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February 22: Problems at Facebook

Facebook is having issues since 12:20 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • dayoneapp Day One Journal (@dayoneapp) reported

    @HedonicRunner @SchoofsFeed @WorthwhileRandC @facebook @WSJ @samschech When enabling e2e, the standard encrypted data is deleted from the server and re-uploaded completely encrypted.

  • ukheather Heather (@ukheather) reported

    @facebook please fix iOS most recent now working already. Been months! Your bug report just close the tickets each time! Useless support! I don’t want a random order!

  • zvrk31 zvrk31 (@zvrk31) reported

    @SchoofsFeed @facebook @WSJ @samschech Yeah, that's why I removed Facebook app from my phone a year ago. Too many privacy issues, too much data mining without consent - it's a form of digital ****.

  • GlueMou GlueMou (@GlueMou) reported

    @emilpeugot @SchoofsFeed @facebook @WSJ @samschech facebook is BY DEFAULT on Android phones do not sign in

  • LaurenAlder Dame Lauren Alder QCⓋ (@LaurenAlder) reported

    @TheProleStar @georgegalloway @metpoliceuk @facebook A broken window half a mile from Angela Eagle's office was enough to elicit establishment hysteria and calls to criminilize anyone to the left of David Cameron. Yet an attack on a vulnerable dissident has the police and judiciary falling over themselves to look the other way.

  • TheKert Ryan R (@TheKert) reported

    @AmyDeferred @SchoofsFeed @facebook Seems irrelevant in the issue mentioned. They are doing this with other apps they have ties to, not just the Facebook app, and to users who don't even have a Facebook account. It doesn't require the FB app to be installed at all. Agree in general though.

  • hamzaalipk Hamza Ali Chaudhry 🇵🇰 (@hamzaalipk) reported

    First @Twitter banned my account Then @facebook suspended, Community Standards of Facebook and Twitter are like Indian Standards, Facebook has zero tolerance for criticize on India, Pakistan should speak out on this issue. #ProIndianFacebook

  • Lambright2020 🇺🇸POTUS46 Lambright 2020, A BRIGHT future! (@Lambright2020) reported

    @NewYorker @Facebook is a hostile business for consumers. It should be shut down.

  • MadDash11 MadDash🏳️‍🌈🇺🇸 (@MadDash11) reported

    @joncoopertweets @facebook Error 404 Page Not Found.

  • kfran1978 Fozzy ⭐⭐⭐ (@kfran1978) reported

    @SenMarkey @facebook How about you tell your chronies at the CIA and DARPA (aka Facebook) to shut down.

  • jimgop5 jimgop5 (@jimgop5) reported

    @SenMarkey @facebook The real story is people don’t realize when they have a device that connects to a server data is transferred

  • jimgop5 jimgop5 (@jimgop5) reported

    @SenMarkey @facebook The real story is people don’t realize when they have a device that connects to a server data is transferred

  • jimgop5 jimgop5 (@jimgop5) reported

    @SenMarkey @facebook The real story is people don’t realize when they have a device that connects to a server data is transferred

  • KatMB2017 Kate (@KatMB2017) reported

    @justinhendrix This is really terrible. It took this story to finally get me to #DeleteFacebook @facebook

  • skuytercliffe | Keenan Kevin Cameron Kenny | (@skuytercliffe) reported

    .@facebook needs to be sued and shut down!

  • djg5125 Dan Guy (@djg5125) reported

    This is why I NEVER login to any apps or websites using @facebook...

  • ColinTheBlastFM Colin Cruz Strombeck (@ColinTheBlastFM) reported

    @facebook @fbnewsroom FACEBOOK! FIX YOUR EVENTS builder! It NO WORKY! It hasn't been working for a week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • MrNekos MaridGenie (@MrNekos) reported

    @cameroncoaches @facebook @MindControlApp @Spaceship_Jesus @IndiaSNC @CyberSafeIndia @CyberIndia @prettyindie @FBIChicago @FBIWFO @NATOJFCBS @UN Shoot the Freemasonic Astronauts Military Satellite Down With #Thermite #Missiles

  • bikerchickintx So Hip it Hurts (@bikerchickintx) reported

    @SchoofsFeed @facebook @WSJ @samschech I read the article. Disappointed the worst offenders were not listed. WSJ is part of the problem.

  • ColoradoSparky Colorado Sparky (@ColoradoSparky) reported

    @stltoday someone please shut down @facebook it's about time this shit site is closed.

  • DrumpfOnTrump TrumpTheTRump (@DrumpfOnTrump) reported

    @SchoofsFeed @facebook @WSJ @samschech @AppleSupport does this happen on iPhone. If so kudos. If not better fix it

  • orthereaboot luis carruthers (@orthereaboot) reported

    @painfulshort @SchoofsFeed @facebook @WSJ @samschech The apps have deals with Facebook if they have fbook login etc and fbook sweeps all their data whether or not fbook login is used is my read.

  • ssampson0717 ssampson—MuellerTime (@ssampson0717) reported

    @SchoofsFeed @facebook @WSJ @samschech It needs to be shut down. JMO.

  • Widgett Widgett Walls (@Widgett) reported

    Here's a series of terrible haikus you wrote in 5th grade. Here's a complete photo essay of every cat butt you have encountered in the past 6 months. Make a commitment to help flood @Facebook with useless data until they publicly apologize and beg us to leave them alone.

  • arrowoblio Lucia Savchick (@arrowoblio) reported

    I share this story because @Facebook made no attempt to reach out or tell me how they were going to fix this. The hacker/bot will move on to the next profile. I want #Facebook to know that it goes without saying their protections are not adequate.

  • Annoyer_v_Neff Jenntrified (@Annoyer_v_Neff) reported

    @SchoofsFeed @Fahrenthold @facebook @WSJ @samschech It would be amusing if gold ole' HIPAA ultimately brought down FB, or at least gimped its activities. Heart rate wouldn't trigger protections, but I'm not sure FB has the ability screen safer harbors from ePHI triggers.

  • Endtimesgal Jen's resisting until the end (@Endtimesgal) reported

    @SchoofsFeed @facebook @WSJ @samschech What a dystopian shit show we are living in. We need a new deal where this monopoly of Facebook apple and google are broken up. We are just cogs of infobits to them.

  • dcampbell_iptv Duncan Campbell (@dcampbell_iptv) reported

    "I can’t tell you how terrible this would have been for all of us had this not been caught quickly" [Ex174] #Six4ThreeFiles reveal privacy flaw nearly disclosed data fatal for @Facebook “DO NOT REPEAT THIS STORY OFF OF THREAD", an exec mailed "I do not want this story spreading"

  • dcampbell_iptv Duncan Campbell (@dcampbell_iptv) reported

    Revealed in new #Six4ThreeFiles docs plans to steal data from apps and devices, hidden user data swaps, covertly cancels of @Facebook users' privacy choices. schemes to blackmail, co-opt, close down rivals @Facebook is disclosed as a hypocritical and deceptive business cesspit

  • OriginalKeenan bruckmon (@OriginalKeenan) reported

    @rachbarnhart @540wmain The comments on any Rochester’s news’ social media accounts are always filled with hate & racism. @facebook needs to fix it.

  • OriginalKeenan bruckmon (@OriginalKeenan) reported

    They comments on any Rochester’s news’ social media accounts are filled with hate & racism. @facebook needs to fix it.

  • goregirlfx I am now on Vero @goregirlfx (@goregirlfx) reported

    @RurikoYamazaki @facebook blocked my phone number entirely as it's attached to my FB account and my Instagram account. I still can't login to Insta on my phone, just my laptop and tablet.

  • goregirlfx I am now on Vero @goregirlfx (@goregirlfx) reported

    @RurikoYamazaki @facebook for assuming I supported a terrorist group. Then in the middle of trying to appeal it I went to Instagram to let people know what happened and I couldn't login there either. I searched my page and it was gone.. then I got the disabled notice. SO I think Facebook actually

  • sauce089 Sauce08 (@sauce089) reported

    @facebook @blanket1734 Why don’t you guys fix your push notifications it’s been broken for a while I’ve told you guys over and over so fix it

  • goregirlfx I am now on Vero @goregirlfx (@goregirlfx) reported

    @RurikoYamazaki Someone hacked my @facebook account and posts ISIS images all over my profile. My hubs came in and asked me what the hell I was doing and sure enough, I had dozens of false login attempts made through my godaddy email account. So Facebook disabled me

  • lollanna Lola 🇨🇦 🇺🇸 🏳️‍🌈 🌊 (@lollanna) reported

    @SchoofsFeed @facebook Holy shit!! Even if people don't have an FB account! This is ridiculous, enough of this shit with Facebook, they need to go down, something has got to give & limit this type of egregious behavior Somehow it has be addressed & dealt with

  • Stvrboy4 Ryan (@Stvrboy4) reported

    @facebook @Harvard_Law @zittrain FIRST YOU NEED TO FIX YOUR problem in the site than you can MAKE a challenge or whatever you want ...

  • sqlcheesecake Tax the rich. Still #NeverTrump (@sqlcheesecake) reported

    Dear @facebook - fix your shit.

  • SonuKDas32 😍Shubhangian😘Sonu😘 (@SonuKDas32) reported

    @nizam10_adam @_MrPsycho @lizzieleemodel @instagram @facebook @adoringdaya Tried both 1st one is not working from so long n already tried the 2nd one as i told u actually mine was a fan account n they disabled it fr pretending to be someone else i mean this is so stupid, why they think that m impersonating someone while m not evn my acc shws it clearly

  • nizam10_adam Adam Nizam (@nizam10_adam) reported

    @_MrPsycho @lizzieleemodel @instagram @facebook @adoringdaya @SonuKDas32 No problem

  • Iam_Sanju18 Sanju Shetty🇮🇳 (@Iam_Sanju18) reported

    @facebook I've logged out my FB account now I want to login, after inserting my password it is asking login code sent via SMS but I haven't received any code, I've been waiting for a long time. Please help me...

  • pankajV2408 Pankaj Varma (@pankajV2408) reported

    @facebook I am unable to log into my account by entering my registered phone number.......i entered my phone number and I chose I forgot the password so I reset my password but instead of login in into my previous account it created the new account of my name and no. Help me.

  • apefaceoo1 Apeface (@apefaceoo1) reported

    @slpng_giants @facebook I made two very specific purchases at Walgreens the other day for my sinuses and ear pain...later that day I had very specific ads on fb about sinuses and ear issues

  • liamentte Kat ❯❯❯❯ (@liamentte) reported

    I've had this problem for about 5-6 months now and I've contacted @facebook support twice but I just get an automated response. I'm desperate 😭😔

  • aspirant_1 Aspirant.. (@aspirant_1) reported

    @joshuastenhouse @facebook Cross-device association via declarative login and/or probabilistic pairing

  • taudep Todd Prekaski (@taudep) reported

    Deleting 12 years of @facebook history is a slow process, even with a browser plug-in. Would be nice if we could just remove our footprint, without closing accounts.

  • nizam10_adam Adam Nizam (@nizam10_adam) reported

    @adoringdaya @lizzieleemodel @instagram @facebook No problem

  • masakepic Maša Kepic (Marsha) (@masakepic) reported

    @craigen_justin @render_ghost @bethgranter @facebook Yes, I think I went with 4x..may slow it down to 2x as it still skipped a few. It really does. Advertisers and *ahem*...'advertisers'.

  • Johnny_Labour Johnny. B 🌹 #GTTO (@Johnny_Labour) reported

    @georgegalloway @metpoliceuk @facebook That man has serious issues.

  • pinksugacupcake C Walk (@pinksugacupcake) reported

    @facebook I keep reporting a problem through your help center without a resolution or anyone contacting me. #frustrated

  • SouthwoldL10 Dr Fath URS (@SouthwoldL10) reported

    @MrGrimsdale2 @georgegalloway @metpoliceuk @facebook No sir, I wouldn't say that, If I were GG I'd be down there personally telling them to get their "Grand Lodge Wizard," or who ever else they're currently rollin' their trouser leg up for, on my case immediately!

  • BusinessWarning Business Reviews (@BusinessWarning) reported

    @_MrPsycho @facebook Facebook is really messed up, they are doing this to a lot of people and I hope they get sued big soon. They should at least let people download their own images. Facebook got in trouble last with the privacy issues and hope they get into more troubles they deserve it well.

  • snellcj Chris Snell (@snellcj) reported

    @joshuastenhouse @facebook Last weekend we were playing with the advertisers. Driving down the M25, talking about wanting a Jaguar F-Pace, bingo... advert. Later on talking about wanting electric toothbrushes - adverts pop up. Scary (and now disabled)

  • voblat vob (@voblat) reported

    @georgegalloway @metpoliceuk @facebook The constant doorstepping of Corbyn and the riling up[ of hatred, along with this, suggests to me that there are those who are hoping for someone to deal with the 'left problem' for them. Not a coincidence that this happens as soon as you challenge the narrative on mainstream TV

  • R_Wilson_TR Riley Wilson (@R_Wilson_TR) reported

    @facebook fix your ******* phone app, tired of constantly getting the same notifications pushed non-stop. If my phone breaks I'm sending you the ******* bill to fix it

  • Harry_StylesKim Kim. | 🇧🇪 | JIJ WEET NIETS (@Harry_StylesKim) reported

    @facebook DOWN

  • BusinessWarning Business Reviews (@BusinessWarning) reported

    @_MrPsycho @facebook I suggest you try to login to your fb account from a pc web browser, and when you see the message saying ur acct is disabled there is a link under that to contact them, fill out the form, explain you think it was by accident and wait their reply. Hopefully they un-disable it.

  • BusinessWarning Business Reviews (@BusinessWarning) reported

    @_MrPsycho @facebook That’s the problem, we depend on fb, we upload photos on fb and then delete them from our phone thinking there is no need to keep it on the phone since it’s on fb, we take fb for granted, fb can and will disable anyone’s account at anytime without any warning or reason given.

  • thedavidbadgley THEDAVIDBADGLEY (@thedavidbadgley) reported

    @facebook was designed to start problems not fix them....stupid stupid

  • BusinessWarning Business Reviews (@BusinessWarning) reported

    @_MrPsycho @facebook I agree, not knowing what the problem is, is the worst thing ever and this will make you very mad and you have every right. If police stops you, they give you the reason why, that’s the law. But there is no such thing as Law or legal at FB!