Is Fallout 76 down?

Fallout 76 is an online multiplayer action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the ninth game in the Fallout series and serves as a narrative prequel to the series.

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July 16: Problems at Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is having issues since 10:00 AM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Game Crash

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Nogent-sur-Seine Glitches
Sant'Antonio Abate Sign in
Wallsend Sign in
Arrondissement de Pithiviers Online Play
Zehdenick Game Crash
Padre Garcia Sign in

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  • ChillSpartan Chill (@ChillSpartan) reported

    @GregAalberts @Fallout That seems to be a you problem. That never happens to me

  • wahoo20971193 wahoo (@wahoo20971193) reported

    @AzLineage @BethesdaSupport @Fallout You and me both! People price their stuff way too high. Caps are never an issue for me.

  • metaldirtmonkey Metaldirtmonkey (@metaldirtmonkey) reported

    @BrokenStarBlitz @BethesdaStudios @Fallout Works for the bulb fix only explanation they did it to please the moth man lol

  • metaldirtmonkey Metaldirtmonkey (@metaldirtmonkey) reported

    @BrokenStarBlitz @BethesdaStudios @Fallout it works for the light bulb fix

  • MrsP123 Mrs P 🎮💅🏻☢️ (@MrsP123) reported

    @jd_author @Fallout Right. It's such a frustrating glitch. People put a lot of time into their builds.

  • GregAalberts ƃǝɹפ (@GregAalberts) reported

    @Fallout Good to see the updater issue isn't fixed, where is says its downloading the entire 64gb...!!

  • ZeroFoxFK ZeroFoxFK 🦊📸 ➡️QuakeCon (@ZeroFoxFK) reported

    @ArtiePlays @Fallout @BethesdaStudios Dupe glitch 😲

  • Hank96860231 Hankenstein (@Hank96860231) reported

    *Installs todays fallout 76 update* fallout 76 on startup after update: "NAH, you can just look at a frozen start screen" idk if anyone else is having this issue but its mad frustrating lol, #fallout76 #newpatchnewproblem @BethesdaSupport

  • santucho99 Santiago~ (@santucho99) reported

    @BethesdaStudios @Fallout Yo there's a bug that removes every ******* RPG element from the game. You guys should fix that one

  • alexiszocco alexiszocco (@alexiszocco) reported

    @UnrealCanadian @BethesdaStudios @Fallout Tesla rifle is broken since fallout 4 , sometimes land the shot but mostly doesn't

  • jonquiksilver Jon Jordy (@jonquiksilver) reported

    @Fallout thanks! Doing a mission solo, used ammo, stimpacks and cores and then boom you guys disconnect me before I get to finish! All the progress and supplies I worked for now gone 😱😡🤯

  • AzLineage Randy Smith (@AzLineage) reported

    @jhbrown85 @BethesdaSupport @Fallout Yes. This 2GB update is just to change a spelling error on one of the terminals in the Robco building.

  • Pepper_Jam_ Pepper Jam (@Pepper_Jam_) reported

    @Fallout @Balkamoor3 how to fix fallout 4 add ons not appearing in game no i dont need your average did you trouble shoot crap i mean exactly what i said they dont appear in game so actual help me unlike your vague broken search system at your help site

  • darthbenedikt Benehime (@darthbenedikt) reported

    @Fallout Can you fix the keybinding for stimpak (H), I have to spam click it to make it work, and give a radaway a keybinding too, I run low health/high radiation build and getting killed easily by ghouls radiation attacks so there is no shortcut key to heal from them.

  • damiong28 Damion Gomez (@damiong28) reported

    @lootcrate @Marvel @Fallout @farscape @lootcrate is a dying business, hasn't sent out loot wear crates in 3 months!! That's not a minor business delay, that's a crisis and a huge red flag. You need to take care of your customers who's money you have no problem taking every month!

  • Ashleig200 Ashleigh Graham (@Ashleig200) reported

    @Fallout @Balkamoor3 Fix yer stupied camp mode.

  • CaptainBizzare Captain Weird (@CaptainBizzare) reported

    @Iwalk0nLegos @Kittles3339 @Fallout To be fair, I saw a Danger Of ***** sign in there so.... warnings were made available.

  • KISHA_THE_CAT 💜~ кเรђค~💙 (@KISHA_THE_CAT) reported

    @Fallout @BethesdaStudios @Balkamoor3 can you please fix some of the building system if you go to place something like a save blue print of the house and it says you need support to place in when it is green it glitches and it counting some things as floating when it is not even floating

  • DomRetana DomRetana (@DomRetana) reported

    @BethesdaGear @thewandcompany @Fallout Oh I know... and it had tons of issues. I’ve got vids all about it that still get traction on my channel. Still, Would be nice to see stuff like this for a 3000 version.

  • snake_veteran SNAKE THE VETERAN (@snake_veteran) reported

    So, at hand now, they say ghost never die aye. Well the way the game is going, shit may just die before the ghost due to online dilemma, classes, ranked gear with looter shooter aspects, oh and yeah lets not forget the bullet sponges this is a Fallout76 type of problem...

  • QuentinBenoit10 Quentin Benoit (@QuentinBenoit10) reported

    @Fallout @Balkamoor3 Fix bloodied laser explosive weapons please I have 20 health it goes to 160 damage shoots one bullet than it goes back down to 70 it's broken fix it please in the next update I'm tired of this @BethesdaSupport

  • Creeperkillerz3 Creeperkillerzt (@Creeperkillerz3) reported

    @akaPossh @Fallout The Twitter part isn't going to fix the game that's the wrong branch bud. This is there social media not dev team.

  • Phantom_2012 UniqueHorizon17 (@Phantom_2012) reported

    @Kittles3339 @Fallout @CaptainBizzare That's another issue I have, I'd love to redecorate... but I feel since my C.A.M.P. was built prior to the camp budget increase, the budget amount of items already placed in my C.A.M.P. didn't change... so I'm stuck with a full budget unable to place anything down.

  • Lookadistractin Steve Fairweather (@Lookadistractin) reported

    @BethesdaStudios @Fallout How about a fix for the nuka billboard taking 2.5% of the budget or that the only pieces of the wall set that can be used are the full walls, maybe fix the atom floors to apply to all the floor textures, how bout an actual increase to our camp budget and not a value shift

  • akaPossh Possh (@akaPossh) reported

    @Fallout Quit shouting out cosplay and fix these bugs, somebody just bought 6k caps worth of ammo from my vendor and it only gave me 600 caps, i sell them 1:1 thats not a 10% tax

  • QuentinBenoit10 Quentin Benoit (@QuentinBenoit10) reported

    @Fallout @BethesdaSupport when do you plan on fixing my bloodied laser rifle my health is down to 20 it has 150 damage than two seconds later it goes back to 70 I have to un equip than equip again than it goes to 150 shoots one bullet than back to 70 fix your game please

  • QuentinBenoit10 Quentin Benoit (@QuentinBenoit10) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @Fallout when do you plan on fixing my bloodied laser rifle my health is down to 20 it has 150 damage than two seconds later it goes back to 70 I have to un equip than equip again than it goes to 150 shots one bullet than back to 79 fix your game please

  • Mc2015C Michael C (@Mc2015C) reported

    @Fallout Servers down can’t sign in

  • FalloutFrosty Fallout Frosty (@FalloutFrosty) reported

    @MrsP123 @BethesdaSupport @Fallout Oh my. That is not ok. I hope they fix these things soon.

  • SweetTeaPaul SweetTeaPaul (@SweetTeaPaul) reported

    @fallout idk what the hell updates ya are doing, but my game files are gone, and now the game loads up, and I have no region ping, nothing seems to work. never had an issue till these past 2-3 weeks, now I can't even play the game. good job

  • Vicodin_Es Vic Es (@Vicodin_Es) reported

    @Fallout FIX the freaking Atomic Shop so it will LOAD!!! #76

  • ErikBo1986 Erik (@ErikBo1986) reported

    @Fallout just want to say that it would be great if you fix the op of frog legs in NW. Making it so that they can't fire while jumping would be a big improvement for the quality of the game.

  • Wastland_man Overseer 51 (@Wastland_man) reported

    @rusertriple8 @lukmills @Jax34788065 @AlistairAi @KremlinBot8 @ShieldViking @Fallout The issue isn't controls if that was the case then 4 is the best one of them all. It's story and the quality of the story both of which are terrible in NV.

  • NefftheCloud Neff the Cloud - FO76 (@NefftheCloud) reported

    @ReggTheTrib @Fallout Ah I found out how to fix that lol

  • ragnarok0316 FrankieRagnarok (@ragnarok0316) reported

    @enclavex01 @BethesdaGear @Fallout Yeah, I get that and I agree. But they did fix the issue and sent out canvas bag replacements. It's been over half a year, move on already.

  • BongheadWaifu BⓄNGHEAD WAIFU (@BongheadWaifu) reported

    @Proxytato @Patrick32257152 @76Photomode @Fallout All those stereotypes that Zetans can't navigate are probably offensive... That's just trial and error.

  • JuliaBaphomet julia baphomet (@JuliaBaphomet) reported

    Everybody I've seen complaining about #Fallout76 being delivered as a broken heap of garbage, pre-ordered it. I miss @Totalbiscuit

  • IIxMadManxII Aroze IIxMadManxII (@IIxMadManxII) reported

    @SinisterHandy @Fallout @76Photomode @Fallout76Photog @photomodeaddict @76_photoclub @FalloutClips @HoaWasteland Ah! Understood. The only problem from reading tweets, cant catch the tone. I suck at building. I like building guns in this game. I try to take guns found in the field and build them into death machines.

  • chimichangakinz ChimichangaKinzie🌈💯🔥😎👌 (@chimichangakinz) reported

    @kwalidy @UnlootedVault @kur0k1me1sa @Fallout With my 75 power armors combined, we will crash the server! 😂😂👌

  • AsronOlmsted asron olmsted (@AsronOlmsted) reported

    @Fallout i think there might be a glitch in the atom shop. I bought the Garahan Mining extractor skin for 560 atoms. Instead of the skin it gave me the survivalist outfit. Thought i would share with you. Sucks because now i don’t have the atoms to buy the armor skin i wanted.

  • Armatesz Ärmätèsz (@Armatesz) reported

    @JR_Texx @tburns__ @SpartanLance420 @lukmills @shanethegooner @Fallout Also I started off from Fallout 2 as well and I own all 9 Fallout games, f76 still does the fallout formula justice and yes F76 has had a lot of controversies and a fair bit of bugs. Although plenty of issues f76 has had was misinformation.

  • Armatesz Ärmätèsz (@Armatesz) reported

    @JR_Texx @tburns__ @SpartanLance420 @lukmills @shanethegooner @Fallout I've got almost 1400 hours and I still know a high number of players that still play the game, still get plenty of new players that participate in game. True the game has issues but this by far is not the worst game to come out nor is it the first multiplayer fallout game either.

  • YhawnKS 5hawnk3nn3dy (@YhawnKS) reported

    @BethesdaSupport Hey guys the Mothman effigy is NOT working! Please fix this!! #ps4 #fallout76 #mothman

  • Preston40598019 Preston (@Preston40598019) reported

    So I recently moved my camp in FO76 and im trying to place all the stuff I had in my old camp but it's not working, it's green but when I try to place it it says "item needs support" I just need to know how to fix this, or what camp locations are good and flat. #Fallout76

  • IceEmpress66 IceEmpress66 (@IceEmpress66) reported

    Beware NW. possible unrestorable character glitch. #Fallout76 Also, Level Up a backup Just incase at least until we can convince them to “backup” our hard work.

  • IceEmpress66 IceEmpress66 (@IceEmpress66) reported

    @Fallout if Character restoration is not possible on your end then you need to make it possible for us to back up our own characters. This is not a risk that is okay to take. U back them up or let us. Find a way. Thats a serious issue. Thats stealing peoples time. Its criminal.

  • SlaveSpawn Kaylee ☻ (@SlaveSpawn) reported

    @Fallout the Atomic Shop doesn't load unless you close the Game & Restart it on Playstation 4 been this way lil over a week, Plz fix!

  • JordN87 NerfHerder-87 (@JordN87) reported

    @Fallout Hi, loving the work you do. But please fix current issues, Punch bowl has stopped working, also targeting HUD for power armour does not attach. I am certain there is more but these seem most prevalent. gl!

  • VentersGaming David Venters (@VentersGaming) reported

    huge problem with #fallout76 1.. random people ask me to team and if I ignore they attack me and 2 people launching nukes at areas were people are they want to mess with or dislike

  • comicbookbob Bob 🐜 (@comicbookbob) reported

    @lootcrate @Marvel @Fallout @farscape I highly suggest not paying for this service.

  • The_mighty_boop It's ya boi boop (@The_mighty_boop) reported

    @UnlootedVault @kur0k1me1sa @Fallout Budget is always the problem 😂 I usally leave myself with 1/4 budget left for any new additions or design changes

  • UnlootedVault UnlootedVault (@UnlootedVault) reported

    @The_mighty_boop @kur0k1me1sa @Fallout That would be cool, opens up another problem though, my camp budget is maxed out 😂

  • FortniteGameHub The Game Hub (@FortniteGameHub) reported

    @Bethesda_UK please fix the items you removed from atom shop (July 4th / Mothman) any player who owns them have had them removed and they are now invisible in workshop, this is a server side issue so please don't insult me by asking to send a ticket - thanks @fallout

  • FortniteGameHub The Game Hub (@FortniteGameHub) reported

    @zeba_cat @BethesdaSupport @Fallout They are wasting your time, it is the game, it removed all the atom items they removed from july 4th and mothman - all now invisible to all players who own them - GG - but yeah they want to waste everyone's time with tickets for a server side issue @fallout never ceases to amaze

  • GentemLibertas National Freedom 🇸🇪 (@GentemLibertas) reported

    @NoMansSky said #Fallout76 & #AnthemGame needed patience not backlash. Sean Murray defending unfinished games is like Andrew Wilson defending loot boxes. They lied about the state of their respective games & F76 is still a broken mess 8 months later. I say backlash warranted.

  • NHK_LM Edward [NHK LM] (@NHK_LM) reported

    @SamDodson17 @Lookadistractin @Fallout It's a glitch that happens occasionally. I remember getting it a little while back. Turned out my game needed an update but it wasn't prompted until I went into the updates tab.

  • aaronramirez68 Aaron Ramirez (@aaronramirez68) reported

    @Fallout excuse me but the atomic shop in 76 is not working please help it’s been like that since yesterday

  • zeba_cat Scout Bunny Zero (@zeba_cat) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @Fallout the neon stars signs from the 4th of July update are now invisible when trying to be placed in camp, and im constantly told selected item is floating. Please fix, I spent Atoms on these lights. :[

  • phucksalt BecksTheBurden (@phucksalt) reported

    @mobiletone @4dcooper @Proxytato @lordelvi @Patrick32257152 @mead_dm @_SimplyRuby_ @nuka_queen @Fallout @Bethesda_UK Bet he did that xp glitch when the game first came out 😂

  • Travis_Crager Travis Crager (@Travis_Crager) reported

    @Juswel_P @BethesdaStudios @Fallout Like I said, I entered new worlds like 10-15 times. But someone actually gave me some advice to fix it. So way to be an ass lol