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Fortnite is a co-op and battle royale sandbox survival video game developed by People Can Fly and published by Epic Games.

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  • AstroAvery1 AstroAvery (@AstroAvery1) reported

    Last game of the day, 16 kills and your game crashes on a 2v2 @FortniteGame FIX YOUR GAME ALREADY !!!!!!

  • holakease_16 Nothing (@holakease_16) reported

    @FortniteGame **** you Stupid match making 8hr playing, 0 victory, a lot of ******* lag in your servers wtfffff **** youuuuuu

  • J_Jammer Jeremiah Jericho (@J_Jammer) reported

    @thewillwitt I understand why he's upset. He put all his eggs in one basket and they're all broken now and he has nowhere to turn. Had he thought outside of his boxed in idea for life, he would've already figured what he was going to do after Fortnite. He needs to suck it up buttercup.

  • Zubair_sapra Muhammad Zubair (@Zubair_sapra) reported

    @FortniteGame i am having login issues with chapter two! Every time i try to login i get an error with login failed! Please help!

  • ItsJNinja_ JunctionNinja (@ItsJNinja_) reported

    Hey, I got a cheap af Fortnite Save The World! It's Xbox redeemable and you must login on an xbox to claim it - I'll get it for you and it is 15$ PayPal - dm me to get

  • 2CodeRed4U Dakota Honaker (@2CodeRed4U) reported

    @FortniteGame fix your game

  • FTPT0 🗽 (@FTPT0) reported

    @FortniteGame mobility better b in the update too or its not even a point in playing anymore because you get the same across the map zone everytime its not even acouple games its every ******* game the same unfun rigged ******* game fix this shit and actually make a fun game you ******* losers

  • gabriellequary gabrielle 👸🏾💖 (@gabriellequary) reported from Los Angeles, California

    Fortnite is such a broken game 🙂🙂

  • DaddyShark_1016 DaddyShark (@DaddyShark_1016) reported

    If anyone needs me I’m going to run from my problems by playing ******* fortnite til 4 am 😕

  • ddd625 🖤 (@ddd625) reported

    @FortniteGame you guys really need to fix matching making man I can’t even play a ******* game an have fun anymore as soon as I leveled up I can’t even catch a break. SKILL MATCHMAKING NEED TO BE BASED ON K/D AN W/L RATIO NOT LEVEL

  • mrsheeplette Arun Jena (@mrsheeplette) reported

    eBay account hacked. Some idiot buys a few Fortnite wand or something and multiple $1 charges. @AmexUK to the rescue. 24 hours customer fraud prevention service. @eBay_UK have to wait until 8am to open 🙄. Beautiful way to start a Wednesday

  • D4RKClanYT D4RK Clan (@D4RKClanYT) reported

    @SilencxerES @TheMrJPistachio @NataIiaKarina Didn’t say all of us play fortnite. Just 2/5. Just had a lot of issues trying to play at our first lan but it’s no biggie.

  • KillerA5h KillerA5h (@KillerA5h) reported


  • SkipperBrittni Brit (@SkipperBrittni) reported

    remember when fortnite was broken

  • bitchreplied ✶ YNW Potential ✶ LV (@bitchreplied) reported

    I’m quitting fortnite until epic fixes this shit ! I love the com but @Epicgames is making me ******* lag on 20 ping and then rising my shit to 100 making my frames ass like wtf epic fix you ******* game creative laggy for console ong 😔😔😔

  • Kweru1 Kweru (@Kweru1) reported

    @FortniteGame fix ur game the cash cup isn’t working for OCE I mean you don’t care about is anyway...

  • Treasure_Callum Callum (@Treasure_Callum) reported

    @ItzBullzye @FortniteGame I mean I’d still have a problem with it being 1500 plus I wasn’t even going to buy her anyway but i manly felt bad for the people that actually wanted her

  • APK_Risky Risky (@APK_Risky) reported

    Breathe Risky it will be ok #fortnite isn't the problem you are your trash

  • Angel2385701111 Angel_23 (@Angel2385701111) reported

    @FortniteGame Hi, I wanted to see if you can help me with a problem I had last night, I put a playstation card to my ps4 to buy turkeys and I bought the pack of 40 dollars in turkeys and then I bought the pack of 5 dollars and I only The pack of 5 dollars has arrived and I wanted

  • Jose40555895 gesugo tataso (@Jose40555895) reported

    @FortniteGame how ******* clueless are you we ban people but not let's not fix how many times you can go tho people but let's ban people who use aik not but not fix this glitch ******* dumbass

  • insectjones insectjones (@insectjones) reported


  • iRayFN Ray (@iRayFN) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix playground spanning......PLZ

  • gaming_dirtydan 🦃Dirtydan Gaming🦃 (@gaming_dirtydan) reported

    @FortniteGame some of your STW guns are just randomly way to loud and are like blowing my ear drums out so like fix this examples are the dead eye and some of the explosive weapons

  • mochifnbr mochi (@mochifnbr) reported

    on top of that my hand feels like its broken, like i dont wanna play fortnite but everyone is telling me to and "making" me, or maybe their not and its my mind, dont know, had a shitty day, whatever bye

  • mallovesyou mal needs help (@mallovesyou) reported

    bro @FNCompetitive @FortniteGame you guys wanna fix the fact that me or my teamates get kicked from matches all the time. we also hit continue and it just ******* kicks us all. it’s been a month and this happens great game

  • EpicNeb TheEpicNeb (@EpicNeb) reported

    @FortniteGame FIX UR DAMN SHOTGUNS

  • ValienteMusicGT Valiente (@ValienteMusicGT) reported

    @FortniteGame Your ****** game is having issues with the goddamn graphics on PC!!!! Fix your shit!!!!

  • __gholmes_ fortnite is dog shit (@__gholmes_) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix your shit game

  • Eric12089806 Koughinggg (@Eric12089806) reported

    @FortniteGame Fix your damn game please!!! How do you expect people to keep playing Fortnite if you aren't gonna make updates to keep the game good. Pubs aren't even enjoyable. skill based match making absolute do shit. Hope you fix it fast because im on the verge.

  • DFCLUZ DFC (@DFCLUZ) reported

    @kRimiCSGO @CSGO There's so many cheaters in CS, Valve is quiet, like if VAC works great.... While Fortnite bans cheaters for life, Valve cant see a problem... There have always been cheaters, but never like now. It's EVERY MATCH/MODE! Even third party anticheats, you see, 2000+ bans per week!

  • PhazeTV | Return the Slab.. | (@PhazeTV) reported

    @SovereigntyFN I’m thinking it’s just fortnite bro cause im having the same issue. My stream always messes up on fortnite

  • Jerrydaygaming Jerrydaygaming (@Jerrydaygaming) reported

    Okay @EpicGames literally fix fortnite it is so goddamn broken, it gives many people blank fricking hit markers, it won't let me place builds without waiting at least 4 seconds, and the tacs are overpowered while the pumps are WAY underpowered. FIX YOUR GAME EPIC!!!

  • sationix Sationix (@sationix) reported

    @alighta13 @FortniteGame I had a similar problem. It turned out later that I could play only solo because my status was set to Private. Now at least 2 players are always joining my matches so I don't think STW is dead.

  • maybe_moose Marsh ⚔️🛡️ (@maybe_moose) reported

    they should do what fortnite did and disable video saves for the software, i think that might fix some framerate issues

  • Staydownnn Staydownn (@Staydownnn) reported

    @ShahkzYT @FortniteGame LMAO SHOT GUNS ARE BROKEN @FortniteGame

  • Headdband Headdband (@Headdband) reported

    @FortniteGame I hate this game and what you’ve done to it with such an uncontrollable passion. I truly hope the developers crash in a snowstorm this winter, get concussions, and are stuck in a snow bank for hours and hours before they are found.

  • baitemdev Baitem (@baitemdev) reported

    @moonIighght @halfpancaku @FortniteGame oh yyaaa she kinda hot too got a problem

  • ccrowley2499 Connor Crowley (@ccrowley2499) reported

    @PlayApex hey how about we fix foot steps so when's someone's 2 feet away from you you can actually hear them so dumb, even fortnite you can hear people might not be able to tell where they are but you can hear them pathetic

  • kurys_dab Cyberclops (@kurys_dab) reported

    @Expandedsky5280 @CertifiedDumbas @FortniteGame Remember that switch has problems with running br

  • Xstream860 Xstream310 (@Xstream860) reported

    @FortniteGame Your Save the World is bugged the rewards arent being given when completing the mission and had to do them again. Please fix this and thank you.

  • HB_FNBR [CSC]Honee (@HB_FNBR) reported

    Hey @EpicGames fix @FortniteGame tomorrow... why are we in the 5th week of the newest season and STILL since day 1 aren’t able to render items within 2 seconds of grabbing or marking them. #Fortnite @HB_FNBR

  • masonsmomkrich korrie richards (@masonsmomkrich) reported

    @FortniteGame My son spends his allowance on this game each month and because of an account setup issue with @EpicGames he will not get the Merry Mint Pick axe. He is devastated. Spent money to get the code and now nothing can be done. Please make this right.

  • MinecraftWitha Masked Magician (@MinecraftWitha) reported

    @BroGamerTheGame @NintendoAmerica There is no glitch also you don't need the online pass to play the free to play games like fortnite..

  • GabrielFurImmer DesconocidoPolémico (@GabrielFurImmer) reported

    @smilepoter The problem is that fortnite already had a mode where you can play with people of similar skill called "Arena". Epic put skillbased matchmaking in publics, that's the problem.

  • shnboe2019 Anime Forever (@shnboe2019) reported

    Fortnite update tomorrow I just hope they fix the Badages Bazooka weapon

  • FBNR_Leaks FNBR-Leaks(ㅇㅅㅇ) (@FBNR_Leaks) reported

    @FortniteGame fix your stupid Playground/Creative glitch where you spawn floating off of the island.

  • LYRCMck Jon (@LYRCMck) reported

    @MysticMeerkat @barman_andrew @FortniteStatus Its balanced but boring. That's the problem. As much as I hate to say it, Fortnite was made by the gimmicks

  • rchrq rchrd (@rchrq) reported

    why ******** does fortnite crash

  • TTV_ParilFN TTV_ParilFN | USE CODE RATE (@TTV_ParilFN) reported

    @FortniteGame fix your servers

  • MikePugnetti Michael Pugnetti (@MikePugnetti) reported

    @TheUltraLex I don’t see an issue with FaZe making a bday post about this kid, as long as he admits his mistakes and stays banned from fortnite and move his career elsewhere to a different game, this is different than hacking in competition and his public embarrassment and owning it is enuf

  • Tay38461811 Tay (@Tay38461811) reported

    Fukkk @FortniteGame full the game full the lag I want my fukking refuse in if dont y’all find out

  • Br1Ghtestday BR1GHTESTDAY (@Br1Ghtestday) reported

    @AlpineJen @WatchMixer This isn't a mixer issue or an issue really. People like to see reactions but there are partners with avatars instead of cams,partners who only got cams recently neither are better but people like what they like. For instance I don't view teen or fortnite

  • BlackDraco5 Dragonhunter0988 (@BlackDraco5) reported

    @FortniteGame fix your damn game, no reason the game audio should cut out for no reason mid game

  • stufflyD stufflyD (@stufflyD) reported

    @Javier03673121 @StormLeak @EpicBoost Create an account on the Xbox app for pc or mobile. Link it to eic games. Then redeem. You need to login to fortnite on Xbox to claim though

  • c0keplayz c0ke 🎃 (@c0keplayz) reported

    @Dety0 @FortniteGame @NVIDIAGeForce @nvidia @EpicGames bruh moment. still does that weird ass glitch

  • dylan35874435 variablerex137 (@dylan35874435) reported

    Fix ******* playground @FortniteGame

  • ItzSyx Itz Syx (@ItzSyx) reported

    @FortniteGame @XboxSupport I play kb&m on xbox, while playing fortnite, and recently my keys haven’t been registering and I am unable to play, I got on it was fine, I restarted my internet because of lag so when I restarted the game a bunch of my keys weren’t registering

  • Felixcruz849gm1 FelixThe3rd (@Felixcruz849gm1) reported

    @FortniteGame Are you guys trying to fix playground it's pretty bad right now

  • Blezzi_ Blez (@Blezzi_) reported

    My heart got broken and I’ve just been so unlucky... I guess I should’ve left a like on all the fortnite videos since I have bad luck now😅😂

  • parallolToFu ll ToFu (@parallolToFu) reported

    @Myykoa The content is good. The problem is that there are too many people who are trying to grind for a popularity spot in fortnite. So the people who aren't there yet really have no chance unless you get known by a big team or player.