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  • Am_r4 Mr. Rathor (@Am_r4) reported

    @facebook I have been a user for over 12 years and have a lot of personal information and photos on my account. The service from the people I have spoken to at facebook so far has been awful and I can’t believe a company so big has such a terrible customer services. 3/3

  • kimmiedonatella Lil Kim (@kimmiedonatella) reported

    @facebook Hey, I received an error stating my instagram acc been disable for impersonating an account. I have always been authentic and have been using my Instagram for years, when I try to fill out a form it says my request can’t be process everytime... @melsadesmaraj was the @

  • raju Raju Narisetti (@raju) reported

    "Splitting up @Facebook will not be enough to solve the problem of surveillance capitalism. Only prohibiting the tracking and microtargeting of individuals will do that." @RanaForoohar

  • AnotherUkGamer1 Mike 🤘 (@AnotherUkGamer1) reported

    @MacikSeba @facebook sort this out of duty being banned across your site is causing so many problems

  • lfh1744 Lfh1744 (@lfh1744) reported

    @DNC @GOP It’s the 21st Century where we are no longer dependent on #MSM to “inform” us. We can independently communicate world wide, until @Twitter @TwitterSupport @Google @facebook decides to censor the #Truth via dubious actions such as “shadow banning” or “computer errors”.

  • Boring_AI Boring AI Now! (@Boring_AI) reported

    @patrick_s_smart @cto_maverick @EmergTechEthics @PKathrani @David_Gunkel @BrianSJ3 @aimeevanrobot @AngusRobson5 @MCoeckelbergh @JohnDanaher @FrankPasquale @langdonw @facebook @elonmusk @arcurn @BrianCVC @robotiguy @AukeHoekstra @TUeindhoven I live in the NL. They do irresponsibly subsidize EVs. Terrible departure from good transport policy. Good policy would be trying to achieve zero personal cars by 2030-40.

  • Boring_AI Boring AI Now! (@Boring_AI) reported

    @patrick_s_smart @cto_maverick @EmergTechEthics @PKathrani @David_Gunkel @BrianSJ3 @aimeevanrobot @AngusRobson5 @MCoeckelbergh @JohnDanaher @FrankPasquale @langdonw @facebook @elonmusk @arcurn @BrianCVC @robotiguy EVs aren't a solution to anything. They are just a way to make rich people feel better about buying a new car. If they really cared about the environment - they would invest in public transport and ditch their car. Cars are a problem - electric, autonomous, or otherwise.

  • Boring_AI Boring AI Now! (@Boring_AI) reported

    @patrick_s_smart @cto_maverick @EmergTechEthics @PKathrani @David_Gunkel @BrianSJ3 @aimeevanrobot @AngusRobson5 @MCoeckelbergh @JohnDanaher @FrankPasquale @langdonw @facebook @elonmusk @arcurn @BrianCVC @robotiguy Define successful. His car company is a failure if he doesn't inject it with billions over and over again. His tunnels are a joke. His space endeavors are just launching more spy satellites into orbit. And... he is a terrible human being.

  • swadkelv K T (@swadkelv) reported

    @carolecadwalla @WhoTargetsMe It’s not the ads that are the problem, it’s the false memes from fake accounts that get shared millions of times. @facebook couldn’t care less about fake accounts and do nothing to take them down.

  • Saurabh_savy saurabh garg (@Saurabh_savy) reported

    @facebook I am not able to login in my account. Please give support for the same.

  • twArtHo Art Ho (@twArtHo) reported

    @richmondie @Codexcaster @RachelRileyRR @facebook Yeah shut down everything. Soon we'll be in your utopia

  • sarmagarimella Sarma Garimella(హిందు) (@sarmagarimella) reported

    @facebook pages not working since last 48 hours and still there is no response from @facebook .. it's time to search and shift to an alternative ..

  • WilliamJohn999 William John (@WilliamJohn999) reported

    @sharad_bhardwaz @facebook @XiaomiIndia Facebook has actually been caught for this “issue”. Disable camera permission for the app.

  • ocbulldog Jenna Beck (@ocbulldog) reported

    A great social media business model knows how to get the most value out of their content producers who are contributing free of charge. A bad business model shadow bans content producers, creates disinterest, slows down their platform. @facebook

  • itslanixoxo Lanikai (@itslanixoxo) reported

    There's a problem with every app and it needs to be fixed or just get deleted cause it's not fun anymore 🚮 @instagram @facebook @Snapchat #instagramdelete #facebookdelete #snapchatdelete

  • RohitSinha_14 Rohit (@RohitSinha_14) reported

    @facebook still waiting for resolution i am unable to login to my account. It's asking for some code but i am not receiving any code on my mobile. It's been 2 months i have been following up i mailed my govt id also through help page

  • dragnetizen The Dragnet News (@dragnetizen) reported

    @trudygonzales @neeratanden @mayatcontreras @facebook It will be in 2020 and has been under daily assault since 2016 (and before then). Same with Twitter. Facebook reported earlier this year that around 120 million active users are frauds. However, independent analysis pegged the figure at around 390 million. Big, ongoing problem.

  • JeremyBouchey 🅱️EAR Talks Ⓜ®©™ѧяԀȗȏȗś 582344 📀 (@JeremyBouchey) reported

    @Activision @nvidia @google @facebook Stop binding machine learning and artificial intelligence at more than a 1 third ratio to all the code you have already. Fix the problems that i had just previously stated. And stop trafficking people based on socioeconomics.

  • PKFCalifornia KHFadum (@PKFCalifornia) reported

    @facebook Due to FB’s support model where a tailored mssg from user is not allowed, suggest FB have someone DM me about issue I reported today regarding someone’s language to a US Congressman. FB replied it doesn’t violate its community standards, FB may want to reconsider.

  • JamesEvSaputra James Evan Saputra (@JamesEvSaputra) reported

    @facebook please help me get in my account, every time I try to login to my account, it always say that it is a spam so the app keeps on stopping me from opening my account. Please help me open my account

  • davidconstable6 david constable (@davidconstable6) reported

    @slpng_giants @Garossino @YouTube @facebook @Twitter 1959 14 yr old boy sentenced to hang for ****** and slaying friend's sister. I followed main media stories on us & our community. I then realized main media is feces friendly; it's rarely disappointed me in that. Makes me wonder at those who find marginal media the problem

  • AmesRhysTaylor Amie (@AmesRhysTaylor) reported

    @co_kema @facebook @oceana Exactly the same happened to me. I’m not taking this lying down.

  • AmesRhysTaylor Amie (@AmesRhysTaylor) reported

    @facebook Never heard so much shit in my life. My account was hacked but because I don’t have the phone number I had 12 years ago, I cannot get my page back. Been trying for weeks. I have 12 years of memories on there. I’m utterly broken and you guys don’t give a fk.

  • truyogi Scott Yogi 🦋❤ 🇺🇸#MAGA🇺🇸❤🦋 (@truyogi) reported

    @AdlSpineBrain @Anita__Stubbs @VerranDeborah @KerriPavlik @drnikkistamp @instagram @facebook @Twitter Didn't see that you were a surgeon and not a Dr. so I take back the drug dealer comment. Surgeons I dont have an issue with unless they are corrupt.

  • peecee65 Paul Conder (@peecee65) reported from Auckland, Auckland

    Can not believe that pro-death campaigners are swamping the Samoan Govt Facebook page during a health crisis that has killed more than 60 people (mostly children) ... Come on @facebook you need to fix this quick

  • lesleyanndunn2 lesley-ann dunn (@lesleyanndunn2) reported

    @facebook still waiting for facebook to contact me. Must be no humans and all computers as responses always the same. My account and business account was hacked and whoever did it posted they were ISIS. So I was shut down and nobody will talk to me 😡. What a shit company.

  • wickedivy Gaby Dorado 🇦🇷 || ~In Brightest Day...~ (@wickedivy) reported

    @WayneParker214 @SamParkerMetal @facebook I prefer to leave my 2FA on, I've suffered hacking attempts before & now I'm extra careful with new login devices and extra notifications to warn me. Since I'm already logged in on Chrome desktop I thought it'd be the same from mobile browser but I guess the extra security worked

  • WayneParker214 Wayne Parker (@WayneParker214) reported

    @wickedivy @SamParkerMetal @facebook Yes, Facebook didn't recognize Chrome mobile so that's why they sent you that email. Ask them to send you another mail, copy the code and paste it onto you login screen. Log in and later, deactivate 2FA (if you want). Everything should go fine.

  • WayneParker214 Wayne Parker (@WayneParker214) reported

    @wickedivy @facebook Seems like you might've activated two-factor login verification. That security measure uses a code linked to your FB account. If not, somebody might've tried to hack it and 2FA activated by itself. You should send them an mail and see what they can do to fix it.

  • Oyston1A Abigail Oyston (@Oyston1A) reported

    @facebook It's appauling that there's no way for users to contact you when there's a problem with their account. Someone hacked my deactivated account, and it's now locked. You've approved the ID I sent and say the account is now unlocked but I still can't log in.

  • Oyston1A Abigail Oyston (@Oyston1A) reported

    @facebook You keep sending what appear to be automated emails with an access code and say it's unlocked but I'm still getting error messages. I want to delete the account permanently. I'd appreciate a real person contacting me to fix this.

  • KunstwerkStudio Kunstwerk Studio (@KunstwerkStudio) reported

    Stopped all the ad campaigns on @instagram and @facebook until you solve this problem #instagram #facebook

  • leighways Brexit must go 💖💛💚❤VoteLabour (@leighways) reported

    There's thousands out there who are not on @Twitter or @Facebook Remain voters need to pass on what they find out on these sites Prove The worst of @BorisJohnson he needs to be brought down a peg or two It seems to be the older voters for give me those who do I am one of you

  • davidschor David Schor (@davidschor) reported

    @facebook seems unable to respond to simple user help requests in any meaningful way. Wondering how a company that doesn't give a thought to customer service can survive so long. Still can't get a single person to help with broken security check. #failbook

  • truyogi Scott Yogi 🦋❤ 🇺🇸#MAGA🇺🇸❤🦋 (@truyogi) reported

    @Anita__Stubbs @VerranDeborah @KerriPavlik @drnikkistamp @instagram @facebook @Twitter Lets get a tyrant in comtrol to shut all these people down and force the injections cause im so scared but its clear you know nothing. Sad. Keep on sheepin

  • Jump5tart Jump5tart (@Jump5tart) reported

    @mehdirhasan @johncusack @theintercept @facebook He doesn’t. Zuck has been outed as just another hate mongering profiteer. He never has nor never will attempt to fix the platform. So much so in fact it’s impossible to believe it’s insidious impact is by accident.

  • snowflaketwiter DisgruntledAtheist (@snowflaketwiter) reported

    @Twitter Than lets talk about how you guys should be shut down as well as @facebook

  • FoldedClothing Folded (@FoldedClothing) reported

    @facebook Please respond - We have been dealing with an issue with out Facebook page and the support we have been offered so far has been awful

  • PhoenixRisesAK Sara Williams (@PhoenixRisesAK) reported

    You know you have #arrived when @Facebook doesn't let you open an account even in a false name with my pic for more than 30 minutes before you are shut down. 8 profiles of mine they've shut down now! All I want is to reach my people and change the World in a positive way.

  • poojari_raghav Raghavendra Poojari (@poojari_raghav) reported

    @facebook why does the video stuck and keep loading even after having a prop wifi. Not only me but many of my friends are facing this problems.

  • glomad92 Glomad (@glomad92) reported

    @mehdirhasan @theintercept @facebook Ofcourse they don’t care, their subscribers don’t care. FB will only care when they start to loose their subscriber base. When the last nail in their coffin will be nailed then they will become caring and sensitive to all issues that matter.

  • RealStirfryguy John Robb (@RealStirfryguy) reported

    @facebook Like seriously folks. This is a media company selling you a device they can control that will watch you at every moment during your time at home. Not a good idea. And that guy doing Kermit's voice is also terrible.

  • VeganTuesdayChi VeganTuesdayChicago (@VeganTuesdayChi) reported

    Dear @facebook : I have not been able to tag my business or other small businesses on Facebook for months. You don't seem to know or be working on a fix and I can't figure out how to contact anyone there, so here I am desperately trying to Tweet for your attention. #TechSupport.

  • prairiemonk1 celt... (@prairiemonk1) reported

    @JonasAfrend @mehdirhasan @theintercept @facebook Facebook (excuse me--FACEBOOK🙄) should be regulated and broken up. #BreakUpBigTech

  • KennyBrianS7 Kenny Stevenson (@KennyBrianS7) reported

    @facebook is terrible man. Can never actually find any comments someone has mentioned me in, frustrating isn't the word!

  • TrumpCountryUSA JB 🇺🇸 (@TrumpCountryUSA) reported

    @JGreenblattADL @Twitter @facebook @YouTube Israel did not take out Kennedy. But to indoctrinate children in private schools and summer camps that their purpose is to "fix" the world is an elitist ideology.

  • CelinaBarajas1 Celina Barajas (@CelinaBarajas1) reported from Chicago, Illinois

    @ruralhippie28 @facebook I'm gonna need to clear an afternoon to scroll all the way down to the 2013 posts, lol. Unless there is a faster way to get to 2013 on FB. If there is, please show me the way! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

  • rfrickde Robin Frick (@rfrickde) reported

    This is why I stopped using @facebook years ago. Introducing new settings or breaking down existing ones and resetting every time to the most annoying possibility. For me it was the countless new notifications they introduced every few weeks. Looks like things didn't change.

  • DHAVAL1707 DHAVAL SUTHAR (@DHAVAL1707) reported

    @facebook hi i DM you... Kindly help in my issue...

  • shihara_rohit rohit shihara (@shihara_rohit) reported

    even changed the IP adress of my phone coz someone told that my phones IP address must me blocked. It’s been a month that I have not been able to access it from my iPhone’s Instagram app. Please let me know if u have any idea how this issue could be resolved. @instagram @facebook

  • mir_homa Homa Mir (@mir_homa) reported

    @facebook excuse me, i have a problem with my Facebook,can you check my DM and help me😉

  • shivakoyyada shiva kumar (@shivakoyyada) reported

    @facebook @facebook , @secondatticus, can you please help on the issue.

  • ChesworthJoe Joe Chesworth (@ChesworthJoe) reported from Bury, England

    @Michael36886206 @facebook @aguysmuter1 No phone number, no email and no answer. Facebook has no customer service. They are quick to block and very slow to answer. Not a single reply to hundreds of tweets.

  • Lilith_Rayne Lilith Rayne (@Lilith_Rayne) reported

    @SarahLeigh4 @facebook to further compound issues, i've been so stressed over it, i forgot that my bank is attached to that profile. So whoever has it, has access to my money via FB pay

  • moyersi8 CalGal (@moyersi8) reported

    @drnikkistamp @instagram @facebook @Twitter Informed consent means parents and their children should have all of the facts when it comes to medical decisions. Parents should be provided with a manufacturer vaccine insert and not a watered down VIS BEFORE consenting to a vaccination. Censorship is un-American!

  • SarahLeigh4 Sarah Leigh (@SarahLeigh4) reported

    @Glossysunn @facebook Terrible isn't it. I feel really let down. All my photos are gone, and important cherished conversations.

  • bzegirl1 bzegirl (@bzegirl1) reported

    @facebook take it down! U know it’s false advertisement

  • StaceyVL Stacey 🦄🌈🎀👸🏻 (@StaceyVL) reported

    @dpicado1 @facebook Im having the same issue with my acct - I think it’s been hacked and I’ve done everything including sending my ID in but haven’t heard from FB - and when I’m told codes are sent to me they are not I have received no codes or anything. Very frustrated

  • RefeUp Refe Tuma (@RefeUp) reported

    I haven't been able to log into @facebook for months because I no longer have access to the phone number they're sending the access close to, and their photo ID method is broken in the app. Pretty lousy. In the other hand, no Facebook has actually been really nice...

  • kairi_hitachiin Kristina Cole (@kairi_hitachiin) reported

    @facebook I see you replying to other people's issues and still no word back on mine.