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Fallout 76 is an online multiplayer action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the ninth game in the Fallout series and serves as a narrative prequel to the series.

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  • MrBartzabel ⛥Ben 𝕭𝖆𝖗𝖙𝖟𝖆𝖇𝖊𝖑 Selwood⛧ (@MrBartzabel) reported

    @GreggCruciani @SaxetHound @Fallout Oh I blame the lag entirely 🤣 sometimes 30 seconds has gone before it's even registered my hammering on the interact button. Only on public servers mind you, I just dont have enough for a full team on a private server usually

  • GreggCruciani Gregg Cruciani (jasper4420) (@GreggCruciani) reported from Islip Terrace, New York

    @MrBartzabel @SaxetHound @Fallout Same here. I get a little into it and and shit just goes wrong. I cant even always blame it on the lag. Its usually just me w the qrong gear or not knowing my way around the vault. Im working on that gear thing tho. Lol

  • MrBartzabel ⛥Ben 𝕭𝖆𝖗𝖙𝖟𝖆𝖇𝖊𝖑 Selwood⛧ (@MrBartzabel) reported

    @SaxetHound @Fallout Nicely done man! 👍🏾👍🏾 I still cant even get close on expert, the damned lag on interactions kills the time on public servers for me.

  • AlexSayyin sayyin_alex (@AlexSayyin) reported

    @Fallout can y’all please fix fallout 4 for ps4 it hasn’t worked it like 2 years the game doesn’t even open just errors and force closes

  • AlexSayyin sayyin_alex (@AlexSayyin) reported

    @Fallout @SleepisforT Don’t want to be that guy but can y’all please fix the errors and crashes on fallout 4 it’s been 2 years. I can’t even open the game on ps4

  • jdogzilla100 Jdogzilla100 The God (@jdogzilla100) reported

    @Fallout @SleepisforT I can't even play 76 since I just reinstalled it it won't load me in itll just crash and not work

  • browley20 Brett Rowley (@browley20) reported

    @XboxSupport Every time I open @Fallout , I am prompted to buy Live Gold or Game Pass. When I choose "No thanks", the prompt opens after 2-3 seconds. Restarting, power-cycling, signing out/in have done nothing. Issue has persisted for several hours.

  • HylianXbox Patrick Russell (Hylian Xbox) (@HylianXbox) reported

    I will make a video going more into this but I have been playing @Fallout 76 and I think it's Not that bad I am having fun with it even with it's issue's.

  • Dahvood1 Dahvood (@Dahvood1) reported

    @DyingLightGame Thank you @Fallout 76 for being so broken and a terrible game, that every company is purposely trying to avoid doing what you all did.

  • Captain_Razer Rustam 🙋‍♂️ (@Captain_Razer) reported

    It makes me happy to see one positive we got from #games like #Fallout76 & #Anthem and that is that many developers of the #videogaming delaying their #game to make it to their standard than rushing it and releasing a broken game with making them burn out. I am Happy for it 👏

  • DoughyGuy DoughyGuy (@DoughyGuy) reported

    So I've been playing #Fallout76 for a few weeks now. By far the main issue has been quest tracking being all over the place. And now, I'm 'pleased' to report my first major bug: The 'Fire Eater' quest broke... So I will never be a full-fledged Responder... *sigh*.

  • Captain_Razer Rustam 🙋‍♂️ (@Captain_Razer) reported

    It makes me happy to see one positive we got from #games like #Fallout76 & #Anthem and that is that many developers of the #videogaming world delaying their #game to make it to their standard than rushing it and releasing a broken game with making them burn out I am happy for it

  • Violet98414841 Violet (@Violet98414841) reported

    @Fallout Fast travel issue since update. Please fix.

  • hurriedpaper89 Seth (@hurriedpaper89) reported

    @SleepisforT @Fallout @BethesdaSupport @Fallout I have been banned for something I didn’t do. I logged on one day and received the error code 4:8:2000. I checked my email and said that I was suspended and I replied to the email 3 times and never got a reply.

  • Darkreaper7861 James Mullins (@Darkreaper7861) reported

    @Fallout But did you fix the 64hz bug

  • Tasty_Violence tastyviolence (@Tasty_Violence) reported

    @trix_r_fer_kids @BethesdaSupport @Fallout ****. Should of not paid out the ass for a broken empty game

  • StaysHigh30 joe ritenour. (@StaysHigh30) reported

    Ok @bethesda i completely removed @fallout 4 from my ps4 pro and reinstalled it and without using mods or any of the creation club content i own loaded up a save and then tried to save unsuccessfully because you refuse to fix the 0Kb bug. If i cant save then there's no use in

  • MassuhNinja David (@MassuhNinja) reported

    @Fallout All my pictures I took on fallout 76 got deleted. That’s a years worth of memories with my brother gone. Please fix this it might not seem that important but it was truly sad to see them gone.

  • gersart Gerry Straathof (@gersart) reported

    I had to give up on using @Fallout on an @XboxSupport today because @Shawhelp is wonky as all get out. Speeds go from 185Mbps to 12. Xbox says it looks like errors on their end. Fallout is disconnecting. It means I have to talk to people... with my MOUTH. So very tiring....!

  • r8myers1 Robert Myers (@r8myers1) reported

    @Fallout for the love of God please remove the ******* problems with removing stuff from your camp without it being unaccessible don't worry about it being unaccessible I will figure it out

  • trix_r_fer_kids Trix r fer Kids (@trix_r_fer_kids) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @Fallout I have tried countless times to sign in and play fallout 76 but it will crash while signing in. I am a fallout 1st member and livid.

  • IMMentat K (@IMMentat) reported

    @ArchonOf far from controvercial without the mods all bethesda have is skills on par with the result that is fallout76 and not even modders can fix the base probems witht he terribly mis-handles engine, databases (multiple assets linking to the same base-file) and the god awful physics

  • jwilliamstarr jwilliamstarr (@jwilliamstarr) reported

    “I just need to level up, then I’m done. And fix my gear. And I might need to buy the wagon from the Atom shop. And take some pics. But then I’m done.” 8 hours later...#Fallout76

  • thisguyEdwin Edwin (@thisguyEdwin) reported

    @RealClownfishTV It sounds like the gaming industry. @Fallout 76 is the prime example of pushing out a product at day 1 with all kinds of issues just to get money up front at full price to only be fixed later over time. They just want money in the books to show investors success.

  • Jstarkey989 James E Starkey (@Jstarkey989) reported

    Dbz kakarot ultimate edition is way more worth the 95 or so dollars I spent , then getting the @BethesdaStudios fallout76 specail edition that's broken still. Only cuming with special power armor skins and then still asking me to get fallout first for my own server.

  • EricConfer Eric Confer (@EricConfer) reported

    @Fallout fix your damn servers. No players should get booted as much as they do let alone your First players. There is nothing worse then getting booted after using all your supplies to beat something then getting booted and losing everything. That shit is trash.

  • Marcog743 Marco A Gonzalez (@Marcog743) reported

    @Coolfire1011 @BethesdaStudios @Fallout give me back my 60$ i dropped on this unplayable garbage you like so much that still doesnt work and asks money for longing into the main menu to play (sarcasm) Thats why the hate. When does it stop fallout 76 is gonna be made into an example on this war against live service

  • ValpoKatie 👻 🎉 ValpoKatie 🎉 👻(ROJ) 🇨🇦 (@ValpoKatie) reported

    @UniqueHorizon17 @Fallout @BethesdaStudios I have a problem 😂

  • Jcoclan Jco_JD (@Jcoclan) reported

    @BLYATDUDE @UndeadHunterWP @wasteland_dude @Fallout Lets se. 1,Most doctumented bugs in any video game in history,2. p2w anf subscriptions on a broken unfinshed game, 3 A unfinished game at launch, Now i got nothing against the players who play to have fun and shit But If you legitimately think game is top tier your mnetal 1/2

  • UndeadHunterWP Undead-Hunter (@UndeadHunterWP) reported

    @wasteland_dude @Fallout No problem 😉

  • UnkDimp unkdimp (@UnkDimp) reported

    @SitDownAndPlayy @BethesdaStudios @Fallout These are the issues that matter!!!

  • Tauchaos Chris green (@Tauchaos) reported

    @Herb_N_Legend @BethesdaStudios @Fallout I’d give it about 6 months after wastlanders before you go back it did take them a year to get it playable as is, 5 months after the scouts missions to get then working properly so I doubt this will work properly when it’s released most of the quests will be broken

  • the_freakzone TheFreakZone (@the_freakzone) reported

    @mikeksba @Dawnsbreaker @datnofact @Fallout Yes the problem is 2 things. Breaking promises and the game not being a full game. Much like anthem it was overhyped and EXTREMELY empty when it first released lucky it was saved and turned into something great unlike anthem which is dogshit and 76 that shouldbt even exist lol

  • CodeCrazed CodeCrazed (@CodeCrazed) reported

    @ZeroFoxFK @NoStepOnChuck @Fallout Till they give up and shut the servers down probably

  • BeyondInception The Dudemeister (@BeyondInception) reported

    @CDPROJEKTRED Take your time and release it when you feel it's ready, I would much rather wait a bit longer for a polished game than have it come out buggy, glitchy, broken or borderline unplayable like #Fallout76 or #wwe2k20

  • CollapseControl ONE Dead Gamer (@CollapseControl) reported

    @Jacobknowsbestt @Coolfire1011 @BethesdaStudios @Fallout Being critical on a game and wanting it to be better is not the issue. There are way too many people acting like children and attacking those who enjoy games they don't. Some of it is just an echo chamber of hate when they don't even play the games.

  • PeacemakerZockt Peacemaker zockt (@PeacemakerZockt) reported

    @CDPROJEKTRED No problem, take your time. We don't want another #Fallout76 / #AnthemGame like experience.

  • PeacemakerZockt Peacemaker zockt (@PeacemakerZockt) reported

    @CDPROJEKTRED No problem, take your time. We don't want another #Fallout76 / #AnthemGame like experiance.

  • CollapseControl ONE Dead Gamer (@CollapseControl) reported

    @Coolfire1011 @BethesdaStudios @Fallout It is sad, anyone who has an issue with what games other people play don't deserve any attention. Nothing more nerdy than attacking someone who plays a game you don't like.

  • cmation Ian LeBlanc (@cmation) reported

    @Fallout Game is still broken. Re-installed game, loaded up profile started game 5 min later got kicked off server. Seems the server issues are never going to be fixed. There are a lot of great games out there to play - this is not one of them. So I uninstalled again. #DoneWithFallout

  • Dozmatic Dozmatic (@Dozmatic) reported

    @dagothurs @Fallout If you buy it on gog it works fine comes with all the windows patch bs and unofficial patch that fixes bunch of bugs and crashes etc all included. You buy it install it play without no issues works on newer PCs and windows 10 no hassle. Same with nv. And cheap also.

  • CoffeeQueenTM Tracy (@CoffeeQueenTM) reported

    @Fallout Where are my free atoms for fallout 1st this month ! Please correct this issue, I have sent in a ticket.

  • NFG_Josh Josh of NFG_Gaming (@NFG_Josh) reported

    @Fallout How about fix 76 and stop wasting your time and mine with useless so-called "server maintenance" and pathetic excuses for why this game is broken.

  • LeviSquadReject 𝙹𝚎𝚜𝚜𝚒𝚎🛸𝙰𝚗𝚋𝚞 𝙰𝚟𝚎𝚗𝚐𝚎𝚛𝚜🎭 (@LeviSquadReject) reported

    @Fallout Fallout 3, I played New Vegas so much the disc ended up not working but I’ve never fully sat down & properly played Fallout 3 to the point I did with the others. Btw, if you wanna make some BIG BUCKS put these games on PS4 & Xbox, it’d make more than the 1 millionth Skyrim port.

  • eVoipTV eVoipTV (@eVoipTV) reported

    @Fallout Fix 76 holy shit

  • Xbox_Amb_Teagan Teagan (Xbox Ambassador) (@Xbox_Amb_Teagan) reported

    @ace6oogiee @Fallout @XboxSupport @BethesdaSupport Before contacting their support please reformat the console, keeping games and apps, to refresh the dashboard software: Settings > System > Console Info & Updates > Reset console > "keep games and apps". Account redownload required; your saves are not erased.That could fix this.

  • ace6oogiee Kelpy G (@ace6oogiee) reported

    @Xbox_Amb_Teagan @Fallout @XboxSupport @BethesdaSupport Yeah literally nothing worked still crashes after I press “sign in”

  • Eviltrkeyslice Andrew Crane (@Eviltrkeyslice) reported

    @CrimZon_666 @Jcoclan @CommunistSatan @Fallout You apparently haven’t heard much then, I’ve had no issues at all playing New Vega on 10.

  • JeffreyCor Jeffrey (@JeffreyCor) reported

    @CrimZon_666 @CommunistSatan @Fallout Again, not having any problems.

  • blue8cash Diogo Rodrigues 🇧🇪 (@blue8cash) reported

    @dagothurs @Fallout Just get it from gog, the gog version doesnt crash

  • CrimZon_666 ⛧𝕮𝖗𝖎𝖒𝖅𝖔𝖓⛧ (@CrimZon_666) reported

    @CommunistSatan @JeffreyCor @Fallout Step One - Add the mods and 3rd party patches that fix BethSoft's instabilities and glitches. Step Two - Add dozens of other mods that have their OWN instability issues. 😂

  • JeffreyCor Jeffrey (@JeffreyCor) reported

    @CrimZon_666 @CommunistSatan @Fallout Must be something on your system. you had to patch like crazy I didn't have to patch at all. You're is "mostly" stable, I haven't had a problem. Shows one of the difficulties, not all PCs are equal.

  • iChocoWaifu 💮αmєlíє 🍰🌟💝 (@iChocoWaifu) reported

    @Fallout @bethesda Fix bugs BUGTHESDA.

  • Blinksy_ Blinksy_ (@Blinksy_) reported

    @Fallout Can you guys please make it so New Vegas doesn't constantly crash, even when using every possible anti-crash mod and fix imaginable...

  • Wassonyourmind2 Jim Wasson (@Wassonyourmind2) reported

    @dagothurs @Fallout GOG does the same as steam. I after a week of trying to fix it received a refund

  • JeffreyCor Jeffrey (@JeffreyCor) reported

    @FusionFun @DeclanIsBig @Fallout Mine also has always worked without a problem. No idea what problems others are going on about.

  • JeffreyCor Jeffrey (@JeffreyCor) reported

    @CommunistSatan @CrimZon_666 @Fallout 3 and NV work just fine for my straight out under Windows 10. Never had a problem with either.

  • thehardshell1 Hardshell1 (@thehardshell1) reported

    @AverageJoe_C @Juggaloopy @ths0002 @Fallout @Project_F4NV They're still working on it now. I know they had issues with copyright on the vocal lines and stuff, but they restarted a while ago and got around that by using new voice actors, as I recall. They're pretty active on their FB page, but they've said they're still far from release.

  • CornerInsanity Jerred A Fournier (@CornerInsanity) reported

    @Haunter1957 @nannershake69 @dagothurs @Fallout I've never had a problem since it came out. I might have been lucky or did some troubleshooting that I cannot remember.

  • leo_mrusso Leo (@leo_mrusso) reported

    @Pyrobox_1 @Fallout While I'd love a remaster, also fine with playing them "as they were" ... as he says, if only they didn't crash non-stop. Console games still work sure, but I need my mods or I can't enjoy them, so consoles are out.