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October 23: Problems at Facebook

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  • Rob__Milliken Rob Milliken (@Rob__Milliken) reported

    @for_newman @ErickFernandez @AOC @facebook Fix: STOP USING FACEBOOK. I dropped it four years ago. Certainly wouldn't invest in it (they're mobile apps continue to be bloated anyway). They aren't up front (obviously) with your data and its just better for everyone to walk away. Plenty more reasonable platforms.

  • jwestropeDMA Jason Westrope (@jwestropeDMA) reported from Chicago, Illinois

    So, @facebook won’t take down lies.

  • Robert_W_GA Robert Witcher (@Robert_W_GA) reported

    @facebook Your CEO should simply have said that he would certainly take down every ad posted by @AOC!

  • dkey1983 Corn cob (@dkey1983) reported

    @for_newman @ErickFernandez @AOC @facebook He probably cares a great deal. The crux is that he’s a billionaire and he thinks he can solve the very existential problem that he naively created.

  • ardenhenderson Arden Henderson (@ardenhenderson) reported

    @facebook Looks like I won't be logging back in. Two-step verification worked for months and months then suddenly no verification code text would arrive on my phone. Sending a selfie with the magical code provided on the FB fix page didn't work.

  • GabeTHEGeek Gabriel Pendleton (@GabeTHEGeek) reported

    @TonyTh3King @vanitaguptaCR @AOC @facebook Facebook def deserves blame and some responsibility. My problem is that we are holding Mark and Co to an unreasonable standard of morals when the system itself is broken. To me, this is fixing one symptom instead of the problem of both parties exploiting Americans.

  • jlaw51 jack law (@jlaw51) reported

    I hope I live to see the day when Facebook is broken into small pieces and cast to the winds. @facebook #facebookshouldbebrokenup

  • LoriBlaney Proud Deplorable (@LoriBlaney) reported

    . @AOC wants Ads criticizing her taken down from @Facebook. That's what her line of questioning is about. 🤪

  • joegourmet_ Frederick (@joegourmet_) reported

    People said it was a slippery slope now the far left wants to decide who can be seen as credible, anyone who disagrees with them must be shut down @facebook stand your ground

  • SloaneTodd Todd Sloane (@SloaneTodd) reported

    SHUT DOWN @facebook !!!!!

  • JRooney213 Jeff Rooney (@JRooney213) reported

    @bubbaprog @facebook should be shut down by the government. Enough of this dude.

  • sports4music Logan Vincent (@sports4music) reported

    @SRuhle I would give anything to see this snug traitor rot in jail. Shut @facebook down

  • CoachesHotSeat Coaches Hot Seat (@CoachesHotSeat) reported

    This is Power of @facebook caused our ad agency to quit doing biz with these Bastards and that is > They can target American down to individual person because they have an Enormous Ass File on all your asses that knows EVERYTHING you believe and do..even if Totally Private #Stasi

  • brettaronow Brett Aronow (@brettaronow) reported

    @PiesRedsFan @civilrightsorg @RepCasten @facebook He’s in over his head. Not likely that most people would be as there are much too many and too crucial issues that they face. I think best idea is to regulate and/or break up.

  • MishiChoudhary Mishi Choudhary (@MishiChoudhary) reported

    India continues the downward trend about censoring globally and extending its horrible defamation laws forcing platforms like @YouTube @Google @facebook @Twitter to take down content globally by reading technically and failing to understand technology.

  • brettaronow Brett Aronow (@brettaronow) reported

    One of many crucial problems with @facebook and advertising platform.

  • TheRealNumber6 John Drake (@TheRealNumber6) reported

    @crypto_popsicle @PatrickMcHenry @SquawkCNBC @facebook @libra The congressman tries to suggest Facebook's project isn't a cryptocurrency by describing attributes it has in common with cryptocurrencies (and glossing over issues, like their use in criminal activity). 1/

  • chefjorgec312 chefjorge (@chefjorgec312) reported

    ******* liar. "I became aware of it (whatever the scandal is) when it became public" is standard issue @GOP response to any sort of questioning where the timeline is a critical factor in potential liability. @facebook #DeleteFacebook

  • peoplecallmeJAZ JamesAnthonyZoccoli (@peoplecallmeJAZ) reported

    @ErickEsteban @facebook Dude. My solo show just got blocked, too. After ten years of web presence on that platform without issue. Weirdness.

  • Schoemer Mike Schoemer (@Schoemer) reported

    @Phxflyer @facebook And shut down, too!

  • AestheticsIris Iris Aesthetics (@AestheticsIris) reported from Prescot, England

    @facebook I’ve been trying to change my page name for months, reported the issue 4x and no reply. Help me!!! You’re damaging my business!! #facebookpage

  • nancyrubin nancyrubin (@nancyrubin) reported

    So while @facebook new there was a problem with @SpeakerPelosi video, was involved in the decision to keep it up but sees no problem with the role @facebook plays in disinformation #librahearing

  • fluffymittensox Crypto Fox (@fluffymittensox) reported

    @saifedean @facebook Looks like it has been deleted as the ink@is broken

  • indivisible_usa NotInvisibleUSA🌊 (@indivisible_usa) reported

    .@facebook needs to be shut down.

  • Veronic80778928 Veronica (@Veronic80778928) reported

    @vanitaguptaCR @DaniellaluvsCC @RashidaTlaib @facebook Facebook needs to be shut down.

  • indivisible_usa NotInvisibleUSA🌊 (@indivisible_usa) reported

    A thing of beauty! This is how we must address these issues. No more pandering. No more *****-footing around. We aren't human scum. And @facebook needs to know that.

  • TyHyCHI WE are the CHANGE🌊🌊👉🏽🍑 (@TyHyCHI) reported

    @civilrightsorg @RepCasten @facebook WE THE PEOPLE 🗽 Are the ONES Who Can SHUT FACBOOK DOWN.. Just #DeleteFACEBOOK If you haven’t by now.. Guess Who’s SIDE YOU ARE ON

  • COScienceWriter Hank Lacey (@COScienceWriter) reported

    Yet more evidence, as if it's needed, that @Facebook is a horrific influence on our society and a company that should and must be broken up.

  • Brianrrs37 RationalPoet (@Brianrrs37) reported

    @finkd While "E=Mc2" lead to a better understanding of the universe, it also unfortunately lead to the creation of nukes. Saying "try new things" isn't the issue. Being sure what you do won't be abused is just as important. @facebook @TwitterSupport @Twitter

  • LucienGreaves Lucien Greaves (@LucienGreaves) reported

    @LegitLei I think @facebook could do the bare minimum to filter the floods of Illuminati spam that's dumped on their platform and has been reported as spam for years, but then they've always argued that they're too big to manage themselves, and that it's everybody else's problem.

  • IamPramodCB Pramod Chandrababu (@IamPramodCB) reported

    @facebook 2) Can't send a post specifically to a friend, earlier that option was working fine. 3) Doesn't show "Only me" option for Photos and Albums 4) The UI sucks Every new update is getting worser and worser. Please fix these issues when releasing new updates.

  • slpng_giants Sleeping Giants (@slpng_giants) reported

    Shoutout to @katieporteroc, who clearly understands the dangers of @Facebook and has done the research. Moderation is not working on this platform for the users and for the moderators. If you can’t scale moderation, then don’t scale the platform.

  • CDCRichmond Charlene Richmond (@CDCRichmond) reported

    @Dreno_138 @facebook I hear ya! I received an e-mail saying my account had been hidden as someone may have tried to access it. Fair enough, good security. I then go through all security steps multiple times, error message, feature is not available right now, try later, no way to reach them!!

  • ChristinaAMN ChristinaAMN (@ChristinaAMN) reported

    Wow. I found out how @Instagram & @facebook make additional money. NOT letting me end a promotion on one of my photos. I just keep getting an error message while they keep charging me.

  • reynoldscameron Reynolds Cameron (@reynoldscameron) reported

    @chesaboudin @SFDAOffice @facebook @CariTuna Weird. Seems the Google search for @kaitlyntrigger Future Justice Fund prominently featured results including @GoodVentures @CariTuna @moskov and I went down the wrong rabbit hole. Sorry for the confusion!

  • Mikel27a Mikel Martinez - Project & Marketing Manager (@Mikel27a) reported

    @instagram @facebook one of my friend's account is #hacked and people are being #scammed but your #help is terrible. No one can assist. You are paying too much attention to #ads and @Libra_ or @Suckeberg in COngress but not users. SHAME!

  • thisbounty_com (@thisbounty_com) reported

    @FSCDems @facebook So you want a #ULW. That will be the worst for most people. Poverty today really comes down to bad habits, serious bad habits. Just don't loose. Best way to make money.

  • caesars420 420The Phenomenal Saint (@caesars420) reported

    @facebook should forget libra and buy Square. Eliminate government issues for Libra and deal with the present government issues. The government is not going to leave Facebook alone for a long time. $fb $sq another big fine is coming. Facebook should buy @Twitter

  • STLDanni Danni Eickenhorst (@STLDanni) reported

    The way @facebook handles housing ad targeting is INSANE. I get the intent... but they've locked down nearly every targeting option. Would love to hear an episode of @SMExaminer on how to reach prospects w/limited options. (Limited location targeting, no age targeting) #smmw20

  • _karangelika Karaboo ➡️ ➡️ Earp-A-Palooza (@_karangelika) reported

    @facebook I updated my password and changed the security level in which to access my account... When I'm prompted to enter the text verification code, I haven't gotten one. When I tested this at time of set up, it came through immediately. Now, nothing, and I can't login.

  • daniels_bmw_ Daniels BMW (@daniels_bmw_) reported

    In need of help! We have a business Facebook page, we do not have anyone's personal profile linked to the account and therefore are having issues! I believe the account was created incorrectly when it was first made and that is the problem. Can you PLEASE help us @facebook

  • HarpoCanTalk Harpo Can Talk 🕷️ (@HarpoCanTalk) reported

    @BernieSanders #shutFacebookDown before @facebook shuts down Democracy #Bernie2020

  • TheDavey92 XRP Dave ⚡🎋 (@TheDavey92) reported

    My whole understanding of this congress meeting woth @facebook. Everytime there was a issue raised AI was mentioned. AI is used for computers learning. We cannot afford to take risks with Money. @ripple and #xrp is the correct approach.

  • authorgal Carol S. Boshears (@authorgal) reported

    @facebook @Khangat_Harsh This page is so mixed up that I have no idea how to fix what FB apparently did. Almost all the wrong books are on the wrong book page. I am not happy. Here is the page. Carol S. Boshears author as Anja Romanoff-"Glass House and Girdles" Please fix as was. Thank you. Carol

  • ILA70032771 ILA (@ILA70032771) reported

    @GoodTexture @digitalassetbuy @CNBC @PatrickMcHenry @facebook @Libra_ In the mean time real crypto is working to fix small problems.....

  • elilieb Eli Lieb (@elilieb) reported

    @PaulStrubell @Twitter @facebook We live in the upside down now 🙃

  • ShrutiKushwah Shruti Kushwah (@ShrutiKushwah) reported from Queens, New York

    @ronakpanchalrr @LinkedIn @messenger @facebook @Tinder And above all a grammar OCD cannot see such spell errors. That is more annoying lol 😂

  • chris122380 Christopher Anthony (@chris122380) reported

    @facebook I can't get into my account. I'm not receiving a code by email or text message and I have reset my phone so I can't get the code through the Facebook app. I tried the link for sending in a photo with my code but then I get a message from Facebook that the link is broken

  • philip_arthur Philip Arthur Moore (@philip_arthur) reported

    FFS. Zuck has no clue which firm handles civil rights issues for his company. Good lord. @facebook, you can do better than that.

  • emmasofia3 EmmaSofia (@emmasofia3) reported

    We need to shut down @facebook entirely - they are a danger to democracy and freedom around the world.

  • ToniaKWheeler1 Tonia Wheeler (@ToniaKWheeler1) reported


  • doodlebug0 .... (@doodlebug0) reported

    @RepMaxineWaters @Bennyvessey @FSCDems @Facebook must be shut down or at least split up.

  • CarolFosse1 Carol-Anne Canuck (@CarolFosse1) reported

    @girlsreallyrule Shut @facebook down.

  • brimcmike (((BrianMcMichael))) (@brimcmike) reported

    @RVAwonk This one's easy, @facebook error on the side of removing any anomalous video content. The risks of disseminating deep fakes far outweigh the risks of removing poorly-produced content.

  • iam_ksv Keshav Bhardwaj (@iam_ksv) reported

    @facebook Hi, unable to login to my fb account. Because i changed my device and now while login to my fb account it shows enter login code from authentication app. But the problem is I've lost all codes in authentication app because of new device. Help me and allow me to login.

  • onecurrency_XRP 🌍 o͎n͎e͎-͎w͎o͎r͎l͎d͎-͎c͎u͎r͎r͎e͎n͎c͎y͎🌐𝐗𝐑𝐏♛💫 (@onecurrency_XRP) reported

    @guy369 @facebook Your wallet won’t have much freedom if Facebook is in control of it, hence my initial post, Facebook shuts down people’s accounts and they would do the same to people’s wallets whenever they pleased. XRP is the way forward not Libra not banks!

  • GoodTexture GT (@GoodTexture) reported

    @ILA70032771 @digitalassetbuy @CNBC @PatrickMcHenry @facebook @Libra_ Imagine $JPM hanging all of their banking transactions in the front window, publicly for everyone to see. They would be shut down in minutes. Ripple has been doing this from the beginning. Only the tech illiterates are missing this fatal flaw

  • M_Gauche James King (@M_Gauche) reported

    @facebook The problem with that is that it guarantees the very outcome it seeks to prevent. No system lasts forever and, in the absence of a plausible alternative, Capitalism's inevitable collapse will indeed be catastrophic.

  • stuffedpizza Marshall Ingleston (@stuffedpizza) reported

    @caitylotz @facebook They tried to by Twitter and snapchat. Thank goodness they turned down the offer

  • fruitvalelocal Fruitvale Local (@fruitvalelocal) reported

    @ColorOfChange @facebook @rashadrobinson This is why I'm not on Facebook. This mess could be shut down if people acted on principle & not inconvenience.