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GitHub is a company that provides hosting for software development and version control using Git. It offers the distributed version control and source code management functionality of Git, plus its own features.

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GitHub Outage Chart 10/03/2022 21:30

October 03: Problems at GitHub

GitHub is having issues since 04:00 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments section!

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  • Website Down 64.81% Website Down
  • Errors 27.78% Errors
  • Sign in 7.41% Sign in

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IndiaMumbai Website Down

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  • HBBisenieks Hilary 💀 BisenEEKs 🇱🇻 🥨 🥀 🦅 🦡 🐇 (@HBBisenieks) reported

    @amandaWright86 every time i set up a new machine, i think i should finally just sit down and script all this out, and every time i just.....don't it's not even like most of it is hard! i have all my dotfiles in github! i just need to bootstrap the system with a few things!

  • baileycyber Mike Bailey (@baileycyber) reported

    @drraid @chompie1337 @richinseattle Wonder if Github patched the part where you could just make an unapproved branch to a major project with it and they couldn't take it down

  • abacaj Anton Bacaj (@abacaj) reported

    @VasiliyZukanov @mobilizationpl Flutter is definitely growing as can be seen by stars on GitHub But stackoverflow questions just means people have more issues or need answers with flutter A better metric although no idea how we could tell, is number of apps on the play store that use flutter

  • AAnakhe Anakhe O. Ajayi (@AAnakhe) reported

    When I comment on an Issue on Github and request to work on it but get no response, what should I do next? go ahead and fix it then send a pull request or look for another project #Hacktoberfest2022

  • RoundTableLaw Jason Morris (he/him)💻⚖️🇨🇦 (@RoundTableLaw) reported

    Spent the day encoding a couple of sections of the OAS Act in @BlawxAI. Ended up with almost-working code, and about 12 things I need to add to the issues list on GitHub. Progress isn't pretty.

  • Justin_Zobel Justin Zobel (@Justin_Zobel) reported

    @Serpent_OS @github Mostly just when funds are withdrawn and why. If you just put down Pay - Ikey or Pay Sunnyflunk or purchase of hardware somewhere then it's clear that funds in matches funds out for x reason. That is fine.

  • johnzabroski John Zabroski (@johnzabroski) reported

    @tim_abell @terrajobst has his own approach using Octokit .NET API and also Octokit.GraphQL - I can't seem to find his source code but he uses it for GitHub Events. I vaguely remember him talking about doing fancy one liners to fix a bunch of @dotnet org github repos.

  • Unional Homa Wong (@Unional) reported

    @codecov I think auth is also down. Cannot login using GitHub oauth to your website

  • freyatta v 🏴‍☠️ (@freyatta) reported

    @dissolutefxg lol have you not heard about github copilot? it's already an issue, but most people are concerned about open source licenses and the legality of using source code released under stuff like the GPL to train a proprietary AI service

  • BarakSchoster Barak Schoster Goihman (@BarakSchoster) reported

    @kmcquade3 Is the use case configuration? SSM. Data that scales fast by a predictable index? Dynamo. Local cache? Rocks db. Cloud agnostic? Consul. Java app? Spring config server. Need approval mechanism? KV file in GitHub.

  • ludditegeek 🐧Rick Romig 🇵🇭 (@ludditegeek) reported

    Consolidated my youtube-dl support scripts into a single script that handles installation, removal, and updating. Wish I could push it to my GitHub, but that's another issue I'm dealing with.

  • JDGoesMarching Eventually Consistent (@JDGoesMarching) reported

    Can someone @github tell me how you’re supposed to manage teams in Projects with no real issue hierarchy for multiple repos? I can’t tell if I’m I just dumb or a very basic piece of PM functionality is missing.

  • MandicReally Alan Mandic (@MandicReally) reported

    Anyone assembled a "Micro Sherpa" Extruder from Annex Engineering? I'm having an issue with misaligned BMG gears in the housing, it seems like the design is just wrong, so trying to figure out if I'm missing something. The Github has no instructions or assembly guide.

  • AddictiveColors Addictive Colors (@AddictiveColors) reported

    @dvrzan @twannl GitHub issues is actually quite cool, better than the J word ;).

  • BrianRPhillips Brian Phillips (@BrianRPhillips) reported

    @subtee Still count for a GitHub Action server?

  • BitGeck0 𝔹𝕚𝕥𝔾𝕖𝕔𝕜𝕠 (💙,🧡) (@BitGeck0) reported

    @Funky80310 @corleonescrypto Create account on GitHub if you don't have it, login on Gitcoin, select grant, change chain to Arbitrum, donate. What's so hard?

  • AspecPeople cer (@AspecPeople) reported

    @bIackisthecolor and i say magical black box because the code for the server that handles all of the reports and logging and stuff is closed source and not available to the public, even though shinigami eyes itself is on github.

  • dmoney_machine DmoneyMachine 👨🏽‍💻💰 (@dmoney_machine) reported

    Sheesh Pulled an all-night run yesterday just to learn *** and integrate it into a project for my GitHub. Spent hours getting errors just to finish it this morning and realize the stuff wasn't really hard, I had been getting ahead of myself and ruining it. #coding #github #webdev

  • ashleyepryan Ashley Ryan 👩🏼‍💻 (@ashleyepryan) reported

    @justinfagnani With v22 of the plugin I get a “cannot resolve import commonjshelpers.js” which is an open issue on GitHub. Downgrading to v21 is apparently the fix but then my test browser hangs indefinitely even if im not doing anything but checking that 1+1=2

  • nirvdrum Kevin Menard (@nirvdrum) reported

    GitHub Issues is the only issue tracker I've used where users can't re-open issues they've filed. To the best of my knowledge it never has. But, for the past 15 years, devs still close issues out and say "re-open if this is still a problem" leaving users with a Sisyphean task.

  • lucaongaro Luca Ongaro (@lucaongaro) reported

    @marchoeffl MiniSearch has also a much higher test coverage, and generative tests covering the data structures. This, and the fact that it is in more widespread use, make MiniSearch more stable at the moment (see GitHub issues).

  • crazy252_de crazy252 (@crazy252_de) reported

    @freekmurze Some links in this post are broken. An example is the github link for the laravel-site-search package

  • digialchem digi @ crying abt free! like it's 2013 (@digialchem) reported

    love how utterly broken editing transforms in grouped items is in OBS checks github open issue since nov 2021 still not fixed 10/10

  • BrentBrewington Brent Brewington (@BrentBrewington) reported

    @runleonarun I really like how dbt docs have the "Edit this page" on the pages, and there's option to either submit an Issue or do a PR. pretty easy to contribute (and I might shade more github experienced, but seems like it would be easy for someone who isn't)

  • Pangaea__ Pangaea (@Pangaea__) reported

    @headfallsoff i have a user style css tweak i found that straight up fixes most issues with the site, ill be able to upload a version i fixed up (to remove coloring tweaks that broke stuff) on github soon if people want it

  • LarryCutts6 Larry Cutts (@LarryCutts6) reported

    You need a frontend branch/backend branch/ui-design branch, etc. Listen to this part.... if everyone is continuously pushing code on the main/master branch, you are bound to f*** something up, and ***/github issues are not easy to handle when something goes wrong.

  • taiyasaki Andrea Tagliasacchi (@taiyasaki) reported

    And thanks to @fdellaert for showing me my build time was utterly unreasonable 🥰 Still puzzles me why their web server doesn’t just do a “*** pull” (w/ shallow history) rather than having to copy over the entire thing?!! @github ? That would reduce it to milliseconds

  • Deep_In_Depth Deep_In_Depth (@Deep_In_Depth) reported

    @JFPuget Only learned enough python to customize a few GitHub project. But fundamentally was not compatible with an intrinsically "slow" programming language. So looking to "jump" over PYTHON and move on to the next gen programing language.

  • FezVrasta Federico Zivolo (@FezVrasta) reported

    Hey @github I just changed smartphone and I’m unable to login with SAML through your app. Ideas to fix it? I’m on iOS

  • musta_crypto Mustafa🕺 (@musta_crypto) reported

    @pascalbaljet I'm starting to use splade today. I have no idea how to use the layout. It's not in the docs. and there is no discussion tab on github or a discord server to get some help.