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Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing site that enables its users to take pictures and share them either publicly or privately on the app, as well as through a variety of other social networking platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

 Some problems detected at Instagram

Instagram problems in the last 24 hours

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December 11: Problems at Instagram

Instagram is having issues since 08:40 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

Most Reported Problems:

  • Glitches (34.27%)
  • Sign in (26.53%)
  • Online Features (24.18%)
  • App Crashing (13.85%)
  • Microtransactions (1.17%)

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Instagram Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • apt
    Ade Thompson (@apt) reported

    @instagram Fix your support pages for the Hacked accounts process that would be a great feature to add. #fail

  • ycee83289
    Yaya (@ycee83289) reported

    Never winning the lottery so I guess I should start working out if I’m tryna become instagram famous

  • MetalMadeFitDru
    MetalMadeDru (@MetalMadeFitDru) reported

    @SpotifyCares Cannot post to Instagram stories. Get errors.

  • MacDreezzz
    𝐲𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐫𝐚 (@MacDreezzz) reported

    @instagram fix it

  • MacDreezzz
    𝐲𝐚𝐝𝐢𝐫𝐚 (@MacDreezzz) reported from San Francisco, California

    i swear my instagram is broken or something🥺

  • anissafebr
    Anissa (@anissafebr) reported

    I logged out my Instagram account and have had blocked some people on WhatsApp and Line, if I still get anxious and feeling toxic then I can see crystal clear who the real problem is.

  • TallNorthrnLass
    Shughes (@TallNorthrnLass) reported

    Hey @instagram please help me get my account back! It was hacked months ago and your ME team tell me there’s no problem!!


    Instagram Promotion is totally annoying, tried promoting for twice & my amount also got deducted but since no promotion was made!! Even reported regarding the issue but no feedback received @instagram

  • _thatslilbree
    Chocolate❤️ (@_thatslilbree) reported

    Instagram half ass working🙄

  • Clan_Clueless
    Abimbola O'larry Turner (@Clan_Clueless) reported

    My instagram notification tab is full of messages being sent and then being unsent. My problems are solving themselves. So they lied when they said unlooking a problem won't make it go away.

  • love_evelyn3080
    Evelyn Alvarez (@love_evelyn3080) reported

    Instagram is working on unblock the Instagram Signup

  • _katelyn_xox_
    Katelyn Sovereen (@_katelyn_xox_) reported

    @Lovey_CM @Kimbyrleigha @PopSockets I’ve only had my phone a little over a year but I’m having nothing but problems with it lately. I even took it in and they said my phone is fine. I’ve had screen picture problems on Instagram stories, my phone has shocked me, and my cellular data doesn’t work for crap.

  • snotballer
    s (@snotballer) reported

    hey instagram congrats on being the worst app ever invented i hope u crash n burn real soon<3

  • p4rtunes
    jake (@p4rtunes) reported

    y spotify to instagram gotta be broken, how am I gonna spread power to the people

  • sunnyboymorgan
    Sunny the Solar Guy! (@sunnyboymorgan) reported from Johannesburg, Gauteng

    @COP24 These are not highlights, these are pictures. Tell us what resolutions are agreed to. Tell us who is working for and who is working against climate change. Tell us something worthwhile. This is an info feed not instagram! We are waiting for news, people are serious out here!

  • arupadatuquwh
    Arupadatu (@arupadatuquwh) reported

    @instagram can't login into my IG account 😰

  • JaxTheBox
    Jax (@JaxTheBox) reported

    @instagram I'm trying to log into my Instagram @Battlements on Insta. It's asking for a Phone number, I enter my Phone number. It sends me a code, I enter this code and it returns "Oops, an error has occured". Lots of people have had this issue. I own the email/password.

  • kfranksnell
    kristen frank (@kfranksnell) reported

    @Crippler616 @SoccerCooligans @kylemartino @instagram Infiltrating dental hygiene would be a subtle, but strategic maneuver now that you mention it...Forgive my error 😞

  • eavesnd
    Niema Eaves (@eavesnd) reported

    @instagram I have been trying to contact IG support and the hell center forum is not helpful. I need to speak to a representative about an issue I’m having regarding my account. I temporarily deactivated and it will not let me log back in!!

  • FryMari
    Mari Fry (@FryMari) reported from Murrieta, California

    Twitter Support. - All better, Instagram arrows working!

  • maheshmaster
    ಔದುಂಬರ (@maheshmaster) reported

    @ankitv @instagram An idiot like you had no problem when Jihadi became head of twitter

  • taybrogers
    Taylor B. Rogers, MPH (@taybrogers) reported

    @AndresPinedo15 I uninstalled the app and everything. Then I realized Instagram is actually the problem so I acted accordingly 😂

  • MScott_Boo
    Melissa Scott (@MScott_Boo) reported

    Tfw I realize the ads on Instagram for cat paraphernalia are actually working on me

  • madd_oh
    Madz (@madd_oh) reported from Chicago, Illinois

    Seriously, @instagram needs an edit feature for stories so that I can fix my grammatical errors.

  • _deadsounds
    Dead (@_deadsounds) reported

    @instagram “sorry, there was a problem with your request.” Listen here. Fix this shit right now. Idk why I was kicked out of my own account for no reason. Fix it now.

  • gigipalmer_
    Gigi (@gigipalmer_) reported

    I can’t keep up with my Instagram crushes, this is a problem

  • xiumyra
    myra💎 (@xiumyra) reported

    @nahjaems i always got that too.. Like when i ask to hangout with her suddenly she said that she got family problem so she wont join me then when i see her instagram, she hangout with someone else. If she dont want to hangout with me then just say it and dont lie..

  • shelbobergen
    🌻 Shelby 🌻 (@shelbobergen) reported

    @SophiaCK So unfortunately, Instagram itself is working against it all, and I think that makes it a pretty unique perpetrator of resharing. I just wish people's instinct was to ask, so both the person sharing and the artist are on the same page.

  • RlPeabody
    Rae Peabody (@RlPeabody) reported

    Slowly working on setting up a Storenvy to sell stuff and an Instagram to show art. I guess my unplanned plan for 2019 is to try and make $50 on my work.

  • ShivamPota2
    Shivam Pota (@ShivamPota2) reported

    @JakeRyan hey Jake it’s me Shivam. I’m having some Instagram problems at the moment. Is okay if I dm u via twitter instead or should we stick to Instagram

  • chrisconnellxxx
    Chris (@chrisconnellxxx) reported

    Is she the girl I follow on Instagram or does she just have bangs and a coke problem

  • SummarellAshley
    Ashley Summarell (YouTuber) (@SummarellAshley) reported

    It’s days like today where my picture on Instagram flops, my YouTube is being slow, and just personal life is hectic that makes me want to throw my hands up and quit but I know quitting won’t get me to my dreams. I refuse to give up. Everything I want I deserve and I will get 🙌🏼

  • CardyShaun
    shaun cardy (@CardyShaun) reported

    So Instagram finally has audio chat it automatically sends when you stop and hold the speak button they need to fix that

  • hanbins_bitch
    𝐀𝐛𝐛𝐢𝐞 • 📌𝐆𝐀 (@hanbins_bitch) reported

    @instagram fix your system.

  • TheCreature8
    TheEverlivingGh°st (@TheCreature8) reported

    I love all these clothing ads on instagram trying to show “working class, rough & tumble folks” who also apparently spend $175 on a shirt to wear while they get all ***** workin’

  • flackobans
    im so lonely someone please hmu (@flackobans) reported

    @TweakboxSupport @TweakBoxApp so when are y’all gon fix the notification issue on instagram rocket

  • flackobans
    im so lonely someone please hmu (@flackobans) reported

    @TweakboxSupport @TweakBoxApp so when are y’all go fix the notification issue on instagram rocket

  • FlyingWithAI
    Dani 🐼 (@FlyingWithAI) reported

    I get giddy every time I go on Instagram and this is a problem

  • techopped
    halsprite cranberry (@techopped) reported

    As soon as I fix my shit, stop trying to be Dirk, pay down my tab at 7-Eleven, quit sniffing glue, stop relying on Vivi, and get a job other than posting ads for ****** on instagram, it’s over for you *******.

  • katie_crossen
    Katie Crossen (@katie_crossen) reported

    Dear Instagram, No I did not mean to make that typo in the comment I’m about to send and yes I would like you to automatically fix it before I look stupid in front of the whole word Thanks for listening to my TED talk

  • breadsticks92
    breadsticks92 (@breadsticks92) reported

    I’ve been working so much and haven’t been able to live stream lately. Sorry! Follow my Instagram to stay in touch with me (:

  • laruhcoseeya
    Laura (@laruhcoseeya) reported

    @alwayskrissy Ugh thank u I know! I tried reaching out to Instagram but it’s not looking like they’ll be able to fix it😪

  • djrafofc
    raF. DJ (@djrafofc) reported from Sydney, State of New South Wales

    @MATECommunicate Yes. I can.. It means if my girlfriend opens the YouTube on her phone I can’t load the Instagram feed. Your service is not working as it should work.

    GΔΒΥ DURΔΝ 🇩🇴 (@GBDRN) reported

    hey @instagram let me be the millionth person to let you know your algorithms are TRASHHHHH. fix that shit.

  • SpicyPurritos
    🎄Ar!elle Krampus 🎅🏼 (@SpicyPurritos) reported

    @JSG_54 @NefarusContrara Lol! I got into it with a troll over a year ago on Instagram about smoking around animals & he tried to throw out the “third-hand smoking” bit. I gave him a link to Mayo Clinic that showed there was little known about it to say it is an issue.

  • lvilla08
    . (@lvilla08) reported

    @misayeon someone who is working for MAMA HK basically spilled that TWICE is going! watch dkdktv’s yt and instagram live!

  • 3llenroddy
    Ellen Roddy (@3llenroddy) reported

    I never take dm's seriously on Instagram but when people messaging you about working with them I'm like 🤔🤔🤔

  • NiaGotFansss
    . 2 2 3 (@NiaGotFansss) reported

    @RealKingMyers @instagram @CashApp @TyshawnBooker3 @xdaiii_ @t_aravean @_AdoreJalah @_sheadores a bit broken that joke

  • skepticbylogic
    .................... (@skepticbylogic) reported

    Looks like instagram fixed the copy & paste issue. It was dumb as hell to remove it in the first place. Now, I'll go back to waiting for chronological order.

  • vnvah
    venova 🎅 (@vnvah) reported

    guess i just hacked 3 accounts on accident. @instagram fix ur shit

  • Hbowzzz
    @HAYLEYBOWBEAUTY IG (@Hbowzzz) reported

    @HayleyBowBeauty is my Instagram ! Let me hit 2K ! Been working towards it this whole year 🥰 I have WAY more looks on there !!!!

  • oioioinkk
    alyssa | exo’s hoe (@oioioinkk) reported

    Ya'll I felt my watch vibrate so much today getting twit and instagram notifs, but couldn't open my phone bc it's broken. I felt so mad not knowing what was going on. HELLO STAN TWIT, I MISSED YOU

  • Liliehogate1
    Liliehogate (@Liliehogate1) reported

    @TweakBoxApp For the Instagram one..every time I try logging in it shows up as a connection error and nothing loads.and yes I deleted the original

  • CheekyParrot
    Cheeky Parrot Games (@CheekyParrot) reported

    I was having a reasonably decent day before I decided to get working on Cheeky's new Instagram account....

  • sdel6795
    Sean Delaney (@sdel6795) reported

    Makin an Instagram for a dog and then posting photos typing as if you are the dog is a slow descent into madness n no **** can tell me any different. “Oops my mummy left the door open and I shat all over the couch! Woof woof!”. Nae ****** bother get yer heed looked ya fruitcake

  • kjblank80
    K Blank (@kjblank80) reported

    @CaseyNewton Delete Instagram... Problem solved

  • grandespurpose
    . (@grandespurpose) reported

    the people working for instagram must be so bored they change the app every 2 seconds

  • digitalteeeej
    holly jolly teej 🎄 (@digitalteeeej) reported

    @margiecakes Why to the Instagram bit, my posts keep getting stuck right after I try to post them, like its loading, but not really; to the Tumblr bit, they're alienating most nsfw things, which is a multi-tiered issue; to the Ello bit, I'm interested in the platform and want to use it more.

  • krzysiekhum
    Krzysiek Humeniuk (@krzysiekhum) reported

    @stfn42 @TAGHeuer @mruef I had the same issue couple days ago. Also an e-mail address was the same. My 6-year account was blocked. And there is no way to contact with Instagram too.

  • christobae
    christo :-) (@christobae) reported

    @EnochBranard problem solved!! or better yet a joint instagram account! that gets big! and makes money! a concept!

Instagram Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 24
  • 400
  • 403
  • 420
  • 500
  • 502
  • 503
  • 5xx
  • 919
  • account disabled
  • bad request
  • code
  • logging in
  • login
  • network error
  • security code
  • unknown error
  • verification code