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  • BattleArmorDad1 Battle Armor Dad (@BattleArmorDad1) reported

    I just got blocked for saying that the 1983 #GIJoe Duke twas an imperfect action figure with an overly fragile crotch piece. All those broken Dukes on eBay must be in on the conspiracy.

  • goblinbl00d Tommydreamcast (@goblinbl00d) reported

    @eBay you have hands down the WORST customer service THE WORST and your "Random holds" of money is unacceptable then your associates tell me to "just borrow money" to ship my product I've been an ebay user and customer 6 YEARS #ebayislame

  • rvkirk Rachel Kirky (@rvkirk) reported

    @RogueTrader84 I do every so often fall down an EBay Star Trek buying black hole but U never have buyers remorse

  • BattleArmorDad1 Battle Armor Dad (@BattleArmorDad1) reported

    @AnthonyBourne11 No, that's a fact. Look at all the broken crotchless Dukes on eBay. The Tiger Force Duke is even worse. 90s Joes are just better made toys. Hasbro learned from their mistakes

  • TylerNicole1x Tyler (@TylerNicole1x) reported

    @AskeBay my eBay account is constantly trying to be hacked, I’ve got two factor authentication set up and I’m getting repeated emails about using the code to sign in, which is not me. Please can you assist, or I will simply deactivate the account.

  • MichaelSReith1 Michael Reith (@MichaelSReith1) reported

    @EllerySamwise @drpepper You could buy a Soda Steam and reduce the carbonation cost by picking up a large tank of CO2 at the local welding supply. You can buy a hook up kit on eBay. Then by the syrup on Amazon. Even after setup, hard to to get the price down to less than $4 a gallon.

  • 0SJW0 S J W (@0SJW0) reported

    eBay is basically shopping on a PvP server.

  • MuffinMark MR GET YOU WET BECAUSE OF FAULTY PLUMBING (@MuffinMark) reported

    eBay’s international selling thing is a pain. Some French guy telling me the item was broken when he got it, even though I tested it before I sent it. Now expecting me to pay postage back from France. Waste man ting. Ebay support about as helpful as gonorrhoea

  • Cpt_Wolf Cpt. Wolf (@Cpt_Wolf) reported

    Phone is borked... Looks like I get to buy myself a birthday present. Now if only all of the ones I'm looking at on eBay weren't obviously stolen or and/or broken.

  • Benson4919 Ryan from Clayton (@Benson4919) reported

    @Diamond9erFans I’m just gonna max out a card and have them shut it down. Then double the price and sell it al on eBay

  • ladykateblacket Kate 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@ladykateblacket) reported

    @JonahNRO Find out what kind work for her & buy a decent used pair on eBay — already mildly broken in

  • cityofportland Sit-eeee of Portland (@cityofportland) reported

    @slynchphoto Oh, we know about those. For years, Larry down the hall has had a side hustle selling counterfeit vinyl copies of Mongrel on Ebay.

  • Tri_BluWasTaken PK Fireboi (@Tri_BluWasTaken) reported

    @IntroSpecktive I got one of the fake cheap switch controllers from ebay, works pretty well for $30. My only problem is the R button, I have to press really hard for it to work.

  • SwearyMonkee Kris Weston (@SwearyMonkee) reported

    @scoopy79 this whole wee thing, im not down with it guy. i saw a lovely marconi oscillator on ebay the other day

  • AmberCoyote 🌴 ᴀ ᴍ ʙ ᴇ ʀ ᴄ ᴏ ʏ ᴏ ᴛ ᴇ 🌴 (@AmberCoyote) reported

    @AnotherBro00 No idea. Even broken systems sell on ebay

  • psychmerlin dazedandconfused (@psychmerlin) reported

    @padamentalist I had the opposite problem with being sent a replacement then another one and I got a message a couple of weeks back that they've sent another one. I'm hoping they've crossed. contact eBay about it you should get your money back.

  • Myibidder Bid Sniper for eBay (@Myibidder) reported

    Try to resolve your issue with the seller directly before opening a case on eBay #MyibidderTips

  • a2eny Richard (@a2eny) reported

    @cleflore23 Can’t beat just looking down the barrel to get onto paper, then adjust from there. Apart from that try eBay, loads on there for not much coin

  • Sofie73472627 Sofie (@Sofie73472627) reported

    @GuyltyPleasure Not your fault 😏 a problem with ebay and my account 😒 A shame!!

  • Simon_Tweetlord Simon Bowser📎 (@Simon_Tweetlord) reported

    @RenegadeT2000 been looking at the cheapest one for a custom. 16 pounds and 20 shipping. not exactly terrible, but the shipping is where it hurts. 26 dollars - pretty cheap, 30 shipping - kind of hurts. I'm not sure tbh, sure beats other scalpers prices on ebay.

  • SloshrWal SloshrWal (@SloshrWal) reported

    @claws0ff @AlmoJoRito I'd start using ebay, every single time I've had any issue at all when recieving a product they give my money back and if anything's even an hour late from the guaranteed delivery they give you 5 bucks of store credit

  • Sairyuto Ava (@Sairyuto) reported

    @yukospetcat Yeah I managed to get Y4 and Y5 for like $20 all up or something like that (Y3 doesn't have any digital release and it has a rather limited physical run actually, it cost me $50 to hunt down a copy on eBay, but that game *is* still worth $50 today imo)

  • GalacticEdgeMTG Eric @ Galactic Edge Games (@GalacticEdgeMTG) reported

    @CubeApril @tupperware Not with tupperware, but other plastic containers. I have a weird problem when I lose my containers. I get really annoyed that my set got broken up. My only tupperware brand plastics are the 1970s/80s servalier cannisters I bought on ebay to use the way my mom uses hers.

  • Leavittnovelist Caroline Leavitt (@Leavittnovelist) reported

    @todgoldberg Someone not only sold a book I signed to someone on ebay but also sold the letter I had written on a card inside that had my cell #. I complained & it was taken down

  • bkeithley83 Blake Keithley (@bkeithley83) reported

    @solefed @snkr_twitr Got through on a size 8 for my wife but no confirmation email. I was spamming the place order button and it kept giving me errors but eventually it said “order placed”. I’ll be it cancels. eBay let me cart but eventually took it out after payment errors.

  • orbitres ً (@orbitres) reported

    @iIIuviate it’ll arrive in 5-6 business days. sorry ebay’s kinda slow. 😭.

  • mrakuss Mark (@mrakuss) reported

    New/old decent CD player purchased cheaply off of Ebay facts: 1. Will play Fall B-sides CD2 *with* error correction, unlike old player from the same manufacturer. 2. Will play CDRs (including recent "limited edition" physical release of album by a cartoon band) but not CD-RWs.

  • Kkaiserrr Name Can't be blank Ø (@Kkaiserrr) reported

    @jeremycorbyn what you need to be doing is taxing Google, Amazon, ebay et al and then subsidise high street rents for local small shops, ensure large corporations dont benefit just small local indy shops. this will bring some life back to every high street and stop closing markets down.

  • sleepydev_ sleepydev (@sleepydev_) reported

    @doom_txt It looks low budget as hell, the CG sucks, all the acting we've heard so far sounds incompetent, it's a straight to video B-movie, I'll probably buy it anyways I've been eyeballing eBay listings of the Doom novel for a week now. I have a problem.

  • MavisMoggie Mavis (@MavisMoggie) reported

    @simonfromharlow Kickers are great, you can save £30/£40 if you buy on ebay. I always set preferences to "new in box/max distance 200 miles/buy it now". Most sellers are ebay shops so exchange not a problem if size problems. But you probably know all this already so forget I said anything 😉

  • reverb Reverb (@reverb) reported

    @talagaja @eBay We’re more than happy to look into these issues for you. Please DM us the email address you use to log into Reverb so we can assist.

  • BigAndy1967 Andrew Clark (@BigAndy1967) reported

    @0ssettTerrier It was only a broken fingernail. Does he not know that false ones are available on eBay 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • M1ssnuttie1 Nuttieosa (@M1ssnuttie1) reported

    Oh joy .. found hayden the perfect birthday present on ebay , ordered it .. just got an email to say its now broken and i need a refund :(

  • 7Ten Toby (@7Ten) reported

    @NoGuyTest786 @pablo_0151 I'm terrible. I used to buy from the shop near Soho before it shut. But now I mainly get "originals" from eBay 🙃

  • Kiy900 Maxy❄️❤️⚡️ (@Kiy900) reported

    My package has finally arrived and the seller shipped a few more issues than they said on the ebay page😂😂😂 omg 40 dollars for 34 issues, such a great deal🤣🤣🤣

  • DrHotelMario ドクターホテルマリオ (Dokutāhoterumario) (@DrHotelMario) reported

    I'm creating a new media server like frankenstein, getting as much junk as I can to build a cheap PC. Just bought some ancient Lenovo motherboard and the literal cheapest case on Ebay. Hopefully that should be all I need since I already got a lot of scavenged parts.

  • coverenthusiast ✨ ᶜ ˚ ˅ ⷷ ʳ ᒃ ʸ ᵈ ₐ ʸ ⁶ 🔆 (@coverenthusiast) reported

    :((( omg I contacted my eBay seller to see if they had seen my order and they apologised and said it would be sent on Wednesday so I replied saying that it’s not a problem thanks for your time and they replied again saying sorry and that they would add an extra gift :(💕 I

  • T1_Mantiss Old-school-Gamer (@T1_Mantiss) reported

    @CommodoreBlog That's the problem if you sell cheap it be back on eBay for double way it is

  • Arlanymor Arlanymor (@Arlanymor) reported

    @jeremycorbyn If you really want the high st to thrive then you need to ban the internet and shut down Amazon and Ebay

  • jbh1977 Jimmay (@jbh1977) reported

    @HalperEl @thepillock @game_whisperer I don't know what NZ eBay is like, but in my experience the 500+ is often the cheapest. They have a lot of problems with leaky batteries, so tend to fail the most. They need a bit of work to get fixed up though. I picked one up for £40 - about $75. 🙂

  • c_w_moore Chris M (@c_w_moore) reported

    @Bournemouthecho Down Asdas for a bit and then gonna have a look on eBay for a strimmer.

  • random_pet Jerry (@random_pet) reported

    eBay really annoys me, just stop making offers and put down a bloody bid - there’s a reason I’m using eBay and it ain’t so I can judge what I want to sell my old junk for

  • TheZaggel Dub Zaggel (@TheZaggel) reported

    @justinpdl0 @KidSkys Ebay, ubisoft store I just scroll down every day in ebay 4 chanka and the "rare" ones I don't have. And the last 5 like cav, ela and Co I pre ordered in the ubi store

  • citizen_xoxo citizenxoxo (@citizen_xoxo) reported

    @CNN Someone bought a box of Twinkies for a million dollars on Ebay when Hostess went down for a year. Just saying.

  • ShaniahARMANI Shaniah Armani (@ShaniahARMANI) reported

    people who be buying their phones off ebay n shit always have an issue with the way it works and always delusional about it.

  • u4dannyboy ❌SUPERSONICSTATION❌ (@u4dannyboy) reported

    @ThisIsZak69 @PreparedDeath @CrustEFC @CT_1189 I have zero problems selling games on ebay


    @xChicagosDeityx || I bought my Nexus band like,, last month on eBay tbh. They were sold out when I went to Raw and broken up by the time I went to another show. Gotta rep ‘em even now. 😭

  • halibelfan pvt halibelfan (@halibelfan) reported

    @BattleArmorDad1 i was going to buy an original duke but 9 of every 10 on ebay have broken crotches and go for a lot of money complete so i opted for tiger force since i love that sub team anyway as a child i only had flint and trip wire in tigerforce as wellas frostbite i mostly had the vehicle

  • AnyaOQuinn Molotov Foxtails 🦊🔥 (@AnyaOQuinn) reported

    @RoxyFoxRab it was actually harder on ebay to find the one i wanted without the low profile bracket so it's like the direct opposite problem

  • hanancomplains hanan (@hanancomplains) reported

    @dedeusauro The closed back page down, she using EBay

  • belal4294 BA (@belal4294) reported

    @johnreport The problem is just like that, wwe is creating an nxt and aew rivalry...theoretically downgrading eBay aew stands for - which is vs wwe as a whole

  • LUCASYASHERE Magnanimatas Films (@LUCASYASHERE) reported from Islington, England

    I’m fed up with #eBay @eBay_UK I really hope they shut down if they can’t even be bothered to provide a simple email. Customer bought item but money gone into hold on #PayPal I need the money so I can provide postage for clients. I’m a 100% feedback customer. #ihateebay

  • Llamatic Stephen (@Llamatic) reported

    @CarlExample @AskeBay Its been happening all day. eBay/PayPal are struggling to handle payments over £10 and most people get errors when paying for items.

  • FScopers Figure Scoper® (@FScopers) reported

    @VivaLaRooney Should be going down on eBay soon so I may grab it there at some point

  • poppip_ mothman (@poppip_) reported

    @poppinroselia If you check the sellers feedback you should be ok. I’ve bought a bunch of ps2 games from eBay and never had a problem

  • redgemwiink cat⚡️READ/WATCH KIMETSU NO YAIBA (@redgemwiink) reported

    @poppinroselia idk how old youre talkin but ive bought a gamecube and a couple games from ebay a didnt rly have any issues :o

  • atkincor000 atkincor000 (@atkincor000) reported

    @eBay I HATE eBay and want to close my account. I’ve tried several times to close my account and continue to get an error message. CLOSE MY ACCOUNT!

  • PapaDocski Ghold (@PapaDocski) reported

    @GinMonkey100 @PopInABox Your only chance is 2nd market. Ebay or something, but the value had gone up greatly. And probley won't come down anytime soon. Funko might product a 2nd Tupac figure, with a new number, box, and mold. But the original is a very rare Grail at this point

  • elyob elyob (@elyob) reported

    @susan_snowy I got feedback for the telescope i sold on Ebay. Terrible. 2 stars. #NationalTellAJokeDay

  • worIdwlde 🌎 (@worIdwlde) reported