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Fortnite is a co-op and battle royale sandbox survival video game developed by People Can Fly and published by Epic Games.

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  • astr0TheGamer paul | forever a joy-con boy🙏🏼🤘🏼 (@astr0TheGamer) reported

    @FortniteFunny @FortniteGame can you fix this please

  • Jan60067374 jancimpre (@Jan60067374) reported

    @FortniteGame I have issue with Bunker Jonsey. I am battle pass tier 73 but can't do the challenges for Bunker Jonsey. My epic gamer tag is janfoxy

  • yaboitrey16 Trey Freeman (@yaboitrey16) reported


  • MettaFN Code Metta (@MettaFN) reported

    Arena is the most ****** game I just get turrets spammed at me like take them out the game! @FortniteGame **** you bastards fix your damn game you add to much bullshit in this recent patch and don’t remove the right things and add useless things like the damn 3 burst!!!

  • lechroach Isaac Gonzales (@lechroach) reported

    @FortniteGame Y’all need to fix this hearing shit on the game can’t even here a person break a wall behind me.

  • ffwsqaud i need ikonik for 19c or lower (@ffwsqaud) reported

    @FortniteGame Matchmaking is not working

  • mrpickl20505895 mr.pickle (@mrpickl20505895) reported

    @FortniteGame umm... your squads and duos fill is broken

  • SB_Quakes Quakes (@SB_Quakes) reported


  • NotQuickly Quickly ツ (@NotQuickly) reported


  • VortexIsDaddy Daddy Vortex (@VortexIsDaddy) reported

    @bhlissfps @FortniteGame @EpicGames Personally think that like I said if siphon was an option like fill or no fill it would fix the game , ttv sweats would stay in siphon , and more casual players would play regular pubs , it would make queues longer but would make everyone happy

  • SalahWaleed8 Salah Waleed (@SalahWaleed8) reported

    @FortniteGame Hey, the new shadow bundle didn't appear to me and some people have the same problem .it didn't appear to some people 😥

  • therealalexholl Alex Holland (@therealalexholl) reported

    Two straight games where I had 3 kills and it froze. Fix it @FortniteGame

  • TTOAlexisjade33 TTO_AlexisJade33 (@TTOAlexisjade33) reported

    Can @FortniteGame fix the snobby shores Fortbyte! So annoying been trying for weeks.

  • Jeffyisone14 Jeffyisone1 (@Jeffyisone14) reported

    @NicsterV Let 1v1 on fortnite I don't have a mic because it broken I did a challenge if I win a fortnite game underwater I will win 150000k vbucks

  • KalebBTW Kaleb (@KalebBTW) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix your servers

  • Raymartthekille ShadowNinja265Junior (@Raymartthekille) reported

    @FortniteGame fix your tactical shotgun pls. because every time I shot someone it doesn't do damage but everytime i aim for the head i do damage

  • lilTayzz OTR_Tayzz (@lilTayzz) reported

    @FortniteGame sucks i just lagged out of a 8 kill game i literally havent lagged all day and the 1 game with like 30 ping i lag out😂😂

  • bryan_carvo spook (@bryan_carvo) reported

    @HollowPoiint Fortnite is broken and ass... change my mind

  • bkjamin1 Not So Evil Scotsman (@bkjamin1) reported

    @FortniteGame a list off current issues. Frame rate is broken, auto run is broken, auto pick up broken, get hit and big blue flare takes over the whole screen broken. Other than that games fantastic... Oh yeah game still doesnt render in so broken... Delayed building.. Broken.

  • MatthewCamaren2 Matthew Camarena (@MatthewCamaren2) reported

    @FortniteGame @EpicGames fix ur motha ******* zip lines

  • Evan40339473 Evan (@Evan40339473) reported

    @FortniteGame Like for them to fix fortbyte 89 and 70

  • SmugThat That_Smug_Engie (@SmugThat) reported

    @FortniteGame So I just want to point out that I am unable to get the Nana Cape for bunker jonesy and I think it's a big but I dont know how to fix it, help @EpicGames

  • Evan40339473 Evan (@Evan40339473) reported

    @FortniteGame Please please please fix fortbyte #70 and #89 the rings aren’t showing up.

  • duane3best duane3best (@duane3best) reported

    @FortniteGame Please fix your game literally ever person I fight goes through my wall😡

  • ltlunchbox Hammer (Commission slots are full) (@ltlunchbox) reported

    @GingaNinja977 @Seananners2334_ @MarqKnight @justrube @FortniteGame Hey, I don't have a problem with that game. Everybody can play whatever game they want. That's called freedom of opinion. Its kist been my experience that the people I've interacted with who play that game are not the smartest. Not need to get all salty and try to insult me.

  • XxSmallfryxX Smallfry (@XxSmallfryxX) reported

    @FortniteGame FIX TURBO BUILD ON CONSLE!! Your game is turning into shit

  • jmunguia16 Jonathan (@jmunguia16) reported

    Why is it that when I get shield knocked off I can’t see shit in a close range combat fix it @FortniteGame

  • CourtAblaze CourtAblaze (@CourtAblaze) reported

    @FortniteGame can yous fix the ******* fortnite 89 snobby shores glitch this is a ******* joke

  • VitalSenpai Vital (@VitalSenpai) reported

    Here's the thing, my facecam uses resources on my computer, and while running Fortnite it will be lagging a bit, So I will only use face Cam on other games like horror games and stuff, hope yall understand, and it will allow me to stream longer and relax. hopefully you understand

  • kryptoniansatyr TON-EL (@kryptoniansatyr) reported

    I don’t know if it’s @FortniteGame or @PlayStation but someone’s ******* up. Walls don’t build when you tell them to. Fortbyte #89 is legit broken & you can’t see the “rings”. Just a couple of issues to be noted.

  • bkjamin1 Not So Evil Scotsman (@bkjamin1) reported

    Yeah @FortniteGame Im on xbox and theres really bad frame rate issues definitely.

  • bkjamin1 Not So Evil Scotsman (@bkjamin1) reported

    @FortniteGame I dont know if anyone else has this issue but on consoles the frame rate is really bad I just reset my console to see if thats a problem.

  • Brendan63965077 Brendan (@Brendan63965077) reported

    @FortniteGame can you get the 2fa system right cause it not working for m3

  • MemesConner Conner Memes (@MemesConner) reported

    @FortniteGame My game keeps crashing and I play in mobile. Epic please fix after vacation

  • specialfx09 Brandon Williams (@specialfx09) reported

    Fortnite fix your game

  • mousebakingpie ୨♡୧ toast ୨♡୧ ଘʕ੭•ᴥ•ʔ੭ (@mousebakingpie) reported

    Just heard Christian give his fortnite account login to his little brother I’m going to hack him and take his vbucks

  • M_R_Page Chad Page (@M_R_Page) reported

    @FortniteGame I am still having a problem with week 2 challange air vents. I use them every match and it still won't count. Please help.

  • neversurf Al Wazewright 🌸🔬🧬👁️🌺 (@neversurf) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix that thing on their feet, Jesus

  • airfnbr Air (@airfnbr) reported

    im trying to sign in but the code to sign dosent not apper in my email @FortniteGame

  • xCiscoly CMoney™ Cisco (@xCiscoly) reported

    @ItzJyln @FortniteGame U can fix that bro

  • AshfireRocks Alyssa 🐺 (@AshfireRocks) reported

    @Carissa__Rae @SetSubarashii_ @FortniteGame @EpicGames I'm having the same issue with this one and with the scarlet gilder one. No rings or triangles are popping up

  • mike101884 Michael davis (@mike101884) reported

    I mean if ur gonna have an OP shotty @FortniteGame atleast fix ur ******* audio so I can hear them walk behind me holy ****

  • connomccarthy Ryan O'ConnoMcCarthy (@connomccarthy) reported

    @FortniteGame pls fix fortbyte 89

  • cbiggs1234 Biggs (@cbiggs1234) reported

    @FortniteGame fix your ping issues please

  • ExTxDre Andreas (@ExTxDre) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix the feet they shouldn’t be like that, they should be regular feet. They makes model run weird almost like their sliding instead of running

  • RxZoR_gOaT RxZoR_SA (@RxZoR_gOaT) reported

    @Jayy90087071 Ok my fortnite is not working so I can’t right now

  • FStormyyyyyyy Fx Stormyyyyyyy (@FStormyyyyyyy) reported

    @FortniteGame The only problem is the feet

  • KnucklzYT UgandaKnuckles (@KnucklzYT) reported

    @galaxys10 I had a phone to get the ikonik skin in Fortnite but it’s not working can I have a code for it to work

  • space_tiger03 Space_tiger03 (@space_tiger03) reported

    @EpicGames Make more fortnite servers and fix connectivity

  • ItsNotAirmac18 ERMAC (@ItsNotAirmac18) reported

    @FortniteGame Please fix the feet its weird i know that its mean to be a toy but its ugly as shit

  • finaIIyy finally (@finaIIyy) reported

    I may not be able to ever play fortnite again :( I get a consistent 20 fps and there seems to be no fix

  • finaIIyy finally (@finaIIyy) reported

    i may not be able to ever play fortnite again :( I get a consistent 20 fps and there seems to be no fix

  • IntenseClipzYT (@IntenseClipzYT) reported

    @CallofDuty Sort your problems out. Give us a decent game to play! More people play @FortniteGame more then this game that you actually have to pay for!

  • Jakekrom14 Jake Krom (@Jakekrom14) reported

    @FortniteGame get 5 kills in loot lake and die to the storm. Fix your ******* game

  • TDirtman We love Lain (@TDirtman) reported

    @Animefeetrespe1 all games except arena fps do, the problem is that the only games with communities are league of legends, fortnite, apex legends, and MAYBE WoW still

  • Harryge29626477 Harry george (@Harryge29626477) reported

    @Meeechs @FortniteGame Yeah blank hit markers are a problem with the burst smg

  • iTacoYou YouTube: iTacoYou (@iTacoYou) reported

    Everytime I try to stream I just get kicked offline cause @FortniteGame is dog shit🤢🤢🤢 not everybody has 0 ping ******* FIX UR SHIT🙄🙄🤧

  • iTacoYou YouTube: iTacoYou (@iTacoYou) reported

    Can’t stream #Fortnite rn game is awfully ******* laggy rn @FortniteGame fix ur damn servers shit

  • JeshuaJIMENEZ12 Jeshua J (@JeshuaJIMENEZ12) reported

    @FortniteGame Epic one of my creative islands are not working it says ERROR:.... PLZ FIX THIS NOW😭

  • Mahmoud69839483 Mahmoud Hossam (@Mahmoud69839483) reported

    Why the EU servers in fortnite it doesn't let me go in the match I press ready I am in the loading screen ok then 1 min pass it brings me back to lobby it ack we lost connection please try again later after 1 hour passed I join a game in the middle of the game I freezzed fix it