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  • Guikingone Guillaume Loulier (@Guikingone) reported

    Actually trying for the 4-5th time to use @doctrineproject migrations on a @GCPcloud Cloud Run with Cloud Build, what a ******* pain... #PHP #Symfony

  • generativist 💫 (wannabe) breaker of loops ⭐️ (@generativist) reported

    @googlecloud Uploading Files via Cloud Storage didn't work, raising > AttributeError: you need a private key to sign credentials.the credentials you are currently using for the reasons referenced in the linked issue that the documentation does not reference.

  • generativist 💫 (wannabe) breaker of loops ⭐️ (@generativist) reported

    This isn't meant as angry criticism of the @googlecloud. I think at their level of scale and complexity edges are hard to sand down. But it's really frustrating when something apparently simple isn't.

  • marekq marek kuczyński (@marekq) reported

    @granttimmerman @GCPcloud @di_codes I’m curious whether you see customer demand to move functions to containers (which are obviously less efficient and more costly to maintain than a function). I think this “escape hatch” can be helpful for some usecases, but going from a function to K8s is a step backwards imo.

  • marekq marek kuczyński (@marekq) reported

    @granttimmerman @GCPcloud @di_codes Grant, I’m interested in the function portability, but am not sure which issue the project addresses today. The user needs to manually create a Docker file which does not include any dependencies and has different triggers to start the function.

  • generativist 💫 (wannabe) breaker of loops ⭐️ (@generativist) reported

    @googlecloud Er, nope, spoke too soon. I disabled it then went to another page and same problem.

  • Talentive_ Talentive (@Talentive_) reported

    @googlecloud “We have contacted and passed the case to correct team”, “ we have escalated the issue”, “we have put a note this is urgent”, “we have requested for follow-up in next 1hour”.

  • Konman81 Josh (@Konman81) reported

    @napperino @JacobWolf @ATVI_AB @Google @YouTubeGaming @overwatchleague @CODLeague @HSesports @googlecloud Yes and no. Having 3 games/leagues could help keep it around the same for Blizzard/act but obviously split between 3 is less than 1 league taking all the money

  • Talentive_ Talentive (@Talentive_) reported

    @GoogleSupport3 @Google @googlecloud it’s been 4+ days trying to get a simple Gsuite Basic account and billing setup completed but the Google support team keeps on passing the case to one team and next. Don’t have company emails for 4+ days

  • BatchuThrishna Batchu Thrishna (@BatchuThrishna) reported

    @kunalpitale @GoogleCloud_IN @dsclpu @googlecloud @qwiklabs Thank you, and to get hoodie, you need to fill out the form that's given to everyone... If you hadn't then DSC lead couldn't support you even if she wants to 🙂

  • kurwyne Kurwyne Gayle (@kurwyne) reported

    10 mins into GCP and chill and their manager app engine is broken and so is there support both phone and online. #gcp #googlecloud #googlecloudplatform

  • navin0593 Naveenkumar (@navin0593) reported

    @GCPcloud I have raised the issue please find the reference issue id for the this. Issue Id.148173324

  • CodyBrown codyb (@CodyBrown) reported

    I have been locked in a nightmare operations issue between @googlecloud, ICANN, and other divisions of google for the month of January that is devouring my soul.

  • 3mro_osman Amro O (@3mro_osman) reported

    @sethvargo @GCPcloud Sorry sir after I contributed to Google Map and uploaded dozens of photos reviews etc. Google Map started requesting credit card for Developers to access their free services, and never accepting debit cards. So I will never contribute to any free services after this related to G.

  • sethvargo Seth Vargo (@sethvargo) reported

    @alexellisuk @steren @GCPcloud @ahmetb You’d want to create a dedicated service account with secretmanager.secretAccessor permissions and then launch the Cloud Run service as that SA (—service-account=...)

  • Bikash85679380 Bikash (@Bikash85679380) reported

    @GooglePayIndia Again copy paste reply. Just doing time pass with people's problems.@Google @GoogleAI @Googleorg @madebygoogle @GCPcloud @GooglePay @Google_Comms

  • enkaypeter Nkere-Awaji Inwan (@enkaypeter) reported

    Not important but I can’t wait for emoji support on @GCPcloud source repositories commit messages.

  • enkaypeter Nkere-Awaji Inwan (@enkaypeter) reported

    Not important but can’t wait for emoji support for commit messages on @GCPcloud source repositories.

  • passthejoe Steven Rosenberg (@passthejoe) reported

    @vboykis Epic is HUGE. Also, clouds are complicated. The big story for me isn't that they are dropping @GCPcloud but that they are so bullish on @Azure. I had fun running a Google cloud VPS, but I couldn't help feeling that it could have been done better.

  • AlexCEngler Alex Engler (@AlexCEngler) reported

    The @GCPcloud product detects faces and the ever-dubious 'emotional state.' It's a bit different than identifying a specific human, but @Google should suspend this service if they are at all serious.

  • marcosnils Marcos Nils (@marcosnils) reported

    The only solution to this problem was to move away from Container-OS and switch to ubuntu GKE NodePools as they use a newer kernel where this issue is fixed. Not even cos-containerd has this fixed. @GCPcloud @googlecloud

  • navibyte Navibyte (@navibyte) reported

    At first the backend was a @grpcio service deployed on Cloud Run of @GCPCloud. The @dart_lang client for gRPC worked just great on mobile, but not on Flutter web. So had to refactor to ”old-good” RESTful service calls.

  • ChiragPatelCp2 Chirag Patel (@ChiragPatelCp2) reported

    @kunalpitale @googlecloud @GoogleDevsIN @GCPcloud @GoogleCloud_IN @GoogleCloud_IT Try to contact your DSC lead may be he will be help you.

  • marekq marek kuczyński (@marekq) reported

    @GCPcloud @di_codes This is a partial solution now as far as I can tell with very limited ecosystem support. You can indeed copy the runtime code and make it run as a Docker container, but there are serveral manual steps that the user remains responsible for.

  • PublicCloudArc1 Public Cloud Architects (@PublicCloudArc1) reported

    @granttimmerman Thanks Grant , run like a charm 🚀 @GCPcloud @gcloudpartners A customer was looking for a PHP Cloud Functions solution. We will showcase this.

  • akshay_deo Akshay Deo (@akshay_deo) reported

    @aniketawati @GCPcloud @awscloud If you mean sites hosted on gcs doesn’t support then that’s not true. I have configured it for many sites with the catch being my domains are with google but I’m pretty sure they must have custom certificate uploading for buckets

  • jarshwah Josh Smeaton (@jarshwah) reported

    @BunkyFob @GCPcloud Forget apig it’s not needed. Deploy a basic flask app to cloud functions, get an endpoint on deploy, and away you go. Create a service account with bucket and table permissions and run your function under that account.

  • Bitcoinnwise Bitcoin&wise (@Bitcoinnwise) reported

    @googlecloud @Google I signed up for Google Cloud service trial period last year. However, I have never used it and I don't need it. I have now logged on my Cloud Platform Account and disabled billing. However, I am unable to delete my payment details. Please assist. TY.

  • imdilick Ian Dilick (@imdilick) reported

    @googlecloud @awscloud For whatever reason, the quotas are incredibly granular -- down to which specific GPU model and which region. In addition to your global GPU quota. This wouldn't be a problem, except that I'm not sure which GPU models are best for this project. 6/n

  • imdilick Ian Dilick (@imdilick) reported

    @googlecloud Firstly, I'd like to point out that this is in comparison mostly to @awscloud - which I previously tried to use for this same project. I ran into issues with the software I was using, not AWS itself, but @googlecloud's ability to attach a dummy display was likely to help. 2/n

  • TelcoDR Danielle Royston (@TelcoDR) reported

    @danselstory @googlecloud @Azure @awscloud Agree. It’s an on premise design since my customer is convinced private cloud is cheaper than public cloud and they have the team to do it. They will eventually learn they are wrong on both points, it’ll just be an expensive lesson.

  • miszmaniac Grzegorz Miszewski (@miszmaniac) reported

    @arussellsaw @GCPcloud If you plan correctly you can get a lot for free in Google Cloud Env;) we use firebase to support app that has more than 2k daily users, with full DB, storage, hosting, functions, auth, ml kit.. and pay 0$. It's just a matter of correct thinking;)

  • _uloga Alan Museljich 🇧🇦🇳🇱🇮🇱 (@_uloga) reported

    @googlecloud @AWS You can't even see what's generating the cost with such a terrible dashboard made on purpose! @GCPcloud

  • _uloga Alan Museljich 🇧🇦🇳🇱🇮🇱 (@_uloga) reported

    My @googlecloud is generating cost yet I have nothing running. :( Scary shit! Compared to @aws hard to trust when you have little to no control with so many errors, can't even reach support!

  • TelcoDR Danielle Royston (@TelcoDR) reported

    @axtran @milesward @googlecloud It’s comical how bad they are at this

  • axtran Anderson Tran (@axtran) reported

    @TelcoDR @milesward @googlecloud The worst part is when you see tons of SEs from private cloud shills try to explain how to build a private cloud. My experiences at AWS helped drive my private cloud design...

  • watermanio Andy (@watermanio) reported

    @arussellsaw @GCPcloud You could do all that with go functions triggered by pubsub or with static content in gcs. But agree GCF never felt that natural - I usually have a docker image anyway for CI, so deployment was a bit disjointed.

  • BobThiele2 Bob Thiele (@BobThiele2) reported

    Not sure how these numbers are generated nor how accurate they are but GOOGIE needs to know that we can shut their ass down if it is found out they are doing this shit!@GooglePlay @googledevs @GoogleAI @ThinkwithGoogle @GoogleForEdu @GCPcloud

  • integerdan Dan Cipher (@integerdan) reported

    .@ChromebookChris @google cbooks need to get rid of crouton and crostinis and other bakery wares and start to render Linux natively. if my hardware is shit and os outdated so be it, but Pixelbook not inherently better. @scaleway can be an acquisition candidate for @googlecloud

  • TelcoDR Danielle Royston (@TelcoDR) reported

    We have been trying to go live on a private cloud pilot for over a month. Keeps having issues. The #fakecloud we’re sitting on can’t get it right. If it was on @googlecloud we’d be live already. Hope the customer realizes they should have gone to the public cloud instead!

  • TelcoDR Danielle Royston (@TelcoDR) reported

    Hardening: vulnerability testing of an premise application before going live. Before: a team of 4 for a month patching, updating, installing until our app passes security. In the cloud: 1st scan, zero issues because the whole infrastructure is managed by @googlecloud. ⏰💰

  • Gav003 Gav (@Gav003) reported

    @googlecloud is it possible to schedule custom queries on BigQuery every 15 mins between 09:00 and 17:00, monday to friday. The natutal language in the UI is frustrating. Prefer a good old drop down choice🤪

  • KishoreBytes kishore Gopalakrishna (@KishoreBytes) reported

    @criccomini @UberEng @GCPcloud @ApachePinot The presto-pinot connector has the smartness to know what can be pushed down to Pinot and not have to pull the data out.

  • KishoreBytes kishore Gopalakrishna (@KishoreBytes) reported

    @criccomini @UberEng @GCPcloud The key difference is the ability to push down the majority of the workload to the underlying system(@ApachePinot in this case) instead of pulling all the data out of the underlying system.

  • corycater Cory Cater (@corycater) reported

    @gkelly @tinykemp after doing perf tests across the three US cloud providers it’s looking like for VM performance (of the thing I am testing) @GCPcloud is the most performant hands down. Not bad it must be all those oracle sales guys making the bits go faster

  • fastchicken Nic Wise (@fastchicken) reported

    @QuinnyPig @GCPcloud “It will be interesting to see if Microsoft and AWS respond and in a few quarters, how much of the market Google Cloud can capture with this service level agreement.” AWS does this already. Pretty sure our P1 is < 15 mins and will page our TAM if we use it. Similar cost too.

  • markaddleman Mark Addleman (@markaddleman) reported

    @QuinnyPig @GCPcloud And provided that they don't shutdown that service after 15 minutes

  • greg_not_so de-cen-tra-liz-ed (@greg_not_so) reported

    @applebyj @Azure @SAP @GCPcloud @awscloud @sapcp Sounds better than AWS but MSFT are a long-standing customer and looking for cloud workloads to move closer to the market leader

  • crims0nsin Crims0nsin (@crims0nsin) reported

    @googlecloud @Respawn @Multiplay @PlayApex Find how how a company drops support for their games when a hacker bypasses bans on Origin and crashes every server. Effectively killing the game that launched respawn as a studio.

  • MikeHergaarden Mike Hergaarden (@MikeHergaarden) reported

    @EricDiepeveen @GCPcloud Note that this does not cover actual multiplayer gameplay itself . We use Photon Cloud there, those bills are much higher haha. We are reducing that as well. A matter of reducing the bandwidth sent: So literally reducing bytes from the network messages & messages sent overall

  • ARReddy4694 AnanthReddy (@ARReddy4694) reported

    In future there is tough competition between cloud service providers like @Azure @awscloud and @googlecloud versus Distributed computing platform like @ethereum ,@Tronfoundation and other lot of distributed ledger Technology service protocols Cloud vs sky computing.

  • CultureAuction 🦋 (@CultureAuction) reported

    Make A Like "Vote" [If you Accept] that we make it into something good , and puts it into @GoogleCloud And Gets This Slow Rat Page Started & Envolve 🧐😊

  • _pyert_ 😱pyrr.hツ.😂 (@_pyert_) reported

    @googlecloud @Multiplay @PlayApex Fix your ******* game Respawn.

  • 3266miles Dan 'Its not DNS' Miles (@3266miles) reported

    Who ******** thought 80 retry attempts was a sensible number what ******** @googlecloud

  • hapesurya Hendra Permana S (@hapesurya) reported

    @appsheet @googlecloud congrats...💕and please return the service to normal as before. today I want to log in with a google account but it can't be done.

  • Yuryu Emma Haruka Iwao (@Yuryu) reported

    @tyler_treat @polleyg @GCPcloud It looks like we still do that despite lack of the terminology. > [GCE] breaks down the number of vCPUs and amount of memory used across all instances that use predefined machine types and combines the resources to qualify for the largest sustained usage discounts possible.

  • cam952 okko (@cam952) reported

    @GCPcloud sorry for asking here but a lot of people are in trouble on Github with this error and wie didn't find a soluton : "AttributeError: 'Delegate' object has no attribute '_library' ". We need help.

  • 0xDEADBEEFCAFE Ricardo B (@0xDEADBEEFCAFE) reported

    @MrBarryBrown @IBMcloud @googlecloud @IBMPowerSystems @IBMZ They already are, in a sense, as the Cloud HSM service is based on Linux running on z hardware but, still, it'd be lovely to have an equivalent to a 1 vCPU | 1 GB x86 box. Just so that we don't get depressed when we `uname -m` and see the same old stuff...

  • 43081j James Garbutt (@43081j) reported

    weirdly stackdriver logs in @googlecloud are excruciatingly slow in stable Chrome when you have a large log entry, but speedy in Canary

  • lgomezperu Lorenzo H. Gómez (@lgomezperu) reported

    @HBSDealer @Lowes @googlecloud Hahaha, it sounds funny! Lowes, like Home Depot, Customer experience is terrible. They live in silos; no one knows what the other departments do. The bad news is: We live in a duopoly, We the Customers do not have many other options.