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Kraken is a US based prominent bitcoin exchange operating in Canada, the EU, Japan, and the US, and the world's largest bitcoin exchange in euro volume and liquidity.

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  • scoaliera Scoaliera (@scoaliera) reported

    @jespow @krakenfx @LedgerHQ @Trezor DEXs are evolving. Even newer platforms (albeit not fully decentralised) and KISS rule contracts are incorporating a layer for familiar hardware (LedgerS/Trevor/etc) control from which users initiate trades. And I’m down for exploits being identified sooner as was the case in btc

  • MZietzke Matthew Zietzke (@MZietzke) reported

    @drchgeor @fivebuckscom @krakenfx @krakensupport Fivebucks customers are directly affected. The "gap" you see is a manufactured issue. Fivebucks works because they don't have to deal with the insane cuts traditional fiat payment systems take. If customers of Fivebucks need conversion, that's another service's job.

  • MZietzke Matthew Zietzke (@MZietzke) reported

    @drchgeor @fivebuckscom @krakenfx @krakensupport Don't get me wrong, there *are* fundamental truths in this world... But that isn't one of them. Treating it (rather, that type of opinion,) as such leads you down some rather dark paths. It leads you to ignore extremely valuable perspectives.

  • kixunil MⒶrtin HⒶboⓋštiak [🔑 ~6y before deadline] (@kixunil) reported

    @jespow @StopAndDecrypt @krakenfx @LedgerHQ @Trezor Dao was the result of using over-complicated Turing-complete smart contract written in terrible language inspired by another terrible language. Anyone expecting this to work doesn't know enough about programming or is crazy. That being said, I don't defend any particular DEX.

  • bitmaster177 bitmaster177🔎 (@bitmaster177) reported

    @Aquentson @jespow @krakenfx @LedgerHQ @Trezor @el33th4xor Ok just buy @COLDCARDwallet then no problem.

  • yovngbvcks ㅤㅤㅤㅤ✧ (@yovngbvcks) reported

    @drchgeor @MZietzke @fivebuckscom @krakenfx @krakensupport Fivebucks doesn't care about fiat, fivebucks freelancers who have chosen Kraken to convert their BSV to fiat are currently having issues. Fivebucks is making sure Kraken knows. There is no 51% attack risk for BSV to justify having to wait 6h for a deposit.

  • binaryfraud2017 Peter Stevesant (@binaryfraud2017) reported

    @krakenfx well , it still very slow ....i think u need to change your DEV team , it's a shame !

  • Real_Beaker Beaker (@Real_Beaker) reported

    @Scott_MTaylor @cryptomakto @jespow @notsofast @APompliano @krakenfx It doesnt need to be that why if you have traceable transactions. He is having these issues because he is an idiot who doesn't run by the laws of money laundering and corruption. Anyone running businesses know you have to provide transaction traceability.

  • CHalexov2016 Chalexov (@CHalexov2016) reported

    @OneHillVentures @TezosCommons @TezosFoundation @tezos @hitbtc @krakenfx @tylerwinklevoss @winklevoss @Gemini @coinbase Problem is that on exchanges maxx approx 2 milion but price go over 2-3$ if you buy all! No way you can get 10 milion $xtz on all exchanges at curent 0.42$ price.. hmmm

  • Gwyn0409 Gwyn0409 ( Wales UK 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 ) (@Gwyn0409) reported

    @BayneKris @PjimmyXr @KickBoyTriple @UpholdInc @krakenfx @krakensupport Kraken have been nothing but professional in all of my dealings with them over the last 18 months, intact they were ultra helpful rectifying a big problem of my own making. #Kraken

  • balance_junkie Aurelio Rosa (@balance_junkie) reported

    @krakensupport @dogesoros come on guys, it's been more than a year and you still running into these issues... I'm not mad, just disappointed. ok, a bit mad. please fix this.

  • Crypto_STEEZ Parabolic Retard 🤪 (@Crypto_STEEZ) reported

    @krakensupport how long till they fix website. I’m getting impatient

  • herkuljee Herkules (@herkuljee) reported

    @dlss @krakensupport same issues....

  • FpSebastiaan SebastiaanFP (@FpSebastiaan) reported

    @krakensupport @wildwind78 Sorry for my harsh words, but just too many times too many issues, so I am moving to other services now. Thanx for all your work in crypto space and wish you all the best.

  • dogesoros Doge Soros (@dogesoros) reported

    @krakenfx solve error 502 please

  • CredibleCrypto Credible Crypto (@CredibleCrypto) reported

    @Crypto_STEEZ @degrekt @krakenfx @SatoshiiHeavy Yea this error has happened to me before as well. By the time I contested support the issue had been fixed.

  • degrekt rektdeg (@degrekt) reported

    @Crypto_STEEZ @krakenfx Non stop loading then error 502

  • FpSebastiaan SebastiaanFP (@FpSebastiaan) reported

    @wildwind78 @krakenfx From Switzerland too, is really time to drop them, already planned many times, but this is last drop, when I can login again I move all assets out. 😭

  • wildwind78 Rajesh (@wildwind78) reported

    Cannot login from Germany tonight @krakenfx

  • Crypt0Salt CryptoSalt (@Crypt0Salt) reported

    @cryptomanran @PeterLBrandt @APompliano @arjunblj @Melt_Dem @krakenfx i bet he's not making anymore price predictions, after his multi-year bullish prediction on spx he's better keep his head down

  • odin06madsen Odin Madsen (@odin06madsen) reported

    @XrpCenter @coinbase @Poloniex @krakenfx Polonix can team up with coinbase and create the most terrible service on the planet.

  • khaledmhakim khaled ⚡️ (@khaledmhakim) reported

    @JoelKatz @Ripple Fix it please @krakenfx

  • Robertburch92 Bobby Burchfield “Bah boo” (@Robertburch92) reported

    @Nicola_XRP @zerpenator @krakenfx @EDadoun @HoyaCritic I’m in it if it fails I go down with the ship.

  • participassant ₽ e t e r ₽ o s t 💌 (@participassant) reported

    Amusingly, the official @krakenfx account insists on maintaining the name ‘Ripple’ for $XRP. 😂 For tweeps who didn’t know: this is a very, very delicate issue for a bunch of people.

  • SilverCryptoG #Litecoin Don't Care (@SilverCryptoG) reported

    @jespow @_Kevin_Pham @APompliano @krakenfx @paypal did the same to me. No warning. No explanation. Just shut down and said too bad.

  • Holly07428872 HHendricks (@Holly07428872) reported

    @krakenfx @EDadoun @Blodd20 What I understand according to your responses is that its perfectly safe for me as a customer to purchase ERC20. I understand that there's a large "unknown" in this space. But you have identified a large problem, and you are giving your approval by not disabling trades.

  • Franctrades Colourful Crypto (@Franctrades) reported

    @jonhonka @krakenfx @EDadoun @Blodd20 how come proof of work people keep defending proof of work when clearly it is broken... proof of work coins are being manipulated. hard.

  • LisaLemieuxME LeeLee (@LisaLemieuxME) reported

    @CRW13X @EDadoun Unbelievable @krakenfx. Piss poor way to conduct business. This may likely be a valuable lesson for you down the road... #XRP #Bitcoin #XRPcommunity

  • GameReaper187 Ga♏e Reaper 187 ❌®🅿️🔝🌚 (@GameReaper187) reported

    @jungleincxrp @AlexCobb_ @digitalassetbuy @krakenfx @StiltskinRipple These exchanges are implicit in all the scandals going on, and rather than be pro-active on dealing with problems, they deflect and attack. This is typical behavior of a guilty conscience that won't right their wrongs. It will change in time.

  • cryptomakto Adeel A (@cryptomakto) reported

    @CerBTC @Proof_of_Pruf @Scott_MTaylor @jespow @notsofast @APompliano @krakenfx @Codiox I know localbitcoins. I appreciate you guys trying to “make me understand”. I get the promise. My issue is there is little utility. Isolated cases, sure but nothing widespread. Until that happens I just don’t see why anyone would struggle to use this as a medium of exchange

  • CrypticalThink1 ⚡️ Cryptical Thinker ⚡️ (@CrypticalThink1) reported

    @OhYouKnowCrypto @krakenfx @EDadoun @Blodd20 @UpholdInc @BittrexExchange @Ripple I've had 2 terrible experiences with them. Their customer service skills are horrible. Their lack of ways to deal with customer service sucked (email only) and took weeks to hash out simple issues. They even tried shame me and blocked me. It sounded much like this convo w/Kraken.

  • CerBTC Cerberus (@CerBTC) reported

    @Proof_of_Pruf @cryptomakto @Scott_MTaylor @jespow @notsofast @APompliano @krakenfx Exactly, like we established earlier, he wants everyone to switch instantly, but such a thing can not exist, nor is it safe to do. The internet also did not arrive at everyone's door similtaneously. That's how progress and evolution works in general, not a problem with Bitcoin.

  • Proof_of_Pruf NeatPrettyCircles (@Proof_of_Pruf) reported

    @cryptomakto @CerBTC @Scott_MTaylor @jespow @notsofast @APompliano @krakenfx not "going to" - it's been happening. The rate of change for a human is so slow that we often believe it isn't happening (watching water boil). the dollar is dying and will be gone, regardless of the existence of bitcoin. Understand that point first.

  • cryptomakto Adeel A (@cryptomakto) reported

    @CerBTC @Scott_MTaylor @jespow @notsofast @APompliano @krakenfx The basis of your argument is on the evolution of its usage. In furtherance of the premise, you assume adaptability, stability, and usability “down the road”. There is no “today”. It’s all a bunch of if this then that future stuff. Which is fine. It just doesn’t work for me.

  • CerBTC Cerberus (@CerBTC) reported

    @cryptomakto @Scott_MTaylor @jespow @notsofast @APompliano @krakenfx This is such a reverse way of thinking you are doing. All those problems (bank seizures, Paypal trouble) are 100% fiat problems! Within the Bitcoin network nobody censors you. How can you say banks locking up a fiat account is a problem with Bitcoin then 🤣

  • MattMarley52200 XRP Diamonds to the Sky (@MattMarley52200) reported

    @krakenfx @EDadoun @HoyaCritic Kraken lost my business forever by talking shit about ripple and XRP , either they are trying to kill themselves off because they don’t care about their customers or they know nothing about digital assets and when did xrp have problems dont recall @krakenfx

  • marccwr Marc C (@marccwr) reported

    @krakenfx @SavvyXRP_ @JoelKatz That was an incident. Not a problem. But let me help you. There HAS been a (trust) problem in the history @Ripple And that problem had a name .... It was called Jed But they cleared it in the best way possible.

  • RunningLow Tom (@RunningLow) reported

    @krakenfx @EDadoun @HoyaCritic Lay off @krakenfx a bit. They are only referencing the lost ledger header. It was a reference to even the best have problems (Ripple). I don’t think the intention was to talk crap, although, I understand & respect the stance the XRP community takes since it occurs so often.

  • usgoose Usman M. (@usgoose) reported

    @jespow @mnemonicbubonic @cryptomakto @notsofast @APompliano @krakenfx Yes, there are risks involved with crypto related business when it comes to legal and banking regulations, but implying that crypto is inherently causing those issues is false. In time, banks will love to work with crypto companies, and one day (hopefully) we won't need banks.

  • victorhromero Victor Romero (@victorhromero) reported

    @jespow @APompliano @krakenfx Hahaha is the recurring issue of money transmitters in the beginning ! ÍDEM over here @jespow Wells Fargo Chase PNC Iberia Bank United Bb&t Couples of credit union Bofa didn’t give a shot Hahahaha Fifth third And so on hahahahaha I am really thankful with all kraken support

  • nibaldelrio anibal del rio (@nibaldelrio) reported

    @krakenfx @EDadoun @HoyaCritic what are the problems that the ripple block chain has had, please name them

  • pttdev pttdev (@pttdev) reported

    @krakenfx @EDadoun @HoyaCritic and new technology like $dero has no such problem.

  • Kristia35841472 Krypto Kris (@Kristia35841472) reported

    @krakenfx @EDadoun @HoyaCritic Bad post...bad Post @krakenfx First you have to learn the different between #ripple and #XRP like @JoelKatz said to you. After that its maybe possible to speak about Blockchain-Problems with you.

  • fberazam fbm (@fberazam) reported

    @krakenfx @EDadoun @HoyaCritic By supporting digital assets with fundamental security issues of this calibre you are risking the money of your users and people need to understand that

  • FastestE55Rog1 rog1 (@FastestE55Rog1) reported

    @krakenfx @EDadoun @HoyaCritic @krakenfx @JoelKatz problem is that exchanges are owned and or run by mining cartels

  • Cr0nus1 Cr0nus (@Cr0nus1) reported

    @krakenfx @EDadoun @HoyaCritic Time to withdraw funds from @krakenfx and close account. 51% atack, development stop is not just a problem, it means coin done and soon will be used for scams.

  • jespow Jesse Powell (@jespow) reported

    @XRPisVelocity @krakenfx @EDadoun The questions were answered civilly and honestly. Once he said that anything "problematic" should be delisted, the conversation was over. Everything has problems. I agree that generally, trolls should be ignored rather than replied to once they make themselves known.

  • stoperfpacht Beter rechts (@stoperfpacht) reported

    @XrpCenter @coinbase @Poloniex @krakenfx Kraken is way better than Coinbase. Terrible insult to @krakenfx

  • MyWay39387878 MyWayHome (@MyWay39387878) reported

    @krakenfx @EDadoun @HoyaCritic Don't generalize everything....tell the pin point problem which u are facing in Xrp ....

  • cryptoglobal1 Crypto Global Management (@cryptoglobal1) reported

    @krakenfx @IamNomad Issue is they don't understand the tech and they using you to be educated you should charge for a consulting fee. :-)

  • hastytoro hastytoro™ (@hastytoro) reported

    @krakenfx learn by example. * You have a terrible PR person working on your Twitter account. Well said @BitrueOfficial

  • JorgeMCAzevedo JoAz⚡️ (@JorgeMCAzevedo) reported

    @PaydayPK @CidVicious2 @cryptocolic @krakenfx I had same problem Am in europe I used to use coinbase, kraken or etoro...but Now i will shut down this and only use Bitstamp We should prize to the ones that treat xrp in the right way, and stay away from those that dont deserve us

  • RippleyMoon Wendy Moon (@RippleyMoon) reported

    @krakenfx @EDadoun It's only down such a small amount because withdrawals have been halted on exchanges.

  • AnthonyShelby9 Anthony Shelby (@AnthonyShelby9) reported

    @krakenfx @EDadoun @HoyaCritic Never heard any problem on XRP ledger, don't put everything in the same bag.

  • TheDavey92 XRP Dave ⚡ (@TheDavey92) reported

    @krakenfx @EDadoun @HoyaCritic What problems may that be if your going to make a bold statement like that you may aswell spill the beans. Maybe problems with Jeb but the eco system still remains to be unbeaten

  • sequentialvsion Sequential Vision (@sequentialvsion) reported

    @ThomasSchuIz Here's the marvellous part: largest exchanges were informed about issue, which made possible to prepare for attack. Conclusion: if you in it for the money while 51% attack is cheap it is safer to trust your coins to known centralized exchange like @krakenfx

  • PotiScott Codius Podius (@PotiScott) reported

    @haydentiff @Ripple @krakenfx I don't know why you asking me this. I don't have any problems with it. You simply asked a question and I responded with what @krakenfx was referring too.

  • EDadoun ecent (@EDadoun) reported

    @mohammedh_ @HoyaCritic @krakenfx My question was indeed specific to ETC since its the one being 51% attacked but the question applies to any DA that is suffering from or has suffered from that level of problem. The convo escalated to a larger question of their business practices after their responses though. 1/2

  • 1918forever Hamy (@1918forever) reported

    @krakenfx @EDadoun @HoyaCritic $LTC has had zero downtime and never been hacked. No problems there.

  • AngryLamma AngryLlama (@AngryLamma) reported

    @krakenfx @EDadoun @HoyaCritic The XRP ledger has had no such problem akin to a 51% attack. Ever.