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Halo is a military science fiction first-person shooter video game franchise created by Bungie and now managed and developed by 343 Industries, a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios.

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  • Idealclutch
    Clutchy (@Idealclutch) reported

    @OmniVoltage @Halo Match composer will fix all of them problem but in my opinion 343 should be trying to push people into ranked playlists.

  • ACSPking94
    Henry Carmichael (@ACSPking94) reported

    @jcjgraham @YouTube Kylie is a real jerk. She wants to ruin the service for everyone just because she had a bad experience. She doesn't care about the girl gamers who love Halo and can ignore the verbal harassment of lesser gamers.

  • therickybennett
    Ricky Bennett (@therickybennett) reported

    @Snip3down The only thing I see as an issue is sniping. Sniping is too easy in Halo for it to not be OP in BR. Like if you get a sniper or any snipe god gets a sniper, it’s over. Maybe limit ammo, but yeah..

  • Painkilur
    John (@Painkilur) reported

    @Snip3down The only way Halo can make a come back is if they make a H3A and there’s no issues with it.

  • TwiztedShotzTV
    TWIZTΞD ❂ (@TwiztedShotzTV) reported

    @Thecrzedspartan @MendingMercy Nothing wrong with that. Stick to arena. Halo will always be about that but dont say no just because it’s not your jam. If Halo can pull of RTS, and that they did, BR shouldn’t be a problem. Put another team on it besides the campaign and area guys.

  • coochienator
    chris (@coochienator) reported

    @dekumadi damn you’re the kindest sister i ever heard of jdjdjd once i asked my older brother to lend me his halo reach and he gave me his broken copy and locked me out

  • 1337GameDev
    1337GameDev (@1337GameDev) reported

    @TheReclaimedOne People dont realize that warzone was a HUGE reason why h5 launched in a horrible state, and why so many features are missing, yet warzone/reqs worked day1. I want a halo game where the LAUNCH GAME is the product to make money, and not post launch "as a service" BS to milk us.

  • 1337GameDev
    1337GameDev (@1337GameDev) reported

    @HossSauced Halo needs to make the INITIAL product the MAIN product again, not "good enough" to milk the people who buy it into shelling out more, post-launch. We need to remove MTX, "as a service" models, and force the developers to make the CORE GAME the draw for why people play.

  • NfiniteKmart
    Morrell Barnes🇯🇲🦄 (@NfiniteKmart) reported

    @aSayberTaylor It's not an issue of them not knowing HOW to give us a classic Halo they have just chosen not to do it because they want to "innovate" so to me giving us what we want and spending time on BR is a easy way to breathe new life into the game

  • orianamatney
    O (@orianamatney) reported

    Her halo is broken But there’s fight in her eyes Walls were built to keep her safe Until they’re crashing down

  • toa_freak
    Ian (Halo Canon) (@toa_freak) reported

    @BaileyJIII @MendingMercy @jpskoczalek I don't see a problem if they aren't wide-spread, which they aren't in Halo 5.

  • Vikingboar
    Oogie Boogie Vikingboar (@Vikingboar) reported

    @LFTFJdog Sure, we got our 360s, but I'd love to stream the OG games conveniently on the same system. Also, since Halo 2 on the 360 has weird emulation issues, it would be nice to see these games on Xbox One and see if the emulation issues would remain.

  • johnf_uni
    John Freeman (@johnf_uni) reported

    @Zeppelin0309 @EliRostiGames I agree. The problem with f 4 is that you load it up thinking ill do 10mins on this race then I'll go back to the witcher or something. 3 hours later... Oooo a barn find. Ooo the halo race. Hmmm what happens if I drive up this mountain. You just keep finding things to do

  • gamecombination
    Game Combo Bot (@gamecombination) reported

    Get this: the controls of Crash Bandicoot with the fanbase of Halo and the presentation of Firewatch

  • MikscatQ
    Michocolate 🍫 (@MikscatQ) reported

    MLG halo website use to be broken af lol how's that for mileage

  • Defguru
    Def Guru (@Defguru) reported

    @SithVenator That issue two and Atriox's rebellion against the Executioner occurs on Algolis, which Halopedia notes as being on or after 2548 (though admittedly this is deduced by a Battle Rifle that a Marine uses). This is combined with Halo Wars 2 stating that the Banished have been active

  • JesseGryphon
    The Gryphon (@JesseGryphon) reported

    @LegacyWolffe @Halo @Tashi343i @GrimBrotherOne @joshua_menke You make a game with a lot of issues and you don't fix them, people are going to stop playing and say it is bad, that's all

  • KhaibarO
    Khaibar M. Omar (@KhaibarO) reported

    @DSR_Joker Is it a problem I haven’t played a single campaign of halo in my life.(only thing I did was play MP of ODST and campaign with my older bro but was like 10)

  • rnrhmn13
    Faze' (@rnrhmn13) reported

    Halo youtube please fix your shit togetherrrrrrrrrrrr

  • BreezyStarfish
    BreezyStarfish (@BreezyStarfish) reported

    @Drakle_Studios @GrimBrotherOne @Halo Currently the support for HW2 is down to a handful of developers, so I don't know if they have the resources to fix that code

  • CaptainOsyrus
    Patrick Medlock 🌱 (@CaptainOsyrus) reported

    @Christhacker @mazgaminguk The issue is they expected to much for to little. They wanted it to sell as much as halo. Fable III had a team of less than 100 and two years. Sold 5 million on Xbox 360 alone. That's more than horizon zero dawn.

  • superman4499
    Spooky Sexual Penguin🐧🖤 ||-// (@superman4499) reported

    @itzel_hdz93 These are the issues I have to deal with 😂 I guess I'll jUst hAve to play halo 4 instead

  • thesk_darram
    Spooky Thoosk (@thesk_darram) reported

    @Drakle_Studios @GrimBrotherOne @Halo Yep. I quit the game, went back in and only one of the DLCs said it was loaded. Quit again and that seemed to fix the issue.

  • temidayo_capo
    Capo Temidayo (@temidayo_capo) reported

    Halo twitter, is there any bank regulatory body that can help me look into a scam issue here. @UBACares and @DiamondBankHelp are trying to play a fast one on me. Help a brother please

  • kurtbixby
    Kurt Booxby 👻 (@kurtbixby) reported

    @muldoonx9 @_10jo I didn't play a ton of Halo 2 back on Xbox, but H2A's art didn't feel fundamentally different, like HCEA's did. They released a major overhaul to MCC last month that fixed most of the issues with it. There are nitpick issues still but the campaigns are solid and the MP works well

  • maigannicole96
    MK🔮 (@maigannicole96) reported

    A broken halo that used to shine

  • Codered121291
    Alex Doerner (@Codered121291) reported

    @t8styham So this guy is conveniently leaving out driveclub and halo mcc which are considered some of the most broken games of the gen. Or pretty much most multiplats on the ps3 that barely ran and most never got fixed.

  • Callum_Macey
    Callum Macey (@Callum_Macey) reported

    @Halo I have now played every mission of the master chief collection on legendary and It's telling me I'm at 39 out of 40 because your game doesn't work. Fix it and award the achievements after the patch instead of making people get them over again

  • ChazoreAllure
    Charles (@ChazoreAllure) reported

    @TisLevYo @Halo I need my Halo 2 fix damnit.

  • SonikuRaharu
    Shawn Thomas (@SonikuRaharu) reported

    @sammyboy980 @Halo Disagree. Granted, I'm only just now getting to playing MCC, now that it's on GamePass, so I'm not bitter about its rocky start, but its a lot of game [at any price point], so I think it's awesome. That's just so dang much content/multiplayer to port, fix, keep up on and deliver.

  • kajwangkadibogo
    Ojwang benard (@kajwangkadibogo) reported

    @KenyaPower_Care Halo, three days down the line nothing yet has happened on this issue. Kindly expedite we are suffering.

  • HopeVidyas
    Hope (@HopeVidyas) reported

    @K1ng0fHarts @JERZNetwork Blaming gamers is silly outside of DDOSing opponents and literally making games not count. Glitch is an overused term for an effective tactic in most cases. And in other cases an actual glitch can create a skillgap aka Halo 2 BXR

  • startrekingali
    Alastair Tipping (@startrekingali) reported

    Cortana flipping a switch and becoming the evil dictator of the entire universe in the last level really comes out of nowhere, although I think it only comes somewhere in the middle of the "problems with Halo 5" scale.

  • Zeroslashh
    Matthias 🧐 (@Zeroslashh) reported

    I kill traded in Black Out the other day and thought maybe it was a glitch or something. But clearly this is a thing so iM LOSING FULL TOO. THIS IS WHAT ID EXPECT IN HALO, NOT COD

  • planetbandz
    lilbandz⚠️ (@planetbandz) reported

    I miss when my biggest problem was keeping an undefeated Halo Clan record😂

  • NileshBabu
    Nilesh Babu (@NileshBabu) reported

    Our mind’s tendency to oversimplify things without sufficient information often leads to judgment errors. This is called exaggerated emotional coherence, also known as the halo effect: -from the book titled thinking fast thinking slow.

  • _iiReal
    iiReal (@_iiReal) reported

    @mazgaminguk This has been a Microsoft problem. Halo and Gears have suffered from a similar fate. Halo 4-5 haven't matched the campaign quality of the Halo 1-Reach. GoW 4 made a better transition but still not as good as OG trilogy. Hopefully PG doesn't drop the ball with Fable. Loved F2-3.

  • KP5ive
    CLG KP (@KP5ive) reported

    Yoo they added a mongoose from halo 3 to fortnite. That shit loooks sooo broken, but yet so freaking fun. I'm stoked to play in a few hours.

  • SilentRunning61
    Judd Cosgrove (@SilentRunning61) reported

    @Halo Whatever you do with HALO: Infinite. Do not put in Loot Boxes, that will be a catastrophic error of judgement if you did. Much Love. #HALO <3

  • CndiRose1
    CandiRose (@CndiRose1) reported

    Now Stop Tryin My Lovin' Up *This Lovin's Real *Its 💯*Bringin My Gangsta Out👊🏾 *Now let Me Fix My Crown&Halo👸🏾😇 *Lol😅😂😁😊

  • uyensquared
    peppa pig 🐷😗🔇 (@uyensquared) reported

    I used to look at old pictures of me wishing I could look like that again.... LOL I guess I should be more grateful. Imagine me in my halo, unable to stand never mind bathe, having self esteem issues and just wishing I could wash my face properly

  • GeorgeMudie2
    George (D.P.S) (@GeorgeMudie2) reported

    Yes this was in 2016.But to my knowledge shit is still broken However my hype for infinite is still large,But i think it either could be the best thing to happen to halo since the bungie era,Or it could be a big fail to the same level as 5

  • tipsy_sandy
    Sandeep (@tipsy_sandy) reported

    Pope is largely inaccessible ; doesn't always take a clear stance on numerous issues ; has this Halo around his head and is usually driven around by a dolled up chauffeur / flies a private jet whenever he steps out of Vatican

  • Codered121291
    Alex Doerner (@Codered121291) reported

    @I_DO_JUEGOS It’s not my fault killzone sucks and no one wants to play it. Even the Sony fanboys who hype it up for years on end as being a halo killer quickly abandon that shit when it comes out. Also let’s not get into all the DDOS attacks psn has suffered compared to other services.

  • HugoLeclaire2
    Hugo Leclaire (@HugoLeclaire2) reported

    @Halo @KellyHGay @HaloGear just fix mcc jesus

  • cia391
    Chris Aiken (@cia391) reported

    @SithVenator @TheEld2 @HalopediaWiki Thats the idea tbh. Including adding book version page numbers.l which I need to fix. Which is the annoying variable in all Halo books.

  • zzirPrep
    Drew (@zzirPrep) reported

    @Halo @KellyHGay @HaloGear When will you start giving a shut about Australian lobby and "dedicated servers" I experience nothing but lag and delay in my shooting and melee. Puts Australians at the biggest disadvantage.

  • Kurt0fOnyx51
    Kurt (@Kurt0fOnyx51) reported

    I feel like there is a link between the low amount of Halo books been translated and sold,at least in french in Québec,is that 343i produces a lot of them lately. Perhaps they have problems with editors and selling books in foreign langages.Insight on the matter would be nice

  • CarmenLavrikova
    Funny Shit Official (@CarmenLavrikova) reported

    It's no shave November, Halo 4 and Black ops 2 just came out! Teen pregnancy won't be an issue this month.

  • funniest_texts
    FUNNY TEXTS (@funniest_texts) reported

    It's no shave November, Halo 4 and Black ops 2 just came out! Teen pregnancy won't be an issue this month.

  • MilesTheDill
    The Count of Southampton 🇧🇲🎨🖼️⚰️ (@MilesTheDill) reported

    @IsoSayaka117 @TheEld2 @Halo @KellyHGay @HaloGear Isaac Hannaford's work is good, as well as the Broken Circle one. Those others are mediocre.

  • APtheNerd
    Alex Puckett (@APtheNerd) reported

    @Valkyrie497 @ArdentPrayer @HalopediaWiki I tried reading through the Halo novels around April or May. I got up to The Thursday War and haven’t gotten back on. I seriously need to fix that.

  • LFTF117
    LetsFinishTheFight (@LFTF117) reported

    The only issue I have with the Halo: Renegades cover is the 'Promethean' face . Personally, It looks out of place, IMO. However, I don't mind the rest of it nor do I feel people should judge the actual book by the cover itself. I'm still excited for it!

  • FunnyWilfred
    Wilfred (@FunnyWilfred) reported

    It's no shave November, Halo 4 and Black ops 2 just came out! Teen pregnancy won't be an issue this month.

  • toa_freak
    Ian (Halo Canon) (@toa_freak) reported

    @RaulAcosta1172 @343iCommunity @unscspartan_ii @HTeamAssemble @thesk_darram @TheHaloHub_ @ArdentPrayer Well, Halo 5's problem were more that people expected Chief and didn't get him. Reach and ODST proved, well enough, that fans will accept something different if you set the proper expectations.

  • tspofnutmeg
    Bi-Shoujo Meg @#MEGTOBER (@tspofnutmeg) reported

    Trying to be vague so no spoilers: 🏐Synchro kogeki two setter version 🏐Asahi breaking through the Iron Wall 🏐The last point of the Seijou match during the spring tournament 🏐THE HALO AROUND THE MOON 🏐Pinch server service ace

  • pourth34acosta
    🛸alexx (@pourth34acosta) reported

    Fix that jumping shit this ain’t ******* halo @Activision @Treyarch

  • DecepticonCobra
    Halseystein’s Monster 🧟‍♀️ (@DecepticonCobra) reported

    Man, some of the reactions about Halo: Renegades cover make me feel a heck of a lot better and less bad about the issues with Chief’s armor on the Silent Storm cover. Silly in retrospect, but at least I didn’t claim the book would be garbage because of it.

  • RegentExpert486
    🎃Regent🎃 (@RegentExpert486) reported

    @TehSpearhead What about halo 2, they basically had no time to fix the game or really do anything, THAT would have killed a few employees brains

  • karasfn
    Jake ☆彡 (@karasfn) reported

    @Eyaslunatic @cohenstreams @benisavirginn @Max_XBL Play another game it’s not that deep man D2 will get worse until they fix the problems they already have instead of adding new things just like fortnite Destiny fans are as ignorant as halo fans and can’t accept the most simplest things lmao