Is Fallout 76 down?

Fallout 76 is an online multiplayer action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the ninth game in the Fallout series and serves as a narrative prequel to the series.

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March 25: Problems at Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is having issues since 09:40 AM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (62.86%)
  • Game Crash (18.37%)
  • Online Play (13.88%)
  • Glitches (3.67%)
  • Matchmaking (1.22%)

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  • Alex08497835 Alex (@Alex08497835) reported

    @dixhelen @Fallout Can't speak for the lag, but bethesda has no clue wtf they're doing. It's like they grabbed an online games for dummies book but only looked at the index.

  • Zack_Gilbert Zack Gilbert (@Zack_Gilbert) reported

    @Fallout Lots of people wondering why they can't login on PS4 this morning. Wakey wakey. Your games broke again.

  • Alex08497835 Alex (@Alex08497835) reported

    @dixhelen @Fallout Login server is down. 76 team can't do their damn job.

  • J_D_H_J_D_H J.D...H.A.R.K.E.R. (@J_D_H_J_D_H) reported

    @Fallout I can't login in keep getting game code failure 307

  • J_D_H_J_D_H J.D...H.A.R.K.E.R. (@J_D_H_J_D_H) reported

    @Fallout why can't I login keep getting game code failure 307 what the he'll is going on!!!!!

  • SabtheWanderer Sabahe (@SabtheWanderer) reported

    @phucksalt @Fallout @bethesda Yep their login servers are down.

  • ahmadafiqbuss Ahmad Afiq (@ahmadafiqbuss) reported

    @Fallout i cant login. Keep popping saying loginerror_gamecodefailure [3:0:7]. Help!!

  • JesseIkenberry Jesse Ikenberry (@JesseIkenberry) reported

    @Fallout I have spent an hour trying to login and get ******** away from helvetia and find a world that actually has my camp in it. Thanks Bethesda Texas. You guys ******* suck.

  • Etainers Etain (@Etainers) reported

    @bethesda if you're going to remove camps as you add content in #Fallout76 then you need to fix the issues with re-placing camps. It may seem trivial, but oh my **** it frustrates me beyond words. Hours of time just wasted because of something you supposedly fixed.

  • Joshtheenginee1 Joshtheengineer (@Joshtheenginee1) reported

    @Fallout Pvp servers before you fix your trash game. Why dont you just let the community fix your broken game

  • Joshtheenginee1 Joshtheengineer (@Joshtheenginee1) reported

    @Fallout Maybe we can trade in those garbage masks for this other garbage! **** you shit company and trash programmers, give it to the community and let them fix it!

  • Nickamus980 Nickamus (@Nickamus980) reported

    @SiersR @Fallout Or at least be able to scrap the ammo to get components to turn it into other ammo that you do want (I don't want any, I hit with a hammer). That said, there is already a problem with having too much loot to sell because of the low caps limit on each vendor.

  • Nickamus980 Nickamus (@Nickamus980) reported

    @Fallout ... just to swap points around to -try- something new that you might not even like. In fact, get rid of this weight based system altogether and do something like you did with ESO - slot based, expandable inventory, unlimited crafting bank, etc. FIX ENERGY WEAPONS.

  • PrinceTheBud PrinceTheBud (@PrinceTheBud) reported

    @Fallout game is refusing to boot up, several different error codes

  • JakeyZeFox Werewolf IRL 🐺 (@JakeyZeFox) reported

    As much as I like #Fallout76's Fasnacht Parade, it's extremely buggy, to the point it's either entirely broken, doesn't give rewards upon completion or fails when it is successfully finished, forfeiting rewards. There needs to be a patch before it ends.

  • TylerTmac24 Tyler Carey (@TylerTmac24) reported

    @AcurateBob My point is all the games you want are basically gone and done with there is a new way for games if not then they are shit and broken games like fallout76, ill play my games with my friends you play by yourself besides on pubg and sea of thieves because you refuse to buy any game

  • idfkbroski Death (@idfkbroski) reported

    @JoeferyeeBo @Fallout It might be your area, or your wifi, I dont have a problem at all

  • 50mk_fox 50mk_fox @NVIDIAGeForce #RTXOn #AMD #Ryzen #Radeon (@50mk_fox) reported

    @Fallout can you fix the nuke sites there lagging on getting stuff not just me

  • DoodBearded Bearded_DooD (@DoodBearded) reported

    @Darkri97 @dane_not @Fallout I believe there might be a problem with JUST sloth. I never encountered before any other mob who ended like that...

  • Darkri97 Berty (@Darkri97) reported

    @DoodBearded @dane_not @Fallout Maybe it's just a sloth thing then idk I know I've run into problems too during Scotched Earth but that's a lot of server strain like with the Parade

  • f13xo f13xo (@f13xo) reported

    @BethesdaStudios Again booted after 31 min of attempting to fix a power station - lame 🤯 Time for a Bethesda break! #fallout76

  • SirSpartan150 Cameron Mackenzie (@SirSpartan150) reported

    @Fallout Hi, I suspect there is a cheater in my game I have proof in video clips, he takes no damage against any melee and bullet damage, his V.A.T.S launch is impossible and it doesn't let me lock on him. I've tried to report on your website but it's not working for me

  • brunchto Bruno DUPUY (@brunchto) reported

    I give up @Fallout. the last crash just after killing a boss was the last one. fed up to regrab ammo and redo it.

  • VictoriumStudi1 VictoriumStudios 77 (@VictoriumStudi1) reported

    @Fallout I have played Fallout 76 non stop and Still haven't gotten a Rare Mask... Also fix the missing Power Armor bug just lost my X01 Quantum Helm twice already

  • Rerpes A (@Rerpes) reported

    Not bad for a night of Fallout 76. It's good to see the game improving bit by bit, but it's sad to think these problems weren't addressed months ago. DLC Should revive the game for awhile, but the flow of content needs to be consistent. @Fallout @BethesdaStudios @BethesdaSupport

  • JonTheBurton15 Jon (@JonTheBurton15) reported

    @Fallout Fix drop rates on mask

  • scubafire4 George (@scubafire4) reported

    Shoutout to @fallout and #fallout76 for the game crashing, literally moments before I launched a nuke. Then continued to crash EVERY time I would load back in and try to enter silo bravo. Ruined my night and I still haven’t launched my own nuke. Hugely disappointed

  • MayhemMarquess Marquess of Mayhem (@MayhemMarquess) reported

    Practical life skills I have learned in #Fallout76: 1. You can repair a nuclear power system that's taller than you by jumping up and down underneath it and slapping it. 2. Band-Aids DO fix bullet holes. 3. You can build 20 gas generators to power a nuclear material gatherer.

  • KingAaronVII Aaron S (@KingAaronVII) reported

    @OmegaRealities @Fallout It is going faster. I think something tweaked with aging tables when they added the fermenter. It is something many have mentioned. I hope they fix it this week....

  • baum009 Brandon Auman (@baum009) reported

    @BethesdaSupport @Fallout props Bethesda!! First time in a long time scorched earth was successful. No glitches and no crash.

  • ConnorUndertale 'i' belong to the state (@ConnorUndertale) reported

    can you please fix the mods for fallout 4 on xbox @Fallout @BethesdaStudios @bethesda

  • NorrisSpencer1 Norris Spencer (@NorrisSpencer1) reported

    @Fallout I am getting very disenchanted. I am a massive Fallout fan and have way to many hours in this franchise. Never before was that an issue however until Fallout 76. I have spent too many hours scrounging for parts, only to be killed and killed again trying to recover my junk...

  • M1k3th3kn1ght M1keth3knight (@M1k3th3kn1ght) reported

    @yliaster1 @Fallout @BethesdaStudios If you think that's gonna happen you might as well just say stop making shitty games that the mods have to fix for them

  • mindofthelost T (@mindofthelost) reported


  • ssidegaming ssidegaming (@ssidegaming) reported

    @Fallout When are you going to fix the megasloth on the fachnact parade. You can never loot it's corpse. Please fix I want the legendarys

  • eliotroseart eliot. 🌹 (@eliotroseart) reported

    Hey #fallout76 players! I figured out the fix for the #faschnact #megasloth #glitch. You cut the head off of it and it falls off and can be looted. This is confirmed in #Xbox! retweet to get the word out! @76Photomode @Fallout @HoaWasteland @BethesdaSupport

  • dawnjeanharding Mason Russell (@dawnjeanharding) reported

    @nitramnate1 @William73692937 @Fallout @2nor2 Where did fix some things but I'm still getting the same bugs as when the Game released

  • LifeCreatorsRBX Rootin Tootin (@LifeCreatorsRBX) reported

    @Fallout What a weird way to say that he’s broken

  • Hard2beagod Beau Alexander McNamara (@Hard2beagod) reported

    @JuiceHead33 @Fallout Dude me & about that many ppl were just disconnected from the server RIGHT before we were about to be rewarded for participaing in the event, I see that many ppl & i know now not to bother as the server will crash, 70% chance it will crash.

  • HawkEyez31 Michael Wilson (@HawkEyez31) reported

    @Fallout @BethesdaStudios Make sure u fix Explosive weapons u nurf them and made melee ridiculous stronger then any other build in game gun build should have somewhat of a advantage i would think

  • _Of_Gaming The_Great_Sage (@_Of_Gaming) reported

    @StardustLounge_ You are 1 of the BEST parts of the #Fallout76 Community sorry for this issue but when people acted like high schoolers you just can't bother with them let them go thier way as long as you stay the game community will be better for it.

  • _tRistanMCG Tristan (@_tRistanMCG) reported

    @Fallout No. Everytime I try to do the even the servers disconnect.

  • Waynehutcheson SomeDude (@Waynehutcheson) reported

    @Fallout Now despite the negativity surrounding Fallout 76 I've been having a blast, but there's a problem that needs to be said 800 stash still isn't enough. I'm level 19 and I'm at 700 used just from aid and scrapped junk. Please fix this. It needs to be allot higher.

  • TrueETHAN23 🇿🇦~23THAN~🇿🇦 (@TrueETHAN23) reported

    @Ninethie @Fallout @BethesdaStudios 2 words. Cash Grab. They don't give a fudge about the games bugs and issues!! 😂

  • RexTheOG Rush Rex [501]🦁 (@RexTheOG) reported

    @BethesdaSupport please fix mask drops in #Fallout76 I have NEVER seen a Old Man Winter, Jester, Sun Mask, or Skull mask. I only heard ONE case regarding the Sun mask. That is it.

  • Dragon20619569 Dragonsflame (@Dragon20619569) reported

    @djb4237 @frattnastyy @anthemgame @FabulousRykito @Fallout One thing they shouldn't half to fix all of this the game was in development of 6 years it shouldn't be in this state and most of the things they're implementing right now were supposed to be in the game already second they've lied to there community that gets them no respect.

  • chimichangakinz ChimichangaKinzie (@chimichangakinz) reported

    @nuclearPANDA86 @ThoraldGM @Fallout @BethesdaSupport Wait what hooded rags issue 🤔😱

  • nuclearPANDA86 chadd (@nuclearPANDA86) reported

    @ThoraldGM @Fallout @BethesdaSupport I just want them to fix the damn hooded rags issue thats been around since BETA

  • JonTheBurton15 Jon (@JonTheBurton15) reported

    @Fallout Guess I’ll never complete the mask collection because the other won’t ******* drop and only one person has come forth with legit confirmation. Idc about them being rare I care about how bullshit this is. Like fix this shit FIX IT FIX IT

  • Brandon_Turpin2 Brandon turpin (@Brandon_Turpin2) reported

    @JaymeCervelli @OutlawReaper1 @FalloutSearch @Fallout Because this games pvp is completely broken because dupers gave out so many two shot explosive weapons. Normal people have never seen one

  • bass_conor Conor O'Flaherty (@bass_conor) reported

    @Fallout Trying to craft upgraded vault 76 suit. In Silo Alpha proceeding to control room. Game crash. Not the first time that's happened either. Loving Fasnacht Day Event.

  • yokochan09_ Travis Moore (@yokochan09_) reported

    @Fallout I don't know if anybody else is having this problem but I figured I would put this out there. there is a huge placement bug. Stuff does not go where you place it half the time and you cannot move it an inch without it snapping back to where it was.

  • MegaMike_T MegaMike™ ☕ (@MegaMike_T) reported

    @Fallout I'm trying to collect mask so I've done it 30 + times now and just the location in general is a stake out for them. Its just another unnecessary issue we have with this event along with the lack of drops for some mask.

  • crimsonwolf911 crimsonwolf911 (@crimsonwolf911) reported

    @Fallout don't care, don't play your broken cash grab fallout franchise cash-in anymore

  • VaultBoyRojen Christopher Moe (@VaultBoyRojen) reported

    Allow me to describe last night in #Fallout76 log on, event! Great! Disconnected from server seconds before it ended. Back on, new event, do it then take Ammo Factory. Hold till new event, seconds after that event, crash. Then had another DC and 2 more crashes in 3 hour session.

  • djb4237 djbreaktime (@djb4237) reported

    @Dragon20619569 @frattnastyy @anthemgame @FabulousRykito @Fallout They've been super responsive working on not only fixing things but implementing things the player base wants to see in game. To me that buys them some respect. You can't predict all the issues you'll encounter in a live service game until launch that's just how it is.

  • djb4237 djbreaktime (@djb4237) reported

    @Dragon20619569 @frattnastyy @anthemgame @FabulousRykito @Fallout They've been super responsive working on not only fixing things but implementing things the player base wants to see in game. To me that buys them some respect. You can't predict all the issues you'll encounter in a live service game until launch that's just how it is.

  • _tRistanMCG Tristan (@_tRistanMCG) reported

    Seriously @Fallout fix your damn server dropouts 😡😡

  • smilepixeleyes Smile Pixel Eyes (@smilepixeleyes) reported

    @CodyLan29687026 @fallout76 @BethesdaSupport It’s a glitch, sell a Bobby pin to them and it’ll show the true 200 limit.

  • HuskerHaHa Chris (@HuskerHaHa) reported

    @DrYellowJ @Fallout @BethesdaStudios I've played them all. And I just mean your character follows a script, that eventually has limits. Bugs in tabletop do exist, in the form of rules that are broken. Or a scene scuttled due to player ingenuity. But hey, that's just the difference in how we're defining RPG.