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Grand Theft Auto V (GTA 5 or GTA V) is an open world action-adventure video game developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar Games. The game was released on 17 September 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, on 18 November 2014 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and on 14 April 2015 for Microsoft Windows.

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  • Matchmaking (15.73%)
  • Sign in (10.11%)
  • Glitches (6.74%)
  • Game Crash (6.74%)

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  • jonpaul8
    TheDarkSeraph (@jonpaul8) reported

    @SuperButterBuns I like gta 5 but it's not without its problems. Like a screwy camera

  • CarBrony22
    An Aussie Brony (@CarBrony22) reported

    @MLP_FireDasher @FruityFangs If that glitch was still a thing Would be the only thing I would do on GTA 😂

  • A2D2020
    A2tHeD (@A2D2020) reported

    @TezFunz2 #GTA has been broken for months now. They fixed the low riders then they was broken again after the after hours update

  • CallMeRyanH
    Ryan (@CallMeRyanH) reported

    @morenol_1990 @EastCoastShep @RockstarGames No reason too, Redemption was an absolute mess in terms of technical issues with the Early version of the RAGE engine and bugs/glitches So they didn't bother porting it over. No excuse not to port over Redemption 2 to PC, given how polished GTA V is. But then again, Who knows.

  • King_of_honesty
    ☁️⚡️ElThorKing⚡️☁️ (@King_of_honesty) reported

    @darealphil247 @Puertorock77_ Yeaaah u definitely did, that doesn’t make the product incomplete, they specifically told u they’re doing the same thing they did for gta 5, they’re not gonna release a broken excuse of an online day one

  • lovunyen
    Norman Lo (@lovunyen) reported

    @RockstarSupport i can login then why do i need to come to here

  • d_m_elms
    Belle Böókencandle (@d_m_elms) reported from Portland, Oregon

    The main reason I didn’t get RED DEAD REDEMPTION even though I love westerns is that it has the same problem as GTA, ASSASSIN’S CREED etc. you can unleash absolute AWFULNESS on the public and suffer no consequences. Nothing is permanent. So nothing REALLY changes.

  • SwordsofMars
    The Sword Of Mars (@SwordsofMars) reported

    @IGN The IGN YouTube review of hands on with #RDR2 That was an absolutely minging horrorshow. Might as well just let two random 12 yr olds who crash cars on GTA & think it’s hilarious do that for you

  • F01EY
    Jack Foley (@F01EY) reported

    @RDonlineNews @RockstarGames Fix this shit (pls)

  • goldberg1122
    goldberg1122 (@goldberg1122) reported

    @Lemonpopzz @RockstarSupport If it is literally by seeing a name and reverse engineering it to stuff then that definitely isnt an issue rockstar can deal with.

  • lovunyen
    Norman Lo (@lovunyen) reported

    @RockstarSupport its stills required to log in thats why i locked out no options than other in the menu i try almost all browser no option as no need sign in

  • lovunyen
    Norman Lo (@lovunyen) reported

    @RockstarSupport ican login as i told you pls help me resetttttttttttttttttttt

  • lovunyen
    Norman Lo (@lovunyen) reported

    @RockstarSupport wtf man i still cannot login after many times attempt

  • kxmode1
    Kxmode (@kxmode1) reported

    @DamianOfMensis @jasonschreier @RockstarGames But that is a legislative problem. Studios won't change what is a standard industry practice. Laws are the only thing that'll force change. I'm just one gamer. If I'm interested in a game I'm not thinking about the work conditions behind the game.

  • DeathByCoffie
    Seth Barklow (@DeathByCoffie) reported

    Update to the GTA V problem, my graphics card drivers are either got uninstalled or are broken somehow.

  • OrbitingMeU
    n 💜 (@OrbitingMeU) reported

    gamer oomfs should i get overwatch or should i stay boring and play gta and crash bandicoot

  • windowsXPupdate
    yung weeb (@windowsXPupdate) reported

    gta v money glitch

  • IchisukeKurosak
    Andrew Pagel (@IchisukeKurosak) reported

    @HavenofGuardia Like its bad enough when I play GTA V I can't drive for shit or in racing games I go too fast and crash into walls, I'm scared I'm gonna be like IRL too, not even of purpose

  • CODAW10
    LONE_GUN62630 (@CODAW10) reported

    @RockstarSupport im having a problem with GTA$

  • jasonwales
    jason anderson (@jasonwales) reported

    @RockstarGames are ur servers down cos according to my ps4 ur services r unavailable

  • SoNutz86
    R3dD3adW3irdo 🤠 Hurry Up Oct. 26 (@SoNutz86) reported

    @OpenIV @ZZCOOL Yep, mods are broken but I don't care anymore. I'm done with GTA 5 now that RDR 2 is next week.

  • RedMasqCosplay
    RedMasqueradeCosplay@EXP!! (@RedMasqCosplay) reported

    @AlixWiltonRegan @A_HOWDZ @RockstarGames bish what ******** is this FIX IT

  • ellarose013
    Chloe Whittaker (@ellarose013) reported

    @RockstarSupport I was just in a session for a 2 hours & there were 2 players that were using the teleportation glitch to grief myself & others. They were reported/kicked several times by most players in the lobby yet nothing happened to them. I have video/photo evidence of this.

  • INFamOUS_real
    ▽INFamOUS▽BAM▽ (@INFamOUS_real) reported

    @Ubisoft haha never had this problem with @RockstarGames roll on red dead redemption 2 i will be able to play what i payed for instead of being robbed #FoodForThought #🤔

  • TaraWoods21
    Queefer💨Sutherland NSFW (@TaraWoods21) reported

    I find it ironic that people are making a big deal about @RockstarGames work conditions, but have no problem using gaming systems assembled by people making less than $1 an hour 😒

  • PhotoEllison
    IG: photoEllison (@PhotoEllison) reported

    @DanaeLovesYou Smh wow maybe you should try games like crash bandicoot to improve your skills, shooting on games like GTA takes good dexterity or even ajusting the controls to how hard you pan with the joystick

  • FreakingGompa
    A Freaking Duck (@FreakingGompa) reported

    @Bladebrawl But it wasn't voluntary duing the development of GTA IV which had similar problems. Those kinds of work conditions are a self-inflicted problem and its just unhealthy for devs, Rockstar or not.

  • UncleRukas
    Lucas Fleming🐝 (@UncleRukas) reported

    @tbw_2445 @IGN More power to ya but this seems to be such a non issue. The convenience standpoint is just weak imo. I imagine this will be similar to the GTA V situation on 360. One installation disc and one to actually play the game.

  • curly_jeffersun
    Alan Long (@curly_jeffersun) reported

    When you have extreme passion and drive, you take extreme measures to achieve greatness. I think this issue is being blown out of proportion. Michael Jackson and the Beatles spent WEEKS in the studio. @RockstarGames wants to deliver something completely new

  • Lolabreakhearts
    LOLABREAKHEARTS /3 (@Lolabreakhearts) reported

    @survivetheark Looks like destiny map with dinos. Will the gameplay ever be less laggy. Why is it that gta 5 or destiny can be played so much more smoothly yet I lag out when I load into ark the first time everytime.

  • bartuacarr
    Bartu Acar (@bartuacarr) reported

    @RockstarSupport @RockstarSupport I can’t play GTA 5 because it says me that this steam account is already linked.Please login with that Social Club instead.What can I do pls help me I really want to play this game.

  • dancemachine48
    Andrew Beam (@dancemachine48) reported

    @RockstarSupport I tried to open a support ticket to get one of my accounts back, but it just says “not found” and won’t let me open on. I’m about to cancel my red dead redemption 2 pre-order from just the sheer terrible customer service here. It’s not worth it.

  • Tatami_Time
    Mountain B 🇺🇸🇮🇪🇩🇰🇯🇵 (@Tatami_Time) reported

    @edgeonline @RockstarGames I was going to buy this game, but then I got ignored by rockstar support for issues on GTAv and how their nightclub isn’t functioning as designed, since my techs don’t acquire product they are assign to. What a shame.

  • spstarr
    Shawn Starr (@spstarr) reported

    @RockstarGames instead of raiding people for cheats. Why don't you just fix your game unless your game infrastructure / design is flawed #GTAV

  • Robin12268993
    🎃DwayneTheRoBJohnson🎃 (@Robin12268993) reported

    @sxprr @RockstarGames no problem i spoiler u boi

  • Hell4rasier
    Night King (@Hell4rasier) reported

    @RockstarSupport I need help, i bought Gta v (CD Version)like 2years ago. Now i wanna start playing again but i cant remember my Email only my username but i need my email for the login

  • remoreUK
    remoreUK (@remoreUK) reported

    @RockstarSupport I have... 3 devices in total, same problem Please give me an email address

  • diego_e7
    diego echeverria (@diego_e7) reported

    @RockstarSupport Well I tried to contact you by support, and it asks me to log in, but then I can't get in the social club's page. Meaning I can't log in. All this problem is because I can't play GTA Online.

  • RedDeadOutlaw
    Sean 🎃 🍺 (@RedDeadOutlaw) reported

    @photoreality017 @rankomarinkovic @LegacyKillaHD @RockstarGames Quite literally the worst comparison I've ever heard. Hospitals/Docs are emergency service workers; video games are a luxury. Not to mention there are actually many laws in place in the US, CA and the Uk to keep docs from working too long/too many shifts. It's downright dangerous

    GuNxMaN-IV (@X_GREEK_RNG_X) reported

    @MukyModz @RockstarGames Imagine for a glitch 😂😂

  • diego_e7
    diego echeverria (@diego_e7) reported

    @RockstarSupport Well I tried to cantact you by support, and it asks me to log in, but then I can't get in the social club's page. Meaning I can't log in. All this problem is because I can't play GTA Online.

  • Deadly2469
    Jerry (@Deadly2469) reported

    So with GTA V Problems which already put a ticket in and I pray that it gets fixed and there are no further problems.. So guy got turned on and wanted to play with me and first in game but I said sorry in a group already then he said now what are we going to do for fun.. O_o!!

  • diego_e7
    diego echeverria (@diego_e7) reported

    @RockstarSupport hello rockstar i have a problem where I can't login to social club and can't even get in the social club page. So i cant contact you as I'm actually having problems getting into GTA Online

    Wit EeeaZE (@NJCMONEY) reported

    @jasonschreier Working for the greatest @RockstarGames 100 hours a week should not be a problem look at what they work on people #greatness

  • Wetw0rk
    Homo Ludens 🇵🇸 (@Wetw0rk) reported

    @kidsmoove @RockstarGames If you believe that concern for peoples health and well-being at work is 'hypersensitivity', there is something wrong with you. Regardless of who worked the 100 hour weeks crunch is real issue in videogame development and people were right to call them out.

  • darrenhale56
    oooooshalaaa (@darrenhale56) reported

    @RockstarSupport It is linked to a different social club but I don't no any login detail how do i get it off the old one and make a whole new social club account for it please

  • maxysoft
    Maxysoft Tomas (@maxysoft) reported

    @RockstarSupport I've tryed from two different pc's and 3 browsers: opera, firefox, edge; but the problem persists

  • Danovangelder
    Mr. Dano (@Danovangelder) reported

    Since new Gta 5 update ScripthookV is not working anymore. #scripthookv

  • CrazyMello2
    Crazy Mello (@CrazyMello2) reported

    @RockstarSupport I Did Like 8 CEO Missions and I got no money Rockstar fix it please

  • JordanEmpire300
    Jordan Empire Videos (@JordanEmpire300) reported

    @blossom_322 @RockstarGames @GTASnapmatic @GTAsnapmatichub No problem

  • mjboddy
    Michael Boddy (@mjboddy) reported

    @RockstarSupport how do I get help with 2 step verification problems

  • Lawrenc67945518
    Lawrence O'Donnell (@Lawrenc67945518) reported

    @RockstarGames It's either that or reimburse my $235,000 loss from a bullshit drop mission glitch.

  • Lawrenc67945518
    Lawrence O'Donnell (@Lawrenc67945518) reported

    @RockstarGames A little bit of a glitch happened, last 3 airdrops for the special cargo weren't counting, dropped them, no ticks, mission ended, NO ******* MONEY. So... Fix that shit ASAP.

  • EnglishRail
    Jonathan English (@EnglishRail) reported

    @andredarmanin @RyersonCBI Excellent points, but it's also worth noting that GTA is already spending more than any other city in NA on transit expansion. Problem is that our construction costs have exploded to 2nd-highest in world w/ no pushback. We're getting far less for our money than we shld be.

  • d_grundy
    David Grundy♞ (@d_grundy) reported

    @Robi_OnYoutube @GAMEdigital Far superior, unless you've got thousands to spend though expect major overheating problems when playing big games (gta 5) etc... I have 4 fans in mine and yet still overheats, also processors avoid amd

  • totalltim2
    Timothy Wagner (@totalltim2) reported

    @RockstarSupport Trying to make a race in creator, then a friend invite me to a 16 job playlist and I joined from creator.. the whole race could not bet on anyone... Fix the damn game retards!!

    fashionista24 (@FASHIIONKLIC) reported

    @RockstarGames I have a problem adding players to jobs in races (autoinvite) it is not fair please help

  • lovunyen
    Norman Lo (@lovunyen) reported

    @RockstarSupport excuse me dear rockstar why is it still unable to login

  • JurassicRapt0r
    JurassicRaptor (@JurassicRapt0r) reported

    (22/22) And we'll nly notice we've paid too much the moment it's too late to fix it and GTA 5 is the most profitable thing ever.

  • JurassicRapt0r
    JurassicRaptor (@JurassicRapt0r) reported

    (14/22) And this isn't ven mentioning all the broken promises #RockstarGames made over GTA5 and GTA online.