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Mass Effect: Andromeda is an action role-playing video game developed by BioWare and published by Electronic Arts for Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4.

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Latest outage, problems and issue reports in social media:
  • Dutch_Urth Bart (@Dutch_Urth) reported

    @Lewis_Medeiros It's more that there's a problem with textures taking long to load whenever you enter a new area. It's not quite Mass Effect 1 levels of bad, but it is very noticable.

  • mark_gilby Mark Gilby (@mark_gilby) reported

    @IGN House one for me I need my mass effect fix through this

  • Civilwarfare101 Inderdip Lohtia (@Civilwarfare101) reported

    Since Mass Effect is trending I must say that Uncharted 4 and Mass Effect Andromeda both hilariously have the same issues. Boring stories, very little shootouts and openings so dull that Kingdom Hearts 2 is crying in a corner. But they also both happen to give you more mobility

  • FurryBeta Beta 🔜 AC2020 (@FurryBeta) reported

    Alpha bought Switch, and got Animal Crossing:NH. I tried it. I wanted to like it. But it just isn’t my speed. I’m so introverted that I can’t talk to virtual characters. I had the same problem with Mass Effect and Outer Worlds

  • CiriValentine 🏳️‍🌈 (@CiriValentine) reported

    @R3P01012 Eh I choose EA. They bring nothing but sports games and broken messes like anthem and mass effect andromeda

  • johnl0k JV (@johnl0k) reported

    @ZMYaro Less of an issue with Discovery, which I was able to compartmentalize into Star Trek: Mass Effect.

  • True_Neutral Grey Jedi (@True_Neutral) reported

    @redlianak 1- So as always I have a few things to say. It annoys me that companies still have a problem with female leads of POC for that matter. While I like games like Mass Effect that give you the choice and focus more on the story. On the consumer topic I find it funny that most people

  • matits matits (@matits) reported

    @majornelson @EA Mass Effect Andromeda... Although unfinished I still hold out hope they fix it...Ive been playing GTA online... Rdr2 online is too broken to continue playing #FreeCodeFridayContest but on Thursday #freecodethursdayeacontest

  • Celoxamortis Celoxamortis (@Celoxamortis) reported

    @majornelson @EA Even though it didn't start out an EA series and they legendarily dropped the ball at the goal line, I still have to put Mass Effect up there. They were my most played games last gen and, issues aside, if they dropped a remaster I'd probably buy it day one. #freecodefridaycontest

  • darius_sausage Black Israelsprite (@darius_sausage) reported

    10 years late and 4 hours into the game I can finally weigh in on the Mass Effect autosaving issue. It's... not what you want.

  • womblemk3 Nick (@womblemk3) reported

    @Stevusan Its the Mass Effect 3 launch all over again. Feel for you mate, i would just buy it and get a refund when/if they ever bother to 'fix' it

  • JK_DarkSide JDS (@JK_DarkSide) reported

    Got to the part in Mass Effect Deception. Kai Leng has broken into Anderson's home and bugged it. He then goes to a cabinet and prepares a bowl of cereal he then eats because he is an in control predator. How is this book real.

  • RosenelliEM Travis Smith, D.O. (@RosenelliEM) reported

    -Bilateral lower extremity ddx includes kidney failure, chf, vs cirrhosis. With the urine, this may point to a kidney issue. -Goodpasture's= lung + kidney -Severe renal disease could also have pericardial effusion which could create mass effect on the esophagus

  • APacentrilli Captain Trips Advisor (@APacentrilli) reported

    Okay yeah if you ever want to play mass effect 1 please go for the 360 or pc version, the ps3 port is seriously broken.

  • ActionJackson84 A.J. Albright (@ActionJackson84) reported

    Well I beat the Mass Effect trilogy...again. Time to dive back into Sleeping Dogs because all I remember is I'm an undercover agent in the Hong Kong triads and I get to punch people and crash vehicles since they are literally impossible to operate.

  • chei_cheiNZ Cheilyn (@chei_cheiNZ) reported

    @JoanneAskew8 @CraigKendricknz @BarbMcQuade ‘And in the end they still think mass illness & death has no effect on society or the economy. I can’t understand why they can’t see that those things can cause damage that money can’t fix’ - there i fixed it for you.

  • DominicTarason Dominic Tarason (@DominicTarason) reported

    Ha, was hoping that coming to it late and on a vastly excessive PC would bypass any issues, but Mass Effect Andromeda causes my PC to hard reboot. This is a long known issue. Some people say the game causes excessive power draw, but I've run Control in full RTX mode to the end.

  • Bug_Grrrl Guinevieve ⚧ (@Bug_Grrrl) reported

    @Acharenus like as remarkably shitty and disgusting as the backlash and subsequent absurd attempt to fix it was, mass effect 3 is. Bad in a lot of very overt ways.

  • Ancestor_Cult Ancestor_Cult (@Ancestor_Cult) reported

    @UweBollocks Looks like something from Mass Effect. I don't get the problem.

  • Tapesh17030884 Tapesh (@Tapesh17030884) reported

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  • thebrainofchris Chris Farnell (@thebrainofchris) reported

    Mass Effect 2 is trending, mocking me and my broken Xbox controllers.

  • NWDMC David Moses (@NWDMC) reported

    @oliverbeige We called it the "slinky effect" in the Army. Try running a Division sized run through downtown Honolulu in formation. I found and (unemotionally) implement a fix, but for mass implementation we need autonomous vehicles or pace vehicles (worth the cost for some countries/states)

  • stopthatgirl7 自粛 and stay the f at home (@stopthatgirl7) reported

    @ChuckWendig The Mass Effect trilogy. I consider it one game, since ours one big story, and when I play it, in play them all in row. I love it so much and it’s why I’m so sad my PS3 is broken 😢

  • Lucina211 Lilina the Destroyer (@Lucina211) reported

    @rabbidluigi Mass Effect Andromeda is pretty bad in the glitch category

  • tadams2tone thomas adams (@tadams2tone) reported

    @EAHelp I am in need of support. My Mass Effect Andromeda can't access online services. I've read some help threads and suspect it's because I had Origin Access for a while. Many other seem to have had the same problem.

  • ironicpotential erin (@ironicpotential) reported

    @warriorbard2012 Having exactly that problem. Started replaying Mass Effect instead.

  • Stansmain1 Daniel Albert (@Stansmain1) reported

    @CodexMma @EdwardGalloMMA can't comment on some of GOAT-tier like mass effect or fallout beyond sources that I trust. Disagree that DS1 is goat. It has some bad late game problems despite a phenomenal first half. Still an atg game.

  • JShepLord JD Shepard (@JShepLord) reported

    @elonmusk Buy the Mass Effect franchise so I can fix it.

  • Brandon_Nocaute Brandon The Truth 💯 (@Brandon_Nocaute) reported

    @iLLResolveSys Horizon I didn't get to play as much I probably would have a better rating if I could play more. Oblivion I couldn't get into but I really wanted to. Big issue is I played Skyrim first and went backwards. Took me awhile to really like Mass Effect 1 too cuz I played 2 first

  • bennettadrian90 Adrian Bennett (@bennettadrian90) reported

    @CallMeGlu It depends on the severity of the issues fixed by the patch IMO. If it’s minor bug fixes that were only found after disc production, then I think it makes complete sense. If it’s a game like mass effect: andromeda that’s practically broken before patches, then I see the problem.

  • Dolly57683174 Dolly (@Dolly57683174) reported

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  • Dolly57683174 Dolly (@Dolly57683174) reported

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  • LibertyBiscuits Dan (@LibertyBiscuits) reported

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  • spritesdotcom Polygon_eBooks (@spritesdotcom) reported

    EA will fix online-only Origin, but only in World of Tanks, Mass Effect and Battlefield — in CS:GO first and CS:Battlelogs 2

  • DOTsezSO Denise Bruce (@DOTsezSO) reported

    @JoyceWhiteVance The DOC is notoriously opaque about what goes on behind the curtain of Mass incarceration. This pandemic has the Very real potential to rip open that curtain & reveal how utterly broken the US judicial system is & its negative domino effect on our country

  • RyanMalcolm111 Ryan M McGuinness (@RyanMalcolm111) reported

    @JoshHoodTheBard My issues with Mass Effect 3 dinnae include how incompetent the Council was. Them ******* up was on par. Yet I kept saving them in the first one.

  • markayAcheson Mary Kay Acheson (@markayAcheson) reported

    @BenignoVito I couldn’t find the quote but a few years back, Bill Gates said that going to Mass or Church service was not a good use of time. Something to that effect.

  • xraiderv17 marshall margaritell (@xraiderv17) reported

    @FictionPress mass effect section problem pt2: this..doesnt help the fanbase, it makes it HARDER, as no author in the last 8 years has bothered with labelling their fics given the filters

  • xraiderv17 marshall margaritell (@xraiderv17) reported

    @FictionPress mass effect section problem pt1: for some reason..someone got it into their heads, to remove the male shepard, and female shepard filter options in the mass effect section.

  • BluntLemon Blunt Lemons (@BluntLemon) reported

    Damn, slept for nearly 12 hours... Oh well, it was needed. Anyway there will be another Mass Effect 2 test stream today at roughly 2pm GMT to see if we've fixed OBS' problem

  • greg_dio Brandon the noobie 3OP 🇻🇦 (@greg_dio) reported

    You know I have this sinking feeling that when we go back to mass, it's not gonna be some triumphant epic alleluia. I'm figuring it'll be way more somber. Yeah we bested the virus but the effect it had on some of us will take a lot longer to fix

  • JHerold_52 Justin Herold (@JHerold_52) reported

    2nd stream of the day if all technical issues are void. Gonna hopefully complete the Noveria quest line. Mass Effect playthrough part 3!

  • boredreguard pιcĸle joнnѕon 🌸 (@boredreguard) reported

    Horizon Zero Dawn Spiderman Mass Effect Dragon Age Crash Bandicoot Resident Evil

  • haruspis Alex 🦉| Haruspis (@haruspis) reported

    That's mainstream sci-fi, and your mileage will vary on how much of an issue you have with that but to suggest Picard ripped off Mass Effect is pretty disingenuous when that series pulled out all the stops on filling itself with just about EVERY sci-fi trope and idea imaginable.

  • PACIOUNO AL (@PACIOUNO) reported

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  • Bman923 Brandon B (@Bman923) reported

    @Mooch1978 @The_CrapGamer @XBot448 @Gaming_Forte @BRAP_Podcast @JayDubcity16 @MrBadBit @DeanKnoxx The biggest issue is that like you said they didn’t have 3rd party exclusives like Mass effect or Elder Scilla Obvillion which was exclusive for a year on 360. Plus no Fable this generation or any RPGs really

  • FightinFoggy fightinFoggy (@FightinFoggy) reported

    Hi apologies due to severe Internet issues all day today stream is cancelled. Hopefully will be OK for stream tomorrow. Game will be Mass Effect 2.

  • HunterZ0 Ben S. 🎮 Nintendo Game & Watch turned 40 ⌚ (@HunterZ0) reported

    @JikissGamer @MetalJesusRocks @Microsoft @Windows Yeah, it hasn't been a problem since I don't run the latest games. Mass Effect 3, Borderlands 2, Skyrim SE, and Fallout 4 will probably be the biggest games I run on this machine, and it can handle all of those at pretty high settings.

  • fabianacecin Fabiana Cecin 🏴 🌹 (@fabianacecin) reported

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  • fackler_noah Snuggle connoisseur💙🛡 (@fackler_noah) reported

    and Kotor 2 had me fix my save file because the game softlocked during a specific mission and mass effect was just a hassle to set up in general

  • Speedius678 Dean Toledano (@Speedius678) reported

    Ok, I really tried giving femshep a try. I finished #MassEffect 1 but when I started 2 I was just disheartened with unrelatability to my character... It sucks, I can usually play female characters no problem, but when it's a create your own character RPG, something stops me...

  • BudgetBen Ben Ritz 🌐 (@BudgetBen) reported

    @cujothekitten He doesn't know! That's my issue. E.g. I know to recommend Mass Effect and Fallout if he likes Sci-Fi RPGs but he doesn't know if he likes Sci-Fi RPGs.

  • dirtyrain_ gay turians™ (@dirtyrain_) reported

    jack (mass effect) and sera (dragon age) are the same flavor of unbearable imo but at least sera isn't proudly a sociopath who's incapable of caring about anyone's problems but her own

  • ladyraspberyl Raspberyl 🌸 (@ladyraspberyl) reported

    @NEvanprimus mass effect 3 also had that problem

  • Fredvdp3 Fred (@Fredvdp3) reported

    @Liam_J_McIntyre @AMD Problem is if you want to (re)play Mass Effect. It has rendering issues with any AMD CPU since the FX series on the planet Noveria.

  • daromar91 xxxDavidxxx (@daromar91) reported

    @IbaiLlanos PES 6, Crash Bandicoot 3, Mass Effect 3

  • andyjlinton1 Mr. Linton (@andyjlinton1) reported

    @road_dags @_NWJC @APK_musicreview @afneil I don't think that; However it is obvious that the media is controlling government policy at the moment, and is reporting the virus issue out of context - with the effect of whipping up mass hysteria. I really don't now why we're all being told lies, just that we are.

  • pedrodf2 Pedro Ferreira (@pedrodf2) reported

    @NVIDIAGeForce Broken Sword Baldurs Gate 2 Mass effect

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  • 0xc0000142
  • CE-34788-0
  • CE-34878-0
  • NP-41372-7