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Mass Effect: Andromeda is an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

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  • DarkStorm25 xFuryoftheStormx (@DarkStorm25) reported

    @BipolarWreck90s the mistake they let a bioware support studio who had never done a game on their own make mass effect. and the other big problem is Frostbite. every game with frostbite 4 had huge technical issues. luckily today a game with a bad start can be huge. perfect example are Destiny 2

  • RockGuyHein Bertram Hein (@RockGuyHein) reported

    @thatstarwarsgrl That was kinda the issue with mass effect Andromeda they wanted to make something new but tied it to the me2 world state and development state of the galaxy and then completely ignored it. Should have jumped couple 100 years into the future and start there.

  • DesolateJB Joseph baxter (@DesolateJB) reported

    @AskPlayStation I used to play mass effect andromeda when I came out and I deleted it for space. Now I have more storage and when I put it in it starts to copy the application but always stops midway and gives me the CE-30005-8 error and won’t work on my external storage either

  • Mosseon Mosseon (@Mosseon) reported

    @LegendaryAsshol @TheCartoonLoon is a issue that's been around for many years, jobs that are min wage will pay more than min wage there, it's a kind of mass scale laundering effect. they shut down bed and breakfast app there because landlords complained. this monster is bigger than somebody saying something

  • Judgegrumble Fire Emblem Fanart Retweet Account (@Judgegrumble) reported

    Every now and then I remember how Mass Effect starts with motion blur and film grain on by default and it looked so ******* ugly I thought my TV was broken.

  • NoOrdinaryGhost CJ Petronella (@NoOrdinaryGhost) reported

    @kloczek @CBSNews The mass of plastic has nothing to do with the mass of oxygen. It’s a cause and effect problem with chemicals such as nitrogen and microscopic plastic particulates etc. that are altering the properties of the Ocean’s environment in a way that’s negative to animal and plant life.

  • TiredDunsparce TiredDunsparce (@TiredDunsparce) reported

    Me: oh is this character in mass effect: andromeda trans :O Google: yes and here's some videos about it. *the second one is about the problems with her*

  • LaytonWasTaken Laytonaster (@LaytonWasTaken) reported

    @psychotrip2 @RazorCrimson @GregTheRipper @BadGamingTakes GIVE. ME. EXAMPLES. The Mass Effect series has had several non-hetero characters, with whom gamers never had a problem with. More than enough gamers CELEBRATED it.

  • VectMachina El Supervecto (@VectMachina) reported

    @_icze4r At least in The Outer Worlds her character looked fine since it wasn't modeled after the actress. Also, this is basically the same issue that Miranda from Mass Effect had where they modeled the character after the actress and it came out less than optimal.

  • orianadantra The Ghost of Sarah 👻 (@orianadantra) reported

    I got a "free" month of Origin Access, so I've been playing Mass Effect : Andromeda. Tbh it's not as bad as I thought it'd be. I've still had some really frustrating issues with it crashing and whatnot, though. It's much closer to the first Mass Effect, which is a plus for me.

  • BertStranding Brett (@BertStranding) reported

    @LilBuiboi @AVerySoftRat @Bryce_XXXL That’s so strange. Mass Effect never had a problem with it

  • RavenoakPress Edgar Allen Rhye 🇺🇸✈ (@RavenoakPress) reported

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  • VincentLongPha1 Ahn (@VincentLongPha1) reported

    I remember Earth defend decision,, Iron Man uniform is American issue identity,, Mass Effect uniform is Andromeda and Orcal issue identity, Hi,

  • chrisaddison67 Uncrushed Sabotuer Bot. 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇪🇺🎗 (@chrisaddison67) reported

    @Bob55492332 I'd beware giving twitter too much credit for mass effect. It's a specific bubble (one of many) that gives only a concentrated snapshot of highly invested individuals. The deeper issues aren't even noticed by the majority until they're ready for debate pre law

  • UD880 Upper Darby 8-to-80 (@UD880) reported

    But having used all my NLRB money up, my partner and I ended up nearly broke. Like worried about food broke. And so we moved in for a few months with her parents near Worcester, Mass. I ended up in Rhode Island kind of as a side-effect of going broke from medical issues.

  • BonerdVoidEater Lizard Daddy (@BonerdVoidEater) reported

    Contemplative sigh. I'm seriously considering that these days I need to talk like a Glitch (Starbound) or an Elcor (Mass Effect). Explanatory. It has been days people have been misinterpreting everything I say, despite it being clear and grammatically accurate, excluding typos.

  • WeirdScienceX WeirdScienceX (@WeirdScienceX) reported

    @sirene661 I have issues with Borderlands 3 which I have mentioned, but I don't hate the game, there are some aspects I dislike and others I love but I could say that about nearly every game I have played. I absolutely love Mass Effect Andromeda, highly modded though as Bioware eh .. lol

  • VincentLongPha1 Ahn (@VincentLongPha1) reported

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  • litgamingarena Lit Gaming Arena (@litgamingarena) reported

    If you didn't like the MAKO in Mass Effect, it was user error. AKA you suck at controlling vehicles. #hottake @ShartSelectPod @ShartSelectRyan @winstolf #gaming #games #videogames #BioWare #masseffect

  • TotalGyros CKOTOMHΔΗC ΔΑΡΚCΕΙΛΟC (@TotalGyros) reported

    Though this seems to be an EA problem more than an Anthem problem. Last week I kept dropping offline from Mass Effect Andromeda (which is how I discovered that **** has always-online DRM).

  • Happy_Grumbler Victor Hartley #BackingBoris (@Happy_Grumbler) reported

    @snobbyG @LindaPo84135256 @jeremycorbyn It’s mass uncontrolled immigration which has broken Britain nothing more nothing less. It’s having a similar effect on the German economy.

  • Whoistheboshart Bryan Boshart (@Whoistheboshart) reported

    I've played two days Star Wars Fallen Order. It's a videogamey ass videogame, which isn't a bad thing. There are a lot of small technical issues, like the game having to stop and load if I run forward too directly. They also decided to borrow the elevators from Mass Effect...

  • CyberWatiGang Comment baisent les post-millenials ? (@CyberWatiGang) reported

    Une envie de découvrir à nouveau Mass Effect Oblivion to be young again i was never meant to become old i should left right now nothing can fix my oldness broken taste broken capacity of love

  • justinncox06 j u st i n (@justinncox06) reported

    Ban AR-15’s to stop school shootings and Mass Shootings (involving 3+ victims) and there will be zero effect on gang related mass shootings or school shootings. You see in the video they make drum magazines for handguns. Them fully semi-automatic weapons of war aren’t the issue

  • The_Lady_Jess Jessica Williams (@The_Lady_Jess) reported

    @XboxSupport Still having issues. Can't play Mass Effect Andromeda or Metal Gear Solid V.

  • Spellweaver37 Etarberec {Gentle Belladonna Punchsworn} (@Spellweaver37) reported

    @TheFluxSystem @acexarofierro I think I tried twisting the "being called a robot" problem of mine into something related to resonating with the Geth from Mass Effect. I don't think it took but I qualify it as when I recognized I was a furry (by way of having that be what one of my closest pals concluded)

  • BoojahideenBoi self destructive infantry (@BoojahideenBoi) reported

    @SgtBear3 @I_Kond @RedneckBackroad @elnn5v @ChickenHawkHun1 @L00PBak127 @AndrewPollackFL @johncardillo The issue is an ill informed and ignorant attempt at what they think will help people from being shot, without realizing that its proven a limited capacity doesnt affect a mass shooters effect to throw lead

  • SenatorMeow Santa Meow (@SenatorMeow) reported

    [holding onto the microphone while getting dragged off stage] and also mass effect 2 swung too hard in the wrong direction in both revising mass effect's inventory management and mako problems

  • GarethpBarry Gareth Barry (@GarethpBarry) reported

    1. Crash Team Racing 2. PlayStation 3. Mass Effect 2 4. PlayStation 4

  • katherineRedux uckers sket redux (@katherineRedux) reported

    mass effect has the same issue like. the combat is perfectly functional but a lack of hitmarkers / satisfying gun sfx really brings it down when TF2 / CoD had that shit on lockdown since god knows when

  • theramblerouser Merry Ramblemas! (@theramblerouser) reported

    @Edcrab_ Also, any game designed as "XCOM but with" any property I'm a fan of will get pre-ordered by me so fast it'll crash the store page. I'd kill for an XCOM game skinned as 40k, Star Wars, DC, Mass Effect, Destiny, or Marvel.

  • jonnlawless Jonn Lawless (@jonnlawless) reported

    • ‘Mass Effect 2’ • ‘The Last of Us’ • ‘God of War’ I'm not sure what his problem with sequels is, but I'm ignoring that.

  • Sarcasmorator Sarcasmoreindeer (@Sarcasmorator) reported

    @fcukign And I'm fine with improvement where it's needed! Mass Effect's action was pretty clunky and ME2 and 3 improved on it significantly. But they continued on with the branching dialogue/narrative choice stuff that worked. Don't fix what ain't broke. A new playground is often enough.

  • arcxreactor adrian (@arcxreactor) reported

    Crash Bandicoot Far Cry 5 Mass Effect

  • AnthonyHowardJr Kobe (@AnthonyHowardJr) reported

    Crash Bandicoot PS1 Mass Effect PS4 doesn’t even compare

  • JK_DarkSide JDS (@JK_DarkSide) reported

    Mass Effect 2 Always Sometimes Monsters Broken Reality

  • Giam_n7 Giam_N7 (@Giam_n7) reported

    @PlayStationUK @PlayStation 1) Croc2 or Crash bandicoot 3 2) Ps1 3) Mass Effect (make the trilogy available for ps4 please) 4) Ps4

  • mbta_alerts MBTA Alerts! (@mbta_alerts) reported

    Rtes 62 Snow Route in Effect: Omitting Route 2 Service Road. Connect at Mass. Ave. #mbta

  • MikeBullimore Drifter (@MikeBullimore) reported

    @PlayStationUK Crash Bandicoot PS1 Mass Effect 2 PS4

  • jgb00m Dread Pirate Sex Badger (@jgb00m) reported

    What we have fairly soon is a mass surveillance tool and a huge number of on network devices that could conceivably be botted for (at the minimum) a massive ddos. Or huge incident with kinetic effect and no chance of attribution.

  • BloodySchizoid Soturna #Cyberpunk2077 (@BloodySchizoid) reported

    PS1: Crash Team Racing PS2: Bully PS3: Mass Effect 2 PS4: Overwatch

  • mbta_alerts MBTA Alerts! (@mbta_alerts) reported

    Rtes 62, 76, and 84 Snow Route in Effect: Omitting Route 2 Service Road. Connect at Mass. Ave. #mbta

  • KaffeinatedDC दिवेश (Divesh Chadha) (@KaffeinatedDC) reported

    @mrpyo1 I'm still confused between PS4 and ps2 , but I think PS4 it is on top by a slight margin PS4 - DEATH STRANDING / GoW / uncharted 4 Ps3- Uncharted 2 / Mass effect 2 Ps2- persona 4 / GTA San andreas / Shadow of Colossus Ps1- crash bandicoot

  • BiblioFiglio Abhijit Madhukumar (@BiblioFiglio) reported

    @16BitsOfAwesome Not to sound like a broken record, but All of Mass Effect 2. Mordin in Mass Effect 3 ("would have liked to run tests on the sea shells"). In addition, being able to buy VR and a sim racing rig, and a God of War game I can actually show to my nephew without feeling weird.

  • GregBouwman Greg Bouwman (@GregBouwman) reported

    @ganelund So the better solution is to stop expanding auto infrastructure. Spend more money on mass transit and get cars out of our city centers, and off the roads. No by mandate but through effect planning and design. Fix the problem by minimizing the cause.

  • mbta_alerts MBTA Alerts! (@mbta_alerts) reported

    Rte 78 Snow Route in Effect: Omitting Park Ave, Park Circle & Route 2 Service Road. Connect at Mass Ave. #mbta

  • dodgymigrant Migrant (@dodgymigrant) reported

    Disappointing games from this decade: Tyranny Thimbleweed Park Broken Age Dragon Age Inquisition Mass Effect Andromeda

  • ScottStutzman6 Scott Stutzman (@ScottStutzman6) reported

    @chicagosmayor Two things here first if the powers that be would enforce the laws already in effect that would do wonders Second those shootings where committed by mentally ill people. In fact all mass shootings are committed by mentally ill people. Fix that and stop trying to disarm everyone.

  • PathwayMind GAMER DUDE 3000 (@PathwayMind) reported

    I just played mass effect Andromeda for many hours today: it's got quality consistency issues, often bad writing/lines, and could do with a lot more QA. However, it has some really cool moments, mechanics, and vistas. Def not a waste of time but I still don't know if I'd buy it

  • bloodstone2319 Bloodstone♦️Bb7_daBootyPriest✌🏿🔥 (@bloodstone2319) reported

    @BlerdsOnline It's the same thing w/ Mass Effect. Big universe. Star Wars level space opera. Drama & Romance, Conflict & Resolution, the choice to be more Evil or Aggressive than Heroic and Diplomatic. It had almost everything. Mass Effect Andromeda, almost ruined that w/ BioWare's issues w/EA

  • RipMcStudly Spirit Of Ripmas Present (@RipMcStudly) reported

    @BitnerdGX @BelleAim_ Mass Effect 3 had a lot of problems on launch, but it’s ending was the disaster we remember.

  • ItsAdamBurman AdamB (@ItsAdamBurman) reported

    Bad 2010-Sonic and Sega all star racing 2011-DC Universe Online 2012-Blacklight Retribution 2013-Star Trek 2014-Destiny 2015-Broken Age 2016-Mighty No.9 2017-Was a toss up between Mass Effect:Andromeda, For Honor or... Fortnite.. Ew 2018-Dog shi... I mean Fallout 76 2019-Control

  • lady_sneakles BB Pod Momma (@lady_sneakles) reported

    @AzuraCub @Mark_Meer @bioware @jhaletweets I was a Fem Shep. All Paragon MINUS punching the reporter. I left Kaden behind bc... Ah **** him lol. I romanced Thane Mass Effect 2. And had my heart broken in 3 after he DIED FROM KEPRALS... 😭

  • Chaosfay Colorful Epileptic 👩🏼‍🎨 (@Chaosfay) reported

    @KarinWeekes @UnofficialDADAY I absolutely will. The next game has me really excited! I tried Mass Effect, but less than 30 minutes in I had a seizure (yay for epilepsy), but no issues with Dragon Age.

  • ABomb198011 ABomb (@ABomb198011) reported

    @HoarseWisperer Dude looks like a Mass Effect Andromeda glitch.

  • ZachsMind ZachsMind (@ZachsMind) reported

    Journalism hasn't created this problem any more than "Video Killed The Radio Star." However journalism does profit from not only the truth but also sadly disinformation and lies. Not just mass shootings. Journalism has had an effect on our behavior as humans as it observes us.

  • tinyblob aaron (@tinyblob) reported

    As interesting as the narrative must be when you play as a villain in a game like Mass Effect, I’ve struggled to play as a baddie in almost every expansive RPG. I gravitate towards the utopian, “starfleet” ideals. I apparently do not have this issue in Untitled Goose Game.

  • pdrotar Pavel Drotár (@pdrotar) reported

    @AzuraCub @jhaletweets @bioware While it may make sense to produce Mass Effect 4, I am seriously concerned with BioWare's unwillingness to fix well-known bugs in the "old" trilogy. eg Shepard twisting his head 100 degrees, or "Arrival" crashing when going outside if you don't reduce your resolution to potato.

  • RupkathaRahman #TeamTrees (@RupkathaRahman) reported

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  • MxMinaHyena Mina Hyena Should Be Writing (@MxMinaHyena) reported

    You know who Vakar is if you know who Garrus Vakarian is. You know what Omicron is like if you know what Omega is like. The problem with being a Mass Effect fan and reading Chilling Effect was all the time I spent going “oh, this is Tuchanka. This is Virmire. That’s a krogan.”

Mass Effect Andromeda Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0-12
  • 0xc0000142
  • CE-34788-0
  • CE-34878-0
  • NP-41372-7