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Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by American company Dropbox, Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, California, that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software.

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  • rayshah rayshah (@rayshah) reported

    @DropboxSupport #dropbox on mac 1) Dropbox CPU trying to sync 15 or 30 files- been going on for about 6 weeks 2) I can no longer drag files from the desktop into dropbox 3) Moving things into the cloud should free up space, but I have less disk space than when I started Fix this!

  • federalbaits 😍🥵FEDERAL-BAITS🥵😍 (@federalbaits) reported

    @egyptianprince_ Like I go to my Dropbox and I slide my finger down the a-z and then I press a random file without looking...

  • AlienRascal Outta this World (@AlienRascal) reported

    @Hot_Kheeto RIP RABBIT,, AH SHOOT i get that.. I'll see what the file limit on dropbox or onedrive have and I'll let u know if I have any success! might gotta drop the quality down a lil thoo

  • CandiceTanishaB Candice Blair (@CandiceTanishaB) reported

    I had to manually upload the videos I took at GOT7 and Day concerts on Dropbox, but Super M's show its literally no problem...

  • KamiSawZe Alex Florez (@KamiSawZe) reported

    @IdleTrashCan What I've started doing now that I freelance full time and can't afford my own backup server is everything gets saved to a dropbox folder. It's not only backup up instantly, but it saves version history for a few months so I can go back and grab an old version if needed.

  • S3xualButterfly tori. (@S3xualButterfly) reported

    ***hiya guys in deseperate need of money due to car issues and i know i stopped selling content for a while but that note i wanna sell my ENTIRE nfsw dropbox for $40 (20pics+10videos including bg) message me✨

  • samgwo Sam Gyles (@samgwo) reported

    @nntaleb dropbox link is not working anymore prof.

  • ThenjiBopape YT: Thenji Bopape🔴 (@ThenjiBopape) reported

    @dhlaminithejedi You send things to Dropbox, then login and download to laptop

  • kevinpclarke Kevin Clarke (@kevinpclarke) reported

    @colinjordan No need to read the article Egnyte wins hands down! I just wish Egnyte would be one of the default choices with Microsoft, fed up with seeing Box, Dropbox, Et al..

  • notbangalore Eileen Ridge (@notbangalore) reported

    The other day I saw someone griping about Dropbox and I almost sprang to the company’s defense. Today I am SO IRKED AT THE PROBLEMS I’M HAVING WITH DROPBOX!

  • Falama99759983 Falama (@Falama99759983) reported

    @DropboxSupport Hello I have a problem 2 mountts ago, I can't to sync my folders since my IP ........... when I change IP the forlders are sync

  • PaulinoVallejo Paulino Vallejo (@PaulinoVallejo) reported

    @DropboxSupport @Dropbox The problem is that I get the message Perform a one-time update and I can't work as a team.

  • Architek1 Dale Adams (@Architek1) reported

    @turleyn @DropboxSupport Says the guy who is ‘slightly less shitty’ than before ;) I also appreciate this question. I had this problem the other day and had a super crappy attitude about it too!

  • VProofreader Vicky Brewster - Editor & Proofreader (@VProofreader) reported

    That slightly sick feeling when you open a document and it’s forgotten a good 40 pages of tracked changes! Fortunately the WiFi was just slow updating Dropbox, but I nearly started the day in tears!

  • MikeNerdUK Mike McCarthy (@MikeNerdUK) reported

    You know BTFS will fix this. If you don't know this I should tell you that BTFS ain't Dropbox. #TRON #TRX #BTFS #bittorrent #BTT

  • whitbywonder Dr Ryan Storr (@whitbywonder) reported

    @JMooneySomers Yep we have to use the university one - cloud stor - have received comments advising against Dropbox. I have had issues with Dropbox where it doesn’t sync and lost files though so stopped using it

  • Saint_Benny Saint Benny (@Saint_Benny) reported

    @silverex331 Slow and cumbersome - I went back to Dropbox, 10x better.

  • jamesob James O'Beirne (@jamesob) reported

    @pcmonk Rsync and Dropbox aren't even in the same neighborhood - try doing conflict resolution across more than 3 machines with rsync. Urbit's Achilles heel is right in your tweet: the "hard part" of decentralization is maintaining a server and its hardware; all else is window dressing.

  • nuintari Zoe (@nuintari) reported

    Dumb shit that end user's _still_ believe: -FTP is more secure than Dropbox/Doogle drive -Viruses come from porn sites, ergo only porn hounds get viruses -Macs don't get viruses, not ever -It is safe to send a credit card number, broken into multiple emails continued:

  • geoffduncan Geoff Duncan (@geoffduncan) reported

    Thought I might have solved @Dropbox access issues by using @Panic's Transmit to access the service. The good news: I can log in and access necessary Dropbox items. The bad news: Downloads quickly creep down to less than 10K/s and eventually fail. Can't win.

  • HarkJohnny HARK! 🏃‍♂️🍺🌮 (@HarkJohnny) reported

    @DropboxSupport Updated to Catalina this afternoon so we’ll see if it changes anything. It sure I can replicate the error

  • MostlyGhostly65 Ghost In The Machine (@MostlyGhostly65) reported

    @michaelsquest6 There was one tune I did that simply refused to upload to OneDrive but was no problem to upload to Dropbox... I might post that and tag you, Mike... let me know if that one works.

  • MaxGraham Max Graham (@MaxGraham) reported

    @KristinaSky I nested a folder (not a problem in dropbox) and it broke a clients connection and she was freaking out that she lost everything. Never been an issue in dropbox to nest/rename as needed on one end without affecting the other.

  • Sam_Margrave Sam Margrave (@Sam_Margrave) reported

    @chairmanMAO_92 @corbieres99 @MissMayaMistry @JewishLabour All of this. I have 100s of members concerns. But some issues may be our of time in courts as I trusted the party. Happy to share stuff. will upload a Dropbox when I can. But you are gaslighting me be because you are making out it's not real when it is. As a victim that's wrong.

  • AgnusCavichioli Agnus Cavichioli (@AgnusCavichioli) reported

    @CassidyJames @elementary @LinuxAppSummit @YouTube @DanielFore Yet users again and again search for workarounds to properly use common software like Discord, Dropbox, Steam, etc., often resorting to third-party apps to solve a problem that isn't present in the vast majority of Desktop Environments. (...)

  • RainySidewalk Rain (@RainySidewalk) reported

    @Keku_ne I search the tag of my ship on ao3 for "podfic" using the "search within results" function or the podfic tag. Depending on what the person provided I listen or download them from their own server, dropbox or google docs.

  • earthbound19bot Art Bot (@earthbound19bot) reported

    About to "replay" two failed Zapier tasks (DropBox -> twitter). Could have been network interruption in tasks. Only 2 errors out of ~3,500 tasks is a pretty dang good rate.

  • alexbutler02 Alex (@alexbutler02) reported

    @dropboxapi I can't connect the Rateraide app to Dropbox. It says application error and won't get past the API Request Authorization.

  • KittBetelgeuse 💀🎃Betelgeuse! Betelgeuse! Betelgeuse! 🎃💀 (@KittBetelgeuse) reported

    @DropboxSupport That's how I've been working around the issue, though it's a little troublesome because since it changes the permissions for the files corrupted, I can't delete them, so I end up with a few copies, I'll send some screencaps in a moment

  • TheLela La (@TheLela) reported

    @thatgalcarolyn Same problem. I have to like dig manually through a super old and enormous dropbox folder. Not ideal

  • stoverskyelar9 Skyelar Stover (@stoverskyelar9) reported

    This Dropbox shits is gonna get shut down and I’m gonna laugh my ass off 🤣

  • KittBetelgeuse 💀🎃Betelgeuse! Betelgeuse! Betelgeuse! 🎃💀 (@KittBetelgeuse) reported

    @DropboxSupport Hello, I'm having an issue when trying to save .psd files into DB from Easy Paint Tool SAI, SAI already sometimes corrupts files when the ram is overtaxed, but it's doing it every time I try to save from SAI into DB, and then messes with admin permissions so I can't replace them

  • JustArcia Heather Published a Book! (@JustArcia) reported

    @LaneCadence It's a nightmare I experienced before, way back in high school. I'm more careful nowadays, but this one threw me for a loop. I wasn't expecting issues with the file from dropbox! It was so weird, to see all the scenes but no words in them

  • Takru5 Takru (@Takru5) reported

    @fascinatorfun The Dropbox is down, I'm feeling left out.

  • reconocerte RECONOCERTE (@reconocerte) reported

    @DropboxSupport Well, running out of space isn't really the problem, but fair enough, we'll do just that. Thanks.

  • JosephH29580744 Joseph Hendershot (@JosephH29580744) reported

    @DropboxSupport Hi Dropbox. One of our employees is having issues where they are unable to open a file that is designated as online only. They receive an error message from word. The file can be opened once it is saved locally though. Any help appreciated.

  • pittypatsfan Patrick (@pittypatsfan) reported

    @StrappedSupport You need a dropbox so you can send the link with all the leaks you've gotten. Especially since 90% been taken down already.

  • MFeildorf Mette GirlySwot Feildorf 🔶 (@MFeildorf) reported

    @DropboxSupport I managed to sort it myself using Google once I knew it was a Microsoft problem. Thanks

  • reconocerte RECONOCERTE (@reconocerte) reported

    @DropboxSupport We're all on iMacs with MacOS Mojave. Downloading from web if fine. Syncing with desktop app not working OK. Files taking forever to upload for some of our team members, even after unlogging and restarting devices.

  • _foldr (λx.xx)(λx.xx) (@_foldr) reported

    @AWSchuller @DrRandomismos @matalaz The Stanford libraries the dropbox link points to is down tho. Just take the official ones. Man, that project is old af

  • thisisvikas Vikas Agrawal (@thisisvikas) reported

    @Dropbox i am facing problem in sync

  • martinhering Martin Hering (@martinhering) reported

    Dropbox Selective Sync is totally broken in Catalina and won’t recover after re-initialisation or re-install. Unusable now without huge internal SSD. Quality Software.

  • MFeildorf Mette GirlySwot Feildorf 🔶 (@MFeildorf) reported

    @kad143 @DropboxSupport Dropbox says it's a Windows problem, which they don't support...

  • tobyhede tobyhede (@tobyhede) reported

    IT: we need to wipe your computer and install management software to centrally manage all the apps Me: dropbox wants me to upgrade before I login IT: please download and install dropbox from the website

  • Gary_Bruckner Gary S. Bruckner (@Gary_Bruckner) reported

    @USPS can you please get the Dropbox fixed at the Orlando location on Turkey Lake Road. It’s been broken for over a week and there is no direction on what to do with your package if you already have postage.

  • altheaj69 Althea Jones (@altheaj69) reported

    Problems with Dropbox

  • kaelyn_nacole princess kae (@kaelyn_nacole) reported

    fake account of me. ask for a verification and watch wtf happens. all of this content is from my premium snapchat/dropbox which is why i do NOT sell nudes anymore. fix. it.

  • RajiUppal (@RajiUppal) reported

    @DropboxSupport worked out the problem but can't find a solution. When I downloaded, dropbox changed my email address to an old unused address both on the downloaded version and online. I've managed to change the online version to correct address but can't see how to amend the desktop version.

  • IgnoredAmbience 🦉 (@IgnoredAmbience) reported

    Visibility is a key issue, the poorly managed @mantisbt ticket system doesn't help matters here. Lack of version control (other than Dropbox) for one type of distributables is another.

  • Anrick ANRICK (@Anrick) reported

    @gaschka @h_a_n_n_e_s_3_d @matesteinforth I really like GDrive File Stream. Because it acts like a remote HD (no local storage). It’s slow and clunky. And requires me to help it along with 100 hacks. But it works alongside the browser access. Dropbox is seamless! But I can’t justify spending money on both.

  • KibahSeto Seto_Kibah (@KibahSeto) reported

    UP NOW, had a slight issue, somebody wanted to sync their dropbox hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  • INNUENDO666 INNUENDO (@INNUENDO666) reported

    @AppleDry05 Non a12 file link please, the one in dropbox is down

  • BarisUlasCukur rA9 (@BarisUlasCukur) reported

    @halo_michael A dropbox integration will fix it

  • DyneWulf DyneWulf (@DyneWulf) reported

    @punkinhed2 There's a problem with dropbox and mobile users that I have no control over. Some have been able to download the dropbox app and access it that way though.

  • prolegacy1 drdave (@prolegacy1) reported

    @DropboxSupport i need a call from you please. trying to get re-synced. it won't allow me to sign in. please call asap. just got back from extended trip. thank you. david talbot 786-682-2939

  • laurenoma ✨💀🥀⚰️✨ (@laurenoma) reported

    All I need to do is log into my @Dropbox but the log in has been broken for two days 😭

  • LeanBacalzo Lean Bacalzo (@LeanBacalzo) reported

    @DropboxSupport Hi, I have encountered an issue with Dropbox syncing my files. Last Friday, the icon on my system tray started to show the syncing icon and when I hover on it, it says "Syncing..." with no particular number of files being specified.

  • AntiGravPlays antigrav (@AntiGravPlays) reported

    Drive's windows application is just bad Dropbox, Docs is unsupported on Android 5.1 even though it's just a document app. Docs also doesn't let you right click to paste because they'd rather shove keyboard shortcuts down your throat. You can't use it without a web browser

  • kylotan Ben Sizer (@kylotan) reported

    @DropboxSupport This isn’t a selective sync issue. This is about being flooded with notifications while it syncs a directory full of files.

  • ChubbyGoddess transformative pussy (@ChubbyGoddess) reported

    @AppleSupport I keep getting charged for a subscription I canceled the day I got it. I’ve called Dropbox and they said the issue with you despite be already unsubscribing!!! I want my money back