Is Fallout 76 down?

Fallout 76 is an online multiplayer action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the ninth game in the Fallout series and serves as a narrative prequel to the series.

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November 18: Problems at Fallout 76

Fallout 76 is having issues since 10:20 AM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Sign in (40.00%)
  • Online Play (30.00%)
  • Game Crash (16.00%)
  • Glitches (8.00%)
  • Matchmaking (6.00%)

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  • wilddonkeyz22
    🕹Gaming Donkeyz🕹 (@wilddonkeyz22) reported

    Apparently servers on #Fallout76 will crash if u launch 3 nukes at once 😂

  • Fun1892
    Fun1892 (@Fun1892) reported

    @Fallout And you said the B.E.T.A will be to fix everything makes sense but all you did was test the servers you did not even do that.

  • Pablorg00725
    Pablo Rodríguez (@Pablorg00725) reported

    @Fallout Please fix the friend requests glitch

  • TheEldritchWife
    The Eldritch Wife (@TheEldritchWife) reported

    @Fallout If you all are gonna have events make sure the rewards ACTUALLY load after completing one instead of me WASTING SUPPLIES doing an event for the reward to glitch out. 😑

  • BartoszakEric
    Eric Vincent Bartoszak (@BartoszakEric) reported

    @Fallout Please fix your server issues. Spent half hour last night unable to get into a game. I work ridiculous hours, don't have time for this and I WILL move on to another game if this persists.

  • Rose102043
    ReadyPlayer1 (@Rose102043) reported

    @Fallout @BethesdaStore Fix stash limit soon plz

  • RayForsyth85
    Ray Forsyth (@RayForsyth85) reported

    @Fallout Cool you can fix that when you call a government supply drop it Dosent go to a part of the map that’s unreachable 👍🏻

  • ThatGuyMoose97
    Richard Griffin (@ThatGuyMoose97) reported

    @BethesdaSupport currently done with #Fallout76 due to the fact that i cant use my my character because i am stuck in a infinite load screen. Left the game sitting in the load screen for 2 hours and nothing tried restarting and rebooting my wifi router and nothing. Please fix.

  • Horizonsman
    Horizonsman (@Horizonsman) reported

    @BethesdaStudios @Fallout just a few suggestions, might want to look at trade screens with npcs and crafting when breaking down as there is a lot of lag on xbox, also as for the stash issue, maybe allow people to fast travel while overencumbered just until you fix it, could work

  • DylanBarradell
    Dylan Barradell (@DylanBarradell) reported

    @Calliibrations @Fallout I'd recommend the Enclave mainly because i have no clue how to join the Brotherhood and that you can access nukes without much issue minus jumping through a few hoops.

  • ajcunn87
    Andrew Cunningham (@ajcunn87) reported

    @Fallout Please fix the lever action rifle reload animation. It loads all 5 shoot, regardless how many shots you've fired. It's not a super big deal. But it should be fixed.

  • guyinabeanie
    jake o. (@guyinabeanie) reported

    @Shy_Tide @RealNykoo @Laban987_ @Robl0xBeaSt @dillon_lee33 @Fallout it’s happening tm, but it will take weeks for them to find a definite size and fix to be able to have a solid stash size without causing too much stress on the servers

  • NKSweetlemonade
    Leon.D (@NKSweetlemonade) reported


  • Jambo_11
    Jamin (@Jambo_11) reported from Salemtowne, Oregon

    @BegonePleasee @Fallout It WAS released in a finished state. They just have more bugs to fix. If they halted release until every bug was addressed then it would another year before everyone was able to play it.

  • TwitchXk90
    TwitchXk90 (@TwitchXk90) reported

    @Fallout My role is the guy complain that his new top of the line computer is having his god damn shadows flickering non stop and resetting the game over and over to try and fix it....

  • willstabeast
    WILLSTER1234 (@willstabeast) reported

    @KvaS_23 @UnweptBloom96 @notcoolbrandon @dillon_lee33 @JuhoKarppanen @Fallout There increasing it later on it has to be coded better to reduce lag from item cache size

  • UnweptBloom96
    Joseph McCord (@UnweptBloom96) reported

    @KvaS_23 @notcoolbrandon @dillon_lee33 @JuhoKarppanen @Fallout If you're talking to me, no I do not but Bethesda did post before the game released (I think) addressing the stash issue

  • Guixerek
    Guixerek (@Guixerek) reported

    @Fallout The game is great u guys just need to fix some gliths and on PS4 ,a couple of parts in the map seems like im playing 5 FPS

  • koko1767
    Ishmael Abdukarim (@koko1767) reported

    @Fallout bugs to fix: gatling laser and gatling plasma have the loaded ammo capacity equal to ammount of cores in your inventory. the earth mover quest. pricket fort token machine. scorchbeasts dropping no loot, or turning into goo mid-air and unlootable. 400 stash.

  • BigJeezie
    SilentMonk (@BigJeezie) reported

    @BENJA555666 @m0rfeu17 @Fallout Multiplayer is fine. The shitty way they present it is the problem. It should've been Fallout 4 with co-op. End of story.

  • lopez_znwk
    XTheShadowGamerHDX (@lopez_znwk) reported

    @Fallout Finally making the game stable even if it's a fix nobody wants for whatever reason before adding any buffs and item correcting they should just fix the core issue that's hurting the game I've played over 20+ hours and almost constantly get DC from the server or frames just die

  • BENJA555666
    Ben (@BENJA555666) reported

    @m0rfeu17 @BigJeezie @Fallout Not trying to sound like a jerk but Todd Howard said this was going to be a different game and that it would have issues. If you wanted a single player game then you shouldn't have bought it. Multiplayer games crash. Look into ESO and you will see how the same servers run.

  • Guixerek
    Guixerek (@Guixerek) reported

    @Fallout Bethesda pls fix the 3rd person glith. it keeps shaking on PS4

  • Tyleguidry7
    Tyler Guidry (@Tyleguidry7) reported

    @Fallout Please fix the power armor glitch. Can’t get out of it

  • GoatwithAknife
    aGoatwithAknife (@GoatwithAknife) reported

    @Fallout @bethesda @Fallout fix the PvP system. I loaded into a world and got two hit by a sledgehammer. Which I couldn’t do anything about as there is a long delay between being able to move when spawning in. Disgusting feature

  • salsadeanguila
    Esteban (@salsadeanguila) reported

    @Fallout Fix the headphones bug

  • Yournotmydad43
    Riley Christensen (@Yournotmydad43) reported

    @Fallout Please, do what you must to fix these bugs

  • LocksDoor
    Locks, Door and Window Fittings ltd (@LocksDoor) reported

    @Fallout @bethesda @bethesda fix the PvP system. I loaded into a world and got two hit by a sledgehammer. Which I couldn’t move as there is a delay to moving at spawn. Disgusting and completely unfair

    National Socialist Republican Party (@NSAWP_R) reported

    @Fallout @BethesdaSupport Fix your whole servers

  • Pjsprojects
    CMDR Pjsprojects (@Pjsprojects) reported

    @Fallout Fix the X1X overheat crash bug please. Its been in the game since beta and still happens on both of our consoles.

  • captin_science
    CaptinScience (@captin_science) reported

    @CohhCarnage @bethesda @Fallout @BethesdaStudios fixing bugs in games.... LUL. They can't even fix bugs in 10 year old games that they release on the Switch.

  • GaryHoward777
    Gary Howard (@GaryHoward777) reported

    @Fallout i am honestly less concerned about the stash issues than i am about the constant crashes. i can deal with inventory space if i am on long enough to GET an inventory lol

  • tylerSLAM
    Tyler Holt (@tylerSLAM) reported

    @CGarrett_15 @Fallout The buggiest game ever created by Bethesda. It’s broken

  • Jordan05853888
    Jordan (@Jordan05853888) reported

    @Fallout Please fix the issue were when i move my camp some of my stuff gets deleted like my generator and my food sources

  • TheTilldays
    Tilldays (@TheTilldays) reported

    @CohhCarnage @bethesda @Fallout I haven't had any luck with blueprints, they seem kinda broken. It's good though that *most* of the time your building parts go to storage if they disappear.

  • BobPopeVII
    PeteDiazDee (@BobPopeVII) reported

    @_Fruhmann_ @Gricey01 @BegonePleasee @Fallout I had plenty of issues with rdr2. Framerate dips galore, bugs and glitches. Doesnt mean i like the game less. Doesnt matter to me

  • Trwubblenaut
    Trwub ;) (@Trwubblenaut) reported

    @Fallout fix your ******* servers! 😡😤

  • kira_lyte
    ckira (@kira_lyte) reported

    @Fallout I’m a beginner lvl and not a pro at this game and I already got killed by someone online. Can you guys do something about that it’s very annoying just getting targeted without having a team yet and I should have the ability to hop in the online game when I’m ready. Can you fix it

  • Robbingbeard_
    Andrew James Robbingbeard 🏳️‍🌈 (@Robbingbeard_) reported

    @BethesdaStudios #fallout76 I don’t even need any more gameplay to tell you guys this game is broken as **** and an utter disappointment. Bullets that don’t do damage, disappearing power armor frames, lost progress in quests and straight up broken quests. FIX THIS

  • weschhun
    Wes🐼 (@weschhun) reported

    @Fallout I have this horrible framefrate when I use an full auto weapon please fix this!

  • _Fruhmann_
    _Fruhmann_ (@_Fruhmann_) reported

    @Ezikeyal @Gricey01 @BegonePleasee @Fallout You're the second person to say that to me. I had no issues with it. Or at least nothing that was so overtly problematic.

  • LazerSpaceCat
    CookiesandPunch (@LazerSpaceCat) reported

    @Fallout Please please fix the crashing because it always happens when I'm building my camp and I've lost so many workshops that I've claimed because of it. So many caps and resources gone because the game crashes. And it always seems to happen when I'm building my camp

  • TheVoidedTombs
    VoidedTomb (@TheVoidedTombs) reported

    @Fallout Fixing the building problems I hope. Cant place anything without it saying it's colliding with something when everything is green

  • Nnythhm
    Nny (@Nnythhm) reported

    @Fallout My base disappeared and no matter what the base budget does not go down! And i can’t even put wires down to power even water purifiers! please fix!!!

  • KatanaKyokyo
    kyokyo katana (@KatanaKyokyo) reported

    @Fallout Fix luck of the draw or let me respec my points.

  • weschhun
    Wes🐼 (@weschhun) reported

    @Fallout I hate horrible frame rate issues when I use a full auto gun please fix this!!

  • TheChosenMoose
    Larry the Lobster (@TheChosenMoose) reported

    @Mr_Evil_Apples @witchmaster46 @layne_rice @PersistantPro_ @Fallout I don't despise people playing games. Otherwise, I'd be angered since I despise fortnite. What I hate is when AAA game companies release games that are broken, and utter garbage.

  • lewismoores1
    lewis moores (@lewismoores1) reported

    @Chuckwasnothere @johns22ttv @j0324ch @Fallout Shhhhhh! Dont tell them that or they'll fix it

  • DHeartx15
    DragonHeartx15 (@DHeartx15) reported

    @rjwojo91 @Fallout Exactly. How is this fair on us the gamers. £50 is alot of money to me. The game already felt like B.E.T.A but this only assures us that it still is as they are taking the servers down for maintenance just like in the B.E.T.A.

  • UglyFlame
    Ugly Vault Dweller (@UglyFlame) reported

    I know the internet hates #Fallout76 right now but if they can fix the servers to the point where I can play more than 2 hours at a time, I'm going back to it for at least another 10 hours.

  • TanzaLongie
    Tanza (@TanzaLongie) reported

    @BegonePleasee @Fallout I bet you’re still playin none the less.. every game has its problems. I’ve had no problems with mine.

  • CheggVEVO
    💊 Chegg 💊 (@CheggVEVO) reported

    @Fallout Fix Stuttering pls

  • m0rfeu17
    Gabriel M. Almeida (@m0rfeu17) reported

    @BENJA555666 @BigJeezie @Fallout I think people want single-player because they are tired of getting disconnected and seeing enemies spawn in front of them and lag issues.

  • ItsDjDrizify
    Drew 🦃 (@ItsDjDrizify) reported

    @zotheila @Fallout No problem

    END7ESS (@END7ESS) reported

    @SJMClol @Awallace2422 @_Fruhmann_ @Gricey01 @BegonePleasee @Fallout That it takes more effort to maintain online servers. If you think any game is finished when they announce a release date, you are mistaken. Any company selling any software goes by the sell it and fix it later policy.

  • m0rfeu17
    Gabriel M. Almeida (@m0rfeu17) reported

    @Fallout There are lots os issues with this game and I hope to see them fixed.

  • DovahChim
    but why (@DovahChim) reported

    @zotheila @Fallout The game would be broken then, people could grief much easier, dying wouldn't matter at all, it would be much easier and people wouldn't really explore anymore

  • GlennDean18
    Glenn Dean (@GlennDean18) reported

    @GetStoked3 @Fallout Also I can repeat this problem (if it is one) over and over again. No spoiled veggies or fruit is made after they are gone

  • MJLaukala
    𝕸𝕵 (@MJLaukala) reported

    @_Fruhmann_ @Gricey01 @BegonePleasee @Fallout I haven’t had any issue with fallout 76 yet either.

  • _Fruhmann_
    _Fruhmann_ (@_Fruhmann_) reported

    @Awallace2422 @Gricey01 @BegonePleasee @Fallout Oh, true. I wonder what the problem is then. Hmmm... 🤔🤔🤔