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Friday the 13th: The Game is a survival horror video game developed by Gun Media and IllFonic, and published by Gun Media. It is based on the franchise of the same name owned by New Line Cinema.

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  • IndieMeshArtist Scott (@IndieMeshArtist) reported

    @Friday13thGame @fearthegun When are you going to fix the console versions

  • GunMediaSupport Gun Media Support (@GunMediaSupport) reported

    @ItsZayneFML @kaiden_zavier @Friday13thGame @F13GameSupport This is definitely something that others have had success with. In our case, this could introduce issues due to the varied terrain across the different maps and wouldn't provide a fix for the trap methods currently being used. Which would leave the root cause in place.

  • The80sSlasher The 80's Slasher™ (@The80sSlasher) reported

    @MissClemm @Friday13thGame @fearthegun Exactly. Its been an issue since launch and everyone thought this shit would end with the engine upgrade. Nope it got way worse. I love the game and play everyday. I just want the issues fixed so maybe people will play again and the game won't be dead.

  • FredHerrieNL Fred Herrie NL (@FredHerrieNL) reported

    @GunMediaSupport @ItsZayneFML @Friday13thGame @F13GameSupport Funny when I started playing this game, a few weeks after release that glitch and that exact same reply was given and now almost 2 years later, nothing changed

  • Defe_lopez Federico López (@Defe_lopez) reported

    @Friday13thGame Yes, all very nice but fix the game that is full of errors. And most importantly, no one else can climb the roof of the house.

  • eaterofworlds84 Jason newell (@eaterofworlds84) reported

    @Friday13thGame why did you guys patch Jason getting on the roof it but not the counselors now we can't even get to the ******** on roof plus the new patch glitched the environment kills fix it **** sake you refuse to put new content make the current game playable!

  • anichole92 Ashley T (@anichole92) reported

    @ItsZayneFML @Friday13thGame @GunMediaSupport @F13GameSupport no matter what they fix, they’ll just create other glitches and it’s going to be a never ending cycle bc there’s always going to be ppl trying to find those exploits

  • anichole92 Ashley T (@anichole92) reported

    @ItsZayneFML @Friday13thGame @GunMediaSupport @F13GameSupport even if they fix it, they’re still going to create another glitch. they fixed the roof glitch at the main house on pinehurst and down by franklin’s canyon. now there are 2 new glitches on pinehurst.

  • LSSRBrolyBlack 🐉SuperSaiyan4Shawn🛡 (@LSSRBrolyBlack) reported

    @ItsZayneFML @Friday13thGame @GunMediaSupport @F13GameSupport They Won’t Fix This The’ll Just Push It Aside Like Every Other Glitch

  • Silas45587849 Silas (@Silas45587849) reported

    @Friday13thGame i’ve had my car get stuck in the air, get stuck in windows and had to set through so many matches watching people set on windows and team with jason. i understand that you can not fix the bear trap glitch right now so please work on some of these other glitches.

  • h_arryt Harry (@h_arryt) reported

    @GunMediaSupport @ItsZayneFML @Friday13thGame @F13GameSupport If none of you can fix this, just an idea but add steps on the side of the house and make the roof a playable location, so Jason can morph and stuff onto the riff, the steps will allow Jason and councillors to get up there without glitching up there and will stop ruining games

  • MissClemm Blair (@MissClemm) reported

    @GunMediaSupport @ItsZayneFML @Friday13thGame @F13GameSupport I mean that’s been an issue since release but ok

  • ItsZayneFML it's zayne (@ItsZayneFML) reported

    @BTMHopkins @Friday13thGame @GunMediaSupport @F13GameSupport I know how to do it. I still haven't done it. It ruins the game for everyone else. Watching this, even though I wasn't Jason, just made me annoyed. I don't feel the need to do the glitch. Plus, I feel like it would be really boring doing nothing all game, like, what's the point.

  • The80sSlasher The 80's Slasher™ (@The80sSlasher) reported

    @Emp_DancingBear @Friday13thGame @fearthegun No offense but if you're not out of there before he gets his rage then you're not working as a team. That was implimented because people would troll all game and it just was boring.

  • The80sSlasher The 80's Slasher™ (@The80sSlasher) reported

    @TPlays115 @Friday13thGame @fearthegun Thats a new issue. But what I meant by kills, some of the grab kills wouldn't work at all. They'd what the environmental kills are doing now. I'm not asking for new shit just make the car and kills work and take away collision on the roof so when you get up there you just fall.

  • QueenCupcakKeYT Queen CupcakKe (@QueenCupcakKeYT) reported

    I think now that @Friday13thGame probably won’t be getting any more content, the devs thought it would be okay to just not fix any of the bugs that are still there.

  • mexico1love Parzival (@mexico1love) reported

    @Friday13thGame Fix the damn game. People are still able to get on the roof.

  • The80sSlasher The 80's Slasher™ (@The80sSlasher) reported

    @Friday13thGame @fearthegun No offense but for 2 years you guys have been saying this same thing. Like there's no new content coming. So without sounding like a **** what are the "bug fixes" the team is working on because the car, roof and kills still broken.

  • SilentShow0ff $ilentShoe (@SilentShow0ff) reported

    @Friday13thGame Fix your game

  • ThePlumeNow ThePlume (@ThePlumeNow) reported

    @Friday13thGame @keshawn_pinnock Found that list of "related issues" you're knocking off: 1) Take money. 2) Run.

  • ReAnimateHer_ ReAnimateHer[💀Offline] (@ReAnimateHer_) reported

    @RonDeano @fearthegun @Friday13thGame @WatchMixer No problem Horde hangs out in my channel usually farming sparks they just jumped on over. I hate days like that with Jason lol..had a good time hanging out.

  • winstove winston (@winstove) reported

    @Friday13thGame can you fix victoria’s pants they stay blue

  • LoganHo06174123 Logan Howlett (@LoganHo06174123) reported

    @Dokameze @Friday13thGame @fearthegun They have admitted that they failed fixing the problem by only fixing ONE way to get on the roof and are working on another patch that corrects ALL the ways to get on the roof. Check out their podcast for more info.

  • MasterBlade19 Cash Master Blade (@MasterBlade19) reported

    @Friday13thGame @keshawn_pinnock Fixed you mean more like broken even more that's all you guys do is break it even more and **** people left and right. I hope no one buys your shit game for the switch I hope They read everyones comments and realize you guys **** people. You guys must get off to ******* people.

  • keshawn_pinnock Keshawn Pinnock (@keshawn_pinnock) reported

    @Friday13thGame extremely huge fan of this game but could you guys plllllllease fix the glitch on packanack. It’s all people do on that map and it’s really irritating.

  • alex41025733 alex (@alex41025733) reported

    @Friday13thGame this roof glitch makes the counseled unkillable unless throwing knifes

  • Katheryn1313 Katheryn Nelson (@Katheryn1313) reported

    @Friday13thGame You guys need to fix the glitch at Packanack Lodge where players get on the roof.

  • wolfexgray WOLFEXGRAY (@wolfexgray) reported

    @mattshotcha gift every player with a Savini Jason since @Friday13thGame isn't getting anything anymore. You guys said we'd have 2XP till a lot of the issues were fixed. That didn't happen. The least you could do is give everyone a Savini Jason #UnleashTheVoorhees

  • Flamingoverlor2 Flamingoverlord (@Flamingoverlor2) reported

    @Friday13thGame Hey Friday The 13th The Game needs fixing. All of the developers need to fix all these bugs in the game. It keeps kicking me out of my friends lobby and he keeps getting kicked from mine so if you could fix that.The game is also broken it just stops working

  • Tylerh16382641 Tylerh (@Tylerh16382641) reported

    @Friday13thGame @DustyRnwfdn @Friday13thGame please fix your game it is so buggy

  • Rhemmy25 Rhemmy25 (@Rhemmy25) reported

    @Friday13thGame @fearthegun If you want to go from having a Nintendo Switch to a Nintendo Glitch, buy this game.

  • WalterR82775458 Walter Rivera (@WalterR82775458) reported

    @Friday13thGame Fix your game!!!!!! Bro i could not turn my camera so I can see where I am going. I couldn’t even pick up items or even attack! Fix this! I’m tired of being patient!

  • stonedguytweet1 stonedguytweets (@stonedguytweet1) reported

    @kevin_crout @CharminEXSoft @Friday13thGame The roof glitch is absolutely ridiculous. 5 minutes into a match the other day and I notice there were 2 people stuck up there already.**** that

  • TheGamingD123 TheGamingD (@TheGamingD123) reported

    @CharminEXSoft @Friday13thGame And it will have just as many issues. If not more and not a lot of content and will never get more content.

  • BraedenDunn Braeden Dunn (@BraedenDunn) reported from Rockwall County, Texas

    @bensonistheman @ashtrayolsen @Friday13thGame @fearthegun There’s tricks into getting into a lobby. Generally when you first get on you gotta refresh the searching for a session a time or two. Trust me. I used to have the Same problem until I found out a few tricks and now I almost always get into full/active lobby’s and still have fun

  • kevin_crout Kevin Crout (@kevin_crout) reported

    @CharminEXSoft @Friday13thGame Enjoy the roof glitches and updates that never fix anything. This was a fun game at one point in time. It's rather sad nowadays.

  • Tomregan07 Thomas Regan (@Tomregan07) reported

    @MKiwi980 @Friday13thGame @fearthegun I love the game on xbox but let's not forget all the bugs and the amount of people that still glitch onto buildings making it impossible to kill them.

  • AWesker1976 Chaos Lord Wesker (@AWesker1976) reported

    @Friday13thGame Sweet! More patches that don’t fix anything and in fact introduce more bugs. Can’t wait!

  • OfficialFatalZ Fatal Z (@OfficialFatalZ) reported

    @CharminEXSoft @Friday13thGame Have fun with the rooftop glitch (if they didn’t fix it)

  • lilcubo335 Steven Roman (@lilcubo335) reported

    @Friday13thGame @fearthegun Everyone just wait till September for dead by daylight switch it will be A lot less broken and A lot cheaper than f13, coming from someone who crowdfunded f13 I gotta say these developers got greedy and rude and dont deserve the little bit of player base they havent scared off

  • proPAINplayz proPAIN (@proPAINplayz) reported

    @TheNerdGod86 @CharminEXSoft @Friday13thGame Honestly has nothing to do with the lawsuit bud, don’t mind not getting new content, it’s the game itself. From day one it’s had nothing but optimization issues and game breaking glitches, bums me out.

  • Ajdino1311 Andy (@Ajdino1311) reported

    @primetimee21st @Friday13thGame @fearthegun A broken ass game with repetitive content yeah very fun

  • TerryLWarner68 Terry L Warner (@TerryLWarner68) reported

    @Friday13thGame I just want to know they are going fix this game. The last update that was supposed to fix things did nothing !

  • Yxeniah Yxeniah (@Yxeniah) reported

    @Friday13thGame @fearthegun For a broken game..I refused to pay for it twice..Shame on the first time @JRKILLEDYOU **** you meann

  • SuperNovaLama SuperNovaLama (@SuperNovaLama) reported

    @Friday13thGame @fearthegun Trying to cash in while you can it seems by releasing it on the switch for 40$. Who's gonna buy a game that's broken with no new content for 40$. Pretty greedy.

  • rellikdemon Carlos Rellik Delgado (@rellikdemon) reported

    @Friday13thGame @fearthegun You guys gotta fix the glitches in game I cant kill counselors on the doors or throw them out the window without it glitching

  • brandon_peirson Brandon Peirson (@brandon_peirson) reported

    @CharminEXSoft @Friday13thGame Paid to be excited it’s been proven that the legal issues only applies to the original screenplay. This was just a lazy cash grab like the rest of the industry rn

  • SilentShow0ff $ilentShoe (@SilentShow0ff) reported

    @Friday13thGame @fearthegun Fix your game

  • Yobo1987 Yobo1987 (@Yobo1987) reported

    @CharminEXSoft @Friday13thGame Big chance there was an error on both stores. Especially when they sold them under the table on eBay for a high price.

  • CharminEXSoft CharminE❌Soft Gaming 🐙👊 (@CharminEXSoft) reported

    @Yobo1987 @Friday13thGame Yes I know and that was due to an error on Xbox and PlayStations party it was never supposed to be publicly sold so they took it down as soon as it was noticed

  • nflzach Zach Frank (@nflzach) reported

    @GalaxyGraves @Friday13thGame Please fix the environmental kills it’s so annoying

  • CharminEXSoft CharminE❌Soft Gaming 🐙👊 (@CharminEXSoft) reported

    @Yobo1987 @Friday13thGame It being sold on different regions stores was a Error on Xbox and PlayStations part not Gun Media’s as those items were never supposed to be publicly sold as they were Backer and Kickstarter Exclusives

  • ManCalledThatch thatch (@ManCalledThatch) reported

    @RRRaptor1 @Friday13thGame @GalaxyGraves You just told them two fix those two things and when they tell you they are you flame them for it. Make up your mind pal

  • XaeroGravity Rick M. (@XaeroGravity) reported

    @RRRaptor1 @Friday13thGame @GalaxyGraves We've been dealing with the roof exploit for over a year. To say I'm beyond frustrated with it is a bit of an understatement. I still love playing the game, do it almost every night, but I definitely have my issues with the way some things have been handled.

  • blair966 Blair C Schwanewede (@blair966) reported

    @CharminEXSoft @Friday13thGame I need to fix the bugs in them cancel game

  • BealCorp Alexcorp (@BealCorp) reported

    @Friday13thGame @JaredSweetwater @fearthegun Just fix big bugs please 😭 can’t often play with team (connection bug server)

  • FutureheroKevin Kevin Sobehrad (@FutureheroKevin) reported

    @zach100101 @dankwolf115 @Friday13thGame @zach_jpg_ Too bad DBD has the most toxic community, is unbalanced, boring, and glitchy. Friday the 13th is still fun, despite its issues.

  • madman4203 johnathan parker (@madman4203) reported

    @Friday13thGame fix your game

  • Nicolekyky03 Nicole cannon (@Nicolekyky03) reported

    @Friday13thGame Also if Jason throws a knife at the car it destroys the car and flips it on a lot of maps I know your all working to fix these Hopefully get these fixed

  • TheRealCDT1 OfficialCDT (@TheRealCDT1) reported

    @Friday13thGame Hopefully not another update or patch. That causes more problems each time,and makes people find other ways..just let us play OUR game that we BOUGHT. And quit succumbing to butthurt people all the time.

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