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Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by American company Dropbox, Inc., headquartered in San Francisco, California, that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, personal cloud, and client software.

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  • nessvoigt
    Vanesa Voigt (@nessvoigt) reported

    Having unbelievable bad luck @DropboxSupport. Need an invoice for a charge on credit card bill. Have tried a lot of things but site not working. Help!

  • chumbusmcbumbus
    Bob (@chumbusmcbumbus) reported

    @Leo_pika445 Problem children are coming from another world, if you scroll long enough on my page I posted a Dropbox link for this video a day or two ago

  • HelloYellowDoor
    YellowDoorCollective (@HelloYellowDoor) reported

    @DropboxSupport .@DropboxSupport We have submitted a ticket but no one replied, or they could have replied to the email address listed for the account in question but that address has been shut down as mentioned...

  • bricetune
    Timothy Brice (@bricetune) reported

    @DropboxSupport Can we not resolve this on a phone call? I am really beginning to lose valuable time with your issues. 205-369-9339 ANYTIME

  • bricetune
    Timothy Brice (@bricetune) reported

    @DropboxSupport I have two tickets open #8236609, which addresses the account full error. I had 1 TB on my account and am nowhere near that. The other ticket is #8233784, which deals with Sync issues across my computers. Your chat is closed. I upgraded to business trial with 3 GB. Sync no

  • CryptoTelegrap1
    CryptoTelegraph (@CryptoTelegrap1) reported

    Stocks Fall, Dropbox Down 7%, Intel Down 2.5%, Inflation Up, Cryptos Down

  • RamyRaoof
    Ramy Raoof (@RamyRaoof) reported

    is there documentation of what (legitimate) email notifications sent out from facebook/twitter/whatsapp/dropbox to users look like? whether security alert, login notification, policy update..? many ppl get in touch about email notifications they receive & it isnt easy to tell.

  • Sham2Bam
    Shammer Diaz (@Sham2Bam) reported

    @DropboxSupport I actually think I might have solved the issue. I think it was having trouble connecting to my local Dropbox folder. I removed the local folder, re-installed the app, and relinked. Seems to be syncing now.

  • bsdb3
    David Boyce (@bsdb3) reported

    @click_and_drop please can I check if you're having issues with the dropbox integration. We're producing data files in our dropboxes, but they've not been getting processed since 10am this morning?

  • JohnLocke1689
    John Locke (@JohnLocke1689) reported

    @GamerGeekNews @Dropbox @KimDotcom Regarding non-private data, I'll switch my focus to another commercial vendor (other than MEGA). As for private data which for some unavoidable reason needs to be on another persons server, there are some interesting ownCloud possibilities.

  • DropboxSupport
    Dropbox Support (@DropboxSupport) reported

    @teflonfong Hi again, we're just following up on this as the issue seems to be resolved. Can you please check on this on your side also and let us know. You may have to restart the Dropbox desktop app. Let us know. Thanks!

  • Alablast
    Sabishii (@Alablast) reported

    @KudaKeileon does your PC dying cause problems with Dropbox... *suspicious*

  • MarcEglon
    MARC EGLON (@MarcEglon) reported

    @Superfried Aha. I see your problem. I use TimeMachine to backup everything. I also use Dropbox for live syncing (between backups). That way, you can add only the folders you want to sync into your Dropbox folder. Hope that makes sense.

  • Mentasrose
    Alex (@Mentasrose) reported

    @BelongColchestr I only get an error 404 code for Dropbox on that link

  • Ehren_Fox
    Ehren (@Ehren_Fox) reported

    I'm going to watch "My life as a teenage robot" inside of vrchat (in a very empty shoddy broken room) In like maybe an hour, two? once all these files sync to dropbox. Feel free to join me if you've nothing better to do!

  • Laserhedvig
    Hedvig (@Laserhedvig) reported

    @OfficeSupport Regardless, this shouldn't effect CPU usage, right? Btw, I've noticed online in forums a lot of users having this issue. So I'm not alone. I'm considering paying for Dropbox at this point, despite having 1TB free OneDrive space.

  • Dragoneer
    Dragoneer @ FA United (@Dragoneer) reported

    As I posted recently, my PC died -- kaput. I lost a metric ton of work, all my art, and some of my backups were corrupted (even Dropbox). Still down. =/ I had to hustle to redo everything - near a week's worth of work in a day and a half. I needed NO distractions. That's all.

  • SirAxilotl
    AxoScottl, The Dark Souls Of People With Autism (@SirAxilotl) reported

    I'm straight up turning off @Dropbox. There's no reason for it to have an active symbol saying it is syncing. It synced. All the files are synced. Fix it.

  • kacaliendo
    Kevin Caliendo, PhD (@kacaliendo) reported from Nichols Hills, Oklahoma

    @amykohout I might be misunderstanding the issue but when I moved to a new computer I used selective sync in the Dropbox settings to download the Dropbox files I needed and just kept the rest backed up in the cloud. However, I only use about 100 gifs out of the 1TB I have in Dropbox.

  • amykohout
    Amy Kohout (@amykohout) reported

    This might be a terrible idea, but now that most everything that matters to me is in dropbox (and because this backup is still taking forever), I might not just migrate everything to the new computer, but start fresh...has anyone done this?

  • DropboxSupport
    Dropbox Support (@DropboxSupport) reported

    @BiancaAnneShaw Hey Bianca, could you let us know if you have the same issue on other apps too, or is this specific to the Dropbox app on your device? Thx!

  • cryptoShin0bi
    JOHNNY DRAMA (@cryptoShin0bi) reported

    @BitcoinTG Is there any reason why the recording on Dropbox wouldn't buffer, or is it just me? I've tried in 3 browsers, and on mobile. Curious if anyone else is having this issue.

  • daveymackintosh
    Ðave Mackintosh 🤖 (@daveymackintosh) reported

    @cloudHQ_net how come the transfer from Dropbox to Google Drive is so slow? 35GB in over 24 hours... I have nearly 500GB of files to transfer.

  • tilson3
    Ricky Helvey (@tilson3) reported

    @DropboxSupport error. Desktop version has been stuck on "starting" all day.

  • bagelmonger
    Andrew Nadworny (@bagelmonger) reported

    @henrytcasey @jimsmallman @ThisIs_Progress @flamita_dtu @LuchadorBandido I hope he keeps digital copies. Maybe backs up to Dropbox or Google Drive. That dude's a pyro and if he burns down his only copies, he'll be pissed.

  • TylerFrisbee
    Tyler Frisbee (@TylerFrisbee) reported

    @DropboxSupport Hey I've stopped receiving responses from your support chat team about a very important, time sensitive issue. Can you have someone call me to iron things out?

  • TylerFrisbee
    Tyler Frisbee (@TylerFrisbee) reported

    @Dropbox Hey I've stopped receiving responses from your support chat team about a very important, time sensitive issue. Can you have someone call me to iron things out?

  • sqsupernova
    Swan Queen Supernova (@sqsupernova) reported

    @khaleegis Actually, taking a look at your posts, it looks like you're having the same problem @SwanQueenSwen had - you can see your art, but we can't, because it's uploaded to your personal Dropbox! We can't see it unless we're logged into your account.

  • seven8time
    seven8time (@seven8time) reported

    @DropboxSupport myself and many of my colleagues have our Desktop apps stuck at Starting or Indexing since yesterday, both Windows and Mac. i've reinstalled the app, unlinked/relinked all accounts, no change. Status page says no issues - any idea?

  • snowsowhite
    snowsowhite (@snowsowhite) reported

    why not fix your unsubscribe link in your email @dropbox

  • DropboxSupport
    Dropbox Support (@DropboxSupport) reported

    @davenagy54 Hey there, we’re ending support for Dropbox sync to drives with certain file systems. The supported file systems are NTFS for Windows, HFS+ or APFS for Mac, Ext4 for Linux. To avoid syncing issues, you’ll need to move the Dropbox folder to a drive with a support file system. Thx!

  • cwdlegal
    Christopher W. Dull (@cwdlegal) reported

    @DropboxSupport Getting Dropbox is full error but says I've only used 0.8% of my space

  • sbmitche
    Sara Mitchell (@sbmitche) reported

    @SeanDEhrlich Here are my top five problems. 1) Dashboard makes no sense and displays every course I teach, even if only 1 person enrolled. 2) Files not universally accessible across courses. 3) Setting up groups/sections = nightmare. 4) gradebook sucks 5) setting up Dropbox for papers sucks

  • Seth_Steiner
    Kevin Behrendt (@Seth_Steiner) reported

    @DropboxSupport Dear Support, I made a trial subscription and was sure that I canceled it but just got a mail confirming a 1100 Euro business subscription that I absolutely do not want. Can you help me solving this issue?

  • Woodbourne
    Patrick J. Sullivan (@Woodbourne) reported

    @Dropbox having issues with the service. Have sent email and awaiting response since yesterday.

  • tizrai7
    Kshitiz Rai (@tizrai7) reported

    @VideoBlocks Hey, got a membership on the site, and now can't download anything. The buttons not working, Add to Dropbox not working. Tried in different browsers. Help!

  • oliora
    Andrey Upadyshev (@oliora) reported

    @DropboxSupport Yes, it is. I've changed it today by mistake and now I want to restore it. When I was not able to restore it I've deleted it (just in case it will fix the restoring).

  • Moriart64890434
    Moriarty (@Moriart64890434) reported

    This is SOOOO FUNNY: $DBX Price Target Increased, Dropbox upgraded... Dropbox target $38 ... Dropbox DOWN another -4% LOL #SELL #StrongSell This piece of shit goes to $10

  • MaykelBeker
    Maykel Beker (@MaykelBeker) reported

    @mbanksj @DropboxSupport Hi, I'am having this issue too. Working on a Mac.

  • TraceEvPod
    Trace Evidence (@TraceEvPod) reported

    @BowTieNinja It was just a day full of issues. My Dropbox kept corrupting my files and Logic Pro wouldn't bounce haha

  • capnparrot
    Joseph (@capnparrot) reported

    @ScottWamplerBMD As a kid,I MAY have broken a VHS rental of this by pausing and rewinding the part where Kirstie Alley was in a bra. And since VHS movies were like $90 at the time,I MAY have just dumped it in the dropbox and then claimed ignorance later.

  • andymillea_
    Andy millea (@andymillea_) reported

    @DropboxSupport Hi having problems with Dropbox plus account in Ireland, says account is full on all devices even though over 90% free yesterday. Thanks

  • ga_watson
    George Watson (@ga_watson) reported

    @DropboxSupport So today after 8 years of being with you, my account has been deleted, i have no idea how and i have lost EVERYTHING. I can't login and there's not even a number i can call to talk to someone having already spoke to a customer rep through email.

  • TeflonFong
    TeflonFöng (@TeflonFong) reported

    @DropboxSupport This morning my @dropbox is stuck at starting on my desktop PC, just booted up my Surface Pro 4 and its stuck too. Things are still syncing - seems to be a graphics/icon issue?

  • TheGeneralDekok
    Koketso Mothapo (@TheGeneralDekok) reported

    Is @Dropbox down today can’t seem to connect and my WiFi connection is 100s

  • Umm_Sulaim
    Umm Sulaim (@Umm_Sulaim) reported

    @DropboxSupport I do not have access to a desktop or laptop. The login page shows this: This page is protected by reCAPTCHA, and subject to the Google Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

  • porte_nawak
    Porte Nawak (@porte_nawak) reported

    @DropboxSupport My. Antivirus. Screamed. As. Soon. As. I. Double. Clicked. The. Damn. Update. Installer. Shared folders accessible only from a specific account are rubbish. I had to create another account just for that. I love having to note down new account data. As if I didn't have enough...

  • KastKe
    MikeOrr (@KastKe) reported

    @_Kim_12345 @Twitter Great social media but terrible investment. It's about like General Motors! I have actually done better in Tenable and Dropbox!!!!! MUCH better,

  • ArtSabintsev
    Arthur A. Sabintsev (@ArtSabintsev) reported

    I need recommendations for a cross platform note taking app that has great markdown rendering and has its own sync server (e.g., does not rely on iCloud or Dropbox). Currently using @BearNotesApp, but need something that uses proprietary sync.

  • maerlynofmiria
    Steve Mann (@maerlynofmiria) reported

    @angelgirl1976 I'm also glad it's working without a hitch. I purposely did the same things that used to make it hibernate, IE running tWBlue, Thunderbird, dropbox, Winamp, and Internet Explorer all at once, and no problems.

  • veryberryhappy_
    DIA (@veryberryhappy_) reported

    Also before deadline please check the dropbox to see if your submission is there and is correct. Check for quality too there are some issues.

  • petersaints
    Pedro Albuquerque Santos (@petersaints) reported

    @ramunasgutkovas @Dropbox Hi Ramunas. Does this problem affect you? I thought you only used Macs. But other than @Dropbox, the only other two providers with #Linux support that I know of are: @MEGAprivacy and @pCloudapp.

  • PsychPharmD
    I Miss My Old Account (@PsychPharmD) reported

    @DropboxSupport I’m getting an error on my phone that my Dropbox is full when I’m only using 127 gb/1 Tb!

  • nuengti
    Build-A-Bara (@nuengti) reported

    i love how hideously broken dropbox notifs seem to be on macs right now so once a day, hours out of sync with the actual changes made, I get popup after popup for every single change taking place over the past day

  • DropboxSupport
    Dropbox Support (@DropboxSupport) reported

    @porte_nawak Apologies for any confusion, we are just trying to understand how you have identified that the issue was the Dropbox app’s latest update. Did you receive any specific messages after the app updated? As for the shared folders invitations, they are email specific... 1/2

  • Neronix17
    D. Cooper 🏳️‍🌈 (@Neronix17) reported

    @2015_05_09 I mean for directly sending files, and even in that case my other issue is "stop using shitty download services", there's plenty of good ones yet people still want to send me stuff via mediafire or [insert scummy subscription service]. Google Drive, Mega, Dropbox, all free.

  • DabberMatt
    Matthew Bailey (@DabberMatt) reported

    The biggest problem with @Dropbox is that because it is a piece of software you can't take it behind the barn and smash it into a million pieces with a baseball bat.

  • helloreema
    reema boldes (@helloreema) reported

    @Dropbox Are you down? Been getting server errors since yesterday, and not sure what's going on.

  • palmin
    Anders Borum (@palmin) reported

    @olemoritz @Lextar Unfortunately Dropbox does not seem to support getFileProviderServicesForItemAtURL at all and I just get a error.

  • katieurban_
    Katie Urban (@katieurban_) reported

    @hmbien I just store everything on Dropbox ($99/year) now and sync down the folders I need. I keep almost nothing on my Hard Drive and it makes my computer run so much faster. And because I'm OCD, I back my Dropbox up once a month to an External Hard Drive.