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Instagram is an online mobile photo-sharing site that enables its users to take pictures and share them either publicly or privately on the app, as well as through a variety of other social networking platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

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September 20: Problems at Instagram

Instagram is having issues since 08:00 AM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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Instagram Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Snow_z4_Luciano IG @Lucianos_worldz4 (@Snow_z4_Luciano) reported

    If you gotta ask people to go look at my stories and my page on instagram cause you no longer access then u have a serious problem

  • TylerJESimpson1 Tyler J. E. Simpson (@TylerJESimpson1) reported

    @NoraMcKinney81 Same problem. I'm trying to figure out where to advertise besides here. Maybe I'll try Instagram!

  • UnGrandeCorazon Soft Savage 🥀 (@UnGrandeCorazon) reported

    Your Instagram ass quotes aren’t going to fix my brain. Dawg I just want to go home and sleep

  • threadcollab Thread Collaborative (@threadcollab) reported from Los Angeles, California

    In using @planoly last night I notice their system randomly disengaged a quarter of all my @instagram auto posts. I tried to fix them and now @instagram thinks I’m a bot and blocked me from auto posting. Way to be a time saver @planoly - not!

  • ehfuni dumb bitch innator (@ehfuni) reported

    @AppleSupport idk what y’all did for the IOS 12.4.1 update but now i cant allow access to my apps (twitter, instagram, snapchat,etc) how to i fix this plea s e he lp mee

  • CraftBeersBlog Craft Beer Diaries (@CraftBeersBlog) reported

    @bgardner The problem came with the likes. Once people saw that, they tried to get as many as possible, and the clickbait BS took shape. One of the reasons I'm glad Instagram has removed public likes. It's a vanity, ego-driven metric.

  • Cookie_Love2 Kiki (@Cookie_Love2) reported

    Hey @Apple @instagram why is the sound in my stories not working since I downloaded #iOS13 #Instagram #iphone

  • BostonBlakeTBH Blake (@BostonBlakeTBH) reported

    @adam_cowman1112 I’d have a bigger issue with the picture if it wasn’t right off Instagram

  • Joanmassepulcre Joan Mas (@Joanmassepulcre) reported from Elche, Comunitat Valenciana

    @AminaCaitlin @Apple @instagram You have the same problem like me! 😪

  • AlexandraSklar Alexandra Sklar (@AlexandraSklar) reported

    @simplepretty @instagram they don’t think about people at all. thats the issue.

  • animefist Red King (@animefist) reported

    She started chasing her son and the video went in slow motion.... maaaan the jiggle reminded me of a meg the stallion instagram live I sweater Gawd

  • animefist Red King (@animefist) reported

    She started chasing her son and it went in to slow motion.... maaaaan the jiggle reminded me of a meg the stallion instagram love

  • Lucy28859327 Lucy (@Lucy28859327) reported

    One thing I hate about @instagram new update is that you are now forced to save something to a collection. When I didn’t save ALOT of posts into a collection a while ago they are now gone! Wtf! Insta please fix this and help get me my stuff back #instagram

  • ep1cmtnbike Mike (@ep1cmtnbike) reported

    @Paulam_sg Instagram sucks! Too many people have issues with Instagram. Sorry that happened to you, you were 1 of 3 people I actually followed now there is only 1 due to being deleted 😭

  • Zimmerino Lisa Zimmer (@Zimmerino) reported

    The problem with phone scrolling upon awakening is that sometimes there will be something adulty and annoying waiting for you (say, an unexpectedly large medical bill) and it will jolt you from the hazy relaxation you could have kept enjoying if you'd just stuck to Instagram.

  • parismarxoxo Paris Marx (@parismarxoxo) reported

    the working class cannot simply lay hold of the draining photo, and wield it for its own Instagram 🤚🏻

  • _Michael_Pierce Michael Pierce (@_Michael_Pierce) reported

    I just cut a poop short because the wifi was slow and I really needed to send a GIF on Instagram. #welcometothefuture

  • PazVirdee 𝐏𝐚𝐳💎 (@PazVirdee) reported

    @instagram is shit I ******* asked like 10 times to fix my ******* account still nothing, ******* stupid wastemans 🙄🙄🤬🤬🤬🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

  • FlipSLM Alex 🇵🇹 (@FlipSLM) reported

    Me trying to post my photos to Instagram vs Instagram not working and making me try 4 different times

  • Nabehal Nabeha Latif (@Nabehal) reported

    @fursid @AnumJaffry Instagram influencers are those who have huge following - maybe or may not be working as a blogger as in promoting or reviewing products/services within a niche. So no, I'm looking for instagram bloggers with 20k+ following.

  • mikrokosmickey Mauli💜 (@mikrokosmickey) reported

    She’s blocked me on Instagram too what is her problem I wanted to talk to her and she’s blocked me without any reason 😥

  • markaduffy Mark Duffy (@markaduffy) reported

    @instagram iOS 13, latest version of app, sound still not working. v111.

  • French_Player_ Luke Crisp (@French_Player_) reported

    @ptcomedy @BorisJohnson @instagram It's a rediculous thing... What we (brits in the eu) need is a solid deal everyone agrees to, or at least an agreement so that we're not left in the dark about whether or not we'll be able to stay and continue working/studying... Sadly that's unlikely...

  • markaduffy Mark Duffy (@markaduffy) reported

    @instagram The “no sound” bug have been in beta since June. It can’t be that hard to fix.

  • omgays El (@omgays) reported

    UPDATE: Instagram works now for me so those who had problems with it should try again

  • peekminoff Peekmin 🌱 (@peekminoff) reported

    @instagram I have a problem : your service has blocked my account (peekminoff) without reason ! I was sorting my subcriptions by MYSELF and I didn't use any other application. I need to use my account to work. 😤

  • peekminoff Peekmin 🌱 (@peekminoff) reported

    @instagram I have a problem : your service has blocked my account (peekminoff) without reason ! I was sorting my subcriptions by MYLSELF and I didn't use any other application. I need to use my account to work. 😤

  • peekminoff Peekmin 🌱 (@peekminoff) reported

    @instagram I have a problem : you service has blocked my account (peekminoff) without reason ! I was sorting my subcriptions by MYLSELF and I didn't use any other application. I need to use my account to work. 😤

  • James_E_Carter James Earl Carter (@James_E_Carter) reported

    Welp, @instagram still isn't working

  • Babyy_Blair BAM BAM (@Babyy_Blair) reported

    Damn my @instagram still ain’t working I might just have to delete and start again 🙄

  • Aimalicious (@Aimalicious) reported

    I'm working on put a New Clip on Instagram tomorrow or Sunday.

  • Code_Ikonix CodeIKONIX (@Code_Ikonix) reported

    @xvellagames Im shocked insta is still working. After seeing how hot u are i would've shut down Instagram

  • junaesca ❤️🖤💗 (´u w u`) 💙💛💚 (@junaesca) reported

    Also for my friends on FB and want to message me on messenger. My messenger is down atm and im working so just message my other accounts like here or instagram or Line Thank you.

  • imdelton delton (@imdelton) reported

    @ErikaNic0le_ @_analiciousss True, but I never had a problem with deciding who’s right or wrong. I had a problem with people spreading the false description of what happened from that Instagram post. They weren’t racially profiled, they were causing a disturbance. They cursed out an employee with slurs....

  • Robbie_Wallis1 Robbie Wallis🔶 (@Robbie_Wallis1) reported

    @LloydLlewJ @AuschwitzMuseum My unpopular opinion is that social media companies should issue warnings & delete, possibly ban those who insist on doing it anyway. @Instagram & @facebook freak the f out if you dare show a ******, but abusing the victims of an atrocity is apparently fine. 🤬

  • soupguardian Elijah (@soupguardian) reported

    @TheNarratorHere @instagram that’s an apple problem i’ve had it happen outside instagram

  • HomerElStoner Veni Vidi Tweeti (@HomerElStoner) reported

    @DRBristol71 @facebook @instagram @Twitter Same problem. Just says sign xxxx xxxxxxxxx petition and I have to fill in my name.

  • _crazyforK3 courtney ☀️ (@_crazyforK3) reported

    @kaylagowan @instagram No problem! Hopefully they take them down!

  • lhexplicit_ leks (@lhexplicit_) reported

    @xarrasivan omfg! i can't open my instagram dms. i'm using my pc and it's not working pala. so sad. p.s. read it in a maarte tone. tnx.

  • mukul1911 Mukul Goel (@mukul1911) reported

    @AmazonHelp @amazonIN @amazon @JeffBezos Cheat and Fraud on AMAZON, AMAZON not able to resolve issue. #amazon #cheat #fraud #instagram #Cheater #amazonsucks

  • toxich0e ☻𝔫𝔞𝔫𝔞 (@toxich0e) reported

    @instagram can u fix my instagram 😭🥺

  • Aa1246A 💛AMJAD (@Aa1246A) reported

    @hwsj0627 You're welcome, but please stop doing that. If you have a problem, go to the Arab_Cici account on Instagram.💛💛

  • MahaliaGJ Nicketa Gomes (@MahaliaGJ) reported

    I talked about this on instagram but after working in POS for a decade I felt like I didn't need to see it again for this same reason. But it really so easy for this to be a beautiful place! Is people messing it up! Take care of our capital, people please! 😤 A beg! #I4TANDT

  • artificiaIsmile sophia- 24/7 tyler joseph bully (@artificiaIsmile) reported

    why is instagram music like not working

  • DavieMartin82 David martin (@DavieMartin82) reported

    @CelticFC @instagram Good result. But I have to say. Bolingoli just isn't working out. He cant do anything. Hayes did more In 20mins than bolingoli has done in two games

  • abigcoconut1 COCONUTᐕ🍃 (@abigcoconut1) reported

    It always says: “an unknown network error has occurred” Maybe it's because I'm in China...(º﹃º ) I don't think I'll be able to use instagram these days...(die)

  • TeenMomUKApply TeenMomUKApply (@TeenMomUKApply) reported

    @instagram Hi, we've got a problem with our official link being blocked from posting on Instagram, please can you help as there is no safety issues or anything regarding the link!

  • IgwePrince0 SkyData 🤖 (@IgwePrince0) reported

    Even if Mark agrees to sell #WhatsApp and #Instagram to the US Senate because of #privacy issues, I "think" the Senate will still have a way of spying on us 👁...just speaking my mind.

  • AJP_87 Adam Pearson (@AJP_87) reported

    @instagram help me. I’m trying to add a new account. Followed the steps in the help section and still not working!! Help me....... please

  • BhaavanaP bhaavana pini (@BhaavanaP) reported

    @DailyMirror I have seen far worse things on Instagram promoting hate, body image issues and also bullying!

  • bringthechicken jessica (@bringthechicken) reported

    either irene somehow has no idea her instagram account has been disabled or she's just decided to deal with the issues with renebaebae when she returns to korea...... or she's already given up but clearly someone sold her the idea of making an account they better keep selling it

  • rexrenato Renato Gandolfo (@rexrenato) reported

    @AppleSupport hello! I’ve update to iOS13 but now the audio does not work on instagram Stories on silent mode and Voice message on Whatsapp wont work at all. Please fix it!! #iOS13

  • lilh1408 Liliane Arriscado (@lilh1408) reported

    @MattysNibbles @nibblesofficial Already also subscribed... Hope for more cooking video!btw just letting you know that the link on the pic in Instagram is not working at least on mobile, neither could I copy it...

  • AndreaBalduzzi1 CoachLimo (@AndreaBalduzzi1) reported

    @ProFootballTalk I would be really thankful if someone explains me how this is even a problem. I think he is forwarding an image published on instagram and I don't understand how he was "intimidating"

  • Riffkeen_ Riffkeen_ (@Riffkeen_) reported

    @DailyMail Let me rephrase that ....... Old wealthy fool met wannabee influencer with daddy issues on instagram

  • renardryan Ryan (@renardryan) reported

    I have music sticker on my Android but not on iOS (same account) this is so weird pls fix it! @instagram

  • JRyan832 Jason (@JRyan832) reported

    @foreverbaesuzyy Good morning I can't get on Instagram cable WiFi problems

  • shaunsavage_ Shaun Savage (@shaunsavage_) reported

    Going to the strike. Problem wildly bigger than my means or intellect. I can’t help but feel that if people just wore black and stood silently, menacingly rather play bongos and Instagram two-bob placard ditties - it’d be more impactful. This is not a middle class parlour game.

  • hedaenerys aylin (@hedaenerys) reported

    I’m not the only one who has the problem with Instagram stories on silent mode. It’s annoying. As if I’m turning my sound on. My iPhone is on silent since 2009 #iOS13

  • lilglutenfree Thea (@lilglutenfree) reported

    Having major @instagram issues rn! Someone hacked it if you see something weird on my page @ me here please! I’m still working on new shit ain’t nothing stopping it!

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