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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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  • Egghead75953770 BALIDAN. Egghead. (@Egghead75953770) reported

    Modiji should demean this rotten family on every opportunity he gets . .it's High time their HALO is broken. They have convinced their rank n file that the BJP Govt does not have the guts to put them in jail....

  • OephiliaFace Oephilia Bedelia (@OephiliaFace) reported

    1 58 crumpled grocery lists 2 Loose change 3 75 expired coupons for halo top ice cream because they keep giving them too me and I forget to throw them away 4 Two wallets, one broken one that contains all my stuff and one nice one that has nothing in it 5 tampons

  • Juceten Justin Witt (@Juceten) reported

    @Slaytype_ That killtac tho but also why the halo spawn system so broken :(

  • DBT_Rusty Rusty (@DBT_Rusty) reported

    @StevenAscher Halo CE, Runescape, SWTOR, Crash Bandicoot Warped.

  • rjm_fnglhr RJM (@rjm_fnglhr) reported

    I might not agree with Bob on his overall takeaway from the series as a whole, but he's not exactly far off or wrong in pointing out the undertones. In fact, I think Halo's games would be better served by admiting a bit to how humanity has some issues they need to fix.

  • kylemarin4 Kyle Marin (@kylemarin4) reported

    @XboxP3 I really like the game pass. I just pre loaded outer worlds so that'll be fun when it comes out. Halo MCC will be no problem for either

  • stendec6 stendec #FBPE (@stendec6) reported

    @Laconic_doc @lynn_laidlaw @DanielBayley80 @Citizen_O_World @doctorcaldwell @cyberjennifer @CancerMum @PeteWheatstone @ingridbrindle @jjameswalk @GleefulKaz @griffglen @Share2Care_S2C @dochawking @maharris98 @IanJonas12 @amirhannan @nasirhannan @colinbro @sandydoc79 @harrylongman @jasonrmaude @IMreasoning @TheIHI @rakeshspatel @ImproveDX @IsabelHealth @askmygp @NHSEngland @SimonCapewell99 @phcsg @ndsscotland @clinicalmodels @CathCalderwood1 @MattHancock @danlevitin @GreatNorthCare @LeedsCareRecord @Dochayter @TimRayment @ePatientDave @DebHazeldine public support that most MPs would give their eye teeth for, so starting a war with the NHS is a vote loser. This, in my view, is where the root of the problem lies: so long as the public hero-worship the NHS, the Halo Effect will prevent the problems from being addressed.

  • Cakeboss419 Cakeboss419 (@Cakeboss419) reported

    @toa_freak @Claylex1 The format was aiming for a silly form of storytelling. That doesn't scream Halo. I have no issues with it by itself, but adding ODST's storytelling style to it, for instance, would be like putting raw eggs with chocolate in a blender.

  • Cakeboss419 Cakeboss419 (@Cakeboss419) reported

    @toa_freak @Claylex1 I have actually seen it. It's more a retelling of the Halo's story than something with the potential to do something new with the franchise. Hell, I loved the Lego games, I have no issues with them, but new stories and MB retellings should be separate.

  • revbeotch1 judgment finally (@revbeotch1) reported

    @krisszmossz @dwebbofus And uncharted infamous halo the first 6 god of war games before 2018. All these games look and played exactly alike with some minor changes. It’s a very ignorant thing to just say this is only a gears issue and just assuming that no gameplay changes where made is laughable

  • TYPOGRAPH1C TYPØ @ Home (@TYPOGRAPH1C) reported

    @Reiku78 @Moses_FPS Bobby. Halo 5 was a bad Halo game. No amount of changes was going to fix that, competitive or not. We just need Halo 6 to be Halo homie.

  • thatkidkylee Kyle Garcia (@thatkidkylee) reported

    @RitzScythe @giodude1580 @monsterhunter Gears and halo are great exclusives but I suppose you can’t exactly count gears as an exclusive. Point is there’s still no reason why we shouldn’t even be able to do a beta test. When they first launched MHW there was matchmaking problems. We can’t address that if we can’t test

  • JonnyBoGermany Bowen (@JonnyBoGermany) reported

    @Scourg3y @Halo I absolutely did not say that. And I will never say that. So go **** yourself. Now you’re telling me to shut up because you disagreed with what I said, which happened to be totally agreeable. You’re the ones who have a problem. Not me.

  • andreiyvonnee andrei (@andreiyvonnee) reported

    the boy with a broken halo

  • Polak_Tak PolakTak🇫🇷🇵🇱ن (@Polak_Tak) reported

    @CryptoWheelz @Halo @Xbox @Microsoft Why ******** did you talk about Americans, and you don't know but they block me for this tweet, so i maybe have a big problem, but I'm surely not alone to

  • ylissebian amelia ☕️ PERCY 💍!!! (@ylissebian) reported

    also i need 2 like. actually level cc but that’s a problem for Not Current Amelia. i’ll do some angel halo tonight… feower prep yadda yadda

  • burr_the ThaBurr || @nemesisGG (@burr_the) reported

    @StevenAscher The OG crash crash bandicoot on PS1 and OG halo

  • cupofjoe91 Joe (@cupofjoe91) reported

    Tired of all the negativity... I want to go back to the time, where my biggest problem was someone hitting the stand by switch in halo 2.... 😂😂😂😂#halo2 #problems #standby

  • sneezy_easy EasySneezy (@sneezy_easy) reported

    @Uh_Halo @Halo @Xbox @Microsoft the problem is that companys are only doing this so gay people can buy more products rainbow logo on pride month=profit

  • AncientEvolved Michael (@AncientEvolved) reported

    @N3gat1veZer0 Spent 1200 on parts for a new PC just for all the Halo games coming. And it sucks! Well actually I just suck at PC and cant fix any of my own problems. Good news and bad I guess

  • GetRealPodcast GetRealPodcast (@GetRealPodcast) reported

    @Dom_2k Spyro and Crash Banditcoot. Also Halo

  • LegendOfKmart Morrell Barnes🇯🇲 (@LegendOfKmart) reported

    @AF_Reality 343 games would be Halo 4(trash), MCC which was broken for 3yrs and Halo 5 which actually had AR, radar and sprint mandatory for everything for 2yrs...obv halo 5 is made better but it's not balanced or plays better than H1,2 or 3. The formula was perfect, just like Counterstrike

  • nonamefornow_1 Khalid (@nonamefornow_1) reported

    @HeyItsLaurenox Proof or it didn't happen.🙄 no problem! Play that Halo music in your head and get to that backlog!

  • CryptoWheelz Crypto |—| Jacob 🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈♿️ (@CryptoWheelz) reported

    @Polak_Tak @Halo @Xbox @Microsoft If support for marginalized Americans is all it takes for you to no longer be a fan of a gaming company, you got bigger problems.

  • reymargallosa98 CookieMonster⧗ (@reymargallosa98) reported

    @dianamtrani @Hoopladoohoop halo issue issue

  • MrDemon95 Chris (@MrDemon95) reported

    @SadiqKhan The problem I have with your constant denials about your part in this is how you find huge amounts of money for your halo projects.. 1 million on anti far right stuff.. Moving towards a billion to freeze fares.. You are the architect of Londons policing crisis

  • Sargent257 Anthony (@Sargent257) reported

    Theater mode let me down with playback errors so I can't get another angle. If that's what I saw though, hot damn, I can play Halo for YEARS and still find something new to me in them.

  • hakeemnpc HB33 (@hakeemnpc) reported

    @XcloudTimdog I think the problem was after Halo, Gears and Forza there's a steep drop in terms of popularity and budget. People want franchise's outside of the big 3.

  • franklez Frank O'Connor (@franklez) reported

    @MoNsTiR_ @anubis316 @Halo @Bungie Five <deliberate>. There is also an acceptable margin of error on any print project at that scale. The cool thing is that it's partly impossible to have a "wrong" version because if the wrong pages are gone, it's still collectible. Both being gone would suck tho...

  • Kristiandelga20 KLDYT (@Kristiandelga20) reported

    @Xbox Halo , red dead redemption, crash bandicoot, and call of duty

  • joshnewman521 Poop (@joshnewman521) reported

    @Halo_Burger sad that halo burger isn’t open 24/7 I need my bucks burger fix

  • Zealotic6895 whatareyoulookingat (@Zealotic6895) reported

    @Di7ide If we're getting gears of war Funko Pop game, I'm pretty sure Mega Bloks/Construx Halo game won't be an issue.

  • HaIoTV HaloTV (@HaIoTV) reported

    @Halo @WatchMixer @misplacedyank Tomorrow bring a breakout fix instead

  • Majora__Z MajoraZ (@Majora__Z) reported

    @toa_freak @LateNightHalo @JustinBoxsteam @Unikraken those old Halo 2 modded lobbies or the weapon pad glitch in Halo 5. If you only have 1 gun it just operates normally I guess. Or maybe has random properties (that could be the skull's effect too)

  • JX1178 JasonX117 (@JX1178) reported

    @TheActMan_YT He was not pleased with the Art Style. When Halo 5 came out he lost interest due to no spilt screen and he had massive issues with the H5 Art design. So he gave up on Halo. Didn't even get into Halo Wars 2 all that much. Then the Infinite trailer came out and I showed him-

  • MasterMoltar Dan P. (@MasterMoltar) reported

    [me playing with my xbox 360 for the first time since Christmas] Me : oh yeah i'm gonna Play aime Halo 4 it's Been a long Time [After 5 try of booting the game, crash and software update that won't finish] Welp i guess i won't Play with my Xbox ...

  • Andrea42762755 Your Mom (@Andrea42762755) reported

    @Tonya_Stylz @HaloBeauty @HaloBeauty has helped me incredibly. My inflammation is lower than ever. My resulting joint pain is nearly gone and period pain is like nothing now. I’ve had MAJOR issues with that since tying my tubes and halo is the only thing to help besides synthetic hormones.

  • AXIOMSxOFxFATE Gary Leadbeater (@AXIOMSxOFxFATE) reported

    @e3_waitfor @BestBoss_ @TheWidow9 @MasyerGaming @Halo how can you be so naïve, why waste money and resources building a game to run natively on 2 separate devices and the hundreds of extra hours of development it will take, when you can build it for one device natively and play it on the other through a streaming service

  • dodookky_ crvsherr (@dodookky_) reported

    halo little people sad boys, dapet undangan dari the godfather of broken ******* heart. 💔

  • anubis316 Anubis316 🔜 Halo Outpost Discovery Philly (@anubis316) reported

    @MoNsTiR_ @Halo @franklez @Bungie I think I counted 97 pages, but I did just come from gym so a bit shaky and room for error. Last few pages are blank

  • R34lTakes Sataniaishere (@R34lTakes) reported

    @aKalogat @SlinkyGuy @aphe7ion @Halo @Xbox @Microsoft I did reveal his face, so whats the problem

  • Tha_Aceman Adrian (@Tha_Aceman) reported

    @Halo Can we get some transparency like your parent company @Bungie does as we @Xbox fans have yet to hear any news on a broken promise back in April when the Halo Reach beta was supposed to hit Insider. There was one weekly update saying "all schucks we dropped the ball".

  • sirijo_uk Simon Johnson (@sirijo_uk) reported

    @sallylepage Take all that wonderful sounding investment money and spend it on places outside the golden halo of the M25. Get jobs distributed around the country and reduce London’s population, reducing these problems

  • cezxer Cezxer (@cezxer) reported

    Very persistent they were and fought hard.... I'm a man with a broken halo, and when I finally left, I left a lot of myself with it. Not the same man, had to change,bhad to make a new plan. Now this homewreker (Me) is making his own family. One that is mine and want to take care

  • CringaliciousYT Cringalicious (@CringaliciousYT) reported

    @safetyspatula @BDeerboy @Halo @Xbox @Microsoft what problems

  • brandirenae94 Brandi Chapman (@brandirenae94) reported

    @chilltown90210 @OhioHomesteader @HaloBeauty Ordered mine June 9th still havent received. ALSO, Halo customer service sucks. Have not received a response for my 5 emails. I filed fraudulent charges through my bank to get my money back because I'm obviously not going to receive my product and they are not going to respond.

  • 1fanTyson Tyson #1fan (@1fanTyson) reported

    @SamoaJoe Stay strong! I've had a broken neck and had to wear a halo so I'm not sure what he's dealing with but it's serious when you see a picture like this.

  • SucksMcc FixMCC (@SucksMcc) reported

    @Simon31_10 Bro, I got no problem with it coming to PC. It’s just that you’d think we at least deserve to get access to the Reach beta at the same time as they do, considering we had to bear through an incomplete/broken version of the MCC for so long. #Halo #halomcc #haloreach #343industries

  • Josh61859234 Josh (@Josh61859234) reported

    @Amber43397550 @SamTheFro @Halo @Xbox @Microsoft Don't fix what isn't broken

  • InnominateGhost Silent Rob (@InnominateGhost) reported

    @Josh61859234 @Halo @Xbox @Microsoft They better fix it.

  • dead_sargent Yeet my Delete (@dead_sargent) reported

    @MeatheadMilitia Crash or halo

  • ConsolePolitics Joe Davola (@ConsolePolitics) reported

    @BluDYT @Reggieb08 @XcloudTimdog The problem is they prefaced the Halo showing by saying they had to run it on a high end pc so we could see how good it was. It didn’t look that good. TLOU2 looked amazing and it was gameplay. TLOU2 gameplay looked better than Halo cgi. That’s a problem!

  • WaelAura Wael Alsaad (@WaelAura) reported

    @toughLoveforx What bt: "halo ever one. [short intro] I have started gathering the questions for this issue/peoject/topic in [Gdoc link]. Pls add further questions to answer them in later step 2gthr" Mentioning #SSQQF & the whole theory and that it's a formula and algorithm repulse the swarm.

  • __AF __AF (@__AF) reported

    @MyRepublicAU Thanks John, I apparently have 'the best tech team' looking after my issue. Just reaching out to others to see if the Halo issue is widespread. Hardline speed is acceptable.

  • GameDadMatt Matt "Game Dad" Dyet (@GameDadMatt) reported

    @ellji There's a GDC talk they did back during Halo 2 where they talked about their production issues, and it was so good it got me in to Production. And they basically decided back then that they were going to kill crunch at their studio.

  • jaywzrd jaywzrd (@jaywzrd) reported

    @jillnicolez Halo by beyonce. My cousin was in a car crash because some ******** was evading the police and she died. That song played during the whole time our family delt with that and i absolutely hate hearing it.

  • HaloUnitedGG Halo United (@HaloUnitedGG) reported

    Its not my goal to cause controversy in the scene and I know this issue touches many in the competitive communitty. I do, however, feel the need to explain my perspective as a former Halo Journalist for Dot Esports / GAMURS who spent countless hours working alongside...

  • HaloNebraska Nebraska Halo (@HaloNebraska) reported

    @MemeCryptum Sometimes I wish I could just LAN Halo instead of playing online and experiencing extensive network issues.

  • danno_omen Danno (@danno_omen) reported

    @HazzadorGaming @JBoss293 @TheSeshEmpire MS has done a lot when it comes to "new" though. We've only had 1 halo/gears this gen compared to last gen and they've tried a lot of new IP's. Sea of Thieves,QB,Sunset,Ryse,State of Decay,Cuphead,Ori,Screamride,Recore etc etc etc. There problem has been nurturing them

  • NekoBubbles02 Chiya OwO (@NekoBubbles02) reported

    @Animeology_ @ThisIsChillguy Chances are you got under the skin of one of Halo's twitter/cancerousHaloWaypoint mods that have power issues. That make even futas junk seem small. I wouldn't get too hurt by this. TBH 343i's Halo never was meant to survive the toxic Bungie community that was made.