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Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing site that enables its users to take pictures and share them either publicly or privately on the app, as well as through a variety of other social networking platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

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Most Reported Problems:

  • Online Features (31.85%)
  • Sign in (29.88%)
  • Glitches (21.62%)
  • App Crashing (16.00%)
  • Microtransactions (.66%)

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  • nouviya Novia (@nouviya) reported

    @instagram Dear Instagram, I really don't know how to reach you but I wanted to make new accounts for my business in Instagram. But all of them failed and the e-mails have been listed as signed yet I haven't received any notifs. Please help me solve the problem. Thank you...

  • PonyJoe85 Joe Osmin (@PonyJoe85) reported

    @instagram how come I can’t share to my Facebook its not working for me

  • Slowpokezzz Richard Montoya (@Slowpokezzz) reported

    @TweakboxSupport Please update Instagram Rocket to 3.3.5. Version 3.3.2 is broken.

  • Eggsiter Eggsiter (@Eggsiter) reported from Huai Khwang, Bangkok

    @zackwhittaker @facebook @instagram fix your security policies, protocols, people

  • beeee_1000 chey🦋. (@beeee_1000) reported

    Omg instagram so funny !!!! They used Ari pic when she got in a car crash & made it seem like it was apart of the beating herb gave her 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.

  • 1zjs__ XI-IX. (@1zjs__) reported

    now my Instagram not working 😭 I’m soooo over this cruise I wanna go home

  • superdperjordan QC Jordan🎯 (@superdperjordan) reported

    @instagram fix my app

  • spencerfleury Spencer Fleury (@spencerfleury) reported

    @akmiska Every article of clothing I have ever bought from an Instagram ad has broken my heart in some small way.

  • sstephanie_____ Stephanie🌻 (@sstephanie_____) reported

    My instagram hasn’t been working it’s on some weird shit and I’m so annoyed it won’t loading anything it’s been like this for a while all apps work except for Instagram I’m pissed and bored😤😔

  • blooodlinee karina 🖤 (@blooodlinee) reported

    @MissRBaller instagram, like youtube, needs to FIX ITSELf

  • TxmommySays Summer Ullmann (@TxmommySays) reported

    @instagram help! Having an issue and none of your articles on the help page cover my issue!

  • kiataughtyouu أم كايدن (@kiataughtyouu) reported

    Bruh if 2 people block each other on IG it’s really no unblocking after that 😂😂😂😂😂 Instagram need to fix that sha

  • blatheerskitee play yakuza (@blatheerskitee) reported

    @renegadeplease @instagram yeah me too it seems like it’s happening to a lot of people there past like 24 hours they need to fix it..

  • MikeWHolmes Hatsune Mike (@MikeWHolmes) reported from Odenton Heights, Maryland

    Instagram is always so proud to let me know they shut down the spam accounts I report, but I’ve been sitting here with a broken notification feed since 2015

  • roydmathis Roy Mathis Official account ®Ⓜ (@roydmathis) reported

    @britneystea I mean I think on any other circumstances people wouldn't even care you know you posed to you you know everybody post other people's posts and if I supposed to supposed come on that's what Twitter and Instagram about I think any other day it really wouldn't be a problem

  • PASSION_PRASAD +97433467191 (@PASSION_PRASAD) reported

    Most Popular Daily Schedule: Facebook Time : 2 hrs Whatsapp Time : 2 hrs Instagram Time : 1 hr You-tube Time : 2 hrs Browsing Tme : 2 hrs TelevisionTime : 2 hrs Lunch/Dinner Time : 2 hrs TravellingTime : 3 hrs Sleeping Time : 8 hrs Working Time : No time Social Media Morning!!

  • JohnSnelling10 John Snelling (@JohnSnelling10) reported

    i posted something on instagram for the first time in hella long and now i can’t log in fix your shit or y’all heads gettin knocked off 💦🔫 @instagram

  • too_exist We Too Exist (@too_exist) reported

    its been more than 10 hours now. @instagram is still no t working. No DMs no Stories. i am losing my business #instagramdown #instagramisdown #instagram please do something. -___-

  • karnivorous dean (@karnivorous) reported

    like, i tried opening twitter and it would just have the logo for a good 30 seconds and then crash. also snapchat was just stuck on the camera but i couldn’t interact with AnYtHiNg and instagram just straight up wouldn’t load shit

  • Mactv42 Mackenzie Lee te Velde (@Mactv42) reported

    That’s it I’m 100% convinced my phone listens to me. I have never once looked up or bought bread online but as soon as I start working in the bakery at sprouts I get bread adds on Instagram, coincidence, I think not.

  • ChrisCChan Chris (@ChrisCChan) reported

    Hey @instagram, I found a very annoying bug on #Android. Whenever I'm editing alt text and typing in something on a submitted post, my progress gets cancelled and I get pushed back to the post's original screen every time someone likes that post. Please fix.

  • skyofpinks garbage truck boyfriend (@skyofpinks) reported

    people who edit ‘artsy’ videos on instagram really just throw in a bunch of clips of hot people, skateboarding and a slow remix of a rap song and call it a day

  • STFUImTweetn0_o C🔺C🔺HR|Business|Strategic Manager|Brand|Promo| (@STFUImTweetn0_o) reported

    This Isnt The 1st Account and He Has Found Every Account Changed The Login Password ,I Never Changed It The 1st One Was My Enterprise Instagram He Is Doing The Same Nasty Lowdown Shit Jack Dorsey Is, Like I Said They Are Both Evil Outta Order Pricks Im Justified In Going To Court

  • katelyn_6204 katelyn🦋 (@katelyn_6204) reported

    ok i have issues. i have things to do like clean my room and do my homework. but no i decided to go on instagram and twitter and scroll until there’s nothing left to see. send help pls

  • RblxCabinet cabinet_RBLX (@RblxCabinet) reported


  • MoromirV ᛗoromir_V @ Valhalla (@MoromirV) reported

    So this blog I have been working on and making articles for and getting post on instagram daily, I am starting to lose motivation with it because I am not getting as much interaction with new people and helping them how i want to, and I just feel im reusing the same thing daily

  • msndrstd Dagda McDagdus (@msndrstd) reported

    @MalaikaJabali @Mazattacker @DanaSchwartzzz The dudes being referenced are the ones leading pretty boring lives by working full time, owning the place they live (even a tiny studio is better than renting) and loading the 401k. 70 or so percent aren’t busy on Instagram showing off the work they are doing in the gym either.

  • buffer Buffer (@buffer) reported

    @SaresRegisGroup Hi, Lily, I'm so sorry about the persistent issue. 👎 The errors you're currently seeing are due to the long-standing Instagram bug that affects video processing, I'm afraid. These should be sent through successfully upon a retry. I just sent over an email to explain more. -Darcy

  • Hashimmyjoints Robert Hodge (@Hashimmyjoints) reported

    The devil is working right now. My GF and I are beefing right now then BOOM 💥 MY EX request me on Instagram...🤔🤔Smells like bait. And I ain’t fishing.

  • marcus_ulmer Marcus Ulmer (@marcus_ulmer) reported

    @sudyk This is why I see Twitter and Facebook dying slow deaths...they have turned into troll farms. They have went away from their roots of simply connecting people. Instagram has longevity, I think.

  • samwitchpride 🏳️‍🌈SAM🏳️‍🌈 (@samwitchpride) reported

    I’m gonna be live-streaming on my Instagram in about 5 minutes my dudes! I’m gonna be working on as many headshots as I can before it gets too late~ my Insta is samwitchpride btw!

  • karabaic jk (@karabaic) reported

    Just one of FB’s many broken promises, including their pledges to not change the privacy policies of Move & Instagram

  • carriejonesbook Carrie Jones (@carriejonesbook) reported

    I have an Instagram message from a proofreader and there were five grammatical errors in his message, which is obviously his standard message looking for clients. I’m not sure if I should tell him.

  • WhiskersWine Whiskers&Wine (@WhiskersWine) reported

    I almost lost access to my cheese fry instagram, but luckily I haven’t sold/cleared my old phone, so I can sign in and change my password 😅

  • vickyzmr Vicky Zeamer (@vickyzmr) reported

    @hillarydixler @instagram It also forces users to keep on refreshing the app to see if they have missed content, which is a bad use of your users' eyeballs. I think the "you're all caught up!" is #helpful, but just a bandaid to the larger algorithmic issue. Signed, a professional UX researcher

  • weeddddtbh jayyy😌 (@weeddddtbh) reported

    @TweakBoxApp can you fix instagram 🥺

  • _dequarius15 Dequarius Short (@_dequarius15) reported

    @Emus4you Instagram need to get bck working

  • renegadeplease qqtvss (@renegadeplease) reported

    @instagram I can’t login my Instagram PLEASE HELP BEEN HOURS

  • AidenJOfficial AidenJOfficial (@AidenJOfficial) reported

    Just cause I’m not home doesn’t mean I’m not working! We made an instagram channel for the stream it’s aidenjofficialtv ! Go follow #fazeup

  • danielrovelo02 Daniel Rovelo (@danielrovelo02) reported

    @jesusmedinax No sir it’s the appropriate thing to ask for, more people should wanna get ruined by Shawn cause he’s daddy,”. ALSO HES OBVIOUSLY BEEN WORKING OUT KORE LATELY CAUSE HIS ARMS 🤤😪 like his recent Instagram post

  • jairsoncardoso Last Asset🐺 (@jairsoncardoso) reported

    @instagram Can’t post any pics only vids, pls fix

  • graychambrlain jas (@graychambrlain) reported

    if anyone dms you on instagram saying they saw your photos on @/ the_hotlist_95 and they’re ranked 24 or some shit, the @ will take you to an acc that only has a link in the bio which will take you to something that looks almost identical to the ig login screen, DO NOT put in (1)

  • paymanofficial PK (@paymanofficial) reported

    @BarackObama Dominos, the Italian restaurant, doesn’t serve mozzarella sticks and have been ignoring me for over six months on Instagram about rectifying the issue.

  • paymanofficial PK (@paymanofficial) reported

    @BarackObama Dominos, the Italian restaurant, doesn’t serve mozzarella sticks and have been ignoring me for over six months on Instagram about rectifying this issue.

  • digitalskinomad Sīr Brexīt 🇬🇧🇱🇷 (@digitalskinomad) reported

    @thebrittanyxoxo @APAGunion @instagram This is the problem in the UK too All this censorship and Nanny state rules from our government and fbk, Insta and Twitter is even talking about changing their platform.. All to suit big business and cheap labour.. Democracy has died in the UK.. There will be an uprising soon 😉

  • Chelsey_loren1 Chelsey R. (@Chelsey_loren1) reported

    I wonder a lot why my 6th graders make such hateful remarks about themselves (depression has been a serious issue for these kids this year), then I look at Twitter & Instagram & I understand. STOP MAKING UNFUNNY SELF DEPRECATING JOKES, 11 YEAR OLDS SHOULD NOT THINK THAT’S NORMAL

  • Mu5icL0vEr12 @Andraluvs🎶 (@Mu5icL0vEr12) reported

    @CatARMY32532585 @blobyblo No problem luckily tablo posted on his Instagram

  • INFuckinP Trash Catalog (@INFuckinP) reported

    On Instagram Update Will There Is Coming To Spend Your Relationship That Will Show You Reclaim Yourself You Are Too Broken

  • LiamReed99 Liam Reed (@LiamReed99) reported

    Been fully bullied by @instagram me, tried to make an account an when I clicked finish it said error and just banned the account 😂

  • Skye_shead Skye shead (@Skye_shead) reported

    I don't think the issue here lays with neither porn star nor celebrity. It's Instagram. It's a naked body, we all have one.. even children, censoring that is making a statement that it's something to be ashamed of.. ****, and I cannot stress this enough, that.

  • TushMallam Sharma Obierika (@TushMallam) reported

    Instagram has thought me one thing, just find one girl and stick to her. Too many slay mamas out there. You wee crash your brain with multichoice options...

  • Justkilledaman2 Just_killed_a_man (@Justkilledaman2) reported

    My Instagram isnt working again uwu

  • DELlCATESSEN Chance (@DELlCATESSEN) reported

    I have a problem with watching asmr eating on Instagram.

  • GetRealJC John Clark | Photographer (@GetRealJC) reported

    @petertellone You would expect a professional photographer will respect the land. Unfortunately, everyone feels holier than thou and is quick to pull the shame trigger behind the anonymity of a screen name. The real issue is those seeking Instagram fame for that quick snap them moving on.

  • NikeSpalato Nico Spalato (@NikeSpalato) reported

    The disclosure came in an update to an earlier issue from March, wherein hundreds of millions of Facebook and Facebook Lite passwords were exposed Facebook initially estimated thousands of Instagram passwords were exposed.

  • WINDFIRST Firstiarina (@WINDFIRST) reported

    @instagram i think instagram shit again. fix it

  • ni_g0d ⚫️s i l e n t h o u r™️⚫️ (@ni_g0d) reported

    social media is a simple communicator that is broken this isn't twitter's, facebook's, reddit's, instagram's problem this is a human problem and im trying to fix it trying to solve the problem w/ this absently-exposed digital lonely void that internet user's get trapped in

  • APAGunion Adult Performers Actors Guild (@APAGunion) reported

    We take no personal issue with the models/celebs we posted. We are however presenting the double standard by instagram. Adult models are being banned for posting normal pics due to their legal profession. ~ KP

  • daboulty Ty (@daboulty) reported

    @Emus4you U can’t fix instagram ++ app

  • Teelops Tolu (@Teelops) reported

    @shayron_mia @eddyb07 @adedoyinbetiku @xerxes_21 @Fortunate4tun @Gracymama1 @imoleayomichael @Ochemercy3 @iffy_ify_ @Daralohi @iamdjmacsoundz My mum is not on snap chat though and she comments on my Instagram sometimes sef... It's a huge problem

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  • 500
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  • 5xx
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  • account disabled
  • bad request
  • code
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  • login
  • network error
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