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Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing site that enables its users to take pictures and share them either publicly or privately on the app, as well as through a variety of other social networking platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

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June 27: Problems at Instagram

Instagram is having issues since 09:00 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

Online Features
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App Crashing

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The most recent outage reports and issues originated from:
Guadalajara Glitches
Edmonton Sign in
High Point Sign in
Toronto App Crashing
Guadalajara Sign in
Concord Glitches

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Instagram Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • hazzaalmalik hazza malik ⚠️ (@hazzaalmalik) reported

    Day’s not far when @instagram will completely stop working

  • sherrmughrabi sherrmughrabi (@sherrmughrabi) reported

    Dear stupid @instagram stop copyright issues thing 😛

  • radiokurdmusic Radiokurdmusic (@radiokurdmusic) reported

    Hello good time Since yesterday, our Instagram page has been buggy with the following features and specifications, and we can not post any videos that are unconsciously removed. Please check the problem. Thanks. ID PAGE : @Radiokurdmusic Phone : +989214368893

  • gyano Debor Gorgy (@gyano) reported

    @myNAMEiskelecci @olaokun_s It pathetically became an issue when the guy in question decided to take to instagram to air what transpired, which really doesn't need an iota of attention. TC: sir this my seat and I like to have it WS: Alright, have ur seat,sorry I have it in error. SIMPLE! No qualms

  • MollyYousuf mol mol (@MollyYousuf) reported

    BIG RANT instagram fix your app, i can’t stress this enough 😤

  • LakynLakyn Lakyn (@LakynLakyn) reported

    @OfficialPLT all the Instagram promo you pay celebrities for but can’t seem to deliver orders in a timely fashion or have a decent customer service system. I’ve had nothing but problems with y’all and I hate it.

  • ableyemane ATY (@ableyemane) reported

    After the situation that happened. Imma make it a duty to tweet everyday that if you’re ever going through something. Talk to me, and instagram Snapchat and all. This shit leaves a bad taste in my stomach. Time to stop moping and do something that’ll fix the problem for good

  • FulltimeGonger Prophet Whiter (@FulltimeGonger) reported

    Everyone needs to be aware that all your information, through all the tech companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Apple, Microsoft, basically all silicon valley, which controls nearly 100 percent of how people get information, are working against freedom.#MAGA

  • JusDahl esquvidu (@JusDahl) reported

    Ig is ugly. Fix it @instagram

  • gta23turtles Jr (@gta23turtles) reported

    @instagram fix you app, i cant see posts that friends have tagged me in.

  • itsjaybabes itsjaybabes (@itsjaybabes) reported

    @masileme @instagram I noticed lmao my slow ass

  • livviesmalls Livviesmalls (@livviesmalls) reported

    My @instagram account was disabled for violating terms of service by working legally in the ******** industry and posting about my work. ******** is legal in some form in 34 states in the US, JUST UPDATE YOUR TERMS TO INCLUDE ******** ALREADY!

  • realFakeNews404 Facts are civil disobedience. (@realFakeNews404) reported

    @SenRonJohnson @instagram Instagram needs to fix their algorithms. They seem to have mistaken you for an intelligent, decent, and informed human being.

  • amandarism Amanda (@amandarism) reported

    @Chiefs_Kingdom_ @instagram after two weeks, I tried to log in to my account via browser on my phone and now it's working.

  • VonnyDripped Drippa (@VonnyDripped) reported

    @instagram fix my instagram bra

  • RoMan59238092 RoMan (@RoMan59238092) reported

    @EthGoesBOOM No on Instagram it's called Sarasalanddragon. Doctor Cortex cost $60 and N.gin cost $45 as well so if you want to go on Instagram Then buy them any Crash bandicoot characters if you want 🤗

  • KingWatson98 Leeky Don Dotta 😈🤟🏾 (@KingWatson98) reported

    Bruh my dad just called me to help him fix his Instagram because it keep saying “no internet connection” 😭😭 old phone with technology 🙄

  • tomtom6197 Tommo c (@tomtom6197) reported

    @meganhuttx This is the only social media i have as i find the rest like fb sharing your problems which i cant be arsed with and Instagram. I cant be arsed to look at pictures all day long

  • eriixii erii ✨ (@eriixii) reported


  • soviet_spi s (@soviet_spi) reported

    @instagram hi Can I Gladly get support from you guys I’m struggling on getting my account back because you guys won’t respond please reply or at least tell my problem with you guys and get a respond thank you

  • wangjjpark PINK JINYOUNGIE🌸 (@wangjjpark) reported

    i'm still working on these files and i just finished You and wow i wanna delete fb and instagram so bad

  • ATMology Adam (@ATMology) reported

    @jaegar00 I’ve never had this problem. I dunno... maybe because I don’t spend hours on Instagram and Facebook, or maybe because I never paid attention to advertisements ‘tailor made’ for me.

  • reneechronicles Renee (@reneechronicles) reported

    @montesdeocaj3 @nurseD118 @instagram Same happened to me but when I go to click okay it wont even let me back in it keeps saying error!

  • thehoopstown IG: TheHoopsTown 🏀🗣 (@thehoopstown) reported

    @misswiggins4 @deadb3d @haleydaniiie @instagram @katelyn_ohashi It’s happening to lots of people they should fix it

  • thehoopstown IG: TheHoopsTown 🏀🗣 (@thehoopstown) reported

    @micoliveus @instagram @katelyn_ohashi Me too 😒😒😒 @instagram FIX THIS PLEASE

  • thehoopstown IG: TheHoopsTown 🏀🗣 (@thehoopstown) reported

    @_khrysanthia @instagram I Own an account with 75k and this happened to me. I hope they fix it.

  • justkoop__xo ItsKoop. 🥀 (@justkoop__xo) reported

    AND it isn’t even giving me the option to contact them to let them know the page won’t disappear. Tried the app, the webpage, deleting app and reinstalling, but nothing is working. So bloody angry. Sort your shit out @instagram

  • katesolnoble katherine🌸✨ (@katesolnoble) reported

    just woke up CRYING because i remembered i made a grammatical error in an instagram comment two months ago can i please get a new brain i will never know peace with this one

  • __Percepti0ns Ekuu (@__Percepti0ns) reported

    I don't have much issues with #TikTok but i do have a problem when stupid girls/boys dancing in #DelhiMetro to shoot a video. Passengers do get disturbed but none of them launch a complaint. @DCP_DelhiMetro I think this is a matter of concern. I Just saw a video on #Instagram

  • everythingboutT T (@everythingboutT) reported

    @Chiefs_Kingdom_ @instagram smh they need to fix it ASAP

  • bogwolf_ Lydia (@bogwolf_) reported

    I swear to god, if I *a reasonably smart adult with a concept of the value of not overreacting* do not see @instagram returned to its normal format by tomorrow morning, I will walk down the nearest city street while throwing potatoes at glass windows until the issue is resolved.

  • IrishJa18827161 Irish Jade (@IrishJa18827161) reported

    When SJK posted a pic of SHK on his instagram, i knew that time they're trying to fix their marriage but so sad it wasn't fix...maybe. Hays. My Songsong heart.

  • collectivechris Christine Martinez (@collectivechris) reported from Redmond, Oregon

    @thehoopstown @instagram It’s so annoying! They need to fix their little bot that manages Instagram because they’re punishing the wrong accounts!😡

  • getawaycarharry amanda 🦋💘 (@getawaycarharry) reported

    @1989sheerans I was talking abt this with my sis and the fact that she like does Instagram lives to try explain things to people just shows she really wants people to understand the issues

  • byunprint trin (@byunprint) reported

    fix it @instagram

  • DonovanMenezes DoNoVaN (@DonovanMenezes) reported

    @kelccj @sidnelovesjah @instagram This happened to me too today. And many more too now at the same time! When I click on the Ok button. It says, Sorry there was a problem!! Worst part is I didn’t even post anything bad!😓

  • macnkensie Ky . (@macnkensie) reported

    @instagram fix my account pls🤣

  • HallmarkLonnie you (@HallmarkLonnie) reported

    @Fel_ibiapina @_CharlesMurphy I muted 30 words on twitter for Endgame and stayed off of instagram for 2 weeks and I didn’t get the movie spoiled for me so doing that for this movie was working until your movie spoiling buddy who you love SO MIUCH decided to re post a spoilery photo.

  • JoanCastaD Joan Casta (@JoanCastaD) reported

    They say Instagram is for the pretty, and Twitter is for the smart... Instagram isn't working much for me so, here i am, fingers crossed. #twitterimback #needfollowers #followback

  • moezulfi Moe.Z (@moezulfi) reported

    @instagram Here's the funny part; the post I made was posted on @twitter and @facebook without a problem.

  • deadb3d Mixli ッ (@deadb3d) reported

    @thehoopstown @haleydaniiie @instagram @katelyn_ohashi I’ve email them and reported the problem

  • thehoopstown IG: TheHoopsTown 🏀🗣 (@thehoopstown) reported

    @deadb3d @haleydaniiie @instagram @katelyn_ohashi FR is instagram gonna fix this because I posted nothing wrong on my story 😒😒

  • mymakeupverse_ Mymakeupverse ♡ (@mymakeupverse_) reported

    @shanerideout @sweetchildomkup @instagram I am not getting enough reach 😩 I am using the same hashtags that actually works but I am confused it is not working for me

  • CaseyMercadoo CASE (@CaseyMercadoo) reported

    Its kinda depressing bcoz my fb account is still not working. I lost my photos. I lost my memories. I lost my instagram. I lost them. Idk if losing them is good coz I think starting over is not a idea.

  • danielcornejof Daniel Cornejo (@danielcornejof) reported

    @instagram I have a problem logging into my account. I temporarily deactivated my account, and now that I want to access it, it tells me that it does not exist anymore

  • versangeI 𝔰𝔲𝔪𝔞𝔂𝔞⁶Ꮚ ͜つ (@versangeI) reported

    instagram is down and my twitter dms are broken LMAOOO

  • Vanessaxbonilla Vanessa 🦄✨ (@Vanessaxbonilla) reported

    why is my Instagram not working 😠

  • erick34565321 ghost qoutes (@erick34565321) reported

    @instagram can fix dis bs with theses folks hacking people pages bro 💯

  • everythingboutT T (@everythingboutT) reported

    @instagram one more problem with any of my accounts and im deleting instagram as a whole. every single profile too.

  • tineiivii 🌻 Christine 🌻 (@tineiivii) reported

    Unsure if the wifi's slow or instagram is down again.

  • KleinmanBHC Kevin Kleinman (@KleinmanBHC) reported

    @indievestments @Cataracthealer no problem. And to be clear, I'm totally speculating. I have no evidence that they gave Instagram influencers any stock, nor have I done the research to see if it looks like they might have. But it wouldn't surprise me if they have.

  • Euphoria_Wings andi loveѕ zoe 💫🌌 (@Euphoria_Wings) reported

    Instagram isn’t working, text messages aren’t working nothing is working and the ppl I texted won’t text me back and I’m feeling ignored and like a pice of shit.. I-

  • __Kyanaaa Ky💛 (@__Kyanaaa) reported

    @stvf__almvghty Okay just making sure lol i just feel like people need to grow up that’s what Instagram is for as long as they don’t say anything to them then it’s shouldn’t be a problem

  • asgazrd rel. (@asgazrd) reported

    Terima jasa ✓ Upfoll pasif twitter/instagram ✓ Uplikes instagram ✓ Benerin acc error ✓ Pasang ifttt/zapier, etc.

  • RachelWeiszzzzz Rachel Weisz's gf ☠ (@RachelWeiszzzzz) reported

    @tricianacc @CalumMcSwiggan @GraceFVictory @badb_aleena OMGGG this is the most stupid thing i have ever read. Men are insecure about not having muscles the same way women are about being fat. Men have body issues too espcially these days with instagram fitness models

  • sugarspree Chi (@sugarspree) reported

    I really felt something was wrong cause she turn off comments on her instagram a year ago I guess. 😭 omg my hye kyo I thought this would be her happy ending. well well if its not really working anymore for both of them, whats the point of staying. 💔

  • only1chambie hails (@only1chambie) reported

    does anyone have a good app for downloading videos off instagram with no watermark because the one i used just stopped working😳

  • homedrawnmemes Pencil ON Paper (@homedrawnmemes) reported

    @picxaal @instagram yes happened to me about an hour ago, searched around twitter and saw two other people w/ the same problem :(

  • Despa_rifty RipEtika (@Despa_rifty) reported

    @Greybenf @Ryan_harris101 @KEEMSTAR Are u slow im showing respect people on teitter and instagram changed there profile into his banner so **** off and saying im using a dead man a good dead man for clout i aint no jaystation

  • _jay_zz Jay-Z (@_jay_zz) reported

    "Might crash ya internet And I ain't even into that When I was talking Instagram Last thing you wanted was ya picture snapped"

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List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
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  • 400
  • 403
  • 420
  • 500
  • 502
  • 503
  • 5xx
  • 919
  • account disabled
  • bad request
  • code
  • logging in
  • login
  • network error
  • security code
  • unknown error
  • verification code