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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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December 08: Problems at Halo

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  • cartierschroder sam (@cartierschroder) reported

    @Halo please fix the unlocks and get rid of season points nobody wants it this way

  • OhnnyJay iAmTimeZones (@OhnnyJay) reported

    When they took the halo 2 servers down.

  • RossGraham555 Ross "The Photoshop Guy" Graham (@RossGraham555) reported

    @HiddenXperia If the sandbox is for example built like Halo 3's without the LAN issues, the DMR's concept could work very well if the bloom worked with the pre-defined spread. I made a tweet with an example of how a DMR could work to the BR if it was balanced around it while being distinct.

  • BiologyBiche Tropic Casgayed 🍃 (@BiologyBiche) reported

    The only thing that gets me h*rny is the chanting at the login screen of Halo: Combat Evolved

  • GhostieLanturn Merry Crisis & A Happy New Fear (@GhostieLanturn) reported

    Aesop should get some sort of Angel of Death skin. Black wings that maybe do like a falling feathers special effect, a black broken or black dripping halo, an inky black mask with the lower half of a skull on it, his case has souls oozing out from it.

  • Moses_FPS Moses FPS (@Moses_FPS) reported

    @MKViableManatee Lifelong professional PC players know how to aim with a mouse lol.... it's not an experience issue Every former pro level halo player I've spoken to who is a competent mouse aimer feels the same way

  • UmbralValentine 𝘋 𝘢 𝘯 𝘪 𝘦 𝘭 [💙] (@UmbralValentine) reported

    💙: Might start playing Final Fantasy XIV again That is, if I can fix my 100% disk error. Happened after downloading Halo The Master Chief Collection.

  • SecretPyrodrgn The gost of Chryslers Past (@SecretPyrodrgn) reported

    Legit question, is Halo actually ******* broken Energy swords never kill opponents in one hit when they are infamously used for doing so in PvP Precision weapons not killing on shieldless headshot UNLESS THE OPPONENT DOES IT

  • xSonoshee Sono (@xSonoshee) reported

    @MazharulAlam25 They could have set the perks to a class rather than a character. Collecting power as any class would increase your perks. Scout issue fixed. Just let us select a character we prefer/have more Gears characters instead of Terminator & Halo. It's a Gears game at the end of the day.

  • WiseFishGaming WiseFishYT (@WiseFishGaming) reported

    @HiddenXperia @FavynTube I think the "honeymoon period" was more due to the fact that it was going on PC. I remember Reach had many problems but doesn't take away from the fact that on PC it feels amazing to play a Halo game

  • Xbox_Amb_Teagan Teagan (Xbox Ambassador) (@Xbox_Amb_Teagan) reported

    @KenDoninel @Halo @XboxGamePass @MicrosoftStore @Steam @XboxP3 @XboxSupport Usually, the fix for this is to reinstall the whole game. I'd suggest that. My games and apps > games > Menu (3 lines button) on your game > Uninstall. Reinstall from My games and apps > Ready to install.

  • Aptitudee Christopher (@Aptitudee) reported

    @KnightysKnight @SwiftyFPS @joshua_menke SnD to Halo was a good idea but they completely botched the execution of it. The gametype was broken sadly. If they could successfully implement snd that would be 2 maps right there in a series

  • Severity1993 Sincerity (@Severity1993) reported

    @ignideus Not a fan of Halo Reach, it got sound problems and bullets seem like they don't even hit

  • TheTopGriM David (@TheTopGriM) reported

    Hmm @Halo every time I play MCC Reach. I always end up losing internet connection after a win or when I do something crazy to someone. The internet issue only persists until I close out of MCC and wait a minute and re-launch. This is all on PC via the Xbox Game Pass.

  • endexk1d endex2k8 (@endexk1d) reported

    this mouse input lag on halo is killing me bro

  • RCSRex RCSRex (@RCSRex) reported

    @PickledGear @Halo God damn. @343Postums I’m sure someone’s already told you about this but yeah. Big problem.

  • RCSRex RCSRex (@RCSRex) reported

    @PickledGear @Halo It’s a really big problem for me too. Sucks to see people second prestige while I’m over here grinding and barley getting the first one.

  • Ry5ter Ryan Spooner (@Ry5ter) reported

    @halo MCC on PC, seems broken. For me at least. I start it up, press Enter when prompted. Then it becomes unresponsive. Mouse and keyboard input do nothing, I can't click on anything. Though the music continues.

  • FromageDePied FromageDePied (@FromageDePied) reported

    @TheGodlyNoob @4spawn2play @zantona_ Yeah I want to play halo co-op with friend but net code is so bad you can't and Will have a 500ms delay on your input, multi-player feels weird to me somehow. I hope that they'll fix it and halo 3 mp is gonna be sick if they polish it the way they should

  • sandcastletyrnt lane (@sandcastletyrnt) reported

    My biggest issue with halo reach on pc is an accessibility issue -- there are no subtitles for dialogue outside of cutscenes, which means the chatter and objectives you get while playing aren't subtitled, which means I have no idea what i have to do in campaign half the time 8)

  • DocDarkAngelo Cell est parfait (@DocDarkAngelo) reported

    @haydenwaltis @HiddenXperia @Boogidaball Could work if Halo 3 was a online only game...Something Halo 3 was not. If the problem is the netcode, the netcode is the problem not the gameplay.

  • WiseFishGaming WiseFishYT (@WiseFishGaming) reported

    Personally I think he's missed the point. I knew Reach wasn't the best and had problems going into it again. BUT I was always excited for it because it was the first time I could play a Halo on PC and it feels good despite Reach's problems!

  • TaKenR6 TaKen (@TaKenR6) reported

    one issue with Halo Reach on PC, the spawns are abysmal. literally spawning on top of enemies at times, and spawning out in the open.

  • horatio_sanchez Talking Sloth (@horatio_sanchez) reported

    Everyone I know is buying Halo and I still can't play matchmaking. 343 pls fix

  • dyspocito Dyspocito (@dyspocito) reported

    There are a number of things that really bug me about the Halo Reach PC port. Aiming isn't always responsive. This is either due to the DMR bloom spread or an issue with the placement of the reticle on the screen.

  • HowNowGayCow monster moo-er (@HowNowGayCow) reported

    Fixed my Halo issues, so now I'm gonna be playing for the rest of my life \:3/

  • PalaceOfJay James | PalaceOfJay (@PalaceOfJay) reported

    Got all the tech issues sorted last night so going live in an hour. We’re playing more Halo Reach tonight because I’m helplessly addicted...

  • magicmeows Carmyn! (@magicmeows) reported

    between discord being spotty, twitter failing to show me some notifications and a lot of matchmaking issues in halo it's like the whole internet was broken today

  • pleasant_ame PleasantAme🍂🧡(they/them)Check Pinned Post🧡 (@pleasant_ame) reported

    Went to play @Halo Reach on PC today and noticed the sound doesn't work at all. They're aware this issue is happening and it'll take a while for them to fix it. As soon as it's fixed, I'll be streaming some Halo matchmaking!

  • stretchykeks 🎄Stretchy Catmas🎄 (@stretchykeks) reported

    @Deepnausea @Halo Never a problem

  • MysteryStrangrr Todd (@MysteryStrangrr) reported

    @NucheyRGG @HiddenXperia It's just him expressing his opinion, I don't really see a problem with it. And sure, it won't change Halo Reach, but obviously 343 want to please the majority of fans so if they see enough people disliking bloom, it pretty much guarantees it won't be returning in future games

  • CRIBREK Richard (@CRIBREK) reported

    @Spujub @Homer_At_Bat @XboxSupport @Halo IF still same issue, try to UNINSTALL all but halo reach, then RESTART , after restart - do a FRESH INSTALL

  • CRIBREK Richard (@CRIBREK) reported

    @Spujub @Homer_At_Bat @XboxSupport @Halo Some people have to wait about 10 mins for it to load past that screen, see if any change after , also look through these links and try the suggestions , a lot of people are having that same issue, /1

  • sirpeterlane Peter (@sirpeterlane) reported

    @Halo If you guys are not planning to address the controller aim assist on PC in the next bug fix update, then Steam better accept to #refund the game with more then 1 hour of gameplay. I will go back to playing halo 2 mods since they can handle multiplayer right

  • faustrobes A REAL Gamer Girl (@faustrobes) reported

    I don't care about Halo's commentary on the issues with religious fanaticism I just want shoot alien

  • runewake2 Sam Wronski (@runewake2) reported

    Man, all the Halo MCC is reminding me of is how much I loathed the end of Reach. Also launch seems to have some pretty severe stability issues. Really hope the leader in charge of a staggered release takes some time to reflect. This is poor communication @Halo.

  • MonkeysxMoo35 Stephen (@MonkeysxMoo35) reported

    I already have problems with Reach but going back after playing Halo 5 for five years just make it worse. No seat switching, no banshee shields, the ghost isn’t as powerful, tanks can outpace and defend against infantry again, plasma pistol tracking isn’t nearly as vicious

  • BasedLucoa 🎁lucoa🎁 (@BasedLucoa) reported

    halo was crashing so i tried installing driver updates but amd had an error updating and now my pc is taking a long time in the getting windows ready screen very cool

  • BrendanLorLowry 🎄❄️ Brendan Lowry ❄️🎄 (@BrendanLorLowry) reported

    @MonkeysxMoo35 I highly doubt that Halo 5’s bullet magnetism would have been a serious issue for the existence of the Falcon in the game.

  • ScotchGerman #1 The Know Fan Dylan (@ScotchGerman) reported

    @Halo being kicked for idling (aka not touching your controller) during matchmaking when there’s no reason to touch your controller is really annoying and has made it take 20 minutes for my mates and I to matchmake into a game. Please fix that.

  • BasedLucoa 🎁lucoa🎁 (@BasedLucoa) reported

    if halo would run and not crash that would be epic

  • OhaiJens Jens (@OhaiJens) reported

    So I now have Project xCloud and Stadia and can say with confidence that xCloud wins. The slight input lag made multiplayer Halo 5 nearly unplayable, but it *was* playable. They seem to increase autoaim to compensate for button lag, which helps.

  • MohammadaliKid Mohamad.K (@MohammadaliKid) reported

    I'm pulling an all night/day so I can fix my sleep and I'm gonna survive on dr pepper and grinding halo

  • MACHO1020M LoNeWoLF DRaGoNSLaYeR (@MACHO1020M) reported

    Killtacular is 4 kills fix for Halo #haloinfinite this is after double then triple kill's @Halo @Bungie this is way better too #Halo

  • RiachRodger Rodger John Riach (@RiachRodger) reported

    So the Houston problem has been solved under free traded agreement. with US real estate agent. hale low world, hail o world, halo world. Free access. Halo's for religious free trade, it's hailing in hell. Australia is exports petty coastal god botherer's

  • Sol_Vasum It's Sol Vosum!! (@Sol_Vasum) reported

    @Soulburnin I don't think that's why. The last part is why I think. The Gaylo 5 maps were stretched out so that sprinting is required to make jumps where you could make the jumps without it in previous games. Srsly, shrink the maps in Halo 5, and no one has a problem

  • NuTEKAA_ Nuteka (@NuTEKAA_) reported

    @JeTz_94 @GibiOfficial I was playing halo reach while lagging omegelul

  • Boldfacedbroom Boldfacedbroom (@Boldfacedbroom) reported

    @SacredIconHalo I think the problem is that Halo 5's sandbox is so "finely" tuned specifically for how Halo 5 normally plays, Mythic is a lot of fun, I reinstalled H5 just to try it and it was good, I'd be fine with Infinite having that movement, but the sandbox just doesnt work with it.

  • rumeruwu 🐞 Ru (@rumeruwu) reported

    got called a femoid on halo by a guy with the gamertag READSIEGE and service tag 88

  • laurindaniel98 Laurin (@laurindaniel98) reported

    @WARDOG So the problem with this take is that it really shouldn't be about which one is harder or which side cries more about it. It should be (if halo wants to be competitive) about making player input as impactful as possible to ensure there can be significant skill separation

  • CLT_Invictus Blake “Invictus” Edwards (@CLT_Invictus) reported

    @eluculent @Halo Nades are just preference so I can see how you think that’s okay, but the spawns are actually broken af 😂 I’ve spawned literally in other teams spawns while they’re all there. No idea why.

  • meetchTF2 Meetch (@meetchTF2) reported

    Also considering Long Night of Solace is pretty much broken in the MCC version of Reach, I'm actually really happy I got through it. That mission was probably the worst Halo experience I've ever had. 343 needs to find a way to fix it because that level on Legendary is awful

  • Rahu_X Rahu X (@Rahu_X) reported

    @Win98Tech As has been stated, this is regarding the UE4 frontend for the games (UI menus, etc), not Halo Reach itself. The audio issues are caused by the files being re-encoded via a new codec, and thus the problem is more with mixing, not a simple config change.

  • mikeij417 Mike Iantosca (@mikeij417) reported

    @BrendanLorLowry @LateNightHalo @HiddenXperia @toa_freak I dont get why I need to sign in with my microsoft account if I don't even get any connectivity with past halo games or even my xbox copy of MCC. And the 1 time custom map transfer is honestly just confusing and frustrating for anyone who doesn't follow Halo super closely

  • BroLy_Bro Broly (@BroLy_Bro) reported

    Frame rate hitches, audio issues, reload glitches, and shots not registering tonight halo got me heated as ****....

  • CDCELTIC CD (@CDCELTIC) reported

    This is day 3 of me having this issue and the only thing workaround I found was restarting my entire pc and only opening Steam and Reach until it decides to work. Literally only #HaloMCC does this on my pc. Fix this (and the other stuff) and at least say your fixing it @halo

  • Vital_Ire Vital (@Vital_Ire) reported

    I was pleased with the #Halo Reach port despite audio issues and a few features not patched in yet. But I recently played some co-op and found it's peer to peer only. When you're not hosting it's much more laggy than every other online function in the game. That needs a fix asap.

  • R_e_k_h_y Rekhy (@R_e_k_h_y) reported

    @Halo I cant play with YGHJ because J is Chat button FIX IT

  • superscrungus superscrungus (@superscrungus) reported

    to this day i am adamant that the prometheans were well-designed enemies and the only problem with fighting them was halo 4's player kit, not the prometheans themselves also promethean soldiers are worse than the brutes in h2

  • noahtor82745544 Sovernigsalmon (@noahtor82745544) reported

    @Halo how about some spawning fixes swat i hella broken dude