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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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August 17: Problems at Halo

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  • scottwolf14 Scott E. (@scottwolf14) reported

    Integrity never left so fast... deleted previous one due to a misspelling error... Twitter's reluctance of not having an edit button makes me miss MySpace. As a Halo fan this sucks...

  • ScarfDragon 🔥Aark🔥 (@ScarfDragon) reported

    @HarleyJackdaw If, and only if, they can nail THAT sort of idea and have a continuously playing out post-campaign story that continues to entertain years after launch and culminates in a finale that transitions in to the next Halo, I feel like it can work as a “games as a service”.

  • ResolvedMC7 Carlos Rodrigues (@ResolvedMC7) reported

    @zTxMeta @TheOnionPrince1 @GalarDab @Kaoticdub @GameSpot Not entirely. Halo 3 is an example of that. While the maps were good, they were fewer than COD4. Asura's wrath is another example. We can't look at the past so lightly and believe everything was better back then. There were problems.

  • Brev2034 brev2034 (@Brev2034) reported

    @Verdict4489 I'm not a halo at all but if its cosmetic only then I have no problem with them in any game if some idiot wants to spend real cash on a item made up of pixels then more fool them, I've never purchased any kind of loot box or microtransaction in the nearly 30 years of gaming

  • Samuelsmith97 Sammi (@Samuelsmith97) reported

    @Jinx87880518 @BOOMANJR13 @GameSpot Things change, promises can be broken. either way, I fear Halo: Infinite will have some scheme up their sleeves to milk our money. Only time will tell.

  • CrashBandiCliff CrashBandiCliff (@CrashBandiCliff) reported

    Live service is great on paper but has been executed so poorly by 'AAA' publishers releasing half arsed games, drip feeding content & forcing the microtransactions out. Screw the microtransactions. Getting the live service right could be a turning point! #Halo #HaloInfinite

  • IRISHGAMER1461 IrishGamer1461 (@IRISHGAMER1461) reported

    @BaggySpartan117 @TheActMan_YT Yep. I'll be honest if the multiplayer for infinite is another Halo 5 with so many god damn problems I won't play it, I'll play MCC for my Halo multiplayer fix and if the campaign looks good in infinite I'll play it and see how it goes.

  • CrashBandiCliff CrashBandiCliff (@CrashBandiCliff) reported

    Live service is great on paper but has been executed so poorly by 'AAA' publishers releasing half arsed games, drip feeding content & forcing the microtransactions out. Screw the microtransactions, getting the live service right could be a turning point! #Halo #HaloInfinite

  • Winterblast4 Winterblast4 (@Winterblast4) reported

    @SeaOfThieves @Halo I just had like 100 chests on my ship after a long long time of grinding and my game ******* CRASHES, I swear I'm so done with this game. I'm not coming back until you fix your ******* client.

  • Zombiedere Karma (@Zombiedere) reported

    Is it time to see Halo Infinite crash and burn suddenly.

  • SamDodson17 🗿 (@SamDodson17) reported

    @TheNii3k @Halo @HaloOutpost I forget why it isn’t, I’m pretty sure they had trouble with putting it on consoles due to some technical issue

  • SciOperative Knight of Cerebus (@SciOperative) reported

    "Halo: Infinite will adopt a games-as-a-service model" *********** hype for a game.

  • CodyRumple Cody Rumple (@CodyRumple) reported

    @ChalenChambers If they do it how they did in Halo 5. Purely cosmetic and only for a non competitive scene then I see no problem with it.

  • DeltaHaloCRcore Delta Halo Control Room-core (@DeltaHaloCRcore) reported

    @Greenskull @MemeCryptum @HiddenXperia Problem with Halo 5's grind is that it's meaningless. There's literally nothing to work for that isn't a number. And Halo 4 in general just didn't live long enough to justify playing. Reach's grind was too much imo. And in today's day and age it would be too easy to monetize.

  • I_Am_DRNT 96 days until DOOM Eternal (@I_Am_DRNT) reported

    @EpicGamerer I had no expectations given 343’s track record with halo so I kinda saw this game being shit and having some issues in development coming from a mile away

  • IsaiahLCarter Isaiah L. Carter (@IsaiahLCarter) reported

    @MalikPlummer No. My issue is that a lot of people put a halo on this dude's head, making him some kind of social justice saint who sacrificed his livelihood to be some champion of good. I don't trust these "wokes" out here who "raise awareness", then refuse to exercise the right to vote.

  • THEdoctorake DoctorAke🔜HaloOutpost @ Houston (@THEdoctorake) reported

    @Greenskull @HiddenXperia Tbh, I don't have a problem. Games have been stuck at a $60 price tag for a while now, yet the production value of the game has increased dramatically. Visually, there is much more going on with Halo 5, compared to Halo CE, 2, 3, and 4. A few dollars extra for "mtx" isn't bad.

  • JackalTheBat Ciaran Gilchrist🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 (@JackalTheBat) reported

    @GameSpot Me: Halo Infinite is going to bring back Halo let's go Me after seeing this: Cyberpunk for the love of **** release now this is just getting depressing in all seriousness though it just depends, if it's cosmetics only I have no issue, if it's loot boxes/p2w I have an issue tbh

  • ColeD117 Cole Dreyer (@ColeD117) reported

    This should be no surprise. *If* MTX are cosmetic only & if a good portion of them are earnable via gameplay I have zero issue. I HIGHLY doubt there will be any type of usable Req style MTX like H5. Should be no problem #Halo #HaloInfinite

  • _sbergkamp SBergkamp (@_sbergkamp) reported

    @Didact343 @ragnarock4455 And he was rigth, if you have to choose 2 of 3 between Xbox, PS4 and Switch, the decision its very easy. Basically you are only sacrificing Halo, Gears and Forza. And guess what you can play all that on PC with gamepass too. So, I dont see the problem with his answer.

  • stembrandt STEMbrandt~ (@stembrandt) reported

    @SyndraFeet yea halo, sly cooper, spyro, crash bandicoot and a bunch of others r also good I just wanted to limit it to three games that IMO have similar vibes ~( ̄▽ ̄)~

  • AlejandroCata7 a7xjandro (@AlejandroCata7) reported

    @WCGamingTweets Just like Halo 5 did it... not problem

  • MistaMacho Mr Macho ❁ (@MistaMacho) reported

    @Boldfacedbroom @SenpaiRingus Well if they're visually displeasing to you then it's not a problem that'll translate into Halo. Halo and Titanfall are different. Neither is the price a problem, 343 will price theirs differently. What I do hope will translate is the general format; you get what you pay for.

  • Metaru_Raiden George Ordaz (@Metaru_Raiden) reported

    @WCGamingTweets My only problem was the only way to earn any skins on gears 4 was buying them. If they do the same. Im not buying halo inifnite.

  • BashFooth Ice (@BashFooth) reported

    Halo 5 had microtransactions, but you could still unlock everything by just playing the game. I see no issue with that

  • BaileyJIII Bailey (@BaileyJIII) reported

    Okay now I'm worried. "AAA player investment experience" is a very clear indication of live service and other microtransaction BS. I only hope it's not like Halo 5, **** Halo 5 and its loot boxes.

  • Chaotician96 Eric (@Chaotician96) reported

    @BrendanLorLowry Halo Wars 2 has a pretty good example of a microtransaction system that works. I wouldn’t necessarily want it to revolve around an entire game type, but they made it VERY easy to earn Blitz packs. Sometimes I login and wonder how I got so many.

  • d1tzybitch 🐹 💕 (@d1tzybitch) reported

    imagine seeing your angel boyfriend with a sword and broken wings. his halo started to dim out bcs hes, oh wait, dying 😥

  • SSBDamage Damage (@SSBDamage) reported

    When they actually fix Halo MCC let me know. Other than that it will stay uninstalled. #HaloMCC

  • badoogley GH0STMERC (@badoogley) reported

    @GameSpot I dodnt see the problem with this. with major publishers doing away with loot boxes. they need to come up with new ideas. but in halo case my bet is micrtransactions will all be cosmetic in nature with simple you buy what you want cosmetics. instead of buy a pack of cards

  • Blues_Got_Cup 𝕭𝖑𝖚𝖊𝖘 𝕲𝖔𝖙 𝕮𝖚𝖕 (@Blues_Got_Cup) reported

    @KWALE33 @_Juwop Damn. I've never broken a TV, or permanently broken a controller. In middle school my friend threw a chair threw his window over Halo😂😂😂

  • VirbankCity2099 Shaddow Morrison (@VirbankCity2099) reported

    Xbox One. Troubled launch, owned IPs are very lackluster with every release Crackdown 3, Halo 5 & Gears 4 didn’t do so hot, Sea of Thieves was meh to many and same with State of Decay. Only one consistently to achieve anything is Forza/Horizon. Hardware failure issues, etc etc..

  • Rider_Nexus #PrayForKyoAni (@Rider_Nexus) reported

    @FS64Alt Not to mention, Halo 2 also had development problems as did Halo Wars 1, yet people adore them

  • lacourlance1 Lance LaCour (@lacourlance1) reported

    @KatyRemington1 @darksecretplace @JoshMankiewicz My point stands. The country has been lulled into thinking that anyone who was in law enforcement or the military is wearing a halo. All the standard problems apply to them too, as this sad tale proves. So, next time someone suggests putting them in schools, armed, remember this.

  • Mari_vidya Rude girl (@Mari_vidya) reported

    also there was broken glass everywhere we sung the halo theme in the darkness of one of the bunkers I got my hair caught on a branch while walking under it

  • SB22577126 SilverBullet (@SB22577126) reported

    @malini_ram @Santhameenu @kavimini2004 @dkalasanjeevani Madhu cut her wrist not for the Halo app issue. After the captaincy task a big sandai happened. She took the decision based on that sandai. #Madhumitha #BiggBossTamil3 #biggbosstamil

  • Alexmai10086759 GhostOfNewOrleans (@Alexmai10086759) reported

    This will ruin whats left of halo..yall cheer games as a service. Well here you go. Gotta cover that 1$ gamepass some way.

  • PBJArts 🏳️‍🌈PBJU89🏳️‍🌈 (@PBJArts) reported

    @ITCHYisVegeta Some didn't like Halo 4 which I don't understand why but I do know Halo 5 had some problems.

  • ShepCommandr Ian (@ShepCommandr) reported

    @glottis8 Pretty much all the Classics lol I think my tolerance of old time-y video games and their issues has just lessened over the years. I can appreciate them, but not really enjoy them. Halo CE as an example, since I just played that recently.

  • AmyRich02449093 Amy Richardson (@AmyRich02449093) reported

    @MeeluxTV @SeaOfThieves @Halo @Slimmerpigeon24 Your not allowed a boat since u crash them all the time

  • direcktgaming Direckt Gaming (@direcktgaming) reported

    @GreyAussieGamer @EhrgeizTV @Platonakii @SpawnRespawnPC @AdamLikesGames1 @MaxPowerPlay @xSTiCKFiGAx @WhippaTV @AFracturedWinky @blackragedc @ProveItChannel Yeah I get that, but I just don’t think that one member of a huge team (despite his position) leaving equates to the issues that plagued Anthem and BioWare is general for years. Look at Mass Effect Andromeda - huge IP, almost Halo huge, and dev issues also plagued that project...

  • madzgamingpl MaDz (@madzgamingpl) reported

    @SwedishGamerDad He was a creative director on Halo 5 too and it didn't go well. So maybe it's not a bed change. Either way someting was not working out.

  • BadFunnyGuy Geoffery (@BadFunnyGuy) reported

    @DeltaHaloCRcore @Verdict4489 Considering i've enjoyed Destiny 2 a lot more than Halo 5 I am very much implying that it's better imho. Granted, the game has been going through a shit ton of troubles but the same can be said for 5. Both are fun games with their respective issues.

  • ShepCommandr Ian (@ShepCommandr) reported

    @redneptonic @Jawmuncher I think most of those games were fine, when they released. There’s no world where I’m going to find playing a 90s shooter in 2019 is going to be enjoyable. Halo 1 had a ton of issues IMO. So does Halo 2. I never particularly cared for Half-life.

  • JulieTuazon Julie Tuazon (@JulieTuazon) reported

    Feeling the sugar crash from that halo-halo I ate. Wew 🥴

  • stivic1978 Italiano1234567 (@stivic1978) reported

    @aceattorney Halo 5...Mp good campaign no...And it looks like there having problems with the campaign in Halo Infinite

  • LuxPlay6 Lux Play (@LuxPlay6) reported

    @Cokomon @DangervilleTeam @jasonschreier @stephentotilo Not sure if sarcasm or not. Halo 2 basically went through some of the worst development issues and had to be completely redone in half a year.

  • Cracklingice1 Cracklingice (@Cracklingice1) reported

    @ZachSparks1 @JayzTwoCents If you want to pay 2x more for the 480/580 replacement, by all means. I'd just wait til the price eventually comes down - and bonus - don't have to deal with the early adopter driver issues. Bottom line, mid range has 256 bit, high end has 384 bit, halo has HBM.

  • DuskCerberus Dusk Cerberus (@DuskCerberus) reported

    @ClawbladeGaming @Halo Boo technical issues! Lol

  • Swish_KA Kyle (@Swish_KA) reported

    Update they did not fix halo 5 in the slightest can't say I'm surprised tho

  • TelkomCare Telkom Care (@TelkomCare) reported

    @ranyyulan Halo Miss Rani, we checked the network online and have been helped restart the network from the center, but the service will be interrupted for a while, if we still have problems inform us again by DM. Thanks -Una

  • ClawbladeGaming Clawblade (@ClawbladeGaming) reported

    @Halo Just a heads up. tonights stream will be solely on mixer due to technical issues multistreaming. sorry guys.

  • ZachJLandes Zach’s Late New Years Resolution (@ZachJLandes) reported

    @jasonschreier @stephentotilo Please for the love of god tell me Halo Infinite isn’t gonna be another damn live service.

  • Strap_4k Klondike (@Strap_4k) reported

    @ReallyMilkkyWay @Alejandroid1979 @XcloudTimdog @JayDubcity16 @jasonschreier @stephentotilo Yep. Imo 343 has problems with anything they have touched since Halo 4. Not a good look at all

  • Gyarupan_ Paul (@Gyarupan_) reported

    Creative director, who ******** cares. Game has been in development long enough for this to not be a major issue. We're still a little over a year away, and finding a new creative director isn't hard, literally just pick *any* Halo fan and not artsy fartsy corporate bugmen

  • HubBandar Bandar Hub (@HubBandar) reported

    @SkillUpYT Fix up your tweet and stop misleading people. The boss of 343i is Bonnie Ross and Chris Lee is the main lead for Halo Infinite not the creative director Tim Longo who just left.

  • KyleBst264 Kyle Burns (@KyleBst264) reported

    @Willy_B22 @jeff_gluck The guardian angel was wearing a GM Goodwrench Service Plus halo.

  • Civilwarfare101 Inderdip Lohtia (@Civilwarfare101) reported

    @playstationcou1 I am not so sure if that is a good thing. I don't want Halo to be "games as a service" but I really want the series to evolve, I mean Halo is going to have to have to work harder now that Doom, DUSK and AmidEvil are a thing.

  • Jll7Chief JOHNOS THE MAD SPARTAN😈 (@Jll7Chief) reported

    I was about to do Screenshots for halo 3s last mission "HALO" and as I selected the recent mission in theater.... it just came up with an Error message..... fml...

  • GuerrillaBoy_ Taimaninguy (@GuerrillaBoy_) reported

    @ScumGorgonite True that, and for infinite, i'm curious how they'll fix all that hideous story and writing of Halo 5