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Fallout 76 is an online multiplayer action role-playing video game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the ninth game in the Fallout series and serves as a narrative prequel to the series.

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  • connorabruce Connor (@connorabruce) reported

    @Ghastly_Bunny @numberjuan_1 @Fallout A lot of the people working at Obsidian were from Black Isle studios, so while that is technically true, some fans see Obsidian as Fallout's spiritual home. Also Obsidian, like Interplay, has been beset with money problems since they were founded, so the similarities continue.

  • connorabruce Connor (@connorabruce) reported

    @MarioBMestre @numberjuan_1 @Fallout Sure, it's a ten hour DLC sized game with clunky combat, dated graphics, lots of dialogue and a broken stealth system with a decent story. About 50,000 people still play Fallout 3 and 4 at the same time every day, on Steam alone. No-one will be playing Outer Worlds in 12 months.

  • Seth76932086 Seth (@Seth76932086) reported

    @Fallout Broken ass game

  • Deadpool6621 Deadpool662 (@Deadpool6621) reported

    @saththesergal @Fallout Except that Bethesda isn't stupid enough to put xp boosters in the shop... I think. There's also a perk you can unlock in game that has better effects than the fridge. And also that subscription service is ******* stupid but you don't have to buy it.

  • CharlesSandis Happy_Chappie (@CharlesSandis) reported

    Jedi Fallen Order would've been great if it wasn't such a piece of broken trash. Reminds me of the Fallout76 release. Crashes, bugs, bosses despawning, npc's getting stuck i terrain, and NO Start at last savepoint option. **** EA, business as usual. #StarWarsJediFallenOrder

  • TurtleThiefYT TurtleThief (@TurtleThiefYT) reported

    @Fallout To the Bethesda **** riders, yes there are loads of problems with the game, and with how they manage the game, Seriously stop riding their ***** and accept that this company can **** up, and has. The only way this would have been acceptable was if it was F2P.

  • Skryan0ne Rocco (@Skryan0ne) reported

    @Fallout sometimes when you drink water of food the game freezes in fo76 plz fix

  • bitonalbean wonderful sound strange shape ⓥ (@bitonalbean) reported

    @LordMatheusB @FranciscoUrres1 @Fallout NV > 3, 4 or 76 any day (though 4's settlement builder is great). but don't bring TES into it. they might be broken as shit games (and simplified through the years) but you just mod that stuff back in. tbh I care more about the lore anywho

  • Hazzard348 Harry (@Hazzard348) reported

    @NeetBoyMemeBoy @DrRevolte @Fallout ZeniMax also helped the small development team in making it also and they’re a full online company but the engine they used isn’t supposed to be for multiplayer but for single player which is why it’s mostly buggy so trying to fix a single player engine in multiplayer is hard

  • NeetBoyMemeBoy 2005 MySpace User (@NeetBoyMemeBoy) reported

    @Hazzard348 @DrRevolte @Fallout They should fix the game that people bought first, that logic that they have other games consoomers like you buy come before a game they already released busted is stupid.

  • NeetBoyMemeBoy 2005 MySpace User (@NeetBoyMemeBoy) reported

    @Hazzard348 @DrRevolte @Fallout all those things and they still can't fix this broken game lmao

  • GilDamo81 Damien Gilchrist (@GilDamo81) reported

    @Kingbeyondtheto @thedwnwrdspiral @andthentheyfell @Fallout Ah well they will see the error of their ways after reading this my good man. You truely are the hero we didn't know we needed. Maybe you and Tonto there could band together, become a rag tag crime fighting team and take down all those cases of...great injustice 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • wittyretort77 Name cannot be blank (@wittyretort77) reported

    It's pissing us off! Just ******* fix this stupid ******* game!!!! @BethesdaStudios #Fallout76

  • anthony_casper anthony riccardi (@anthony_casper) reported

    @Fallout I'm good im actually playing a game that doesnt crash every 2 min

  • Kingbeyondtheto Tommy Teetee (@Kingbeyondtheto) reported

    @thedwnwrdspiral @andthentheyfell @GilDamo81 @Fallout I abandoned the game but not the Twitter, because I feel like they haven't learned how much they've ****** up by not fixing issues already present by introducing a subscription for things fans have been asking for since the beginning and generally being *****

  • YubarReingok ThatHAZBINGuy (@YubarReingok) reported

    @Fallout You forgot to add “give us more money for stuff that’s supposed to make the game suck less but is all broken”

  • desidid0 Desidid0 (@desidid0) reported

    @Fallout - Fix the game, maybe.

  • saththesergal Alustriel (@saththesergal) reported

    @Fallout Bethesda: “Now available in the atom shop, for the low low price of 100,000 Atoms, you can get a 30 minute EXP booster. Don’t forget to pick up a $7 fridge and a $100 subscription to our soul sucking Fallout Worst service!”

  • Hazzard348 Harry (@Hazzard348) reported

    @tylarshadows @Fallout Yeah. Could be but my clothes also come off. Like they don’t disappear they just all of a sudden come off my character making me have to re-equip them. Like what a horny glitch that one is

  • xXJAK21Xx xXJAK21Xx (@xXJAK21Xx) reported

    @NeimadsAttic All you have to do to crash a Bathesda game these days, is simply launch it. Yeah #Fallout76 I'm looking at you.

  • WarHammer1112 David WarHammer-Wineholt (@WarHammer1112) reported from West York, Pennsylvania

    @SkullziTV 12 people made Obsidians game not "hundreds" with "help" from all the other zenimax studios to make a game that creates problems to sell them back to you in #Fallout76 It looks and plays almost exactly like the 2015 version. A reskin 12 people making a game should be celebrated

  • ConnorNorth10 Connor North (@ConnorNorth10) reported

    @CommunistSatan @Fallout I'm pretty sure they already have. Had issues for so long trying to run FO3 on windows 10, woke up to a steam update and now have no issues at all :)

  • NickVal22180391 NickValentine (@NickVal22180391) reported

    @NMission2 @Fallout Cant fix whats dead

  • SPARTANSCOTSMN scotsmn 🇺🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇺🇸 (@SPARTANSCOTSMN) reported

    @Stormspirit20 @Huerta93Till That and so many AAA games are released in a broken state relying on day1 patches to even be functional <cough> fallout76 <cough> people are right to complain, a lot.

  • SpiffySeawolf Spiffy (@SpiffySeawolf) reported

    @OuterWorlds Boo just like #fallout76 never getting anything done and making us suffer though a decent game with minor issues.

  • Lorsh_Zontek LorshZontek (@Lorsh_Zontek) reported

    @enlightenedlibr @Fallout If it is not broken at laugh then no

  • LN_RuleYOURface Samuel Hofer (@LN_RuleYOURface) reported

    @GeneralNihilism @IgtIan @BethesdaSupport @Fallout The problem is, you bought the game, so you don't matter as much. Triple A companies listener to your wallet more than you, don't like it or don't think you'll like, don't buy it. For example, I waited on this game, didn't like what I saw, didn't buy it. To them,any press is good

  • LN_RuleYOURface Samuel Hofer (@LN_RuleYOURface) reported

    @Celtics_fan78 @jmalloy_96 @BethesdaSupport @Fallout Sure, the game is possible without these conveniences, but they all fix the games biggest problems that shouldn't have been in the game from launch. It's depressing to see the community just stay silent, because you'll have your limit too at some point, but it'll be too late then

  • chimichangakinz 🍁 Cranberry Cobbler Kinzie 🍁 (@chimichangakinz) reported

    @GamesTwiceOver @steeztabor @Fallout No problem, my dude 😋

  • bocaj_gonzalez Jacob 🕴 (@bocaj_gonzalez) reported

    @Fallout fix your game

  • WildFrehley Johnny Stek (@WildFrehley) reported

    @Fallout I am having issues with 76, any time i play NW i get booted off the server, where as i play the regular version with no issues, also the game does freeze up for me when i try to enter westek, i tried logging onto my bethesda account, doesnt work.

  • GamesTwiceOver Games Twice-Over (@GamesTwiceOver) reported

    @CommunistSatan @redtornado_ @Fallout Only kinda help. They work, but in the immortal words of Todd, 'it JUST works.' They crash a lot. Reduced crashes, yeah. But not removed. Fallout 3 being the worst offender, holy moly.

  • rmiller012 Richard Miller (@rmiller012) reported

    @jmalloy_96 @BethesdaSupport @Fallout Why don’t you login and find out

  • TechnoGhosty Hazza ☮ (@TechnoGhosty) reported

    @Fallout This isn’t saving the fact youre over charging to fix a buggy game

  • CommunistSatan The Great Talking Head (@CommunistSatan) reported

    @GamesTwiceOver @redtornado_ @Fallout Fan made patches make it work, so clearly its not some insurmountable issue.

  • vaporfade Richard, but Festive (@vaporfade) reported

    @Fallout Fix your damn equipment

  • Ma1Yass Red Mist Jahver Nephi, the Creator (@Ma1Yass) reported

    @Fallout fix fallout 76 you corporate *****

  • CrimZon_666 ⛧𝕮𝖗𝖎𝖒𝖅𝖔𝖓⛧ (@CrimZon_666) reported

    @Fallout Please ruin the franchise and charge us money for you to make shallow promises to maybe fix the game someday! Bethesda: OK 👍

  • boston2la Andy Pike (@boston2la) reported

    @Fallout They obviously have Climate Change issues as well.

  • AzariahRaivo Dude (@AzariahRaivo) reported

    @Fallout Fix the bugs first, can't even finish the game without crashing

  • Kingbeyondtheto Tommy Teetee (@Kingbeyondtheto) reported

    @Fallout Fallout: We got some new shit! Fallout fans: Fix your broken shit first! Fallout: **** you!Were gonna charge a subscription for our broken game! Fallout Fans: You're subscription service is broke. Fallout: we got new shit for our old game!

  • Kalypstra Beks "Emerald Siren" (@Kalypstra) reported

    @Tuc396 @Fallout I did have it and disabled that as I found that before trying to disable all CC content. I still had an issue with just the dogs. :( It's fixed now, thankfully, just still illustrates my point that their own content breaks the game :P

  • BrunoMaltus Bruno Malta (@BrunoMaltus) reported

    @Fallout For sure is a paying service that will be introduced.

  • DwayneWlgtn Dwayne Wellington (@DwayneWlgtn) reported

    @Fallout Fix the 9 kb bug on ps4 and i will buy all of them.

  • bruzewanye bruse wane (@bruzewanye) reported

    @sheepkind @Fallout fallout 4 doesn't have a subscription service and since fo76 does and it has been rightfully ridiculed one should then use context clues to determine its a mocking joke

  • santucho99 Santiago~ (@santucho99) reported

    @Fallout fix your game retards

  • MCplusone1 GoodKnightSlayer (@MCplusone1) reported from Portland, Oregon

    @Jacob93100293 @BaconDragonArt @alliee_EV @Fallout If Bethesda really cared they wouldn’t have released a broken piece of crap game.

  • VicBossFaalGein SignalFire (@VicBossFaalGein) reported

    @Daniel45582301 @xAstral_Maria @ItsTinpots @Fallout Good games don't come out extremely broken and try to scam their playerbase with microtransactions. Fallout 4 is Fallout 76 but actually good.

  • FuckerSwitch Louis Z (@FuckerSwitch) reported

    @wasteland_dude @Fallout @AppalachiaHowie @ObnoxiousDarth @Pantagruelia @wilwonka @WastelandSam @derby322 @ohnosoph @Ammoninja @bethesda 1 year since I spent over £100 on a broken game that sucks...

  • TotallyNotMeGb Xoxel (@TotallyNotMeGb) reported

    @InsertCoinTees @MickyDoherty5 @Bethesda_UK Doesn't make up for fallout76's growing list of problems, the mobile TES, the last Wolfenstein which is god awfull and all the lies surrounding those. But props on the merch, u guys always make great products, talent wasted on this company tho.

  • andthentheyfell 刀の 丂ノム刀ムレ (@andthentheyfell) reported

    @Fallout They’ve turned the base game into an advertisement for the sub service put player suggested content behind a pay wall BROKE the cosmetic-only promise and had the audacity to say it’s what we asked for🤯 reselling creation club content I could go on. My heart misses fallout R.I.P

  • dunn122003 MelodicVirus118 (@dunn122003) reported

    @Fallout Idk the outer Worlds looks really good imo Also your customer service is worse than Playstation's

  • AndrewB78750835 AB (@AndrewB78750835) reported

    @Pedram774 @VKumaSakuV @HippeusOmega @OlderGamers @danieltfisher1 @BethesdaStudios @Fallout Fallout 76 is a broken, buggy mess with a company that’s getting sued and slapped by the government for being a greedy, lying sack of subhuman shit, and the other is an as-advertised RPG game that was free with game pass. I just compared them.

  • xAstral_Maria TL_Nik0n (@xAstral_Maria) reported

    @jpoteat2011 @xNoc007 @ItsTinpots @Fallout No game is perfect. I never suggested that was the case. Here's a small list of other "AAA" games that released in 2018 that weren't/aren't broken. Monster Hunter World Yakuza 6 A Way Out God of War Pillars of Eternity 2 Honestly most games aren't total piles of shit.

  • David747Heavy David R. Veloz (@David747Heavy) reported

    It has been a year since @Fallout 76 was released, in a completely broken state. $60 for a game that barely functions.

  • xAstral_Maria TL_Nik0n (@xAstral_Maria) reported

    @jpoteat2011 @xNoc007 @ItsTinpots @Fallout "Has it's issues like every game" Lmao

  • habeling7878 Howard Abeling (@habeling7878) reported

    Parts of Fallout76 are just plain irritating. For example, the avatar eats and drinks a hundred times more than real life (or dies). Bethesda should fix.

  • Johnnybonez69 Johnny Martin (@Johnnybonez69) reported

    @wasteland_dude @Fallout @AppalachiaHowie @ObnoxiousDarth @Pantagruelia @wilwonka @WastelandSam @derby322 @ohnosoph @Ammoninja @bethesda Broken game. Broken promises. Players banned for finding bugs. Ya, year one was a blast

  • SitDownAndPlayy Stop being idle smh (@SitDownAndPlayy) reported

    @appalachianter1 @Fallout Except the butt part is broken like war 😒😒😒

  • Skryan0ne Rocco (@Skryan0ne) reported

    @Fallout I'm trying to fix my nuclear winter perk cards but every time I load in the game is about 2 start