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H1Z1 is a survival sandbox massively multiplayer online gamepost-apocalyptic MMO in which you must fight for your live against a world overrun by zombies. Developed by Daybreak Game Company and available for Xbox, Playstation and Windows.

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  • Glitches (21.43%)
  • Online Play (19.39%)
  • Game Crash (3.06%)
  • Matchmaking (2.04%)

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  • HitzKhalifaTGOD IM A FUCKING BOT (@HitzKhalifaTGOD) reported


  • memoeffect Mehmet Fil (@memoeffect) reported

    @CiggzyPUBG @PUBGEsports there was an similar issue in h1z1 back in the day people asked for nade balancing to be similar like CS (1 He cant knock somebody even if the nade lands on top of the enemy)

  • leonyjimene hector angel (@leonyjimene) reported

    @baldheadslck @Goldenshroom92 @H1Z1 But there is some lag the game not run smoot you have to work

  • Incog_Nitro INCOG_NITRO (@Incog_Nitro) reported

    Today was the first day where it was playable. But now it starts to lag. Slomo. No hitdetection. Hackers! @EA @Respawn fix the Servers. Kick oor players. Or you will end like h1z1 🤕

  • babyboy1874l Justin (@babyboy1874l) reported

    @PlayApex fix your lag the game is almost unplayable at times starting to remind me of h1z1

  • Trenzyme1 Trenzyme (@Trenzyme1) reported

    @H1Z1 I’ve ****** the game off until they sort the splash radius on the xbow emp it’s a joke an shotgun battles are **** now they nerfd em. 1 fix 4 breaks. But hey at least there more crap to spend on!!

  • leonyjimene hector angel (@leonyjimene) reported

    @H1Z1 The update is good but the lag is on the game you got to fix that

  • GrantHentosz66 Denny (@GrantHentosz66) reported

    @CallofDuty at first I thought all the new vehicles you put in the game are cool but now all people do is ******* run people over it’s like H1Z1.**** THIS GAME, fix it you dumb ***** @Treyarch come Monday I’m tossing COD aside and going to Firestorm. You ruined a beautiful game🖕🏼

  • IanHigton Ian Higton (@IanHigton) reported

    I hate to admit it but my guilty pleasure Battle Royal game H1Z1 on PS4 looks like it's finally dead. Friday night and it's struggling to find even 40 players for a BR match. It's a shame because I had some great times with it but the game has always been so broken and buggy.

  • leonyjimene hector angel (@leonyjimene) reported

    @H1Z1 No is fix now

  • mr_matt15 Matt Heil 🇺🇸💪 (@mr_matt15) reported

    @H1Z1 This is the 3rd time ive been top of the leaderboards and then im wiped off the board because of what i can only assume is ANOTHER BUG. Please fix

  • ITA360COM iTA360.COM G🕹️MER (@ITA360COM) reported

    @Rauli15601246 @PCGamesN @aldenkroll or if they add possibility to hidden games tab in inventory and "SAVE the filter status" will be ok too yes , example i hidden pubg\h1z1 tab on my inventory with filter and when i log off steam and then login back steam will NOT show me that 2 game will be ok too!

  • FelixYSL ‏ً (@FelixYSL) reported

    @H1Z1 I have a bug where my crosshairs are all circles in my guns fix it now !

  • MajikMarketing Majik Marketing (@MajikMarketing) reported

    @H1Z1 Hi my stats have all reset. I was in the top 10 last week for monthly kills and now they have all been reset. Same for season kills and wins please fix as I was getting near the top! I'm on PS4 username is psxcouk

  • bigredbeliever2 Travis (@bigredbeliever2) reported

    @H1Z1 Eternal black screen on loading screen. Bogging down entire psn when I load app. Can't join parties, struggle to load friends list. Have never had issues with other games, to this extent. Just wish to play the damn game. Been about 6 hours now, trying to load app

  • bigredbeliever2 Travis (@bigredbeliever2) reported

    @H1Z1 getting eternal black screen in lobby. Have not been able to get back in since update. This issue is getting worse with every update. Now it seems game is broken. Only game I play.

  • bigredbeliever2 Travis (@bigredbeliever2) reported

    @H1Z1 I have not been able to get back into app since this update. Connection is fine, signed in to psn. Eternal black screen in lobby. Every update seems to break my game more. Need these issues recognized. Please!!

  • YeaButCanYa Lolly (@YeaButCanYa) reported

    @alphalynks248 @H1Z1 I was having that issue before the last fix.

  • KxTidyx TKKxTidyxAddictx86 (@KxTidyx) reported

    I joined a scrim discord for #H1Z1 on the days im not working ill be trying to take part in them as often as possible. Im new to this whole scene but eager and hungry enough for new more challenging experiences.

  • JoeZeraa Joe (@JoeZeraa) reported

    @H1Z1 How long are the servers down for

  • greNnas21 Eduardo Delgado (@greNnas21) reported

    @H1Z1 Challenge of elite dealer is not working, not registering any damage.. Im losing coins and battle passes from the daily challenges... Fix your broken game. Its ridiculous

  • BeardedAnomaly TheBeardedAnomaly #BB (@BeardedAnomaly) reported

    @BartekBartosik @H1Z1 @PlayApex Jumped on to try it today and it's broken. Apparently their effort to "reduce" shotgun fights.

  • FelixYSL ‏ً (@FelixYSL) reported

    @H1Z1 how long until y’all fix the riot shotgun

  • jaytheacorn Jaytheacorn (@jaytheacorn) reported

    @leonyjimene @H1Z1 Yea man shit was ridiculous I glitched through a pool one time and had to fight to glitch out

  • mr_matt15 Matt Heil 🇺🇸💪 (@mr_matt15) reported

    @N2Deep16 @fanless @H1Z1 You can't get me to believe they dont have the money to fix what matters but do have the money for cosmetics.

  • mr_matt15 Matt Heil 🇺🇸💪 (@mr_matt15) reported

    @fanless @N2Deep16 @H1Z1 Lol its so true. I literally went to their page to see what the problems are after the update.....BECAUSE THERES ALWAYS PROBLEMS. Worst dev team in gaming

  • big_ste_1986 big ste (@big_ste_1986) reported

    @not2gee @HexSuper @H1Z1 It won’t get done this update mate not a chance that’s why av give up no point it ant fun all with it in so I’ll be back season 15 when they have hopefully sorted issues @H1Z1

  • leonyjimene hector angel (@leonyjimene) reported

    @Sasha4asia @H1Z1 I play 2 from 8 omg fix this

  • iTzFe4rx iTzFe4rX (@iTzFe4rx) reported

    @H1Z1 @HyDrO_Outcast Fix the shotgun aswell reload is almost 20 seconds absolutely ridiculous!!

  • iTzFe4rx iTzFe4rX (@iTzFe4rx) reported

    @H1Z1 Please fix!!!! Riot shotgun takes 10+ seconds to reload now!!!! Maybe even closer to twenty seconds!!

  • Sasha4asia Raiden (@Sasha4asia) reported

    @H1Z1 It's still broken. I've only been able to play 2 match out of 10 before I got dissconected. Fix your game. In the mean time I am going to play PUBG.

  • Lu_bizo Great@Everything (@Lu_bizo) reported

    @H1Z1 Still having problems!!

  • Mind2191 Mind219 (@Mind2191) reported

    @H1Z1 Reach the rich One Challenge is broke on PlayStation 4 it has been broke since week 2 I have messaged I have tried to submit to your customer support was really hoping this patch was going to fix it would really like some acknowledgement

  • rs46801053 rs (@rs46801053) reported

    @H1Z1 3 hours later the same problem what a great update!!!! ******* dont do a shit with out testing yourself!

  • alphalynks248 𝓢𝓮𝓪𝓷 𝓛𝓮𝓸𝓷𝓪𝓻𝓭 𝓙𝓻🛸 (@alphalynks248) reported

    @ZIPZOP_YT @H1Z1 I guess its a glitch now lmao, but they really need to fix these bugs ASAP

  • HyDrO_Outcast HyDrO Outcast - Dominion - PvP God 🎖 (@HyDrO_Outcast) reported

    @H1Z1 Yo @H1Z1 there’s animation glitches when changing guns, using throwables, etc. There’s also a glitch with the Riot Shotgun, the reload is REALLY SLOW I’m talking Turtle Speed slow. These are things I’m just noticing while playing Combat training.

  • Lu_bizo Great@Everything (@Lu_bizo) reported

    @H1Z1 Plzzzz fix!! Y’all lacking @PUBG is in my future

  • miguel95131221 miguel (@miguel95131221) reported

    @H1Z1 @H1Z1 The updates messed up the game. I can't seem to start a match it leaves me in the part where the record boards are at. You guys have to fix this. Cant get a game started.

  • miguel95131221 miguel (@miguel95131221) reported

    @H1Z1 @H1Z1 The updates messed up the game. I can't seem to start a match it leaves me in the part where the record boards are at. You guys have to fix this. Cant get a game going

  • indianajim Indiana Jim, Intrepid ArchGEEKologist (@indianajim) reported

    @H1Z1 I’m at 34Mbps and getting packet loss error and then disconnected. Can’t even load into a match. Playing from US Eastern time zone.

  • RStarphoenix Robert Starphoenix (@RStarphoenix) reported

    @autenil @Z1BattleRoyale @H1Z1 the problem with @Twitch right now is if you type "h1z1" in the search bar, it redirects to Z1BR... so they need to fix that part

  • Micheli72015373 Michelito (@Micheli72015373) reported

    @H1Z1 I thought that in this update apart from correcting so many errors and bug, I expected that in the lobby it would look like before to see your friends who were connected to the game

  • rtennien2120 rtennien2120 (@rtennien2120) reported

    @H1Z1 Broken. The game is broken. Every time you touch something other worse things go wrong. Making it impossible to play. Thanks.

  • JayLow83560554 JayLow (@JayLow83560554) reported

    @bigredbeliever2 @H1Z1 I never habe Problems with getting the app to work

  • KxTidyx TKKxTidyxAddictx86 (@KxTidyx) reported

    1/2 @H1Z1 as much as the " update " is needed, there are more issues you guys are facing. In this update you claim to be listening to the community yet so many things we have asked to be fixed or removed you don't even acknowledge them. Crossbow/leaderboards being prime examples

  • viaranked ranked (@viaranked) reported

    @PlayApex @Respawn Wonder how many more streamers it'll take that complain about the recent update causing a lot of hits to not register for you guys to be transparent and tweet out what you guys are going to do to fix it. Don't be like H1Z1, don't be retards. Fix it.

  • leonyjimene hector angel (@leonyjimene) reported

    @jaytheacorn @H1Z1 I quit the game to there is a lag and the fall below de map i quit i am in a better game apex

  • bigredbeliever2 Travis (@bigredbeliever2) reported

    @H1Z1 I spend hours a day trying to get into game. Especially hard during peak hours. I get a black screen in lobby, which is sometimes fixed by joining someone elses lobby. Is this a server issue. It has been worse since season 3 rolled out

  • TearlessM86 Tearless_OG (@TearlessM86) reported

    @H1Z1 The last part..Cancels reload and able to exit vehicle👌..Just fix the lag when in big gun fights..and you're getting closer..Also People really want 3rd person aiming as atleast a toggle switch. ...variety I suppose...Thanks in advance for the efforts😉

  • JackCamLFC Jack Campbell (@JackCamLFC) reported

    @DaybreakHelp @Z1BattleRoyale @Arclegger Haven't been able to play Z1 for days now, can't get into a game and I constantly disconnect and get booted off the game. I'm on EU servers don't know if that helps. Any mode just ques for ages before I get kicked off.

  • GhostHQx GhostHQ (@GhostHQx) reported

    @th3pacifist Nonono Im memeing lol. The game is utter dog shit right now. Constant lag and.. I was going to say micro stutters.. but honestly its MASSIVE stutters.. Epic is literally doing exactly what H1z1 did.. updated their game into its grave

  • KingSplish Splish (@KingSplish) reported

    @H1Z1 Please!!!fix this Game as fastest as possible!!!! Crossbow/shotguns/leaderboards/rank-icons/ timelags/connection

  • _Smooshie_ Im Ludicolo. Sup. (@_Smooshie_) reported

    Tired of Apex closing itself and then never being able to tab back into the game. Seriously you guys fix the ******* game. @PlayApex I'm begging you. Fix. The. *******. Game. You have a great thing here and I would hate to see it go into obscurity like h1z1

  • JeffroAuCoin Jooophrey (@JeffroAuCoin) reported

    @H1Z1 @WideScope_tv @Rowenttv Make the right decisions and fix what needs to be fixed before decorating the game any further and youll keep the majority of the main players that are keeping this game alive. Hope you do whats best! @H1Z1

  • Xollion Robbert-David Möckel (@Xollion) reported

    @DaybreakGames @DaybreakHelp FIX THE EU SERVERS FOR **** SAKE!!!!!!!!!!

  • Colsey__ Colsey (@Colsey__) reported

    @leonyjimene @ViZoKrma @H1Z1 All those problems you mentioned were in the game since the beta... I dont even know why I still play this game when the devs are lazy

  • leonyjimene hector angel (@leonyjimene) reported

    @YunggW00 @H1Z1 We need fix the game

  • leonyjimene hector angel (@leonyjimene) reported

    @nclauren123 @H1Z1 True thanks i quit playing for the same problems never fix the game

  • leonyjimene hector angel (@leonyjimene) reported

    @H1Z1 @Rowenttv You never fix the lag in this game that is why i quit playing h1 and start playing apex.. i quit the game in march 4

  • DL3Stu smokingtramp (@DL3Stu) reported

    @H1Z1 Fix the leaderboards