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Gmail is a free, advertising-supported email service developed by Google. Users can access Gmail on the web and through the mobile apps for Android and iOS, as well as through third-party programs that synchronize email content through POP or IMAP protocols.

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  • Errors (32.46%)
  • Website Down (30.26%)

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  • natethefurry nate (@natethefurry) reported

    @EvergreeneWolf I have an app called google photos it’s saves pictures onto my gmail account so I’ve been going down all the pictures I’ve saved over the years I’ve had my phone and I find old pictures like this that I don’t even remember where I found it

  • AJLelievre13 Austin James Lelievre 🇨🇦 (@AJLelievre13) reported

    @gmail I'll give that a go, but it still doesn't make sense. When I refreshed it, it went from 830 to 613 and I didn't do anything else. It seems like an error or something.

  • MusicBizEvents Makin' It Magazine (@MusicBizEvents) reported

    "If you have multiple phones use Ur gmail account as an exchange server 2 sync contacts in both automatically (Works w/ iPhones 2)." Kelby

  • StephenBaty11 Stephen Baty (@StephenBaty11) reported

    @gmail would reboot my pc on that issue i had before cause i never had that issue before on log in to watch videos

  • Tngal06 06 (@Tngal06) reported

    @gmail Morning I didnt create it I was there trying to get help and noticed I wasn't the only 1 with the problem and there was no solution on the forum as well.

  • scottcale Scott Cale (@scottcale) reported

    This morning, for instance. At ~9:40 @discordapp rejected my login (from unusual location). Email with a link is time-stamped 9:43... And @gmail delivered it to me at 10:40. So now discord rejects the link as expired and wants me to start over.

  • hoolyinarkanas Arkansas (@hoolyinarkanas) reported

    Damn phone won't connect to my gmail. Wi-Fi down. Will get back when I can get it to let me.

  • mygvgv Love is...💚 (@mygvgv) reported

    @gmail (Google Drive) i love you but as you roll out new features these past 2 months, we suffer with lost time as you have been down or toooooooooooo sllllooooooowwwww every few days. pls. fix your problems very soon

  • ddaeng_vae jk (@ddaeng_vae) reported

    @kenmaksetter @AnnieLuvsBTS1 @DarlingSpectrum @BTS_twt Sign in with an sns or Gmail account. Click fact award, the one on right top. Click bts. You get 2 votes only since it’s ending soon. But if everyone comes together we might catch up. I believe they’re popular in Brazil so hopefully

  • winterion Daniel Greenberg (@winterion) reported

    @MeAtasu If you're having issues with it, try winterion at gmail instead.

  • Mr_Cherestal Alix Cherestal Jr (@Mr_Cherestal) reported

    @GoldmundUnleash Yeah get google G suite for business and Gmail for personal use man.. they have 2 factor authentication where you have to confirm your login using your phone

  • ideafaktory Steve Faktor (@ideafaktory) reported

    @brave Really enjoying the browser, but a few challenges so far: 1) Autoplay block notification too obtrusive 2) Google Keep extension broken 3) Need fine control over adblock & custom lists, like UblockO 4) Send link by gmail ext works 1/2 time 5) PDF viewer broken on some sites

  • CzechPleaz Chris J. (@CzechPleaz) reported

    @wingland No issues with Gmail in Chrome on Win10 for me.

  • houstmon Graeme Houston (@houstmon) reported

    @Google My Google account is not disabled, only my access to log into YouTube. I can access gmail, my timeline info in maps, can sign in on both of mybandroid devices,etc. I've already been to the appeals team, they said my access to youtube would be reenabled but nothing has changed.

  • rzeta0 Tariq ☕ (@rzeta0) reported

    @gmail also I've previously wiped app data and the issue came back - this was months ago.. .. also wiping your account data is not a sustainable solution.

  • rzeta0 Tariq ☕ (@rzeta0) reported

    @gmail I've worked through that article, completing all the steps except * I didn't clear storage as it is at 65%, with 11GB free * I didn't delete app data as that would lose all my 6 accounts and I'd have to set them up again, I only cleared the cache The issue remains unsolved.

  • Gernot Gernot (@Gernot) reported

    @bzamayo Same. First I had the Gmail/2FA related login problems when 10.14.4 came out. I guess it came with the „fix“ for that. All the affected accounts are Gmail accounts.

  • JeanFanterence Jean batman (fanterence) (@JeanFanterence) reported

    @gmail Finally problem solved : just waited ten minutes

  • WayneStateCIT Wayne State C&IT (@WayneStateCIT) reported

    Emails sent from Wayne State accounts to external providers (Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo!, etc.) are receiving failed delivery errors. We are working with Microsoft to resolve the issue. Affects outbound email only, including those that set up forwarding. (cc: @waynestate)

  • pangolinart Brenna @ SURPRISE VANCAF (@pangolinart) reported

    @gmail I am locked out of my verification email, meaning I can't change my password even though you verified my phone and that I've made multiple requests to get my account back. I forgot my new password. I cannot wait 3-5 days for you guys to review my issue!

  • AvilalaVinay vinay kumar avilala (@AvilalaVinay) reported

    @Google Is there someone that can help me resolve my problem I tried all the step from my side please let me if I can Contact any way @gmail I AM EXPECTING SOME INTERVIEWS IN ANY UPCOMING BUSINESS DAY. Please help out of this situation.🙏

  • Catsnmi Pippin (@Catsnmi) reported

    @ChiquitaNissaa Yes, I can't login to my gmail account either. It's 11pm french time.

  • ballrock_ sel (@ballrock_) reported from Milano, Lombardia

    @TeamYouTube I deleted my account and opened a new account using the same email but the problem continued.I have send another feedback to Youtube.THIS IS AN IMPORTANT PROBLEM because my gmail account is also my private mail and if Google has a security leaking,it has to solve it

  • ballrock_ sel (@ballrock_) reported from Milano, Lombardia

    I deleted my account and opened a whole new account using the same e-mail but the problem continued.I have send another feedback to Youtube. THIS IS AN IMPORTANT PROBLEM because my gmail account is also my private e-mail and if Google has a security leaking, it has to solve it.

  • susiethewitch doll with no eyes and 1000 teeth (@susiethewitch) reported

    @Google @gmail I'm not really planning on having any kids but if y'all need my first born or something im down i just need reset the password on that account

  • nottheverb Carrie Resnick (@nottheverb) reported

    In an email I was writing to someone named Elizabeth, Gmail just suggested I make the phrase "Hey Elizabeth" into "Hey Elizabethtown." Yes, I wrote this tweet instead of finishing the email. Elizabethtown is a terrible movie and now I'm distracted.

  • Dreameaterism DreamEater (@Dreameaterism) reported

    Gmail down R.I.P.

  • Dreameaterism DreamEater (@Dreameaterism) reported

    Gmail and Youtube logins are all broken rn #Gmailisdown #gmaildown #googledown #youtubedown

  • CMilanian C Milanian (@CMilanian) reported

    Was the DNC hacked easily because of the two Pakistanis and because of Hillary’s illegal server, which Mueller said was easier to hack than a gmail acct.

  • IlyaKiselev7 Ilya Kiselev (@IlyaKiselev7) reported

    Dear team @HitmarkerJobs, I'm always happy when you appear in my mailbox, but unfortunately the links "View Job" don't work in the gmail mobile app (Android), on PC - everything is ok. Check and fix pls. 👍🍺

  • ImWatchingToo ImWatchingToo 🐾👠 (@ImWatchingToo) reported

    .@gmail you've now joined the ranks of the "not working well" group with Facebook I reported your problem to various 'down' sites

  • QXingyub Quentin.Xingyu.B (@QXingyub) reported

    A terrible idea for Gmail is that you can see a list of people who is drafting a email to you

  • vknetha Vinaay Kumar Netha (@vknetha) reported

    @gmail app is not working properly ..when i try to open a mail, app is getting closed. tried several times restarting phone as well but no use. assistance required

  • alltom tom lieber (@alltom) reported

    @gmail I cleared the cache and visited in an incognito window… Same result. I filed feedback reports in each of the broken states, though.

  • bts_koyabt21 btsarmy (@bts_koyabt21) reported

    @HikariMiharu @btsvotingteam @BTS_twt maybe u can try using gmail, fb, etc if twitter is not working. for me only g+ and fb worked

  • pmarreck 𝙿𝚎𝚝𝚎𝚛 𝙼𝚊𝚛𝚛𝚎𝚌𝚔 (@pmarreck) reported

    @johnath > gmail & gdocs started to experience selective performance issues and bugs on Firefox. Demo sites would falsely block Firefox as “incompatible.” My point is this: All these problems occurred on THEIR playing field. You were trying to play football on their rugby field, basically

  • jessresisters (((JessReSister))) (@jessresisters) reported

    @RoxanneRobins66 @CoryBooker You can download it to PDF or text sign in with Gmail I just did

  • oliverwinee person you used to love (@oliverwinee) reported

    I've been difficult. Really difficult, idek why, maybe I just used to be an ass, maybe it's in my genes bc both of my parents are really just yikes.. mom's been screaming a fk ton bc of her gmail not working

  • dxs Dan Sneddon (@dxs) reported

    @billplein Unfortunately my employer, despite being devoted to Open Source software, has adopted GSuite and retired our local IMAP and Etherpad instances. GMail really killed a lot of local mail server projects.

  • AnyaSleezer Anya Sleezer (@AnyaSleezer) reported

    @gmail This issue is still not resolved. My old email service cuts off at the end of the month so it’s important that I get what should have been a very easy step to import my mail resolved ASAP. The experts are not resolving it on the forums.

  • th0m4sandrs0n Thomas Anderson (@th0m4sandrs0n) reported

    @AmandaMarcotte Which was the whole point of the private server. Imagine if she was using Gmail like ivanka or WhatsApp like Jared.

  • GarthDB just garth (@GarthDB) reported

    Gmail (and every website): if you're loading ads: I get it, business. Please have a placeholder for the final dimensions of the ad so that I can safely click my target without it shifting down mid-click. Sure I clicked your ad, but it was on accidental and now I hate your ad.

  • FidelsRealBeard Fidel Castro's Beard (@FidelsRealBeard) reported

    Just checked my spam folder and was shocked how many women wanted to get a hold of me. @gmail fix your shit

  • fahadshabirkhan Fahad 🚀 (@fahadshabirkhan) reported

    @HubSpotSupport @HubSpotDev @HubSpot Thanks but no thanks it did not help me. All I wanted to give access for was my calendar and like a classical greedy data hoarder, @HubSpot wanted it all. I would recommend you to fix it. One easy way would be to rename your calendar connect to "give us all your Gmail data"

  • stephanie_fitz Stephanie Fitz (@stephanie_fitz) reported

    @googlechrome I just discovered that my secondary profile works fine, and it's only my primary account that is experiencing issues. @gmail

  • RedQRedT RedQueenRedTeam (@RedQRedT) reported

    Alas the University system is having a few problems, please use cushingmediaeval at gmail for the duration.

  • Ble_hh عمارہ (@Ble_hh) reported

    Chaloo ab gmail down ho gya ha😐

  • BevMorris1 Dr Ranty Pants (@BevMorris1) reported

    @gmail Have now got it sorted - looks like a software update changed the outgoing server setting... thanks for checking :-)

  • HelenKPDem HelenKP (@HelenKPDem) reported

    @tsukikomew @AtlanticBBInc @gmail Got the same answer and it's been going on since last Sunday for me. "there is currently no resolution and engineers are working on a fix as quickly as possible, if you have an alternate email account to use you are welcome to utilize it"

  • king_kohlrab Kohlrabi 💮 (@king_kohlrab) reported

    @SwitchingSocial I do believe that the system would work better if everyone had their own server, but it’s not going to happen. Users will continue to sign up for one major instance that will serve as the “gmail”. Not saying that’s a bad thing. But as mentioned, no oversight or legal culpability

  • MeakinArmstrong Meakin of House Armstrong, First of His Name (@MeakinArmstrong) reported

    Opening your Gmail junk folder is like standing at the outer edge of the late capitalism cliff and peering down into the abyss.

  • rzeta0 Tariq ☕ (@rzeta0) reported

    several people reporting that @google @android gmail app is not showing notifications for new emails I've had this issue for almost 2 years - it is serious not getting notifications for multiple accounts and no, clearing data/ reinstalling is not a solution #android #gmail

  • KleeneAlgebraCo Kleene Algebra Cow (@KleeneAlgebraCo) reported

    Safari always complains that gmail takes up too much memory and may affect the responsiveness of my macbook. On one hand, this is a fairly new computer, and an email site shouldn't be a problem. OTOH, I only use it for email and a VNC client, so w/e. Stop showing me the warning.

  • 00000000 00000000 (@00000000) reported from Los Angeles, California

    Hey @SanDisk , I sent off an email via your MemoryZone app regarding an issue I'm having with my Pixel 3XL and received an email undeliverable as your support email address seems to be over it's Gmail quota.

  • wyaJacobv 𝘑𝘢𝘤𝘰𝘣 (@wyaJacobv) reported

    Slow computer+broken mouse+broken printer+blocked Gmail is bad for computer science

  • Ruaycam Rubén Ayza Campos (@Ruaycam) reported

    @AliExpress_EN Hi, I have problems to send pictures in a current dispute and there's no way I can do it with the link your service sent me in a mail. I added a gmail link to my text's dispute, but seems to be ignored by your ppl. I will go to customers service if you ignore it.

  • RedMoonProject David M Garcia (@RedMoonProject) reported

    Yes, message sent and received from webmail. I have also sent messages to other addresses with no problem. Have sent a test to Gmail from Apple mail app on Mac, just no download from POP

  • imogenstuckes Imogen Stuckes (@imogenstuckes) reported

    @gmail Yes I am only using 10% space. It's not a storage issue as I can still get some emails but several people have said they can't email me. It must be to do with your security/email checkers...

  • fujoshi232 veveve (@fujoshi232) reported

    you can login with fb, twitter, gmail etc

  • Hanam951 🔔 Hanam95 🔔 (@Hanam951) reported

    @moonrainksj I try to vote but I can't login. I've try twitter, ktalk, and gmail. I even instal the app but still, when I login it went error

Gmail Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 007
  • 1026
  • 17099
  • 400 bad request
  • 404
  • 500
  • 502
  • 502 bad gateway
  • 5967
  • 6922
  • 76997
  • 77044
  • 78144
  • 78754
  • 8144
  • a connection error occurred
  • account error
  • activex error
  • address not found
  • app error
  • attachment failed
  • auth web login required
  • authentication error
  • bluestacks error
  • delivery error
  • dns_probe_finished_nxdomain
  • does not allow relaying