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Mass Effect: Andromeda is an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

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  • Glitches 25.00% Glitches

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Mass Effect Andromeda Issues Reports

Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • parcsloisirsm Parcs Loisirs Marne (@parcsloisirsm) reported

    @macwalterslives Mass Effect? Just this old game? What about Anthem?! Not finished ! I hope the new release will a crash

  • urbikasandra21 Cassie (@urbikasandra21) reported

    @masseffect I think I found the solution to my sleep problems

  • MrSQEX Mr SQEX (@MrSQEX) reported

    @masseffect Get that calibration fix @th4tweirdguy

  • PKBitchGirl PKBitchGirl (@PKBitchGirl) reported

    @Smashguy96 @masseffect I don't think they'll fix it seeing as the address it in ME3 with Conrad apologising for accusing Shepard of pulling a gun on him when she didn't

  • Oracani Avasti | TR25 🕊️ (@Oracani) reported

    @TheJakeItself @masseffect a remaster is an overhaul of graphics and other small details. Literally doesn't change anything in the actual engine, it is impossible for this game to come out broken. facts > your feelings

  • B_Aquaman Bronson (@B_Aquaman) reported

    @CloudyWolf1995 @kobakareli @G27Status Its easy to figure out whether people would want q new game. Remaster the old trilogies. Thats the whole reason Crash was done to gauge interest in the series. Its cheap and effective The Mass Effect Remaster is to build hype and see what sales could be like for the new game.

  • ultimablackmage Jean-Paul Bartolomei (@ultimablackmage) reported

    Well... @Outriders ending sucked. Such a mediocre game that steals from other games like a kleptomaniac, mostly Mass Effect Andromeda & Anthem. It's a good thing it's on Game Pass because I'd be demanding a refund because of the server & memory leak issues on top of the ending.

  • DeviLacroix Devi Lacroix (@DeviLacroix) reported

    @DragonCobolt The main issue with Mass Effect is that they keep the same leitmotif and overarching tension for two and a half games, and then change it halfway through the third game.

  • beyondinfin1te 🦋reylominati🔼 (@beyondinfin1te) reported

    Trying to preorder Mass Effect Legendary Edition thru ebgames but I keep getting a PayPal error so might have to do Amazon.

  • JonMickie17 Jonathan (@JonMickie17) reported

    @masseffect Are you sure? Bug free, no performance issues?

  • GexraldH Gerald West (@GexraldH) reported

    @Rozalyndis @PatStaresAt Mass Effect 3 has a bunch of problems not even including the ending. A bunch of your previous choices turn into points on a bar do you can get the ending

  • DragonCobolt Dragon Cobolt (@DragonCobolt) reported

    I was playing Mass Effect 2, but then I got sick of the fact that my hotkeys were ******, forgot that trying to drag and drop hotkeys directly in the hotbar causes the game to INSTNATLY CRASH

  • Jilluminum jillionaire (@Jilluminum) reported

    With all the million tiny things that feel broken and sloppy the game has a bit of an alpha feel but the gameplay scratches that mass effect multiplayer "power shooter" itch nicely anyway.

  • MS_Fan17_V2 Motorsports Fan17 (@MS_Fan17_V2) reported

    Imagine if a Cosmic Being Granted you a wish based on 2 Choices: 1) All of NASCAR's problems will magically go away EXCEPT for the Playoffs or 2) The Playoffs disappear but all of NASCAR's Other Problems still exist. It's like the ending of Mass Effect 3. Which do you choose?

  • RubenTr68117257 thed.vawaifu (@RubenTr68117257) reported

    @Kotaku It should been for last of us 2 for the story fix the story much like mass effect 3 ending was fixed

  • virasera Alexandra Catá (@virasera) reported

    I think I waited too long to preorder the #MassEffect Legendary cache because it's out of stock. My heart is broken. I might have to order that Garrus body pillow now to mend my soul (even though I don't have a body pillow but, you know, that's not the point).

  • grumpachu kes (@grumpachu) reported

    Wish it was may already so I can ignore all my problems and everything else and live in mass effect

  • miscelanearev Miscelanea Review (@miscelanearev) reported

    @ravipathak59 @decky_hf @IGN I agree with mass effect. But they said DA4 would be single player and not service game after the Anthem debacle. BUT, I would not trust them until I see DA4 is actually a single player, not online service game.

  • RubenTr68117257 thed.vawaifu (@RubenTr68117257) reported

    @GermanStrands Yes but only last of us 2 needs a remake If they need to pull off a mass effect 3 extended cut style to fix everything

  • Lady_Deea Lady Dia (@Lady_Deea) reported

    @vanillacloves Yes!!! I was a huge fan of Mass Effect and they kill it completely 😭 It was a huge franchise on its time I couldn’t wrap my head around it, like why not just fix it and sell more? I couldn’t say it better, we are stuck with mediocrity, it’s either a subpar product or nothing

  • Lady_Deea Lady Dia (@Lady_Deea) reported

    @vanillacloves What happened to Cyberpunk happened before to Mass Effect and it’s been canceled since forever. EA doesn’t care enough for games to actually fix them, if people complain enough they will just cancel the franchise and it’s over. People love the sims too much to even try it.

  • Nopahking1 Nopahking (@Nopahking1) reported

    Someone please convince me to get #OUTRIDERS. It's a month until Mass Effect legendary edition and nothing is holding my attention in the meantime. My issue with outriders is really an art direction thing. I love the esthetics of the world and all, but the gear and guns...

  • decky_hf Decky Hariman Fajar (@decky_hf) reported

    @ravipathak59 @IGN Titanfall 2, starwars fallen order, mass effect remastered and dragon age 4. From the pattern of games they released and will release, it can be seen that they have started to focus on single player games after several live service failures.

  • TheWillHoward11 Will Howard (@TheWillHoward11) reported

    @raidonbungeling It's fun as hell and makes you feel badass but yeah it's tough lol. Mass effect is giving me the issue of knowing it's gonna be a pain getting a hold of mass effect 3 dlcs. As I am using game pass for them and I got a hold of the ME2 dlcs but that was an effort.

  • Mr_Arizona2424 Arizona Joe (@Mr_Arizona2424) reported

    @collide727 @sohzu89 @masseffect Andromeda's problems weren't the glitches or combat. It'd be like waiting for the next book from your favorite author and then you find out he let his Nephew write it instead. Andromeda lacked the Mass Effect heart.

  • MrMansMansMan Myster Man (@MrMansMansMan) reported

    @kothuboy21 It’s only connectivity errors that are the major flaws of the game. Other than that, if you like games like Borderlands and Mass Effect, I think you’ll like it. And if you like goofy stuff

  • VanillaHendrix I will never shut up about Hollow Knight (@VanillaHendrix) reported

    It feels like the issue I have with recommending Mass Effect it always boils down to “It’s pretty great but just know it has a terrible ending” but Attack on Titan takes that to another level with a frankly highly immoral message but also dropping the ball harder than ever before

  • Jordan_Eliuk19 Jordan Eliuk (@Jordan_Eliuk19) reported

    @masseffect @EA can u fix the ******* apex servers

  • Takumi8148 Milana KZ (@Takumi8148) reported

    @buttsMcGub @a_kind_of_mag1c @masseffect I get it now. Well, frankly speaking, I had no problems with the fact I couldn't romance him from the 1st game because these relationships look like "friendship (ME1) - falling in love (ME1-ME2) - confession (ME3)". That's always seemed convincing and natural to me.

  • xXIMathiasIXx Mathias Cross (@xXIMathiasIXx) reported

    @POPeART_ Can you make gamer underwear? Is there a license issue? Like let's say N7 for the Mass Effect release.

Mass Effect Andromeda Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0-12
  • 0xc0000142
  • CE-34788-0
  • CE-34878-0
  • NP-41372-7