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Mass Effect: Andromeda is an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

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  • Shinobi_Mato 🧛‍♂️Mato of the night🐺 (@Shinobi_Mato) reported

    Maybe thats the issue, it does so many things better than ME1 but fails on the writing. and the writing is the reason people love mass effect 1. I never cared for mass effect 1's story though, I didn't care about all around space badass shepard, I care about ryder though.

  • StoreMircado Mircado Store (@StoreMircado) reported

    @EAAccess Hi .. I have problem with mass effect Andromeda not showing in my ea access hub I've contacted help but no solution till now

  • CapnBooker Mary Shelley's Frankenstein's Booker (@CapnBooker) reported

    Spent some time looking at Mass Effect 3 mods, before realizing that no mod will fix the problems I have with that game's writing.

  • DenisREALE Denis REALE (@DenisREALE) reported

    @adhayward18 One issue we discovered recently is when the fixed effect is related to the random effect (e.g. random = individuals; fixed = body mass and is itself repeatable).

  • Livid_Lightning Ellen of Livid Frightening 👻⚡ (@Livid_Lightning) reported

    @thegamingdiary I'm thinking one of the Lego games... or Crash Bandicoot... or Mass Effect 2! Hm.🤔

  • plaguedeities mootball feetlong (@plaguedeities) reported

    i wish my 360 wasnt broken i wanna ******* play new vegas and mass effect

  • TheDarkLegend91 The Dark Legend (@TheDarkLegend91) reported

    I realize that I haven't stream in the past several days, guys, and I'm sorry. I've going through some personal issues and other priorities in my life. I'm sorry if I havent been consistent Tomorrow, I'll try again and start the week with Mass Effect. See ya then. Peace.

  • thegothking Zaelkrie 🇿🇦 (@thegothking) reported

    I mean the game was broken garbage, the story and characters were trash, the dialogue was terrible and they went as far as possible to be obnoxious and piss off everyone who was a fan of Mass Effect. It did get a fair shake it just sucked.

  • ConsumeProgeny ᴄᴏɴꜱᴜᴍᴇᴘʀᴏɢᴇɴʏ (@ConsumeProgeny) reported

    @docsquiddy I feel this is a problem with a lot of Ubisoft games and a lot of open games in general; balancing a natural landmass but also not making it unplayably big. The Witcher 3 gets it right. Mass Effect: Andromeda does not. Sometimes Far Cry gets it right, most of the time does not.

  • cyrix45 s-t/y.^x (@cyrix45) reported

    nah, every mass effect fan was looking forward to mass effect. the problem here is they hired staff for the sake of diversity and put them into roles they were entirely unqualified to work in. which is why we saw zombie facial expressions and worst imaginable technical issues.

  • majintn Toni 🇫🇷 (@majintn) reported

    @EAHelp EA, do your job and ******* FIX the Mass Effect 3's Leviathan DLC issue on Origin, people talked about it for YEARS on your ******* forum and yet you did nothing about it and didn't even answered you disgusting pigs. Devs don't deserve their jobs smh.

  • Nakano18Online Douglas Goldbach (@Nakano18Online) reported

    @pcgamer Actually didn't really solved the problem, just either changed it or appeased the people angry at it. Valve removed paid mods from steam, but didn't stopped Bethesda from adding it's own system. Mass Effect 3 still has the same ending, but got changed, and a paid dlc.

  • sir_kupo Sir kupo (@sir_kupo) reported

    @GameSpot If they would fix all the bugs and maybe tone up the characters in online mode then maybe it would be a better game. (Mass effect andromeda should had stay with the system they had like mass effect 3 online mode where lots characters and abilities r strong in 3 )

  • snowcat_ebooks Mars.EXE (@snowcat_ebooks) reported

    can we talk about how in Mass Effect 2 the Normandy is literally the SS Daddy Issues

  • ArtisticSoul30 Terrence (@ArtisticSoul30) reported

    I just brought dlc for Mass Effect 3 then changed my gamertag cause I hated my old one then couldn't log in my account so I tried to change it back but I couldn't cause of some ******* error now I just got back in finally and turns I unknowingly started a new account

  • rEtRo_sPexX 👓 $Ρ€ӼӼ¥™ (@rEtRo_sPexX) reported

    @EdwardB33058859 Mass Effect was underwhelming, Batman Arkham City: Armored Edition was a total shambles and almost broken, ZombiU was laughable. . . . Please tell me the great games so my machine doesn't just gather dust for no reason, I'll try and pick some recommended titles up sometime!

  • princess_resist Felicia Scalzetti 🆘 (@princess_resist) reported

    @Leenie8791 My working theory is that it's literally a conditioning response. Kind of like a mass cult-like effect. We're all suffering from some degree of PTSD/incredibly unstable lives/futures and it's in our nature to find the problem and end it.

  • zamdata Zamad Data (@zamdata) reported

    @unfletch @ZachWeiner No. By the momentum equation, either doubling the mass of the propellant or doubling it's velocity would have the *exact* same effect on the rocket. The issue is that the rocket needs to carry the *remaining* propellant, which is why increasing its mass is worse.

  • Matt_Ros Matthew Ross (@Matt_Ros) reported

    @samcossar @ExtinctionR @XRebellionAus @XRebellionUK @extinctsymbol @ExtinctRebelsIE @ExtinctionR_DE I think you rebel because you have issues school children did not act that way and they got mass effect across the globe and made a respectful stand you lot are not the hero's you discredit all activist when you do this

  • ohamkrw Ken Wolski (@ohamkrw) reported

    End mass incarceration. It only worsens the problem of drug addiction. The effect that mass incarceration has on the children of those incarcerated guarantees that these problems will continue for generations.

  • shambrookben ben shambrook (@shambrookben) reported

    @Prole_Position @ConsumeProgeny I'd say yes, the word of mouth made it way worse then it really was and a lot of the actual legitimate problems like serious glitches and shit are fixed by now, It's not the best mass effect game in the world but I also don't think it's actually like actively bad.

  • LawStudentsGH National Association of Law Students (@LawStudentsGH) reported

    Pro-GLC engagements in the media to the effect that we failed, and there is no deliberate attempt to restrict numbers. Forget the mass production comment. Forget the fact that they have promised to build a bigger campus, which is a solution to a problem they say doesn’t exist

  • mattocko Matthew Ocko (@mattocko) reported

    Massive methane “overturns” are correlated - along with runaway CO2 - to many mass extinctions Not only does methane cause even more Venus-like “greenhouse effect” than CO2, but enough of it and good ol’ oxygen breathing large animals (eg humans) start having big problems

  • gilgamesh310 gilgamesh (@gilgamesh310) reported

    I’d also say there’s more culture between alien species present, than there is in Mass Effect,which felt a lot more sterile and where the more interesting aliens were rather sidelined. I still have my issues with the game, but it’s one of the better BioWare offerings I’ve played.

  • LongJohnFox Starling Fox MFF? (@LongJohnFox) reported

    @chipfoxx @CoreyDehMan If you were to liquidate the assets all at once, it would bankrupt the company, devalue the stock (so you wouldn’t get 100 billion anyway), lead to mass layoffs, and have a horrible effect on the economy, depriving it of a valuable service. It’s basic economics.

  • blackbeard_teac blackbeard_teach (@blackbeard_teac) reported

    @TheSinkingTitan @videogamedeals Simple EA wanted a Destiny Gave the task to the Dev of dragon age and mass effect. Boom, they made a lot of mistake relative to an early looter shooter. Unable to find the video explaining it, but they did have an Issue where they Wrecked older PS4 models

  • BriannaWu Brianna Wu (@BriannaWu) reported

    @GenePark Cover real issues. Get them on the record about a Mass Effect sequel.

  • JanetteKirchner Janette🏴‍☠️ (@JanetteKirchner) reported

    @devilkitten I had given up on writing until I started playing Dragon Age Inquisition while recovering from walking pneumonia. After I lost my last pregnancy, Dragon Age & Mass Effect gave me a place to hide and be broken without judgement or demands.

  • DustinBajer Dustin Bajer (@DustinBajer) reported

    @conradnobert An average of 1.2 people per car represent a tiny fraction of the total combined mass of the vehicle and cargo. Cars are, in effect, burning fuel to move themselves. The humans inside are a rounding-error. #yegtraffic

  • dciskey Dan Ciskey (@dciskey) reported from Chicago, Illinois

    Mass Effect Andromeda had a lot of problems, but I can’t get over what a piss poor job of psychological evaluation the Initiative did. A pool of billions and you pick a bunch of jokers who go rogue at the first sign of trouble.

  • Wizwords Graeme Mason (@Wizwords) reported

    @Stopka80 I tried origins. The problem was I'd already played mass effect, and the combat system just felt too antiquated having had the freedom of mass effect.

  • commandernici Nici🎮🏳️‍🌈🇩🇪⚡ (@commandernici) reported

    @StoryEverPod Of those obviously HZD2 but to start sounding like a broken record MASS EFFECT TRILOGY HD REMASTER!

  • SBEntityy Mikow (@SBEntityy) reported

    @EAHelp fix apex servers first, i see like 3 people complaining about titan fall and mass effect, lets be honest there dead games, apex first thanks then fifa servers.

  • TheVadgeBadge TheVadgeBadge (@TheVadgeBadge) reported

    @EAHelp Cannot login to Mass Effect Andromeda (again). Time to throw some free Arsenal Packs our way! Or put Apex Elite packs back in the store. Thanks.

  • spaceopossum2 Magnus (@spaceopossum2) reported

    Andromeda is my favorite Mass Effect I didn't play it when it was broken tho ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • teacherjon77 teacherjon (@teacherjon77) reported

    @MonicaCollantin @DigijB @FindlaterJake In most of the world, population growth has slowed dramatically, and in the African countries where it is continuing, resource use is so low as to not have much effect on climate change. The mass consumption of the west is a far bigger issue.

  • _amberfreya_ 🍂🕸🎃 Spokber 🎮 Mass Effect 2 (@_amberfreya_) reported

    See I'm really enjoying Mass Effect. But we got the PC up and running and I did an hour or so of Dragon Age and now I'm in need of a Thedas fix.

  • lester_carthan Lester Carthan (@lester_carthan) reported

    @catvalente I'm saddened to learn of your health issues but this is why I'm a new fan. Spent all weekend laughing at your Mass Effect novel which really something given it's about death.

  • vantebabee nicole ♡ spooky tae (@vantebabee) reported

    UNPOPULAR OPINION bUT the mandela effect has nothing to do with multi universes and all to do with schema driven errors. your brain packages memories and knowledge into what we call schema’s and miss assumes connections between them which is heightened in mass groups of people

  • Johnny_Bright_ Johnny Bright (@Johnny_Bright_) reported

    @benmurraybruce The effect of this will be bleeding. Transportation has always been the problem of deregulation, and controlling market price could be a wild goose chase. The price of vehicles will have to go low first for the mass transit to work else the cost of fuel subsidy will be....

  • johnnymorris20 johnny morris (@johnnymorris20) reported

    @MittRomney You lost to Obama and gave the Dems a second term of power after they had already destroyed our healthcare system just like you did in Mass. you as a Senator represent Utah if a issue does not effect Utah shut the up you loser.

  • kazarnowicz Michael Kazarnowicz (@kazarnowicz) reported

    Embracing this allowed me to find solutions to my creative problems in other artists' work. I was stuck on a detail with one of the characters, and the only solution seemed to be to change her backstory. I let it be and revisited some of my favorite sci-fi works (Mass Effect).

  • AdamHenningsen Adam Henningsen (@AdamHenningsen) reported

    @HazzadorGamin @Colteastwood Problem is though u get stuff like Mass effect Andromeda and death stranding where u know about the game 4-5 years in advance. Idk about u I've got a back log of 10-20 games. I don't want to be "teased" show me what's coming out in 1-2 years. And that's what Phil wants to do.

  • RL_Bearden Rebecca Bearden (@RL_Bearden) reported

    @amanda_balaban 3) forgot to close the valves to the HPLC pumps and therefore sample never made it to the mass spec. We were trying to solve a huge matrix effect problem. When I saw a blank spectrum I got excited and emailed my advisor with the good news. Then I realized with horror what I did

  • jessemeixsell Bad at thinking of Halloween names (@jessemeixsell) reported

    "OK, I've spent enough on the game collection this month. I should slow down." *15 minutes later* "So, I'll take 10 of these 1998 issues of PlayStation Magazine, the Vault Boy bobblehead and this Mass Effect art book."

  • JuanDiEpal 🇵🇭 𝕁𝕦𝕒𝕟𝔻𝕚𝔼𝕡𝕒𝕝 🇵🇭 (@JuanDiEpal) reported

    @ABSCBNNews I agree 10%. The other 90% shouts for the need to reform our mass transit. To date, NOTHING has been done to improve the situation. Or whats been done outweighed the negative effect it brought to our traffic. We have incompetent people and lawmakers to solve this problem.

  • Jesse_Kaw Jesse Kaw (@Jesse_Kaw) reported

    @_Fraine_ @CaseyExplosion I've just started working on a stand-alone novella called Deus Ex: Shattered Skies, but don't tell anyone 😉 I didn't play ME games, when I did they hadn't aged well. Even I'm depressed by Mass Effect: Andromeda. Face animations weren't the problem. But they did become the meme.

  • HANDSaLIVE Ben (@HANDSaLIVE) reported

    @JimSterling My girlfriend has had every issue you mentioned but 10 feet away in another room I have had zero issues other than a little clipping in Mass Effect Andromeda cut scenes.

  • 14christopherg1 14christophergilmore (@14christopherg1) reported

    @UbisoftSupport @GhostRecon Dude you guys have to fix the dialogue like it reminds me of mass effect andromeda

  • TwinedRingtails Arai (@TwinedRingtails) reported

    mass murderers exist because of some sort of "snowball effect" by society's misdeeds and uncaringness, instead of tackling the central issue as to not expose the core intentions of their mutual ideology, matches up strikingly to Joker's intent.

  • shinobi602 shinobi602 (@shinobi602) reported

    @lelolz Heh, I mean, I've played through the entirety of The Witcher 3 (including all DLCs) three times now. The entire Mass Effect trilogy about a dozen times. Length is no problem! 😄

  • BigSmellE Yee Haw Check (@BigSmellE) reported

    @dragon_salt @TajmrK @kadabralin Yes it is it, just because it's not mass media doesnt suddenly make it ok, it doesnt matter if it's a minority being effected by this media, the issue is that the media shouldn't even exist to effect anybody. Your majority vs minority argument is tragic

  • sumoward Sumo (@sumoward) reported

    @HowSoonHathTime @Shiney_Buoy @DavQuinn See thats the problem, some of them are well intentioned but they will have zero positive effect. Their contribution is traffic congestion and nothing else. If they mass joined main stream parties and changed policies I might be less scepticial. Recreational protest.

  • Axe_Man_Drew Andrew Stencil (@Axe_Man_Drew) reported

    God ******* Damn it @EA I’ve been trying to get my NG+ for Mass Effect Andromeda working but the ******* Face Editor bug that crashes the game won’t allow it. I’ve reported it but I haven’t received any update. Please help fix this bullshit.

  • KungfuckFighter Roger Deaton (@KungfuckFighter) reported

    @pierobuccellato They didn't fix shit either. I played within last 6 months. Used game. All the patches and updates. Watch the Mass Effect Andromeda as connecting thing as it spins and says unable to connect right now or some bullshit to that effect.

  • KungfuckFighter Roger Deaton (@KungfuckFighter) reported

    @pierobuccellato I highly suggest grabbing a used Mass Effect Andromeda. Can plays for hours with no issues. Get to one planet. Set up colony. Save. Then experience a superb game breaking bug. Completely wipe away all saves when you turn it off. Turn it back on. Gone.

  • patmcguinness Patrick McGuinness (@patmcguinness) reported

    @AmandaBeeTweets @honoraryamerica @AOC Which is ALSO a problem, because 100x teens commit suicide than get shot in mass shooting. Media hype has a BAD effect of warping perceptions and raising up irrational fears. Climate hysteria is groundless irrational fear based on false climate fear-mongering hype.

  • Captain_Ty_ Ty Smith (@Captain_Ty_) reported

    @IamTheTrev Big problem is I dont have a ps4 😅 do have mass effect 1 for pc but haven't played it yet

  • Dwarvenhobble Dwarvenhorror 🔙 hell (@Dwarvenhobble) reported

    @SamDalglish @TheRampello @kat_blaque That's more of an issue of writers trying to make their villain seem more evil I think these days. The representation of such characters often gets praise when it's poorly done though (see initially the Mass Effect Andromeda Doctor)

  • Deadhunter10141 Sam de Jong (@Deadhunter10141) reported

    @Boxenberger @AshtreyGaming There are so many problems with odessey. A lack of interesting plot or characters, straying too far from the staples of the franchise, forced grind, breaking lore and in comparison to a game like the Witcher or mass effect shit Rpg mechanics. That’s all I could fit in this tweet.

Mass Effect Andromeda Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0-12
  • 0xc0000142
  • CE-34788-0
  • CE-34878-0
  • NP-41372-7