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  • Khaliarart ✨khaliar✨@ zadr time (@Khaliarart) reported

    @lechepop gosh this no screenshot thing with also netflix and itunes is making me so sad,, like i get it they don‘t want the content to be stolen but i feel like if i pay for their service i want to also get high res screenshots :/

  • omarrojas167 omar rojas (@omarrojas167) reported

    @disneyplus So this is supposed to come out in 4 hours. But I already downloaded the app on andriod. And my wife checked the iTunes store there was no app. Is there a glitch or was it released early. I'm using the app but I dont want to get in trouble if there was a problem

  • PurpleHeartHea1 Insfiring~ 🐝🍵🐍 (@PurpleHeartHea1) reported

    The way i thought everything would start falling back down again after Persona reached #2 US iTunes. Never realized ARMYs were just starting. This fandom is unstoppable today. 👏👏👏 @BTS_twt #BuyPERSONAOniTunes

  • london_oli Oli London (@london_oli) reported

    @iamdogless @my__dday @jins_remen It was on iTunes all day yesterday has gone down the chart now but still on there.

  • USERNAME_BTS 👩🏽‍🚀👽infinity & beyond🚀🌌 (@USERNAME_BTS) reported

    It must be even more scarier seeing how army manage to put all of @BTS_twt discography in U.S iTunes and all over the world and is at 12am nov 11 and still not slowing down one bit. Music industry are wishing their artist had this amount of fandom with this amount of buying power

  • Shahn_Ashton Shahn_Ashton (@Shahn_Ashton) reported

    So... 🔹My laptop is updating so I can't download iTunes and #BuyPERSONAOniTunes 🔹MAMA Website voting is down Only ARMYing I've done today is stream on Spotify and #AMAs voting. 15 minutes, I'm off to #BTSWORLD to complete my daily tasks and lvl up my cards. @BTS_twt

  • tanniesmom Parami (@tanniesmom) reported

    .@soompi where is the article about a seven month old album #1 itunes worldwide and @BTS_twt whole discography entering the US itunes. Y'all have no problem hyping defaming articles. Do your job properly.

  • tsnyder121 tsnyder (@tsnyder121) reported

    @AppleSupport my problem is the iTunes account we have is very old log in information that we no longer have. I am not near an Apple Store

  • yipesyipes 🍁 (@yipesyipes) reported

    @yeontango i mean we've already kinda broken itunes already

  • jjkdisney laura (@jjkdisney) reported

    scrolling down the itunes chart is so funny rn

  • SuperStussy_S #BuyBTSdiscography (@SuperStussy_S) reported

    @ChibiT9 @JK_Glitters @VRR_ot7 @BTS_twt I don't have an Apple device so I use my windows machine. You download the iTunes app from the Microsoft store. Then create an. In iTunes go to Account>Login. Then click Create an Apple ID. Then just do the rest of the steps. #BTS #BuyPersonaOniTunes @BTS_twt

  • ZheYheen Yheendrie (@ZheYheen) reported

    I don't know what the issue is, is it about the 1Billion thingy or about that Charity Award. Anyways, just buy Persona on iTunes #BuyPERSONAOniTunes

  • jimin_neutronn ♡𝑎𝑟𝑒𝑙𝑙𝑎♡ (@jimin_neutronn) reported

    @wynzu @M4TTYN @KissChattanooga true but any service should be expected I know people who use itunes

  • retronamu ً (@retronamu) reported

    we didn’t get the #1 on US itunes yet someone please take down that yeehaw song already

  • kristenh1316 Kristen (@kristenh1316) reported

    @MattBennett I want the broken glass song on iTunes. Please.

  • coffee_mem iHADanEPIPHANY (@coffee_mem) reported

    I asked my bro to buy BTS songs in iTunes because he's the only one in the family who's using an iPhone 😂 Although I'm still the one who's going to pay for it plus service fee 🙄 everything is business nowadays for him 😂😂 Anyway, #BuyPERSONAOniTunes This is how we get mad 😆

  • bxbymyg min boda (@bxbymyg) reported

    @zimplyjade_EXO @shnshngshn @st0b_itJlN @taekoojin @lLSANSKNJ @gcfbom @chungdeux Okay bundledweeb i cant hear u down there with us charting MOTS again in itunes 😘

  • ThisIsLeonSean Leon Sean (@ThisIsLeonSean) reported

    @disneyplus It's VHS vs Beta, HD DVD vs Blu-Ray all over again. Curious if we will ultimately have one streaming service for all content. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney+, YouTube Premium, Apple TV, etc. Not to mention iTunes and Google Play.

  • RSL_Studio Radio Show Ltd (@RSL_Studio) reported

    @MattWuk @tim__gray @EdHughes3 @specutainment Sadly, many people are telling us that iTunes seems to be being allowed to gently run down... and the appearance of our shows on other platforms, including the replacement service fir IOS users, "Apple Podcasts" (which are using the same feed) seems to support that

  • KatieLillyA KKookie💜 (@KatieLillyA) reported

    I was going to buy MOTSP on, but I forgot that my laptop died and I have been using my husband's. He doesn't have iTunes on it, and you can only download it through the Microsoft Store on PC. The problem is he can't remember his password and doesn't want me to mess with it. 😤

  • mvvnchilde 🏳️‍🌈🌿boonki🌙🏳️‍🌈 (@mvvnchilde) reported

    @jimchimslover if you can make one you can ask someone with itunes on their phone or laptop to buy it with your login

  • PatrickBrez Patrick Bresnahan (@PatrickBrez) reported

    I have gone down the rabbit hole that is listening to the music I bought on iTunes circa 8th grade until senior year of high school

  • chimchiminsfire 𝕃𝕐ℕ𝕄𝕆ℕ (@chimchiminsfire) reported

    NOW THIS IS HOW YOU STICK IT TO THOSE WHO TRY TO BRING US DOWN NICE TRY BUT WE WILL ALWAYS RISE BECAUSE WE ARE BULLETPROOF "With 13 Korean albums charting, BTS entire Korean discography has re-entered US iTunes!" @BTS_twt #BuyPERSONAOniTunes

  • ChibiT9 Chibi T. 💜 (@ChibiT9) reported

    @jiminoongi @SerieTV46 Some companies are wishing they had ARMY at their backs but the problem was there will be no BTS other than @BTS_twt. You trample on them, we fight back with raising them to the top. Sorry BTS World but I used my fund on iTunes this month. 🤣 BHxBTSxARMY

  • btswingsanswer 𝟐𝟏𝒔𝒕 𝑪𝒆𝒏𝒕𝒖𝒓𝒚 𝑮𝒊𝒓𝒍 💫 (@btswingsanswer) reported

    I wish I could join in & buy all the albums on itunes but I have no money & also no itunes (my mac is broken) so I'm just gonna cheer BTS on, stream all their songs & MVs & also keep voting. I hope that helps! I love them and I'll do whatever I can 💜 #MAMAVOTE #bts @BTS_twt

  • 7YOONLINA gang ddaeng (@7YOONLINA) reported

    i hope today will go down in history as the day when bts were shamelessly robbed but armys put their anger in the right way and made full bts discography re-enter itunes worldwide. ABSOLUTELY LEGENDARY #BuyPersonaOniTunes

  • scarletsorc2 marvelArmy⁴: MCR IS BACK!OMG STREAM BWL CNS MIR (@scarletsorc2) reported



    @NickKayal @1025TheGame @1025_MD @iTunes @Spotify Terrible decision

  • rosephoria ℰ. (@rosephoria) reported

    @curlylots i'm still trying to process we might have actually broken the itunes algorithm we-

  • BTSKingKookie KingKookie (@BTSKingKookie) reported

    @gcfwonderlust @btschartdata @BTS_twt You dont need an apple device for iTunes! But if you still can't use it for whatever reasons theres always Youtube and Spotify for streaming. If you just cant use iTunes but want to buy you can also use Googles Music service. Every purchase and stream counts :)

  • funkmeisterr #%^* (@funkmeisterr) reported

    @Narmlonda Yaar restore kar raha tha. Itunes k through software daal raha tha sara software download ho k end pe error agaya aur ipsw file bhi urrh *** bc

  • Sweetest_Love04 Dawnie 💜 (@Sweetest_Love04) reported

    @supertarbts @btsworldwider @BTS_twt If you have a computer just download the iTunes app from the app store or website and register a new account. You don't have to pay for the streaming service just to buy the album

  • wstolliver (((Schaeffer Tolliver))) (@wstolliver) reported

    Once again, “Baker Street” covered by @foofighters isn’t on a digital service I’m using. Years ago it was iTunes, now it’s not on @Spotify - who still won’t tell me why libraries have a limit. (I just want to shuffle everything I like.)

  • fortnite_seller Fortnite Seller (Minty Code In Pinned) (@fortnite_seller) reported

    dropping down to $35 venmo or amazon/itunes gift cards only! USD $$$$ DM

  • Sweetest_Love04 Dawnie 💜 (@Sweetest_Love04) reported

    @hope4world_ @BTS_twt If you have a computer just download the iTunes app from the app store or website and register a new account. You don't have to pay for the streaming service just to buy the album

  • AnnaSmithJK Anna MOARMY! 9¾ (@AnnaSmithJK) reported

    I don’t have iTunes so I can’t buy bum I’m streaming on Spotify ARMYS LETS SHOW THAT THEY CANT BRING US DOWN let’s do it for them @BTS_twt the only legends ever. BTS PAVED THE WAY #BuyPERSONAOniTunes

  • Jezzzzebell MJ Jezzzz - My blood type is BTS+ (@Jezzzzebell) reported

    @My_Suga_Buns @BTS_twt Itunes is tricky when u download to android or pc...because Apple tries to trick you into signing up for their service w an extra download.

  • sugachim2 Meli 💜✨ (@sugachim2) reported

    My iTunes is not working I want to cry 😭😭😭😭

  • ewezfell EWE @ crowley's missing wahoo (@ewezfell) reported

    @Laura_Artemis Oh it’s not a problem — I do have this one from the Daily Motion that is free and is the same and was linked to me — I just needed the itunes version for platform preferences

  • xerusdesign xerus (@xerusdesign) reported

    Ive cracked the code for iPad Pro (and error -20 on this device.) Power off whilst plugged in. Hold home and power for exactly 10 seconds Release power and continue holding home for 5 seconds until iTunes (or finder) tells you its in dfu. Display should be completely off.

  • RealiMuseum iMuseum 🌧 (@RealiMuseum) reported

    @PsychoBear21 Profiles won’t install and the time doesn’t show up. On top of that, Apple services like iTunes, Apple ID, find my iPhone, and etc are broken

  • singulourity aya is seeing louis ♡ (@singulourity) reported

    okay folks im calling in my mutuals that have kind souls and that are also american to gift me persona by bts on itunes someone tried but for some reason it’s not working and i need it more than air PLEASE I BEG ILL SEND U THE MONEY IF I HAVE TO

  • P_Diep_Kim Kim (@P_Diep_Kim) reported

    @unamasdebts @charts_k @BTS_twt i don't have problem using iTunes. I'm on my computer though. I don't have any apple product

  • brandsteve Steven Miller (@brandsteve) reported

    @EdTrefzger @USCHO @jimmyconnelly Learning something new: iTunes File Menu Scroll down to Subscribe to Podcast Paste the URL you listed. Voila. Now I'm with you. ;-)

  • CubaEnElCorazon I Purple BTS Pop 💜 🐯❤️🐰 (@CubaEnElCorazon) reported

    @BTS_graphs @Blueish_Blue_ @USARMYLovelies @lauvsongs @BTS_twt Thanks. I already have iTunes (Mac). The issue was whenever I tried to purchase, it said already own it. Even when I switch accounts, it's showing up the previous purchase. So im not sure what im doing wrong.

  • inkxel David Tucker (@inkxel) reported

    @hhpapazian @madebygoogle @Google @GoogleDesign it's just shocking that they don't have software to make fixing this issue easier on the consumers. I'm likely never switching back to an iPhone and I hate iTunes but this would have been an easy 5min fix with an iPhone and a laptop.

  • Sweetest_Love04 Dawnie 💜 (@Sweetest_Love04) reported

    @it_suga @MicheBangtan @BTS_twt If you have a computer just download the iTunes app from the app store or website and register a new account. You don't have to pay for the streaming service just to buy the album

  • Sweetest_Love04 Dawnie 💜 (@Sweetest_Love04) reported

    @LOVExBTSxARMYS @MicheBangtan @BTS_twt If you have a computer just download the iTunes app from the app store or website and register a new account. You don't have to pay for the streaming service just to buy the album

  • Sweetest_Love04 Dawnie 💜 (@Sweetest_Love04) reported

    @aestheticalduh @MicheBangtan @BTS_twt If you have a computer just download the iTunes app from the app store or website and register a new account. You don't have to pay for the streaming service just to buy the album

  • Mrkwhitehead Mark (@Mrkwhitehead) reported

    @starwars Just put them the iTunes store or something so we can at least keep up and @disney can make some money without us all turning into Jack Sparrow. Ask your Lucasfilm employees about how Episode 1 went down with delayed release all those years ago

  • XPlaintheXmen Jay & Miles X-Plain the X-Men ➡️ FlameCon! (@XPlaintheXmen) reported

    We've fixed the issue with the new episode on our feed! iTunes and Stitcher are now working (you may have to delete and re-download the episode), and Spotify and the rest should (ideally) be working as soon as they update the episode list. -M

  • jjk_dionysus florence ☘ (@jjk_dionysus) reported

    today will be remembered. this is going down in history. a SEVEN month old album!! climbed almost 800!! places on the iTunes chart. because we were pissed. we did that 😌 other fandoms could never

  • jrronimo J.R. Raith 😬 (@jrronimo) reported

    @90sScriptKiddie Same problem here -- I have *some* music bought through iTunes, though not much. I was able to download it all in a useful/drm-free format a while ago, but I think I had to pay for the privilege. I'm sort of... macOS-curious, but every time I start using the UI I get really mad.

  • RyanD42205 Res | Ryan #ArleForSmash (@RyanD42205) reported

    @SyStematicalAB1 The only issue with this is I don't use iTunes :/

  • ali31e Alison Edgar (@ali31e) reported

    .@iTunes I can’t download any purchases! Not so good. This has been a problem since Friday, so ‘try again later’ isn’t very helpful

  • taeismybae4 💜 MAKE IT RIGHT 💜 (@taeismybae4) reported

    @hobihobiworld @btschartdata @BTS_twt I bought it on iTunes; Apple Music is a streaming service but I don’t have it - it was just an ad. I’m not sure abt android tho. You can buy the album on google play and that will count towards billboard

  • grandesbreakup Rene (Fan Account) (@grandesbreakup) reported

    iTunes UK 🇬🇧 #627. Problem (+266)

  • taeismybae4 💜 MAKE IT RIGHT 💜 (@taeismybae4) reported

    @geminA_99 @btschartdata @BTS_twt I don’t have Apple Music - they just had an ad for the free trial lol. Apple Music is a streaming service like Spotify but iTunes is buying the albums/ track by track. When we were aiming to chart Boy w Luv in April I didn’t complete the album but now I just bought the album

  • BirthdayNamjoon saoisaw (@BirthdayNamjoon) reported

    non itunes armys stream on spotify,youtube,amazon and any other streaming service you have 💜 #BuyPersonaOniTunes

  • gldnseok k, (@gldnseok) reported

    what will we do is iTunes goes down...

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