Is Friday The 13th: The Game down?

Friday the 13th: The Game is a survival horror video game developed by Gun Media and IllFonic, and published by Gun Media. It is based on the franchise of the same name owned by New Line Cinema.

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October 20: Problems at Friday The 13th: The Game

Friday The 13th: The Game is having issues since 11:20 AM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • XeiusX Xeius Reinstar (@XeiusX) reported

    @NapsAndSarcasm @ReAnimateHer_ @Friday13thGame @Xbox @fearthegun I got a friend online who says I "have a lot of issues I'm not dealing with" apparently according to him, "I'm more evil than the devil" because when he sees me as Jason, he goes full on stealth mode 😂😂😂 because he doesn't wanna risk any noise! 😂😂😂

  • domonda3000 domond anderson (@domonda3000) reported

    @Friday13thGame we need a patch for switch version to fix spawning issues.

  • _TheUniqueName The Unique Name (@_TheUniqueName) reported

    @Friday13thGame @alakratt @GunMediaSupport You guys should really fix how you have to stay in the lobby the whole time to get xp. That is the dumbest thing you guys could do. Who the hell wants to wait 15 minutes if you were to be unlucky and die right off the bat.Fix it and maybe more people would play. Way too many bugs

  • ClubSupercell Mr.StealYourKids™️ (@ClubSupercell) reported

    @Friday13thGame This game is so terribly buggy fix it

  • Robbie65223246 Robbie (@Robbie65223246) reported

    @Friday13thGame @alakratt @GunMediaSupport there are many bugs in this game like i was trapped on the wrong side of the exit and the car spun out and flew away also resourceful kills dont work please fix everything as this is a fantastic and exciting game, thanks

  • boeserlol nux||isaiah (@boeserlol) reported

    @Friday13thGame Fix matchmaking

  • SharpieCruz Ms Sharpsh00ter (@SharpieCruz) reported

    @Prod1gyXx @weskeltner @Friday13thGame @MrsChop187Fool @Bvette70 get ur fix so I dont have to play this anymore

  • Bracto3 Bracto (@Bracto3) reported

    @Friday13thGame @alakratt @GunMediaSupport Also their is a glitch on pinehurst in the big house where u open a drawer and u cant move till the point where the game kicks u out thx

  • TinnehBitxh tinneh🦇 (@TinnehBitxh) reported

    @Friday13thGame Please fix the glitch where I kill someone and they still get out of the grab somehow, literally happend 2 with the same person

  • VaultOfDarkness CodeCrimson (@VaultOfDarkness) reported

    @Friday13thGame hey i found a bug in friday the 13th. When 2 jump in a window they get stuck in each other and they cant move. Please fix

  • CoreyWTF92 Corey Huffman (@CoreyWTF92) reported

    @Zespah @Friday13thGame Sad to here fella. Hope they fix it.

  • Zespah Zespah 👻🎃 (@Zespah) reported

    @CoreyWTF92 @Friday13thGame All g weve had this problem since dedicated servers came along :(

  • BucklerChas ChasBuck (@BucklerChas) reported

    @Friday13thGame yo please fix the bugs and glitches in the game please. It’s hard to play it when it’s so laggy

  • princessbiatch Alice (@princessbiatch) reported

    @Friday13thGame Please patch on ps4 or let fans who love the game try and fix the bugs I love the game it just gets soo buggy and hell maybe a 4th perk slot to help the counselors

  • FloOderSoYT FloOderSo (@FloOderSoYT) reported

    @Copyright2009 @Friday13thGame @Ehhfs If you got this problem just create a group or close your group than it should work

  • sickshots2010 dylan gray (@sickshots2010) reported

    @gjsrulz @dreaddinit @Friday13thGame They have had more then couple of years to fix the bugs and the cheats and everyone but the game has got worse over the time and plus if everyone falls for the predator game then they most be stupid

  • gjsrulz Hunter Of Destiny (@gjsrulz) reported

    @dreaddinit @sickshots2010 @Friday13thGame yep they just need to fix bugs that people are using as exploits to cheat

  • lizciminoo Liz Cimino (@lizciminoo) reported

    @Friday13thGame How about you fix the game before putting it on sale.

  • KTYY9991 Seana (@KTYY9991) reported

    @Friday13thGame How about we donate to buy the copyright issue and solve the dlc lawsuit

  • gjsrulz Hunter Of Destiny (@gjsrulz) reported

    @dreaddinit @Friday13thGame Well I Forgive That They Can't Do New Content But They Can At Least Fix The Bug's In The Game

  • Caio66457810 Caio (@Caio66457810) reported

    @Friday13thGame I can not play on SA servers, please solve this problem!

  • JasonVo42694130 Jason Voorhees (@JasonVo42694130) reported

    @Friday13thGame Fix the Bugs on Ps4... In the Name of all Ps4 Friday gamers in the whole wide World!!! From Doomguy1980

  • fiatpanda1457 FiatPanda1457 (@fiatpanda1457) reported

    @Zespah @Friday13thGame That sucks. They had the SA server down for months, it was a pain.

  • EnrikeRMSTN Ω ᛖᚾᚱᛁᚲᛖ Ω (@EnrikeRMSTN) reported

    @Friday13thGame Fix the game, it's broken

  • snoxzi Snoxzi (@snoxzi) reported

    @Friday13thGame Fix your game please!

  • Jerry49471912 Jerry (@Jerry49471912) reported

    @Friday13thGame @Xbox @fearthegun Do not get this game I was a big fan of Friday the 13th and gun media but if something happens they will not fix it no more you’re too chickenshit to put Jason X into the game better off getting dead by daylight if they want to say something say something to my face put Jason X

  • DingDingtheD1 Ding Ding the D (@DingDingtheD1) reported

    @davidfrenchRP @NorthKitten @Friday13thGame @Xbox @fearthegun PC and a console player here no they wouldn't fps really only matters in shooting games and I don't know what you mean about lag

  • JasonVo42694130 Jason Voorhees (@JasonVo42694130) reported

    @Friday13thGame @Xbox @fearthegun Fix the Bugs on ps4... I already told you guys 😤😭😠 From Doomguy1980

  • FsMatafi (@FsMatafi) reported

    @Friday13thGame @Xbox @fearthegun Fix your game first 💔

  • davidfrenchRP Dave’s Roleplays (@davidfrenchRP) reported

    @NorthKitten @Friday13thGame @Xbox @fearthegun PC players would annihilate us with their FPS and less lag. This is coming from a console player haha

  • JCbarr16 JC_BARR (@JCbarr16) reported

    @Friday13thGame @Xbox @fearthegun Games broken anyways

  • TPredkelis tim predkelis (@TPredkelis) reported

    @Friday13thGame @Xbox Still need a update on a lot bugs fix

  • Nicolekyky03 Nicole cannon (@Nicolekyky03) reported

    @Friday13thGame their is a offline error again!!

  • hotdogskins234 ryan salazar (@hotdogskins234) reported

    @Friday13thGame You need to make the block ability faster like it used to, also need to fix that bug where you’ll be slashing Tommy cuz you don’t wanna get killed, then Jason just stops hitting

  • dar_tabor Dar Tabor (@dar_tabor) reported

    @Friday13thGame can you please fix the bugs and glitches when I grab someone I can’t kill them

  • AaronKnightfall Aaron Markham (@AaronKnightfall) reported

    @Friday13thGame Be nice if you fixed all the crap broken in the game before you go for another cash grab but we all know that won’t happen #evenbrokepocketknives

  • BenRich55593176 Ben Richards (@BenRich55593176) reported

    @Friday13thGame @XaeroGravity @weskeltner @Rontao13 Understandable, considering there have been issues since launch on PS4 and we've yet to recieve a patch that fixed all problems. You don't care about your initial backers, or anyone else but yourselves...

  • robertneves Robert Neves (@robertneves) reported

    @Friday13thGame Switch on the south america servers in the PS4. It’s not working

  • TPredkelis tim predkelis (@TPredkelis) reported

    @Friday13thGame Please update the PS4 for bugs fix

  • MarKiEx814 MarKiE MarK (@MarKiEx814) reported

    @TheHamster39 @Friday13thGame They've been on PS4 a well.... 2 years now lol... They are aware... They just hardly care enough to fix them

  • TheHamster39 A Very Angry Gay (@TheHamster39) reported

    @Friday13thGame I don't know if youve been reported this, but there's an environmental kill glitch going on. keeps the counselor floating in the air and they're able to break free, while still giving you points for the kill.

  • ProjectJoseLuis ... (@ProjectJoseLuis) reported

    @Friday13thGame can you guy fix resourceful kills & other games bugs please!

  • NezzyKnowZzZ666 ⚰️$cotty Byrd🤑🔫 (@NezzyKnowZzZ666) reported

    @lukmills @CHIEFTOMMEH @stonedguytweet1 @Erik_Vitae @Friday13thGame This game was more playable before the last updates to so called fix and balance things

  • IcyDeathspike IcyDeathspike (IG) (@IcyDeathspike) reported

    @Play_With_Jason @Friday13thGame @GunMediaSupport Iove the texture swap glitch with Jason but it cause peoples counselors for be randomized and Jason keeps force choking people, but when that happens that person can't win when they escape cause the game thinks there still dead so it doesn't matter

  • EnrikeRMSTN Ω ᛖᚾᚱᛁᚲᛖ Ω (@EnrikeRMSTN) reported

    @Play_With_Jason @Friday13thGame @GunMediaSupport The game is broken, it’s a real shame that it has so many bugs with the time it has. I’ve already stopped playing. This is a rip off. And I’m one that supported the Kickstarter

  • JadenBunch2 Jaden Bunch (@JadenBunch2) reported

    @Friday13thGame hey when will we get a bug fix update for Friday and can u fix the kill glitch

  • LIL_D_916 David Wright (@LIL_D_916) reported

    Hey @fearthegun does @Friday13thGame still crash if you get all the achievements on Xbox One

  • LilSpaz__ Lil Spaz (@LilSpaz__) reported

    @cameronflores4 @BLACK_SIN_9 @Xbox @Friday13thGame the game is fun but its broken af

  • faqerinoz 𝓵𝓲𝓽𝓽𝓵𝓮 𝓫𝓻𝓪𝓽 ⚰️🔪🕯 (@faqerinoz) reported

    @Friday13thGame fix the patches please. the environmental kills glitch, and also when jason throws a knife at the car, it flips and the counselors go flying and get glitched out the map and can’t do anything till the game ends. thanks

  • bringmethepizaa :) (@bringmethepizaa) reported

    @Ihearvoices @Friday13thGame @fearthegun I take it all the back I’m sick of the game and the annoying ass bugs that they’re taking years to fix. If you already have it for a console don’t waste any more money you’ll just have the same problems

  • xashley136x Asʜʟᴇʏ ♡ (@xashley136x) reported

    @Friday13thGame please fix your game it’s driving me nuts !!!!! you HAVE to fix these damn glitches AND stop saying “bypass failed” whenever someone tried to add you to a games. it’s so frustrating !!!!

  • tonestl24 tonestl24 (@tonestl24) reported

    @Friday13thGame omg your game loads so low. I gave up at 7 minutes. Fix your shit. #FridayThe13th

  • hi_imchris69 Christian 🍟 (@hi_imchris69) reported

    @Friday13thGame “User login failure! Verify internet connectivity.” (PC) 💔

  • viiicess Liv🕸🎃 (@viiicess) reported

    @Friday13thGame please fix your game. It’s so buggy! #fridaythe13thGame

  • ToxicccK8 k8 (@ToxicccK8) reported

    @spyder_mars @Friday13thGame I’ve had f13 for forever now! level 150 and all. i just quit playing when i got dbd but f13 has dedicated servers and no issues so 😂😂

  • CowboyandPeril Captain Deadcool (@CowboyandPeril) reported

    @Friday13thGame haven't been able to load into AU servers for about 2 months - whenever the last update came through - either stuck in lobby search or load into servers on other side of world. really would love to know if anything is being done to fix the AU server

  • UndisputedDocG The UnDisputedDoc.G (@UndisputedDocG) reported

    @Friday13thGame Guys please fix the Switch game!!! The counselors are random no matter who you select!!!

  • NoblesKoty KoKo (@NoblesKoty) reported

    @VestisX @Friday13thGame There are still ton of issues and glitches that have been known for months and the team has done nothing for it. While there is,and has Been, the foundation for a good solid game the team has fumbled multiple times with it. If it was in competent hands it would be much better

  • Erik_Vitae Erik Castillo (@Erik_Vitae) reported

    @Friday13thGame Fix the game you ********

  • caitlynlopez25 caitlyn lopez (@caitlynlopez25) reported

    @Friday13thGame FIX YOUR GAME!! i have had Both cars the past 2 games Flip upside down!! When jason throws a knife at them like seriously guys 😭😭

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  • database login failure