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Friday the 13th: The Game is a survival horror video game developed by Gun Media and IllFonic, and published by Gun Media. It is based on the franchise of the same name owned by New Line Cinema.

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  • Glitches (40.00%)
  • Sign in (20.00%)
  • Online Play (20.00%)
  • Game Crash (20.00%)

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  • dylantwood Dylan Thomas Wood (@dylantwood) reported

    @Friday13thGame FIX THE ******* SALT MINES!!! I’VE LITERALLY HAD 5 matches in the last hour and a half where people have quit the ******* game! THOUGHT YOU GUYS FIXED THIS SHIT

  • Guns2973Guns guns (@Guns2973Guns) reported

    @weskeltner @Friday13thGame a game like terror drome them no problem, it can put any character like freddy, chucky, jason, Candyman, Re -Animator, Michael Myers etc ... in addition to free maps without asking for copyright

  • fearthegun Gun (@fearthegun) reported

    @Superthrust @Friday13thGame That’s false. The team is hard at work on our next fix patch.

  • RoyburnsJason RoyBurnsJason (@RoyburnsJason) reported

    @weskeltner @Friday13thGame You guys gotta fix tiff cox butt too, it's a little flat for some reason.

  • Cody43112439 GIZMO👻 (@Cody43112439) reported

    @weskeltner @Friday13thGame Seriously updating her ass but not the game and glitch’s or bringing out Jason x

  • vaginosisss 💁🏻‍♀️ (@vaginosisss) reported

    I just have to say. The amount of glitches on this game and @Friday13thGame is more worried about how characters look in their game. I use to love this game, but they made so many shitty updates to it, can’t even fix a roof glitch that has been around for so long.

  • The_Shanna_Show Shay Marie (@The_Shanna_Show) reported

    Im finna raaageeeeee @Friday13thGame is broken. 😒😒😒.

  • The_Shanna_Show Shay Marie (@The_Shanna_Show) reported

    What is goin on with the ps4 @Friday13thGame servers 🤔🤔🤔 been tryna get in a game for about 30min. Fix it Jesus. 😒😒😩😩😩

  • weskeltner Wes Keltner 🔜 PAX East (@weskeltner) reported

    @Piinkkyy_ @Friday13thGame It is. Bug fixing is the #1 priority. But 3D sculpting artists aren't working on glitches or programming bugs, engineers do that. So I tasked the sculptor with this fix.

  • weskeltner Wes Keltner 🔜 PAX East (@weskeltner) reported

    @Future_Juggalo @Friday13thGame No. Patches are for bug fix, maintenance, stability, balance. We can't add anything new. Pushing vertices around via 3D sculpt isn't "new" if that makes sense.

  • TheKotsabulous Josh Kotsabasakis (@TheKotsabulous) reported

    @Friday13thGame you guys need to do something about the Packanack glitch where useless campers just hangout on lodge roof on PS4

  • GabrielPowers82 Gabriel Powers (@GabrielPowers82) reported

    @Friday13thGame Anytime you guys want to fix the problem with Jason throwing knives at the car and making it glitch out or falling through the map, that would be great.

  • YRMHGaming YRMHGaming (@YRMHGaming) reported

    This is complete nonsense you and I know this happens to other people in the F13 community I love the game and the movie franchise but this needs to be fixed you guys should resolve this problem. How will people get the experience they want if you getting ran over.@Friday13thGame

  • Brad0492 Bradley Charles Hugh (@Brad0492) reported

    @Friday13thGame @ShowPencil Please fix searching as it's very difficult to find a decent match

  • markedman247 UbiquitousMediocrity (@markedman247) reported

    @BDisgusting @Friday13thGame I’m second guessing that Amazon delivery service.

  • darkjoker530 Quickgamer530-Darkjoker530 (@darkjoker530) reported

    @Friday13thGame @erock5454 @12nighthorror Yeah they are just releasing this game on Switch because they are not getting anymore money from people so what they do is they pass it to Switch,they wouldn't have this problem if they had more dlc coming out.

  • pupino_t T Pupino (@pupino_t) reported

    @SnakeEyesMcGee @Fit4A_Spidey @SlashNCast @Friday13thGame @weskeltner @ShiftySamurai it's a lot more buggy now vs launch..that's a fact..and the gameplay was perfectly balanced unlike now..where you have a severely nerfed grab..nerfed traps and a very broken Jason catered to casuals..people going up on the Packanack Roof..very shaky Jason killcam..unlike Launch

  • alexpayne666 The Chosen One Lee Wyatt (@alexpayne666) reported

    @Friday13thGame just would like to say I enjoy playing your video game But lately I have been liking it as much because of people at packing acquired somehow can glitch onto the roof and Jason can’t get them and I’m not the only one getting agitated with this that need fix

  • fang20z Fang20z (@fang20z) reported

    @Friday13thGame have you guys ever had a bug where the intro audio starts to lag

  • psxmad147 Stephen Mckay (@psxmad147) reported

    @CaptainTripps4 @Gr33dee @Friday13thGame This buff is just a reward for bad Jasons, and this is coming from a Jason main. Only issue I've ever faced as Jason, despite many bugs, is just constant hit frees from 2 or more counselors. Make it so he can't take damage from break frees not remove stun altogether.

  • jooaamartinez Joaquín (@jooaamartinez) reported

    @Friday13thGame time to fix this problem: We can’t stunt Jason when his Rage is on.

  • joshualozado Josh Lozado (@joshualozado) reported

    @noveencrumbie Queen Noveen is the chocolate bomber she asked Jason if he had a problem she has a problem solver and it's name is revolver lol watch out Jason Voorhees @Friday13thGame

  • raiden71 Luca Franceschi (@raiden71) reported

    @Friday13thGame Just Fix all the bugs and glitches,then add Savini,and Jason x to PS4 instead of drop on Nintendo..

  • DimitriWenzel Brandon Wenzel (@DimitriWenzel) reported

    @xxTFR84xx @mattshotcha @fearthegun @Friday13thGame @WatchMixer @Xbox to bad this game has become so broken its unplayable :(

  • NuggetSome MsFinklesworth (@NuggetSome) reported

    @Friday13thGame I know I keep tweeting at you about the dedicated servers, but it’s not just that. Major glitches that you haven’t even touched on are still there, cars get stuck, people cheat and glitch out of the map, I’m host for 3 games or less and it’ll kick the whole lobby for no reason.😫

  • b468791244b64d6 NoLifeKing13 (@b468791244b64d6) reported

    @Friday13thGame Just play dead by daylight since it is coming to switch too and not broken.

  • TheLambKiller TheLamb (@TheLambKiller) reported

    @Tyla315 @Friday13thGame They can’t do anything about that they can only fix glitches and all that now they have a lawsuit

  • NoahTho96655172 Noah (@NoahTho96655172) reported

    @Sh3rdfloor215 @Friday13thGame I can’t say it’s perfect, but I myself honestly haven’t run into problems, and if there’s still a player base, it’s still around.

  • Metalyger Jeremy Williams 🐯 (@Metalyger) reported

    @FireTypeNatsu @Soul_997 @AndrewDryphone @Friday13thGame There's only so much the can *legally* do while the franchise is locked in courtroom rights issues between the script writer of the 1st movie and the producers who are content with throwing money away on trials instead of just paying the guy off and being done with it.

  • Bradstarzz Brad McNaughton (@Bradstarzz) reported

    @blainemcivor @Friday13thGame @ShowPencil It’s a skin glitch. Happens a lot. Would be pretty fun if you could mess around with Jason’s appearance cause this is something straight from hell 😂

  • razorscootersav STANLEY CUP KEMPNY (@razorscootersav) reported

    @Friday13thGame @ShowPencil PLEASE FIX THE LODGE ROOF GLITCH

  • infogamingwars InfoGamingWars (@infogamingwars) reported

    @fearthegun @Friday13thGame Lmao FT13 to switch is just hilarious a broken kiddy game, switch owners this is a NO buy!!!

  • Official_Adam_W Adam Wilson (@Official_Adam_W) reported

    @ShiftySamurai @SlashNCast @MadEyeYokai @sleevedbikerx @Friday13thGame @weskeltner @mattshotcha @Rontao13 The issue isn't where to get one, it is the money to get one 😞

  • Anibal_ormar Hannibal Lecter (@Anibal_ormar) reported

    @fearthegun @Friday13thGame Fix the game first!!!! Many bugs.... everyday more bugs and hackers!!!! 😤😤😤

  • alexidonovan ALEXI DONOVAN (@alexidonovan) reported

    @KellyLa1998 @Friday13thGame I guess it might for some people but I love it and luckily don't have problems. Maybe try it for short periods of a time

  • RndmBlckGy83 Richard Potato (@RndmBlckGy83) reported

    @Frofiction @fuckinsmile32 @iWalkAtDawn @BDisgusting @Friday13thGame I was obviously agreeing with the other person about the game's issues in general being caused by more than new killers.

  • RndmBlckGy83 Richard Potato (@RndmBlckGy83) reported

    @fuckinsmile32 @Frofiction @iWalkAtDawn @BDisgusting @Friday13thGame DBD has been a mess for a while now. At least as long I've been playing it, there's always something broken or unbalanced.

  • fuckinsmile32 blóðhundur (@fuckinsmile32) reported

    @Frofiction @mexico1love @iWalkAtDawn @BDisgusting @Friday13thGame These “new bugs” have been here since last year lmfao. They’ve had the same issues since before the clown yet nothing has gotten resolved and we’re about to get the plague. Stop excusing bad devs just because you like the game

  • mexico1love Parzival (@mexico1love) reported

    @fuckinsmile32 @Frofiction @iWalkAtDawn @BDisgusting @Friday13thGame This game isn’t well patched. Things glitch out on the regular. I posted a video a few days after the patch of my car falling through the road and another instance I got stuck in a cabin wall. This game isn’t perfect.

  • NewmanOnGaming Christopher Newman (@NewmanOnGaming) reported

    @noobsrock1321 @fearthegun @Friday13thGame Also.. Wes was pretty clear on no new content Even if the legal issues get resolved.

  • iWalkAtDawn James A·Ω (@iWalkAtDawn) reported

    @BDisgusting @Friday13thGame They need to stop trying to make money off this broken, dead game.

  • BrandonDenny16 Brandon Denny (@BrandonDenny16) reported

    @SHODANFreeman @Variety_Gaming @Friday13thGame ***** stfu and **********. You probably only play Jason. When he’s in rage, he just needs to follow a counselor until he/she is out of stamina. Stop supporting a broken update/“game”.

  • CodySpencer5959 Cody Spencer (@CodySpencer5959) reported

    @Friday13thGame need to fix the glitch when you try open a door and all of a sudden you can’t turn or do anything besides walk straight.

  • ADuckWithQProbs Anthony (@ADuckWithQProbs) reported

    I swear to god if @DeadByBHVR's client freezes, crashes on me again tonight, I'm going to buy @Friday13thGame and never turn back. Fix your shit.

  • GirlObliterated 🥀 kitten 🔪 (@GirlObliterated) reported

    @Friday13thGame So you can give us an update full of shit we didn’t ask for and the ruins the game, ******* op ass Jason, but you can fix the ******* glitches. Ok.

  • jwkane316 Jason Kane (@jwkane316) reported

    @Granthn60sean @NoahTho96655172 @Variety_Gaming @Friday13thGame No it was all Sean Cunningham/Horror Inc. that caused the issue by not negotiating with Miller about the rights to the original film

  • nilesmitchell Niles Mitchell (@nilesmitchell) reported

    @GamerThumbTV @Frohike845 @Variety_Gaming @Friday13thGame But that problem would be true for any online game.

  • chalametfiIm meg (@chalametfiIm) reported

    @Friday13thGame fix your game

  • XxNobleWolfxX XxNobleWolfxX (@XxNobleWolfxX) reported

    @RagingWolfGame1 @Friday13thGame gotta fix this shit lol

  • Akeldy Alejandro Keldy (@Akeldy) reported

    @Friday13thGame Remove that new update it's really a sh...ttt -_- i wont play anymore until you fix that inmortal Jason -_- .

  • VokulD VokulDovahkiin1 (@VokulD) reported

    @Friday13thGame Can you please fix the game I am sick and tired of weapons passing through Jason's body like there is no hit box.

  • pxundthealarm oh starlight (@pxundthealarm) reported

    @Friday13thGame ya’ll need to fix Jasons grab. Like that shit BROKEN as ****. The way how he reaches you is bullshit.

  • A_Turk0 Turk (@A_Turk0) reported

    @Friday13thGame fix the game please.

  • VokulD VokulDovahkiin1 (@VokulD) reported

    @Friday13thGame Okay guys this update sucks. Part 9 on his knees morphs away,Savini Jason on the roof at Packasnack small. Kills negated by rain.Enough is enough. Fix the game or continue on the path your on and kill it off once and for all.

  • schiphoff_1 Jaden / HypestGod📌 (@schiphoff_1) reported

    @Friday13thGame is there anyway y’all can fix this glitch where counselors get on top of the roof

  • jeremywaffird3 jeremywaffird (@jeremywaffird3) reported

    @JayDarbz @fearthegun @Friday13thGame Fix stuff like the car the boat call the cops I mean all you want to do is try to whip up on Jason I mean I've been killed plenty of times I've killed Jason's plenty of times this update makes counselors want to leave Camp Crystal Lake before he is in rage

  • madman4203 johnathan parker (@madman4203) reported

    @Friday13thGame is there connection issues for xbox one on friday the 13th cause mine keeps saying connection timed out

  • amercer1203 Amanda Mercer (@amercer1203) reported

    @Friday13thGame you guys said you patched the unplayable areas but counselors are still able to get on the roof of Packanack. Please fix this glitch so that we aren't forced to wait out the end of the match


    @GalaxyGraves @littlebitgalaxy @Friday13thGame @GlamClamSquad 💯 research and also whatever game ya wana play they have their specs right on steam too! So even writing a. Few down Help I just told someone I wanted to play ARK or Destiny which had been an issue with my first gaming / art computer

  • ChrissyLeggs Chrissy Leggs (@ChrissyLeggs) reported

    @Friday13thGame @MRGRetroEric @fearthegun @weskeltner Instead of sitting on your asses doing nothing why don't you fix your ******* game. Despicable *****. Sitting there grabbing all the money you can make then legging it! Fix your glitchy ass retarded game you spas! Money hungry Yankees!

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