latest book: no offsite back-up. Pre-DropBox.

  • glenjohannes
    Glen Johannes (@glenjohannes) reported

    @DropboxSupport I found the issue - I had not deleted a folder from an IOS device that was holding the large amount of files. My apologies.

  • lekowicz
    Steve Lekowicz (@lekowicz) reported

    Major Box sync failure. I hate Box. I wish we used Dropbox for work because I’ve never had issues with it like I have with Box. Just a little ranting for you!

  • edzitron
    Ed Dead Redemption 2 (@edzitron) reported

    @DropboxSupport that error is what i get when i try and share a folder on mobile. that's it

  • jghaines
    Jason Haines (@jghaines) reported

    @jeremyburge I had that issue until I deleted DropBox...

  • stanimal98
    Stanimal (@stanimal98) reported

    @Dropbox @Google your stuff is not working together to get signed in using the iPhone Dropbox iOS app and the Google Titan security key.

  • FAIRx818x
    Jose (@FAIRx818x) reported

    @DropboxSupport I've tried on different browsers and different pc's but the uploading will somehow refresh and stop uploading. Like the file disappears... no error messages, it'll be uploading then refresh and the upload disappears.

  • benvarquez
    Ben Varquez (@benvarquez) reported

    @DropboxSupport Thanks. It's pretty basic. Most businesses, especially small businesses, want to control all of their SAAS accounts with a central admin login. This is purely for admin purposes however, and there's no reason they should pay a license fee to manage their business account.

  • HawkeyesMic
    Hawkeyes Mic (@HawkeyesMic) reported

    @DropboxSupport No. I want Smart Sync disabled altogether on my iMac - but still employ it on my MacBook Air. I never selected the option on my other iMac and it works fine. The iMac where it is enabled is constantly syncing everything in sight and slowing down my PC (even with Local selected).

  • griffja
    Anthony Griffiths (@griffja) reported

    @Acrobat Same message I'm afraid To recreate the issue: > update acrobat to v18.3.2.208071 > restart device (android 9) > open dropbox v114.2.12 > open a pdf from dropbox > open with other (select acrobat)

  • percederberg
    Per Cederberg (@percederberg) reported

    @marcoarment @Dropbox This issue in particular made me leave Dropbox entirely (for iCloud). When trust is eroded it doesn’t come back.

  • ChrisWirick
    Chris Wirick (@ChrisWirick) reported

    @msonenote Hi all - If you can’t/won’t fix the “List Limit Exceeded” issue for OneNote/OneDrive, at least give us the option of storing notebooks on another online service (iCloud, Dropbox, etc.). I haven’t been able to clip anything from the Web clipper for months. 🤬🤬🤬

  • FetchBeer
    FetchBeer (@FetchBeer) reported

    @Mattophobia The day I stopped using dropbox was the day that it did a stealth update that broke the default windows open / save dialogue boxes as they were implemented in autocad 2004... Such a pain in the ass to track down as it didn't bother to tell you it was updating.

  • OurNgage
    Ngage (@OurNgage) reported

    Considering @dropbox be very aware that service is nonexistant #poorservice @DropboxSupport gives you a ticket bet never answers your query. Businesses rely on this servcie! Can you afford to leave your company data with them and if there si an issue you have no recourse #poor

  • nboulart
    Nicolas Boulart (@nboulart) reported

    @DropboxSupport Yes ticket #8425425 - but the customer service doesn't bring an answer while we really urgently require this backup. Thanks in advance for considering this as a high priority after almost a week of issues...