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Gmail is a free, advertising-supported email service developed by Google. Users can access Gmail on the web and through the mobile apps for Android and iOS, as well as through third-party programs that synchronize email content through POP or IMAP protocols.

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  • karlakakes56
    karlakakes56 (@karlakakes56) reported

    @KendaKile Peter's putting on 5-6 layers of malware etc software on all our device s. I assume my FB is taken down; I vaguely threatened FB erased gmail account

  • yokai_kiranyan
    🎃💀 ☆Kiranyan☆ 💀🎃 (@yokai_kiranyan) reported

    @Kekkan_Kanpeki Exactly. I dont know my login information- both my email/ID and password. Im not sure how to/if i can retrieve my login information; my phone number isnt connected, and if my gmail is, its at least not sending me emails when i ask for the information.

  • 1stPIayer
    braveyy🐝🦄 🇨🇺☆° (@1stPIayer) reported

    So youtube shuts themselves down at random, They won’t allow you to have the name you desire, and also requires you to create a Gmail account in order to even have a youtube

  • DIVAT25326088
    DIVAT (@DIVAT25326088) reported

    tommy38chart@gmail #gHelp #HC Unable to access my Gmail account from my PC under Windows 10., because I have the following message;Secure Connection Failed The connection to the server was reset while the page was loaded. The page you are trying to view can not be displayed

  • TehNekoGamer
    Neko (@TehNekoGamer) reported

    @naylteofrith What would probably fix it is if there was some competition with YouTube. You HAVE to have a Gmail to do anything in the platform.

  • epsilonkai
    riκα • mateus 🌸 (@epsilonkai) reported

    if my website doesn't work for you (I'm trying my best to fix it asap!!), feel free to send me an email at epsilon.kai @ gmail . com !! ✨ thank you so much for the support!! 😭💕

  • launchany
    LaunchAny / James Higginbotham (@launchany) reported

    Sounds like the old QMailToaster ISO that I installed many years ago for a hardened email server. You know - before gmail supported domains. Tho I did something wrong as I didn't get $4 mil for the effort

  • MihailoBjelic
    Mihailo Bjelic (@MihailoBjelic) reported

    @edmundedgar This new web Gmail is TERRIBLE. I've been using the phone app almost exclusively since they've introduced this fail.

  • jobelenus
    NoKings (@jobelenus) reported

    The fact that I can no longer drag'n'drop gmail labels onto a message is terrible and utterly frustrating.

  • Kelly_Clowers
    Kelly Clowers (@Kelly_Clowers) reported

    Honestly google sucks aside from search. Gmail was revolutionary back in the day sure. But now I am way happier with fastmail for email. Gcal is just ok, and the ics export feed only with no proper caldav is a deal breaker. And outside of those, it just shuts things down too much

  • weezmgk
    Comrade Weez (@weezmgk) reported

    @DrJenGunter Standalone email programs (or 'clients' as they are sometimes called) can collect & send email from several different accounts, too. You might have a work email address that runs on a hospital server and a couple of Gmail accts. Thunderbird can deal with all of them.

  • weezmgk
    Comrade Weez (@weezmgk) reported

    @DrJenGunter Standalone email programs are not that sneaky, although the modern email programs like Thunderbird do display some web-like content. You can use Thunderbird to get email from Gmail's server in the Olde Fashioned way.

  • SpaceHarris
    Tea Harris (@SpaceHarris) reported

    @gmail Fix "conversation view" I hate it My desktop has it unchecked, no problem My google Pixel 2 WILL ONLY do conversation view even when unchecked in app So I QUIT using the app & get gmail online on my cell STILL conversation view. PLEASE FIX THIS!!!

  • ciberesponce
    Andrew (@ciberesponce) reported

    @tlp_ex_chr @malwareunicorn Cause Google+ was secure, Chrome browser has no privacy issues, Android has no privacy issues, gmail never shared your data to anyone, filtering google results in China is close to their values... let’s just do a full cannon ball into the ignorance is bliss (but free!) world 👍

  • noahdesu
    Noah Watkins (@noahdesu) reported

    Just remembered the dedicated lkml gmail account I made in 2009... *After many failed login attempts* 800K unread Let's try that again in a few years

  • gabrieljparodi
    Gabriel Parodi (@gabrieljparodi) reported

    @Google Hi I Have An E Mail Account in Gmail And Microsoft. For Some Reasons I am Getting Too Much People Who Say They Are Google Team But When You Go To See It is Spam I Can Not Fix That For The Moment But Only I Want You Know What It is Happening

  • pagetheoracle
    Phil (@pagetheoracle) reported

    @YahooCare I’m entering the credentials requested by gmail.. it says ‘set up email’ with the yahoo uk and Ireland login page. It takes me to BT sign in. Then dumps me out.

  • GLHancock
    G. L. Hancock (@GLHancock) reported

    @vons The site wasn't down for me - the emails just didn't show up. Could be a Gmail problem.

  • jacketlizard
    punched in the face by a man now dead (@jacketlizard) reported

    okay gmail, you may have correctly predicted that I was going to follow the word "down" with "for that" in this e-mail but it's creepy so cut that shit out

  • DropboxSupport
    Dropbox Support (@DropboxSupport) reported

    @codeninja_ru @gmail If you have, then, there shouldn't be a problem 🙂 Simply make sure it's from the requested email address. Thanks for getting in touch with us again on this matter!

  • spudowiar
    (🎃 *) saleem (@spudowiar) reported

    @matthew_d_green @nineball @__apf__ the issue stated makes sense IMO, but the solution provided by Chrome doesn't seem to solve that issue. i'm saying that, if one user is *already signed in to Chrome*, it would make sense to alert when *a different user tries to sign in to Gmail*.

  • SamStelfox
    Yes, I'm Pasties (@SamStelfox) reported

    @gmail I'm hardwired into Google Fiber with the gigabit plan with no connection issues. This is a fairly fresh install (~12 days), but I've consistently experienced the same issue on my laptop.

  • dougkatz
    doug katz (@dougkatz) reported

    the new @gmail is so extremely slow and doesnt open old emails (different browsers, cache's cleared, at home and at work) please let us do legacy gmail!

  • JMachaj1
    Jeffrey Machaj (@JMachaj1) reported

    @gmail Doesn't work. I think it has something to do with gmail hosting our work email address. This is turning to a big problem.

  • chimchimou
    𝒩𝒶𝒷𝒾 (@chimchimou) reported

    @berrywoos I have a terrible memory and i cant really remember which one I’ve entered and which not but thank god the google forms when u sign with ur gmail account it says if you’ve already submitted or not

  • StefanyPegueroo
    Stephanie (@StefanyPegueroo) reported

    To everyone whos trying to call me i got your number in my phone im calling you from my gmail account my phones not working 😥

  • deewavyy
    Sheck Stress (@deewavyy) reported

    I just tried signing onto my gmail with my school login I need to go home

  • pagetheoracle
    Phil (@pagetheoracle) reported

    @YahooCare I am using the Gmail app I.e. the icon with the white envelope and red M superimposed on it. I am not experiencing the same problem with my I pad mail service.

  • Bruitiste
    Bruno Bissonnette (@Bruitiste) reported

    @gmail @CynicalCBlog Browser for me and it's horrendously slow as well. Not to mention ugly. Those fonts! The spacing!

  • HgeanKidNebula
    Hgean Kid Nebula (@HgeanKidNebula) reported

    @katastropheUSA @light_shard @moonboy_music you'd also have to clean out your drive, keep, wipe all data from your gmail server, delete your g+, and wipe your photos

  • kellermatth
    Matthias Keller (@kellermatth) reported

    Very slow in-flight Wi-Fi. iMessage perfect, Gmail useable, web pages ok-ish, @SlackHQ a total disaster both web and iOS client. @SlackHQ needs to go on a serious diet - this is messaging, not video streaming!

  • StrangerGwenn
    Gwennaël Arbona (@StrangerGwenn) reported

    @shanianickel @deskun_app I'm guessing some privacy-minded browser extensions will do. HTML in emails is a complicated topic - some clients strip it entirely, or get the image from a neutral server to hide your IP. I'm not even sure what GMail does.

  • spraggsk
    Uralman Europeon (@spraggsk) reported

    @ZevSupport I in just using got in gmail using Microsoft edge soft edge Browser can you believe it using google Chrome say server is down . I used work in application support 20 gone grey some time life used to be much simpler with Green Screen

  • pengwynn
    Wynn Netherland (@pengwynn) reported

    @colinkeany @github The word is that feature will land in Gmail when they shut down Inbox, but I'm skeptical because it's a fundamentally different app.

  • JMachaj1
    Jeffrey Machaj (@JMachaj1) reported

    @gmail Help please. My vacation auto response is not working correctly.

  • poulterz
    Jade Poulters (@poulterz) reported

    It’s a “is my gmail broken or is everyone just ignoring me kinda day”

    RichieFromBoston (@NULOOKREFINISH) reported

    I love all the #youtubewentdown memes Bigger picture #youtube cant go down, not entirely and yet it did. why, look at gmail its now A.I. and now so is #youtube #RFB

  • ShazzleMail
    ShazzleMail (@ShazzleMail) reported

    Faced with mounting pressure from policymakers on privacy issues, Google is clamping down on how third-party developers can use data they collect from its popular email service Gmail

  • amarvin
    Aaron Marvin (@amarvin) reported

    @googlechrome Yes, I tested in Incognito mode, too. Same issue. Gmail does load if I drop TLS 1.3 to Version 28 instead of the Default or Final Version settings.

  • barnhartguy
    Guy Barnhart-Magen (@barnhartguy) reported

    @iiamit @InfoSystir Though I would probably be interested in an emails server instance hosted and managed by Amazon for example, where I retain more control vs. using gmail

  • hashim_warren
    Hashim Warren (@hashim_warren) reported

    @jensimmons It's weird to say, but I wouldn't mind a less JavaScript-y Gmail experience. HTML mode is too little, but the current app is too slow and laggy

  • coldplay_oilers
    Coldplay_Oilers 🧢 (@coldplay_oilers) reported

    @BetamaxRob @Outlook I find email clients frustrating on iOS. iOS Mail app is excellent but Gmail push doesn’t work on it anymore. Gmail app doesn’t let you turn off conversation mode, so that’s terrible. I’m stuck with Outlook app

  • nativist
    ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ! (@nativist) reported

    youtube was so busy pausing every mans video feed and spying on their gmail they crashed their whole shitty domain. thats the problem with progress in the hands of a few. they just cant be everywhere at once

  • bosniantrouble
    Troub 😈⚜️ (@bosniantrouble) reported

    @trackdout when I try to “continue with Gmail” or “continue with Facebook” it’s not working

  • realaxelfoley
    Benjamin Hart (@realaxelfoley) reported

    @gmail Fix your very bad redesign!

  • not_raymond
    Augustus Reeves (@not_raymond) reported

    Gmail is terrible please don't take Inbox from me @Google

  • Virtue_tK
    Dylan (@Virtue_tK) reported

    Someone hacked 4 of my gmail accounts... like changed password, recovery phone and idk how to fix it @gmail help.

  • tolmasky
    Francisco Tolmasky (@tolmasky) reported

    So many seemingly unrelated technology problems come down to critical infrastructure not being in the hands of the user. And a big reason for this gas often been that open source software simply does not focus enough on UI and UX. People *like* 1Password, they *like* GMail.

  • tusharnene
    Tushar Nene (@tusharnene) reported

    @gmail That did it, thanks. The other strange thing is when it did that on my android it also did it on my browser edition. Switching to the old mail design seemed to fix that. The "new mail" frequently only shows 5-10 emails only

  • slaleman
    Scott Laleman (@slaleman) reported

    @gmail Still a bit slow in some instances. Removing some extensions to see if that speeds things up. Also going to try it without anything else open.

  • LetYourLifeBe
    B (@LetYourLifeBe) reported

    I know this is practically the definition of a "first world problem," but I really dislike the new @gmail look. Actually hurts my eyes a bit. Even tried a few themes, and realized I have zero interest in a "theme" for a webpage that has as part of it's identity 'simplicity'

  • sekairider
    William Doertz (@sekairider) reported

    @_Drew_McCoy_ I have a brilliant idea (😜) to fix the missing link in task/to-do lists. Biggest impediment to funding is how to sell behavioral change. I too am stymied and it’s depressing. It would be a better push thru AAPL or GOOG (like new Gmail features) vs. a small startup but oh well...

  • ayohbami
    Bami (@ayohbami) reported

    @KINGOFWINCITY Well damn. Shit bro. This shit bad man damn. Drake bout to Gmail sit down and reassess his choices fr.

  • vasalavikasredd
    vasalavikasreddy (@vasalavikasredd) reported

    @ACTFibernet We hope and request to solve the problem as soon as possible sir regristered email I'd is madhava rao v and contact no is 9652991625

  • BethanWilliams
    Bethan (@BethanWilliams) reported

    @gmail no, still having the same problem :( I don't really want to switch browsers, but frustrating that I'm having continued issues in Safari.

  • Gdealcaniz
    Cinzento Melancólico (@Gdealcaniz) reported

    Gmail + @YouTube are not working.

  • charguyy
    Charlie (@charguyy) reported

    @KEEMSTAR No it wasn’t a DNS error. If it was an issue with the DNS you wouldn’t even be able to go to the YouTube site. GMail and other GSuite apps were also down. Most likely this was because of a server error (as evident by the 500 error code)

  • meerasapra
    Meera Sapra (@meerasapra) reported

    @doulosjose In ever use multiple gmail tabs. Almost don’t use gmail either. But the forced sign in to google was the last straw that made me switch from chrome.

  • NarsiMarsi
    Neri (@NarsiMarsi) reported

    @gmail Paradoxically, Chrome is the one that gets the worst lags. Firefox (freshly installed) is way faster, but still very, very slow. Safari is just slightly slower than classic Gmail. I might have to switch to Safari (from Chrome), or start using a third-party app for the mail.

  • NarsiMarsi
    Neri (@NarsiMarsi) reported

    @gmail It is a bit less slow, but still super laggy. Eg: after reading an email and going back to "inbox", that email is still marked as unread for 2-3 sec. Moving between tabs takes 1.5 sec. I liked gmail because it was fast. Nice GUIs are cool, but not at the expense of usability!

Gmail Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 007
  • 1026
  • 17099
  • 400 bad request
  • 404
  • 500
  • 502
  • 502 bad gateway
  • 5967
  • 6922
  • 76997
  • 77044
  • 78144
  • 78754
  • 8144
  • a connection error occurred
  • account error
  • activex error
  • address not found
  • app error
  • attachment failed
  • auth web login required
  • authentication error
  • bluestacks error
  • delivery error
  • dns_probe_finished_nxdomain
  • does not allow relaying