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Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by American company Dropbox, Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, California, that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software.

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  • hsianghui HsiangHui (@hsianghui) reported

    oh crap... my mbp was having some problem syncing with dropbox and had to unlink the device... And now I'm forced to unlinked down to 3 devices because of some bug with dropbox in the first place :S

  • KalhanR Kalhan Rosenblatt (@KalhanR) reported

    Someone tried to login to my Snapchat, Instagram and Dropbox last night ...

  • summerbrennan Summer Brennan 🌈👠 (@summerbrennan) reported

    The tech guy, the "Genius," suggested that we totally reboot my computer to fix this glitch, so that I could have a better user experience and be able to use my computer more easily. So we made sure that everything of mine was backed up on Dropbox or on a flash drive.

  • summerbrennan Summer Brennan 🌈👠 (@summerbrennan) reported

    It turned out that due to a glitch in my system, my computer was behaving as if the hard drive was totally full, when in fact I was using only 5%, since I kept almost nothing on my computer—everything else was in Dropbox or in Google Docs.

  • joyctilton Gadget Meistress (@joyctilton) reported

    And yes, as someone who is paying for #Dropbox Pro, I've a right to take issue. Suggestion, provide some kind of a classic interface option for those of us with Screenreaders,, but keep your -- I guess -- pretty or nicely cluttered interface for those in to that sort of thing.

  • summerbrennan Summer Brennan 🌈👠 (@summerbrennan) reported

    @TheAuthorGuy I have a dropbox account, this was human error. i don't use iCloud. The tech thought a few folders had finished backing up to Dropbox bur hadn't.

  • Lillianwet_ Lilly May 18+ (@Lillianwet_) reported

    @fkinfairy Ive been struggling so hard with my dropbox lately too! Its been so slow the past few weeks.

  • MoiserBrian Brian (@MoiserBrian) reported

    sometimes I get feeling a lot of girls here just don't read twit or bio, just see #buyingnudes and hits DM...and then problems like this, no paypal or not what i search, or doesn't show face, some get insulted if i don't buy dropbox or snapchat. PLS read. yes, Im picky, I know.

  • akosma Adrian Kosmaczewski (@akosma) reported

    I’ve just saved another poor soul from a continuously failing @1Password iCloud sync for their devices. They almost broke down in tears when they saw @Dropbox sync working 10x faster and without a single missing item. Like, well, a “sync” is expected to work.

  • ranmarusbitch Ranmaru's bitch 🎶 (@ranmarusbitch) reported

    @ruratai It's not just Japan, either. :/ I had the same problem trying to buy mp3s of some indie band in the US that were only available on Amazon US. I had to get a US friend to buy them and dropbox them to me. The whole music industry has not learned a damn thing from Napster. 😒

  • TrevorJ03683675 Trevor Jones (@TrevorJ03683675) reported

    @MicrosoftHelps Hi, I've been monitoring my system for the last few days and the problems I reported appear to be resolved: - The 1903 update finally went ahead. - The Dropbox issue was resolved by removing Dropbox and re-installing. Thanks for your responses.

  • JohnFerguson26 John Ferguson (@JohnFerguson26) reported

    @Dropbox Open offices srs hell for a dyslexic with audio processing difficulties can it concentrate and melt down rapidly

  • IreezyPeezy Irene (@IreezyPeezy) reported

    @FourftEleven Noopeeee shole can’t. I LOVE Dropbox though. I never have any problems and I’ve got it on all of my devices

  • womp_rat_fever 𝒶𝓊𝓉𝓊𝓂𝓃 𝑜𝓇 𝓌𝒽𝒶𝓉𝑒𝓋𝑒𝓇🌻 (@womp_rat_fever) reported

    I think my old computer is aware that I’m putting it down. It’s ******* fighting me as I transfer files to my Dropbox. I can’t write on my phone, dying laptop. I’m sorry.

  • mommaxunicorn 𝙰.🍂 (@mommaxunicorn) reported

    Getting a new phone always gives me such anxiety. Yeah, I know that I can just transfer stuff over to my new one like apps, pictures etc. But here I am a week ahead of time writing down all the apps I want and writing down all my passwords just in case Dropbox fails me 😬

  • ANoffsinger Adam Noffsinger (@ANoffsinger) reported

    @heyiboy @Dropbox You know it's going down 🎮

  • StaDubz Stacy Williams (@StaDubz) reported

    @Dropbox I have been fighting with you since May and my issue is still not resolved. How is it so hard to cancel my subscription and refund my money. You continue to tell me you can help me but over and over again I get no resolution. #ScamAlert

  • zaphodgjd Graeme Devine ☕️ (@zaphodgjd) reported

    Me to dropbox, it’s really important that you upload this one file.. Dropbox… hang on, I see 16,543 files I need to sync down first before I can get to that….

  • Elevenution Elevenution (@Elevenution) reported

    @DropboxSupport Yeah, I'm having problems again. Now anything I modify or anything I add on my desktop won't sync to everything else. All other machines update properly and my desktop still downloads the modified or newly created files, just won't sync any adjustments made on my desktops end.

  • IdoAmir Ido Amir 💙 (@IdoAmir) reported

    @Dropbox Prediction: You will waste tens of millions of dollars on this "Paper" product, and will shut it down within 3 years max.

  • augieray Augie Ray (@augieray) reported

    @maryschmidt This is my problem with all collaboration tools--Slack, Dropbox, Teams, etc. They become dumping grounds, not knowledge management systems. They force users to adopt everyone else's conventions rather than their own, which is why hard drives & email are so hard to replace.

  • KijiArt ✧☽ Jess ☾✧ (@KijiArt) reported

    @DropboxSupport Oh, hello! I'm using an iPad Pro and attempting to upload screen recordings. It allows some, but not others. They're MP4 format, and it doesn't seem to matter how long the clip is. The error I get is a simple pop-up that says the file can't be uploaded. :(

  • Hendrik_Joerges Hendrik Joerges (@Hendrik_Joerges) reported

    @fuxwithitblog I always have an issue with downloading files sent to me over dropbox. Biggest shlep

  • Olipinpin Olivier Pin (@Olipinpin) reported

    @DropboxSupport Thank you for your reply. On the other hand, know that my Dropbox folder is on an external drive which remains lit permanently, which does not prevent the error message when launching the computer...

  • Smart_Translate Catharine Cellier-Smart - FR to ENG Translator (@Smart_Translate) reported

    @DropboxSupport Problem still not solved, and my last DM to support was not replied to.

  • Fasycapricon Fasy capricon (@Fasycapricon) reported

    @Dropbox Hi I'm user of Dropbox since 2 years i had never face any kind of problem but from last Sunday 08.09.2019 There is some virus name MOKA attacked on my Dropbox and due to it i can't open any file please give me my backup before date 08.09.2019. Thank you

  • DanielZarick DZ (@DanielZarick) reported

    @pkedrosky @om FWIW, I’m a @jeffiel acolyte: make it cheaper as the marginal costs are lowered with scale, then add more features and value so that usage is increased and overall spend still goes up. The mailchimp/intercom/Dropbox/etc model is broken. I just don’t understand the “free” 😊

  • MPye1980 Michael Pye (@MPye1980) reported

    @cbokhove @AustraliaToon1 Feel free to link to a Dropbox and people will read it without it becoming a thing. I miss David Didaus posts. He could be an almighty arse but then he would aknowledge his errors and change position. I never found another blog quite like it. The archive was so insightful.

  • isaiah isaiah (@isaiah) reported

    @stutsmansoft i dunno. i think @agiletortoise uses it -- so maybe it's alright. just been burned too many times as a user and developer to venture down that path again. dropbox has an easy api, is cross platform, and totally ubiquitous.

  • MichaelWCohen Michael Cohen (@MichaelWCohen) reported

    @rrotik OS storage caching does not play well with Dropbox's smart sync (online file storing). for me, the result is that macs will assume those files are stored locally, slow your computer down, and prevent high CPU programs from working correctly.

  • Hello_Evelina 𝔏𝔞𝔔𝔲𝔢𝔰𝔞𝔡𝔦𝔩𝔩𝔞 (@Hello_Evelina) reported

    Someone got into my Facebook on May 16 & it was taken down. They obtained my login info & also hacked into my Yahoo email, Photobucket, DropBox, Samsung, & Google accounts. They tried to get into my AOL & Snapchat. I have secured those but I'd like my Facebook back. @facebook

  • stanleycrim Stanley Crim (@stanleycrim) reported

    @DropboxSupport Thank you. The dropbox icon is grayed out a bit, and when clicked, drops a window reading at bottom that it's waiting to be linked to a drop box account, but no accounts, initials or the like are listed. "Continue" gets me google, email, password sign in

  • martta2_ Martta (@martta2_) reported

    @DropboxSupport Hey dropbox. I have my own personal account but i would like another sign-in option because my boss is requiring I use her account to access our work files. At this point it seems to get mixed up with my stuff and caused problems for me.

  • JichaMan1974 Tiger Daddy (@JichaMan1974) reported

    ok finally there it goes. holy hell that was slow as hell! dropbox is moving to the other drive now.

  • stanleycrim Stanley Crim (@stanleycrim) reported

    @DropboxSupport Yes. on computer. I think maybe the issue is my gmail address vs. other address on sign in. But whatever. I'd like it off and I can't shake it.

  • herr_drexler Herr Drexler (@herr_drexler) reported

    @GoodNotesApp (2/2) The thing is: For German schools, the usual cloud services (Google, Dropbox, etc.) are forbidden for privacy reasons. Own servers like #Nextcloud or #Owncloud work wonderfully with #WebDav. This is the problem and @GoodNotesApp could help with WebDav.

  • herr_drexler Herr Drexler (@herr_drexler) reported

    @GoodNotesApp (2/2) The thing is: For schools, the usual cloud services (Google, Dropbox, etc.) are forbidden for privacy reasons. Own servers like Nextcloud or Owncloud work wonderfully with WebDav. This is the problem and GoodNotes could help with WebDav.

  • amandafclark Amanda 👩🏽‍💻 (@amandafclark) reported

    @Dropbox Yeah the problem with that scenario is GMail. I won’t let Google have access to anything I do online ever again if I can help it. The fact that you encourage this means I am even less interested in using your services #GDPR

  • vladimir_metnew Metnёw (@vladimir_metnew) reported

    I reported this issue to Skype, Telegram, Microsoft, Dropbox, Google Drive, <+5 other companies> You can't even imagine what responses from companies I've received. More info very soon.

  • DukajaTV KRNG Dukaja (@DukajaTV) reported

    If ANYONE is waiting on commission work for today, I am currently 100% without internet, so uploading anything to a drive/dropbox will not be possible until the issues are resolved. Just got a call from spectrum saying they should have a fix in the new few hours, though. 👊🏼

  • Redshine23 Andrea P. Schwartz (@Redshine23) reported

    @FrancieSpahn @BoxStatus @Box It’s terrible. Our whole team is unhappy using box. We miss @Dropbox dearly 😢

  • NateCow Nathaniel Caauwe (@NateCow) reported

    @ckhicks @DropboxSupport My issue is usually forgetting to close quotes. IDEs that create open and close quotes and braces then drop you in between them are one of man's greatest achievements.

  • jfhickman Jackie (@jfhickman) reported

    Day 2 of NO #dropbox support. Notifying clients that their @Dropbox could be compromised @box has live support and none of these issues

  • JichaMan1974 Tiger Daddy (@JichaMan1974) reported

    @DropboxSupport this is an accessibility issue, so if you don't know about screen readers you wouldn't be able to help me out. screen shots wouldn't help at this point.

  • designklu Katherine (@designklu) reported

    My Dropbox is full. As if I didn't have enough problems to deal with.

  • JichaMan1974 Tiger Daddy (@JichaMan1974) reported

    I think my dropbox is broken! I press enter on the system tray icon, and I see folders, and what not, but if I press alt+d on the icon the same thing happens. I can't get to anything that lets me get at the prefrences anymore.

  • MarkAntonyOwen Mark Antony Owen (@MarkAntonyOwen) reported

    Awake since 4:30am (and three coffees in to the morning), I've loaded up my @Dropbox with 12-15 poems submitted for Issue Three of @blackboughpoems and am ready to use my commute into London to read, think, edit and evaluate.

  • LucienX13 Lucien (@LucienX13) reported

    @MokaDemon I'm disappointed that his fanbase are automatically forgiving him after I saw the dropbox just now. I was staff in his fan's server and I didn't know what was happening since I wasn't involved until I heard about this just now.

  • t_a_w Tomasz Wegrzanowski (@t_a_w) reported

    @fkchang2000 @SamsungMobile I used SD cards on my old phones, but I stopped using SD cards completely. New phones have enough internal memory, various cloud sync options like Dropbox are good enough (not amazing), and SD cards were always slow and caused problems.

  • faerygowon Lexi (@faerygowon) reported

    @luvr4chuu pc :( but if its not working i might just get dropbox to save them on phone

  • NaughtyWifey420 ♡♡NaughtyWifey420♡♡ (@NaughtyWifey420) reported

    I'm here, for interesting paid chats and buyers ONLY. I have no more time to waste. Snap is down. Premium is out for now. Dropbox is available still.

  • planetburgess Tim Burgess (@planetburgess) reported

    @IGROCA @Dropbox You could argue that all remote problems are human problems and co-located company problems. Just magnified. In the same sense some of the deliberate communication practices remote companies adopt would help many other workplaces.

  • kprikrat Kristijan Prikratki (@kprikrat) reported

    @cika_pero @Dropbox Might be an option, but they are too slow for my taste :) Let's see what happens in the next 6-12 months on that field, I'll certainly make an analysis before deciding.

  • qfoor Que Foor (@qfoor) reported

    @DropboxSupport I have been getting 401 error messages when trying to print from Dropbox. I have been on the chat with Support and have gotten nowhere. Dropbox please provide better chat tech support. Nikki kept sending me the standard tech support templates and has no clue as to solution

  • jimmygunawanapp Blender Sushi Guy (@jimmygunawanapp) reported

    @usdzshare I did not know! Ok definitely am going to take my iPad Pro and go out to make more impromptu AR... But I kept reminded: 1) USDZ works on Apple devices only (for now) 2) Need USDZ convert... which I might try to do using DropBox and server at home (and sketchfab).

  • favstats Fabio Votta📊🦉 (@favstats) reported

    @sharlagelfand The last time I saw this error was when I was trying to run a version-controlled R project from within a Dropbox folder. *** and Dropbox don't like each other very much but not sure if that helps.

  • SarahKCowan Sarah K. Cowan (@SarahKCowan) reported

    @DropboxSupport Thanks! (1) "Unable to open document. An unknown error occurred." (2) Yes (3) 12.1 In case it's helpful, I do not have this problem with documents on Box.

  • ericdwanger Eric D. Wanger (@ericdwanger) reported

    @DropboxSupport I need some support. changed phones and lost my 2-factor authentication record in google authenticator. can't login to dropbox until i get some support on it. i'm a paying business user--- i'd like to get some help!!!!

  • Elevenution Elevenution (@Elevenution) reported

    @DropboxSupport File path naming convention had not been a problem, and the naming convention had not changed from when the "desync" started. Same file that's been synced for 3 months all of a sudden didn't want to be included with Dropbox essentially.

  • _StormHaze M&M (@_StormHaze) reported

    Last night I decided to login to my Dropbox and get some archived music ooooh 🔥