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eBay is a multinational online auction website that facilites online consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer sales. eBay is free to use for buyers, but sellers are charged fees for listing items and again when those items are sold.

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September 20: Problems at eBay

eBay is having issues since 05:40 AM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • JCAvila89 Juan Avila (@JCAvila89) reported

    @Howlerchj @eBay @guardiannews Having the same issue trying to sell!

  • theotherstu The Other Stu (@theotherstu) reported

    @Tyw77 @eBay @eBay_UK @AskeBay Yes, I've seen loads of threads (they're appearing very quickly in the "Technical Issues" forum too). But STILL no official word from @AskeBay

  • thecrewsallhere Milwaukee’s Valuable Players (@thecrewsallhere) reported

    @mute_lu @eBay @eBay_UK I’m having the same issue. I thought it was just my end but it looks like it’s eBay as a whole.

  • tabastrad Tabastrad (@tabastrad) reported

    SD009 error uploading photo's is eBay's issue, not yours. Just spoke to them and they said it should be sorted by 6/7pm UK time. #eBay #eBayUK #eBaylife #eBayseller #eBayreseller

  • nettiecakesdc Nettie Farago (@nettiecakesdc) reported

    @beckbrand123 @CaveFinds @eBay I’m down too 🤬

  • martinshw16 Martin (@martinshw16) reported

    @theotherstu @eBay @eBay_UK Same problem here

  • martinshw16 Martin (@martinshw16) reported

    @ChasTrueBlue @CaveFinds @eBay Same problem here in Lancashire

  • beckbrand123 brandon (@beckbrand123) reported

    @CaveFinds @eBay yup. mine is down

  • ChasTrueBlue Charlie Loyal (@ChasTrueBlue) reported

    @CaveFinds @eBay Ain't letting me upload images mid listing/revise listing and I know for a fact a mate down south is having the very same problem #eBayDown

  • guardian449 Guardian449 (@guardian449) reported

    @Borderlands Yea fix the gun cloaning . People are selling them for $15 on ebay

  • OliverKlimek Oliver Klimek (@OliverKlimek) reported

    @Tyw77 @mute_lu @eBay_UK According to a thread on the Ebay community discussion board CS expects the issue to be fixed within 24 hours.

  • NintyPrime Nintendo Prime (@NintyPrime) reported

    equipment. Maybe a block sale of all my amiibo too on ebay or something. None of this is anyone's problem but my own and family have helped as much as they can.

  • FlippingFunk Flipping Funk (@FlippingFunk) reported

    Umm... eBay shipping label buying page is throwing all the red error messages at me right this moment...

  • JonInGriffin JonInGriffin (@JonInGriffin) reported

    @emilysujo @eBay @AskeBay @eBay_UK I am having the same issues

  • bermonkey1096 Dr. B (@bermonkey1096) reported

    @GALLIFRAEAN @MaraKeire Hi Mara, I did my diss on Playboy. Not the same but before I could afford their online subscription, I scoured the internet for people who had archived it. I also bought a lot of issues cheaply thru Ebay

  • CabanonGH Louis Duquet (@CabanonGH) reported

    @dax_exe @Official64Mate @shanebattye there you go, DJ 10001468 (bookoff2014 - Yahoo Auction Japan February 2017 - Loose)(UPDATE: spenmatt - ebay May 2019 - Loose - Read Error = Not Working)

  • Tyw77 Thu Win (@Tyw77) reported

    @theotherstu @eBay @eBay_UK @AskeBay Known issue. I had contacted eBay and they said they're working on it.

  • Tyw77 Thu Win (@Tyw77) reported

    @KyleMansbridge_ @AskeBay Contacted eBay and SD009 is a known issue.

  • Tyw77 Thu Win (@Tyw77) reported

    @OliverKlimek @mute_lu @eBay_UK I contacted eBay and they said it's a known issue.

  • cookmichaelv13 Michael  ͮ ͑ ͮⓋ  ͮ ͑ ͮ (@cookmichaelv13) reported

    @Ramonbitbytes @pohnage @krystalball @AndrewYang @BernieSanders The post office has been operating since 1775, and uses zero tax dollars. It went from letters to email to UPS FedEx Ebay and Amazon and had no problems keeping up.

  • sammi_harri ❤mantha (@sammi_harri) reported

    @eBay_UK @eBay what’s the issue with uploading pics!!! Hurry up and fix it! Baby only naps for a short time! And I’ve got stuff to get rid! 🤣🤣 (not the baby) 🤣

  • Aulty94 Jord Ault (@Aulty94) reported

    eBay can suck my hairy left duck egg. I now no longer have my power amp and im now £20 down, you’d think I’d at least be enititled to the delivery fee before it’s been delivered. Fume.

  • microreverbman . (@microreverbman) reported

    Nope ebay kidz too slow it friday kidz dont you know its go fast half day it has to be done by midday, logistical noobz.

  • FlippingFunk Flipping Funk (@FlippingFunk) reported

    @tabastrad I only have 1 featured item because the other 3 sold (eBay gives you 4 slots). Need to pick new ones out today. Scroll down for the rest of my inventory - and if that doesn’t work, refresh the page, try the eBay app, or use a real computer. How eBay operates is above my pay lvl.

  • cat_beltane Gregory Mammal-Friend 🐀 (@cat_beltane) reported

    @themistyview just occurred to me that there might be toy car versions of our '98 car and i'm now going down an ebay rabbithole

  • walkingthec0w walkingthec0w (@walkingthec0w) reported

    @justonemorego I have Romper Stomoer too, if you like that kinda stuff then avoid a film just called "Skinheads" as it's terrible. This is great, you can buy it right this second for £1.77 on ebay

  • AndrewYee2 Andrew Yee (new account - follow again!) (@AndrewYee2) reported

    Sold 1st Generation Apple Watch to Music Magpie. Got £70 for it - down as “good condition”. It had wear and tear so thought may get less. Almost more straight forward selling to someone like @musicMagpie. On eBay looks like would get £60-80 but no guarantee plus theres eBay fees

  • TheNumeroOcho (@TheNumeroOcho) reported

    The BIGGEST problem is that I ordered a game off eBay on the 9th that’s still in tracking limbo and my birthday is tomorrow.

  • samtaylorme sam (@samtaylorme) reported

    I wonder if I will ever login to my eBay account without having to reset my password

  • dimartindale French girl (@dimartindale) reported

    Thank you to everyone who offered advice on my eBay issue. Am happy to report that my chinese seller has finally caved and offered full refund. £18 is a lot of money to me and anyway I don’t like being bullied.

  • SaniPraise OBIAGU (@SaniPraise) reported

    Guy!!! I still dey doubt am i swear... but the fact say i start dey yarn with Ebay, and him just go off... it sends the message. I dey heart broken 💔 Lord knows.

  • happycabby1 David (@happycabby1) reported

    @KarmaCabbie I asked this last week and the replies came back as get the one with the orange lead from eBay as it seems more reliable. In fact read the (Amazon) reviews on that one as I think one of the last says that it had problems with a TXE.

  • Siegfried45 Ivars (@Siegfried45) reported

    @MWorldII Cant understand,where is the problem,just buy game from any internet store,Ebay,Amazon etc.

  • peterstopcrime Peter Anderson (@peterstopcrime) reported

    @Adrianepdavey @eBay It’s a dodgy advert but it’s an old vehicle. I doubt the parts are stolen but it’s not a legit vehicle dismantler but that’s the problem, we have no way of knowing and eBay don’t check for us.

  • db_smitty Smitty (@db_smitty) reported

    I learned of a new security system. I'll take down the rebel flag(not on ebay) and replace it with a Pakistani flag and Isis flag(is on ebay) then cancel dat because the cia, nsa, fib, and local boys will be watching my place 24/7. I'll even wear a Burks when I go out. I'll say

  • 1bardesign Max Cahill (@1bardesign) reported

    @eigenbom @fasterthanlime Ebay has some buyer protection and links sales to the transfer of money (unless you opt not to) - and besides that, scamming on ebay (+ gumtree) is indeed a bit of an issue. I just wondered if any protections for that are planned (govt enforcement side) or if it's "your problem"

  • alexfkraus Alex 🇯🇵🗾🏯🔙 (@alexfkraus) reported

    @unsuckEBAY honestly, I've had the opposite experience. Been a Paypal member for about 17 years and never had a situation where I felt like they treated me (or my money) unfairly. EBay on the other hand seemed uninterested and impotent anytime I’ve had to escalate an issue with a buyer

  • KoizumiTV KoizumiTV (@KoizumiTV) reported

    @Casual_ObserVR trust me, i've tested if it was the cables, and i narrowed it down to the actual headset itself, so imma send it in and look on ebay for replacements/spare

  • CodyE_IIXXII Cody Ealy (@CodyE_IIXXII) reported

    @DaddyCreekpaum @TolarianCollege Oh its going to sell out in within 5 mins of it being posted for sure, and then 90% of them will be posted on Ebay for $1,000 or more. Or striped down to sell all the foil singles. Maybe they'll screw up again and sell way more than they have and we can watch that play out again.

  • BarbarianCap Barbarian Capital (@BarbarianCap) reported

    General Mills should issue a special dividend: one box of Pumpkin Spice Cheerios for every 10 shares. A true "Limited Edition" cereal. No cash settlement as a part of the deal: shorts have to deliver the cereal so they have to buy it on ebay from a shareholder. So shareholders 1/

  • wtfdoyoucare4 Reed Pennington (@wtfdoyoucare4) reported

    @unsuckEBAY @eBay @devinwenig @AskeBay @360idtag I am too rated, offer free returns for 30 days, have the most detailed listings in the history of ebay, and know their rules better than they do. My issue isn't with @AskeBay. They do what they are allowed to do. The issue is eBay's BS policies and the fact that they done enforce

  • unsuckEBAY unsuckEBAY 🆘 (@unsuckEBAY) reported

    @marui812 Pretty sure there was recently mention of this similar item specifics glitch. The best thing to notify eBay again so they can take a look and hopefully help you out. PING @AskeBay

  • TinCanWin Pippi Moran*da 🐾🐾🚌 🇺🇸 (@TinCanWin) reported

    @kingrandy78 @SenKamalaHarris *an EBay seller. Slow clap, wait. No clap. What a joke.

  • MonotoneEl Fat Tummy T (@MonotoneEl) reported

    wreck it ralph and fix it felix jr at the bar figuring out the name of ebay is top 2 best movie scenes 2018

  • Shadowcatuk Ritsu =^.^= (@Shadowcatuk) reported

    @donumisu More chance of cheap chinese powerbars catching fire Most older powerbars have nice rated cables so unless you're overloading them all the time, there shouldn't be an issue Just remember to buy decent new ones from a good store, no ebay trash

  • rustysteelwool rustysteelwool (@rustysteelwool) reported

    @AskeBay change the color of “Promote It” in the eBay app. Having it the same color as “Make Buyer an offer” is a terrible idea that is slowing every Seller down.

  • NitroGTX Nitro Industries (@NitroGTX) reported

    @TiniestTjdragon @KamuiCosplay @monsterhunter @CapcomUSA_ @Steffi_Peach Google CFB ( Capcom figure builder) creators model monster hunter. They have made them using models directly from the games for awhile now. Problem is most of the time each one sells out during pre orders and then you get scalpers selling them on ebay/amazon

  • Boudleaux Amy Beth (@Boudleaux) reported

    Dear @eBay and @PayPal , please hire someone that can efficiently work with both companies to aid in customer service. I called eBay 6 times today and PayPal 5, all because one would say it's the other company's problem & I'd have to contact them.

  • MzzNino MzNino 💜 (@MzzNino) reported

    @JohnMegacycle Ebay already is a G2A if you browse. I have no problem with it if there is still a safe way to buy games.

  • PinkGecko618 Liz Webb (@PinkGecko618) reported

    @FJohnNathan @ShannonForMA The problem of kids getting Juul could be greatly eliminated if all retail/online sales were outlawed. Just do a search on Ebay for Juul. There are hundreds of listing and they're supposed to be a prohibited item. Kids buy a prepaid credit card they're in.

  • _shredcruz zany micheal (@_shredcruz) reported

    @eelliieejade95 you can borrow mine!! i got mine on ebay for like £1.50 cos i had the EXACT same problem ahahaha

  • jkeprlta alex (@jkeprlta) reported

    @peraltaindustry @99fumero me sjfjkf I tracked down the original Charles and 1/2 one on eBay and bought two of them 😢

  • superkleen Tide Super Kleen 🧼 (@superkleen) reported

    @awhit2313 You can get it for a good price unlocked on eBay. Prices went down ever since the note 10 came out

  • dekdavartist dekdav (@dekdavartist) reported from Fairfield, California

    I’ve got this issue and wondering if I should sell on eBay or not, hmmm

  • jasminetea67 Morph (@jasminetea67) reported

    @BaldPlasticBaby @gerbil_r @AskeBay ebay are not addressing the issue with this car crash of a so called system, which obviously was not tested before being foisted onto sellers, pretty bad at best

  • mistzzzzz Robbie (@mistzzzzz) reported

    Never ever using @eBay again. Had terrible experiences with buyers. The guy who ended up buying my stuff is still complaining after I shipped all of my items at the agreed price PLUS SHIPPING. I can’t offer him a CPU fan and he demands refunds of shipping or he will return items

  • SkywalkerCookie Edward Skywalker 🌴🦡🐾 (@SkywalkerCookie) reported

    @ReveredElder219 I trust Apple. I don’t believe that there would be a security issue at this point in time. Yes, I can update apps. The new iOS update will include the iPhone SE. I would advice you, if you know how, to browse eBay and get you a used iPhone 7 for a decent price.

  • courtography Court (@courtography) reported

    Update from earlier; said douchebag on eBay reported the item he wanted and somehow had it taken down because we didn’t give him the price he wanted. #FunTimes #RelistBlockListAtHigherPrice

  • CarmarthenLad CarmarthenLad (@CarmarthenLad) reported

    @soapachu I hadn't used my eBay account for probably a couple of years, and then I bought one car spare part on it and now I get half a dozen emails a day from them. I'm putting it down to their AI attaining sentience and getting bored...

  • HellyonWhite 🔸Hellyon White🔸@JW Madrid Artist House 63 (@HellyonWhite) reported

    I had been looking for the exact same model so often and it was nowhere to be found and I was always so sad that my old one didn't work anymore! I loved it so much I kept storing it even after broken She found one a while ago on ebay and sent it for my bday I'm 😭