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Mass Effect: Andromeda is an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

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  • Game Crash (16.67%)

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  • nqngning Aldean Ryuu (@nqngning) reported

    ZachariusD in no particular order: 1)kotor 2)mass effect 3) halo 4) the witcher 5) age of empires 2 6) crash bandicoot 7) rome total war 8)tes 4 oblivion 9)prince of persia the 2 thrones 10) devil may cry

  • hrtjery Evron (@hrtjery) reported

    @ZachariusD in no particular order: 1)kotor 2)mass effect 3) halo 4) the witcher 5) age of empires 2 6) crash bandicoot 7) rome total war 8)tes 4 oblivion 9)prince of persia the 2 thrones 10) devil may cry

  • thisJacobdude Jacob Anderson (@thisJacobdude) reported

    I can't believe I'm saying this, but I really want #Anthem to fail and keep on failing. @BioWare, you can't butcher #MassEffect Andromeda and then still release a game in as broken/un-fun a state as Anthem. I hope EA drops you and you can actually start making good games again.

  • little_scribbs Hey, it's Scribbs! :3 (@little_scribbs) reported

    @TheStrangeRebel LIS made me feel more depressive tbh... It's just not the best game for this imo. I preferred to play other games, that even tho were not targeted to help with these issues, helped me a lot to feel better. Mass Effect for example. Also, thanks to a supportive fandom.

  • Garcian_Smith Dan Entwistle #CountdowntoEndgame (@Garcian_Smith) reported

    Giving Mass Effect Andromeda a second chance, now that I have a PC that can run it full spec, with no issues, and - wonky animations aside - I'm warming to it. It's yet to grab me the same way as the original trilogy, but I'm keen to carry on.

  • kittythekat58 Kitt Richards (@kittythekat58) reported

    @MiamiHerald @MoniqueOMadan Gawd. How truly awful. This is not only an issue of teen suicide, this is still a direct result of mass shootings & evidence of the utter destructiveness of same. The ripple effect. God bless those kids; they’ve done so much good...pls watch over them & comfort their hearts 💕 💕

  • GODDAMNBox Gear Metal (@GODDAMNBox) reported

    Only problem with restarting mass effect is that i gotta face Wrex. That is never gonna be easy for me

  • barkeep_hey HeyBarkeep (@barkeep_hey) reported

    @Azerkeux @Koenigsdrache @VegasOdd @ExclusivelyGame That already happens. Look at the frostbite engine used in mass effect and dragon age. But for some reason they won’t change/fix it. I’d guess it’s EA related.

  • pauliegtweets PaulieG (@pauliegtweets) reported

    @Fullur2 @ACEurasia Yes, but you have cause and effect reversed. They joined the EU, and have been given massive subsidies since then, *therefore* they have done better than most. That's judging by GDP per capita in terms of PPP, btw. They have serious issues and mass immigration flows out, so it's

  • Cipher_31 Michael Brown (@Cipher_31) reported

    You know people shit Kaidan alot, but at least he one of the few Mass Effect squad members who doesn't have daddy issues of some kind.

  • TXCenterLefty joe biden is a cop. 🇨🇱🌊 (@TXCenterLefty) reported

    And that became known as the Beto Effect after mass demand for teachers’ pay raise was an issue the GOP establishment in TX long ignored, the State House passed a bill to raise it.

  • Siliku5_Gaming Siliku5 (@Siliku5_Gaming) reported

    @ZachariusD Ik it's sacrilege to not put witcher3 on the list, but for some reason i could never quite dive into it fully, i had the same problem with mass effect (i own the first 3 on pc, but i never got through the first one)

  • ravenstag_ andy aschmith. (@ravenstag_) reported

    I'm in the mood for playing Crash Bandicoot. And Mass Effect. God I miss Shepard and Kaidan so much.

  • BobaFettyWopp Monkey D’z Nutz {Usopp SSN} (@BobaFettyWopp) reported

    @nomarthenomad Just strictly talking TV shows. Didn’t even think about Vidya. I haven’t ever played WoW , but I feel like it would either be between that or the ES series. Diablo could be in contrition but is weaker than ES IMO. Love mass effect and The Witcher but those lag far behind

  • prfctmisslawson e. (@prfctmisslawson) reported

    @toiIetfetus and i had the same issue with mass effect andromeda, despite rly enjoying it i was bothered by just how cliche it was to have a "dad never showed his love for me but he was a great hero and it was all for our sick mum" storyline

  • Spectre_706 Rogue_Spectre706 (@Spectre_706) reported

    @EricVBailey Mass Effect 2 Twisted Metal:Head on Dead Space 2 God Of War (2018) Crash Bandicoot 3

  • john_scovic John May Cry V (@john_scovic) reported

    Uncharted 2 Mass Effect 2 KotOR Zelda: Windwaker Pokemon Emerald League of Legends Soul Calibur II Spyro The Dragon Crash Bandicoot Warped Jet Force Gemini I probably forgot something important I did it fast like I was told

  • mediocrepanda87 Kurt Volrath (@mediocrepanda87) reported

    Favorite series' of games as of right now, no order Doom, Ape Escape, Command and Conquer (the Westwood days), Warcraft (before it became an MMO), Silent Hill 1-3, most of Resident Evil, Baldur's Gate, Mass Effect 1-3, Fallout (before Bethesda took over), Crash Bandicoot 1-CTR

  • JoeDelToro The Honky Chonk Man 🏳️‍🌈 (@JoeDelToro) reported

    Mass Effect 2 Tekken 3 Spider-Man (PS1) Crash Bandicoot 2 Dragon Age: Origins

  • yoski_soulnova Soulnova (@yoski_soulnova) reported

    I would have added Halo and Mass Effect but I had problems with the new games soo...

  • loseely Lauren Seely (@loseely) reported

    @DHoff1989 @CharlotteAlter @AOC TY for your service. this simply isn’t true for many millennials. I worked hard, went to college & grad school & have been laid off at 3 companies due to the economy & the “amazon effect”, graduated in 08. Most recent company is liquidating completely & others were mass layoffs.

  • JSherman6918 JHS (@JSherman6918) reported

    @mtracey I agree with both. ICE has less judicial and congressional oversight than many executive branch authorities. Reigning in their actions can reduce harm even if it doesn’t solve underlying issues. The sloganeering and mass movement may effect how ICE operates, even if superficial

  • Mrjoshnichols Josh Nichols (@Mrjoshnichols) reported

    @ZachariusD 1. The Last of Us 2. Uncharted 2 3. Ocarina of Time 3D 4. Crash Bandicoot 2 5. Mass Effect 2 6. KOTOR II 7. Halo 2 8. Super Mario Bros 3 9. Pokémon Crystal 10. BioShock 2 GAAAH. I didn’t even think. I just typed. That was hard. And subject to change.

  • JordanTeague4 XxX_lolmaster_XxX (@JordanTeague4) reported

    @factmaniac Get them to play Mass Effect that should fix it

  • BillWaters7 Bill Waters (@BillWaters7) reported

    @meowmeowmeow07 In my opinion We are mistaken to focus on the weapon China responded to dozens of mass killings with knives by considering knife registration I think a scientific cause-effect study could find more effective ways to end the problem

  • jfm_lisaso J. Francisco Martín (@jfm_lisaso) reported

    @MattDawson23 @Toadsanime You, filthy cheater! I've been struggling myself with the very same issue and been torn apart by not choosing any Mass Effect game in the end...

  • themightymander Sal, Champion of Earthrealm (@themightymander) reported

    1.Mass Effect 2 2.Celeste 3.Crash Bandicoot 2 4.The Messenger OR Shovel Knight (deadass can't decide between these two) 5.Bomberman Hero (never even played this but the soundtrack is just 🔥🔥🔥)

  • AlexofBrown Alexander Brown (@AlexofBrown) reported

    @jack_sommers Like Mass Effect 3, I'm hoping for a revised ending two weeks down the line if we crash out.

  • grindyourgears Militant Hamster (@grindyourgears) reported

    @neontaster Right, but at this time, short of mass effect drives being ACTUALLY found on Mars, I don't see much opportunity to crash a whole lot of ice onto Mars anytime soon. So domed over bases will most likely be our only bet for a long while yet.

  • a_serra75 ASerra (@a_serra75) reported

    Hello @bioware! I have a huge problem with @masseffect Andromeda, a problem that @EAHelp failed to solve and that - reading the EA forums - is still unsolved for others. Being unsolved for years, it's impossible to solve it without your help 😢

  • Willjstrobe William (@Willjstrobe) reported

    @encrypted000000 @GumbaliciousDef @IGN Halo wars and mass effect 3 should be enough to turn anyone away from digital oh well they fix the bugs give it time boom fallout 76 stuck with trash and paid to much and can't recoup anywhere near what you paid

  • OwennnThomas The Artist Formerly Known as Owen (@OwennnThomas) reported

    If they can fix the ending to Mass Effect 3 bc of an online petition then anything is possible x

  • RcvCollapse RecursiveCollapse (@RcvCollapse) reported

    @Ya_Boi_the_2nd @_Mirium @NPiratey @Ya_boi6969 @scarletdementia The main mass effect subs pretty much all were pissed about it, some literally either quarantined or restricted discussion on it altogether. It was a ******* issue, and it will always be an issue. They will never be satisfied until it does not exist.

  • dogstarlite trans mad (@dogstarlite) reported

    Bioware needs to remake the Mass Effect series and fix the GRIEVOUS wrong they did to Tali with that horrible "face reveal"

  • BillsMask BillsMask (@BillsMask) reported

    @DavidLammy Our print media is vile obviously, but one problem we won’t touch with a barge poll is the effect of mass immigration - allowing anything up to half a mill into the country every year with no plan or consent. Can’t keep doing what people don’t want & not expect extremism at edges

  • nillamamba NillaVillain2.9 (@nillamamba) reported

    @KHAFFSUCKS Maybe, but Mass effect 3, Mass effect Andromeda, dragon age Inquisition,and now Anthem. It's one thing if it's a new IP it's another if the last few titles you pushed out we're all broken messes. It's been a decade since Mass Effect 2 and SWTOR, maybe they had too much credit

  • l0uFromDaBx 🇩🇴 BRUH Lesnar 🇵🇷 (@l0uFromDaBx) reported

    @EA PLEEEEEEEEEASE give me @EAAccess on my #PS4 PLEASE!!!!! I need my #ArmyofTwo and #MassEffect fix!!

  • bertm1975 BGM_FinalKnight (@bertm1975) reported

    @archibald_taner @GameSpot I think this is an issue with EA, setting unrealistic expectations for games. They said Battlefield 5 didn't sell well considering it apparently sold 7 million units. And Mass Effect Andromeda sold well, but they still dissolved Bioware Montreal

  • psycho0445 Marius Hiller (@psycho0445) reported

    @AllanSchumacher Well ME3 had its issues that got mostly resolved with the Extended Cut but it is not a trash fire. It's full potential came with the DLCs. I just love ME series, the original trilogy and the new Andromeda. Hell mass effect even motivated me to make my own space-shooter

  • blackguy05 Kevin Juliette (@blackguy05) reported

    @Mr_Reaver @bioware @CaseyDHudson Mass Effect 2 was published by EA and it was a great game. EA is a money grab company but i won't blame them at 100%, devs always has their share in the issue. That's how i think.

  • ZAKUBOX Chaldea Hub (@ZAKUBOX) reported

    @bioware @CaseyDHudson The release broken fix later shit doesnt fly with your fans. Its sad. I remember the old bioware, the old days of dragon age, mass effect and more but its clear..that bioware..the one that brought loads of fun and dead. Your first impression was made and its bad

  • badassbandaids Rebel (@badassbandaids) reported

    @GlamourWeeb Mass Effect!!! I need more of this please! This vanguard paragon needs her fix!

  • Satanogria Satanogria (@Satanogria) reported

    @Runis77 @Jerakal @pcgamer Every single bit of the game. Bioware was all about deep story, choices, single player. Think of dragon age, mass effect, knights of the old republic, baldurs gate. Not online-service looter shooter games. This whole game exists because of EA

  • BernfriedI Reverent Bernfried (@BernfriedI) reported

    @Xypod13 @bioware @CaseyDHudson I don't give a damn about those fools. I want my old bioware back. This here team produces broken games and isn't worthy of the name bioware. Bioware gave us the mass effect epos, dragon age, @SWTOR! This team forced SJWism in to DAI and smacked a broken beta game in our faces.

  • BernfriedI Reverent Bernfried (@BernfriedI) reported

    @Xypod13 @bioware @CaseyDHudson I don't give a damn about those fools. I want my old bioware back. This here team produces broken games and isn't worthy of the name bioware. Bioware gave us the mass effect epos, dragon age, @SWTOR! This team forcef sjw ism in to DAI and smacked a broken beta game in our faces.

  • GoodJobBubba Bubba (@GoodJobBubba) reported

    People love sensationalizing this mass murderer being picked on or bullied as a child and then mocking that. Surely it wasn't the only reason he did what he did, but I'm positive it had some effect into it. It's a variable in a long complicated process of a broken life.

  • KateVsTheWorld 🏳️‍🌈 K a t e (@KateVsTheWorld) reported

    I even said the same about the garbage pile that was Mass effect Andromeda. Don't just dump a new series because it was shit at first. Bring in good writers and a good team and make those ugly foundations into something great instead. Fix a series instead of burying it look at RE

  • HADL2015 Hugo Durantini Luca (@HADL2015) reported

    @BAFTAGames Mass Effect 1, 2 and 3 help me a lot years ago with some personal issues and again in 2012 when I was recovering from a renal cancer episode. Now... @PlayWarframe #warframe for helping me to deal with a very bad/complicated second half of 2018 and 2019 (separations, health,etc)

  • Elendel1 Elendel19 (@Elendel1) reported

    @johngant86 @Darokaz Mass effect wasn’t a live service game. Anthem was budget and staffed for years of continued development.

  • Bahaibrahim11 Baha ibrahim (@Bahaibrahim11) reported

    @bioware @CaseyDHudson The team worked its best with what it had. The fanbase will always be there, but I hope it won’t repeat the same issue with Mass effect andromeda, where an updated version took months until it released. That time, the game was almost forgotten. I hope this time is different.

  • Anonybutt Orisa's Thicc Robooty (@Anonybutt) reported

    So, I am replaying Mass Effect 2 (after Mass Effect 1 refused to run) and you know what… it's not as good as you remember it. Yeah, the game play is okay, but the writing on the side missions just isn't that great. I guess I need to fix the rose tinting in my glasses.

  • weeseandbeyond 24hr taco stand stan (@weeseandbeyond) reported

    @Ward3Vision That’s sort of what I’d want, just a better L2 with less stops & better headway’s. It’s what Mass should have too & H service as well. But none of this needs to be a “Circulator” route to have the desired effect on mobility.

  • athenogenes Greg Афиногенов (@athenogenes) reported

    andrew yang is gonna issue an executive order to force bioware to change the ending of mass effect 3

  • killu_nya Nya (@killu_nya) reported

    Mass effect sound broken again dangit

  • Wolfshead777 Wolfshead (@Wolfshead777) reported

    @StevenHitemHigh @PeterSweden7 They are problems as well of course, but I stand by my belief that the world is overpopulated. Even without throw away mass consuming societies the presence of too many humans has a detrimental effect on the natural world.

  • Boxenberger Archimedes (@Boxenberger) reported

    That means my retro Tuesday is postponed. No problem, I'll jump back on Wednesday, either in Mass Effect 2 or... I don't know yet 😁

  • finaleve Malaised-core punk (@finaleve) reported

    I started playing Mass Effect Andromeda. It’s not terrible. I have come across a couple technical issues though.

  • SailorRupert Martin Eriksson (@SailorRupert) reported

    No, I will definitely turn the difficulty up to "hardcore" next time I play Mass Effect 3. This is not working.

  • mclazyj Joseph Haygood (@mclazyj) reported

    @DStormFortrezz It's Mass Effect. How can it not be Mass Effect. Let's just go with Mass Effect. Problem solved. 😀

  • DamoiselleShi Raven Rosegate (@DamoiselleShi) reported

    So apparently OBS has crashed and I'm sort of done with it for the moment. Will see about fixing these issues and see if we can't restart the Mass Effect stream tomorrow. Thank you so much to everyone for your continued patience <3

Mass Effect Andromeda Most Common Errors

List of the most commonly reported error codes and fixes:
  • 0-12
  • 0xc0000142
  • CE-34788-0
  • CE-34878-0
  • NP-41372-7