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Gears of War is a video game franchise created and originally owned by Epic Games, developed and managed by The Coalition, and owned and published by Microsoft Studios. Available for Xbox and Windows.

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  • Glitches (14.29%)
  • Game Crash (14.29%)
  • Online Play (7.14%)

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  • HelloIamLoading
    Mxnzy (@HelloIamLoading) reported

    @CoalitionGears the servers of chile and brazil from onice 2 up do not find game since many of the onices that there are play at night no longer play with people of onice 1 gold please fix the servers because for search a match of onyx 3 players its a 20 min or more and search EU

  • oXo_Raffo_oXo
    Raffo (@oXo_Raffo_oXo) reported

    @OctusTC @danasissons @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar @nodezero I just came from a 7-0 from my side and a 7 - 2 from their side and a 7-1 from our side. “So we are actively looking to it” means we’ve are monitoring the situation and there is not a problem or we are monitoring the situation because something does not work?

  • oXo_Raffo_oXo
    Raffo (@oXo_Raffo_oXo) reported

    @OctusTC @danasissons About all this matchmaking problem the turing that i do not like is that nodezero took the time to answer. If there is a problem and @CoalitionGears knows it why is not the @GearsofWar account to post about it. 1/2

  • SamanthaSmart01
    Samantha Smart (@SamanthaSmart01) reported

    @CoalitionGears @GearsViking @danasissons issue has been ongoing for over 2 years with thousands of gamers unable to play the game, I've had xbox support on the phone trying to fix it, but 10 minutes tonight of my husband messing with the game and he has fixed it to the point I am now playing it in single player

  • GearsViking
    Rod Fergusson (@GearsViking) reported

    @SamanthaSmart01 @CoalitionGears Ouch. I can do the usual and suggest re-installing it. But I haven't heard of this issue being systemic. Have you tried it on external storage?

  • hadler_yo
    jesus luna salinas (@hadler_yo) reported

    @OctusTC @CoalitionGears I fix the internet and it does not take me out of the games anymore but at the end of each one of them I think less 66 cr

  • hadler_yo
    jesus luna salinas (@hadler_yo) reported

    @OctusTC @CoalitionGears The issue is that the connection is stable but I'm still discounting

  • GearsViking
    Rod Fergusson (@GearsViking) reported

    @SamanthaSmart01 @CoalitionGears Is the problem on Xbox 360 or on Xbox One using backward compatibility?

  • Erinz_gow
    Erinz 🇨🇦 (@Erinz_gow) reported

    @GearsofWar Two more excuses to stay in and rage over a shit game not working at all

  • BarrazaIbarra
    Reyes B. (@BarrazaIbarra) reported

    @nodezero @DomezTV @CoalitionGears I'm more worried about the sniper glitch.

  • AzForsaken
    AZ_FOI2SAKEN (@AzForsaken) reported

    @boostercash47 @GearsofWar @Liam_J_McIntyre Yea on gears 3 I was top 100 in the world and gears 4 is just broken on core all the way around they need to fix it or Gears 5 is not going to be successful simple as that

  • brettsadousky
    person (@brettsadousky) reported

    @GearsofWar Haven't played Gears 4 in over a year, come back and the game is still ******* garbage LUL stop making these games it's been 12 years of the same problems no game has fixed it just bury it already LULLL

  • EssKillerWolf
    Ess KillerWolf (@EssKillerWolf) reported

    Listen @CoalitionGears I shouldn't go from 92% to 69% after ONE LOSS during a 30 game win streak due to some lag switching kids and here I am winning more matches not going up...

  • boostercash47
    boostercash (@boostercash47) reported

    @AzForsaken @GearsofWar @Liam_J_McIntyre Completly correct guy I AGREE 100 % with you! I was the best french ranked on gears 2 and on gears 3 my KD was 4.5! on gears 4 ranked it is 1.3!!!! servers on ranked are ****** HORRIBLE for european players. On social absolutly no problem but ranked is COMPLETLY BROKE,

  • ironlungs70
    The Real Ironlungs70 aka Mike D. (@ironlungs70) reported

    @BBQDanTheMan @GearsofWar Wtf?that's real...?Really sad that people can exploit this glitch.

  • _Emote_
    Zac Soeder (@_Emote_) reported

    I would love an explanation for how your trash ranking system works @CoalitionGears Im in a 5 stack tdm and we have won at least 15 matches in a row but and not move up a single percent but when we lose one match I got down 4 percent. Fix this trash @nodezero @danasissons

  • Andee_89
    Obliterationize _ (@Andee_89) reported

    @BBQDanTheMan @GearsofWar The equivalent to @CallofDuty quick scope. This has been an issue for a while

  • thebrainiyak
    Joeyguti (@thebrainiyak) reported

    @nodezero @SASxSH4DOWZ @BBQDanTheMan @GearsofWar @OctusTC @danasissons @CoalitionGears I mean you can shoot thru cover/and edges on most maps. Been a issue for 2 years.

  • AzForsaken
    AZ_FOI2SAKEN (@AzForsaken) reported

    @GearsofWar @Liam_J_McIntyre You guys need to fix the match making on gears 4 the ranking system an ping issue for other players is horrible . You guys need to make it like gears 3 the match making system on that was way better

  • EssLivo
    Livo (@EssLivo) reported

    @BBQDanTheMan @GearsofWar A glitch on Gears 4? Sorry but i find this difficult to believe :/

  • DomezTV
    Elevate | DomeZ (@DomezTV) reported

    The fact that picking up weapons on 2nd half harbor home hills is still glitchy is a problem it’s been happening since the release please do something about it @CoalitionGears @nodezero

  • CC_ILGaming
    CCGaming 🇺🇸🎮 (@CC_ILGaming) reported

    @jeremy_ferrin @SGH_RTs @DynoRTs @Paydayggrt @Quickest_Rts @Retweet_Twitch @TwitchSharer @Twitch @TwitchSupport @GearsofWar @pubattlegrounds Shouldn't be an issue to apply on our mobile site. If you are having issues hop on a computer and apply

  • HerooiIiN
    Parzival (@HerooiIiN) reported

    @CoalitionGears Fix the matchmaking, every time i got bronze/silver in my team vs full onix. this game is unplayable

  • Ops235
    Ops#gears 5 (@Ops235) reported

    @Lambent_Lucky @GearsofWar @CoalitionGears Or just bring back regions instead and the problem would be fixed

  • Lambent_Lucky
    Lucky #Gears5 (@Lambent_Lucky) reported

    @Ops235 @GearsofWar Should never trade with somebody who's ping is 5 times mine. I wish @CoalitionGears would hire some talented devs and fix these issues.

  • Ops235
    Ops#gears 5 (@Ops235) reported

    @Lambent_Lucky @GearsofWar i agree and whats worse is that there pink sucks so everyone one ping gonna go straight to 1100 cause the servers to crash

  • The_vTonii
    Tonii (@The_vTonii) reported

    @EssLivo @OGsie247 @CoalitionGears @CogCouple Nothing wrong here, they fix everything. Yup.

  • ButtMonkey47
    Butt Monkey47 (@ButtMonkey47) reported

    @GearsofWar I still have a competitive quit penalty from like a month ago when I stopped playing competitive, please fix

  • DoughboyVasquez
    Saul Vasquez (@DoughboyVasquez) reported

    @GearsofWar Your ranking system is shit. Fix it

  • KnownAsFrags
    Ess Fragss (@KnownAsFrags) reported


  • LyvanUp
    LΞ BAMBA (@LyvanUp) reported from Alhambra, California

    Just played against a team with 150+ ping. They seriously had the biggest advantages. They would lag so bad, by the time I killed one, we trade. @CoalitionGears

  • tjake454
    Jake Tapia (@tjake454) reported

    @CoalitionGears @GearsViking @GearsofWar Happened like an hour ago the match was about to start then kicked me with a error screen didn’t get a chance to take a picture of it and me and a friend got 30 min penalties.

  • ProGear360
    ProGear360 (@ProGear360) reported

    @OctusTC @BChapy @danasissons @CoalitionGears Could you borrow a PC from one of the map designers and stream Mixer on one PC and Twitch on the other? Or even setup a VM and do the same thing with on PC. Solving the no low latency issue :)

  • hiatus23
    Jesse (@hiatus23) reported

    @CoalitionGears fix your darn severs i was mid game and get a message saying i was kicked from the game in a ranked match come back im suspended dont even get a chance to rejoin smh

  • R_evolutionize
    Revolution (@R_evolutionize) reported

    @GearsofWar You guys need to fix the updated ranking system because it's complete trash than the one before. Revert back to the original ranking system.

  • chill_Squid
    chill Squid 🐙 (@chill_Squid) reported

    @GearsofWar I stopped playing a while back because I would end up in 10 minute queues just to have the lobby dissolve. I had/have no idea how to fix the issue. Not sure if anyone else has experienced this problem? #help

  • TheHunnyBunny14
    Emily Rybarsyk (@TheHunnyBunny14) reported

    @GearsofWar When you thought Clayton died in the helicopter crash, but then he bent over and dusted his helmet off. I even named one of my aloe plants after him. My favorite Carmine brother.

  • Matt_Schrader1
    Baby Shark 🦈 (@Matt_Schrader1) reported

    @azure_blaze4 @GearsofWar I thought gears 3 was much better than 1 and 2. Felt much smoother than 1. 2 I had constant lag issues

  • oXo_Raffo_oXo
    Raffo (@oXo_Raffo_oXo) reported

    @OctusTC @GamFercho @CoalitionGears @danasissons I think the problem is not the fact the he lost but the fact that he match is not funny. As we play to have fun. And that is the problem i have when matchmaking just screw it up.

  • xxnike0629xx
    xxnike629xx (@xxnike0629xx) reported

    @YongYea @YongYea #InfiniteMonetization is about right. It looks like @Halo is going to the route of games as a services. Perhaps @Microsoft will take other @Xbox franchises like @GearsofWar and @ForzaMotorsport as a 'service' too?

  • darylolivera
    eldaa10 (@darylolivera) reported

    @GearsofWar @EsportsGears @ElevateGG @SpacestationGG Lots skins and events but when you fix the pc crashes?

  • xrokogamerx
    XROKOGAMERx (@xrokogamerx) reported

    @CoalitionGears. Your servers are not good. they are super unstable in xbox one as much as in pc if it is not the RAID error.

  • corvinus_lucian
    Lucianity, Lord of Admirals (@corvinus_lucian) reported

    @CoalitionGears Please fix the issue, when in half of the matches the lobby is half empty. Playing 2vs2 or 2vs3 is kinda meh

  • Markavich
    Mark A. Williams, II (@Markavich) reported

    @Shamed_Knight @CoalitionGears @CapcomVancouver But if I don't follow them, how will I be alerted to the random errors that pop up? Exactly. I don't know where you reside, but in my country, we have these things called Amendments. The 1st one says I can say whatever the hell I want, whenever the hell I please.

  • Markavich
    Mark A. Williams, II (@Markavich) reported

    @Shamed_Knight @CoalitionGears @CapcomVancouver Haven't touched horde and I used to play it all the time in G2. That campaign was barely 5 hours long. I don't care about the "free" because I paid my dues. My original message to the recently laid off was to find a job somewhere else bcuz The Coalition can't fix MP.

  • GeneticChaos
    Seph (@GeneticChaos) reported

    @CoalitionGears Also while I hate the melee in OSOK, removing it causes that issue that you end up getting 10 ***** clicking their guns waiting for ammo to spawn.

  • Markavich
    Mark A. Williams, II (@Markavich) reported

    @CosmosTF @CoalitionGears @CapcomVancouver Please tell me where you can sell crap and not have to fix it.

  • StinkiestFist
    Franklin 🌀 (@StinkiestFist) reported

    @GearsofWar Played juvie madness 6 times and got gnasher 6 times in a row Fix your rng crap, decrease chance of getting duplicates

  • EricKlamert
    Eric (@EricKlamert) reported

    @CoalitionGears Please fix ranks. It was me silver and 4 gold's against 3 diamonds and 2 onyx. Tf??

  • LyvanUp
    LΞ BAMBA (@LyvanUp) reported

    @DutchyLive @GearsofWar @danasissons @OctusTC @nodezero I gave up on the devs when they couldn't fix the issues of aimbotters.

  • FFrenzy0
    FameFrenzy0 (@FFrenzy0) reported

    @GearsofWar your game is ******* broken fix your gay ass game

  • DutchyLive
    Dutchy 👑 (@DutchyLive) reported

    @danasissons @nodezero @OctusTC @CoalitionGears Let's get real here.. How are we going to bring up an issue that might be spoken about in 4-6 weeks, let alone get fixed. This issue was just discovered by my stream, hence I brought it up, at that point. Where are the changes to Core that were said to come if 2.8 was good.

  • OneBizarreGuy
    Og Quoby (@OneBizarreGuy) reported

    @HybridExcess @EssRoxxane @Alucxrds @GearsofWar Updates didn’t even fix the game? Without monthly packs and updates, the game just gets stale and boring. After reaching diamond it just gets boring dude. Once gears 5 gets released, it’ll be the same thing unless they fix their game

  • OneBizarreGuy
    Og Quoby (@OneBizarreGuy) reported

    @HybridExcess @EssRoxxane @Alucxrds @GearsofWar You need stats to see that the game doesn’t have alot of the players that it started with? There’s a reason for that too! The devs barely listen, micro transactions, broken game, not alot of updates, literally like 1 new gear pack every 3 months. This game is dying lmao

  • TheHarsch1
    Tha R (@TheHarsch1) reported

    @Capbaker1785 @Gearsbabe @GearsViking @therealcliffyb @CoalitionGears @GearsofWar @SASxSH4DOWZ @xbo Looks like the horde have broken out

  • justincwmaser
    Justin Maser (@justincwmaser) reported

    @GoguiAldair @_Mistah__J @CoalitionGears @sick_mod3rFakr @GearsViking Rubbish. You cheat. And you aren't better, you are just spongy cause you are so far away forcing US based servers to articially lag US players to sync Mexico based players.

  • imthecreamsoda
    jacob (@imthecreamsoda) reported

    @CoalitionGears hey guys, i just installed GoW4 on pc and am having this crazy bug where whenever I use my XboxOne Elite Controller (or any controller for that matter) the vibration motors go crazy and randomly stop and start vibrating. Is it Windows, and can I fix it?

  • DepravedDesign
    Tony (@DepravedDesign) reported

    @CoalitionGears Are there some issues with servers today? Play in the EU and it keeps getting stuck on loading map until everyone gets kicked out and it repeats the process.

  • DepravedDesign
    Tony (@DepravedDesign) reported

    @GearsofWar Are there some issues with servers today? Play in the EU and it keeps getting stuck on loading map until everyone gets kicked out and it repeats the process.

  • EssLivo
    Livo (@EssLivo) reported

    @Lambent_Lucky @OGsie247 @BBQDanTheMan @GearsofWar Can we swap games please? I think you must have a totally different game to me because mine is a broken pile of garbage :o

Gears of War Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0x00000d1c
  • 0x00000d28
  • 0x80073cf9
  • 0x801901f4
  • bigelow
  • cougars
  • jackrabbit
  • pesang
  • riad