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  • bheanglas Seanín 💫 (@bheanglas) reported

    @VatFrom Yeah, I don’t even bother trying to sell anything on eBay anymore because PayPal is so disadvantageous to sellers. I sold an iPad and they claimed it was broken and I sent proof and they still decided against me 🙈🙈🙈

  • oldschoolrockst Laird Lucas Olson (@oldschoolrockst) reported

    @David_Leavitt @Target That's the display model price and not the boxed product price. The model price is .01 because the need to price it for inventory. If you wanted the broken toothbrush then buy buy it! We all know that you stuffed your shopping cart to sell them on ebay.

  • Ghostbear2k Ghostbear (@Ghostbear2k) reported

    I wonder if they knew that they are actually having a binding legal contract with me. I wanted 250, they offered 200, I accepted. Boom, legal contract. But they probably also know that I can't track them down and Ebay small ads doesn't care.

  • JaneCas65 Jane Cassell (@JaneCas65) reported

    @guyrleech A couple of damp patches just above there Better check there is no leak or you'll be back on eBay looking for a replacement next time it chucks it down!

  • teslasrevenge Les W (@teslasrevenge) reported

    @Vent2theworld The call center is very patronizing and have no problem with lying, but it always goes back to the jerk that got it all started to begin with. So many people are very nice and reasonable, but then there's the spoiler that ruins it for all. #Ebay has lost their way.

  • MikeWeedons MikeWeedonsWorld (@MikeWeedons) reported

    By the way, I am now on my third cassette deck off eBay, in the last couple of weeks. The first (Denon) I got was I compatible (sent back, refunded)!; second (Teac), had a terrible noise (sent back, refunded); third (Denon) seems to be a great bit of vintage 1980s kit.

  • jabbathesutt Nicholas (@jabbathesutt) reported

    @JeremyCorBAEn Used to be my favourite things as a kid at Christmas. Remember getting an ET one back in 83 and ended up tracking down an unspoilt one on Ebay last year. I'm a sad ***

  • mikecarluccifit Mike Carlucci (@mikecarluccifit) reported

    totaling $485 and you can’t really do that all the time with shoes. You can try, but most likely it goes out of stock before you get a pair. If I wanted to, I could go on eBay and buy up 5 more Zion rookies without any issues, that’s why! #garyveechallenge

  • DarryllEaton Darryll (@DarryllEaton) reported

    @itsJuliaHardy I might sell a few Console Coolers on eBay for £10 a go once I’ve been down the pound shop and bought some baking trays.

  • GhostYamasaki 👻Ghost 山崎 Yamasaki 🌴 (@GhostYamasaki) reported

    First shoe sale in a long time on @AskeBay @eBay and I’ve got a scam artist messing with me. Terrible!

  • Player1Rising George R. Martin III (@Player1Rising) reported

    Here the Facts! The Fat Cat has already Won a Jackpot forest. $590 Million My Reader admitted it after I wrote to her... her name was #NUNNIE55 an @eBay Member. Go figure! She talked me down to .99 cents. Still a Struggling artist... so perhaps when enough folks win.

  • MrmRuje Mrm RuJe (@MrmRuje) reported

    I need Amazon/eBay/Walmart- Honest seller.beacuse i have some many reviewer us/uk/de/it/ca.and im able able vote up-down,keyword rangking and keyword listing.If a seller is honest then I will do business long time.

  • TheWildeOnes Dan ☣️ (@TheWildeOnes) reported

    @miyahira_mana @Dehzo @TheeeNuisance @KEEMSTAR Yeah same shit with ebay mate , can't blame everyone else. Pick the shovel up and move forward If your only income is from streaming you have a reliability problem.

  • isofarro isofarro (@isofarro) reported

    @ZXadventurer @hardistymark @zx_spectrum_30 @eBay Ah, no. the ZXAce reader is just something I quickly threw together over a weekend so I could page through a particular issue (hence the hackable URLs). It has left-right keyboard cursor navigation too. Glad you like it, thanks :-)

  • TheCorrieMartin C.M (@TheCorrieMartin) reported

    I bought the two parts off eBay for £9.40 and it's just took me an hour to fix it myself 👏🏼

  • BartRoozendaal Bart Roozendaal (@BartRoozendaal) reported

    @erinstellato I feel you. Mine broke down, had it for a long time (msft wireless natural keyboard). I purchased a Ultimate keyboard after that, but couldn't get used to it. Bought the msft one on eBay and have been using that for a year now without a problem. Go hunt for what you know works!

  • conorjtwomey Conor Twomey (@conorjtwomey) reported from Wroughton, England

    @TallPaulTurner I'd forgotten how good that are to drive, and quicker than the numbers suggest. The timing chain is the big issue with these and so common eBay is awash with kits. Might plum for an OEM chain though. Too risky to go aftermarket.

  • lockatron Andy (Wallie) Wall (@lockatron) reported

    @coachtonymee @AmazonHelp @eBay .@eBay - You would be a fool to join eBay! They are nothing but continuous problems sine they were hacked in September 2019. I have just closed BOTH of my eBay shops as eBay are under performing! AVOID!

  • parabolicmirro Parabolic Mirror (@parabolicmirro) reported

    My s/o has the same problem, we find her art illegally for sale on Amazon and eBay all the time. @aaroncarter You are stealing. There's no excuses for this, take @JoJoesArt art down and any other images you're stealing.

  • PeeplesStacey sassy1smom (@PeeplesStacey) reported

    @shopDisney Very disappointed-- checked at 3:30am, 6am, 7am, and from 8-9am for ANY of the new minnie collection. Saw that others said it was gone already. I hoped you learned from the Mickey 90th issues. Please restock for those of us who will not buy from ebay pirates.

  • Y_Sing Y. Sing (@Y_Sing) reported

    Got a question for fellow #reseller peeps: I’m looking at my sales on both Poshmark and eBay, which are both slow right now. I’m OK with waiting and I’d like to build up some cash in the meantime while those two options work in the background. @TheResellerHub

  • BarrowBoy20 jeffholt81 🌹 (@BarrowBoy20) reported

    @Sifdog88 @classicsoccerjs If you want a fake just go on DHGAte least you know it’s fake these eBay scammers are terrible

  • _Jackalope_ Spoopy Halloween Jackalope (@_Jackalope_) reported

    @SteveHyett I thought it was just eBay being daft but checked a few places. Guess cuz it was the last issue, not many people bought it and now it's hard to get.

  • coachtonymee Tony Mee (@coachtonymee) reported from Doncaster, England

    @AmazonHelp Sorry, I’m right out of patience! You have no way of sorting a problem other than pointing me to a call centre where it can’t be sorted out either! Looks like @eBay will be getting a new customer!

  • SKastelijn Shaun Kastelijn (@SKastelijn) reported

    @Robbie_Letelier @classicsoccerjs Somewhere there was a statement from @eBay @AskeBay @eBayAU that mentioned that the club needs to complain before they will take it down.

  • DaveEllisDev Dave Ellis (@DaveEllisDev) reported

    That disappointing moment when you find an eBay auction selling something you want, at a good price, but the broken English instructions demand a bank transfer to Spain. #scam

  • lockatron Andy (Wallie) Wall (@lockatron) reported

    @ParasRa78863614 @eBay . @AskeBay - Yet MORE problems at eBay!

  • sophable Sophie H (@sophable) reported

    @CalumRKerr I buy toilet roll from @WhoGivesACrapTP I have not bought anything new clothes wise for over a year. eBay is my friend for a second hand shopping fix. I have stopped shopping completely as a leisure activity and am really circumspect about buying anything new.

  • JediLive Jedi (@JediLive) reported

    @FortniteGame fix your game and make it for comp and @finalmouse release the Air58 again or an updated version that’s on your store forever so I don’t have to buy an Air58 off eBay for $200 or the Deathadder v2

  • ParasRa78863614 Paras Rawat (@ParasRa78863614) reported

    @eBay please note that I have purchased grammerly(software ) from your portal (order details attached) and now I am unable to use the service of this software I can't even login, I also tried to get it in touch with the customer service team however no response.

  • JPacCantin Jonny Pac Cantin (@JPacCantin) reported

    @gamesandbourbon Sure! I mean, no publisher I've worked with has ever expressed fear that people will home-brew their own bootleg copies. It's more an issue when rogue companies create counterfeit games and sell on Amazon/eBay that there is a problem.

  • silentsoeur liz (@silentsoeur) reported

    @Carlos_S01 @der_woiwode Nope. I'm having all kinds of issues. And will use the phone I have until I no longer want to, or can. Plus, I don't eBay phones😂

  • garrettrobert garrett of the living dead (@garrettrobert) reported from Burien, Washington

    Really gotta slow down on buying Danzig comics on eBay, you guys.

  • armanakamuslim Нурсултан (@armanakamuslim) reported

    @TMobileHelp Well, that is the issue, phone app tells me that is not eligible, it is not stolen, probably it has outstanding bill. I bought the phone in US on eBay during my trip in US but now I am in Kazakhstan. Please dm me if I need to provide any additional info

  • CyberBird Nicole C. ☾ ✧ (@CyberBird) reported

    @Krys I tried putting some shoes on Marketplace once, literally the WORST place to sell I’ve ever experienced. I had to hound people down who originally asked, only for them to say no after like 3 yes’s. Cross-posted on eBay and sold there instead.

  • matt6berries Matt Sixberry (@matt6berries) reported from Loveland, Colorado

    @eBay has me by the ***** so hard. It’s such a terrible platform but I make so much god damn money on it

  • EOGamers UniversalHead (@EOGamers) reported

    The latest issue of GW's #WhiteDwarf is #450. I just checked, and I have every single issue except 4 of them. Time to get on Ebay!

  • 1mateeen Ra Gorbachev (@1mateeen) reported

    This is when I realized I had a issue with money... I don’t need NO SNEAKERS yet I’m asking myself what kicks can I buy searching even eBay 😭

  • VillaJase JasonW (@VillaJase) reported

    Two hours sleep then wide awake. 3.05 am successes ... Bank balance in credit ✔ Cat asleep / being quiet ✔ Ebay watch list going down ✔ Online coin order done ✔ #Insomnia

  • seulsgarden caitlyn⁷ 🌻 (@seulsgarden) reported

    if i search ebay and throw down an absurd amount of money for a seulgi-signed coca cola bottle mind your own ******* business

  • CoolCamDestroys CamLovesWrestling (@CoolCamDestroys) reported

    @YodaShinoda @PeytonRoyceWWE @eBay People need to calm down. This was obviously a joke and they KNOW they were thinking the same thing

  • JimKleinbrook Jim Kleinbrook (@JimKleinbrook) reported

    7. The first item sold on eBay (back then it was AuctionWeb) was a broken laser pointer for $14.83 in 1995. The man who bought it told founder Pierre Omidyar he collected broken laser pointers.

  • SpottyHyena The CEO of Society (@SpottyHyena) reported

    Issues so far: failing HDD, missing rails, no battery backed cache for the drives. To eBay I go.

  • teslasrevenge Les W (@teslasrevenge) reported

    Unbelievable! I was discussing my problem with and #Ebay worker, normal, not heated conversation, and about 10 minutes into the conversation, DISCONNECTED!!! Thank You #EBAYSUCKS No attempts to call me back.

  • IronballsMcGinT Ironballs McGinty (@IronballsMcGinT) reported

    Dear idiots, if an item is listed on eBay for $799.99 and has a marked down sales price of $699.99, do not make an offer $140.00 below the sale price. Seller will laugh at you and you look like an *******.

  • ThatsWhatlSaeed Saeed (@ThatsWhatlSaeed) reported

    @firman7syah All the players you mentioned are sellable, try to sell me young on ebay and I'd pay you to take the ad down

  • MrRCain2 Mr R Cain (@MrRCain2) reported

    @ElaineYoung94 Thats an utter disgrace. Students pay enough. Why arent the big corporations like Google, Amazon and Ebay not being hit with more taxes in the UK to generate more monies. Where are the economic ideas and strategic strategies to deal with money issues.

  • WysWyg_Protogen 💾WysiWyg Protogen📡 (@WysWyg_Protogen) reported

    @OnionBadgeroo @DatBlueHusky Revision As that are mint don't seem to be too much more expensive than a revision B on Ebay, so there's hope that maybe down the road one will pop up with a terrible top cover or something that will scare people away

  • DualM1nds 🏁ᴛᴀʀᴋᴜs🌈 (@DualM1nds) reported

    i think i'll try to fix the eyes for the baphomet head i made and sell it on ebay for cheap o__o there's too many problems for me to want to wear it again

  • Vanisher369 ~Vanisher~ (@Vanisher369) reported

    @hatefulg4m3r_ @ArloStuff @YachtClubGames M8 I am a huge amiibo fan and some prices are ANNOYING. The production issue is also bad ughh. But Im a sucker for plastic lmao. As far as I remember the most I payed for them is $44 for the oddysey amiibo and it was at BEST BUY not even EBay. But oh well what can I do lol

  • Real_Iraqi_Ldr Saddam Hussein (@Real_Iraqi_Ldr) reported

    @Qasam_Soleimani You got got alot of nerve salami! I been drinking wirgb Kim Jung Ill all day. I'll come down to circle 4 and slap your ***** ass with your own hand! Remember, I bought it off Ebay. My noose is fashionable down here. You gotta admit, that "roasted" shit was funny!

  • Rd_Drgn67 Ryan Ream (@Rd_Drgn67) reported

    @PJHughes45 i've spent a ridiculous amount (based on my bi-weekly paycheck with 2 kids and a mortgage in so. california; please don't tell my wife!) thanks to @PhilsPulls. i've done 2 or 3 breaks with @midwestboxbreak, bought a bunch of pc items on ebay. Phil, it's a real problem. lol!

  • ali Ali 🇺🇸 (@ali) reported

    .@David_Leavitt has broken the Twitter terms of service by posting personal information and harassing people. He's gotta be the most aggressive eBay seller roleplaying a journalist in the world!

  • MalakaiMihavit mihavit malakai (@MalakaiMihavit) reported

    @darrenhester85 @leo_hochman As u shouldn't, but there are some resellers that are honest. If I'm purchasing from the after market I'm using Goat app. So far I haven't had issues with them. eBay to me has a lot of scammers and that hurts the sellers that is honest on there.

  • phxfnd phxfnd (@phxfnd) reported

    @Desertnomad72 @john_vavrecka @LilyResells @TheResellerHub Definitely print it as you will get a label with tracking from EBay. Use normal printer paper, cut it down to size, then tape on package.

  • _asjackson Aaron Jackson (@_asjackson) reported

    @DosFox1 eBay! I got stack of 3 of them for £12 shipped, listed as broken because "they are red but supposed to be green"

  • hrrabejr Bert Bareh (@hrrabejr) reported

    @SpeakerPelosi It will go down in history as the walk of sham and shame. I hope you ordered more pens. Get them on Ebay before the impeachment acquittal when they won't be worth the paper they were used for.

  • RAIKQU Raikou ❺ (@RAIKQU) reported

    Guy on ebay bought a ps2 from me which was labelled as not working & now he wants to be refunded because it doesnt work. Wow.

  • michaelbrunton4 Man like Michael (@michaelbrunton4) reported

    Not a long thread. The trouble is when the guy gets the product he/she will not give us the money and EBay will not pursue him for that which is crazy. Therefore I will be £1118 down and a product worth that amount down.

  • ThomasInLionel Lionel Thomas (@ThomasInLionel) reported

    eBay is the only place where it's giving me this problem for the first time, other places like Amazon have not.