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eBay is a multinational online auction website that facilites online consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales. eBay is free to use for buyers, but sellers are charged fees for listing items and again when those items are sold.

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October 17: Problems at eBay

eBay is having issues since 03:00 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Sign in (28.13%)

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  • DykeSolidarity
    Opinions≠Murder (@DykeSolidarity) reported

    @zeno001 @stonewalluk I can def cut @citibank, @IBM, @eBay, @absolutvodka, @amnesty out with no problem, & bring others along. @ProcterGamble will be a pain, but no way will I support companies funding efforts that have already led to violence, ****, and marginalization of women+girls. NO. MORE.

  • sairydust
    Sarah Crisp (@sairydust) reported

    Browser shopping experience not great so re-downloaded the app. Forced to make a new account to watch items as log in not working. Asks to sign in again to message a seller. Error with log in details. But I just. Made. Them. This is why I rarely use eBay, glitches galore! 😫

  • naamamarom
    Laura C. (@naamamarom) reported

    @Shattered_Earth I had this problem when I sold on ebay too, ebay promoted listings with free shipping because buyers like to see free shipping (even though it really isn't free), the only solution is to offer a discount for certain items or to have them contact you directly for a discount.

  • antman5921
    Come Shop @ Ladies High Fashions on eBay! (@antman5921) reported

    Hello, Ladies High Fashions on ebay started out 4 years ago and has swiiftly grown. My policy is to ship fast and clear up any issues that may arise. I list everyday. One of the reasons I ship so many orders is because I allow buyers to make offers on my ebay items.

  • SianRhian
    Sian Morton (@SianRhian) reported

    @AskeBay I bought a item on eBay a few months ago. Item broke within a week item was removed of eBay and seller never refunded me. What can I do as I have this problem constantly trying to get help for this item.

  • EdwardKinitz
    Edward Spookstein 🤑 (@EdwardKinitz) reported

    well, tech and gadgets are very personal and subjective , for example: I bought HP Windows 10 tablet off ebay to prepare for purchase of Surface Go but then concluded that Surface Go too slow for my needs but that tablet tablet is fine

  • drkHMRpally
    bradley smith (@drkHMRpally) reported

    @BuenoWaino @FunkoPopHunters It was a way to beat the bots. They only go so many times before they would error out. This was brilliant.. sadly within 17 minutes earlier there were over 400 sets being resold already on ebay.

  • bigjimmurray
    Jim Murray (@bigjimmurray) reported

    @tylerrevil12 Tracked it down on eBay

  • countrymousie
    H (@countrymousie) reported

    @exmoorjane Now I see there are hares in this range so just tracked some down on @eBay as my shop didn’t have those

  • PaulisGreat2000
    👻🕷🎃Paultergeist🎃🕷👻 (@PaulisGreat2000) reported

    @nolan_mcbride It’s fascinating what they did given what they had- and the Producer’s Cut is way more fun given how bonkers it goes. My brother and I originally tracked down a rip off of eBay back in the day that was horrible quality but such a fun way to discover it!

  • LycadiusAren
    Tiel (@LycadiusAren) reported

    I needed the money i got from selling stuff on ebay for a very important bill today, and now i'm probably going to be in really bad trouble because i wont be able to. All i needed was to change my phone number, or cancel the two step verification so i could login.

  • yeahdudecomics
    wait...what (@yeahdudecomics) reported

    First 3 issues of screwjob i got art in featured in this massive ebay haul along with atomic elbow zines

  • kotalkahn9
    the darkness walker (@kotalkahn9) reported

    The worse thing on earth is an ebay seller that does not answer messages and when he does is not related to the issue i want to solve jesus menhow annoying.

  • Crispsandwich08
    Crispsandwich (@Crispsandwich08) reported

    @CallofDuty absolutely shocking game latency issues lag when people come into party and leave party spawn killing shoot you b4 even raising your weapon selling on eBay. Bought all cods this is the worst one unfair playing field. Rushed out as usual

  • Mantisabbey
    MantisAbbey (@Mantisabbey) reported

    @Ardvizcarr @BlueBoy8000 No problem. I'll probably find one on eBay.

  • MilkBagger
    💲Joe💲 (@MilkBagger) reported

    ordered a 3rd generation PSP off eBay only for it to show up with a malfunctioning UMD drive, seller did not tell me it was broken. Kind of pissed off.

  • joshnet
    Joshua C. Colp 🍁 (@joshnet) reported

    @hareemca Dual port card for my router build was $115 USD, due to low profile. Full height would have been $80.50. Used off eBay from overstock/pulled server stock.

  • FishNGamesTV
    Brandon (@FishNGamesTV) reported

    @eBay I sold a Gameboy Pikachu saying broken for parts and sold it. The person I sold it to got pissed off that the screen doesn’t work but I said it doesn’t work now you guys charged me $75 back.

  • royaltse
    Roy-al with Cheese (@royaltse) reported

    I'll probably remove the eBay logo on my periscope and youtube videos if they don't fix my issue that should have been addressed a long time ago. I put there logo for free positive advertisement and now I feel like deleting all those videos

  • SirTitan45
    Joseph Teofilo (@SirTitan45) reported

    @AskeBay @eBay New users should have to put down a security deposit. Real effin tired of you letting bums bid to win in a hustle to get seller to ship without paying. You are almost always biased against sellers. Thats not right!

  • UnemployedMoron
    dudemidwest (@UnemployedMoron) reported

    @Paulsballs2323 @bbqueenangela @AngelaRummans2 @VanityPlanet I hate drop shippers.i used to be top rated on eBay, I’d grind outside finding things and go to eBay. These drop shippers with their $10-20 product markup ordering from other sites some bullshit lazy hussler shit. Can’t ever be down with people who take advantage of others.

  • art2i
    art (@art2i) reported

    US' pulling out of UPU worries investors and consumers. It pushed down the market 300+ points in the morning. It will reduce the revenue of eCommerce and delivery businesses, i.e., $UPS, DHL, and FedEx $FDX, as well as $EBAY and $AMZN. It'll increase the price of online shopping

  • Vesuvia30
    ♥♥Vesuvia♥♥ (@Vesuvia30) reported

    @senormarkymark Digital. I mean, these days someones bound to sell the map poster on ebay or amazon or some shit, or down the road you could always get a physical edition as well. I never wait for physical anymore rofl

    ᏟᏞᎪᏒᎪ (@KINGXIYEON) reported

    i’ll buy from ebay because they write down the price so i won’t have to pay for customs. none of the websites exo linked will do this.

  • ERdocTrader
    Anand Shah (@ERdocTrader) reported

    @askebay terrible customer service, everything computerized and automated, no help when calling and speaking to people, site is still fraught with scammers and @ebay makes no attempt to help

  • woofpickle
    WoofPickle of the Red Hills (@woofpickle) reported

    @Gurthang_3019 Depends on the tools, but yeah. Occasionally I'll look around ebay for cheap broken Snap-On tools to warranty and get new. Doesn't work for powertools, but hand tools generally have a lifetime warranty.

  • jkwade
    Jareau Wadé (@jkwade) reported

    I was just thinking about how much I used to love @Svpply. Honestly one of the reasons I joined Pinterest. Shame @ebay shut it down. cc @pieratt

  • yulanelizabeth
    Yulan Egan (@yulanelizabeth) reported

    @AskeBay It told me the code "could not be applied." The item definitely qualified, I actually received a message from dysonoutlet the following day saying it was due to an ebay glitch, but they're refusing to extend the offer beyond the expiration date.

  • miIkcan
    🕷️ crowie baby 🕷️ (@miIkcan) reported

    i have so many bits of positive feedback from ebay sellers and all it actually means is that i pay them. but like. thats just me typing in my paypal login i feel like im getting too much credit for this

  • TweetLeni
    Leni (@TweetLeni) reported

    It has been a scam on $EBAY by China sellers that Ebay allowed to go on for years.China sellers show you a perfect little stock photo of something, send the wrong item or even a broken item and then say sure you can get 100% refund..send it back first. $23

  • NagPingili
    నేనేమంటున్నానంటే... (@NagPingili) reported

    Ordered an RO Water filter online. This is the fourth time. Previous three orders were from ebay. This time from Amazon. Received such a crappy product with incorrect assembly sequence, leaks everywhere, broken pre-carbon filter - two days got screwed fixing it.

  • KellyRiot
    🎃JacKELantern🎃 (@KellyRiot) reported

    @DetectiveX @TanookiKuribo @Herms98 No problem! And yeah, I was panicking for a sec looking on eBay for one... hahaha. Would have been a little bit of a low blow! 😅

  • Deirdre_1964
    Deirdre (@Deirdre_1964) reported

    Really terrible terrible idea...omg think ebay ouch 🔥

  • jonmbauer
    Jon Bauer (@jonmbauer) reported

    @masonbutler @BarbAbney I made quite a bit of money selling those issues on eBay when I worked at an adult bookstore in college.

  • Sophia_Johnsonx
    Sophia Johnson (@Sophia_Johnsonx) reported

    So @depop took down my account for supposedly selling counterfeit items! Yet the amount of people actually selling fakes on that app is ridiculous! I list an actual item just no papers and I get removed! 😂 Laughable! depop can **** off, hello ebay!

  • ChrisHenken
    Chris Henken (@ChrisHenken) reported

    @B_Umsted Tell people it was Kanye and then sell it on eBay for millions. Boom problem solved.

  • pieninjadarker
    Darkerelite/Jar Jar/Kim Jong/Kanye (@pieninjadarker) reported

    @Classified_Life @CWCSonichu @eBay CWCville Is currently having problems with radical blue arm supporters

  • _jodeeox
    Jodee 🌻 (@_jodeeox) reported

    @AskeBay @eBay WHY ISN'T IT LETTING ME SIGN IN 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😡😡😡😡😡 I've changed my password, you've sent me a email to say I've changed my password and it's still not letting me sign in 😣😣😣😣 please help me

  • RevJamesP
    TheRevJamesP (@RevJamesP) reported

    @jameskirkup I've tweeted them to ask them to stick to spying and lay off the social engineering. It's also funny how anyone would think that ebay and Barclays etc are somehow great moral leaders who speak with authority on the issue of human identity.

  • FactsInYourFace
    Facts In Your Face (@FactsInYourFace) reported

    In 2011, a woman tried to sell her two children on eBay and people had actually placed bids on them before it was taken down.

  • lluckyshah
    Lucky ShAh (@lluckyshah) reported

    @KitabLeaks @ZaidZamanHamid But still there alot ot problems they are going to face from customers as well amazon and ebay refund policy is that of a customer claims that he has not gt the item then they him back without seller permision...

  • LowDefAl
    Low Def Al (@LowDefAl) reported

    That that game I bought that the seller cancelled as “broken or missing”. Did get resisted for a higher price, 5 hours later. So I spoke to a nice women at eBay who is forwarding him to the naughty seller team.

  • wizbee1
    terri (@wizbee1) reported

    @AskeBay I was on ebay. The person paid so Now I don't have the problem. Thanks

  • Smooth2014
    Lee Morley (@Smooth2014) reported

    @AskeBay I am Having A Issue With A Seller On EBay

  • Mr_Hyde77
    Ben in Green (@Mr_Hyde77) reported

    @eggplantlow @matrixyst @bitwitkyle @4 @1 @2100MHZ I'm using a R7 1700 and it's overclocked to 4ghz. No issues at all and it handles anything I throw at it. They're down to about $180 on eBay NIB if you're looking to switch sides

  • skinslip
    skinslip™ (@skinslip) reported

    ****, havana991 on ebay, who put all these single issues in the graphic novel section. I hope you burn in hell you ******* moron.

  • necrofearia
    0dd @ 🎃 (@necrofearia) reported

    Ah god I want to die I sent a question in Japanese to an eBay seller from Japan but their location says United States. I just wanted to make sure my issue is understood

  • MaazPervez
    Maaz (@MaazPervez) reported

    @Fay_Alif They retail for $450. I paid a little less using an eBay coupon. They just released in end of September so very expensive now. Prices should go down by Black Friday, Christmas, Boxing Day etc.

  • prodigyaus
    daniel 💡🤔 (@prodigyaus) reported

    @HughJeffreys They should it's just for copyright and trademark otherwise the listings get taken down. I had issues with my Ebay and that stuff

  • JeremySF
    Jeremy Gordon (@JeremySF) reported from San Francisco, California

    @jeffmc @eBay Otherwise it's gonna stink and possibly catch fire. But otherwise, it's GREAT! No really, it's fine. But, no, no really, strip it down before you actually uh, turn it on or anything.

  • JeremySF
    Jeremy Gordon (@JeremySF) reported from San Francisco, California

    @jeffmc Yeah, maybe just don't like, cook any food in it after reflowing your fav leaded solder paste. Or pick up a new T962A off @ebay for a couple hundred bucks. Plan to strip it down and replace the masking tape with kapton, solder hand twisted wires, and remove loads of hot glue.

    GOD (Girard Davout)🤔☝️😁😘 (@GIRARDisGOD) reported from Chicago, Illinois

    @USArmy @BritishArmy @CNN @WheelofFortune @BloombergRadio @NBCNews @wbpictures @DisneyStudios @WGCI @HOT97 @V103 @TMZ @HarveyLevinTMZ @etnow @instagram @eBay @amazon @ABC @ABC7Chicago @Chicago_Police @NYPDnews @usairforce @USMC @USNavy @RoyalFamily @RoyalNavy @RoyalAirForce @jack @finkd @PriscillaChanZ @pchdotcom @business @FBI @CIA @Nike @RoyalMarines @tyrabanks @Beyonce @halleberry @JLo @Thresholdsctrs @fox32news @CCofChicago @UofC @uicflames @TheSharkDaymond So in short I don't really wanna be kicked out of @thresholdsctrs @CCofChicago but there is a serious problem thresholds dishes out. It's called abusive care I dont like @Thresholdsctrs cuz they don't do anything I say. They keep putting me through what some1 else is supposed 2b

  • loonapocrypha
    [] zʞ (@loonapocrypha) reported

    @wyhkjw an ebay seller I’ve bought from before & has no problems but I guess I’ll have to demand compensation for emotional damages this time

  • 814retro
    JOSEPH GULA (@814retro) reported

    @AskeBay Go to Facebook type in Ebay and look for a post from Joseph Gula. I was just there and added an update. I have sent Devin a few emails and HE should know what my problem is! Unless someone else is reading the emails and HE IS not seeing them. He should see them! Another one sent!

  • A_koenigs_2020
    Aaron K (@A_koenigs_2020) reported

    I'm here trying to listen to some Franz Lambert while scrolling thru eBay, I've been loyal to YT for most of my life, I understand it's a pretty big issue, but it seems y'all need a backup system, even if the site is slow it's still better than this

  • jkwade
    Jareau Wadé (@jkwade) reported

    I was just thinking about how much I loved @Svpply. Honestly one of the reasons I joined Pinterest. Shame @eBay shut it down.

  • GangstaCr1zzab
    otaku music lover (@GangstaCr1zzab) reported

    Yo,I know I sound like a broken record but hey if it's true I'mma keep saying it my man's got good quality inventory of iMac and Mac minis he refurbished, check a look at his eBay page and give him a follow on Twitter and eBay to stay up to date

  • pcguy8088
    Greg (@pcguy8088) reported

    Those hmm moments when u discover an ebay seller reselling items off Amazon where the warranty is 90 days and boosting warranty to 2 yrs. Ya right I betcha there won't be any issues at all w warranty claims past 90 days /s cough cough

  • indonguimistic
    Grey Area (@indonguimistic) reported

    @AskeBay what to do when you receive email telling you that your cancelled order has been marked as dispatched, yet seller told you they will cancel order and eBay notifies you that order was cancelled. seller claims eBay had a glitch.

  • SueAnn_Nivens
    SueAnn Nivens (@SueAnn_Nivens) reported

    @ebay quick search online shows multiple people had exact problem, same request from same address; user also uses multiple addresses. scam is to buy item, use diff address, claim item is damaged when received. Seller not protected. Item is fine and azalcomputer resells on ebay