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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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  • MGBAD_ MGBAD (@MGBAD_) reported

    @josh17749325 @majornelson Update!!!!!!! :D DOOM and Halo Wars stay on #XboxGamePass. Was an error by xbox. Woop Woooop!!!

  • HaloSleep HALO Sleep (@HaloSleep) reported

    @BDam23 Thank you for reaching out to us. Please call customer service at 888-999-HALO.

  • XboxGamePass Xbox Game Pass (@XboxGamePass) reported

    @Schenckman Halo Wars will not be leaving Xbox Game Pass at this time. We'll be correcting the error on the "Leaving Soon" section in the next few hours

  • XboxGamePassPC Xbox Game Pass For PC (@XboxGamePassPC) reported

    @josh_arizona We can confirm that no games, including Halo Wars will not be leaving the PC service at the end of October. Sorry for any confusion.

  • KLB725 KB (@KLB725) reported

    @R3VAMP @Moses_FPS I personally never understood the COD claim. Halo 5 was never a twitch shooter and sprint never really mirrored COD flow. Sprint brought on different issues but making it COD was never it

  • zicoroen Zicoroen (@zicoroen) reported

    @LateNightHalo @late90zkid The problem is that the “max speed” is slow and always works the same. Players don’t need to react differently if the adversary moves faster or slower. The reaction needed is predictable, because the padron don’t change. Classic Halo: 2D thinking. Modern Halo: 4D.

  • jnlynrl_ Jen (@jnlynrl_) reported

    the boy with a broken halo

  • FunnyWilfred Wilfred (@FunnyWilfred) reported

    It's no shave November, Halo 4 and Black ops 2 just came out! Teen pregnancy won't be an issue this month.

  • jtokz421 tokos (@jtokz421) reported

    @DavidEllis If Infinite is anything like Halo 5, what people call your company will be the last of your issues.

  • Its_Oshie Oshie (@Its_Oshie) reported

    We have a problem... I can't use Sweet Business in Halo.

  • izzypedersen 🇵🇭 ISABELLA 🇨🇦 PEDERSEN 🇩🇰 (@izzypedersen) reported


  • Arctic_Gil Arctic Gil (@Arctic_Gil) reported

    So Monday my other xbox had technically difficulties and we didnt play halo. Now issues aside tonight it happens!!!!! P.s. we got friends on board for a few LASO levels so stay tuned for that Nonsense o.o we will die.....ALOT

  • CHRONIC_UK Off playing Xbox & Playstation games on my PC (@CHRONIC_UK) reported

    @marcos27pr @Dee_Batch @TWTHEREDDRAGON To be fair I had an 80mb 2.4ghz wifi connection still lagging.. But I switched my router to 5ghz & then it ran perfectly, halo 5 20+ ai enemies attacking me and it ran flawlessly

  • A1_StaticXII Jacob (@A1_StaticXII) reported

    LASO is way better on Halo 2 Classic. LASO Halo 2 on MCC is stupid because 343i gave some of the skulls the wrong properties and made envy a 0x multiplier skull. 343i please fix. @Halo @343Postums

  • Villz85 AJ Villz (@Villz85) reported

    @XBM_Network It's been "OK" Still having issues with gears/halo screen tearing and lag. But I've played more KI perfectly then I ever did on console. 😂 I think this could work

  • sethrenken Seth Renken Official (@sethrenken) reported

    @DKSubconscious So good I played once and only live to #59 place after getting one kill because a player by the name XanderStarrett is definitely lag cheating. He killed me with it and I watched him take out 2 more people with generated lag. Reminded me of the old school Halo 2 Standby lag! Lame

  • KarakoGuardian Karakofire Guardian (@KarakoGuardian) reported

    @HyperX Og Halo: Combat Evolved. Not the anniversary one(that one has graphic quality problems)

  • Boldfacedbroom Boldfacedbroom (@Boldfacedbroom) reported

    @OfAnnouncer @HaloCollective_ He's baiting people, that's literally one of the first images that pop up when you search "broken Halo 4 disc".

  • seansolo SeanSolo (@seansolo) reported

    @sneakerboxClyde Agree with preorder. It’s the only way to fix it. But brands don’t care due to the Halo Effect it has on the rest of their line. They could’ve sold what 5x of the Travis’ if they had enough but nah they sell out and people will settle for the next.

  • itsmedheang yang (@itsmedheang) reported

    The boy with the broken halo.

  • SotaSkoldier Adam Paul (@SotaSkoldier) reported

    @XBX4LFE @XcloudTimdog I used it at fan fest this year and it was impeccable. I think on hell blade there was a little stutter at one point but that was literally the only time I ever ran into an issue. Halo was buttery smooth and so was gears 5

  • Darth_Trethon DarthTrethon 🅿️ro🎮 (@Darth_Trethon) reported

    @ElGumby23 @JayDubcity16 hype is fine when it's done honestly...but when you hype Forza 7 with epic pitstops but the in-game pitstops are a sham or Halo 5 with a epic story about Master Chief hunted as a traitor but then that barely factors into the game on top of all the other trash there's problems.

  • Cpt_Short Henry (@Cpt_Short) reported

    @VincentGat @toa_freak @EzzellVFX @GrimBrotherOne @LateNightHalo @Unikraken @Greenskull @nbsparth @SteveDownes117 @franklez @haruspis I was definitely a Halo 4 hater. I was so excited, it was my first Halo release, since I started a few months into Reach. And I think the main issue was the lack of firefight and it being replaced by Spartan Ops which I couldn’t play as I didn’t have xbox live.

  • euanwarframe euan johnson (@euanwarframe) reported

    @XboxSupport I've been having a problem where games are just opening for no reason. I was in a game on halo 5 and then overwatch just loaded mid game #Xbox

  • therealtiggle tiggles (@therealtiggle) reported

    Man Paradox ****** up with this #Stellaris mobile game. Outsourced, a reskin of another f2p game (even has an error referencing original game) and used artwork from Halo...

  • steviet7 Stevie T (@steviet7) reported

    I'm Loving The Shadowfall Mode on The Fight Or Fright Event for Apex Legends.. It's Like Halo 3's Infection with a Huge Map to Play Around When You Died annnnd Then Had a Server Issue.. So Now Going to Play Some Overwatch on Nintendo Switch After Downloading Update for a Hour ish

  • JesseInsanity JesseInsanity (@JesseInsanity) reported

    Please.. fix the current Halo 5 nerf for the Battle Rifle. The BR is NOT satisfying to use. Players only wanted a slight tweak. Big Team Battle is struggling to keep a player base, why not switch out the current BR for the H2 BR. @PlutonForEver

  • CROAT56 Cro (@CROAT56) reported

    @Sundaaayz @HellaHylian @Wadeh0l @Cleetis19 @Yo_Saff @IGN H5's story was so bleh I wish they could fix it in a way but every great saga has its poopy arch. In Halo's case 5 and Travis's Kilo Five Trilogy were both low points personally.

  • Donkey87Similar SimilarDonkey87 (@Donkey87Similar) reported

    @Jvspvr1 @OvershieId @HaIoTV @Halo sorry I'm just so sick of 50% of comments being "FiX bReAkOuT"

  • Orihaus O (@Orihaus) reported

    @GTElephant The vehicle moments just don't work for me. I want to use the guns and abilities I spent hours chasing after. Halo never had that problem, so those moments just fall flat for me.

  • NSTB5404 Andrew (@NSTB5404) reported

    @Ladies0fDestiny Activision was the main problem with the game, not Bungie. Bungie created Halo. A game that is arguably the most famous FPS game ever made. They know what their doing. Activision never understood that which is why it ****** so badly.

  • ChickeyParmParm Chris P. (@ChickeyParmParm) reported

    I’m not here for ANY @KingJames slander. ALL THE MAN SAID WAS: Think about who your comments effect before you speak on social issues. THATS IT. Give the man a dam break - unless you got a halo above your head I ain’t trying to hear anyone call this man a hypocrite! 😤😤

  • safehorns SafeHorns (@safehorns) reported

    @MayorAdler it’s been 4 mths. since your bucket plan. 10/14 vagrant acting erratic, attempting to set fire to trash in 2200 blk. Guadalupe. Bucket 1 is a serious issue surrounding @UTAustin. We NEED action, HALO cameras, call boxes, Ambassador Program. @GovAbbott #USCSafetyModel

  • _Mike_Skiles Kage Maru @ VGV4U (@_Mike_Skiles) reported

    @PSN_ElectricDC @AndrewPerk1ns @Didact343 I think the issue with Halo 5's AI is from the push for 60fps, leaving less resources for AI, and producing challenge by sheer numbers instead of fewer, yet smarter AI enemies. I have my own issues with Halo 5 and their enemies.

  • _Mike_Skiles Kage Maru @ VGV4U (@_Mike_Skiles) reported

    @AndrewPerk1ns @PSN_ElectricDC @Didact343 Halo series (mostly as 2 and 5 have issues), KZ2, Uncharted 4, Destiny, and FEAR are a few examples. Basically anything where the AI can't be funneled down a narrow hallway of death is better than Breakpoint.

  • ManofSmith Man of Smith (@ManofSmith) reported

    I just hope it's more stable than Xbox Live has been in the past few months. This service is literally all that's keeping an Xbox in my living room at the moment. #xCloud #xbox #xboxone #halo #gears5 #streaming #gaming #seaoftheives #xboxlive

  • ComfyOfTheStars The Great and Terrible Comfy (@ComfyOfTheStars) reported

    forager, halo and brion suck ass endless ass. actually forager's aight, he can stay. Violet I guess also has some nice moments but like forager she's mired by forager's (and TTG Starfire's) biggest problem which is THE describing OF THE things like an alien lol so funny

  • JK_Dizzy Josh (@JK_Dizzy) reported

    Re @xboxuk project xcloud, the quality of stream at the moment in a 2.4ghz wifi band is poor, not to mention the lag when playing Halo 5

  • BABYPOWDERJIMIN cody ferns personal cock warmer (@BABYPOWDERJIMIN) reported

    If y’all dont ******* stop with your ‘you’re part of the problem’ hot takes on sullis passing, i swear to god. Every tweet is exactly the same and so shallow and meaningless. She passed yesterday and y’all are already using it for rts and a ******* angel halo. Disgusting.

  • kcblues000 kcblues (@kcblues000) reported

    @IGN Though I don't have nearly as big of an issue with 343 than some people do, all I can say is that they got one last shot to win back the fans that departed from the series. They better make sure that there is no dilemma during the development of Halo 6.

  • thunderthighs82 seeking new destiny 2 clan (@thunderthighs82) reported

    @backudog123 @XcloudTimdog Played with it out and a out today and honestly not too bad some games seem to perform better. Like sea of theives and halo while gears there can sometimes be noticeable input lag

  • TheViralCyrix Warren Crosby (@TheViralCyrix) reported

    @IRB Hope you get in buddy. Only Gears. Halo 5 KI AND Sea of thieves playable right now but it worked flawlessly last night. Until the sign in issues occurred

  • mariejuku depressed bitch (@mariejuku) reported

    a really safe&good post-scarcity world but they didnt have the ability to fix the damage it took to get there! their whole world basically became corrupted beyond repair in the end so they decided they would reboot the world, like the halos from halo, and try again (but better!)

  • robloxpie1 robloxpie (@robloxpie1) reported

    so in royale high I just tried getting the Halloween halo and I had the broken doll story I helped trying to fix her and she chased me with a knife roblox username is itsthechoclate duck and I wanna see a halo

  • lasacerdotessa 𝐋𝐚 𝐒𝐚𝐜𝐞𝐫𝐝𝐨𝐭𝐞𝐬𝐬𝐚 🦛 (@lasacerdotessa) reported

    @trinity3healing Astigmatism is essentially blurry, but it’s the refraction error in light perception, so especially at night lights will have a glowing halo around them etc. It’s definitely blurred now tho

  • KorbenDallasx KORBEN DALLAS (@KorbenDallasx) reported

    tried some #ProjectxCloud earlier, out of the 4 games that in the preview (I didnt try SoT sorry its not my cup of tea) Halo 5 was very responsive! no framedrops, no input lag, no disconnections from the app. Gears 5 was decent but i did notice input lag znd framedrops.

  • pansycacke07 Pansycacke (@pansycacke07) reported

    @jamesackerson2 They say the problem with those scenes is that they make look the Covenant like a bunch of idiots, that the Elites are not that easy to kill. But they forget how in Halo 5 the Covenant is broken, both its troops and its moral. Has sense for the Covenant to be "dumb" in Halo 5.

  • JemKingofSass Mel 👿 in Kinktober hell (@JemKingofSass) reported

    Share a fav line from one of ur fics & tag people to do the same. “He is no one to be idolized, revered, respected. He is simply Lan Huan, a fallen angel with broken, blackened wings and a tarnished halo.” @finalfrantasy @karratran @Dgcakes @wangxianist @nenufair @firesonic152

  • angelbryan_ Ángel Bryan (@angelbryan_) reported

    @Legohalo2002 @HellJumper_YT The problem was that we bought the game expecting to be good and got dissapointed entirely. My dumb ass even bought the Limited Edition. Never bought any new Halo game since then.

  • Condense__ Tony Nieves (@Condense__) reported

    @BungieMrs I have the same ******* issue I just got kicked out of my ranked halo match cause of it

  • Jumart7 Jacob Suchecki (@Jumart7) reported

    Yeah I can't login. and I dont give a F about @FortniteGame I just want to play @Halo !

  • Katthekawaiiki1 XxSpoopyKatxX (@Katthekawaiiki1) reported

    I’m not depressed and heart broken about never getting a halo you are

  • HellJumper_YT HellJumper (@HellJumper_YT) reported

    @Rythayze It wasn't meant to be. I just searched "Halo 4 broken disc" because I needed a pic to go along with the bait. And as I predicted, the Halo 4 church took it.

  • mieckfram Chauve Fraser Souris (@mieckfram) reported

    @RedBerylFTW @AlienatedGlobe @Finetendee @Caddicarus When games like Halo 3 and GTA V came out, there was a massive drop on productivity as people took time off to play it. Yet y’all didn’t clutch your pearls then. These lawsuits are trivial as they’re trying to make themselves look better without really caring about what they fix

  • O_DrEaMsCaPe_O DrEaMsCaPe (@O_DrEaMsCaPe_O) reported

    @AnkerOfficial I can confirm that several Zolo halo’s situated in several different locations in the uk. Are not responding correctly when quoting ”Alexa”, please can we have a fix or new firmware pushed out to the devices.further more acknowledgment that you are looking into it

  • SeetalRihal Seetal Rihal (@SeetalRihal) reported from Ilford, England

    The worst is when you need to put it up for weddings/events and people start BRUSHING IT and then complain it's frizzy and you have a frizz halo in every photo and every auntie claims that Amla oil will fix it. The. Worst.

  • DeltaHaloCRcore Delta Halo Control Room-core (@DeltaHaloCRcore) reported

    @LustedJustice He didn't even break it, he literally just googled "broken Halo 4 disc" and chose the 3rd result lmao


    @ForceStrategy Probably because the majority of games then were single player and also not rushed to release broken. But some games that did have regular patches include Red Dead 1, Killzone 2, Borderlands 2, MW2, Halo 3, Black Ops - which didn't have these scummy MTXs, Bad Compnay 2 and more

  • angelsfabulous1 Suggested, Hinted, Inferred (@angelsfabulous1) reported

    @lyn_cade @VABVOX @kimmasters @Bakari_Sellers That we do. My problem with Biden is that he’s a piece of shit candidate, hiding behind the Obama halo. Heck, even candidates I wouldn’t vote for, are putting in the work. It’s a major dilemma, staring with my own people.

  • TheBluRayKing joseph10704 (@TheBluRayKing) reported

    @Kmega4 @SeasonedGaming Im not worrying at all about halo infinite. But we all know the sony fanboys will try and find problems like they always do. Because they have no life.