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Mass Effect: Andromeda is an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

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  • MikeLLunsford
    ☠ Michael Lee Lunsford (@MikeLLunsford) reported

    Mass Effect Andromeda wasn't great but at least I could make a really rad looking character and that helped me look past some of the problems and I got to date the tall Turian lady.

  • CiaranM88x
    Ciaran Mckeown (@CiaranM88x) reported

    @Logmey92 @JamieMoranUK That was it’s a problem I think. It wasn’t Star Wars and then they moved onto Mass Effect so it was forgotten even though it was brilliant. Still hate that Microsoft never acquired BioWare they would be getting treated so much better right now

  • NemoNobidy
    Snapper (@NemoNobidy) reported

    @critical_kitkat That's lame, New Vegas is pretty great. I have a similar problem where at a certain point Mass Effect won't load textures on my PC. I had to get a Xbox copy to beat it

  • ConVito
    Dang Conlin (@ConVito) reported

    @GeanC1 @MMAGoddess @JCWilliamsIRL @BeninCitizen As someone who often and passionately defends Mass Effect: Andromeda, I hear that. I have no issues with the idea of the game on principle and it looks good. I just don't like multiplayer.

  • ThePhoenixXM
    Phoenix X Maximus (@ThePhoenixXM) reported

    The Mass Effect Wiki itself has terrible admins. They would bully you and troll you. They did not care for you. A guy once tried to have them removed and called them out however he was shut down. One of the main problems with admins is that it is extremely hard to have them

  • JohannAffendy
    Fade Fan Johnny (@JohannAffendy) reported

    Same issue with mass effect and the universal translator. Ideally the lips would follow the native language, not english. Oh well. Suspension of disbelief.

  • PanOfSeamen
    Jonathan Thomas (@PanOfSeamen) reported

    @OliverCrockett @crispyfi @Speeduy_ @Jordan_VanBeek @xineinhawaii @BigNixxxMAGA @jimridermusic @TatiannaEl @ABC7Jory @ABC7 The UK has mass stabbings and vehicular attacks. Australia has more guns now than before the gun ban came into effect, and New Zealand has even lower crime despite having great gun freedom. Germany and Sweden have **** problems. France has vehicular attacks.

  • VerilousKaiser
    Corn Mario (@VerilousKaiser) reported

    @MysticUltima Sorry list is fake till you fix that also mass effect 2 is better in my opinion or it’s just a top 11

  • MagicMan_591
    MagicMan (@MagicMan_591) reported

    Getting really tired of hearing the "it's fine for me, therefore no problems exist" bullshit, when it comes ungodly, buggy games being sent out too damn early. Batman: Arkham Knight (PC), Fallout 76, Battlefield 4, Mass Effect: Andromeda are just examples of this type of shit.

  • Angry_Gr0bi
    [GROBI]🏳️‍🌈🏴 (@Angry_Gr0bi) reported

    At the very least though, it is extremely funny to see how all the storytelling problems that would later plague and even ruin Mass Effect really shouldn't have come as a surprise to anyone, given that they clearly have their roots here. It's wild to go back to this now.

  • NjalSand
    Zaceron (@NjalSand) reported

    Pauldron problems. #masseffect #n7 #cosplay #armor #protection #commandershepard #

  • Aries_AF_Brian
    𝔖𝔲𝔠𝔠𝔲𝔟𝔲𝔰𝔰𝔦 (@Aries_AF_Brian) reported

    ANYTHING in the Elder Scrolls or Fallout Series by Bethesda since and including Morrowind will do this for me. Also, despite their problems, No Man's Sky and the original Mass Effect and Mass Effect: Andromeda do this for me.

  • omegawill
    Online & Loving It! (@omegawill) reported

    I want to write coherently about Mass Effect 2, but there's just so much to it, like the bit where it has you compare indentured servitude to slavery and then act like a) you're the ******* and b) indentured servitude isn't worth trying to fix anyway (which, you don't try)

  • NigelJadoonanan
    nigel jadoonanan (@NigelJadoonanan) reported

    @SNUKgaming Certainly dead space 2, God of war 2, uncharted 2,infamous 2, darksiders 2,mass effect 2 off course, serious Sam 2, twisted metal 2, crash 2

  • drrjtinnion
    Rob (@drrjtinnion) reported

    @dralexscrivens Would have to part of an overall approach, namely making sure that mask technique is excellent and ensuring HR is monitored in the usual way. Beware unintended effect it might have on mask leak due to extra mass on the stem of the mask, task fixation and errors of interpretation

  • LordRizal
    Lazir Luzmaz ✘ (@LordRizal) reported

    Remind me to buy Mass Effect 3 with DLCs for PC. I need my Mass Effect Trilogy fix.

  • LogothX
    Logoth (@LogothX) reported

    @HBJohnXuandou @WoolieWoolz I remember Mass Effect 3 having this problem, where it continuously punched you in the **** with near hit deaths and setpieces.

  • KremlinKOA
    Kremlin KOA (@KremlinKOA) reported

    @BootlegGirl My issue with the bad guys is they could have achieved the same effect by mass growing mindless clones.

  • mattressmanuk
    Mattressman (@mattressmanuk) reported

    @dubes Hi there, I am very sorry for any inconvenience caused. Our phone line provider is having technical issues that has had a mass effect, including on us. This should be fixed this afternoon. Please send us a DM and I will be happy to help :)

  • EmPlaysGames
    愛 Umaru 愛 (@EmPlaysGames) reported

    @Darksec5 @Darth_Trethon @N3XT_G3N @Boothy4444 @e3_waitfor @Gh0st255 @Bethesda_UK mass effect had the destiny/destiny 2 issue game spends years in dev only to get scrapped and a essentially new game made in 18 months All the best devs were on anthem to which did not help

  • zixo_axk
    zixxossi (@zixo_axk) reported

    @wangxianist @momofucker69 Lmfao I'm on a train and I'm cackling at your post WHAT HAPPENED WHY THE SUDDEN MASS EFFECT OUTAGE

  • numbers_bobby
    BobbyNumbers (@numbers_bobby) reported

    @MattLostRanger @Latios_XD @masseffect @EAAccess @OriginInsider hype is a gamer issue not a studio one. must have really sucked playing the whole awful game.

  • Latios_XD
    Friendly Bill (@Latios_XD) reported

    @MattLostRanger @numbers_bobby @masseffect @EAAccess @OriginInsider It didn't live up to the hype. That was the biggest issue. The game had way too much hype around it for it to sustain such a large audience. If they had toned it down a bit, it would've fit the bill and people would've not judged so harshly on one aspect of the game.

  • APtheNerd
    Alex Puckett ⚠️RWBY SPOILERS AHEAD⚠️ (@APtheNerd) reported

    Wow. On the PS4 Pro, the first level of Mass Effect: Andromeda has the worst frame rate I’ve ever seen. On the Xbox One X, there’s not a single drop. A lot of technical errors have been fixed, thank god.

  • Ilaeria
    Jen Doherty (@Ilaeria) reported

    FemShep at the end of Mass Effect 3. She’s fought and lost and is bloody and broken, but when she hears a call for help over the comm she says “just tell me what I need to do”. She never gives up. Amazing voice acting from Jennifer Hale.

  • JasonTLewisPHT
    PainfullyHonestTech (@JasonTLewisPHT) reported

    @jon_prosser @robertoblake @tailosivetech @EposVox @NickNimmin I only wonder because the drop off seemed to coincide with the outage. I was getting 30-50K views even after hte Apple stuff slowed down, but now it's, like, half of that. Honestly, nothing has been right since the mass exodus of subs. Not sure how that could effect anything.

  • JessVerve
    Jess (@JessVerve) reported

    It's really striking to me as a writer that series 11 of Doctor Who has the same plot issues that the Mass Effect series had with Andromeda: consequence-free conflicts and no emotional development of the main character. Just food for thought... [will add more to thread later]

  • millygribben
    a total trash mammal (@millygribben) reported

    Secondary School: Mass Effect 2 6th Form: Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age: Inquisition My gap year (loneliness, numerous horrible job/bosses, personal family issues): The Witcher 3, Uncharted 4, Firewatch. First year of uni: Night in the Woods Coming out: Uncharted The Lost Legacy

  • Plutoburns
    Plutoburns (@Plutoburns) reported

    Well, no work tomorrow means i spent the evening beating the first Witcher game. It feels like a ground up mass effect 1 mod with all the weird ****** and balance issues that implies.

  • Slasher_JPC
    Justin | Outlaws for Life (@Slasher_JPC) reported

    @toadfrawg Random stuff. Croc on PSOne. Mass Effect Andromeda on Xbox One. DQ VII on ds. Broken sword 2 on psone. Max Payne 3 on 360.

  • dylanhunt1992
    dylan hunt (@dylanhunt1992) reported

    @AMDGaming @pcgamer mass effect andromeda who was basically forced into early release by fans and at the same time chewed out for the problem that came with it.

  • patrickdiomedes
    Patrick (@patrickdiomedes) reported

    A similar issue is how in Mass Effect, all the aircars/hovercars/whatever you call them have the exact same model. And I get that that's because Bioware didn't wanna bother making a bunch of separate versions when they were never gonna be important

  • SwishingDandy
    SwishingDandy ⭕️ 🔜 Twitch LND (@SwishingDandy) reported

    Okay we are gonna be doing mass effect 2 as a friend of mine wishes to come crash the stream so we are going to push the stream back to 6 pm.

  • AdumbroDeus
    Matthew Anderson✡️🌈 (@AdumbroDeus) reported

    @WildBillWellman @ActifyPress @brotherbeat @BethLynch2020 @MuseWendi @JenniferJMcG @RosettaDrone I mean, best research we have suggests, granted the effect was observed as a result of a mass die-off, but I purpose it would achieve a similar albeit less extreme effect. Of course this could pretty much never happen without a revolution. probably the only short term fix.

  • Amityforms
    Amity (@Amityforms) reported

    Mass effect andromeda is a great game, it just got a bad rep due to save game destroying glitches on launch. Fallout 3 had similar issues on launch but got a pass.

  • Jay_of_Nebraska
    Jay of Nebraska (@Jay_of_Nebraska) reported

    Decisively said, the disconnect from reality and willingness to allow for direct counter by way of oxymoron statements of those called The Left have a great mass hypnosis effect on those that condone such behavior is a state of complete cognitive dissonance.

  • AndyDandyMandy
    Andrew Gilkison (@AndyDandyMandy) reported

    @Arminies Any Mass Effect or Dragon Age game that is an online multi-player "games as service" type of game is a Mass Effect or Dragon Age game that I won't be buying.

  • Mentatian
    um a yellow bag (@Mentatian) reported

    The standard for mass shooting is really being lowered tbh. One “mass shooting” a day isn’t a real stat. It’s like pooping once a day and saying you have IBS. We need gun reform but diluting the issue isn’t having a good effect.

  • sjfotos
    Stephen Fotos (@sjfotos) reported

    @harks413 @kurteichenwald Rubella causes birth defects. It is otherwise, a pretty mild disease. The Japanese have a decent National Health system, but here they made an error. The interesting side effect of which, is to illustrate why mass vaccination is effective and necessary.

  • Lillymara
    Lilymara (@Lillymara) reported

    @herviross When i played it i found nothing out of the ordinary broken in 80ish hours. As for bugs, just your average open world lol. I still think the biggest fault of Andromeda was that it came as a Mass Effect game(has very little in common with the rest) instead of a stand alone >.<

  • CharlesLCarter3
    CharlesLCarter (@CharlesLCarter3) reported

    @CarberryMatthew @choo_ek 2/ effect on mass murders. I’m all for close scrutiny of mostly right-wing fringe groups and keeping killers’ names out of the papers. But numerous examples in other developed countries indicate it’s the number of guns out there that’s a problem readily solved.

  • KrystalVixon
    💜Miharu the Fox💜 (@KrystalVixon) reported

    Crash: Mind Over Mutant, Mass Effect Andromeda, Dragon Age 2, Donkey Kong 64...

  • AlexsaurusZilla
    Metal Levite Alex (@AlexsaurusZilla) reported

    Me every time I went back to Mass Effect 3 and 2. 2 I found more issues with as time progressed and 3 kept calling me back because there was so much wrong with it.

  • HWojton
    Holly (@HWojton) reported

    I wasnt 4 gun control,until seeing its effect on other countries & until mass shootings.Clearly what were doing is NOT working,not just w/ this issue.Were so far behind & backwards,we NEED 2 get w/ the times & come together! Stop w/ the hate! #StopTheHate #love #GunControlNow

  • WolfyFancyLads
    Totally Not A Wolf (@WolfyFancyLads) reported

    @DragoonMyles @Ziegsden @deepsilver @pcgamer I'm still very much in the past. Don't get me wrong, I like some games, Mass Effect for example, but the past will always be so much better for me. Neverwinter Nights, Broken Sword, I've been bulk buying old games recently cos I missed out on SO much as a kid!

  • Unchallenged_01
    Unchallenged_One (@Unchallenged_01) reported

    1080p videos over 30 minutes take forever to upload, especially after a cancellation due to a Youtube issue. 90 minutes until another Mass Effect Andromeda.

  • DarkestIvernia
    GaelicGamer (@DarkestIvernia) reported

    @PC_Gamer I'll defend Mass Effect Andromeda's good bits, no problem, but the criticism levelled against it is fair. It is a good-hearted game and the combat's fun.

  • SocksMcRocks
    Cygrus (@SocksMcRocks) reported

    Not mass effect andromeda you sick broken sub human

  • Miiotaku1
    Miiotaku (@Miiotaku1) reported

    @ArloStuff @bioware the real problem was that AE wanted to change the engine to the egine used by AE and accabou that it gave shit or that this engine was not good for a game like mass effect

  • realgamersglory
    gamersglory (@realgamersglory) reported

    @anthemgame Bioware and EA's downfall, in general, started with the incomplete release of Andromeda. Now they have to convince people to trust them again. unless they fix the Mass Effect mess and release Andromeda Expansions. EA is never getting another dime from me

  • realgamersglory
    gamersglory (@realgamersglory) reported

    @CaseyDHudson @bioware and EA's downfall, in general, started with the incomplete release of Andromeda. Now they have to convince people to trust them again. unless they fix the Mass Effect mess and release Andromeda Expansions. EA is never getting another dime from me

  • VagabondToBe
    Eventual Vagabond (@VagabondToBe) reported

    This lead to all sorts of issues with the writing and the system itself. I could spend all day talking about that alone but I'll just say that imo a lot of Mass Effect's problems, especially 3's decried ones, originate from these issues.

  • VagabondToBe
    Eventual Vagabond (@VagabondToBe) reported

    And this applies to Mass Effect 1. Despite its shooter shell and more modern presentation, ME1 is still by all means a CRPG akin to the old. This is to the point of creating friction between the presentation and actual mechanics that often attributes to ME1's noted problems.

  • Spiritafterdark
    Zack Martin (@Spiritafterdark) reported

    @chubbytail Ok, personally, as a HUGE mass effect fan, I'd say yes. Play through it at least once. I'll admit that it does have a few issues but it's an ok game

  • centristspeaker
    Centrist Speaker (@centristspeaker) reported

    @BrianShack @jimmykimmel @shannonrwatts No I think you don’t understand cause and effect. The cause is the WANT of someone to commit mass murder. The effect is innocent people being killed. There are millions of gun owners who don’t commit mass murder. Cause #mentalhealth sickness. Let’s focus on the root of the issue!

  • thisisjohanna
    Johanna Baxter (@thisisjohanna) reported

    @TonightVMT @HollyWhite_ie @think_or_swim @victoriawhite7 @Niall_Boylan It's unreasonable to dismiss the emissions from the beef & dairy industry. Eating less meat is not a bad thing, the portion size is too much now, the effect on the industry to mass produce the meat paired with little exercise by the consumer is a problem. Less rather than none.

  • susistuart
    [CELAN] Susi (@susistuart) reported

    @b0r9k1n9 The Division is a boring game IMO, but mostly because it's a generic cover based shooter set in a boring world. I played it for 30 minutes and then told my pals that I'd rather play Mass Effect. But Fallout solves that problem.

  • VagabondToBe
    Eventual Vagabond (@VagabondToBe) reported

    We all know the criticisms & problems of Mass Effect's morality system and subsequent RP; its binary to the point of didactic, the choices feel too extreme, the choices are too general and all over the place, the interface abstracts the exact wording, which leads to a disconnect.

  • riley_mackall
    Arthur Morgan (@riley_mackall) reported

    Most mass shooters have this in common, anti-psychotic medications. That’s a huge problem. A side effect of a medication shouldn’t be, “suicidal thoughts or actions. If she wants me to cite the source for that and make her look like an idiot let me know. I got that on deck.

  • LewdGeekTV
    LewdGeek (@LewdGeekTV) reported

    @pcgamer They should fix the Mass Effect 1 PC port first Mass Effect 1 is unplayable on M&K and on Controller...

Mass Effect Andromeda Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0-12
  • 0xc0000142
  • CE-34788-0
  • CE-34878-0
  • NP-41372-7