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Mass Effect: Andromeda is an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

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  • SofieJBengtsson Sofie Bengtsson (@SofieJBengtsson) reported

    I finished Mass Effect: Andromeda yesterday. Haven’t played any of the previous games so can’t compare. There were some issues, however, overall I enjoyed it and I’m glad that I decided to give it a chance.

  • Thromok Thromok (@Thromok) reported

    Unpopular opinion: Anthem will probably crash and burn just like Mass Effect Andromeda. I, honestly, am not that excited about it.

  • KalexKilljoy KalexKilljoy (@KalexKilljoy) reported

    6. Biggest struggle in a game....well, before I got REALLY into mass effect, there’s a fight somewhat in the beginning that required certain folks and I couldn’t get back into the Normandy to reselect, and when I learned my error, I had to start the game over from the start 😂

  • KimberlyAmato Kimberly Amato🏳️‍🌈 (@KimberlyAmato) reported

    @DanaPiccoli @assassinscreed I think their story might be good, but this inability to continue making my own choices is why I have yet to play the next DLC. Mass Effect had the same problem with 3. Everything you built on, spent hours being true to the character you developed - is lost. It's maddening.

  • ShadowSerpent00 Shadowling McBeard (@ShadowSerpent00) reported

    @kungfuman316 Promising player choice and then taking it away is (almost) never a good thing. I mean, people also shouted at Mass Effect 3 for that. I can totally understand this issue. I had it with Tyranny. The character I was RPing tried to get the rebels to join Kyros through diplomacy

  • ZetoNegi Orb Elemental (@ZetoNegi) reported

    @Soey_Artifact @M0KA_AF @RobAJG @Hyped_AF A mind control or mass purge would have to be expensive and the problem with RG is it high rolls so you need that effect early. Suggests the problem is more on the ramp than the payoff. Dark Ritual HAS been a too strong card in basically every form it's been printed in.

  • UndyingHunter David Smith (@UndyingHunter) reported

    @SavageYmir @Ubisoft @UbisoftSupport @assassinscreed @AJoDumont Same. If they don't address this, like we saw Bioware do on issues in Mass Effect 3 and Andromeda, I will be working to get a refund for it. As a graduate student I don't have much I can spend money on for fun and I chose this. I won't let it become a waste.

  • HybridAction Justin Forsyth (@HybridAction) reported

    Star Wars has an EA problem, After driving most of their franchises into the ground (C&C, Mass Effect, etc) to expect them to be able to put out anything than garbage would amount to pissing in your own mouth and pretending it's wine. Don't drink piss everyone.

  • AnInnocentOwl Hotfixed Owl (@AnInnocentOwl) reported

    I quite enjoyed mass effect: andromeda, and I didn't have an issue with 3's ending either. 😎

  • SilentWraith87 Robert Gough (@SilentWraith87) reported

    @NESbot_feed I enjoyed Mass Effect Andromeda and while it has it's issues it's not as bad as other games out there.

  • implejr Variant Human (@implejr) reported

    Mass Effect 3's ending wasn't that bad and Andromeda was a broken game (thanks EA) but I enjoyed it a lot.

  • havonetae havonetae (@havonetae) reported

    @StefanieMcMaken @assassinscreed That's fine the issue I took was they promised not to force romances then forced this one. The story was fine it's just greatly dishonest Players dont like their choices over ridden (cough cough Masseffect)

  • TheMemeLord1991 TheDevil666 (@TheMemeLord1991) reported

    @Bobgx2 @DragonNexus @haggett77 @KMishimo @GameSpot Well people are complaining about relationship choices, go play Mass effect, they can bang aliens in that game. Problem solved.

  • Tholgrin Tholgrin Stoneforge (@Tholgrin) reported

    Every time I mention Sheppard AFB at work, I subconsciously say it like Urdnot Wrex from @masseffect. The only problem is nobody I work with has the slightest clue of the reference, so they just think I really dislike the base.... #nerd

  • SheikhZibago WajibUlQatal (@SheikhZibago) reported

    @pcgamer The ending of mass effect 3 isn't bad it's the duration and carry-on from previous games that is the real problem

  • SpaceF91 Miguel (@SpaceF91) reported

    @brickonator I've maintained since it was new, the problems with mass effect 3 go way beyond the ending.

  • Norraya1631 Norraya (@Norraya1631) reported

    @LachlanMcLaren2 @assassinscreed Two words: Fix it. That's what BioWare did after they ****** up Mass Effect 3. They went back and fixed it. If Ubisoft can't do that, then they should offer a full refund on the DLC to everyone who purchased it.

  • David_The_Wavid Now with 0% melatonin (@David_The_Wavid) reported

    @Kwad_rat @RobotBrush It's fine to have lootboxes in free to play games. They gotta make the cost back somehow. The problem is EA acting like $60 games need that with Mass Effect 3 and everyone else following suit. We need to raise the cost to $70 if we want microtransactions to not be necessary.

  • ShockerCyclone ShockerCyclone (@ShockerCyclone) reported

    Should be starting to record Mass Effect next week. That is barring anymore bad family or home issues.

  • mattLarnold Matt Arnold (@mattLarnold) reported

    While we can wait until the 3rd DLC, right now there is a clear difference between the issue with Assassin's Creed Odyssey's controversy and Mass Effect 3.

  • CodeMonkey76 Jake Smith (@CodeMonkey76) reported

    @Original_Sean_S @masseffect Almost 2 years later. Technically, I had all the Andromeda ones done a month or so after it released, but the game was broken and wouldn't trigger the one achievement (Top Talent - Promote a strike team to Level 20.)

  • CATFISH504 Christian (@CATFISH504) reported

    I also think Mass Effect Andromeda’s problem was EA forced the rush and rush to get it out to get a nice chunk of money to put towards Anthems development. The savior and Destiny killer. Lmao. Also think they cancelled dlc and season pass promises to start working on Anthem. 😞😞

  • snezeire §ⓐ℞Åℏ (@snezeire) reported

    @Dragon_Age_Fans I feel like compared to the Mass Effect universe, DA has had a lot of problems with this. So I’ve let it go a lot more.

  • UndyingHunter David Smith (@UndyingHunter) reported

    @Ubisoft @assassinscreed please, please. Listen to your customer base. Own up to your mistake, and fix it. If Bioware could do it over the ending of Mass Effect 3, you can do it over a DLC expansion.

  • Ebonscale Douglas Copeland (@Ebonscale) reported

    Honestly I had no major problems with Mass Effect 3's ending and still don't understand what all the complaining was about

  • GarethPerrett1 MrGPerrett (@GarethPerrett1) reported

    @CoriRuff EA will be in the shitter with me untill they fix mass effect, or don't **** up dragon age 5

  • AtTheVan Steve AtTheVan (@AtTheVan) reported

    @totally_cars @glynhudson @The_PlugSeeker Yeah, load is much less of an issue in an EV. The main loss of range in a diesel van is wasting energy in braking all that extra mass. In an EV you recover a lot of that by using regenerative braking, more mass is more energy to recover, so not much effect on range.

  • trgrrl 🌙alicia🖤 (@trgrrl) reported

    @CeltThulhu the problem with mass effect is that its so ****** cis otherwise yes absolutely

  • chaos_bi Siggi (@chaos_bi) reported

    I hate when people take cheap shots at bioware storytelling by solely focusing on mass effect when eg dragon age origins has almost none of the storytelling issues people have with ME

  • nomuru2d James (@nomuru2d) reported

    @OmnivoreBlog @JTKiri88 @Durty_Dan_93 @Sekhmes @Banned_Ali @TabuthaRasa @LunarArchivist @_mct1_ @ConfettiPixie @HappyKoromaru @Haunted_Backlog @Dwavenhobble @Wraith978 @Gamerben111 @W_T_Tanker @Ryona_Violet @RoyCalbeck @KCruzer64 @Owl_Smuggies @moritheil @ComicBook @kfc Mass Effect Andromeda was a broken mess of a game that BioWare decided to have one of their inexperienced teams put together. The result was a god-awful mess with recycled races, bad animations, and far too many meme moments thanks to the artificial acting.

  • BCSHEF BCSHEF gaming (aka Creature Cutlass) (@BCSHEF) reported

    @pharaohcreator Division I literally couldn’t finish certain story missions would make the frame rate drop to like 1 per second and freeze, loved the game but it was broken. Andromeda’s combat its great but it feels like a game trying to be mass effect to me, the characters are very bland too.

  • Varewulf Rita Wulf (@Varewulf) reported

    @Kei9ball it kinda feels like it's gone the Mass Effect 2 route of just completely throwing out anything people complained about in the previous game, and coming up with something new, rather than trying to refine or fix anything.

  • GantradiesDraco Gantradies (@GantradiesDraco) reported

    apparently there's some random game dev screaming about opposing lootboxes being censorship of art, or somesuch. as someone who has such issues with compulsive spending that i blew over $200aud on Mass effect 3 when i had ZERO savings, screw you, man!

  • markkiaser markalexander (@markkiaser) reported

    Car's are already capable, soon trucks too etc, mass unemployment will be the effect of this, followed by masses claiming benefits and mass unemployment, big crash coming.

  • TarikCyrilAmar Tarik Cyril Amar (@TarikCyrilAmar) reported

    Nasty side-effect of the shutdown: Centrist Dems treat it as THE problem - we need to end the shutdown and then etc... That is BS. Yes, the shutdowm must oc end. So must real-existing GOPism, a sectarian ideological mass movement disrupting the USA as no foreign rival ever could.

  • knightcaptains y'all need andraste (@knightcaptains) reported

    @coryphechooch it's bc mass effect came out first and all 3 games are available on the same system so there was never an issue importing shepards across games lol. dragon age came later so it shifted to ps4/xbone thus a need for a transfer system ME archives exists though for MEA at least

  • TreyDubb No Name (@TreyDubb) reported

    I mean, you could say the same thing about many issues in this country. Example, mass shootings leading to gun control. Most americans can ignore it bc it doesnt directly effect them

  • Hanamura77 Acap (@Hanamura77) reported

    Aside from all the broken animation and some bugs here and there. This game is actually pretty solid. Shame we wont be seeing a sequel or any Mass Effect anytime soon. I would love to see how andromeda turned out.

  • JohnDepressed Johnny Depressed (@JohnDepressed) reported

    I found an error in Mass Effect 2. When talking to legion about Sovereign he brings up the conversation Sovereign had with Shepard and quotes it saying "we are each a nation independent free of all weakness".

  • AllarusRyker Ryker (@AllarusRyker) reported

    Mass effect 1 had some of the best world building, 2 had the best character and culture building, and 3 was great at reaching a pinnacle of character development, the only issue being that all the important shit was slapped behind DLC pay walls and then the ending was ass.

  • trilllizard666 Chad McRoastbeef (@trilllizard666) reported

    oh bioware is absolutely gonna get old yeller'd when anthem gets shoved out and is a buggy, poorly performing, mass effect andromeda level broken mess bioware's dead, but parts of it don't know it yet, like dinosaurs that took minutes to feel pain

  • zebraflavoured jenny 🌻 (@zebraflavoured) reported

    i see a problem with mami not being here as i play mass effect and that is that no one is stopping me from shooting exploding things, that i know will explode, simply because i'm curious if it will actually explode. yes im tweeting this as im watching the loading screen bc i died

  • Timothy1395 Timothy 1395 (@Timothy1395) reported

    @anameformyself A lot are from Mass Effect tbh. "We fight or we die"- Commander Shepard (Mass Effect 3) "It had to be me. Someone else might've gotten it wrong" - Mordin Solus (Mass Effect 3) Also Heavy Rain's "Shauuuuun!!!!!!" glitch but that's more just cause it's funny.

  • Goleafs8 Goleafs (@Goleafs8) reported

    @draglikepull Had a digital copy of Mass Effect for Xbox 360 that gave me an error message and force quit the game during the end cutscene after beating the final boss. Never got to see how that game ended.

  • vodenos ben dover (@vodenos) reported

    @HelenMagi @jonsnowC4 @leedsbeckett Laughable !....Emergency budget, recession, World war, house price crash, mass unemployment Brits abroad will have to return home , categorically no EU army, and why is it so difficult to Leave when the EU has no real "effect on our lives' !!

  • KallenOnline Kallen Williams (@KallenOnline) reported

    @LeidaPaleo @Dragon_Age_Fans @WWG It wasn't terrible, just relatively limited & a copy paste of terrible peer to peer hosting that makes games drop frame rate and lag literally to death/crash. Copied from Mass Effect 3 MP, then copied to MEA from DAI @DiscoBabaloo ...

  • AceLucario Lucario Ace (@AceLucario) reported

    Despite some issues I have with EA, I will still play Battlefield, Battlefront, Dragon Age, and Mass Effect games.

  • OtterOverlord Sam Ward (@OtterOverlord) reported

    @EA you guys need to fix the digital distribution of Mass Effect 2 DLC on Xbox. There are multiple story DLCs that are unobtainable in the store and there is no easy way to pick up all of them at a reasonable price. I'd buy a combo pack in a heartbeat. Step it up guys.

  • Werewolf_Korra Into the Gooberverse (@Werewolf_Korra) reported

    Mass Effect 3 hate is stupid. The game is actually pretty good... When it doesn't glitch out.

  • GiantToastMan ChaoticNeutralGiraffeNecromancer (@GiantToastMan) reported

    My biggest problem with Mass Effect 3 was never the ending, it was the limited amount of races I could bang... #bioware #masseffect #games #Justwanted2 #bang #hanar

  • DohMtl Bus Metro Walking (BMW) DoH (@DohMtl) reported

    @biasbe Oh, then I do not fit that definition. I game, a lot. But I only care about quality. I have absolutely no issues playing as a female. My favorite Mass Effect playthroughes were with Fem-Shep.

  • TheEzyGuy00 Ezekiel Midori (@TheEzyGuy00) reported

    @tonde_itte @rpadi2 It's because EA is money hungry and instead released Mass Effect 2 & 3 in their broken Origin PC Launcher

  • macleodholdfast Hannah MacLeod (@macleodholdfast) reported

    Ultimately from a game dev perspective my biggest problems were 1) having to sit through the idles and 2) the moral evaluation of choices. I had a similar issue with the Mass Effect renegade/paragon dichotomy. Telling a player a choice is "wrong" doesn't feel good.

  • Argylkid15 Joshua Regime Destroyer singleton (@Argylkid15) reported

    Once again good video @Griffin_Gaming your overwatch and battlefield video are good I think one of the problem overwatch there trying to much to be like mass effect and dragon age with relationship the problem is it's a multiyplayer game and time or writing staff to do it

  • NarwhalTy 🌉Tyler the Narwhal🌉 (@NarwhalTy) reported

    @erismoth You can avoid this problem by just firing tiny bullets really fast a la Mass Effect.

  • ColinMParker Colin M. Parker (Coming to PodCon 1/19-1/20) (@ColinMParker) reported

    I want to do a TRRPG show or game or whatever that’s like a mix between Star Wars and Mass Effect, without taking any of their elements/names/species so that we don’t run into IP issues. Homebrew stuff is cool but I feel like it’s so time consuming.

  • kukuruyo Kukuruyo (@kukuruyo) reported

    @oohcoo Like ppl blaming Ea for Mass effect andromeda, when the Bioware studio that did it had a lot of problems. Or ppl blaming Enix for the descent in quality, when Enix was a better company than Square before the fusion.

  • forpush priapism the rapper (@forpush) reported

    the ending of mass effect 3 was fine and also the ending never really mattered anyway and ME3 had much bigger problems than that anyway

  • UltimaCodex The Ultima Codex (@UltimaCodex) reported

    @drguillotinetv @UltimaReturn @unclejeet @RetroRentsAl @ultimadragons @EbornIan @TheSpoonyOne Spoony's review was disbiejdt and disingenuous at best. It's easy to make many game seem like a bad game when all you do is focus on its issues. See also: Mass Effect Andromeda.

  • CorbyCorb12 Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood (@CorbyCorb12) reported

    The "hostile media effect" is a perceptual theory of mass communication that refers to the tendency for individuals with a strong preexisting attitude on an issue to perceive media coverage as biased against their side and in favor of their antagonists' point of view. 🤓🤓

Mass Effect Andromeda Most Common Errors

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  • 0-12
  • 0xc0000142
  • CE-34788-0
  • CE-34878-0
  • NP-41372-7