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Mass Effect: Andromeda is an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

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  • twittalesssmike Michael Collins (@twittalesssmike) reported

    @Travless_ I’d put mass effect 2 in my top 10 ever. Mass Effect had the story but gameplay had some issues, ME3 was a very strong game but they didn’t nail the ending initially.

  • BIazingWaters Other Jason (@BIazingWaters) reported

    @exdeathshadow @sad_omega My cycle of Mass Effect basically went from "Wow this kicks ass!" -> "Yea I know about the major problems, but I still really like them" -> "Hmmm guess there's more problems with them than I thought, I guess it's fine" -> "welp"

  • Klair88Gaming Klair88 (@Klair88Gaming) reported

    @TheDazeel Likewise. Mass Effect/Motorstorm for me too. I don’t have a problem with the current PS+ games really it’s just if you compare them to what we got on PS3 during the same time in its life

  • neil_will Neil Willcox, Pico-Influencer (@neil_will) reported

    LRT: The way I played Mass Effect 1, Saren was the villain as he kept forcing me to abandon my attempt to visit every planet, survey them and solve their problems

  • monagia_supardi Monagia Supardi (@monagia_supardi) reported

    The problem is publication it self. Could make some public opinion and could make snowball effect. Like demonstation or more unorganized mass protest etc

  • raowlsharma Rahul Sharma (@raowlsharma) reported from Rājendranagar, Telangana

    @ZomatoIN your marketing strategies specially emails are ******* dumb like “Challenge you to avail this 50% off” shit. Now I have the choice to not use your app but i loved your service before. Now you’re just dumb 16yo ***** not thinking about mass effect with such language.

  • JX1178 JasonX117 (@JX1178) reported

    @JamieMoranUK I hope somehow Bioware gets away from EA and returns to Microsoft. I know there are some issues that's Bioware only but EA hasn't done anything to help. Microsoft could help out with certain issues. Plus Bioware was great under Microsoft. Mass Effect 1, Jade Empire, KOTOR etc.

  • Nymphomachy Pʀᴏᴄʏᴏɴᴀ: Vapor Weyve (@Nymphomachy) reported

    @fiddlersgreen92 @TheBrianMcNatt @arthur_affect @becc_art @BootlegGirl @EVA_01_Shogouki @DanMajdali Steven Universe has the Harry Potter/Mass Effect problem where all he needed to get through the entire series was establish one single moral framework and then stick to it all the way through to the last episode Never does he EVER need to do something he doesn't want to do

  • IMPERATOR_NOVA Oh right. (@IMPERATOR_NOVA) reported

    If I see one more game that has pointless intersectional programming in it for no reason other than satisfying an elevated cabal it is not turning into a sale.Already EA did that.On top of broken games like Mass Effect Andromeda which had no matchmaking.And of course Anthem.

  • Star_Korg Ollie 📌 - Agent of G.I.R.L ! ‎✵ (@Star_Korg) reported

    @villain_lovebot Oh damn I wish they’d fix it, I only wanted to see the prices of the mass effect 2 and 3 dlc sksksk

  • TONYNEVADA1 tony (@TONYNEVADA1) reported

    @RaysGoat @IGN Way to project my duds, I have 0 issue with that. I dont need romance period in games, Mass Effect 1 had this stupid issue. Good God dude. Think you're point out homophobes, keep reaching you ****.

  • Lass_Flores 🌻Koi✨COMMS OPEN (@Lass_Flores) reported

    Mass effect Andromeda glitched out on the first couple of hours and now I gotta restart cuz this bug has no fix. Great.

  • StoicVEVO Gamer With Testosterone #AEG 🐝 (@StoicVEVO) reported

    hot take: most of mass effect andromeda's core issues are also present in the original trilogy, but no one seems to mention it 🙃

  • aharris0724 Amelia Harris (@aharris0724) reported

    @SpeakerPelosi If you and your party had acted on this crisis months ago, this problem of mass invasion would have been resolved. However, the situation at the border has worsened due to your inaction. This reminds us of the effect of your apathy on your own district in CA.

  • dagger0621 Dagger-6 (@dagger0621) reported

    @momokurumicos @MagmaMagda So my memory on this might be incorrect, but I think this actually ended up being an issue with the costumes for the Mass Effect ride in Great America. Costumes for line staff were made by hired cosplayers, and they broke down super quick.

  • jedigill88 Eric Guilliams (@jedigill88) reported

    @EAAccess I just got a account with you guys n its giving me errors when I try to DL mass effect.

  • ivanperaza90 Ivanperaza90 (@ivanperaza90) reported

    @elgranqenk 1 - Mass Effect 2 - God of war 3- Batman Arkham( si no contamos origins) 4- Gears of war 5- Crash bandicoot

  • ShooterPlaysTV ShooterPlays (@ShooterPlaysTV) reported

    @npckiller33 yeah i wanted steve irwins autograph when he was alive , i was heart broken when he died when i wasa kid but i'd also love @jhaletweets her aultograph and to say some bad ass mass effect lines

  • batsuits i, a simple farmer (@batsuits) reported

    realized fleabag and hot priest in s2 hurt me the same way garrus and shepard hurt me in mass effect. that same kinda broken THEY COULD'VE BEEN SO HAPPY WHY!!!! despair that i'll never get over and tear up whenever i think about it wtf

  • hastedaction Alex (@hastedaction) reported

    i have no problem at all with overpowered stuff in PvE or in easy game modes (i play mass effect, DA, etc on casual) but giving ppl OP weapons in PvP is absurd to me.

  • rickballan Rick Ballan (@rickballan) reported from Sydney, State of New South Wales

    @MarkRPellegrino @678GUY @_ad_libertatem_ @SageThinker99 @wellsm8 @JohnFis87569576 @gnvrbyd @vrijomslachtig @PrimateBri @PhoenixTruths @mwhi4321 @anonbene5 @triadaxiom @TeresaRJ3 @MDSebach @Musicfreak78 @The_Real_BiM The problem however of mixing private property and monetary exchange with mass industry is that, while it creates the most productive system in history, it has the adverse effect of making money go fiat in the long term.

  • Toonforbrains 🏳️‍🌈Toon Brains🍳 (@Toonforbrains) reported

    @DigiDriver Mass Effect Andromeda. I had no problems with it

  • voytechs Mark B (@voytechs) reported

    @RFreshhead @vteq316 @tesla_truth @elonmusk Not if they install large fans and get the air flowing. I'm sure they've looked at this problem. May not be an issue on short routes though. Also there maybe be a mass effect with many EVs pushing the air in the same direction nonstop.

  • eugewarrock Euge (Adam WarRock) (@eugewarrock) reported

    First time playing Mass Effect Andromeda and about 15 hours in, I love it. Dont get the hate OTHER than being shipped with all the bugs and problems (which have since been patched out so not an issue for me). I might like it second best though we will see how it pans out.

  • megabug7 megabug7 (@megabug7) reported

    So PS4 gamers who want to play games like Mass Effect or Dead Space through their service won't be able to.

  • zhinxy_vs_media I Never Promised You a Ninja Gaiden (@zhinxy_vs_media) reported

    You can't just say "Oh yeah, it'll get the reapers but also your friends and um, some other unspecified tech. That you can fix though." because well, that's how you get the ending of Mass Effect 3.

  • DarthGlorik DarthGlorik (@DarthGlorik) reported

    Hey guys, no Mass Effect part going out today. I had some tech issues which I will explain either this weekend or Monday. 😕

  • JK_DarkSide JDS (@JK_DarkSide) reported

    I cannot stress enough how the vanguard class is the single most hilariously broken class in the entire Mass Effect franchise. Every other class is somewhat similar and then you get the charge move and suddenly you're teleport charging and shotgunning everything.

  • gambit458 Joshua Carpenter (@gambit458) reported

    @JimM66555537 @ComicBook_Movie And Mass Effect with one of the shittiest video game endings in recent history that was so bad they had to go back and fix it, which they made a half assed effort on.

  • JimM66555537 Jim M (@JimM66555537) reported

    @gambit458 @ComicBook_Movie Its a problem because its been 10 years and we are getting the same movie with no risks. DC didn't have a problem you never gave it a chance.i preserve the books . regarding Star Wars and Star Trek i mean as a whole. The mass effect trilogy epic.

  • gsk24x Ilya Kotik (@gsk24x) reported

    @shinobi602 but we must remember games, which showed problem in the game industry Fallout 76, DayZ and more other games Athem and Mass effect: Andromeda, which showed problem in the game dev SW: Battlefront II (2017) and Shadow of War, which showed problem microtransactions

  • Jogan3Hogan Jake Hogan (@Jogan3Hogan) reported

    @bioware The fact that you always tweet mass effect shit just shows you know what people want. So why are you doing stupid stuff like anthem. IT WASNT BROKEN BIOWARE. GIVE US REMASTERS AS AN APOLOGY AND GO BACK TO MASS EFFECT AND DRAGON AGE AND STAY THERE TILL ANTHEM DISAPPEARS

  • celeztus Celeztus (@celeztus) reported

    @Vaughn30246668 @314action Please try not to use global warming. Its a falsehood that doesn't encompass the entire problem. Climate change or well artificial climate change works better to describe the effect on nature we have had as a result of mass human involvement. A company can't "make" global warming

  • OliverRobbs Oliver Robbs (@OliverRobbs) reported

    This legal hearing sadly shows that EA's gambling issues are systematic. It's unfortunate, EA is capable of doing great things, they made Mass Effect. But they deviate from what they are good at.


    @FrederickGuy4 @Westminster_LCC @LinusRees @CllrRichBeddoe @citycyclists @WeAreCyclingUK @psimonk @london_cycling Good, but we've had adequate research showing the need to reduce car use for decades. It won't have any effect on the people causing this and otehr problems caused by mass car use - they're not interested.

  • DarkestKale Kale (@DarkestKale) reported

    @darthhelmet86 Dunno. Mass Effect 1 bluescreen looped my PC and I literally had to take it apart and reassemble it to fix it, so I've never played those games

  • lackia the good stuff (tm) (@lackia) reported

    releasing a mass effect fix or two and god, what I’d give for an au where Shepard refuses to work for a Human Supremacist Cult lol

  • Scoundr3ls Inglorious_hombre (@Scoundr3ls) reported

    @kristiniliz @sweetdeesez @Rothbard_IRA @elaprise Honestly, I cant argue that function hasnt been abused by Mass Shooters. I believe that comes down to a mentality issue rather than practical methods. But most gun owners dont go to the range and train like that. That sort of method would be more for an effect or squad support

  • The_Lewd_Senpai Plazcannon, Lord (@The_Lewd_Senpai) reported

    @abzbld @Polygon explains it but it doesn't excuse it and development problems like Mass Effect Andromeda had is another problem in the gaming community we're games are rushed or half ass done and just put it on the market

  • The_Lewd_Senpai Plazcannon, Lord (@The_Lewd_Senpai) reported

    @abzbld @Polygon The point of the joke was that she didn't help anyone or anything she's actually the cause of some of the problem in The Gaming Community and just cuz Mass Effect Andromeda had a rocky development doesn't excuse it form any of its problems

  • NuggetsRising Tom Trier (@NuggetsRising) reported

    @pladwater @AJ1952Chats @JunieMo1 @ECMcLaughlin What we’re rolling around in is a mass version of the bystander effect (Sarah Kendzior terms it normalcy bias): if there was a big bad problem, somebody would be doing something about it. You know, somebody with power, clout—somebody in *officialdom*. But nope. So we wait. 8

  • fixedmebrain 🔪⚡ WILL SHE?⚡🔪 (@fixedmebrain) reported

    @ETPC1 mass effect: ghost problems

  • StewyGriffith Stewie Griffith (@StewyGriffith) reported

    @mektronik @ErmoPlumber @SeanCol16556551 @aussie000050 @Crypto_Enigma_ There wasn't mass migration in Australia either when Hawke and Keating unleashed the same economic lens of problem solving in Australia. It didn't have quite the same devastating effect as the UK, but it significantly weakened societies ability to counter the Corporate narrative.

  • wristbow ENRAGE IS NEAR! [88] (@wristbow) reported

    if you have played mass effect i highly recommend googling the doc 'list of errors in mass effect: deception' for a good ******* laff

  • JCMendoza_ Julio's Odyssey (@JCMendoza_) reported

    Finished Mass Effect 1 on the xbox, problem with moving on to 2 is that there's missing DLC in the store @masseffect

  • rivera_segarra Sir Corviknight (@rivera_segarra) reported

    @Goosenpai I have no problem with this. I think representation is needed just as long as it isn't forced like in Mass Effect.

  • bertm1975 BGM_FinalKnight (@bertm1975) reported

    @Staggerilla I did as well, but with the problems Andromeda had, and still has, I can't expect anything special anymore for Mass Effect. And it's just the same people and management that made Anthem overseen by EA, so nothing is getting better with Bioware.

  • TfL Transport for London (@TfL) reported

    @hxmdaaaa Hi there Hamda. I'm really sorry you've been caught up twice. The issue tonight was caused by a trackside fire. This has then had a knock-on effect on the DLR, due to mass overcrowding. I'm really sorry. Adam

  • lesbisoka greed island fan (@lesbisoka) reported

    Just started mass effect and immediately got stuck in a glitch or something love this

  • WillWeaselEsq Will (@WillWeaselEsq) reported

    4:43am, fifth reinstall of Mass Effect 3 after mod failures, texture issues, and general WOMP, finally get a working install. Real test will come once Sheppy gets free choice. Lord help me.

  • MackEZ__ So cool! (@MackEZ__) reported

    @Kayube @zynethe @Speqtor -the mass effect andromeda controversy. The problem with Mass Effect was that the team was made up of fairly new developers with little experience/ drive to make the game. I'm worried that Game Freak isn't actually doing the right thing and hiring developers with experience-

  • CoatlFelipe Kotal Kahn (@CoatlFelipe) reported

    @vanessam1113 @katieekinzzzz Affect - action The storm affected cell reception. Effect - end The effect of the stock market crash was mass poverty.

  • poppunk_nerd Oscar Joe (@poppunk_nerd) reported

    @DarkshineTweets 50% Crash, Spyro, Mass Effect , Uncharted, Assassins Creed

  • dictator_evil New Sudan (@dictator_evil) reported

    Without access to social media, protesters cannot easily organise mass rallies or voice their dissent. However sometimes, blackouts can have the opposite effect and actually draw attention to the very issues they were put in place to smother.

  • cosmic_flowerss Andromeda 🌸 (@cosmic_flowerss) reported

    things wrong with it (like MANY things), but the most significant one is that supposedly the "mass effect field" lowers the mass of an objects to a point that it is able to travel faster than light. The problem is... no matter how small your mass, you CANNOT go faster than light

  • gravesbones mufu 👽🏳️‍🌈 (@gravesbones) reported

    alright, the customer service guy seems chill for now. maybe there's no need for war this time. i just wanna play mass effect please let me play mass effect this can't be happening again

  • Abstruse Darryl Mott (@Abstruse) reported

    @BeardedJarl @TheSpoonyOne, I ****** up a Mass Effect install that badly once, so it's not just a Bethesda problem. They just make it easier to install so many mods it breaks.

  • Ghost_Hack BC Jesse (@Ghost_Hack) reported

    @ScottMemelord @Loopx2x2 @KingCarL420 @suchnerve @heyazula I love Old school puzzle games, like Monkey Island and 7th Guest, and Broken Sword, and I love narrative-heavy adventure games like Uncharted, Laura Croft, and (after the first one) Mass Effect. That doesn't mean I don't see the problems with how games are designed and promoted

  • MadLutian Dingo (@MadLutian) reported

    @BeauSchwartz I shot Moridin in Mass Effect, I had no problem with this decision.

  • BallaImpala 🏳️‍🌈Phio @ Anthrocon🏳️‍🌈 (@BallaImpala) reported

    @TheYogurtThief I think the biggest issue is that Bioware shouldn't have developed this game. That is to say, the way it was set up (always-online looter shooter). Either Anthem should have been a deep action-RPG akin to Mass Effect or EA should have assigned another developer to make it.

Mass Effect Andromeda Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0-12
  • 0xc0000142
  • CE-34788-0
  • CE-34878-0
  • NP-41372-7