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Fallout 76 is an online multiplayer action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the ninth game in the Fallout series and serves as a narrative prequel to the series.

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  • PiLotTRr PiLot the Redox (@PiLotTRr) reported

    @BethesdaSupport The collect Silo codes weekly challenge in #Fallout76 doesn't work. It didn't work the last time it was up either. It's still really shitty to put impossible/broken challenges into the game.

  • retro_gamer2 retro rad (@retro_gamer2) reported

    @gurykopolum @Nibellion yep i kinda saw it coming bethesda took a heavy turn since fallout76 they doubled down on Gaas and live service that's why arkane austin surprisingly didn't announce their game and instead the french team did cuz they are shifting the focus to that and multiplayer they are new EA

  • UsYr_Illus UsYr Illus The Mighty! (@UsYr_Illus) reported

    Well, I did get out of the rocks without a problem, but I guess it's good that I don't have a vending machine set up right now. This cave thing isn't going to last long, I think. #Fallout76

  • MoKnowz MoJoe (@MoKnowz) reported

    @DomTron1 @Fallout @Focuzed For real man, we had so much fun in the early stages , they just didn't fix much or add anything to make people stick around.

  • halo57634 Sir Spookington (@halo57634) reported

    @Lookadistractin @GracjanMajewski @Fallout yea thats my issue with it. its to the point it gives me anxiety because i want fallout 76 to be good and, st this point, wastelanders is the only possible way for it to be any better..

  • SuddenlyJoker Suddenly Joker (@SuddenlyJoker) reported

    @CagetheT @Fallout Still will probably function better for free than the bugs I bought for 60 bucks only to have micro transactions and broken promise after broken promise shoved at me

  • 50mk_fox 50mk_fox @NVIDIAGeForce #RTXOn #AMD #Ryzen #Radeon (@50mk_fox) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @Fallout @BethesdaSupport @BethesdaStudios you should do this at least every 1 to 2 weeks people are starting to lag in game PC and Ps4 just saying love the game just want to make it better

  • The_MafiaHitman The Mafiahitman (@The_MafiaHitman) reported

    @Fallout Fix the bug where you get out of your excavator armor and get back in or when u die in it you lose 100 pounds of carry weight!!!

  • Chrisha47894320 Chris hansen (@Chrisha47894320) reported

    @davidb31 @UnitGrief @BethesdaSupport @Fallout I will try this later, as I have been having the same issue.

  • overshia Overshia (@overshia) reported

    @FOwlpocalypse @Fallout @Fallout76Photog It would be so cool if we could fix up cars and ride them around....

  • KableGames David Kable🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇮🇪🇪🇺 (@KableGames) reported

    @Fallout fix the serum speed demon am running through food and water like no ones business #Fallout76

  • JosephM19279865 Joseph Matthews (@JosephM19279865) reported

    @Fallout Still. Broken game. Fix that.

  • JohnOwen86 John Owen (@JohnOwen86) reported

    @BethesdaStudios @Fallout Problems with 76 again, level 1 ghouls and other low level enemies wont die, broke my house apart, and used up my ammo, and aid. Whats going on with this.

  • JamieFoultner Gonjuh-_- (@JamieFoultner) reported

    @BethesdaSupport #Fallout76 the 3 star legendary creatures fall through the map when you kill them and you cannot get anything off of the bodies, please fix the numerous bugs you have with your game please thank you

  • WolfmanRetro Nick (@WolfmanRetro) reported

    @Fallout Fix your broken game then I may play it. You should reward us more from everything the community has had to deal with.

  • JosephM19279865 Joseph Matthews (@JosephM19279865) reported

    @Fallout Yeah, but the games still broken.

  • D34NTR4P Dean 👻 (@D34NTR4P) reported

    @FalloutFrosty @Fallout @bethesda I've been outside the forest, the furthest I've been is Whitesprings, where I got a bunch of level 50 gear but even then i still die all the time 😩 I don't know if they've finally let people make armour above level 50 now since that's my main issue, is that cap, I can't seem to

  • D34NTR4P Dean 👻 (@D34NTR4P) reported

    @FalloutFrosty @Fallout @bethesda I've been thinking about venturing out more but I always end up in the same problem, my weapons don't do enough damage and break, along with my armor and I basically die 😅 why I love the forest region so much, I can survive 😂

  • Juswel_P Juswel (@Juswel_P) reported

    @Fallout No problem 🤜🏻💥🤛🏻

  • crimsunwolf13 CrimsunWolfXIII (Masked Woodlander) 🐺🏳️‍🌈🇺🇲🎮 (@crimsunwolf13) reported

    @HammeredSuper @kwalidy @Z0mBieKARMA @76Photomode @Fallout @chimichangakinz @jeffcw @Umhal @Fallout76Photog @Napoleonwar1 @EmmaMur02 @Grahmandchally @WillSebren We live in a new world now but we do need to get along. Sadly we have both humans, super mutants, and ghouls who feel the need to cause problems. At one point in time, we all used to be the same species but now radiation has made us see our differences. Let's make it work out.

  • crimsunwolf13 CrimsunWolfXIII (Masked Woodlander) 🐺🏳️‍🌈🇺🇲🎮 (@crimsunwolf13) reported

    @chimichangakinz @UERBlitzkrieg @Fallout Yeah but it's also gonna cause issues for the servers. Hopefully this can be resolved asap.

  • crimsunwolf13 CrimsunWolfXIII (Masked Woodlander) 🐺🏳️‍🌈🇺🇲🎮 (@crimsunwolf13) reported

    I think I figured out why #Fallout76 is crashing, freezing, and lagging. All you people who are duping need to stop this shit. There is a new method mentioned to me by @chimichangakinz and a player by the name @UERBlitzkrieg. #Fallout @fallout

  • crimsunwolf13 CrimsunWolfXIII (Masked Woodlander) 🐺🏳️‍🌈🇺🇲🎮 (@crimsunwolf13) reported

    I think I figured out why #Fallout76 is crashing/freezing/and lagging. All you people who are duping need to stop this shit. There is a new method mentioned to me by @chimichangakinz and a player by the name @UERBlitzkrieg said that someone was duping before I came into the area.

  • JamieFoultner Gonjuh-_- (@JamieFoultner) reported

    @BethesdaSupport Greetings. On #Fallout76 , I have gotten the error code CE-34878-0 alot. Some days are more than others. 5 times in one day. I have gotten the error code, when I have tried to sign into my account from main screen. I get alot of error code crashing at whitesprings nuke zone.

  • Misian_Melur Misian (@Misian_Melur) reported


  • JamieFoultner Gonjuh-_- (@JamieFoultner) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @LifeWithNicolas Fallout76 is crashing alot. Lots of error codes..

  • TheJediBatman Jedi Batman (@TheJediBatman) reported

    @Fallout “Back to Basics” quest the agility test is broken. Button checkpoints don’t register. Even in correct order. Had no problem with 3 athletic courses. Just this. If you quit/reload you have to redo the other two tests within the quest and it doesn’t fix problem! Weeee!

  • Flvf_ Pengen Ke Isekai (@Flvf_) reported

    Fix ur goddamn server @BethesdaStudios @Fallout

  • JamieFoultner Gonjuh-_- (@JamieFoultner) reported

    @Fallout Every time I go to WhiteSprings by the cabins at the golf course, I blue screen. It happens when I'm in the nuke zones a lot there. I crash in non nuke zones too around whitesprings...#ps4pro

  • VadibeV Vadibe.vasa (@VadibeV) reported

    @Fallout @falloutfr Sorry for the editing glitch but a doe unexpectedly appeared between two shots.

  • JamieFoultner Gonjuh-_- (@JamieFoultner) reported

    @Fallout Dev team. You need to fix you broken p.o.s. Game. On #ps4pro systems, it freezes during game play and crashes all the time....!!!!

  • TinyRakan || ℛ𝒜𝒦𝒜𝒩 єℓєssαя || (@TinyRakan) reported

    @MatPiscatella @Fallout 76 in very similar issues.. I’m nearly unable to Read Notes or even subtitle dialogues , its very smaller and written badly

  • whyamiatroll AlexwithaB (@whyamiatroll) reported

    @Fallout can you guys fix a problem I got with cc credits. I bought 750 for eight dollars. My eight dollars is gone and I haven’t received my credits please help.

  • OnlDavis Oni davis (@OnlDavis) reported

    @SeeTheWasteland @Fallout @umorlife Im sorry i didn't mean it apeantly it glitch

  • HelloItsMaxie Its Maxie (@HelloItsMaxie) reported

    @BethesdaSupport #Fallout76 @Fallout I can't "add" people i recently played with. Every time I click the "add" button it does nothing but make that click noise. No friend request sent or anything. This is on PC, btw. Please fix this.

  • civiceg627 The Redline factory (@civiceg627) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @FO4News @Fallout Is the Xbox version having a issue I keep getting disconnected from server

  • civiceg627 The Redline factory (@civiceg627) reported

    @Fallout Are the Servers down I keep getting disconnected from server

  • Timothy1395 Timothy 1395 (@Timothy1395) reported

    @PuffSnarl @TheRealSyde_ @Fallout @umorlife It’s a glitch that happens when exiting power armor. It was in Fallout 4 also until they fixed it I believe.

  • Lookadistractin Steve Fairweather (@Lookadistractin) reported

    @HollowHalf17 @Fallout Are broken and stuck reading reclamation days date discrediting that you would assume it wouldn’t be a matter of months as factions have been established and based constructed

  • adambuckingham6 Adam (@adambuckingham6) reported

    @Abushafi55 @WickedSheWolf_ @Fallout Its because of a few things like Bethesda made a few mistakes with 76 as they haven't done a live service game before, and a vocal minority and negative Youtube channels have made it their mission to trash 76 because it wasn't like Fallout 3/NV/4.😁

  • D34NTR4P Dean 👻 (@D34NTR4P) reported

    @Kent_Starnes @Fallout Yeah, same happened to me, kind of put me off the game tbh, I was spending more time collecting Junk to fix stuff just to get wiped out by an enemy 6-15 levels above me :/

  • Lord_Hordak Lord Hordak (@Lord_Hordak) reported

    @Hazzard348 @Ryn0ceros @Fallout Problem of the Game was like with every "Game As Service" ---- No Content. Or Barely. Like when you hit level 50 gg. Now you do nothing XD Now of course they added some things to do. but still far to less

  • Kent_Starnes Pro Dad 🎮🥁📱🕹 (@Kent_Starnes) reported

    @edthepenguin @KatakaShin @Fallout I think I need to look at the world I join more carefully. There were several over 100 and a few over 200 so I am now sure that was part of the problem. Always open to play with cool people though!

  • L3lue_kush Dylan (@L3lue_kush) reported

    @Kent_Starnes @Fallout I had this problem for a while too. I actually quit my first character at level 25 and started a new one. (My current main) the problem is mostly when there is a higher level player near by it level scales the enemies to the higher players level rather than yours

  • LitaF_baby Lita Caproni (@LitaF_baby) reported

    @Claire_G_ @Fallout @bethesda Same here. It’s a stupid mode for the obvious reason that it doesn’t fit the story of us being vault dwellers on mission to fix a dead state lol but I’m mum for the most part if I get hit by a weirdo while traveling, but at my house is where I’m like...enough 🤣

  • JDMack41 J.D. Mack (@JDMack41) reported

    @Beluba so why do y’all think it’s ok to be lazy... 2K20 has so many more issues that people aren’t talking about. Y’all are seriously coming close to Madden/EA levels of don’t give a shit about the game because y’all will buy it regardless. I’d rather play Fallout76 right now.

  • kafbst Corky St. Clair (@kafbst) reported

    Excited! #Ps4Pro is upside down to avoid Unrecognized Disc error and #Fallout76 isn't currently in the tray. 😅

  • redketchup80 Alex Hardwick🇬🇧 (@redketchup80) reported

    @FilmsFallout @Fallout Two camps per player would be awesome. (I like my main and the blueprints can’t store the whole thing so I don’t want to move elsewhere) but appreciate the issues with server stability.

  • Arandur144 Arandur (@Arandur144) reported

    @JoeyCapsGaming @Fallout The *only* real problem I ever had were lengthy freezes during the Queen battle. No other major bugs or glitches. Otherwise it was a couple enemy corpses falling through the ground and funny stuff like that.

  • SammiePaige2015 Samantha Paige Terry (@SammiePaige2015) reported

    @MattRonKen @JoeyCapsGaming @Fallout I’ve tried unmuting and it’s never muted at all so it’s just a strange thing idk what it’s doing. Never had an issue until recently.

  • scottdobgaming Scott Dob Gaming (@scottdobgaming) reported

    It would seem #fallout76 is more broken than usual today #Strugglingtoload

  • rdi0r rdi0r ™∞ (@rdi0r) reported

    @Fallout Stills smells like shit your the crappy game. Lag every time I change gun, loading maps, disconnections #Fallout76Shit

  • Vince95921847 Vincent (VinG) Price 🇺🇸🎮🇮🇹🎃🍀👻💀 (@Vince95921847) reported

    @JoeyCapsGaming @Fallout Here we go. Fix the weapons wheel it's been messed up since nuclear winter started. Put Nuka Cola or Brotherhood of Steel in atomic shop not just Raider. Have the plasma grenade plans more available either at a vendor or more able to drop at events. Color TVs. @BethesdaSupport

  • JayBird_531 Jason Michael Cox (@JayBird_531) reported

    @MrsP123 @Fallout I was a more “tanky” melee build before. I launched my first nuke with the new build Monday. The silo wasn’t a problem but the nuke zone was tougher then before

  • robofly8901 tony diamante (@robofly8901) reported

    @U4Gofficial @Fallout I see that you haven’t either played or heard anything about the game since day one of the beta, as that textureless river glitch was patched after day 1

  • philip_calahan Philip Calahan (@philip_calahan) reported

    @Fallout please get your act together. Too many server issues too often.

  • VadibeV Vadibe.vasa (@VadibeV) reported

    @JoeyCapsGaming @Fallout The biggest problems with this game, are cheaters (Aimbot) and haters (who are not playing, but shit on it). I have been playing since the first day of the beta and I have not had any other serious problems.

  • VadibeV Vadibe.vasa (@VadibeV) reported

    @JoeyCapsGaming @Fallout The biggest issues, with this game, are the cheaters (Aimbot) and the haters (wo don't play, bit chit on). I play since the first day of the beta and I had no other serious problem.

  • AIXater Julio Lobo (@AIXater) reported

    @JoeyCapsGaming @Fallout My only issues would be the stability when fighting the SBQ and enemies clipping through the ground, not funny getting attack by a SB and a lvl 90 Deathclaws that I cannot hit; the game hasn't crashed on me for many months now.

  • GTurner34203173 Renrut (@GTurner34203173) reported

    @JoeyCapsGaming @Fallout voice chat not working like it should and game freezes and disconnects