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Friday the 13th: The Game is a survival horror video game developed by Gun Media and IllFonic, and published by Gun Media. It is based on the franchise of the same name owned by New Line Cinema.

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  • junior08228793 cristiano (@junior08228793) reported

    @Friday13thGame fix the bug of this game for xbox

  • slasher_pony 🎭☠ Shinobi 🎭☠ (@slasher_pony) reported

    @PipBowie55 @weskeltner @Friday13thGame Well that’s sad. Hope they fix Jason tired of getting bullied by councilors who wanna ******** him

  • AmarcordPersona Brett Sheehan (@AmarcordPersona) reported

    @Friday13thGame I am sick of the roof glitching that you REFUSE to fix. The fact that you refuse to do so just goes to show you people & Sean Cuntingham only intended on deliberately ripping of customers with a poorly made game. Anyone that buys your next game is an idiot.

  • F13GameSupport F13 Game Support (@F13GameSupport) reported

    @RNGLion @Friday13thGame Thank you for sending this our way. The outdated client message you're receiving is being investigated by our team, I apologize in the delay as we work on a fix for this. You may notice improvements if you are invited by another player or join using PS4 communities.

  • Cpt_Eggbeard Captain Eggbeard (@Cpt_Eggbeard) reported

    @n1ckfamous @Friday13thGame Add to that the fact that people are selling and giving away savini jason on ebay through xbox sharing and it was also free for anyone to download for a short time due to an error. Savini is no longer "exclusive" as much as they want it to be. EVERY backer should get it at least.

  • JasonVo26380016 Jason Voorhees (@JasonVo26380016) reported

    @Friday13thGame hey I have some question can you fix the Pinehurst loading is started before the the cutsceen

  • justforsexyfun_ stuart (@justforsexyfun_) reported

    @Friday13thGame No all wrong fix the game and the buff Jason and add more content

  • bricksoftruth Robert J Lloyd (@bricksoftruth) reported

    @Dezibluenose @KurzMarek @Friday13thGame Same issues happening today. 3 days of this.

  • Pattman_D Dave Patt (@Pattman_D) reported

    @ZDLeague @Friday13thGame No problem. I just wish they could work something out. I really like the source material and the game. I'd gladly pay for more content. There's money to be made.

  • MattHollywood86 Slim (@MattHollywood86) reported

    @Friday13thGame This game died ages ago! Was fun for the first few months but constant server problems and lack of new features led to its inevitable downfall

  • jshyne10 James Robinson (@jshyne10) reported

    @Friday13thGame At least the first one in 1989 didn’t lag or have glitches in it

  • Ohfackk ys. (@Ohfackk) reported

    @Friday13thGame this game has some balancing issues and bugs to fix

  • SilentShow0ff $ilentShoe (@SilentShow0ff) reported

    @dankwolf115 @Friday13thGame It’s there for them to see so they can see it and fix their game. The game is broken and has been since the start I will say it every time until they fix the game. Now shut ******** up

  • Pattman_D Dave Patt (@Pattman_D) reported

    @ZDLeague @Friday13thGame Miller isn't the problem. He has openly stated he's up for more content.

  • Dezibluenose Derek (@Dezibluenose) reported

    @KurzMarek @Friday13thGame I had the same issue yesterday too.

  • Granthn60sean Grant H (@Granthn60sean) reported

    @Friday13thGame had a glitch today where I was part 8 jason, but the retro part 3 skin was over it, so I was a blue and purple part 8 jason

  • valondrinker Murat Bazooka (Captain Price) (@valondrinker) reported

    @Friday13thGame Buggy game with disconnect to European servers

  • SilentShow0ff $ilentShoe (@SilentShow0ff) reported

    @Friday13thGame Fix your game

  • TheVoleri Calvin Voleri (@TheVoleri) reported

    @RyanFKeefe @Friday13thGame Same... this game is a joke, no new content and what we get is either broken or runs like poo😠

  • JParkerWilfret Jess Parker-Wilfret (@JParkerWilfret) reported

    Why is dashboarding still an issue when playing @Friday13thGame on Xbox one

  • darklordopain Darklordopain (@darklordopain) reported

    @Friday13thGame i was wondering if you know of a glitch on packanack There is one where people get on top of the roof. I really see this a bunch and hope it will be fixed. Thank you guys for the support.

  • YourpaltheDevil hela halvan (@YourpaltheDevil) reported

    @Friday13thGame When Jason can grab you from fricking 2 metres away and grab you when you're well over halfway through the window, no limbs to visually grab but he still yoinks u out of there, u know an update sucks ass Please fix

  • martindaly67 martin daly (@martindaly67) reported

    @Friday13thGame r the eu servers down restarted the app 12 times and no luck of finding a lobby

  • MrSunrise3 Mr.Sunrise (@MrSunrise3) reported

    @F13GameSupport @Friday13thGame @RyanFKeefe Just like McDonald’s ice cream machine still broken

  • jokerxd29993 Джокер Майерс (@jokerxd29993) reported

    @Friday13thGame Developers! You can mozhet please fix small and large picnic cards, in one place the players climb onto the roof through the balcony where Jason can not go! and fix the shallow crystal lake, there is a stone above the tent where Jason cannot go. And there is another garbage that

  • rootloveshaw tired (@rootloveshaw) reported

    @Friday13thGame the game won’t work for me at all anymore and I can’t play it all the time anymore just keeps giving error, before freezing and crashing now won’t open at all

  • F13GameSupport F13 Game Support (@F13GameSupport) reported

    @Friday13thGame @RyanFKeefe Hey there! The Bypass failed error usually comes up when a player invites a friend after they’ve already been matched to a lobby or entered a game. To get past this, please make sure all party members are in the main menu before partying up. If it continues let us know!

  • OsirusBlaze Blaze Osirus(Official) (@OsirusBlaze) reported


  • vinniiitorres Lavinia Torres (@vinniiitorres) reported

    @Friday13thGame i was just about to escape when jason teleported to the car all of a sudden the screen went black and it said we committed suicide. FIX YOUR SHIT. Now i can’t even get back to the loading screen and i have to close my game.

  • NapsAndSarcasm Napping. Leave a message at the beep (@NapsAndSarcasm) reported

    @Jokr112 @Friday13thGame All good. I'm thinking it may exist again as the Packanack roof came back with the last update. Wondering if the fix removed previous fixes. (Also, @Friday13thGame @F13GameSupport need to address walls not actually being "solid" during action/grab/Jason kills)

  • NapsAndSarcasm Napping. Leave a message at the beep (@NapsAndSarcasm) reported

    @Jokr112 @Friday13thGame Oh, and as I'm around 850-900 games in and have not run into the issue of unpopped traps until this last update, I'll assume I didn't suddenly forget how to play.

  • NapsAndSarcasm Napping. Leave a message at the beep (@NapsAndSarcasm) reported

    @JCAP201 @Friday13thGame I double trap them now (in case it was the same as the car/gas glitch). Regardless, I have never been able to set one right against the wall/box... Game always makes me set it a little back of a "physical" object.

  • NapsAndSarcasm Napping. Leave a message at the beep (@NapsAndSarcasm) reported

    @Jokr112 @Friday13thGame Eat me, jackass. The phones now get double trapped in case it was the same deal as the old battery/gas glitch. I watched a guy do it while I was a counsellor and he just laughed when I asked how he wasn't setting the trap off.

  • sdbmania Scott David Brown (@sdbmania) reported

    @HostileRobin @Friday13thGame @MikeNaiders I’ve noticed while watching streams yesterday that more people are exploiting a certain glitch...

  • DeanSealHealth Dean Seal (@DeanSealHealth) reported

    @Friday13thGame End of the month 😂 😂 😂 game is more broken than ever

  • zx_2113 alshibli211 (@zx_2113) reported

    @Friday13thGame Fix jason

  • bradnorman1 B Norman (@bradnorman1) reported

    @Friday13thGame the glitch at Javis map is still there how is this not fix yet.

  • KaliforniaKlvss 𝑠𝑘𝑖-𝑑𝑜𝑜𝑙𝑠 (@KaliforniaKlvss) reported

    @Friday13thGame FIX THAT BUM ASS XP *****.

  • raiden71 Luca Franceschi (@raiden71) reported

    @Friday13thGame @fearthegun I Stop for now until next Event with double CP,PP and Tapes,you need to make this permanent and higherer the percentage of finding tapes..Play 200 hundreds hours and I found only 2 tapes,same day,then Nothing,after last update the online it's terrible in Europe,hope You fix it.

  • ThomasGibbsSr Thomas Gibbs (@ThomasGibbsSr) reported

    @Friday13thGame Please fix the glitches on packanack small. Tired of watching 7 counselors dance on the roof of the main house for 20 min.

  • MegaNickster007 Nick (@MegaNickster007) reported

    @Friday13thGame You guys seriously need to patch a glitch. On Packanack, people are jumping through the window at the big house on the second floor to glitch to the roof. That’s cheating!! You need to fix it!!

  • bonesdx ANON.the collective (@bonesdx) reported

    @Friday13thGame update the game, like make up with whoever and fix the game. I swear if i will the lotto i'm buying the copyrights because you guys are playing with our emotions,

  • DazAster_M8_16 Dazz Gaming (@DazAster_M8_16) reported

    @Friday13thGame This guy is on the roof of the Packanack house. He jumped through the wall where the Gas would spawn upstairs so you better fix that

  • RavenBear1998 Johnny Greska (@RavenBear1998) reported

    @Friday13thGame @fearthegun every time i play people glitch the game to get unlimited stamina or glitch up to the roof on the packanack map. starting to enjoy playing a bit less. also it's a big turn off not being able to earn ANY of the content offline.

  • TaterJohnson5 Tater Johnson (@TaterJohnson5) reported

    @Friday13thGame big shout out for somehow making even more glitches and bugs! Keep up the good work guys, random character issue, cars being flipped with knives, it goes on. You guys have to be trying to mess the game up at this point.

  • MalenkoBrasi MotionPictureInTheFlesh🌆🏦✈💯💯💯💯🔥 (@MalenkoBrasi) reported

    @noobsrock1321 @Friday13thGame @fearthegun Its broken period

  • IAmDCobb Daniel Cobb (@IAmDCobb) reported

    @Friday13thGame @fearthegun I really hope you guys are reworking Jason stuns so stun lock is no longer an issue, also please look into the window dive bug, sometimes after you jog you'll be stuck diving through windows the whole round unable to open closed ones

  • noobsrock1321 brandon (@noobsrock1321) reported

    @MalenkoBrasi @Friday13thGame @fearthegun Jason was also absolutely broken at launch day force grabbing people.

  • Sir_Saltin Saltin❄️ (@Sir_Saltin) reported

    @Friday13thGame not a new way to escape because thta would be too hard on jason but in some maps maybe replace the boat witha bigger one that needs 3/4 parts to fix with carrying more ppl or something

  • heart_horror xHeartHorrorx (@heart_horror) reported

    @MalenkoBrasi @Friday13thGame @fearthegun Exactly, the game used to be so good, but tbh, the game has had its happy moments, now I just think it’s best if they just shut down the servers, the game isn’t gonna get any better, no more content because they use the lawsuit for an excuse, the games broken completely.

  • MalenkoBrasi MotionPictureInTheFlesh🌆🏦✈💯💯💯💯🔥 (@MalenkoBrasi) reported

    @heart_horror @Friday13thGame @fearthegun You understand completely. They have patched so many times just for more glitches to add more issues

  • heart_horror xHeartHorrorx (@heart_horror) reported

    @MalenkoBrasi @Friday13thGame @fearthegun I agree 100% the grab is terrible, they say they fix these glitches and bugs but they don’t, they just add more, doesn’t help when you have teamer’s in the game or people who commit suicide to come back as tommy or in general just do it to be an ass, games not playable anymore.

  • blair966 Blair C Schwanewede (@blair966) reported

    @Friday13thGame @fearthegun Why don’t you fix the game still has bugs! When you play the game it doesn’t cool is it with you Counselor.

  • TheVoleri Calvin Voleri (@TheVoleri) reported

    @Friday13thGame @chepepapas Better fix the resolution for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, it runs and plays like trash ...

  • RainbwLiteBrite RLB 🔜🛫 @ PAX South 🎂 (@RainbwLiteBrite) reported

    @ReAnimateHer_ @Friday13thGame Lot of issues all around all week. Seems like the auto quality option hinders more than it helps! If you get it again, try selecting a resolution and if that doesn't help, also turn off FTL. Worked for some folks last night. I still appreciate you coming by!!

  • Skritix skritix (@Skritix) reported

    @xESOSxHecate @Friday13thGame Well, yer, it's free. That's the point. Asking for compensation because a game had some issues... Sad.

  • NapsAndSarcasm Napping into 2019 (@NapsAndSarcasm) reported

    Hahahaha @Friday13thGame ... When you're Jason on Pinehurst, drop phone/car traps vs a group with ONE repair character... And they find the fuse, 3 knives and all the car parts in less than 4 minutes, and somehow get everything done without ONE error sound. K. #FridayThe13th

  • beyondergod Sean (@beyondergod) reported

    @oldtimeymustach @Friday13thGame I play it almost everyday when I'm home and not working.

  • HackerBRzueiro victor rafael (@HackerBRzueiro) reported

    @Friday13thGame ola gun media I wanted to say something I really like the character sheldon finkelstein and I wanted to ask you so that I could fix his pose and his pants colors because they are very bugadas and I get bogged down with this I figure it out anyway

  • AmarcordPersona Brett Sheehan (@AmarcordPersona) reported

    @Friday13thGame I'm tired how you still could not be bothered to fix the hiding on roof glitches. You people are scam artists. I hope EA buy you out.

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