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iTunes is a media player, media library, online radio broadcaster, and mobile device management application developed by Apple. The iTunes Store allows for the purchase of digital music, video, ebooks and audio books.

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August 15: Problems at iTunes

iTunes is having issues since 08:00 AM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments.

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  • Errors (62.50%)
  • Buffering (25.00%)
  • Sign in (12.50%)

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  • cdnmusiclover
    Tim Peterson (@cdnmusiclover) reported

    Fucking crApple. Will you ever just kill iTunes? To cancel my storage subscription I have to download the iTunes client, which no longer works on Windows (wobbly login screen of death - look it up). I don't have any Apple hardware so what do ya do. Ever heard of the web, Apple?

  • SoDuTw
    rovert (@SoDuTw) reported

    @williambr0wn You are cancelled for forever. Itunes have already took down all your albums.

  • ElizBartholomew
    Elizabeth/Liz (@ElizBartholomew) reported

    @iTunes need help with an error message, can someone DM please?

  • survivalsam_
    Sam Hef (@survivalsam_) reported

    @altermyending I can’t be trusted with a credit card on iTunes and I refuse to pay for a streaming service because I want to own the music I’m paying for forever.

  • rrobinson489
    Cheeto (@rrobinson489) reported

    Is anybody else having a problem with their iTunes not working??

  • twisted124
    Trey (@twisted124) reported

    @Wayno119 Who nigga? I think it's wack to say Lil Kim doesn't write her shit when she's BEEN doing if for years. Her Album is trending on ITunes right now still after 20yrs. U are entitled to your opinion but when u say Nicki going down as the best Fem Mc, you might want think twice.

  • h95XRH8DSNPZ5t8
    ハフハフ (@h95XRH8DSNPZ5t8) reported

    @Netflixhelps Please help as there is a problem with Netflix registration. I tried to start Netflix one month free trial using iTunes, but I am in trouble because I can not do the method I saw on the net. You can not register from either of the applications web.

  • OrneryVarmint
    OrneryVarmint (@OrneryVarmint) reported

    Hate to be that guy @oscarradio but is there an issue with the iTunes feed for @bigoanddukes?

  • JenRozenbaum
    Jen Rozenbaum (@JenRozenbaum) reported

    @PatFlynn can you help. I’m trying to upload my new podcast to @iTunes and it’s not working. I can’t get an answer from @AppleSupport

  • SaintBlvxk
    09/11/18 ✨ (@SaintBlvxk) reported

    @SyAriDaKid i am Heart Broken I Couldn’t Get The New Project On iTunes.. But I Heard It on Youtube I Respect You... Better Safe Than Sy Ari 🍺

  • StoneLovecharm
    Stone...Stella?...Lovecharm (@StoneLovecharm) reported

    Well, I was gonna submit my podcast to iTunes but I keep getting an error message when I try to login and to get to the support page you have to login, so fuck that noise.

  • BenCRussell
    Ben (@BenCRussell) reported

    @KristianHarloff have the old Schmoes podcasts been taken down from iTunes? Was looking for the one you did with @bobfinstock in 2016

  • TaruqHussain
    Loverpool ❤️❤️❤️ (@TaruqHussain) reported

    @WestWingWeekly @HrishiHirway @JoshMalina Hi. Earlier on today listened to latest episode of west wing weekly. Had to pause. Went back to it and it won’t play through iTunes or your website. Having problems? Let me know. Thanks. A BIG FAN (255lbs)

  • lowki
    barry levine (@lowki) reported

    Twitter now acknowledges that (contrary to its earlier statements) AlexJones has violated the service agreement, but demurs to boot him as iTunes, YouTube, Facebook...have

  • whitneyb_b
    W.F. (@whitneyb_b) reported

    @AppleSupport @AppleNews @AppleMusic @ApplePodcasts @iTunes @iTunesTV When will u be fixing the issues with iTunes Connect? I try to log-in and it says errors occurred and to contact u but it just cycles back to log-in page. Log-in, log-in, log-in, and no access. For three weeks.

  • BraveNewMatt
    Matt (@BraveNewMatt) reported

    @rich1espears Hmm. I'm not 100% sure off the top of my head. I ended up changing the cover art through iTunes before I added them to my Spotify and I didn't have that issue so maybe that has something to do with it. I can do a thread on changing the cover art if you want me to

  • YardLion
    Bill (@YardLion) reported

    @slmandel @TheAthleticCFB I did subscribe. Paid $59 through iTunes. But despite providing that info to two different reps, still can't login

  • willikampmann
    Willi Kampmann (@willikampmann) reported

    To even find your active subscriptions, you have to go on a long scavenger hunt: Settings -> iTunes & App Store -> tap on your Apple ID which isn’t even indicated to be a button -> Show Apple ID -> wait -> scroll way down to subscriptions and tap that. #UX #appsubscriptions

  • oceanssapart
    gilly 🌈 (@oceanssapart) reported

    accdg to my "research" the itunes extras are a watered-down version of the dvd/blu-ray extras so Maybe there is hope???

  • MavMavPlays
    Maverick225 (@MavMavPlays) reported

    @ManaByte But it’s not 4K on iTunes. What’s the issue on that?

  • gravley_austin
    Austin Gravley (@gravley_austin) reported

    I love @Apple , but its remarkable that iTunes Connect has been broken 1) multiple times this year and 2) for the past week. I can't help but feel this is deliberate, as any "contact us" link loops you back to a login that never works. @AppleSupport doesn't want to deal with it.

  • zwgarth
    Z. W. Garth (@zwgarth) reported

    @xphelipex @iTunes Nope. Been going back and forth with support over phone and email for a few days and still getting the same error.

  • Omnempathy
    Omnempathy (@Omnempathy) reported

    @zwgarth @iTunes Same troubles here. Broken pages. Loops. Contact/support pages leading nowhere. Trillion dollars doesn't go very far when it comes to fixing basic services. Apparently.

  • r1chardr0ble5ii
    #HookEm (@r1chardr0ble5ii) reported from Phoenix, Texas

    @BMS_Derek Thanks for the links but iTunes is 100x better. These are a pain in the ass to listen to. Any word on when the iTunes issue will be fixed?

  • Bcg4444
    B George (@Bcg4444) reported

    @TeamYouTube I will try what you suggested but while I was waiting for a fix I reseted my iPhone using iTunes and even after that it still happens. The problem mostly appears when leaving full screen mode.

  • saitonne
    Saiton Righa (@saitonne) reported

    @danaceda random though if you go to itunes you can get them to strike down the MCSK digital distribution

  • haziesammie
    Sam Sam (@haziesammie) reported

    @PayMayaOfficial 1. thank you for your prompt attention.. my friend called your customer service and they did not know this process and was advised to call Itunes... Merchants will not believe a customer telling them its not authorised transactions because they dont have a way to verify me.

  • ZakhoAya
    Ayanda (@ZakhoAya) reported

    Why wasn’t Pro’s music on iTunes guys? Was it a legal issue?

  • dani_allemann
    Daniel Allemann (@dani_allemann) reported

    @marcusmeurer95 @OvercastFM Did you get an answer to this, Marcus? Will soon be facing the same problem. Question is: if we simply change the RSS feed in iTunes, will the @OvercastFM podcast remain in its place and just draw on the new feed? Or do we need to do anything in addition? Thanks for your help.

  • PollutionRadio
    Noise Pollution Podcast (@PollutionRadio) reported

    On some platforms, episodes 44 and 45 got messed up with audio and titles. The issue should be resolved on almost all platforms now. I would recommend iTunes, Podbean, Stitcher, Spotify, Google Podcasts or Google Play Music for now! I apologize, and thank you for your patience!

  • Rob_Furney
    Rob Furney (@Rob_Furney) reported

    @homay @AppleSupport @AppStore @Sony Since we have the complaint department on the line, I’m streaming Infinity War on iTunes for PC(not a potato). Movie must be restarted every seven minutes because it freezes. This movie cost $22 and the experience would’ve been better if I pirated it. How’s that for service?

  • jumpythehat
    Jumpy the Hat (@jumpythehat) reported

    Look at us! We're iTunes! You can totally buy and rent movies on our service, but god fucking help you if you try to use our services on devices that we didn't sell you, asshole.

  • Serisothikos
    Good Egg is a lore-appropriate Hellsguard Roegady (@Serisothikos) reported

    @brobinyak itunes store, search Final Fantasy XIV Companion and download it took a couple tries to connect and a few to link my character, i’m assuming bc of volume issues

  • TMBronx
    Tony Mirabella (@TMBronx) reported

    @EBischoff @HeyHeyItsConrad Got it on the Podcast Addict app with no issue, right on time. I wouldn't use ITunes if it would cure me of cancer.

  • woulduno
    Scott Palmer (@woulduno) reported

    @AppleSupport, encrypted backup to my iTunes and a restore shouldn’t require me to re-login to anything/app or reconfigure my 2FA application.

  • corpseinorbit
    Dead Astronaut (@corpseinorbit) reported

    @mnarmintor He said at a Q&A I attended that they did the rough tracks, including scratch vocals, for most of a sequel, & as you may know, we're still waiting for the full "Blackstar" – the original is 12-13 minutes, chopped down so iTunes would release it as a single

  • MiaCHaight
    Lovely Mia (@MiaCHaight) reported

    @chickinchichoo What you use? iCloud or iTunes backup? If you use iCloud Photo library, all your photos will be synced to your new iPhone automatically as you sign in with the same icloud.

  • nBbjB11ZLSTpiio
    Children of Yemen genocide (@nBbjB11ZLSTpiio) reported

    @SaveChildrenYE @BBCWorld @OrlaGuerin Facebook, Twitter, Google, iTunes, all e-platforms, servers, information companies, global media and governments stand by the Saudi evil alliance and support and hide the other terrible genocide in the forgotten war in Yemen

  • Nouffxv
    ɴ (@Nouffxv) reported

    itunes could not connect to this iphone because an unknown error occurred 0xe800001

  • yyxyvivi
    vivi stan (@yyxyvivi) reported

    This fucking flop Azealia Banks really used “Down’s syndrome” as an insult. That’s where I draw the line, I will NEVER support this woman again in my life. Hope she enjoys her songs peaking at number 400 on iTunes R&B/Hip Hop

  • NoctisPodcast
    Noctis Podcast (@NoctisPodcast) reported

    iTunes podcast is having some issues so sorry for the delay y’all!

  • nerdsinplaces
    Nerds inPlaces (@nerdsinplaces) reported

    After a lengthy break of insane work hours, completely not having access to a microphone and being unable to organise themselves, James and Chris managed to sit down together and actually record the sixth episode of Nerds In Places. Check it out on iTunes now!

  • IndigoBryan
    Bryan🐨 (@IndigoBryan) reported

    @wopette71 @Patreon @jihadwatchRS Im sick of these types botch moaning that when a provate company tirns them away they are being silenced. Casper and Dollar shave club would not sponcer my podcast. iTunes droped me for copyroght problems because I used clips. Did I throw a bitch fit? No

  • xphelipex
    felipe saft eugênio (@xphelipex) reported

    @zwgarth @iTunes so, did they solved your problem? I'm stuck in the same error screen.

  • TheDanaAddams
    🦋 Dana Addams 🦋 (@TheDanaAddams) reported

    Alas, they seem content to let their legacy content exist in this used-market limbo, and so we have no other options beyond unofficial archival copies and emulators. We would happily pay a small fee for legit ROM downloads - an iTunes-style service for old games would be great!

  • Nik_No_C
    Nicholarse, B of S (@Nik_No_C) reported

    @MrVinnieSays @Bandcamp I copy the albums into iTunes and have never had an issue....

  • SheldonLewis2_9
    Sheldoncito (@SheldonLewis2_9) reported

    @UDYPranks @YouTube It’s down the song was soooo good please put it up on iTunes or something

  • WeWaAd_Podcast
    We Wanted Adventurers (@WeWaAd_Podcast) reported

    For those waiting for the show to land on iTunes: Heard back from Apple support. There's a fundamental problem with the system that brings podcasts to the service. A fix is coming, but "there currently is no turn around time as far as when we can expect this to be resolved."

  • gsmjamal2013
    Gsm jimm (@gsmjamal2013) reported


  • hadigharaibeh
    hadi.ahmed.gharaibeh (@hadigharaibeh) reported

    @AppleSupport iTunes is not working too

  • heyimtheworst
    bot is this feelin (@heyimtheworst) reported

    dr ben is my itunes and karkat definitely talk quite Similarly which addresses Zero legitimate issues

  • Bobby_Watson03
    Coach Bobby Watson (@Bobby_Watson03) reported

    Honestly, not sure I need this service if I've got my iTunes pulled up....yes, this is a Hall & Oates confession.

  • CassPF
    Cassie Findlay (@CassPF) reported

    Ah. I have stumbled into a bit of a shitshow with my iTunes podcast problem. Apple Support: "While our engineers work diligently toward a solution, we have no estimated time frame of when the issue is expected to be resolved."

  • visionofselena
    matt (@visionofselena) reported

    @theegomez Radio is not the problem rn, we need them to discount it on itunes or at least re add it to tth

  • GlennWebber
    Glenn Webber (@GlennWebber) reported

    @AppleSupport If the iTunes removal didn't uninstall the other components, then no. I'll continue to work on that final issue this evening, and let you know how things go. Thanks for the help!

  • SumbroFt
    Jamie (@SumbroFt) reported

    @MuFDvRReDWnGs @iTunes (FBI knocks bargees down the door)

  • GlennWebber
    Glenn Webber (@GlennWebber) reported

    @AppleSupport And, in anticipation of your next question, I just checked to see if I had any pending updates. There was one, and it had to do with Apple devices using a USB port. I installed the update, and my iPhone and iPad immediately appeared in iTunes. iPod caused an error, though.

  • YungTeriyaki1
    Yung Teriyaki (@YungTeriyaki1) reported

    @MTAC8 I had a device on iOS 10, it sadly bootlooped and I couldn’t restore through iTunes cause of that dreaded 4013 error which isn’t fixable so

  • The_Arn
    Jon Arnold (@The_Arn) reported

    @The_Cybermatt Under two quid on iTunes. I’m not turning that down.

  • Fake_Geek_Girls
    Fake Geek Girls (@Fake_Geek_Girls) reported

    @Aarlyn27 Hm, its working on the desktop version of iTunes so it seems to be an apple podcasts specific issue. Could you go to settings > podcasts, turn off "sync podcasts," then try deleting the episode and redownloading? Supposedly that works.

iTunes Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 1009
  • 14
  • 1604
  • 2203
  • 2324
  • 2502
  • 2503
  • 3150
  • 3194
  • 3212
  • 3253
  • 3259
  • 4000
  • 4013
  • 42110
  • 42404
  • 4261
  • 45075
  • 50
  • 5105
  • 6
  • 8003
  • 9
  • 9006
  • billing zip code
  • cannot connect to itunes store
  • card code
  • gift card
  • login status
  • msvcr80
  • msvcr80.dll
  • unknown error