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Mass Effect: Andromeda is an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

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  • Abyss_ToxicGG ToXiC Abyss (@Abyss_ToxicGG) reported

    @PhillyD Single player: Mass effect 2 Multi player: R6 (Game still has so much potential just needs to fix all the game breaking bugs

  • RangerMk7 PlayStationRangerMK7 (@RangerMk7) reported

    @PlayStation You know, that sort of thing is actually very COMMON to happen in the Mass Effect Galaxy. NO JOKE. Of course their method of dealing with such problems is more POLLUTING when compared to something like this.

  • JAltheimer Jörg Altheimer (@JAltheimer) reported

    @austwitnerd @MichaelEMann @MichaelDWall @SPACEdotcom That would not be a problem. The moon Titan only has 1/45th the mass of Earth and has a dense nitrogen atmosphere. In the worst case it would take millions of years for the CO2 to escape and more recent studies have shown that even over a billion years the effect would be minimal

  • weather34dotcom weather34dotcom (@weather34dotcom) reported

    istanbul we have a problem .. man made mass construction now showing its long term effect . i do not understand this is not a flash flood strength of rainfall its a moderate to steady rainfall for today... water no longer has anywhere to run or drain... @emehmeteren

  • direcktgaming Direckt Gaming (@direcktgaming) reported

    @GreyAussieGamer @EhrgeizTV @Platonakii @SpawnRespawnPC @AdamLikesGames1 @MaxPowerPlay @xSTiCKFiGAx @WhippaTV @AFracturedWinky @blackragedc @ProveItChannel Yeah I get that, but I just don’t think that one member of a huge team (despite his position) leaving equates to the issues that plagued Anthem and BioWare is general for years. Look at Mass Effect Andromeda - huge IP, almost Halo huge, and dev issues also plagued that project...

  • n_jenney Jenney N And N (@n_jenney) reported

    @PlayStationUK Crash bandicoot Gran Turismo something Mass effect 3 Minecraft

  • GlowplugvRay Ray Maddalone (@GlowplugvRay) reported

    Homewk for our legislatures. Do a matrix of mass murders in last 30 yrs vs. each of the proposals to "solve" the problem and show what that fix would have done. Then look at combinations of the ideas. I bet except for red flag laws none of the others would have had any effect.

  • MISportsman Michael Borton (@MISportsman) reported

    @ememess @SykesCharlie @Mrsmaxdewinter Your the problem .muder weapon it is ar15 rifle not a military weapon at all. That in your mind . It only been the last 50 years that firearm laws been in effect that all the issue have been prior to the gun law push in 1968 there where very very rare to have mass shooting.

  • YungJoshHOOHA JoshHOOHA (@YungJoshHOOHA) reported

    @VGFGamers PS1: Crash Bandicoot PS2: Tekken 5 PS3: Mass Effect 2 PS4: Spider-man

  • ShepCommandr Ian (@ShepCommandr) reported

    Imagine a world where EA/Bioware put in the effort that Hello put into fixing NMS, into Anthem or Mass Effect Andromeda. Hell... it would be nice if they even put in the effort Bethesda has put into FO76. Then again, maybe these games were something you couldn't fix.

  • ratman720 ratman720 (@ratman720) reported

    Let's propose a gun control bet. Let's enact gun control. If it has an effect on mass casualty events it stays. If it fails to have an effect it is automatically purged, we gain access to any and all prohibited weapons and there is a 50 year moratorium placed on the issue.

  • Pony_Boy_Plays PonyBoy Plays (@Pony_Boy_Plays) reported

    Due to internet issues, I highly doubt I will be streaming tonight. Instead, I will work on some Mass Effect. Not the worse thing I can do.

  • Pendleton115 Pendleton (@Pendleton115) reported

    @thachampagne Yeah I guess it’s more of a subjective opinion, although from a purely mechanical standpoint, Me2 takes the cake as me1 is plagued with Pacing issues and dated mechanics. But don’t get me wrong, I love Mass Effect 1.

  • gavincube cube (@gavincube) reported

    @is44c_padi77a I still firmly believe we don’t have a gun issue here, and that taking away guns would have had no effect on any outcomes on mass shootings in this country, simply because of how simple it would be, regardless of legality, to obtain a weapon.

  • KKAMAITACHI Jaques Crouch (@KKAMAITACHI) reported

    @HeftyKeybearer @gameinformer They aint gonna fix it. Remember this was their shot after what had happened with mass effect andromeda. If anthem failed (which it did) bioware would change ALOT and it seems we already got our first glance at whats happening.

  • HeftyKeybearer Gary Bailey (@HeftyKeybearer) reported

    @gameinformer Wow suprising to no one, I really hope they fix their game. And not just you know, abandon it like Mass Effect Andromeda.

  • TheNotAHamster NotAHamster (@TheNotAHamster) reported

    MAybe one day I'll do a mass effect series. Love the games, even if the 1st has some graphics issues

  • gingermcninja Paul McGrath (@gingermcninja) reported

    @paraff @RealStillAtIt @RokchickWA @SaysHummingbird @jilevin It's not a binary issue. It doesn't have to be either extreme. Look at Australia for example. One mass shooting, they put gun laws into effect, no more mass shootings.

  • KingAmaranth Amara (@KingAmaranth) reported

    @EA please work out whatever your problems are with @NintendoAmerica so I can play #dragonageinquisition on the #NintendoSwitch please I'm begging you, my laptop is old and DAI is making it overheat and I want to play DAI and #MassEffect on the go, on a console I know will work.

  • chrisraymondp Christian Perez (@chrisraymondp) reported

    @PlayStationUK PS1: crash bandicoot PS2: sly cooper PS3: mass effect 2 PS4: red dead 2

  • Derek73279810 Derek (@Derek73279810) reported

    @PlayStationUK PS1: Crash 2 PS2: Kingdom Hearts 2 PS3: Mass Effect 2 PS4: Uncharted 4

  • Derek73279810 Derek (@Derek73279810) reported

    @SirSkyward PS1: Crash 2 PS2: Kingdom Hearts 2 PS3: Mass Effect 2 PS4: Uncharted 4

  • Chrisscoggins11 Scoogles (@Chrisscoggins11) reported

    @AccountistLisa @reccastle @NPR And ya know that's the heart of one of the principals of this issue. That I am not convinced a gun ban would not have the desired effect of stopping most of this type of mass casualty violence. Not at the cost of our national and personal defense

  • rjm_fnglhr RJM (@rjm_fnglhr) reported

    I kinda want to relate this issue to another character I feel was done *****, but I promised not to talk about that game. So I'll do it with someone else I feel was not treated well by the new writer. Han'Gerrel, from Mass Effect.

  • rjm_fnglhr RJM (@rjm_fnglhr) reported

    If you played Mass Effect 2-3, you know Han'Gerrel is an anti-synthetic Quarian Admiral who really, REALLY wants to reclaim the quarians homeworld from the Geth, robots who took over and chased them into space. The problem is his characterization is messed up in the third game.

  • Pyur_Rhend Keith Miller (@Pyur_Rhend) reported

    @pinotorious Given my history with save game issues, no. This actually terrifies me. Example: I've played played the first third of Mass Effect, elevators and all, 11 times. Only 3 by choice. Restarted Chrono Trigger SNES x2 (well 3, but Sibling Angst doesn't count) Morrowind XBox x4.

  • DanaeWriting Danae Wilding 🐀 they/them (@DanaeWriting) reported

    @gutsdumpster I see a lot of these ppl conflate fandom content and online content with "Media" - they blame small time creators for the effect mass marketing, soceital norms, etc, have enforced for the past 50-60 years. **** of cartoon characters has always been around and hasnt be the issue

  • MikeADMurray Mike Murray (@MikeADMurray) reported

    Mass effect did a great job with this. Both Shepards had spoken dialogue for *every* choice you made. It shouldn't be an issue for Three Houses unless it wasn't in the budget.

  • StaIkerStudio Jack Phoenix (@StaIkerStudio) reported

    @andyelf @dreamsarentrea1 @chris_ceee @BuzzBridgette @starlight223 @Variety The thing is, there wasn't a problem before the SJWs made it a problem. I didn't hear anyone complain that Mass Effect wasn't "diverse enough" Literally no one is happy about it. If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

  • Asylum2K Asylum (@Asylum2K) reported

    @Chaosxsilencer Mass Effect Andromeda has to do it for me. Over 2hrs of constant resetting, game crashes, save file failures & just the in game not working at all. Couldnt go through open doors or use any actions. Game was a pure waste of money

  • Angevon Ange (@Angevon) reported

    @48HourGamePolls One problem is some games make going evil affect your appearance negatively (mass effect, fable) Nah, actually we're all just too soft 😂

  • Shadickai Josh♠️ (@Shadickai) reported

    PS1: Crash Bandicoot PS2 : Star wars battlefront 2 PS3 Mass Effect 2 PS4: Minecraft

  • bobyindonesia 5head 🍷 (@bobyindonesia) reported

    I mean sure I played mass effect that was cool but the controller ****** sucks it always broken and the console cannot even run a skyrim normally

  • gameryeee28 Gameryeee28 (@gameryeee28) reported

    @rainnu2883 @BlackTKN @anthemgame Mass effect got unfairly destroyed for thing about how silly that is. Media really kills games before they can fix it. I think Andromeda would be amazing right now if people would have just chilled out.

  • Dorky_GN Quacksho7 (@Dorky_GN) reported

    @PlayStationUK PS1: Crash Bandicoot PS2: Final Fantasy X PS3: Mass Effect 2 PS4: Bloodborne

  • dingledodie77 ♥️♠️ Evelyn ♦️♣️ (@dingledodie77) reported

    @PlayStationUK PS1: Crash Bandicoot 3 PS2: Timesplitters 2 PS3: Mass Effect 2 PS4: Resogun

  • Its_JMV_Bro JMV (@Its_JMV_Bro) reported

    @PlayStationUK PS1: Crash Bandicoot PS2: Bully PS3: Uncharted 2/Mass Effect 2 PS4: God of War

  • Kevco542 Kevin! (@Kevco542) reported

    PS1: Crash Bandicoot PS2: FFX PS3: Mass Effect 2 PS4: Persona 5

  • rawcheese Cucumber Keith (@rawcheese) reported

    PS1: Crash Bandicoot PS2: Devil May Cry PS3: Mass Effect 2 PS4: The Witcher 3

  • RebeccaElsbree Queen in the Norf (@RebeccaElsbree) reported

    @PlayStationUK PS1: Spyro PS2: Crash Bandicoot PS3: Mass Effect. All of them PS4: The Witcher 3/Horizon Zero Dawn

  • CHlRlTHY serena ✨HAPPY BIRTHDAY CLOUD (@CHlRlTHY) reported

    ps1 is crash bandicoot (any) or ff7, ps2 is kingdom hearts, ps3 mass effect, ps4 for some reason life is strange came to mind first lmao

  • linksow Linksow (@linksow) reported

    @ShadowHunterJGP @Polygon I mean... There are lots of technical issues in the game that cannot be denied, and the ending is probably the worse in history, outclasses even Mass Effect 3... Nothing in the series mattered anymore. Still... Fun game.

  • colintheriot Colin Theriot (@colintheriot) reported

    @GreyHuntley @JustAHobbit @Pcassell2 @JazzShaw @ScotsFyre I don’t have numbers in front of me, but presumably we would focus on the guns most commonly used in crimes. I’d target mass shootings first because of their terror effect on the public. Then focus on the next biggest issue.

  • Epic_Amans Amans ☕☕☕ (@Epic_Amans) reported

    @LimitedRunDoug Enjoyed: Lost Planet 2, The Order 1886 Hated: entire Mass Effect series, Horizon Zero dawn I had problems with both those games, just couldn't get into them

  • AlmedinaAlexis AlexisAlmedina (@AlmedinaAlexis) reported

    @Lady_Alenko @ms45 @AllanSchumacher See, after the YouTube firestorm of "ME Andromeda is bad videos", I decided to play ME 1. It blew me away, and have been a major fan since. My ranking depends on mood but as it stands this second: ME3 ME2 ME1 Mass Effect Andromeda (I think it's really good, despite its issues).

  • BIazingWaters Endtroducing Jason (@BIazingWaters) reported

    Me: I'm not a huge Mass Effect fan anymore. While there are definitely some good things too it, I've noticed far too many problems that hinders my enjoyment of the trilogy Also me: *remembers and listens to Uncharted Worlds* hmmmmm ya know a 5th playthrough seems like fun rn

  • jmp_nyc (((Jeremy Posner))) (@jmp_nyc) reported

    @hey_leia @ShimonPro @yashar @evanperez If people think there’s a problem with mass migrations of people trying to get away from their countries of origin now (both here and in Europe), just wait until climate change has an ever larger effect on food production, and people lose both livelihoods and food sources.

  • chillibruv Chillibruv Gaming (@chillibruv) reported

    i appologise as with issues regarding obs i cant stream mass effect for some reason ill tey fix it for next time however instead we shall start with some apex legends

  • JadeJurek Jade Jurek (@JadeJurek) reported

    @TheAtlantic @aliaemily Mass shooting - or any shooting - has had a massive negative effect. And school systems are ill-equipped to deal with it. Biggest issue is the fear.

  • emaringolo Esteban A. Maringolo (@emaringolo) reported

    @herbySk @GemTalkSystems It is a multivariable problem. It involves critical mass, governance, sustainability, legal, marketing... I wasted time thinking about alternatives to it to later find out a Smalltalk dialect would be there enabling me to do what I needed. Lindy effect FTW.

  • Mommypies Marilyn Perkins (@Mommypies) reported

    @AndyOstroy Great Point Andy! It’s been proven that video games don’t have much effect on mass gun violence! The problem is access to Assault Weapons and Gun Laws! #GunReform

  • algi80 🕹️ algi 🌍 (@algi80) reported

    @cultofdusty1 Other times I feel like beating a game that gave me so much trouble is satisfying. And I'm not sure how many people have this problem, but it really, really, really bothers me, when I cannot play a series completely. I want to finish Mass Effect trilogy, even if I hate ME3. (…)

  • krxkxdil (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ) (@krxkxdil) reported

    tbf im glad i started playing mass effect andromeda when i did i think they patched out most of the animation problems n shit

  • DennisMoncrief4 Dennis Moncrief (@DennisMoncrief4) reported

    @GingerShow317 @sandyhook Ginger, the problem is that mass shootings are a unique animal. Anyone willing to trade their life for a violent exit is nearly impossible to stop. I’m not sure what you were speaking of that “hasn’t stopped mass murders”. Fewer cartridges in a magazine will have zero effect.

  • TheKuehlist Stevie Kuehl (@TheKuehlist) reported

    @bertx86 @ChrisMurphyCT Owners of so called "assault weapons" have no incentive to register their weapons for tracking, especially if they manufacture them after the fact. This ignores the issue that the assumption that other weapons can be used in mass shootings to the same effect (cf Virginia Tech)

  • JENZOS1 JENZO (@JENZOS1) reported

    Mass effect or NFS they my two games I just keep going back to when need to chill on a game, Not like when I'm sim racing online in VR & doing 20min practice 15min quali then start 1hr race. Takes it out of you avoiding crashes & all fix that happens in motor racing 🏁

  • Jenk_Hankins Lucas 🇵🇷 @ post con feelings (@Jenk_Hankins) reported

    Whoops, I guess I'm replaying the whole #MassEffect trilogy. It's only the fourth time this year. I DON'T HAVE A PROBLEM.

  • danbrichter Dan Richter (@danbrichter) reported

    @jemillerwbal Yes, definitely. Long term, need to look @ the root causes of the problems of both street level murder (majority %) & mass shootings/serial killers (small %). Knee-jerk "do something" laws will have little/no effect.

  • gratefldead aaaaa (@gratefldead) reported

    it's lagging so bad i wont be able to play until i get a better computer or buy a playstation....... which means i won't be playing it anytime soon 🤡 maybe this is a message from g-d telling me i should replay mass effect after all

  • Lemmiinade Indecisive Lem (@Lemmiinade) reported

    I have this problem with endings hence why I still havent finished Mass Effect 3 because I dont wanna leave my boi Garrus :(

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