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June 19: Problems at Facebook

Facebook is having issues since 03:40 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • QContrarian QuantContrarian (@QContrarian) reported

    @profgalloway @CaseyNewton When can we finally take @facebook down a peg. it's nothing more than a hotbed of violence, extremism and sick twist sociopaths begging for popularity. The company does nothing more than profit from sick narcissistic people and abuse of privacy. #socialmedia #Facebook

  • blondiecarioca La Carioca 🇵🇷👸🏖🐾🍦🥂 (@blondiecarioca) reported

    @khajj @verge @facebook I read the article. I just can't believe it. Is horrifying 😰😡 and Yes Facebook should be shut down.

  • DC4Jr Derrick Coleman Jr. (@DC4Jr) reported

    @TomiLahren @facebook Hunt down

  • Klindg Kevin (@Klindg) reported from Los Angeles, California

    @steven55112078 @IlhanMustGo @BernieSanders @facebook Cause that changes facts... followers. You really are that pathetic you tried to call me out on followers as if I care... lmfao, you have issues

  • gfharperartist G F Harper (@gfharperartist) reported

    @BernieSanders @facebook @springsteen @TheClash . I filled out a Facebook whistleblower compliance program report and it only made things’s Cognizant, Accenture, BC Forward...and Facebook is complicit in this malicious two-tier system that enables terrible management to take advantage of workers without repercussion

  • Perseve57180193 Perseverance (@Perseve57180193) reported

    @2020Berner @BernieSanders @tmbsfm @facebook Yeah I wouldn't mind seeing Bernie go down in flames. Lucky for me it's probably going to happen too!

  • Klindg Kevin (@Klindg) reported from Los Angeles, California

    @steven55112078 @IlhanMustGo @BernieSanders @facebook Israel is a problem. The government. And a lot of Jews believe that, including, again, half my family. Israel =/= Jews dumbass. Get a brain and think for yourself...

  • huy72492273 huy (@huy72492273) reported

    @facebook fix my marketplace now

  • huy72492273 huy (@huy72492273) reported

    @facebook fix my marketplace

  • huy72492273 huy (@huy72492273) reported

    @facebook @devesh_bhardwaj Fix my marketplace place wronfully banned

  • DaButler_Did_It CB6 (@DaButler_Did_It) reported

    Spent majority of my evening trying to allow users of my @expo app to login with @Google & @facebook oauth and stored into my @awscloud user pool. Mission accomplished 😎

  • Klindg Kevin (@Klindg) reported from Los Angeles, California

    @steven55112078 @IlhanMustGo @BernieSanders @facebook Case in point to my last comment to you ******. Now post something else you think is witty cause your to slow to muster up anything above a elementary school kids pathetic attempts at taunting. It’s cute :)

  • SweetTweetMan Dave Wildner (@SweetTweetMan) reported

    @TomiLahren @facebook They don't care anymore. Best hope someone else makes another platform and Facebook eventually dies off down the road.

  • IlhanMustGo (@IlhanMustGo) reported

    @Klindg @steven55112078 @BernieSanders @facebook You ASSUME that. But I don't care at all about her religious views. If she worshipped Zeus and all the ancient Greek gods, it would make no difference. I have a problem with her hatred. Full stop.

  • CopoStoper Stoper⚡️ (@CopoStoper) reported

    If your still using @facebook your not allowed to be angry at the next major #data breach. Your the problem.

  • Murphysically Murph (@Murphysically) reported

    @RabbiJill @FrankFigliuzzi1 @ADL @facebook I know there are so many issues around forcing real names on Facebook and twitter. Still wish we could utilize it to name and shame people who traffic in hate. Amazing how posting under your name causes most people to suddenly be better people.


    @ACCDAdvertising @garygoldsmith @artcenteredu @facebook @tumblr Shut up. Not only do I have health issues that prevent me from staying awake, but forcing yourself to keep working without sleep is dangerous. People drop dead from that.

  • Sausageberg Sausageberg (@Sausageberg) reported

    @EvanSpence3 @facebook Had the same issue. Fixed it by deleting and re-installing both the Messenger and Facebook app.

  • chained David Bongo (@chained) reported

    @facebook Dont care about #libra i want you to fix your idiotic bans dished out to people who share content to multiple group's that your spam filters seem to detect incorrectly as spam #Facebook

  • morungos Stuart Watt (@morungos) reported

    Worse than appalling. This is brutal, @facebook: you do not deserve to exist if you back out of your responsibility like this. This is what unions are for, and @Facebook would rise in my opinion if they promoted unionization as part of the solution to these problems.

  • fercm12 Fer (@fercm12) reported

    @LilaGraceRose @Pinterest @Twitter @facebook @YouTube @LiveAction And other Catholic ir Prolife pages are having the same issues

  • CMPStraightEdge CM Lee Bàlor Punk (@CMPStraightEdge) reported

    @facebook im having a problem can you help

  • foreseti ynr_forseti (@foreseti) reported

    @facebook I forgot my password on my old account but it won't let me get a new password ever time I click forgot password it trys to make me put in my password. How does make sense fix ur app.

  • MaidenCanada76 K. (@MaidenCanada76) reported

    @katiecantrelate @jackieaina @YouTube That would cost money and take effort...@facebook and twitter have the same issues

  • kerifurlan Keriann (@kerifurlan) reported

    @facebook can you please fix messenger... with update it’s crashing.

  • profouncass Audrey (@profouncass) reported

    @facebook @AppleSupport @messenger Please fix your shit, I haven’t been able to use Messenger the all day because of your last update. The app keeps crashing.

  • KaoticNotes1 KaoticNotes (@KaoticNotes1) reported

    @metalinjection I was interviewed for this article by Classic Rock. Once I shared the article on my Zep page, @facebook banned me for 3 days & threatened me they would take down my page with over 331,000 members. This is ridiculous. Facebook allows much worse than this album.

  • Hello_Evelina 𝔏𝔞𝔔𝔲𝔢𝔰𝔞𝔡𝔦𝔩𝔩𝔞 (@Hello_Evelina) reported

    Someone got into my Facebook on May 16 & it was taken down. They obtained my login info & also hacked into my Yahoo email, Photobucket, DropBox, Samsung, & Google accounts. They tried to get into my AOL & Snapchat. I have secured those but I'd like my Facebook back. @facebook

  • BeraneMila mila berane (@BeraneMila) reported

    yes youre right ross down with @facebook noone wants their privacy encroached #DELETEFACEBOOK

  • echo68 Lizette Homan (@echo68) reported

    @facebook new update on iPhone messenger won't work. Please fix.

  • ItaiBoublil Itai 🌊 (@ItaiBoublil) reported

    @ZonePhysics .@Twitter @facebook @LinkedIn should really hide the options to Like/RT/share articles, UNLESS you clicked on it. You’ll solve half the problem there.

  • goldencrossufo Yang Jin (@goldencrossufo) reported

    @TomiLahren @facebook I had a lot of problem with facebook like this.

  • robbassjr Rob! (@robbassjr) reported

    @ACCDAdvertising @garygoldsmith @artcenteredu @facebook @tumblr Sleep deprivation kills creativity. It also kills people. Take down this nonsense and start motivating people to maintain a healthy work/life balance.

  • devesh_bhardwaj Devesh Bhardwaj (@devesh_bhardwaj) reported

    @facebook just to let you know I have reported it more than 20-30 times..and I have latest version of the app..I just want someone to fix my profile so that I get my notifications

  • xvgvergecrypto XVG cryptocurrency (@xvgvergecrypto) reported

    @CryptoLain @facebook because they are Satanists And he said to him, “All these I will give you, if you will fall down and worship me.”

  • suzmatth Suzanne Matthiessen (@suzmatth) reported

    @FollowAlisonT @facebook @BSRnews Happy to hear @BSRnews is working on this challenging yet essential issue. I left @facebook just over a year ago when too many violations of the public trust (and therefore mine) occurred. I really don't think they can earn my trust back - especially with the next prez election.

  • getwoke470 maximus (@getwoke470) reported

    @facebook fix your worthless messenger app for iOS. It keeps crashing.

  • thatcassieprice Cassie Price (@thatcassieprice) reported

    @facebook @Lynsey_nufc It’s a system wide issue for iPhone uses they don’t seem to want to recognize or do anything about.

  • OnAirWithRick Big Rick (@OnAirWithRick) reported from Bowling Green, Kentucky

    @Facebook is the WORST social media company out there. They disabled my account, even after I confirmed my identity 5 TIMES. I have now lost my verified Facebook page. 10 years of work, down the drain. 🖕🏻Facebook 🖕🏻. I’m pissed the f%!k off. 😡

  • BradleyMinnis Bradley Minnis (@BradleyMinnis) reported

    @Facebook is the WORST social media company out there. They disabled my account, even after I confirmed my identity 5 TIMES. I have now lost my verified Facebook page. 10 years of work, down the drain. Ugh.

  • LdicassioLorri Lorri DC. (@LdicassioLorri) reported

    Read about the horrors of working at Facebook. It needs to be taken absolute failure all the way around. @facebook

  • FrankFotusky Frank Fotusky (@FrankFotusky) reported

    @LilaGraceRose @Pinterest @Twitter @facebook @YouTube @LiveAction I had no problem searching, finding, and exploring what Live Action stands for and promotes at any of the outlets mentioned above.

  • hoivvv hoiv (@hoivvv) reported

    @facebook fix your ******* dogshit ass website for the love of god.

  • EmHarriss Em Harriss (@EmHarriss) reported

    @facebook Why is it SO unbelievably hard to report a general problem directly through a form, instead of going through all the troubleshooting that does not help me. LORD.

  • Mak42Wacky WackyMak42 (@Mak42Wacky) reported

    @tiffanyxjiang @facebook I think the fact you can even post those videos and have the police not care or do anything is an even bigger issue tbh. Bc without the people in the videos facing consequences more are going to be posted. Just as an aside to the issues of employment abuse.

  • peacedovelives @peacedove (@peacedovelives) reported

    @jvplive @facebook incredible that you can't shut down actual hate pages, but will suspend a Jew for being the 'wrong' kind of Jew. #Facebook #Antisemitism

  • Ocampo3130 Patricia (@Ocampo3130) reported

    @zadidoll @facebook @messenger No, both of mine works fine. I had the same issue with Instagram months ago, all I need it to do was update the app and it worked fine after that.

  • deedeeindetroit deedeemc (@deedeeindetroit) reported

    @SonnySaneus @Twitter @facebook 1) Get screenshots of threats. Repost if you want or there are folks who might be able to track these haters names down if you want.

  • TRextasyBand T.Rextasy Marc Bolan (@TRextasyBand) reported

    @instagram and @facebook banning PETA footage. That is so sad and wrong when they allow, and hardly monitor, terrible footage of human sufferage and ‘dark abuse’. People need to see exactly how animals are treated. Any that don’t can easily swipe by. #instagram #facebook #peta

  • owenjmichael owen michael (@owenjmichael) reported

    @cory_taylor_la @TomiLahren @facebook @SuzsterinLA It’s because she’s a terrible human being

  • jls12870 jls12870 (@jls12870) reported

    @K11Tech @tonyposnanski @TomiLahren @facebook Spewing hate is hate. Not sure how u don’t c that, but that’s ur problem, not mine. Be best!

  • kara_dreamer kara_dreamer (@kara_dreamer) reported

    @facebook @Twitter @jack and that's the thing: they shouldn't have. neither @Facebook nor @Twitter should even exist once they knew they'd hit a problem that they weren't EVER going to solve, they should have dissolved no corporation is _owed_ continued existence. no business model is _owed_ success

  • hoivvv hoiv (@hoivvv) reported


  • astephe12 Amanda Emily (@astephe12) reported

    Yes, because this is will solve all the world’s problems... Hey, @facebook instead of wasting millions on this, try to solve our #environment problems or #humanitarian issues.

  • kara_dreamer kara_dreamer (@kara_dreamer) reported

    @facebook Facebook (nor @Twitter and its vile figurehead @jack, of course), needless to say, took neither of these courses. they didn't scale down their ambitions; failing that, they didn't drastically revise their oversight and governance of the community Facebook just..._kept going_.

  • chelseafc200 Harvey-Thomas John Keegan (@chelseafc200) reported

    @facebook is your messenger app down as I can not access it at all today

  • BradGGallant Brad Gallant (@BradGGallant) reported

    Let's be clear, with the massive security problems surrounding personal information on @Facebook, a #CleptoCurrency would be a better title. @Bloomberg @CNN

  • joshuajcarter_ Josh Carter ® (@joshuajcarter_) reported

    @WalidAzami @facebook I get why they're trying to do it. Bankless people need better access to digital currency. It's a huge need, but I can think of so many other resources that are better qualified to solve this problem. It's certainly not a company with so many ethical questions.

  • johnrockson bladerunnerx (@johnrockson) reported

    @coindesk @facebook @CanaccorGenuity @nikhileshde This is good. Facebook has the money to break down walls. Then bitcoin will dominate.

  • Sailorscout58 Kim Baum (@Sailorscout58) reported

    @jhollymc @TheTNHoller @facebook Facebook needs to fix this!!