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Mass Effect: Andromeda is an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

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Mass Effect Andromeda Outage Chart 08/13/2020 13:50

August 13: Problems at Mass Effect Andromeda

Mass Effect Andromeda is having issues since 01:20 PM EST. Are you also affected? Leave a message in the comments section!

Most Reported Problems:

  • Online Play 57.14% Online Play
  • Sign in 35.71% Sign in
  • Game Crash 7.14% Game Crash

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FranceGrenoble Sign in
AustraliaBrisbane Online Play
United KingdomPortsmouth Online Play
United StatesCorpus Christi Online Play
United KingdomWellingborough Online Play
FranceNoisy-le-Sec Game Crash

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Mass Effect Andromeda Issues Reports

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  • daymarr13 michael foster (@daymarr13) reported

    With how busy they are with finalizing dragon age and remastering anthem to fix it and work on fixing andromeda and working on ps5 games . I really doubt that a remastered Mass Effect trilogy.

  • Lord_of_the_RPG MACHINE HEAD100 (@Lord_of_the_RPG) reported

    I can't remember if I ousted about it but I beat @VampyrGame last month after maneayer and it was really good up there with Mass Effect and the like for me. Had a fairly good ending my only issue was one major bug but that's it.

  • JackBlasphemous PirateCpnJack (@JackBlasphemous) reported

    @EmilyBarkiss I don't play WoW, but I do recommend Dragon Age for an RPG fix. Or Mass Effect. Or Skyrim. Or The Legend of Dragoon (it's like 10$ on PSN)

  • Cybren Justin Melillo (@Cybren) reported

    @Cubsfanatic76 @Quinnae_Moon In a lot of ways my problems with the mass effect story stats with 2 (I will always be pissed off about Sole Survivor Shep being forced to work for Cerberus without comment) but 3 was at times so batshit

  • Aetheropsychic ☭ SPACE ☭ Communist ☭ (@Aetheropsychic) reported

    @Quinnae_Moon One of the primary themes of Mass Effect was that bringing people together (through whatever means you choose, Paragon or Renegade) is necessary to tackle big problems (existentially big, in the case of the Reapers). To me, it felt like ME3's ending directly contradicted that.

  • SisterOfGenesis Lara Lockwood. (@SisterOfGenesis) reported

    //So I started playing Mass Effect Andromeda and the biggest problem I have with it is not the the **** characters or bugs. It's the fact that it's ******* boring.

  • IzrazitoKulEt Crosby⁷ (@IzrazitoKulEt) reported

    @duzabijela Try and find a fix! Maybe u have to do something in the graphics options, i had to change that to get through one part in mass effect


    @Zalker87 @YouTube So why is it ok for Xbox to have The Medium, Stalker 2, Bright Infinite and some others times exclusive but not Sony. I remember BioShock, Lost Planet, Mass Effect 1 n 2, Dead Raising and some others back then. What's the problem. It's called business.

  • WayHaught_N7 Aleshia 🏳️‍🌈🦄 (@WayHaught_N7) reported

    Out of all the bad guys we have to deal with in Mass Effect Benezia is the one I have the least issue with but I will never be able to not be pissed at her for deliberately keeping Liara and Aethyta apart and making Liara think her father didn’t love her or want her.

  • specter177 Antifa Air Force Pilot (@specter177) reported

    So, is everyone's problem with the way Mass Effect 3 ended due to the fact that it gave you a choice of endings, and not the endings themselves? Like y'all think whatever choices you made previously should have locked you into one of the red, blue, or green choices?

  • Dibol1987 Laurence Kone (@Dibol1987) reported

    @jack_jab89 @Romudeth Past experience with this gen? Every other game I bought was released half-assed that required patches just to “fix” the game. Mass Effect tanked because of being in this category (and that was GIFTED to me MONTHS after launch). Master Chief Collection was another offender (1/2)

  • drummarts Red Drummarts (@drummarts) reported

    Remember when Mass Effect 3 got all that backlash and the company responded. They didn't even really fix the problem and **** like that hasn't really happened again But people act like that was some big victory No it wasn't. Sit down and drink your juice box

  • orbach_o Jonathan Orbach (@orbach_o) reported

    @BootlegGirl I think the same people would say "I'll just refuse to pull the lever" on the trolley problem and not realize the moral implications. The "Refusal" ending in Mass Effect 3...

  • gremlinsaccount charlotte (@gremlinsaccount) reported

    dragon age origins and maybe kotor the partial exception but damn do they have some large issues. but like. jade empire? The first mass effect? the gameplay of the baldurs gate games? ice pick to brain.

  • LazerzZHD Give me a Shao Jun Game Cowards (@LazerzZHD) reported

    @dyskusten If you like old school bioware RPGs like dragon age. mass effect, kotor etc then I'd say Greedfall is for you, my major issue is toward the end things start to drag and the main story isn't paid off all that well but the journey to get there is pretty cool

  • adept_lynn Just Lynn (@adept_lynn) reported

    Yo, so sorry about the crash again. Luckily we just finished the big mission for the Citadel DLC. I’m going to work on my computer and see why it’s been crashing lately, it might have to do with the heat lately. Until next time! #MassEffect #twitch

  • Evellxe 🦇 (@Evellxe) reported

    @YettiBettie @desktopdrive @shinobi602 I like the squadmates more than ryder, and I like the concept of andromeda, even though it’s the least mass effect thing ever i just want a better experience; for starters less of that open world bullshit, it took me 75 hours to beat it, which led to some serious pacing issues

  • KorraSatsuki Korra Satsuki🧢🌈 #ヤン・ギャング #YangGangOldGuard (@KorraSatsuki) reported

    @_x3n7r0py_ Me too, but again, it wasn't perfect, the problem with first person in general is there is no sense of impact. Games that can cut in between 3rd and 1st like Mass Effect and Skyrim are superior, IMO

  • Docta_Moe Moeqawama (@Docta_Moe) reported

    @mathodical1018 I agree 💯. Remaster won’t fix its gameplay issues that were refined in 2 & 3; it definitely needs a remake. Hell, if Mafia got a full fledged remake, no reason Mass Effect shouldn’t

  • asinistergecko A-Sinister-Gecko (@asinistergecko) reported

    @CxTaco @JesseMontalvo21 @IGN Anthem is basically an empty game, they said the reason Mass Effect Andromeda had so many issues was because the majority of the resources and manpower went to Anthem, I was exceptionally hyped to play it but it turned out to be such a waste of money they're remaking the game

  • Skjaldmotur Beheem (@Skjaldmotur) reported

    It's late at night, I can't sleep, and for some reason I've never played Mass Effect. Time to fix this?

  • ConsumeProgeny consumeprogeny (@ConsumeProgeny) reported

    I'm getting towards the tail end of Ghost of Tsushima's Act II (finally), and a lot of its narrative problems come down to Mass Effect 3's "it was the Reapers/Cerberus". In this case everything ends in "it was the Bandits/Mongols". It's not awful, but it's predictable.

  • thatradiogeek ThatRadioGeek (@thatradiogeek) reported

    Had to cut today's stream short due to a power outage and severe weather. So tomorrow instead of Doom we'll continue Mass Effect.

  • macbethcore joe theoldguard stan account (@macbethcore) reported

    like this is why mass effect ***** bc you feel like the one person who is actually trying to fix the problem so it does feel like you are propelling the plot forward. you feel like the protagonist. same with dao and da2 (tho da2 is a different animal altogether)

  • haydew hayden simpson (@haydew) reported

    @rjlackie Mass Effect 1 is riddled with first game problems. It just has idea what to do with all the amazing world-building. The plot runs the mill but the various threads do come together well enough. The clunky combat, not so much. Really just a stepping stone to Mass Effect 2.

  • VirtuousVeteran Steve Rogers (@VirtuousVeteran) reported

    //I made serious progress in the first Mass Effect then a glitch happened and it didn't save. I may seem calm but I assure I am overcome with the urge to burn something down

  • bombur Mike Epstein (@bombur) reported

    @CaptionBarbosa I imagine it's a lot easier to see the good with the bad now that the bloom's off the rose for Mass Effect. Assuming some of the tech issues should be fixed by now(?), it's easier to see it for what it is, a middling game, rather than a gigantic disappointment.

  • HallMonty3 Robinsons (@HallMonty3) reported

    While I'm in the topic - why Bioware choose to lead with a new IP (Anthem) in the MMO sector, instead of using Mass Effect or Dragon Age (!), I'm not sure we will ever know. The support for those IPs would have smoothed over the inevitable teething problems for a new MMO.

  • S_CarinaT Sam T. (@S_CarinaT) reported

    I cleaned out my comics and I had so many Mass Effect ones. I think I’ll just rebut them in volume form rather than the single issue forms I had them in.

  • NHRTan Tan the HobbySquig #IStandWithBLM (@NHRTan) reported from Leicestershire, England

    Slow & I decided (at dumb in the AM whilst binging videos about Megadrive games) what we’re going to play for Unconventional Family Game Night this week. We will play more Mass Effect on stream at some point but the tech issues & my shifts make it a bit much for me right now

Mass Effect Andromeda Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0-12
  • 0xc0000142
  • CE-34788-0
  • CE-34878-0
  • NP-41372-7