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  • TheEpochOW Epoch Esports (@TheEpochOW) reported

    @ViteRamen i don’t think ppl realize, tim called me and you were making this 3 hours ago. please, put down whatever you’re smoking before you auction off your company on ebay for 1200 vbucks

  • LVCoasters Lush Velvet Coasters (@LVCoasters) reported

    @attractionimage @eBay @Hermesparcels I've had far too many issues with Hermes, they once claimed they sent it to my neighbour at number 21,which didn't exist on my street, then claimed it was actually number 32,which had been abandoned for months, eventually someone on a completely different street brought it round

  • RJShelling RJ Shelling (@RJShelling) reported

    It occurs to me I need to fix the ****** up Street Fighter machine I'm meant to own forever and buy better arcade boards for it. I need to save a Konami Bucky Ohaire off Ebay some day for it.

  • attractionimage Attraction Images ( attractionimages ) (@attractionimage) reported

    ordered an item via the @eBay global shipping plan came all the way from the USA without a single issue Hits the UK and bang @Hermesparcels claim to have delivered it yesterday, this isn't the first time, both times the parcel was lost forever!!! WORST COMPANY EVER

  • Mkman25614 Mkthankfulman! (@Mkman25614) reported

    @Shatter31751915 Yeah I only have Xenosaga 1 and 2 can be found fairly easily, 3 is not easy to get at a good price on ebay. I had some issues with my PS2 so I didn't play much of Xenosaga 1, but it's a series I always wanted to finish and currently my original PS2 will only play some games.

  • gxldenjongho 종호’s bri ✰ (@gxldenjongho) reported

    @Namgiwishes there’s a jongho polaroid on ebay for $399 and i was trying to negotiate it down to a decent price

  • Aka_TG Aka (@Aka_TG) reported

    Bah, get my desktop all working perfectly. ESXi server RAID card dies or at least has started acting up. It's only 6-7 months old! (Well, who REALLY knows where it came from... eBay purchase...)

  • henrydontrat chris (@henrydontrat) reported

    @JennyOmega_IX @PlayStation I got my ps4 last year,I wasnt even too much into modern gaming until breath of the wild was announced, then I got a vita and bought senran kagura estival and that led me down this huge rabbit hole of Japanese anime games.went a little crazy on Ebay

  • CRT_Sportscards CRT_Sportscards (@CRT_Sportscards) reported

    It still blows (yes, first world issue) that when someone on ebay buys multiple items from a variation listing, they don't come across in your shipping log in order. I waste more time going back and forth on massive order from variation listings that I can never get back. 🤪

  • TXKrystalJean Greta Baker (@TXKrystalJean) reported

    You need to assist @amazon sellers to shift over to @ebay. Amazon Brand Registry is taking down seller after seller with no human override. Check the forums for victims. They are your next customers. . Shame on you @AmazonHelp @amazonnews ! #CustomerService #CustomerExperience

  • diamonti Christopher Diamonti (@diamonti) reported

    just found out i committed a crime on ebay i hope that can go down as negligence because i had no clue it was not legal

  • pwatsonastro ☀️🌙 (@pwatsonastro) reported

    Back on 11/22/2005, Mercury was Rx when Microsoft released the XBOX 360. They didn't make enough of them to meet demand. 10% of them were resold on Ebay at exorbitant prices. High failure rate, tons of warranty claims. Suffered from notorious 'red ring of death' error.

  • koobiszn Richie (*´-`*) (@koobiszn) reported

    @lovseokjen some issues with a buyer on ebay and they stole my money :(

  • TXKrystalJean Greta Baker (@TXKrystalJean) reported

    Well, @amazon @amazonhelp @amazonnews, you could try asking @ebay @askebay @ebaynewsroom how they managed issues with trademark and copyright a decade ago. What you are doing IS NOT LEGAL AND MORALLY WRONG!!!!!!!!! #karma #CustomerService #customerexperience

  • jamieeduncan jduncan:wheel (@jamieeduncan) reported

    @CarlosEArango @VMware 3 ebay-special r610s with 48gb of ram. 2 of them have 4x 500gb drives in a striped raid. Once I add more disks to the 3rd server I'll make a vSAN setup.

  • NoahGregg Noah Gregg (@NoahGregg) reported

    @eBay having a technical issue. Need help, please pm me.

  • sportobsession6 My Sports Obsession (@sportobsession6) reported

    One of you, @Ebay or @Paypal need to get your stuff together. I can't pay for stuff and you both tell me that you aren't showing any errors. Meanwhile, sellers are getting upset with me because you all can't work together. I'm pretty sure you're owned by the same company. #FIXIT

  • mariahlambilyx MariahxxLambily (@mariahlambilyx) reported

    @CarlosG37646871 511114211192xxxx not working on ebay

  • horsecoffin Dennis (@horsecoffin) reported

    .Well at least his action figure Should have sound chip That says "Wear a poppy" Could go up or down on eBay Because of you people #DonCherryIsRight

  • BrigidKemmerer Brigid Kemmerer (@BrigidKemmerer) reported

    @jennifercarolyn When I was a kid, I was obsessed -- OBSESSED -- with MacGyver. I've seen every episode at least 3 times. I bought bootleg VHS tapes off eBay back when that was a thing you could do. Sadly, none of the episodes hold water now that a cell phone could solve all his problems. 😂

  • KevinEleventh K E V I N (@KevinEleventh) reported

    @RollaineDraws My best suggestion to all artists not using the ipad Pro as their main computing device is to buy it refurbished on ebay from a guaranteed re-seller. I bought my refurbished 2015 12.9 pro model in late 2016 and it's still running beautifully with no issues~

  • Johnbatusijack John Jack: Agent of S.H.A.R.T. (@Johnbatusijack) reported

    @highteacomics Most of the issues are actually pretty easy to find in decent size lots on Ebay now I'm mostly piecing together the rest of the run as I find them out of dollar bins

  • Venironic mc ride gaming (@Venironic) reported

    ayyy ebay has fixed the glitch which stopped me listing my lego mini, gonna put that up tomorrow :p

  • saucyarts natasha (@saucyarts) reported

    @Sam_bitious You had the ***** to start the business in the first place. You can kick yourself in the ass and find something to fix it even if it means selling on ebay. It's still service simllar to amazon. You can do it!

  • yeahthereshewas 18 minutes of flour (@yeahthereshewas) reported

    Me: My cart on colourpop is up to $71, better whittle that down some Also me: buys a hockey jersey on ebay for $70 shipped without blinking

  • ovee84 Ovee (@ovee84) reported

    @eBay_UK @eBay Hi,I am having difficulties to change my eBay email address! It keeps giving me same error message though I tried with different email address. Please sort out the issue. Regards

  • rick2099 Rick Millar (@rick2099) reported

    @GnomeyWoz Ive been down that wormhole of other stuff on eBay

  • djgoldengorilla Jose O. Cuevas Jr. (@djgoldengorilla) reported

    @DanShoeHsu Damn. I recently threw away all my old magazines. Where were you when I sold my whole collection on eBay for 50¢ each (give or take 50+ issues).

  • Thegoldenjew1 Aaron Chotiner (@Thegoldenjew1) reported

    @hasanminhaj @patriotact Ebay has become so big that they basically don’t care & lie to their sellers over many issues. @bbb_us is NO help!

  • trinay70 trinny@_moreofHim (@trinay70) reported

    @eBay terrible customer service refuse to update my phone number or verify account using different method so my account can be verified!

  • B_Foxy83 A F mehh (@B_Foxy83) reported

    @Piquesque_ 1/10 cheapo ebay shit. Will be broken within 6 months....

  • bex_kate Becky Botham-Armstro (@bex_kate) reported

    @lockatron @eBay @AskeBay @eBay_UK I’ve had horrendous problems. And when I’ve spoken to eBay call centre they are useless and just don’t care!

  • jbollier13 Jeff Bollier (@jbollier13) reported

    My first experiences on Heritage Auctions' website are not at all positive. -Keeps telling me I still have to complete my profile -It kept trying to put my ebay ID in as my fax number -In spite of the recognition I have a profile, it won't recognize my login info.

  • Bonkekook Adam (@Bonkekook) reported

    Guy on @eBay sold me an Xbox One S, claims the disc drive is broken but can still be used as a digital gaming device. So I buy it. Shows up, can't stay on more than 10 minutes. Ask for a return. Guy says he marked it "No returns" and "For parts only" so he will generously offer

  • mk4osu Micah (@mk4osu) reported

    @shesforRussy Correction: Over 1,500 people have purchased. I haven’t bought this one yet, because I live an hour from the nearest Lowe’s. I’ve bought others off of EBay, & had no problems with them working.

  • Quackerjill CAROL PATRICK (@Quackerjill) reported

    @AskeBay Many people have been complaining about this Ebay fault. Everything was fine prior to last Friday. I sent a DM to Ebay UK on Facebook, please contact then for up to date info. It is Not this PC. Same problem also on Laptop.

  • StalkingPMS Stalking PMS (@StalkingPMS) reported

    @WatchTheBreaks @BlGNasty @brentandbecca It's PayPal keeping the fees. They're not part of eBay anymore. The sales tax issue is different. It's business income fully offset by a business expense.

  • ZachFit44 Zach (@ZachFit44) reported

    @Ebay fix my account

  • Grakulen Robert (@Grakulen) reported

    @derty10 If that wasn’t broken I’d have put it on eBay.

  • ViciousPrism Matt (@ViciousPrism) reported

    @Lewie_Kong Yeah, unless you've got like a really naff £10 camera from Argos, most of the problems are due to poor lighting. You can get some decent cheap lighting from eBay, like ring lights, etc.

  • teacat_png Rin (@teacat_png) reported

    @notsafeforwonho Try eBay If this is also not working I will buy it for u and send it to u

  • StalkingPMS Stalking PMS (@StalkingPMS) reported

    @ExamineBaseball @brentandbecca @waytoomanycards Yes, but you take it out as a business expense too. There may be a workload issue for having to manually add it up if eBay/PayPal don't do that for you, but you won't owe taxes on it.

  • JSPlumbingandH1 J & S Plumbing and Heating (@JSPlumbingandH1) reported

    @ideal_ian @IdealBoilers Unfortunately it doesn't matter as if they dont buy on ebay, they will just buy it direct from merchants. Problem is that this boiler is only 2 years old, shame to bin a boiler of this age.

  • toolman617 Tim Taylor (@toolman617) reported

    @AskPayPal Wrong issue. It's been a weekend of PayPal and eBay issues! I've asked you to respond to this issue here, as it's policy and not account related.

  • b8eak bill breakwell (@b8eak) reported

    My problem Sue is I buy most of ‘em on eBay but haven’t mastered the art of selling any yet,Jen has mentioned it a few times we do seem to be overrun by them.🙄🙄

  • Commander_Nola Nola Grace (@Commander_Nola) reported

    When a shopping account gets hacked the morning gets stressful. Thank God for the customer service people at @eBay and @PayPal they win at helping solve problems! Stress levels are on the decline.

  • thebengalboy Mehedi Hasan (@thebengalboy) reported

    Ordering from AliExpress or eBay is not a problem, but it begins after placing the order! I track the parcel status multiple times a day just after placing the order! #PoorMe

  • ChristyGustin1 ChristyGustin1 (@ChristyGustin1) reported

    Another thing I want to note: Ebay said I would have to wait 3 biz days to allow for shipping issues and then it would be 48 hours after that. They are NOW telling me that it will be 11/16. That's not 48 hours,even with this being Veteran's Day.

  • NikkiMikellides 🌹❤️💅 Nikki M💅❤️🌹 (@NikkiMikellides) reported

    When you sell a FULLY WORKING laptop on ebay, & the buyer sends it back BROKEN but eBay decide that sellers have no rights and buyers do. So I now have a broken ******* laptop and had to give him a full refund!!! #FUMING @eBay

  • katie_smurfy Katie Murphy (@katie_smurfy) reported

    @Shhlomes Dude I’m trying to win a jersey bid on eBay today right around game time, I’ve got 5 tests in the next 7 school days, and then there is the game tonight. I’ve got my own problems 😂

  • iesbiansombra snap snap lumérico (@iesbiansombra) reported

    @tacticalgrandma i checked it out it all looks like bootleg ebay merch im. on the other dva shirt they used a promo screenshot from uprising 2017 it's all slapped together stuff that already existed and one terrible magic wand tool cutout of sombra's concept art akjsdfkjsdfj

  • DavidColeman33 David Coleman (@DavidColeman33) reported

    @AskeBay Totally fed up with @eBay_UK. Purchased an item on 27/11/2019 which arrived damaged. Seller agreed to refund but didn't. Ebay case raised and was closed in favour of seller in error by ebay agent! Now 11/11/2019 and still no resolution or refund. Very unhappy with eBay.

  • lockatron Andy (Wallie) Wall (@lockatron) reported

    @Imbaacckk @AskeBay @SquirtGG .@unsuckEBAY - more integrity issues with eBay and it's users! #ebayselfdestruct

  • unsuckEBAY unsuckEBAY🆘 (@unsuckEBAY) reported

    There have been many documented cases of eBay #eBaySellern*REFUND* problems (possibly related to the myriad other #eBayPayments) issues... $EBAY #CantPayOnEbay

  • CainAldred Cain Aldred (@CainAldred) reported

    @ARitter767 I don't know. My problem is I get bored real ******* easy as well. You have to really commit to something if you want it work out and make any significant funds. eBay is easy. A good place is to start selling things you don't need anymore then progress from that. As for Poker..

  • unsuckEBAY unsuckEBAY🆘 (@unsuckEBAY) reported

    This is the gist of the @eBay buyer problems related to eBay's latest botched "Item Specifics" catalog update - buyers can't find the items they want to purchase. $EBAY #eBayTech #eBayFail

  • unsuckEBAY unsuckEBAY🆘 (@unsuckEBAY) reported

    Another @eBay buyer #CantPayOnEbay @askeBay then lies to this buyer and says they don't have any current reports of this sort of problem (expand the thread). #eBay's #Payments problems are well documented for months $EBAY #eBayTech #eBayPayments #ManagedPayments #Money2020

  • YOMIKOTO_ACR Arryn, Useless Lesbian™ (@YOMIKOTO_ACR) reported

    I don't think I really have to justify it...but: I know that selling my old shit on eBay is not a solution to any of my money problems. I WANT to make money in a much more consistent way and not be at the mercy of USPS. I just also want to make games and art for a living...

  • GamerAnalog NihilisticFish (@GamerAnalog) reported

    @Muskelsmurf Having a clear out in the house a cpl years back I found NINE, yes NINE Wii consoles!!! That’s the problem with eBay and diazepams...

  • thekitze Kitze (@thekitze) reported

    @CHBernasconiC Thanks 😄 Yeah they're still holding on without a problem, plus they're mountable so when I move I'll just take them off without a problem or damage. I ordered them from a polish website (Allegro) but you can find them on most websites like Amazon, Ebay, AliExpress etc.